Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
Würzburg. Personal Guide.
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                                                          Würzburg Residence with the
                                                          Court Gardens and Residence Square
                                                          World Heritage since 1981

                                 World Heritage · World-Class Wine · Well-Being
Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg

This brochure includes hotels in       For Würzburg and for the               The “Cyclist friendly” supplier,       Impressum
Würzburg and selected accommo-         Franconian Wine Country                were appointed by the Allge-           Edited by:
dations in the Franconian Wine         reservations can be made in            meine Deutsche Fahrradclub             Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg,
Country (see page 56 – 65). The                                                                                      Eigenbetrieb der Stadt Würzburg
                                       70 hotels on our website:              (ADFC).                                Maps: Bäumer Design,
rates quoted in Euro (€) cover         www.wuerzburg.de/hotels                                                       Tourismusverband Franken
overnight stay, breakfast and value                                           The data in this publication is        Illustrations: Hutterreimann Landschafts-
added tax. The prices include the                                                                                    agentur, Barbara Knievel
                                       at the provider or through our         based on information supplied to
local taxes and specifications valid                                                                                 Photos: Africa Festival, Arbeitsgemeinschaft
at the time of the contract closing.   booking office:                        Congress · Tourismus · Würzburg.       Romantische Straße, Bayerische Schlösser-
In the case of changes in the legal                                           However, the rates and informa-        verwaltung, BBK-Galerie, Botanischer Garten,
value added tax or the new intro-      Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg        tion are subject to change. The        Bürgerspital Weingut, Andreas Bestle, 3WM
                                       Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 23 35             suppliers reserve the right to vary,   OHG, ExitGames, Diözese Würzburg, Dom-
duction of taxes, change or aboli-                                                                                   schatz, Thomas Dorn, Weingut Fesel, Fotolia,
tion of local specifications, which    Fax +49 (0)9 31/37 36 52               without notice, any information        ©FrankenTourismus/FWL/Würzburg/Hub,
have an effect on the performance      E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de           relating to the listings or rates in   Nicole Frech, U. Gaasch, Gemeindearchiv
after the closing of contract, the                                            this publication.                      Gerbrunn, Meike Goebel, Andreas Grasser,
prices will be adjusted accordin-                                                                                    Erika Groth-Schmachtenberger, Joachim
gly. Some rates may indicate                                                                                         Grothus, R. Grunert-Held, Alexander Hess,
                                       Classification                                                                Jüdisches Museum Shalom Europa, Weingut
a price range only.                                                                                                  Juliusspital, Günther Klebinger, Kostümfüh-
                                       ★★★★ First Class
                                       ★★★         Comfort                                                           rung Würzburg, Oliver Lang, Gerald Langer,
                                                                                                                     Youri Lenquette, Holger Leue, Thomas
                                       ★★          Standard                                                          Linkel, Mainfranken Theater, Martin von
                                       ★           Tourist                                                           Wagner Museum, Mineralogisches Museum,
                                       S           Superior                                                          Museum am Dom, Museum für Franken,
                                       The star rating is based on volun-                                            Rolf Nachbar, Matthias Maas, Main-Post/
                                                                                                                     Thomas Obermeier, Rudi Merkl, Matthias
                                       tary participation in a national                                              Merz, Mozartfest, Museum im Kulturspeicher,
                                       classification made by Deutscher                                              Jörg Nellen, Dirk Nitschke, Daniel Peter,
                                       Tourismus Verband (DTV). If the                                               Regensburger Stadtrundfahrten GmbH, Wein-
                                       supplier has decided not to parti-                                            gut Reiss, William Richards, Jan R. Schäfer,
                                                                                                                     Nik Schölzel, Segway Herzog & Schwarz
                                       cipate in the classification, infor-                                          GbR, Johanna Stahl-Zentrum, Bugs Steffen,
                                       mation regarding rating is lacking                                            Touch Science der Universität Würzburg,
                                       from the list. The rating is based                                            Touristik GmbH Würzburger Land, Falk v.
                                                                                                                     Traubenberg, Norbert Schwarzott, Staatli-
                                       on information provided in Sep-                                               cher Hofkeller, Frank-Udo Thielmann,
                                       tember 2017.                                                                  Markus Westendorf, Würzburger Nacht-
                                                                                                                     wächter GmbH, Zepra Event GmbH
                                                                                                                     Print: Schleunungdruck, Marktheidenfeld
Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
Services of Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg..................3                  Specials ........................................................................34
The Unique Würzburg Flair ...........................................4           Teamchallenge
                                                                                 City and Fortress Rally
Würzburg State Horticultural Show 2018 .....................8
                                                                                 Vinyard Rally
Event Highlights ..........................................................10    Wooden Kart Team Challenge
Museums and Galleries ...............................................14          The Hunt for Mr.X
 Museum für Franken                                                              Exit Games Würzburg
 Fürstenbaumuseum                                                                Segway City Tour Würzburg
 Museum im Kulturspeicher                                                        Würzburg with the Nightwatchman
 Museum am Dom                                                                   Würzburg with “Schorsch”
 Domschatz                                                                       Five-Course-Meal – Culinary and Cultural City Tour
 Martin-von-Wagner-Museum                                                       Franconian Wine ..........................................................39
 Mineralogisches Museum                                                          Bürgerspital Weingut
 Botanical Gardens                                                               Weingut Juliusspital
 Touch Science at the University of Würzburg                                     Staatlicher Hofkeller
 Röntgen Memorial                                                                Weingut A. Fesel
 Siebold Museum                                                                  Weingut am Stein
 Jewish Museum Shalom Europa                                                     Weingut Reiss
 Johanna-Stahl-Zentrum                                                           Würzburger Stein
 VKU-Galerie Spitäle                                                             The Würzburg Stein – Wine Cultivation,
 BBK-Galerie / Künstlerhaus                                                      Ecology, City from Above
 Kunstschiff Arte Noah                                                           Wine Festivals
Theater, Cabaret .................................................20            Excursions ....................................................................46
Guided Tours .....................................................22             The Main River Loop at Volkach
Würzburg Highlights ...........................................23                The Southern Main River Triangle and
 Guided Walking Tour of the Old Town                                             the Main River Loop at Volkach
 Old Town Newcomers Tour                                                         Iphofen and the Franconian Wine Country
 City Tour with your own Coach                                                   To Iphofen and Dettelbach via
 Sightseeing Tour with a City Tour                                               the Franconian Wine Country
 Guided Tours for People with Disabilities                                       The Romantic Road
 Walking Times in Würzburg                                                       Boat Tours to Veitshöchheim and the
 Würzburg with an Audio Guide                                                    Court Gardens
 City Tour with the City Train                                                  Bicycling .......................................................................49
 UNESCO World Heritage Residence Palace                                          The Main-Radweg (Main River Bike Path)
 Old Town and UNESCO World Heritage                                              Long Distance Bike Path Romantic Road
 Residence Palace                                                                Organized Bike Tours
 UNESCO-World Heritage                                                           Bicycling through Nature and Culture
 Residence Palace and Court Garden
                                                                                Program Suggestions ...................................................52
 Guided Tours of Fortress Marienberg
                                                                                 Program Suggestions for Individual Travelers
 Old Town and Fortress Marienberg
                                                                                 Program Suggestions for Groups
 Fortress Marienberg and Museum für Franken
 Fortress Marienberg and Fürstenbaumuseum                                       Hotels, Inns, Guest Houses in Würzburg ....................58
Guided Tours with a Topic ...................................28                 Accommodations in the
 Medieval Würzburg                                                              Franconian Wine Country ............................................62
 Baroque-Era Würzburg and the UNESCO World                                      Vacation Apartments
 Heritage Site Residence Palace                                                 Private Accommodation Booking Agencies
 Jewish Life in Würzburg                                                        Hostels, Camp Sites .....................................................66
 Women in Würzburg                                                              Package Deals ..............................................................72
 Witch-Hunts in Würzburg
                                                                                Terms of Accommodation and Agency .......................77
 The Mainviertel
                                                                                Conditions for Reservations and
Walks in Nature and Culture ................................29
                                                                                Contracts for Guided Tours..........................................78
 The Würzburger Stein – Wine Cultivation,
 Ecology, City from Above                                                       Maps ............................................................................80
 Horticultural Art in Würzburg – The Court Garden                                City Map
 at the Residence and the Ringpark                                               Area Map
 Through the Park of the State Horticultural Show
 1990 to the Fortress Marienberg
Castle and Court Garden in Veitshöchheim .............30
Guided Tours for Children and Students .................32
 Würzburg for Children and Students
 Museum für Franken
 Museum am Dom
 Touch Science at the University of Würzburg

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
Würzburg – the perfect match for your event:
conference and culture, learning and leisure,
workshops and wine
                        Congress Centrum Würzburg
                        Central location – Flexible room concept –
                        Spectacular views

                        Various rooms and meeting areas:
                        Up to 2,500 persons
                        For conventions, conferences,
                        trade shows, seminars, cultural and
                        social events

                        Tagungszentrum Festung Marienberg
                        Relaxed conferences in a historic setting

                        Four meeting rooms:
                        Up to 400 persons
                        For conventions, conferences,
                        seminars, cultural events and

                        Museum im Kulturspeicher
                        Modern Art – an impressive backdrop for your event

                        Various function rooms:
                        Up to 200 persons
                        For presentations, banquets,
                        receptions, seminars, cultural
                        events and festivities

                        Barockhäuser in der Neubaustraße
                        A Baroque treasure in the heart of Würzburg

                        Three function rooms:
                        Up to 100 persons
                        For conferences, seminars,
                        presentations and festivities

                   Our dedicated meeting planners know Würzburg by heart.
                   Let us help you plan your perfect event!

                   Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg       Am Congress Centrum Phone: +49 (0)9 31/37 24 81
                   Municipal operated enterprise         97070 Würzburg      E-mail: tagungen@wuerzburg.de
Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
Services of
  Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg

Our Service Offers for Individual Travelers                                    Services We Offer for Groups
• Detailed tourist information on Würzburg and the                             Trip Planning
  Franconian Wine Country                                                      Club Outings
• Program suggestions                                                          Class Reunions
• Advance ticket sales for city walking tours or                               Employee Field Trips
  city tours with the ‘City Train’ for individual travelers                    Weekend Trips for Friends and Family
• Advance ticket sales for many cultural events and
  concerts in Würzburg                                                         More than 150 knowledgeable tour guides are available to
• Sale of the Würzburg Welcome Card                                            acquaint you with the many sights and museums of our friendly
• A great range of souvenirs, including the sale of wine from                  city on the Main River and its attractive surrounding wine country.
  the cellars of the three biggest wineries in Würzburg                        We arrange guided tours in 14 different languages and work closely
                                                                               with the hotels in Würzburg and the Franconian Wine Country.
                                                                               We will find a match for your groups needs and budget.
Tourist Information & Ticket Service
Falkenhaus on upper Market Square                                              Our Services in and around Würzburg Include:
97070 Würzburg                                                                 • Information and Planning of Group Trips
Tel.: + 49 (0)9 31/37 23 98                                                    • Program Planning
E-mail: falkenhaus@wuerzburg.de                                                • Hotel Room Reservation
www.wuerzburg.de/tickets                                                       • Guided Tour Reservations
Opening hours:
January – March                                                                We are available:
Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm                                                   Monday through Thursday
Saturday 10 am – 2 pm                                                          8:30 am to 5 pm and
                                                                               Friday 8:30 am to 1 pm
April, November, December
Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm                                                   Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg
Saturday 10 am – 2 pm                                                          Group Service:                Guided Tours:
May – October                                                                  Am Congress Centrum           Phone +49 (0)9 31 / 37 26 50
Monday – Friday 10 am – 6 pm                                                   Turmgasse 11                  E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de
Saturday 10 am – 3 pm                                                          97070 Würzburg                Hotels:
Sundays, Bank Holidays 10 am – 2 pm                                            Fax: +49 (0)9 31 / 37 26 50   Phone +49 (0)9 31 / 37 23 71
                                                                               www.wuerzburg.de/gruppen      E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de

                             Our service team for groups, that takes care
                                 of all your needs are (from left to right):
                                       Andrea Salmen, Sabine Kohlhepp,
                      Annette Bronner, Jawed Iqbal and Sabine Belousow

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
The Unique Würzburg Flair
    Why is Würzburg so popular? Many people come
    visit time and time again, not because of the location
    alongside the Main River and the ease of getting here.
    No, it has everything to do with the unique atmos-
    phere that simply makes you feel good. It’s a special
    mix of culture and ambiance, of world heritage and
    wine festivals, of modern and classical music, of
    avant-garde and age-old traditions, of sciences and
    party atmosphere that makes this town so popular.
    The stunning historical architecture provides the
    perfect setting for everything Würzburg has to offer.
    There are many hotels and restaurants that are
    looking forward to your visit. – Enjoy the Franconian
    wine, a glass of Franconian sparkling wine and
     other culinary treats from the region.

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
The Residenz Palace –
A UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site
Balthasar Neumann, Europe’s greatest architect of the Baroque
era, built the Residence Palace. This former home of the prince
bishops of Würzburg is nicknamed “the castle above all castles.”
The grand staircase of the Residence Palace is deemed the most
beautiful staircase in the world. Other renowned artists whose
names are inextricably linked to this lovely city on the Main river
are Tilman Riemenschneider and Giovanni Battista Tiepolo.

Almost Like Hollywood but Real:
The Towers of Würzburg
Würzburg is not a fake movie backdrop but a real, vibrant city.
The view from the Fortress Marienberg across the many towers
rising above the city – the cathedral, the Marienkapelle, the
town hall, and the Käppele – is breathtaking and unforgettable.

The Museums: Visit, Experience, and Learn
At the Museum für Franken, you find a large collection of works
by Tilman Riemenschneider. The Museum am Dom offers a
unique collection of modern and contemporary art. The award-
winning Museum im Kulturspeicher offers Concrete Art in a
truly extraordinary setting. If you are interested in items from
the antiquity, then visit the Martin von Wagner Museum. There
is something here for any interest!

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
Fascinating Tradition: Franconian Wine,
the Bocksbeutel and Typical Restaurants
Our recommendation: Quaint restaurants and traditional wine
taverns offering local fare. Of course, you can also opt for inter-
national cuisine at five star restaurants. And don’t forget that
this is one of the best wine-growing areas in Germany. So don’t
miss the opportunity to sample a local wine from a Bocksbeutel
bottle. This should be a mandatory part of any visit…
For an up-close experience of the Franconian joie de vivre,
visit one of the many local wine festivals, tour a wine cellar or
participate in a wine tasting.

                                                                      One in Four Residents is a College Student
                                                                      Würzburg is home to about 36,000 college students. Wilhelm
                                                                      Conrad Röntgen once studied here and discovered X-rays that
                                                                      have transformed our lives. In 1901, he was awarded the Nobel
                                                                      Prize in Physics for his work. There are a total of 14 Nobel Prize
                                                                      winners that once studied and lectured at the university and
                                                                      helped further its excellent reputation. The University of Applied
                                                                      Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt offers 32 different Diplomas,
                                                                      Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs. The University of
                                                                      Music Würzburg has produced many well-known musicians,
                                                                      among them the world-famous singers Waltraud Meyer and
                                                                      Diana Damrau.

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
A Unique Setting: Mozart Meets Mozambique
Are you looking for classical music or African drum beats? We have got
you covered! The Africa Festival in Würzburg is the largest African Culture
Festival in Europe and Würzburg also hosts the acclaimed Mozart Festival,                                                        Rostock
an outstanding classical music concert series. If you need more: There is                                                       Rostock
the International Film Weekend, the Stramu Street Art Festival, the
Bach Days, to name just a few.                                                                         Bremen

                                                                                                            Hannover                          Berlin
Getting Here Is Easy:                                                                   Münster            Hannover
                                                                                        Münster                                             Berlin
We are Located in the Heart of Europe                                                                                                     Potsdam

As much as locals enjoy the Franconian heritage, they also take                         Dortmund
advantage of the easy access to the rest of Europe. Würzburg sits
                                                                                   Köln                                            Leipzig
at the crossroads of numerous new and old traffic routes.                          Köln                                Erfurt
                                                                                    Bonn                              Erfurt           Dresden
Three major interstate highways intersect here: Autobahn A3                         Bonn                                             Dresden
Cologne – Würzburg – Munich, Autobahn A7 Hamburg – Würzburg –                             Frankfurt
Ulm, and Autobahn A81 Stuttgart – Heilbronn – Würzburg.
                                                                              Trier                     Würzburg
Furthermore, there are 350 train departures daily, 70 of which are            Trier
high-speed trains, and you are only an hour’s drive from the Frankfurt              Heidelberg
                                                                                    Heidelberg                        Nürnberg
International Airport. If you like the water, you can take a boat trip on
the Main river to Sommerhausen or a leisurely cruise to Veitshöchheim
                                                                                                    Stuttgart              Regensburg
and the most beautiful Rococo garden in all of Europe. Since the Rhine-Danube                         Romantic
canal opened, the Main river has taken off as a boat-touring destination.                                 Road
                                                                                       Freiburg        Augsburg
                                                                                                      Augsburg           München
In 2017 more than 1,000 river cruises stopped in Würzburg. And don’t forget
to explore the scenic Romantic Road. There is no shortage of great options here.                     Füssen

Würzburg. Personal Guide - Hotels Guided Tours Events World Heritage World-Class Wine Well-Being - Stadt Würzburg
April 12 – October 7, 2018

WHERE IDEAS GROW                                                     Flower shows and futuristic gardens
                                                                     Numerous exhibitors are to provide colourful and diverse flower
                                                                     shows. Changing exhibitions in the flower hall will be dedicated
95 hectares of future
                                                                     to floral specialities, spectacular plays of colour and current de-
How do we want to live? How will we reconcile work, research,
                                                                     velopments from the world of flowers.
living and recreation in the future? How will nature and expan-
                                                                     Unusual future gardens will provide diverse inspirations of how
sion coexist? Urbanisation with ecology? Is change the new
                                                                     we would like to live and reside in the future. For example, you
green? With the motto “Where ideas grow” the Landesgarten-
                                                                     will be able to view experimental types of housing, such as the
schau Würzburg invites its visitors to address exactly these ques-
                                                                     flexible »Tiny Houses« which facilitate living in the smallest Gar-
tions in a curious, playful, investigative and indeed amazed way
                                                                     den), which represents an alternative concept to our »disposab-
manner from 12th April to 7th October, 2018.
                                                                     le« society. On the other hand, the »Garten der Vergangenheit«
In the sign of the butterfly, not only rare plants and blooming
                                                                     (Garden of the past) provides insights into the everyday life of
gardens are presented approximately two kilometres from the
                                                                     the Americans who lived in the Leighton Barracks on the Hub-
inner city of Würzburg and at eye level with the Marienberg
                                                                     land until 2008. And in the »Entschleunigter Garten« (Decelera-
Fortress, but also an entire location for new ideas. Here a new
                                                                     ted garden), your body, spirit and soul will have the opportunity
urban district, the Hubland, is being created on a plateau with
                                                                     to reconverge.
an eventful history – featuring a large park, diverse types of
housing and a social infrastructure.
The centrepiece of the Landesgartenschau site is the new city        A location for innovations
park, offering diverse experience sections and themed gardens,       A part of the Zentrum für digitale Innovationen Mainfranken
attractive play and activity areas and performance stages. Fur-      (Centre for Digital Innovations Mainfranken, ZDI) will be moving
thermore, visitors to the horticultural show can travel back in      into the »Gründerlabor« (Founder laboratory) at the heart of the
time: An exhibition will lead through an area which was once a       Landesgartenschau site. For visitors to the garden show, it will
potato field, then a runway for flight pioneers and finally a base   be possible to look over the shoulder of creative agents within
for the US military forces.                                          the regional start-up scene.

                 Rottendorfer Tor

                                                                                                                          Entrance Belvedere

                                                                      Entrance fees for groups
                                                                      Adults (20 – 100 persons) € 16.50 per person
                                                                      Adults (101 – 1000 persons) € 16 per person
                                                                      Order tickets in advance from January 2018
                                                                      via E-mail, Fax or online form:
                                                                      E-mail: ticket@lgs2018-wuerzburg.de
                                                                      Fax +49 (0)9 31/37 30 05
                                                                      Online form: www.lgs2018-wuerzburg.de

Themed weeks                                                          Guided tours
Every two weeks, the Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 will             Public guided tours for individual visitors and small groups
reinvent itself with exciting “themed weeks”. Here, visitors can      in German (up to 11 persons)
experience how trees communicate with one another, for example.       April 12 – October 7, 2018, Fri – Sun, Bank Holidays
Amongst other things, you will be able to admire historical planes,   10 am: entrance Belvedere, 11 am: entrance Wissensgärten
listen to Händel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks, and undoubted-      Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
ly experience astonishment, moving into the realms of delight!        Tickets: from the guide
                                                                      Meeting point: sign „Führungen“ at the entrances
April 12 – 26: Flight – Take-off                                      Costs: adults € 8, students € 6,
April 4 – May 10: International – Wide world                          families € 19 (2 adults with children up to 18 years)
May 11 – 24: Mobility – On tour                                       Please note: limited to 35 persons per tour
May 25 – June 7: Growth – Pulling on the grass
                                                                      Guided tours for groups in foreign languages
June 8 – 21: Communication – What does the tree say?
                                                                      Duration: approx. 2 hours
June 22 – July 5: Innovation – Flashes of inspiration
                                                                      Costs: tour guide in foreign languages € 96
July 6 – 19: Diversity – Everything stays different
                                                                      Each additional hour: € 32
July 20 – August 2: Teamwork – Dream couples
                                                                      Groups: max. 35 persons per tour guide
August 3 – 16: America – You’re welcome
August 17 – 30: Deceleration – Just slow down!                        Information / Reservations:
August 31 – September 13: Origin – Back to the roots                  Congress • Tourismus • Würzburg
September 14 – 27: Networks – From ginger to the Internet             Gästeführerservice
September 28 – October: 7 Transformation – Under the                  Am Congress Centrum, Turmgasse 11, 97070 Würzburg
symbol of the butterfly                                               Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 26 50, Fax +49 (0)9 31/37 36 52
                                                                      E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de, www.wuerzburg.de/fuehrungen
Special ranges of offers for children and school classes, sports
areas and picnic areas and many evening events round off the          The grounds of the Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 are barrier-free.
extensive program of the Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018.
                                                                      Bus lines
                                                                      Bus route no. 29 from bus station to bus stop LGS-Süd
Opening hours
                                                                      (Landesgartenschau South) or LGS-Ost (Landesgartenschau East)
daily 9 am – 6 pm, correspondingly longer for evening events.
                                                                      Bus route no. 14 from bus station (at main train station [Haupt-
                                                                      bahnhof]) to bus stop “Philosophisches Institut”
Entrance fees day tickets:
                                                                      Bus route no. 10 from Sanderglacisstraße to bus stop “Hubland/Mensa”
Adults € 18
Reduced € 14                                                          Parking
Adolescents 7 – 17 years € 3                                          There are 100 bus parking spaces and parking spaces for cars
Children 0 – 6 years free admission                                   available at the Belvedere entrance.
Day tickets sold at all three entrances to the Landesgarten-
schau grounds (entrances: Belvedere, Wissensgärten,                   Information
Rottendorfer Tor).                                                    Landesgartenschau Würzburg 2018 GmbH
Further information on tickets:                                       Sedanstraße 23, 97082 Würzburg
www.lgs2018-wuerzburg.de/besuch                                       Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 20 18, Fax +49 (0)9 31/37 30 05
                                                                      E-mail: info@lgs2018-wuerzburg.de


     A great number and variety of events are taking place here
     all year long. To assist you in planning your trip, we have listed
     some of the best ones on the following pages.

     For updated information, please refer to our website:

     Tickets for events marked with an asterisk *
     are available at:
     Tourist Information & Ticket Service
     Falkenhaus am Markt, 97070 Würzburg
     Tel. +49 (0)9 31/37 23 98

     Opening hours:
     January – March
     Mon – Fri 10 am – 5 pm,
     Sat 10 am – 2 pm
     April, November, December
     Mon – Fri 10 am – 6 pm,
     Sat 10 am – 2 pm
     May – October
     Mon – Fri 10 am – 6 pm
     Sat 10 am – 3 pm
     Sun and Bank Holidays
     10 am – 2 pm

International Film Weekend                Flamenco Festival                  Residenz Run Würzburg                     iWelt-Marathon Würzburg
Internationales Filmwochenende            Flamenco Festival                  Würzburger Residenzlauf                   iWelt-Marathon Würzburg
January 25 – 28, 2018                     March 30  – April 2, 2018          April 29, 2018                            May 13 , 2018
January 24 – 27, 2019                     The only Flamenco Festival in      April 14, 2019                            May 26 , 2019
German and international movies,          Southern Germany takes place in    A popular running event around            More than 4,000 runners are
works of prominent producers,             Würzburg. The program contains     the Residence Palace which is             expected at the 18th iWelt-
documentary films, short films            a wide array of traditional and    among the biggest mass sports             Marathon. The run follows a two-
and children’s program.                   contemporary Flamenco perfor-      events in Lower Franconia.                round course along the Main
                                          mances.                            Runners of all ages run here.             and through the city passing by
Location:                                                                    Highlights are the children’s and         many sights. It is an event with an
Central Programmkino                      Locations:                         student’s runs, the main run and          attractive program for both runners
Organizer:                                Mainfranken Theater Würzburg       the ‘aces’ run which features top         and spectators alike.
Filminitiative e.V.                       Weingut Juliusspital, Zehntscheune athletes from around the world.
Frankfurter Straße 87                     Organizer:                                                                   Organizer:
97082 Würzburg                            Salon 77 / Würzburger              Organizer:                                Stadtmarathon Würzburg e. V.
Phone +49 (0)1 51/14 44 58 59             Künstlerinitiative e. V.           Stadt Würzburg /                          Alfred-Nobel-Straße 20
E-mail: info@filmwochenende.de            c/o Mercedes Sebald                Fachbereich Sport                         97080 Würzburg
www.filmwochenende.de                     Richard-Wagner-Straße 60           Würzburger Residenzlauf                   Phone +49 (0)9 31/9  03 38 50
                                          97074 Würzburg                     Veranstaltungsgesellschaft                E-mail: g.herrmann@wuerzburg-
                                          Phone +49 (0)93 65/88 84 27        Sedanstraße 23                            marathon.de
                                          E-mail: info@salon77.de            97082 Würzburg                            www.wuerzburg-marathon.de
                                          www.wueflamencofestival.com        Phone +49 (0)9 31/4 60 78 60
                                                                             E-mail: buero@residenzlauf.de

Spring Fun Fair                           Wine Press Hall Festival               Culture Days at the Juliusspital      Würzburg Wine Village
Frühjahrsvolksfest                        Kelterhallen Weinfest                  Kulturtage im Weingut Juliusspital    Würzburger Weindorf
March 10 – 25, 2018                       April 6 – 7, 2018                      May 5 – 20, 2018                      May 25 – June 3, 2018
March 30 – April 14, 2019                 April 5 – 6, 2019                      May 18 – June 2, 2019                 May 29 – June 6, 2019
The Spring Fair in Würzburg takes         Ring in the wine festival season       Art gallery, live music ranging       The Wine Village is in the middle
place three weeks before Easter.          at the Bürgerspital! Anyone who        from Jazz to international, and the   of Würzburg’s market square:
Every year, it is the first big fair in   is tired of the cold, dark and drab    atmosphere of the fabulous            More than 100 different local
Bavaria. Offered is a big festival        of winter is invited to the heated     grounds of the Juliusspital.          wines are served in cute, timbered
tent, about 50 rides and other            wine press hall at the Bürgerspital.   World-famous wines and guided         gazebos. The event is rounded out
entertainment booths, as well as          Join a two-day celebration of wine     tours make this a perennial hit       by local and international cuisine.
food and drink stands to keep the         and food.                              with visitors.
party rolling.                                                                                                         Location:
                                          Location / Organizer:                  Location / Organizer:                 Market Square
Location:                                 Weingut Bürgerspital                   Weingut Juliusspital                  Organizer:
Talavera                                  Theaterstraße 19                       Klinikstraße 1                        Verein Würzburger Festwirte e. V.
Organizer:                                97070 Würzburg                         97070 Würzburg                        c/o Andreas Korger
Stadt Würzburg, Volksfestbüro             Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 50 34 41           Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 93 14 06          Dettelbachergasse 2
Domstraße 1                               E-mail: weingut@buergerspital.de       E-mail: tagung@juliusspital.de        97070 Würzburg
97070 Würzburg                            www.buergerspital-weingut.de           www.juliusspital.de                   Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 51 70
Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 36 92                                                                                             E-mail:
www.wuerzburg.de                                                                                                       info@weindorf-wuerzburg.de

Mozart Festival Würzburg                Bürgerspital                          Hofgarten Wine Festival                   Wine Festival
Mozartfest Würzburg                     Hofschoppen Festival                  Hofgarten Weinfest                        Wein am Stein
May 25 – June 24, 2018                  Bürgerspital                          June 29 – July 8, 2018                    July 11 – 23, 2018
May 24 – June 26, 2019                  Hofschoppenfest                       June 28 – July 7, 2019                    July 10 – 22, 2019
Since 1921, Germany’s oldest            June 7 – 16, 2018                     An unforgettable Baroque setting:         Delicious wine, a warm evening
music festival has been held in         This is a traditional Würzburg        The picturesque grounds of the            outside, surrounded by vineyards
the Würzburg Residence Palace.          wine festival that takes place in     Residence Palace’s court gardens          and nice people: That’s what the
First-class orchestral and cham-        the historical courtyard of the       are the location of the wine festi-       wine festival at the Stein is all about!
ber concerts with internationally       Bürgerspital zum Hl. Geist. Great     val of the Staatlicher Hofkeller.         Enjoy the view of the fortress and
renowned artists, delight around        place to sample top wines from                                                  the pilgrimage church Käppele
25,000 music fans from around the       the estate and to meet friendly       Location:                                 while listening to live music. Every
world at more than 60 events every      locals.                               Residence Palace                          night there is a different band and
year. Mozart Day in Würzburg’s                                                Organizer:                                the music ranges from Soul to Funk,
city centre and the Nachtmusiken        Location / Organizer:                 Staatlicher Hofkeller                     Salsa, Reggae, Brass or Blues.
(night music) in the Residence’s        Bürgerspital-Weinstuben               Residenzplatz 3                           Information:
festively illuminated courtyard         Theaterstraße 19                      97070 Würzburg                            www.wein-am-stein.de
round off this special experience.      97070 Würzburg                        Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 05 09 31
                                        Phone +49 (0)9 31/35 28 80            E-mail:                                   Location / Organizer:
Organizer:                              E-mail:                               bernd.vanelten@hofkeller.bayern.de        Weingut am Stein
Mozartfest Würzburg                     info@buergerspital-weinstuben.de      www.hofkeller.de                          Mittlerer Steinbergweg 5
Rückermainstr. 2, 97070 Würzburg        www.buergerspital-weinstuben.de                                                 97080 Würzburg
Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 23 36                                                                                              Phone +49 (0)9 31/2 58 08
E-mail: info@mozartfest.de                                                                                              E-mail: mail@weingut-am-stein.de
www.mozartfest.de                                                                                                       www.weingut-am-stein.de

30. International Africa Festival*      Free Open Air Music Festival          Kiliani Fair                              Würzburg Docks Festival*
Internationales Africa Festival         Umsonst & Draussen Festival           Kiliani Volksfest                         Würzburger Hafensommer
May 31 – June 3, 2018                   June 21 – 24, 2018                    July 6 – 22, 2018                         July 20 – August 5, 2018
May 30 – June 2, 2019                   June 20 – 23, 2019                    July 5 – 21, 2019                         July 19 – August 4, 2019
This is the largest festival of Afri-   Würzburg’s Woodstock: For four        Fish on a stick, specially brewed         A cultural festival with open air
can music and culture in Europe.        days, German and international        festival beer, brats, cotton candy        cinema, concerts, art and theater.
A truly unique experience awaits        bands and musicians strut their       etc. The largest fair in the area
you! The artists come from all          stuff in a relaxed, open-air atmos-   starts out on Friday with the tradi-      Location:
over Africa and play traditional        phere.                                tional tapping of the first keg of        Alter Hafen / Oskar-Laredo-Platz
and modern African music. At the                                              beer by the Mayor of Würzburg.            Organizer:
bazaar you can find African musi-       Location:                             A parade on the first Saturday            Stadt Würzburg
cal instruments, arts and crafts –      Talavera-Mainwiesen                   showcasts traditional, local outfits.     Kultur-, Schul- und Sportreferat /
the bazaar alone is worth a visit.      Organizer:                            Then, for two weeks, you can en-          FB Kultur
                                        Umsonst & Draussen e. V.              joy the fair and all its rides, as well   Turmgasse 9
Location:                               Untere Dorfstraße 1                   as a big beer tent and a couple of        97070 Würzburg
Talavera Mainwiesen                     97270 Kist                            beer gardens.                             Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 23 95
Organizer:                              Phone +49 (0)93 06/9 85 57 48                                                   E-mail:
Afro Project e. V.                      E-mail:                               Location:                                 hafensommer@stadt.wuerzburg.de
Friedenstraße 5                         post@umsonst-und-draussen.de          Talavera                                  www.hafensommer-wuerzburg.de
97072 Würzburg                          www.umsonst-und-draussen.de           Organizer:
Phone +49 (0)9 31/1 50 60                                                     Stadt Würzburg, Volksfestbüro
E-mail: info@africafestival.org                                               Domstraße 1
www.africafestival.org                                                        97070 Würzburg
                                                                              Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 36 92

Wine Party at the                      Wine Parade Würzburg                  Stramu Würzburg –                     Würzburg Jazz Festival
Bürgerspital-Hof Pfaffenberg           Weinparade Würzburg                   Street Art Festival                   Würzburger Jazz Festival
Weinparty im                           August 23 – September 2, 2018         Stramu Würzburg –                     October 27 – 28, 2018
Bürgerspital-Hof Pfaffenberg           August 22 – September 1, 2019         Festival für Straßenkunst             October 26 – 27, 2019
July 27 – 28, 2018                     The wine parade is without            September 7 – 9, 2018                 Jazz it up! A weekend of modern
July 26 – 27, 2019                     comparison: Imagine sitting in a      September 6 – 8, 2019                 Jazz from the German-speaking
The party takes place in the yard of   cozy pagoda-shaped tent on the        More than 400 artists from all        countries.
the Bürgerspital wine estate at the    market square, in front of the Ma-    over the globe enchant downtown
Pfaffenberg. The motto is: Topnotch    rienkapelle. You have the choice      Würzburg. This unique cultural        Location:
enjoyment for all senses. Enjoy live   of 100 wines from the best wine       happening is the largest stage-free   Felix-Fechenbach-Haus
music, a variety of food and of        estates plus culinary treats of the   street music festival in Europe.      Organizer:
course the excellent Bürgerspital      highest quality.                      Performances take place on 24         Jazzinitiative Würzburg e. V.
wines.                                                                       public squares.                       c/o Dr. Jörg Meister
                                       Location:                                                                   Klingenstraße 19
Location:                              Market Square                         Location: Inner City                  97265 Hettstadt
Bürgerspital Betriebshof               Organizer:                            Organizer: Stadt Würzburg             Phone +49 (0)9  31/46 24 20
Pfaffenbergstraße                      Verein Würzburger Festwirte e. V.     Information:                          E-mail: jo_meister@t-online.de
Organizer:                             c/o Andreas Korger                    Förderverein Stramu e. V.             http://.jazzini-wuerzburg.de
Bürgerspital Weingut                   Dettelbachergasse 2                   c/o Mike Sopp
Theaterstraße 19                       97070 Würzburg                        E-mail:
97070 Würzburg                         Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 51 70             team@stramu-wuerzburg.de
Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 50 34 41           E-mail: info@weinparade.de            www.stramu-wuerzburg.de
E-mail: weingut@buergerspital.de       www.weinparade.de

Festival in the Ringpark               Museum Festival                       City Festival                         Honky Tonk Festival
Ringparkfest                           Museumsfest                           Stadtfest                             Honky Tonk Festival
August 3 – 5, 2018                     September 2, 2018                     September 14 – 15, 2018               November 10, 2018
August 2 – 4, 2019                     September 1, 2019                     September 13 – 14, 2019               November 9, 2019
Meet outdoors: The picturesque         The Museum für Franken at the         A Würzburg classic: Stores showcase   Over 40 bands and DJs are playing
Ringpark Klein Nizza is the loca-      Fortress Marienberg offers tours,     their wares through music, sports,    on 30 stages in bars, pubs, cafés
tion for this fun festival featuring   exhibits, music, a children’s         games and other attractive events.    and discos throughout the inner
live music from Folk to Rock to        program, participation booths and                                           city. The purchase of one entrance
Country and traditional German         handcrafting performances. This       Location City Festival:               wristband gives you access to all
music. The festival is ideal for the   guarantees an exciting day for the    Inner City                            festival stages.
entire family thanks to the diverse    entire family.                        Organizer:
children’s program.                                                          Stadtmarketing                        Organizer:
                                       Location:                             „Würzburg macht Spaß“ e. V.           Honky Tonk Büro Würzburg
Location:                              Fortress Marienberg                   Kaiserstraße 4                        Am Schwarzenberg 10
Ringpark Klein Nizza                   Organizer:                            97070 Würzburg                        97078 Würzburg
Organizer:                             Museum für Franken                    Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 53 67 54          Phone +49 (0)9 31/2 60 11 05
Stadt Würzburg                         Festung Marienberg                    E-mail: info@wuems.de                 E-mail: weier@honky-tonk.de
FB Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft            97082 Würzburg                        www.stadtfest-wuerzburg.de            www.honky-tonk.de/wuerzburg
und Standortmarketing                  Phone +49 (0)9 31/20 59 40
Rückermainstraße 2                     E-mail:
97070 Würzburg                         sekretariat@museum-franken.de
Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 22 14             www.museum-franken.de

Würzburg Bach Days*                 Open House at Würzburg’s              Würzburg Christmas Market
Würzburger Bachtage                 Wineries at Night                     Würzburger Weihnachtsmarkt
Nov. 22 – Dec. 2, 2018              Nacht der offenen Weinkeller          Nov. 30 – Dec. 23, 2018
Nov. 21 – Dec. 1, 2019              November 24, 2018                     Nov. 29 – Dec. 23, 2019
A showcase event: A wide variety    Würzburg’s four VDP wine              The most beautiful Christmas
of performances oratorios, sym-     estates, the Weingut Juliusspital,    market around: Enjoy the beauti-
phony concertos, organ concertos,   the Staatlicher Hofkeller, the        ful, historical location in front of
piano concertos and a song night.   Bürgerspital-Weingut, and the         the Falkenhaus, a tasteful assort-
But it is not “Nothing but Bach”–   Weingut am Stein all invite you for   ment of crafts and goods, the smell
works by other composers are put    their evening of open house wine      of gingerbread and hot mulled
to the test as well.                cellars. Take a tour of Würzburg’s    wine – and the sight of wide-eyed
                                    best wine cellars. Experience the     children. This is something you
Locations:                          great atmosphere of the historical    have to experience for yourself, at
St. Johanniskirche                  buildings and modern amenities.       the most joyous time of the year.
Residence Palace                    Learn about the wine estates and
Organizer:                          their wines. Admission free!          Location:
Johann-Sebastian-Bach-                                                    Market Square
Gesellschaft e. V.                  Locations / Organizers:               Organizer:
Hofstallstraße 5                    Weingut Bürgerspital                  Stadt Würzburg
97070 Würzburg                      Theaterstraße 19                      Veranstaltungsbüro
Phone +49 (0)9 31/32 28 46          97070 Würzburg                        Rathaus, 97070 Würzburg
E-mail:                             Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 50 34 41          Phone +49  (0)9 31/37 26 93
info@bachtage-wuerzburg.de          www.buergerspital-weingut.de          www.wuerzburg.de/
www.bachtage-wuerzburg.de                                                 christmas-market
                                    Weingut Juliusspital
                                    Klinikstraße 1
                                    97070 Würzburg
                                    Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 93 14 01

                                    Staatlicher Hofkeller
                                    Residenzplatz 3
                                    97070 Würzburg
                                    Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 05 09 31

                                    Weingut am Stein
                                    Mittlerer Steinbergweg 5
                                    97080 Würzburg
                                    Phone +49 (0)9 31/2 58 08

Museen, Galerien

       With all the choices available, it might be
       difficult to make a decision. Maybe it’s
       the world-renowned Riemenschneider
       collection at the Museum für Franken the
       collection of Concrete Art at the Kultur-
       speicher. Or maybe you prefer the contrast
       of “old” and “new” art in the Museum am
       Dom. Whatever you are interested in, you
       will, however, find a match.

Museum für Franken                      Fürstenbaumuseum                        Museum im Kulturspeicher              Museum am Dom
Festung Marienberg                      Festung Marienberg                      Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1                  Kiliansplatz
97082 Würzburg                          97082 Würzburg                          97080 Würzburg                        97070 Würzburg
Phone +49 (0)9 31/20 59 40              Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 55 17 50            Phone +49 (0)9 31/32 22 50            Phone +49 (0)9 31/38 66 56 00
E-mail: sekretariat@museum-             E-mail: sgvwuerzburg@bsv.               E-mail: museum.kulturspeicher@        E-mail:
franken.de                              bayern.de                               stadt.wuerzburg.de                    museen@bistum-wuerzburg.de
www.museum-franken.de                   www.schloesser.bayern.de                www.kulturspeicher.de                 www.museum-am-dom.de

The Museum für Franken (Muse-           The Fürstenbau of the Fortress          The most popular collection is        On 1,800 sq m, the Museum am
um for Franconia) has emerged           Marienberg has on exhibit the for-      the Peter C. Ruppert Collection of    Dom presents works of art, which
from the Mainfränkisches Muse-          mer living quarters of the prince-      European Concrete Art after 1945,     span over a millennium. The works
um. Discover the world-famous           bishops as well as the city’s history   featuring works by Max Bill and       are not presented and organized
Riemenschneider Collection,             collection. Of special interest are     Victor Vasarely. Other collections    according to schools of thought or
masterful paintings, exquisite          the collection of gold jewelry, the     include exhibits on the Age of        epochs, but instead, in an exciting
furniture and magnificent arts and      collection of liturgical vestments,     Romanticism, the Biedermeier          contrast between old and modern
crafts from the early ages until the    and two models of the city:             period, Impressionism, Expressio-     art. In this way, for example, works
nineteenth century.                     Würzburg in 1525 and Würzburg           nism as well as contemporary art.     from Tilman Riemenschneider and
                                        in 1945.                                Discover nineteenth and twentieth     Johann Peter Wagner meet with
Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
                                                                                century artworks in regular special   works from Ernst Barlach, Käthe
April – October                                                                 exhibitions.                          Kollwitz and Joseph Beuys.
Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm                                                          Special exhibitions:                  A special focus of the collection
November – March                                                                www.kulturspeicher.de                 lies in the works from artists from
Tue – Sun 10 am – 4 pm                                                                                                eastern Germany e.g. Wolfgang
                                        Opening Hours / Entrance Fees           Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
last admission 30 min. before closing                                                                                 Mattheuer and Werner Tübke.
Museum closed: Feb. 13,                 March 16 – October                      Tue 1 pm – 6 pm,                      Special exhibitions:
Dec. 24 / 25 / 31, 2018                 Tue – Sun 9 am – 6 pm                   Wed 11 am – 6 pm,                     www.museum-am-dom.de
Adults: € 4, reduced and groups         Last entry 5:30 pm                      Thu 11 am – 7 pm,
                                                                                                                      Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
from 15 persons € 3 per person,         Adults € 4.50, groups of more           Fri – Sun 11 am – 6 pm
children (0 –17) free of charge         than 15 persons € 3.50 per person       Closed Jan. 1, Feb. 13,               Tue – Sun 10 am – 5 pm
                                        Combi-ticket Museum für Franken         Dec. 24/25/31, 2018                   Adults € 4, groups of more than 15
Guided Tours for Groups
                                        + Fürstenbaumuseum € 6.50               Adults € 4.50, concessions € 2.50,    participants € 3 per person
Tours are possible on the               Guided tour of the fortress and         groups of more than 20 partici-       Combi-ticket Museum am Dom
following topics:                       Fürstenbaumuseum:                       pants € 3.50 per person (special      and Domschatz € 6, reduced € 5
• Tilman Riemenschneider                adults € 6, groups of 15 people or      events/exhibits may require a         Museum suitable for wheelchair users
• 150 masterpieces                      more € 5 per person                     higher entry fee).
• Curious stories                       Subject to change without notice!       Museum suitable for wheelchair
• Clothes make the man                                                          users
Duration: approx. 1 hour each
                                        Guided Tours for Groups		               Guided Tours for Groups		             Guided Tours for Groups
Costs: € 60 plus entry fee
Group size: limited to 35               Guided tours at the Fürsten-            Guided tours with the following       Guided tours with the following
participants per tour guide             baumuseum are only possible in          topics are available:                 topics are available:
Information / Reservations:             connection with a guided tour           •Discover the Kulturspeicher –        •The Contrasting of Old and
at the Museum für Franken               of Fortress Marienberg                    Architecture, Collections,            Contemporary Art – The Concept
                                        (see page 27)                             Important Works                       behind the Museum am Dom
• Masterpieces at the                                                           •From Würzburg to Florence –          •Tübke, Mattheuer, Triegel –
  Museum für Franken                                                              The Würzburg Sculptor Emy             East German Artists Represen-
• Tilman Riemenschneider –                                                        Roeder                                ted at the Museum am Dom
  sculptor and citizen of                                                       •Concrete Art in Europe               Duration: approx. 1 hour each
  Würzburg                                                                      Duration: approx. 1.5 hours each      Costs: tour guide in foreign
Duration: approx. 1.5 hour each                                                 Costs: tour guide in foreign          languages € 75 plus entrance fee
Costs: tour guide in foreign lan-                                               languages € 96 plus entrance fee      Group size: Limited to
guages € 96 plus entrance fee                                                   Group size: limited to                35 participants per tour guide
Group size: limited to 35                                                       25 participants per tour guide
participants per tour guide                                                                                           Information / Reservations:
Information / Reservations:                                                     Information / Reservations:           Museen der Diözese
Congress . Tourismus . Würzburg                                                 Congress . Tourismus . Würzburg       Kiliansplatz, 97070 Würzburg
Am Congress Centrum                                                             Am Congress Centrum                   Phone +49 (0)9 31/38 66 56 00
97070 Würzburg                                                                  97070 Würzburg                        E-mail:
Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 26 50                                                      Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 26 50            museen@bistum-wuerzburg.de
E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de                                                    E-mail: service@wuerzburg.de          www.museen.bistum-wuerzburg.de
Online reservation:                                                             Online reservation:
www.wuerzburg.de/fuehrungen                                                     www.wuerzburg.de/fuehrungen

Domschatz                             Martin von Wagner Museum            Botanical Gardens                   Mineralogisches Museum
(Cathedral Treasury)                  Residence Palace (South Wing)       Julius-von-Sachs-Platz 4            Mineralogisches Museum
Kiliansdom                            97070 Würzburg                      97082 Würzburg                      Am Hubland, 97074 Würzburg
Phone +49 (0)9 31/38 66 56 00         Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 18 22 88        Phone +49 (0) 9 31/3 18 62 40       Tel.: +49 (0)9 31/ 3 18 54 07
E-mail: museen@bistum-                E-mail Antiquity Collection:        E-mail:                             E-mail: kleinschrot@uni-wuerzburg.de
wuerzburg.de                          museum.ant@uni-wuerzburg.de         bgw@botanik.uni-wuerzburg.de        www.mineralogisches-museum.
www.museen.bistum-wuerzburg.de        E-mail Art Gallery:                 www.bgw.uni-wuerzburg.de            uni-wuerzburg.de
Directly by the Cathedral of St.      www.museum.uni-wuerzburg.de         In addition to their importance     The Mineralogical Museum collec-
Kilian, 1000 years of history of                                          to research, teaching, public       tion comprises more than 10,000
the cathedral will come alive in      Immerse yourself into the world     development and species conser-     mineral specimens. About 30 % of
the Cathedral Treasury: beginning     of ancient Egypt and the antiquity. vation, the Botanical Gardens are   them are on display in  four rooms
with the shrine, the cathedral’s      The museum houses ancient marble a place of relaxation.                 over an area of 490 sq m. In the
inventory of relics, via the cathe-   statues and burial objects. Learn                                       permanent exhibition, themes like
dral liturgy to the bishops and the   about the ancient world. In the                                         “the dynamic earth”, “meteorites”,
cathedral chapter, various aspects    paintings gallery, paintings and                                        “gemstones” or “regional rocks and
of the cathedral are on display       sculptures from the twelfth to the                                      minerals” are presented. In addition,
and explained. The two door-          twentieth century are presented.                                        there are temporary exhibitions on
puller lions dating from around       Special exhibitions:                                                    special themes once or twice a year.
1040 and the golden Greiffenklau      www.museum-uni-wuerzburg.de                                             Special exhibitions:
monstrance from 1710 are parti-                                                                               www.mineralogisches-museum.
                                      Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
cularly outstanding.                                                                                          uni-wuerzburg.de
                                      Antiquity Collection:
                                      Sep. 26, 2017 – July 31, 2018
                                      Tue – Sat 10 am – 5 pm
Opening Hours / Entrance Fees                                             Opening Hours / Entrance Fees       Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
                                      from August 1, 2018
Mon – Sun 1 pm – 5 pm                 Tue – Sat 1:30 pm – 5 pm,           Outdoors:                           Sun, Wed 2 – 5pm
Adults € 3, groups of more than       Sun 10 am – 1:30 pm in weekly       April – Sept. 8 am – 6 pm           Opening hours for groups by
10 participants € 2                   alternation with the Paintings      Oct. – March 8 am – 4 pm            arrangement
Combi-ticket Museum am Dom +          Gallery                             Green houses:                       Free admission
Domschatz € 6, reduced € 5            Paintings Gallery:                  April – Sept. 8 am – 5:30 pm
Cathedral Treasury suitable for       from August 1, 2018                 Oct. – March 8 am – 3:30 pm
wheelchair users                      Tue – Sat 10 am – 1:30 pm,          Free admission
                                      Sun 10 am – 1:30 pm
                                      in weekly alternation with the
                                      Antiquity Collection
                                      Collection of Graphic Art:
                                      by appointment
                                      Free admission,
                                      except special exhibitions
Guided Tours for Groups               Guided Tours for Groups             Guided Tours for Groups             Guided Tours for Groups
Guided tours with the following       Students from the University of      Guided tours by arrangement        •		Exploring rocks and minerals
topics are available:                 Würzburg offer guided tours with                                          with all your senses
• Valuables from 10 Centuries         the following topics:                Information / Reservation:         Duration: 1.5 hours
  – Overview of the Domschatz         • Face to Face with Antiquity –      at the Botanical Gardens           Cost: up to 10 persons
Duration: approx. 1 hour                A Walk through Time and the                                           € 40 per group
Costs: tour guide in foreign            Antiquity Collection                                                  from 10 persons € 4 per person
languages € 75 plus entrance fee      • The Gods of Mount Olympus
Group size: limited to                • Following the God Bacchus –                                           Information / Reservation:
20 participants per tour guide          Wine and Life in the Antiquity                                        at the Mineralogisches Museum
                                      • The Glorious Light of the
Information / Reservations:             Lagoon – Venetian Paintings
Museen der Diözese                    • A Fascinating View – Dutch
Kiliansplatz                            Paintings from the “Golden Age”
97070 Würzburg                        • Masterpieces of Southern
Phone +49 (0)9 31/38 66 56 00           German Art: Paintings and
E-mail:                                 Sculptures
museen@bistum-wuerzburg.de            Duration: approx. 1 hour each
www.museen.bistum-wuerzburg.de        Cost: € 50 per group
                                      Information / Reservations:
                                      at the Martin von Wagner Museum

Touch Science at the                   Röntgen Memorial                  Siebold Museum                           Jewish Museum Shalom Europa
University of Würzburg                 Röntgenring 8                     Frankfurter Straße 87                    Valentin-Becker-Straße 11
Campus Hubland Nord                    97070 Würzburg                    97082 Würzburg                           97072 Würzburg
Matthias-Lexer-Weg 25                  Phone +49 (0)9 31/35 11 60 02     Phone +49 (0)9 31/41 35 41               Phone +49 (0)9 31/4 04 14 41
97074 Würzburg                         E-mail: roland.weigand@fhws.de    E-mail:                                  E-mail:
Phone +49 (0)9 31/3 18 36 24           www.wilhelmconradroentgen.de      sieboldgesellschaft@web.de               museum.shalomeuropa@gmx.de
E-mail: mind@uni-wuerzburg.de                                            www.siebold-museum.de                    www.museumshalomeuropa.de
www.mind.uni-wuerzburg.de              Take a trip back in time: Visit
                                       the laboratory where the x-rays   The Siebold Museum houses                Modern presentation of Jewish
The interactive science exhibiti-      were discovered. See replicas     permanent and traveling collec-          life and its theological founda-
on Touch Science at the MIND           as well as original laboratory    tions. It is famous for its collection   tions, history of the Würzburg
didactics centre of the University     equipment.                        of items from the estate of the          Jewish community, largest legacy
of Würzburg allows science to be                                         local physician and Japan resear-        from a medieval Jewish cemetery
experienced: Atoms can be fired                                          cher Philipp Franz von Siebold           anywhere in the world.
against one another like footballs;                                      (1796 – 1866). Don’t miss the
the interior of various objects                                          original Japanese teahouse.
can be viewed using computer
tomography, or you can ride the
                                       Opening Hours / Entrance Fees     Opening Hours / Entrance Fees            Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
“Einstein bike” at the speed of
light. Based on the following key      Mon – Fri 8 am – 7 pm,            Tue – Sun 2:30 pm – 5:30 pm              Mon – Thu 10 am – 4 pm,
questions, the interactive exhibits    Sat 8 am – 5 pm                   and by appointment                       Sun, Bank Holidays 11 am – 4 pm
offer many possibilities to improve    Free admission                    Adults € 4, students € 3,                Adults € 3, groups from
understanding of scientific inter-                                       groups from 5 participants               10 participants € 2 per person,
relationships: What holds the core                                       € 3 per person                           students from 10 years of age
of the earth together, is everything                                                                              € 2, up to 10 years of age free
relative, is everything transparent,                                                                              admission
how do humans work?                                                                                               Museum suitable for wheelchair users
Opening Hours / Entrance Fees          Guided Tours for Groups           Guided Tours for Groups                  Guided Tours for Groups
Wed, Sat, Sun 2 pm – 6 pm              Guided tours by arrangement       Guided tours in Japanese                 Duration: approx. 1,5 hours
(closed on Bank Holidays)              Costs: € 30 per guided tour       by arrangement                           Groups: up to 25 persons
Adults € 5, children from 6 years      plus € 5 per person                                                        Costs: € 20 per guided tour
and adolescents up to 18 years € 3,                                      Information / Reservation:               Information / Reservation:
families from € 10, school classes     Information / Reservation:        at the Siebold-Museum                    at the Jewish Museum Shalom
€ 3 per person (2 accompanying         at the Röntgen-Memorial-Hall                                               Europa
persons free), groups € 4 per person
Special exhibitions:

Guided Tours for Groups
Guided tours by arrangement
(even out oft he opening hours)
Duration: approx. 1,5 hours
Costs (guided tour, admission
fees incl.): groups € 4 per person,
school classes € 3 per person
(2 accompanying persons free)
Groups: from 10 persons
Reservations are required!

Information / Reservation:
at the Didaktik-Zentrum MIND

Johanna-Stahl-Zentrum                Spitäle                                   BBK-Galerie/Künstlerhaus              Kunstschiff Arte Noah
for Jewish History and Culture       (near the Alte Mainbrücke)                Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1                  Oskar-Laredo-Platz 1
in Lower Franconia                   Zeller Straße 1                           97080 Würzburg                        97070 Würzburg
Valentin-Becker-Straße 11            97082 Würzburg                            Phone +49 (0)9 31/5 06 12             Phone +49 (0)9 31/45 24 97 60
97072 Würzburg                       Phone +49 (0)9 31/4 41 19                 E-mail: bbk-galerie@t-online.de       E-mail: kontakt@kunstverein-
Phone +49 (0)9 31/1 82 75            www.spitaele.de                           www.bbk-unterfranken.de               wuerzburg.de
E-mail: jsz@bezirk-unterfranken.de                                                                                   www.kunstverein-wuerzburg.de
www.johanna-stahl-zentrum.de         The “Spitäle” is the art gallery of the   Changing exhibitions of contem-
                                     VKU (Vereinigung Kunstschaffender         porary paintings, sculpture, object   The art ship Arte Noah is the
Exhibits and events on the Jewish    Unterfrankens – Association of Artits     art, photography as well as perfor-   only floating gallery in Germany.
history of Lower Franconia, infor-   of Lower Franconia). Contemporary         mance and mixed media art.            The Kunstverein Würzburg (Art
mation about Jewish families,        artists exhibit their works in a late     Print studio for lithography,         Association of Würzburg) exhibits
video interviews with contem-        Gothic chapel renovated 1789 in           etching and relief printing with a    contemporary art of interregional
porary witnesses                     early Classicism style. Twelve exhibi-    studio gallery.                       significance on a converted barge
                                     tions a year present contemporary                                               at the Alter Hafen (Old Harbour)
                                     painting and sculpture, photography                                             behind the Kulturspeicher.
                                     and applied art. In addition, the
                                     VKU offers a diverse cultural pro-
                                     gramme with concerts and film
                                     evenings, readings and discussions
                                     with the artists.
Opening Hours / Entrance Fees        Opening Hours / Entrance Fees             Opening Hours / Entrance Fees         Opening Hours / Entrance Fees
Mon – Thu 1 – 5 pm,                  Tue – Sun 11 am – 6 pm                    Gallery:                              Thu – Sat and Bank Holidays
Fri 9 – 12 am                        Free admission                            Wed, Thu 9 am – 6 pm,                 3 pm – 6 pm
Free admission                                                                 Fri, Sat 3 pm – 6 pm,                 Sun 12 am – 6 pm
Museum suitable for wheelchair users                                           Sun 11 am – 6 pm                      Free admission
                                                                               Free admission
Guided Tours for Groups
                                                                               Print studio:
Guided tours by arrangement                                                    Wed, Thu 9 – 6 pm
                                                                               Free admission
Information / Reservation:
at the Johanna-Stahl-Zentrum

Theater, Kabarett, Kleinkunst

     The Mainfranken Theater is the place for
     theater, opera, operetta, musicals and ballet.
     Well-known German cabaret artists offer
     performances at the “Bockshorn”. Plus you
     have the choice of nine more theaters.

     Tickets for theatres marked
     with an * are available at:
     Tourist Information &
     Ticket Service
     Falkenhaus am Markt
     (upper market square)
     97070 Würzburg
     Phone +49 (0)9 31/37 23 98

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