Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon

Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Welcome 2019
                             Real skills.

Real experience.

                                              Real outcomes.

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Thank you for enrolling into a course at The Gordon. Included is useful information as you
    commence your study journey.

    Orientation day                                                Student ID card
    Come along a meet your fellow students, listen to the band,    Once you have paid your enrolment fees you obtain a
    grab some free food and giveaways and find out more            Student ID card from Customer Service. This card is used
    about the resources on offer to you whilst you are at          for identification purposes whilst you are on campus and to
    The Gordon.                                                    borrow books from The Gordon library. You should keep
                                                                   this card with you at all times.
    Geelong City Campus:
    Tuesday 19 February 2019
    East Geelong Campus:                                           Booklists
    Wednesday 20 February 2019                                     Your booklist should be provided to you by your course
                                                                   area. Booklist items can be purchased from the on campus
    Werribee Campus:                                               Gordon bookshops located at the Geelong Geelong City
    Thursday 21 February 2019                                      Campus and East Geelong (the Bookshop’s details are
                                                                   provided later in this booklet). Please contact Customer

    Online orientation                                             Service or the Bookshop if you need assistance.

    There is an online orientation video to familiarise yourself
    with The Gordon student code of conduct, your
    responsibilities as well as services offered to you at
                                                                   Timetables can be accessed via the home page of the
    The Gordon . Jump onto the student portal to watch.
                                                                   Student Portal. You will be able to access your timetable
                                                                   once you are enrolled.

    eCentral                                                       Click the ‘Timetables’ icon to access the timetable finder.
                                                                   You then search your course and your group from the list.
    eCentral provides you with the ability to access your own

                                                                   Stay connected
    ‘portal’ of information.

    You can:
    •   Update your personal details
                                                                   We love being connected at The Gordon.
    •   Make enquiries
                                                                           Facebook – like us to stay up to date with special
    •   Apply for courses
                                                                           offers, events and Gordon news.
    •   View application status and correspondence
    •   Manage your enrolments
    •   View your financial transactions                                   Instagram – follow us @the_gordon to check out
                                                                           other student’s work. Use #thegordon to share
    •   Pay your fees
                                                                           your projects – we like to regram!
    •   View your results and see details regarding
        completion and graduation
    •   Apply for Scholarships                                             YouTube – follows us at thegordongeelong
    •   Information on Support Services                                    for our latest videos.

    •   Access your online course materials.
                                                                           Pinterest – follow us to be inspired by
    Access to eCentral                                                     students’ floristry, make-up, fashion and
    You can access eCentral from a link on the Student Portal              vintage Gordon photos.
    or via The Gordon website.

    Your username is your 8 digit network login (Student ID).
                                                                           Twitter – follows us @GordonTAFE to stay up to
    Password: this can be found in the email that was sent to              date on what’s happening in Geelong, Gordon
    you when you first registered/applied at The Gordon.                   news and good reads.
    Note: You will be asked to change this password at your
    first login to one of at least 6 characters.
                                                                           LinkedIn – add The Gordon to your profile
    If you forget your password you can reset from the login
                                                                           to stay connected.
    screen or via The Gordon website.

    If you have trouble logging onto your account contact
    Customer Service.

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Student user                                                  Access to Student Portal and Web mail
                                                              outside The Gordon

account and                                                   You will be able to access the Student Portal and your web
                                                              mail from outside The Gordon via The Gordon website.

student portal                                                You will also have access to an email account. Your email
                                                              address will be your username (the 8 numbers from your
                                                              Student ID); eg “12345678@gordontafe.edu.au”. However,
You are eligible to have a personalised computer login
                                                              it will be displayed as your name with the username in
account. This account allows you to use The Gordon
                                                              brackets to recipients of your email; eg “Fred Bear
computers and take advantage of available software and
services. You will be sent an email with your username (the
8 numbers from your Student ID) and password. Keep the
email sent to you with your password information in a         If you have forgotten your password
secure place. You will need it at your first login.           Student passwords can be reset via The Gordon web page.
                                                              Enter ‘reset password’ into the search bar, this allows you to
Please note: For security reasons this password is separate
                                                              reset your password to the original password sent to you
to your eCentral password.
                                                              when you registered at The Gordon . This will reset both
At your first login you will be asked to update your          your Student User and eCentral account passwords.
password. This password must contain at least 6
                                                              You will be requested to enter your Student ID. Your default
characters. Your account remains active for the duration
                                                              password will be sent to the email address AND mobile
of your enrolment and will be automatically disabled three
                                                              phone number registered against your student details.
months after your last enrolment completion date.
                                                              Your password will be reset to your initial password. You
Student portal                                                will then be able to login using your username and this
The Student Portal is where you access your course            initial password. You will be prompted to change the
resources, Gordon email and your results. The Student         password at your next login.
Portal has all the information you need to get started.
You can find the Student Portal at thegordon.edu.au/
                                                              Need further help?
                                                              Contact our Customer Service team.
To log into the Student Portal you will need to use your
student account log in details.

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Student Internet usage policy                                       Free Office 365
    You are encouraged to make use of The Gordon ’s                     You can download Office 356 via the student portal.
    computer network and public Internet for educational                To help prepare our students for work in the professional
    purposes. The Gordon has a policy in place to ensure these          world, we provide Office to every one of our students for
    resources are used sensibly, responsibly and within legal           FREE. This means you’ll always have the latest version of
    and ethical guidelines. When agreeing to The Gordon’s               Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more, for as long
    Terms and Conditions during enrolment you are agreeing              as you’re a Gordon student.
    to abide by the usage policy.
                                                                        You can install on up to five compatible PCs and Macs,
    Guidelines are displayed in the libraries and other access          plus five tablets. Gain valuable skills on the world’s most
    areas throughout The Gordon.                                        popular document software. For more information visit the
                                                                        student portal https://www.thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/
    Unacceptable use includes:
    •   Sending, receiving or viewing obscene, offensive
        or defamatory material
    •   Using the Internet or email for gambling
        or illegal activities                                           Use of mobile
        Wasting time on non-educational pursuits
        Intentionally interfering with normal operation                 phones in the
        of the network
    •   Other inappropriate uses that may be identified
        by the network administrator.
                                                                        You are expected to turn your mobile phone ring-tones to
    Use of the Internet is subject to monitoring for security and/
                                                                        silent (or vibrate only) when entering a classroom or lecture
    or network management reasons. Breaches of the student
                                                                        style environment as a courtesy to others.
    Internet usage policy may result in disciplinary action, as
    outlined under The Gordon Student Conduct Policy.                   Teachers may restrict the use of mobile phones to specific
                                                                        purposes and may prohibit other uses during class time. In
                                                                        some circumstances or instances the use of mobile phones
    Wi-Fi access
                                                                        may be restricted or banned from a learning environment
    The Gordon provides free wireless access via the normal             due to demonstrated legal concerns.
    logon protocol. This wireless access is intended to be
    available across all campuses. It is not possible for               Mobile phones may be used for communication in case of
    students to connect to The Gordon’s Information Systems             an emergency, or where there may be extenuating work or
    via a cable connection. For everything you need to know             personal circumstances, just let your teacher know.
                                                                        Detailed information on use of mobile phones in the
                                                                        classroom is available from your teacher or in the
                                                                        student handbook.
    Bring your own device
                                                                        Please refer to the following link for full details of
    Students who bring their own devices will be able to access         The Gordon policy thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/
    any web based resource such as the Student Portal, Gordon           gordon-students/documents-forms
    Online, web based email and general internet access after
    authenticating with a current Gordon user account.

    For students who wish to purchase or use their own laptop
    device to assist with their studies at The Gordon, this
    information provides a guide.

    ‘General use’ laptop                                          ‘High performance’ laptop
    Recommended for almost all areas                              Recommended for use in the following teaching areas:
                                                                  • Graphic Design
                                                                  • Information Technology
                                                                  • Advanced Design and Building
    PC: Intel i5 or similar processor                             PC or Mac: Intel i5 or better processor
    Mac: Intel i5 or Intel Dual Core M processor
    4GB RAM (minimum)                                             8GB RAM (minimum)
    250GB (or more) Hard disk drive                               250GB (or more) SSD drive
    Wireless network adaptor                                      Wireless network adaptor
    Integrated graphics                                           Dedicated graphics

    Integrated webcam                                             Integrated webcam
    PC: Windows 7 or later                                        PC: Windows 7 or later
    Mac: OS X 10.6 or later                                       Mac: OS X 10.7 or later

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Student Services                                                Student A-Z guide
and Support                                                     Absences
                                                                It is a student’s responsibility to participate in training and
Studying at The Gordon opens up a world of opportunity.
                                                                assessment and/or attend classes as scheduled and to
With our trusted, skills-based courses, we recognise the
                                                                report any absences in a timely manner. Consequences of
journey is as important as the destination. That’s why
                                                                non-attendance may be withdrawal with the liability for
we’ve invested in a range of innovative facilities and
                                                                payment of fees remaining should withdrawal be outside
services, to ensure your Gordon experience exceeds your
                                                                the period that allows fees to be refunded or credited.
expectations and you can achieve your educational goals.
                                                                In most cases medical certificates will be needed for
More information about our services can be found on the
                                                                extensions to assessment dates.
student portal or The Gordon website.

Aboriginal Education Unit                                       Accidents
                                                                All accidents, incidents and near misses on The Gordon’s
‘Kitjarra wurrun-ngeen’                                         premises must be reported to a member of staff. The staff
The Gordon’s Aboriginal Education Unit offers assistance        member will assist you in filling in an Injury and Illness form.
and support to Indigenous students, helping them to
achieve their full potential in education, training and         For further information contact:
employment. Staff provide course information, mentoring,        Quality Assurance & Risk Management OHS Manager
confidential and financial advice, information about            Phone: (03) 5225 0904
Abstudy and assistance schemes, as well as tutoring             Email: QualityAssurance@gordontafe.edu.au
services. The unit also delivers Certificate I, II and III in
Mumgu-dhal tyama-tiyt. Students and community are also
welcome to drop in for a yarn, and use the kitchen and
study facilities. Pop in for a visit:                           The Gordon offers an affordable, on-campus student
Geelong City Campus - A Building Room 1.05                      residence for students living away from home. Located at
Phone: (03) 5225 0859                                           the East Geelong Campus (and ten minutes drive from the
Email: jkildea@gordontafe.edu.au                                Geelong City Campus ), The Gordon Student Residence is a
                                                                small community renowned for its friendly and welcoming
                                                                environment, offering a comfortable and fun place to live
                                                                and study.

                                                                The residence comprises three separate wings,
                                                                accommodating 50 furnished bedrooms. All rooms are
                                                                spacious and include a queen-sized bed. Fully-equipped
                                                                kitchen and bathroom areas are shared between four
                                                                residents, and living areas are centrally located, with
                                                                couches, TV and DVD facilities. The residence also offers
                                                                many support services, activities and opportunities to meet
                                                                new friends and build independent living skills.

                                                                For more Information:
                                                                Phone: (03) 5246 6132
                                                                Email: StudentResidence@gordontafe.edu.au

                                                                Advanced Standing
                                                                You may be entitled to recognition of prior learning or
                                                                experience or perhaps you have already completed some
                                                                units from your course. Contact your teacher to discuss
                                                                your advanced standing (also called RPL - Recognition of
                                                                Prior Learning).

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Alcohol and Other Drugs                                        Attendance
    As member of The Gordon community, students are                Students are expected to attend all classes until
    required to behave sensibly and appropriately.                 competency has been assessed and should notify their
                                                                   teachers if unable to attend due to illness or other
    Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while at
    The Gordon or while participating in or attending any
    Gordon organised (including off campus) activity may lead
    to action under the Student Misconduct Management              Austudy
    Procedure. This may involve suspension.                        You may be eligible for Austudy if you are 25 years of age or
                                                                   over and undertaking full-time study. Eligibility rules are strict.
    For further information, including the disciplinary action
    procedure please refer to the Student Misconduct               General information is available from the
    Management Procedure.                                          Careers Counselling team located:
                                                                   Geelong City Campus – A1.05 (Monday to Friday)
    Animals                                                        East Geelong Campus – A1.01 (Mondays and Wednesdays)
    Public health regulations do not allow any animals on the
                                                                   Phone: (03) 5225 0687
    grounds of The Gordon except for:
                                                                   Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au
    •   Registered guide dogs used by people who have
                                                                   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
        low vision or who are legally blind, and
                                                                   – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
    •   Companion dogs assisting people with disabilities
        or mental health needs                                     For more information and applications visit Centrelink
                                                                   website or phone 132 468.
    •   Animals approved for animal studies in designated
        study areas.
    If an unaccompanied animal is found on campus please
    contact Gordon Security.                                       The bookshop provides textbooks, chef and hairdressing
                                                                   equipment and uniforms, a great range of stationery items,
    Geelong Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999              plus everyday items from newspapers and postage stamps
    or from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999                       to greeting cards and nail polishes. If we don’t stock it we
    East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300                      can usually order it in for you! Bookshops are located at:
    or from your mobile phone 0409 010 858                         Geelong City Campus - G Buildling, Level 3,
                                                                                              Room 3.35 “The Auditorium”
    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
    - contact the campus for more information                      East Geelong Campus - Boundary Road, H Building

    If you have an allergy or phobia of animals you should         Phone: (03) 5225 0542
    advise your teacher.                                           Email: bookshop@gordontafe.edu.au

                                                                   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students – please
    ATM                                                            contact us for more information about the services
    The Gordon does not have an ATM on any campus, but             available to you and to discuss your individual needs.
    most banks and ATMs can be accessed either in the central      thegordon.edu.au/StudentSupport/StudentService/
    business district of Geelong and Werribee or major             Bookshop/Pages/Home.aspx
    shopping centres.

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Barbeques                                                      Changing Your Details
There are electric barbeques located in the courtyard at the   Email and SMS are our primary forms of communication.
Geelong City and in the G Building courtyard at the East       So you don’t miss important information ensure your
Geelong Campus. There are also a number of portable gas        contact details are kept up to date. Log into your
fueled Barbeques at each campus.                               eCentral account and update or contact Customer Service
                                                               on 5225 0500 or custservice1@gordontafe.edu.au.
The Gordon’s barbeques are not to be used by
unsupervised students and are only to be operated by           If we can’t contact you in relation to absences the
staff who have completed the training and are competent        consequence may be withdrawal from the course.
in safe food handling.                                         You may still be liable for payment of fees. Keep your
                                                               details up to date!
Bicycles                                                       This is also the way the State and Federal Government will
The Gordon promotes safe bicycle riding practices              contact you, particularly in relation to any VET Student
and for health benefits encourages students to ride            Loan information that may be relevant to you.
their bike when possible.
                                                               Child Safe Standards
Students must walk, not ride their bike whilst on
campus property, and not on any grassed areas.                 The Gordon is committed to youth and child safety.
                                                               Our commitment includes zero tolerance for child abuse,
Bicycle Racks are available for student use:                   regardless of where the abuse occurs at The Gordon, on
Geelong City Campus                                            a Work Placement or in your home life. All allegations and
- located outside Building C and G South                       concerns are taken seriously and support is provided to our
                                                               students by our Aboriginal, Counselling and Disability
East Geelong Campus                                            Support Services.
- located outside Buildings A, E, H, G and M

Colac - located at the public library
                                                               Clothing shall be of an appropriate standard as required for
Werribee and Hoppers Crossing
                                                               your course, i.e. protective clothing. Bare feet, thongs or
- contact the campus for more information
                                                               strapless shoes are not permitted. Shorts, and/or singlet’s
Students must ensure they lock their bikes whilst on           are not permitted in engineering trade areas, building and
The Gordon grounds as The Gordon is not responsible            construction trade areas, and cookery classes.
for stolen or damaged bikes.
                                                               If you are unsure of clothing requirements for your course,
                                                               please ask your teacher for clarification. Check out the new
Cafeterias                                                     range of Student Uniforms and Gordon clothing. See the
Cafeterias are located at the Geelong City and East            range and make an order via the Student Portal https://
Geelong campuses and are open morning and evening              www.thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/gordon-students/
to cater to your every need. Hot and cold breakfasts,          gordon-clothing.
lunch and snacks are sold at student prices.
                                                               Code of Conduct
Campuses                                                       The Gordon is committed to the provision of high quality
The Gordon has two main campuses: the Geelong City             and rewarding education and training for all students in an
Campus (Fenwick St) and East Geelong Campus                    environment which actively encourages and supports
(Boundary Rd). The Gordon also delivers courses in Colac,      learning for all students. To foster these goals The Gordon
Werribee and Hoppers Crossing.                                 has established this code of conduct to communicate
                                                               students’ responsibilities. The Gordon believes that by
                                                               establishing and communicating these standards we will
Car Parking – where to park?
                                                               provide a supportive and equitable learning environment
Geelong City Campus - no student parking available. There      for all students.
is limited all day metered parking available on Fenwick and
Little Malop Streets however council restrictions apply.       Please refer to the following link for full details
Information on Central Geelong parking can be found at:        thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/gordon-students/
https://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/parking/article/           documents-forms

East Geelong Campus - free student parking available.
Please refer to the campus map for more information.

Colac - free student parking available. Please refer to the
campus map for more information.

Werribee and Hoppers Crossing - contact the campus
for more information.


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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Counselling (Careers)                                              Disability Support Services
    The Careers team provides free and confidential vocational         Disability support provides free confidential advice, in class
    counselling appointments to prospective and current                note takers, tutors, advocacy, orientation& specialised
    students. The computer program Career Voyage is                    equipment free of charge. If you have a chronic illness,
    available to help match your skills and interests with a           medical condition, hearing/vision, intellectual, learning or
    suitable career. As a current student you are able to obtain       physical disability, mental health condition, epilepsy or
    assistance with job applications, resumes, interview skills        diabetes you may be eligible for our support. The Disability
    and employment information. The Careers team are                   team are located:
    located at:
                                                                       Geelong City Campus - A1.05
    Geelong City Campus - A1.05 (Monday to Friday)
    East Geelong Campus - A1.01 (Mondays and Wednesdays)              Phone: 5225 0835
                                                                       Email: disabilitysupport@gordontafe.edu.au
    Phone: (03) 5225 0687
    Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au                        East Geelong Campus - A Building near Customer Service

    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students                      Phone: (03) 5225 0768
    – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.              Email: disabilitysupport@gordontafe.edu.au
    Counselling (Personal)                                             Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
    A free and personal counselling service is available to you        – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
    as an enrolled student. Personal counsellors can provide
    support with a variety of issues                                   Emergencies
    •    personal issues affecting your time as a student              For emergency assistance whilst on campus, if a staff
    •    mediation services are offered for students and staff         member cannot be contacted, phone security:
         requiring dispute resolution
                                                                       Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999
    •    financial advice, particularly in relation to course costs.   or from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
    The Counselling team are located:
                                                                       East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300
    Geelong City Campus - A1.05
                                                                       or from your mobile phone 0409 010 858
    East Geelong Campus - A Building near Customer Service
                                                                       Colac – more information available on campus
    Phone: (03) 5225 0689
    Email: counsel@gordontafe.edu.au                                   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                                       – more information available on campus.
    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
    – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.              The Gordon’s emergency procedures state that in the event
                                                                       of an emergency contact Gordon Security. However, in the
    For after hours crisis service phone
                                                                       case of an extreme emergency phone the emergency
    Lifeline on 131 114 (24hrs).
                                                                       services for ambulance, fire and police.

    Credit Transfer                                                    Emergency Services (ambulance, fire and police)
                                                                       phone 000
    Successful completion of units or modules completed at a
    training organisation that is Nationally recognised may            Note: If calling from an institute phone you must dial 0
    entitle you to credit in an equivalent TAFE unit or module.        for an outside line first.

    Students must provide evidence that the unit/module was
    successfully completed. An Application for Credit Transfer         Evacuation Procedure
    form is available from Customer Service or program areas.          In case of an evacuation you should:
    There is no charge for credit transfer. For further                •   assist anyone in immediate danger (if safe to do so)
    information please contact Customer Service.                       •   raise the alarm including phoning Gordon Security
                                                                       •   leave by the nearest, safest exit (do not use a lift)
    Davidson Restaurant
                                                                       •   assemble in the evacuation area – do not leave the
    The Davidson Restaurant is a classical style restaurant                area (evacuation maps are located in every building)
    and is used to train students in the skills of fine dining.
                                                                       •   report injuries or information to a staff member or
    It operates from the historic, original main building of
                                                                           relevant authority dealing with the emergency,
    The Gordon built in 1887.
                                                                           including the location of a person with mobility issues.
    The restaurant is generally open to students, staff and the        •   do not re-enter the building until advised by the
    general public for dinner from Monday – Friday during the              relevant authority.
    school term and can take bookings for arrival from 6.00pm
                                                                       DO NOT USE LIFTS DURING ANY EVACUATION
    to 7.00pm, closing at 9.30pm. When visiting the Davidson
                                                                       EMERGENCY OR DRILL.
    Restaurant you are giving your fellow students the
    opportunity to demonstrate their practical skills in a real life

    The restaurant can be booked for groups and functions.
    Entrance is from Fenwick Street, Geelong, near the corner
    of Little Malop Street. Call Restaurant Reservations
    (03) 5225 0741 to make a booking.

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
Employment Assistance                                          General Education
Need help finding out about where the jobs are and how to      General Education offers Certificate in General Education
produce a winning application?                                 classes at four levels (Introductory, Certificate I, II and III) for
                                                               people wanting to improve their literacy and numeracy skills.
Contact Counselling and Careers located in A1.05 at the
Geelong City Campus and at the East Geelong Campus in          General Education also provides basic training in
Building A, room A1.01.                                        computing, study skills and some bridging courses such as
                                                               Bridging into Nursing.
For further information or to make an appointment contact:
                                                               Students can be full-time or part-time and may start classes
Careers and Counselling
                                                               at any time.
Phone: (03) 5225 0687
                                                               For further information please contact:
Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au
                                                               General Education
Fees and Charges                                               Phone: (03) 5225 0788
Fees and charges information is available from the
Customer Service Centres. In particular the fees and           Gordon Print
charges brochure outlines the enrolment fees and charges
                                                               Gordon Print, at the Geelong City Campus, caters to all
including eligibility, concessions and refunds as well as
                                                               your printing, photocopying and publishing needs
payment options available.
                                                               providing high speed digital printing, pre-press services,
For further details visit thegordon.edu.au/Courses/            scanning, laminating, colour photocopying, overhead
FeesandCharges/Pages/Introduction.aspx                         transparencies and more.
                                                               Enter from Little Malop Street, off LaTrobe Terrace.
First Aid and Injuries                                         Gordon Print is open from 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

In accordance with the Code of Practice First Aid in the       Phone: (03) 5225 0826
Workplace, first aiders are trained and located across all     Email: printing@gordontafe.edu.au
areas of The Gordon:
•    if you or another student is injured please contact a     Guaranteed Pathways with Deakin
     staff member who will arrange for first aid assistance.
                                                               The Gordon and Deakin University now offer seamless
•   always complete an Injury and Illness Form OHS FO 3.1      pathways with Credit for Prior Learning and Guaranteed
    as soon as possible                                        Entry to a range of Deakin degrees. Subject to satisfactory
•   make sure any witnesses also give their name and           progression through the specified diploma of advanced
    contact number.                                            diploma, this provides certainty about entry into Deakin if
•   you are strongly advised to have ambulance                 this is a priority for you.
    insurance to cover costs associated with transport         More details can be found at:
    to hospital if required.                                   deakin.edu.au/the-gordon
•   if you are an apprentice you will need to notify your      or contact our Customer Service Centres.
    employer as soon as possible.
•   for emergency assistance contact Gordon Security.
    The Security Officer or first aider will determine if an
    ambulance is required.
Emergency Contacts:

Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or
from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999

East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or
from your mobile phone 0409 010 858

Colac – more information available on campus

Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
– more information available on campus.

Emergency Services (ambulance, fire and police) Ph. 000

Note: If calling from an institute phone you must dial 0
for an outside line first

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Welcome 2019 Real skills - Real experience - The Gordon
International Students                                            Language Unit
     Each year students from overseas choose to undertake              The Language Unit teachers provide English classes for
     their study at The Gordon. They come from many countries          students from non-English speaking backgrounds.
     around the world and study a wide range of courses.
                                                                       Services include:
     Gordon International works closely with teachers and
                                                                       •    language skill assessment
     support services assisting students to achieve their
                                                                       •    second language access programs
     academic potential.
                                                                       •    vocational English
     Gordon International offers a range of services to
                                                                       •    English for further study
     international students to ensure that their stay in
                                                                       •    Certificates I, II, III, IV in ESL
     Australia is both educationally rewarding and an
     enjoyable experience.                                             •    Youth ESL programs for students from Non-English
                                                                            Speaking Backgrounds aged 17 – 24
     Services provided:                                                •    English language intensive courses for overseas
     •   orientation program                                                students (ELICOS)
     •   introduction to key staff members and support                 •    Auslan.
                                                                       The Unit also has classes in other languages such as
     •   accommodation and airport pickup arrangements                 Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. The Unit
     •   personal and educational counselling                          provides services to organisations and individuals within
                                                                       the community on a fee for service basis and can customise
     •   general advice regarding visa and health issues
                                                                       training to group or individual needs.
     •   community resource information.
                                                                       For further advice and assistance with
     Gordon International is involved in both the marketing of
                                                                       service provision call Phone: (03) 5225 0874
     Gordon courses and the recruitment of students from
     overseas. Gordon International is also involved in a number
     of projects on and off shore.
                                                                       The Gordon library provides access to a collection of
     If you are not an Australian citizen or do not have
                                                                       books, journals, DVDs, equipment, newspapers, magazines
     permanent residency in Australia, you are considered to
                                                                       and online databases including online journal articles and
     be an ‘international student’. It is important to indicate your
                                                                       streamed videos.
     status on your application as it affects your application,
     selection and course fees. If you are unsure please check         Visit the library home page at
     with Gordon International.                                        thegordon.libguides.com/library to access subject guides
                                                                       providing relevant course resources.
     International students holding a student visa must comply
     with the Educational Services for Overseas Students               The library also offers:
     (ESOS) Act and the National Code 2007.
                                                                       •    Library orientation tours
     For further information please visit our portal page,             •    Basic computer software assistance
     or contact:
                                                                       •    Assistance with research (catalogue and database
     Gordon International                                                   searching)
     T Building, Level 1, Geelong City Campus.                         •    Referencing assistance with the Institute’s preferred
     Phone: (03) 5225 0920                                                  Deakin Harvard Style
     Email: international@gordontafe.edu.au                            •    Spaces to eat, study and relax
                                                                       •    Computers with relevant software for your course

10   thegordon.edu.au
•   Printing and photocopying                                  Photocopiers and Printing
•   WIFI                                                       Photocopiers are available in the Library at the Geelong
•   Equipment available for loan includes laptops,             City and East Geelong Campuses.
    cameras, tripods and video cameras
                                                               Computer printing costs are deducted from your online
Geelong City Campus - G Building, Level 3,                    student printing account.
                       Room 3.35 “The Auditorium”
                                                               When you first log on to the network you will have a $10.00
Student Use computers are available in the Student Hub in      printing credit. Additional value can be added to your
G Building, Level 1, next to the cafeteria. Quiet student      online account by purchasing printing cards at our
study space is available on G Building, Level 3. Visit the     bookshops.
Library for more information.
                                                               Both black and white and colour printing are available.
Phone: (03) 5225 0812
Email: library@gordontafe.edu.au                               Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                               – please contact us for more information about the services
East Geelong Campus - H Building                               available to you and to discuss your individual needs.
Phone: (03) 5225 0609
Email: eastlibrary@gordontafe.edu.au                           Prayer/Quiet Room
Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students                  Non-denominational prayer/quiet rooms are available for
– please contact us for more information about the services    use by all students and staff at The Gordon.
available to you and to discuss your individual needs.         Please contact the Customer Service Office for details.
Library Hours
Monday – Thursday, 8.30am - 5.00pm                             Public Telephone Locations
Friday, 8.30am - 4.00pm.                                       Geelong City Campus

                                                               G Building Level 1 – near the Student Hub
There are several locker options available to students.        A Building Level 1 – near lift
Lockers may be available within specific department areas,
                                                               East Geelong Campus
so please check with teaching staff in your area for use and
availability of department lockers.                            A Building – Cafeteria

Other locker are available in the Student Hub near             Public Transport
Customer Service, G Building (Geelong City Campus
only), and in A Building near the café at the                  Geelong Bus Network: Geelong Route 61 and 62.
East Geelong Campus.                                           For detailed Public Transport Victoria information
Students are required to provide their own locks or use the    call 1800 800 007 or visit www.ptv.vic.gov
electronic locks (where provided). All lockers must be         Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
emptied and locks removed at the end of each term. Failure     – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
to do so will result in locks being cut off and items inside
lockers removed.                                               Myki is a reusable smart card, is the current ticketing
                                                               system used in areas of public transport across Victoria.
Please note: The Gordon does not take any responsibility       Myki cards are available from the Geelong (Moorabool
for theft or damage to items stored inside lockers.            Street) and Corio Village Post Offices and at any 7/11 store.

                                                               Further information on Myki can be found on the myki website.
Daily newspapers are available in the libraries for            Trains
students to read.                                              The train station is located in Gordon Avenue, across the
                                                               road from The Gordon Geelong City Campus. Trains run on
Noticeboards                                                   a regular basis to various destinations including Melbourne.
Students wishing to display material on any notice board       For V/Line information go to www.vline.com.au
must first present the material to Marketing for approval
(unauthorised material will be removed).                       For timetable information, reservations & sales,
                                                               contact Public Transport Victoria -
                                                               1800 800 007 (6am-midnight daily)
                                                               Travel Concession Cards
Orientation takes place at the end of February. Orientation
includes activities that help new students settle into         Eligible students are able to apply for Travel Concession
Gordon life including socialising and meeting fellow           Cards, providing cheaper travel on trains, buses and trams
students as well as information that will help make the        in Victoria.
most of your time here at The Gordon .
                                                               Victorian public transport student concession card/
Check out the student portal and look out for the posters      Victorian student pass application forms are available
promoting orientation on your campus at the beginning of       from Customer Service.
each year.

                                                                                                 #thegordon                 11
Resume Assistance                                                  Short Courses
     Assistance in preparing a resume is available to students          We’ve got short courses for work, life and play! From dog
     and graduates. Contact Counselling and Careers to make             grooming to body art, Microsoft Office to MYOB, Espresso
     an appointment.                                                    Coffee to Relaxation Massage.
                                                                        To view the full list of offerings and to book online visit
     Careers and Counselling
     Phone: (03) 5225 0687
     Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au                        Skateboards and Skates
     Geelong City Campus - A1.05                                        Skateboards, inline skates and roller skates are not to be
                                                                        ridden in or around any campus of The Gordon.
     East Geelong Campus - A1.01 (near Customer Service)

     Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students – please             Smoking
     contact us to discuss your individual needs.
                                                                        The Gordon is a smoking and tobacco free environment.
                                                                        Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on
     Road Safety                                                        all campuses, property, land and vehicles under the control
     To ensure you get to and from class safely just                    of The Gordon. This policy has been implemented to create
     a few reminders:                                                   a healthy and safe environment for all Gordon staff,
     - Cross at the lights, wait for the ‘WALK’ symbol.                 students and associates.
     - If there are no lights, cross in an area that you can be seen.
                                                                        The Institute encourages smokers to reduce or quit
     - Look before crossing the roads or in carparks.
                                                                        smoking and will support this process through health
     - Don’t text whilst crossing the roads or in carparks.
                                                                        campaigns and cessation support.
     - Always act predictably around traffic.

     Scholarships                                                       Student Ambassadors
                                                                        Each year the Gordon offers a fantastic opportunity for
     Are you a motivated, with big goals for your future? Is
                                                                        highly motivated and passionate students based at
     financial hardship a barrier to you achieving in your study
                                                                        Geelong City and East, and Werribee Campuses to join our
     goals? If so, a Gordon Scholarship may be an option for
                                                                        Marketing team as Student Ambassadors.
     you. Applications open in November for the following year
     intake. Applications can be made through your eCentral             Reporting to the School Liaison, these casual roles involve
     account. For more information:                                     talking to prospective Gordon students at recruitment
                                                                        events, expos, school tours and presentations.
     Phone: (03) 5225 0639
     Email: scholarships@gordontafe.edu.au                              This important role provides a key influence for prospective
                                                                        students, providing information from a student’s
     Security                                                           perspective.
     Students are encouraged to label all belongings and to             The position would suit students with a great attitude, a
     keep them secure at all times. This includes not leaving           customer service focus and a passion for their course at
     valuables and belongings unattended, including in locked           The Gordon. You should be confident, have initiative,
     classrooms. Security Officers patrol campuses of The               attention to detail and be highly organised.
     Gordon during opening hours. Any suspicious behaviour
     should be reported to a Security Officer or a staff member         There are a number of dates throughout the year where
     immediately.                                                       ambassadors are required to attend and help out the
                                                                        marketing team. Transport to and from events will be
     Students should also note the following:                           provided if necessary. Student Ambassadors are paid at a
     •   always lock and secure your car or bicycle.                    rate of $25/hour up to $125 for a full day event. Payment is
     •   never leave your valuables in classrooms during                made in VISA vouchers for you to use as you like.
         breaks, outside toilet cubicles or on cafeteria tables
                                                                        Interested? Contact Marketing for more information
                                                                        marketing@gordontafe.edu.au or phone 5225 0631
     •   report any theft to a staff member or customer
         service. Theft can also be reported to police.                 Student Hub
     •   student’s valuables are not covered by insurance or            The Student Hub is an area for you to relax and catch up
         The Gordon, and are the student’s own responsibility.          with friends. There are self help computers so that you can
     Gordon Security Contact Details:                                   login to your student account, access your email, apply for
                                                                        new courses and access information about The Gordon .
     Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or
                                                                        There are also Customer Service staff onsite who can
     from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
                                                                        answer any of your questions about studying at The
     East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or                       Gordon . The Student Hub is located in Level 1, G North
     from your mobile phone 0409 010 858                                at Geelong City Campus.

     Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students                      Customer Service staff are also available to assist at our
     – please report instances to police.                               East Geelong and Watton Street Werribee campuses.

12   thegordon.edu.au
Student Misconduct Procedure                                   Your USI will be collected from you at the time of
                                                               application. If we miss getting it from you then we will
This procedure provides guidance on the standards of
                                                               collect it at enrolment.
behaviour expected of students and describes the process
involved in the management and resolution of alleged           Visit the USI website at usi.gov.au to see your account or
student misconduct.                                            contact our Customer Service Centres for more
To view the Student Misconduct Procedure please visit
documents-forms                                                VET Student Loans
                                                               VET Student Loans commenced on 1 January 2017
The document can also be found under Documents and
                                                               replacing the VET FEE HELP scheme, which ceased on
Forms on the Student Portal home page.
                                                               31 December 2016. Students studying certain Diplomas and
                                                               Advanced Diplomas who elect not to pay their tuition fees
Study Support Centres                                          upfront may be eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan to
If you’re concerned about how you will cope with study,        defer the cost of their Tuition Contribution. Courses will be
talk to the experienced team of professional teachers at       subject to maximum loan caps and students will be
Gordon’s Study Support Centres. Support includes               required to pay any fee over and above that cap.
personalised assistance with essay and assignment writing,
                                                               Only certain Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas are eligible
reading and note taking, maths, computing, language
                                                               for VET Student Loans that are linked to industry needs
assistance for English as a second language students and
                                                               and employment outcomes. If you wish to access a loan to
general writing skills.
                                                               study a higher level VET course you will need to select one
To contact Study Support:                                      of these eligible courses. View the list of eligible courses at
Phone: (03) 5225 0765
Email: support@gordontafe.edu.au
                                                               Withdrawal and Fee Refunds
Surveillance                                                   In order to cancel or withdraw enrolment from a course
                                                               or unit, students must provide advice in writing to our
Please be aware that certain areas of The Gordon are
                                                               Customer Liaison Office or their teaching department.
under 24 hour video surveillance (see section ‘Security’
                                                               The date this advice is received is the student’s official
for related information).
                                                               withdrawal effective date and determines whether tuition
For further information contact: Gordon Security               and amenities fees are refunded or credited. To be eligible
                                                               for a refund or credit of materials fees and other levies,
Geelong City Campus - (03) 5225 0999
                                                               students must complete, sign and return a ‘Withdrawal and
East Geelong Campus - 0409 010 858                             Refund Request’ form available from our Customer Service
                                                               Office, their teaching department or online via their
Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students –                eCentral account.
information available on campus.
                                                               For further details visit thegordon.edu.au/Courses/
                                                               FeesandCharges/ Pages/Introduction.aspx
Theft should be reported to a Security Officer.
                                                               Do you have any questions?
Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or                   Don’t hesitate to speak to your teacher or Customer
from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999                          Service who will help to answer any queries that you have
East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or                   about your time at The Gordon.
from your mobile phone 0409 010 858

Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                               Tell us what you think
– please report instances to police.                           We love to hear what you think, do you have an idea
                                                               about what we can do better? Visit the Student Portal
The incident will be followed up by a Security Officer.
                                                               and follow the tabs.
USI (Unique Student Identifier)
If you are undertaking nationally recognised training
delivered by a registered training organisation you will
need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This
includes studying at TAFE or with a private training
organisation, completing an apprenticeship or skill set,
certificate or diploma course.

A USI gives you access to your online USI account which is
made up of ten numbers and letters. It will look something
like this: 3AW88YH9U5.

A USI account will contain all your nationally recognised
training records and results from 1 January 2015 onwards.
Your results from 2015 will be available in your USI account
in 2016.

                                                                                                  #thegordon                 13
City                                                                  E       Main Entrances                                                  Railway Station

                                                                                 P       Car Parking for COGG Disability Permit Holders
           Campus                        GORDON AVEPP                                    Permit Parking Only

                                                                                         Evacuation Assembly Area

                                                                                                                                                                                                                         FENWICK STREET
                                                                              Assembly Area            Access

                                                     P                                   Taxi Dropoff Point                                                               Gordon
                                                                                                                                                                          Gallery     Executive

                                                                                         Lift Access
                                                                                                                                                          Support          E
                                                                                                                                                         Room TB.11


                                                           G                                                                                        T

                                                                        Student Computers

                                                 E                       Customer Service                                                                                   Aboriginal

                                                                           Student Hub


                                                                                                                                                                          F Block Level 1




                                                                      E                                                                                                                                         Counselling,


                                                                                                                                                                                                             Disability Support

                                                                                                                                                                                                              & Scholarships
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Room 1.05
                                                                  SOUTH                                                                              Café on Track
                                                                                                                                                                                    Restaurant       E
                                                 E                   Library, Study Space
                                                                                                       E                                                     E
                                                                          & Bookshop
                                                                           Room 3.35

                                  LITTLE MALOP STREET                                                        P                                                            P

                                                                                                                                                                          Geelong City Centre

           A              B         C            D                      E             F                G               H                I                J            K                L                 M               N                O

                                                                                               OLNEY AVENUE
     1     East

                                                     CS                              E
                                                                                      Car Park

                                                                                                                           L                E                                                                                                    2
                                                                                                                                                                                          Car Park

     3                        Car Park
                                                                                              G                 E

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       BOUNDARY ROAD
                                                                                                                                    E                P

     4                                                                                                                                              PP                                                                                           4

                                                                                                                                     E                                     P               PP
     5                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           5
                                                                                                                                                                  A                   H

     6                                                                                                                                              Customer
                                                                                                                                                     Service                    E                                                                6
                                             E                              E
                                                                                                              E                                                                       Library

     7                           Car Park
                                                                                              E                                                                       E
                                                                                                                                                                                               P                                                 7

                                                                  Car Park

     8                                                                               P                                                                                                          Car Park



                                                              side                                         E      Main Entrances                                               Wheelchair Access
     9                                       E      do
                                                       n   Re                                                                                                                                                                                    9
                                                  or                                                        P

                                                 G                                                                Car Parking for COGG Disability Permit Holders               Taxi Dropoff Point


                                                                                                           PP     Permit Parking Only                                          Lift Access

     10                                                                                                           Evacuation Assembly Area                            CS       Customer Service                                                  10
                                                                                                        Evacuation                                                                                                            Updated Nov 2016
                                                                                                       Assembly Area

           A              B         C            D                      E             F                G               H                I                J            K                L                 M               N                O

14        thegordon.edu.au
Contact Customer
Service Centre
P +61 3 5225 0500
F +61 3 5225 0440

Postal Address:
Private Bag 1,
Geelong Mail Centre,
Victoria, Australia, 3221

Geelong City Campus
2 Fenwick St, Geelong
Victoria, Australia, 3220

East Geelong Campus
Boundary Rd, East Geelong
Victoria, Australia, 3220

Werribee Learning Centre
9 Bridge Street, Werribee
Victoria, Australia 3030
P +61 3 5227 2001

Werribee Campus
24 Watton St, Werribee
Victoria, Australia 3030
P +61 3 5225 0666

Hoppers Crossing
Trades Campus
195 Old Geelong Rd,
Hoppers Crossing
Victoria, Australia 3029
P +61 3 5225 0500

173 Queen Street, Colac
Victoria, Australia, 3250
P +61 3 5232 1596
F +61 3 5232 2126

Gordon International
Geelong City Campus
CRICOS Provider No: 00011G
P +61 3 5225 0920
F +61 3 5225 0502

Training is delivered with
Victorian and Commonwealth
Government funding

CRICOS Provider No. 00011G
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