THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...

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THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...

           The Island VI Form1
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Timeline                                                                                                                                   Contents
Your GCSE year will be full of revision, preparation for your exams and decisions about
what comes next. Applying for your place with us is a simple process - following the
timeline below.
                             You can apply to join us from November 2020 and we would             Welcome from the Executive
      Application:           like as many applications as possible returned to us by the          Headteacher & Head of School
                             end of March 2021. We will still accept applications after this
      November 2020          date, but your choice of subjects may depend on avaiability.         6
      - March 2021           The application form is in the back of this Prospectus or can be     Core Values - ASPIRE
                             downloaded from our website.
                                                                                                  The Campus

                                                                                                                                           24 / 43
                                                                                                                                           A Level & BTEC / Vocational Courses
                                                                                                  Values & Expectations
                             Your application will be acknowledged and you will then be
      Interview:             invited to attend an interview with the Head of School; this will    10
                             either be at The Island VI Form or at your own school, or it might   EEP - Employability, Enrichment &
      November 2020          be virtual. This will be an informal chat about your plans, what     Pastoral                                 24	Art & Design                   33	Graphics
                             you would like to study and it's our first chance to get to know                                              24	Biology                        34 Health & Social Care: BTEC
      - Onwards              you.                                                                 11                                       25 Business                        34 History
                                                                                                  Extended Project Qualification - EPQ     25	Chemistry                      35 Law
                                                                                                                                           26 Children’s Play, Learning and   35 Media Studies
                                                                                                  12 / 13                                      Development: BTEC              36	Mathematics & Further
                                                                                                  The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award            26	Classical Civilisation             Mathematics
                                                                                                                                           27	Computer Science               37	Modern Foreign Languages:
                                                                                                  14                                       27 Criminology: Applied Diploma        French & Spanish
                                                                                                  Support & Careers Guidance               28 Design Technology               37 Music
      Offer:                 Following your successful interview, we will write to you with an                                             28 Drama & Theatre Studies         38 Music Technology
      Following your         offer of a place. Provisional course choices will be subject to      15                                       29	English Language               38 Philosophy
                             your GCSE results.                                                   Mentors & UCAS                           29 English Literature              39 Photography
      Interview                                                                                                                            30	Fashion & Textiles: Diploma    39 Physical Education
                                                                                                  16 / 17                                  30 Film Studies                    40 Physics
                                                                                                  Student Voice & Parent Voice             31 Forensic Investigation: BTEC    41 Psychology
                                                                                                                                           32	Geography                      41 Sociology
                                                                                                  18 / 19                                  32 Geology                         42 Sport: BTEC
                                                                                                  Entry Requirements                       33	Government & Politics          43 Travel & Tourism: BTEC

      Pre-Enrolment          This is an opportunity for you to come into the VI Form and spend    20
                             the day finding out about your courses, meeting staff and making     Pathway One: A Levels
      Day:                   new friends. We will ask you to provide us with a photograph for
                             your Student Lanyard and collect your New Starter information,       21
      June 2021              ready for September.                                                 Pathway Two: Vocational

                                                                                                  22 / 23
                                                                                                  Frequently Asked Questions

                                                                                                  Additional Courses Under Consideration
      Enrolment:             In the New Starter information, will be a personalised
                             appointment for you to attend a one-to-one meeting during the        45 / 46
      September              first week of September. You will discuss your GSCE results,         Application Form
2                            finalise your subject choices and collect your Student Lanyard,                                                                                                                  3
      2021                   timetable and welcome pack.
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Isle of Wight                                                                                                                    Welcome
Education Federation                                                                                                             The Island VI Form welcomes students from all schools and academies across the Island.
                                                                                                                                 Our learning facilities are of a standard to rival any national learning institution and the best
                                                                                                                                 way to appreciate the Campus is to visit us and see the VI Form in action.
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the Isle of Wight Education Federation and I
hope that you enjoy reading our prospectus for The Island VI Form.                                                               Students have access to a wide range of A level and Level 3        Our VI Form is continuing to grow and we hope that you will
                                                                                                                                 vocational programmes, alongside extra curricular activities.      join us to share in our success. I look forward to meeting you
                                                                                                                                 Being the largest sixth form provider of A levels on the Island,   and do hope you will take the opportunity to see what we
                            I am honoured to work as           Isle of Wight and that simple fact should tell you something      enables us to have the ability to offer minority subjects,         have to offer. We wish you every success in your forthcoming
                            Executive Headteacher for          about what a great experience it is to be part of our family of   nevertheless, a minimum of six to ten students (depending on       GCSEs and post 16 experiences.
                            our Federation, which is an        schools.                                                          the subject) will be required to ensure a course will run. The
                            extensive learning community                                                                         Island VI Form is an ideal bridge between school and higher        Dave Mumford
                            spread right across Newport, at    Choosing a college is an important decision and this              education, or employment and gives students more freedom           Head of School - The Island VI Form
                            the heart of the Isle of Wight.    prospectus is only part of that process. To get a real feel for   and responsibility. Students are encouraged to manage their
                                                               our VI Form, talk to our students and talk to our staff. Most     own time and develop the study and work skills needed for
                            In my role, as well as being       importantly, decide whether this learning community feels         university, or the world of work.
                            Head of Medina College, I work     right for your child, whether they will make progress here,
                            very closely with Karen Begley,    whether they will be happy here.                                  We are committed to ensuring teaching and learning is of
                            Executive Deputy and Head                                                                            the highest quality. We have in place a rigorous programme
                            of Carisbrooke College, Dave       We look forward to welcoming you very soon.                       of monitoring to ensure that not only are our students well
Mumford, Deputy Headteacher and Head of The Island VI                                                                            taught, but that they are supported, through a range of
Form and Nick Krista, Deputy Headteacher for the Federation.   Matthew Parr-Burman                                               classroom activities, to become active, inquisitive and
                                                               Executive Headteacher and Head of Medina College                  independent learners. High levels of attendance are also
We are increasingly proud of the close collaborative                                                                             required; over 95 per cent, if students are to maximise their
working relationship that has developed between all three                                                                        learning opportunities. Personal development is also very
establishments, where we are able to share a wealth of                              Isle of Wight                                important to us and we provide advice and guidance to help
educational expertise for the benefit of 2,000 students. A                                                                       students manage their transition from GCSE to A level and
large number of students choose to join us from all over the
                                                                                    Education Federation                         greater independence.

 4                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            5
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Core Values - ASPIRE                                                                                                                The Campus
We are a learning community which embraces opportunities for all our learners by securing                                           The Island VI Form is a dedicated 16 - 19 college situated in the centre of Newport. With a
high quality learning and teaching. We aim for all our students to achieve their full potential                                     wide range of facilities and teaching spaces, the site has a university campus feel in which
both as students and as considerate global citizens of the future.                                                                  students thrive.

                                                                                                                                    Facilities                                                        •   The excellent expressive arts facilities at Medina are

A                                                                  I
        mbition: We will insist that all of our staff demand the      nnovation: We will let creativity flourish so that            •   Science has four fully equipped, university quality,              used for the teaching of specific subjects, such as
        best of all of our students all of the time. Each and         independent thinking becomes the norm for all within our          laboratories with integrated IT suites.                           drama and theatre studies.
        every student will be ambitious for themselves and            learning community. We will seek new ways to do things,       •   IT facilities are excellent with six dedicated IT suites,     •   A bright and well equipped gym enables students
their future. Our families will always support our efforts to      embracing developments in technology and learning so that            including a specialist Apple Mac music and music                  to keep fit and healthy, at zero cost! Students must
secure appropriate and worthwhile employment and training          our young people are ready to take their place in the rapidly        technology suite, that is complementary to the on-site            complete an induction session and health questionnaire
for their children.                                                evolving world of work.                                              recording studio. The library resource centre is also fully       before individual access is granted via their lanyard.
                                                                                                                                        equipped with PCs and is a silent work area, accessible

S                                                                  R
      uccess: We will provide a curriculum and continuous                espect: We will insist, at all times, upon good manners,       to students throughout each day. Full WiFi coverage
      professional development framework through which                   politeness, appropriate language and behaviour from            ensures access to IT across the whole site.
      all of our students and staff can achieve excellence.              all within our learning community. We will be tolerant     •   The dedicated art block includes specialised teaching
Celebration of academic and other achievements will be             of the views of others and we will consistently challenge all        areas and equipment, two computer suites and a
regular, systematic and genuine. We expect our parents to          forms of prejudice, discrimination and harassment.                   photography dark room.
join in with and support our culture of high expectation and                                                                        •   Design technology has a fully equipped studio for

reward.                                                                   ngagement: We will insist that all those within our           fashion and textile work; and an extensive workshop
                                                                          learning community engage fully with all of the               with state of the art laser cutting machinery and a CAD

       rogress: We will demand that all of our students,                  policies and procedures within the organisation. We           computer suite.
       regardless of age, ability, gender or background make       expect our teachers to deliver well-planned and interesting      •   There are three large common rooms, one for quiet
       good and outstanding progress in all of their subjects.     lessons so that our students and their families commit to the        working; and our Cafe, “Mumford & Yums" that is open
We expect that all of our students will demand this of             experiences on offer. We expect excellent attendance from            throughout the day. The Cafe is located next to the main
themselves and that our families will show a genuine interest      all stakeholders and we look forward to engaging in frequent         hall, which has a pool table, table tennis tables and TVs.
in their child’s learning journey.                                 dialogue with our families at numerous school events and         •   A building lift and stairlifts give improved access for
                                                                   meetings.                                                            disabled students to a wide range of curriculum provision.

 6                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           7
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
"The transition from GCSE to A level is huge,
    but the sheer amount of support given by
    teachers makes it less daunting."
                                      Holly Smith
                                VI Form Alumna

                                                    Values & Expectations
                                                    Each member of The Island VI Form has unique needs and we aim to unlock each student’s
                                                    potential. Our aim, through an experienced and successful team of teachers and support
                                                    staff, is to make all our students increasingly self-reliant in their learning whilst giving them
                                                    every possible encouragement and support.
                                                    Students will be treated with respect and given the freedom       We are committed to the following:
                                                    to manage their own time and study. They are expected to          • Providing a challenging and innovative learning culture,
                                                    attend all of the following; timetabled lessons, study periods,      engendering a love of learning.
                                                    mentoring sessions and a range of extra-curricular activities.    • A culture of commitment and hard work that will enable
                                                                                                                         the achievement of potential.
                                                    All courses require students to spend a minimum of four           • Securing mutual respect and a positive attitude to
                                                    hours per week outside of the classroom on independent               learning.
                                                    guided study. Students are encouraged to use their study          • Creating an inclusive, supportive community where
                                                    periods to undertake this work.                                      students value one another.

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THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
22                                                                                                THE ISLAND VI FORM 20

EEP                                                                                                                             Extended Project Qualification
Employability, Enrichment & Pastoral                                                                                            EPQ
College life is much more than just lessons and we know that the most memorable event in                                        The extended project qualification is an extra, optional course which has a dual benefit: it
a student’s life is often the performance, the match, the trip abroad or the work experience                                    helps you to understand how to study at a higher level, and allows you to become an expert
placement. VI Form students are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities which                                   in a topic you’ve always wanted to know more about.
enable them to develop additional skills and develop their expertise and interests in other

We believe that if we are to help students become fully rounded   •   Pre-driving instruction and practical lessons             The EPQ is an optional research project which is a                 Not only will this give you a superb advantage in the
individuals and responsible members of the community we           •   First aid qualification                                   qualification in its own right, complete with an A level grade     competitive world of university or job applications, it will
must offer them a range of activities and challenges beyond       •   Visits to London art galleries and theatres               and points. You start the course at the end of year 12 by          also give you the skills to excel when you get your place or
the normal classroom. Enrichment is an opportunity to try         •   Foreign travel                                            choosing a topic to research, resulting in either a report or an   position.
something new. It can be just for fun or a way to gain another    •   Debating society                                          artefact. This could be an essay or an article, or you might
qualification to support your university entry or to boost your   •   Mock law trial activities                                 choose to create an artefact such as a film, piece of artwork
CV. All students are expected to participate in some form of      •   Work experience                                           or exhibition piece. At the same time, you keep a detailed
enrichment, some of the things on offer are listed below:         •   Visits to higher education colleges                       log of your research journey which demonstrates both an
                                                                  •   Community service ranging from supporting students        academic and reflective approach.
•    Duke of Edingburgh's Award                                       with special needs in PE to environmental projects and
•    Opportunities within the performing arts including               work in local hospitals, playgroups or retirement homes   Taught elements improve skills such as time-management,
     performances at the Isle of Wight Festival, Christmas        •   Charity fund raising events such as Macmillan coffee      source evaluation, managing search engines and referencing
     music and carol concerts, and the College’s annual               morning, Red nose day and IOW Radio Christmas toy         and you will have an opportunity to visit and research in a
     drama productions.                                               appeal.                                                   university library. Supported by Southampton University,
•    Learning a language                                          •   Participation in groups which take community              dedicated supervisors will support you throughout your
•    Young Enterprise                                                 responsibility such as IOW Youth Council and other        project and will give you the tools to carry out advanced
•    Rock Challenge                                                   Island groups.                                            academic research and present it to a very high standard.
10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          11
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
The Duke of Edinburgh's Award
A life-changing experience. A fun time with friends. An opportunity to discover new
interests and talents. A tool to develop essential skills for life and work. A recognised mark of
achievement; respected by employers. The DofE is many things to many people, supporting
generations to successfully navigate adult life.
We encourage our students to participate in the DofE            There are four sections to complete at Bronze and Silver         Achieving an award will give you skills, confidence and an        The Gold groups mainly operate in the Brecon Beacons,
programme at one of three progressive levels which, when        level and five at Gold. They involve helping the community/      edge over others when you apply for university or a job.          whilst Silver and Bronze generally use the New Forest and
successfully completed, leads to a Bronze, Silver or Gold       environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, planning,   Beyond your academic achievements, universities want to           South Downs to journey through.
Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Any young person can do their        training for and completing an expedition and, for Gold only,    see evidence of so called ‘soft skills’ that you have developed
DofE – regardless of ability, gender, background or location.   working with a team on a residential activity.                   through extra-curricular activities, such as communication,       We have an excellent expedition store with high quality
Achieving an award is not a competition or about being                                                                           commitment, leadership and teamwork. Your DofE Award is           rucksacks, tents and stoves for the students to use; including
first. It’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing                                                                    a fantastic way to demonstrate and evidence these skills in       seven hybrid bikes with trailers. These have been as far as
personal boundaries.                                                                                                             practice.                                                         France and Wales in recent times.
                                                    "If you want to get off the sofa and take up a
                                                    challenge, we look forward to meeting you."                                  We have a very active participation at the campus and have
                                                                                                                                 over 100 students engaged in the Award scheme each year.
                                                                                                                                 Many continue the award that they started in their previous
                                                                                                                                 schools, whilst others carry on the award after leaving us and
                                                                                                                                 going on to university or employment.

                                                                                                                                 Our young people volunteer their time with many of the
                                                                                                                                 charitable organisations across the Island. They have
                                                                                                                                 developed many new and exciting skills such as medieval
                                                                                                                                 sword fighting, beekeeping, Warhammer, Mandarin
                                                                                                                                 conversation and origami as well as the more traditional ones
                                                                                                                                 like first aid, learning to drive or becoming a sports coach.
                                                                                                                                 Groups plan and complete their own expeditions under the
                                                                                                                                 guidance of our qualified staff.
12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           13
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Support & Careers Guidance                                                                                                    Mentors & UCAS
In the relatively short time you are at The Island VI Form, you will be making decisions which                                Mentors provide support for students throughout their post-16 studies. Meeting with students
will have a huge impact on your career and your future. We aim to maximise your range of                                      in small groups and individually on a regular basis, enables staff to know each student
choices and provide the guidance and support to help you make the best decisions.                                             and identify their needs. Whether considering university, applying for apprenticeships or
                                                                                                                              employment, mentors will guide and advise every step of the way.

We will always take that extra step to help you achieve your   A dedicated, professional, Student Services Support team       With over 300 course providers and around 100,000
potential. We have a dedicated Information, Advice and         offer encouragement, support and guidance. You will be able    courses across the UK, we’re here to help you follow your
Guidance team based at the Campus, who provide a wide          to regularly review your academic and individual progress      path to higher education.
range of opportunities such as:                                with the Support Officers and they will help you with your
                                                               plans for higher education, training or employment in the      Our experienced team will help you every step of the way
•    Further and Higher Education events                       future.                                                        through the UCAS process. We will support you to ensure
•    Careers fairs (in-house and external)                                                                                    that your personal statement is going to get you noticed
•    Mock interviews                                           The IAG department (based within Student Services) has         and secure the interviews you want at university.
•    One-to-one careers advice sessions                        a wide range of resources for students; we have careers
•    University presentations and trips                        guides, apprenticeship publications, online resources as       Students considering Oxbridge or medicine/dentistry will
•    Gap year information sessions                             well as a wealth of university prospectus.                     receive a tailored programme of events to ensure they are
•    Vast variety of UCAS events                                                                                              best equipped for the application and interview process.
•    Voluntary work                                            All students can benefit from a work experience placement      We are proud of the high success rate of our students
•    National Citizen Service                                  and this plays a vital role, giving students the opportunity   who secure these sought after interviews and then go
•    Specific medical/medicine events                          to develop valuable skills. Students can access relevant       on to take their places at some of the most prestigious
•    Access to Southampton scheme                              placements using this opportunity to gain essential            universities across the country.
•    Business start up                                         knowledge and experience.
•    Work experience
•    Careers and finance day

14                                                                                                                                                                                                                     15
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Student Voice                                                                                                                  Parent Voice
At The Island VI Form we are continually seeking to improve the service we offer to students,
                                                                                                                               Parent Voice is run by the parents of The Island VI Form students, with direct links to leadership
their parents and the community. As part of our development strategy, we listen to the voices
                                                                                                                               and staff. It provides a forum for parents to keep up to date with events and changes at the VI
of our students and give them the opportunity to have their say in the running of the VI Form.
                                                                                                                               Form. We firmly believe that students achieve more when their parents/carers are involved in
The Student Voice enables students to communicate their ideas and opinions to each other,
                                                                                                                               their education and have a constructive relationship with their place of study.
their parents and the wider community. It is a way of ensuring that each voice is heard and
has the ability to make a difference.
                                                                                                                               Any adult who is a carer or parent of a student at The Island
The Student Voice is made up of selected student               The impact of Student Voice is continually being felt on the    VI Form is automatically a member.
representatives from years 12 and 13. The student body can     campus. Examples include: feedback surveys to improve the
contact their Student Voice representatives with suggestions   teaching and learning experience of all students; improved      Parent Voice meets once every half term. The date is included
for areas of improvement or concern. Student Voice             decor and facilities; a silent walk in support of Remembrance   in the VI Form campus calendar. Currently we combine our
then meets with the Head of School on a weekly basis to        day; campus Open Days; Christmas and other seasonal             meetings with Medina College Parent Voice and meet at
discuss matters brought to their attention. Once thoroughly    parties and various fundraising activities.                     Medina College.
discussed, improvements may be made around the campus.         Email:
                                                                                                                               "We invite the Heads of School to our meetings, so they
                                                                                                                               can ask for our feedback on what’s being planned, and
                                                                                                                               answer our questions. We also invite a governor to attend. A
                                                                                                                               member of the senior leadership team acts as our link for any
                                                                                                                               questions that come up between meetings."


                                                                                                                               We look forward to seeing you!

16                                                                                                                                                                                                                            17
THE ISLAND VI FORM PROSPECTUS - 2021 The Island VI Form 1 - Isle of Wight ...
Course Entry Requirements
                                                                              6 - Art & Design/Fine Art          Government and
                                                       Art and Design                                                                 6 - English
                                                                              5 - English                        Politics
                                                                              6 - Biology (triple)                                    6 - Graphics or Art
                                                                              6 - Double Science                 Graphics
                                                       Biology                                                                        5 - English
                                                                              6 - Mathematics
                                                                              6 - English                        Health and Social    6 - English
                                                                              5 - English                        Care BTEC            5 - Mathematics
                                                                              5 - Mathematics
                                                                                                                                      6 - History
                                                                              6 - Chemistry (triple)             History              6 - English
                                                                              6 - Double Science                                      5 - Mathematics
                                                                              6 - Mathematics
                                                                              6 - English                                             5 grades 9 - 5 (at least 2 at
                                                       Children’s Play,                                          Law                  Grade 6) including English
                                                                              5 - English                                             Language and Mathematics
                                                       Learning and
                                                                              5 - Mathematics
                                                       Development: BTEC
                                                                                                                 Mathematics          7 - Mathematics
                                                       Classical Civilisation 6 - English
                                                                              5 - English                        Further Mathematics
                                                       Computer Science                                          (must also select   7 - Mathematics
                                                                              6 - Mathematics
                                                                              6 - English
                                                       Criminology:                                              Media Studies        5 - English
                                                                              6 - Mathematics
                                                       Applied Diploma
                                                                              6 - Science                        MFL: French
                                                                                                                                      6 - MFL
                                                                              6 - Design Technology/Art or             Spanish
                                                                              L2 Merit - BTEC Engineering
                                                       Design Technology                                                              6 - Music and Grade 5 standard
                                                                              6 - English                        Music
                                                                                                                                      instrument skill
                                                                              5 - Mathematics
                                                       Drama and Theatre                                         Music Technology     5 - Music or Merit at BTEC
                                                                              6 - English
                                                                                                                 Philosophy           5 - English
                                                                              5 - English Language, English
                                                       English Language                                                               6 - Art and Design
                                                                              Literature or English

 Entry                                                 English Literature
                                                                              6 - either English Language and
                                                                              English Literature or English
                                                                                                                 Photography          5 - English
                                                                                                                                      High quality digital camera
                                                                                                                                      6 - Physical education or

                                                                              5 - Fashion, Textiles or Art (if
                                                                                                                 Physical Education   Level 2 Merit in Sports studies
                                                                              none of these subjects have
                                                                                                                                      6 - Science
                                                       Fashion and Textiles   been studied, a portfolio
                                                                              of work will be required)                               6 - Physics (triple)
 Entry requirements into The Island VI Form are a                             5 - English                        Physics
                                                                                                                                      6 - Double Science
 minimum of five 9 to 5 Grades at GCSE for A levels/                                                                                  6 - Mathematics
                                                       Film Studies           5 - English
                                                                                                                                      6 - English
 Level 3 courses.                                                             6 - Double science or                                   6 - English
                                                                              Merit at Level 2 diploma in        Psychology           6 - Mathematics
                                                                              Science                                                 6 - Science
 Most subjects have specific entry requirements,       Investigation: BTEC
                                                                              5 - English
                                                                              5 - Mathematics                    Sociology            6 - English
 which can be found in the table opposite. If you do
                                                                              6 - Geography                                           5 - Physical education or
 not meet these requirements, an interview will be                                                               Sport BTEC           Level 2 Pass in Sports studies
                                                       Geography              5 - Mathematics
 necessary with the Head of School and parents or                             5 - English                                             5 - Science
 carers to determine your suitability for the course                          6 - Chemistry & Physics(triple)
 and a trial period may be agreed.                                            6 - Double Science                 Travel and Tourism
                                                       Geology                                                                        5 - English
                                                                              6 - Mathematics                    BTEC
                                                                              6 - English
18                                                                                                                                                                      19
Pathway One: A Levels                                                                        Pathway Two: Vocational
The A level Pathway is a natural choice for you if you have enjoyed and been successful on   BTEC or Applied Diplomas are a natural choice for you if you have done well at GCSE but
your GCSE courses. A levels offer you the chance to focus your attention on a smaller        now wish to move on to a course related to your career plans.
number of subjects, building your knowledge and understanding in the areas in which you
                                                                                             Some Advanced Vocational courses, for instance BTEC
have proven strengths and strong interest.                                                   level 3 Diplomas, can be combined with A level courses.
                                                                                             Vocational courses are usually assessed through assignment
You will choose three subjects from a wide range of available                                work and exams.
courses to study over two years. Our advisors will help you
choose the ideal combination.                                                                These courses will really suit you if your coursework grades
                                                                                             are always better than your examination marks. You will have
To succeed on an A level programme you will need to achieve                                  an idea of your grades as you work through the course and
9 - 5 (or equivalent A*- C) grades in at least 5 subjects at                                 may have an opportunity to resubmit any work that may
GCSE. Most A level students have several grade 6s or higher,                                 require improvement.
especially in the subjects they want to study at A level.
                                                                                             Subjects such as fashion & textiles or health & social care
Some students may take the opportunity to select four                                        allow you to choose a National Diploma - which is the
subjects if their academic profile supports this choice (8 or 9                              equivalent to 2 A levels (2 options).
grades at GCSE).
                                                                                             We are expanding our offer of vocational courses to now
Some A levels involve a combination of examinations and                                      include:
coursework and all exams will be held during the summer
term at The Island VI Form.                                                                  Children’s Play, Learning and Development
"The two years spent at VI Form are tough,                                                   Criminology
but the hard work will pay off.
Embrace everything and enjoy yourselves!"                                                    Forensic Investigation
                                                                                             Diploma in Art & Design

20                                                                                                                                                                                     21
Frequently Asked Questions                                                                                                         Can I use the VI Form student car park?
                                                                                                                                   Yes, year 13 students have their own dedicated car park and
                                                                                                                                                                                                     Will there be after school activities and sports team
                                                                                                                                                                                                     opportunities available?
                                                                                                                                   can apply for a parking permit at main reception. Students        Yes; there are number of activities for students to be involved
What is the entry criteria for the VI Form?                     Will my child be able to leave the VI Form during                  are asked to show the MoT certificate and insurance               in, including; Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme, pre-driver
All students will be expected to have at least five, 9 - 5      study periods?                                                     documentation for their vehicle.                                  training course and numerous sporting activities.
passes at GCSE to be eligible to join The Island VI Form.       Students are encouraged to stay at the campus and make full
Specific criteria for individual subjects can be found on the   use of this time for independent study. Facilities are available   Is there any financial support available for books or             Are specialist subjects held at specific college bases?
course entry requirements overview page. If a student does      to support this.                                                   transport?                                                        The excellent expressive arts facilities at Medina and sports
not meet these requirements, an interview will be necessary                                                                        The bursary is designed to help support students who face         facilities at Carisbrooke will continue to be used and transport
with the Head of School and parents / carers to determine       Will my child be able to leave the VI Form during                  the greatest barriers to continuing in education or training      between the sites is provided.
suitability for the courses selected.                           during lunchtime?                                                  Post 16. An example of bursary use could be for transport
                                                                At break and lunchtime, students are free to leave the             costs, equipment or materials for courses.                        Can I use the VI Form Gym?
All students will receive an invitation to attend an informal   campus. Mumford & Yums' Cafe is open all day and offers                                                                              Yes; students must complete a health questionnaire and

                                          Next Steps
interview with the Head of School as part of the standard       coffee and a range of hot and cold meals and snacks.               The scheme is administered at The Island VI Form and              attend an Induction before their student lanyard is enabled
application process. You will be able to discuss courses,                                                                          receipt of bursary is conditional upon high attendance to         so that they can gain access to the gym. Students are
student life at the campus and enrichment activities.                                                                              lessons and a good attitude to learning.                          expected to use the equipment safely at all times and clean
                                                                                                                                                                                                     the machines after using them. Access to the gym is free but
                                                                                                                                   The bursary application takes household income into               students must observe the rules when using it.
What is the dress code?                   Many A Level students will be heading for university                                     account and students who are entitled to free school meals
While VI Form students are not expected to wear a uniform,                                                                         are automatically entitled to apply. Young people in defined
we ask that students ensure that their dress   is smartall
                                                        andover the country. However, many                                         vulnerable groups must provide supporting evidence of their
appropriate to our educational environment.      Health andare keen to recruit successful A Level                                  circumstances to prove eligibility.
safety, cultural awareness and decency will be the guidance
                                         and Level 3 students at the age of 18. Our teachers
used in making decisions on what is appropriate.                                                                                   The bursary scheme is dependent on funds provided by
                                             have enormous experience of both A Level and                                          the EFA (Education Funding Agency), which are limited and
Students and staff must wear identification vocational
                                             lanyards while oncourses and in depth knowledge of                                    students are assessed on an individual basis.
campus to comply with our safeguarding policy.
                                             the requirements of examination boards. They                                          Full details of eligibility and application forms are available
We are very keen for students to be involved arein always
                                                   determiningdelighted to offer help and advice to                                on The Island VI Form website.
what is fit for purpose, what is important and our key focus is
students achieving their best.
                                             prospective students, so don’t be afraid to ask.

22                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               23
Art & Design                                                                                                                        Business
                                                                   Course content
                                                                   We offer two art courses. The art and design A level for                                                                            Business A level is designed to give a broad and balanced
                                                                   anyone with a real interest in the visual arts. We will help you                                                                    introduction to business as a basis for further training and
                                                                   to develop into an independent and resourceful student whilst                                                                       study. Allowing students to develop general skills, knowledge
                                                                   supporting you to learn new skills and approaches, to prepare                                                                       and understanding that underpins all occupations and
                                                                   you for the next stage of your career or university.                                                                                professions. This programme will enable you to investigate
                                                                                                                                                                                                       areas within business, the economy and industry and provide
                                                                   We are also introducing the Diploma in art and design which                                                                         skills for future employment and academic business courses.
                                                                   is 100% coursework based, and the equivalent to one A level.                                                                        You are encouraged to foster imaginative and creative
                                                                   You will build a portfolio using the full range of conventional                                                                     thinking as well as developing an understanding of the world
                                                                   skills as well as printmaking, ceramics, photography, and                                                                           of business and recognise its value to the local, national and
                                                                   digital manipulation to reflect the breadth of opportunities                                                                        International community.
                                                                   in the art and design sector. We also visit art galleries
                                                                   and practitioners in London and abroad. All we ask is that
                                                                   you work with commitment, energy, initiative, and growing                                                                           Course content
                                                                                                                                                                                                       • Marketing and people
Are you creative? Do you love the buzz you get when you            Career opportunities                                               Career opportunities                                             • Managing business activities
have a new idea? Can you think outside the box? Do you             Qualifications in art and design will support further study at     Business programmes lead to employment, university               • Business decisions and strategy
have opinions? Are you articulate and passionate?                  Foundation or Degree level specialising in: fashion, textiles,     degrees and professional courses, careers in retailing,          • Global business
Can you solve problems? Do you consider new ways of doing          graphics, illustration, animation, media and advertising,          finance, management and marketing.
things that may be better? Do you have good technical ability      film making, 3D design and more. Our students leave us to
when drawing/painting or even better both? And are you             study degree level courses in film-production, photography,
ready to challenge yourself and your teachers?                     graphics, illustration, animation, marine photography and
                                                                   textiles to name a few.
                                                                   If art has not been studied to GCSE level, an interview with a
                                                                   portfolio is required with a focus on drawing.

Biology                                                                                                                                Chemistry
This course has increased emphasis on understanding and                                                                               This course has increased emphasis on understanding and
application, in addition to recall, and this is evident from the                                                                      application, rather than recall, and this is evident from the
comprehensive list of practicals included. These practicals                                                                           comprehensive list of practicals included. This course will
will give you the skills and confidence to investigate the                                                                            build on knowledge gained from GCSE and has a natural
way living things behave and work. The course will build on                                                                           progression. It will develop you into an able chemist, setting
knowledge gained from GCSE to give you the skills to make                                                                             up the opportunity of taking the next step to undergraduate
connections and associations with all living things around                                                                            studies with confidence.

                                                                                                                                      Course content
Course content                                                                                                                        Units include topics on physical chemistry such as rate,
This is a two year course and units include topics on:                                                                                equilibrium and energy, as well as organic chemistry ranging
biological molecules, cells, exchange and transport, genetic                                                                          from simple hydrocarbon reactions to more complicated
information, variation and relationships between organisms,                                                                           reactions based on benzene.
energy transfers in and between organisms, organisms'                                                                                 In addition, this course will include current chemistry topics
responses to their environments, populations genetics,                                                                                such as those relating to the environment and possible
evolution and ecosystems, gene expression and gene                                                                                    alternative energy provision.
                                                                   Career opportunities                                               Year two builds on year one, and will be assessed at the end     Career opportunities
There is no coursework requirement, however, your                  Biology will open the door to a multitude of career options        of the course.                                                   Chemistry will open the door to a multitude of career options
performance during practicals will be assessed by your             including medicine, nursing, pharmacy, pharmaceuticals,                                                                             including medicine, veterinary science, pharmacy and
teacher and through exams. There are three exams all of            physiotherapy, occupational therapy, oceanography,                                                                                  forensic science to name a few. It also offers the opportunity
which are two hours long.                                          forestry ecology, forensic science and environmental                                                                                to continue studying chemistry at degree level. The analytical
                                                                   science. The analytic and problem solving skills learnt whilst                                                                      and problem solving skills learned whilst studying chemistry
                                                                   studying biology will also be valuable in further education                                                                         are also valuable for both further education and employment.
                                                                   and employment.

24                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               25
Children’s Play,                                                                                                                      Computer
                                                                   Learning and                                                                                                                          Science
                                                                   Development: BTEC
                                                                   The study of human development is a rich and varied subject.                                                                          This course is aimed at students who are keen on practical
                                                                   Children’s play, learning and development focusses on                                                                                 computer work and especially solving mathematical type
                                                                   the areas of physical growth and development, cognitive                                                                               problems. You will gain a wide knowledge of computer
                                                                   ability, the acquisition of language and social and emotional                                                                         systems and programming skills. The course covers a
                                                                   advances from birth to eight years. Choosing this qualification                                                                       wide range of computing applications, for example: control
                                                                   enables learners to acquire the theoretical knowledge,                                                                                systems, artificial intelligence, networking and many others.
                                                                   practical experience and in depth understanding required for                                                                          There is also thorough theoretical coverage. Programming
                                                                   a future career working alongside children.                                                                                           is mainly taught using Visual BASIC. LMC will also be
                                                                   The course has been closely developed in conjunction with                                                                             used to teach about assembly language, and there will be
                                                                   a range of experts from professional bodies within the child                                                                          opportunities to use HTML, CSS and Java script to create
                                                                   development sectors and is widely recognized by both higher                                                                           web pages.
                                                                   education establishments and industry allowing an excellent
                                                                   pathway to either.
Course content                                                                                                                            Course content                                                 Career opportunities
Work is assessed via external exams, internally assessed           Career opportunities                                                   Problem     solving,  programming,     algorithms,    data     Most students carry on to study computer science at
coursework and the formation of a practical evidence               This course enables a wide and varied range of transferable            representation, computer components, the stored program        university and it is possible to follow courses such as
portfolio with opportunities to visit a work based setting.        skills to be acquired and therefore progression to either              concept, software development, networking and the internet.    computer science, artificial intelligence, games design,
Unit 1 – Children’s development                                    higher education, early years educator apprenticeships                 Students will also choose a practical project which will       games programming, or software engineering.Other courses
Unit 2- Development of children’s communication, literacy          or full employment are all post study outcomes. Careers in             showcase their programming skills.                             link business management with computing or IT.
and numeracy skills                                                childhood studies, primary education, early years, midwifery
Unit 3 – Play and learning                                         or Pediatric nursing are just a handful of opportunities opened
Unit 5 – Keeping children safe                                     up by this course.

Classical                                                                                                                             Criminology:
Civilisation                                                                                                                          Applied Diploma
This is an increasingly popular A level which offers students                                                                         This course is for students interested in the study of crime and
the opportunity to explore aspects of Ancient Greek                                                                                   the impact that such studies have on society. From learning
and Roman culture in depth. The new specification is an                                                                               theories of criminality to analysing criminal situations and
academically rigorous course that centres on the study of                                                                             making recommendations for policy through to examining
ancient literature, history, politics and archaeology.                                                                                information to review verdicts in criminal cases.

Course content                                                                                                                        Throughout the course students will learn to differentiate
The first year of the course introduces students to the                                                                               between myth and reality when it comes to crime and to
fascinating world of Ancient Greece and looks closely at the                                                                          recognise that common representations may be misleading
important role of religion in society. Students will explore the                                                                      and inaccurate. They develop skills in reviewing criminal
nature of the gods and their relationships to mortals as well                                                                         cases, evaluating the evidence in the cases to determine
as famous temple complexes, religious ritual and the part                                                                             whether the verdict is safe and just and understanding of the
religion played in forming ancient Greek identity.                                                                                    organisations which are part of our system of social control
The second year focuses on Ancient Rome and how the first                                                                             and their effectiveness in achieving their objectives.
emperor Augustus persuaded the Roman people to accept
him as an imperial monarch. The idea of a politician ‘spinning’                                                                                                                                          Career opportunities
their public image is still relevant today and students will       Career opportunities                                               Course content                                                     The main purpose of the WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma
examine his presentation in art and literature and assess how      There are many classical courses available at universities,        -          Unit 1: Changing awareness of crime                     in criminology is mainly to use the qualification to support
effective his public image was. Students also study poetry         or the qualification could support study in history, literature,   -          Unit 2: Criminological theories                         access to higher education degree courses, such as:
including Homer’s Iliad, an epic poem on the famous Trojan         politics, law, sociology or philosophy. The skills gained          -          Unit 3: Crime scene to courtroom
War that the Greeks themselves considered the foundation           from studying this A level will be highly regarded in all          -          Unit 4: Crime and punishment                            • BSc Criminology • BA Criminology • BA Criminology and
of their culture.                                                  areas of higher education and also attractive to prospective                                                                          Criminal Justice • BSc (Hons) Criminology and Psychology
Assessment is by three separate exams taken at the end of          employers.                                                                                                                            • LLB (Hons) Law with Criminology • BA (Hons) Criminology
year 13. There is no coursework component.                                                                                                                                                               and Sociology • BA (Hons) Criminology • BSc (Hons)
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Psychology and Sociology • BSc Criminology with Law.
26                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                27
Design                                                                                                                              English Language
                                                                    Technology                                                                                                                          Language is integral to practically every aspect of human
                                                                                                                                                                                                        life. You might explore the dramatic historical events that led
                                                                                                                                                                                                        to the modern English you use today, or relive the process
                                                                    This innovative, creative and thought-provoking A level course                                                                      of child language acquisition. You could engage with the
                                                                    will continue to grow and develop your practical hands-on                                                                           politically-charged problems of racism and sexism, or tune
                                                                    skills, while deepening your theoretical knowledge.Looking                                                                          in to and map out the rich variety of regional dialects around
                                                                    at the historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic                                                                     you. Or, you could plot the ever-changing path of current
                                                                    influences on design and technology.                                                                                                and future language use as English finds its place in the
                                                                                                                                                                                                        21st century. Whatever route you take, studying English
                                                                    The theoretical knowledge will be taught through practical                                                                          language at an advanced level will reward you with a deeper
                                                                    tasks, where you can continue investigating current design                                                                          awareness of yourself and your place within the world.
                                                                    and pushing your creativity to design, model, trial and make
                                                                    new exciting and innovative products show casing your                                                                               Taking A level English language will also provide you with
                                                                    practical skills.                                                                                                                   a technical understanding of linguistics: the way words,
                                                                                                                                                                                                        sounds, meanings and structure are interwoven to make
                                                                    Within design technology you will be using and developing                                                                           the texts you see and hear each day. You will develop your
                                                                    your scientific and mathematical skills to help you solve                                                                           analytical and discursive essay writing, enhance your ability
Career opportunities                                                problems when designing and creating your products. You                                                                             to write originally and to appreciate the craft of the writer, and
Our students go on to take further studies in creative,             will be creating designs and products using new technologies      When you stop and think about it, using the English language      learn how to engage meaningfully with academic research
technical and research-based aspects of the design process,         within CAD and CAM.                                               is one of the most complex things you will ever master, and       and debate.
this includes studying for degrees and apprenticeships                                                                                yet you probably got to grips with it before you even set foot
in industrial/ product design, architecture and landscape           The course is equally assessed as 50% on a creative, practical    inside a school.                                                  English language is highly regarded by universities for a
design, exhibition design, engineering, advertising and             non-examination assessment and 50% split across two exam                                                                            variety of undergraduate courses across the humanities,
marketing, purchasing and sales.                                    papers (one looking at technical principals and one on design     So why study it further?                                          including modern foreign languages, as well as business
                                                                    principals).                                                                                                                        and law, and social and human science degrees.

Drama and                                                                                                                             English Literature
Theatre Studies                                                                                                                       A level English literature allows you to read and discuss a
                                                                                                                                      wide range of texts from different eras and genres, while
This course is a mix of practical drama and dramatic theory.                                                                          also exploring the social, historical and cultural issues that
You will be introduced to texts from a wide range of genres,                                                                          those texts both reflect and influence. This qualification
styles and historical contexts. Workshops will also introduce a                                                                       is an excellent and highly regarded preparation for most
range of theatre practitioners to develop theatrical knowledge                                                                        undergraduate courses, but particularly journalism, law,
and skills. The course will consist of practical workshops and                                                                        philosophy, history, media studies, film studies and modern
theory-based lessons linked to these to ensure an in-depth                                                                            foreign languages, as well as English.
understanding. You will be given the opportunity to work in
different styles of theatre so that by the end of the course you
will have an extensive skills base and an understanding of the                                                                        Course content
theory behind it.                                                                                                                     Throughout both years of the course, you will engage in the
                                                                                                                                      study of the range of texts you will encounter for each of the
You will be encouraged to be creative and experimental and                                                                            two examination papers.
to get as much experience of drama outside the classroom as
possible.                                                                                                                             Hence, you will look at a Shakespearean play, a modern
                                                                                                                                      drama, a novel and a collection of poetry through the lens of
                                                                                                                                      the dramatic genre of tragedy. Alongside this, you will also      and poetry through the non-examination assessment in
Career opportunities                                                Course content                                                    explore elements of crime writing through the evaluation,         which you required to devise your own coursework tasks in
You can progress to study aspects of drama and theatre                                                                                again, of a range of texts, including a post-2000 novel, none     the context of different areas of literary criticism – feminism,
studies at university or to work in a related field of employment   Unit 1: Theatre workshop                                          of which are typically associated with the crime genre, but all   Marxism, eco-criticism, and post-colonialism to cite just a
using the knowledge you have gained from this A level.                                                                                of which feature a crime of a sort.                               few.
                                                                    Unit 2: Text in action
                                                                                                                                      In addition to the texts you look at alongside your fellow        If you enjoy reading and discussing literature, then this is the
                                                                    Unit 3: Text in performance                                       students in class, you also have the opportunity to develop       A level for you!
                                                                                                                                      your own independent reading and literary interests in prose

28                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    29
Fashion & Textiles                                                                                                                  Forensic Investigation:
                                                                  Students will complete a variety of live design briefs linking
                                                                  with industry, as well as taking part in exciting workshops.
                                                                  Typical projects include fashion illustration, textile and surface                                                                  The BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in forensic
                                                                  pattern design, fashion marketing, fashion design and                                                                               investigation is designed for students who enjoy science and
                                                                  garment construction.                                                                                                               want to extend their knowledge further. You will develop your
                                                                                                                                                                                                      understanding through practical and theory work which works
                                                                  The course is 100% coursework and aims to build a portfolio.                                                                        around a scenario or vocational context.
                                                                  Students will access work experience opportunities with local
                                                                  and national fashion companies, as well as research trips to                                                                        Level 3 Foundation Diploma is studied over two years and is
                                                                  London and Paris.                                                                                                                   equivalent to 1.5 GCE A level. (Some study may be outside of
                                                                                                                                                                                                      normal school times).

                                                                  Course content                                                                                                                      Course content
                                                                  The Cambridge Technical Diploma is equivalent to A levels,
                                                                  and ultimately enables students to progress to foundation or                                                                        Mandatory units:
                                                                  degree courses in fashion and textiles.                                                                                             These cover a broad base of biology, chemistry and physics
                                                                                                                                                                                                      at level 3 within a forensic investigation context. Principles
This course aims to develop individuals who aspire to become                                                                           Skills                                                         and application of science, practical scientific procedures
part of an exciting and innovative industry. Skilled teachers     Career opportunities                                                 Students must be able to:                                      and techniques, science investigation skills and forensic
with industry expertise and links to the fashion industry make    Learners go on to study:                                                                                                            investigation procedures in practice.
this subject one of the best performing in the VI Form.           fashion and textile design, illustration, fashion promotion,         •        Work independently
                                                                  buying and marketing. This can lead to successful and fulfilling     •        Demonstrate good practical techniques                 Optional units:
We have excellent links with universities and our students        jobs working for high street and designer fashion brands.            •        Self-manage their time                                Which may include, forensic genetics, forensic traffic collision
go on to study a wide variety of BA courses in the area of                                                                             •        Reflect on knowledge gained                           investigation or forensic fire investigation.
Fashion and Textiles. The skills learnt on this course offer an                                                                        •        Meet deadlines                                        This qualification provides a broad introduction that gives
insight into a diverse and exciting industry in the UK.                                                                                •        Good English and maths skills                         learners transferable knowledge and skills. The course is
                                                                                                                                       •        Problem solving                                       blended so it brings together knowledge and understanding
                                                                                                                                       •        Follow procedures                                     with practical and technical skills. This is achieved through

Film Studies                                                                                                                           •        IT skills                                             learners performing vocational tasks that encourage the
                                                                                                                                                                                                      development of appropriate vocational and transferable
                                                                                                                                       Career opportunities                                           skills. Transferable skills are those such as communication,
Many consider film to be the main cultural innovation of the                                                                           The requirements of the qualification will mean learners       teamwork, research and analysis, which are valued in both
20th century. Students who study it characteristically bring                                                                           develop the transferable and higher-order skills that are      higher education and the workplace.
with them a high degree of enthusiasm and excitement for                                                                               highly regarded by both higher education and employers.
what is a powerful and culturally significant medium, inspiring                                                                        For example, carrying out practical laboratory tasks and
a range of responses from the emotional to the reflective. Film                                                                        planning forensic investigations.
studies offers students the opportunity to investigate how film
works from both a representation mode and as an aesthetic                                                                              The qualification is intended to carry UCAS points and is
medium.                                                                                                                                recognised by higher education providers as contributing
                                                                                                                                       to admission requirements for many relevant courses.
Course content                                                                                                                         When combined with other qualifications in a two year study
This two-year A level course will equip learners with the                                                                              programme, such as A levels or another BTEC Level 3
ability to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the                                                                              examples include:
significance of film and film practice in national, global and
historical contexts, films key contexts in relation to social,                                                                         •   a Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in
cultural, political and technological mediums and how film                                                                                 health and social care, learners can progress to nursing
generates meanings and responses as both a student and                                                                                     and health care courses.
a spectator. It also aims to enable learners to apply critical
approaches to film and apply knowledge and skills to the          There are many different university courses, apprenticeships         •   an A level in chemistry and A level in mathematics,
making of film and screenwriting. Production work is a crucial    or direct work in a related field of employment. The skills and          learners can progress to an environmental or forensic
part of this course and by studying a diverse range of films      knowledge you have gained from this A level will prepare you             science course.
and different contexts students are given the opportunity to      for whichever route you choose. There are careers on both
apply their knowledge and understanding of how films are          sides of the camera, from cinematography to editing from             Assessment
constructed through their own filmmaking and screenwriting.       script writing to directing and all of the sub-elements such         41% external assessment (examination and a set supervised
                                                                  as sound, lighting, prop production and all the associated           written and practical task)
Career opportunities                                              mise-en-scene within film – whichever you choose, there is
Film offers a wide variety of careers in both the production      an exciting future ahead in the film industry for you.               59% coursework (variety of practical and written activities)
and creative elements.
30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               31
Geography                                                                                                                          Government
                                                                   There has never been a better or more important time to study
                                                                   geography. Climate change, the issues and challenges of
                                                                                                                                                                                                      and Politics
                                                                   International migration, environmental degradation and the                                                                         Studying politics helps you acquire a range of skills such as
                                                                   challenge of living in a more hazardous world, show that                                                                           written and verbal communication, presenting and defending
                                                                   geography is one of the most relevant courses you could                                                                            an argument and working with information in order to reach a
                                                                   choose to study.                                                                                                                   judgement about differing points of view. You will also keep
                                                                                                                                                                                                      very up-to-date with current affairs, making politics a dynamic
                                                                   Whatever your passion for the world, whether it be fascination                                                                     subject which is always relevant to what is going on in our
                                                                   with landscapes or concerns about social inequality,                                                                               country and the wider world.
                                                                   geography will provide you with knowledge and transferable
                                                                   skills that will reward you personally and academically.                                                                           Course content
                                                                                                                                                                                                      A level government and politics is a varied course which
                                                                   Course content                                                                                                                     covers a range of subject matter and aims to provide an
                                                                   You will develop and apply your understanding of geographical                                                                      engaging and diverse learning experience.
                                                                   concepts, interpreting our changing world; develop your                                                                            This course will be taught in a variety of ways, from the
                                                                   awareness of the complexity of interactions within and                                                                             knowledge of experienced teachers, group discussion,
                                                                   between societies, economies, cultures and environments at                                                                         student presentation, individual research, online learning and
Career opportunities                                               scales from local to global. Core physical themes are water/     Career opportunities                                              the study of political documents.
You can go on to study geography or a geography                    carbon cycles and landscape systems. The core human              Government and politics offers a broad range of skills that
related degree. Geographers often go on to work           in       themes are global systems/global governance and changing         can be applied to almost any university course or career          Units include:
careers associated with tourism, town or rural planning,           place/changing places.                                           paths. You will learn to examine evidence, to argue logically     • Government & politics of the UK
the environment, hydrology, meteorology, coastal                                                                                    and explicitly. You will have the opportunity to present your     • Government & politics of the USA
geomorphology,       geology,    forestry   or  agriculture.       There will be a minimum of two fieldwork days in year 12 and     opinions through a variety of mediums. Politics will work very    • Theoretical approaches to the study of comparative
Geographers also develop skills (ICT, decision making etc.)        four days overall for A level. Teacher assessed independent      well with any of the other humanities on offer and is looked at       politics
that are sought after in most areas of employment.                 investigation at A level will count for 20%.                     favourably by admissions tutors at universities.                  • Political ideas.

Geology                                                                                                                             Graphics
This course gives students the opportunity to study geological
processes that operate at and below the Earth’s surface,
                                                                                                                                    Graphic communication conveys information and ideas
                                                                                                                                    through visual means within a set of constraints. The increase

and Politics
the evidence of past life and the uses made of geological                                                                           in the use of information technology has led to changes in
materials. The course looks at the processes and products                                                                           working practices and new ways of both communicating
that form our planet and its rocks; the uses of geological                                                                          and presenting information. You will develop knowledge
resources; addressing environmental, technological, safety                                                                          and understanding of design briefs, clients and audience;
and economic issues in addition to geological concepts; the                                                                         understand formal elements, techniques and their application
history of life on Earth and introduces palaeontology, petrology                                                                    to selected media; demonstrate understanding through the
and engineering geology. Major vertebrate and invertebrate                                                                          application of a combination of knowledge and skills working
fossil groups are studied, and the interaction between life and                                                                     within the constraints of a design brief.
the physical environment are explored.

                                                                                                                                    Course content
Course content                                                                                                                      You will be taught techniques and skills that are relevant to
Year 1 Units include: Global tectonics, rocks, processes and                                                                        industry and apply them to briefs set by artists and designers
products and practical skills in geology.                                                                                           who have national and international experience. Previous
                                                                                                                                    project briefs have ranged from editorial and fashion
Year 2 Units include: Environmental geology, evolution of life,                                                                     illustration to character design and corporate identity.          Career opportunities
Earth and climate and economic and engineering geology.            Career opportunities                                             You will learn publishing programmes including Photoshop,         You can progress to degree courses at university such as
                                                                   Many careers, including oceanography, environmental              InDesign and Illustrator Creative Cloud.                          animation, illustration, graphic design and new media.
                                                                   science, marine geologist, meteorologists are open to
                                                                   students with geology A level. This course complements
                                                                   other A levels in science and humanities subjects.

32                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              33
You can also read