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University of California San Diego

WELCOME                                           CONVERSATION         1

                                                                                                                   Jan 6 – 31

                                                                                                                                       Feb 3 – 28

                                                                                                                                                          Mar 2 – 26

                                                                     CONVERSATION AND FLUENCY           2          Jan 6 – 31          Feb 3 – 28         Mar 2 – 26

                                                            UNIVERSITY PREPARATION ACADEMY              3

           2-WEEK                                                              BUSINESS ENGLISH         4                              Feb 3 – 28         Mar 2 – 26
           4-WEEK                                                    LEGAL ENGLISH FOR BUSINESS         5
          ENGLISH                                 ENGLISH FOR ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY                6           Jan 6 – 31         Feb 3 – 28        Mar 2 – 26
        LANGUAGE                                                                                                  WELCOME
        PROGRAMS                                      ENGLISH FOR PHARMACEUTICAL SCIENCES               7         TO THE UNIVERSITY    Feb 3 – 28

                             WELCOME                                            MEDICAL ENGLISH         8         OFJan 6CALIFORNIA
                                                                                                                          – 31
                             TO THE UNIVERSITY                       ACADEMIC ENGLISH (4-WEEK)          9         SAN
                                                                                                                    Jan 6 –DIEGO
                                                                                                                            31         EXTENSION
                                                                                                                                       Feb 3 – 28        Mar 2 – 26
                             OF CALIFORNIA                                                                        INTERNATIONAL
                                                                     ACADEMIC ENGLISH (2-WEEK)          9        Jan 6–17 Jan 21–31 Feb 3–14 Feb 18–28 Mar 2–13 Mar 16–26
                             SAN DIEGO                                                                            PROGRAMS
                                                                 COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE             10                  Jan 2 – Feb 28
                             University of California San Diego                                                  The benefits      of an international
                                                      INTENSIVE COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE 11                              Jan 2 – Feb 28
                             (UC San Diego) enthusiastically                                                     experience motivate thousands
          ENGLISH            welcomes     international
                             INTENSIVE ACADEMIC          students.
                                                    ENGLISH   (OR PART-TIME ACADEMIC ENGLISH) 12                 of peopleJanto2 –study
                                                                                                                                   Feb 28in the United

        LANGUAGE             No matter how diverse their                                                         States every year. As you seek
                                                                  INTENSIVE TOEFL PREPARATION 13                          Jan 2 – Feb 28
        PROGRAMS             backgrounds, our students share                                                     academic advancement, you will
                             one thing in common: an adventurous    INTENSIVE IELTS PREPARATION 14               improveJan your    English
                                                                                                                               2 – Feb  28 language skills
                             spirit for learning. They choose                                                    and intercultural understanding.
                             UC San Diego because of its                INTENSIVE LEGAL ENGLISH 15                        Jan 2 – Feb 28
                                                                                                                 University    of California San Diego’s
                             worldwide research reputation,  AMERICAN UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE 16                   (UC San Diego) commitment to
                             its prize-winning faculty, and the                                                  academic excellence is reflected in
        PROGRAMS                                       ACADEMIC                                        17
          Mary Walshok       innovative character of     the San CONNECTIONS INTERNATIONALRoxanne Nuhaily        the high quality of instruction and
                             Diego region. In return,UNIVERSITY
                                                         they enjoyAND PROFESSIONAL STUDIES 18                   curriculum inJan   the
                                                                                                                                      2 –programs
                                                                                                                                          Mar 21     described
                Associate                                                                 Executive Director
          Vice Chancellor,   one of the most valuable educational                             of International   in this brochure. Quality academics,
         Public Programs            SUMMER
                             experiences    ofUNIVERSITY
                                               their lives. PROGRAM                                    19
                                                            Taught byI OR II (5 WEEKS, FULL-TIME) Programs       combined with our superb campus
        PROGRAMSand Dean,    talented instructors, UC San Diego                          and Associate Dean      facilities, student support services, and
            UC San Diego            SUMMER UNIVERSITY PROGRAM I OR II (5 WEEKS, PART-TIME)             19and
                                                                                        for International
               Extension     Extension programs offer the most                              Academic Affairs     idyllic natural surroundings, guarantee
                             advanced knowledge and education  BUSINESS ESSENTIALS (1 QUARTER) UC San20 Diego    the best possibleJan 3 –opportunities
                                                                                                                                          Mar 21        for
                             formats available. Students quickly                                    Extension    your success and satisfaction. The
                                                             BUSINESS ESSENTIALS (2 QUARTERS) 20                                  Jan 3 – Jun 12
                             benefit from immediately applicable                                                 information provided here shows,
                             information, a wider network        of peers,
                                                             BUSINESS   ESSENTIALS (3 QUARTERS) 20               in pictures and  Janin
                                                                                                                                      3 –words,
                                                                                                                                           Sep 12 why UC
                             and a more insightful understanding                                                 San Diego Extension International
                             of American culture. In combinationBUSINESS ANALYTICS (1 QUARTER) 21                                 Jan 3 – Mar 21
                                                                                                                 Programs is the       perfect choice for
                             with UC San Diego’s striking coastalDIGITAL MARKETING (1 QUARTER) 22                English language,Jan 3 –university
                                                                                                                                          Mar 21     credit,
                             location, our programs are unlike any                                               and professional programs.
                                                      States. AND MANAGEMENT (1 QUARTER) 23
                             others in the UnitedLEADERSHIP                                                      We welcomeJan        3 –to
                                                                                                                                    you   MarUC21 San Diego

                                                  BUSINESS                                             24        and look forward Jan 3 –toJun
                                                                                                                                             helping you
                             Welcome… we look forward to MANAGEMENT (2 QUARTERS)                                                               12
                                                                                                                 embark on the experience of a lifetime!
                             meeting you.         BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (3 QUARTERS)                     24                         Jan 3 – Sep 12

                                                         PROJECT MANAGEMENT (2 QUARTERS)               25

                                                                         PARALEGAL (1 QUARTER)         26

                                                                                TEFL PROFICIENCY       27                  Jan 2 – Feb 28

           TEFL                                                          SPECIAL STUDIES IN TEFL       28                  Jan 2 – Feb 28
     PROGRAMS                                                    TEFL PROFESSIONAL (6-MONTH)           29                  Jan 2 – Jun 5

                                                                     TEFL PROFESSIONAL (HYBRID)        30                  Jan 2 – Feb 28
2   |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                                 Apply at
Geisel Library

                                 Triton, the UC San Diego mascot                                                       The Sun God

                                                                                                      Jacobs School of Engineering

Apply at                                     University of California San Diego International Programs   |   3

        WHY                              WHY CHOOSE
                                         UC SAN DIEGO?
                                                                          WHY CHOOSE
                                                                          SAN DIEGO?
                                                                                                             UC SAN DIEGO
                                                                                                             A GREAT SELECTION OF
                                                                                                             LANGUAGE, ACADEMIC, AND
                                         A GREAT UNIVERSITY               A GREAT LOCATION                   PROFESSIONAL PROGRAMS

                                         • Part of the ten-campus         • “America’s Finest City”          • English language
                                           University of California         with a great quality of life       programs for personal and
                                           system: UC Berkeley,           • Population: 1.4 million in         professional development
                                           UC Davis, UC Irvine,             the city and 3.3 million in        as well as English language
                                           UC Los Angeles, UC Merced,       the county                         preparation for university
                                           UC Riverside, UC San Diego,    • 100 kilometers of beaches,         studies in the U.S.
                                           UC San Francisco, UC Santa       mountains up to 2,000            • University credit programs
                                           Barbara, and UC Santa Cruz       meters, and the best climate       offering an immense variety
                                         • 15th internationally in the      in the United States, with         of University and University
                                           2019 Academic Rankings           263 sunny days per year            Extension course options at
                                           of World Universities          • Two San Diego beaches,             UC San Diego
                                         • 7th among U.S. universities      including La Jolla Shores,       • Certificate programs for
                                           in total research and            were named among the best          professional growth and
                                           development expenditures         25 in the U.S. by TripAdvisor      the possibility to work in
                                           by the National Science          in 2018                            the U.S. through OPT
                                           Foundation (NSF)               • Ranked 2nd most inventive        • Highly experienced
                                         • 10th in the nation, 4th          city in the world by Forbes        International Student
                                           among U.S. public                magazine and 1st in the            Services staff and
                                           universities, and 22nd in        nation in number of patents,       faculty experts
                                           the world for total research     with 3.6 patents for every       • Excellent campus location
                                           output by the journal Nature     1,000 workers                    • Conditional admission
                                           in their 2019 index.           • Home to Comic-Con                  arrangements with several
                                         • 1st in the U.S. for Positive     International, one of              universities and colleges
                                           Impact on the United States      the largest entertainment        • Many options for
                                           by the Washington Monthly        and comic conventions              part-time study
                                           College Guide                    in the world, with over
                                         • A huge campus (over              135,000 attendees.
                                           5 square kilometers)           • With 120+ craft breweries,
                                           overlooking the Pacific          San Diego ranks the
                                           Ocean, with a community          2nd most beer-friendly
                                           of over 38,000 students          city in the U.S.
                                         • Ranked the top surfing         • The largest urban cultural
                                           school in the U.S. by            park in the U.S., Balboa Park,
                                                      is located in the heart of San
                                                      Diego. The 1,200-acre park
                                                                            is home to 19 museums,
                                                                            botanical gardens, cultural
                                                                            venues, and the San Diego
                                                                            Zoo, which is one of the
                                                                            best zoos in the world.
4   |   University of California San Diego International Programs                                                 Apply at
Scripps Institution of Oceanography

    1. UC San Diego Extension              11. School of Medicine
       International Student         
       Services, English
       Language Institute (ELI) &          12. Thornton Hospital                                                 11
       International Programs                                 13
                                           13. UC San Diego
 2. On-campus apartments                       Medical Center            

3. Near-campus apartments                  14. La Jolla Veterans
   by Anatolia                                 Medical Center                3                    

4. Off-campus hotel                        15. Recreation and
   accommodations by                           Sports Center                 12
   Residence Inn by                  
   Marriott La Jolla                       		 • Campus Sports facilities                            (facilities include three
                                                 swimming pools, over
5. Price Center bookstore,                       20 tennis courts, two
   movie theatre,                                running tracks, weight
   restaurants, and more                         and fitness rooms,                       basketball, racquetball,
                                                 sand volleyball courts,
6. Geisel Library                                baseball, soccer fields,                            rock-climbing wall,
                                                 equipment rental)
    7. Scripps Institution of              		 • Water sports (including
       Oceanography                              sailing) at Mission Bay     UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA                          Aquatic Center              SAN DIEGO CAMPUS AND
                                           		 • Camping and other           SURROUNDING AREA
8. La Jolla Playhouse
                                                 outings arranged by
                                                 Outback Adventures          The University of California San Diego
9. Rady School of                                                            is located 20 km from downtown
                                           16. Jacobs School                 San Diego and the San Diego
                                               of Engineering                International Airport.
10. School of Global Policy                                                  The University of California San Diego
    and Strategy                                                             is a smoke-free campus.

6     |   University of California San Diego International Programs                       Apply at


                                                                                                         1                   9

                                      5   6



                                                                                                               AVERAGE ˚C
                                                                                                                  LOW HIGH
                                                                                                   JANUARY         8.9       18.9
                                                UC San Diego                                      FEBRUARY       10.0        18.9
                                                                                                     MARCH        11.1       18.9
                                                                                                      APRIL      12.8        20.0
                                              La Jolla                                                           14.4
San Francisco       Las Vegas                                                                          MAY                   20.6
                                                                                                      JUNE        16.1        21.7
   Los Angeles                                                                                        JULY       18.3        24.4
                                                                                                    AUGUST       19.4        25.6
     San Diego                                           Airport                                 SEPTEMBER       16.6        25.0
                                                                                                   OCTOBER       16.0        24.0
                                                                   Downtown                      NOVEMBER        12.2         21.1
                                                                   San Diego                      DECEMBER         9.4       19.0

Apply at                             University of California San Diego International Programs     |        7
Fallen Star at Jacobs School of Engineering

                            Scripps Pier                                               Mayer Hall, Revelle College        UC access road to Black’s Beach

          Sample schedule for Intensive Communication and Culture program                                                 elective class       required class
          Schedules vary depending on program and level

          TIME              MONDAY                       TUESDAY             WEDNESDAY                    THURSDAY                           FRIDAY

    8:30–9:20             Idioms / Slang                                     Idioms / Slang                                            Idioms / Slang

    9:30–10:20             Writing Skills                                     Writing Skills                                               Writing Skills

                                                   Academic Vocabulary                               Academic Vocabulary
    10:40–12:20              Core 107                                           Core 107                                                     Core 107
                                                      (10:30–11:20)                                     (10:30–11:20)

                                                         Grammar                                           Grammar
     1:05–2:20       Pronunciation & Fluency                             Pronunciation & Fluency

    2:30– 4:20                                       American Culture                                  American Culture

8     |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                         Apply at
                                         AND THE UC SAN DIEGO ENGLISH LANGUAGE INSTITUTE (ELI)?

CONVERSATION LEADERS                     CONDITIONAL ADMISSION                    UC SAN DIEGO                           MISSION STATEMENT OF
                                                                                  AND UC SAN DIEGO                       THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE
Conversation Leaders are                 Through our conditional                  EXTENSION RESOURCES                    INSTITUTE (ELI)
UC San Diego students and                admission partnerships with
members of the community                 several universities and colleges,       Students have access to many           It is our mission to provide
who are proficient in English.           ELI students can be accepted             University and University              English language instruction
Conversation Leaders actively            into a degree program offered            Extension resources:                   of the highest quality, in
participate in ELI’s conversation        at an ELI partner institution.           •	Highly experienced International   which people can learn to
classes several hours per week.          ELI students must meet                       Student Services staff             their full potential, develop
The ELI’s expert conversation            the conditional admission                •	Highly experienced ESL/             a deeper understanding of
instructors design and supervise         requirements. Students do not                university preparation teachers    the United States, and
conversation lessons and                 need to take the TOEFL or IELTS          •	State-of-the-art language lab       always receive courteous
activities between students and          exams, but they must achieve the         •	Two daytime computer labs           and knowledgeable service.
Conversation Leaders to maximize         required English proficiency level       •	Academic advising, information
opportunities for speaking English.      to attend and be successful at               sessions about the American
                                         one of our partner schools.                  university system, and a college
                                         •	California State University, Chico       fair held twice a year
CONVERSATION PARTNERS                    •	California State University,         •	Athletic facilities, recreational   CEA ACCREDITED
                                             San Marcos                               classes, and two Olympic-size
The UC San Diego English                 •	California Western School of Law         swimming pools                     UC San Diego English Language
Language Institute (ELI) provides        •	Grossmont College                    •	Wide variety of on-campus           Institute’s (ELI) 2-week, 4-week,
a list of Conversation Partners          •	NewSchool of Architecture                dining facilities                  and 8-week English language
to ELI students. Conversation                and Design                           •	Campus social and                   programs are accredited by the
Partners are UC San Diego                •	Notre Dame de                            cultural activities                Commission on English Language
students and employees who                   Namur University                     •	Campus lectures and                 Program Accreditation (CEA).
would like to help international         •	Palomar College                          performances                       CEA is the only organization
students with English                    •	Point Loma Nazarene University       •	UC San Diego Library use            recognized by the U.S.
conversation, sometimes in               •	University of Richmond               •	UC San Diego Health Services        Department of Education as
exchange for the opportunity                 School of Law                        •	Student Health and                  a national accrediting agency
to learn the international               •	University of San Diego                  Welfare advising                   for English language programs
student’s native language.                   School of Law                        • UC San Diego Thornton Hospital       and institutions.

                                                     APPROXIMATE TEST SCORE RANGES
                 This chart shows the twelve core proficiency levels, from beginning to very advanced, in ELI’s 8-week programs.
                    Placement in ELI’s core levels can only be determined by ELI’s placement tests upon the student’s arrival.
                       ELI core levels           TOEFL Internet-based (iBT)          TOEFL Paper-based                     TOEIC                   IELTS
   advanced                  109                           up to 109                       up to 630                      up to 990                     7.5
                             107                            up to 79                       up to 550                      up to 760                     6
                                                            up to 61                       up to 500                      up to 625                     5
      low                    102
                                                            up to 38                       up to 425                      up to 450                 3.5
  intermediate               101

                  On average, students move up one core level per session. Exceptional students may sometimes advance two levels.

Apply at                                                              University of California San Diego International Programs         |   9

 1        Conversation                      3   University Preparation           4   Business English                  5   Legal English
                                                Academy                                                                    For Business
Duration: 4 weeks                         Duration: 4 weeks                     Duration: 4 weeks                     Duration: 4 weeks
Hours: 10 hours per week,                 Hours: 20 hours per week              Hours: 15 or 25 hours per week        Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week
plus additional field trip time           Level: Advanced students              Level: High-intermediate and          Level: High-intermediate and
Level: All levels                                                               advanced students*                    advanced students*
                                          The UPA program prepares
This part-time program focuses on         students to enter master’s degree     This intensive program is for         This intensive program is for
building English communication            programs in highly selective and      students and professionals who        students and professionals
skills and enhancing cultural             competitive American universities.    want to increase their English        who are studying or working in
awareness, with special emphasis                                                fluency through business content      business or law-related fields,
                                          University preparation classes
on speaking and listening.                                                      studies. Business English focuses     and who would like to gain a
                                          may include:
                                                                                on meeting and negotiating skills,    better understanding of American
In addition to field trips, class         • Paraphrasing and Summarizing
                                                                                case studies, business vocabulary,    business law practices. Students
discussions, pair and group work,           Skills
                                                                                and business writing. Guest           will master legal and business
presentations, and interactions           • Critical Analysis and Discussion
                                                                                speakers and company visits vary      vocabulary expressions for
with Conversation Leaders,                • Synthesis and Critical Response
                                                                                according to availability.            speaking and writing. They will
students will use their English           • Discussion and Fluency for
                                                                                                                      also focus on skills for various
skills to learn from guest speakers         University Success                  Topics may include:
                                                                                                                      business law scenarios such as
of various fields.                        • University Lecture and              • American business
                                                                                                                      writing legal correspondence,
                                            Note-taking Skills                    and entrepreneurship
Limited homework                                                                                                      interviewing a client, and
                                                                                • Management and leadership
                                          Concentrated academic skills                                                negotiating an agreement. This
Tuition $1,500 USD                                                              • Marketing
                                          classes may include:                                                        program features expert guest
                                                                                • Finance
                                          • Academic Reading and Writing                                              speakers according to availability.
                                                                                • International trade
                                          • Public Speaking Skills                                                    This program does not prepare
 2        Conversation                    • Advanced Vocabulary Skills
                                                                                • Human resources
                                                                                                                      students for LLM degree
          and Fluency                     • Advanced Grammar Skills             Substantial homework                  programs.
Duration: 4 weeks                         Curriculum rotates so that            Tuition $2,050 USD                    Topics may include:
Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week,           students can take two programs        (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)                • Company law
plus additional field trip time           with new content. ELI reserves                                              • Contracts and contract formation
                                                                                Tuition $2,300 USD
Level: All levels                         the right to make changes to the                                            • Real property law
                                                                                (full-time, 25 hrs/wk)
                                          program and course offerings                                                • Transnational commercial law
This popular full-time program            depending on total enrollments                                              • Consumer protection
focuses on building English               and student needs.                                                          • Intellectual property
communication skills and
                                          For guaranteed enrollment,                                                  • Alternative dispute resolution
enhancing cultural awareness, as
                                          students must provide one of the                                            • Employment law
well as accurately using grammar
                                          following: 80 TOEFL iBT, 6.5 IELTS,                                         • Competition law
and vocabulary in reading, writing,
speaking, and listening.                  or a pass on the CAE or the CPE                                             Substantial homework
                                          (Cambridge Exams).
Students will strengthen their                                                                                        Tuition $2,050 USD
ability to use English effectively        Substantial homework                                                        (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)
in everyday situations in and out         Tuition $2,300 USD                                                          Tuition $2,300 USD
of the classroom, including                                                                                           (full-time, 20 hrs/wk)
reading and writing for school
and work. Students practice
English with Conversation Leaders,
during field trips, and interacting
with guest speakers.
Moderate homework
Tuition $1,800 USD
(part-time, 15 hrs/wk)
Tuition $2,000 USD                                                                                XIAOCHEN LI
(full-time, 20 hrs/wk)
                                                            I am enjoying the best time with my friends, teachers,
                                                        and classmates! We did two amazing field trips. Through
                                                    these trips, my conversation skills improved and my horizon
                                                         broadened. After the Conversation and Fluency program,
                                                     I can feel my conversation with others has clearly improved.
                                                    Our teachers help us a lot. They taught me how to memorize
     PART-TIME PROGRAMS DO NOT                         vocabulary effectively and how to learn English efficiently.

10    |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                        Apply at

 6   English For                             7    English For                               8    Medical                                 9    Academic English
     Engineering and                              Pharmaceutical                                 English                                      (2-Week & 4-Week)
     Technology                                   Sciences                                 Duration: 4 weeks                            Duration: 2 weeks and 4 weeks
Duration: 4 weeks                          Duration: 4 weeks                               Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week               Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week
Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week             Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week                  Level: High-intermediate and                 Level: High-intermediate and
Level: High-intermediate and               Level: High-intermediate and                    advanced students*                           advanced students*
advanced students*                         advanced students*                              This program is for students and             Classes focus on developing
This program is for students               This program is for students                    professionals who want to master             fluency and accuracy in all
studying in the fields of engineering      and professionals who want to                   medical terminology and increase             language skills for academic and
or computer science who wish to            increase their English fluency                  English fluency within a clinical            professional purposes.
improve their ability to effectively       while focusing on pharmaceutical                context. Participants must have
                                                                                           previously taken an anatomy or               Considerable time will be spent
communicate in scientific                  and pharmacy topics. The focus                                                               on grammar, reading, writing, and
discussion. Students will master           is on improving students’ writing               physiology course
                                                                                                                                        oral discussion. Students will take
specific engineering and technology        and spoken communication skills,                Topics may include:                          part in class lectures, group work,
vocabulary and improve their               with an emphasis on technical                   • U.S. healthcare delivery system            pair work, and individual study. In
technical writing skills.                  writing, public speaking, special               • The language of patient interaction        addition to a homeroom academic
Topics may include:                        terminology, and communicating                  • Human anatomy and physiology               skills class, students will have one
• Renewable energy                         effectively in pharmacies and other             • Medical history taking                     or two additional courses.
• Digital information                      healthcare settings. Participants               • Trauma and emergency care
                                           must have previously taken an                   • Diagnostic and treatment                   Additional courses may include:
• Satellite communication                                                                                                               • Listening and discussion
• Blockchain technology                    anatomy or physiology course.                     procedures
                                                                                           • Development of presentation skills         • Oral presentations
  and cryptocurrency                       Topics may include:                                                                          • Pronunciation and fluency
• Automated driving systems                • Technical writing and notation                UC San Diego is a major center               • Vocabulary development
• Aerial robotics                            for pharmaceutical work                       for medical research and                     • Conversation and culture
• Artificial intelligence                  • Presentation skills for academic              healthcare development. This
• Mechanical design                          and professional settings                     program features expert guest                Substantial homework
• Manufacturing                            • U.S. drug development and                     speakers according to availability.          2 weeks
• Design materials                           approval process                                                                           Tuition $1,000 USD
• Computer software engineering                                                            Due to visitation restrictions and
                                           • U.S. drug delivery systems                                                                 (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)
• Technical writing                                                                        patient privacy laws, we do not
                                             and practices
                                                                                           guarantee visits to hospitals and            Tuition $1,200 USD
Substantial homework                       • The language of pharmacist-
                                                                                           clinics nor observations of actual           (full-time, 20 hrs/wk)
                                             patient interaction
Tuition $2,300 USD                                                                         medical procedures as part of the
                                           • Idiomatic language in pharmacy
(part-time, 15 hrs/wk)                                                                     Medical English program.                     4 weeks
                                             settings/ pharmaceutical studies
                                           • Readings and discussion on                    Substantial homework                         Tuition $1,800 USD
Tuition $2,600 USD                                                                                                                      (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)
(full-time, 20 hrs/wk)                       pharmaceutical topics
                                                                                           Tuition $2,300 USD
                                           San Diego is one of the strongest               (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)                       Tuition $2,000 USD
                                           regions in the U.S. for biomedical                                                           (full-time, 20 hrs/wk)
                                                                                           Tuition $2,600 USD
                                           and pharmaceutical research
                                                                                           (full-time, 20 hrs/wk)
                                           and development. This program
                                           features expert guest speakers and
                                           site visits according to availability.
                                           Substantial homework
                                           Tuition $2,300 USD
                                           (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)
                                           Tuition $2,600 USD
                                           (full-time, 20 hrs/wk)

  ADVISORY ABOUT VARIABLE                  new program, not the features described         Legal English for Business, and Medical      week for two weeks or four weeks.
  ENROLLMENTS                              for the original program. The hours, tuition,   English programs. This level requirement     Students who do not qualify for full
  Enrollment numbers in our 2-week and     and fees for the student’s 2-week or            corresponds to a minimum score of            participation in the Academic English
  4-week programs vary from month to       4-week program will remain the same.            approximately 60 on the TOEFL iBT,           program will be scheduled for private
  month. If our placement tests indicate                                                   5.0 on the IELTS, 625 on the IELTS, or       or semi-private instruction with ELI
  that a student’s English proficiency     *ADVISORY ABOUT LEVEL                           160 on the Cambridge Exam: First (FCE).      teachers as needed for an additional
  level does not permit placement           REQUIREMENTS                                                                                fee of $500 USD per 2-week session
                                                                                           Students who do not qualify for the
  in the original 2-week or 4-week          Only students who test into high-                                                           or $1,000 USD per 4-week session.
                                                                                           English language programs stated above
  program, we will place the student        intermediate and advanced levels on UC         will transfer to Conversation and Fluency.   An online placement predictor
  in 2 weeks or 4 weeks of study in a       San Diego ELI in-person placement exams        When Conversation and Fluency is not         is available to estimate program
  corresponding program of 20, 15, or 10    will be accepted into the 2- and 4-week        offered, students testing lower than high-   eligibility. However, it does not
  hours per week. When this happens,        Academic English, Business English,            intermediate will receive a combination of   guarantee eligibility.
  the 2-week or 4-week program will         English for Engineering and Technology,        classes to ensure 20 hours or 15 hours per
  have the features described for the       English for Pharmaceutical Sciences,

Apply at                                                                        University of California San Diego International Programs             |   11

10         Communication                     11   Intensive                      12   Intensive                           13   Intensive
           and Culture                            Communication                       Academic                                 TOEFL
Duration: Orientation week                        and Culture                         English                                  Preparation
plus 8 weeks                               Duration: Orientation week            Duration: Orientation week               Duration: Orientation week
Hours: 15 or 20 hours per week             plus 8 weeks                          plus 8 weeks                             plus 8 weeks
Level: All levels                          Hours: 25 hours per week              Hours: 15 or 25 hours per week           Hours: 25 hours per week
(ELI core levels 99–110)                   Level: All levels                     Level: All levels                        Level: High-intermediate to
• Core classes for fluency                 (ELI core levels 99–110)              (ELI core levels 99–110)                 advanced levels only
  and comprehension                                                              • Required core class                    (ELI core levels 105–110)
                                           • Required core class
• Everyday speaking                          -	focused on grammar                 -	focused on grammar and              • Required courses include:
  and understanding                             (ELI core levels 99–103)              fluency (ELI core levels 99–104)    • TOEFL iBT preparation
• Focus on American society                  -	focused on fluency                 -	focused on writing and fluency        -	Integrated Skills Tasks
  and culture                                   (ELI core levels 104–110)             (ELI core levels 105–107)             -	Writing and Speaking
Elective classes may include:              • Required class                        -	focused on reading, writing, and      -	Independent Skills Tasks
 -	Listening through TV and Music           -	focused on listening                  fluency (ELI core levels 108–110)     -	Writing, Speaking,
 -	American Music                              (ELI core levels 99–103)         • Required class                              and Listening
 -	American Film                            -	focused on grammar                 -	focused on listening                  -	Reading and Vocabulary
 -	TOEFL Test Preparation                      (ELI core levels 104–110)             (ELI core levels 99–103)            • Required core class focused
 -	TOEIC Test Preparation                                                         -	focused on grammar                    on fluency
                                           Elective classes may include:              (ELI core levels 104–110)
 -	Idioms and Slang                                                                                                      • Required grammar course
                                            - Conversation
 -	Everyday English                                                             Elective classes may include:            • Elective course focused on
                                            - Discussion through Film
 -	American Culture                                                              -	Academic Listening                     vocabulary development. Elective
                                            - English through Volunteering
 -	Phrasal Verbs                                                                    and Note-taking                        options available upon arrival.
                                               and Leadership*
 -	Vocabulary Development                  - Everyday English                    -	Academic Vocabulary                  The ELI offers an Institutional
 -	Conversation                            - Idioms and Slang                       Development                          TOEFL (paper-based) test
 -	Reading and Writing                     - Phrasal Verbs                       -	Academic Writing Skills              for an additional fee of $75
 -	Current Events                          - Practical Communication Skills      -	English through Volunteering         (price subject to change).
 -	Oral Presentations                      - Public Speaking                       and Leadership*
                                                                                  -	Fluency and Presentation Skills      The internet-based (iBT) TOEFL
Tuition $2,900 USD                             and Presentations
                                                                                  -	Grammar and Editing                  is available at several official
(part-time, 15 hrs/wk)                      - TOEFL Test Preparation
                                                                                  -	Oral Presentations                   testing sites in San Diego for
                                            - TOEIC Test Preparation
Tuition $3,100 USD                                                                -	Pronunciation and Fluency            an additional fee of $205
                                            - University Study Skills
(full-time, 20 hrs/wk)                                                            -	University Study Skills and          (price subject to change).
                                            - Vocabulary Development
                                                                                     Academic Preparation                 Note: This program can be taken
                                           Tuition $3,500 USD                     -	TOEFL Test Preparation               only two times in levels 105-110.
                                                                                  -	High-intermediate/advanced           Students who place into our
                                                                                     American Business Studies            intermediate levels (ELI core
     * ENGLISH THROUGH VOLUNTEERING AND LEADERSHIP:                                                                       levels 103-104) may take TOEFL
                                                                                 Tuition $3,000 USD
                                                                                 (part-time, 15 hrs/wk)                   or IELTS test preparation classes
      - For ELI core levels 105–110 only    - Practice English outside
                                                                                                                          in other programs.
      - Receive over 35 hours of              the classroom with native         Tuition $3,500 USD
         experience in the local,              speakers                          (Intensive, 25 hrs/wk)                   Tuition $3,500 USD
         non-profit community               - Build leadership skills through
                                               volunteer work

                                                                                           REHAM ALNAJJAR
                                                                                              SAUDI ARABIA
                             My teacher and my classmates give me positive energy and make me think deeply
                         about everything. Through my program, I volunteer with two San Diego organizations:
                        ActivCare and the Ocean Discovery Institute. Volunteering changed my thoughts about
                             San Diego because I saw how much the people here take care of each other. I have
                          met new people of different ages and learned many things from them, like how to be
                        passionate and happy. Through my volunteer work, I practice English more than before
                              and sometimes the local people correct my language. I enjoy speaking with them.

12     |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                           Apply at

14   Intensive                      15    Intensive Legal                  • This program provides relevant
                                                                                                                    *IMPORTANT NOTES:
                                                                             preparation for the LLM degree
     IELTS                                English                            programs or your practice of
                                                                                                                     Classes offered for core levels
                                                                                                                     99 and 100 will run depending
     Preparation                    Duration: Orientation week               law. Students who complete              on the number of students enrolled
Duration: Orientation week          plus 8 weeks                             this program with strong                in these levels. To participate in
plus 8 weeks                        Hours: 25 hours per week                 grades and references from all          core level 99, students must have
                                    Level: Advanced levels only              ELI instructors may be eligible         a mastery of the English alphabet
Hours: 25 hours per week                                                                                             and the ability to produce and
Level: High-intermediate            (ELI core levels 108–110)                for conditional admission to
                                                                                                                     understand simple sentences and
to advanced levels only                                                      California Western School of            questions, both verbal and written.
                                    • Required Advanced Legal                Law, the University of San Diego
(ELI core levels 105–110)                                                                                            Students who do not qualify for
                                      English course includes the            School of Law, or University of         level 99 are “true beginners.”
ELI levels 105–107 include:           following topics:                      Richmond School of Law.                 Group classes are not offered
• Required IELTS                      -	Review of the U.S. legal system                                             for true beginners, but private
  preparation courses                 -	The court system and              Applicants must submit                    or semi-private classes are available
  -	IELTS Speaking and                  trial procedures                  the following with their                  for an additional $2,000 USD per
                                      -	Landmark cases                    program application:                      8-week session.
     Vocabulary Preparation
  -	IELTS Listening Skills           -	Social/cultural trends            - Academic transcripts for the
                                                                                                                     Not all elective courses are offered
  -	IELTS Reading and Writing           that affect the law                 four most recent semesters              every session or at every level.
     Preparation                    • Required Grammar class               - A brief statement explaining            The elective courses offered
  -	Fluency-based elective         • Elective classes may include:          previous law-related                    depend on each student’s level
     for 3-hours each week            Advanced Case Studies in               experience and purpose                  and sufficient enrollments in the
                                      Business, Academic Writing,            for taking this program                 course. UC San Diego-ELI reserves
ELI levels 108–110 include:                                                - For guaranteed enrollment               the right to determine all issues
                                      Business Presentation Skills,                                                  related to a student’s program or
• Required IELTS                      Business Reading and Discussion,       in Intensive Legal English,             level placement. Decisions on
  preparation courses                 Conversation, Idioms for               students must provide one of the        ELI courses and programs depend
  -	IELTS Listening Skills           Business, Negotiations and             following: 85 on the TOEFL iBT,         on staffing needs/availability and
  -	IELTS Speaking and               Debate, Oral Presentations,            7.0 on the IELTS, 68 on the PTE,        resource allocation.
     Vocabulary Preparation           Vocabulary for Business and            or a “pass” on the CAE or the
  -	IELTS Reading Preparation                                               CPE (Cambridge Exams).                  SPECIAL NOTE:
                                      Finance, and Test preparation:                                                 Students who enroll in the Intensive
  -	IELTS Writing Preparation        TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC               - Interested students coming              Legal English program must arrive
Required classes for ELI levels                                              directly from UC San Diego              for the first day of the published
                                    The Advanced Legal English               Extension’s ELI 8-week programs
105–110 include:                                                                                                     program start-date. Students
                                    course is taught by highly skilled       should meet with the ELI                who do not arrive for the first
• Core class focused on fluency     English instructors with a keen                                                  day of the published program
• Grammar                                                                    Academic Advisor for specific
                                    interest in law and a master’s in        continuing student requirements.        start-date will lose their space and
• Vocabulary elective class         linguistics, TEFL, or related field.                                             will automatically transfer to the
  may include:                      The program also includes guest        Note: This program can only be            Intensive Academic English Program
  -	Academic Vocabulary            lectures by legal scholars and         taken one time. All students will         for the session.
  -	Idioms for Business            practicing attorneys, excursions       take placement tests upon arrival
  -	Vocabulary for Business and    to the courthouse, and directed        and must place into advanced
     Finance                        studies in law.                        levels 108-110 with minimum               PART-TIME PROGRAMS DO NOT
Note: This program can be taken                                            required reading and writing scores.      QUALIFY FOR AN I-20.
only two times in levels 105–110.                                          Tuition $4,000 USD
Tuition $3,500 USD

                                                                                                Scripps Institution of Oceanography and Black’s Beach

Apply at                                                       University of California San Diego International Programs        |      13

16       American                         • Many excursions for academic       17   Academic                         Example courses include:
                                            and recreational purposes                                                • Animal CSI: Virus Hunters
         University                       • Educational and cultural
                                                                                    Connections                      • Body Language: How Cells Use
         Experience                         field trips                             International                      Hormones to Communicate
The American University                   • Visit college and university      Academic Connections                   • Critical Thinking
Experience (AUE) is a 2-week                campuses                          International (ACI) is a 3-week        • Experiments in Music
youth program that provides               • Considerable homework             summer UC San Diego academic             Composition Theory
an English language immersion               to enhance academic skills        and residential immersion program      • Introduction to Microeconomics
opportunity for international               development                       for international secondary            • Foundations of Creative Writing
secondary students who are 15–17          • Constant adult supervision        students who are 16–18 years of        • Innovative Writing across
years of age and have intermediate        • Guest speakers                    age and have advanced English            Media: An Introduction to
to advanced English proficiency.                                              proficiency.                             the College Workshop
                                          For more information, please
                                                                                                                     • Introduction to Bioinformatics
Students will live and study on           contact             This program is for students           • Introduction to Cognitive Science
campus, work towards improving            Tuition $3,900 USD                  with strong academic records           • Introduction to Fluid Mechanical
their writing and academic                                                    and advanced English proficiency         Engineering: From a Straw
discussion skills, develop a better                                           who would like to have an                to an Airplane
understanding of U.S. academic                                                insightful American                    • Introduction to
culture, and prepare for success in                                           pre-university experience.               Mechanical Engineering
an undergraduate degree program.                                                                                       and Materials Science
                                                                              Program Features:
Program Features:                                                             • On-campus housing with               • Language and Identity for
• On-campus housing                                                             American students                      Bilingual Writers
• Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at                                             • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner at      • Media Matters: Stereotypes and
  campus dining halls                                                           campus dining halls                    Social Change in Popular Media
• Focus on academic skill-building,                                           • Enroll in one course to explore a    • Neuroscience: From Brains
  especially academic writing and                                               particular topic in depth              to Behaviors
  speaking skills                                                             • UC San Diego academic                • Scripps Institution of
• Emphasis on research skills and                                               instruction and activities             Oceanography: Introduction
  critical thinking skills                                                    • Project supplies and access            to Marine Biology
• Workshops on the U.S. higher                                                  to laboratory equipment as part      • Scripps Institution of
  education system                                                              of classwork                           Oceanography: Marine
• U.S. college admission advising,                                            • An opportunity to take                 Invertebrates
  including UC San Diego                                                        various chaperoned field trips       • Scripps Institution of
  admissions requirements                                                       to local sites                         Oceanography: Introduction
• Discussions with UC San Diego                                               • Constant adult supervision             to Microbiology
  students about the challenges                                               • Guest speakers                       Courses for Academic Connections
  they face in their studies and                                                                                     2020 will be posted on our
  how they deal with them                                                                                            website in January 2020.
                                                                                                                     For more information, please
                                                                                                                     Tuition $6,400 USD

                                                     YOUTH PROGRAMS ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

 ESL YOUTH PROGRAM:                       AUE Program Requirements:           ACADEMIC CONNECTIONS                  ACI Requirements:
 AMERICAN UNIVERSITY                                                          INTERNATIONAL (ACI)
                                          • Completed ESL Youth Program                                            • Completed ACI application
                                             application                                                            • Academic transcripts for the two
                                          • Completion of online placement                                            most recent years of study
 Intermediate English equivalent to:                                          Advanced English equivalent to:
                                             predictor test                                                         • ACI does not qualify for the
 • TOEFL iBT: 57                          • This program does not qualify     • TOEFL iBT: 80                          Form I–20
 • IELTS: 5.5                               for the Form I–20                 • IELTS: 7.0
 • Cambridge FCE: Pass                                                        • Advanced Cambridge: Pass
 • EIKEN Grade: 2                                                             • EIKEN Grade: 1
 • CEFR: B1                                                                   • CEFR: C1

14   |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                        Apply at
Academic Connections students

 18       University and               Biology                               Rady School of Management*            *Important information about
                                      • Biochemistry and Cell                (undergraduate only)                   choosing classes
          Professional                • Ecology, Behavior & Evolution       • Accounting                            UPS students may not enroll in
          Studies                     • Human Biology                       • Organizational Leadership             graduate business courses at the
 The University and Professional      • Microbiology                        • Global Business Strategy              Rady School of Management
 Studies program provides a flexible • Molecular Biology                    • Business Ethics & Corporate           or any courses in the School
 study abroad opportunity for         • Physiology and Neuroscience            Responsibility                       of Medicine or the School of
 academically excellent students                                            • Enterprise Finance                    Pharmacy. In addition, lesson-
 and professionals. Universities                                            • Financial Investments                 based courses in Music are not
                                      • Chemical Education
 in many countries count these                                                                                      available to visiting students.
                                      • Chemical Physics                     Scripps Institution of
 credits towards their own            • Environmental Chemistry              Oceanography                          It is important to be flexible in your
 bachelor’s or master’s degree        • Molecular Synthesis                 • Geology                              course selection and include a list
 programs. Transferability is at the                                        • Geochemistry                         of 12 or more classes per quarter
                                       Cognitive Science
 discretion of the home university                                          • Geophysics                           that you would like to take when
                                      • Clinical Aspects of Cognition
 and must be verified in advance                                                                                   applying for admission to the UPS
                                      • Computation                          Sociology
 by the student.                                                                                                   program. For a complete list of all
                                      • Human Cognition
                                                                             Theatre and Dance                     UC San Diego courses please see
 Program Features:                    • Human Computer Interaction
• 12-week program                                                            Visual Arts                           the “Schedule of Classes” section
                                      • Neuroscience
• Official transcript of UC San Diego                                                                              at:
                                       Computer Science                      UC San Diego Extension courses
   or UC San Diego Extension                                                                                       For a list of UC San Diego
                                                                             (many academic areas)
   grades — credit may be              Economics                                                                   Extension course offerings
   transferable to another college                                           and many more...                      please see:
   or university in the U.S. or your
                                      • Aerospace Engineering                                                      Students may also enroll in the
   home country                                                              Enrollment is on a
                                      • Computer Engineering                                                       UPS program in order to complete
• Regular academic advising sessions                                         space-available basis
                                      • Electrical Engineering                                                     one or more of UC San Diego
• Students must achieve above-                                               Enrollment in all classes is on a
                                      • Engineering Physics                                                        Extension’s part-time professional
   average final grades in all                                               space-available basis and requires
                                      • Mechanical Engineering                                                     certificate programs.
   coursework (“B” or better).                                               instructor and/or departmental
                                      • Nanoengineering
• In the fall, winter, and spring                                            approval after the student arrives.   Tuition does not include optional
                                      • Structural Engineering
   quarters, UPS students take                                               If there are no available spaces,     student recreation fee, any
   a full-time program (12 units)      Global Policy and Strategy            the instructor may require that       required course lab fees, or
   consisting of UC San Diego          History                               the student wait for several days     additional premium tuition for
   and/or UC San Diego                                                       to see if any other students drop     certain technical courses.
   Extension courses.                  Linguistics                           the class before enrolling a UPS
                                                                                                                   Tuition $7,800 USD
 The following are some of the         Literature                            student. Many class enrollments
 departments and course topics                                               are not confirmed or processed
                                       Mathematics                           until the second or third week
 that UPS students have enrolled in:
                                       Music*                                of the quarter. It is especially
 Anthropology                                                                difficult to get enrollment
                                       Philosophy                            approvals for first-choice classes
• Biotechnology                        Physics                               in our prestigious Computer
• Bioinformatics                                                             Science department.
                                       Political Science

                                                                                           SIMON MIDVEDT
                   My time in San Diego has been one of the best years of my life. I would say that the reason
                 for this is not that the experience lived up to my expectations, but rather that the experience
                was so different from my expectations — and I mean that in a good way. One experience that I
              think illustrates my point perfectly was having lunch at the Faculty Club with my professor and
              three other students in my class. I could never have imagined being in such a small and friendly
              learning environment, let alone getting to eat at one of the most prestigious places on campus!
             Since I specialize in bionanotechnology, I have taken different Biology classes. One specific class
                  I took was Foundations of Bioinformatics, which was by far the best class I have ever taken.

16    |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                     Apply at

19   Summer University                                       UNIVERSITY CREDIT PROGRAMS ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS
     Program I or II                  UPS TRACK 1                    UPS TRACK 2                    UPS TRACK 3                   SUMMER UNIVERSITY
     (5 Weeks)                                                                                                                    PROGRAM
The 5-week Summer University          CEFR: level B2                 CEFR: level C1                 CEFR: level C1                CEFR: level C1
Programs are for students
who have a strong academic            TOEFL iBT: 80                  TOEFL iBT: 85                  TOEFL iBT: 90                 TOEFL iBT: 83
background and who would like         IELTS: 6.5                     IELTS: 7.0                     IELTS: 7.5                    IELTS: 7.0
to take a full-time or part-time
schedule of credit-bearing Summer     Cambridge Advanced             Cambridge Advanced             Cambridge Advanced            Cambridge Advanced
Session courses at UC San Diego.      Exam: Pass                     Exam: Pass                     Exam: Pass                    Exam: Pass
UC San Diego Extension’s Summer       PTE: 60                        PTE: 68                        PTE: 73                       PTE: 66
University Program consists
of regular university courses         DAAD: see our website          DAAD: see our website          DAAD: see our website         DAAD: see our website
compressed into a five-week           12 course units:               12 course units:               12 course units:              8 course units or 4 course
period.                               • Maximum of 4 main           • Maximum of 8 main           • 12 units of main campus     units:
                                         campus units                   campus units                  or Extension courses        • 8 units or 4 units of main
The study workload is very            • 3 units in either Oral      • 4 units in Extension                                          campus courses
rigorous. A schedule of 8 units          Presentations or               courses (business,
(usually two classes) is considered      Academic Writing &             engineering, computer
full-time study. Students must           Research                       science, etc.)
achieve above-average final grades    • 5 units in Extension
in all coursework (“B” or better).       courses (business,
Tuition $4,925 USD (part-time)           engineering, computer
                                         science, etc.)
Tuition $6,075 USD (full-time)
                                      Additional admission requirements           UC San Diego Course List form for      6. List of 4 courses per session,
                                      for all University and Professional         this. You will find the Course List       organized by session, that
                                      Studies (UPS) program tracks and            Form on our website under “What           you would like to take at
                                      the Summer University Program:              to Send” in our “How to Enroll”           UC San Diego. Go to
                                                                                  section. Make sure to check the  to see
                                      1. Copy of transcripts in English for
                                                                                  prerequisites for each class. To be       which classes are offered for
                                         the four most recent semesters
                                                                                  eligible to enroll into classes, all      Summer Session I and II. Under
                                         of academic studies. These
                                                                                  prerequisites must be fulfilled.          “Enrollment Tools” select “Full
                                         transcripts must clearly indicate
                                                                                                                            Schedule of Classes.” Make sure
                                         excellent academic achievement.       For Summer University Program
                                                                                                                            to check the prerequisites for
                                      2. A one-page statement explaining       Session I and II:
                                                                                                                            each class. To be eligible to enroll
                                         your reasons for choosing
                                                                               4. International students must have          into classes, all prerequisites must
                                         UC San Diego for your study
                                                                                  graduated from high school in             have been taken.
                                         abroad experience.
                                                                                  order to participate in any Summer
                                      For University and Professional             University Program.
                                                                                                                         Note: Participating in these
                                      Studies (UPS) Track 1, 2, and 3:         5. In addition to the International
                                                                                                                         educational programs does not
                                                                                  Programs application, students
                                      3. List of 12 or more courses per                                                  provide preference in admission
                                                                                  must also submit a Supplemental
                                         quarter, organized by quarter,                                                  to the University of California
                                                                                  Summer University Program
                                         that you would like to take at                                                  degree programs.
                                                                                  Application, which can be found on
                                         UC San Diego or UC San Diego
                                                                                  our website:
                                         Extension. Be sure to use the

                                                                                                              Rady School of Management and north campus

Apply at                                                            University of California San Diego International Programs       |    17

20       Business Essentials               21   Business Analytics                 22   Digital Marketing                  23   Leadership and
         (1, 2, or 3 Quarters)                  (1 Quarter)                             (1 Quarter)                             Management
Designed for students who have            Designed for students who                Designed for students who                    (1 Quarter)
completed high school. One year           have a university degree or two          have a university degree or two         Designed for students who
of university study preferred.            years of full-time professional          years of full-time professional         have a university degree or two
                                          experience with a high level             experience with a high level            years of full-time professional
Program overview:
                                          of English proficiency.                  of English proficiency.                 experience with a high level
The Business Essentials program
offers a broad introduction to            Program overview:                        Program overview:                       of English proficiency.
American business practices.              The expanding field of business          This program provides a strong          Program overview:
Key business topics include               analytics is fundamental to all          foundation in digital marketing         Knowing how to build, influence,
Business Communication,                   facets of business across all            skills while keeping students           and lead teams can increase
Marketing, and Finance.                   industries, including marketing,         informed on emerging topics             business performance to exceed
                                          finance, and research. Acquire a         and trends. Acquire the core            goals and objectives. Develop your
Program Benefits:
                                          comprehensive introduction to            knowledge and skills needed to          leadership skills and build your
• Experience a multicultural
                                          the Business Intelligence field, and     design innovative marketing plans,      ability to influence others in the
  classroom environment.
                                          explore advanced topics such as          implement successful marketing          workplace. This program gives you
  In the second and third
                                          Big Data and Predictive Analytics.       tactics, and advance your career        the opportunity to join a learning
  quarters, some classes may
                                                                                   through a hands-on project with         community of professionals.
  be with American students.              Program Benefits:
                                                                                   a local company. Knowledge of           Courses are led by practicing
• Learn business fundamentals             • Develop the business intelligence
                                                                                   marketing concepts suggested.           industry professionals.
  from highly experienced San               and data analytics skills to
  Diego business professionals.             make better decisions, improve         Program Benefits:                       Program Benefits:
• Participate in the American               processes, discover efficiencies,      • Learn how to create an effective      • Improve your leadership capacity.
  Workplace Experience, which               support customers, and                   digital marketing strategy.           • Discover best approaches to
  includes visiting local businesses.       reduce costs.                          • Create engaging and effective           make teams work together and
• Apply for Optional Practical            • Participate in an immersive              content for various online              improve their dynamics.
  Training (OPT), which allows              program with practical                   marketing channels.                   • Learn to communicate effectively
  students to work in the U.S.              hands-on training.                     • Use SEM tools to drive more             with fellow team members,
  for up to one year, after three                                                    traffic to your website.                direct reports, and stakeholders,
  consecutive quarters of study.                                                   • Gain insight on how to measure          who may have different
                                          • Overview of Business Intelligence
                                                                                     and evaluate the effectiveness          backgrounds and areas of expertise.
Tuition $6,000 USD (1 quarter)              and Data Analysis
                                                                                     of digital marketing campaigns.
                                          • Introduction to SQL                                                            Courses:
Tuition $12,000 USD (2 quarters)
                                            Programming                            Courses:                                • Managing for Maximum
Tuition $18,000 USD (3 quarters)          • Advanced Excel for Analysis            • Digital Marketing                       Performance, or similar course
                                            and Business Intelligence              • Content Marketing or SEO              • Business Communication Skills
                                          • Dashboards and Data                    • Digital Marketing Analytics           • Leading from the Middle
                                            Visualization for Data Analysis        • Marketing Project                     • Business Project
                                          • Business Intelligence Project          • Elective: Choose an additional        • Elective: Choose an additional
                                                                                     class in marketing.                     class in your area of interest.
                                          Tuition: $7,000 USD
                                                                                   Tuition: $6,200 USD                     Tuition $6,000 USD
                                                                                                                           For an additional fee of $1,000 USD,
                                                                                                                           participate in a real-world business
                                                                                                                           project with a local company.

                                                                                             SARA KUHALAMPI

                 After completing the Business Essentials certificate, I plan to apply for OPT. I would like to practice
          everything I have learned from this year at UC San Diego Extension International Programs. I would also
                   like to understand how practical things work in an American business or organization. After OPT,
          I will return to Sweden and choose my major, which I think will be Human Resources. When I finish with
            my studies here and in Sweden, I will start looking for jobs in HR. With this certificate and with all the
              knowledge I have gained, I believe I will have a competitive advantage when applying for jobs back in
                                     Sweden. I will become a valued asset to a company because of this experience.

18   |    University of California San Diego International Programs                                                              Apply at

24   Business Management             3rd Quarter                          LEAN SIX SIGMA                          Courses:
                                     Advanced Studies:                    GREEN BELT CERTIFICATE                  • Introduction to the Legal System
     (2 or 3 Quarters)               Students who successfully                                                    • Legal Communications
                                                                          Students may participate in Lean
Designed for students who have       complete two quarters of                                                     • Business Law
                                                                          Six Sigma Green Belt to improve
four or more years of full-time      Business Management can                                                      • Computer Essentials for the
                                                                          quality and streamline process
professional-level work experience   further develop their skills in an                                             Legal Professional
                                                                          activities while they complete the
or students who have a university    area of specialization and earn                                              • Ethics for the Legal Professional
                                                                          Project Management Certificate.
degree with one year of full-time    a Certificate of Completion in                                               • Civil Litigation I and II
professional work experience.        Advanced Studies.                    The curriculum fulfills the             • Legal Research
                                                                          American Society for Quality’s          • Evidence Law
Program overview:                    Courses include:
                                                                          (ASQ) educational requirements          • Paralegal Career Success
The Business Management              • Capstone project or class
                                                                          needed to prepare for the Six           • Intellectual Property Law
program offers the opportunity       • One required course in area
                                                                          Sigma Green Belt Certification            (elective)
to build job skills and knowledge      of specialization
                                                                          (CSSBB) exam.                           • Discovery Principles (elective)
or to prepare for graduate studies   • Electives: Students will have
                                                                          Tuition $3,000 USD                      • Tort Law (elective)
through an extensive introduction      the opportunity to choose
to U.S. business practices. In the     2–3 additional classes.                                                    Tuition $9,000 USD
second quarter, you choose to
                                     Tuition $12,000 USD (2 quarters)
specialize in one of the following                                        26   Paralegal Certificate
areas: Finance, Marketing, or        Tuition $18,000 USD (3 quarters)
Leadership. To complement
                                                                               (1 Quarter)
your classroom experience,                                                Designed for students who have
Business Management                  25   Project Management              a university degree and have a
incorporates a 120-hour                                                   professional background in law or an
internship into the program.
                                          Certificate Program             equivalent profession.
                                          (2 Quarters)
Program Benefits:                                                         Program overview:
• Develop solid business             Designed for students who have       Approved by the American Bar
  management skills through          a university degree and one year     Association (ABA), the Paralegal
  courses led by practicing          of full-time professional work       Certificate combines practical
  industry professionals.            experience or four or more years     skills with legal theory and
• Learn resume writing and           of full-time professional-level      analysis. Participants focus on civil
  interviewing skills; receive a     work experience.                     litigation, legal research, writing,
  professional resume critique.      Program overview:                    interviewing, and substantive and
• Study alongside American           Learn the nuances of project         procedural law.
  students in select evening         management and process               To provide students a balanced
  classes to further enhance         improvement from a global            perspective and expertise in the
  your network.                      perspective. Students will acquire   legal field, classes are taught by
• Apply for Optional Practical       the skills to plan, execute and      prominent attorneys, judges, and
  Training (OPT), which allows       complete complex projects within     advanced paralegals.
  students to work in the U.S.       various types of organizations
  for up to one year, after three    and industries. The student will     Program Benefits:
  consecutive quarters of study.     apply newly learned tools and        • Students have the opportunity to          PRATYASHA NATH
                                     methodologies in simulated             become a certificated paralegal in
Business Management
                                                                            just three months                         INDIA
Overview                             hands-on projects.
                                                                          • Hands-on practical assignments
1st Quarter                          Program Benefits:                      led by legal professional experts         I am so thankful to
Required courses:                    • The curriculum fulfills the        • Designed to give students                 UC San Diego Extension
• Elements of Marketing                necessary Project Management         access to legal organizations and         International Programs
• Financial Accounting for             Institute (PMI) education hours      networking events in the legal            for shaping my education
  Non-Accountants (FAFNA)              to prepare for the PMP or CAPM       community                                 and giving me a stepping-
• Organizational Behavior              certification exam.                • Offers students the ability to            stone for progress.
• Internship Preparation             • Transfer select units to             build their skills in criminal and        I really want to give back
                                       the online Master of Science         civil law, intellectual property,         to the community that
2nd Quarter                            in Project Management
Required courses and                                                        and various areas of law                  has given direction to
                                       program at the University                                                      my life. The Business
internship experience:                 of Wisconsin, Platteville,
• Business Decision-Making                                                                                            Management Certificate
                                       upon certificate completion.
• 120 hours of internship                                                                                             program has played an
                                     Tuition $12,000 USD                                                              integral role in shaping
Three required courses in area
of specialization:
                                                                                                                      my life and I will
- Finance                                                                                                             always owe this to my
- Leadership                                                                                                          academic advisors and
- Marketing                                                                                                           to the program. I highly
                                                                                                                      recommend this program
                                                                                                                      to everyone.

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