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                                    School Catalog and Handbook
                                    Summer 2021 – Summer 2022

Date Published: 3/18/2021
Certified as true and correct in content and policy.

25 East Washington, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60602
Phone 312-300-0980 x3125
Fax 312-277-2500


You have taken the first big step in building a bright future for yourself.

ATS Institute of Technology wants to be the school that helps you achieve your professional goals. Our school
understands the needs of mature students, and we are sensitive to the obligations you have at home or work. To
help you fit classes into your already busy life, we have designed a convenient schedule that includes day, evening,
and weekend classes. We are always open to suggestions and available to answer your questions.

Our system of professional education is proven by many generations of graduates to achieve the highest levels of
learning. Our teaching methods provide for a dynamic exchange of information among faculty members and
administrators, ensuring ongoing enrichment of the curriculum.

We offer to our students’ specific knowledge and critical professional skills desired by today’s employers. Our
educational program is routinely updated to reflect the rapidly changing information and current and future needs of
the job market.


Table of Contents
 General Information                                                               1
 Ownership                                                                          1
 Accreditation, Approvals and Authorizations                                        1
 About ATS                                                                         1
 History                                                                            1
 Mission Statement                                                                  2
 Vision and Goals                                                                   2
 Core Values                                                                        2
 Strategic Initiatives and Goals                                                    2
 The Facility and Instructional Equipment                                           2
 Admissions Policies                                                               2
 Admission and Registration                                                         2
 High School Requirements                                                           3
 Entrance Exam                                                                      3
 Course Placement                                                                   4
 Background Checks and Convictions                                                  4
 Readmission Policy                                                                 4
 Program Completion / No Exit Exam                                                  5
 Americans with Disabilities Act                                                    5
 Students Seeking Reasonable Accommodations                                         5
 Equal Opportunity Statement                                                        6
 Academic Policies and Procedures                                                  6
 Acceptance of Credits on Transfer                                                  6
 Advanced Placement and Experiential Learning                                       6
 Academic Evaluation for Veteran Students                                           7
 Graduation Requirements                                                            7
 Transferability of Credits and Credentials Earned at Our Institution               7
 Course Grading and Quality Points                                                  7
 Repeating Courses                                                                  8
 Cause for Academic Termination                                                     8
 Clinical Grades                                                                    8
 Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)                                  8
 Academic Information                                                             11
 Academic Definitions                                                             11
 Class Times                                                                      12
 Sequence of Courses                                                              12
 Progression                                                                      12
 Course Delivery                                                                  12
 Add/Drop Period                                                                  12

                                                                        iii | P a g e
Attendance Policy                                               12
Policy on Severe Weather                                        12
Class Attendance                                                13
Class Tardy                                                     13
Nursing Skills Lab and Clinical Attendance                      13
Clinical and Nursing Skills Lab Tardis                          13
Exam Make-Up                                                    13
Course Withdrawal                                               14
Program Withdrawal                                              14
Exit Interview Requirements                                     14
Leave of Absence                                                14
Student Maternity Policy                                        14
Maternity Leave                                                 14
Academic Monitoring Program Due to Course Failure               15
Academic Monitoring Program During a Semester:                  15
ATI Policy: Comprehensive Exit Examination                      15
Student Services                                             15
Orientation                                                     15
Student Academic Affair Services                                16
Tutoring                                                        16
Licensure Exam Preparation                                      16
Career Services                                                 16
Veterans Services                                               16
Health Services                                                 16
Student Resources                                               17
Parking and Transportation                                      17
Student Housing                                                 17
Childcare / Children on Campus                                  17
Student Portal                                                  17
Other Student Services                                          17
Honors and Awards                                               17
Student Policies                                           18
Official Communication with Students                            18
Transcript Request                                              18
Smoking, Gum, Eating and Drinking                               18
Discipline Policy                                               18
Standards of Professional Conduct                               18
Behavioral Violations                                           19
3 Step Violations “Write-Up” Policy                             19
Violations of the Code of Required Conduct                      19
Corrective Action                                               20

                                                    iv | P a g e
Computer and Internet Use Policies                                      20
Social Media – Acceptable Use                                           22
Printing Policy                                                         22
Statement of Liability                                                  22
Identity Verification and Privacy Protection                            22
Student Account Creation                                                22
School Notification                                                     22
Equal Standards                                                         23
Wireless Access                                                         23
Administrative Policies                                            23
Student Grievance and Appeal Procedure                                  23
For Grade Appeals                                                       23
Timeline                                                                24
For Non-Grade Appeals                                                   24
School Incidents                                                        24
Annual Security Report / Clery Act / Campus Security                    24
Emergency Preparedness                                                  24
CDC Universal Precautions to Decrease Transmission of Disease           24
Violation or Suspected Violations of Federal Copyright Law              25
Academic Freedom                                                        25
Academic Honesty and Integrity                                          25
Academic Fraud                                                          25
Compromised Test Policy                                                 26
Title IX Compliance                                                     26
Sexual Crimes and Prevention                                            26
Student/Employee Fraternization                                         26
Privacy of Student Records                                              26
Directory Information                                                   27
Precedence Statement                                                    28
Chemical Substance Policy                                               28
Drug Testing Guidelines                                                 28
Drugs and Alcohol                                                       29
Program Costs & Financial Aid                                      29
Financial and Financial Aid Services                                    29
Consumer Information                                                    29
Student Financial Aid Sources                                           29
Withdrawal                                                              30
Exit Counseling                                                         30
Veteran Student Benefits                                                30
Student Loan Repayment                                                  30
Scholarships                                                            31

The Presidential Scholarship                                                             31
   The Process                                                                            31
   Presidential Scholarship Deferment (Leave of Absence)                                  31
   Career Advancement Scholarship                                                         31
   Nursing Scholarship                                                                    31
 Payment Periods                                                                          31
 Financial Procedures and Policies                                                        31
   Payment Requirements                                                                   31
   Minimum Payment Requirements                                                           31
 Payment Options                                                                          32
   Tuition Installment Payment Plan                                                       32
   Third-Party Billing Agreements                                                         32
 Financial Suspension                                                                     32
 Financial Holds                                                                          32
 Processing of Refunds                                                                    32
 Admissions Deferment                                                                     32
 Cancellation                                                                             33
 Refund Policy                                                                            33
 Refunds                                                                                  33
 Return of Title IV Funds R2T4                                                            34
 Post-withdrawal disbursement (PWD)                                                       35
Practical Nursing Program                                                            36
 Philosophy and Organizing Theme of the Practical Nursing Education Program               36
 Organizing Theme of the Nursing Program                                                  36
 Student Identification                                                                   37
 Professional Dress Code                                                                  37
 Uniforms                                                                                 37
 Student Code of Conduct While Providing Nursing Care                                     37
 Disciplinary Process of Student Misconduct While Providing Nursing Care                  39
 Corrective Action                                                                        39
 NCLEX-PN Exam Eligibility                                                                39
 Practical Nursing Program Information                                                    39
 Program Description                                                                      39
 Program Outcomes                                                                         39
 Career Information                                                                       40
 Program of Study for Practical Nursing                                                   40
 Course Descriptions for Practical Nursing Curriculum                                     40
 Appendices                                                                            43
 Appendix A: Academic Calendar Fall 2020 - Summer 2022*                                   43
 Appendix B: Faculty and Administration                                                   45
 Appendix C: Tuition and Fees                                                             47

                                                                              vi | P a g e
Appendix F: Documentation for Clinical                         52
Appendix G: Exit Examination Score Determination               53
Appendix H: Local and National Community Resources             54
Catalog Addendum                                               58

 ** This catalog includes an addendum

                                                     vii | P a g e
General Information                                        Classes:
                                                           Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
The primary role of ATS Institute of Technology as         Sat 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (if classes scheduled)
an academic institution is to deliver exceptional
education and service to its students. A consistent        Front Desk:
focus on delivery of quality education supports the        Monday – Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
mission and requires the School to plan ahead but
also respond to current market demands. Current            Accreditation, Approvals and
student demographics represent diverse ethnic and          Authorizations
racial backgrounds. Most students have a non-
traditional focus i.e., entering school at an older age,   Accreditation
changing their careers, and having family                  Institutionally Accredited by the Accrediting Bureau
obligations.    The educational experience at the          of Health Education Schools (ABHES). 7777 Leesburg
School values and reflects the diverse student             Pike, Suite 314N, Falls Church, VA 22043, (703) 917-
population.     The School has strived to gain a           9503
reputable name in the local communities and to
continue its excellence.                                   Approvals
                                                           •    Approved by the U.S. Department of Education
Experienced nurse educators as well as recent              (for    Title   IV    Federal     Aid    Programs)
clinical professionals represent the faculty at the
School, which has a student faculty ratio (student:
faculty) of 32:1 for didactic courses taught               •    Approved by the Private Business and
residentially, 20:1 for lab, and 8:1 for clinicals.        Vocational Schools Division of the Illinois State Board
                                                           of Higher Education. 1 North Old State Capitol Plaza,
ATS policies have been formulated in the best              Suite 333, Springfield, Illinois 62701-1377
interests of students and the School. The School
reserves the right to implement changes to policies.       •   Approved by the State of Illinois, Department of
However,     changes    to    policies   for  student      Veterans Affairs. 69 West Washington, Suite 1620,
progression, retention and/or program completion           Chicago, Illinois 60602
will apply to students in the incoming cohort. If a
student fails a course, see Course Grading and             Program Approvals
Quality Points Policy. When a change is made to a          •   The Practical Nursing Program is approved on
policy that affects students, they will be notified by     probation by the Illinois Board of Nursing. James R.
ATS email with a link to the newly published               Thompson Center, 100 West Randolph Street, Suite
Handbook and/or Addendum.                                  9-300, Chicago, Illinois 60601

Ownership                                                  Photo Release
ATS, owned and operated by MDT School of Health            Occasionally, the school may take photos that will be
Sciences, Inc (MDT), Yelena Bykov (CEO) and                released to the public for publicity and advertisement
Leonard Bykov (President). MDT is a privately held         purposes. All students who participate in a photo
corporation that provides career education.                session will be required to sign a waiver allowing the
                                                           School to use their image for that purpose.
Hours of Operation

About ATS
                                                           expertise, modern equipment, current materials and
History                                                    teaching methods, and a metropolitan campus
Historically ATS Institute of Technology was founded       environment which provides the foundation for
as a computer school in 1997. The first Practical          learning experience. The Practical Nursing Program
Nursing class was enrolled in 2006 in Ohio and then        stresses practical application and provides hands-on
the Chicago location opened in 2011 for the Practical      experience necessary for the students to succeed in
Nursing program. The school is incorporated in the         a professional career. Day and evening classes are
State of Ohio and registered in the State of Illinois.     offered to accommodate the challenging and
ATS is an academic nursing institution with                complex lives of students.
professional faculty, administrative

Mission Statement                                            a) Create a school-wide culture that embraces
The mission of the school is to create and provide a            high faculty satisfaction and loyalty to the
high-quality educational experience to each                     School.
individual student seeking to establish a successful         b) Strengthen      the    faculty     development
career. The School is committed to offering health              program and mentoring new faculty.
care programs designed to satisfy local and regional         c) Exceptional Service
demands and equip students with a wide range of              d) Create a school-wide culture of exceptional
academic knowledge.                                             student-centered needs services.
                                                             e) Facilitate interaction between faculty and
Vision and Goals                                                students.
Through innovation, the school will be the school that       f) Offer advanced computing facilities with
people choose for exceptional education and                     updated software and internet access.
exemplary graduates’ performance.                            g) Develop continuous improvement strategies
                                                                with measurable outcomes.
Core Values                                               3) Growth
To pursue our vision within an education                     a) Strengthen     and    build relations        with
environment that promotes integrity, respect,                   community and health care providers in the
fairness, quality performance, accountability, and              Chicago area that will advance the mission of
dedication to education.                                        the School.
                                                             b) Develop strong mutually supportive and
The educational experience at the school is aimed at            beneficial relations with clinical affiliates.
the full development of the potential each student
brings to school. Administrative expertise, a             The Facility and Instructional Equipment
professional faculty, modern equipment, current           The School offers a professional atmosphere that is
materials    and    teaching  methods,     and   an       conducive to learning.       The school operates in
environment designed for learning contribute to the       Chicago, IL. All clinicals are offered at sites located
achievement of our mission. Our program stresses          in Grated Chicago. Students who reside in Indiana
practical application and provides hands-on               will need to commute to their assigned site in Illinois.
experience necessary for the students to succeed in       No exceptions will be made.
their professional career.
                                                          Our facilities are equipped with spacious classrooms,
Strategic Initiatives and Goals                           computer labs, nursing tech labs, tutoring centers,
In its five-year strategic plan, the school defined the   administrative offices, and a student lounge. Our
following goals:                                          equipment is well maintained and constantly
1) Education Quality                                      updated to reflect current standards. There are
     a) Graduate exceptional nurses who will serve        multiple laboratory areas with ten to fifteen
          global health care communities.                 workstations in each and include specialized
     b) Strengthen and develop organizational             equipment, materials and facilities devoted to
          quality that promote an excellent learning      student training. Administration and financial aid
          environment.                                    functions for the program are managed at the
     c) Monitor student success from admission to         campus. The onsite administrator handles day-to-
          graduation through teaching, advisement,        day issues and overseas students' services.
          and mentoring.
     d) Provide ongoing and systematic program            Faculty and students have access to various
          evaluation focusing on student performance      electronic data systems for retrieval of reference
          and achievement of program learning             material from medical, nursing, and science sources
          outcomes.                                       via computer.
2) Dedicated Faculty and Staff

Admissions Policies

Admission and Registration
General Information for Entrance
The School encourages applicants to schedule an           Only those applicants who have an informed interest
entrance exam with the admissions department. The         in a program of study and who are dedicated to
entrance exam establishes the level of education          finding employment in the related field upon
needed by the individual to successfully start the        completion of the program should consider
registering for a program. It is the responsibility of   School prior to the commencement of the first day of
the applicant to ensure that work schedules or other     the student’s scheduled start date.
commitments do not conflict with the student
class/clinical hours.   Students must be able to         ATS Institute of Technology reserves the right to
commute to the assigned clinical sites within Grated     deny admission previously accepted if any of the
Chicago areas.                                           items listed above are not successfully completed or
                                                         found to be falsely represented. All prospective
Admission Requirements for the Practical Nursing         students are highly encouraged to review the School
Program:                                                 Catalog prior to signing an Enrollment Agreement.
1) Achievement of the minimum required score on          * The equivalent to a high school diploma includes
the entrance exam                                        GED®, HiSET™, TASC™, or other approved high
2) Possess a diploma from an accredited high             school equivalency certificate.
school or its equivalent.
3) Valid State issued ID - for IL or IN                  For homeschooled students, a transcript, or the
4) Background check through school designated            equivalent, signed by the parent or guardian of a
provider                                                 homeschooled student that lists the secondary
5) A cleared record with the Health Care Worker          school courses the student completed and
Registry in Illinois or Indiana State Nurse Aide         documents the successful completion of secondary
Registry. Any student whose record displays              school education.
administrative findings of abuse, neglect, or
misappropriations of property must present               **Evidence of high school graduation or its
documentation from current employer or state             equivalent must include the applicant’s name and
waiver. (Waivers will be handled on a case-by-case       graduation date as well as the name and location of
basis.)                                                  the high school attended including, city, state, and
6) A clean record with the National Sex Offender         graduation year. Where necessary, the School will
Registry. Any student appearing as a sex offender on     evaluate the validity of a high school diploma and
the registry is automatically terminated from the        verify that the high school or program was approved
program.                                                 by the applicable governing or state authority, if
                                                         approval is required by applicable law.
The Admissions Department designated staff will
contact students with positive background check          An applicant who graduated from high school in a
results. Depending upon the severity or type of          homeschool setting must provide documentation
incident, students will be advised that clinical         signed by the applicant’s parent or guardian that lists
agencies have the right to deny students clinical        the secondary school courses completed by the
placement. Students will be eligible for a full refund   applicant and that certifies the successful completion
of their application fee if they disclosed all           of secondary school education in a home school
convictions including pending convictions.               setting. Such documentation must include all
                                                         information that ATS requires on a high school
Should we be unable to verify a student’s education      diploma, in addition to the parent or guardian’s
or determine that the student’s education does not       signed attestation that the homeschool was
meet the requirements the student’s enrollment will      approved by the applicable governing or state
be canceled. Any paid tuition will be returned to the    authority if approval is required by applicable law. If
student.                                                 the state where the applicant was homeschooled
                                                         requires by law that homeschooled students obtain a
High School Requirements                                 secondary school completion credential (other than
                                                         a high school diploma or its recognized equivalent),
Applicants must possess a high school diploma or its     the applicant must submit a copy of that credential.
equivalent*. High school documentation from a
country other than the United States must be             Students who do not possess a high school diploma
translated and certified to be at least the equivalent   or its equivalent may not apply for admission.
of a U.S. high school diploma by an agency that is a
member of the National Association of Credential         Entrance Exam
Evaluation Services (NACES) or Association of            Prospective students are required to pass the
International Credential Evaluators (AICE). Please       ACCUPLACER Exam with the required score
note that some agencies have more specific               determined by the school faculty and administration
requirements      and      accept     only    original   to proceed with the admissions process.
documentation sent directly from the educational
institution. All applicants must provide evidence**
of a high school diploma or its equivalent to the        Entrance Exam Benchmarks:
                                                         English - 234
Math - 230                                                2) Required to register under the Sex Offender
                                                          Registration Act.
Test results are valid for a period of six months. If     3) Involved in involuntary sexual servitude of a
the section was successfully completed on different       minor.
dates, the results will expire six months after the       4) Involved in misdemeanor criminal battery
earlier test date.                                        against any patient in the course of patient care or
Course Placement
To succeed in the program, it is important for            *Please note that the State Board of Nursing does
students to have the required level of proficiency in     not have the authority to make a determination or
English language and math.                                adjudication until an application has been filed.
                                                          Further, the State Board of Nursing is unable to
Nursing Courses                                           advise, speculate, or give informal answers
Students who receive a 250 in English and a 263 in        regarding licensure prior to the time that the
Math on the ACCUPLACER Entrance Exam will be              application is filed.
allowed to sit for the TEAS test. Students reaching
the composite score of at least 45% on the TEAS           Students are required to report any crimes
exam will be placed directly into nursing courses.        committed while enrolled in the Practical Nursing
                                                          program at the School. In the event of known
Developmental Courses                                     noncompliance to this request, students may be
Students     who      met   minimum      ACCUPLACER       immediately dismissed from the program.
benchmark scores but did not meet benchmark
scores to sit for the TEAS exam will be enrolled in the   Readmission Policy
corresponding developmental courses.                      Readmission will be denied for the following:
                                                          •    Students who were terminated for violating the
Students who met benchmark scores, but did not            Academic Dishonesty Policy and/or the Code of
meet TEAS exam required score, may be enrolled in         Conduct.
all developmental courses or retake TEAS for the          •    Students not in good standing with school
following admission cycle. See Appendix D: TEAS           financial obligations.
Remediation Policy.                                       •    Students terminated for academic performance
                                                          and/or not in compliance with the Progression and
Developmental courses include ENG0911, ENG0913,           Retention Policy guidelines.
and MAT0915.
                                                          Readmission Guidelines
For progression requirements in developmental             Only one readmission may be granted to Practical
courses see Progression from Developmental                Nursing program.       A student may apply for
Coursework to the Nursing Coursework                      readmission to the program no more than two times.
                                                          Students who completed the program and were
Once the required documentation is completed and          terminated because they did not take the exit exam
the applicant attends the mandatory scheduled             may be allowed to readmit (based on the
orientation session, the applicant will receive an        requirements below) regardless of the number of
Enrollment agreement.                                     previous readmissions.
                                                          •    The readmission may be granted only if the
Once the applicant has received the Enrollment            student is able to complete an education program in
agreement, the applicant must:                            no more than one and one-half (1.5) times the
                                                          normal program length to satisfy the Maximum Time
1) Sign the enrollment agreement and other                Frame Requirements as stated in the Statements of
required documentation.                                   Satisfactory Progress. All previously completed
2) Complete documentation for clinical experience         classes will be included in the calculation of hours
based on your program plan. (See “Appendix F:             attempted.
Documentation for Clinical”                               •    If health concerns were a factor for the student
                                                          leaving ATS Institute of Technology, then
Background Checks and Convictions                         documentation for ability to continue in the program
The School will terminate a student if the student        must be provided with readmission paperwork.
meets any one or more of the following criteria:

1) The individual has been convicted of a forcible        Readmission Procedure
felony that involved any of the following noted           •     Students must meet the readmission deadlines
below:                                                    listed below.

•    Students (including those who had previously         4) Students who have not attended ATS Institute
withdrawn from school) will be readmitted subject to      of Technology for one term or longer must meet the
the current semester curriculum and all the program       following additional criteria:
policies in effect at the time of the first class taken   For previously passed nursing courses, student
during the readmission period.           Students are     must:
required     to   meet     the   course     progression   •    Take and pass a nursing skills laboratory
requirements.                                             validation   examination       for courses   passed
•    A student repeating a clinical nursing course        previously.
must repeat the theory, clinical, and laboratory          •    Take and pass comprehensive standardized
components of the course.                                 examinations to validate their knowledge of the
•    To remain in the program a student must be in        material covered in previously taken nursing
compliance with the Progression and Retention Policy      courses.
and a student cannot withdraw from more than one          •    Readmission into ATS Institute of Technology
class, excluding classes previously attempted before      will be dependent on the clinical space available to
readmission.                                              accommodate additional students. If the number of
                                                          applicants exceeds available space, the decision will
The Admission Committee has the authority to              be based on the student’s GPA and academic history
approve any exceptions to the above policies.             of coursework previously taken at ATS. Institute of
                                                          Technology and applicants may be deferred to a
Readmission Deadlines                                     subsequent semester.
A student who is eligible to seek readmission must
submit items listed below to the Admission                Re-admitted students will be required to complete a
Representative according to the following schedule:       new (no older than 30 days) criminal background
•    Readmission for a future semester (e.g., a           check and drug screen before the first day of class if
student is dismissed from the spring semester and         enrollment in the program has not been continuous
plans to sit out the summer semester and return for       (i.e., if they have not been enrolled at ATS Institute
the fall semester).                                       of Technology for one or more semesters).
•    30 days prior to the beginning of the requested
semester start date.                                      Students will be required to update clinical
                                                          documentation (See “Appendix F: Documentation for
Required Readmission Materials                            Clinical”) and submit/ resubmit updated official
The following items will be required:                     documentation if seeking accommodation through
1) Letter addressed to the Admissions department          the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). (See
requesting readmission into (semester, year)              “Students Seeking Reasonable Accommodations”
submitted on the form provided by the Admission           policy.)
Within the letter a developed action plan for success     Program Completion / No Exit Exam
consisting of:                                            If you completed program but did not pass exit
•    Description of the reason(s) leaving the             exam, see Attachment Program Completion / No Exit
program.                                                  Exam.
•    Analysis of factors that led to this outcome.
•    Goals to be accomplished during your remaining       Americans with Disabilities Act
time at school.                                           ATS Institute of Technology complies with Section
•    Plan of action to meet your goal(s); be specific.    504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the
                                                          Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and does not
2) Recommendations from:                                  discriminate on the basis of disability. Inquiries or
•    Two (2) ATS Institute of Technology Faculty who      concerns regarding this policy or assistance with
have taught the student in class or clinical completed    accommodation requests can be brought to the
on       the       Faculty      Reference         form    attention of the Nursing Program Administrator/ Title and                   IX    Coordinator:    p:   312-214-2000;     e-mail:
•    One       (1)       additional        professional A copy of this policy can
recommendation sent directly to admissions.               also be found at

3) Students who passed developmental classes,
                                                          Students Seeking Reasonable
but never took TEAS or students who were admitted
before Fall 2016, must take and pass TEAS. See
                                                          In accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
Course Placement; nursing courses
                                                          Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as
                                                          amended, the School abides by the regulation that
                                                          “no otherwise handicapped individual” shall be

excluded from participation in the programs and            The accommodations may be affected by the
services offered by the School “solely by reason of        timeliness of the student request and the nature of
the handicap.” A student is eligible for consideration     the accommodation requests. ADA does not require
for accommodations and/or auxiliary aids and               institutions to provide accommodations that result in
services if the student has a disability and the           an undue burden or fundamentally alter the nature
Nursing Program Administrator has met with the             of the course or relevant academic program.       To
student and determined that the functional                 request reasonable accommodations, please contact
limitations   of   the   disability    require   such      the Department at your campus and speak with the
accommodation, auxiliary aids and/or services.             Nursing Programs Administrator at 312-214-2000 or
A student with a disability who requires some
modification in the student educational program            Equal Opportunity Statement
must do the following:                                     ATS Institute of Technology is an educational
1) Students should submit written requests with            institution that is committed to supporting the
supporting documentation at least four weeks prior         diversity of its employees and students. ATS is
to the beginning of the first day of classes or as soon    dedicated to a policy of equal opportunity and
as practical.                                              nondiscrimination based on gender, age, race,
2) Provide appropriate documentation of the                national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity or
disability to the Nursing Program Administrator.           expression, veteran status, political affiliation or
3) Meet with the Nursing Programs Administrator            belief, religion, disability, or any other characteristic
to review the request and appropriate/reasonable           protected by state, local, or federal law, in an
accommodations.                                            educational program and activities, admission of
4) Agree to appropriate accommodations as it will          students and conditions of employment. Prohibited
be written in the Letter of Accommodation(s).              sex discrimination covers sexual harassment and
5) The Nursing Programs Administrator will inform          sexual violence.
faculty and staff about accommodations to be made
for the student.

Academic Policies and Procedures
                                                           competency, courses requested for transfer must be
                                                           completed with the minimum grades listed below.
Acceptance of Credits on Transfer
                                                           •     Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy &
ATS Institute of Technology may grant credits
                                                           Physiology II will be considered for transfer if they
earned for previous education courses from
                                                           were both taken and completed at the same
institutions located in the United States or its
                                                           institution with a grade of “B-” or higher within the
territories. Transfer of credits from other institutions
                                                           last 5 years.
accredited by an agency recognized by the U.S.
                                                           •     English and Math classes are not accepted for
Education Department (ED) or the Council for Higher
Education Accreditation (CHEA), including military
training. Students may be eligible to receive credit
                                                           The student will be informed if the transfer is
for prior education in Anatomy & Physiology if they
                                                           successful not earlier than one week after
pass     the   ACCUPLACER        with   the    required
                                                           documentation has been submitted to ATS.
                                                           Credits from another institution accepted by ATS
Students must provide official, sealed (unopened)
                                                           shall be counted as both credits attempted and
copies of School transcript(s) for all transferable
                                                           completed for calculation of pace and maximum time
credits two weeks prior to the beginning of the first
                                                           frame. Grades associated with these credits are not
semester. In addition, students must provide the
                                                           included in calculating cumulative grade point
catalog description of the courses requested for
                                                           average. All credits previously attempted at ATS for
                                                           the same program will be counted in both the
                                                           cumulative grade point average and Pace
     The Admissions Department processes transfer
credits using the following guidelines. Course/credits
must be compatible with the course/credits
                                                           Advanced Placement and Experiential
equivalent at ATS. To satisfy the
                                                           ATS does not accept advanced placement or credit
                                                           for experiential learning or life experience. Credit for
experiential learning or life experience will only be
considered for acceptance as part of the academic         Transferability of Credits and Credentials
evaluation for veteran students.                          Earned at Our Institution
                                                          The transferability of credits you earn at ATS
Academic Evaluation for Veteran Students                  Institute of Technology is at the complete discretion
This policy is for individuals with experience in the     of an institution to which you may seek to transfer.
armed forces of the United States, or in the National     Acceptance of the certificate of completion you earn
Guard, or in a reserve component.                         for completing your program is also at the complete
                                                          discretion of the institution you may seek to transfer.
The individual’s military education and skills training
will be reviewed by the Program Administrator. The        If the credits or credential that you earn at this
entrance exam and application fee will be waived.         institution are not accepted at the institution to
                                                          which you seek to transfer, you may be required to
Credit for military training and experience can only      repeat some or all your coursework at that
be transferred if it is applicable to the student’s       institution. For this reason, you should make certain
program requirements at ATS. Training time will be        that your attendance at this institution will meet your
shortened, and tuition reduced proportionately, and       educational goals. This may include contacting an
the VA and the veteran so notified. Eligibility for       institution to which you may seek to transfer after
Federal Financial Aid programs can vary for students      attending ATS Institute of Technology to determine
transferring in credits.                                  if your credits, clock hours, or diploma will transfer.

The Program Administrator will determine whether          ATS Institute of Technology has not entered into any
any of the military education and skills training is      articulation or transfer agreements with any School
substantially equivalent to the curriculum.     The       or university.
NCSBN Analysis for comparing Military Health Care
Occupation Curricula with a Standard Licensed             Course Grading and Quality Points
Practical /Vocational Nurse Curriculum will be used       Grades are earned and awarded in each course and
as a reference.                                           are recorded on the student’s permanent record at
                                                          the end of each academic term. Evaluation of student
If it is determined that the military education and       achievement will be made in relation to the
skills training is substantially equivalent to the        attainment of the specific objectives (outcomes) of
curriculum:                                               the course. At the beginning of a course the
•     The individual must pass a dosage calculation       instructor will explain these objectives (outcomes)
exam.                                                     and the basis upon which grades are determined.
•     The Accuplacer exam will be administered to
define the individual’s reading level. The person will    There is no rounding up or rounding down of any
be given individual training if the student English       course grade.
level is below the acceptable reading level to improve    Grades are assigned in accordance with the following
the student level.                                        scale:
•     Biology courses will be evaluated according to          Grades        Numerical           Quality
the transfer policy or the individual may take a                            Equivalent          Points
standardized examination to meet the Anatomy and                 A          98-100%             4.0
Physiology requirement.                                         A-          95-97.99%           3.7
•     The individual must take the end of course                B+          92-94.99%           3.3
standardized exam for the Fundamentals of Nursing
                                                                 B          88-91.99%           3.0
and Pharmacology courses. The individual will be
                                                                B-          85-87.99%           2.7
awarded credit if the individual passes the tests.
                                                               C+           82-84.99%           2.3
•     The individual will be tested out of the skills
portion for the courses the student has passed and               C          78-81.99%           2.0
will be trained on skills not learned prior to entering          D          69-77.99%           1.0
a higher-level course.                                           F          Below 69%           0.0
                                                                 I          Incomplete          0.0
Graduation Requirements                                          P          Pass                0.0
To qualify for graduation, students must meet the                W          Withdraw            0.0
course and credit requirements specified for their             WF           Withdraw Fail       0.0
curriculum. Students must have at least a 2.0                  EW           Excused             0.0
cumulative        grade     point   average,    pass a                      Withdrawal
comprehensive exit examination (see ATI policy,
Comprehensive Exit Examination) and students must         To progress, the student must achieve the following:
fulfill all of their ATS financial obligations.
Students must receive a 78% or higher in both
testing and non-testing scores to successfully pass       EW – Excused Withdraw
the course. Failure of any component associated with      A student will receive an “EW” if he or she was
the course such as lab or clinical experience will        directly affected by COVID-19 pandemic and
result in the student receiving an “F” and failing the    approved by the administrative team, regardless of
whole course. Exception: students in Basic College        the student’s academic status in the course at the
Math course must receive an 80% or higher in both         time of the withdrawal. Courses, which are marked
testing and non-testing scores to successfully pass       with an “EW,” are not included in calculation of the
the course.                                               GPA or maximum time frame. This is only in effect
                                                          during COVID-19 pandemic.
Note: If a student fails a course, they have failed to
progress and must now meet the policies and               Repeating Courses
program requirements as outlined in the Student           A student may repeat a course only once to change
handbook in effect for the cohort they will be placed     a failing grade to a passing grade. A student may
in.                                                       repeat up to two failed nursing courses over the
                                                          course of the program. Students must repeat
I - Incomplete                                            Nursing Seminar concurrently when the student
Only students who experience unforeseeable                repeats any failed last semester course. Any time a
emergencies and have supporting documents and             student repeats a School level course, the last
are in good class standing at the end of the semester     attempt is the grade that will count for progression
may qualify for receiving an “I” grade. A student         and GPA. A student repeating a clinical nursing
receiving a grade of “I” needs to correct any             course must repeat the theory, clinical, and
deficiencies no later than the start of the following     laboratory components of the course.
semester. An incomplete grade not corrected within
the prescribed period will result in an “F” for the       Students have the option of repeating a course
class, requiring the student to repeat the course.        previously passed to attempt to earn a higher grade,
                                                          although both attempts appear on the student’s
W - Withdraw                                              transcript. Placement in such courses cannot be
A student will receive a “W” if he or she withdraws       guaranteed. (See SAP policy to see how repeated
by the end of the eleventh week of the session (or        classes affect Standards of Satisfactory Academic
by the end of the fifth week for the half-semester        Progress.)
course) regardless of the student’s academic status
in the course at the time of the withdrawal. Courses,     Cause for Academic Termination
which are marked with a “W,” are not included in          1)   Failure of the same course twice
calculation of the GPA.                                   2)   Three failed courses from the following list:
                                                               Nursing courses
WF - Withdraw Fail                                             BIO1017, BIO1018, or BIO1019
A student who has withdrawn from a course, stopped
attending or has been dropped from a course by the        Cause for Disciplinary Termination
instructor after the end of the eleventh week (or fifth   (See Discipline Policy.)
week for the half-semester course) will receive a
grade of “WF” in the course. This grade is equal to       Clinical Grades
the “F” and is calculated for GPA.                        Clinical evaluations will reflect individual strengths
                                                          and needs of the students. A main consideration is
Cause for WF Grade                                        safe nursing practice. Students must achieve a
1) Exceeding the maximum absences in a course.            grade of “Satisfactory” in order to pass the course.
2) Two consecutive weeks of absences without
notification.                                             Carelessness, unsafe practice, and unprofessional
3) Any withdraw after week 11, or week 5 in the           behavior may constitute a grade of “Unsatisfactory”
half-semester course.                                     at any time during the clinical rotation resulting in
4) Faculty withdrew a student due to inability to         the failure of the course.
pass the course mathematically.

If a student receives a WF for a course, it will be       Standards of Satisfactory Academic
considered the same as failing a course and may           Progress (SAP)
prevent a student from proceeding in the program if       Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) is defined as
the WF places the student in the below situations.        the successful progression through an academic
The student should contact the Financial Aid Office       program. Every student must maintain satisfactory
for clarification of financial aid status.                academic progress in order to remain enrolled at the
                                                          school and to remain eligible to receive federal

financial aid. For federal financial aid eligibility      Students are expected to complete their program
purposes, satisfactory academic progress will be          within 150 percent of the published length of the
evaluated at the end of each semester. Payment            program (or 1.5 times the number of credits in their
periods for credit hour diploma programs are based        program). Pace calculations help assure that
on successful completion of both credit units and         students will complete their programs within the
weeks of instruction. These standards of satisfactory     maximum time frame.
academic progress apply to all students, not just
those receiving financial aid.                                 Program               Maximum Federal Aid
All students are expected to meet the minimum               Practical Nursing        59.11=(39.41x1.5)
standards of SAP required for the program of study.         (PN)
SAP is measured in two ways:                                Practical Nursing        Will be based on number of
                                                            (PN) when                credits taken but no more
1. Qualitative- Cumulative Grade Point                      developmental            than
Average (CGPA)                                                                       69.31=(46.21x1.5)
                                                            courses taken*
Students must meet minimum CGPA requirements at
specific points throughout the program. Only those        Note: Developmental or Remedial Coursework are
credits required in the student’s program of study        non- credit courses. Financial aid credits for these
are used in the CGPA calculation.                         courses are assigned for Financial Aid Purposes
                                                          based on the conversion formula for the
2. Quantitative - Rate of Progress (Pace)                 determination of enrollment status as well as
A student must maintain the minimum Pace                  successful course completion for Pace and MTF.
requirements at specific points throughout the            (These credits will not be displayed on the student
program. The rate of progress percentage is               transcript.)
calculated by dividing the credits earned by the
credits attempted.                                        *Since students take it as part of the enrolled
                                                          program, the developmental course will increase the
For a student to be considered to be           making     maximum timeframe for the attempted credits
academic progress, both SAP standards          will be    allowed. Developmental or remedial coursework are
reviewed at the end of each semester,         and the     counted as attempted and earned for PACE and
student must be progressing in accordance     with the    Maximum Timeframe.
table below.
                                                          SAP - Readmitted Students
      Credits         Rate of            CGPA             Previous credit hours which count toward the
     Attempted       Progress         (Qualitative)       student’s current diploma program will be included
                      (Pace)                              in credit hours attempted, credit hours earned, GPA,
        0-20           66.67%              1.25           and maximum timeframe.
       21-35.5         66.67%               2.0
        36+            66.67%               2.0           SAP - Transfer Students
                                                          Transferred credit hours which count toward the
                                                          student’s current diploma program will be included
Effect of Repeated Courses on SAP                         in credit hours attempted, credit hours earned, and
Repeated courses will be added to total credits           maximum timeframe.
attempted and credits completed, however, the
initial grade once a repeated class has been passed       Warning and Probation Periods
will not be included in the GPA calculation. The new      Every student will have their CGPA and Pace
grade will replace the initial grade in the GPA           calculated after each semester. While in SAP
calculation at the next SAP evaluation point.             Warning the student is considered to be making
                                                          Academic Progress and will remain eligible to receive
Effect of Transfer Credit on SAP                          federal financial aid. While in SAP Probation (with an
Transfer credit awarded by the college has no effect      approved appeal and academic plan) the student will
on CGPA calculations for SAP but does affect the Pace     remain eligible to receive federal financial aid.
calculation because transfer credits will be treated as   Students not making Satisfactory Academic Progress
both attempted and completed credits. Transfer            are required to participate in any advising and
Credits are also included in the maximum timeframe        tutoring that are considered to be necessary by the
calculation.                                              college. Failure to participate may result in Dismissal
                                                          regardless of CGPA or Pace.
Maximum Time Frame                                        Students will be dismissed at the end of any
                                                          semester in which it has been determined that it is

mathematically impossible for the student to meet          satisfactory progress requirements are met, a
the minimum requirements.                                  student will be moved to SAP Met. If not, the student
                                                           will be allowed the Extended Enrollment period
SAP Warning                                                unless the conditions of an academic plan were
Students, who fail to meet the Minimum Academic            successfully met.
Achievement (minimum CGPA), Successful Course
Completion standards, and/or maximum timeframe             Students will be notified in writing (using internal
as stated above and were not already in a warning          communication software and by mail) of a Probation
status, will be placed on Financial Aid Warning for        Status of Federal Financial Aid.
one payment period. This warning period allows the
student to continue to receive financial aid for one       Extended Enrollment Period
semester. Students will be notified in writing of a        A student who has been placed on Financial Aid
Warning Status of Federal Financial Aid. All students      Suspension is in an extended enrollment status and
placed on Warning will be counseled by a school            is not eligible for additional financial aid and is
official. Students will receive a new plan of study        responsible for making financial arrangements with
and documentation will be placed in the student file.      the institution for tuition and fees incurred during the
Students will be given remedial tutoring if requested.     extended enrollment period. Students attending in
If the student meets or exceeds the standards the          an extended enrollment period will be charged tuition
following semester, the student will be moved to SAP       and fees consistent with stated costs. The credits
Met. Students on SAP Warning who fail to meet the          attempted and earned in this period will count
standards outlined above in the next semester are          toward student evaluation for attempted and
ineligible for financial aid and will be moved to          earned/completed           credits     (PACE/Maximum
financial aid suspension.                                  Timeframe).

Financial Aid Suspension                                   During the extended enrollment period, students
If a student fails to achieve Minimum Academic             must seek to correct academic deficiencies by taking
Achievement (minimum GPA), Successful Course               remedial courses, retaking courses they have failed
Completion standards, and/or maximum timeframe             or practicing previously learned skills in order to
while on Financial Aid Warning status, the student         reestablish satisfactory progress. However, in no
will be placed on Financial Aid Suspension for the         case can a student exceed 150 % of the standard
following semester. These students will not be             time frame either as a regular student or in an
eligible for any financial aid unless the student files    extended enrollment status and receive the original
an acceptable request to appeal the loss of financial      credential for which he or she is enrolled. Students
aid eligibility resulting in SAP Probation (see Appeal     exceeding the maximum time frame may receive a
Process below), the only other way a student may           certificate of completion.
regain eligibility is by completing classes at their own
expense and achieving the minimum SAP                      Reinstatement of Financial Aid Eligibility
requirements.                                              To regain financial aid eligibility, a student must
                                                           successfully meet all requirements for satisfactory
SAP - Appeal Process                                       progress.     At the completion of the extended
Any student who has been placed on SAP Probation           enrollment period, the Financial Aid officer will
or SAP Dismissal may appeal if special or mitigating       evaluate student performance in the following areas:
circumstances exist, including the death of a relative,    ability to complete a program within a maximum
illness, or injury, or other special circumstances. All    time frame; completion of at least 67% of the
appeals must be submitted on the SAP appeals form.         attempted cumulative hours as calculated and
All appeals must be accompanied by supporting              achievement of the cumulative GPA as required by
documentation that explains the circumstances              the School. Then a student’s award package will be
which affected their academic performance, and how         generated based on funds available at that time. The
the circumstance has been resolved so it will not          financial aid will not be given to students
have any future effect on the student’s Academic           retroactively.
Progress. The decision of the college is final and may
not be further appealed.                                   Appeal of Suspension
                                                           Students may appeal Financial Aid Suspension based
Financial Aid Probation                                    on extenuating circumstances.       The Satisfactory
This status is assigned to students who were placed        Progress Appeal Form, a letter from the student, and
on Financial Aid Suspension, have successfully             supporting documentation must be submitted for
appealed it and have had their eligibility reinstated.     consideration. The Satisfactory Progress Appeal
During the probationary period, students are given         Form is available in the Financial Aid Office. Not all
one semester to satisfactorily raise their cumulative      appeals are approved, and deadlines do apply. The
GPA and/or cumulative earned credits, as needed. If
                                                                                                     10 | P a g e
Appeals Committee will review appeals on an                   Involuntary call to       Official military orders
individual basis.                                               military service
                                                               Jury duty/court             Court documents
If the appeal is approved, the student will be placed            appearance
on Financial Aid Probation and may also have to meet
the requirements of the academic plan developed by
the school to qualify for further Title IV, HEA program
                                                          Academic Information
funds. The financial aid appeal deadline is at the end
of the semester in which the student is placed on
suspension. The appeal committee will then review         Academic Definitions
the appeal documentation and contact the student
via email with the final decision.                        Semester Credit Hour Definition
                                                          Coursework is measured in terms of semester credit
Mitigating Circumstances                                  hours. 1 semester credit hour equals one of the
Mitigating circumstances are considered unforeseen        following:
                                                          •    15 contact hours of lecture
situations or events beyond the student’s control
                                                          •    30 contact hours of labs/seminars
which directly and negatively affect academic             •    45 contact hours of clinical time
performance.     For SAP appeals, students are
required to provide supporting documentation for          Federal Clock Hour/Credit Hour Conversion
mitigating circumstances. The appeal must also            Financial Aid Credit for ATS courses is calculated as
explain how the circumstances have been resolved          follows: 37.5 clock hours = 1 semester credit hour.
so that these circumstances will not affect future        Recognized outside hours includes in clock hours for
performance.                                              calculating the financial aid credits.

Below is a list of possible circumstances and the         The Practical Nursing program consists of 39.41
suggested documentation needed to substantiate            financial aid credits.
the mitigating circumstance.     Please note, the
following list is not exhaustive. If a student is         Students who attempted 12 financial aid credit hours
providing circumstances and documentation not             per semester will be qualified as full-time students;
mentioned below, the appeal will be considered just       other students with fewer hours will be determined
the same. Additionally, providing a mitigating            as part-time.
circumstance with supporting documentation from
the list below does not guarantee an approval. All        Recognized Outside Clock Hours
appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis for          Outside preparation is in addition to regular
legitimacy and merit.                                     classroom activities and is required to complete the
                                                          course. The type of outside preparation will vary by
Acceptable documentation will be on official              course and may take the form of homework
letterhead and obtained through an objective third        assignments, projects, reading, and required
party. Objective third parties include, but are not       research. The amount of time spent for outside
limited to:    counselors, doctors, lawyers, social       preparation will vary according to individual student
workers,    religious  leaders,   state/government        abilities and complexity of the assignments.
agencies, etc.                                            Students are responsible for reading all study
                                                          materials issued by their instructors and must turn
                                                          in homework assignments at the designated time.
Possible Circumstances            Suggested               Students can responsibly expect to spend 7.5 hours
                                Documentation             of outside preparation for every semester credit of
  Death in the family          Death certificate,         lecture and lab scheduled in a course. Outside
                                    obituary              preparation hours for each course can be found on
 Divorce or separation         Court documents,           the respective course syllabi.
                               lawyer statement
   Domestic violence           Court documents,           Course Numbering Definitions
                              restraining orders,         Courses are numbered according to the following
                                 police records           scheme:
      Crime victim           Legal documentation,         •    Courses starting with “0” are developmental,
                                 police records           remedial, or supporting courses. These are not
Physical and/or mental       Documentation from           published on the student transcript and does not
         illness              medical professional        have credits assigned to them.
Imposed employment              Statement from            •    1001-1999 are diploma level courses. Roman
       changes                     employer               numerals (I, II, etc.) after course titles indicate
                                                          segments of a multi-course sequence.
                                                                                                 11 | P a g e
counted as present for that date. An orientation
Class Times                                              course is available to help students improve their
All theory classes are scheduled as follows:             computer and Internet skills.
Day classes         8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday -
Friday                                                   Personal desktop or laptop computer with internet
Evening classes 4:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. Monday            access is required for students in online programs.
- Friday                                                 See Minimum Computer System Requirements
Weekend classes        8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.             policy.
Saturday (if classes scheduled)
                                                         Add/Drop Period
Clinical hours may vary depending on the course          The School permits students to add or drop a course
and availability of clinical sites and may be at any     during the first two weeks of a semester without
time from 6:30 am – 12:00 (Midnight) including           penalty. Official adjustments can be made during the
weekends.                                                first two weeks of the semester only.

Sequence of Courses                                      1)    During the first week of classes, a student can add a
The nursing and science courses are sequential, and      course without instructor approval.
                                                         2)    During the second week of classes, the instructor
successful completion is a prerequisite for
                                                         must approve in writing granting permission for the student
progressing to the next level.                           to join the class late. If the instructor does not grant
                                                         permission for the student to join the class late in the
Progression                                              second week, then the student will have to wait until the
From Developmental Coursework to the                     following term.
Nursing Coursework
Students who are required to take developmental          Dropping Co-Requisite Courses: If a student drops a
courses based on their placement entrance results        course that is a co-requisite to another course that
will be automatically enrolled in the appropriate        the student is taking, the student will have to drop
developmental courses.                                   the co-requisite course also.

A student who failed any developmental courses           Dropping a Course: If a student drops a course, the
during the first semester may repeat each                student must complete a course drop request with
developmental course once. Failure to achieve a “C”      the Registrar. If a student drops courses after the
or above on the second attempt will result in the        expiration of the two-week add/drop period, the
student being dismissed from the program.                student is financially responsible for the tuition cost
Developmental courses cannot be taken for more           of all the courses for which the student was
than one academic year (three semesters) and/or 30       registered as of the last day of the second week.
financial aid credits.
                                                         A student must consult the Financial Aid Office
For     students    who     require   developmental      regarding any changes to their status.
coursework: In order to be placed in nursing classes,
students      must    successfully   complete      all   Dropping All Courses: If a student needs to drop ALL
developmental coursework, achieve 1250 score on          courses for which the student is registered, the
Lexile level reading and pass TEAS test with required    student must complete a withdrawal for the program
benchmark.                                               request with the Registrar. See Refund Policy.

                                                         Attendance Policy
Course Delivery                                          Each student is expected to attend every class, lab,
Residential Delivery                                     and clinical day for which the student is scheduled.
All courses are taken at the School or at the clinical   Students must attend course, clinical and laboratory
facilities located in Illinois.                          sections to which they have been assigned.

ATS offers residential courses. From March of 2020,      Policy on Severe Weather
under the temporary state permission, ATS offers all     In the event of inclement weather, the Nursing
courses via distance education. Distance education       Programs Administrator will decide whether to close
courses are delivered through ATS learning               the school due to hazardous conditions.
management system, Bright Space. Students are
expected to attend their virtual classrooms through      WBBM 780(780 AM or 105.9 FM) radio will have
Zoom as specified on their schedule, equivalent to       information regarding the closure of the school.
the residential delivery. All attendance is monitored.
Students must complete a class assignment to be

                                                                                                      12 | P a g e
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