2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing

2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
Undergraduate programmes in

 Computing and
                               Academic direction by

2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
Join the World Class

1    A mark of excellence
     Gain a degree from the University of London, a mark
     of excellence, respected worldwide since 1858.

2     tudy without relocating
    	Study wherever you live and gain a prestigious qualification.
     With competitive fees and no travel, relocation or accommodation
     costs, studying through the University of London is much more
     affordable than coming to London to study on campus.

3     uality of learning
     The programmes in this prospectus are developed by
      academics at Goldsmiths, a member institution of the
      University of London. You can participate in a global learning
      community by connecting online with fellow students
      worldwide to collaborate and share perspectives.

4     mployability
     Enter the workplace with a range of qualifications and experience
      and develop transferable skills such as problem solving, analysis and
      self-motivation, which are sought after by top employers worldwide.

5     J oin the World Class
    	On graduation join our global community of influential alumni,
       from leaders in business and industry to Nobel prize winners.

2              Undergraduate programmes in Computing
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
“In a fast changing
   environment of
   worldwide access
   to higher education,
   a University of London
   degree continues
   to offer a guarantee
   of quality, value and
   intellectual rigour.”
 	Professor Wendy Thomson
   University of London

london.ac.uk/computing       3
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
Your prestigious University
of London qualification
    About your qualification
    When you graduate with a degree, diploma or certificate
    from the University of London you will receive two important
    documents – your Final Diploma (the parchment you
    receive on graduation) and a Diploma Supplement.

    The Final Diploma
    •	Indicates that you were registered with the University of London
      and awarded a University of London degree, diploma or certificate
    •	Names Goldsmiths as the member institution
      responsible for the syllabus and assessment.
    •	Features the University of London crest and
      the Vice-Chancellor’s signature.

    The Diploma Supplement
    •	Describes the nature, level and content of the programme
      you successfully completed.
    •	Includes the transcript of courses taken, marks achieved
      and overall classification.
    •	States the role of Goldsmiths and the method of study.

4                Undergraduate programmes in Computing
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing

Key dates                          Join the World Class                                  2
                                   Your prestigious University of London qualification   4
Application deadline               World-class academic direction from Goldsmiths        6
You can apply throughout the       Programmes
year, but we strongly advise you   BSc Computing and Information Systems                 8
to apply as early as possible.
                                   BSc Creative Computing                                10
Applications must be               Certificates of Higher Education (CertHE)             12
received no later than             Work Experience Entry Route                           13
1 October 2020                     Individual courses                                    14
                                   Reference section
Registration deadline
30 November 2020                   How you study                                         15
                                   Summer school                                         17
Start studying                     The Student Portal                                    18
Study materials are usually        Computer requirements                                 19
available from mid-August.         Entrance requirements                                 20
Some materials are available
online, enabling you               Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)                   22
to start earlier.                  Application and registration process                  24
                                   Transfer                                              25
                                   Further information                                   26
May–June 2020

                                              london.ac.uk/computing                          5
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
World-class academic
direction from Goldsmiths
An innovative approach                   and focuses on its application in            acquire the expertise to develop the
                                         creative contexts, such as music,            next generation of computing, and
The programmes in Computing              visual arts and computer games.              contribute to strategic decision-making
are stimulating, interesting and                                                      for complex socio-technical systems.
                                         Both programmes will enable you to
relevant. Goldsmiths has designed                                                     Whether your ambitions lie within
                                         become a technically competent user
them to provide lasting benefit, by                                                   business, IT or the creative industries,
                                         of computing technology and enhance
combining leading-edge practice                                                       a world-class degree of international
                                         your potential to become a developer,
with solid underlying principles.                                                     standing will fast-track your career.
                                         innovator and leader in your field.
Our programmes focus on the                                                           Why study computing
innovative application of computing      Career enhancing skills
technology, underpinned by                                                            at Goldsmiths?
rigorous study of the technology         Competing in a global economy
itself. The approach is to emphasise     that is increasingly dependent on            Goldsmiths is all about the
independence, creativity and             technology requires high levels of           freedom to experiment, to think
learning by doing. The Computing         technical skill and understanding.           differently, to be an individual.
and Information Systems degree           Studying computing will provide you          Founded in 1891, Goldsmiths is
provides a solid grounding in computer   with a strong foundation and a chance        internationally renowned for creative
technology and exposes you to its        to develop your interests. You will
                                                                                      and innovative approaches to both
application in the world of business     learn how to apply computing to a            teaching and research. A distinctive
and information systems. The             range of real-life situations and you will   attitude to learning encourages
Creative Computing degree gives          develop your skillset to meet evolving       students to explore ideas, challenge
a similar grounding in technology        employment opportunities. You will           boundaries, investigate fresh ways
                                                                                      of thinking and stretch their minds
    Programme team                                                                    intellectually and creatively.
                                                                                      Awarded over £15 million in research
                                                                                      grants in the last five years, we
                                                                                      have a unique vision of computing
                                                                                      research as an interdisciplinary set of
                                                                                      practices, methods and techniques.
                                                                                      As a result, our research renews
                                                                                      and invigorates computer science
                                                                                      as a discipline through a range
                                                                                      of unusual forms of engagement
    Dr Maggie Cooper         Kärt Luik                Joe Gadian Morton               and activity: artistic works, musical
    Programme Director       Programme Manager        Programme Officer               performances, social science studies,

6                    Undergraduate programmes in Computing
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
alongside the more traditional             A University of                             •	First Class
peer-reviewed paper outputs.
                                           London degree                               •	Upper Second Class
Our academic staff are active
                                                                                       •	Lower Second Class
researchers and leading experts            Undergraduate degrees of the
in their field. Our research ranges        University of London are awarded with       •	Third Class
from mainstream computer science,          Honours. The award certificate will
including algorithms, data analytics                                                   A Pass Degree or Ordinary Degree is a
                                           indicate the level of the academic          degree without Honours. Specific rules
and machine learning, to creative          performance (Honours) achieved by
computing for music, film, TV, visual                                                  for the classification of awards are
                                           classifying the award. The classification   given in the Programme Regulations,
arts, games and animation.                 of the degree will be based on the          under Scheme of Award.
According to the QS World University       ratified marks from the completed
Rankings by Subject 2020, Goldsmiths       assessments. The standard classification
is in the top 50 in the UK for Computer    system for bachelor’s degrees with
Science and Information Systems.           Honours is:

Introduction to the awards

Programme               No. of courses Study period Description

                                                      The traditional degree in which 12 courses are taken in three stages.
BSc                          12           3–6 years   You are welcome to apply to transfer to Goldsmiths to complete your
                                                      degree studies, entering at Year 2 or Year 3.

Certificate of Higher                                 An award in its own right. You may transfer directly to Level 5 of the BSc
                              4           1–4 years
Education (CertHE)                                    once you have successfully completed the Certificate.

                                                      An additional entry route to the BSc for applicants with non-standard
Work Experience
                              2           1–3 years   qualifications. Students who wish to study Computing and Information
Entry Route
                                                      Systems or Creative Computing will take two courses.

                                                      You can apply to take individual courses if you wish to enhance your
Individual courses           1–2          1–2 years   skills or professional knowledge, demonstrate your ability in a specific
                                                      area or study certain subjects in which you have an interest.

                                                                            london.ac.uk/computing                                 7
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
BSc Computing and
Information Systems
                                                                                  Some of our graduates go on to
                                                                                  study at top institutions, but most
                                                                                  secure graduate posts in order to
                                                                                  establish their careers. These include:
                                                                                  •	Systems analyst: You’ll have a high
                                                                                     level of technical expertise along with
                                                                                     the ability to understand information
                                                                                     systems within an organisation.
                                                                                     You will be able to analyse system
                                                                                     requirements and design, build,
                                                                                     modify, adapt and test IT systems
                                                                                     that meet changing business needs.
                                                                                  •	Security consultant: You’ll be skilled
                                                                                     in the area of computer networking,
                                                                                     and have a deep understanding of
                                                                                     cryptography and the risks and issues
                                                                                     surrounding data security. You will
Computing and                            The range of skills you will
                                                                                     be able to analyse data breaches
                                         develop includes:
Information Systems                                                                  using forensic methods, and improve
                                         •	knowledge of computation                 and protect corporate systems.
You’ll gain a wide appreciation             and computation machinery
                                                                                  •	Networking engineer: You will
of the subject, rather than just an      • core programming                          have a high level of understanding
understanding of existing commercial                                                 of networking infrastructure and
approaches and limited software          • systems analysis and design
                                                                                     be able to design, implement
languages and packages. You will learn   • software engineering                      and support the networks vital to
to adapt and evolve to keep ahead in                                                 corporate activity across the world.
the fast-changing world of computing.    • software project management
                                         •	competence in databases, artificial   •	Technical architect: You will be a
The programme is designed to                                                         fluent programmer, in touch with
equip you with a wide range of              intelligence, interaction design,
                                            e-commerce solutions, computer           the latest developments in software
knowledge and skills to meet the                                                     and technology. You will be able to
current demands of the industry and         security, data compression and
                                            information systems management.          assimilate new techniques quickly and
thus increase your career prospects.                                                 incorporate them into your designs
The degree is a well-established                                                     for powerful information systems.
route to postgraduate study.

8                   Undergraduate programmes in Computing
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
Programme overview                        •	allows recognition of prior learning     “The Computing and
                                             for previously studied material, where
The BSc:                                     applicable                                Information Systems
•	helps you develop the ability to       •	has a flexible study period of            degree revealed a side of
   analyse and develop systems that can      between three and eight years             me which I never knew
   grow to meet changing needs in         •	is examined according to the same
   enterprise environments and other         standards as campus-based students
                                                                                       existed. I found I have
   organisations                             studying at Goldsmiths                    a passion to connect
•	helps you develop a portfolio of       •	allows transfer to Goldsmiths’ Year 2     people with technology.
   practical demonstrations of your          on successful completion of Level 4
   work, through coursework and a            (or the corresponding Certificate) or
                                                                                       The modules and other
   substantial project                       Year 3 on successful completion of        activities I was involved
                                             Levels 4 and 5 (see page 25).
•	provides a progression route to a                                                   in have honed both my
   variety of higher degrees in the
   computing and information systems                                                   technical and soft skills
   sectors                                                                             which are essential
                                                                                       in the workforce.”

                                                                                      	Farah Saleh
                                                                                         Computing and Information
                                                                                          Systems, Singapore

                                                                            london.ac.uk/computing                    9
2020 Computing and Information Systems Creative Computing - london.ac.uk/computing
BSc Creative Computing

“I found the idea               Creative Computing                       The range of skills you will
                                                                          develop includes:
 of combining the                This programme is unique as it           •	programming to support creative
 study of science                gives you skills in designing creative      uses of audio and video
                                 applications as well as using them,
 and art fascinating.            in the visual, audio and multimedia      • digital media processing

 One of the areas I              domains. It will enable you to express
                                 your own creativity and give you the
                                                                          •	creative practices and methodologies
                                                                             in a technology context
 enjoyed the most was            knowledge, confidence and ability
                                                                          •	competence in advanced graphics
                                 to act as a creative professional in
 the application of              the computing, media, music and             and animation, databases, artificial
                                                                             intelligence and interaction design.
 artificial intelligence         arts industries. The degree also gives
                                 access to postgraduate study.
 to music composition
 and analysis.”

	Denis de Montigny
  BSc Creative Computing,

10               Undergraduate programmes in Computing
Here are some examples of the kind of
employment that will be open to you:
•	Games developer: You’ll be skilled
   in programming and animation for
   games and other creative apps, across
   platforms ranging from mobile devices
   through to desktop computers. The
   games development industry is
   fast-growing, resulting in a shortfall
   of suitably qualified graduates.
•	3D graphics programmer: Your
   advanced programming skills
   and knowledge of mathematics
   and 3D graphics and animation
   combine to provide key skills for
   this increasingly important role.        Programme overview                          •	helps you develop a portfolio of
                                                                                           creative artefacts, through coursework
•	Web developer: You will design and       The BSc:                                       and a substantial project
   code web pages and implement
   the back end technical systems           •	is unique as a flexible learning         •	is examined according to the same
   that underpin them. You may                 programme as it provides you with           standards as campus-based students
   build bespoke solutions or support          the skills to design computer               studying at Goldsmiths, with
   a global e-commerce platform, or            applications across a wide range of         students sitting the same
   work on the latest technologies             creative industries                         examinations where feasible
   in the sharing economy.                                                              •	allows transfer to Goldsmiths’ Year 2
                                            •	provides a progression route to a
•	Multimedia programmer: Your                 variety of higher degrees in the            on successful completion of Level 4
   programming and creative skills will        creative technology sector                  (or the corresponding Certificate) or
   enable you to build new forms of                                                        Year 3 on successful completion of
                                            •	allows recognition of prior learning        Levels 4 and 5 (see page 25).
   digital and interactive media and
                                               for previously studied material, where
   online services. You will develop
   creative features, such as 2D/3D
   models, animation, music and video       •	has a flexible study period of between
   for innovative multimedia products.         three and eight years

                                                                             london.ac.uk/computing                                11
Certificates of Higher Education
                                                                                      These qualifications are for you if you:
                                                                                      •	have the ability, motivation and
                                                                                         maturity to study at degree level,
                                                                                         but do not have the qualifications
                                                                                         usually required to enter a
                                                                                         degree level programme
                                                                                      •	have the necessary qualifications to
                                                                                         embark on a degree programme,
                                                                                         but prefer a programme with
                                                                                         more teaching support
                                                                                      •	are interested in the subject,
                                                                                         but wish to study for a shorter
                                                                                         time than for a full degree.

                                                                                      The CertHE
                                                                                      •	A CertHE can be completed
                                                                                         in a minimum of one year and
An entry route to                           the CertHE can only be submitted             a maximum of four years.
                                            via a recognised teaching centre. Full
degree study                                details about the CertHE, including
                                                                                      •	You receive the same study
                                                                                         materials, have access to the
                                            entrance criteria, syllabuses and            same online facilities and take the
The Certificate of Higher Education in      application forms, should be obtained
Computing and Information Systems                                                        same examinations as students
                                            from the recognised teaching centre          taking the courses as part of
and the Certificate of Higher Education     at which you intend to enrol.
in Creative Computing are qualifications                                                 their degree programme.
in their own right that also provide an     Once you have successfully completed      Please note:
alternative entry route to the degrees.     a CertHE, you may transfer directly       •	It is not possible to study a
                                            to Level 5 of the corresponding BSc.         CertHE independently.
They may be studied on a full- or part-     Like Goldsmiths, a number of other
time basis, but only if you have applied,   British universities also recognise the   •	You must meet the attendance
registered through and are studying         Certificates as a possible entry route       requirements at your institution
at a recognised teaching centre that        into the second year of a degree             in order to be able to sit
has been granted Certificate Teaching       programme as an on-campus student.           your examinations.
Status (see page 15). Applications for

12                    Undergraduate programmes in Computing
Work Experience Entry Route

An alternative entry route Features of the Work
The Work Experience Entry Route
                                Experience Entry Route
provides an alternative entry route          •	You can transfer your registration
to the BSc degrees, making them                 to the BSc with credit for the
accessible to a wider range of students.        courses you have passed.
You take two courses and once these
are successfully completed you may           •	You will then complete the other
move directly on to the BSc. This               Level 4 courses that form part
option is intended for applicants               of the degree, together with
who do not have the necessary                   up to two Level 5 courses.
academic qualifications but have
                                             •	The Work Experience Entry Route is
relevant work experience and are
normally at least 21 years old.
                                                examined to the same standard as          Davidson Edwards
                                                the Level 4 courses of the degree.        Computing and Information
The minimum time taken to complete                                                        Systems, Dominic
                                             •	You do not need to study at a
a degree if the Work Experience Entry
                                                teaching institution.                    ‘I would strongly recommend
Route is followed is four years. The entry
requirements are given on page 20.                                                        the University of London.
                                                                                          It really does equip you
                                                                                          with the tools necessary
                                                                                          to go out into the world
                                                                                          and make a difference.
                                                                                          I started as a young
                                                                                          programmer and I left with
                                                                                          enough systems design and
                                                                                          software lifecycle knowledge
                                                                                          to start a software business.
                                                                                          I bootstrapped this business,
                                                                                          with the aim of growing
                                                                                          the tech sector in my
                                                                                          country. To that end, I used
                                                                                          it as a vehicle to train young
                                                                                          computer science students.’

                                                                                london.ac.uk/computing                     13
Individual courses

“I will never stop
 suggesting and
 sponsoring the
 University of London
 and Goldsmiths to
 fellows and friends
 because I learned a
 lot during these five
 years – more than
 what I learned while           Career and personal                        What support
 working full-time in           development study                          will I receive?
 several IT companies.”         As long as you satisfy the entry           You receive the same study materials,
                                requirements, you can take an              have access to the same online facilities
                                individual course without registering      and take the same examinations as
	Luigi Belli                   for a certificate or degree programme.     students taking the courses as part of
  Computing and Information     When you register you will receive a       their certificate or degree programme.
  Systems, Italy                certificate of registration. If you pass
                                the examination you will receive
                                a certificate of achievement.
                                                                           Progression and credit
                                                                           If, after completing an individual
                                Are individual                             course, you apply and are admitted
                                courses for me?                            to register for a BSc or Certificate, you
                                                                           can obtain credit for the individual
                                                                           course(s) you have taken, provided you
                                You can take up to two individual
                                                                           apply within three years of completing
                                courses from the computing
                                                                           them. Further information is given in
                                programmes to enhance your skills
                                                                           the current Programme Regulations.
                                or professional knowledge, to satisfy
                                the accreditation requirements of
                                a university or professional body or
                                simply to study certain subjects
                                in which you are interested.

14              Undergraduate programmes in Computing
How you study

Choose the approach                            So that you can rely on the standards      Entry Route, where feasible, to seek
                                               of the teaching, support and               tuition from one of the recognised
that suits you best                            administration that you will receive,      teaching centres. Please note that
                                               we have created a network of               teaching support is not available
We recognise that students value               institutions that offer study support to   from the University of London.
choice in how, when and where they             University of London students within
study. Our programmes offer you a                                                         We cannot advise you on which
                                               our Institutions Policy Framework.
flexible way of obtaining a prestigious                                                   teaching centre is best for you;
                                               These institutions are known as
qualification at a reasonable cost. You                                                   ultimately, you must choose one
                                               recognised teaching centres.
can study independently, working                                                          that meets your own needs.
completely on your own, although               Students taking the Certificates in
                                                                                          For details about Recognised Teaching
many students choose to enrol with a           Computing and Information Systems
                                                                                          Centres please visit:
local institution, either full-time or part-   or Creative Computing must attend
time, and gain the additional benefits         a certificate-teaching institution.
of face-to-face academic support and           We strongly advise BSc students
interaction with fellow students.              and those on the Work Experience

                                                                                london.ac.uk/computing                           15
Plan your studies                         •	additional electronic resources      We have found that this approach
                                             provided on the computing virtual    significantly increases students’
Independent study demands that you           learning environment (VLE)           success rate. Coursework is submitted
are motivated, well-organised and                                                 between January and April before
                                          •	past examination papers,
focused. You should be prepared to                                                the examination session begins.
                                             courseworks, and Examiners’
allocate at least 300 hours of study to      commentaries, also
each full course during the academic         provided on the VLE.                 Examination standards
year, and will need a detailed study
plan to ensure you are prepared                                                   Your work will be assessed by a
for the May examination period.           Coursework component                    combination of unseen written
If you are working full-time, we                                                  papers and coursework. These are
                                          For the majority of courses you must    prepared and managed by Goldsmiths’
recommend you take a maximum of
                                          complete coursework that contributes    appointed academics to ensure
two full courses per year.
                                          to your final mark. This gives you      your work is assessed to the same
                                          experience of answering questions       standard as campus-based students.
Study materials                           and solving problems. Coursework        Examinations are held in May/June
                                          assessment has the additional benefit   at local centres in over 180 different
Your study materials are specially        of spreading the time commitment and    countries, as well as in London.
produced by University of London          encouraging you to engage with your
academics for self-directed               studies throughout the academic year.
learning. They include:
•	the Student guide to the University
   of London and the Programme
   handbook, containing information
   about examinations, University
   contacts and important dates
•	a subject guide for each course
   studied. The guides introduce
   you to topics within the syllabus,
   and provide details of essential
   and recommended reading. Core
   textbooks – some of which you
   will need to buy – will provide the
   necessary depth for your studies,
   and the guides will show you
   how to use them in an organised
   and productive manner

16                    Undergraduate programmes in Computing
Goldsmiths Summer School

Third-year BSc Creative
Computing student, Wesley
                                          a hefty amount of skills in the short
                                          time while keeping their lessons fun      “The teaching
Koh, shares his experience
                                          and interactive. They went out of their
                                          way to ensure that we felt at home.
                                                                                    staff were able
of the 2019 Goldsmiths
                                          The Summer School was a truly             to impart a hefty
Summer School.
When offered the opportunity to
                                          amazing experience. My favourite
                                          part of the curriculum was easily the
                                                                                    amount of skills
visit one of the most artistic and        physical computing aspect. Learning
                                          how to bridge the gap between the
                                                                                    in the short time
culturally rich cities in the world and
to be taught highly niche creative        2D and 3D world really allowed me         while keeping
                                          to expand my creative abilities. It
skills, who could give up the chance?
We learnt how to connect the
                                          opened up many more avenues for           their lessons fun
physical world with the computing
                                          me to express my creativity. I would
                                          never have been exposed to these          and interactive.”
environment. One of the more              advanced skills in my undergraduate
interesting parts of the course was       curriculum if I had not participated in
when we made game controllers and                                                    esley Koh
                                          the Summer School at Goldsmiths.
artefacts from just yarn, conductive                                                Summer School
thread and sewing equipment.              I would highly recommend this course      Singapore
                                          to all computing students looking for
The second half of the course             ways to express their creative self.
focused more on graphics and
animation. After a small refresher
on how to use Processing, we were
introduced to more advanced
topics such as projection mapping,
data analysis and representation.
Throughout the four-week Summer
School, we were highly encouraged
to be creative and to think outside the
box. Rarely were we given limitations
in what we could create, and I believe
this really fuelled our creativity and
we expressed ourselves freely.
The teaching staff were very
approachable and highly
knowledgeable in their field of
expertise. They were able to impart

                                                                           london.ac.uk/computing       17
The Student Portal
Gaining access                            It is compatible with mobile devices,         •	Student Café forum
                                          allowing you to connect when and
                                                                                        •	regular news and Twitter feeds
You are required to confirm on your       where you want. By interacting with
application form that you have access     your fellow students, VLE tutors and          •	archive of past examination papers,
to the internet so that you are able to   Programme Team, you will become                  coursework assignments and
make use of resources which are only      part of the worldwide community.                 Examiners’ commentaries
available online. As soon as you have     This global network will help your
                                          studies and understanding of emerging         •	examples of outstanding
registered we will send you a username                                                     student work
and password which will allow you         trends around the world. In addition to
to log in to the Student Portal. Once     providing downloadable versions of            •	interim grade feedback on
logged in, you can also access your       all printed materials, the VLE includes a        coursework assignments
University of London email account.       growing range of additional resources:
                                                                                        •	Turnitin plagiarism checker.
                                          •	additional support materials covering
The computing virtual                        topics such as refresher mathematics,      The Online Library
learning environment                         study and research skills, careers, etc.
                                          •	links to software downloads                The Online Library provides access to
The computing virtual learning                                                          a range of databases, many of which
environment (VLE) forms an important      •	interactive resources                      contain full-text eJournals and eBooks.
part of your study experience and            for some courses
you are required to log in regularly to                                                 For many students, using an online
                                          •	student course discussion boards           library and reading journal articles are
engage fully with your programme.
                                                                                        new skills. We provide support and
                                                                                        guidance on the best way to approach
                                                                                        journal resources, and a range of
                                                                                        materials designed to improve your
                                                                                        reading and information literacy skills
                                                                                        is available. A dedicated helpdesk is
                                                                                        available if you have any difficulties in
                                                                                        finding what you need.
                                                                                        Visit: onlinelibrary.london.ac.uk

                                                                                        Library support
                                                                                        Senate House Library
                                                                                        Registered students are entitled to
                                                                                        use Senate House Library. The Library
                                                                                        charges for this service. Visit:

18                   Undergraduate programmes in Computing
Computer requirements
Regular internet access                   •	For some high level courses,
                                             additional software may be
All students must have regular access        required. This information is given
to a computer and the internet.              under the course outlines.
You will need this for accessing
the Portal or resources from the          Computing and
Online Library, downloading course
materials from the VLE and taking         Information Systems
part in discussion boards.
                                          For some courses, access to a suitable
You will also need suitable hardware      network is very important for full
capacity on your computer for             learning benefit. Without such access,
document storage as well as basic         you can still complete the degree,
software such as a PDF reader.            but you will not have the same study          Hadeel Ayoub
We recommend that you use an up-          experience as a student with this             Saudi Arabia
to-date version of Internet Explorer,     access. The highest level of access you
                                          will require for effective study will be as   Designer and media artist,
Firefox or Chrome and that your screen                                                  Hadeel Ayoub created the
resolution is 1024 x 768 or greater.      a (temporary) network manager so that
                                          you can experiment with configuration.        wireless sign language glove
JavaScript and cookies must be enabled                                                  during her MA in Computational
to access particular online services.     Other machines, apart from those that         Arts from the Department of
                                          are PC compatible, are acceptable             Computing. Inspired by the
Software                                  provided they run equivalent software.        problems experienced by a family
                                                                                        member with speech difficulties,
You are advised to make use               Computers                                     she came to Goldsmiths
of common operating systems               Recommended minimum configuration:            with the aim of enhancing
and software, as follows:                                                               communication between
                                          •	processor (2GHz)
                                                                                        people with different abilities.
•	Windows™, Linux or Mac.                •	hard drive (10GB free)
                                                                                         Hadeel is passionate about the
•	Word processor, spreadsheet and        •	RAM (2GB)                                   impact of learning computing,
   database. No applications are                                                        ‘Once you know how to write
   recommended specifically, but          •	screen resolution
                                                                                         code you can make a computer
   under Windows™, an integrated             (minimum 1024 x 768 colour)
                                                                                         do whatever you want it [to]
   package such as Microsoft Office       •	network adapter (Ethernet, Fast             do and this is the future. At
   is sufficient, while under Linux,         Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet)                 Goldsmiths they allow you to
   OpenOffice is adequate.                                                               take your project in your own
                                          •	soundcard (stereo).                         direction, it’s another world.’
•	The Java SE Development Kit
   (JDK) version 6 or higher, available
   for free from oracle.com

                                                                            london.ac.uk/computing                         19
Entrance requirements

General entrance                           Programme requirements CertHE
requirements                               for the degree         To be eligible for the Certificate
                                                                                       you must:
Either passes in:                          A level of competence at least
                                                                                       •	normally* be aged 17 years or older
•	two subjects at GCE A level, plus       equivalent to a pass at GCE AS level in
                                                                                          before 1 September in the year you
   at least three further subjects at      a mathematical subject or a UK GCSE/
                                                                                          first register with the University and
   GCSE/GCE O level (A–C/9–4 or a          GCE O level in mathematics at A–B/9–5.
   ‘pass’ if taken prior to 1975) or                                                   •	have passed the equivalent of at
                                           The University will consider
                                                                                          least three separate subjects at
•	three subjects at GCE A level           qualifications of a comparable
                                                                                          UK GCSE/GCE O level (A–C/9–4)
   (with at least one A level              standard to GCE AS and GCSE/
                                                                                          plus mathematics at A–B/9–5.
   passed at grade A–D) or                 GCE O levels. The decision on
                                                                                          Students who do not have UK
                                           comparable qualifications is taken
•	three subjects at GCE A level,                                                         GCSE/GCE O level Mathematics
                                           at the discretion of the University.
   plus one further subject at GCSE/                                                      at A–B/9–5 may meet the
   GCE O level (A–C/9–4) or                For equivalents please visit:                  mathematics entry requirements
                                           bit.ly/Am-I-Qualified                          taking and passing a presessional
•	two subjects at GCE A level, plus two
                                                                                          mathematics course at the
   further subjects at GCE AS level.
                                                                                          institution offering the CertHE and
                                           BSc degree
Please note:                                                                           •	provide proof of competence in
•	the same subject may only be            To be eligible for the degree                  English which is acceptable to the
   offered once and at one level           you must:                                      University. A test of proficiency may
                                           •	normally* be at least 17 years old and      be required (please visit:
•	for General Entrance we accept
                                                                                          bit.ly/proficiency-english) and
   qualifications from around the world,   •	meet the general entrance
   further details can be found at:           requirements and                         •	have been admitted to a full- or
   bit.ly/Am-I-Qualified                                                                  part-time course of instruction
                                           •	meet the programme
                                                                                          at an institution that has been
                                              requirements and
                                                                                          granted certificate teaching
                                           •	provide proof of competence in              status (see page 15).
                                              English which is acceptable to the
                                              University. A test of proficiency
                                              may be required. Please visit:

20                     Undergraduate programmes in Computing
Work Experience
Entry Route
To be eligible for the Work
Experience Entry Route you must:
•	normally* be aged 21 years or older
   before 1 September in the year you
   first register with the University and
•	have passed a minimum of
   four separate subjects at GCSE/
   GCE O level (A–C/9–4) including
   Mathematics or the equivalent
   (for equivalents please visit:
   bit.ly/Am-I-Qualified) and
•	provide proof of competence in
   English which is acceptable to the
   University. A test of proficiency may
   be required (please visit:
   bit.ly/proficiency-english) and
•	have at least two years’ relevant
   work experience (i.e. with computing
   or IT elements either from a job in a
   computing-oriented company or
   a job in computing or IT).
* Applications will be considered from
 applicants who do not meet the normal
 minimum age requirement for admission.
 Each application will be considered on an
 individual basis, and the decision taken at
 the discretion of the University of London.

                                               london.ac.uk/computing   21
Recognition of Prior Learning
                                                                                       Discretionary RPL
                                                                                       Applications will be considered in
                                                                                       the light of the syllabus, the level of
                                                                                       examination performance and the
                                                                                       comparability of the prior learning to
                                                                                       the course concerned.

                                                                                       Am I eligible to
                                                                                       apply for RPL?
                                                                                       BSc applicants only may apply
                                                                                       •	RPL is normally only considered
                                                                                          on a subject-for-subject basis, you
What is RPL?                               Automatic RPL                                  should only apply for RPL if you
                                                                                          have previously studied a similar
RPL means that you are not required        •	RPL is awarded automatically for a          subject to one in the programme
to take a particular course(s) as             number of qualifications and awards,        in the same depth, at degree
part of your degree because, in the           all of which are listed on the website      level (or the equivalent), and you
University’s opinion, you have already        (bit.ly/computing_rpl). You will            have achieved good marks in the
covered a similar syllabus as part of         need to complete the RPL section            corresponding examination.
a previous qualification, at the same         of the online application form.
level, depth and breadth. We will                                                      •	To apply for automatic RPL you must
                                           •	All applicants must also satisfy            satisfy all the criteria for one of the
award you credit as if you had taken
                                              the criteria listed under ‘Am I             qualifications listed under ‘Automatic
the course concerned. Some RPL we
                                              eligible to apply for RPL?’                 RPL’ on the following web page:
award is ‘automatic’; all other RPL is
considered on a ‘discretionary’ basis.     •	There is no application fee for             bit.ly/computing_rpl
                                              consideration of automatic RPL           •	You may apply for up to four
RPL is only valid for a limited period.
                                              (see ‘How do I apply for RPL?’).            Level 4 and Level 5 courses, with a
If you are granted RPL, this period
is given on your decision letter. If       Please note: we will only be able to           maximum of two courses at Level 5.
you do not attempt an examination          consider your RPL application fully         •	You must normally have studied for
during this period, the RPL will expire.   after we have received the necessary           your qualification at one institution.
If you still want the RPL to count         documentary evidence and, if you
towards your degree, you will need         are applying for discretionary RPL,
to make a further application.             after we have received your fee.

22                    Undergraduate programmes in Computing
You must also have:                         How do I apply for RPL?                     •	a decision letter informing you
•	passed the whole of the                                                                 that your RPL request has been
   qualification(s) on which                Please read this section carefully.            unsuccessful. This will usually be
   your application for RPL is                                                             because you do not satisfy the
   based within the five years              Formal application must be made                criteria given in the section ‘Am
   preceding the application                for all RPL, both discretionary and            I eligible to apply for RPL?’
                                            automatic. Complete the RPL section
•	already received the final award         of the online application form. A           Deadline date
   for that qualification(s). If you have   non-refundable fee is payable for
   not yet received the award, your         the consideration of all discretionary      We must receive your initial application
   RPL application will be considered       RPL. Please do not send this fee            for RPL no later than: 1 October.
   under the RPL regulations that apply     with your initial application.              We will take a decision on your
   at the time that the award is finally                                                application for discretionary RPL as
   made. These regulations may be           On receipt of your initial RPL
                                            application, the Admissions Office          soon as possible after your request
   different to those that apply at the                                                 form, fee and documentary evidence
   time you submit your application.        will send you one of the following:
                                                                                        have been received. The RPL
                                            •	a decision letter advising that          application fee is non-refundable.
Please note:                                   RPL has been awarded
•	applications for RPL with respect
   to the forthcoming examinations          •	a letter requesting further
   year will only be considered if your        documentary evidence
   qualification is awarded before the         before a decision regarding
   application deadline (i.e. 1 October)       automatic RPL can be taken

•	we do not award RPL on the basis of      •	an RPL request pack for discretionary
   O or A levels, or other similar             RPL, comprising an RPL request
   school-leaving examinations                 form, fee slip and a covering
                                               letter. You must complete and
•	we cannot consider a request for            return the request form and non-
   RPL with respect to a particular            refundable fee, following the
   course if you have already entered          instructions given in the letter
   the examination for that course             that accompanies the RPL request
                                               pack. You must also submit all the
•	the granting of RPL by other
                                               documentary evidence requested
   higher educational or professional
                                               in that letter and the fee indicated
   institutions will be noted but
   does not bind the University of
   London to award the same RPL.

                                                                                 london.ac.uk/computing                         23
Application and
registration process
Useful information                         Stage 1                                     qualifications that are not published
                                                                                       under the Qualifications for Entrance
for applicants                             Submit your online application              Schedule, incomplete qualifications
                                           form and application handling               and substantial relevant work
Submit your application even if you                                                    experience. If we cannot accept
                                           fee. Please note the application
are waiting to sit an examination or to                                                you with your current qualifications
                                           handling fee is non-refundable.
receive examination results. We can                                                    and experience, we will advise you
begin to process your application                                                      on what qualifications you could
without all the evidence, although         Stage 2                                     take in order to meet our entrance
we will not be able to give you a                                                      requirements in the future.
final decision until all the necessary     Submit your documentary evidence.
documentation has been received.           This can be done online when
                                           submitting your application or at a later   Stage 4
If you are unsure about whether or not
you meet our entrance requirements         stage. Please visit: bit.ly/doc_evidence
                                                                                       Complete the online registration.
we might be able to advise you on          Please do not send original documents.      We explain how to do this
this before you submit your online                                                     in the Offer Letter.
application. We are unable to provide
this advice between 1 September            Stage 3
and 30 October of each year.                                                           Stage 5
                                           We will contact you by email with one
Applications are valid for three years.    of the following:                           Start your studies. Once you register
                                           Offer Letter: if you meet our entrance      you will be given access to the VLE.
Getting started                            requirements and we have seen               We will also send you study materials
                                           all the required documentation              to your correspondence address.
You must apply online at:                  we will send you an Offer Letter.
london.ac.uk/computing                                                                 Hong Kong
                                           Request for further information: we         Applicants living in Hong Kong
If you intend to study at an institution   might require further documentation/        can apply directly through:
you are advised to contact them            information before we can confirm if
before submitting your application.        you meet our entrance requirements.         The University of Hong Kong
                                                                                       School of Professional and
Please read the ‘Guidance Notes            We have referred your application           Continuing Education (HKU SPACE)
for Applications’ before you               to the Admissions Panel: if you             University of London
complete your application.                 do not automatically meet our               (Admissions Office)
                                           entrance requirements we will refer         3/F, Admiralty Centre
                                           your application to the Admissions          18 Harcourt Road
                                           Panel for individual consideration.         Hong Kong
                                           The Admissions Panel will consider

24                    Undergraduate programmes in Computing

To Goldsmiths                              transfer, Goldsmiths will welcome        To another university
                                           your application to transfer provided
Goldsmiths welcomes applications           that you contact them by 28 February     in the UK or elsewhere
from University of London students         in your intended year of entry. Under
                                           Home Office regulations, Goldsmiths      If you are thinking of applying to
if you wish to transfer to one of their
                                           can only register international          transfer to another university in the
degree programmes. Students who
                                           students for full-time study.            UK or elsewhere, we advise you to
wish to transfer to complete their                                                  find out at least a year in advance
BSc over two years’ full-time study at     Your offer will be subject to:           what the procedures are for making
Goldsmiths should have successfully
                                           1. y ou successfully completing all     an application. Your local British
completed the examinations for all
                                              required courses prior to transfer    Council office can advise you on how
four courses at Level 4. If you require                                             to apply to universities in the UK.
further information, please contact:       2. y ou meeting any requirements
international.computing@gold.ac.uk             for study in the UK, such as
Those who wish to complete their               obtaining the relevant visas.        Master’s scholarships
degree in one year of full-time study      Goldsmiths has a policy of providing     Goldsmiths offers fee waiver
should have successfully completed         accommodation for non-EU students.       scholarships specifically for students
the examinations for all four courses at
                                           To view a video about transferring to    who have completed either the BSc in
Level 4 and all four courses at Level 5.
                                           Goldsmiths, please visit:                Computing and Informations Systems
If you have completed the required
                                           bit.ly/goldsmiths-transfer               or the BSc in Creative Computing. To
courses as detailed above, or expect
                                                                                    be considered for these scholarships,
to do so in your intended year of
                                                                                    students will normally have or expect
                                                                                    to have a First Class degree, and will
                                                                                    have been accepted for postgraduate
                                                                                    study in Computing at Goldsmiths.
                                                                                    All our graduates are eligible for the
                                                                                    Goldsmiths’ Alumni Fee Waiver and
                                                                                    Excellence Fee Waiver Schemes.
                                                                                    For further details visit:
                                                                                    •	Goldsmiths International
                                                                                       Postgraduate Scholarships:
                                                                                    •	Goldsmiths’ Alumni and Excellence
                                                                                       Fee Waiver Schemes:

                                                                             london.ac.uk/computing                          25
Further information

Fees                                       Financial assistance                        Armed Forces
The total fee payable to the University    Undergraduate UK students may be            Students who are members or
of London for 2020–2021 will be            able to apply for a part-time tuition fee   ex-members of the UK Armed Forces
published on our website once              loan to cover the cost of registration      should note that the University of
confirmed. On average, fees incur a        and examination entry fees.                 London has been approved by the
five per cent year-on-year increase. For                                               Ministry of Defence in support of
                                           For full details on eligibility criteria
the latest information on programme                                                    the Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)
                                           please visit: gov.uk/student-finance
fees, please visit: london.ac.uk/fees                                                  Scheme (ELC Provider Reference
                                           Alternatively, some employers in both
                                                                                       Number 1284). The Scheme provides
Please note: student fees shown on         the public and private sector may be
                                                                                       financial support to eligible Service
our website are net of any local VAT,      willing to consider offering financial
                                                                                       personnel who wish to enhance
Goods and Services Tax (GST) or any        assistance to their employees.
                                                                                       their educational or vocational
other sales tax payable by the student
                                                                                       achievements. The ELC Administration
in their country of residence. Where
the University is required to add VAT,
                                           Students with                               Service website can be found at:
GST or any other sales tax at the local    disabilities and/or
statutory rate, this will be added to
the fees shown during the payment
                                           access requirements
process. For students resident in the      The University of London
UK, our fees are exempt from VAT.          welcomes applications from
                                           disabled students and/or those
Other costs                                who have access requirements.
                                           If you are disabled and/or have access
In addition to the fees payable to the     requirements, we will make every
University, you should also budget for     reasonable effort to meet your needs.
the cost of:                               This may include making access
• required textbooks                       arrangements for examinations such
                                           as a separate room or special aids.
•	the fee charged by your                 If you would like to tell us about
   local examination centre                your disability and/or request access
•	local teaching institution fees.        arrangements, please complete the
                                           relevant section of the application
                                           form, or contact the Inclusive Practice
                                           Manager at:

26                     Undergraduate programmes in Computing
The information contained in this
         leaflet was correct at the date of
         publication but may be subject to
         change. The University does not
         intend by publication or distribution
         of this leaflet to create any
         contractual or other legal relation
         with applicants, registered students,
         their advisers or any other persons.
         For the most up-to-date information,
         please visit our website.
         Published by University of London.
         Copyright © University
         of London, January 2020.

london.ac.uk/computing                     27
For further information on the range
of programmes we offer, please visit
our website or contact us at:
The Student Advice Centre
University of London
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Malet Street                                                                                   Computing
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