It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...

It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Learning programs for adults age 50 and better
                                   at the University of Pittsburgh

Fall 2021 In-person + Online
Course Catalog
It’s Time for You!
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Fall 2021 Term
                                 Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
                                 University of Pittsburgh

TABLE OF CONTENTS                                   DATES AND DEADLINES
Welcome                           3                 August 27              University audit courses begin

Membership and                                      August 30              OLLI Session 1 begins
Registration                      4
                                                    September 6            Labor Day, no classes
Scholarships                      5
                                                    September 7            Rosh Hashanah, no classes
Schedule at-a-glance              6, 7
                                                    September 10           Last day to add/drop audit courses
Courses by topic                  8, 9

OLLI Session 1 Courses            10                September 16           Yom Kippur, no classes

OLLI Session 2 Courses            18                October 7              OLLI Session 1 ends

Lectures, Special Events          25, 26            October 18             OLLI Session 2 begins

How to Audit Undergraduate                          November 20            OLLI Session 2 ends
Courses                    27
                                                    November 25, 26         Thanksgiving holiday, University closed
General Information/Policies 28
                                                    December 23–           University closes for winter break
Instructor Biographies            29                January 1

About OLLI
The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a program in the College of General Studies at the
University of Pittsburgh. Established in 2005, it is supported by the Bernard Osher Foundation
and is one of 123 OLLIs located on college campuses throughout the United States. The National
Resource Center for Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, located at the Northwestern University,
provides technical assistance to the OLLI programs across the country.

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute aspires to create a dedicated intellectual environment for
older adult students, nurturing a lifelong passion for learning. The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute
fosters lifelong learning through courses and programs that engage the learner, provide social
interaction, and enrich lives. OLLI’s faculty, which includes University of Pittsburgh professors and
retired faculty, challenge participants to understand the cultural forces of today, to interact socially
and intellectually with one another, and to live empowered lives.
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
  to OLLI at Pitt!

    If you are age 50 or better and have
    a curious mind, join us!
    The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at the
    University of Pittsburgh offers learning opportunities
    designed specifically for older adult learners.
    Reasonable membership fees and generous financial
    assistance make OLLI membership possible for anyone
    who would like to join us. Upon becoming a member,
    you have immediate access to courses, special classes,
    lectures, and events.

    In the Fall 2021 term we will be carefully adjusting
    back to having some in-person courses and events, as
    well as continuing to have online courses. Our excellent
    teachers are from the University and also from the
    diverse and talent-filled Pittsburgh area and beyond.

    OLLI at Pitt members want you to know that they
    are a welcoming and friendly group. No previous
    affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh and no
    college experience is needed to become a member.
    We look forward to seeing you soon!

    It’s Time for YOU!

                                                  OLLI.PITT.EDU   |3
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Membership and Registration
An active OLLI membership is required to register for courses
                                                           How to Register
    Choose your membership                                 Due to current circumstances, members and
    Annual Membership – $225                               interested individuals should register online at:
    (Covers Fall 2021, Spring 2022 and           
    Summer 2022 Terms)
                                                           1.   SIGN IN to the OLLI Registration website using your
    Term Membership – $125                                      username and password— OR—create an account if you
    (Covers Fall 2021 Term)                                     do not already have one. Click on the Sign In link in the
                                                                upper right-hand side of the page. (After putting in your
    2nd Installment Membership – $100                           username and password, you will know you are signed in
    (for those who purchased a term membership                  if “Welcome,  ” appears after logging in
    in Summer 2021, this option adds two additional             at the upper left corner of the page under the OLLI logo.)
    terms to your membership­—Fall 2021 and                2.   If you have been a member, go to “My Account” and
    Spring 2022.)                                               then “My Membership”. Review your memberships to
                                                                see if there is a membership that will not expire until
    Once courses begin on August 30, 2021, there                during or after the Fall 2021 term. An expiration date
    will be no refunds issued for membership payments           after Sept. 1, 2021 means you do not need to renew yet.
    unless OLLI cancels the term.
                                                           3.   Proceed to Home Page and the Renew/Become a
    Membership includes access to unlimited in                  Member area. ADD a membership to your cart if you
    person and online OLLI courses, lectures, special           need to purchase a membership.
    events and groups. Waiting lists for courses may       4.   Next, proceed to review courses of interest (From
    apply depending on popularity, subject matter,              Homepage click on OLLI Session #1, Session #2 or OLLI
    or, if the course is in person, the physical size of        Courses by Topic. Locate a desired course and click on
    the classroom assigned. Additionally, membership            “ADD TO CART.” (Note: you can review courses by day
    includes two preapproved undergraduate                      of week and/or topic on the registration website.) If you
    courses for auditing. The University’s Fall 2021            do NOT see the blue ADD TO CART button, you are
    term undergraduate courses are planned to be                either not signed into your account, or need to add a
    in person.                                                  membership type to your cart prior to selecting courses
                                                                or registration has not yet begun.
                                                           5.   If more courses are desired after you add a course to
                                                                your shopping cart, click: “CONTINUE SHOPPING” to
                                                                locate additional courses and add to your shopping cart.
                                                           6.   After all courses have been selected, go to your
                                                                shopping cart to complete the check-out process and
                                                                pay for your membership, if necessary. Be sure to click
                                                                through ALL Screens until completion of the process and
                                                                the payment page, if necessary.

                                                           NOTE: If you do not see an “Add to Cart” button under
          In the Fall 2021 term                            a course, there are three possible reasons. 1) Registration
      we will be carefully adjusting                       has not begun yet. 2) You are a paid, current member and
                                                           have not signed in. (Check for “Welcome YourFirstName”
     back to having some in-person                         in the top left-hand corner of the screen) 3) You are not a
                                                           current member or your membership is expired and you
       courses and events, as well                         have not added a membership selection to your cart FIRST,
         as continuing to have                             before adding a course.
              online courses.                              Difficulties?
                                                           If there are any difficulties with registrations, please leave
                                                           a message on our main phone line: 412-624-7308 or
     REGISTER AT: WWW.CAMPUSCE.NET/OLLIPITT/               email us at Please know that our office is
                                                           working remotely and will have to return your phone call.

It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Covid-19 Policy
While OLLI is set to resume some           Choose your favorite courses based
in person activities for fall term,        on the topics, days, and times that
University guidelines are in place to
prevent the spread of Covid-19 and         interest you!
create a safe and healthy environment
                                           Courses are offered for your exploration,
for everyone. Additionally, other
                                           enjoyment, or academic interests.
facilities where OLLI courses are held
may have their own Covid-19 policies.      Academic – these courses are like
All in-person courses are offered with     undergraduate college courses with the
the understanding that they may be         instructor lecturing most of the time.
transitioned to an online course at any    Exploration – more “hands on” oriented
time due to the status of coronavirus.     courses: OR may be an academic topic primarily
If this should occur, we will prepare to   taught through interactive group discussion and practice.
move the course online. There will be      Enjoyment – most of class is spent with the students discussing the
no refunds if this occurs as members       topic, practicing a skill, or the primary purpose is for group sharing
can continue a course online if the        and discussion.
need presents. All OLLI members who
attend any OLLI course or event, on
or off campus, or are on campus for
any reason must follow the University’s
or other facilities’ Covid-19 policies.
Those who chose not to follow
policies will be removed from the
course and possibly suspended from
the program.

Add Us to Your List
of Email Contacts
Make sure you add           Scholarships                           Awards: Scholarship awards
                                                                                  range from $50 - $100 per term.
and to your list of    Everyone should have the               Notification of your award and the
email contacts! By adding our email        opportunity to enjoy and               amount of the award will be sent
addresses to your list of contacts,        participate in stimulating lifelong    within two weeks of receipt of your
you will ensure that you receive the       learning. Scholarships for the         application. Please contact the office
weekly, member exclusive, OLLI at Pitt     Osher Lifelong Learning Institute      to receive a scholarship application
                                           (OLLI) are based on financial need     and for more information by
Updates eNewsletter in your inbox. If
                                           and are awarded to people age          emailing
you don’t, our newsletter and possibly
                                           50 and older who are interested
your online course access emails may       in attending our program. The
land in your junk/spam emails.                                                      NEW:
                                           scholarships partially offset the
Email is the primary way we have           cost of OLLI membership. All OLLI        The Baldwin Project
of informing you of special events         members pay something toward a           A generous donor has
and courses that come up after the         membership, but our awards can           provided funds specifically to
catalog has been published. It is also     make OLLI possible for those who         provide scholarships to reduce
                                           might not otherwise be able to join.     membership fees for black men
the way you receive course access                                                   that may need assistance and
information for online courses. Every      Financial assistance is for one term     who are underrepresented in
email provider has a different way of      and must be applied for each term.       OLLI’s membership. The donor
adding contacts.                           A simple application form is used        requested the fund be named
                                           and must be entirely completed           “The Baldwin Project”. To join
Remember to contact the OLLI office        to receive consideration. All            OLLI using this fund, please
if you have a change in your email         scholarship applications for Fall        contact us at or
address.                                   term 2021 must be received by            call us at 412-624-7308.
                                           Wednesday August 25, 2021.

                                                                                                           OLLI.PITT.EDU   |3
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
OLLI Session 1 • Monday, August 30–Thursday, October 7
SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE FALL 2021                                                       (• INDICATES IN-PERSON COURSE)

MONDAY                            TUESDAY                            WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY                    FRIDAY
9–10 a.m.                         10–11 a.m.                         9–10 a.m.                       10–11:30 a.m.               10–11:30 a.m.
Better Balance! Steady            Dance and Be Fit •                 Gentle Yoga                     Drawing: The First Step     Earthquakes, Volcanoes
and Strong                        Roland Ford                        Jill Clary                      Melissa Tai                 and Plate Tectonics
Diane Markovitz                   10–11:30 a.m.                      9:30–11:30 a.m.                 Frederick Douglass:         Stephen Lindberg
10–11:30 a.m.                     Art Critique                       The Art of the Print:           Bondage and Freedom         The History of Food 2
American Sign Language 2          Melissa Tai                        History and Practice            Clifford Johnson            Julia Hudson-Richards
Sharon Serbin                     Beginning Level French:            Ann Rosenthal                   The Law and Social Change   The Twilight of Empires:
Exploring the Hebrew Bible        Communication Strategies           10–11:30 a.m.                   David DeFazio               Europe Before World War 1
Jason Von Ehrenkrook              Cathleen Sendek-Sapp               Influential First Ladies        The Life and Works of       Jared Day
Fun Fall Gardening                Japanese Culture and               John Burt                       J.R.R. Tolkien              The World Changes:
Doug Oster                        Civilization: Part 1               Order and Chaos                 Alan Irvine                 Science Out of Darkness
Introductory Creative             Yuko Eguchi Wright                 Orin James                      Memoir with a Twist         Abby Mendelson
Writing: Prose                    Racism in Britain and                                              Laurie McMillan
Ann Hultberg                      Western Europe                     10–11:50 a.m.                                               10–11:50 a.m.
                                                                     The Development of Young                                    Intermediate French Exploration:
10–11:50 a.m.                     Ralph Bangs                         CANCELED
                                                                     Orphanage    Children: Issues                               Speaking in the Present Tense •
Paul and the First Christians •   They Died with Their Boots On:     in Practice & Policy •                                      Cathleen Sendek-Sapp
Rebecca Denova                    Custer, the Battle of Little Big
                                  Horn, and Hollywood
                                                                     Christina Groark and Robert
Plato and the Sophists •
Gregory Strom                     L. Jon Grogan
                                                                     Unmasking Our Emotions •                                    SATURDAY
                                  10–11:50 a.m.                      Sam Lonich                                                  9–10 a.m.
                                  Hiking for Wild Edibles •                                                                      Zumba Gold
                                  Melissa Sokulski                   10:15–11:15 a.m.                                            Lisa Sobek
                                                                     Chakra Yoga All Levels
                                                                     Jill Clary                                                  10–11:50 a.m.
                                                                                                                                 Photo Shoot and Walk •
                                                                                                                                 Germaine Watkins

MONDAY                            TUESDAY                            WEDNESDAY                       THURSDAY
1–2:30 p.m.                       1–2:30 p.m.                        1–2:30 p.m.                     1–2:30 p.m.
Beginner Spanish                  Advanced Intermediate              Advanced Beginner Spanish       Advanced Conversational
Karen Goldman                     French Exploration:                Maria Franco de Gomez           Spanish
Julius Caesar: The Play           Miscellaneous Topics               The Network Society             Maria Franco de Gomez
for Power                         Cathleen Sendek-Sapp               Javier Vázquez-D’Elía           Demystifying Common
Alan Stanford                     Understanding Scottish                                             Medical Conditions:
Muslims in the Neighborhood       History                            1–2:50 p.m.                     A Layperson’s Guide
Saima Sitwat                      Peter Gilmore                      Brief Tour of Asian Thought •   Dolores Gonthier
                                  Women Writers of the First         Joseph Givvin                   Why Tutankhamen?
Watercolors with Six Tubes:
Series 1                          World War                                                          Tim Ziaukas
                                  Bridget Keown                      1:30–3:20 p.m.
Elaine Bergstrom                                                     Boosting Your Immune System:    Women in Early America
                                  3–4:30 p.m.                        What’s the Research Say? •      Joan Gundersen
1–2:50 p.m.                                                          Tullia Bruno
The Final Years and Collapse      How Drugs and Vaccines
of the Soviet Union •             are Developed
                                  Daniel Normolle                    3–4:30 p.m.
Chuck Hier                                                           Louis Armstrong: The King
American Poverty Policies,        The Right to Freedom               of Jazz
Portrayals and Protest •          of Movement                        Robert Joyce
James Kelly                       Rachel Travis
Myth and Science, Part 1:
Myth •
George Borg

It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
OLLI Session 2 • Monday, October 18–Friday, November 19
SCHEDULE AT-A-GLANCE FALL 2021                                                     (• INDICATES IN-PERSON COURSE)

MONDAY                             TUESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                          THURSDAY                        FRIDAY
10–11:30 a.m.                      10 –11 a.m.                     9–10 a.m.                          10–11:30 a.m.                   10–11:30 a.m.
American Sign Language 2           Dance and Be Fit •              Gentle Yoga (continued)            Drawing: The First Step         Influential Secretaries
(continued)                        (continued)                                                        (continued)                     of State
Beyond Church: Sects and                                           9:30–11:30 a.m.                    Cuba: From 1492 to Today        John Burt
Cults in America                   10–11:30 a.m.                   The Art of the Print History and   José Juves                      Junkie: Literature of Addiction
Sandra Collins                     Art Critique                    Practice (continued)                                               Abby Mendelson
                                   (continued)                                                        James Baldwin: Living in Fire
Race, Class, and Education in                                      10–11:30 a.m.                      Ken Boas                        Poetry Book Club–Bending
Pittsburgh                         Beginning Level French:                                                                            the Genre
                                   Communication Strategies        Demystifying Digital Marketing:    Surviving an Infodemic:
Richard Wertheimer                                                 Protecting Yourself as an Online   Finding and Evaluating          Jen Ashburn
                                   (continued )
                                                                   Consumer                           Health Information Online
10–11:50 a.m.                      A History of Modern France
                                      CANCELED                     Melinda Burdette                   Rebekah Miller and              10–11:50 a.m.
Classical Myth in Art •            Louise Mayo                                                        Rachel Suppok                   Intermediate French
David Brumble                                                      From Cause to Effect: The                                          Exploration: Speaking in
                                   Japanese Culture and            Philosophy of Causation
Understanding the Immune           Civilization: Part 2                                                                               the Present Tense •
                                                                   Annika Froese                                                      (continued)
System and How It Relates to       Yuko Eguchi Wright
Your Health •                                                      World War I and the Shaping
                                   Study Group on a Community      of the 20th Century
Bruce Rabin                        History of African Americans    Jared Day                                                          SATURDAY
                                   Ralph Bangs
                                                                   10–11:50 a.m.                                                      9–10 a.m.
                                   10–11:50 a.m.                   Best American Short                                                Zumba Gold
                                   Fall Birding •                  Stories 2021 •
                                                                    CANCELED                                                          (continued)
                                   Chris Kubiak                    Adam Reger
                                   Hiking and Observing the        Pittsburgh’s East End:
                                   Fall Season •                   An Architectural History •
                                   Melissa Sokulski                Robert Jucha

                                                                   10:15–11:15 a.m.
                                                                   Chakra Yoga All Levels

MONDAY                             TUESDAY                         WEDNESDAY                          THURSDAY
1–2:30 p.m.                        1–2:30 p.m.                     1–2:30 p.m.                        1–2:30 p.m.
Beginner Spanish (continued)       Advanced Intermediate French    Advanced Beginner Spanish          Advanced Conversational
An Exploration of Local            Exploration: Miscellaneous      (continued)                        Spanish (continued)
Government and Political           Topics (continued)              Three Novellas by                  The Nun and the Poet:
Subdivisions in Pennsylvania       Hear All About It               Katherine Anne Porter              Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz
Jason Davidek                      Len Barcousky                   David Walton                       and Octavio Paz on
Geology of the Solar System:       The Evolution of Green                                             Colonial Mexico
The Planets and Moons              Buildings                       1–2:50 p.m.                        Camila Pulgar Machado
Stephen Lindberg                   Leslie Montgomery               Left and Right of the              Women as Patrons of Art and
                                                                   Contemporary Western World •       Architecture, 1400–1750
Leibniz’s Metaphysics              Zentangle in Three              Javier Vázquez-D’Elía
Gregory Strom                      Dimensions                                                         Saskia Beranek
                                   Sue Schneider                   1:10–3:50 p.m.
1–2:50 p.m.                                                                                           3–4:30 p.m.
                                                                   Five Consecutive Alfred            Human Origins and
The Continuing Story of            1–2:50 p.m.                     Hitchcock Thrillers •
Pittsburgh’s Forests •             TED Talks •                                                        Evolution
                                                                   Ed Blank                           Adam Davis
Mike “Carya” Cornell               Kathy Callahan
Railroads and the 19th Century                                     6–7:30 p.m.                        Single-novel Study: Stieg
Transformation of American Law •   1:30–3:20 p.m.                  Female Composers                   Larsson, “The Girl with the
Lawrence Frolik                    Getting There is All the Fun:   through History                    Dragon Tattoo”
                                   The Musical Journey •           Ian Evans Guthrie                  Nicholas Coles
“World of Our Mothers”:            Michael Hammer
Yiddish Women Writers Tell                                         Singer-Songwriters of Rock
Their Stories •                    Red Wines from Around           Robert Joyce
Lois Rubin                         the World •
                                   Deb Mortillaro
3– 4:30 p.m.
All About Electric
Transmission Systems
Thomas Burgess

                                                                                                                                                  OLLI.PITT.EDU    |3
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Courses by Topic • Fall 2021
Clicking on each course title will take you to its course description in the catalog.

Art History and Architecture                                  History, Classics & Philosophy
Classical Myth in Art                                    18       CANCELED
                                                              A History of Modern France                            20

The Evolution of Green Buildings                         20   Brief Tour of Asian Thought                           15

Pittsburgh’s East End: An Architectural History          22   Cuba: From 1492 to Today                              23

Women as Patrons of Art and Architecture, 1400 -1750    24   The Final Years and Collapse of the Soviet Union      11

                                                              From Cause to Effect: The Philosophy of Causation     20
Film, Music & Theater
                                                              Hear All About It                                     21
Female Composers through History                         23
                                                              The History of Food 2                                 17
Five Consecutive Alfred Hitchcock Thrillers              22
                                                              Influential First Ladies                              14
Getting There is All the Fun: The Musical Journey        21
                                                              Influential Secretaries of State                      24
Louis Armstrong: The King of Jazz                        15
                                                              Leibniz’s Metaphysics                                 19
Singer Songwriters of Rock                               23
                                                              Myth and Science, Part 1: Myth                        12

Fitness, Health & Self-Interests                              Plato and the Sophists                                11

Better Balance! Steady and Strong                        10   Railroads and the 19th Century Transformation
                                                              of American Law                                      19
Chakra Yoga All Levels                                   14
                                                              They Died with Their Boots On: Custer, the Battle
Dance and Be Fit                                         12               CANCELED
                                                              of Little Big Horn, and Hollywood                     12

Demystifying Digital Marketing: Protecting Yourself           The Twilight of Empires: Europe Before World War One  17
as an Online Consumer                                   21
                                                              Understanding Scottish History                        13
Fall Birding                                             20
                                                              Why Tutankhamen?                                      16
Fun Fall Gardening                                       10
                                                              Women in Early America                                16
Gentle Yoga                                              13
                                                              World War I and the Shaping of the 20th Century       22
Hiking and Observing the Fall Season                     20

Hiking for Wild Edibles                                  13   Language Studies
Photo Shoot and Walk                                     17   Advanced Beginner Spanish                             15

Red Wines from Around the World                          21   Advanced Conversational Spanish                       16

The Continuing Story of Pittsburgh’s Forests             19   Advanced Intermediate French Exploration:
                                                              Miscellaneous Topics                                 13
Zumba Gold                                               17
                                                              American Sign Language 2                              10

                                                              Beginner Spanish                                      11

                                                              Beginning Level French: Communication Strategies      12

                                                              Intermediate French Exploration: Speaking in the
                                                              Present Tense                                        17

It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
Courses by Topic • Fall 2021 (continued)
Clicking on each course title will take you to its course description in the catalog.

Literature & Creative Writing                                 Race, Class, and Education in Pittsburgh                     18

“World of Our Mothers”: Yiddish Women Writers                 Racism in Britain and Western Europe                         12
Tell Their Stories                                     19
                                                              The Right to Freedom of Movement                             13
Best American Short Stories 2021                        22
                                                              Study Group on a Community History of
Frederick Douglass: Bondage and Freedom                 15    African Americans                                           20

Introductory Creative Writing: Prose                    10
                                                              Religious Studies
James Baldwin: Living in Fire                           23
                                                              Beyond Church: Sects and Cults in America                    18
“Julius Caesar”: The Play for Power                     11
                                                              Exploring the Hebrew Bible                                   10
Junkie: Literature of Addiction                         24
                                                              Paul and the First Christians                                10
The Life and Works of J.R.R. Tolkien                    16

Memoir with a Twist                                     16    Science, Technology & Medicine
The Nun and the Poet: Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz and           All About Electric Transmission Systems                      19
Octavio Paz on Colonial Mexico                         23
                                                              Boosting Your Immune System: What’s the
Poetry Book Club: Bending the Genre                     24    Research Say?                                               15

Single-novel Study: Stieg Larsson, “The Girl with             Demystifying Common Medical Conditions:
the Dragon Tattoo”                                     24    A Layperson’s Guide                                         16

Three Novellas by Katherine Anne Porter                 22    Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Plate Tectonics                   17

Women Writers of the First World War                    18    Geology of the Solar System: The Planets and Moons           19

The World Changes: Science Out of Darkness              17    How Drugs and Vaccines are Developed                         13

                                                              Human Origins and Evolution                                  24
Political, Social Sciences & Society
                                                              Surviving an Infodemic: Finding and Evaluating
American Poverty Policies, Portrayals and Protest       11    Health Information Online                                   23

An Exploration of Local Government and Political              Understanding the Immune System and How It
Subdivisions in Pennsylvania                           18    Relates to Your Health                                      18

The Development of Young Orphanage Children:                  Unmasking Our Emotions                                       14
Issues in Practice & Policy                            14

Japanese Culture and Civilization: Part 1               12    Visual & Performing Arts
Japanese Culture and Civilization: Part 2               20    Art Critique                                                 12

The Law and Social Change                               16    The Art of the Print: History and Practice                   14

Left and Right of the Contemporary Western World        22    Drawing: The First Step                                      15

Muslims in the Neighborhood                             11    Watercolors with Six Tubes: Series 1                         11

The Network Society                                     15    Zentangle in Three Dimensions                                21

Order and Chaos                                         14

                                                                                                           OLLI.PITT.EDU   |3
It's Time for You! Fall 2021 In-person + Online Course Catalog - REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY 19, 2021 PHONE REGISTRATION OPENS MONDAY, JULY ...
OLLI Course Descriptions
Session 1: Monday, August 30 –Thursday, October 7, 2021

                                                   will be explored. We will focus more      Introductory Creative
 MONDAY                                            on conversation, not just vocabulary.     Writing: Prose*
                                                   Creative drama games will give fun
                                                                                             Students will learn the elements of
9–10 a.m.                                          opportunities to put ASL knowledge
                                                                                             effective prose to create vivid and
                                                   and vocabulary into practice for
                                                                                             engaging short stories or essays.
Better Balance! Steady                             interactive conversation. (Note: This
                                                                                             In the course, we will engage in
and Strong                                         course is not for beginners).
                                                                                             weekly writing practice and will gain
Are you looking for an exercise                    Exploration • Sharon Serbin               confidence in the pursuit of their
program designed to improve your                                                             own creative process. Students will
everyday life? This course, led by                 Exploring the Hebrew Bible                respond to two writing prompts
a physical therapist, will focus on                The Hebrew Bible (a.k.a. the Christian    each week. By the end of the course,
balance and core strengthening                     Old Testament) stands as one of the       participants will have written the start
exercises. Come join the fun and                   most important and influential literary   to ten stories/essays.
learn a program designed to improve                productions in human history. Indeed,     Exploration • Ann Hultberg
your posture and daily function while              even a cursory glance at the modern
also decreasing your risk of falls                 American landscape underscores its        10–11:50 a.m.
and injury. No special equipment                   importance—presidential candidates
needed, and most of the exercises                  cite it to shore up votes; children       Paul and the First Christians
are completed standing. No part of                 memorize it in Sabbath/Sunday              IN-PERSON COURSE
the program involves getting up and                schools; Hollywood producers weave
down from the floor. This program is               its varied themes into their plotlines;   What did it mean to be a “follower
suitable for beginners yet appropriate             etc. This course introduces corpus        of the Christ” in the Roman Empire
for those with more exercise                       of writings, with particular attention    in the first century? This course
experience as it can be adapted to fit             to select readings from each of the       undertakes a close reading of the
individual needs.                                  major divisions of the text: Torah,       letters of Paul the Apostle (as our
                                                   the Prophets, and the Writings. In        primary evidence), drawing upon
Enjoyment • Diane Markovitz
                                                   the process, we will pay particular       critical methods of analysis in modern
                                                                                             New Testament and historical
10–11:30 a.m.                                      attention to the way in which the
                                                   themes of creation, covenant, and         interpretation. Paul is often described
                                                                                             as the true “founder” of the religion
American Sign Language 2*                          kingdom are interwoven in this
                                                   material.                                 of Christianity, and we will explore
American Sign Language (ASL) is a                                                            the way in which his writings came
beautiful, expressive language with its            Academic • Jason Von Ehrenkrook
                                                                                             to influence the later Church. We
own grammatical order, syntax, and                                                           also survey the cultural context of his
culture. To understand any culture,                Fun Fall Gardening                        communities and the ways in which
you must understand and experience                 Next to spring, fall is, by far, the      this culture may have contributed to
its language. ASL incorporates hand                most important gardening season.          Paul’s thinking, specifically in relation
shapes, orientation, movement,                     It’s the best time to plant shrubs,       to “salvation,” women, and the role
body shifts, facial expressions, and               trees, bulbs, garlic, perennials and      of the early Christians as citizens of
body movement, simultaneously, for                 more. This course will include how to     the Empire.
communication. In the 10-week ASL                  plant bulbs, proper tree and shrub
                                                                                             Academic • Rebecca Denova
2, we will expand on the foundation                planting, as well as choosing and
students learned in ASL 1. In addition             planting perennials which come
to new ASL vocabulary, classifiers                 back every season. Also discussed
                                                   will be fall vegetable planting,
                                                   extending the season and the
                                                   correct way to grow garlic.
                                                   Enjoyment • Doug Oster

Plato and the Sophists                   by Shakespeare’s audience, living           1–2:50 p.m.
                                         as they did in the late Tudor
                                         period, where political and judicial        The Final Years and Collapse
Philosophy became personal for           assassination was a regular event. We       of the Soviet Union
Plato in a unique way when the city of   will examine the text to discover the        IN-PERSON COURSE
Athens condemned his hero Socrates       process of conspiracy which will lead,
to death. From then on, Plato took       not only to the death of the victim         In this course we will discuss:
it as one of his basic missions to       but also of the perpetrators.               the devastation of WWII and
articulate what philosophy is to                                                     the difficulties of recovery; the
                                         Academic • Alan Stanford
explain why it is worth living and—if                                                competition after Stalin’s death for the
necessary—dying for. Whatever                                                        leadership of the Soviet Communist
one thinks of his more controversial
                                         Muslims in the Neighborhood                 Party; the origins of the Cold War
philosophical views, Plato made          All good neighbors take the                 and its consequences for the Soviet
no contribution more important or        opportunity to learn about those new        Union; the tenures of Khrushchev,
compelling than the works in which       to the community; neighbors that            Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko and
he accomplished this mission by          may look or act differently, practice       Gorbachev; and finally the economic,
showing how philosophers differ from     different faiths, etc. In this course       political, and nationalistic problems
their ancient rivals—the sophists.       we will learn about our Muslim              which Gorbachev couldn’t solve that
In this course we will study the         neighbors. There will be a review           led to the dissolution of the Soviet
confrontation between philosophy         of Islamic principles and how they          Union in 1991.
and sophistry put on display in some     impact societies and the lives of their
                                                                                     Academic • Chuck Hier
of Plato’s greatest dialogues to         practitioners. We will investigate
appreciate the nature of philosophy      questions by reading passages
                                                                                     American Poverty: Policies,
and its mortal enemy, sophistry.         from The Quran; exploring Muslims
                                                                                     Portrayals and Protest
                                         around the world; and meeting and
Academic • Gregory Strom                                                              IN-PERSON COURSE
                                         learning from some Pittsburgh-area
                                         Muslims. Our goal will be increased         This course explores how social
1–2:30 p.m.
                                         understanding and appreciation              problems caused by poverty and
                                         of this aspect of diversity in our          injustice have inspired a rich body
Beginner Spanish*
                                         neighborhoods and communities.              of work in American literature, film,
Members may take only one level of                                                   and music. We will examine the
                                         Exploration • Saima Sitwat
Spanish per term.                                                                    complex nature of social problems
This 10-week course is for               Watercolors with Six Tubes:                 and how artistic/literary depictions
beginners and focuses on Spanish         Series 1                                    of social justice issues both reflected
pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar,                                                  public policy and helped shape
                                         In this 10-week course, learn a variety
and useful expressions for travel.                                                   it. Our exploration will cut a wide
                                         of watercolor techniques by using
Participants can expect classroom                                                    swath: from literary portrayals and
                                         only six colors that will give you any
practice to include speaking, reading,                                               antecedent approaches to poverty
                                         color you choose. Explore glazing
and listening comprehension.                                                         in England (“Oliver Twist”) to the
                                         vs. mixing the colors and develop
Exploration • Karen Goldman                                                          Industrial Revolution in America
                                         your wet on wet style or realistic
                                                                                     (“Maggie: A Girl of the Streets”),
                                         application with different brush
“Julius Caesar”: The Play                                                            through the Progressive Era (“The
                                         strokes. All levels welcomed. Begin
for Power                                                                            Jungle”) and the Great Depression
                                         where you are or refresh what you
                                                                                     (“The Grapes of Wrath”), to Post-
“Julius Caesar” is one of the            may have forgotten.
                                                                                     WWII segregation (“Raisin in the
most remarkable plays in the             Enjoyment • Elaine Bergstrom                Sun”) and the Civil Rights Movement
Shakespearean canon. Written shortly
                                                                                     (“We Shall Overcome”). The inherent
after “Hamlet,” it is not simply an
                                                                                     hope is that consideration of
interpretation of the historic fact
                                                                                     portrayals and policies from America’s
of Caesar’s assassination, but also
                                                                                     past might inform our present and
an examination of the process of
                                                                                     inspire our future.
conspiracy and its results. It is an
extremely political play, the theme                                                  Academic • James Kelly
of which would be easily recognized

                                                                                   * LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE   OLLI.PITT.EDU   | 11
Myth and Science,                                  10–11:30 a.m.                               lecture, suggested readings, and a
Part 1: Myth                                                                                   virtual hands-on tea ceremony.
 IN-PERSON COURSE                                  Art Critique                                Academic • Yuko Eguchi Wright
Some of the oldest written texts                   This 10-week course is open to
reveal that humans have always told                individuals practicing any visual art       Racism in Britain and
stories to explain the world around                mediums. Students will share work           Western Europe
them. When thoseL
                   E   ED are ancient,
                     stories                       via an online album. A positive and         Racism has been common in Great
we call them   myths; when they are                encouraging environment will be             Britain for centuries. Britain has also
recent,      call them science. This               maintained as work is reviewed in           had some of the best antiracism
course will examine primary source                 class. The instructor will offer ideas      policies in Europe. The instructor’s
texts from ancient Assyrian and                    for improvement, constructive               lecture will summarize the history
Babylonian civilizations through the               criticism, and suggestions for next         of British racism, the nature of
Greeks and Romans to about the                     steps. Discussion and possible              Britain’s racism today, white denial
1st century BC. Texts studied will                 demonstrations will be driven by            that perpetuates the racism, and
include Near Eastern and Greek                     student submissions and questions.          antiracism programs and policies.
myths, and the writings of the Pre-                The class will cover universal art          The issues of possible racism in the
Socratics, Plato, the Epicureans, and              concepts and will not be about              monarchy and royal family, Brexit,
the Hippocratic school of medicine.                any specific medium. Students are           environmental policy, racial capitalism,
Key questions addressed: How have                  welcome to do art during class              the media, and criminal justice will be
concepts of the cosmos, nature,                    however the focus of the class will         addressed. Students will have time for
and human pathology changed                        be discussion.                              Q&A. This course is most appropriate
through the period studied? What                   Enjoyment • Melissa Tai                     for those who wish to understand race
is the difference between myth and                                                             relations in Britain, the country closest
science? What is the place of divinity             Beginning Level French:                     to America in heritage and culture.
in past and present thinking? What                 Communication Strategies*                   Academic • Ralph Bangs
roles do history and politics play in              In this 10-week course designed
conceptions of the natural world?                  for students with little or no prior        They Died with Their
Academic • George Borg                             knowledge of French, our focus will         Boots On: Custer, the
                                                   be on mastering phrases and set             Battle of Little Big Horn,
                                                   structures useful for communicating         and Hollywood
                                                   across a variety of situations. Students    Military history is replete with heroic
 TUESDAY                                           will be encouraged to develop               last stands that conjure up images of
                                                   strategies to try to make themselves        extreme courage, honor, and sacrifice;
10–11 a.m.                                         understood in instances where               some have been immortalized on film.
                                                   language proficiency may be lacking.        Arguably, the most famous last stand
Dance and Be Fit*                                  Exploration • Cathleen Sendek-Sapp
                                                                                               in American history occurred in June
 IN-PERSON COURSE                                                                              1876 near the Little Bighorn River.
This 10-week course engages all age                Japanese Culture and                        The battle, “Custer’s Last Stand”,
groups and all ability levels with fun             Civilization: Part 1                        has been dramatized in no fewer
                                                                                               than two dozen films. Hollywood’s
and easy dance and fitness routines.               This course introduces you to
                                                                                               interpretation of the battle has
Learning basic dance and fitness                   fundamental characteristics of the
                                                                                               evolved over time reflecting changes
moves will help participants take                  early culture and civilization of
                                                                                               in attitudes toward Native Americans,
more steps toward a healthier lifestyle            Japan, covering historical figures,
                                                                                               westward expansion, and the legends
and get you moving. No experience                  architectures, religions, wars, political
                                                                                               of its participants. This course will
or special skills are needed. Great                and social changes, literature, and
                                                                                               examine how, over time, Hollywood
for beginners as well as veteran                   arts. No previous knowledge of Japan
                                                                                               has presented the battle and how
dancers, the course can be adapted                 is required. The course will cover
                                                                                               these presentations mirrored changes
to anyone’s unique needs.                          geography of Japan; early Japan
                                                                                               in the public’s perception and the
Enjoyment • Roland Ford                            and its religious foundations & Nara
                                                                                               writing of American history. Particular
                                                   period; Heian Court culture & famous
                                                                                               attention will be paid to Hollywood’s
                                                   battles; Kamakura era & Kitayama
                                                                                               treatment of the battle’s most famous
                                                   culture; Zen Buddhism & the tea
                                                                                               combatant: George Armstrong Custer.
                                                   ceremony. The course will include
                                                                                               Academic • L. Jon Grogan

10–11:50 a.m.                                the streets. Throughout, we keep to         The Right to Freedom
                                             the fore awareness that Scots haven         of Movement
Hiking for Wild Edibles*                     spoken in various tongues and that
                                                                                         International immigration may seem
                                             their culture has been variegated and
 IN-PERSON COURSE                                                                        like a trending political topic, but the
                                             multifaceted—from the Highlands and
In this outdoor class, we’ll explore                                                     movement of people across borders
                                             Island to the cities and towns.
the abundance of wild edible plant                                                       has been a constant for centuries.
                                             Academic • Peter Gilmore                    Through this course, participants will
life in Schenley Park this time of year.
We’ll identify wild edible plants;                                                       explore how we conceptualize the
discuss how to identify them; how
                                             Women Writers of the First                  right to freedom of movement in
to sustainably harvest them; and
                                             World War                                   the context of modern immigration,
how they are used currently and              Even as centennial commemorations           and what it looks like in the practice
historically as food and medicine. This      of the First World War fade into            of policy. Participants will gain an
course will meet rain or shine (except       memory, the war itself occupies             understanding of what the right
unsafe conditions such as lightening/        an important place in our public            to movement is, and how the
thunderstorms) and involves walking          conscious and memory. But do we             movement of people impacts certain
and hiking on possibly uneven natural        know the whole story? This course will      populations both around the world
paths and surfaces, up to one mile or        explore the gendered experience of          and in their own countries. The course
so each week. The course will meet in        the First World War by considering          encourages participants to challenge
Schenley Park with more information          memoirs, poems, and novels written          their own conception of mobility and
to exact location shared later.              by British and American women who           consider how freedom of movement
                                             participated in it in various roles         plays a role in their own lives.
Enjoyment • Melissa Sokulski
                                             on the battlefield and the home             Academic • Rachel Travis
                                             front. In our reading, we will seek
1–2:30 p.m.
                                             to explore how a focus on women
                                             changes what we know about the First
Advanced Intermediate
French Exploration:                          World War and the postwar world.             WEDNESDAY
                                             We will consider how women’s war
Miscellaneous Topics
                                             experiences affected them. This will        9–10 a.m.
This 10-week course is designed              include discussions of war-related
for those who have taken several             trauma and how gendered assumption          Gentle Yoga
French courses and are interested            of service and suffering excluded
in strengthening their speaking                                                          This 10-week course is geared for
                                             women during their lifetime, as well as
abilities and comprehension. Each                                                        those new to yoga or those who are
                                             how women fought for their rights as
week’s lesson centers on a selected                                                      interested in a gentle practice. It
                                             veterans once the war ended.
topic with the goal of building and                                                      includes a combination of meditation,
                                             Academic • Bridget Keown                    breath work, and flowing movement
recalling useful vocabulary. The class
is conducted for the most part in                                                        intended for all abilities. This class
French. No text is required.
                                             3–4:30 p.m.                                 offers nurturing, kindness, and
                                                                                         compassion for the body, regardless
Exploration • Cathleen Sendek-Sapp           How Drugs and Vaccines                      of a student’s physical abilities, age,
                                             are Developed                               or experience. You will experiment
Understanding Scottish                                                                   with balance, strength, flexibility, and
                                             Since the late 1800s, the way drugs
History                                                                                  stillness while practicing mindfulness
                                             and vaccines are invented, produced,
What is Scotland’s story? It is the story    and marketed has evolved due to             and meditation techniques.
of the various peoples at different          both scientific and legal changes. The      Enjoyment • Jill Clary
times who have lived and worked in           success of Operation Warp Speed
the northern reaches of the isle of          surprised lots of observers both inside
Britain. Taking a long view, this course     and outside the pharmaceutical
will try to tell the stories of Scotland’s   industry. How did that work? How was
people as their nation developed. The        it different from the way development
focus will be less on kings and queens       usually works? What are the
and famous personalities (they will          implications to future development?
be there, of course), and more on the
                                             Academic • Daniel Normolle
developments that shaped the lives
of women and men on farms and in

                                                                                       * LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE   OLLI.PITT.EDU   | 13
9:30–11:30 a.m.                                    Order and Chaos                             Unmasking Our Emotions
                                                   This course examines and samples             IN-PERSON COURSE
The Art of the Print: History                      various ways in which humans attempt        Different types of emotions appear
and Practice*                                      to find order in the, sometimes,            to rule our daily lives. We make
In this 10-week course, we fill focus on           chaotic array of sensations that            decisions based on whether we
the art of printmaking. From ancient               surround us: How does the world             are happy, angry, sad, bored, or
to contemporary times, printmaking is              work? Why do people behave the              frustrated. We choose hobbies
an artistic process in which images are            way they do? We will study the              based on the emotions they incite.
transferred from a matrix onto another             interplay of order and chaos within         Understanding our emotions can
surface, such as paper or fabric. The              three interrelated quests: the quest        help us navigate life with greater
process allows multiple images to                  to understand how the world works           ease and stability. This course takes a
be reproduced--a revelation in the                 by exploring ideas about nature; the        practical approach to understanding
15th century when books could finally              quest to understand individual human        our emotions. It explores what causes
be made available for the masses.                  behavior by exploring ideas about           emotions, what factors control how
In parallel, artists quickly adopted               justice, spirituality, gender, free will,   emotions are expressed and what
the methods of printmaking, from                   love, the economy and motivation;           purpose emotions serve.
woodcut to engraving, lithography                  and the quest to understand
                                                   human social behavior by exploring          Academic • Sam Lonich
to screen printing, as a means of
expression and to produce multiples                ideas about social and political
that they could sell. We will explore              organizations.                              10:15–11:15 a.m.
this rich history and try our hand at              Exploration • Orin James
some of the processes, all of which
                                                                                               Chakra Yoga All Levels
can be explored with some basic tools              10–11:50 a.m.                               This 10-week course moves through
and supplies at home. In addition,                                                             traditional yoga poses (or asanas)
guest artists will share their studios             The Development of Young                    that align each individual chakra,
and techniques with us.                            Orphanage Children: Issues in               moving up the spine from the root
                                                   Practice & Policy                           chakra to the crown chakra. Chakras
Enjoyment • Ann Rosenthal
                                                                                               are energy centers located across
                                                    IN-PERSON COURSE
                                                                                               different points on our spinal column.
10–11:30 a.m.
                                                   This course is designed to provide          When energy becomes blocked
                                                   factual, although sometimes alarming,       in a chakra, it triggers physical,
Influential First Ladies
                                                                    C  E LED around
                                                   details of life in orphanages               mental, or emotional imbalances that

                                                          CAN and most vulnerable
In U.S. history, to date, women who                the world.   It is focused on some of       manifest in symptoms such as anxiety,
are the spouse or companion of a                   the youngest                                lethargy, or poor digestion. This class
male elected President are given the               residents, infants and young children       is for the student who likes a fluid,
informal title of “First Lady”. Although           without permanent parents. We               mindful practice that links alignment,
there are no official duties, traditionally,       will specifically target Russia,            movement and breath. Participants
the First Lady oversees ceremonial                 China, Latin America, Kazakhstan,           should wear comfortable, loose fitting
events at the White House. However,                and some examples from Africa.              clothing and have a yoga mat.
over the years a number of these                   Typical orphanages and their young          Enjoyment • Jill Clary
women have changed expectations                    residents will be described in
and became very influential. This                  terms of the physical, behavioral,
course will consider ten influential First         and emotional care provided, the
Ladies, some well-known, some not;                 surrounding environment in which
reviewing their lives before and after             they live, and the long and short-term
their time as First Lady.                          consequences to their development.
Academic • John Burt                               Finally, researched and documented
                                                   successful interventions and practices
                                                   will be provided that help establish
                                                   hope for the future.
                                                   Academic • Christina Groark and
                                                   Robert McCall

1–2:30 p.m.                               1–2:50 p.m.                                 love of music! Along the way, we will
                                                                                      investigate his musical friendships
Advanced Beginner Spanish*                Brief Tour of Asian Thought                 with Bix Beiderbecke, Duke Ellington,
                                                                                      and others. An exciting course full of
Members may take only one level of         IN-PERSON COURSE
                                                                                      video clips, audio samples and stories
Spanish per term.                         We all ask ourselves the big questions      about one of the greatest figures
This 10-week course is for students       of life. What is morally right? What        of the 20th Century. Discover how
who have advanced beyond a                is our ultimate purpose in life? What       Louis Armstrong changed American
beginning knowledge of Spanish            is a good society? This course will         popular music forever!
and wish to further refine speaking,      introduce you to the answers given
                                                                                      Academic • Robert Joyce
listening, and reading comprehension      in Indian, Chinese, and Japanese
skills. Classroom practice focuses on     thought. This course emphasizes the
the use of complex grammar, syntax,       role of these philosophies/religions
and vocabulary.                           in the social-political life and on the      THURSDAY
Exploration • Maria Franco de Gomez       artistic expressions (from calligraphy
                                          to film) of the peoples of Asia and
                                          how these philosophies/religions
                                                                                      10–11:30 a.m.
The Network Society
                                          influence our world today.
The changes experienced by                                                            Drawing: The First Step
contemporary societies in the             Academic • Joseph Givvin
                                                                                      In this 10-week course students will
last three decades are so diverse,                                                    learn the value of drawing as its own
accelerated, and deep, that making        1:30–3:20 p.m.
                                                                                      art form and how to use drawing as
sense of the forest has become                                                        a starting point for other art projects.
increasingly difficult. Although it is    Boosting Your Immune System:
                                                                                      We will learn about universal art
too soon to assess transformations        What’s the Research Say?
                                                                                      concepts such as value, composition,
brought by COVID, we can anticipate        IN-PERSON COURSE
                                                                                      perspective and what makes a strong
more and more complex problems.           The immune system is paramount to           work of art.
The concept of “network society”          protecting our bodies from outside          Enjoyment • Melissa Tai
was elaborated in the early 1990s         harm such as viruses and bacteria.
to synthesize and explain the             Further, its balance is very important
economic, social, political, and
                                                                                      Frederick Douglass: Bondage
                                          for combatting diseases such as             and Freedom
cultural transformations associated       cancer and autoimmunity. Can we
with the expansion of an economy                                                      Born a slave on the Eastern Shore
                                          improve our immune response with
structured around information                                                         of Maryland, Douglass’s thundering
                                          diet and exercise? This course will
and communication technologies.                                                       denunciations remind us of an Old
                                          discuss the impact of aging on our
This course offers an introduction                                                    Testament prophet. Along with
                                          immune systems and importantly,
to that approach, based on the                                                        Franklin’s, his autobiography is the
                                          will review the research on boosting
application of its central ideas, to                                                  most famous in American literature.
                                          immune system fitness, putting it all
describe and explore some of the                                                      We will note his use of scene, his
                                          into “lay” terms, to understand what
most significant changes currently                                                    thumbnail characterizations, his
                                          typical adults can do to strengthen
affecting experiences as diverse as                                                   similarity to other “bootstrap”
                                          their immune response.
family life, intimacy, work, education,                                               narrators, his rhythms, perorations,
governance, and cultural diversity.       Academic • Tullia Bruno                     and Biblical cadences. What
                                                                                      distinguishes his narratives from
Academic • Javier Vázquez-D’Elía          3–4:30 p.m.                                 propaganda? How does he become
                                                                                      a created character in his own tale?
                                          Louis Armstrong: The King                   As with Roman Polanski and Mel
                                          of Jazz                                     Gibson, can we separate the art
                                          Louis Armstrong rose to international       from the artist, given Douglass’s
                                          fame in the 1920’s and became               abusive treatment of his wife Anna
                                          one of America’s most beloved               and of Ottilie Assing? We will spend
                                          entertainers. Learn how the man             a bit of time in each class exploring
                                          they called “Pops” conquered New            Douglass’s life, but the main emphasis
                                          Orleans, Chicago and New York               of the course will be on the literature.
                                          with his trumpet, voice, and genuine        Academic • Clifford Johnson

                                                                                    * LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE   OLLI.PITT.EDU   | 15
The Law and Social Change                          published memoirs and discuss              Why Tutankhamen?
                                                   what these authors did successfully
This course focuses on the                                                                    On Nov. 3, 2022, the world will
                                                   and apply that to our own work. We
interrelationships between change in                                                          mark the 100th anniversary of the
                                                   will practice fun in-class writing as
society and change in legal rules. In                                                         greatest archaeological find of all
                                                   well as sharing work from home in a
this course, legal change is studied                                                          time: Howard Carter’s discovery
                                                   supportive workshop. No experience
as an outcome of social change, and                                                           of the nearly undisturbed tomb of
                                                   necessary, just curiosity in finding
directed social change, due to legal                                                          Tutankhamen, the 13th pharaoh of
                                                   untold resonate stories that you want
change through social engineering, is                                                         Egypt’s celebrated 18th dynasty
                                                   to give voice to and write.
also examined. The mutual ongoing                                                             (1550-1295 BCE). While this four-
interactions between legal and social              Exploration • Laurie McMillan              week course contextualizes both
change are investigated. Classical                                                            Tutankhamen and Carter in their
and contemporary theories related to               1–2:30 p.m.                                respective times, we will focus on
these areas will be introduced in the                                                         how, over the past century, this
first two weeks and new, emerging                  Advanced Conversational                    once-obscure king, who died a
issues will be examined during the                 Spanish*                                   physically disabled teenager in the
remaining weeks.                                   Members may take only one level of         shadow of a notorious father, has
Academic • David DeFazio                           Spanish per term.                          become the greatest celebrity of the
                                                                                              ancient world, outpacing kings and
                                                   The main goal of this 10-week course
The Life and Works of                                                                         queens, generals and courtiers who
                                                   is Spanish reading and conversation.
J.R.R. Tolkien                                                                                had greater influence on Egyptian
                                                   Group discussions based on short
                                                                                              or world history. In short: Why
Once looked upon as simply a writer                stories written by Hispanic writers will
of fantastical adventures, J.R.R.                  be the methodology for the class.
Tolkien is increasingly acknowledged               Weekly reading assignments will            Academic • Tim Ziaukas
as one of the 20th century’s most                  provide the content of the course.
important literary figures, one                    Class discussions will be conducted        Women in Early America
who used the genre of fantasy to                   in Spanish; so, participants are           We will trace the experiences
examine important issues of religion               expected to have a significant             of women of all races in British
and morality. In this course, we will              knowledge of Spanish.                      American colonies before the
examine Tolkien’s key works: “The                  Exploration • Maria Franco de Gomez        War for Independence. The
Hobbit”, “The Lord of the Rings”,                                                             experience of women depended
and the “Silmarilion”, as well as his              Demystifying Common                        greatly on class and race, but all
other writings and his influence of                Medical Conditions:                        raised families, contributed to the
fantasy and popular culture. The class             A Layperson’s Guide                        economy, and sometimes caused
is ideal for long time fans of Tolkien                                                        trouble. Outnumbered by men
                                                   Have you ever wanted to understand
who want to explore his works in                                                              throughout much of the first 200
                                                   how diseases affect the body but
more depth, as well as those who                                                              years of American history, women
                                                   thought you needed a medical
have never read him and wonder                                                                were nonetheless crucial to the
                                                   degree to do so? Not anymore!
what all the fuss is about.                                                                   development of the colonies. The
                                                   This course will explain the science
Academic • Alan Irvine                                                                        course will explore ways women
                                                   of common medical conditions in
                                                                                              influenced life and the economy in
                                                   an easy-to-understand format. The
Memoir with a Twist*                                                                          the colonies, exercised leadership,
                                                   discussions will include how diseases
                                                                                              interacted with the law, and their
We are all fascinating in our                      alter the normal function of the body;
                                                                                              spiritual, family, and intellectual lives.
uniqueness. Memoir gives us an                     how the disease is diagnosed and
opportunity to write about it. This                treated; and complications of the          Academic • Joan Gundersen
course will offer participants a range             disease. This course is geared to
of exciting prompts and methods to                 the person with little or no medical
enliven and jump-start the memoir                  experience or knowledge.
writing process. We will explore                   Academic • Dolores Gonthier
examples of vibrant writing from

contest for geo-political power and
 FRIDAY                                     prestige. At the same time, each was         SATURDAY
                                            wrestling with vexing historical demons
10–11:30 a.m.                               that at any time threatened to pull all     9–10 a.m.
                                            of Europe into a bloody conflagration.
Earthquakes, Volcanoes and                  An era often viewed as an economic,         Zumba Gold
Plate Tectonics                             social, and cultural “golden age”, it       The Zumba Gold® fitness program is
We live on a geologically active and        was still fraught with the most ominous     a 10-week course designed to meet
ever-changing planet. Powered by the        of indicators of profound trouble           the anatomical, physiological, and
enormous internal heat engine within        to come. No previous courses are            psychological needs of adults 50
Earth’s interior, the lithosphere (crust)   required to take this course.               and better. Like the traditional Latin
of the Earth is subject to constant         Academic • Jared Day                        inspired Zumba workout, the Zumba
alteration. The Earth’s tectonic                                                        Gold® workout incorporates many
plates shift, separate and grind past       The World Changes: Science                  of the dance and fitness routines set
each other at a rate which produces         Out of Darkness                             to Latin and international rhythms
astonishing change over great periods       It is amazing what human beings can         but is performed at a lower intensity.
of geologic time. Earthquakes and           do when they put their minds to it.         Participants have a good time while
volcanic activity reflect this geologic     In this course we will examine this         increasing their physical fitness.
change. This course will provide an         theme in the context of the following       Enjoyment • Lisa Sobek
understanding of how the modern             literature: Dava Sobel, “Longitude”;
concept of plate tectonics relates to       Paul de Kruif, “Microbe Hunters”;           10–11:50 a.m.
earthquakes and volcanoes and their         Oliver Sacks, “An Anthropologist on
impact on our planet.                       Mars”; David George Haskell, “The           Photo Shoot and Walk*
Academic • Stephen Lindberg                 Forest Unseen: A Year’s Watch in             IN-PERSON COURSE
                                            Nature”; and Rebecca Skloot, “The
The History of Food 2                       Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks”.          Learn about digital photography
                                                                                        while exploring your world! Refresh
In this course we will dive into a          Exploration • Abby Mendelson                your photographic terminology, then
selection of topics in food studies:                                                    cut loose to explore your city. We will
food and innovation, the history of         10–11:50 a.m.                               officially meet on Zoom for the first
nutrition, food in the 20th century;                                                    week. Then, we’ll decide as a group
men, women, food, and taste; and            Intermediate French                         where to meet up for photographic
food trends: where do we go from            Exploration: Speaking in the                adventures, bringing your single-
here. Lectures, discussions, and media      Present Tense*                              lens reflex cameras, the following
will focus on diverse interpretations of     IN-PERSON COURSE                           weeks. The final week will be a class
the role that food plays in the global                                                  exhibition! Bring your camera and
economy as well as in a variety of          In this 10-week course, French
                                            grammar is given a spin. Participants       walking shoes to every class!
global cultures, and the connections
between food and identity in the            will study groups of regular and            Exploration • Germaine Watkins
modern world. Note: students do not         irregular present tense verbs and
have to have taken History of Food I        then be encouraged to use them in
to enroll and benefit from this course.     classroom activities. Class time also
                                            includes working with passages from a
Academic • Julia Hudson-Richards            selected reader. This course is geared
                                            to students who have difficulty in
The Twilight of Empires:                    comfortably delivering simple sentences
Europe Before World War 1                   in French. Some prior knowledge of
This set of lectures examines the           French is expected. Advanced speaking
faltering but still powerful empires        skills are not required.
of Europe between 1870 and 1914.            Exploration • Cathleen Sendek-Sapp
Special attention will be given to
Germany, Belgium Austria, Russia, and
France as each engaged in a global

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