IBM Security Success Story: Westpac

IBM Security Success Story: Westpac

IBM Security Success Story: Westpac

© 2013 IBM Corporation 1 IBM Security Systems IBM Security Success Story: Westpac Sydney, Australia Ryan Hall Worldwide Sales Executive, Infrastructure Security Products IBM Corporation @ryanohall

IBM Security Success Story: Westpac

© 2013 IBM Corporation 2 IBM Security Systems Corporate Background: Westpac  Westpac was founded in 1817 and was the first bank established in Australia • Headquartered in Sydney since 1982  Publicly traded Banking and Financial Services firm • 1,200 branches • 2,900 ATMs • 12.5 million customers • 36,000 employees  Second-largest bank in Australia (by assets) and largest bank in New Zealand  Westpac's vision is to be the leading financial services company in Australia and New Zealand  URL:

IBM Security Success Story: Westpac

© 2013 IBM Corporation 3 IBM Security Systems IBM and Westpac: Technology Partnership  Tight strategic I/T partnership between IBM and Westpac dates back to 2000  Most recently, the partnership was renewed with a focus on Westpac’s “Technology Transformation Program: • Driven by large acquisition of competitor and need to standardize across enterprise • 5 year initiative with goals to:  Improve service quality for bank staff and customers  Lower overall security risk  Decrease information technology costs  Support Westpac business agility (i.e., M&A, new product/service lines)

© 2013 IBM Corporation 4 IBM Security Systems Westpac Network Security  Prior to implementing ISS appliances, the existing network defenses generated too many false alerts  And, as a financial institution subject to stringent regulatory requirements, Westpac needed to increase the speed and accuracy of finding malware and breaches  From a management standpoint, having systems from multiple IDS/IPS vendors was not optimal  To increase the performance of their network, Westpac was rebuilding its network infrastructure for 10 GbE  Westpac decided to standardize on IBM Network Security products and implemented IBM Intrusion Prevention Systems in their headquarters and remote offices and branches  Models deployed today are the GX4, GX5, GX6 and GX7, and additionally, Westpac formerly deployed the predecessor platform which was acquired from ISS by IBM  One of the first customers of the new XGS line of Next Generation IPS systems • Ordered eight XGS 5100 systems for immediate deployment in Australia and New Zealand • Plans to standardize on XGS platform for core and branch network security

© 2013 IBM Corporation 5 IBM Security Systems Benefits to Westpac from IBM Network Security  Vulnerabilities in operating systems, web servers, and other applications provided an opportunity for attackers to penetrate Westpac’s systems  Attacks were leading to service interruption, data theft, and increasing costs for remediation  Internal Westpac users were causing security issues by opening infected files in their emails  Attackers also were using new ways to get malware into the Bank, including storage devices and social engineering  Common applications (such as PDF, Flash, Java, and MS Office) were experiencing a high amount of vulnerabilities Issue Issue  IBM’s Virtual Patch technology helps block attacks before they reach their intended target (NOT SIGNATURE BASED)  The IBM Protocol Analysis Module (PAM) uses a multi-layer approach of a wide variety of different techniques to detect and prevent exploits  The advanced heuristics engines within IBM’s Protocol Analysis Module can detect and block many of these attacks before they reach the user  PAM currently supports nearly 400 different protocols and file formats, so malicious files can be detected in channels other than email  Again, IBM’s Virtual Patch technology blocks these vulnerabilities before at-risk files applications can be compromised IBM Network Security Benefits IBM Network Security Benefits

© 2013 IBM Corporation 6 IBM Security Systems Future Benefits to Westpac from IBM Network Security  With new XGS next-generation platform, Westpac expects to further grow their comprehensive network security capabilities:  Advanced Threat Protection • Block phishing, malware sites, and botnet command & control • Visibility and control of applications can enforce policy and save bandwidth  SSL Visibility • Detect and prevent user-targeted attacks over encrypted channels • On-box hardware acceleration prevents the need for a dedicated SSL appliance  Adaptable Hardware • Swappable network interface modules provide connectivity to 7 different network media standards • Reduce racks pace by up to 85% and power consumption by up to 82% compared to GX platform  Flexible Performance Licensing – Save money by only licensing for the throughput you need – As bandwidth increases, increase appliance performance without even having to reboot  Tight integration with QRadar – On-appliance flow generation – LEEF-format event feeds

© 2013 IBM Corporation 7 IBM Security Systems Customer Success: Target Client Requirements  To increase the performance of their Datacenters target decided to rebuild its network infrastructure for 10 GbE  Existing network IPS solution had only 1 Gbps throughput capacity, so they decided to evaluate different vendors to increase performance Competition  Sourcefire IBM Solution  IBM Security Network IPS GX7800  IBM Security SiteProtector System Why IBM  Utilizing a partner’s lab, Target tested solutions from both IBM and Sourcefire  Included performance testing at 10Gbps+ throughput and detection  IBM scored higher in both areas with Sourcefire failing evasion testing  Target later confirmed this testing with similar results in their internal environment Industry: Retail Profile: Target Corporation is an American retailing company, founded in 1902 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. The company is ranked at number 38 on the Fortune 500 as of 2012 and is a component of the Standard & Poor's 500 index.

Target is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN Size: 365,000 employees www.

© 2013 IBM Corporation 8 IBM Security Systems Customer Success: Jackson National Life Insurance Client Requirements  Desire to create another security layer around its critical servers  Performance and high throughput was critical  10 GbE connectivity Competition  Palo Alto Networks IBM Solution  IBM Security Network IPS GX7412  IBM Security SiteProtector System Why IBM  Jackson National life was already using Palo Alto Networks as their network firewall solution and initially considered utilizing PA IPS  After an internal head to head evaluation, IBM scored higher as a result of intelligence provided by the X- Force R&D team  IBM was also determined to be superior under high levels of throughput, and was valued for its ability to scale up to future bandwidth needs Industry: Insurance Profile: A family-owned company that has evolved into a diversified retirement services provider, Jackson National Life Insurance Company® ("Jackson®") has a rich history. Named after Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, Jackson first opened for business in 1961. Jackson National Life Insurance is headquartered in Lansing, MI Size: 2,900+ employees www.

© 2013 IBM Corporation 9 IBM Security Systems Customer Success: Pfizer Client Requirements  Increase security in Pfizer’s key data centers to handle growth  High levels of security without compromising performance Competition  Sourcefire IBM Solution  IBM Security Network IPS GX7800s (4)  Deployed 2 GX7800s in each critical datacenter  IBM Security SiteProtector System Why IBM  IBM built a close relationship with Pfizer and was able to respond extremely quickly to their needs  High levels of confidence in both IBM and IBM’s security technology  Found the IBM’s “ahead of the threat” detection to be superior vs. the Sourcefire offering  Valued unique IBM features such as real-time Web application protection Industry: Pharmaceuticals Profile: Pfizer is the world's largest research-based biopharmaceutical company with major research and development locations in the United States and the U.K. Phizer operates in nearly every market in the world with 58 percent of revenues generated outside the U.S. Pfizer is headquartered in New York City, NY Size: 100,000+ employees www.

© 2013 IBM Corporation 10 IBM Security Systems Key Assets and Proof Points IBM Wins InformationWeek’s IPS Survey IBM was rated #1 in the recent InformationWeek survey [LINK] New Tolly Group Test Report Released IBM Delivers Superior Protection from Evolving Threats with High Levels of Performance. [LINK] Equifax Uses QRadar, Network IPS and AppScan! Utilize this case study to show QRadar clients the benefits of utilizing IBM Security Network IPS for threat protection [LINK] (Note: Put slides into presentation mode to click the links to each asset)

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