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                             Welcome to BIS
                   InSpIrIng and challengIng young mIndS

                        Believe. Inspire. Succeed.
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              our Vision

              BIS strives to develop motivated,
              responsible life-long learners who
              make a difference to our world.

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                our mission and mandate

                Inspiring and challenging young minds...                      • Pursue excellence through a commitment to the
                • Stimulate inquiring minds and spark enthusiasm for              continuum of the IB programmes and other accredi-
                   discovery and exploration.                                     ting educational organisations.
                • Focus on all aspects of student development: the
                   academic, the intellectual, the creative, the social,      ...assume responsibility...
                   the physical, the ethical and the emotional.               • Stimulate inquiry into local and global issues from
                                                                                  multiple perspectives and develop the understand-
                ...as a caring and committed international                        ing that the opinions of others may also be right.
                    community...                                              •   Build a strong sense of personal and social responsi-
                • Provide an open-minded and supportive atmo-                     bility that sets the foundation for a balanced lifestyle
                    sphere through a climate of commitment, empathy               and encourages service to others, our community
                    and open communication.                                       and our environment.
                • Facilitate the acquisition of languages and under-
                    standing of culture by communicating in English and       ...and pursue life-long learners.
                    by providing instruction of German and other              • Challenge our students to become life-long learners
                    languages.                                                    by taking risks, reflecting on their experiences and
                • Promote international-mindedness throughout our                 preparing for their futures.
                    curriculum by exploring our diversity of culture,         •   Encourage parent and family involvement in each
                    language and experience while gaining insights from           student’s learning to enhance the success of our
                    the unique perspective of our German host culture.            programmes.
                                                                              •   Excel in standards of education with dedicated
                ...to achieve excellence,...                                      teachers and a committed staff who seek multiple
                • Promote the acquisition of concepts, knowledge,                 opportunities for professional development.
                     skills and attitudes required to think critically,
                     pursue excellence and fulfil one’s personal potential.
                • Be a dynamic and progressive school with well-
                     resourced and innovative programmes.

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              Welcome to BIS

              Dear Parents,                                                 BIS has been committed to the widely recognised Inter-
              BIS has always placed the child’s individual development      national Baccalaureate (IB) programme from the very
              at the centre of its educational focus, encouraging active,   beginning and has been authorised as a World School by
              engaged participation.                                        the International Baccalaureate Organization to teach
              Questioning is encouraged, and student-led inquiries          the IB Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Pro-
              prioritised, enabling students to follow their interests      grammes. We added the IB Careers-related Programme
              while exploring and constructing their own meaning of         (IBCP) in 2018, becoming one of only four schools in
              the world around them. Our actions are driven by our          Germany to offer this qualification and one of only two
              credo:                                                        schools offering all four IB Programmes.
                           Believe. Inspire. Succeed.                       We set ourselves high standards as faculty and staff and
                                                                            expect the same from our students. We also understand
              Just three words. Powerful words, which embody what
                                                                            that, while academic rigour is important, a child also
              we at BIS strive towards every day. From Early Childhood
                                                                            needs a broad and balanced education in a secure and
              (EC) to Grade 12, from admissions to college and career
                                                                            caring environment. Through co-curricular and commu-
              counselling, from back office administrative support
                                                                            nity service opportunities, we are always looking to
              to our Supervisory Board and of course parents and
                                                                            enrich the experience of our students, understanding
              students – all play a critical role in creating an environ-
                                                                            our responsibility to prepare them to be contributing
              ment for our students to believe in themselves, be
                                                                            citizens in tomorrow’s world.
              inspired to stretch further, and ultimately find personal
              and professional success.
              Not only do they mirror the acronym of the Bavarian           Dr Chrissie Sorenson
              International School – BIS, but also stand alone for the      Head of School/Vorstand
              attributes we feel are critical for current
              and future generations of global citi-
              zens, making the world a better place.
              What strikes me most about BIS, how-
              ever, is what a safe environment we
              provide for our students. In order to
              learn, we all must feel safe to make
              mistakes. One doesn’t learn anything
              by always making the right choices –
              mistakes are an important step in lear-
              ning. Indeed, James Joyce described
              mistakes as „the portals to discovery”.
              Isn’t that what we want for our students
              – the joy of discovery?

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                                          Foundation of Bavarian
                            1990          International School e.V.

                                          Official opening with 6 students
                            1991          from Pre-School to Grade 1

                                          Official authorisation by the
                            1995          International Baccalaureate

                                          First graduating class,
                            1997          with 17 students

                            1998          Move to Schloss Haimhausen

                            2003          Opening of new auditorium

                                          Opening of new Primary School
                            2007          building

                                          Opening of new school cafeteria
                            2011          and library

                                          Opening of second Primary School
                            2016          campus in Munich City

                                          Change of legal status to a
                            2018          registered not-for-profit
                                          corporation (gAG)

                            2021          30th anniversary of BIS

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             Inspiring global citizens

             “Believe. Inspire. Succeed.” is the motto that underlies      A focus on each child as an individual
             the pedagogically rich and holistic education provided
             for students from age three to 18. Intercultural compe-       "We provide our students with the intellectual, inter-
             tence, collaborative and inspirational learning, respect,     cultural, social, emotional and, most importantly, with
             social responsibility and tolerance characterize the spirit   the critical perspectives they will need as adults in a
             of this accredited IB World School.                           global, technological world. Our students will be able
                                                                           to solve the challenges of the future and make the world
             1,200 students from 56 nations attend the two campu-          a better place", says Dr. Chrissie Sorenson, Head of
             ses of the Bavarian International School gAG (BIS), loca-     School at BIS, Germany's third largest international
             ted in the village of Haimhausen and central Munich.          school. "Each child’s individual development is placed
             170 teachers provide BIS students with a first-class          at the very center of the educational focus at BIS."
             teacher-student ratio of 7.5 to one, a ratio that allows      International-mindedness and diversity is virtually the
             teachers to differentiate in the classroom and address        DNA of this all-day school. English is the language of
             the individual needs and strengths of each child.             instruction, while German language classes are offered
             Tangible proof of the success of this approach is seen        beginning in grade one for all levels of proficiency.
             each year in BIS students’ IB Diploma scores; in 2019 the     Starting in grade six, French, Spanish, Mandarin and the
             average score was 34.3 points, well above the world-          optional "Mother-Tongue Programme" allow students
             wide average (29.7). The Bavarian International School        to maintain and develop literacy in their native language.
             strives for state-of-the-art school standards, investing in   Mother-tongue learning is currently offered in 17
             educational technology, science laboratories, art and         languages.
             design studios, sports halls, theater spaces, an audi-        Pupils and parents alike regard the multitude of extra-
             torium and an extensive extra-curricular program.             curricular activities on offer as an exceptional feature of
                                                                           BIS. These activities include approximately 40 sports

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                courses per week on the Haimhausen Campus, as well            serving as both an instrument for business promotion
                as CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service), Model United          and location marketing.
                Nations debate team, the Eco-Schools project, and the
                Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, a mix of fit-        Future through innovation
                ness, scouting and expeditions. In all of these activities,
                                                                              Development, innovation and the future, all drive the
                social engagement, interdisciplinary collaboration and
                                                                              curriculum and teaching at the BIS campus in Haim-
                exploring new horizons play a particularly important
                                                                              hausen, to the north of the Bavarian capital, and to this
                role, according to Dr. Sorenson.
                                                                              end, the management team of the Bavarian Interna-
                An IB World School                                            tional School has set the goal of building a state-of-the
                                                                              art "Creativity & Innovation Center" (CIC). As the modern
                The Bavarian International School is an IB World School,      heart of the Haimhausen campus, the CIC will be
                one of only two schools in Germany authorized by the          designed to support the teaching and learning in the
                International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) to offer       "STEAM" disciplines: "S" for Science, "T" for Technology,
                all four IB programmes: the Primary Years Programme           "E" for Engineering, "A" for Arts and "M" for Mathema-
                (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the Diploma          tics.
                Programme (DP) and the Career-related Programme               BIS has launched a fundraising and sponsorship program
                (CP). The IB Diploma is recognized by the best universi-      to realise this major project; as well as to recruit and
                ties in Germany and all around the world.                     promote excellent teaching staff; and to create a
                The portability of the IB curriculum is a key factor for      scholarship programme to enable highly talented
                international families who relocate often. For globally       students in need of financial assistance. The Creativity &
                mobile expat specialists and executives who relocate on       Innovation Center will allow students to experiment
                average every three years, the smooth transition of           learn, and create. "If there is one big headline to describe
                their children from school to school is an absolute prio-     everything that we do at the Bavarian International
                rity. The BIS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) welcomes      School, then it's 'Shaping the Future'," concludes Dr.
                new families and helps them to settle in. The New-            Chrissie Sorenson.
                comers Centre offers students arriving with little prior
                knowledge of English intensive language support in a
                safe and supportive environment. These services make
                BIS a vital factor for the economy of Greater Munich,

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             10 Reasons to Join BIS

             1. helping personalities Flourish                               mitment does not end with the students, because the
             Academic Excellence                                             entire family finds a home away from home within our
             At BIS students develop in a way that suits their interests     BIS community.
             and talents. The school is a pathfinder, a source of inspira-
                                                                             5. communicating with the whole World
             tion and knowledge for like-minded families, and a cata-
                                                                             Expert in Language Acquisition
             lyst for discovering opportunities and opening doors.
             BIS is one of only two international schools in Germany         BIS aims to nurture an appreciation of the richness and
             offering all four programmes of the International Bacca-        diversity of language. Language does much more than
             laureate Organization (IBO): Primary Years Programme            promote cognitive growth; it is crucial for maintaining
             (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP), Diploma Pro-               cultural identity and emotional stability. The acquisition
             gramme (DP) and Career-related Programme (CP). Our IB           of more than one language and maintenance of the
             Diploma results (34.3 points in 2019) are well above the        mother tongue enrich personal growth and help facilitate
             global average (29.7 points worldwide) year after year.         international understanding.
             Graduating from BIS launches students to the world’s            BIS offers six modern languages (English, German, French,
             best universities including German universities.                Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin) and 17 languages in the
             2. Focus upon each individual child                             BIS is known for its individual support of learning for all
             Personalized Education & Well-being                             students, including learning support and students acqui-
             Each child’s individual development is placed at the very       ring English as an Additional Language (EAL).
             centre of our educational focus at BIS. Passionate              A unique feature is the Newcomer Centre where students
             teachers, counsellors, pastoral leaders and mentors with        with little or no academic English can acquire the school’s
             experience and a spirit of innovation are the most impor-       ‘language of learning’ in a safe, structured environment
             tant key to ensuring that the whole child’s strengths           that facilitates transition to regular classes when the
             and needs are at the centre of attention.                       student is ready.
             Our educators are focused on building relationships and
             fostering collaboration. In cooperation with the pastoral
                                                                             6. a Safe home away from home
             (well-being) team, the counsellors and mentors provide          Safe & Welcoming Environment
             holistic, sensitive, individual care for each student.          Kindness is the second school language of BIS and "wel-
                                                                             come" is one of our most valuable words. Apart from
             3. Inspiring global citizens                                    these soft factors, the safety of our students is the num-
             Real International Spirit                                       ber one priority on both campuses – in the central,
             Students from 56 nations with 44 different mother
             tongues learn at BIS under the motto "Believe. Inspire.
             Succeed." The teachers come from 29 different countries.
             We provide our students with the intellectual, inter-
             cultural, social, emotional and critical perspectives they
             will need as adults in a global, technological world. Our
             students will be able to solve the challenges of the
             future and make the world a better place.

             4. caring community
             One Big Family
             Care is one of the most important core values at BIS. Inter-
             cultural competence, collaborative and inspirational lear-
             ning, respect, social responsibility and resilience – all of
             these characterize the spirit of the school. But our com-

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                modern City Campus in Munich and on the picturesque
                Haimhausen Campus with its manor and park.
                All staff members must provide a clean police record and
                complete a certified child protection safety course
                through the Educational Collaborative of International
                Schools (ECIS). Digital citizenry is taught and supported
                throughout the curriculum.

                7. preparing for the Future
                exceptional learning Support, counselling &guidance
                The Learning Support teachers help to implement the
                school's commitment to inclusion by taking care of stu-
                dents with special needs with small group work, class-       Very popular are the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) in
                room support, and facilitating any necessary accommo-        Grades 11-12 and service as action programmes in Grades
                dations.                                                     6-10, the Eco-Schools project, the Model United Nations
                The School Counsellors provide advice and support for        debate team and The Duke of Edinburgh's International
                students and parents on an individual basis, through         Award, a programme of personal development that
                grade level interventions, parent workshops and more.        equips young people for life through service, skills, fitness
                The University Guidance team offers individualised assis-    and challenge.
                tance and advice to students who access universities all     BIS also offers an After School Care programme for
                over the world.                                              children in the Primary School.

                8. using Technology cleverly                                 10. living Innovation
                State-of-the-Art Educational Technology                      Creativity, Innovation & Future Orientation
                BIS combines education and technology in ways that           Creativity, future orientation and innovative spirit are
                truly promote student learning. Using educational tech-      omnipresent at BIS and an important part of its DNA.
                nology as a tool for learning, students develop the capa-    Design Thinking and Positive Education are part of the
                city to locate, analyse, synthesise, and evaluate informa-   educational philosophy. Teachers inspire students,
                tion to create knowledge.                                    students inspire teachers.
                Our school offers a 1:1 iPad programme for all students in   And for us, the future begins today. Coming soon: the
                Grades 4-6 and a 1:1 laptop programme for students in        Creativity & Innovation Centre (CIC) will provide a new
                Grades 7-12. Three dedicated teachers specifically focus     home for deep learning and best practices at Haim-
                on Educational Technology, one per school section and        hausen Campus.

                9. engagement with Body and mind
                Extensive After School Activities & Community Service
                BIS offers an extensive After School Activity programme,
                including more than 40 sports courses a week, Personal
                Fitness, Visual Arts, Creative Arts, Music, Drama, Design
                Technology, Girl/Boy Scout, Irish Dance, Gymnastics,
                Dance, Ballet and much more.

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             Facts & Figures

              Foundation           1991 (30th anniversary in 2021)

              Students             about 1.200 , third largest international school in Germany

              employees            210 (including 170 teachers)

              nationalities        56 different nationalities represented
                                   Top 6 Nationalities:          German       26 %
                                                                 UK           12 %
                                                                 USA          11 %
                                                                 Spain        8%
                                                                 India        5%
                                                                 Japan        5%
                                   29 different nationalities among the employees

              languages            6 modern languages are taught at BIS: English, German, French, Spanish,
                                   Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese.
                                   Top 5 mother tongues:       English        34 %
                                                               German         25 %
                                                               Spanish        9%
                                                               Japanese       4%
                                                               Korean         4%
                                   17 languages are taught in the additional Mother Tongue Program
                                   (in addition to the regular syllabus).

              degrees              All four IB programmes: Primary Years Program (PYP), Middle Years Program (MYP),
                                   IB Diploma Program (DP) and IB Career-related Program (CP).
                                   IB World School (smooth transition to approximately 5,000 IB schools worldwide).
                                   95% of Grade 12 students complete the IB Diploma.
                                   IB Diploma average of BIS (2019): 34.3 (worldwide average: 29.7)

              Companies            Top 15 companies whose employees send their children to BIS:
                                   1. Eurofighter                  9. Nokia
                                   2. BMW                          10. EU Space Observatory
                                   3. Airbus                       11. Audi
                                   4. Samsung                      12. Essity
                                   5. Sandoz                       13. Allianz
                                   6. Microsoft                    14. Siemens
                                   7. Linde                        15. Amazon
                                   8. EU Patent Office

                                   75 % of the parents are Expatriates (Expats), specialists and executives for
                                   international companies, who usually stay in Munich between 1-5 years.

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                grading System                                              • After-School-Care Programme for Primary School
                The Secondary School uses a 7-1 grading scale based on
                                                                            • Eco-Schools project
                that of the International Baccalaureate.
                                                                            • CAS programme (Community, Activity, Service)
                     7         exceptional                                  • Model United Nations
                                                                            • The Duke of Edinburgh´s International Award
                     6         very good
                     5         good                                         after School activities
                     4         satisfactory                                 • 1,022 participants in the After School Activities
                                                                            • 40 sports courses per week are on offer at the
                     3         mediocre
                                                                              Haimhausen Campus
                     2         poor                                         • Over 100 sports competitions per year with
                     1         very poor                                      other international schools

                Special Services
                • 1:1 iPad programme in Grades 4-6
                  1:1 MacBook programme in Grades 7-12
                • Mother Tongue programme
                • Learning Support
                • Extensive extra-curricular programmes
                • Outdoor education programme
                • Strong pastoral care programme
                • Wellbeing lessons
                • English as an Additional Language support
                • University + Career Counselling
                • School bus service
                • Nurse on campus all day
                • Student catering available at school
                • Private instrumental music lessons available
                  after school

                IB diploma results at BIS
                   Year         Cohort size        Full Diploma           IB Diploma           Average DP           High School
                                                      entries               Passes               points           Diploma Passes
                                                   (% of cohort)         (% of entries)
                   2013             64                 92.2%                 93%                  33.5                 100%
                   2014             71                87.32%                 100%                 34.2                 100%
                   2015             73                 90.4%                 100%                 34.3                 100%
                   2016             71                 90.1%                 94%                  34.3                 100%
                   2017             62                  94%                  95%                  33.0                 100%
                   2018             82                 97.6%                 94%                  34.6                 100%
                   2019             84                 92.9%                 95%                  34.3                 100%

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              haimhausen campus

              Our Haimhausen Campus is located ten kilometres north
              of Munich and is situated within the picturesque
              grounds of Schloss Haimhausen. Catering to students
              from EC to Grade 12, the Schloss and surrounding
              parklands provide BIS students with an inspiring and
              tranquil setting in which to aspire to their academic and
              personal best. It stirs students’ aesthetic awareness and
              appreciation for our host country’s heritage and culture.
              A modern complex of purpose-built facilities adjoins the
              Schloss, providing students with state-of-the-art class-
              rooms and learning spaces including science labs, music
              rooms, art studios, design workshops, libraries, sports
              halls and a performing arts theatre. Our auditorium
              offers staff, students and parents a place to gather to
              enjoy class assemblies, performances, meetings and
              community events.

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                The sprawling green lawns and mature trees of the
                Haimhausen Campus offer students a relaxing environ-
                ment in which to enjoy their outdoor breaks during the
                school day. Children can challenge themselves on climb-
                ing structures and equipment, enjoy a game of football
                or join their classmates on our hardcourt for a fun game
                of basketball.

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              city campus

              Opened in January 2016, the BIS City Campus is a beau-
              tifully renovated facility that caters to primary school
              students in Early Childhood to Grade 5. The campus is
              easily accessible via a range of convenient public trans-
              portation options and excellent traffic links. The down-
              town location is ideal for families with young children
              living in and around Munich.
              Staff and students at our City Campus enjoy a colourful
              and spacious learning environment. Large windows
              throughout the building provide extensive natural light,
              giving the indoor space an outdoors feel. Classrooms
              are well equipped with up-to-date technology, including
              interactive whiteboards and iPads for group usage. The
              dynamic new campus features dedicated learning
              spaces for German, English as an Additional Language
              (EAL) and music, as well as a two story, multipurpose
              sports hall and a maker space room.

                                                                          Inspiring and challe ng
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                  City Campus students spend their breaks during the
                  day in secure outdoor play areas with cover offered by
                  mature trees. They can engage in a variety of lively
                  activities, such as riding bikes and trikes, playing basket-
                  ball and practicing their climbing and balancing skills on
                  an array of playground equipment. Our urban location
                  also means that we have access to top local amenities to
                  support our sports programmes.

le nging young minds
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              IB primary years programme

              The IB Primary Years Programme (PYP) is a curriculum
              framework designed for students from EC (Early Child-
              hood) through Grade 5. It focuses on the development
              of the whole child as an inquirer, both in the classroom
              and in the world beyond.

              early years
              The Early Years (children aged 3 – 6) are affected by a
              rapid rate of development which occurs in the physical,
              social, emotional, and intellectual domains. The progres-
              sion is unique in each child. For many children, these
              years also mark the first transition from home to group
              experience outside of the family and to a new physical
              environment. BIS strives to make this adjustment as
              successful as possible by encouraging the development
              of secure and trusting relationships with new adults and
              The young child engages with the world in a direct and
              interactive manner and BIS encourages an active learn-
              ing approach through which children construct meaning
              from experience about the social and physical world
              that surrounds them. BIS, within the Primary Years
              Programme, recognises that areas of development and
              learning are interrelated in the young child, and its
              curricular framework allows for concept development
              that applies across the curriculum.
              The flexibility of the programme allows teachers to
              support children’s interests, build up their self-esteem
              and confidence, and respond to spontaneous events, as
              well as support the development of skills in all areas in
              ways that are significant and relevant. The programme
              at BIS provides a framework that gives crucial support
              for them to be active learners and inquirers, providing a
              sound beginning to the continuum of learning that goes
              on throughout their school years.

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                grades 1 – 5                                                   Classroom teachers in our Primary Schools teach English
                                                                               language, mathematics, science, social studies and art,
                The PYP addresses students’ academic, social and emo-          both within transdisciplinary units of inquiry and in
                tional well-being and encourages them to develop inde-         single subject lessons. We have specialised teachers to
                pendence and to take responsibility for their own learn-       teach German, music and physical education, as well as
                ing. It is defined by six transdisciplinary themes of global   staff to teach and guide our students during their
                significance, explored using knowledge and skills derived      weekly visits to the library. To enhance our academic
                from six subject areas, with a powerful emphasis on            programme, students have the opportunity to partici-
                inquiry-based learning.                                        pate in additional activities, such as our weekly assemb-
                                                                               lies, which foster a sense of community, enabling
                The aim of the programme is to create a transdiscipli-
                                                                               students to share what is being learned and to celebrate
                nary curriculum that is engaging, relevant, challenging
                                                                               special events. We offer a weekly Elective Programme
                and significant for learners. The common ground that
                                                                               and student learning is also enriched through field trips
                represents good practise in all schools offering PYP is
                                                                               which complement the curriculum.
                the kind of student we hope will graduate: students
                who will lay the foundation upon which international
                mindedness will develop and flourish.

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              IB middle years programme

              middle years                                             Each student is placed in a mentor group under the care
                                                                       of a mentor. The mentor’s responsibility is to develop
              The aims of the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) are
                                                                       and build a relationship with their students so that each
              to inspire young minds and challenge young individuals
                                                                       and every student feels a sense of belonging in the
              to achieve their intellectual and personal potential
                                                                       Secondary School. The mentor is the first point of
              within a caring international environment. To achieve
                                                                       contact for parents to inquire about the overall pro-
              this aim, we offer our students a broad and balanced
                                                                       gress of their child. This is particularly helpful in easing
              curriculum with a strong academic foundation that
                                                                       transition for students that are new to our school. We
              promotes intercultural awareness and supports and
                                                                       work closely with the Primary School to ensure curricu-
              nurtures the physical, social and emotional develop-
                                                                       lum articulation and to best meet every child’s needs
              ment of adolescent children.
                                                                       through a challenging and supportive curriculum and

                                                                 a caring and committed in
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                 grades 6 – 10                                                          All students study Personal, Social and Health Education
                                                                                        (PSHE) through Wellbeing classes and must participate
                 Students in Grades 6-10 take the following subjects:
                                                                                        in service to gain an understanding of what it means to
                 • Mathematics (standard and extended)
                                                                                        be a responsible citizen and to acquire first hand experi-
                 • Physical and Health Education                                        ences in participating in activities that benefit others,
                 • Design                                                               both in the BIS community and beyond. Students are
                 • Language and Literature (English, German, EAL or                     required to reflect on their contributions. While BIS
                    Mother Tongue)                                                      does provide some time, opportunities and resources
                 • Sciences                                                             for service, students are expected to take initiative and
                 • Individuals and Societies (Humanities)                               seek out service opportunities on their own as well.
                 • Arts including Visual Arts, Drama and Music (Grades                  BIS offers MYP students a residential trip during the
                    6 – 8 all subject specialties, in Grades 9 + 10 focus on            school year. The focus of the trip is team building and
                    one or two of the subject specialities)                             problem solving through physical and intellectual chal-
                 • Language acquisition (Spanish, French, German,                       lenge. The aims of this programme are two-fold; one, to
                    English, Chinese)                                                   live, learn and travel cooperatively; and two, to extend
                 In every year of the MYP, students complete an inter-                  and apply school curriculum in a realistic and often more
                 disciplinary task. Inter-disciplinary learning supports                interesting environment.
                 students in understanding knowledge from two disci-                    For example:
                 plines or subject groups. As a culmination of the MYP, in              • Exchange programme to Florida
                 Grade 10 students complete the personal project, an                    • Community Service trip to India
                 individual study of their choice.

                                           myp – number of lessons over a 10 day teaching cycle
                                                       *please note: these allocations are subject to yearly review!

d international community
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             diploma programmes

             BIS offers three programmes of study for students in           CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service); the Extended Essay
             Grade 11 + 12 (aged 16 – 19): the IB Diploma (DP), the IB      which demands independent work under appropriate
             Career-related Programme (CP) and the BIS High School          guidance and gives students a first experience of person-
             Diploma. Rather than being based on a particular indivi-       al research; and a course on the Theory of Knowledge,
             dual national system, these three options represent the        which explores the relationship between the disciplines
             desire to provide students of different linguistic, cultural   and ensures that students engage in critical reflection on
             and educational backgrounds with the intellectual, social      the knowledge and experience acquired within and
             and critical perspectives necessary for the adult world.       beyond the classroom.
             Having three programmes which offer a variety of study
             options allows the school to cater for all the various
             needs of our student body.
             These programmes are a deliberate compromise between
             the preference for specialisation in some countries and
             the emphasis on breadth often preferred in others. The
             intention is that students should learn how to research
             and analyse, as well as how to synthesise and apply in-
             formation to reach considered conclusions about man,
             our languages, our literature, our ways in society, and
             the scientific forces of our global environment.
             Three further requirements contribute to the unique
             nature of all Diplomas: the compulsory participation in

                                                                                                                           achieve ex
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 21

                  IB diploma programme

                  The IB Diploma, with its three subjects at Higher Level               taken the IB Diploma; not only because of evidence that
                  (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL), requires students              they are well prepared for university study, but also
                  to study a broad range of subjects including Languages,               because the willingness to complete such a rigorous
                  Sciences, Mathematics and Individuals and Societies.                  course speaks well of their academic interest and
                  Students with the IB Diploma have been accepted into
                  more than 700 universities in some 70 countries. Many
                  of the universities give credit for IB Diploma courses
                  taken. Admissions officers seek out applicants who have

                               IB dp - number of lessons
                              over a 10 day teaching cycle
                        *please note: these allocations are subject to yearly review!
                   • HL classes: 8 lessons per 10 day cycle.
                   • SL classes: 6 lessons per 10 day cycle.
                   • TOK: students attend 3 lessons per 10 day cycle.
                   • PSHE, Mindfulness, Core studies, Mentor lesson, G11
                     or 12 Assembly: 1 lesson for each per 10 day cycle
                     (5 in total).
                   • 9-12 Assembly/EP: 2 lessons 10 day cycle.

e excellence
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 22

              IB diploma programme

              Studies in language and literature
              English A – Literature                          HL and SL
              English A – Language & Literature               HL and SL
              German A – Literature                           HL and SL
              German A – Language & Literature                HL and SL
              Japanese A Language & Literature                HL and SL
              Self-Taught Language A Literature               SL

              Language Acquistion
              English B                                       HL and SL
              German B                                        HL and SL
              French B                                        HL and SL
              Spanish B                                       HL and SL
              German ab initio                                SL

              Individuals and Societies
              Business and Management                         HL and SL
              Economics                                       HL and SL
              Geography                                       HL and SL
              History                                         HL and SL
              Environmental Systems & Societies*              SL

              Biology                                         HL and SL
              Chemistry                                       HL and SL
              Physics                                         HL and SL
              Design Technology                               SL
              Computer Science                                SL
              Sports, Exercise and Health Science             SL
              Environmental Systems & Societies*              SL
              Environmental Systems & Societies qualifies as
              an Individuals and Societies or as a Sciences course

              Mathematics AA                                  HL and SL
              Mathematics AI                                  HL and SL

              Music                                           HL and SL
              Theatre Arts                                    HL and SL
              Visual Arts                                     HL and SL

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 23

                IB career-related programme

                The CP requires the study of some IB Diploma subjects in     UnITED KIngDOM, COnT.
                a Certificates Programme and participation in a work         University of Dundee
                                                                             University 0f Kent
                placement at a suitable company. Students have the           University of Portsmouth
                opportunity to attend a motivation week at the Sustain-      University of Sunderland
                ability Management School (SUMAS) in Switzerland.            University of Wolverhampton
                The programme combines academic and vocational edu-          University of Worcester
                                                                             UWE Bristol
                cation, to give students practical career-related tuition    Webster University, London
                while gaining transferable skills in applied knowledge,
                critical thinking, communication, intercultural aware-       EUROPE
                                                                             Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne, Switzerland
                ness, leadership, collaboration and communication.           ITEPS (International Teacher Education for Primary
                The CP qualification is accepted by many British universi-   Schools), University College Sjaelland, Denmark
                ties, and private universities in Germany, Switzerland       European University, Munich
                and the Netherlands.                                         ROC Mondriaan – International Stream (International
                                                                             Hotel & Management, International Business)
                                                                             BAU International University, Berlin
                Recent data on colleges and universities who                 EBC Hochschule Berlin
                have accepted IBCP graduates*                                Globe College (Business), Munich
                                                                             Swiss Education Group (SEG)
                                                                             Laureate Hospitality Group, Switzerland, Spain, USA,
                UnITED STATES OF AMERICA AnD CAnADA                          China, Australia
                American University of Paris
                                                                             GBS – Geneva Business School
                American University 0f Rome
                                                                             Webster University, Geneva, Vienna, Leiden
                Franklin & Marshall
                                                                             John Cabot, Rome
                Lynn University, Florida (Business & Hospitality)
                                                                             American University of Rome
                Touro College, Berlin
                                                                             American University of Paris
                Rhode Island School of Design
                                                                             SRH Hochschule Berlin
                Old Dominion University
                West Virginia University                                     *Thanks to the American Community School, Egham, UK, Berlin Bran-
                                                                             denburg International School and Leipzig International School for this
                UnITED KIngDOM                                               data.
                Aberystwyth University
                Anglia Ruskin University                                                    IBcp - number of lessons
                Bath Spa
                Birmingham City University                                                 over a 10 day teaching cycle
                Bournemouth                                                          *please note: these allocations are subject to yearly review!
                Brighton Business School, University of Brighton
                Camberwell College of Art                                                         Students take:
                Canterbury Christ Church                                               • 3 diploma subjects at either hl or Sl
                Coventry University                                                    • career related study- BTec
                East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust
                Greenwich                                                              • core subjects
                Hult International Business School                            •HL classes: 8 lessons per 10 day cycle.
                                                                              •SL classes: 6 lessons per 10 day cycle
                Leeds Metropolitan University
                Liverpool John Moores                                         •Career related study- Pearson BTEC Subsidiary
                Loughborough University                                        diploma: 12 lessons per 10 day cycle
                Manchester Metropolitan University                            •German for Business: 3 lessons per 10 day cycle
                Met Film School
                Middlesex University                                          •Personal and Professional Skills (PPS): students
                Richmond University, London                                    attend 3 lessons per 10 day cycle.
                UCA                                                           •Reflective Project: 1 lesson per 10 day cycle
                                                                              •Wellbeing, assemblies, mentor time etc.: students
                University Abertay Dundee                                      attend 4 Lessons per 10 day cycle.
                University of Bedfordshire                                    •Core lessons (directed study) 1 lesson every Friday
                University of Brighton

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              university and career Support

              At BIS, students’ futures are a priority whether they         All students have the opportunity to consult extensively
              choose to progress to higher education or join a pro-         with university guidance counsellors and to receive
              fession. We provide comprehensive information and             individual support throughout the application process.
              advice on further and higher education through the            Specialist workshops on how to carry out research in
              Deans of Students. Since everyone’s needs are personal        different countries are held throughout the year and are
              and different, a range of services are organised in such a    also offered to interested parents.
              way to help students to help themselves.
                                                                            post-Secondary School preparation
              Students and parents can participate in university infor-
              mation sessions and have the opportunity to meet with         • University Guidance programme, including specialist
              the Dean of Students and Secondary Leadership Team              workshops for students and parents
              to discuss their course choices for the IB Diploma and to     • University focused reading groups (e.g. Medicine,
              discuss their ideas and begin to plan their application         Psychology, Philosophy, Education and Law)
                                                                            • Year-round visits to BIS from university represen-
              The University and Careers Guidance programme is                tatives; university fairs hosted
              introduced in Grades 9 and 10, with students having the       • Visits to University and Apprenticeship fairs in the
              opportunity to use the careers databases Kudos Inspire          vicinity
              and Careerscape during Wellbeing lessons, after com-          • CAS & Service in Action as opportunities in develop-
              pleting an interests and skills inventory to identify           ing LEDCs
              careers which might be of interest.
                                                                            • Annual Career Day: Grades 10 -12
              Grade 11 students follow a University and Careers             • Careers research and C.V. training
              Guidance programme in dedicated Wellbeing lessons
                                                                            • Visiting speakers including alumni guests and guests
              and are provided with a comprehensive University
                                                                              from academia
              Handbook with timelines, university, gap year and
              career websites worldwide and tips on how to create           • Interview training programme: Grades 11-12
              strong personal profiles and college essays / statements      • Work Experience weeks: Grade 10
              in order to be well positioned for their university or        • Extended Essay: Grades 11-12 (4,000-word inde-
              apprenticeship applications.                                    pendent research essay)
              Grade 12 students also have dedicated lessons during          • Grade 10 MYP Personal Project (independent
              their Wellbeing sessions to finalise their university lists     research project)
              and begin the application process.

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 25

                university acceptances for BIS graduates
                AUSTRALIA                             JAPAN                                     UNITED KINGDOM CONT.                      UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CONT.
                Murdoch University                    Hitosubashi University                    Leeds Arts University                     George Washington University
                University of New South Wales         International Christian University        Leeds University                          Hofstra University
                University of Sydney                  Keio University                           Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts    Lewis and Clark College
                                                      Sophia University                         Liverpool University                      Loyola University Chicago
                AUSTRIA                               Tokyo University of Marine                London College of Communication           New York University
                University of Applied Arts Vienna     Science & Technology                      London School of Economics                Northeastern University
                University of Vienna                  Waseda University                         Loughborough                              Northwestern University
                Paracelcus Medical School                                                       University                                Occidental College
                Lauder Business School                ITALY                                     Manchester Metropolitan University        Pepperdine University
                Management Centre Innsbruck           American Universtiy of Rome               Manchester University                     Pennsylvania State University
                Webster University Vienna             Florence Institute of Design              Newcastle University School of Medicine   Seton Hall University
                                                      Istituto Europeo di Design                New College of the Humanities             Smith College
                CANADA                                Istituto Marangoni Milan                  Nexus Institute of Performing Arts        UC Berkeley
                Concordia University                  Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milan       Nottingham University                     UC Davis
                Dalhousie University                  Polimoda Insitute of Fashion              Oxford Brooks University                  UC Irvine
                McGill University                                                               Queen Mary, University of London          UC San Diego
                McMasters University                  THE NETHERLANDS                           Robert Gordon University                  UC Santa Barbara
                Queens University                     Erasmus University College                Royal Conservatory of Scotland            UC Santa Cruz
                Simon Fraser University               Erasmus University                        Royal Holloway, University of London      UCLA
                University of British Colombia        Fontys University of Applied Science      Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama      University of Florida
                University of Waterloo                Han University of Applied Sciences        School of Oriental and African Studies    University of Miami
                York University                       Hotel School, The Hague                   St. Andrews University                    University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
                                                      Maastricht University                     Sheffield University                      University of Oregon
                FRANCE                                Royal Academy of Art, The Hague           Southampton University                    University of Portland
                American University of Paris          Stenden University of Applied Science     Swansea University                        University of San Diego
                ECAM School of Engineering            The Hague University of Applied Science   University College London                 University of San Francisco
                EDHEC Business School                 Tilburg University                        University of Bath                        University of South Carolina
                ESSEC International Business School   Twente University                         University of the Arts, London            University of Southern California
                Pantheon Assas Law School             University College Amsterdam              University of Brighton                    University of Virginia
                Sciences Politiques                   University College Leiden                 University of Birmingham Medical School   University of Washington
                                                      University College Roosevelt              University of the Creative Arts           Utah State University
                GERMANY                               University College Utrecht                University of Dundee                      Valparaiso University
                Berlin University of the Arts         University of Amsterdam                   University of Durham                      Wake Forest University
                EBS Wiesbaden                         University of Delft                       University of East Anglia                 Whittier College
                Friedrich Schiller University Jena    University of Groningen                   University of Edinburgh                   Willamette University
                Globe Business College Munich         University of Tilburg                     University of Glasgow                     Xavier University
                Hasso Plattner Institute Potsdam                                                University of Kent
                Heidelberg University                 SPAIN                                     University of Leicester
                Karlsruhe Institute of Technology     ESADE                                     University of Plymouth Medical School
                Ludwig Maximilian Universität         ESNE University School of Design,         University of Stirling
                München (LMU)                         Innovation and Technology                 University of Sussex
                Macromedia University Berlin &        IE University                             University of the West of England
                Munich                                Les Roches Hospitality Management         University of the West of Scotland
                Munich Business School                School                                    Warwick University
                Munich University of Applied          St. Louis University Madrid               York University
                Sciences                              Universidad Europea Madrid
                Schiller International University     Vatel International Hospitality School    UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
                Technical University Munich (TUM)     Madrid                                    American University
                University of Fribourg                                                          Bates College
                University of Lübeck                  SWITZERLAND                               Boston University
                University of Mannheim                ETH Zurich                                Bryn Mawr College
                University of Münster                 Franklin University                       California Polytechnic State University
                University of Music and Performing    St Gallen University                      Chapman University
                Arts Munich                                                                     College of Charleston
                Zeppelin University                   UNITED KINGDOM                            College of William and Mary
                                                      Imperial College London                   Drexel University
                ISRAEL                                Kings College London                      Duke University
                IDC Herzliya University               Lancaster University                      Fairleigh Dickenson University

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              english as an additional language (eal)

              The English as an Additional Language (EAL) Programme
              is designed to equip each student with the social and
              academic language skills necessary to seamlessly enter
              the multicultural community and gain unhampered
              access to learning opportunities at BIS. In the process
              of additional language acquisition, EAL students transfer
              literacy and cognitive skills from their Mother Tongue
              (MT) and thus contribute unique perspectives enriching
              the learning environment at our school.
              Through a home language survey, English language skills
              assessment and review of recent academic records, the
              EAL department identifies the level of each student’s
              English proficiency and recommends appropriate place-
              ment in the language acquisition continuum to facilitate
              academic and affective growth.
              The Newcomer Centre (an immersion programme where
              students improve English language skills while learning
              content) is part of the English Acquisition programme
              at BIS. Three highly qualified EA teachers will serve
              Grades 6-8 students who enter the EA programme at
              the beginning level (MYP Phase 1 and 2).

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 27

                Units of study at the Newcomer Centre will reflect    Every EAL student at BIS has the opportunity to continue
                content, concepts, and skills students will need to   learning his/her native language in the Mother Tongue
                understand when they enter subject area classes.      programme. The level of Mother Tongue literacy is the
                English language skills will be emphasised through    single most reliable predictor of the student’s English
                these content-based units. The content will cover     language acquisition and academic success.
                Humanities, English, Science, and Well Being (our
                Mentor Programme).

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 28

             mother Tongue programme

             primary School
             The Primary School Mother Tongue Programme takes
             place once a week. This programme is designed for those
             students who already converse in their native language.
             Unfortunately, it cannot cater for those who hold the
             nationality of a country but do not as yet speak the
             Based on a wealth of educational research, recognition
             of a child’s home culture and mother tongue is an
             important feature of any language learning approach.
             Provision for the maintenance and further development
             of the mother tongue also helps to address many social,
             emotional and academic needs of the language learner.
             We offer various Mother Tongue groups. And additional
             volunteers for these groups or any additional languages
             would be very welcomed.
             Students who are not enrolled in a Mother Tongue
             group will stay in their classroom for oral language
             development and cultural awareness activities. These
             lessons will be in English and are similar to the experi-
             ences that students receive in the Mother Tongue

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 29

                Secondary School                                          Throughout all the school years we provide the oppor-
                                                                          tunity to maintain the Mother Tongue. Nevertheless,
                The Mother Tongue (MT) programme at BIS supports
                                                                          this can only be possible with parental support, motiva-
                the fundamental concepts of holistic learning, interna-
                                                                          tionally, by inspiring the children and showing them the
                tional-mindedness and communication. Maintaining
                                                                          value of their MT, and financially, by paying the extra
                and developing MT literacy accelerates the acquisition
                                                                          fees (where applicable).
                of English and other languages, enhances academic
                achievement, builds self-esteem, and helps the child      Mother Tongue fees vary depending on what the
                appreciate and identify with their heritage.              teachers and/or the language schools charge. An hour
                                                                          of MT lessons costs a minimum of 40 Euro per academic
                Mother Tongue classes are available to:
                                                                          hour. The MT student has the option to do a correspon-
                • every student who attends Language and Literature,
                                                                          dence/online course or have regular classes by a local
                  but it is not their MT
                • every student who attends English Language
                  Acquisition                                             MT distance learning includes:
                • every student who has more than one MT (with the        • Afrikaans online course
                  exception of bilingual German and English speakers)     • CNED (French)
                                                                          • Chinese School in Munich
                                                                          • Danish online course
                                                                          • Edufax (Dutch)
                                                                          • Polish correspondence course
                                                                          • Russian School
                                                                          • Sofia (Swedish)
                                                                          MT teachers are available in:
                                                                          • Arabic
                                                                          • Chinese
                                                                          • French
                                                                          • Greek
                                                                          • Hindi
                                                                          • Italian
                                                                          • Japanese
                                                                          • Portuguese
                                                                          • Spanish
                                                                          The maintenance and continued development of Mo-
                                                                          ther Tongue affords students with extensive academic,
                                                                          professional and cultural opportunities otherwise lost if
                                                                          MT were to be neglected.

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 30

             learning Support & Wellbeing

             The Learning Support teachers and counselors help to
             implement the school’s commitment to inclusion by
             taking care of students with special needs.
             The Learning Support teachers in the Primary and
             Secondary Schools provide support to both formally
             identified students and those struggling students who
             have been informally identified by a teacher. Additio-
             nally, the Secondary School has implemented a pastoral
             care programme, strengthening the cooperation be-
             tween Mentor teachers, Counselors and Learning
             Support teachers.
             A variety of service delivery models may be used, includ-
             ing monitoring, in-class support and individual or small
             group instruction in a separate setting. Services may
             include reteaching, remedial and compensatory instruc-
             tion, skill development and content support.

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 31

                The Learning Support teachers collaborate with class-      The Counselling Department at BIS provides a compre-
                room teachers to make appropriate accommodations           hensive support system for the entire community
                and modifications as detailed in the students’ IEPs        including students, parents and staff. Our counsellors
                (Individualised Education Plans). Their philosophy and     are trained in effective strategic student planning and
                services ensure that obstacles to learning are minimised   counselling techniques that serve to nurture the growth
                for students with mild learning differences.               of our students.
                                                                           Professional school counsellors play a vital role in maxi-
                                                                           mising student achievement and supporting a safe
                                                                           learning environment. They work to safeguard the
                                                                           human rights of all school community members.

BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 32

              creative arts, Sport & extracurricular activities

              At BIS we offer a wide range of activities that aim to be     ASAs are offered to students in Early Childhood to
              inclusive and holistic. Embracing the philosophy of After     Grade 12 and operate from three seasons; Fall (August
              School Activity for all, we provide recreational as well as   to December), Winter (January to March) and Spring
              competitive and performance orientated activities with        (April to June).
              a number of opportunities for representative involve-

                                                                                                                 assume re sp
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:47 Seite 33

                  BIS has an extensive after school activity programme.
                  Our students can participate in a variety of engaging
                  activities including:
                  • intramural sports like Judo, Gymnastics or Tennis
                  • team sports to include Football, Basketball,
                      Volleyball, Swimming
                  • personal fitness groups such as Yoga, Pilates, and
                  • performing arts, such as Musical Ensembles, Choir,
                      Glee Club & school productions
                  • creative arts, including multimedia work and
                  • design technology and young engineer projects
                  • outdoor education, such as The Duke of Edinburgh's
                      International Award
                  •   other extracurricular activities such as Girl/Boy
                      Scouts, Irish Dance, Gymnastic Dance & Ballet
                  •   Eco-Schools project
                  •   ski programme (Dec-Mar)
                  •   Model United Nations programme

re sponsibility
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:48 Seite 34

             creative arts, Sport & extracurricular activities

                                                             Sporting activities play an important role at BIS and
                                                             we are constantly striving to improve our competitive
                                                             sports programmes. Our students are offered a diverse
                                                             range of sports under qualified instruction. The sports
                                                             teams follow structured and balanced training pro-
                                                             grammes and during their season train 2–3 times per

                                                                                                       life-long le
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:48 Seite 35

                  The Visual Arts Department at BIS offers a dynamic
                  environment where students can express themselves
                  through drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture/3D
                  and digital photography. Major highlights in the pro-
                  gramme are the Wearable Art Show and the Sculpture
                  Residency Project.
                  Drama is a vital part of school life at BIS. As part of the
                  IB Continuum, teaching staff delivers dedicated drama
                  lessons in the Middle Years Programme, and for the IB
                  Diploma. We stage two theatre productions each year,
                  giving students and teachers an opportunity to collabo-
                  rate on costume production, music and sets.
                  Our Music Department explores different ideas and
                  concepts in music including: Creation (composition),
                  Performance (both inside and outside of the classroom),
                  and the Listening and Analysis of music (theory and
                  form). Music at BIS is also supported outside of the
                  classroom through the offer of several ensembles. In
                  addition, students have the opportunity to take private
                  lessons at the school with a variety of instruments.

g learners
BIS_Broschüre-NEU_12/2019:Layout 1 04.12.19 12:48 Seite 36

             Technology and STeam

             Bavarian International School aims to prepare students
             to meet the challenges of a dynamic global society in
             which they collaborate, contribute and flourish through
             universal access to people, information and ideas.
             Twenty-first century learning is lifelong learning with
             technology. Using educational technology as a tool
             for learning, students develop the capacity to locate,
             analyse, synthesise and evaluate information to create
             Twenty-first century learning requires technological
             fluency in learner attributes such as communication,
             creativity, collaboration, systems thinking, responsibi-
             lity, self-assessment, and inquiry. BIS expects learners
             not only to develop these attributes but also to apply
             and demonstrate proficient use through authentic and
             engaging activities and assessments.
             BIS is committed to delivering a twenty-first century
             learning environment by providing a consistent, well-
             integrated set of platforms and services to support the
             educational technology vision.
             Another innovation in the curriculum is the school’s
             approach to STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engi-          STEAM is taught through Design Thinking Education,
             neering, Mathematics), the focus of much educational           which employs the skills of empathy, analysis, creativity,
             practice in recent years with the aim of attracting bright     and testing to take the interdisciplinary learning of
             students, particularly girls, to the sciences. At BIS, these   STEAM to the next level by bringing real-world problems
             subjects become STEAM, with the arts included, to add          to the educational process.
             to the scientific focus a creative vehicle for engaging the    Design thinking is the driving process of innovation at
             students and a way to apply creative thinking across all       many companies around the world and fits perfectly
             disciplines.                                                   with the BIS mission. We expect that this will lead to
             A new Creativity and Innovation Centre at the Haim-            more students choosing to pursue fields in the Sciences
             hausen campus dedicated to STEAM subjects is due to            and Engineering while at the same time fostering crea-
             open in the near future. In Director Sorenson’s words,         tivity in students who were inclined towards these
             "STEAM is a way to take the benefits of STEM and               subjects.
             complete the package by integrating these principles in
             and through the arts. STEAM removes limitations and
             replaces them with wonder, critique, inquiry, and inno-

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