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        Songdo, Korea

    Start Date: August 2021
                            Chadwick Schools develop global citizens with keen minds,
                            exemplary character, self-knowledge, and the ability to lead.

Philosophy Statement
Chadwick Schools are deeply committed to self-discovery through experience and reflection.
Students develop the joy of learning, self-confidence, well-being, and curiosity through interactive
and practical experiences. Our schools share the Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty,
Fairness, and Compassion.

Through active participation in an intentionally diverse and inclusive environment, students make
a positive impact within and beyond their own communities. By living and learning in a student-
centered, collaborative atmosphere of excellence, integrity, and trust, we come to expect the best of
ourselves and others.

At Chadwick International, founded in 2010, education is an ongoing adventure. At this coeducational
day school for students in PreK through Grade 12, students don’t just learn — they thrive. Each day,
students are exposed to a wondrous world of opportunities that foster academic excellence, personal
growth, and individual self-expression.

Utilizing the International Baccalaureate framework, the school places emphasis on academics,
outdoor education, community service, athletics, and the arts. Guided by passionate instructors, an
inclusive community, and Chadwick’s Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Fairness, and
Compassion, students develop self-confidence, strong character, and a deep love of learning. They
also become well-rounded, internationally-minded individuals.

Chadwick International (CI) seeks an Upper School Principal effective August 2021. The Principal leads
a talented and committed faculty and student body in pursuit of the school’s Mission; oversees the day-
to-day operations of the division; supports teachers’ growth through coaching, professional development
and evaluation; works closely with other divisions heads and student leaders; and contributes to the
senior administrative team. The school seeks a leader who will provide educational vision, organization,
and management skills to lead a talented group of faculty and students to move the school forward in
keeping with its Mission, Philosophy, and Core Values.

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Fast Facts
  Founded: 2010 (grades K-7, Upper School opened in 2012)
  Total enrollment: 1,330
  Upper School enrollment: 339
  Total faculty: 195
  Upper School teaching faculty: 53
  Student nationalities: 46
  Faculty nationalities: 27
  Upper School faculty with advanced degrees: 47%
  Student/teacher ratio: 8:1
  Financial aid budget: $1.93 million
  Students receiving financial aid: 8.8%

Chadwick International was founded in 2010 in Songdo, South Korea, but its story began 75 years earlier
with the vision, perseverance, and pioneering spirit of Margaret Lee Chadwick. She was a passionate,
progressive educator who saw school as a set of opportunities to learn life’s most valuable lessons.

In 1935, Margaret Lee Chadwick established the Chadwick OpenAir School in her home in San Pedro,
California. From the outset, Mrs. Chadwick was committed to discovering each child’s talents and
passions; developing children’s character, intellect, and well-being; and fostering an environment in
which youngsters of all races, religions, and backgrounds could interact closely, safely and with purpose.

In 1938, the school moved to Palos Verdes, where Chadwick School continues to thrive; today, 860
students and 113 faculty engage each day. For over 80 years, Chadwick School has educated students
with the same pioneering spirit, deeply-held values, and experiential learning that Margaret Chadwick
so fervently promoted.

In 2010, Margaret Chadwick’s vision of expanding the school’s reach came to fruition when Chadwick
School was selected and elected to open and operate an international school in Songdo in the Incheon
Free Economic Zone (IFEZ), 40 kilometers west of Seoul. On September 7, 2010, Chadwick International
School Songdo welcomed its first 280 students, and they began their educational adventure. The Upper
School opened in 2012, the same year the school was accredited by Western Association of Schools
and Colleges (WASC).

The two Chadwick campuses work to foster a strong collaborative relationship between students,
faculty, leadership, trustees, parents, and alumni in its quest to be “One School, Two Campuses”. This
has led to innovation, synergy, and strong and often transformative personal relationships. In addition,
it has helped our school gain from both similarities and contrasts, including between East Asia and
Southern California and between the Chadwick School program and CI’s IB-based curriculum.

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There are now more than 4,000 alumni of Chadwick Schools throughout the world. In June 2020, it was
announced that Chadwick will open a third campus in Ecopark, Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2022; Chadwick will
then become “One School, Three Campuses”.

Chadwick International (CI) teachers are much more than experts in their respective fields. They’re
compassionate human beings who come from all over the world to make a profound difference in the
lives of Chadwick students. Instructors strike a delicate balance between providing students guidance
and autonomy, inviting students to drive decisions about their own coursework and become leaders
of their own learning. Many CI teachers take on secondary roles as coaches and mentors beyond the
classroom, strengthening their bonds with ourstudents.

The CI community is inclusive and diverse. Students represent almost 50 nationalities from around the
globe. The school takes pride in welcoming new families with the practical resources and emotional
support they need to transition into Songdo life with ease. The Chadwick International Parent Association
(CIPA), for example, connects parents and students through events and activities that form meaningful
bonds and promote school spirit.

CI is a springboard for success in college and beyond. A partnership with the universities on the
Incheon Global Campus allows students to explore potential career paths through advanced career-
related university-level courses. Outdoor education trips, international conferences, and service
learning activities away from home offer unique opportunities to travel while fostering cultural growth
and maturity. Connecting regularly via videoconferencing and visiting in person with peers at Chadwick
School in California gives CI students a sense of independence and perspective that helps prepare
them for life at an international university.

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The school is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Council of
International Schools (CIS). Explore the school’s viewbook.

The Chadwick educational philosophy is grounded in the pedagogies of experiential education and
inquiry. Chadwick International has chosen the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programmes as the
roadmap toward its goals. The Village School offers the IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) and the
Middle School and the first two years of the Upper School the Middle Years Programme (MYP). In the
final two years of Upper School, students have several options: the IB Diploma Programme (DP), the
IB Career-related Programme (CP), and non-IB Chadwick International courses.

In the Upper School, as within all of CI’s divisions, academics are only one aspect of a holistic education
that focuses on social-emotional health and well-being and provides a balance of curricular and co-
curricular opportuniities. Recent years have seen extensive expansion of the Upper School, which has
also meant a growth in and expansion of programs and course offerings in this division. In June 2019,
the Upper School added the IB Career-related Programme (CI is the only school in Korea offering CP)
and has also opened the door for a number of online course offerings for students.

The main goal of the academic programs in Grades 11 and 12 is to offer personalized, specialized
pathways to each students in order to fulfill Mrs. Chadwick’s charge to discover and develop the unique
gifts and talents of each individual child in the school.

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College Matriculation
The Class of 2020 matriculated to the
following schools, among others:

American University (US)
Arizona State University (US)
Boston University (US)
Carnegie Mellon University (US)
Columbia University (US)
Dartmouth College (US)
Duke University (US)
Ewha Woman’s University (KR)
George Washington University (US)
Harvard University (US)
Hong Kong Science & Technology (CN)
Imperial College London (UK)
Johns Hopkins University (US)
Keio University (JP)
King’s College (UK)
New York University (US)
Northwestern University (US)
NYU Shanghai (CN)                         With 100% of CI graduates planning to attend colleges
Pennsylvania State University (US)        and universities in nearly a dozen different countries each
Princeton University (US)                 year, great care and attention are given to supporting
Queen’s University (CA)                   students and their parents through the application and
Saint Francis Xavier University (CA)      selection process. Nearly 150 prospective colleges and
Seattle University (US)                   universities visit CI’s campus each year. CI’s college
Sophia University (JP)                    counseling team helps families one step at a time so that
The American University of Paris (FR)     they are empowered and excited about their options.
Tufts University (US)                     As globally-minded citizens, many CI students go on to
University of British Columbia (CA)       attend top universities throughout the world, where they
University of California, Berkeley (US)   continue to make a difference in their communities.
University of Cambridge (UK)
University of Chicago (US)
University of Edinburgh (UK)              THE ARTS
University of Hong Kong (CN)
University of Michigan (US)               The performing arts at Chadwick International play
University of Notre Dame (US)             an integral role in developing the unique gifts of each
University of Tokyo (JP)                  individual.
University of Toronto (CA)
University of Virginia (US)               In Upper School music, students enhance their musical
University of Warwick (UK)                perception, creation, and performance. They learn
University of Washington (US)             to analyze, create, discuss, perform, and write about
University of Wisconsin, Madison (US)     music that stems from different cultures, places, and
Waseda University (JP)                    time periods. In the process, they become informed,
Washington University in St. Louis (US)   reflective practitioners.
Yonsei University (KR)

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Drama deepens students’ engagement and understanding of the human condition. In Grades 9 and 10,
the hands-on exploration of drama is balanced with a more sophisticated academic inquiry. Theater in
Grades 11 and 12 is a two-year program with a focus on dramatic context, process, and presentation.

Visual arts in Upper School build upon the skills learned in previous years. Emphasis is upon providing
students opportunities to investigate, develop, and communicate ideas in both visual and written form.
For their final exhibition project, students write an artist statement of intent before curating, producing,
and displaying their work.

At Chadwick International, athletics are an important component of student life and our pursuit of Our
Mission. With 15 major sports available, including the only ice hockey program at an international school
in Asia, students have a wealth of opportunities to discover and develop their passions, talents, and
character. As Upper School students dive into competitive athletics, they learn effective communication,
time management and responsibility. Coaches at CI recognize that it is only by stressing the development
of exemplary character that the true, lifelong value of athletics can be achieved. Guided by Chadwick’s
Core Values, our coaches help students to thrive on and off the playing field.

Global athletic trips give students a chance to play and compete while gaining invaluable cultural
perspective. Some trips and tournaments include students from multiple CI divisions, which promotes
a strong sense of the CI community among students, parents, and faculty. Athletic trips and exchanges
take students to a broad range of destinations including the U.S., Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, Japan,
and China.

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“Students are given opportunities to take
 on leadership, to make mistakes, and to
 follow our interests.”
 - Student

The Upper School community is especially proud of its commitment to supporting student voice,
initiative, and leadership. Students appreciate how invested the school and their teachers are in their
curricular and co-curricular interests. “We are allowed to put ourselves out there—students are given
opportunities to take on leadership, to make mistakes, and to follow our interests,” commented one of
the current seniors.

The Upper School experience includes dynamic educational adventures beyond classroom walls. With
increasing opportunities in athletics, outdoor education, performing and visual arts, global programs,
and service learning, students can access an array of exciting outlets for self-expression, leadership,
and personal growth.

The Outdoor Education program provides the perfect backdrop for experiential education by giving
students opportunities to challenge and develop themselves in the beautiful natural environment of
Korea. The Upper School program immerses students in some of South Korea’s most stunning natural
landscapes. Each course fosters a deep connection to place, peers, and self that ultimately prepares
students for life after graduation. In Grades 9 and 10, students embark on five-day expeditions. The
Grade 11 course unfolds over nine days through a combination of paddle and backpack expeditions.
The senior course is a mountain backpack and river paddle course.

Service is an essential part of the curriculum and extracurricular activities at CI. Service opportunities
allow students to live the school Mission and demonstrate the school’s Core Values. As part of the
MYP Service as Action program, all students experience authentic connections with service through
their coursework, whether it be direct, indirect, research, or simply creating awareness. They also have
opportunities to participate in service clubs focused on the UN Sustainable Development goals. When
students enter Grade 11, they participate in the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) program through

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extracurricular activities and student-led clubs. The Upper School offers over 50 clubs, many with a
service component. Involvement in service brings more awareness of what it means to be a global
citizen and helps students evolve into empathetic, caring, and responsible individuals.

Situated in the heart of what is known as “the city of the future,” Chadwick International is located in
Songdo, the first eco-city on the Korean peninsula. Its state-of-the-art campus reflects the growth and
technological advancement of the city and was designed by the internationally renowned architectural
firm of Kohn Pedersen Fox. It was the first LEED-certified school campus in Korea.

Encompassing 500,000 square feet of built space and stretching over 17 acres of grounds, the facility
boasts purpose-built classrooms and numerous specialized facilities designed to provide a world-class
educational environment. Take a virtual tour.

There are three main buildings: the Village School Building for students in Pre-Kindergarten through
Grade 5 with classrooms, a library, Makerspace, cafeteria, and administrative offices; the Middle and
Upper School Building with a Robotics Room, library, cafeteria, Cisco Telepresence Room, and TV
studio; and the Spine, a four-story building connecting the Village School to the Middle and Upper School
complex that houses shared facilities like the Main Theater, the Black Box Theater, two gymnasia, and
the Aquatics Center, as well as the Middle and Upper School Design Lab and student support centers.

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Songdo, or Songdo International Business District (IBD), as it’s formally known, was built from scratch
on reclaimed land from the Yellow Sea. The 1,500-acre development sits an hour outside of Seoul and
is officially part of the city of Incheon, whose proximity to the international airport and the sea makes it
both a transportation hub and the gateway to Korea.

The IBD is the heart of the greater Songdo city, and from its conception in 2001, it was envisioned
as a sustainable, low-carbon, and high-tech utopia. The city has all the perks of Seoul — and more
— but with cleaner air, uncrowded sidewalks, and much less automotive traffic. Songdo’s buildings
and streets bristle with sensors that monitor everything from energy use to traffic flow, all with an
eye toward sustainability. The district has over 20 million square feet of LEED-certified space — “the
highest concentration of LEED-certified projects in the world,” according to its developers. There’s a
state-of-the-art water-recycling facility and generous swaths of greenery sprinkled throughout — the
biggest one being the 100-acre seaside park modeled and named after New York City’s Central Park.

Originally slated for full completion in 2015, Songdo remains a work in progress. In the last 15 years, a
handful of companies, nonprofits, and universities have opened offices in Songdo, including the U.N.’s
Green Climate Fund, the Korean headquarters of the World Bank, University of Utah, George Mason
University, State University of New York, and Ghent University. Songdo is also home to the world’s
largest bio-tech plants (with Samsung Biologics and Celltrion) and plans to attract more biotech firms,
making Songdo “the world’s best bio hub.” Already, the city is home to 25 large bio companies and 60
smaller labs.

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Songdo’s subway connects to both Incheon’s existing system and Seoul’s intricate rail network. Buses
link hubs like Triple Street (the biggest shopping complex) to neighborhoods and university campuses.
Other bus routes ferry commuters directly from Songdo to trendy Seoul neighborhoods like Hongdae
and Gangnam. To promote walkability, developers placed venues like shopping malls and convention
centers within a 15-minute walk from Central Park, and are building out an extensive biking infrastructure.
They also promise a bus or subway stop within 12 minutes of every neighborhood.

An “American Town,” headed by the Seoul-based real estate firm KOAM, was opened in the last few
years with the hope of attracting Koreans who had immigrated overseas to places like the U.S. and
were looking to return to their homeland for retirement. The goal of that new development is to beef up
Songdo’s population with 3,000 families.

The population of the entire city has now exceeded 100,000 — with over half of the population residing
in the business district. IBD former lead developer Gale International has said that the business district
construction is about 75% complete. “We hope that, in a few years’ time, the city will attract even more
global thinkers who utilize Songdo as the platform it was envisioned to be,” company chairman and
CEO Stan Gale said in a statement to CityLab. That is, “a testbed for new ‘smart city’ technologies and
solutions; a dynamic center of global dialogue on urbanization and sustainability.”

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Chadwick International is an uncommon and exciting school to consider: on one hand, it’s a vibrant,
creative, innovative, and young international school and on the other — given its connection to a
well-respected, long-standing independent school in the U.S. — it is a stable, sustainable, and well-
resourced school with a high faculty retention rate, full enrollment, and projected growth. The next
Upper School Principal will join a collaborative, imaginative, and supportive Senior Administrative Team.
Faculty and administrators appreciate CI’s non-profit status and the implications therein; consistent
articulation of Core Values and Mission in making decisions and moving the school forward; the team
of experienced, talented, and curious educators who are open and committed to professional growth;
the leadership’s open-door spirit and support of risk-taking and the successes, learnings, and failures
that may follow; and, most importantly, the wonderful and bright students the school serves. With
competitive compensation packages, tuition remission, housing, and a warm and welcoming sense of
community, it is also a school that thoughtfully attends to the personal well-being of its adult community.

This is an exciting opportunity for a highly-relational and visionary educational leader. The priorities,
opportunities, and challenges for the next Upper School Principal include:

•   Developing and articulating a clear vision and goals for the Upper School that align with CI’s Core
    Values, Mission, and Philosophy and inspire a talented and dedicated faculty.
•   Ensuring that all aspects of the Upper School educational program explicitly reflect and support the
    school’s Philosophy and Core Values
•   Collaborating closely with the other principals and PK-12 leaders to support connections and
    alignment among the three divisions of the school.
•   As a young campus that is still growing, partnering with the Upper School leadership team to clarify,
    refine, and streamline processes and systems to ensure clarity and accountability.
•   In the spirit of innovation upon which the campus was founded, encouraging creative solutions and
    programs in support of the student experience.
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•   Educating CI parents about the importance of balance, social emotional health, and the well-being
    of their children.
•   Building on the community feel of the campus, ensuring that all students feel that they are part of
    the Chadwick family.
•   Encouraging transparency in the community by ensuring that all voices on campus can express
    their thoughts and ideas freely.
•   Celebrating diversity in the community and striving to create an inclusive and connected environment
    for students, faculty, staff, and families.
•   Building and supporting a joyful, engaging, caring, and community-oriented culture in the Upper

The Upper School Principal reports to the Head of School and receives guidance from school
administrators, department chairs, and coordinators. The Principal supervises the Upper School faculty
and staff, Upper School Dean of Students, Director of College Counseling, Middle and Upper School
Learning Specialist, and Upper School Counselor.

Essential Duties
• Leads the Upper School (9-12) toward the achievement of the school’s Mission in keeping with its
• Models and champions the school’s Core Values and ensures that they drive all decision-making.
• Ensures that the short- and long-term interests of students are always the end goal in the Upper
  School, and that students continue to be given an increasing voice and role in decisions that affect

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•   Works with the Head of School and other colleagues to create a shared sense of purpose, direction,
    and vision for the Upper School.
•   Establishes and maintains a positive, supportive, optimistic atmosphere in the Upper School and
    the school as a whole.
•   Collaborates actively with the Head of School, Educational Leadership Team, Educational Steering
    Committee, and others to identify and address opportunities for growth throughout the school.
•   Ensures that the transition from Middle to Upper School is smooth and cohesive.
•   Ensures the well-being of students, faculty, and staff in the Upper School.
•   Provides efficient and effective administration in the daily operation of the Upper School.
•   Communicates effectively orally and in writing with Upper School students, faculty, staff, parents,
    and alumni in a clear, timely, and effective manner.
•   Actively supports and looks for ways to advance the Chadwick model of One School Two (and soon
    to be Three) Campuses

Educational Leadership
• Sets high expectations for faculty, staff, and students of the Upper School and helps evaluate Upper
  School faculty and staff members on the basis of those expectations.
• Contributes to the development of orientation and support programs for new and returning teachers.
• Assists in the development and implementation of school programs, policies, and procedures.
• Effectively engages with and serves as a strong role model for students, both personally and
• Seeks, welcomes, and supports student and faculty ideas and initiatives.

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Other Professional Responsibilities
• Serves as a member of the school’s Senior Leadership and Educational Leadership Teams.
• Advises the Head of School on all issues related to the Upper School.
• Develops and oversees the Upper School’s budget.
• Oversees the placement of staff and students.
• Participates in the recruitment and selection of teaching staff.
• Helps assign substitute teachers.
• Represents Chadwick advantageously in professional associations.
• Performs other tasks as directed by the Head of School.

•   Exemplary personal and professional ethics in keeping with Chadwick’s Core Values.
•   Commitment to all elements of Chadwick’s Mission and Philosophy.
•   Enthusiasm and passion for working with teenagers and commitment to their overall well-being and
    character development.
•   Ability to collaborate with others to develop, articulate, and pursue a compelling vision and to inspire
    and empower others to advance and operationalize it.
•   Excellent communication skills, including the capacity and propensity to listen for understanding.
•   Highly effective educational leadership abilities that include and empower others.
•   Excellent interpersonal skills to connect, partner, and collaborate with a wide range of community
    members with diverse backgrounds.
•   Commitment to innovation and to collaboration.
•   Substantive relevant successful administrative experience.
•   Minimum of five years of successful teaching experience.
•   Familiarity with the IB Programme and other educational approaches that may benefit current or
    future students.
•   Genuine interest in and respect for Korea and Korean culture, and the ability to understand and
    adapt to cultural differences.
•   Desire to be a highly visible and engaged community member open to making and building
    connections on and off campus.

Interested and qualified candidates should submit electronically in one email and as separate documents
(preferably PDFs) the following materials:

•   A cover letter expressing their interest in this particular position;
•   A current résumé;
•   A one-page statement of educational philosophy and practice;
•   A list of five professional references with name, phone number, and email address of each (references
    will not be contacted without the candidate’s permission) to:

Karen Neitzel                                   Jennifer Christensen
Search Consultant                               Search Consultant        

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