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                                             October 4, 2018

                         Cannabis on campus
                          What you need to know
                              before legalization
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       Movie mag i c                What your
                                  first-year self
                                 needed to know
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                                 Aussie volleyball
                                  recruit lands
                                     at MRU
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The best of Calgary Film 2018
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news                                                                                                                                                                      News Editor
                                                                                                                                                                    Nathan Woolridge

New Changemakers Studio opens at
Mount Royal University
Kyra Bird

                                                                                                                     Wayne Chu, CEO of Trico Homes, and Jill Andres, Trico
Trico founders, Eleanor and Wayne Chu, alongside Jill Andres the director of the Trico                               Changemakers Studio director delivers speech at the
Changemakers Studio. Photo courtesy of Mount Royal University                                                        Changemakers Studio on Sept. 27. Photos by Kyra Bird
  Changemakers at MRU now              from the public, private and non-      Business, Institute for Community        “For Mount Royal, this is an       Clark said in his address. “I
have a new space on campus to          profit sectors. You’ll meet artists,   Prosperity and Institute for           incredible way for us to work        couldn’t be more proud to
meet, collaborate and innovate.        activists, systems intrapreneurs       Innovation and Entrepreneurship        alongside       our    community     have the changemakers studio
  The     Trico      Changemakers      and      social    entrepreneurs,”     — the studio was funded by Trico       partners to tackle big issues. We    as part of MRU, as part of the
Studio, located in the Bissett         Andres says. “This brand-new           Homes and the Trico Charitable         also get the opportunity to gather   beautiful, wonderful, tremendous
School of Business, held their         social enterprise offers co-           Foundation who provided $1             our students, our faculty, and       constituency of Calgary-Elbow.”
official launch on Sept. 27,           working spaces for changemakers        million, as well as the Government     our staff from across the campus        The Trico Changemakers Studio
welcoming guests from on and off       from across sectors as well as         of    Canada’s       Post-Secondary    together in one space,” Brown        is part of a broader changemakers
campus to tour and learn about         social impact facilitation for         Institutions Strategic Investment      says. “But most important of all,    campus initiative by the university
the new 5,000 square-foot space.       changemakers working together          Fund which supplied another            the Trico Changemakers Studio is     which began in 2015. At that time,
  Studio director, Jill Andres, says   to address complex challenges.”        $500,000.                              an awesome way to inspire and to     MRU created a Changemakers
the learning space is intended           Some current studio members             In her address to event             empower students.”                   Campus Roadmap and has since
to bring together MRU students         include Alberta Health Services,       attendees, Provost and Vice-             Calgary-Elbow MLA Greg Clark       been named a Changemakers
and faculty, as well as community      Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary,       President     Academic,       Lesley   was also in attendance at the        Campus by Ahoka U, a designation
organizations to address social        United Way Social Impact Labs          Brown spoke glowingly about            studio’s official launch to give a   held by only 50 universities
and environmental challenges.          and many more.                         the studio, its members, and the       speech.                              around the world.
  “Here at the Trico Changemakers        A joint initiative between           opportunities she believes the           “I’m really, really excited,”
Studio, you’ll meet changemakers       Mount Royal Bissett School of          new space will offer.

Billionaire Clay Riddell dies at 81
MRU Library is named after this oil tycoon and Flames co-owner
Nathan Woolridge
News Editor
  On Sept. 7 2017, Mount Royal           A representative of the              at this difficult time.”                 The self-made oil and gas          His legacies to all of us are
University (MRU) held a formal         foundation, Clay Riddell, was             Riddell, now remembered in          businessman was also a co-           immeasurable. To his family: our
opening for the Riddell Library        in attendance at the formal            the name of MRU’s library, is also     owner of the Calgary Flames.         gratitude, respect and deepest
and Learning Centre. The               program. But, just over a year         being remembered as a business           According to the Calgary           sympathy.”
four-storey building has since         later Riddell has passed away.         titan and community member.            Flames’ website, Riddell joined         Mayor Naheed Nenshi tweeted
become a hub for learning and          The Globe and Mail reported               Forbes reported that Riddell’s      the ownership group in 2003-         to Riddell’s legacy in the city,
innovation.                            that his death was caused by “a        2018 net worth was $1.2                2004 because of “his passion for     “Incredibly sad. Clay was a
  The library’s name recognizes        brief, unspecified illness.”           Billion. Riddell is known for          his home team, love of the sport”    titan of our community—in
a significant donation made by           MRU offered their condolences        being the founder and former             Ken King, Vice Chairman &          industry, philanthropy, sport
the Riddell Family Charitable          through the official school twitter    chief executive of Paramount           CEO for the Flames, released         and education. Calgarians feel
Foundation as part of the              account, “We remember with             Resources Ltd. He started              a statement on the team’s            his legacy now and we will feel
University’s    Changing    the        deep respect and admiration            Paramount in 1974 and was CEO          website as well. “We mourn           it for many years to come. My
Face of Education fundraising          renowned            philanthropist     until 2015, when he handed             the passing of a great man of        heart goes out [to] his family
campaign. This campaign was            and community builder Clay             reigns to his son, Jim Riddell. He     industry, sports, philanthropy       and friends in this difficult time.
launched in 2011 to help MRU           Riddell, and extend our deepest        had stakes in many oil, gas and        and human decency along with         Know that we all mourn with you
raise $250 million.                    sympathies to the Riddell family       energy companies.                      our city, province and country.      today.”
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October 4, 2018 • the reflector                                                                                                                                           3

Orange Shirt Day: “A piece of us has
been missing for so long”
MRU community honours impacts of residential schools
Sarah Ferguson
  On Oct. 1 Mount Royal            we can make sense of one            entrances of the university        to return home they never got     were drummers and a student
University (MRU) honoured          another. There are also many        (East Gate, West Gate, Rec         to cleanse themselves and they    performed a jingle dance.
the survivors and lasting          Indigenous people who never         Entrance). In addition to the      never got that ceremony either      “Drums are important to
impacts of residential schools     had the opportunity to hear         pins, there were also tables on    and we’re still trying to heal    us because of the beat of our
through Orange Shirt Day.          their stories, the stories of       Mainstreet set-up with pins,       from that.”                       culture and the beat of our
The event included various         their families.”                    additional information about         The carvings of falling eagle   heart,” says Kootenay-Jobin.
activities across campus.            The Sept. 30 date has             Orange Shirt Day and a video       feathers honour residential       “We’ve chosen jingle dancing
                                   significance because it is at the   playing about Phyllis’ story.      school victims, survivors and     because the jingle dance is a
What is Orange                     start of the school year, the          An art installation in the      their families. An Elder then     healing dance and we want
Shirt Day?                                                             T-wing courtyard called “Fallen    performed a blessing as well      healing for all the families who
  On Orange Shirt Day,
                                      “... for too                     Feathers” was on display,          as spoke about the importance     were affected by residential
                                                                       which is a set of tree carvings    of fallen feathers and the need   schools and also for those who
communities join together to
remember residential schools
                                       long our                        made by an Indigenous artist       for further discussion. There     never got to return home.”
                                                                       in the trees that were damaged
and honour the journey of
survivors and foster discussion
                                     history and                       during a heavy snowstorm in
                                                                       September 2014. This project
about reconciliation. The
day also honours the many
                                      what was                         was led by Carmela Amoroso,
                                                                       who is Sioux and Assiniboine
children who never returned
                                    done to us as                      and works in the university’s
                                                                       grounds department.
  According to the Orange
Shirt Day website, the concept
                                     Indigenous                           Kootenay-Jobin explained
                                                                       that “the reason the eagle
behind the day came from
Phyllis     Webstad’s     story.
                                       peoples                         feathers are upside down
                                                                       is because they’re meant to
Webstad shares her story of
having her new orange shirt
                                       through                         represent the children who
                                                                       were taken to residential
taken away on her first day
at the Mission school and
                                     Canada has                        schools but never returned
                                                                       home.” He goes on to say,
the lasting effects this had
throughout her life. The slogan
                                     been swept                        “An eagle is a very significant
                                                                       animal        among        many
“every child matters” was
created by Webstad to show
                                      under the                        Indigenous cultural groups
                                                                       across Canada, they represent
the commitment that everyone
around us is valued.
                                         rug.”                         purity and strength.
                                                                          “Nothing flies above the
  Steve Kootenay-Jobin, Events     - Steve Kootenay-                   eagle and many of our regalia
and Housing coordinator at
the Iniskim Centre, explained,           Jobin                         but also spiritual tools all
                                                                       include eagle feathers. If one
“Our identities were impacted,
                                   time when children were taken       of them falls on the floor there
but also a piece of us has been
                                   from their homes to residential     is a ceremony that is meant to
missing for so long. When
                                   schools. It also provides an        be done afterwards to cleanse
children were brought away to                                                                             “Every Child Matters” pins were handed out at multiple MRU
                                   opportunity to discuss anti-        it and to purify it again. For
residential schools it removed                                                                            entrances in honour of Orange Shirt Day on Oct. 1. Photo by
                                   racism     and     anti-bullying    those children who never got
the concept of family and                                                                                 Nathan Woolridge
                                   policies for the coming school
instead children were raised in
institutions,” he says. “Having
a day that honours this but also   How has
highlights Canada’s history is
important because for too long     Mount Royal
our history and what was done      Participated?
to us as Indigenous peoples          As Orange Shirt Day fell on
through Canada has been            a Sunday this year, the Mount
swept under the rug.”              Royal community wore orange
  Orange Shirt Day brings          shirt’s on Oct. 1. Everyone was
annual recognition to the harm     invited to partake in this day.
the residential school system        The Iniskim Centre in
caused to children and families    collaboration with Professor
and ensures we are passing on      Richard Foggo and one of
the story and teaching future      his capstone courses (also
generations.                       known as a senior thesis) in
  “I think it is important         Child Studies, the Education
because we need to educate         Undergraduate           Student
people. I interact with many       Society and the Child Studies
students like myself who never     Student Society, all wanted to
had the opportunity to learn       bring awareness to honour the
about Indigenous people,”          day.
says Kootenay-Jobin.                 Students greeted and handed
  “We need an opportunity to                                           “Child Studies capstone program wearing orange shirts to remember all children that went
                                   out “every child matters” pins      to residential school[s]...,” says the Iniskim Centre on Instagram. Photo courtesy of Iniskim
be able to share our history       to the community at the main
and our impacts so that                                                Centre Instagram (@mru_iniskimcentre)
Reflector - The Reflector
4                                                                                                                                                           the reflector • October 4, 2018

Cannabis on campus                                                                                                                                                   REFLECTOR
                                                                                                                                                                          October 4, 2018

                                                                                                                                                                        Issue 3, Volume 57
What MRU and the City of Calgary are planning for
                                                                                                                                                                EDITORIAL STAFF:
                                                                                                                                                                Publishing Editor: Robyn Welsh
                                                                                                                                                                Managing Editor: Ivar Bergs
                                                                                                                                                                News Editor: Nathan Woolridge
                                                                                                                                                                Features Editor: Rosemary J. De
                                                                                                                                                                Arts Editor: Colin Macgillivray
                                                                                                                                                                Sports Editor: Dan Khavkin
                                                                                                                                                                Photo Editor: Amber McLinden
                                                                                                                                                                Layout Editor: Andi Endruhn
                                                                                                                                                                Web Editor: Kennedy Enns

                                                                                                                                                                CONTRIBUTORS: Kyra Bird, Sarah
                                                                                                                                                                Ferguson, Sajan Jabbal, Nathan
                                                                                                                                                                Kunz, Keeghan Rouleau, Kayla Stitt,
                                                                                                                                                                Alec Warkentin, Andrea Wong
                                                                                                                                                                Cover photos by Keeghan Rouleau

                                                                                                                                                                The Reflector, with an on- and off-
                                                                                                                                                                campus circulation of 8,000, is the
                                                                                                                                                                independent voice of the students
                                                                                                                                                                of Mount Royal University. It is
                                                                                                                                                                published fortnightly during the
                                                                                                                                                                academic year (Sept. to April).
                                                                                                                                                                The Reflector is editorially
                                                                                                                                                                autonomous and financially
                                                                                                                                                                independent from all other governing
                                                                                                                                                                bodies at Mount Royal University.
                                                                                                                                                                The Reflector welcomes newsworthy
                                                                                                                                                                submissions from all students and
MRU’s smoking policy has been updated to include Cannabis. Current tobacco smoking areas will remain the same, but                                              community members. While the right
students will not be allowed to smoke Cannabis on campus. Photo by Keeghan Rouleau                                                                              of editorial comment is reserved
                                                                                                                                                                for editors of The Reflector, opinion
Nathan Woolridge                                                                                                                                                pieces may be submitted as letters
                                                                                                                                                                to the editor, and may be published
News Editor                                                                                                                                                     on the editorial page as such. The
                                                                                                                                                                Reflector reserves the right not to
                                                                                                                                                                publish submissions deemed by the
  Mount Royal University and            cannabis courses, there are still        when the Cannabis Act starting on      buildings.                              Publishing Editor to be offensive.
universities across the country         some discussion about how                Oct. 17.                                  Legalization allows individuals
                                                                                                                                                                Complaints arising from the content
are coming face-to-face with an         the university will be dealing             The bylaw clearly states that “a     of age to grow up to four marijuana     of the paper should be directed to the
interesting predicament. How will       with cannabis on campus. The             person must not smoke, vape or         plants. “We will not be allowing        Ombudsboard. This board has been
they deal with the legalization of      university has to consider federal,      consume cannabis in any public         students to cultivate marijuana         established as a mediator between the
                                                                                                                                                                Reflector Publications Society staff
cannabis?                               provincial and municipal bylaws in       place.”                                plants in residence, on the advice      and its readership.
  Not long after the Senate             their decision-making.                     Fitterer says that MRU will abide    of legal services and the cannabis
                                                                                                                                                                All decisions of the Ombudsboard
announcement on June 11, MRU               The federal government has left       by the city’s bylaws.                  on campus working group,” says          are final and binding on both parties.
opened registration offering a          a lot of decisions to the provincial       But, there are opportunities for     Keller.                                 Letters to the Ombudsboard must
“Cannabis Education Program,”           governments. The Government of           this to change. City council, by          According to an Information for      be sent in confidence, care of the
                                                                                                                                                                Reflector Publications Society, to the
says the university.                    Alberta has released a framework         resolution, may change the byaw        Tenants document by the Alberta         Reflector Publications Society office.
  On Oct. 17 cannabis will officially   and individuals over the age of          and designate public areas where       Government, “A landlord or condo
                                                                                                                                                                Submissions and letters to the editor
be legalized across Canada.             18, will be able to use cannabis         “cannabis may be smoked, vaped         board may prohibit the smoking          should be a maximum of 500 words,
Legalization was a campaign             recreationally. Individuals over         or consumed.” It is important to       of all substances including             typed, double-spaced, and contain
promise from Trudeau’s Liberals         the age of 18 will be able to buy        note that this will not be in effect   cannabis in their buildings or on       the writer’s name and phone number.
                                                                                                                                                                No unsigned letters will be published.
in 2015. Originally Trudeau             and carry 30 grams at a time and         Oct. 17 and is only an option for      their properties.” The document         Only in exceptional cases, at the
announced that legalization would       are permitted to grow up to four         the city to change and update the      also informs that “non-smoking          discretion of the Publishing Editor,
occur earlier in 2018 near Canada       plants per household.                    bylaw in the future.                   consumption, however, may be            will writers’ names be withheld. The
                                                                                                                                                                Reflector reserves the right to edit
Day, but was delayed to give               But, there are a few provincial         MRU and Fitterer wanted to           permitted, but renters and condo        submissions for brevity.
provinces more time to prepare.         laws and municipal bylaws that           also ensure that people are aware      occupants should check applicable
                                                                                                                                                                Contents are copyright © 2018. No
  The date is now set in stone and      MRU will have to abide by.               that “designated tobacco smoking       rules… A landlord may also              material may be reproduced without
fast approaching.                          Steve Fitterer, Vice President        areas will remain.” The university’s   prohibit the growing of cannabis        express written consent.
                                        Student Affairs and Campus Life,         smoking policy will be updated to      in the rental agreement.”               All opinions contained within this
Cannabis education                      weighed in on legal cannabis on          include Cannabis.                         Keller explains that residence’s     paper are those of the individual
                                                                                                                                                                authors, and not necessarily those
at MRU                                  MRU campus.                                                                     plans are to “ensure we’re
                                           “This is new territory for            Use of cannabis in                     following our own policies and
                                                                                                                                                                of the Reflector Publications Society.
                                                                                                                                                                For more information, contact The
  The Faculty of Continuing
Education and Extension Credit
                                        everyone       —      governments,       MRU residence                          working within the boundaries set       Reflector office at:
                                        universities and post-secondary                                                 by the city.”
will be partnering with B.C.                                                        Mark Keller, director of                                                    the reflector
                                        students,” says Fitterer. “It is to be                                             It will be important for students,
university Kwantlen Polytechnic                                                  Residence Services, says that the
                                        expected that the process is fluid                                              faculty and residents to remain         Wyckham House
University to offer the program.                                                 university’s residence will abide by                                           Mount Royal University
                                        — we’re all learning.”                                                          constantly       informed      about
The program includes and learning                                                both the MRU policy and the city’s                                             4825 Mount Royal Gate SW
                                                                                                                        decision related to cannabis
about production, management,           City of Calgary bylaw                    bylaws.                                                                        Calgary, AB T3E 6K6
                                                                                                                        consumption in certain areas.
marketing, sales and development.                                                   Keller confirms that there will                                             All depts.: 403.440.6268
Courses began on Sept. 17.                The City of Calgary introduced         also be no smoking of any kind                                                 Fax: 403.440.6762
  Although MRU will be offering         a bylaw that will come into effect       allowed inside or outside residence                                  
Reflector - The Reflector
                                                                                                                                                                     Features Editor
                                                                                                                                                              Rosemary J. De Souza

Tokyo food crawl part II
Learn more about the different kinds of food you can find in
Japan’s capital
Rosemary De Souza
Features Editor
  Tokyo is a city filled with
tourist attractions and activities
that fill the itineraries of
visitors of all ages. Tokyo alone
has thousands of shrines and
temples, two Disney parks and
rambunctious shopping districts
that showcase endless streaks of
fashion and food. Here is a sneak
peek at the variety of foods you
can eat in Tokyo.

  Kawaii — the culture of
cuteness — is one characteristic
that distinguishes the country
from other parts of the world.
The cuteness culture in Japan,
similar to a few East Asian
countries, is seen everywhere
from      photobooths      where
cute filters dress the faces on
screen, to the food you eat.
Pompompurin Café in Tokyo’s          Pompompurin Cafe’s omurice, the dish is designed after                    Okonomiyaki is a dish cooked with a variety of ingredients,
Harajuku district is one of many     Sanrio character Purin, a golden retriever wearing a beret.               but nothing is better than the classic okonomiyaki with
eateries where you will be served    Photo by Rosemary De Souza                                                ingredients found in Japan. Photo by Rosemary De Souza
dishes decorated to meet your
cuteness standard.                   like eggs, green onions, cabbage     from other puddings on the           broth and various ingredients           is known to be better than serving
  Although Hello Kitty is            and meat. Tasty producer, Rie        market, especially those that are    you choose from. In Oden, you           them together. The noodles have
the more popular character           McClenny, describes the dish as      quite gelatinous in consistency.     will find ingredients that are          to be dipped in the broth before
associated with Japan’s Sanrio       a “budget dinner” because of its     Hints of caramel blend into every    uncommon in western countries.          each bite. Odd enough for you?
brand, Pompompurin is another        inexpensive ingredients.             spoonful because underneath          The shirataki noodles are one              “I like that the noodles are
popular Sanrio character. There         “It’s a good blend of savoury     lies a small amount of what tastes   example. These translucent              cold,” says Valera. “When you
are even restaurants named and       flavours topped off with the         like a light blend of caramel        noodles are extremely low in            mix them with the broth, you
designed after the pudding-          signature Okonomiyaki sauce,”        sauce. This pudding-filled egg       calories because they are 97 per        can eat them quickly without
shaped golden retriever with         says University of Calgary           can be found in the streets of       cent water and three per cent           burning yourself.”
the signature dark brown beret.      engineering student, Fernando        Shimokitazawa in Tokyo or at         glucomannan fiber, according               According to Japan travel
Look familiar yet?                   Valera, after visiting Japan this    the Disney Resort food court         to dietitian, Franziska Spritzler.      magazine, Matcha, tsukemen
                                     summer. Valera says the dish is      next to the Disney Resort Line       These noodles are known to not          noodles are washed quickly after
Okonomiyaki                          his favourite from Japan after       — a monorail that takes guests       cause weight gain despite how           the boiling process. That allows
  The next dish may be familiar      having tried foods from different    to major destinations within the     much you eat and according to           the noodles to have a better feel
to some of you. Tasty Los Angeles    parts of the country.                resort.                              Spritzler, “a powerful weight loss      and stops them from expanding
even created a video introducing        There is not a single way to                                           tool.”                                  in the boiling water. The extra
Hiroshima-style     okonomiyaki      create an okonomiyaki as the         Oden                                    There is tofu in the centre,         step taken ensures the perfect
— a savoury pancake topped           dish has been cooked and served        Believe it or not, 7-Eleven is     a fried tofu fritter below and a        noodles.
with several ingredients you can     in different ways. But if you want   a typical foodie destination in      yakichikuwa next to it. Similar to
easily find in your own kitchen      to stick with the original, some     Japan and this dish may just         the taste and texture of fish ball,
                                     of the necessary ingredients         prove it. Oden is a Japanese         yakichikuwa is a cylinder-shaped
                                     may only be found in Asian           dish filled with a light, savoury    treat with a hole in the centre
                                     supermarkets like tempura bits,                                           that adds the perfect fishy taste
                                     okonomiyaki sauce, Japanese                                               to the savoury broth.
                                     mayonnaise, dried bonito flakes                                              On a stick are beef tendons
                                     and green seaweed, to name a                                              and the little pouch next to it
                                     few.                                                                      is mochi — sticky rice cake —
                                                                                                               wrapped in fried tofu.
                                       Pudding                                                                    That was a mouthful!
                                       Pudding is a personal favourite.
                                     This pudding, however, has been                                           Tsukemen
                                     sealed in a plastic egg, chilled                                            Last but not least, is a variation
                                     and served with an ice pack to                                            to how we usually eat ramen.
                                     keep the structure intact. The                                            Tsukemen is served with the
                                     creamy texture makes it different                                         broth and noodles separated and
Photo by Rosemary De Souza                                                Photo by Rosemary De Souza                                                   Photo by Rosemary De Souza
Reflector - The Reflector
6                                                                                                                                                      the reflector • October 4, 2018

                                                                                                                                         PULSES are the dry
                                                                                                                                       edible seeds of legumes
                                                                                                                                       and include beans, peas,

                    Black Bean Bowl
                                                                                                                                       are a delicious source of
                                 MAKES:                                      PREP TIME:
                                 4-6 servings                                20 minutes
                                 (6 cups/ 1.5 L prepared)

                     Dressing                                                      Salad
                     3 Tbsp (45 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺwhite wine vinegar                 1 ½ cups (375 mL) ĺĺĺĺ1ooh;7ou1-mm;70Ѵ-1h0;-mv(drained and rinsed)
                     1 Tbsp (15 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺhoney                              1 ½ cups (375 mL) ĺĺĺĺ1ooh;7r;-uѴ0-uѴ;‹
                     2 tsp (10 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺwhole grain mustard             1 ½ cups (375 mL) ĺĺĺĺ chopped red bell pepper
                     ½ tsp (2 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺground turmeric                 ¼ cup (60 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺchopped dried cranberries
                     ¼ cup (60 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺcanola oil                        3 Tbsp (45 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺchopped fresh dill
                     |o|-v|;v-Ѵ|-m7]uo†m70Ѵ-1hr;rr;u                        3 Tbsp (45 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺĺѴb]_|Ѵ‹|o-v|;7v†mYo‰;uv;;7vķ7bˆb7;7
                                                                                   2 cups (500 mL) ĺĺĺĺĺĺĺr-1h;70-0‹-u†]†Ѵ-ouvrbm-1_

                     Nutrients per serving (1 cup/250 mL) 250 Calories, 12 g Fat, 1 g Saturated Fat, 0 mg Cholesterol,
                     32 g Carbohydrate, 7 g Fibre, 8 g Sugar, 6 g Protein, 181 mg Sodium, 380 mg Potassium, 2 mg Iron, 77 mcg Folate

                     Alberta Pulses – good for the farm, good for you!
                     For more tasty recipes visit

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Reflector - The Reflector
October 4, 2018 • the reflector                                                                                                                                                                7

Carefully crafting the perfect cup of
Discover the Rosso Coffee roasting process
Robyn Welsh
Publishing Editor
  Coffee aficionados gathered at      roasting process while explaining     are made throughout the process          roasts are cooled slightly after first   Stephens.
Rosso Coffee Roasters in Ramsay       it in detail. The roasting of the     to control the temperature inside        crack and hold onto more acidity.          “So when you have more or less
on Thursday, Sept. 20 to learn        beans only takes about 10 minutes.    the hopper.                              Generally, the further the roasting      of those acids in the coffee, then
about how coffee roasting turns          After pouring in the unroasted       Things become more interesting         process progresses, the less acidity     you’ll get those kind of flavours.”
pistachio-coloured beans into the                                           around the seven minute mark             in the coffee. Acidic levels in coffee   Stephen says to determine the
commercialized brown coffee            “I like to see                       when it sounds like tiny popcorn is      beans translate to different flavour     notes, “you try and eliminate
bean we all know. The event,                                                being made. This is called first crack   notes.                                   the actual coffee taste itself and
Here’s to your Roast, was put on         how what                           and coffee only becomes drinkable           “There are natural acids present      see what else is there besides the
in collaboration with Beakerhead                                            once it has been roasted past this       in the coffee, so say if you have lots   coffee.”
and     sold     out    completely.       we do in                          point. Beans will look tan to light      of malic acid in the coffee, malic         The acidic content of coffee
Participants chose an hour-long                                             brown and increase in size at this       acid is the dominant acid in apples,     is not only determined by the
tour time beginning at 6 p.m. and       the roasting                        point because a large amount of          so malic acid tastes like apples. So     roasting process, but also the
prepared for an evening caffeine                                            moisture has evaporated. Light           citric acid tastes like lemons,” says           Continued on Pg. 8
buzz.                                 translates into
  Guests were greeted by the
overwhelming aroma of freshly         how it tastes.“
                                                                                   Respiratory erapy
roasted and brewed coffee. First,
everyone gathered around the            - Paul Stephens
coffee roasting machine for a
demonstration of the roasting         beans, the hopper temperature
process led by Paul Stephens, one     drops significantly and slowly
of Rosso’s staff roasters. Stephens   begins to heat back up. The
has been roasting coffee since        process begins silently. Tumbling
2001 and began working for Rosso      beans can be seen through a tiny
two years ago.                        window into the machine. Slowly,
                                      the temperature begins to rise and
The roasting process                  is graphically tracked over time on
  Stephens    demonstrated     the    a monitor. Air and gas adjustments

After being roasted, beans are released into the cooling bin
and agitated to allow heat to escape. Photo by Robyn Welsh
Reflector - The Reflector
8                                                                                                                                            the reflector • October 4, 2018
Continued from Pg. 7                    beans are used to make espresso.
region the beans are grown, the         Each roast affects the taste of the
type of beans and how they are          espresso and typically bags are
processed post-harvest.                 labelled as espresso when the
   “Generally, the higher altitude      roaster thinks the notes lend well
a coffee is grown, the more acids       to espresso drinks. The acidity
will be produced in the fruit,” says    in some lighter roasts can be
Stephens.                               intense, but there tend to be more
   All of Rosso’s coffee goes           fruity notes. Darker roasts have
through a single cracking process.      more bitter and dark tones like
However, dark roasts will typically     chocolate.
reach a second crack which                 Rosso worker Nelson Phu
releases the oils in the beans. This    demonstrated        the     espresso
is why dark roast beans may look as     brewing process. When brewing
though they have a coating of oil.      his drink, Phu and other baristas
In a lighter roast, the oil remains     fill the handheld portafilter with
contained within the bean until         grounds and tap it against the
ground and these oils are delivered     counter to equally distribute them.
to the cup in brewing methods that      This helps ensure the flavour
do not use a paper filter.              is extracted from the coffee
   At the end of the roasting           throughout the basket equally,
process, the beans are released         producing a more consistent
into a cooling bin and spun for         espresso. The 18 grams of grounds
about six or seven minutes until        Rosso puts into each shot brews 39
cool.                                   grams of espresso.
   After fully cooled, the beans           Phu directed participants to
can be ground. Before brewing           swirl the espresso to dissipate the
any of the coffee, the grounds are      light brown layer that forms on         The Ramsay location of Rosso Coffee Roasters doubles as a cafe and roastery. You can enjoy
put into a machine that looks like      the top of espresso shots. This is      your beverage outdoors on their patio. Photo by Robyn Welsh
a microwave that gives off green        carbon dioxide suspended in water
light. This is called a Colour Track    and is called crema. Breaking this
machine and a green laser is used       up will avoid an overly bitter taste
to measure and assign a value to        from coming through. Once mixed
the darkness of the roast. This         in, crema gives the espresso a fuller
value is measured on a scale of         flavour. This process also cools the
one to 100. According to Stephens,      espresso down a bit, improving the
on average Rosso produces coffee        flavour profile of the coffee. Phu
that is a 54 on this scale and is a     warned to never drink espresso too
light to medium roast.                  hot. Only after this did participants
   Once their colour value is           have a small sip of the espresso.
recorded, it is time for the coffee        While steaming whole milk, Phu
to be brewed and tasted. “I like to     explained why milk and espresso
see how what we do in the roasting      are such an iconic pair. The foamed
translates into how it tastes,”         milk is a colloid and blocks certain
says Stephens. “I like roasting         flavour receptors on the tongue,
new coffees and seeing how they         making espresso more palatable
behave in the roaster.”                 for many consumers.
   “All coffees will absorb heat in        As the milk is being poured
different ways and they roast at        in, it is swirled together with the
different speeds. They don’t all do     espresso to fully blend the crema.
the same things in the roaster at       With the ideal ratio of espresso to
the same time,” says Stephens. “So      milk in hand, participants were
it’s interesting getting a new coffee   able to enjoy their cappuccinos
because you might have some             and new coffee knowledge.               Rosso employee Nelson Phu steams whole milk to demonstrate how the flavour of espresso
idea of how it will behave because         An evening caffeine-filled event     changes when complemented by milk. Each of the Rosso staff members were dressed up like
of where it’s grown and which           like this was the perfect recipe for    mad scientists for the Beakerhead event. Photo by Robyn Welsh
country it’s from, but you never        last-minute paper writing into the
know fully how it’s going to do.”       wee hours of the morning.

                                                                                                                  Canada’s Largest
   Depending on the bean, when
in the roaster, first crack will come

at different times. According to
                                                                                                                  International University
Stephens, “Some will roast very
quickly, some will be slower
depending on their moisture
                                                    Reflector Publications                                        and Student Travel Expo
   After learning how the roasting
process works, participants each
                                                     Society of Calgary
filled a jar with freshly roasted
beans to take home and headed
                                                             2018 Annual General Meeting
                                                            Tuesday, October 16, at 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                                                  OCTOBER 20                      DM

                                                                                                                  BMO CENTRE AT

to their brewing station of choice                 Reflector Office, Z002 (basement) Wyckham House
to learn more about variations in                                                                                 STAMPEDE PARK, CALGARY          DM
                                                                                                                                                       I S SI O


brewing methods.                           Members of the Reflector Publications Society will be presented        Expo: 1 pm - 5 pm
                                             audited financial statements for review and approval, will be        Free Seminars: 12 noon - 5 pm
Brewing espresso                           asked to appoint auditors for the next year, and will be asked to
  The second half of the hour was          elect the Chair-person and two (2) Students at Large who will sit
a chance for guests to learn more           as directors on the Reflector board of directors. For information
about brewing processes. Three              on Student at Large nominations, contact The Reflector at 403-
stations were set up: espresso,                                         440-6268.
pour over and aeropress.
  In all of their brewing methods,                   Please visit our website at
Rosso weighs out the coffee
grounds to a specific weights.                                              
Espresso is weighed to 18 grams.
  It does not matter what kind of
                                                  for more information and details
Reflector - The Reflector
October 4, 2018 • the reflector                                                                                                                                                 9

Dear first-year me...
What advice would you give yourself starting university?
Andrea Wong

  With another September                                              you to adapt to the changing        mistakes and really, everyone        than yourself. It’s also good to
come and gone, most students                                          conditions.”                        else doesn’t know what they’re       rebuild yourself after a loss.
are falling back into their                                             -Dr. Mark Durieux, sociology      doing. It’s okay to be in that       You have to ride the waves
usual school rhythm or are                                            professor                           place where you’re unsure and        and be okay with being sad for
still figuring things out. Either                                                                         there are lots of nice people on     a while and be okay with not
way, it can be easy to get                                                                                campus that are here to help.”       really knowing where you’re
caught up with everything you                                                                               -Kathryn Hoffart, third-year       going, which is the same
need to do, especially when                                                                               information design                   advice people are giving me
you’re experiencing it all for                                                                                                                 now as I’m leaving university. “
the first time.                                                                                                                                  -Ryan Seggie, fourth-year
  Picture yourself at the start                                                                                                                psychology
of your university journey,
however long ago or recent
that may be.
  Who were you as you walked
through the doors to your first       “You have made a terrible
class? What were you most           mistake! Back out now and
worried or excited about?           go to Canada. When I went to
  For me, I remember the            university in Vietnam, I made
gripping fear of falling behind     the ‘safe choice’ and I went
and the stress of planning a        through the business program        “Do      your    assignments
future I wasn’t sure of. If I       … Instead of the safe choice,     beforehand, because due dates
could go back and tell my first-    I would have told myself to       are closer than you think. Try to
year self anything, I would         find a way to compromise.         schedule your days in advance.
certainly have an extensive list    Try to make an effort to find     My first-year was very chaotic
of do’s and don’ts.                                                                                          “Make sure you make good
                                    a middle ground where you         because I got involved in way
  Your next few years at                                                                                  friends and never leave them
                                    can be comfortable with your      too many things. I tried to
university      can   play     an                                                                         because they become part of
                                    choices, you know you are         keep myself as busy as possible
important role in shaping who                                                                             your life in university. Those          “Some of the friends you’ll
                                    good at something and search      and I didn’t really make time
you are. Here’s what other                                                                                are the kind of experiences          make in first-year will be
                                    for opportunities to improve      to study. Make connections as
past and current students have                                                                            you never forget. Value every        lifelong friends and they’re
                                    yourself.”                        well as study hard. Don’t have
learned along the way.                                                                                    moment. When everything is           going to be the people that you
                                      -Chester Ho, fourth-year        a closed mindset when you’re
                                                                                                          hard, remember what you did          lean on and support through
                                    information design                coming in because you need
                                                                                                          to get out of those situations. It   the next four years. I would
                                                                      people around in your life,
                                                                                                          might help you tomorrow and          tell my first-year self that even
                                                                      especially when trouble hits.”
                                                                                                          it might help someone else as        though all my high school
                                                                        -Sam Alexander, third-year
                                                                                                          well.”                               friends went to universities
                                                                                                             -Lea Nounezi, second-year         and I’m the only who went to
                                                                                                          nursing                              Mount Royal [when it was a
                                                                                                                                               college], I would have the time
                                                                                                                                               of my life and I would relive
                                                                                                                                               it again. The path you take
                                                                                                                                               may not be what you thought
                                                                                                                                               about when you started, but it
                                                                                                                                               turns out to be the right path
                                                                                                                                               and everything happens for
                                                                                                                                               a reason. You will definitely
                                                                                                                                               enjoy the next four years even
                                                                                                                                               though it will be a lot of hard
  “Be more confident in                                                                                                                        work and a lot of late nights.
yourself,     because       when      “I actually dropped out of                                                                               But, it’s all worth it in the end.”
you start off as a first-year       my first-year and one of the                                                                                  -Amy Bell, 2009 journalism
you’re really unsure and you        last courses I took was intro                                                                              graduate
always second-guess yourself.       to sociology, so it’s really
Nobody is really sure when          ironic that I’m teaching             “I was in a different program
they start off either, but you do   sociology. I would advise me      than I am now and I definitely
                                                                                                            “Join a club whether or not
what you can and you believe        to be prepared for tremendous     just came to school to go to
                                                                                                          you care about the content.
in yourself. Just do what you       career uncertainty, to put a      class and leave. I would tell my
                                                                                                          Try to enjoy things that you
love and try your best and          lot of time and effort into the   first-year self to get out there,
                                                                                                          don’t think you’re going to
you’ll be fine.”                    humanities, be as adaptable       pursue experiences, it’s not
                                                                                                          enjoy because it leads to a lot
  -Khadija Abdallahi, fourth-       as I possibly could. Try and      a bad thing to ask questions
                                                                                                          of different opportunities.
year human resources                get as broad a humanistic         and get to know people and
                                                                                                          Find a community and try to
                                    education as you can because      access the resources that are
                                                                                                          be part of something bigger
                                    that’s what’s going to allow      on campus. It’s okay to make
Reflector - The Reflector
10                                                                                             the reflector • October 4, 2018

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arts                                                                                                                                                                   Arts Editor
                                                                                                                                                                Colin Macgillivray

A rundown of the 2018 Calgary
International Film Festival
The best flicks we were able to catch this year
Colin Macgillivray
Arts Editor
   For almost two weeks, film        flicks that should definitely be on   two notorious assassin brothers      to. Kore-eda, who is the master      some of the highest praise I can
fans everywhere united at Eau        your watchlist if you haven’t been    and their descent into the           when it comes to showcasing          give to this charming love story
Claire Market and the Globe          able to check them out yet.           California Gold Rush of the          family dynamics in a realistic       set post the Second World War in
Cinema to take part in the                                                 1850’s does not disappoint. Guns,    way, does some of his best work      Europe. The transcendent quality
Calgary      International    Film   The Sisters Brothers                  greed and guffaws are present        with Shoplifters.                    of Pawlikowski’s beautiful love
Festival. It was almost as if the    Directed by Jacques                   throughout the relatively faithful      The winner of the prestigious     story — based loosely off of his
holiday season came early, with                                            book-to-screen adaptation, with      Palme d’Or at Cannes, the quietly    own parents lives — is apparent
Calgary’s movie theatre maniacs
                                     Audiard                               Riz Ahmed in particular giving an    powerful crime-drama that            through stunning black-and-
being treated to countless             Ever since I picked up Canadian     eerily captivating performance.      vividly portrays a thoughtful        white      visuals,     thoughtful
exceptional      films,    ranging   novelist Patrick deWitt’s brilliant   Audiard also offers plenty of        take on family and theft in          dialogue and passionate musical
from wonderfully absurdist           western dark-comedy, The Sisters      Old West splendour to look at,       contemporary Japan is a must-see     numbers galore.
dramas about a draft-dodging         Brothers and burned through the       making the film a solid and          this year. Nuance in filmmaking is     Telling a melancholic tale of a
Charlie Chaplin impersonator         novels 300-plus pages in what         entertaining journey.                almost impossible to describe, so    troupe of Polish folk musicians in
(The Great Darkened Days), to        seemed like 15 minutes, I was                                              find a way to see this movie, cry,   the years following the Second
a documentary of two unlikely        salivating at the thought of a        Shoplifters                          smile and appreciate a touching      World War, Cold War transported
street musicians and the life-       screen adaptation. The narrative      Directed by Hirokazu                 take on the malevolent nature of     me into a story of intimacy and
changing power of music (Satan       style of deWitt almost lends itself                                        modern poverty.                      sincerity, set upon a backdrop
& Adam).                             to the screen and once I had          Kore-eda                                                                  of political unrest and dark
   With so many movies to choose     heard that Joaquin Phoenix, John         Arguably my most anticipated      Cold War                             motivations. My only complaint?
from, we obviously didn’t get        C. Reilly, Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz    film at this year’s Calgary          Directed by Pawel                    The film was only 84 minutes
around to seeing the nearly 200      Ahmed were attached to the film,      International     Film   Festival,                                        long, making the final destination
shorts, features and collaboration   my expectations and excitement        Shoplifters left me with a feeling   Pawlikoski                           feel oddly rushed.
screenings that were showcased       were through the roof.                that was a mix of tragedy,             Cold War reminded me of the          Nonetheless,        surely     a
from Sept. 19 to Sept. 30, but         Luckily, Jacques Audiard’s          uplifting vigour and awe at the      time I spent in New York watching    frontrunner for the best Foreign
here are some brief reviews of the   interpretation of a story about       masterful filmmaking I was privy     Broadway musicals, which is          Film Award at this years Oscars.

Moviegoers at Eau Claire Theatre settle in for a screening for Calgary International Film Festival. Photo by Keeghan Rouleau

                                     Calgary’s                             Screamfest:                          Calgary Tattoo & Wordfest:
                                     Woman’s Show:                         Relive everyone’s first              Arts Festival:   Calling all linguists! From
                                     On Oct. 20 and 21, the                junior high date by                  Thinking of getting your             Oct. 8 to Oct. 15, more than

OUT’N                                Calgary Woman’s Show
                                     is celebrating its 40th
                                     anniversary with free
                                                                           checking out Calgary’s
                                                                           final rendition of
                                                                           Screamfest! After
                                                                                                                first tattoo or adding to
                                                                                                                your collection? More
                                                                                                                than 450 tattoo artists
                                                                                                                                                     70 presenting authors and
                                                                                                                                                     artists will participate in
                                                                                                                                                     a range of literary events

ABOUT                                admission for more than               12 terrifying years,                 will converge at the BMO             over the course of this
                                     300 exhibits, comprised of            the haunted house                    Centre from Oct. 12 to Oct.          year’s Wordfest.
                                     everything from fashion               extravaganza is spooking             14 to offer up some fresh
                                     and food to health,                   for one final time on                ink.
                                     wellness and advocacy                 weekends from Oct. 5 to
                                     groups.                               Oct. 31.
12                                                                                                                                          the reflector • October 4, 2018

Five spooky podcasts you’ve got to hear
Kick off October with true crime, scary stories and more
Amber McLinden
Photo Editor
  It’s October: the month of       is some amazing talent on the       taking home a Peabody award         The Last Podcast                      from stories during the witch
spooks and scares, tricks and      team. So amazing, in fact,          in 2017.                                                                  trials to lake monsters. This
treats. It seems like every        that they created the award-                                            on the Left                           award-winning,        critically
year we start celebrating          winning podcast Serial. It          The Nosleep                            The Last Podcast on the Left       acclaimed podcast will keep
holidays earlier and earlier,      has three seasons, following        Podcast                             is everything you want from a         you on the edge of your seat
with Halloween being no            Adnan Syed being charged in                                             true crime podcast — it’s got         with some of the tales it tells.
                                                                          Here’s where it really starts
exception. If you’re not the       the murder of his ex-girlfriend,                                        humour, tales of serial killers
type to decorate your house        Sergeant      Bowe      Bergdahl
                                                                       to get spooky. If you’ve never
                                                                                                           and a fun way of telling these        Someone Knows
                                                                       heard of ‘r/Nosleep’, you’ve
with skeletons and pumpkins        charged with desertion after
                                                                       definitely been missing out,
                                                                                                           stories. Hosted by Ben Kissel,        Something
this early in the month, but       being held for five years by                                            Marcus Parks and Henry
                                                                       because even those who don’t                                                 Despite the innovation and
you want to get in the spooky      the Taliban and an analysis of                                          Zebrowski, the website for
                                                                       use Reddit know what this                                                 talent we see coming from
mood somehow, here are some        the American criminal justice                                           the podcast claims, “The Last
                                                                       subreddit’s about. Now, it’s                                              our southern neighbours in
podcasts you can listen to.        system based in Cleveland,                                              Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy
                                                                       been turned into a podcast.                                               the U.S., Canada has a few
Whether you’re easily scared,      respectively. The first season                                          your bloodlust.” With subject
                                                                       Started in 2011 by a member                                               good ones too. Of course, one
or just want to listen to some     won a Peabody award and is                                              matter ranging from reading
                                                                       of the subreddit, the podcast                                             of the best is by CBC, called
true crime, these will be sure     attributed with the explosion                                           some Creepypastas to covering
                                                                       is a horror anthology that                                                Someone Knows Something.
to get you in the mood for         of true crime podcasts that                                             the story of the one and only
                                                                       reads you some of the fictional                                           The podcast begins with a
spooktober.                        followed its first season.                                              Jeffrey Dahmer, you can
                                                                       stories that can be found on ‘r/                                          season about a 5-year old
                                      Besides Serial, the team also                                        expect a variety of hilarious
Anything by the                    released S-Town, a podcast
                                                                       Nosleep’. The podcast has read
                                                                                                           spooks on this podcast.
                                                                                                                                                 disappearing in Ontario and
                                                                       some of the subreddit’s most                                              most recently features an
This American Life                 that starts off investigating a
                                   potential murder turns into
                                                                       famous stories before they          Lore                                  in-depth story about a mail
team                               a look back at the person
                                                                       were famous, like infamous                                                bomber. It’s CBC’s first take
                                                                       story Penpal, a story that was        Moving into new territory           on true crime podcasting and
  Okay, let’s just get this one    who brought the murder to                                               when it comes to the spooky
out of the way so as to not                                            turned into a book because of                                             it has been a good one. Check
                                   reporter’s attention in the first                                       podcast realm, Lore tells stories
make this an entire list of just                                       its popularity. If you’re looking                                         out this podcast for a more
                                   place. The podcast has many                                             of real-life horror. It’s all about
podcasts by the team at This                                           for some truly scary, fictional                                           Canadian take on some true
                                   surprising twists and a few                                             the scary stuff that happens
American Life. An amazing                                              stories, this is where to find                                            crime spooks.
                                   spooks here and there. This                                             in reality and covers subjects
podcast in its own right, there                                        them.
                                   podcast is also award-winning,
October 4, 2018 • the reflector                                                                                                                                                                13

Why I love Love Island
How one British reality television show gets the genre right

Imagine the ridiculous romance of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, the non-stop drama of Big Brother and the genuine heart and organic purity of a puppy.
Combine those and you’ve got Love Island. Photo courtesy of Potion Pictures

Colin Macgillivray
Arts Editor
   Since the inception of the genre,    entertainment.                        ceremonies. There are no               sake of coupling up. Arguments            In real relationships, there are
there has never been anything              I’m talking about Love Island.     extravagant helicopter dates or        will start just for the sake of           occasional arguments and spats
more fascinating than watching             Love Island is arguably one of     awkward two-on-one dinners.            arguments.        It’s     delightfully   about meaningless things that
real humans compete, interact           the simplest reality shows, in        It’s a bunch of British 20 year olds   organic and it is exactly what            ultimately escalate into genuine
or fall in love through the lens        terms of concept, I’ve ever seen.     getting into relationships, falling    most reality television is missing.       quarrels about your time together.
of a camera. Whether it be rich         Six guys and six gals — who           in love, meeting someone new             Most reality television is not          In Love Island, imagine the most
moms fighting over mixed drinks,        are all incredibly attractive and     and breaking up. All in the span       reality. It’s heavily edited, over-       intense fight over the most
or estranged family members             looking for love — are put into       of about 12 hours.                     produced and largely scripted             meaningless thing. Then imagine
competing to see who can eat the        an extravagant villa where they          Because there is absolutely         to fit a desired narrative. Now,          watching that. Then, imagine
most rotting fish, reality television   mingle and chat all day long.         nothing to do in the villa —           I’m not saying that Love Island           British slang being peppered
has almost justifiably dominated        They are forced to couple up and      other than drink alcohol, smoke        brilliantly captures the nuance           into every second sentence. It’s
television screens for decades.         because there are an even number      cigarettes, workout and sleep          and beauty of genuine human               amazing.
   But, most of the time, reality       of guys and girls, the first few                                             relationships, but it also kind of           Then, when the contestants
television absolutely sucks. The        episodes is about the contestants      “Love Island                          does. As the audience, we are             finally break up — something
generally abhorrent nature of           getting to know who they have                                                able to witness the ups and downs         that happens a lot — they regroup
reality television — fabricated         coupled up with, whether they         strips away all                        of a relationship — something             and move onto the next “Love
feuds, toxic producing and editing      want to switch partners with                                                 that the majority of us have              Islander” that they fancy. It’s the
nightmares — makes the genre,           another couple and so on and so        the nonsense                          experienced — condensed into              circle of love and it is fascinating
for lack of a better term, lowbrow.     forth. It seems relatively simple                                            the most hilarious and pure way.          to watch.
It’s looked at as the guilty            and boring at this point, but here         ... and                             Gone is the courting period                Stripping down a reality
pleasure genre of television, not       is when the excitement begins.                                               where, as millennials, we                 competition show to its purest
something that real fans of film           Periodically,   more       “Love     showcases                            aimlessly send text messages until        form is exactly what Love Island
and television enjoy.                   Islanders” will enter the villa,                                             one of those involved is brave            does and it is exactly why it is the
   But I — a self-proclaimed film       causing an imbalance to both             love at its                         enough to ask the other on a date.        best reality television show I’ve
fanatic and television taskmaster       the numbers of guys and girls                                                In Love Island, they see each other       seen in years. There’s no need for
who sits here typing this at two        in the house, but also to the           most raw. “                          and immediately get together.             over editing, staged and scripted
in the morning after binge-             blissful ignorance of the original                                             The honeymoon phase exists,             fights or audience manipulation
watching my new favourite               islanders.                            — the contestants of Love Island       but in Love Island, it is the happiest    when personal dynamics are
reality television show —                  Again, this might seem             usually preoccupy themselves by        two-to-three hours of these young         presented in an organic fashion.
proclaim that reality television        incredibly boring to most of you,     creating drama and meaningless         lovebirds lives. It’s true bliss, as      It’s what makes Love Island so
is actually the highest and most        but trust me, this show is one of     fights in the most natural sense.      the confined nature of the show           incredible to watch.
pure form of entertainment.             the most gripping and enthralling     When people have nothing else          enhances all the positive qualities          So, if I haven’t convinced you
The       aforementioned        show    television experiences out there.     to do, emotions generally run          about their chosen partner. In            just yet, grab your significant
(that I just enjoyed four hours         Love Island strips away all the       higher than anything else. When        real life, it usually takes a while to    other, your best friend, or even
of) is everything about reality         nonsense that makes shows like        all those people are young,            really get to know your significant       maybe your dog and load up the
television that I love.                 The Bachelor and The Bachelorette     relatively immature, ridiculously      other, but in Love Island, you can        first episode of Love Island. Soon,
   It has drama, comedy, romance        so corny and ridiculous and           good looking and all looking for       get a pretty decent idea of who           it’ll be two in the morning and
and ridiculous vocabulary all           showcases love at its most raw.       love, you have the perfect recipe      someone is within the first day of        you’ll be texting everyone you
mixed into brilliant 45 minute             There are no challenges,           for entertaining reality television.   meeting them.                             know exactly why you love Love
sequences        of      unabashed      there are no ridiculous rose          People will “couple up” just for the     But then, the downfall begins.          Island.
14                                                                                                                                                   the reflector • October 4, 2018

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  As someone who likes to          to offer when it comes to getting     around all things autumnal.                                                        Store and in Google
pretend they know how to take      a decent shot, especially if you’re   Here are four things you can                                                       Play. It has all of the
good photos, I thought I would     just starting out in photography.     practice this pumpkin spice                                                        up-to-date news and
subject you all to reading my      With the leaves changing and          season to up your photography                                                      information to
spiel. I do not claim to be an     winter fast approaching, I find       game.                                                                              enhance your Mount
expert but I do have some advice   it fitting to focus this article
                                                                                                                                                            Royal University

                                                                                                                                                                                  BY-SA 4.0,
                                                                                                                                                                                  iPhone graphic by Rafael Fernandez - Own work, CC
Regardless of what season it may be, lighting is one of the — if not the most important —
thing to focus on when taking photos. Photo by Kayla Stitt

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October 4, 2018 • the reflector                                                                                                                                   15
Lighting                              wonderful outdoor parks and
                                      facilities to take advantage of
   Regardless of what season it       during this ghoulish season.
may be, lighting is one of — if       My top three favourite outdoor
not the most important — thing        shooting locations in the city are
to focus on when taking photos.       Glenmore Reservoir, Fish Creek
Lighting affects the colours,         Provincial Park and Prince’s
mood and overall presentation of      Island Park, respectively.
every image.                             Glenmore Reservoir is the right
   Yes, there are apps you can        place for you if you prefer your
download that can easily boost        photos to have openness in the
your lighting effects, but there      landscape. The body of water
is nothing more satisfying than       offers a sense of freedom and
getting a perfectly lit, raw image    depth which is an interesting
right off the bat. When deciding      aspect to include in landscape
what you want your photos to          photography.
look like, it is crucial that you        Fish Creek is a more closed
find the time of day and weather      off, forested area where the
conditions that best suit your        trees huddle together to paint a
vision.                               colourful, tightly knit backdrop
   Personally, I like to shoot Fall   for any type of photo. Prince’s        Photo by Kayla Stitt
photos in the few hours just before   Island is an often bustling
sundown. I find that the sun is       downtown park setting which
close enough to the horizon that      offers both nature and public art.
it will touch the subjects of your       All three areas have the

                                                                             BRENTWOOD VILLAGE
piece in a way that makes them        potential to inspire captivating
almost golden, which causes the       Fall photographs as long as

                                                                             DENTAL CLINIC
natural Fall hues of the landscape    you have an eye for uniqueness
to pop. If you are instagram savvy,   in        otherwise      regularly
you may refer to this time of day     photographed locations. No   
as ‘golden hour’ which is actually    matter where you are, be open
quite fitting.                        to creativity and risk-taking
   Rather than using natural          when capturing photos. Do not
lighting for the perfect selfie,      be afraid to take photos of things
                                                                                     u d t o be
point your lens in the opposite       others may not find beautiful and           Pro MRU
                                                                                   your tal
direction and play around with        make them your own. After all,
different subjects and watch how
the light dances around in your
                                      you’re the one with a camera in
                                                                                      den er
                                      your hand.
field of view.
                                      Genre                                          provi               Don
                                                                                                       cover ’t forget,
Colour & Contrast                                                                                    in Se age start
                                         Although nature and landscape
   Pumpkins are orange, ghosts        photography is a passion of mine,                             conti ptember a s
                                                                                                         nu          nd
                                                                                                     to Au es throug
say boo, here are a few colour tips   I am always open to new ideas. I
for you.                              find Fall is an opportune time to                                   gust        h
    The work is almost done for                                                                                 31st
                                      break habits and experiment with
us when it comes to capturing         different genres of photography.
autumnal colours on camera            There are so many ways to utilize
because of the vibrancy of the        the natural resources provided to
season. Our job is to capture it      us during this very picturesque            DR. RONDA SALLOUM, DR. ALANA CARTWRIGHT, DR. LAURA METCALFE,
   Depending on the mood you
                                      time of year.                                   DR. TONY KIM, DR. ZAINAB BAGHDADI, DR. REKHA PARAJULI,
                                         No matter what you are
want to set, you can choose the       pointing your lens at, be sure to                           DR. JACK TAN, DR. DIANA KINYUA

                                                                                        FREE WHITENING!!
colours you include in a photo. I     pay attention to the finer details.
personally tend to lean towards a     When shooting leaves, I find it
spooky approach for Fall photos       is effective to have the veins be
and often find myself seeking         a focus of the photo. The array
out the traditional Halloween-
esque oranges and blacks. When
scrolling     through    Pinterest
                                      of lines and direction gives the
                                      audience a lot to observe in a                  GENERAL DENTISTRY PRACTICE
                                      single capture. When taking
for photography inspiration,
I’ve come across a lot of plaid
                                      portraits I find movement to be         MRU students enrolled in                       NO NEED TO PAY UP
flannels and wool hats in the
                                      fun to work with because there
                                      are so many ways in which you             the SAMRU health and                        FRONT FOR COVERED
forest. Although I love a classic
flannel forest photoshoot, I find
                                      can have a subject behave in
                                      order to find the flow you are
                                                                              dental plan are covered at                         SERVICES
it is extremely overdone. I prefer
to have my subjects wear dark
                                      looking for.                            Brentwood Village Dental                          We bill student’s
                                         My advice is to plan ahead of
colours so that they appear to        time, but to be open to a change        Clinic–if you’re a full-time                     insurance directly
stand out against the brighter
hues of nature around them.
                                      of direction. I often find myself
                                      with a specific vision in my mind
                                                                             student, you’re already cov-                 We directly bill most insurance
   Contrast is huge when it comes
to any photograph and in Fall,
                                      that I hope to capture and I tend
                                      to plan around that one idea.
                                                                              ered, why not just use it?                   companies even if you’re not
it’s no different. Including an          The most important thing to           100%  Exams, first cleanings                covered by SAMRU’s student
outstanding differentiation of
colour in a photograph to guide
                                      keep in mind when taking photos                and fillings                                insurance plan
                                      is that they will never look exactly
a viewer’s focus and attention.       how you intend. You cannot let           70%   Root canals                                Conveniently located in the
It allows the photographer to
control what the audience notices
                                      this discourage you, but let it          70%   Additional cleanings                 Brentwood Village Mall close to the Brent-
                                      rather inspire you to form new
first and what they notice last.      visions and work with what you             We extract wisdom teeth                    wood and University C-Train Stations
                                      have.                                            in our office
                                         So snag your favourite Fall-
  Although this may be obvious        flavoured beverage, find the             Mon. - Fri. 8am-9pm • Sat. 8am-6pm • Sun. 11am-5pm
                                                                               3630 Brentwood Road NW 403-210-5050
to some, the best place to capture    perfect venue and make your
the perfect Autumn photo is           Instagram feed the talk of the
outside. Calgary has so many          town, until Halloween of course.
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