To1 iPad program implementation handbook Grade 5 2018 - 2018 Apollo ...

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To1 iPad program implementation handbook Grade 5 2018 - 2018 Apollo ...
1 to1 iPad program
        implementation handbook
                  Grade 5 - 2018
                       Principal: Mrs Doreen Montgomery
                       Assistant Principal: Ms Lisa Costanzo
                        Assistant Principal: Mrs Keren Barro

                School Council President: Mr Robert Becker

                 Technology Coordinator: Miss Kylie Tomat

                  School No: 5184
                  Address:   Civic Drive
                             Greensborough 3088
                  Tel:       9433-1300
                  Fax:       9432-2478

Apollo Parkways Primary School
To1 iPad program implementation handbook Grade 5 2018 - 2018 Apollo ...
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                            table of contents

School vision                                       2

21st century skills                                 3

Hardware options                                    5

Setting up your iPad                                6

School required apps 2018                           7

Managing your iPad

                 Parent responsibilities           8

                 School responsibilities          10

                 Student responsibilities         12

Caring for your iPad                               13

Frequently asked questions                         14

Technology and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement   16
Grade 5 and 6 2018

To1 iPad program implementation handbook Grade 5 2018 - 2018 Apollo ...
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                                      school vision

Given that knowledge is growing exponentially, we cannot hope to teach all that is known,
or will be known. We must however, equip our students for the future – one that is yet to be

To do this, children leaving Apollo Parkways Primary School should have a love of learning,
social skills and competencies, skills in learning to learn and a global perspective.

                      great expectations

                               great attitude

                       great opportunities

“In a digital age, and with rapid and continuing changes in the ways that people share, use,
develop and communicate with ICT, young people need to be highly skilled in its use. To
participate in a knowledge-based economy and to be empowered within a technologically
sophisticated society now and into the future, students need the knowledge, skills and
confidence to make ICT work for them at school, at home, at work and in their

                    The Melbourne Declaration on the Goals for Young Australians (2008)

“In an increasingly technological and complex world, it is important students develop
knowledge and confidence to critically analyse and respond creatively to design challenges.
Technologies can play a crucial role in both enriching and transforming societies, and in the
management of natural and constructed environments.”

                     Victorian Curriculum, Design and Technologies – Rationale and Aims

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                                                 21 century skills
             GREAT ATTITUDE

The world today, the future?
Today’s students think, connect and communicate differently from those who were at school even a few years ago.
They live in an on demand, technology dependent world; they expect answers instantly and they know how to get
them, to share them and enjoy what they learn. To inspire and engage this new generation of learners, government,
educators and experts are investing in exciting opportunities of digital learning. They have recognised schools can
either capitalise on young peoples’ affinity for technology and prepare them for an increasingly technology driven
world – or struggle to engage them as technology advances.

The study ‘Learning with technology: the impact of technology use on student achievement’ found that:
 Technology improves creative expression as well as the quantity and quality of student writing
 Technology improves research and analysis skills
 Students spend more time engaging in collaborative work and participate in more inquiry based instruction
 Students take ownership of their work, direct their own learning and readily engage problem solving and critical
 Teachers felt more empowered and spent less time lecturing

The Victorian Curriculum - Technologies

 “The Technologies provide a framework for students to learn how to use technologies to create innovative solutions
that meet current and future needs. Students are encouraged to make decisions about the development and use of
technologies, considering the impacts of technological change and how technologies may contribute to a sustainable
future. The curriculum provides practical opportunities for students to be users, designers and producers of new
                                                                   Victorian Curriculum – About the Technologies

The Victorian Curriculum: Technologies has two distinct but inter-related subjects:
    Design and Technologies
    Digital Technologies

“In Digital Technologies, students are actively engaged in the processes of analysing problems and opportunities,
designing, developing and evaluating digital solutions, and creating and sharing information that meets a range of
current and future needs. Students learn to safely and ethically exploit the capacity of information systems to create
digital solutions. These solutions and information are created through the application of computational, design and
systems thinking, and technical skills”

                                                           Victorian Curriculum – Learning in Digital Technologies

Why 1 to 1?
In a 1 to 1 learning program each learner has a portable, networked, digital device that can connect each learner with
their teacher and other learners or experts, with real world contexts for learning, multimedia resources, software for
learning and online tools and applications.
Learning in a 1 to 1 environment can open up new possibilities for learning or make it easier to enhance existing
learning opportunities. Learning can be more active and student centred, study material can be tailored to address
learning diversity engaging learners of all abilities. Students become equipped to work at their own pace, to build
innovative learning experiences unique to the digital learning environment.

Why Grade 5?
In the later years of primary school and early secondary school young people become more complex thinkers. They
begin to understand more abstract cognitive processes such as how to apply logical reasoning to both ideas and
concrete objects. In other words, they begin learning how to apply many of the practical skills they have mastered in
earlier years.

Students in these years are required to be more independent, flexible and self-regulatory in the process of their
learning. They begin to expand their thinking in subjects such as mathematics and scientific method. They also begin
to organise their thinking in more formal ways by understanding processes such as research, critical and creative
thinking and problem solving. Consequently, they become capable of distinguishing between the processes and
thinking tools specific to particular problems and ideas. They need to develop the competency of reflecting on and
evaluating these processes.
As students move into these years of schooling collaborative discussion becomes an integral part of learning. Virtual
communities, for example blogs, enable participants to create, develop and deconstruct information, using a range of
thinking and creative skills which open up exciting possibilities for 21st century learning.

Why iPads?
 The touch interface correlates to the technology students’ use in their everyday life and allows a high level of
 A tablet is a personal device and reasonably priced to act as a 1 to 1, anywhere, anytime learning device.
 iOS platform allows access to a wide variety of quality apps.
 The iPad is versatile and caters for a range of curriculum requirements and opportunities.
 Through the use of different apps, students are able to choose the type of product they construct to demonstrate
  their understanding.
 There is anywhere, anytime access to current information that contains text, sound, images and interactivity.
  Information is represented with rich multimedia and data visualisation techniques.
 The instant wake of the iPad means greater use of class time for learning.
 A 10-hour battery life means the iPad can be used throughout the entire school day.
 The iPad is an intuitive device and minimal technical support is required.
 The design is light and portable, easily carried in the school bag and to and from class.

How will it look in the classroom – Grade 5 & 6 2018?
Initially the students will be learning more about the iPad operating system:
 Using a range of apps and navigating through the app interface, learning a range of functions and tools
 Managing their work – saving, storing and developing regular practices to back-up their device
 Collaborating with others
 Creating and publishing their learning

They will also be learning about responsible care and use:
 Caring for the iPad and ensuring it is charged and ready to use each day
 Accessing the internet and apps in a responsible and timely manner demonstrating appropriate cybersafety

Learning will become more student driven and personalised. Students will have at their fingertips access to one of
the most effective tools to bring the real world into the classroom. 1 to 1 access to technology will enable students
and teachers to choose from a wider variety of tools at any given time. Together decisions will be made about the
most effective way that students can craft their work and create, showcase and share their learning with others. At
different times this will include the use of books, pencils, posters and, digital presentations and media making
opportunities – other tools we will discover together.
As we are an eSmart school our classrooms support the smart, safe and responsible use of technologies as a cultural
norm. Students and teachers are equipped to embrace the best these technologies can offer, whilst being savvy about
the pitfalls.

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                                                  hardware options
             GREAT ATTITUDE

Making your choice of iPad – 9.7 inch models
In 2018 the school is recommending that Grade 5 students involved in the 1 to 1 iPad program have the following
                                              iPad 9.7” WiFi 32GB
                                              iPad 9.7” WiFi 128GB
This recommendation is based on the belief that this technology will maintain its functionality across the two years
of the school’s iPad program – Grades 5 & 6. As Apple continue to develop their products, the release of devices
with varied display sizes now sees iPad minis, 10.5 inch and 12.9 inch screens on the market. This is to accommodate
the ever growing use of these devices in industry. The 1 to 1 iPad program at Apollo Parkways will continue to
require students to have the 9.7” devices. This decision is based on the suitability of the model for our students in
terms of hardware storage and security, value for money and quality to enable students to participate in and achieve
curriculum outcomes.

In 2018, the school recognises that families may have access to the iPad Air 2, the second generation iPad Air, and
whilst we will be able to support students who have this hardware in 2018, it is uncertain if this model will maintain
functionality into 2019.

             Please note – iPads with cellular capabilities are not permitted in a school environment

Making your choice of iPad – storage capacity

There are two capacity sizes to choose from when purchasing the iPad, 32GB or 128GB. The 32GB models are
sufficient for school use. After the installation of the school required apps, students are required to ensure a minimum
of 8GB of space remains available for school use. Families may choose to purchase the device with larger capacity
to allow for additional family usage/storage.

Making your choice of iPad - retailer
Families can make their purchase of an iPad from any retailer. As the device is an Apple product, you are still entitled
to utilise Apple’s free support by either visiting the Apple store directly or by accessing their online portals. For
hardware assistance go to:
     Apple product assistance
     iPad only assistance

The school has set up a ‘Family Funded Program’ with the Apple Store-Doncaster to assist you with purchasing from
their store. Please view the flyer distributed at the iPad Parent Information Night for more information.

Insurance and warranty
Insurance is the responsibility of the owner. AppleCare Protection Plan is an extended warranty available for
purchasers to increase their hardware coverage and support. AppleCare+ for iPad provides up to two years of expert
telephone technical support and additional hardware coverage from Apple, including up to two incidents of accidental
damage coverage, each subject to a A$65 service fee. Coverage begins on the original purchase date.

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                                                 setting up your
             GREAT ATTITUDE
Setting Up iPad - Accessories

   Protecting the outside of the iPad is part of caring for your device. You will want to get a protective case in
    order to keep it safe while travelling or just for everyday use. The school recommends that the iPad has a cover
    that covers / folds across the screen entirely.
   The Technology Department at Apollo Parkways PS provides Prep to Grade 6 classrooms with a class tub of
    headsets to share. Students in Grade 5 and 6 are allowed to bring in their own headphones should they choose.

Setting Up iPad - WiFi
To set up your iPad, turn it on and follow the Setup Assistant. The onscreen directions in Setup Assistant guide you
through the setup process, including:
     Connecting to a Wi-Fi network
     Signing in with or creating a free Apple ID
     Setting up iCloud
     Turning on recommended features, such as Location Services, Find My iPad and Parental Controls.

Choosing an iOS backup method (Should I use iTunes or iCloud to back up my iOS device?)
Curious about how to best back up your iPad? Is iTunes Backup or iCloud Backup the best solution for you?
Each backup method has its own advantages. For most users, iCloud Backup is the recommended solution as
described below.

When is iCloud Backup the best choice for me?
iCloud Backup provides an easy and reliable backup solution for users who want to back up their iOS devices
wirelessly and automatically without tethering to a computer. iCloud Backup is best for you if:
     You prefer that iCloud take care of backups for you automatically when your device is connected to Wi-Fi
        and power.
     You want to restore data to your device from almost anywhere via a broadband Wi-Fi connection.
     You don’t connect your iOS device to a Mac or PC very frequently.
     You don’t own a Mac or PC.
     You would like an automatic backup solution to use in conjunction with iTunes Backup (see below).

Note: iCloud Backup does not back up music, movies, and TV shows that you did not purchase from the iTunes
Store, or any podcasts, audio books, or photos that you originally synced from your computer. iCloud Backup will
restore your purchased music, movie, and app content from the iTunes and App Stores during the background restore
process. Previous purchases may be unavailable if they are no longer in the iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store.

When is iTunes Backup the best choice for me?
iTunes Backup is traditionally how users have backed up their iOS devices. iTunes Backup is best for you if:
    You don't have an iCloud account or don't want to use iCloud.
    The photos and videos saved in your device’s camera roll regularly exceed 5 GB in size or you tend to have
       very large backups.
    You want on-site and networked backups.
    You would like a manual or secondary backup solution to use in conjunction with iCloud Backup.

Note: Keep in mind that iTunes Backup does not create a duplicate back up of your movies, music and apps.

@ apollo - school required apps
      GREAT OPPORTUNITIES                        2018
 Built-in Apps                                                       Icon                      Free with device
                                                                                       The iPad iOS includes a
                                                                                       collection of Apple designed
 Keynote                                                                               Apps that form the core of our
                                                                                       1    to   1   iPad   program
 Numbers                                                                               requirements.

 GarageBand                                                                            Other built in apps that will be
                                                                                        utilised in Grade 5 & 6 are,
 iMovie                                                                                   Camera, Calendar, Notes,
                                                                                             Clock and Maps

 Cross-curricular apps                                               Icon                  Purchase in App Store

 Comic Life 3                                                                                           $7.99

 Explain Everything™ Classic                                                                           $14.99

 Google Earth                                                                                           Free

 Green Screen by Do Ink                                                                                 $4.49

 Inspiration Maps VPP                                                                                  $14.99

 Pixelmator                                                                                             $7.99

 Stop Motion Studio                                                                                     Free

 Organisation/file management apps                                   Icon                  Purchase in App Store

 Filebrowser for Education                                                                             $13.99

 Mathematics + programming apps                                      Icon                Download from App Store

 Hopscotch                                                                                              Free

 Sphero Edu                                                                                             Free

 The Calculator                                                                                         Free

Note: ‘Reading Diary’ app is currently being updated. It was not included in the 2018 School Required App list at time of print

@ apollo -                                    managing your iPad
             GREAT ATTITUDE
                                                   parent responsibilities
It is important that there is joint responsibility between the student, parents and the school in the iPad 1 to 1 program.

Create an acceptable use agreement for your home
As the purchasers and owners of this device, parents are encouraged to direct, create and implement their very own
family acceptable use agreement for their child’s use of the iPad in the home from the moment it is set up. Just like
school, these initial conversations and non-negotiables support acceptable cybersafe practices in your home and
clearly communicate your rules and expectations regarding screen time and access to age appropriate content (i.e.
games, apps and social media).

“The culture of a school is set by the leadership and teachers, but it is students and parents that can really make it
strong. When students feel empowered to work with adults, to create opportunities for positive relationships and
make commitments to engage in positive behaviours they can establish a positive peer group culture that makes a
huge contribution to the school culture”
                                                                         Bully Stoppers, Parents & Cybersafety, DET

For support to create your very own family acceptable use agreement, please access a variety of online templates at:

 All parents will be required to agree in writing to the school’s eSmart policies and ‘Technology and Internet
  Acceptable Use’ agreements. (These documents are included in this package of materials.)
 No media or apps held on the iPad is to contain explicit language or inappropriate themes.

iTunes accounts and Family Sharing
 It is a requirement of Apple that a person must be over 13 years of age to have an iTunes account. Children can
  now have their own Apple ID with family sharing. Parents have the ability through family sharing to pay for
  family purchases with the same credit card and approve their child’s spending straight from a parent device. For
  more information on family sharing please go to the following link.
 If parents choose not to activate family sharing it is recommended that parents purchase an iTunes card to set up
  the iTunes account to avoid using a credit card.
 If parents choose not to activate family sharing it is recommended that parents set up the iTunes account to their
  email, so they will be aware of any purchases made through the iTunes store.
 Students will not be required to access the family’s iTunes account at school. Parents can determine if children
  have access to the iTunes account password at home.

Recommended settings for parents to activate

 Keeping the Find My iPad feature enabled (turned on). This can help you locate your child’s iPad using GPS, it
  can also locate an iPad that's hiding under a couch or beneath a pillow by letting you use an iPhone or a PC to
  play a sound on the iPad.
 You can use Restrictions, also known as Parental Controls, to block or limit specific apps and features on your

Parent checklist – school iPad requirements:

       All iPads must have the school required apps installed for the start of the 2018 school year.

       A minimum of 8GB of space (after the installation of school required apps) must remain available for school

       Additional personal & family apps must allow enough space for school requirements – 8GB.

       Any software added at home must be licensed and G Rated.

       When the iPad needs to be synced or updated the school takes no responsibility for lost files or software.
        These will need to be restored at home.

       Pirated software or media will be seen as a breach of the agreement and is subject to disciplinary action, with
        possible exclusion from the program.

       Jailbroken iPads will not be supported by the school.

       Know the passcode lock for your child’s iPad. Protect the privacy of this passcode lock together.

       The iPad must come to school each day in full working order:
                    Fully charged at 100% - students will not have access to charging facilities at school
                    Cover on
                    School required apps installed
                    System software – correct version – installed
                    All notifications/ alerts are to be turned off. This includes iMessage

       The school recommends that the iPad has a cover that covers / folds across the screen entirely.

       The school recommends that Find My iPad and Parent Restrictions are enabled (turned on). See page 6.

       Support your child to regularly back-up their iPad at home.

School required apps

 The school required apps (see page 7) are required at the beginning of the school year with some additional apps
  required at mid-year. For those families that have paid their booklist in full these mid-year apps will be ‘gifted’
  to students, other families will be required to purchase the necessary apps at this time.
 It is recommended that students back up their iPad a minimum of once a week to avoid the loss of content.


 At home families may decide to provide broadband internet connection. This is a family responsibility.
 The school will not provide home set up assistance.


 Resources and information for parents is available at:

@ apollo -                                     managing your iPad
             GREAT ATTITUDE
                                                    school responsibilities
It is imperative that there is joint responsibility between the students, parents and the school in the iPad 1 to 1 program.

The school year will commence with all students participating in our ‘Linking to Thinking’ unit and ‘Safer Internet
Day’. This will provide an induction into the program for all students. This unit will explain student responsibilities
and set protocols for involvement. As part of this unit students will undertake lessons and activities that focus on
e-safety and e-security.


 All iPads will be registered with the school. Registration will involve a record of:
           o Student’s name
           o Student’s grade
           o iPad serial number
 Regular network (history searches) and remote desktop searches may occur to monitor internet use.
 Students do not have access to the iTunes store, YouTube or other social networking sites on personal devices at
 Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are not permitted on an iPad at school.


 Each Grade 5 and 6 classroom, including OSHC (before or after school care), has a filing cabinet installed for the
  specific purpose of storing student iPads. The cabinets are fitted with suitable suspension files – individually
 Before school students are supervised to enter classrooms (from 8.30am) to ‘drop’ their iPad in the filing cabinet.
 At recess and lunchtimes iPads are returned to the filing cabinets and classrooms are locked.
 Students must not leave their school bag / iPad unattended after school.
 Families are notified, via telephone, should a student leave their iPad in their grade’s security location, filing
  cabinet, at the end of the school day.
 At OSHC, staff honor the school’s technology and internet acceptable use agreement. Students are monitored
  from 5.00pm – 5.30pm if they need to use their iPad to complete assigned homework tasks or Mathletics units.


 In the first few days of school in the new year, our Technicians will install a profile allowing access to the school’s
  wireless network - edustar.
 Use of the internet is governed by the school’s ‘Technology & Internet Acceptable Use’ agreement and contract
  that students and parents agree to for use of Technologies within the school. (See back of handbook).
 Appropriate use of the internet within the school network is closely monitored by a filtering system that allows
  for inappropriate content to be blocked.
 Remote desktop searches allow for the monitoring of web browser histories to ensure inappropriate use of the
  internet is detected. Random checks will occur.
 Any inappropriate use of the internet is unacceptable and is subject to disciplinary action, with possible exclusion
  from the program. Under no circumstances are students to open and/or access games or social media apps on the
  school site.
 If a student is downloading excessive amounts of data parents will be informed; restrictions will be put in place.
 Within Victoria the DET provides access to blogs that support students and their learning, and these are the only
  sites supporting this work in the classroom.

 At school, students will not have their iPads set up for email at this stage.


 In many cases students will use other media for the display and presentation of their work.
 We anticipate that students will use very little printing at school.
 When necessary students will have access to black and white printing.


 Insurance is the responsibility of the owner. See page 5 for information regarding AppleCare.

Technical support

 The school employs Technicians to support the 1 to 1 iPad program at school.
 Students will seek technical support and software assistance through their classroom teacher.
 All warranty issues are to be addressed through individual suppliers.

Cybersafety essentials @ apollo

In 2015, our school was 1 of 270 Victorian
schools awarded funding to implement an
initiative to prevent and respond to bullying
(both face-to-face and online). Our Pegasus
students at the time utilised the graphics
design app, Pixelmator to create a series of
posters that addressed the theme, “Speak up
against Cyberbullying” or “Being Cool

Today our Grade 6 eLearning Captains
reinforce this message around the school and
display our Cybersafety Essentials in every

@ apollo -                                 managing your iPad
             GREAT ATTITUDE
                                                   student responsibilities
It is important that there is joint responsibility between the student, parents and the school in the iPad 1 to 1 program.


Guidelines for the personalisation of the iPad will be provided by the classroom teacher at the beginning of the year.
However please read the information below for a few tips:

 The wallpaper image students select for their iPad must not contain explicit language or inappropriate themes.
  This refers to both the lock screen and the home screen.
 Personal photographs used should not involve peers without their permission.
 Your teachers will assist you to utilise a variety of apps should you choose to design your own wallpaper image
  that reflects your hobbies, interests or sporting teams.

Care & maintenance

 The student must maintain and care for the iPad (see next page).
 Carry your iPad carefully whilst moving around the classroom and place it respectfully on flat surfaces.

When is iPad use permitted?

 Unless monitored at OSHC or by a teacher at the 8.30am iPad drop off, under no circumstances are students to
  use their iPads in the school grounds out of class time.
 Mobile devices of any sort are not permitted on school excursions or camps.
 Traditionally, students are not required to bring their iPads to school on their teachers’ planning days.

Student checklist – are you school ready?

       Your iPad must have the school required apps installed for the start of the 2018 school year.

       A protective case that covers / folds across the screen entirely. Your choice to bring your own headphones.

       You are to always have a minimum of 8G of space (after the installation of school required apps & any
        personal apps) available for school use.

       Have your iPad charged 100% ready for school each day - no access to chargers at school!

       All notifications/ alerts are to be turned off.

       Under no circumstances are you to use the Camera function to take a photo/video without the person’s

       Your parents have assisted you to set up a passcode lock for your iPad. Please keep this private.

@ apollo -
                                                   caring for your iPad
             GREAT ATTITUDE

Caring for the iPad Screen

The screen is made out of glass but it has a special oleophobic coating in order to protect it from
fingerprints. Officially, it means that it’s oil resistant. It is important to take good care of the screen to get the most
out of the coating. Here are some ways to protect your iPad screen.
     Don’t drop it on hard surfaces. It is glass and it can break.
     Clean the screen with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth.
     Do not clean it with window cleaners, glass cleaners, aerosol sprays, abrasives, or alcohol.
     You can also use a screen protector. These are not for everyone but they do work for the care of the iPad

Caring for your Batteries

Part of caring for your iPad means caring for the batteries. The batteries in your iPad are lithium polymer
(rechargeable) and they will eventually wear out. It will take a long time before that happens, but there are some
things you can do to care for your batteries and get the most out of them.
     Make sure your iPad is always up to date. This includes apps and the iOS software. Apple will sometimes
        make adjustments to software which helps with security, battery life and resources.

Caring for your iPad: Environmental

There are also a few environmental ways to care for your iPad. Some of these are obvious while a few are not so
     Keep the iPad out of heat for an extended length of time
     Keep the iPad out of cold for an extended period of time
     Keep it out of water or extremely humid locations
     Do not dry it with an external heat source, hair dryer.

It should also go without saying that part of caring for your iPad is to make sure you do not insert anything into the
port connections other than the intended peripherals. Jamming things into the port connectors could render it
unusable (and void the warranty).

External Protection

Protecting the outside of the iPad is part of caring for your device. You will want to get a case in order to keep it
safe while travelling or just for everyday use.

@ apollo -
                                                  frequently asked questions
             GREAT ATTITUDE

How will the iPad be looked after? By who?
 The iPad will be seen as your child’s responsibility, not yours and not the schools.
 Covers sold with the iPad will provide some protection, however, the way the iPad is treated is the most important
 Students will be trained in looking after their iPad, but then need to do so.
 At school, iPads are kept in a storage unit for easy access. They are not stored in desks or school bags. Classrooms
  will be locked.
 iPads should be stored inside their schoolbag travelling to and from school so as to not attract attention.
 An insured iPad is insured at home and school (check your policy first), so damage is not the end of the world
  (just a good life lesson).

Who will recharge the iPad?
 As part of their homework students will need to charge their iPad at home each night. We will not have the facility
  to charge multiple iPads.

Who will repair the iPad if it gets broken?
 Apple will manage all hardware issues.
 Apollo Parkways PS requests students to regularly backup their iPad at home. Technical support for apps added
  at home is not part of the package.

How will data be backed up?
 Students and families are responsible for backup.

Who will pay for printing and Internet downloads?
 At school, we will carry the costs for printing and Internet access. If a student is downloading excessive amounts
  of data, restrictions will be put in place and charges may be forwarded.
 At home, families may decide to provide a broadband Internet connection or not. This is a family decision. We
  cannot provide home set up assistance.

Will we be able to add apps?
 Yes, this will be an option, however, software must be licensed and G Rated. If the iPad needs to be restored to
  factory setting the school takes no responsibility for lost files or software. These will need to be restored at
  home. Pirated software or media will be seen as a breach of the agreement with the school and the device may be
  reimaged as a result. No ‘jail-broken’ iPads will be supported on the school network.

What if my child forgets his iPad at home?
 If there is a spare device available he/she may be able to borrow it – this is usually a laptop.

@ apollo -

@ apollo -
                                              technology & internet
                                              acceptable use agreement
    GREAT OPPORTUNITIES                       grade 5 & 6, 2018
During classroom activities students will have access to their own iPad and the opportunity to use a range
of the school’s technologies and external devices. Filters are in place in accordance with the DET, however
this does not replace the individual responsibility of each student in a home environment.
When I use my iPad, technologies and the internet at school, I have responsibilities and rules to

I agree to:
   abide by the guidelines and conditions in the 1 to 1 iPad program implementation handbook
   not remove the school required certificate installed on my iPad to remain connected to the Department of
     Education’s filtered WiFi network - edustar
   use my iPad, technologies and the internet at school for learning, use the equipment respectfully and properly
     and not interfere with the work or data of another student
   keep myself and my friends safe by not giving out personal details including full names, telephone numbers,
     addresses and images. I will protect my password
   not bring to school any downloaded unauthorised programs, including games, or run them on school devices
   only use my iPad when directed by the teacher
   remember that the content on the web is someone’s property and ask my teacher to help me get permission and
     reference accordingly if I want to use information or pictures
   think carefully about what I read on the internet, question if it is from a reliable source and use the information
     to help me answer any questions (I should not copy and paste the information as my answer).

General use both at home and school. I agree to:
  talk to my teacher or another adult if:
        o I need help online
        o I am not sure what I should be doing on the internet
        o I come across sites which are not suitable or make me feel uncomfortable
        o someone writes/posts something I don’t like, or makes me and/or my friends feel uncomfortable or
            asks me to provide information that I know is private
        o I feel that the welfare of other students at the school is being threatened by online activities
  be respectful in how I talk to and work with others online and never write or participate in online bullying
  be respectful with the photos I take or video I capture and never use these as a tool for bullying or sharing
   without permission

I acknowledge and agree to follow these rules. I understand that I may not be able to access
the internet at school, use my iPad or the school’s technologies if I do not act responsibly.

To be completed by Parent/Guardian of children in Grade 5 & 6

Parent Permission
(this document should be read and discussed prior to signing)

I agree to allow my child to use the internet at school. I have discussed the responsible use of the internet and related
technologies with him/her as outlined above.

I will contact the school if there is anything here that I do not understand or if anything concerns me.

Student Name: ...........................……………………………………………..                            Grade: ………………………….

Parent/Guardian Signature: …………………………………… Student Signature: ……………………………………

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