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        World Health Summit
        OCTOBER 14–16, 2018
“The World Health
                                                                                             Summit in Berlin is
                               “ It has a real added                                         also a forum that
                                 value in times when                                         is held in high inter­
                                 we know that multi-                                         national esteem
                                 lateral platforms in                                        and is dedicated
                                 the world are losing                                        to jointly furthering
                                 power.”                                                     global health.”
                                JOANNE LIU                                                   HERMANN GRÖHE
                                International President,                                     Federal Minister of Health,
                                Médecins Sans                                                Germany
                                Frontières, Switzerland

                                                                “ The World Health                                              “ The quality of
                                                                  Summit is one                                                   people here, the
“ This well-known col­
                                                                  of the best events                                              quality of panels,
  laborative network of
                                                                  to meet and interact                                            the quality of
  academic institutions
                                                                  with all aspects of                                             discussions, the
  works tirelessly to
                                                                  global healthcare,                                              diversity of every­
  achieve its main goal:
                                                                  academia, govern­                                               body has been
  to improve the health
                                                                  ment, and pharma.”                                              really amazing.”
  conditions worldwide.”
                                                                 Thomas P. Laur                                                  HRH Princess Dina
Adalberto Campos                                                 President of SAP Health,                                        Mired of Jordan
Fernandes                                                        USA                                                             President-Elect,
Minister of Health, Portugal                                                                                                     Union for International
                                                                                                                                 Cancer Control,
                               “No other forum                                                                                   Switzerland

                                draws the relative
                                participants so                                                      “ I am very excited
                                systematically into                                                    by the increased
                                a common discourse                                                     attendance of
                                aimed at mastering the                                                 young people
                                future challenges of                                                   from Africa.”
                                healthcare provision.”                                                Matshidiso Rebecca
                                Stefan Oelrich
                                                                                                      WHO Regional Office
                                Executive Vice President        “ The World Health                    for Africa, Switzerland
                                Head of Diabetes and Cardio­
                                vascular GBU, Sanofi, Germany     Summit is truly
                                                                  a premier strategic
                                                                                                                           “ The World Health
                                                                  forum for global
                                                                                                                             Summit 2017 was
                                                                  health leaders
“ The World Health                                                                                                           a wonderful event
                                                                  to come together.”
  Summit brings together                                                                                                     with an extraordi­
                                                                 Tedros Adhanom
  experts from across                                            Ghebreyesus                                                 nary program and
  the globe to improve                                           Director-General, WHO,                                      many opportunities
  both healthcare and                                                                                                        for important and
  prevention.”                                                                                                               fruitful meetings.”
Karl Max Einhäupl                                                                                                           Christoph Benn
CEO, Charité – Universitätsmedizin                                                                                          Director of External
Berlin, Germany                                                                                                             Relations, The Global
                                                                                            “ What a great occa­            Fund to Fight AIDS,
                                                                                                                            Tuberculosis and Malaria,
                                                                                              sion to engage and
                               “ Congratulations.                                             talk about how we
                                 What a great Summit.                                         can jointly tackle
                                 And all the best for                                         some of the most
                                 next year’s anniversary.”                                    fundamental chal­
                                Francesca                                                     lenges of our time.”
                                                                                             Werner Baumann
                                Head of Health Division,
                                                                                             CEO, Bayer AG,
                                OECD, France
FACTS                                                                                                                              3

3 Days · 100 Nations · 200 SPEAKERS · 2000 PARTICIPANTS

From October 14–16, the 10th World Health Summit will               Participants                           Presidents 2018
again draw inter­national experts from academia, politics,          • 2,000 from 100 countries             João Gabriel Silva
the private sector, and civil society to Berlin.                      on site                              University of Coimbra
                                                                    • 3,500 worldwide via                  Fernando Regateiro
At the World Health Summit, 2,000 stakeholders and deci­              live-stream                          Coimbra University
sionmakers from 100 countries and every field in healthcare                                                Hospitals
work together to find solutions to global health challenges.                                               Detlev Ganten
                                                                    • Improve health worldwide
                                                                                                           Charité – Universitäts­
                                                                    • Bring together stakeholders
The World Health Summit promotes thought leadership in                                                     medizin Berlin
                                                                      from all sectors
science and advances global health agendas and was founded
                                                                    • Strengthen international
in 2009 on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of Berlin’s                                               Regional Meetings
Charité Hospital. The international conference is traditionally                                            • Coimbra, April 2018
held under the patronage of the German Chancellor, the              Results                                • Kish Island, April 2019
President of the Republic of France and the President of            • M8 Alliance Declaration
                                                                                                           Expert Meetings
the European Commission. In addition to the World Health            • Statements and recommen­
                                                                                                           • Rome, June 2018
Summit in October in Berlin there are annual Regional                 dations for National Acad­
                                                                                                           • Istanbul, June 2018
Meetings in Spring and Expert Meetings around the world.              emies, Governments and
                                                                      International Organizations
                                                                    • Session Reports
General Topics

•   Basic Biological & Medical Research    •   Universal Health Coverage                 •    Drugs & Vaccines
•   Clinical & Patient Research            •   Translational Science & Medicine          •    Regulatory Aspects
•   Specific Diseases & Disorders          •   Public Health & Prevention                •    Health Visions, Strategies, Ethics
•   Diagnostics & Therapy                  •   Lifestyle, Physical Activity, Nutrition   •    Evolutionary Medicine
•   Medical Technology & Engineering       •   Patient Safety                            •    Demographic Change & Healthy Aging
•   Health Policies & Systems              •   Healthcare Facilities                     •    Global Health and Development


Angela Merkel                                  Emmanuel Macron                                Jean-Claude Juncker
Chancellor of the Federal 		                   President of the                               President of the
Republic of Germany                            Republic of France                             European Commission

“ The World Health Summit has               “ Cooperation between states, the                “The World Health Summit is a
  become a well and widely respected          scientific, economic and medical                key milestone in our efforts.”
  international forum when it comes           stakeholders, and civil society
  to the joint search for effective           is essential and must be planned
  responses to global health issues.”         over the long term.”                           * continuation requested

Central Topics 2018

Pandemic Preparedness                                          Strengthening Health Systems
The ability to prevent, detect, respond to and control         Although we now have a sophisticated arsenal of inter­
outbreaks is a significant investment that many countries      ventions and technologies for curing disease and pro­
are still struggling to make. New financing mechanisms –       longing life, gaps in health outcomes continue to widen.
such as the Pandemic Emergency Financing Facility              The power of existing interventions is not matched by
and WHO’s Contingency Fund – are therefore critical            the capacity of health systems to deliver them to those
to ensuring global health security and saving lives. In this   in greatest need, in a comprehensive way and on an
process, domestic financing for preparedness and reliable      adequate scale. Smart investments have to be the
public health mechanisms poses a key challenge.                centerpiece of domestic policies and financing.

The Sustainable Development Goals:                             Antimicrobial Resistance
Health in All Policies                                         Antimicrobial resistance is rising to dangerously high
The SDGs are an indivisible and interdependent set of          levels all over the world, and now threatens our ability
goals for sustainable development that are inherently          to treat common infectious diseases. The global crisis
linked with the Health in All Policies approach. It provides   reflects the overuse of common antibiotics, as well
a tool for finding common ground between economic              as a lack of new compound development on the part
and social development, environmental sustainability           of pharmaceutical companies to address the challenge.
and human health. One of the most important challenges         Fresh efforts have been made recently to coordinate
for global health in the coming decade will be to develop      efforts, implement new policies and renew research
synergies between a wide range of SDGs and health.             efforts. But major gaps remain.

Access to Essential Medicines                                  The Digital Healthcare Revolution
Some countries have made substantial progress towards          The global population is growing and ageing, and that
improving access to essential medicines and treatments         is having a profound impact on healthcare all over the
for fighting HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. Even          planet. Meanwhile, new developments in technology are
so, access to essential medicines in many parts of the         blurring the boundaries between the physical, biological
developing world remains inadequate, and new challenges        and digital worlds. The goal is now the personalization
– like access to NCD medicines – have arisen. Recent           of medicine – allowing tailored treatments for individual
progress shows that access to essential medicines can          patients based on their unique genetic makeup. This
be improved through stronger partnerships between              revolution has the potential to provide huge health
governments, pharmaceutical companies, civil society           benefits and empower patients, but it also poses new
and individual consumers.                                      ethical challenges, and could make inequities in health­
                                                               care even starker than they are today.

Session Formats

Keynotes                            Panel Discussions                Workshops
• 90 minutes                        • 90 minutes                     • 90 minutes
• Max. 5 speakers                   • Max. 6 speakers                • Max. 6 speakers
• Up to 800 participants            • Up to 300 participants         • Up to 250 participants

                  3 days, 47 sessions, 250 speakers, and
                  2,000 participants from about 100 countries –
                  in October 2017, Berlin was the capital
                  of Global Health once more.

                  Sunday, October 15
                  Keynotes and panel discussions:

                  • Opening Ceremony
                  • Healthy and Resilient Cities:
                    Rethinking Urban Transformation
                  • Noncommunicable Diseases:
                    Examining Global Health Priorities
                  • Precision Medicine and Population Health:
                    Forging a Consensus

                  … and 13 workshops

                               “ As long as we have             “ How do we imple­
                                 people in our world              ment the One Health
                                 who don’t have access            approach? There is
                                 to sustainable health­           a need to engage
                                 care systems, diagnos­           more colleagues from
                                 tics, higher education           more disciplines. We
                                 institutions, research           need to build long-
                                 and developments, etc,           term relationships
                                 there will be a lack of          and collaborations; to
                                 health security and we           build trust to change
                                 are all going to be at           behaviour and reduce
                                 risk collectively.”              infectious behavior.”
                                Lord Paul Boateng               Christine Beerli
                                Member of the House of Lords,   Vice President, International
                                United Kingdom                  Committee of the Red Cross,

Monday, October 16                                            Tuesday, October 17
Keynotes and panel discussions:                               Keynotes and panel discussions:

• Health Policy in the G7/G20:                                • Vaccine Research and Development:
  The Future of Global Health Governance                        Challenges and Opportunities
• Innovations in Digital Health:                              • Governing the Future with the Sustainable
  Transforming Systems & Changing Lives                         Development Goals
• Big Data for Health Governance:                             • The Health Impact of War & Terror:
  Benefits, Frameworks & Ethics                                 Coordinating Aid
• The Beauty of Impact:                                       • Shaping the Future of Digital Healthcare
  Tech Pioneers in Public Health and Social Medicine            in the Developing World
• Vaccination Apathy:                                         • Access to Health:
  Looking at The Non-rational Barriers to Health Protection     Supply Chain & Delivery Systems – Critical Enablers
• Global Health Security:                                       to Improving Access to Health
  Policy Responses to Planetary Challenges                    • Strengthening Innovation and Health Systems in Africa:
                                                                Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals
… and 9 workshops
                                                              … and 9 workshops

“When we know the meaning
 of the Genome sequence we
 will know the cause and the
 cure of everything: from disease
 to aberrant behavior to aging.
 What more persuasive call to
 the pursuit of basic medical
 research can there be?”
Roger D. Kornberg
Nobel Prize laureate,
Stanford University, USA

Health is a political choice
Global health is increasingly shaped in the political arena. For the first time
the heads of state of the G20 included priority global health issues in
their final declaration. Health is recognized as a central piece of the Sustainable
Development Agenda 2030 and it is now a regular feature at the UN General
Assembly. Many regional political bodies are engaging to improve health
whilst city initiatives for health are gaining in relevance.

The rich discussions at the World Health Summit 2017 lead us to highlight
the need for action in six key areas of global health:

1    Commitment
     to Strong and Reliable
                                           2    Commitment
                                                to Ensure Global
                                                Health Security
                                                                                      3    Commitment
                                                                                           to Healthy and
                                                                                           Resilient Cities

The world needs strong global health       The world is not yet ready to respond      Cities are becoming transformative
institutions to set norms and standards,   sufficiently to a major pandemic           drivers of sustainable development
respond to outbreaks and to protect        threat, despite a range of new initia­     and key actors in global health.
and support the most vulnerable.           tives which have been created to           Their challenge is to act for health
Their work needs the support of            support greater health security for all.   locally and integrate health into urban
decision makers at the highest level       Investments in science and innovation      planning, housing investment and
and it is essential that health remains    as well as in public health institutions   social policy decisions as cities con­
a key issue in major political fora        and capacity are critical. This requires   tinue to grow and change. The NCD
such as the G7 and the G20 and in          synergies between national, regional       pandemic will only be resolved
all regional organizations.                and global action, between public and      if there is also determined action at
                                           private actors and between develop­        the city level.
The M8 Alliance calls on the coun-         ment und humanitarian organizations.
tries hosting the next G7 and G20                                                     The M8 Alliances welcomes the
summits and holding the presiden-          The M8 Alliance calls on decision          increasing number of city initiatives
cies of key regional organizations         makers to maintain and strengthen          and networks that support health
to include global health challenges        their investment in health security,       and calls on Mayors to give particu-
on their agendas and to make the           especially the implementation of           lar attention to the social determi-
political choices required to ensure       the International Health Regulations.      nants of health and their impact on
the implementation of the 2030             This must include ensuring the safety      the next generation of children and
SDG agenda.                                of health and humanitarian workers         young people.
                                           in war and conflict zones. Investing
                                           in resilient health systems and capa­-
                                           city at community level is one of the
                                           best approaches to ensure greater
                                           safety and reduce vulnerability.

4    Commitment
     to Responsible Approaches
     to Big Data
                                       5    Commitment
                                            to Research, Innovation
                                            and Development
                                                                                6 Commitment to Innovation
                                                                                  and Health Systems
                                                                                	Strengthening in Africa

Big Data and artificial intelligence   Intensified global efforts to step up    Achieving the Sustainable Develop­
can bridge the gap between health­     vaccine research and development         ment Goals will require significant
care delivery and population health    are essential and a range of new         innovations regarding how invest­
and improve many health outcomes       initiatives – such as GAVI and CEPI –    ments and partnerships are devel­
through enhanced methods of re­        support the move in this direction.      oped with low and middle income
search. The digital future of health   Important initiatives are also emerg­    counties around the world, especially
has only just begun and in many        ing to address the challenge of          in Africa. Domestic investment will
cases outpaces the policy responses.   antimicrobial resistance. Part of such   play an ever more important role –
                                       an effort must be the support to         yet cooperation among African
The M8 Alliance calls on inter­        institution and capacity building in     countries as in other regions of the
national organizations and on policy   the global South and strong coope­       world will be more important than
makers to prioritize the digital       ration networks that span the globe.     ever before in order to muster the
potential of health systems and to                                              still scarce resources.
rapidly and systematically address     The M8 Alliance calls on countries,
the ethical, commercial, regulatory    private sector actors and interna-       The M8 Alliance calls on professional
and technical challenges that come     tional organizations to significantly    organizations to actively contribute
with this change.                      step up their investment in inno­        to new models of institution building
                                       vation, science and technology,          and professional development to pro­
                                       including implementation sciences,       mote indigenous capacity in science
                                       interdisciplinary and translational      and technology. Strategies to develop
                                       work as well as technology transfer.     a highly competent health workforce,
                                                                                managing work force migration and
                                                                                circulation, involvement of Diasporas
                                                                                of professionals and scientists will
                                                                                gain in relevance. First successes in
                                                                                Africa show that progress is possible –
                                                                                they must be stepped up and sup-

                                                                                The M8 Alliance renews its full com­-
                                                                                mitment to support goal 3 of the
                                                                                Sustainable Development Goals which
                                                                                aims to: “Ensure healthy lives and
                                                                                promote well­-being for all at all ages.”
                                                                                We call on heads of state and govern-
                                                                                ment to invest in people and to en-
                                                                                sure that no one is left behind. The
                                                                                M8 Alliance commits to the transfor-
                                                                                mative approach of the Sustainable
                                                                                Development Goals. Success in SDG
                                                                                goal 3 will be achieved in a cross sec­-
                                                                                toral approach involving many of the
                                                                                other SDGs. We call on politicians to
                                                                                make the political choice for health.

                                      10 young entrepreneurs from 6 countries pitched on
                                      Monday, October 16, in front of a high ranking jury and the
                                      audience and were awarded by Minister Hermann Gröhe
                                      in a ceremony that same evening.

                                      The winning company doctHERs from Pakistan convinced
                                      the jury with their idea of digitally connecting women
                                      in low- and middle-income countries to improve access
Startups from all over the world      to health. “Our winner combines both a significant impact
                                      on health and sets a vital and timely direction for social
presented their ideas and concepts    change,” so the reasoning of the jury. Asher Hasan of
for the future of healthcare at the   doctHERs said: “It’s like winning the Oscars. This visibility
                                      will help women all over the world.”
World Health Summit Startup Track
                                      For the World Health Summit Startup Track 2017, more
held under the patronage of           than 70 health startups from 25 countries had applied,
German Federal Minister of Health     25 of them were invited to the World Health Summit.

Hermann Gröhe.                        World Health Summit Night
                                      Following the award ceremony, participants and speakers
                                      enjoyed the World Health Summit Night with food, drinks
                                      and music.
MEDIA                                                                                                                                    11


                                                   In Zusammenarbeit mit:

                                                                                                   Polish Healthcare Journal

                                                                                                   Ogólnopolski System Ochrony Zdrowia

The World Health Summit 2017 was featured among others in

•   Africa Times                        •   Devex                            •   Medscape
•   Agence France Press (AFP)           •   Die Welt                         •   MIT News
•   Apotheken Umschau                   •   DIE ZEIT                         •   Modern Ghana
•   ARD Mittagsmagazin                  •   Financial Express                •   MSN
•   ARD Tagesschau                      •   Financial Times Health           •   Nairobi News
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•   Deutsche Presse Agentur (DPA)       •   Kenya Today                      •   ZDF Logo
•   Deutsches Ärzteblatt                •   La Presse+                       •   ZEIT ONLINE
•   Deutsche Welle                      •   LifeScience


•   150 accredited media representatives
•   300 reports (print, online, TV, radio)
•   3,500 participants via livestream
•   5,200 Tweets during the event creating about
    17 million impressions
•   1,700 people using the conference hashtag #WHS2017
•   250,000 online visitors from 200 countries
•   Press releases to more than 1,800 German and
    1,000 international media contacts
•   Monthly newsletters to more than 20,000 subscribers

speakers and partners include                            speakers                   organizations
(in alphabetical order)                                  • Peter Agre               • Berlin Institute of Health
                                                         • Gerd Binnig              • Charité – Universitäts­
                                                         • Elizabeth Blackburn        medizin Berlin
                                                         • Emmanuelle Charpentier   • German Centres for Health
• Peter Albiez
                                                         • Aaron Ciechanover          Research
• Werner Baumann
                                                         • Karl Max Einhäupl        • Helmholtz Association
• Thomas B. Cueni
                                                         • Roger D. Kornberg        • InterAcademy Partnership
• Christoph Franz
                                                         • Barry J. Marshall        • Leibniz Association
• Steven Hildemann
                                                         • Peter Piot               • Robert Koch Institute
• Joseph Jimenez
                                                         • Hans J. Schellnhuber     • M8 Alliance
• Neil Jordan
                                                         • Thomas C. Südhof         • Max Planck Society
• Suresh Kumar
                                                         • Lothar H. Wieler         • National Institutes of Health
• Freda C. Lewis-Hall
                                                         • Otmar Wiestler
• Hasso Plattner
                                                         • Ada E. Yonath
• Severin Schwan
                                                         • Rolf M. Zinkernagel
• Steve Singh
• Frans van Houten

organizations                                 academia                              speakers
• Bayer
                                                                                    • Christine Beerli
• Medtronic
                                                                                    • Arnaud Bernaert
• Merck
                                                                                    • Joe Cerrell
• Microsoft
                                                                                    • Katie Dain
• Novartis
                                                                                    • Mark Dybul
• Pfizer
• Philips                                  World                                    • Dagfinn Høybråten
                                                                                    • Jeremy Knox
• Roche
• Sanofi
                          sector           HealtH                    civil
                                                                                    • Joanne Liu
                                                                                    • HRH Princess Dina Mired
• Siemens Healthineers
                                           Summit                                   • Joy Phumaphi
                                                                                    • Helle Thorning­Schmidt
                                                                                    • Elhadj As Sy
                                                                                    • Heidemarie Wieczorek­Zeul

speakers                                                                            organizations
• Hanan Mohamed Al­Kuwari                       Policy                              • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
• Yukiya Amano                                  Makers                              • Coalition for Epidemic
• José Manuel Barroso                                                                 Preparedness Innovations
• Alain Berset                                                                      • Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
• Margaret Chan                                                                     • International Committee
• Raymonde Goudou Coffie       organizations                                          of the Red Cross
• Awa Marie Coll­Seck          • European Commission                                • Médecins Sans Frontières
• Adalberto Campos Fernandes   • International Governments and Ministries           • Save the Children
• Hermann Gröhe                • Organisation for Economic Co­operation             • The Club of Rome
• Dorcas Makgato­Malesu          and Development                                    • The Global Fund
• Matshidiso Rebecca Moeti     • Munich Security Conference                         • Transparency International
• Peter Salama                 • Senate of Berlin                                   • Wellcome Trust
• Rajitha Senaratne            • World Economic Forum                               • World Wide Fund For Nature
• Frank­Walter Steinmeier      • World Health Organization
Regional Meeting                                                                                                      13

World Health Summit Regional Meeting – Portugal
April 19–20, 2018

Coimbra Hospital
University Centre, University of Coimbra

Convento de São Francisco
Coimbra, Portugal

Speakers include                 Topics
• Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa        • Managing Infections Diseases
  President of the Portuguese      in Low and Middle Income
  Republic                         Countries
• António Costa                  • Governance for Health Equity
  Prime Minister, Portugal         in Low and Middle Income
• Adalberto Campos                 Countries
  Fernandes                      • Opportunities and Challenges
                                                                    “ I would like to      “ The Regional
  Minister of Health, Portugal     in Translating Innovation into
                                                                      welcome you to         Meeting in Coimbra
                                                                      the University of      will be a very good
                                 • Biomedical Education
                                   for a Changing World               Coimbra. Founded       event to serve
                                                                      in 1290, it is one     the World Health
                                                                      of the oldest uni­     Summit’s vision and
                                                                      versities in Europe    to com­municate it
                                                                      and one of very        to many countries
Previous Regional Meetings       Save the date                        few that has been      especially in Africa.”
• Montreal 2017                  Regional Meeting – Iran              declared World         Fernando Regateiro

• Geneva 2016                    April 29–30, 2019                    Heritage by UNESCO.” Chairman    of the Board
                                                                                             of Directors, Coimbra
                                                                    João Gabriel Silva       Uni­versity Hospitals,
• Kyoto 2015                     Kish Island
                                                                    Rector, University of    Portugal
• São Paulo 2014                                                    Coimbra, Portugal
• Singapore 2013

The World Health Summit supports young experts and innovative ideas:

Startup Track                                               New Voices in Global Health

                                                            The New Voices in Global Health initiative promotes
                                                            the active participation of young scientists in the
                                                            World Health Summit. The World Health Summit
                                                            Scientific Committee identifies the best applications.
                                                            Selected participants present their work at the
                                                            World Health Summit.

The World Health Summit Startup Track, held under
the patronage of the German Federal Minister of Health,
highlights inno­vative ideas from all over the world with
the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve
global health. From among all applicants, 25 startups
are invited to the World Health Summit, including
10 finalists who pitch their business concepts in front
of jury and audience.

                                                            Next Generation of
                                                            Science Journalists Award

                                                            The Next Generation of Science Journalists Award
                                                            supports emerging young medical science journalists
                                                            and their contribution towards public understanding
                                                            of science. It is held in cooperation with Deutsches
                                                            Ärzteblatt, the European Union of Science Journalists’
                                                            Associations, the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting,
                                                            and the International Journalists’ Programmes.

IAP Young Physician Leaders

In this program, top junior professionals are nominated
by the National Academies of their countries and being
trained in special leadership programs during the World
Health Summit. The program is organized by the IAP for
Health, the medical section of all National Academies,
and was launched in 2011 in partnership with the World
Health Summit and the M8 Alliance.
M8 ALLIANCE                                                                                                            15

The M8 Alliance is a unique network of 25 leading international academic health
centers, universities and research institutions, and includes the InterAcademy
Partnership, which represents all National Academies of Medicine and Science.
The M8 Alliance acts as an academic think-tank for the World Health Summit.

The M8 Alliance currently has           science based solutions to health          The organization also works to adapt
25 members based in 18 different        challenges worldwide. The M8 Alliance      health-related solutions to rapidly
countries, and includes all National    promotes the bench to bedside to           changing living conditions through
Academies of Medicine and Science,      population health translation of           research in priority areas, especially
represented through the InterAcademy    research, as well as the transforma­tion   shifting demographics, urbanization,
Partnership. All M8 Alliance members    of current medical care approaches         and climate change.
are committed to improving global       to treating the ill by creating health­
health and working with political and   care systems aimed at the effective
economic decisionmakers to develop      prevention of disease.
M8 aLLiance

        interacademy Partnership (iaP)                                                                                                                 Kyoto university Graduate
        for Health                                                                                                                                     school of Medicine, Japan
        The IAP for Health combines the expertise                                                                                                      The first institution of its kind in Japan,
        and impact of all National Academies                                                                                                           the Kyoto Imperial University College
        of Medicine and Science worldwide to                                                                                                           of Medicine was founded in 1899. Its
        advance sound policies, promote excellence                                                                                                     successor, the Kyoto University School of
        in science education and improve public                                                                                                        Public Health, was established in 2000.
        and global health.

        charité – universitätsmedizin                                                                                                                  Makerere university, uganda
        Berlin, Germany                                                                                                                                One of the oldest and most
        Europe’s largest university clinic –                                                                                                           prestigious centers of learning
        and its oldest and most prominent                                                                                                              in Africa, Makerere University
        hospital – is located in the German                                                                                                            is home to a staff of over 4,000
        capital. Eleven Nobel Prize laureates                                                                                                          and more than 40,000 students.
        have worked at the Charité.

        coimbra Health, Portugal                                                                                                                       Monash university, australia
        Over 700 years old, the University of                                                                                                          As Australia’s largest university –
        Coimbra is a keystone of European and                                                                                                          with approximately 60,000 students
        global scientific culture, as well as a                                                                                                        from over 170 countries – Monash has
        UNESCO World Heritage Site. Together                                                                                                           seven campuses: five in Victoria, one in
        with the Coimbra Hospital and University                                                                                                       Malaysia and another in South Africa.
        Center, it forms Coimbra Health.

        imperial college London, uK                                                                                                                    national university of singapore
        The Imperial College of Science and                                                                                                            Founded in 1905, the National University
        Technology was created as a constituent                                                                                                        of Singapore today consists of 16 different
        college of the University of London. Fully                                                                                                     faculties and schools. Around 37,000
        independent since 2007, the Imperial                                                                                                           students can be found on its three
        College London attracts students from                                                                                                          campuses in Singapore and seven over­
        more than 100 countries.                                                                                                                       seas locations.

        London school of Hygiene                                                                                                                       national Taiwan university, Taiwan
        & Tropical Medicine, uK                                                                                                                        Known for its diverse and international
        Founded in 1899, the London School                                                                                                             curriculum, National Taiwan University is
        of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is one of                                                                                                       made up of 11 colleges, 54 departments
        the leading research­focused graduate                                                                                                          and 105 graduate institutes. It has a
        schools in the world.                                                                                                                          student body of around 30,000.

        istanbul university, Turkey                                                                                                                    sapienza university of Rome, italy
        With origins dating back to 1453, Istanbul                                                                                                     Established in 1303 by Pope Boniface VIII,
        University is an internationally recognized                                                                                                    Sapienza is one of the oldest universities
        institute of higher learning with over                                                                                                         in the world. With about 115,000 students,
        170.000 students and 22 faculties                                                                                                              it’s one of the largest is Europe as well.
        dedicated to research and education.

        Johns Hopkins Bloomberg                                                       Tehran University                                                Tehran university of Medical
        school of Public Health, usa                                                    Medical Sciences                                               sciences, iran
        A fully accredited private institution, the                                                                                                    The university is the oldest, largest and
        JHSPH was the first public health facility                                                                                                     most highly ranked comprehensive higher
        in the world, and it remains the largest                                                                                                       education institute in the field of medicine
        school in the field.                                                                                                                           and public health in Iran, offering a wide
                                                                                                                                                       range of courses and receiving applica­
                                                                                                                                                       tions from students from around the globe.

                                                  Tehran University of Medical Sciences (TUMS) is accredited with premier status by the Accreditation Service for International
                                                  Colleges (ASIC). ASIC is recognized by the United Kingdom Department for Education and Skills (DfES), the United Kingdom
                                                  Department for Universities, Innovation and Skills (DUIS), the United Kingdom Border and Immigration Agency (Home Office), the
                                                  United Kingdom Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). ASIC is a member of Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).

university sorbonne                           World federation
Paris cité, france                            of academic institutions for
The University Sorbonne Paris Cité is         Global Health (WfaiGH)
a recently established consortium of          A global network of academic health
prestigious institutions that brings          institutions, the WFAIGH was set up to
together higher education and research        help provide evidence to inform policies
institutions in the city of Paris.            on global health issues.

university of Geneva, switzerland             association of academic Health
Founded in 1559 as a theological and          centers intenational (aaHci)
humanist seminary, the University of          The AAHCI is a global non­profit organ­
Geneva is renowned for emphasizing the        ization that aligns efforts among health
unity of teaching and research. It’s the      professionals in education, research and
only tertiary­level educational institution   patient care.
of its kind in the region.

Geneva university Hospitals,                  chinese academy of Medical
switzerland                                   sciences & Peking union Medical
The Geneva University Hospitals               college, china
are heirs to a centuries­long tradition       The college is among the most selective
of excellence in medicine and science.        medical institutions in the People’s
The HUG represents a merger all public        Republic of China and one of its top two
hospitals in Geneva.                          universities.

Graduate institute Geneva,                    Russian academy of Medical
switzerland                                   sciences, Russian federation
A semi­private postgraduate institution,      Set up in 1944, the USSR Academy of
the Graduate Institute Geneva was the         Medical Sciences was considered the
first university in the world to be dedi­     most prestigious scientific and medical
cated solely to the study of international    organization in the Soviet Union. Its
aff airs.                                     successor – the Russian Academy of
                                              Medical Sciences – was founded in 1992.

university of Montreal, canada
A public research university that started
with less than 100 students in 1878, the
University of Montreal has more than
60,000 today. Comprised of 13 faculties
and more than 60 departments, it has
the highest sponsored research income
in Quebec.

Montreal clinical Research
institute, canada
The IRCM was the first independent
academic research center in Quebec
to bring basic and clinical researchers
together under a single roof.

university of são Paulo, Brazil
Founded in 1934, the University of
São Paulo arose from a combination of
institutions, including a medical school.
Today the largest university in Brazil is
seen as the country’s most prestigious
educational institution.

M8 Alliance Executive Committee

João Gabriel Silva         Fernando Regateiro            Detlev Ganten             Ali Jafarian                   Hélène Boisjoly
International President    International President       President                 International President 2019   International President 2017
Rector, University of      Chairman of the Board of      Charité – Universitäts­   Chancellor, Tehran             Dean, Faculty of
Coimbra, Portugal          Directors, Coimbra Uni­-      medizin Berlin, Germany   University of Medical          Medicine, Université
                           versity Hospitals, Portugal                             Sciences, Iran                 de Montréal, Canada

Axel Radlach Pries         Michael J. Klag               Ben Canny                 José Otávio
Dean of Host Institution   Strategic Co-operation        Governance                Auler Jr.
Charité – Universitäts­    and Stakeholder Liaison       and Fundraising           Officer at large
medizin Berlin, Germany    Former Dean, Johns Hopkins    Head, School of           Dean, University
                           Bloomberg School of Public    Medicine, University      of São Paulo Faculty
                           Health, Baltimore, USA        of Tasmania, Australia    of Medicine, Brazil

World Health Summit Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee consists of the M8 Alliance Executive Committee and these members of the WHS Council:

Co-Chairs                  members

Hélène Boisjoly            Rifat Atun                    David de Kretser          Bärbel-Maria Kurth             Klaus Lindpaintner
Dean                       Director, Global Health       Professor, Reproductive   Director, Epidemiology         Scientific Director
Faculty of Medicine,       Systems Cluster               Endocrinology             and Health Monitoring          King Abdullah International
University of Montreal,    Harvard T. H. Chan School     Monash University,        Robert Koch Institute,         Medical Research Center, Al Ahsa-
Canada                     of Public Health, USA         Australia                 Germany                        Jeddah-Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Stefan Kaufmann            Thomas B. Cueni               Erich R. Reinhardt        Heinz Riederer                 Günter Stock
Director                   Director General              Chair of the Board        Managing Director              President
Max Planck Institute       International Federation      Medical Valley            iNG innovation.                ALLEA
for Infection Biology,     of Pharmaceutical Manu­       EMN e. V., Germany        Nachhaltigkeit.                All European Academies,
Germany                    facturers & Associations                                Gesundheit, Germany            Germany
COUNCIL | AMBASSADORS                                                                                                                19


                                   Catherina Böhme                 Susanna Krüger                  Peter Piot
                                   Foundation for Innovative New   Save the Children               London School of Hygiene
Ilona Kickbusch                    Diagnostics                     Germany                         and Tropical Medicine
The Graduate Institute of
International and Development      Thomas B. Cueni                 Bärbel Kurth                    Erich Reinhardt
Studies                            Int. Federation of              Robert Koch Institute           Medical Valley
                                   Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
                                   & Associations                  Steve Landry                    Heinz Riederer
Members                                                            Bill & Melinda Gates            iNG innovation.
                                   Manfred Dietel                  Foundation                      Nachhaltigkeit.
                                   Charité – Universitäts-                                         Gesundheit
Ala Alwan                          medizin Berlin                  Yves Levy
University of Washington,                                          Institut national de la santé   Maike Röttger
Department of Global Health        Klaus Dugi                      et de la recherche médicale     Association Development
                                   Boehringer Ingelheim                                            and Humanitarian Aid
Rifat Atun                         GmbH & Co. KG                   Marion Lieser
Harvard T.H. Chan School                                           Oxfam Germany                   Mathias Scheller
of Public Health                   Timothy Evans                                                   Albertinen-Diakoniewerk
                                   World Bank                      Klaus Lindpaintner
Till Bärnighausen                                                  King Abdullah International     Hans J. Schellnhuber
Heidelberg University              Roland Göhde                    Medical Research Center         Potsdam Institute for Climate
                                   German Healthcare                                               Impact Research
Hans-Peter Baur                    Partnership                     Luiz Loures
Federal Ministry for Economic                                      UNAIDS                          Georg Schütte
Cooperation and Development        Jörg Hacker                                                     German Federal Ministry
                                   Leopoldina – Nationale          Philippe Meyer                  of Education and Research
Ingo Behnel                        Akademie der Wissenschaften     Descartes University
German Federal Ministry                                                                            Günter Stock
of Health                          Andrew Haines                   Jürgen Mlynek                   European Federation
                                   London School of Hygiene        Falling Walls Foundation        of Academics of Sciences
Christoph Beier	                   & Tropical Medicine                                             and Humanities
Deutsche Gesellschaft für                                          Matshidiso Rebecca
Internationale Zusammenarbeit      Zsuzsanna Jakab                 Moeti                           Heiko Warnken
                                   World Health Organization       World Health Organization       Federal Ministry for Economic
Christoph Benn                                                                                     Cooperation and Development
The Global Fund to Fight AIDS,     Ashish Jha                      Bernd Montag
Tuberculosis and Malaria           Harvard Global Health           Siemens Healthineers            Lothar Wieler
                                   Institute                                                       Robert Koch Institute
Tobias Bergner	                                                    Andreas Penk
German Federal Foreign Office      Stefan Kaufmann                 Pfizer Germany
                                   Max Planck Institute
Arnaud Bernaert                    for Infection Biology           Hagen Pfundner
World Economic Forum                                               Roche Germany


Edelgard Bulmahn                   Eckart von Hirschhausen         Heinz Riederer                  Ansgar Tietmeyer
Former Federal Minister of         Medical Doctor and Cabaret      Managing Director               Former Head of Public Affairs
Education and Research             Germany                         iNG innovation.                 Deutsche Bank AG
Germany                                                            Nachhaltigkeit. Gesundheit      Germany

Manfred Dietel                     Michael Rabbow                  Reinhard Schäfers               Charles Yankah
Director, Institute of Pathology   Senior Advisor                  Former Ambassador of the        Chairman
Charité – Universitätsmedizin      E&P Focus Africa Consulting     Federal Republic of Germany     Afrika Kulturinstitut e. V., Berlin
Berlin                             Germany                         Germany                         Germany
“ At this conference in Berlin,                “ A forum of this kind          “ It is viewed as the most
  the experts meet up to talk about              must be strengthened            important strategic forum for
  global healthcare provision.”                  and perpetuated.”               global healthcare questions.”
ARD Tagesschau                                  The Lancet                      Die Welt

90%                ts 2017 want to at
 of the participan                           Jörg Heldmann                 World Health Summit
                    Summit 20  18
 the World Health                            Managing Director             WHS Foundation GmbH
                                        c/o Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
                                                                           Charitéplatz 1
                                             Alexander Hewer
                                                                           10117 Berlin, Germany
                                             Managing Director
 Save the Date
 World Health Summit 2018                    Julian Kickbusch              Tel.: +49 (30) 450 572102
 October 14–16                               Program Director    
 Berlin, Germany                   
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