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UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
UK Schools Directory 2021/22
T H E   U K   B OA R D I N G   S C H O O L   S P E C I A L I S T

UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
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UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
Welcome to the                                                           Contents
latest UK Boarding                                                       5       Help & advice

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                                                                            London and South
                                                                            East schools
Choosing a boarding school is difficult
                                                                         28      South and West
enough when you live in the UK; when                                              schools
you live overseas, it makes selecting and
                                                                         43      Central schools
visiting schools a huge task.
                                                                         57      Eastern schools
For those parents with little experience of boarding schools it
can be a daunting prospect; most rely on friends and family for          63      Northern schools
help and advice. Each child is different and each school is different.
With a little help from the experts you can find that perfect place      68      Welsh schools
where your child will blossom and grow to his or her full potential.
                                                                         70      Scottish schools
The UK Boarding School Exhibition, Tours and Directory have
been designed specifically with overseas families in mind and            73	
                                                                            School listing and
are an excellent starting point for selecting the best school for           regional map
your child. The Directory is distributed worldwide and available
online and from clubs, selected bookshops and schools. The UK
Boarding School Exhibition in Dubai each February and
November provides an excellent opportunity for parents to
meet Heads from schools throughout the UK. The UK Boarding                    SPECIAL THANKS
School Tours enable interested families to talk face to face with        Special thanks to students, families
education specialists about boarding schools, English language           and schools that have contributed
                                                                         editorial and photographs.
programmes or summer schools.
We always enjoy talking personally to families. Please contact           EVERYONE HAS A STORY
us by completing an Enquiry Form via our website at
                                                                         We would like to include your, email or telephone.                         personal experiences of boarding,
We shall be delighted to offer you FREE help and guidance.               as a parent or student, in the
                                                                         next Directory. Please send copy
Best wishes                                                              (max 200 words) to:

                                                                               FUTURE EVENTS

                                                                         For future events visit:
Sara Sparling
Director, Education Consultant

UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
Anderson Education
We have personally visited over 350 UK boarding schools; this first-hand
experience enables us to identify what is special and unique about each
school and match this with the needs of each child. The ease and
convenience of our educational service aims to make the search for
the best school a stress free experience.

Meet the team
                          Sara Sparling                                                 Nikki Harlow
                            Sara Sparling is an Education                                Nikki Harlow is an Education
                            Consultant who travels                                       Consultant, who joined the
                            frequently to the Gulf countries                             Anderson Education team in
                            to meet local and expat families                             2015, she has a wide range
                            considering a UK boarding                                    of experience in education
                            school, summer or language                                   with extensive knowledge of
programme. Her experience as a teacher, expat wife,            working with children with Special Educational Needs.
mother of three children and as a boarder herself,             Nikki’s career has included working in schools and also
enables her to understand the needs and concerns of            as an events and exhibition manager. She has lived in
parents. Whilst in the UK Sara makes regular school            the USA and the Middle East and her son attended a
visits to identify what is unique and special about each       UK boarding school.
boarding school and ensure that Anderson Education
has up to date knowledge and information.

    Important dates for your diary
    UK Boarding School Exhibition                              FREE help & advice from Boarding
                                                               School specialists.
    ■■ Dubai – February and November
       each year
                                                               Check our website for up to date information
                                                               and our comprehensive Schools Directory
    UK Boarding School Tours                         
    ■■ Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman
    ■■ Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Saudi Arabia
                                                               Come and talk to us and tell
                                                               your friends to come too!
    Check our website for dates and venues

4                                           UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
Selecting the right school
Ask the experts for help and advice when selecting the ‘right’ school for your
child. Although boarding schools appear similar when browsing the web or through
prospectuses, in reality each has a unique quality.

Our job as Education Consultants is to identify             for their child. The education of each and every child
and match your child’s individual talents, skills and       is one of the most important decisions we make, time
aspirations to a school that will challenge, encourage      spent in early exploration and research is wise. Families
and develop, to ensure that each child reaches his          living overseas are looking for reassurance that their
or her full potential. The purpose and aim of the           children will achieve their full potential, in a happy, safe,
Education Consultant who specialises in school              secure environment. Working closely with an Education
placement is to work on behalf of the family, to offer      Consultant for the purpose of school selection should
help and guidance in the selection of the ‘right’ school    follow the process outlined below:

 PLAN EARLY                                                  WHAT TO EXPECT

1. Early planning is advisable, allow at least 18 months.   1. The Education Consultant selects 4 or 5
                                                               schools that best meet the agreed criteria,
2. Ask questions and identify the type of educational
                                                               for your consideration.
   environment that would best suit the needs of
   your child; is it to be co-educational or a single sex   2. The Education Consultant will arrange for the
   school, highly selective or more suitable for the           school prospectuses to be sent to the family.
   ‘all rounder’.
                                                            3. The Education Consultant should be available to
3. Do you have any special requirements? i.e. Dyslexia,        discuss the benefits of each school selected and
   medical condition, learning or physical difficulties,       generally answer parents’ questions.
   intensive English language provision.
                                                            4. It is advisable to make appointments to visit
4. Do you require the school to be in any particular           3 or 4 schools. To see the school in action is
   area of the UK?                                             important, parents are advised to visit in term
5. Have copies of the child’s School Reports available.        time whenever possible.

6. Inform the child’s present school of your intentions;
   the Principal will be required to supply a reference.

7. Be clear about, if and when, you are able to visit the
   schools selected.

                                           UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                                5
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education
If English is not your                                                    Visas for Boarding
    first language                                                            School Students
    UK Boarding Schools offer first class English
    language teaching and have a great deal of
                                                                              in the UK
    experience in helping students, whose first language is
    not English, to improve their language skills.
    The EFL (English as a Foreign Language)                   You can apply for the Child student visa if you’re aged
    Department in schools and colleges offer the              between 4 and 17 and you want to study in the UK.
    overseas student a warm welcome; they have an             You should also:
    important role to play in helping the international       • have a place on a course
    student successfully integrate and understand the
                                                              • have the consent of your parent or guardian
    excitement and challenges of boarding life.
                                                              • have enough money to cover your course fees
    International Study Centres have specifically
                                                                and living costs
    designed pre-boarding and pre- A Level/IB courses;
    their aim is to ensure that the student’s English is of   • meet the eligibility requirements
    a sufficient level to enable them to cope with the         HOW LONG IT WILL TAKE
    GCSE and A Level/IB examinations.
                                                              You can apply for a visa up to 6 months before
    A Summer School provides an excellent
                                                              your date of travel [outside of the UK] to the
    introduction to the UK, offering English language
    teaching and activities, such as sports, art, drama and You should get a
    outdoor activities; a fun way to improve your English.    decision on your visa within 3 weeks.
                                                              Check the guide processing times to find out how long
    Learning Support                                          getting a visa might take in your country.
    We can recommend schools with excellent
    learning support for children with Dyslexia,               FEES
    Dyspraxia and ADHD as well as specialist schools          It costs £348 to apply for a Child student visa from
    for children with Asperger's Syndrome and                 outside the UK.
    Cerebral Palsy, deaf children and young people
                                                              You’ll also have to pay a healthcare surcharge as part
    who have complex learning issues.
                                                              of your application. [£470 per year - u18 now receive
    State Boarding Schools                                    a 25% discount].
    Admission to state boarding in the UK is limited to        HOW LONG YOU CAN STAY
    British citizens and anyone with a right of residence
    in the UK.                                                Your age and the length of your course of study will
                                                              affect how long you can stay.
    At state boarding schools you pay for the boarding
    only and the tuition is paid by the government, as it     Age when you apply         How long you can stay
    would at any other state school in England.
                                                              Under 16                   Course length (up to 6 years)
    Please check the UK Government website Studying in                                   plus 4 months afterwards
    the UK: guidance for EU students - GOV.UK
    ( for eligibility if you are a EU resident.    16 or 17                   Course length (up to 3 years)
                                                                                         plus 4 months afterwards
    A Guardian Family                                         You can arrive in the UK:
    It is a requirement of schools for all parents resident   • up to 1 week before your course starts if your
    outside the UK to appoint a Guardian living in Britain,     course lasts 6 months or less
    who will act with their full authority. The choice of     • up to 1 month before your course starts if your
    Guardian is the responsibility of the parents.              course lasts more than 6 months
    The ‘Guardian’ acts on behalf of the parent, providing
    a home from home environment at half term and             Disclaimer: This information in this guide is correct as of
    weekend exeats, they represent the parents at school      January 2021. Visa requirements are subject to change.
    functions and are available in case of an emergency.      For up to date information, please visit the website of the
    For further information visit:            British Embassy or Consulate where you live, or the nearest
                                                              Visa Application Centre.

6                                             UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education

I am confident that I will
achieve what I need for the
next chapter of my life
                          I joined a boarding school in Year 10 at the
                          beginning of my GCSEs. I chose to join Mount Kelly
                          after my sister had just completed four years at
                          the school, so I already knew about their amazing
                          learning support. Before joining my school, I was
                          predicted to pass only one GCSE, however due to
                          the very well-structured lessons and productive
                          clinics that are offered for all subjects, I was able to
                          successfully achieve all 8 of my GCSEs.

I started boarding in School House and the       mental health as well as helping towards my
welcoming atmosphere really allowed me           other sports including hockey and netball.
to settle in quickly as I was welcomed into
                                                 I am a very family orientated person,
the boarding environment and managed to
                                                 and am especially close to my mother.
settle into a daily routine during the week,
                                                 I worried when I first came here that I would
whilst also having the freedom to venture
                                                 miss being able to communicate with her
into Tavistock and enjoy everything that the
                                                 much. However, with the access of the
School and surrounding area has to offer.
                                                 house landline I am able to often call and
I am now in my final year and am in              speak to my family. As well as this, mobile
Marwood House, and am very proud to              phones are welcomed (of course as long
have been selected as Head of House,             as they are used in appropriate areas and
this means I am responsible for organising       times) so I am able to message my family
activities for the House and providing help      through WhatsApp.
to the younger girls with anything from prep
                                                 Now I am getting ready to go to university
to homesickness.
                                                 and I can really say that boarding has helped
At the weekends there are lots of activities,    me to be more ambitious and I am confident
from study sessions, to different sports.        that I will achieve what I need for the next
I invested my time in the Park Run which         chapter of my life.
is a 5km fun run, encouraging people to          Chiara – a boarder at Mount Kelly
be active. Doing this really helped with my

                                  UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                   7
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education

Adventure – lessons for life
An adventure programme helps students build
vital life skills and resilience.
Resilience is about being able to adapt your       Here at Dauntsey’s, we are passionate about
behaviour, to come up with an alternative          the role adventure plays in building resilience
route. It’s about being ready for the next         and equipping pupils with the necessary skills
challenge and supporting those around us           and behaviours to set them up to lead a
who aren’t coping so well, and not being too       fruitful and interesting life, in which they are
proud to accept help when it is offered.           organised and flexible, willing to have a go
                                                   and learn from their experiences.
Being open to trying new experiences and
entering new environments maximises our            Tough times come as part of all adventure.
learning and develops skills that will help        The nature of challenge is that sometimes it
in everyday life. Reflecting on the success        is hard and it presents obstacles. The way we
– or failure – of our experiences is a key         deal with those obstacles says more about
part of learning and contributes to our            our character than whether we overcome
development. Understanding risk, and not           them does. Most challenges can be overcome
shying away from it, is an important life skill.   by persistence, by trying again or by looking
Embracing the unknown, pushing yourself            for another solution. Adventure require a
out of your comfort zone, perhaps failing in       willingness to persevere when things get hard
your endeavour, all help build resilience.         and to do so in a manner that supports and
                                                   encourages others.
                                                   Sam Moore – Head of Adventure Education,

8                                   UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education

The impact of an outstanding
independent prep school
There can be no doubt that the impact of an outstanding prep school
can play a significant part in providing the foundations for future success.
Aside from the results of educational research that highlights the
importance of the foundation stages in cementing academic abilities,
it is also worth highlighting the crucial “soft” skills that are a core focus
of any outstanding prep school.
Choosing the right senior school should be        curriculum around sports, arts and music, as
designed around what would best suit the          this will open up a world of possibilities for
individual pupil and their family. By attending   their pupils. It will give the child an
an independent stand-alone prep school, your      opportunity to stand out in a crowd of
child will be nurtured, supported, stretched      applications and also offers opportunities to
and expertly educated. These are key years        be awarded specific scholarships to the senior
for intellectual, social and physical             schools of their choice. The school should
development. The teachers and staff will get      also develop independence, confidence and
to know your child from all of those              hone their pupils’ moral compass. This will be
perspectives, will get to know the family and     important for the interview process. A good
will therefore be ideally placed to recommend     prep school will also have an excellent
the next steps of the educational journey.        pastoral care and wellbeing offering, as by
                                                  ensuring that every child feels safe and a sense
A prep school should be offering all children a
                                                  of belonging, those children are then able to
chance to shine and be a place where nobody
                                                  access their best selves.
gets lost in the crowd. An exceptional
academic offering is non-negotiable but they      Gavin Franklin – Headmaster,
should also be offering a wider, exceptional      Wellesley House School, Broadstairs, Kent

                                  UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                   9
UK Schools Directory 2021/22 - THE UK BOARDING SCHOOL SPECIALIST - - Anderson Education

Why I should consider
vocational education for
my child?
Four years ago, the Davos World Economic Forum Future of Jobs
report predicted the skills that would spell success in the workplace
of 2020. Creativity, complex problem-solving, negotiation, people
management, emotional intelligence, coordinating with others: all the
things we hope to see in our children – but the traditional curriculum
has precious little time or space to grow any of this.

10                        UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
Vocational education, by contrast, puts these      Being able to dive deeply into a highly
work–ready (and relationship-ready) skills at      motivating subject area – from Land Based
the centre. The best vocational courses build      Studies, to Fashion Design, to Games
in problem-solving and collaboration, require      Production, to Enterprise – transforms
self-management and train the vital social         some school-allergic children into experts
dispositions that are still somehow beneath        in their fields. Working on real projects, for
the notice of the ivory towers.                    real clients, presents stimulating levels of
                                                   challenge but with moderate pressure, at a
Anyone who thinks the skills involved in
                                                   pace that promotes wellbeing.
vocational study are ‘soft’, however, has
never seen a Hospitality BTEC student              Don’t let your child be the next twenty-
organising a lunch for 40 paying guests,           something to sit at interview with buckets
a Film student finishing a commission -            of qualifications but not an ounce of
not to a teacher’s artificial deadline, but        experience, originality, initiative or common
for a professional brief - a Countryside           sense. If you have never considered
Management student lambing on work                 vocational education for your child, it’s
experience or a Music student staging a            time to take a look at the rich and relevant
concert for the local community.                   options available. I guarantee you’ll be
                                                   pleasantly surprised.
Not every child is school-shaped. Parents,
from their lived experience of their
child - funny, original, thoughtful, intuitive,
resourceful - know that this is the one you
want in the proverbial lifeboat when the
siren sounds and the ship starts sinking.
Why can’t school harness and celebrate
these standout talents?
Much secondary education is based on a
curriculum more designed for the sensibilities
of the Victorian social reformers than
the dynamic requirements of twenty-first
century work. School all too often has a
very narrow (and highly literacy-focused)
definition of intelligence.
For the child not wired for traditional
For the child not wired for
schooling, vocational education can be
traditional   schooling,
transformational, removingvocational
                            barriers and           Judith Fremont-Barnes –
education    can  be  transformational,            Head of Milton Abbey School
building confidence.
removing barriers and building

                                    UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                    11

Come out of your comfort zone
and try something new
“I joined Malvern College in year 10 and I’ve been a full boarder since.
  I love boarding and even though being an international student means
  I spend a lot of time away from home it has made my time at home
  even more special.”

During lockdown, I was in Kenya and                Everyone goes into all competitions head
although I was with my family after spending       first, ready to win, making them so exciting.
so much time away from them, it was not            One of my favourite events in the year is
long before I really missed school and in          Christmas Supper, which is a lovely night
particular boarding. Not just my friends but       filled with laughter and great food.
the daily hustle and bustle, from random           Our birthday suppers vary from house
chats in the corridor to being woken up            to house and could be a silent disco or a
at 6 am by friends singing Happy Birthday.         barbecue for example.
It is the little things that make boarding so
                                                   Starting in a new school away from home,
enjoyable as a whole.
                                                   especially when you are boarding for the first
We regularly have inter-house competitions         time can seem quite daunting. I remember
for sport, music and drama and these events        how nervous and excited I was in the
really bring everyone together whether it’s        weeks coming up to the start of term and
through participating or supporting they are       in all honesty, I was a bit homesick initially,
great fun and one of the highlights to the term.   but it was not long before what were the
                                                   strangers around me soon became friends
                                                   and now family.
                                                   Boarding life can be very busy as there is
                                                   always so much going on, but Sunday is a day
                                                   to catch up with friends, sleep and do some
                                                   work. When we are not in the middle of a
                                                   pandemic a Sunday brunch with friends is
                                                   something to look forward to.
                                                   My advice to anyone looking for a
                                                   UK Boarding School is to have a go…
                                                   boarding offers so much, so come out
                                                   of your comfort zone and try something
                                                   new. You never know it might become
                                                   your new passion.
                                                   Banita – a boarder at Malvern College


Amazing extra-curricular options
“We looked at a lot of schools when deciding to start our education
  in the UK and finally we chose Taunton School, because of the
  IB mixed with the amazing extra-curricular options and the general
  warm atmosphere of the school.”

I am in year 13 and although my schedule is       I think Taunton is a great place as it is
very busy, I really enjoy it! There is a lot of   close to the town and I can go to lots
support from other students and being part        of places with my friends but we don’t
of a house really helps because we always         have to worry too much about crossing
have a place to go and relax and it eases our     lots of roads or any of the problems we
busy workload. The teachers are great, they       might face living in a large city. My favourite
go above and beyond and I feel as though I        thing about my School is the diversity;
can drop in any time and they will be there       it contributes to so many different things
to help me. On top of my studies I also           like all the different extra-curricular options
run two clubs, the Volleyball club and the        we have and creates a wonderful global
Culture club; there are just so many clubs to     community here. Lena
be a part of as well as sports and music,         Lena and Safa – boarders at
it’s fantastic. Lena                              Taunton School
I am in year 6 and I like Taunton School
because everyone is kind and helpful. In
my old school, lessons weren’t as good and
there are also new things I can do here
like DT and Art. I like year 6 because it is
more challenging than last year and we get
to do exciting things like our own science
experiments; DT and Science are my
favourite lessons! The teachers are
kind and sometimes funny, and they
always make sure that they explain
things so we understand. There
is lots to do at school like sport
and clubs; I especially like drama
club and netball club. I think my
favourite thing about school is
that they make it easy to make
friends and try lots of different
things. Safa

                                  UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                  13
01                                 LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

Ardingly College

                                                                                      “Our students
                                                                                       leave as confident
                                                                                       individuals ready
                                                                                       for the world
                                                                                       having reached
                                                                                       their academic

Schools are places of discovery        the UK, just 15 minutes from          and excursions. We support
as well as education. No child         London Gatwick and 45 minutes         every student to find balance
is good at everything but every        from London Heathrow.                 and fulfilment, whilst developing
child is good at something.                                                  the resilience to overcome
                                       In the Senior School pupils
We will support every student                                                any challenges.
                                       design their academic
to discover where their
                                       programme to suit their abilities     Sport, music, art and drama
strengths lie.
                                       and interests whilst studying core    feature highly in the lives of
But more than that we are living       subjects of Maths, English and        pupils at Ardingly College.
in a diverse and competitive           Science. Pre-IB is also offered. In   We also have an extensive
world. At Ardingly College we          the Sixth Form there is a choice      enrichment programme
understand this and encourage          of A level, IB or BTEC. Our           offering a wide variety of
our students to grasp every            academic results are excellent        activities enabling students to
opportunity to be ready for the        across the board.                     discover academic passions,
world when they leave us.                                                    fulfil interests, and develop
                                       There is a vibrant social life
                                                                             creative or sporting talents.
Ardingly College is based in the       for boarders at the weekend,
beautiful Sussex countryside in        with a programme of events

                                    C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N
 Head:        Mr Ben Figgis                               Website:
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day             Telephone:    +44 (0) 1444 893000

 Age Range:   2-18 years                                  Email:
              (youngest boarder 13 years)
                                                          Address:      Ardingly College
 Contact:     Pamela Bower-Nye,                                         Haywards Heath
              Director of Admissions                                    West Sussex
                                                                        RH17 6SQ

14                                      UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                   02

Ashford School

                                                                                      “Inspiring minds”

At Ashford School, our                 that encourages growth and            Of profound importance
educational philosophy is based        adventure so that our students        to us are the wider learning
on a very simple assumption:           can develop into all they are         opportunities we provide.
if a pupil is happy and secure,        capable of being.                     Our extensive co-curricular
they are more likely to be                                                   programme enables our students
                                       Parents choose Ashford School
successful. As a result, our                                                 to grow in confidence and stand
                                       for many reasons: we consistently
learning is underpinned by four                                              out from the crowd.
                                       achieve high academic success,
key factors, namely Celebrating                                              Boarding
                                       we work very closely with our
Individuality, Optimising Potential,                                         Around 160 boarders from around
                                       pupils giving close attention to
Academic Rigour and                                                          the world make their home here.
                                       the needs of the individual,
Adventurous Learning.                                                        The school’s boarding houses are
                                       our class sizes, our challenging
We believe that learning should                                              located within grounds of over 25
                                       and supportive environment,
be challenging, motivating and                                               acres and accommodate students
                                       our wide range of co-curricular
lead to a sense of fulfilment,                                                from 10 to 18 years. We offer a
                                       activities, and our energetic,
which is why we strive to                                                    full programme of evening and
                                       specialist teachers.
provide an inspiring environment                                             weekend activities.

                                       C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr Michael Hall                             Website:
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day             Telephone:    +44 (0) 1233 739030
 Age Range:   3–18 years                                  Email:
              (youngest boarder 10 years)
                                                          Address:      Ashford School, East Hill
 Contact:     Nicola Creasey,                                           Ashford, Kent,TN24 8PB
              International Boarding Registrar

                                         UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                       15
03                                LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

Christ’s Hospital

                                                                                    “Christ’s Hospital
                                                                                     is the only
                                                                                     “Full Boarding”
                                                                                     school in the
                                                                                     South of England.”

Christ’s Hospital is an              If you want a school with             The School is unashamedly
independent co-educational           the ‘wow’ factor in abundance,        academic - with 98% of pupils
boarding school for pupils           look no further than                  moving on each year to the
aged 11-18 with just over            Christ’s Hospital.                    leading universities.
900 pupils, and an equal mix
                                     Christ’s Hospital is one of only      What is so special is the extent
of boys and girls.
                                     four co-educational full boarding     of the resources on offer:
The School is situated in            senior schools in the country.        24/7 teachers, supported prep,
beautiful Sussex countryside,        The advantage of full boarding        a range of activities including
just 20 miles south of London        is that all pupils stay at school     societies like the medics group
Gatwick, 38 miles from London        twenty-four hours a day,              to help with university
Heathrow and is very fortunate       seven days a week.                    applications as well as impressive
in having its own mainline           On Saturday mornings there            sports facilities.
railway station with regular         are lessons followed by a
trains to Gatwick Airport            weekend programme of activity
and London.                          and entertainment.

                                    C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Simon Reid                                Website:
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Telephone:    +44 (0) 1403 247410
 Age Range:   11-18 years (10-18 for boarding)          Email:
              (youngest boarder 11 years)
                                                        Address:      Christ’s Hospital
 Contact:     Joanne Coveney,                                         Horsham
              Registrar                                               West Sussex RH13 0LG

16                                    UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                  04

Claremont School

                                                                                   “A great school
                                                                                    with a brilliant
                                                                                    ethos - friendly,
                                                                                    fair, intimate,
                                                                                    and passion”

Claremont Prep and Senior           personal development comes            Alongside this process, we study
are located over two sites          with a degree of good struggle        current school reports and align
nestled in the quintessential       and endeavour. We ensure our          future academic and career
English countryside, close to       students become the very best         aspirations, as appropriate.
the south coast of England and      version of themselves, to grow        Although non-selective, Claremont’s
the British seaside.                respectful of their individual        GCSE and A level results have
Claremont is a small school with    privilege and to be aware of how      been truly exceptional and our
a friendly, collegiate feel; our    they can become active,               OFSTED report is continually
teachers, staff and students are    impactful citizens of the world.      ‘Outstanding’ across all criteria.
close, and we foster an             We are a non-selective school;        Being able to prepare young
environment that is respectful,     we do not ask prospective             people for maths degrees at
compassionate and conducive to      students to sit an entrance           Harvard as effectively as for
positive learning. We encourage     examination. Instead, we interview    fashion courses in London is
all our students to embrace the     all our international candidates in   something all our staff are
idea that great knowledge and       person or online, in English.         enormously proud of.

                                    C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Heads:       Mr Ed Dickie (Senior School);            Website:
              Mr Gavin Bunker (Prep School)            Telephone:   +44 (0) 1424 234482
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day          Email:       charlotte.hamilton
 Age Range:   3 months – 18 years
              (youngest boarder 11 years)              Addresses:   Claremont Senior School, Bodiam,
                                                                    East Sussex, TN32 5UJ, UK
 Contact:     Charlotte Hamilton
                                                                    Claremont Prep School, Ebdens Hill,
              Head of International Admissions
                                                                    St Leonards, East Sussex, TN37 7PW, UK

                                      UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                         17
05                                    LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

Cranbrook School

                                                                                       “We aim for all
                                                                                        boarders to fulfil
                                                                                        their potential
                                                                                        and develop as
                                                                                        well rounded

Cranbrook School is one of the         boarders from further afield) to       well cared for – allowing them to
oldest and highly regarded state       fulfil their true potential in the     achieve their full potential
day and boarding schools in            classroom and outside. Our            academically, socially and physically.
England. Our aim as a leading          academic results and outstanding
                                                                             We offer excellent facilities and
boarding school is to support all      Ofsted rating suggest that we are
                                                                             well-structured time for our
students to fulfil their potential      managing to meet this aim without
                                                                             boarders to learn, enjoy and grow.
through our core values of respect,    betraying our roots. In our view no
                                                                             There is a thriving co-curricular
aspiration and achievement.            other school blends the traditions
                                                                             programme with exceptionally
                                       of the State and Independent
Situated in the heart of the Kent                                            high levels of participation in
                                       sectors so successfully.
countryside, Cranbrook is                                                    sport, music and drama.
blessed with superb facilities, a      Entry for boarders occurs at
                                                                             Each house has a unique
75 acre campus and a truly             Year 9 and Year 12 and has an
                                                                             feel fostered by the strong
dedicated teaching staff. As a         overall school population of 872.
                                                                             leadership of our Heads of
selective grammar school we
                                       Our top priority is that our          House and by the expertise of
challenge the brightest boys and
                                       boarders are happy, healthy and       our boarding staff.
girls in the local area (along with

                                       C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr. Will Chuter (From Jan 2021)           Telephone:   +44 (0) 1580 711804
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Email:
 Age Range:   11-18 years                               Address:     Cranbrook School
              (youngest boarder 13 years)                            Waterloo Road
 Contact:     Andrea Baker, Registrar                                Kent TN17 3JD

18                                       UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                     06

Lancing College

                                                                                      “A truly beautiful
                                                                                       school where the
                                                                                       upward spaces
                                                                                       encourage students
                                                                                       to reach for the
                                                                                       skies whilst
                                                                                       keeping their feet
                                                                                       on the ground.”
                                                                                         The Good Schools Guide

Lancing College is a highly           and develop through co-curricular      Lancing welcomes pupils from
successful boarding school            activities. The College opened its     over 40 different countries
with an outstanding reputation.       equestrian centre in 2017,             creating an amazing and highly
Located in 550 acres of the           providing a first class riding          beneficial community - inclusive,
magnificent South Downs                experience to the pupils and also      diverse and globally aware. The
National Park, it is only one         to the wider community. Lancing is     College has ten Houses where
hour from London and                  also highly regarded for its music     boys and girls stay for the duration
convenient for both Heathrow          and arts and our most talented         of their time at Lancing. Each
and Gatwick airports.                 pupils go on to study at               House becomes a real home, a
                                      prestigious music schools. Our         place where pupils build lifelong
Pupils at Lancing benefit from a
                                      pupils have different gifts and        friendships and are cared for by a
genuinely all-round approach:
                                      personalities, Lancing’s strength is   dedicated Housemaster or
excellent academic results are
                                      to support them in exploring their     Housemistress.
achieved within an environment
                                      talents and making the most of
where pupils are given a wide
                                      them, as well as pushing them out
range of opportunities to explore
                                      into new ventures.

                                      C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Dominic Oliver, MPhil                       Website:
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day             Telephone:   +44 (0) 1273 465 805
 Age Range:   13-18 years                                 Email:
              (youngest boarder 13 years)
                                                          Address:     Lancing College
 Contact:     Sarah Linfield, Admissions Manager                        Lancing
                                                                       West Sussex
                                                                       BN15 0RW

                                        UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                              19
07                                        LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

Mill Hill School & Mill Hill International

                                                                                                  “London’s leading
                                                                                                   day and boarding
                                                                                                   school for 13 to
                                                                                                   18 year olds.”

 Mill Hill School                                  Mill Hill International School

Mill Hill School is London’s                  north of London, Mill Hill School          the Mill Hill School site,
leading co-educational day and                has an international reputation            International School pupils have
boarding school for boys and                  for excellence which has been              full use of the Senior School’s
girls aged 13 to 18, offering                 built over more than two                   excellent facilities including an
GCSE and A Level courses, and                 centuries since its foundation.            indoor swimming pool, sports
forms part of the Mill Hill                                                              hall, library, theatre and Music
                                              The Mount, Mill Hill International
School Foundation.                                                                       Department.
                                              School, is located within its own
Mill Hill School was founded in               newly refurbished campus just a            The following courses are
1807, when its founders wisely                short walk from the main Mill Hill         offered at Mill Hill International:
chose its location on the top of a            School site, and its pupils are            Fast Track Intensive English
hillside for its fresh air, safety and        members of the wider Mill Hill             Course, Year 9 Course,
natural beauty.                               School community.                          Two-Year GCSE Course,
Located in 120 acres of beautiful             Accommodated in one of five                 One-Year GCSE Course.
parkland just ten miles to the                dedicated boarding houses on

                                             C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N
 Head:              Mrs Jane Sanchez (Mill Hill School)                       Email:
                    Ms Sarah Bellotti (Mill Hill International)                  
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day                                 Address:     Mill Hill School
 Age Range:         13-18 years                                                            The Ridgeway
                    (youngest boarder 13 years)                                            Mill Hill Village
                                                                                           London NW7 1QS
 Contact:           Korina Freese, Assistant Registrar
                    (International)                                                        The Mount
                                                                                           Mill Hill International
 Website:                                                     Milespit Hill
 Telephone:         +44 (0) 20 8959 1176 (Mill Hill School)                                Mill Hill Village
                    +44 (0) 20 3826 3333 (Mill Hill International)                         London NW7 2RX

20                                             UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                    08

Rochester Independent College

                                                                                     “It’s a place
                                                                                      for individuals.
                                                                                      The campus
                                                                                      is as unique
                                                                                      as the school.
                                                                                      The students are
                                                                                      a strikingly nice
                                                                                      bunch and there’s
                                                                                      a lovely air of
                                                                                      tolerance and
                                                                                      Good Schools Guide

Rochester Independent College        they go on to win places at a         grown up in Italy and the UAE.
is a school like no other.           wide range of top universities.       However, all of my fears were
                                                                           completely unjustified as the
Our unique campus and friendly       “Having come from a large school
                                                                           boarding staff are a very friendly
staff make the college feel more     in Dubai where the teaching, for
                                                                           team and they instantly make y
like a home than a school. There     the most part, felt very impersonal
                                                                           ou feel comfortable. Overall my
is no uniform, no bells ring, and    and uncaring; the teaching at RIC
                                                                           experience as a boarder has been
everybody is on first-name            has been fantastic. Small class
                                                                           a truly positive one and
terms. However, that doesn’t         sizes make things much more
                                                                           I would recommend Rochester
stop Rochester from being in the     personal and it is much easier to
                                                                           Independent College to any local
top 2% in England for student        address any problems with course
                                                                           or international students.”
progress at A-level. And it          content. When I first arrived, I was
                                                                           Eric Charles, former RIC student.
doesn’t stop us preparing our        incredibly worried about how my
                                                                           Now at Reading University
students for success: their hard     time here would unfold. I’d never
                                                                           studying Law.
work and first-class results mean     been to a boarding school, having

                                     C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr Alistair Brownlow                       Telephone:    +44 (0) 1634 828115
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day            Email:
 Age Range:   11-21 years
                                                         Address:      Rochester Independent College
              (youngest boarder 15 years)
                                                                       254 St Margaret’s Banks
 Contact:     Rohan Froud & Georgina Winney,                           Rochester
              Admissions                                               Kent
 Website:                                ME1 1HY

                                       UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                          21
09                                  LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

Royal Alexandra & Albert School

                                                                                         “We develop
                                                                                          ready to flourish.”

“The school provides a                  The School’s extensive grounds         In addition, all pupils undertake,
secure environment in which             house fantastic sporting facilities,   alongside their A Levels, the
children and young people flourish,     including five rugby pitches,          Extended Project Qualification
achieve academically, stretch their     flood-lit all-weather sports           or the Cambridge Pre-U Global
abilities and develop social skills.”   pitches, a state-of-the-art fitness    Perspectives short course.
Ofsted March 2018                       centre, indoor swimming pool,
                                                                               At the core of the School’s
                                        and Equestrian Centre.
Situated in 260 acres of beautiful                                             community is an understanding
parkland in Reigate, Surrey, the        In the Sixth Form there is an          of pupil needs and a commitment
Royal Alexandra and Albert              emphasis on developing                 to education – in the truest
School is a state boarding school       leadership skills and a global         sense of the word. That is,
for boys and girls age 7-18. There      outlook. As such, pupils participate   the development of strong
is a strong boarding ethos, with        in the Global Leader Award,            values, character, resilience
500 of the School’s 1,150 pupils        a bespoke leadership and skills-       and independence, as well as
being full boarders.                    based development programme.           academic achievement.

                                        C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:         Mark Dixon                                   Telephone:    +44 (0) 1737 649001
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day               Email:
 Age Range:    7-18 years                                   Address:      Royal Alexandra and Albert School
               (youngest boarder 7 years)                                 Gatton Park
 Contact:      Fiona Newport, Admissions Officer
                                                                          Surrey, RH2 0TD

22                                        UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                       10

St George’s Ascot

                                                                                      “One of the
                                                                                       leading girls’
                                                                                       schools in the UK,
                                                                                       with excellence
                                                                                       academically and
                                                                                       in the performing
                                                                                       and creative arts.”

St George’s Ascot, only eight          with St George’s aiming to help       and the Chapel Choir performing
miles from Heathrow and 30             the girls achieve 1-1.5 grades        at Westminster Abbey and St
minutes from London, is one of         higher at GCSE and A Level.           Paul’s Cathedral. Many budding
the leading girls’ boarding and                                              artists gain places at prestigious
                                       Boarding is homely and
day schools in the UK.                                                       universities including Central
                                       comfortable with an experienced
                                                                             St Martins.
Deliberately small, every girl is      team of House Staff organising
known individually and supported       an array of weekend trips and         Lacrosse, netball, tennis,
by a close network of teaching         excursions. Socially the girls mix    swimming, athletics, rounders,
and pastoral staff who focus on        with boys at Eton College,            squash and polo are all played
enabling every pupil to excel not      Winchester College and                competitively and facilities are
only academically, but also to         Harrow School.                        extensive with a new 25m, six
develop their creative, physical,                                            lane swimming pool which
                                       The Arts are fabulous with
spiritual and imaginative interests.                                         opened in September 2019.
                                       facilities including a 350 seat
Examination results are excellent      theatre, separate drama studio

                                       C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Liz Hewer                                   Website:
 School Type: Girls boarding and day                      Telephone:     +44 (0) 1344 629 959
 Age Range:   11-18 years                                 Email:
              (youngest boarder 11 years)
                                                          Address:       St George’s Ascot
 Contact:     Kerry Bertram,                                             Wells Lane
              Director of Admissions                                     Ascot
              and Marketing                                              Berkshire SL5 7DZ

                                         UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                           23
11                                  LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

St Lawrence College

                                                                                     “Absolutely stunning!
                                                                                      – outstanding
                                                                                      boarding facilities
                                                                                      and a calm and safe
                                                                                      oasis of learning.”

We welcome full boarding pupils         standards are high, and an            School’s own theatre. Our
from 7 to 18 years to our               extensive choice of GCSEs and         Canon Perfect Centre, opened
beautiful site, within easy             A-levels are offered, with an         in 2018, houses spacious rooms
walking distance of the coastal         excellent success rate of pupils      and state-of-the-art equipment
town of Ramsgate in South-East          going on to their first choice of      for Science, Art, Design and
England. Founded in 1879, the           university, including Oxbridge.       Technology. Boarders can use all
school is home to 650 pupils            In 2019 St Lawrence College           of the facilities in the evenings
from all over the world and has         became Kent’s only High               and at weekends and benefi t
a real family atmosphere, with a        Performance Learning World            from an extensive extra-
strong sense of community               Class School, and one of only         curricular activities programme.
based on Christian foundations.         14 schools globally to achieve this   The school runs its own
                                        coveted accolade.                     airport transfer service to
Boarding is central to the
school’s life and a substantial         Sporting facilities are exceptional   Gatwick and Heathrow.
programme of investment has             and include a magnificent Sports       London is only 75 minutes away
created some truly remarkable           Centre and an Olympic standard        via direct high-speed train
facilities for our boarders, with all   hockey pitch. Music and drama         from Ramsgate to London
rooms en-suite. Academic                flourish, enhanced by the              St Pancras International.

                                        C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:         Mr Barney Durrant                           Telephone:    +44 (0) 1843 572 931
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day              Email:
 Age Range:    3-18 years                                  Address:      St Lawrence College
               (youngest boarder 7 years)                                College Road
 Contact:      Mrs Sue Mahoney, Registrar                                Kent
 Website:                                             CT11 7AE

24                                        UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                 12

Steyning Grammar School

                                                                                 “Every Person The
                                                                                  Best They Can Be.”

Steyning Grammar School Day         Outstanding Boarding as judged      State boarding schools provide
and Boarding is a co-educational    by Ofsted, accommodating full       free tuition with modest fees
successful high achieving           and weekly boarders. A strong       for boarding. For further
state school supporting over        and harmonious ‘Steyning Family’    information please visit the
2000 students from ages             from Home County villagers,         boarding section of our website
11 – 18 years.                      to Caribbean islanders, providing If you would
                                    a supportive and caring             like to visit, receive further
A non–selective comprehensive
                                    environment where students          information or tour of our
school with a large Sixth Form
                                    are happy, engaged and keen to      facilities please call Mrs Plimmer
College and all the curriculum
                                    learn. Developing Character         on 01903 817601.
choices that size enables.
                                    since 1614 - ‘Every Person The
Nestled below the South
                                    Best They Can Be.’
Downs, in the small historic
market town of Steyning,

                                   C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr N Kennedy                            Telephone:   +44 (0) 1903 817601
              Mrs N Nicol
 School Type: State co-educational boarding and day
                                                      Address:     Steyning Grammar School
 Age Range:   11-18 years                                          Day and Boarding
              (youngest boarder 13 years)                          Church Street
 Contact:     Mrs Suzie Plimmer                                    West Sussex
 Website:                                       BN44 3LB

                                     UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                        25
13                                LONDON AND SOUTH EAST

TASIS The American School in England

                                                                            the safety and wellbeing of our
                                                                            students and making school a
                                                                            home from home. They provide
                                                                            the environment - and support
                                                                            systems - that promote good
                                                                            mental health and life skills,
                                                                            resilience, resourcefulness, and
                                                                            social confidence. Our boarding
                                                                            houses are where life-long
                                                                            friendships are built and they are
                                                                            filled with happiness and laughter.
                                                                            Each year our students achieve
A leading independent,              We offer the American High School       top grades and get accepted into
co-educational day and boarding     Diploma, International Baccalaureate    leading universities, including Ivy
school educating students from      Diploma Programme (IBDP) and            League in the US and Russell
ages 3-18 (Boarding starts at       Advanced Placement (AP) courses.        Group in the UK. TASIS students
aged 13).                           There is a University and College       are the leaders of tomorrow.
Our beautiful 46-acre campus,       Counseling Office on campus as           They are smart, strong
close to the city of London and     well as an EAL department               communicators, confident,
just 15 minutes from London         providing support to students           courageous, creative, and positive
Heathrow Airport, combines          whose first language is not English.     and demonstrate integrity,
historic buildings with state-of-   We are very proud of our student        honesty, and humility.
the-art facilities, including a     diversity (58 different nationalities   Learning extends beyond the
science building with dedicated     enrolled with us), our small classes    classroom through field trips and
laboratories for each science, 3    (Average class size in the Upper        our Academic Travel Program and
libraries, 350-seat theatre, music School is just 10), and our excellent    we encourage participation in
rooms, art studios, art gallery,    student/teacher ratio of 6:1,           sports, clubs, and activities, which
Centre for Innovation, Inspiration, allowing us to offer individualized     include football, basketball, tennis,
and Exploration in partnership      attention to every student.             swimming, dance, horse riding,
with Samsung, fi tness center,       We have 8 boarding houses on            photography, film, theatre,
tennis courts, sports halls, and    campus and our highly experienced       Duke of Edinburgh, and Model
outdoor playing fields.              boarding team are committed to          United Nations.

                                     C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N
 Head:        Mr Bryan Nixon                                 Telephone:     +44 (0)1932 582 345
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day                Email:
 Age Range:   3-18 years                                     Address:       TASIS
              (youngest boarder 13 years)                                   The American School in England
 Contact:     Sarah Travis, Senior Associate Director                       Coldharbour Lane
              of Student Recruitment and Admissions                         Thorpe
 Website:                                          TW20 8TE

26                                     UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
LONDON AND SOUTH EAST                                                    14

Wellesley House

                                                                                    “Wellesley House is
                                                                                     a family orientated
                                                                                     school, where all
                                                                                     children get a
                                                                                     chance to shine.”

Situated in the idyllic British      a high-quality education that        to be their best selves.
seaside town of Broadstairs,         opens up a world of possibilities    Wellesley is very proud of the
Kent, just over an hour from         for their pupils. Built on the       fact that many pupils go on to
London, Wellesley House is a         values of Kindness, Courage,         achieve scholarships in sports,
small, caring, traditional and       Respect, Teamwork and                art, drama and music, alongside
outdoorsy preparatory school,        Enjoyment, the Wellesley             academia, to some of the best
in which all children get a          community helps pupils form          senior schools in the country
chance to shine and nobody gets      lifelong friendships, grow in
                                                                          “ We will help guide and support
lost in the crowd.                   independence and hone their
                                                                            you and your child to find the
                                     moral compass.
With a reputation for                                                       right senior school. We are a
exceptional academic success         The school takes immense pride         school that will bring out the best
that is achieved alongside           in its pastoral care and wellbeing     in your child and allow them to
excellence on the sports field, in    offer, ensuring that every child       fulfil their true potential.”
the arts and in music, Wellesley     feels safe and develops a sense of
House is committed to providing      belonging so that they are able

                                     C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr Gavin Frankline                        Website:
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Telephone:   +44 (0) 1843 862991
 Age Range:   2-13 years                                Email:
              (youngest boarder 7 years)
                                                        Address:     14, Ramsgate Road, Broadstairs,
 Contact:     Mrs Geraldine Baird,                                   Kent CT10 2DG
              Head of Admissions

                                       UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                          27
01                                         SOUTH AND WEST

Badminton School

                                                                                     “A world-class
                                                                                      education in the
                                                                                      heart of Bristol.”

Badminton is a thriving                Whilst the school retains a           into the day to day life of the
independent day and boarding           nationally outstanding academic       School, where girls are given a
school for girls aged 3-18,            record, its focus continues to be     wide range of opportunities to
which has remained at the              on nurturing the girls’ natural       grow, develop and express
forefront of girls’ education          curiosity and fuelling their          themselves in an enormous
for well over 160 years. The size      passion for learning. Therefore,      range of activities.
of the campus and community            we select girls on their personal
                                                                             The best way to understand the
gives a homely and vibrant feel        strengths and all round ability, as
                                                                             School and to enjoy its
to the School.                         well as their academic potential.
                                                                             atmosphere is to come and visit.
                                       It is a characteristic of Badminton
This, coupled with our excellent                                             Please do get in touch to arrange
                                       girls that they are thoughtful
pastoral care, leaves no scope for                                           a visit and we will look forward
                                       individuals, able to evaluate
anonymity, but rather lends itself                                           to welcoming you and your
                                       information and decide for
to strong mutually supportive                                                daughter to Badminton.
                                       themselves. This approach
relationships between girls as well
                                       extends beyond their studies and
as between girls and staff.

                                       C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mrs Rebecca Tear                            Website:
 School Type: Girls boarding and day                      Telephone:   +44 (0) 117 905 5271

 Age Range:   3-18 years                                  Email:
              (youngest boarder 9 years)
                                                          Address:     Badminton School
 Contact:     Katherine Stewart,                                       Westbury-on-Trym
              Admissions Manager                                       Bristol
                                                                       BS9 3BA

28                                       UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22
SOUTH AND WEST                                                     02


                                                                          “…I really value that the
                                                                           staff genuinely know and
                                                                           care about my children,
                                                                           they always go the extra
                                                                           mile and, in my experience,
                                                                           are also amazingly kind.”
                                                                           Dauntsey’s parent

Academic endeavour is at the         adventurous outdoor activities.      “Dauntsey’s is a friendly, focussed and
heart of the School and pupils       Pupils build resilience through      happy school where I ask every pupil
                                                                          to give of their best, to be adventurous
should leave with strong             the challenges they take on once
                                                                          and to look after each other.”
examination results and a love       lessons are over and this enables    Headmaster, Mark Lascelles
of learning. But a Dauntsey’s        them to quickly adapt to the
education is not just about          ever-changing world they enter       “…the school is highly successful in
                                                                          developing well-rounded, confident,
academic results.                    on leaving school.
                                                                          skilled young people who are very
Curiosity and a spirit of            Dauntsey’s is lively, creative and   well equipped for the next stage of
                                                                          their education.”
adventure are also encouraged        caring; it is a happy community
                                                                          ISI Inspection Report.
to ensure that all pupils make the   with a strong family atmosphere,
most of the many opportunities       where friendship matters and
on offer. Drama, music, art and      where the courteous informality
sport all flourish and our            between staff and pupils is
extensive rural surroundings         highly valued.
provide an ideal setting for many

                                     C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Headmaster: Mr Mark Lascelles                          Telephone:   +44 (0) 1380 814500
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Email:
 Age Range:   11-18 years                               Address:     Dauntsey’s School
              (youngest boarder 11 years)                            High Street
                                                                     West Lavington
 Contact:     Mrs Jo Sagers, Registrar                               Devizes
 Website:                                      Wiltshire SN10 4HE

                                         UK SCHOOLS DIRECTORY 2021/22                                            29
03                                         SOUTH AND WEST

King’s Hall School and
King’s College, Taunton

                                                                                   “Thriving boarding
                                                                                    schools in the heart
                                                                                    of the Somerset

King’s Hall School and               What Makes King’s Special?           and performing arts. The
King’s College are thriving          The schools’ strong boarding         schools are small enough to
co-educational boarding and          ethos is central. The fact that      be friendly and yet large enough
day schools, providing quality       so many pupils and staff live on     to compete nationally. A good
education for 2- to 18-year-         the site creates a strong sense of   work ethic and small class sizes
olds. Both schools are part          community, while the other great     help sustain progress, and
of the respected Woodard             benefi t is the extra time            specialist teaching is the norm,
Corporation and are situated         boarding offers: time for            with great emphasis placed
in Taunton. Exeter and Bristol       relaxation, friendship, practising   on developing the individual:
airports are less than an            the many activities available –      kindness, consideration,
hour away and London                 music, sport, Forest School,         courtesy and respect for
Heathrow little more than            Combined Cadet Force, Duke           one another.
two hours away.                      of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

                                    C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Mr Justin Chippendale (King’s Hall)       Telephone:   +44 (0) 1823 285928 (King’s Hall)
              Mr Richard Biggs (King’s College)                      +44 (0) 1823 328204 (King’s College)
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Email:
 Age Range:   2-18 years
              (youngest boarder 7 years)                Address:     King’s Hall School
                                                                     Kingston Road
 Contact:     Kate Rippin, Director of
                                                                     Taunton TA2 8AA
              Admissions, King’s Schools
                                                                     King’s College
                                                                     South Road
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Kingswood School

                                                                                   “One of the top
                                                                                    schools in the UK.”

Kingswood School is an              mere 10 minutes away, the              achieve success and are constantly
independent, co-educational         school is not far from both            encouraged to progress beyond
day and boarding school located     London and Bristol airports.           their natural potential.
on a magnificent 200-acre site
                                    The school is renowned for             Kingswood was rated ‘excellent’
in Lansdown, Bath.
                                    balancing academic rigour,             in every category in its latest
It offers an inclusive community    strength in the arts and sport, as     Independent School Inspectorate
and a holistic education to         well as outstanding pastoral care      (ISI) inspection. Categories
children, all set against the       with a forward-thinking approach.      strongly praised included
backdrop of one of the UK’s         Boarding is a key feature of life at   teaching and learning, pastoral
most beautiful cities known         Kingswood School, and the              care, extra-curricular provision,
for its natural hot springs and     boarders are seen as the               boarding and the spiritual, moral,
18th-century Georgian               heartbeat of the community.            social and cultural development
architecture.                                                              of pupils.
                                    Offering over 100 extra-curricular
Only a 90-minute train journey      activities every week, this is an
outside London, with Bristol a      environment in which pupils

                                   C O N TA C T I N F O R M AT I O N

 Head:        Andrew Gordon-Brown                       Telephone:   +44 (0) 1225 734210
 School Type: Co-educational boarding and day           Email:
 Age Range:   9 months –18 years                        Address:     Kingswood School
              (youngest boarder 7 years)                             Lansdown
 Contact:     Diane Patterson, Head of Admissions                    Somerset
 Website:                              BA1 5RG

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