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Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
School of Medicine
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Entry 2020   www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
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Our Five-year MBBCh Programme
Q Cardiff has a fantastic, modern             Q Award-winning teachers deliver high       Q You’ll have plenty of opportunities
  course with excellent facilities              quality teaching in partnership with        to tailor your course towards your
  and patient contact from your                 the Schools of Biosciences,                 own interests
  very first year                               Psychology and Social Sciences,
                                                using state-of-the-art facilities and     Q We’ll encourage you to travel abroad
Q Everything you learn prepares you             cutting-edge techniques                     as part of your studies (although it’s
  for the challenges ahead. We’re                                                           not compulsory)
  particularly proud of our Case Based        Q Clinical placements are across Wales
  Learning, spiral curriculum and               in hospitals, community medical           Q Typical Offer: AAA at A-level
  Harmonisation Year                            centres and general practices. You’ll
                                                                                          Q Frequent Open Days throughout
                                                get to learn first-hand about medicine
                                                                                            the year.
                                                in tiny villages, deprived inner cities
                                                and everything in between

   For more info go to: www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine/courses/undergraduate
   Can’t find your answer in this brochure? Email: medadmissions@cardiff.ac.uk

  Want to know more about being a Cardiff student?
  Come and take a look . . .
  As well as frequent University Open Days,
  we have Medicine Taster Days with
  extensive programmes for both students
  and parents: meet admissions staff,
  chat to current students and see for
  yourself what Cardiff has to offer.
  A Cardiff University Open Day allows
  you to take a look at the University
  (e.g. residences, Students’ Union) as
  well as the School of Medicine, while
  a Medicine Taster Day lets you try out
  your clinical skills under supervision
  and explore our facilities and programme
  in greater depth.
  Keep an eye on www.cardiff.ac.uk
  for University Open Day dates and on
                                                    The community spirit in Wales is like no other and you really get a
  for Medicine Taster Days.                     feel for that on placement.
                                                Rachel Price, medical student
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
Welcome          1

Welcome                                                                                 Contents
                                                                                        ■ Cardiff: the University                            3
                                                                                        ■ Cardiff: the City                                  5
                                                                                        ■ Cardiff University School
                                                                                          of Medicine                                        6
                                                                                        ■ The MBBCh Programme                                7
                                                                                        ■ What Will I Learn?                                 8
                                                                                        ■ Support Network                                    9
                                                                                        ■ Learning and Teaching Methods 10
                                                                                        ■ Our Facilities                                11
                                                                                        ■ Elective                                      12
                                                                                        ■ A Flexible Curriculum                         15
                                                                                        ■ MBBCh Admissions                              16
                                                                                        ■ FAQs                                          18
                                                                                        ■ What our students say . . .                   19
                                                                                        ■ Medical Pharmacology                          20
                                                                                        ■ Meet the . . .                                21
                                                                                        ■ Life Outside Medicine                         22
Welcome to the School of Medicine,                                                      ■ Research                                      25
Cardiff University                                                                      ■ Further Information                           25

Our students tell us that our course delivers
what you want in a medical school:                                                       Important information.
                                                                                         Please read carefully.
◗ You have early patient contact, working
                                                                                         The University offers the information
  with patients from Year One.
                                                                                         contained in this brochure as a guide only.
◗ Experience the challenges and rewards                                                  It does not constitute a contract and is not
  of practising medicine in both urban                                                   binding on prospective students, students
  and rural communities. Our unparalleled                                                or the University. While the University makes
  range of clinical opportunities and                                                    every effort to check the accuracy of the
  placements will help you to make the                                                   factual content at the time of publication,
  very best choice when you apply for                                                    some changes will inevitably occur in
  your first job as a junior doctor.                                                     the interval between publication and
                                                                                         the academic year in which you apply.
◗ Up to 15% of your course can be tailored                                               Good degree programmes will change in
  to your interests.                                                                     line with professional body requirements
◗ Your final (Harmonisation) year prepares                                               and student demand, as well as research
  you for a smooth transition to junior                                                  development. You should not therefore
  doctor and our graduates report feeling                                                rely solely on this brochure and should
                                                                                         visit the School of Medicine website
  well-prepared for practice.                    Professor Stephen Riley                 (www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine) for up-to-date
Wales provides a rare balance between                                                    information concerning course content,
the fun of vibrant city living and accessible,                                           accreditation and entry requirements for the
beautiful countryside. It is a great place                                               relevant academic year when considering
to study and you can live life to the full                                               applying to the University. We are also happy
with all that Cardiff University has to offer.                                           to answer any questions you may ask by
                                                                                         post, telephone or email, or when you come
We look forward to meeting with you                                                      to Cardiff for an Open Day.
at one of our Open Days soon.                      Admissions Enquiries
                                                   School of Medicine                    If you are not able to access information
Professor Stephen Riley                            Cardiff University                    online please contact us:
Dean of Medical Education                          Neuadd Meirionnydd                    Email: enquiry@cardiff.ac.uk
                                                   Cardiff CF14 4YS
                                                                                         Tel: 029 2087 4455
                                                                                         Your degree: Students admitted to Cardiff
                                                   Tel: +44 (0)29 2068 8113
                                                                                         University study for a Cardiff University degree.
                                                        +44 (0)29 2068 8073
                                                   Email: medadmissions@cardiff.ac.uk    MEDIC/1018/11000
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
Cardiff: the University   3
                                                                                                                          More online at:

Cardiff: the University
Cardiff University has an international reputation for excellence
in teaching and research, built on a history of service and
achievement since 1883, and recognised by our membership
of the Russell Group of leading research-led universities.
We celebrate our heritage but look to the         Home to over 30,000 students, with more
future. Our state-of-the-art facilities include   than 5,000 from outside the EU, we are an           Cardiff is a lovely and easy-
£200 million of investment across the             inclusive university, with a good record for    going city. The School of
University, including our Cathays Park            widening access, increasing participation and   Medicine gives all international
Campus, Heath Park Campus and Maindy              welcoming applications irrespective of          students great opportunities.
Campus, refurbishment of the libraries and        background.
                                                                                                  Giuseppe Masciopinto, medical student,
renovation of the Students’ Union. We have        With an impressive array of resources,          Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore,
a beautiful central campus, modern facilities     supportive student environment, tradition of    Sede di Roma.
spread across the city, excellent                 academic excellence and extensive selection
accommodation, Wifi enabled libraries and         of degree programmes, Cardiff is widely
one of the best Students’ Unions in the UK.       acknowledged as Wales’ foremost university.
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
Cardiff: the City   5
                                                                                                                 More online at:

Cardiff: the City

Cardiff, one of Europe’s youngest capital cities, is vibrant and
friendly, making it an exciting place to live and study.
Cardiff’s attractive, compact nature allows
students, who make up 10% of Cardiff’s                  The city centre is known for
population, to enjoy unique attractions,           its nightlife and nothing beats
fantastic entertainment and quality shopping,      the atmosphere when Wales are         Cardiff is the UK’s second
all within easy walking distance. As a Cardiff     playing rugby at home in the          most affordable student city.
student, you have easy access to amazing
                                                   Principality Stadium. However,
sports facilities and entertainment to suit all                                          Of the 35 cities surveyed,
tastes - from international cricket at Sophia
                                                   within little more than an hour
                                                                                         the average cost of living
Gardens and rugby at the Principality Stadium,     you could be hiking in the Brecon
                                                                                         was lowest in Cardiff.
to Welsh National Opera performances,              Beacons, surfing in the Gower or
listening to local bands on St Mary Street         meeting friends in other cities       Source:
or a night out in the Students’ Union.             like Bristol or Swansea.              NatWest Student Living Index 2018
Cardiff has the buzz and energy of a               Dr Simon Thebault, Cardiff graduate
capital city and is in a fantastic location.

                                                                                             What I appreciate most
   “Cardiff is a young, vibrant city. A blend of beautiful                               about Cardiff city, compared to
   old architecture and new, cutting-edge developments.                                  other student cities, is how
   Cosmopolitan with a large student population.”                                        affordable it is. Great housing is
                                                                                         located close to the campuses,
   Daily Telegraph Guide to UK Universities
                                                                                         as well as the centre of the city.
                                                                                         Having the opportunity to live in
                                                                                         student-predominant areas
                                                                                         means that we have the
                                                                                         opportunity to eat out in student-
                                                                                         priced restaurants and go to
                                                                                         bars with fair prices!
                                                                                         Berenice Cunningham-Walker,
                                                                                         medical student

                                                                                              Walking along the River Taff
                                                                                         I often forget I’m in a city.
                                                                                         Tom Liddell-Lowe, medical student

Cardiff is one of the UK’s most successful retail centres
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
6   Cardiff University School of Medicine

    Cardiff University
    School of Medicine

                                                                                                              The course has a large
                                                                                                          practical element so you get to
                                                                                                          learn the really cool stuff from
                                                                                                          the very beginning. It also allows
                                                                                                          you to perfect your skills
                                                                                                          throughout the course and be
                                                                                                          confident on the job once you
                                                                                                          graduate as a doctor.
                                                                                                          Dr Julimar Abreu, Cardiff graduate

    We are proud of Cardiff’s long tradition of medical education.
    Since 1893 we have trained the very best doctors and today
    we focus on providing a 21st century education to our students.
    We combine progressive healthcare               The Heath Park Campus, located at the                      The Students’ Union at the
    education and patient care with world-class     University Hospital of Wales, is well-resourced
                                                                                                          Heath Park campus is here to
    research and outstanding teaching facilities,   with a lot to offer students. You will learn in our
    in order to help you to become the very best    purpose built teaching facilities and state-of-       engage and support you during
    doctor you can be.                              the-art Clinical Skills and Simulation Centres,       your journey through university.
                                                    study in our well-equipped interprofessional          They provide Student Advice
                                                    library and socialise at the Student Union Hub        Services regarding anything from
                                                    (dubbed The IV Lounge by our students).               housing queries to academic
                                                                                                          issues; over 250 societies and
                                                                                                          sports clubs to be a part of; and
                                                                                                          offer a wide range of social
                                                                                                          spaces and events throughout
                                                                                                          the year. There are specific
                                                                                                          healthcare societies and sports
                                                                                                          teams to cater for the busy
                                                                                                          lifestyle of a Health Student as
                                                                                                          well as all the activities and
                                                                                                          opportunities that every student is
                                                                                                          welcome to. Your time at Cardiff
                                                                                                          and at the Heath will stay with
                                                                                                          you long after you leave University
                                                                                                          so let’s make it incredible!
                                                                                                          Jennifer Kent – Vice President
                                                                                                          Heath Park 2018-19,
                                                                                                          Cardiff University Students’ Union
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
The MBBCh Programme           7
                                                                                                                        More online at:

The MBBCh Programme
   What programmes are there to study Medicine?
   ◗ 5 year undergraduate programme              ◗ 6 year programme                        ◗ 4 year graduate entry programme
     UCAS A100, requiring the appropriate          UCAS A104, up to 16 places for            UCAS A101, for up to 10 graduates of
     science A-levels or equivalent. There are     applicants with limited or no science     each of our recognised feeder courses
     approximately 270 places for Home and         background, where we’ll bring you up      only: BSc in Medical Pharmacology;
     EU students and around 25 for                 to speed with a preliminary year.         Biomedical Science (Cardiff University)
     Overseas students.                                                                      and Medical Sciences (University of
                                                                                             South Wales & Bangor University).
                                                                                             You can apply to join Year Two of the
                                                                                             A100 programme.

What will I learn?
Preliminary Programme
(UCAS A104)
In your preliminary year you will study in
a university environment and you can join
in many of the activities run by medical
student societies.
All students will take core chemistry and
biosciences modules and, additionally, an                                                  What’s Case Based
Introduction to Medical Sciences module to
help introduce you to the world of medicine.                                               Learning (CBL)?
You will also be required to take mathematics
                                                                                           The first thing you need to know is that
modules if you do not have this subject at
                                                                                           CBL is a far more structured and supportive
A-level. These modules will ensure that you
                                                                                           learning style than Problem Based Learning.
can join Year One on an equal footing with
                                                                                           CBL is designed to give all students equal
other medical students. You will also have
                                                                                           learning opportunities and the very best
some optional choices and you can choose
                                                                                           teaching. Everything you learn will be what
from a range of science, language and
                                                                                           we see as useful and relevant, taught at the
humanities modules.
                                                                                           most appropriate points in your programme,
                                                                                           using the most appropriate facilities.
                                                                                           This learning is facilitated best in small
                                                                                           group teaching.
                                                                                           You’ll be presented with a case, around
                                                                                           which your teaching for the following week
                                                                                           or so will be based. For example, let’s say
                                                                                           the case involved a patient with a sporting
                                                                                           injury to his knee: in lectures you will learn
                                                                                           about the mechanisms of inflammation
                                                                                           and anti-inflammatory medications; in the
                                                                                           anatomy centre you’ll be examining the
                                                                                           relevant area; on placement you may be in
                                                                                           a physiotherapy clinic dealing with sporting
                                                                                           injuries, and in the clinical skills labs you’ll
                                                                                           learn how to examine a knee.

                                                                                           What’s a spiral
                                                                                           We have a spiral curriculum, which means
                                                                                           each year you will revisit common clinical
                                                                                           problems and build on what you have
                                                                                           learned already. This means that the new
                                                                                           information is easier to remember and to
                                                                                           apply in a clinical context when you see
Undergraduate School of Medicine - Entry 2020 www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine - Cardiff University
8   What Will I Learn?

    What Will I Learn on the
    5 Year MBBCh Curriculum?
      PHASE One: Core Science and Clinical Practice - Years One and Two
      What is it all about?                          What will I do?                               Where will I be learning?
      Your first semester in Year One, our           ◗ Basic clinical sciences, such as            ◗ You will study in the most appropriate
      Platform for Clinical Sciences, orientates       anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and         facility for the type of learning required,
      you to the basic sciences and aids your          immunology are learnt in a range of           meaning that your time will be split
      transition to Higher Education. Following        formats including workshops, lectures,        between the clinically-focussed Heath
      this, in Years One and Two you will learn        practicals and cadaveric dissection.          Park Campus and Bioscience facilities
      basic and clinical science via the theme of    ◗ Communication skills, learning how            at Cathays Campus.
      ‘the Chronological Life Course.’ You will        to take focused histories and explain
                                                                                                   ◗ You will also have regular NHS
      explore the normal workings of the human         diseases and treatment
                                                                                                     placements. These clinical experience
      body and start to recognise disease,           ◗ Clinical skills, learning a range of          days will allow you to see patients with
      combining what you learn in our in-depth         physical examinations, basic life             conditions that you are exploring in your
      basic science teaching sessions with what        support and practical skills                  Case Based Learning groups, as well as
      you see on clinical placements. You will use
                                                     ◗ Behavioural and Social Sciences,              meeting staff in a multidisciplinary
      cases discussed in small groups (‘Case
                                                       such as Psychology and Sociology,             environment.
      Based Learning’ – see Page 7) to study
                                                       are areas that you will learn throughout
      common clinical conditions that affect           the programme
      patients of different ages.
                                                     ◗ Professionalism and Personal
                                                       Development workshops - doctors have
                                                       important roles as leaders and
                                                       respected members of society, and we
                                                       help you to learn about professionalism
                                                       in practice and develop as an individual.

                                                           Case Based Learning, with
                                                      its clinical placements, really
                                                      prepares you for the daily reality
                                                      of life on the wards.
                                                      Sarah Morgan, medical student

      PHASE 2: Learning to Care - Years Three and Four
      What is it all about?                          What will I do?                               Where will I be learning?
      This part of your course concentrates          ◗ You will learn the fundamentals of          ◗ Most of your time will be spent on
      on patient experiences of illness and            excellent clinical care, such as clinical     NHS and GP clinical placements
      healthcare. It is designed to give you           assessment, diagnosis, management             across Wales
      an excellent learning experience in              and treatment of common diseases
                                                                                                   ◗ You will be in hospitals, GP practices
      clinical settings, to make you the best
                                                     ◗ Year Three focuses on common                  and community clinics
      doctor you can be.
                                                       diseases in acute and chronic settings
                                                                                                   ◗ Your teaching block weeks are in
                                                     ◗ Year Four's emphasis is on specialties        University, preparing you for your
                                                       and you will spend time with a range          clinical placement at the start and
                                                       of specialists such as obstetricians,         consolidating your learning at the end
                                                       paediatricians, geriatricians and
                                                                                                   ◗ In Year Three you may have the option
                                                                                                     of following a Rural Education Route
                                                     ◗ You will have teaching alongside              based mostly in primary care in
                                                       your clinical placements, where the           North and West Wales
                                                       fundamentals of good medical practice
            Being on ‘away’ placements                 are covered, as well as the pathology,
                                                                                                   ◗ Through the Erasmus scheme, some
       means you make friends you                                                                    Year Four students spend time on
                                                       therapeutics, social sciences and ethics
       otherwise might not have come                                                                 clinical placement at one of our partner
                                                       relevant to your placement
                                                                                                     institutions in Europe.
       into contact with, so by the end
                                                     ◗ As part of your Student Selected options
       of the course everyone knows                    programme, you will also be able to
       everyone, which makes it a really               pursue a non-core topic that interests
       friendly environment to be in.                  you in greater detail.
       Dr Zoe Candlish, Cardiff graduate
What will I learn?     9
                                                                                                                           More online at:

HARMONISATION: Preparing for Practice - Year Five
What is it all about?                         What will I do?                                  Where will I be learning?
Your final year as a Cardiff University        ◗ Preparing for Practice addresses those        ◗ Your Junior Student Assistantship and
medical student is designed to help you          practical aspects of medicine that are          Primary Care Attachment placements
to make a smooth transition into your role       necessary to become a great doctor, e.g.        are in Wales
as a Foundation Doctor (F1). Harmonisation       communication, medical documentation          ◗ Your elective can be in the UK or abroad
has four 7-8 week clinical placements            and emergency patient management                - it is your choice
separated by three shorter study blocks,
                                               You will also undertake the following:          ◗ Your Senior Student Assistantship
all designed to build your confidence,
                                               ◗ Junior Student Assistantship                    placement will usually be in the hospital
to allow you to practise clinical and
                                                 (clinical placement with a Consultant)          where you will start your career as a
prescribing skills and to enhance your
                                                                                                 doctor. If this is outside Wales we will
ability to work as part of a team. During      ◗ Changing Practice (study block)
                                                                                                 fit you in to a suitable placement in
this time you will use the My Progress         ◗ Primary Care Attachment                         Wales and encourage you to spend
ePortfolio to record your learning.              (clinical placement with a GP)                  time shadowing the outgoing F1 over
As the year progresses you will learn          ◗ Your elective lets you experience               the summer
to assume increasing responsibility for          medicine in different cultural situations     ◗ Your study blocks will be at the Heath
patient care.                                    around the world                                Park Campus in Cardiff.
                                               ◗ In your Science and Practice module
                                                 you'll revisit some of the basic science
                                                 that underpins clinical medicine. You will
                                                 explore the uncertainties of medicine,
                                                 learn how to deal with stress and learn
                                                 more about what being a Foundation
                                                 Doctor involves
                                               ◗ Your Senior Student Assistantship
                                                 placement has you shadowing the
                                                 F1 whose shoes you will fill after
                                                 graduation, if you choose to stay in
                                                 Wales for your first job. This helps you
                                                 become comfortable with the people
                                                 and environment before you even start
                                                 your first day as a Foundation Doctor
                                                 here in Wales. This will help make that
                                                 daunting transition from student to
                                                 doctor both safer and more enjoyable.
                                                                                               Placement locations across Wales:
                                                                                               Red – Hospital Hubs
                                                                                               Green – General Practices
     The Senior Student
 Assistantship alleviated many of
 the anxieties and fears that a new                                                                 I am having a great time as
 graduate faces. It isn’t always our                                                            an F1. It’s very busy but I am
 medical knowledge but rather                                                                   enjoying doing what I always
 ward ‘know-how’ that matters.                                                                  wanted to do.
 Dr Yousef Ibrahim, Cardiff graduate                                                            Mustafa Abdimalik, Cardiff graduate

Support Network                               available through the School of Medicine.
                                              You will be allocated a personal tutor who
                                                                                               you are well looked after when you are away
                                                                                               on placement, with support staff based at
Medicine can sometimes be demanding           will be a great source of knowledge and          each district general hospital in Wales. We
physically, mentally and emotionally and      support to help you with your learning.          try to ensure you have access to support and
we want to be there to help you through       They will meet you regularly and be able to      advice whenever you feel you might need it.
these moments. We will support you            signpost you to specific support if you should
both academically and pastorally              need it. Support for more personal issues is
throughout your training at Cardiff.          provided through our medic support service.           Medic Support kept everything
                                                                                                confidential and they tailored the
As a medical student you will not only have   This provides support for those with personal
                                              and health concerns and links with the wider
                                                                                                support to suit my needs.
access to the University Student Support
Centre but there is also specific support     University support services. We also ensure       Dr Jamie Plumb, Cardiff graduate
10   Learning and Teaching Methods

     Learning and Teaching Methods
     Cardiff students are encouraged to interact, participate, ask
     questions and reflect, because we believe that doctors who
     are inquisitive and curious problem-solvers give their patients
     the highest standard of care.
     Our Case Based Learning approach keeps the
     patient at the centre of your studies. Through
     small group learning, co-ordinated lectures,
     clinical placements, clinical skills training and
     self-directed study we combine a variety of
     disciplines in order to integrate science,
     social science and clinical practice. Our focus
     is on you and your learning: we will support
     you as you take increasing responsibility for
     your own learning and encourage you as you
     use your own initiative to seize opportunities
     and experiences that will be available to you
     as a student and, later, as a doctor.
     Communication skills are at the heart of good
     medical practice and are one of the first
     things patients notice. Our highly-rated
     workshops will help you to gather information,      Where will I go and                                How will I be assessed?
     explain diseases and treatments, provide
     support when patients are distressed and deal       what will I do?                                    Assessments at Cardiff are designed to be
                                                                                                            fair and to support you as you learn. We'll
     with more complex skills like breaking bad          Wales offers you a breathtaking variety of
                                                                                                            assess you at the most appropriate time,
     news. You will attend workshops throughout          clinical experiences that adds value to your
                                                                                                            in the most relevant place, using actual
     the course, consulting with actors trained to       medical career. You’ll be on clinical
                                                                                                            clinical examples. Our ‘single best answer’
     behave as patients, receiving feedback and          placement in hospitals, GP practices and
                                                                                                            multiple choice-style question papers will
     sometimes being filmed in order to review           community clinics from your first year,
                                                                                                            test your knowledge and our Integrated
     your own performance. We are encouraging            gradually going further afield for longer
                                                                                                            Structured Clinical Examinations (ISCEs)
     patients to be your teachers too.                   placements, with increasing responsibility as
                                                                                                            will test your clinical skills, using real
     PAL (Peer-Assisted Learning) is a highly            part of a medical team. By your final year you
                                                                                                            patients with real physical signs, as well
     successful initiative which trains Year Five        will be spending more time with your patients
                                                                                                            as role players to assess your ability to
     medical students to peer-tutor junior years         than your books and will have experienced,
                                                                                                            communicate with patients.
     in clinical procedural skills. The PAL Scheme       first-hand, what it means to provide medical
                                                         care across the spectrum - from GP practices       Throughout your course we will award prizes
     has been a great success, helping seniors
                                                         in farming communities or small hospitals in       for the best academic performance and,
     to gain experience in the teaching
                                                         popular seaside resorts and post-industrial        at the end, you will be awarded the final
     environment, while juniors develop their
                                                         towns, through to tertiary specialties in large,   degree of MBBCh (with Honours or
     skills and knowledge from more experienced
                                                         urban teaching hospitals.                          Commendation for high achievers).
     colleagues who still recall what it feels like
     to be tackling new skills.
                                                         CARER                                              Rural Health Day
                                                         The School of Medicine is continually looking      Rural Health Day gives all Year Two students
                                                         to enhance the student experience. The             the opportunity to experience the excitement
                                                         Community and Rural Education Route                and unique challenges rural practitioners
                                                         (CARER) gives some Year Three students the         face on a daily basis. The Welsh Ambulance
                                                         opportunity to spend a whole year embedded         Service simulates a serious road traffic
                                                         in a more rural community in Aberystwyth or        accident in an isolated area, providing
                                                         Bangor. This will facilitate learning within a     students with valuable experience in the
                                                         clinical team fully supported by Cardiff           challenges emergency services face in rural
                                                         University and a local clinical educational        communities. A variety of clinical and
                                                         supervisor. In addition we will be looking to      communication skills are practised during
                                                         place some students for a whole year in            the stimulating day. This taster provides a
                                                         North Wales in Year Three, Four or Five.           rewarding glimpse into yet another option
                                                         Students studying within the Betsi Cadwaladr       available for you in clinical practice.
                                                         University Health Board in North Wales
                                                         consistently report an excellent student
                                                         experience and this programme will seek to
                                                         build on this.
Our Facilities   11
                                                                                                                  More online at:

Our Facilities
Clinical Skills Centre
Full of specialist equipment and models,           ◗ Our staff have developed e-learning
the Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre            modules to provide you with helpful
provides a safe facility for you to learn            theoretical knowledge prior to a clinical
clinical skills and gain valuable experience.        skills session
Our teaching centres on mastering the 32 key       ◗ After timetabled sessions are over, you
practical skills set out by the GMC and a range      can practise the skills in our fully-equipped
of physical examination skills so that you are       Self Directed Learning area, gaining
ready for that first day as a junior doctor.         experience and confidence in your abilities
                                                     in a safe, protected environment.
◗ We have a variety of versatile teaching
  rooms, with audiovisual and computerised         ◗ Most Wednesdays, during term time,
  facilities that allow us to deliver everything     one of the Clinical Skills Teaching team is
  from communication skills to basic life            available in the Self Directed Learning
  support, using realistic, anatomically-            Room. They are there to assist you with
  correct models to enable you to learn              the procedural skills that can take a little
  and practise a wide range of procedural            bit longer to master.
  clinical skills

Simulation Centre
Assessing an acutely unwell patient,               contain adult patient manikins in what looks,
monitoring vital signs, making and                 and feels, like a real clinical setting.
implementing management decisions;
                                                   Strategically-placed cameras allow live play
this is all part of life as a junior doctor.
                                                   and video playback, enabling you and your
The Simulation Centre provides a safe,
                                                   peers to learn as both participants and
supported environment to enact out clinical
                                                   observers. Peer learning in small group
scenarios. The hospital sites throughout
                                                   teaching is a key aspect of teaching at the
Wales also have simulation facilities which
                                                   Centre. Participants and observers will come
enables simulation teaching to occur
                                                   together at the end of a scenario and a Tutor
wherever you are based for your final year
                                                   facilitates a debriefing session. We apply a
clinical placements. We want you to feel
                                                   structured approach which highlights each
prepared for your first day as a junior doctor
                                                   performer’s good clinical practice. We take
and to know how to safely and calmly handle
                                                   time to discuss how individuals can improve
situations that arise.
                                                   their performance next time and potential
Our facility has four simulation rooms and         alternative approaches, all of which will help
four teaching rooms. Simulation rooms              you to be a better doctor.

                                                   Anatomy Centre
                                                   Ask around and you'll discover that anatomy
                                                   is a widely popular subject amongst our
                                                   students, often one of the highlights of their
                                                   medical school career. As a Cardiff student,
                                                   you will be studying anatomy in our
                                                   impressive Cathays Campus Anatomy Centre,
                                                   laying the foundation for an exciting and
                                                   successful future in Medicine.
Biosciences                                        Anatomy is a key part of our Phase 1 medical
The School of Biosciences, close to the            curriculum and we specialise in small group
Students’ Union and the city centre, provides      teaching led by clinical anatomists,
a welcoming environment for students.              academics and clinical demonstrators from
Inside the modern building, with its distinctive   the School of Biosciences. Our range of
coloured hexagonal glass-front, there              teaching methods, including dissection,
has been a large investment into the               prosection, body painting, e-learning and
refurbishment of facilities. This refurbishment    video tutorials are designed to ensure that
includes numerous teaching areas, as well          your anatomy learning complements each
as physiology and AV equipment. There is           case or system as you explore it in your
also ample study space and a café.                 lectures, tutorials and placements.
12   Elective

     The final year elective is often a highlight of a medical
     student’s time at university. You design an experience that
     focuses on a topic area that interests you at a location
     almost anywhere from Australia to Vietnam. We have links
     with universities in Asia that can help to ensure a unique
     experience. You will fund your own trip but we have staff to
     help, well-organised programmes and financial bursaries.

       “Ca n y ou d o a n a ppe n dix?”                                                          ital,
                                                    ted with at the Juba Teaching Hosp
            One of the first comments I was gree
            South Sudan.
                                                  with enthusiastic nods. “Ok no prob
            My shake of the head was greeted                             nate ly the  next  one  didn’t
                                                   next   one.  ”  Fortu
            I show you this one and you do the
                                                 ery team.
            arrive until I had departed the surg
                                                 of an elective in the world’s newest
            I wasn’t quite sure what to expect                           Nee  dles s  to say, cond  itions
                                                   famine and       war.
             only recently torn apart by years of                                            e acqu  ired at
                                                  to use all the skills and knowledg
             were challenging and I was forced
                                                  of patients.
             Cardiff in managing a wide variety
                                                                                                  a unique
                                                      esting and demanding. I have had
             My time at Juba was enjoyable, inter                         the expe  rienc e I have   gained
                                                     flict natio  n and
             insight into healthcare in a post-con
                                                        ing life in the UK.
             I’m sure will be invaluable for my work

                  Dr Richard Tho mas, Cardiff grad uat e
Elective   13
                                                                                      More online at:

I wa s alway s int ere sted in pa ediat rics . . .
. . . and always wanted to visit Aust
                                        ralia so an elective in Sydney was
My experience in the Children's Hosp                                       ideal for me.
                                         ital gave me the opportunity to beco
confident in dealing with common                                               me more
                                       paediatric presentations. This help
for my F1 rotation in paediatrics and                                     ed prepare me
                                         also reaffirmed my belief that I wou
career in paediatrics fulfilling. Bein                                        ld find a
                                      g in Australia also meant I was luck
have amazing adventures such as                                            y enough to
                                      climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge and
Cairns. Overall, it was a fantastic expe                                     skydiving in

                       Dr Rachel Debono, Cardiff graduate

     W hy di d I go on ele ctive in Chin a ?
                                                elective programme with the Chinese
       Cardiff has an excellent partnership
                                                ives there so I could save on food
       University of Hong Kong, I have relat
                                            of all   this the University offered me a
       and accommodation and on top
       bursary to go.
                                              healthcare system? Patients have
       What did you learn about China’s                                een  gove rnme   nt  and
                                                    m is   split  betw
       pay for their healthcare and the syste                          h caus es
                                            “doc   tor  shop    ” whic
       private healthcare. The patients
                                                made me appreciate how fortunate
        inconsistency in their care. It really
        we are to have the NHS.
                                                struggle as the staff were very frien
        Placement was great, and I didn’t                                        stud ent
                                                 I got stuck into life as a
         and willing to translate. This meant
                            didn’t get left stan ding    in the background twiddling my
         doctor there and
                                                    out    experiencing the culture; Hong
         thumbs. No elective is complete with                                                 les
                                                 Chinese culture, from visiting temp
         Kong is a vibrant city packed full of                           sam pling  loca l food s,
                                                  sightsee     ing and
         to attending the Bun Fight Festival,                          hard and   play ed hard!
                                               e  it  all.  I work ed
         I had the opportunity to experienc

                 Dr Jess Law, Cardiff gradu ate
A Flexible Curriculum   15
                                                                                                                        More online at:

A Flexible Curriculum
Expand your career prospects and explore an area that
intrigues you . . . .
Intercalated degrees                         Erasmus
◗ Spend a year on an academic course         The Socrates Erasmus programme was set                 My 3 months in Lisbon was
  before returning to Medicine               up to encourage students to learn in different     an unforgettable time. We got a
◗ Study something a bit different in a       countries and enjoy different cultures and         fascinating slice into being a
  medically-related field you enjoy          languages. We currently have Erasmus               medical student in Portugal.
                                             agreements with medical schools across             You get to see a whole lot more,
◗ Expand your career prospects through
                                             Europe, meaning that you can choose to
  additional qualifications                                                                     although it is not as hands-on.
                                             undertake a placement as part of your core
◗ Choose from a selection of degrees         studies and immerse yourself in the host           Not only do you get to stretch
◗ Approximately 100 students a year          country’s culture at the same time. We hope        your language skills (some
  intercalate between Years Three and        to be able to continue with the Erasmus            knowledge of Portuguese or
  Four, or Four and Five, subject to         agreements after Brexit.                           advanced Spanish is a must),
  academic performance                                                                          but also exercise your taste buds
                                             All students who participate in the Erasmus+
◗ Wide range of BScs offered within          Programme are currently eligible to receive        and enjoy many day trips to the
  Cardiff University (Pharmacology/          an Erasmus+ grant. The grant is provided           hot beach. If you get the chance
  Emergency, Pre-hospital and                by the British Council to help offset the          to partake in this experience,
  Immediate Care/Psychology/                 additional costs of living and studying abroad.    take it! Até já!
  Medical Education and many more)           Language doesn’t have to be a barrier as
                                                                                                Thomas Gupta Jessop,
◗ Option to transfer to other universities   we organise intensive courses and language
                                                                                                medical student, Lisbon
  in the UK to undertake an intercalated     advisors who can help you learn or improve
  degree                                     upon existing languages.
◗ Opportunity to research a subject in       The Global Opportunity Centre provides
  depth and develop the intellectual and     opportunities for you to study, work and
  practical tools that every successful      volunteer abroad during the summer holiday.
                                                                                                     Gyda phwyslais cynnar ar
  researcher needs                           These short-term placements last a minimum         brofiadau clinigol mae C21 yn
◗ Enhances skills in evidence-based          of three weeks and take place in a variety of      gosod cleifion yn ganolog i’n
  practice.                                  locations around the world. Bursaries are          haddysg Feddygol.
To find out more about eligibility           provided to students to help cover the costs       With an early emphasis on
and what you can do, please contact:         of going abroad.
                                                                                                clinical experiences, C21 places
IntercalatedBSc@cardiff.ac.uk                                                                   the patient at the centre of our
                                             Student Selected                                   medical education.
      Intercalating in Physiology            Components (SSCs)                                  Gwenllian Rhys, medical student
  was great fun and I loved the              SSCs account for approximately 15% of
                                             the medical curriculum and offer a range
  extra challenge.
                                             of project opportunities that enable you to
  David Goulding, medical student            explore an area of medicine in depth.                  The opportunity to experience
                                             We offer SSCs across all five years of MBBCh       medical training and practice in
                                             and there are a range of projects, from clinical
                                                                                                France will undoubtedly be one of
                                             research through to basic science plus
                                             connections between the arts and health.
                                                                                                the highlights of my time in
                                             You will have an opportunity to choose from        Cardiff. Exposure to the varying
                                             tutor-proposed SSCs or design your own             practices and approaches seen
                                             bespoke project – this is your chance to be        across countries is essential in
                                             extra creative and focused in your own             our ever-shrinking world and is
                                             studies, tailoring your degree to your own         hugely valuable in informing and
                                             particular interests and career aspirations.
                                                                                                improving our practice with our
                                                                                                own patients at home. All this
                                                                                                goes without mentioning the
                                                                                                varied and multiple opportunities
                                                                                                to enjoy the culture, language
                                                                                                and cheap Muscadet!
                                                                                                Vive la France!
                                                                                                Rhiannon Watson,
                                                                                                medical student, Nantes
16   MBBCh Admissions

     MBBCh Admissions

     Applications                                        Academic Entry                                     Graduates
                                                         Requirements                                       If you are applying for the A100 programme
                                                                                                            with a degree you will need to have achieved
      UCAS Codes                                         To establish your potential to cope with
                                                                                                            the minimum GCSE requirements outlined
                                                         the academic demands of our programme,
      MBBCh Medicine                                     the initial assessment consists of scoring
                                                                                                            above. You will also need to have the
      (Five year programme)                  A100                                                           appropriate science qualifications at
                                                         performance in a range of subjects.
                                                                                                            A-level with grades BBB/ABC. Offers will
      MBBCh Medicine                                     The minimum requirements at GCSE are               be conditional on achieving at least a first
      (with a preliminary year)              A104        English Language 6 (B), Mathematics 6 (B),         or upper second class honours degree.
                                                         either Double Award Science 66 (BB) or 66          Graduates who do not offer the appropriate
      MBBCh Medicine
                                                         (BB) in Chemistry and Biology.                     science qualifications at A-level or beyond
      (Four year Graduate Entry                                                                             may be eligible to apply for the A104
      Scheme via feeder streams) A101                    Applicants receive a score based on their
                                                                                                            programme. Applicants who have completed
                                                         best nine GCSE (or equivalent level) results.
                                                                                                            a PhD, the minimum A-level requirement
                                                         This score will include the subjects
     To be considered for entry onto one of our                                                             is BBC.
                                                         mentioned above. Post A-level applicants
     degree programmes you should apply online           receive additional credit for achieved A-levels.
     via the UCAS website using the ‘UCAS Apply’                                                            International Baccalaureate
     facility. To use this facility you need to log on   Welsh applicants are under-represented and
                                                                                                            You will be expected to achieve 36 points
     to www.ucas.ac.uk/apply.                            with qualification reform, it is recognised that
                                                                                                            (excluding Theory of Knowledge and the
                                                         the selection process may disadvantage
                                                                                                            Extended Essay). A minimum of 19 points
     The website will provide you with information       applicants from Secondary Schools in
                                                                                                            must be achieved in the Higher Level
     on how to apply and explains the UCAS               Wales, so these applicants will be given
                                                                                                            subjects made up of a score of 7, 6, 6
     procedure.                                          additional consideration.
                                                                                                            points. Two sciences (from Chemistry,
     The closing date for all applications each year     For more detail about our GCSE scoring             Biology, Physics and either Mathematics or
     is 15th October.                                    process please visit our website:                  Statistics, but not Mathematical Studies)
                                                         www.cardiff.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/             must be offered at Higher Level with the
     The aim of our selection process is to identify
                                                         courses/2019/medicine-mbbch.                       score of 6 points being achieved in either
     students who are best suited to follow our
                                                                                                            Chemistry or Biology. Chemistry or Biology
     medical programme successfully and who
     have the greatest potential to embark on a          A-level                                            must be offered at Standard Level with a
                                                                                                            score of 7 points, if not at Higher Level.
     productive career in the medical profession.        The typical A-level offer for the A100 course
     We will assess you in two broad areas:              is AAA grades which should include Chemistry
     academic ability and potential; and personal        and Biology. We also accept the Welsh              Other
     qualities appropriate for a career in medicine.     Baccalaureate qualification in lieu of a           Applications from those offering alternative
                                                         third A-level. General Studies and Critical        equivalent/overseas qualifications are
     The School of Medicine is committed to
                                                         Thinking are not acceptable. If your               welcome. Information regarding such
     ensuring that the selection process is open,
                                                         qualifications do not include both Chemistry       requirements can be found on our website:
     equitable and applied fairly to all applicants.
                                                         and Biology you may apply for the A104             www.cardiff.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/
     We have a detailed Admissions Policy which
                                                         course. The requirements for A104 are              applying/admissions-criteria/medicine.
     can be viewed on our website at:
                                                         AAA at A-level.
MBBCh Admissions          17
                                                                                                                          More online at:

                                            We do not have a minimum threshold score           Additional Requirements
                                            for the UKCAT, however the score may be
                                            used as part of the assessment process.            If you are successful in receiving an offer
                                                                                               you will be required to complete a health
                                            Graduate Australian                                questionnaire and complete the Disclosure
                                                                                               and Barring Service process at the
                                            Medical School Admissions                          ‘enhanced’ level.
                                            Test (GAMSAT)
                                            If you have completed or are committed             Use of Contextual Data
                                            to a degree you must sit the Graduate              Cardiff University School of Medicine is
                                            Australian Medical School Admissions Test          committed to widening access and
                                            (GAMSAT) for applications to A100 and              welcomes applications from students of
                                            A101 and your score must be available              all backgrounds. The academic and
                                            prior to an offer of interview. Your GAMSAT        non-academic attainment of an applicant
                                            score will contribute to the decision to           will be reviewed against national educational
                                            shortlist for interview.                           performance data and socio-economic
A101 Four year Graduate                                                                        background, to provide admissions tutors with
Entry Scheme via feeder                     Non-Academic Entry                                 a more complete overview of an applicant’s
                                                                                               attainment and potential. The School may
streams                                     Requirements                                       include Welsh Culture, Society and Welsh
There is a specific four year programme     If you are successful at the first scoring stage   Language qualifications as part of the
(A101) for applicants who are currently     your personal statement and reference will         assessment criteria. The School will consider
enrolled on to an official Feeder Stream    then be assessed. The following attributes         this information when deciding whether to
course within one of the following          should be demonstrated:                            call a candidate for interview. It will not use
programmes:                                 ◗ Insight into a career in Medicine                this information to make lower or differential
                                            ◗ Evidence of experience and reflection            offers to any particular group of students.
◗ BSc (Hons) Medical Pharmacology
                                              in a caring environment                          For further information about contextual data
  degree, School of Medicine,
                                                                                               and its use please visit the web pages:
  Cardiff University (B210)                 ◗ Evidence and reflection of personal
◗ BSc (Hons) Biomedical Sciences                                                               applying/contextual-data
  degree, School of Biosciences,            ◗ Evidence of a balanced approach to life
                                                                                               The School of Medicine welcomes
  Cardiff University (BC97)                 ◗ Evidence of self-directed learning.
                                                                                               applications from the Step Up to University
◗ BSc (Hons) Medical Sciences degree,                                                          scheme. Applicants are required to let the
  University of South Wales (B901)
                                            Interviews                                         scheme co-ordinators know that they will be
                                            If you are successful in both academic and         applying to study Medicine. They must meet
◗ BMedSci Medical Sciences degree,          non-academic assessment then you will be           the minimum entry requirements to receive
  University of Bangor (B100)               invited to attend a multiple mini interview.       a guaranteed interview. These requirements
Applicants for the A101 graduate entry      This will involve rotating around 9 stations       are listed on our website:
scheme should have achieved the minimum     in turn where each station will last 8 minutes.    www.cardiff.ac.uk/study/undergraduate/
GCSE requirements outlined above, BBB or    The interviews focus on exploring the              applying/admissions-criteria
ABC at A-level and be on track to achieve   personal qualities and attributes important
                                            in developing good doctors. The interviews         Applicants on the Step Up scheme will not
at least a first or upper second class                                                         be made lower or differential offers.
honours degree.                             will take place over a three week period
                                            during December/January. No offers are
 Applications Information
                                            made without interview. If invited to interview,   Admissions Contacts
                                            Welsh-speaking applicants can request a            For information on applying please contact
 The number of applications per place is    bilingual interview.                               a member of the Admissions Team:
 normally around 10:1
                                                                                               Tel: 029 2068 8113
                                                                                               Email: medadmissions@cardiff.ac.uk
UK Clinical Aptitude Test                                                                      www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine
For A100, A104 you will be required to
sit the UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT)          Cardiff will always be in my
from July to October in the same year as      heart. It's the school that opened                     University faculty and staff
application unless you have completed or      its doors for me and I am proud                    are dynamic, engaging and
are committed to a degree. Some countries     to be an alumnus of this                           enthusiastic about their
are exempt and you should speak to            prestigious School.                                educational and pastoral roles.
UKCAT regarding this. Find out more
about the UKCAT by visiting the website       Dr Agamemnon Pericleous,                           Dr Ronak Ved, Cardiff graduate
www.ukcat.ac.uk. Graduate applicants          Cardiff graduate
for A104 must offer the UKCAT.

                                                     Does Cardiff accept transfers onto the          I applied to Cardiff for Medicine last year
                                                     course?                                         and didn’t get in. Can I reapply this time?
                                                     Transfers may be considered for Medical         Yes, you can reapply as long as you meet
                                                     Pharmacology. Please contact the Admissions     our minimum entry requirements for the
                                                     Tutor, Dr Derek Lang (LangD@cardiff.ac.uk)      year you are applying. You will need a
                                                     for advice.                                     current UKCAT/GAMSAT score. Your previous
                                                                                                     application will not influence our decision
                                                     Transfers from outside of the UK will not be
                                                                                                     on your current application.
                                                     considered. Transfers within the UK will be
                                                     considered on a case by case basis.
                                                                                                      Please see the Admissions Policy
                                                     What is the minimum score required in            on our website for more details.
                                                     an IELTS exam?                                   www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine/
                                                     All medical programmes require an average        courses/undergraduate
                                                     score of 7.0 or above (with a minimum of
                                                     7.0 in speaking, 6.5 in listening, 6.5 in
     Do you accept resits?                           reading and 6.5 in writing).
     For Medical Pharmacology, Yes.
     For Medicine, we will consider Certified
     GCSE resit results but only if they are
     completed within 12 months of the first
                                                      Postgraduate foundation training                graduates on a competitive basis.
     sitting. Resits for those whose A-levels
                                                      and beyond                                      All suitably qualified UK graduates have
     have been completed, and the grades
                                                      At the end of the undergraduate                 found a place on the Foundation Year
     awarded, will only be considered in
                                                      programme you will receive your MBBCH           One programme, but this cannot be
     exceptional circumstances. All extenuating
                                                      (or equivalent) degree, which is a primary      guaranteed, for instance if there were to
     circumstances are viewed on a case by
                                                      medical qualification (PMQ). Holding a          be an increased number of competitive
     case basis by the Admissions Group.
                                                      PMQ entitles you to provisional registration    applications from non-UK graduates.
     Does Cardiff University School of                with the General Medical Council, subject       Successful completion of the Foundation
     Medicine accept applications for                 to its acceptance that there are no             Year One programme is normally achieved
     deferred entry?                                  Fitness to Practise concerns that need          within 12 months and is marked by the
     Yes, and please make this clear on your          consideration. The GMC has decided to           award of a Certificate of Experience.
     application form when you submit it.             introduce a Medical Licensing Assessment        You will then be eligible to apply for full
     We cannot guarantee to accept later decisions    – the MLA - from 2022 to demonstrate            registration with the General Medical
     to defer once an offer has been made.            that those who obtain registration with a       Council. You need full registration with
                                                      licence to practise medicine in the UK          a licence to practise for unsupervised
     What does Cardiff University School              meet a common threshold for safe                medical practice in the NHS or private
     of Medicine think of a gap year?                 practice. Applicants should be aware            practice in the UK.
                                                      that to obtain registration with a licence
     We welcome a constructive gap year as it                                                         Although this information is currently
                                                      to practise, medical students will need
     gives you an opportunity to travel, gain work                                                    correct, students need to be aware
                                                      to pass both parts of the MLA, pass
     experience or carry out charity work etc.                                                        that regulations in this area may change
     We recognise that a gap year can broaden         university finals and demonstrate their
                                                                                                      from time to time.
     your skills and experience. A gap year is        fitness to practise.
                                                                                                      There is some discussion about whether
     not compulsory.                                  The MLA will be in two parts: there will be
                                                                                                      to remove provisional registration for newly
                                                      a knowledge test, which will be set and run
     I can’t find the answers to my questions                                                         qualified doctors. If this happens then UK
                                                      by the GMC, and an assessment, delivered
     in this brochure where should I look now?                                                        graduates will receive full registration as
                                                      by medical schools, that will evaluate
                                                                                                      soon as they have successfully completed
     Our Admissions Policy is a good place to         students’ clinical and professional skills.
                                                                                                      an MBBCH (or equivalent) degree. It
     start as it is much more detailed than this      Provisional registration is time limited to     should be noted that it is very likely that
     brochure in relation to the policies and         a maximum of three years and 30 days            UK graduates will still need to apply for a
     procedures around applying. The Admissions       (1125 days in total). After this time period    training programme similar to the current
     Policy can be found easily on our website:       your provisional registration will normally     Foundation Programme and that places
     www.cardiff.ac.uk/medicine/                      expire. Provisionally registered doctors        on this programme may not be guaranteed
     courses/undergraduate                            can only practise in approved Foundation        for every UK graduate.
                                                      Year One posts: the law does not allow
                                                      provisionally registered doctors to
          I have always felt welcome                  undertake any other type of work. To
       among staff, who value me for                  obtain a Foundation Year One post you will
       who I am. I cannot recommend                   need to apply during the final year of your
                                                      undergraduate programme through the UK
       Cardiff highly enough.
                                                      Foundation Programme Office selection
       Dr Helen Iliff, Cardiff graduate               scheme, which allocates these posts to
What our students say . . .      19
                                                                                                                          More online at:

What our students say . . .
Rucira Ooi                                                            Luke Morgan
Year Five medical student                                             Year Three medical student
What do you think of C21?                                             Is CBL an effective and supportive
I’m really glad I came here. C21 has a                                learning style?
holistic, practical approach, with CBL                                CBL is the perfect balance of facilitated
covering the anatomy, physiology,                                     learning and being given the responsibility to
pharmacology, plan of management,                                     learn in-depth areas of particular personal
sociology and treatment of your patient. We also had early clinical   interest. Having a safe environment to get a range of views
exposure right from 1st Year, with ample time to practise, so we      on a case and be able to question preconceptions is hugely
aren’t thrown into the deep end in our later years.                   beneficial to creating a well-rounded doctor. Bringing the theory
                                                                      back to a patient keeps the learning grounded in a patient
Do you have any advice for future medical students?                   centred, integrated approach to medicine.
Be bold and confident. With the medical school’s outstanding
                                                                      What’s the best thing about living in Cardiff?
support, approachable staff and endless opportunities, I can
                                                                      Cardiff is idyllic! It has the many perks of a capital city, such as
assure you that you have all you need to achieve your greatest
                                                                      world-class sport and fantastic cultural facilities, while still being
potential. When I started I would blend into the background,
                                                                      small enough to walk pretty much anywhere. Having Bute Park so
but in my 3rd year alone, I completed a closed-loop audit and         close to the university and the city centre is perfect for both BBQs
three audits, presented at four conferences and spearheaded           and sport on warm summer days or mass snowball fights during
the Surgical Society’s Biennial Undergraduate Surgical Exchange       the winter!
Conference, with the help of my committee members. I was also a
part of MedDay 2016/17, fundraising for Bobath, a charity aiding      What are the benefits to having a MedSoc family?
children with cerebral palsy.                                         MedSoc families provide fantastic opportunities to get to know
                                                                      students from other years and get involved in a variety of projects.
What’s the best thing about living here?                              As well as being there for a great night out, families support each
Welsh culture is so welcoming - people here are friendly and          other when the going gets tough as they are very easy to talk to
always smiling. Cardiff is one of the more student-friendly cities    and are able to give some of the best inside tips.
and good accommodation can be under £300 a month.

Thomas Grother                                                        Tilly Ellis
Year Four medical student                                             Year Five medical student
Why Intercalate?                                                      What’s the best thing about living here?
Cardiff provide a number of Intercalation                             I love Cardiff being a small capital city. It has
options for third and fourth year students,                           everything you could possibly want, so much
it gives you the opportunity to study a topic                         variety and everything in walking distance.
you find interesting, in greater depth. I                             Beautiful parks provide the perfect excuse to
applied for the Medical Education course because the modules          escape into nature. A little further afield are gorgeous beaches,
were applicable to my future ambitions. I was successful in my        Brecon Beacons National Park and lots more. I can’t imagine
application, and I am excited to start in the autumn.                 going to university anywhere else and hope to stay in Wales after
                                                                      I graduate.
What do you think of CBL?
I find CBL to be a perfect mix of PBL and traditional learning.       How beneficial is a spiral curriculum?
Each fortnight a case group of roughly 12 discuss a ‘patient’ and     Remembering everything is impossible so revisiting a topic
explore topics around the case. A case facilitator supports the       multiple times during your studies is invaluable. As well as
group and helps keep you on track to ensure you achieve all           consolidating your memory, you can build on your knowledge in
learning outcomes within the fortnight. These fortnight blocks also   that area, adding detail you may not have understood earlier.
include plenaries, anatomy centre sessions and placements.
                                                                      Is CBL an effective & supportive learning style?
Many groups rename CBL to ‘Cake’ based learning, as they have
                                                                      I would definitely not know as much as I do now if I’d had 9-5
a rota for someone to bring in cake each session.
                                                                      lectures. I cannot praise CBL enough and absolutely love this style
What are the benefits to having a Cardiff MedSoc family?              of learning. Practicals, small groups, lectures and placements
When you arrive at Cardiff, you will be paired with another first     support the cases perfectly and so much clinical experience,
year medical student, and two second year medical students to         so early on, is amazing. I don’t think there is any better way to
form a ‘Medic Family’. During the first week of studies, your         remember and consolidate information than teaching someone
parents take you on a tour of the University and provide a great      else what you have learnt - CBL is perfect for this.
opportunity to answer any questions you have. Many Medic
families stay in touch during their time in Cardiff, I’m looking
forward to meeting my great-grandchildren in September!
20   The Medical Pharmacology BSc Programme

     The Medical Pharmacology
     BSc Programme (UCAS B210)
     3 year (or 4 years, to include the Professional Placement) undergraduate course

     Medicines: How are they discovered & developed?
     Why do we need them? What do they do & how do they work?
     With medicines underpinning healthcare, our BSc programme aims to encourage and
     develop your natural curiosity about how they work. As a student you will embark on a high
     quality, in-depth exploration of modern Medical Pharmacology, with specialised training in
     internationally- recognised research laboratories. You will be taught by experts from a team
     of pharmacologists and clinical pharmacologists. Throughout the course there is emphasis on
     providing you with transferable skills such as data analysis and organisational and problem
     solving skills, making your degree highly attractive to future employers.
     Each year up to 10 places are available on the 4 year Graduate Entry Medicine (UCAS
     A101) scheme, allowing graduates of this BSc programme to go on to become doctors.                 B210 Programme
                                                                                                        Entry Requirements
       Programme structure & content                                                                    A-level: Typical offer: AAB to include
                                                                                                        Chemistry and at least one other science
       YEAR ONE                                        YEAR THREE – Optional                            subject (preferably Biology but Physics,
                                                                                                        Mathematics or Statistics are also
       Underpinning modules taken in common            Professional Placement Year (PPY)                appropriate). General Studies or Critical
       with the School of Biosciences, where you       An extended period in a working                  Thinking are not accepted. Only one
       will spend most of your time, provide           industrial/academic environment gaining          Mathematics or Statistics subject may
       knowledge of physiology, anatomy and            invaluable employability skills. Entry to        be included in meeting the conditions of
       biochemistry. A flagship module provides        the PPY is offered once on the BSc               the offer. Applicants undertaking science
       specific information on:                        course and not directly via UCAS.                A-levels where a separate practical
        ◗ Foundations & Principles of                                                                   assessment is reported, will require a
          Pharmacology.                                FINAL YEAR                                       pass in this element.
                                                       Research-led specialist pharmacology
       YEAR TWO                                                                                         WBA: Typical offer: AAB to include
                                                       topics including:
                                                                                                        A-level Chemistry plus another Science
       Basic & clinical coverage of drugs and their    ◗   Pharmacogenetics                             subject* and the Welsh Baccalaureate
       actions in a wide range of contexts, plus:      ◗   Cardiovascular pharmacology                  Advanced Skills Challenge Certificate
        ◗ Pharmacology-specific practical              ◗   Immunopharmacology                           (WBA).
          applied skills                               ◗   Neuropharmacology
                                                                                                        * from Biology, Physics, Mathematics or
        ◗ Pharmacology research techniques             ◗   Cancer Biology                                 Statistics.
        ◗ Clinical Anatomy                             ◗   Drug Development and Therapeutics
       You will be based almost entirely on the        ◗   Plus an intensive medical research           IB: Please look on our website for details.
       Heath campus.                                       laboratory-based research project.           Other: Applications from those offering
                                                       You will be based fully on the Heath Park        alternative equivalent qualifications are
                                                       campus, working with active researchers.         welcome.
                                                                                                        English Language and Maths GCSE
     A BSc degree in Medical Pharmacology from Cardiff University is a valuable commodity. As a         must be at least grade B if not offered
     graduate from a leading Russell Group research institution, your skills and experience will mean   at A-level.
     that you are well placed for rewarding and challenging careers in the pharmaceutical industry,     For more information contact;
     academia (for research and teaching), governmental regulatory bodies, the healthcare sector        Dr Derek Lang, Admissions Tutor
     and a range of other professional career pathways e.g. patent law.                                 email: langd@cardiff.ac.uk

                                                               Studying pharmacology at Cardiff has been a fantastic experience
       Medical Pharmacology                                for me. I have found the teaching and pastoral support to be excellent
       ranked 10th in the                                  and the course has provided me with all the necessary skills that are
                                                           needed to pursue a career in research or in a medical field. The course
       UK in the Complete                                  entails a mixture of hands-on practical classes, lectures and group work
       University Guide 2019                               seminars that help to build a really cohesive learning environment. I have
       with an overall score                               thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Cardiff University and definitely
                                                           recommend the course!
       of 97.
                                                           Zoe Boreham, Medical Pharmacology graduate
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