World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017

World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017

   World Board
 IFOAM     Report
       - Organics International
                           IN ACTION

                General Assembly 2017

                       November 2017

      2014 - 2017
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
Table of Contents

     3    Welcome

     4    Acommodation and Transportation

     5    Motion Bazaar

     6    Agenda DAY 1

     7        Opening

     7        Reports 2014 - 2017

     8        Outlook

     9        World Board Elections

     29       Decisions, World Board Motions

     32       Decisions, Member Motions, Part 1 & 2

     39   Agenda DAY 2

     40       Decisions, Member Motions, Part 3 & 4

     45       Organic World Congress / General Assembly 2020 Bids

     56       Farewells, Awards & Closure

     57   Appendix 1 / How does the General Assembly function?

     59   Appendix 2 / Statutes

     62   Appendix 3 / Rules of Procedure for the G.A.
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
Welcome                                                                    ARE YOU READY
                                                                           FOR THE G.A.?
Welcome to the General Assembly (GA) of IFOAM                              Make sure you are ready to exercise your
- Organics International, which is the body with the                       voting right.
highest legitimacy of the Organic Movement worldwide.                      Here is your check list.
As usual, we report, we plan, we elect, we decide on
motions, we decide on the organizers of the Organic                            Did you pay your membership fee?
World Congress/GA 2020 and we honor people.
                                                                               Do you have received the GA voter
This GA has its special challenges. 7 out of 10 World                          CODE by email and did you register
Board members are not running any more for another                             the person voting for your organization
term and totally 17 persons from around the world are                          here? In case you do not take the vote
eligible for the new World Board 2017 – 2020. With                             yourself, do not forget to forward the
Organic 3.0 you decide on an organic landmark, you                             CODE to the person you trust to vote on
debate a membership reform and you make up highest-                            your behalf.
level positions on new breeding techniques and organic
aquaculture. There are not less than 4 World Board and                         Do you have registered the votes
21 member motions (in 2011 there were 5 and in 2014                            of other member organizations you
there were 9 member motions). Last but not least, you                          are authorized to represent on your
decide among 10 candidate countries (we had 1 in 2011                          personal MY OWC page in addition to
and 4 in 2014) that propose to host the OWC/GA 2020.                           yours? You may have a total maximum
                                                                               of five. Details about the online
This publication guides you through this assembly                              registration are online under the GA
and helps you to use your voting right smartly. Get                            section.
information here and engage in the various processes to
build your own positions.                                                      Did you register for the food package?
                                                                               (register HERE)
We are happy to support you in this and to meet you
in Delhi.                                                                      Do you have all the information you
                                                                               need for decision making and voting
Organically,                                                                   during the elections? In case of any
                                                                               question, please send an email to
  André Leu                      Markus Arbenz
  President of                   Executive Director
  IFOAM - Organics               of IFOAM - Organics                       This IFOAM - Organics International In
  International                  International                             Action, as well as the World Board Term
                                                                           Report, will be available as hard copies
                                                                           during the G.A. Pick up your copy during the
                                                                           OWC at the IFOAM - Organics International
                                                                           booth, at the Motion Bazaar or just before
                                                                           the G.A.

                                                                           The voting cards - which you will need to
                                                                           vote during the G.A. - for the organizations
                                                                           you have registered online you will receive at
                                                                           the entrance door of the GA plenary hall at
                                                                           the Constitution Club of India, the location
                                                                           for GA day 1, from 8.00 to 8.45 am on
                                                                           November 12.

          IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                3
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017

                                       General Assembly of IFOAM – Organics
                                       International: The Venues

The GA will be held in
two different places
this time:

     General Assembly DAY 1

    Sunday, November 12,
    9.00 am - 6.30 pm - Voting Card
    Give Out from 8.00 - 8.45 am.

    Constitution Club of India -
    CCI - Rafi Marg, 110001 New-
    Delhi, India.

    There are buses in the morning                                                      2

    at 7.30 am from the Vishwa
    Yurak Kendra (VYK) to the CCI
    and after the session returning
    back to the VYK. Lunch will be
    provided at the CCI. The CCI
    can also be reached by Metro.      Constitution Club of India - CCI.
                                       Location on Day 1.
    Pls take station Patel Chowk
    (on Yellow Line) or Central
    Secretariat (on Yellow or Violet
    lines). Pls find the stations
    marked on the Delhi metro                                                                1
    plan for you.
                                                                                                 Patel Chowk

                                                                                             2   Central Secretariat

    The GA Social Evening
    - including dinner and
    presentations by the bidders
    for hosting the 2020 OWC - will
    take place at the VYK, starting
    around 7.30 pm.

     General Assembly DAY 2

                                       Vishwa Yuvak Kendra - VYK.
    Monday, November 13,               Location of dorms and GA Day 2.
    9.00 am - 2.00 pm.
    International Youth Center
    Vishwa Yuvak Kendra - VYK.
    Lunch will be provided.

4                                                            IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017

Motion Bazaar /Saturday November 11,
17.00 - 19.00 ‘Ibrahim Abouleish Hall’ (Marketing’ Track, OWC location)

There are 2 sessions of 1,5 hours each regarding
World Board and Member Motions in the Main Track of
the OWC. The purpose is to present the motions shortly                 Remote
and provide the opportunity for input to the motioner to               Participation
consider as improvement of the motion.

Session 1. on Thursday, November 09,
at 3.00 - 4.20 pm. Session # 3.B                                       Unfortunately we cannot provide any live stream
Session 2. on Friday, November 10,                                     opportunity for this General Assembly.
at 3.00 - 4.20 pm. Session # 8.B

The Motion Bazaar will start 1 hour after the OWC
closed at the same location as the OWC the Indian
Exhibition Mart, Greater Noida, outside of New Delhi.
Use this excellent opportunity to prepare for the General
Assembly: you can initiate discussions on Member and
World Board Motions, or propose friendly amendments
which will be considered by the motion maker for
presentation at the G.A. In addition World Board
candidates will be available to answer your questions,
and organizations bidding to host the Organic World
Congress/ General Assembly 2020 will have booths
to present their bids. IFOAM – Organics International                  Call for
World Board members & managers will share insights                     Interpreters
into advocacy campaigns, the recently approved new
strategy, organic leadership courses, finances but to
name a few. Self-organized Structures are invited to
present their work and one of the Internal Auditors will               Dear G.A. participant, IFOAM – Organics
also be attending.                                                     International needs your support in India! In
                                                                       spite of the organizations’s official language
Access to the Motion Bazaar is open. Before accepting                  being English, there are many members who
a friendly motion amendment the motioner will ask you                  either do not speak English or prefer to have
for the name of the voting member organization you                     interpretations of the General Assembly. During
represent. There will be facilities available to note down             the General Assembly we would like to assist
your amendment text electronically in order to document                groups with little understanding of English with
it for the motioner and for the presentation to the GA                 ‘whisper translations’. People would sit with an
plenary.                                                               interpreter who summarizes the discussions.
                                                                       We expect to have demand for interpretation
After the Motion Bazaar there are buses to Vishwa                      into Hindi, Spanish and French. Are you
Yuvak Kendra (VYK) - the location of the GA (day 2).                   available to help translate part of the time for
                                                                       other G.A. participants? We would be grateful
Please find a video introduction to member motions here.               to receive your statement of interest, indicating
                                                                       the languages you could help with by e-mail to
                                                                       Thomas Cierpka, Thank You!

          IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                   5
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
DAY 1 Agenda Overview /
                                 Sunday, November 12

    8.00 - 8.45                                     Voting Cards given to Online Registered Voters
      - 8.45
         - 8.45                                   Voting
                                                                    givento to
    8.00 - 8.45                                     Voting Cards given to Online Registered Voters
    9.00 - 9.30                                                       1. Opening
      - 9.30
         - 9.30                                                    1. 1.
    9.00 - 9.30      AP 11. Opening Address                           1. Opening
                                                  AP 12. Election of the      AP 13. Approval of    AP 14. Approval of the GA
                      11. 11. by the Address
                                       Address APAP
                                                  12.12. G.A. Chairs
                                                         Election thethe APAP
                                                               of of        13.13. the Agenda
                                                                                         of of      APAP
                                                                                                       14.14. minutesof2014/Istanbul
                                                                                                              Approval  of
                          by by
                     AP 11.   thethe
                                       Address        G.A.
                                                 AP 12.  G.A.
                                                         Election of the        thethe
                                                                           AP 13.   Agenda
                                                                                   Approval of             minutes
                                                                                                      AP 14.  minutes
                                                                                                                        of the GA
   9.30 - 10.20               by the President                2. Reports 2014 - 2017
                                                         G.A. Chairs               the Agenda                 minutes 2014/Istanbul
     - 10.20
        - 10.20                                              2. 2.
                                                                              - 2017
                                                                                 - 2017
   9.30 - 10.20                                                 2. Reports 2014 - 2017
                                  AP 21. WB and office reports                              AP 22. Internal Audit report
                                      WB  WB
                                                         reports                          APAP
                                  AP 21. WB and office reports                              AP 22. Internal Audit report
  10.20 - 10.40                                                  Coffee & Tea Break
      - 10.40
         - 10.40                                               Coffee
                                                                      & Tea
                                                                         & Tea
  10.20 - 10.40                                                  Coffee & Tea Break
  10.40 - 11.25                                                       3. Outlook
      - 11.25
         - 11.25                                                   3. 3.
  10.40 - 11.25                     AP 31. Strategy and               3. Outlook               AP 32. Budget
                                     31.31. Outlook
                                                     and                                     APAP
                                                                                                32.32. 2018 -2020
                                    AP 31.  Outlook
                                            Strategy 2020
                                                     and                                            2018
                                                                                               AP 32.  2018
  11.25 - 12.30                             Outlook 2020              4. Elections                     2018 -2020
      - 12.30
         - 12.30                                                   4. 4.
  11.25 - 12.30                    AP 41. Presentation of             4. Elections          AP 42. World Board
                                    41.41. the candidates
                                                     of of                                APAP
                                                                                             42.42. elections
                                                                                                        Board  first round
                                   AP 41.   candidates
                                           Presentation of                                       elections
                                                                                            AP 42.  elections
                                                                                                    World Boardfirst
  12.30 - 13.30                            the candidates               Lunch                       elections first round
      - 13.30
         - 13.30                                                      Lunch
  12.30 - 13.30                                                         Lunch
  13.30 - 13.40                                             A Moment to Energize: Cultural Program
      - 13.40
         - 13.40                                          A Moment
                                                            A Moment to to
  13.30 - 13.40       AP 42. Announcement of first
                                                            A Moment to Energize: Cultural Program
                                                                AP 43. World Board elections          AP 44. Appointment of
  13.40 - 14.20
                       42.42. round WB election
                              Announcement of of
                                                  first      APAP43.43. second
                                                                        World   round
                                                                                      elections     APAP
                                                                                                       44.44. Internal
                                                                                                           Appointment Auditors
                                                                                                              Appointmentof of
      - 14.20
         - 14.20
                      AP 42.  round
                                 WB WB
                              Announcement     result
                                              of   result
                                                  first              second
                                                                AP 43.  second
                                                                               Board                       Internal
                                                                                                      AP 44.  Internal
                                                                                                              Appointment   of
  13.40 - 14.20
  14.20 - 15.20               round WB election result  5. Decisions, World
                                                                                roundMotions                  Internal Auditors
      - 15.20
         - 15.20                                   5. 5.
  14.20 - 15.20          W 51. Breeding               5.
                                                      W Decisions,  World BoardWMotions
                                                         52. Aquaculture        53. Organic 3.0             W 54. Membership
                         51.51. techniques
                                Breeding           WW
                                                    52.52. position
                                                           Aquaculture        WW
                                                                                           3.03.0          WW
                                                                                                            54.54. structure
                         W 51.  techniques
                                Breeding                position
                                                    W 52.  position
                                                           Aquaculture         W 53. Organic 3.0                structure
                                                                                                            W 54.  structure
  15.20 - 15.40                 techniques                 position Coffee  Break                                  structure
      - 15.40
         - 15.40                                                   Coffee
  15.20 - 15.40                                                      Coffee Break
  15.40 - 15.45                                      AP 45. Announcement of WB election result
      - 15.45
         - 15.45                                   APAP
                                                                       of of
                                                                          WB WB
  15.40 - 15.45                                      AP 45. Announcement of WB election result
  15.45 - 16.45                                                6. Decisions, Member Motions
      - 16.45
         - 16.45                                            6. 6.
  15.45 - 16.45                                                6. Decisions, Member Motions
                                                         M 61 - M 66. Member Motions Part 1
                                                      M 61
                                                         M 61
                                                            - M- 66.
                                                                 M 66.
                                                                                          1 1
                                                         M 61 - M 66. Member Motions Part 1
  16.45 - 16.55                                                  A Moment to Energize
      - 16.55
         - 16.55                                             A Moment
                                                                 A Moment
                                                                        to to
  16.45 - 16.55                                                  A Moment to Energize
  16.55 - 17.55                                         M 67. - M 72. Member Motions Part 2
      - 17.55
         - 17.55                                      M 67.
                                                        M 67.
                                                            - M- 72.
                                                                 M 72.
                                                                                          2 2
  16.55 - 17.55                                         M 67. - M 72. Member Motions Part 2
           16.55                                                Celebrate the Action Group
16.45 --18.05
   16.45 --18.05
           16.55                                              Celebrate
           16.55                                                Celebrate the Action Group
  18.05 - 18.15                                               Close General Assembly Day 1
      - 18.15
         - 18.15                                            Close
                                                                                        Day1 1
  18.05 - 18.15                                               Close General Assembly Day 1
       19.30                                             International Night - Social Dinner at VYK
       19.30                                          International
                                                                          - Social
                                                                             - Social
                                                                                           at at
       19.30                                             International Night - Social Dinner at VYK
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
DAY 1 / Opening and Reports

Opening                                              1

AGENDA POINT 11: Opening Address by the
President of IFOAM – Organics International
                                                                   Reports 2014- 2017                                 2
2014–17, Andre Leu (Australia)

To do: Be inspired.
                                                                   AGENDA POINT 21: World Board and
                                                                                    Office Reports
AGENDA POINT 12: Election of the G.A. Chairs
                                                                   To do: Get written and oral information from the
                                                                   World Board and office about the activities and
To do: Elect two G.A. chairs.
                                                                   finances 2014 - 2017.
Information: Proposed Chairs: Leslie Zuck (USA),                   Ask questions about activities of the past term.
Joy Daniel (India).
                                                                   Information: The activities are published in the World
Other G.A. Officers appointed by the World Board:
                                                                   Board Report, a separate document to this G.A.
                                                                   The financial statements are publishedin the Annual
    Parliamentarians: Karen Hoberg (Spain),
                                                                   Reports and the World Board Report. The audit reports
    Christopher Atkinson (UK)
                                                                   of the external auditors PwC for the years 2014 – 2016
                                                                   are available at the Motion Bazaar and GA for review.
    Minute Keepers: Louise Luttikholt (Netherlands);
    Cristina Grandi (Italy), Barbara Zilly (Germany),
    David Gould (USA)                                              AGENDA POINT 22: Internal Audit Report and
                                                                                    World Board Discharge
    Minute Referees: Patrick Belisario (Philippines),
    Reza Ardakani (Iran)                                           To do: Get written and oral information from the
                                                                   Internal Auditors – Uygun Aksoy (Turkey) and Steffen
    Ballot Counters: Volunteers                                    Reese (Germany) - about their observations. Ask your
                                                                   questions and discharge the World Board.

AGENDA POINT 13: Approval of the Agenda                            Information: The internal auditors’ report is published
                                                                   in the World Board Report, a separate document to this
To do: Approve agenda.                                             G.A. The financial reports are based on the external
                                                                   audit report conducted by PwC Cologne, Germany.
Information: See agenda overview on pages 6 and 39.                The PDF versions of the PwC reports are available on
                                                                   request from Thomas Cierpka,

AGENDA POINT 14: Approval of the Minutes of the
                 2014 G.A. in Istanbul, Turkey

To do: Approve the 2014 G.A. minutes.
Information: The draft minutes were published online
and send to members by email on March 18, 2015.

No comments were received from members of IFOAM
- Organics International. The World Board and 2014
minute referees, Rita Schwentesius (Mexico); Karen
Hoberg (Spain) recommend the approval of the minutes
without amendment.

          IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                     7
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
DAY 1 / Outlook

         Outlook                                              3

         AGENDA POINT 31: IFOAM – Organics International
         Strategy and Outlook 2018 - 2020

         To do: Obtain information from the World Board on
         upcoming priorities of IFOAM – Organics International.
         Ask questions and share your opinions with the World
         Information: The new IFOAM – Organics International
         three pillar strategy has been approved by the World
         Board in February 2017. The World Board approves
         every year the so-called Yearly Plan of Operations (YPO)
         that aims at the implementation of the strategy. This
         YPO also serves as the basis for budget calculations.

                                                                              AGENDA POINT 32: Budget 2018-20

                                                                              To do: Approve or revise the tentative budget outline for
                                                                              Information: The following tentative budget assumes
                                                                              continued income from membership, donations
                                                                              and services. The foreseen growth in income and
                                                                              expenditure is based on an increased project volume,
                                                                              assumption based on ongoing negotiations with donors
                                                                              and hiring of new staff.

                                                              Term Budget 2017 - 2020

                                                         Budget for Activities in 1000 Euros
Expenses                        2017      2018      2019          2020      Income                        2017     2018      2019         2020

Supply Pillar                   2.200     2.300     2.400         2.400     Supply Pillar                 2.400   2.600     2.750     2.850

Demand Pillar                   350       400       600           700       Demand Pillar                 300      400       400          450

Policy and Guarantee Pillar     450       450       450           500       Policy and Guarantee Pillar   350      350       400          450

Governance                      500       450       450           400       Governance                    350      350       350          350

Profit/Loss                     -100       0         0            100

Total                           3.400     3.700     3.900         4.100     Total                         3.400   3.700     3.900     4.100

                                                            Budget for Nature of costs
Expenses                        2017      2018      2019          2020      Income                        2017     2018      2019         2020

Personnel                       1.200     1.300     1.350         1.400     Membership fees               350      350       350          350

Office Costs                     50        50        50            50       Services                      400      420       450          450

Travel                          300       300       350           400       Donations                      50      80        150          200

Project partner expenses        1.900     2.000     2.100         2.100     Projects                      2.550   2.800     2.900     3.000

Other expenses                   50        50        50            50       Other income                   50      50         50           50

Profit/Loss                     -100       0         0            100

Total                           3.400     3.700     3.900         4.100     Total                         3.400   3.700     3.900     4.100
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
DAY 1 / Elections

Elections                                            4

AGENDA POINT 41: Presentation of World Board

To do: Familiarize yourself with the World Board
candidates 2017- 2020 and prepare for the upcoming
World Board elections.
Information: Each candidate for one of the ten World
Board seats presents him/herself from pages 11 to 27.
You also find the list of candidates online.

Report from the
Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee for the 2017 IFOAM -
Organics International World Board elections has
worked diligently since November of 2016 to solicit
and interview prospective candidates from within
and outside the IFOAM - Organics International
community. With the assistance of Thomas Cierpka,
IFOAM - Organics International Deputy Director, the
Nomination Committee followed the procedures set out
                                                                     Katherine diMatteo (USA),
in Policy 57; and published throughout the year calls
                                                                     Chair of the Nommination Committee
for nominations in the publications of the organization.
As well, the IFOAM - Organics International network of
regional and sector groups was called on to expand
                                                                     not to stand against another candidate from their
the call for nominations. The goal set by the committee
                                                                     country or region, and a preference to work within
was to ensure that qualified World Board candidates
                                                                     their local or regional IFOAM - Organics International
with sector, geographic, age, cultural, and gender
                                                                     groups. It was not, however, a lack of interest in
diversity would be presented to the General Assembly
                                                                     IFOAM - Organics International. In fact, the scope
in November 2017. The committee worked vigorously
                                                                     and responsibility of the World Board is taken quite
to solicit and screen candidates and we are pleased
                                                                     seriously by those who chose not to stand.
to present a final slate that consists of 17 candidates,
of which 3 are current World Board members, 8 were
                                                                     The committee members found our experience to be
screened by the Nomination Committee, and 6 stepped
                                                                     enriching. We thank all those who have come forward
forward from the open call.
                                                                     to stand for election and applaud your willingness and
                                                                     commitment to serve the global organic community.
Although the committee identified many good potential
candidates, several withdrew their interest, did not
                                                                     Kind regards,
complete the required application or obtain the
endorsements from IFOAM - Organics International
members. The committee approached and had received
initial interest from five candidates from nations on the
African continent, the final slate presents two candidates
from this continent. Among the barriers expressed
by potential candidates: language, lack of confidence                Katherine DiMatteo
in their capability to lead, professional and personal               Chair Nomination Committee
commitments that do not allow time and energy for the
position, lack of support from their organization, desire

          IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                      9
World Board IFOAM - Organics International - IN ACTION General Assembly 2017 2014 - 2017 - Organics International In Action 2017
Overview of the World Board Candidates

Candidate*                 Gender               Country **          1. Opening           Remarks              Page

David Amudavi               Male                  Kenya                               New candidate            11

Khalid Azim                 Male                 Morocco                              New candidate            12

Jennifer Chang             Female              South Korea                            New candidate            13

                                                                             World Board Member since 2011;
Frank Eyhorn                Male         Germany / Switzerland                                                 14
                                                                                Vice President since 2014

Emile Frison                Male                 Belgium                              New candidate            15

Choitresh Kumar
                            Male                   India                              New candidate            16

Isabel Griffiths             Female                   UK                                New candidate            17

Hans Herren                 Male            Switzerland / USA                         New candidate            18

Julia Lernoud              Female        Argentina / Switzerland                      New candidate            19

Karen Mapusua              Female               Fiji Islands                          New candidate            20

Peggy Miars                Female                  USA                        World Board Member since 2014    21

Laura Montenegro           Female         Argentina / Australia                       New candidate            22

Shimpei Murakami            Male                  Japan                               New candidate            23

Gerold Rahmann              Male                Germany                       World Board Member since 2014    24

Rhina de Rehmann           Female              El Salvador                            New candidate            25

                            Male                Sri Lanka                             New candidate            26

Edith Van Walsum           Female           The Netherlands                           New candidate            27

    The candidates answered a few key questions to NOFA, which you can find here

                                        * Sorted alphabetically by family name
                                    ** country of citizenship/ country of residence
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

David M. Amudavi, PhD

 The relationship between the work          led ecological organic agriculture          the current coalition of partners
 of the World Board of IFOAM -              (EOA) in Africa (http://eoai-africa.        (African Union Commission,
 Organics International and Africa’s        org), and with a sound professional         Swiss Development Cooperation,
 Continental Initiative – Ecological        training, I believe I will not only add     and Swedish Society for Nature
 Organic Agriculture - cannot be            value to the quality of oversight           Conservation) in implementing
 overemphasized. We live in a world         provided by the World Board of              the initiative in eight countries in
 facing phenomenal challenges               IFOAM - Organics International              Africa: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania
 (notably rising poverty with increasing    in promoting organic agriculture            and Ethiopia in Eastern Africa,
 global population, climate change,         but also be an agent of change in           and Nigeria, Senegal, Mali and
 food and nutrition insecurity,             pushing the agenda of Organic 3.0           Benin in West Africa. I support the
 environmental degradation, loss of         and strengthening synergies with            Continental Steering Committee
 biodiversity, among others). These         other relevant initiatives in Africa that   through its Secretariat, currently
 challenges are bound to rise and           are globally aligned with principles        hosted in my organization, to scale
 require efforts from people who            and practices of organic agriculture.       out EOA to other African countries.
 have the desire to make the world          The EOA initiative stems from a             It is pleasant to note that IFOAM is
 a better place for current as well         response to the African Heads of            a member of this Committee and its
 as future generations. Such people         State and Government Decision on            role is very much recognized.
 reside around the world, and have          promoting Organic Farming. The goal         With the foregoing, my candidature,
 capabilities which if well harnessed       of the EOA initiative is to mainstream      and partly representing the face of
 can help propel agriculture in the         EOA into national agricultural              Africa, should be valuable to the
 right direction to guarantee a decent      production systems, policies,               mandate of the World Board of
 and healthy living for ALL, in line        and practices by 2025 in order to           IFOAM - Organics International. I
 with some of the current sustainable       improve agricultural productivity,          therefore believe there is a lot we
 development goals (SDG).                   food security, access to markets            can achieve with my membership in
                                            and sustainable development in              the Board to unlock the potential for
 I believe that organic agriculture - or    Africa. To achieve this goal it is          realizing our vision and goals in the
 ecological organic agriculture as          framed around six pillars: Research,        organic sector.
 some would broadly say - is the            Training and Extension; Information
 agriculture that we need to embrace        and Communication; Value Chain and
 in research and development, policy        Market Development; Networking
 and programmes, and investment             and Partnerships; Policy and
 plans. Efforts to promote it will          Programme Development; and
 certainly shape the global agriculture     Institutional Capacity Development.
                                            I have played a significant role in
 As a strategic player in the               supporting the development of the           More Background information
 development of the African Union-          EOA initiative, with support from           you find online.

         IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                    11
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Khalid Azim

 During my involvement in organic            by Organic 3.0. The first OWC I have      I would be pleased to present my
 agriculture over the past 17 years, I       attended was in 2014 in Istanbul          candidature to serve as a member
 have never asked myself why I am            (Turkey), and believe me, I felt like     of the World Board of IFOAM -
 defending Organic! So true, I cannot        I was among my family, because            Organics International in order to
 imagine myself doing something else.        IFOAM- Organics International             implement Organic 3.0 in Morocco,
                                             global members share together the         in Africa and at international level
 My name is Khalid Azim, born in             same values and ethics of organic         to face climate change impact and
 March 18, 1981 in Rabat-Morocco.            agriculture advocacy.                     sustain our resources for the future
 I am a horticulture engineer with a         I started farming organic vegetables      generations. Research for Action
 Master’s degree in Mediterranean            in 2015 with my likeminded                and Culture Innovation are key
 Organic Agriculture from the                colleagues to be able to eat organic      factors for stakeholders to benefit
 CIHEAM-Bari (2003-2005). Since              and to spread organic food to many        from scientific knowledge acquired
 2007 I have been a researcher               families in my city. Farming is a very    by researchers and practitioners.
 in “Organic Horticulture and                hard task, but then again the farmer
 Composting optimization” at the             keeps on it because we farmers
 National Institute of Agronomic             cannot breath outside our organic
 Research (INRA).                            farms.

 Organic agriculture in Morocco has          Morocco had the chance to host
 long been rooted in the traditional         in 2016 the COP 22 in Marrakech,
 practice of its small farmers.              during which, FIMABIO (Moroccan
 Smallholders and peasant farmers            Federation of Organic Movement)
 have practiced “traditional” or             and IFOAM signed a historical
 “natural” agriculture in Morocco for        Memorandum of Understanding
 centuries. Most of these smallholders       that aims at building Adaptation
 grow organically without organic            and Mitigation with Climate Change
 certification.                              Resilient Organic Agriculture in
                                             Morocco and Multiple African
 I am mostly oriented toward research        Countries. Many success stories
 and capacity building actions. Proud        has come from pioneers in organic
 to be close to farmer needs in much         agriculture in Africa, and I would
 Research to Action projects, I have         be very happy to contribute to
 discovered the rude task of a farmer        the World Board of IFOAM -
 in an arid region in Morocco. I am          Organics International to spread
 totally committed to develop organic        this knowledge and make organic
 principles, in order to bring it out from   mainstream.                               More Background information
 niche to a mainstream as outlined                                                     you find online.

12                                                               IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
Jennifer Chang
South Korea

My first contact with IFOAM -              And with IFOAM Organics Asia at         I evaluate the ten years I served
Organics International and the             the forefront, there were two areas     in the interests of IFOAM -
global organic movements was in            where we felt that IFOAM - Organics     Organics International as the most
early 2008 when I started working          International should have a bigger      constructive years of my life. The
at the Korea Bidding Committee for         role, and we organized the “Asian       organic movement embodies all
the 2011 Organic World Congress.           Local Governments for Organic           the principles and values I hold
This became a crucial point of my          Agriculture (ALGOA)” to support         true and this belief upheld me in
continuous involvement in the local        the local governments to translate      the face of limited financial, human
and regional organic movements             international and national policies     and organizational resources in
- going from the Korea Bidding             towards local organic agriculture       re-establishing IFOAM Organics
Committee to the coordinator of the        development. The Annual ALGOA           Asia from scratch. The organic
2011 OWC Organizing Committee,             Summit and the ALGOA Organic            movement has now become my
then to my current position as             Foundation Courses undertaken with      life – I breathe, eat, sleep and live
Executive Director of IFOAM                the Organic Academy maximized           organic!
Organics Asia.                             exchanges and training in organic
                                           agriculture for the representatives     I am putting myself forward as a
For the past five years, it was my         from local governments, IFOAM           candidate for the World Board as
task to re-build IFOAM Organics            Organics Asia affiliates and            I would like to continue to bring
Asia as the umbrella organization of       partners. Please see more at www.       IFOAM - Organics International
the organic agriculture communities                        closer to its membership in Asia
and stakeholders in Asia. The most                                                 and to other parts of the world –
important work was to unite the major      Another area that needed to be          to further promote the growth of
stakeholders in the region, to identify    addressed urgently was to involve       IFOAM - Organics International
new areas where IFOAM - Organics           the younger generation in the organic   as an organization and implement
International should play a bigger role    movement – and the “IFOAM               its strategies withactions. IFOAM
and to stay financially viable. I strove   Asia Organic Youth Forum” was           - Organics International should
to build up networks with organic          established for this very purpose. It   no longer be seen as distant and
groups, like-minded movements,             is perhaps the most dynamic and         should be in the center of the
local governments, researchers and         exuberant project – most of the         organic and other like-minded
the younger generation to expand the       young people who attended the           movements.
base of IFOAM in Asia and to bring         Forums said that they felt a common
the strategies of IFOAM - Organics         identity and pride in being part of
International closer to its membership     IFOAM - Organics International!
and relevant stakeholders.                 Local governments in the region are
Membership in IFOAM Organics Asia          showing overwhelming interest and
grew from 85 members (2013) to 214         are promising support to host future    More Background information
(May 2017).                                Youth Forums.                           you find online.

        IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                 13
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Frank Eyhorn
Germany / Switzerland

 Over the last three years IFOAM –          for the future of our organization, but    to Switzerland for my studies and
 Organics International embarked            much of the work is still ahead of us.     still live here, now with my partner
 on a process of change. Under the          If re-elected I will continue dedicating   and our little daughter in a shared-
 guidance of the outgoing World             substantial time and energy, my            community house near Zurich where
 Board the concept of Organic 3.0 has       skills and my networks for building        we grow our organic vegetables and
 taken shape, providing a road map          a stronger organization and for            fruits, and keep bees.
 for the future development of the          implementing the new strategies.           I am an Environmental Scientist
 organic movement. In a participatory       I am convinced that organic                (PhD) with specialisation in soil
 process involving the office team and      agriculture has much to offer in           fertility, tropical agriculture and
 many of our affiliates, we developed       addressing some of the big global          rural livelihoods and additional
 and launched a new organisational          challenges of our time: climate            advanced studies in International
 strategy that will make IFOAM –            change, nutrition, rural poverty, water    Organizations Management and in
 Organics International an even more        scarcity and loss of biodiversity.         Development Cooperation. Over the
 relevant agent of positive change in       Since agriculture and food are now         past two decades I had the privilege
 the future.                                high on the international agenda we        to work on various aspects of
                                            have a unique opportunity to help          organic agriculture in 15 countries:
 Serving as a Vice-President                organic farming grow, to continuously      farming methods and system
 allowed me to take an active role          improve it, and to inspire mainstream      design, extension and internal
 in these processes. I also lead the        agriculture.                               control systems, standards and
 development of a fundraising strategy                                                 certification, value chain facilitation
 that strengthens the financial viability   In order to accelerate the uptake          and business development,
 of our organization and allows it to       of organic principles, we need             marketing and communication,
 expand its activities. By initiating the   to strengthen their recognition in         sector development and policy
 “Food for Life” awareness raising          society, economic activity, research       advice. I did extensive research
 campaign, I was able to bring content      and policy making. We need to seek         on the impact of organic farming
 and resources to the new consumer-         collaboration and synergies with           on the livelihoods of smallholders
 facing communication department.           people and organizations with whom         and wrote several practical guides
 In order to increase our outreach, I       we share common objectives. And            related to organic farming (IFOAM
 helped build bridges to organizations      we need an efficient, resourceful          Training Manual on Organic
 that can become allies in specific         and professionally governed and            Agriculture in the Tropics, Organic
 areas (development agencies                managed organization that facilitates      Cotton Crop Guide, Organic
 and foundations, UN and private            organic development worldwide.             Business Guide).
 sector platforms, environmental
 organizations, ISEAL etc.).                Born in Germany in 1974 and raised
                                            in a village, I used to work on organic
 I believe that with these reforms we       vegetable farms after school – and         More Background information
 managed to build a solid foundation        fell in love with it! In 1994, I moved     you find online.

14                                                               IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
Emile Frison

I am applying for Board membership         For the last ten years, I focused on    document which aligns well with my
of IFOAM – Organics International          promoting a systems approach that       own views.
because I believe that the time has        goes beyond maximizing productivity
come for a major paradigm shift away       per hectare at all costs but rather     Today, I live on a small organic farm
from the dominant industrial model         delivers on all aspects that matter     in Umbria, Italy, practicing what I
of agriculture towards sustainable         for people’s well-being: economic,      preach. I share my time in various
agricultural production systems            environmental, nutrition and health,    voluntary activities that contribute
that provide a diversity of healthy        social and cultural.                    to promoting the badly needed
food, a decent income for farmers,                                                 transition to sustainable food
the necessary resilience to adapt to       I was instrumental in the creation of   systems.
changing climates and the ecosystem        the International Panel of Experts
services that sustain our life on this     on Sustainable Food Systems             I am willing to devote my energy
planet. These sustainable systems          and the lead author of its first        and my multilingual communication
must move beyond niche markets             major report “From Uniformity to        skills to this cause as a member of
and become mainstream and                  Diversity: a paradigm shift from        the Board, and if so desired, of the
replace the unsustainable industrial       industrial agriculture to diversified   Executive Board.
agriculture.                               agroecological systems”. Since its
                                           publication in June 2016, I dedicate
I grew up on a “conventional” farm         most of my time to advocating in
in Belgium and experienced the             favour of this paradigm shift.
treadmill of ever increasing use of        I believe that we must bring together
synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.      the various movements that aim for
Later I studied agricultural sciences      a sustainable future in agriculture
and was struck by the strong               in order to have a stronger voice
technology focus of agricultural           in policy debates and to reach the
education. Throughout my entire            critical mass to be recognized as THE
career in agricultural research for        alternative to the strong industrial
development I grew more and                lobby that wants to maintain its
more convinced that this model of          dominance in agriculture. IFOAM –
agriculture which “fights with nature”     Organics International is well placed
and tries to create artificial, “ideal”    to play a leadership role in bringing
growing conditions for a handful of        the different voices together, not
major commodities is doomed to fail        to create a single message, but to
to satisfy the needs of humankind in       ensure that the diversity of messages
the future.                                are convergent and mutually
                                           supportive. I have appreciated the      More Background information
                                           views expressed in the Organics 3.0     you find online.

        IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                15
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Choitresh Kumar Ganguly

 I am an organic farmer and have         Anantapuramu District in the state        and marginal farmers which is now
 been involved in the field of rural     of Andhra Pradesh. The Collective         a successful business enterprise
 development since the late 1970s,       works in 172 villages, partnering         that procures, processes and
 helping to empower small holder         with 22,763 families through various      markets the produce of its members
 farmers, agricultural labourers,        thematic programmes: financial            under the brand name ‘Timbaktu
 Dalits and other disadvantaged and      inclusion of rural women, organic         Organic’. Dharani FaM Coop Ltd.,
 marginalised communities, artisans,     farming, enterprise development,          has 2,042 shareholders, all of whom
 women, children and People with         ecological restoration, child rights      practice organic agriculture while
 Disabilities.                           and the rights of People with             cultivating traditionally resilient
                                         Disabilities. At present, I am the        millets, pulses and oilseeds on
 In the initial part of my career, I     Chief Functionary and Director of the     10,568 acres of land. Around 75%
 was a social activist working with      Ecology, Livelihoods and Enterprise       of its members (1,513 shareholders)
 agricultural labourers and peasants.    Development programmes of the             are certified organic as per the
 I was also associated with various      Collective.                               peer-based Participatory Guarantee
 mass movements. In 1990, when I                                                   System (PGS) inspired by IFOAM -
 co-founded the Timbaktu Collective      The Collective has established and        Organics International .
 and established the 32-acre             promoted 14 community-owned               In terms of my networking
 ‘Timbaktu’ agro-forest habitat and      and managed Cooperatives [of rural        engagements, I am the Secretary
 intentional community, my work          women, small and marginal farmers,        and Founding Member of the PGS
 and personal orientation began          agricultural labourers, People with       Organic India Council; a Founding
 moving away from direct political       Disabilities, and tree growers] in        and Core Group Member of the
 action and agitational politics. With   order to demonstrate a model of           Fair Climate Network India, the
 my partner and my colleagues, I         local production, consumption             Millet Network of India, and the
 began to regenerate and revive the      and distribution, and provide an          Vikalp Sangam; and a Founding and
 local economy, enhance livelihood       alternative to mainstream economic        Executive Member of the Slow Food
 opportunities, help regain food         systems, which are often ecologically     India Network. Among the various
 security and food sovereignty, and      and socially exploitative. These          awards that we have received,
 work on large-scale ecological          alternatives have the potential to        the “One World - 2014” award
 restoration. In addition, I gradually   facilitate a vibrant local economy        presented by Rapunzel and IFOAM
 established myself as a leading         based on ecological sustainability,       - Organics International, is very
 organic farmer in the region.           fair trade, and social and economic       precious -
 The Timbaktu Collective is a                                                      bablu-ganguly.html
 grassroots non-profit organisation      Of particular relevance is our work in
 which works with marginalised           developing the Dharani Farming and
 people in the drought-prone             Marketing Cooperative (Dharani FaM        More Background information
 and ecologically challenged             Coop Ltd.), a cooperative of small        you find online.

16                                                           IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
Isabel Griffiths
United Kingdom

I am passionate about organic              the overuse of antibiotics, and           to do this. I have many years’
farming and I will bring my                sustainable livelihoods for small-        experience in standards governance
enthusiasm and dedication to               scale farmers worldwide. Thinking         and best practice. We need the
make a real contribution to the            holistically, as organic farmers do,      most effective governance structure
World Board. My work and studies           allowing for nature and people in         in place so that IFOAM - Organics
have always been to champion the           the culture of growing food, is vitally   International serves its membership
organic movement - from working            important and an approach we must         optimally and focusses on its
on organic farms, to inspecting and        make relevant again to all those          strategic goals.
supporting farmers in certification,       producing food.
to developing the standards for our                                                  My 13 years of experience in
farmers and processors. For me this        We cannot work alone to achieve           developing organic standards at
is a pivotal time for IFOAM - Organics     change. The effects of changing           Soil Association has shown me
International, when we must focus          climate on our ecosystems and             that standards are an evolving
on the goals of Organic 3.0 to bring       farming conditions are increasing and     tool to support organic production
about widespread change. From              escalating the urgency of change.         but that they must have real and
the outset, I have dedicated myself        I believe that IFOAM- Organics            positive impact. The Standard of
to organics - working on organic           International must actively seek          IFOAM- Organics International
farms in the UK, Ireland and France;       opportunities to work with like-          has enabled global application of
completing organic qualifications,         minded organisations, building            organic principles and we must
including my batchelor’s degree            into organic farming into efforts to      work to ensure they are supported
in organic farming. I moved from           improve production systems the            by advocacy and capacity
practical organic farming and studies      world over. We must identify shared       building in-country so that farming
to inspection, for Soil Association        goals and ensure that organic             communities can continue to benefit
Certification. After a period in           approaches become solutions to            from thriving organic systems.
Zambia as an organic agricultural          problems adopted and integrated
advisor, I have been working               into non-organic practice. To do just
at Soil Association developing             this I have helped re-connect IFOAM
organic standards across a wide            – Organics International with the
range of sectors including farming,        sustainability standards movement
aquaculture, food processing, health       through the successful motion in
products, textiles and catering.           2014 to resume links with the ISEAL
Organic farming holds many of the
solutions to the problems we face          IFOAM - Organics International must
today - soil degradation, pesticide        influence and support governments
use and its effects on people and          to enable widespread uptake of            More Background information
wildlife, poor animal welfare and          organic farming and I will be ready       you find online.

        IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                               17
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Hans R. Herren
Switzerland / USA

 I am a Swiss citizen, now working         Coordinator of the Agriculture            Achievement in 2003 for
 and living in Washington DC and           chapter of the UNEP Green Economy         outstanding contributions to the
 Capay, California, who studied            Report, 2011 and of the UNEP              field of environmental health;
 agronomy and entomology                   Report on the Ecological Bases of         One World Award 2010; Right
 in Switzerland and the USA. I             Food Security, 2012. Co-Chair of          Livelihood Award (Alternative Nobel
 worked for 27 years in Africa in          the International Assessment of           Prize) 2013; Foreign Associate US
 biological control, plant, human and      Agricultural Science and Technology       National Academy of Sciences,
 environmental health.                     for Development (IAASTD), 2003-           1999; Member of the Third World
                                           2009. Member CGIAR Science                Academy of Sciences, 2005;
 My main interest and experience is        Council (2005-2010). Member IPES-         Honorary Doctor of Science
 in holistic, integrated and sustainable   Food.                                     Kenyatta University, Kenya,
 development. I have hands-on              Founder / President, Biovision            2003; Honorary Professor, Hubei
 experience in research (designed          Foundation for Ecological                 University, Wuhan, PRC, 2004.
 and led one of the largest and most       Development, Switzerland, 1998.
 successful biological control program
 across Africa), capacity development,     Education: University of California,
 management of agricultural and            Berkeley, Biological Control
 bio-science research organizations        Division. Post-Doctoral position in
 and I am now active at the policy         entomology/agronomy 1977 - 1979.
 level, to assure that knowledge,          Federal Institute of Technology,
 science and technology contribute         Zürich, Switzerland 1969 – 1977
 effectively to sustainable and            (MSc in plant breeding and
 equitable development by informing        entomology; PhD in biological control
 development policies at national,         of insect pests).
 regional and global levels.
                                           Awards and Honors: Sir and Lady
 Professional Background: Millennium       Rank Prize for Nutrition, 1991; Kilby
 Institute (MI) USA: President and         Award for Extraordinary Contribution
 CEO since May 2005. International         to Society through Science,
 Centre of Insect Physiology and           Technology, Innovation, Invention,
 Ecology (ICIPE) Kenya: Chief              and Education, 1995. World Food
 Executive and Director General,           Prize, 1995, in recognition for having
 1994 - 2004. International Institute      advanced human development
 of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Nigeria:   by improving the quality, quantity
 Director Biological Control Program       and availability of the world’s food
 1979 -1991; Director Plant Health         supply; Brandenberger Prize               More Background information
 Management Division 1992 to 1994.         2002; Tyler Prize for Environmental       you find online.

18                                                             IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
Julia Lernoud
Argentina / Switzerland

I grew up in a family where organic        had the opportunity to support the        I see IFOAM - Organics International
was the norm. We had an organic            coordination of IFOAM - Organics          as much more than an organization
farm and a small organic home-             International participation at the        with members around the world.
delivery scheme. I understood from         COP15, the Climate Change                 For me, it is the platform for the
childhood that organic is not only         Conference in Copenhagen, learning        organic movement, a movement
food but the whole concept: respect        in action to spread ideas in the right    trying to create a better life not only
for the environment, nature, people,       place.                                    for us but the whole of the planet. I
the whole web of life.                                                               see IFOAM - Organics International
                                           Since 2011, I have been working           in all of its members – from the
Our company has been a member              in the production of the statistical      farmers caring for the growth of
of IFOAM – Organics International          yearbook “The World of Organic            their tomatoes to the manufacturers
for decades, so I grew up learning         Agriculture” at FiBL, the Research        aiming for the best tomato sauce,
about the movement, the problems           Institute of Organic Agriculture. This    to the family enjoying a fully organic
of small farmers, the dangers of           project has allowed me to be in           pasta, and the organizations
genetic modification, among other          contact with different actors from all    working for all this to happen. I see
key issues. While I was part of the        around the world and to stay updated      myself as part of that community, of
retail sector, mainly in Buenos Aires, I   on the latest developments in the         that movement.
had the chance to be in close contact      sector. In 2014, I came closer to other
with farmers and with consumers,           like-minded movements through a           I wish to help take the organic
listening to the needs of both sides of    new project at FiBL, “The State of        movement to the world, out of
the counter and trying to strengthen       Sustainable Markets.” This gave me        our comfort zone. I envision
that connection. In Argentina, I had       the chance to get to know these           a movement that is strong,
the opportunity of organizing several      movements and to see where the            connected, reaching new places,
times the presence of organic food in      organic movement can connect and          and playing a major role in the
massive music festivals. Where once        what we could learn from them.            complex world around us.
people only had fast food choices,
now they had fresh, real food full of      In all these years, I noticed that the
flavor and color at reasonable prices,     young farmers and entrepreneurs
showing that organic food can be for       weren’t so involved in the global
everybody.                                 scene. That’s why with a group of
                                           young people from different places
In 2009, I had the opportunity of          and backgrounds, we started a group
taking an internship at the IFOAM          called Young Organics,which aimed
- Organics International Head              to connect young organic actors
Office. This experience brought            and to enhance knowledge transfer
me closer to what was going on             between generations.                      More Background information
in the organic sector worldwide. I                                                   you find online.

        IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                   19
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Karen Mapusua
Fiji Islands

 My interest in organic agriculture        aligning the organic movement,             groups and organizations that share
 arose out of two passions. First,         based on the four core principles,         similar visions. This will ultimately
 food; food that no only tastes            to be a contributor to holistic social,    also benefit IFOAM – Organics
 good, real and flavorful but also that    economic and environmental                 International members.
 nourishes is an important factor in       sustainability. For the Pacific region,
 my becoming engaged in the organic        and I believe many areas of the            If elected to the World Board, I
 movement. This interest has only          globe, the link between agriculture        will bring experience of a diverse
 expanded over the years as I watch        and our indigenous cultures is a           and rich region of the world to
 so many of my peers succumb to            necessary part of these holistic           IFOAM - Organics International, my
 diet-related diseases far too young.      solutions.                                 extensive networking and advocacy
 Second, concern for our shared                                                       skills, experience in board work and
 environment; what is happening to         – Play a stronger role through the         passion for the organic movement.
 it, and how are our food systems          IFOAM - Organics International             I will offer my time, commitment
 are contributing to the growing array     Self- Organized Structures, including      and skills to the World Board team
 of environmental problems? This           regional bodies, to advocate against       and staff and fully serve IFOAM -
 concern too has only grown as I           GMO and pesticide use and to               Organics International members
 watch the impact of climate change        educate and influence policy and           to the best of my ability. I thank
 on my Pacific islands home.               decision makers.                           you for taking the time to read my
 That said, I believe that farmers                                                    statement.
 need to be at the heart of everything     – Continue supporting development
 IFOAM – Organics International            of systems such as PGS, working
 does. It is my firm belief that the       for equivalence in organic standards,
 organic movement, through IFOAM –         and ensuring that social justice is not
 Organics International, needs to:         forgotten. Ensuring that accessible,
                                           relevant organic certification is a
 – Play a pivotal role in a necessary      key to livelihoods for many of our
 and fundamental transformation            farmers.
 of agriculture from a problem
 to a solution. To where organic,          IFOAM - Organics International
 regenerative agriculture becomes a        has to maintain a balance between
 solution to our most pressing needs       providing services to members and
 of food and nutritional security in the   service to the planet. We need to
 face of a changing climate, easing        ensure that likeminded movements
 the burden of disease, biodiversity       have a better understanding of
 loss and fresh water insecurity.          organic principles and unite, through
                                           strategic alliances, in not only the       More Background information
 – See Organic 3.0 progress in             organic sector, but also with other        you find online.

20                                                              IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
Peggy Miars

I am excited to stand for another          certification agents in North America.   North American concerns to the
term on the IFOAM – Organics               That brought me to my current            World Board of IFOAM - Organics
International World Board. I’ve            position as Executive Director/CEO       International. As an Executive
brought a fresh perspective to World       of the Organic Materials Review          Director in the organic industry
Board discussions and decisions.           Institute (OMRI). During my six years    myself for the last 13 years, I have
I believe it’s important to maintain       at CCOF, the organization grew from      a keen understanding of what is
continuity on the World Board, and         14 employees to nearly 40. I have        needed to lead an organization,
ask for your support.                      also led OMRI during a period of         including a membership
                                           tremendous growth, expanding from        organization.
I served on the steering committee         17 employees in 2010 to over 50
that worked for 18 months to launch        employees today.                         I’ve been an organic consumer
IFOAM North America, and I chaired                                                  for nearly 30 years and an organic
the group’s first General Assembly.        My strengths are in NGO                  professional for more than 20 years.
Forming IFOAM North America was            management, leadership, fiscal           Organic is my life! I am a strong
important to IFOAM – Organics              accountability and developing            advocate for NGOs, having served
International and to North America.        collaborations. I believe that my        as a board member, volunteer and
I was appointed by the World               skills and experience in the organic     employee. I am pleased that IFOAM
Board to the International Organic         industry are assets to IFOAM –           – Organics International has made
Accreditation Service (IOAS) Board of      Organics International. I regularly      resource development a priority; it is
Directors, a position that I would like    work with OMRI’s Board of Directors,     an area of interest for me.
to continue.                               staff and stakeholders to uphold the
                                           integrity of organics in North America   If re-elected, I am prepared to serve
I’ve worked in the organic industry        and the world. I participate in semi-    IFOAM – Organics International on
covering the entire value chain. I         annual meetings of the National          the Executive Board. I commit to
started in 1996 at a natural and           Organic Coalition and the National       working on behalf of all members of
organic grocery store and witnessed        Organic Standards Board (NOSB),          IFOAM - Organics International and
the introduction and implementation        the advisory group to the NOP. I am      to upholding the integrity of organic
of the U.S. National Organic Program       knowledgeable about the U.S. and         products.
(NOP) standards. I was Marketing           Canadian organic standards as well
Director for a Whole Foods Market          as the regulatory structures and key
outlet and Consumer Marketing              actors in both countries. I have begun
Manager for Earthbound Farm, North         to develop relationships in Mexico
America’s largest organic produce          now that they have implemented their
brand. I then became Executive             organic standards.
Director/CEO of California Certified
Organic Farmers (CCOF), one of             I regularly report back to North         More Background information
the oldest and largest organic             American stakeholders and bring          you find online.

        IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017                                                 21
DAY 1 / World Board Candidates

Laura Montenegro
Argentina / Australia

 We need to spread the word that           voice whenever we can in society,          The approach of Organic 3.0 is one
 organic farming is the solution for the   in economy activity, education and         way to have great impact in society,
 major global challenges we now face,      policy making, stressing that the          but we need more participation of
 such climate change, desertification,     economy must be more ecological            the members. IFOAM - Organics
 erosion, contamination, social            and sustainable, therefore resilient to    International needs to make
 problems (e.g. poverty) and loss of       crises.                                    more efforts in local advocacy
 biodiversity.                                                                        and facilitate tools to spread and
                                           Organic agriculture is not only            encourage local markets. At the
 Centering on the “quality of life,” in    an effective tool for sustainable          same time we should facilitate
 contrast to “hyper-consumption”           management of natural resources; it        increase of organic products in the
 in society will bring about the           provides livelihoods for poor people,      main stream market.
 revaluation of natural assets for         not only developing countries, but         We need to emphasize the new
 people and our planet, and a new          also in big cities. Soon 70% of the        vision 3.0 with more inclusion and
 focus on ensuring the minimum             global population will be living in        bringing farmers and consumers
 necessary – enough for all people to      cities. Organic agriculture will include   together, such as:
 live at least a modest but dignified      to grow your own veggies and herbs
 and happy life. The dominant logic        on the balcony!                            • supporting box delivery schemes,
 of “use and discard” generates                                                         farmers’ markets, community
 excessive waste, because of the           Current market premiums enable               supported agriculture (CSA) and
 disordered desire to consume more         organic farmers to capitalize                green markets;
 than what is really necessary. Linked     additional sustainability values           • encouraging participatory
 to hyper-consumption is the crisis        like water management, animal                guarantee systems and
 arising in society from unfulfilled       welfare, energy conservation, and            developing local markets;
 spiritual hunger (mind body and spirit    freedom, justice and solidarity.           • promoting self-assessment,
 are a unit). The future is “Conscious     Future markets could internalize such      • using new technology, IT QR
 Consumption”: Eradicate superfluous       externalities, and continue to reward        etc., for bringing farmers and
 consumption and reduce waste.             the ecologically and socially best           consumer together;
                                           agricultural practices.                    • because we are still a niche.
 IFOAM – Organics International
 needs to make more links and              To continue global market access we
 networking with other movements           need to use equivalence instead of
 that share common objectives, and         compliance, continuing recognition
 be more present in places where           of other organic regulatory systems.
 members are, providing more               Therefore, benchmarking among
 efficient and effective services. We      organic guarantee systems, and
 need to strengthen communication          with other programs leading Good           More Background information
 in every level possible and raise our     Agricultural Practices, is essential.      you find online.

22                                                              IFOAM - Organics International IN ACTION General Assembly 2017
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