2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland

2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland

Annual Police Plan

2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland

               Foreword .......................................................................................................... 5

               Our plan on a page ......................................................................................... 6

               Strategic planning for policing...................................................................... 9

               Policing 2026: Serving a Changing Scotland ........................................... 10

               Our Annual Plan............................................................................................. 12

               Violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour............................................. 14

               Serious organised crime............................................................................... 18

               Counter terrorism and domestic extremism.............................................22

               Protecting people at risk of harm................................................................26

               Road safety and road crime.........................................................................30

               Acquisitive crime............................................................................................32

               Supporting our priorities..............................................................................36


               Engaging with us............................................................................................46

               Appendix A - Measuring our performance................................................48

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    OFFICIAL                                                             OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                             OFFICIAL

                                            Scotland’s communities are changing. The scale
                                            and shape of demand on policing in Scotland is also
                                            changing, with an increasing focus towards addressing
                                            vulnerability and harm. In order to adapt to this change
                                            and meet the challenge of rising demand, we must
                                            operate in a sustainable way by prioritising how we use
                                            our resources.

                                            Our Annual Police Plan establishes our policing priorities
                                            for 2018/19 and sets out the approach we will take to
                                            work with the public, communities and partners to
                  Iain Livingstone          address them.
               Interim Chief Constable
                                            This plan aligns to the Scottish Government’s priorities
                                            for policing and our long-term strategy, Policing 2026
                                            - ‘Serving a changing Scotland’. It sets out our plans
                                            to deliver a service that works at an international level
                                            to combat modern threats and risks; brings national
                                            consistency, coordination and specialist resources to
                                            address policing challenges; and most importantly, a
                                            service that puts local policing at its heart.

                                            I am pleased that this plan has been subject to the
                                            most extensive public and partner engagement of any
                                            previous annual police plan. I am encouraged by the
                                            level and depth of engagement with partners and the
                                            public which we received. This showed strong levels of
                                            support for our approaches to addressing each policing
                                            priority area and we have used the feedback to develop
                                            our plan.

                                            As we deliver this Annual Police Plan, we will maintain
                                            a clear focus on high quality operational policing, with
                                            a unified direction of travel to support and empower
                                            our workforce and develop our partnerships. It is vital
                                            that we look after our people as they deliver this plan,
                                            prioritising their wellbeing and ensuring that our values
                                            of fairness, integrity and respect are present as we work
                                            together to serve the public.

                                            This Annual Police Plan is produced to ensure we
                                            continue to improve our service.

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    OFFICIAL                             OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                                   OFFICIAL

Our planStrategy
         on a page                                                                                 Implementation

Our focus                                     Our policing priorities       Supporting our priorities             Our performance

                Protection                       • Violence, Disorder and
                                                   Antisocial Behaviour      • Local Policing
                        Prevention               • Serious Organised         • Specialist Crime Division
                                                                             • Contact, Command and
                                                 • Counter Terrorism and       Control Division                                          Sustained
    Serving a
                             Communities           Domestic Extremism                                                                  excellence in
                                                                                                                                        service and
    Scotland                                                                 • Criminal Justice Services                                protection
                                                 • Protecting People at        Division
                                                   Risk of Harm
                                                                             • Operational Support
                       Knowledge                 • Road Safety and Road
                                                   Crime                                                                 Performance
                                                                             • Corporate Support
                Innovation                                                     Services
                                                 • Acquisitive Crime

                     Our Purpose                                                                    Our Values
        To improve the safety and wellbeing of people,                                          Fairness | Integrity | Respect
             places and communities in Scotland                                                                                                        7

                                   OFFICIAL                                                                   OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                     OFFICIAL

               Strategic planning for policing
               Our strategy
               (‘Policing 2026: Serving a Changing Scotland’),                   Scottish Government
               developed in collaboration with the SPA,                           National outcomes / strategic priorities
               describes the challenges policing in
               Scotland faces and how we are changing
               to meet these.                                                              SG strategies
               The strategy sets out our vision for ‘sustained
               excellence in service and protection’.
               Therefore we must focus on delivering our
               core function - high quality operational                      SPA/Police Scotland
               policing - whilst implementing the change
               process.                                                     Policing 2026 Strategy
                                                                                              Our vision:
               To achieve this, Police Scotland has a                    Sustained excellence in service and protection
               ‘strategic planning & performance framework’
               (figure 1) which provides strategic direction
               and describes the products that form our                            3 Year Implementation Plan
               planning and performance approach. These
               include the following:
               • National Outcomes and strategies
                                                                   Annual Police Plan         Enabler Strategies
               • Scottish Government’s Strategic Police                                                                 Change Portfolio
                                                                     Departmental             Corporate Support
                 Priorities; localism, inclusion, prevention,        Business Plans             Services Plan
                 response, collaborative working,                  Local Policing Plans      Long-Term and 3 Year
                                                                                               Finanacial Plans
                 accountability and adaptability                     Local Outcome
                                                                   Improvement Plans
               • SPA/Police Scotland: Policing 2026
                                                                                          Measuring Success
               • Police Scotland: 3 Year Implementation
                 Plan                                             Public Engagement           Outcome Focused            Benefits
                                                                     and Insight                Performance             Realisation
               • Annual Police Plan, Enabler Strategies,
                 Corporate Support Services Plan,
                 Departmental Business Plans and Local
                 Policing Plans
                                                                                                 Figure 1
               These planning products are informed
               by the National Strategic Assessment and
               Strategic Forecast (Horizon Scanning)
               documents and underpinned by the
               Performance Framework, which will include
               a defined set of business benefits linked to
               the change portfolio.

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    OFFICIAL                                                     OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                                                                    OFFICIAL

Policing 2026:                                                                                                         Our 3 year implementation plan
Serving a Changing Scotland                                                                                            Our 3 year implementation plan outlines our                 • Local Approaches to Policing
                                                                                                                       change portfolio, defining specific programmes and
Our strategy established the following key areas of focus:                                                             projects that aim to realise significant benefits to        • Custody and Criminal Justice
                                                                                                                       policing in Scotland. The projects within the change
                                                                                                                       portfolio that have a direct impact on operational          • Digitally Enabled Policing
 Protection         Prevention                   Communities                Knowledge                  Innovation
                                                                                                                       policing, include:
 Based on           Tackling crime,              Focus on localism,         Informing the              Dynamic,                                                                    • Cyber
 threat, risk       inequality                   diversity and the          development of             adaptable and
 and harm           and enduring                 virtual world              better services            sustainable
                    problems facing
                                                                                                                       British Transport Police integration
It also set out strategic objectives that guide service improvement, ensure continued relevance to the public
and communities, maintain public consent, enhance our legitimacy and deliver financial sustainability.                 The integration of the British Transport Police           We will establish a programme of work, in
                                                                                                                       (BTP) into Police Scotland will be a significant          partnership with BTP, to plan this integration.
The activities set out within this Annual Police Plan align to the key areas of focus and our strategic objectives.    undertaking.

                                                                                                                       Financial sustainability
                                        OUR STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES
                                                                                                                       Our agreed 2018/19 budget for policing in Scotland        reform funding, to support sustainability and future
                                                                                                                       is aligned with the Policing 2026 strategy, with a        service delivery. This Annual Police Plan will be
                                                                                                                       focus on delivery of our priorities. In addition, there   delivered within the agreed 18/19 allocated budgets.
                                 Improving public                          Strengthen                                  is a strong emphasis on effective use of capital and
                               contact, engagement                          effective
                                   and service                            partnerships

                                    More information and                Faster, more
                                   better public engagement          informed services

                                                     excellence in
                                                      service and                              Empower,
                                                                                           enable and develop
                support services                      protection                               our people
                               Improved public confidence            Better outcomes of
                                and community relations             safety and wellbeing

                                       Enhance                         Invest in our
                                      cyber and                     use of information
                                       forensic                      and technology

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                                                              OFFICIAL                                                                                                    OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                                                                        OFFICIAL

Our Annual Plan                                                                                               The analysis that has developed our national
                                                                                                              and local strategic assessment, including
                                                                                                              a strong focus on public feedback via our
                                                                                                                                                                        ‘Your View Counts’ survey, has identified the
                                                                                                                                                                        following national priorities to serve and protect the
                                                                                                                                                                        public and communities:
The Police and Fire Reform (Scotland)                   opportunities to improve how we serve and
Act 2012 established a requirement for                  protect the public and communities.
Police Scotland to set out the proposed                                                                                                                Priorities for policing
forward looking arrangements for policing               We will report quarterly to the SPA providing
in Scotland in an Annual Police Plan.                   an overview of progress and examples of good
                                                        practice as we undertake activities outlined
                                                                                                                 Violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour
This 2018/19 Annual Police Plan sets out Police         within this plan to meet our policing priorities.        Serious organised crime
Scotland’s policing priorities and explains             Our developing performance framework sets
how we will deliver against them over the               out key performance indicators (KPIs) which              Counter terrorism and domestic extremism
forthcoming 12-month period. This plan is a key         will also be reported on to highlight our
element of Police Scotland’s strategic planning         progress against outcomes. Our performance               Protecting people at risk of harm
framework (figure 1) and offers significant             measures are outlined within Appendix A.
                                                                                                                 Road safety and road crime
                                                                                                                 Acquisitive crime
How we establish our priorities for policing
Our policing priorities are influenced by               likely to impact on Scotland’s communities. We
several factors; most importantly of all by our
engagement with the public and communities
                                                        develop local and national assessments which
                                                        consider a range of sources to identify the areas     Delivering our priorities
of Scotland.                                            we need to prioritise, ensuring a sound evidence
                                                        base and a public voice within our priorities. This
Our operational priorities are shaped by listening      approach enables our policing teams across            Our plan sets out each of our priorities in turn.         address each priority area. We gathered and
to what the public and communities have to tell         Scotland to deliver services designed to prevent      Each section aligns to our 2026 strategy by               analysed all of the feedback and have used this to
us, via our ‘Your View Counts’ survey, as well as       crime and protect the most vulnerable members         focusing on how we will prevent harm and                  develop this final version of the plan.
our own analysis of the risks and emerging threats      of our communities.                                   protect people; involve communities; and
                                                                                                              improve our service through use of knowledge              Our review of feedback received through that
                                                                                                              and innovation; so we can shape our planned               engagement highlighted a focus and interest
                                                                                                              operational activities for the next 12 months.            across the following areas:
          We considered:                             We created:                        We defined:
                                                                                                                                                                          • Local and community policing - a desire
          Public engagement                                                                                   Local and community policing                                  to see more police in communities.
                                                                                                              Scotland’s population is growing and
                                                                                                                                                                          • Partnerships - police to continue to work
                                                                                                              communities are continuing to evolve and
                                                                                                                                                                            closely with partners and share responsibility
     Partner and stakeholder views                                                                            diversify. Therefore we must adapt our service
                                                                                                                                                                            for improving outcomes for communities.
                                                                                                              to recognise the needs of communities in rural,
                                                                                                              remote and urban areas. We will work with                   • Resourcing - concerns about resource
        Policing 2026 Strategy                                                                                people to understand local needs and empower                  levels and funding for police.
                                                                                                              our local commanders to deliver a local policing            • Training and development - improve staff /
                                                                                                              response that addresses local priorities. Further             officer training to better support communities.
            Analysis of risk                  National and                                                    information on local policing and local scrutiny is
                                                                                        Priorities                                                                        • Prevention and protection - a need to
                                              local strategic                                                 contained later in this plan.
       Strategic Police Priorities            assessments
                                                                                       for policing                                                                         focus on supporting vulnerable people.
                                                                                                              Consultation and engagement                                 • Road safety - a desire to improve driver
                                                                                                              In January and February 2018 we conducted a                   behaviour.
           Emerging threats                                                                                   period of consultation with SPA and engagement
                                                                                                                                                                        Each of these areas have been taken into account
                                                                                                              with partners, stakeholders and the public inviting
                                                                                                                                                                        in developing this final version of the plan and
                                                                                                              feedback on a draft version of this plan through
        Crime and incident data                                                                                                                                         shared with key internal and external stakeholders
                                                                                                              a range of channels. We received strong levels
                                                                                                                                                                        as appropriate. A full Engagement Analysis Report
                                                                                                              of support for the approaches we proposed to
                                                                                                                                                                        has been published alongside this plan.
 Government and academic reviews

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                                                  OFFICIAL                                                                                                        OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                                                OFFICIAL

                                                                            Violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour
                                                                            In 2018/19 we will:
                                                                                                       Prevention and                                             Knowledge and

     Violence, disorder and
                                                                                Commitment                                           Communities
                                                                                                         Protection                                                 Innovation

                                                                             Ensure our people    We will work with partners   We will establish a short-    An internal national
                                                                             have the knowledge   to develop and deliver a     life working group,           review of hate crime

     antisocial behaviour                                                    and skills to
                                                                             enable them to
                                                                             target and reduce
                                                                                                  collaborative approach
                                                                                                  to preventing violence,
                                                                                                  disorder and antisocial
                                                                                                                               involving key partners, to
                                                                                                                               review the effectiveness of
                                                                                                                               the third party reporting
                                                                                                                                                             policy and procedures
                                                                                                                                                             will seek to improve our
                                                                                                                                                             recognition, recording and
                                                                             violence, disorder   behaviour.                   centre network (enabling      reporting of hate crimes.
     We remain committed to maintaining a prevention,                        and antisocial                                    people to report matters
                                                                             behaviour.           To reduce reoffending we     to the police indirectly      We will continue to work
     partnership and intelligence-led approach to tackling                                        will develop the Positive    via our partners) and         with Scottish Government
     violent crime, disorder and antisocial behaviour. We                                         Lifestyles approach,         identify improvement          to analyse hate crime
     have developed a range of tools to identify emerging                                         including post-prison        opportunities,                data to improve our
                                                                                                  support. This will build     including working             understanding of the
     trends and the geographical areas where issues are                                           upon the success of          towards implementing          causes and develop
     most prevalent.                                                                              the Teambuilding and         recommendations from          prevention opportunities.
                                                                                                  Leadership course            the independent advisors
                                                                                                  run at Polmont Young         group on hate crime,          Increase opportunities
                                                                                                  Offenders Institute and      Prejudice and Community       to mutually share
                        Your View Counts                                                          HMP Grampian. This will      Cohesion.                     information with key
                                                                                                  aim to remove barriers                                     partners to reduce
                        Respondents to our public survey rated antisocial                         between police and           This will include working     the harm caused by
                        behaviour as the number one priority for local                            young offenders, resulting   with partners to:             private space violence,
                        communities, and violence as the third highest                            in a reduction in the                                      alcohol misuse and
                        national priority.                                                        severity and frequency of      • raise awareness of        domestic abuse.
                                                                                                  reoffending.                     third party reporting
                        www.scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts                                                                      and highlight             We will deliver awareness
                                                                                                  We will positively engage        the various ways          training relating to hate
                                                                                                  with young people by             that people can           crime to our people.
                                                                                                  delivering bespoke               report, including
                                                                                                  diversionary products            anonymously.              Training for Hate Crime
                                                                                                  designed to build trust                                    Tactical Advisors will also
                                                                                                  and provide support and        • continue to identify      be developed for delivery
                        Impact                                                                    skills to help individuals       and tackle the            to local policing divisions.
                                                                                                  become confident,                causes of inequality
                        The impact of violent crime, disorder and                                                                  and the drivers of
                        antisocial behaviour has consequences that                                effective contributors,
                                                                                                  successful learners and          violent crime.
                        extend beyond victims; affecting families,
                        communities and society as a whole.                                       responsible citizens.
                                                                                                                                 • raise awareness of
                                                                                                  We will work in                  hate crime through
                                                                                                  partnership to reduce            joint activities and
                                                                                                  and prevent harm from            campaigns.
                                                                                                  violence within private
                                                                                                  space and the link with
                                                                                                  alcohol use.

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                                    OFFICIAL                                                                                OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                      OFFICIAL

Violence, disorder and antisocial behaviour

                           Prevention and                                              Knowledge and
     Commitment                                           Communities
                             Protection                                                  Innovation

 Utilise National     Through use of National       Community policing and        We will develop an
 Intelligence Model   Intelligence Model (NIM)      strong relationships with     evidence base (including
 (NIM) methodology    methodology, we will          the communities we serve      use of partners’ data) to
 to monitor and       ensure that current and       are key to preventing         identify emerging threats
 address emerging     emerging threats are          antisocial behaviour.         and inform activities to
 threats.             identified, understood                                      prevent violent crime.
                      and addressed.                Police Scotland’s Safer
                                                    Communities will              To deliver this we will
                      We will continue to           establish a ‘community        work with universities
                      enhance the role of           reassurance cell’ in          to develop our analysis
                      our National Safer            response to any significant   of ‘big data’, use of
                      Communities Task Force        events which impact on        academic research
                      and Violence Reduction        our communities. This         through the Scottish
                      Unit to ensure resources      will enable appropriate       Institute for Policing
                      are deployed effectively      engagement and                Research (SIPR) and
                      and efficiently across        reassurance messages          use of the business
                      Scotland in a collaborative   to be conveyed to key         intelligence toolkit.
                      and planned manner.           community contacts,
                                                    groups and partners           We will enhance the
                                                    across Scotland to            knowledge and skills
                                                    raise awareness of hate       of our people and
                                                    crime through various         partners to prevent
                                                    media channels.               violence, disorder and
                                                                                  antisocial behaviour.

 Share information    We will develop joint         We will deliver national      We will work with Scottish
 and develop joint    problem-solving initiatives   and local public              Government and other
 problem solving      to prevent violent crime,     awareness raising             partners to update
 initiatives with     reduce the fear of crime      campaigns with partners       guidance available to
 partners.            and increase public           in 2018/19 to improve         licensing boards and will
                      confidence. One aspect        understanding of the          be actively involved in
                      will be working with          nature and extent             evaluation of minimum
                      registered social landlords   of hate crime.                unit pricing of alcohol.
                      to develop an operating
                      model to reduce violence                                    We will ensure our
                      and antisocial behaviour                                    people are fully informed
                      within communities.                                         of licensing legislation
                                                                                  and tactical range of
                                                                                  options by updating and
                                                                                  refreshing the ‘alcohol

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                                                 OFFICIAL                                                      OFFICIAL
2018-2019 Annual Police Plan - OFFICIAL - Police Scotland
OFFICIAL                                                                                 OFFICIAL

                                                                             Serious organised crime

                                                                             In 2018/19 we will:

     Serious organised crime
                                                                                                         Prevention and                                            Knowledge and
                                                                                 Commitment                                            Communities
                                                                                                           Protection                                                Innovation

                                                                              Work in partnership   We will prevent              We will establish a          We will deliver a
                                                                              to prevent and        cybercrime by working in     ‘cybercrime safety,          structured training
     This involves multiple people exerting control,                          disrupt those         partnership to implement     prevention and resilience    programme to equip our
     planning and use of specialist resources to commit                       involved in cyber     Scotland’s Cyber             unit’ to enhance cyber       people appropriately to
                                                                              enabled and           Resilience Strategy and      incident reporting           recognise and respond
     serious crime. Police Scotland will work in partnership                  cyber dependent       deliver Scotland’s Serious   mechanisms and improve       to cyber threats. We
     to prevent harm caused to individuals, communities                       criminality.          and Organised Crime          support to communities,      will also continually
                                                                                                    Strategy.                    public, private and third    update the information
     and businesses by serious organised crime.                                                                                  sector partners.             on our cyber intranet
                                                                                                    Our cybercrime threat                                     site; providing advice
                                                                                                    assessment will develop      We will equip our people     and current information
                                                                                                    our understanding            with the skills to respond   regarding emerging
                       Your View Counts                                                             of cyber threats and         to emerging trends and       threats and signposting
                                                                                                    inform our activity to       provide cybercrime           our people to further
                       Respondents to our public consultation survey                                tackle this evolving area    prevention advice and        sources of national
                       identified serious organised crime as the second                             of criminality. We will      supporting materials to      information / intelligence.
                       highest national priority.                                                   enhance national and         communities.
                                                                                                    international partnerships                                The initial rollout of
                       www.scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts                                        to disrupt those involved                                 enhanced digital forensic
                                                                                                    in cyber enabled                                          infrastructure, including
                                                                                                    criminality and increase                                  cyber kiosks, will support
                                                                                                    access to people with the                                 local investigations by
                                                                                                    right skills to respond to                                enabling officers to
                                                                                                    cyber threats.                                            promptly triage mobile
                                                                                                                                                              phones and other
                       Impact                                                                                                                                 devices and obtain
                                                                                                                                                              digital evidence linked to
                       Serious organised crime has the potential to affect                                                                                    cybercrime. The future
                       every community in Scotland. Our assessment                                                                                            development of multi-
                       indicates a threat linked to ongoing feuds,                                                                                            agency cyber hubs across
                       violence and firearms incidents between serious                                                                                        Scotland will enhance our
                       organised crime groups (SOCGs).                                                                                                        capability to respond to
                                                                                                                                                              emerging threats.

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                                    OFFICIAL                                                                                 OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                                     OFFICIAL

Serious organised crime                                                                                                                                                             Serious organised crime

                            Prevention and                                               Knowledge and                                       Prevention and                                             Knowledge and
     Commitment                                             Communities                                             Commitment                                              Communities
                              Protection                                                   Innovation                                          Protection                                                 Innovation

 Disrupt and prevent   Our National Firearms And      Our team of ‘web              We will focus our            Develop an             We will develop a             To support and reassure      We will work with
 SOCG activity.        Explosive Licensing (NFEL)     constables’ are an            intelligence gathering       overarching Police     prevention approach,          our communities and          partners to improve the
                       team will continue to          effective conduit for         activity to support          Scotland Drug and      working with partners,        reduce the harm caused,      collation and analysis
                       enhance the partnerships       engaging with local           enforcement to disrupt       NPS Prevention         including Scottish            we will work with the        of data from partner
                       and prevention                 communities and will          and prevent SOCG             approach.              Government, to support        Scottish Government          agencies regarding the
                       opportunities to support       deliver appropriate           activity.                                           the refreshed ‘Road           Substance Misuse Team        harm caused by drug
                       the lawful firearms            preventative advice                                                               to Recovery’ strategy;        to identify emerging         misuse and contribute
                       network by enforcing           regarding SOCG activity,      We will enhance our                                 participate in the            drug trends and risks and,   to the development of
                       licensing standards and        whilst sharing best           intelligence on the                                 Partnership for Action on     through consultation,        new and more effective
                       preventing opportunities       practice nationally.          criminal use of firearms.                           Drugs in Scotland (PADS);     agree appropriate and        approaches to reduce this
                       for exploitation by SOCGs.                                   We will use new                                     and develop a national        proportionate responses.     harm.
                                                      We will also work with        legislation regarding the                           drug ‘problem profile’.
                       We will utilise serious        partners to develop           conversion of imitation                                                                                        We will monitor drugs
                       crime prevention orders        targeted messages             firearms, and raise the                             We will focus intelligence                                 related deaths to identify
                       and new proceeds               to firearms certificate       standards required when                             gathering and                                              underlying trends and
                       of crime legislation,          holders and registered        deactivating firearms,                              enforcement activity                                       develop partnership
                       including account              firearms dealers to raise     to ensure they are put                              to disrupt individuals                                     approaches through PADS
                       freezing, unexplained          awareness of the threats      permanently beyond use.                             and SOCGs who supply                                       groups.
                       wealth orders and              specific to use of firearms                                                       controlled drugs and
                       disclosure orders              by SOCGs.                     Our ‘national firearms                              New Psychoactive
                       (Criminal Finances Act                                       threat desk’ will gather,                           Substances (NPS) and
                       2017) to disrupt SOCG          We will support a             collate, assess, review                             reduce criminality
                       activities and seize their     UK-wide National              and appropriately                                   synonymous with drug
                       cash and assets. We            Ballistic Intelligence        share information and                               supply and misuse.
                       will further support the       Service led firearms          intelligence with partners
                       delivery of key strategies     surrender campaign to         and through our local
                       aimed at tackling              remove firearms from          policing divisions and
                       serious and organised          communities.                  local authorities.           Prevent fraud and      We will continue to           In collaboration with        We will expand the
                       crime, including; UK                                                                      protect those most     support the Scottish          partners, including the      gathering of financial and
                       Government’s Prevent                                                                      at risk from current   Business Resilience           financial sector, we         business intelligence
                       Strategy; Scottish                                                                        and emerging           Centre and implement          will deliver targeted        connected to financial
                       Government’s National                                                                     organised fraud        a standardised national       prevention messages to       crime committed by
                       Action Plan on Internet                                                                   threats.               ‘banking protocol’ to         raise awareness within       SOCGs. This will develop
                       Safety; and Police                                                                                               assist vulnerable people at   communities of current       and deliver an enhanced
                       Scotland’s Children and                                                                                          risk of being targeted by     and emerging threats,        disruption approach
                       Young People 2016/20 –                                                                                           fraudsters.                   such as vishing, pension     through innovative
                       Our Approach.                                                                                                                                  liberation fraud and         tactics with a focus on
                                                                                                                                                                      advanced fee fraud.          reducing SOCG’s access
                                                                                                                                                                                                   to specialist assistance
                                                                                                                                                                                                   and quasi-legitimate

20                                                                                                                                                                                                                              21

                                                    OFFICIAL                                                                                                     OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                 OFFICIAL

                                                                              Counter terrorism and domestic extremism
                                                                              We will make effective use of intelligence and analysis to better understand all forms of terrorism and
                                                                              domestic extremism that pose a threat to Scottish communities and support delivery of the four key strands

     Counter terrorism and
                                                                              of the CONTEST strategy.

     domestic extremism                                                       In 2018/19 we will:

                                                                                                           Prevention and
                                                                                                                                                                     Knowledge and

     Tackling terrorism and domestic extremism is a                            PURSUE – to stop      We are committed to           We will continue to work     We will review our
                                                                               terrorist attacks     pursuing and stopping         with the community to        processes for capturing
     national priority for Police Scotland and we will work                                          those who aim to do our       identify terrorist related   intelligence linked to
     with our partners to protect our communities by                                                 communities harm and          activity and those who       potential terrorist activity
     reducing and mitigating the threat and harm it causes.                                          we will work closely with     support it. We will          with the aim of identifying
                                                                                                     a range of partners to        maximise all opportunities   best practice and adding
                                                                                                     deliver a multi-agency        to disrupt and detect        value to the national
                                                                                                     approach to tackling the      these activities.            and local response to
                                                                                                     threat from terrorism. This                                terrorism.
                        Your View Counts                                                             will include using a wider
                                                                                                     range of disruption and
                        Respondents to our public consultation survey                                safeguarding tactics.
                        identified counter terrorism / national security as
                        the top national priority.
                                                                               PREVENT – to          We will use the PREVENT       We will continue to          Support to local policing
                        www.scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts                  stop people           Case Management               build upon existing local    colleagues will be
                                                                               becoming terrorists   (PCM) and multi-agency        relationships to enhance     channeled through the
                                                                               or supporting         PREVENT Professional          the confidence and safety    Divisional CONTEST
                                                                               terrorism             Concerns (PPC) processes      of communities.              Governance structure and
                                                                                                     to safeguard and support                                   the delivery of PREVENT
                                                                                                     those who have been           We will support national     strand awareness training.
                        Impact                                                                       identified as vulnerable      campaigns to deliver
                                                                                                     to radicalisation. In         ‘safeguarding messaging’
                        Terrorist attacks and disruptions across the UK,                             partnership, we will          to communities via a
                        Europe and beyond continue to persist and the                                tackle the influences         range of channels.
                        threat from terrorist attacks in the UK remains at                           of radicalisation and
                        ‘SEVERE’. The threat level was raised to ‘CRITICAL’                          respond to the ideological    Our team of ‘web
                        twice during 2017/18.                                                        challenge of terrorism.       constables’ will also
                                                                                                                                   provide advice and
                                                                                                     We will participate           information to our
                                                                                                     in key multi-agency           communities, including
                                                                                                     meetings; including           current and emerging
                                                                                                     the UK Regional               threats, national sources
                                                                                                     PREVENT Coordinators          of additional information
                                                                                                     meeting, local Multi-         and counter terrorism
                                                                                                     Agency Prevent                advice in relation to the
                                                                                                     Case Management               use of social media.
                                                                                                     meeting, and Scottish
                                                                                                     Government’s Prevent

22                                                                                                                                                                                         23

                                     OFFICIAL                                                                                 OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                        OFFICIAL

Counter terrorism and domestic extremism

                              Prevention and                                                Knowledge and
     Commitment                                               Communities
                                Protection                                                    Innovation
 PROTECT – to            Counter Terrorism              Our CTSAs will deliver         To counter the threat
 strengthen our          Security Advisors              nationally recognised          from cyber related
 protection against a    (CTSAs) will deliver a         security training, such        terrorist activity, we will
 terrorist attack        coordinated programme          as Project Griffin and         work with our partners
                         of protective security         Project Argus, alongside       to increase awareness
                         advice and support             hostile reconnaissance         around cyber security
                         stakeholders, businesses,      reporting procedures,          and resilience, including
                         public and communities         suspicious packages            supporting Scottish
                         at key locations.              and mail handling              Government work to
                                                        security protocols. Our        improve the overall
                         We will continue targeted      advice to businesses           coherence of Scotland’s
                         patrols to protect key         and communities                advice and support
                         sites (critical national       will enhance security          landscape in this area.
                         infrastructure; crowded        provision within Scotland.
                         places; and hazardous                                         We will also upskill CTSAs
                         sites and sectors).                                           to deliver appropriate
                                                                                       advice and training
                                                                                       to communities and
                                                                                       businesses on cyber
                                                                                       related matters.

 PREPARE – to            Develop, maintain and          We will work with partners     We will establish Police
 mitigate the impact     deploy specific capabilities   and communities to plan,       Scotland as a centre
 of a terrorist attack   to mitigate and respond        test and deliver local,        for ‘disruptive effects’
                         to a terrorist attack.         regional and national          training. Additional
                                                        exercises to ensure that       training in relation to
                         Review threat levels linked    Scotland is fully prepared     the CT menu of tactical
                         to safety at public events     to mitigate the impact         options will be delivered
                         across Scotland and            from any terrorist incident.   at all levels across the
                         deliver the appropriate                                       organisation.
                         policing response.             We will capture the
                                                        lessons learned from
                                                        exercises to improve
                                                        future planning.

24                                                                                                                              25

                                                     OFFICIAL                                                        OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                    OFFICIAL

                                                                              Protecting people at risk of harm
                                                                              Despite an increase in the reporting of rape and sexual crime; human trafficking; and abuse of a child or
                                                                              within a relationship, we know that abuse, neglect and exploitation, in whatever form it takes, remains under
                                                                              reported. We have a nationally coordinated and locally delivered policing response to those who are at most
                                                                              risk of harm and those who pose the greatest risk to our communities.

                                                                              In 2018/19 we will:
                                                                                                                                                                          Knowledge and
                                                                              Commitment             Prevention and Protection                Communities

     Protecting people at risk                                                 Prevent
                                                                               and reduce
                                                                               the harm
                                                                                               We will identify opportunities, with
                                                                                               partners, for improvement when
                                                                                               undertaking risk assessments and
                                                                                                                                          We will improve
                                                                                                                                          stakeholder and
                                                                                                                                          public confidence
                                                                                                                                                                     We will continue
                                                                                                                                                                     to develop our
                                                                                                                                                                     understanding of the

     of harm                                                                   caused by
                                                                               the abuse
                                                                               and neglect
                                                                                               investigations into all forms of abuse,
                                                                                               neglect and exploitation of children.
                                                                                                                                          to report all forms
                                                                                                                                          of abuse whether
                                                                                                                                          physical, sexual and/
                                                                                                                                                                     scale and scope of the
                                                                                                                                                                     abuse of adults and
                                                                                                                                                                     children, sexual crime,
                                                                               of children.    We will work with partners to identify     or domestic, and           human trafficking and
     This is a national priority for Police Scotland and we                                    new ways to prevent sexual crime           explore opportunities      exploitation in Scotland.
                                                                                               involving children and young people        to increase routes to
     will work with partners to protect people and prevent                                     and support national strategies to         receive feedback from      We will implement a
     all forms of abuse, neglect and exploitation.                                             prevent young people becoming              victims, ensuring any      national process to
                                                                                               victims of online abuse, mitigating the    learning is captured.      record child inter-
                                                                                               harm it causes.                                                       agency referral
                                                                                                                                          This will include          discussions capturing
                                                                                               Working with Social Work Scotland,         the development            decisions, risk factors
                                                                                               we will design national standards          and delivery of an         and outcomes and work
                        Your View Counts                                                       for quality assuring; supervising and      auditable online portal    with partners to develop
                        Respondents to our public consultation survey                          appraising staff undertaking joint         to receive ‘Duty to        our understanding of
                        identified child protection as one of the top                          investigative interviews and improve       Notify’ referrals from     threats.
                        five national priorities and domestic abuse and                        national statutory guidance.               ‘public bodies’.
                        protecting vulnerable adults as local priorities.      Prevent         We will further improve our                                           We will explore
                                                                                                                                          We will also work
                                                                               and reduce      response to rape and sexual                                           opportunities to capture
                        www.scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts                                                                             with our partners to
                                                                               the harm        offences by working with partners                                     feedback from victims
                                                                                                                                          increase use of self-
                                                                               caused          who provide advocacy services                                         of sexual crime in order
                                                                                                                                          referral services,
                                                                               by sexual       and support to victims.                                               to improve our services,
                                                                                                                                          availability of multi-
                                                                               crime.                                                                                including the forensic
                                                                                                                                          agency sexual assault
                                                                                               New legislation and the use of                                        service provision for
                                                                                                                                          centres and increase
                        Impact                                                                 preventative orders will inform
                                                                                                                                          access to support
                                                                                               our prevention approach to
                                                                                                                                          services at the point of
                        The demand on police services is growing and                           better understand the impact of                                       In collaboration with
                        is increasingly focused towards addressing                             interventions and shape future work,                                  the Crown Office and
                        vulnerability and the consequences of inequalities.                    as outlined in the Equally Safe Action                                Rape Crisis Scotland,
                                                                                                                                          We will develop
                        Quantifying this is challenging, particularly                          Plan. The next phase of our national                                  we will pilot the visual
                                                                                                                                          guidance to support
                        when issues are under reported and less visible.                       ‘We Can Stop it’ campaign will                                        recording of victims’
                                                                                                                                          partners in protecting
                        Protecting people at risk of harm involves                             support a grass roots shift in attitudes                              initial statement in
                                                                                                                                          women and girls
                        significant risk from very harmful types of crimes,                    towards rape and sexual crime.                                        investigations.
                                                                                                                                          from female genital
                        the impact of which extends beyond victims and
                                                                                                                                          mutilation (FGM)
                        cannot be underestimated.
                                                                                                                                          and enable them to
                                                                               Prevent         We will share relevant information         respond appropriately      In partnership with key
                                                                               and reduce      with partners to protect and               when working with          stakeholders, specifically
                                                                               the harm        support adults at risk and support         survivors.                 local authorities, we
                                                                               caused by       local authorities in the increased                                    will develop a national
                                                                               abuse of        use of protection measures                 We will seek to            multi-agency framework
                                                                               adults at       such as banning orders.                    reduce the barriers        for adult protection
                                                                               risk of harm.                                              to vulnerable people       Large Scale Inquiries
                                                                                               We will work with partners to support      accessing appropriate      (LSIs) establishing clear
                                                                                               vulnerable adults through the effective    support from police        protocols for agency
                                                                                               delivery of Appropriate Adult services     and partners.              responsibilities.
                                                                                               across Scotland.
26                                                                                                                                                                                               27

                                     OFFICIAL                                                                                    OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                                       OFFICIAL

Protecting people at risk of harm                                                                                                                                      Protecting people at risk of harm

                                                                                          Knowledge and                                                                                                   Knowledge and
Commitment            Prevention and Protection                Communities                                        Commitment           Prevention and Protection                Communities
                                                                                            Innovation                                                                                                      Innovation
Prevent and     We will raise awareness of the signs of   We will improve            We will improve our          Focus on       We will develop a coordinated              We will work              We will provide our
reduce the      human trafficking to identify victims     stakeholder and            knowledge of threats         prevention     approach to training officers, including   effectively with          people with ‘distress,
harm caused     and tackle offenders.                     public confidence          relating to human            and early      training on Data Protection Reform, to     partners and the public   mental health and
by human                                                  to report instances        trafficking, introducing     intervention   improve the impact and consistency         to tackle inequalities    vulnerability’ training
trafficking     We will utilise intelligence to pursue    of human trafficking       means to record risk         to improve     of our policing services.                  and deliver better        to better equip them
and             the assets of human traffickers           and exploitation and       factors to assist problem    the safety                                                outcomes for              to respond and
exploitation.   through proceeds of crime powers.         explore opportunities      profiling and predictive     and            In support of the Scottish                 individuals and           support individuals and
                                                          to increase routes to      analysis.                    wellbeing of   Government’s Mental Health and             communities.              communities.
                We will maximise the use of trafficking   receive feedback from                                   individuals    Suicide Prevention strategies,
                prevention and risk order legislation     victims, ensuring any      We will support              in public,     we will work with partners to
                and develop an inter-agency referral      learning is captured.      academic research            private        develop Distress Brief Intervention
                discussion approach to reports of                                    and other sources of         and virtual    referrals to support individuals
                human trafficking.                                                   evidence into human          space.         who present in distress or crisis.
                                                                                     trafficking in Scotland
                                                                                     to develop our evidence                     We will continue to support victims
                                                                                     base for future activity.                   and protect them from further abuse,
                                                                                                                                 including use of protection orders.
Prevent and     We will continue to work with             We will support            We will equip our
reduce the      partners, through the Multi-Agency        victims of domestic        people with the
                                                                                                                  Protect        Police Scotland conducts approximately 22,000 missing person investigations
harm caused     Tasking and Coordination (MATAC)          abuse by working with      knowledge and skills to
                                                                                                                  missing        every year. Most missing persons are children and many others are vulnerable
by domestic     and Multi-Agency Risk Assessment          partners to identify       effectively target those
                                                                                                                  persons        for a number of different reasons. While 89% will be found within 24 hours
abuse.          Conference (MARAC) processes, to          and fill gaps in service   perpetrators who pose
                                                                                                                  from harm.     (and 98% within 2 weeks), missing persons present significant operational
                target offenders and protect victims.     provision, e.g. expand     the greatest risk of harm,
                                                                                                                                 challenges to policing in Scotland in terms of demand and risk.
                                                          the victim notification    for example we will
                We will ensure that our our people are    process to include         identify and implement
                                                                                                                                 We will deliver the objectives of the National Missing Person Framework for Scotland
                proficient in dealing with domestic       notification to victims    suitable training prior
                                                                                                                                 and in particular continue to work with partners to better protect missing persons by:
                abuse, including stalking incidents,      when perpetrators are      to the introduction of
                and proportionately use the full          released from police       the Domestic Abuse                            • Improving shared prevention measures
                complement of new legislative             custody.                   (Scotland) Act 2016. We
                powers available to them.                                            will evaluate the impact                      • Ensuring our own operational response is effective
                                                                                     of the Disclosure Scheme
                We will support rehabilitative and                                   for Domestic Abuse                            • Sharing relevant information to inform our partners and the public
                behaviour change programmes for                                      Scotland (DSDAS) on the
                offenders and develop risk assessment                                reduction / prevention of
                tools to prevent reoffending.                                        domestic abuse.

 Manage         Police Scotland is one of the             We will work with          Develop a framework for
 offenders      authorities responsible for the           Multi-Agency               identifying and sharing
 who pose       management of registered sex              Public Protection          learning both internally
 a risk of      offenders and those posing a risk         Arrangements               and with external
 serious        of serious harm. We will work with        (MAPPA) partners and       partners.
 harm.          relevant partners to address future       Scottish Government
                demand and progress joint-working         to deliver consistent      We will also work with
                practices.                                and efficient practices    academic researchers
                                                          in relation to the         to develop a wide
                Following a pilot and external
                                                          assessment of housing      evidence base to inform
                evaluation, we will implement the
                                                          and management of          prevention activities and
                Police Risk Practice process and
                                                          offenders.                 reduce reoffending.
                share learning with partners.
                We will continue to undertake
                intrusive reviews and a rolling
                programme of divisional audits to
                ensure best practice.

28                                                                                                                                                                                                                              29

                                                   OFFICIAL                                                                                                       OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                           OFFICIAL

                                                                               Road safety and road crime
                                                                               A reduction in road casualties and accidents is set against a rise in vehicle numbers and levels of traffic.1 This
                                                                               increasing volume of road and transport network users, particularly identified high risk groups, presents a
                                                                               variety of possible challenges for policing and road / transport safety.

     Road safety and road                                                      In 2018/19 we will:
                                                                                   Commitment             Prevention and Protection                 Communities             Knowledge and Innovation

     crime                                                                     Modify driver
                                                                               behaviour and
                                                                               reduce injury
                                                                               on Scotland’s
                                                                                                         We remain committed to
                                                                                                         reducing road casualties
                                                                                                         in collaboration with our
                                                                                                         partners. Collaborative
                                                                                                                                              During the coming
                                                                                                                                              year, we will develop
                                                                                                                                              and deliver on
                                                                                                                                              the Road Policing
                                                                                                                                                                           We will prioritise injury
                                                                                                                                                                           reduction around the
                                                                                                                                                                           identified priority focus
                                                                                                                                                                           areas, using intelligence
                                                                               roads through             working is key to meeting            Divisional Tactical          and road casualty data to
     Keeping people safe on our roads and tackling road                        engagement and            the Scottish Government’s            Plans. These are             positively influence road user
     crime is a national priority for Police Scotland and we                   proportionate             2020 road casualty                   developed in                 behaviour. We have identified
                                                                               enforcement of            reduction targets.                   conjunction with, and        portfolio leads for each
     are committed to promoting road safety, improving                         legislation.
                                                                                                         The mid-term review of the           approved by, the Local       priority focus areas, leading
                                                                                                                                                                           to the development of new
     driver behaviour and enforcing road traffic legislation                                             Scottish Government Road             Policing Commander
                                                                                                                                                                           road safety schemes and
                                                                                                         Safety Framework to 2020             in line with their locally
     in support of the Scottish Government Road Safety                                                   identified the following             identified priorities.
                                                                                                                                                                           sharing of good practice.
     Framework to 2020.                                                                                  priority areas for focused
                                                                                                                                              In order to better
                                                                                                                                                                           We will continue to use the
                                                                                                         activity up to 2020; speed,                                       independently produced Road
                                                                                                         motorcyclists, pre-drivers,          protect cyclists, we         Safety Information Tracking
                                                                                                         young and older drivers and          will continue to work        Study on driver attitudes
                                                                                                                                              in partnership to
                        Your View Counts                                                                 cyclists and pedestrians.
                                                                                                                                              deliver prevention-
                                                                                                                                                                           and behaviour to provide an
                                                                                                                                                                           independent measure of the
                                                                                                         We will support criminal             focused campaigns            impact of our delivery and
                        Respondents to our public consultation survey                                    justice colleagues and               such as Operation            inform ongoing activity.
                        identified road safety (including speeding,                                      partners to scope the                Close Pass, to educate       Road safety-information-
                        dangerous and antisocial driving) as the second                                  viability of speed awareness         drivers and reduce the       tracking-study
                        highest local priority.                                                          courses in Scotland, as an           risk of injury to all.
                                                                                                         alternative to prosecution.
                                                                               Detect and                We will continue to detect           We understand that           We will implement new
                                                                               deter all types           and deter all types of               antisocial use of            Automatic Number Plate
                                                                               of criminality            criminality on our roads.            vehicles is a problem        Recognition (ANPR)
                                                                               on our roads              We will work with partners           that impacts on              technology to enhance
                                                                               through efficient         to disrupt organised crime           community wellbeing.         our capabilities to tackle
                                                                                                                                              Where communities
                                                                               use of intelligence       and remove drugs and                                              road crime and improve
                                                                                                                                              highlight concerns
                        Impact                                                 and analytical            counterfeit goods from the           regarding driver             intelligence, analysis and
                                                                               products.                 road network.                        behaviour such as            detection.
                        Serious collisions on our roads have a significant                                                                    speeding, careless
                        impact on Scotland’s people and communities,                                                                          driving and mobile
                                                                                                                                              phone misuse, we will
                        both in terms of fatalities and personal injury, as                                                                   take the appropriate
                        well as the disruption caused by road closures. In                                                                    action to tackle
                        addition, much criminal activity involves use of the                                                                  these problems.
                        road network and the illegal use of vehicles.
                                                                               Develop and deliver       We will lead the Multi-              We will support road         We will develop and deliver
                                                                               a national road           Agency Tactical Options              safety campaigns,            a communication toolkit to
                                                                               safety and road           Working Group, to oversee            engaging with and            support engagement with
                                                                               crime calendar            development of the national          involving the public         the public and media. This
                                                                               of activity, which        road safety and road crime           in raising awareness         will provide consistent road
                                                                               will be aligned to        calendar of activity. This           and providing road           safety information including
                                                                               ‘priority focus areas’,   provides intelligence-               safety advice.               a ‘frequently asked questions’
                                                                               as identified during      led direction in support                                          section. In support of this we
                                                                               the mid-term review       of prevention focused                                             will maintain and revise key
                                                                               of the Scottish           campaigns and initiatives.                                        messaging hosted on our
                                                                               Government’s Road                                                                           website.
                                                                               Safety Framework to
30                                                                             1   Scottish Government (2017) ‘Reported Road Casualties Scotland 2016’                                                      31

                                     OFFICIAL                                                                                           OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                    OFFICIAL

                                                                              Acquisitive crime
                                                                              Tackling acquisitive crime is a national priority for Police Scotland and we will work with our partners to
                                                                              address the concerns of communities. In 2018/19 we will:

     Acquisitive crime
                                                                                                                                                                           Knowledge and
                                                                              Commitment             Prevention and Protection                   Communities
                                                                               Prevent         Through our national Acquisitive           We will develop                We will deliver
                                                                               acquisitive     Crime Tactical Board, we will collate,     collaborative approaches       awareness packages
     Acquisitive crime is when the offender derives material                   crime and       develop and share intelligence             with partners and              to operational
     gain from the crime, such as theft, fraud or robbery. It                  reduce the      and good practice across Police            communities, through our       officers to aid in
                                                                               harm it         Scotland and with external partners,       local policing divisions, to   the identification of
     is a high volume crime group accounting for just under                    causes.         including local authorities and Trading    raise awareness and share      the key drivers of
     half of all recorded crimes in Scotland.                                                  Standards. This will inform our            intelligence / information     acquisitive crime.
                                                                                               response to local and national issues      relating to emerging
                                                                                               and ensure potential partners are          acquisitive crime trends.      Within Police
                                                                                               identified and engaged in the delivery     We will also use this          Scotland, we will
                                                                                               of advice and support.                     collaborative approach to      continue to deliver
                                                                                                                                          deliver best practice and      workshops to
                        Your View Counts                                                       We will use specialist national            reduce harm.                   provide staff with up
                                                                                               resources to support local officers and                                   to date information
                                                                                                                                          Crimes such as
                        Respondents to our public consultation survey                          communities to address local issues,                                      and share good
                                                                                                                                          housebreaking have a
                        identified theft of property and housebreaking                         such as tackling housebreaking.                                           practice within local
                                                                                                                                          significant negative impact
                        among the top five local policing priorities.                          This combined approach has been                                           divisions regarding
                                                                                                                                          on victims and the wider
                                                                                               successful across Scotland.                                               housebreaking.
                        www.scotland.police.uk/yourviewcounts                                                                             community.
                                                                                                                                          We will continue to raise
                                                                                                                                          public awareness through
                                                                                                                                          campaigns to prevent

                                                                               Develop our     There are two main types of doorstep       We will work with              We will capture
                        Impact                                                 nationwide      crime; ‘bogus callers’ who exploit         communities to raise           and progress our
                                                                               approach        vulnerable people within their own         awareness of doorstep          use of intelligence
                        Instances of doorstep crime and fraud, particularly    to reduce       homes to steal cash/valuables or           crime, and its impact,         relating to doorstep
                        online fraud, are continuing to increase. These        doorstep        carry out fraudulent schemes; and          by developing a                crime in order to
                        types of crimes can have a significant impact on       crime and       ‘rogue traders’ who cold call at homes     communication plan,            inform prevention
                        victims, communities and the wider economy.            the harm it     and overcharge for unnecessary             using both traditional         and enforcement
                                                                               causes.         work, damage property deliberately         approaches and modern          activities.
                                                                                               and use intimidating behaviour to          communication methods.
                                                                                               extort money. Perpetrators are often
                                                                                               travelling criminals or members of         This will incorporate
                                                                                               SOCGs. Victims are often reluctant         prevention messages,
                                                                                               to report crimes, either through           practical advice and
                                                                                               embarrassment, or fear of losing           support targeted at
                                                                                               their independence and in some             those most vulnerable
                                                                                               cases are unaware they are a victim.       and also those who can
                                                                                                                                          intervene to protect
                                                                                               Prevention is key to reducing the impact   potential victims.
                                                                                               of doorstep crime. We will work with a
                                                                                               wide range of partners to identify best
                                                                                               practice and also deliver a national
                                                                                               multi-agency initiative to tackle the
                                                                                               crime (‘Operation Monarda’).

32                                                                                                                                                                                              33

                                    OFFICIAL                                                                                    OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                         OFFICIAL

Acquisitive crime

                                                                                              Knowledge and
Commitment            Prevention and Protection                    Communities
 Work with      The complexity of cyber enabled fraud        We will work together,         We will equip
 partners       poses a significant challenge and we         across a variety of internal   officers with the
 to tackle      will work in partnership to effectively      functions and disciplines,     necessary skills
 online fraud   tackle it. In particular we will work with   to raise awareness of the      to recognise the
 and protect    the Scottish Business Resilience Centre      problem of fraud. Through      drivers of economic
 individuals    to target online fraud and protect           our collective expertise,      crime and submit
 and            individuals and businesses.                  we will encourage              intelligence
 businesses                                                  potential victims to take      accordingly. This
 from this                                                   simple steps to secure         will enable us to
 threat.                                                     themselves online.             collaborate with
                                                                                            the private sector
                                                                                            and academia
                                                                                            to develop our
                                                                                            understanding of
                                                                                            emerging threats
                                                                                            from fraud and theft.
                                                                                            We will work with
                                                                                            partners to develop
                                                                                            effective methods to
                                                                                            communicate those
                                                                                            risks, share good
                                                                                            practice and protect
                                                                                            our communities.

34                                                                                                                             35

                                                   OFFICIAL                                                         OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                           OFFICIAL

                                                                     Local Policing
                                                                     Police Scotland’s thirteen Local Policing Divisions     Improve public contact,
                                                                     are committed to keeping the communities of
                                                                     Scotland safe through a progressive, resilient and      engagement and service

     Supporting our priorities                                       locally focused service. Policing delivery is focused
                                                                     on the national priorities described in this plan
                                                                     and local priorities, as outlined in Local Policing
                                                                                                                             Local policing in Scotland is on a journey of change,
                                                                                                                             aligned to the long-term vision of our strategy. The
                                                                                                                             ‘Local Approaches to Policing’ programme, includes
                                                                     Plans. The Scottish Government’s Strategic Police
                                                                     Priorities2 were refreshed in 2016 after a period       a commitment to develop evidence based local
     All local policing and specialist divisions within Police                                                               policing models that reflect the demands for service
                                                                     of consultation and are at the very heart of local
     Scotland contribute to the delivery of policing priorities      service delivery and inform planning at local           and take into account the differing needs of rural,
     outlined above. These local and specialist officers and staff   community level.                                        remote and urban communities. Our dedicated
                                                                                                                             teams will work with policing practitioners and
     provide vital support that cuts across all our priority areas                                                           key stakeholders to build an evidence base that
     and they are vital to the service we provide as we protect      Planning and Partnerships                               supports effective and sustainable change. The
                                                                                                                             phased rollout of mobile devices for front-line
     the public and communities. The next section of this plan       The introduction of Local Outcome Improvement
                                                                                                                             officers will increase their visibility and capacity
                                                                     Plans (LOIPs), derived under the Community
     will highlight the contribution of the following:               Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015, provides
                                                                                                                             to address our priorities and the issues our
                                                                                                                             communities face.
                                                                     an opportunity for Local Policing Divisions to
                                                                     plan more cohesively with partners, focusing
                                                                                                                             Local policing divisions will take a considered
      • Local Policing                                               on improving local outcomes for the public and
                                                                                                                             approach to change through quality improvement
                                                                     communities. This approach allows flexibility in the
                                                                                                                             processes. The scope of this work is extensive and
                                                                     implementation of local plans to achieve improved
                                                                                                                             will contribute to improving the lives of the most
      • Specialist Crime Division                                    outcomes and service delivery.
                                                                                                                             vulnerable members of our communities.
                                                                     Local Policing Divisions will continue their
      • Contact, Command and Control Division                        commitment to strengthen existing relationships
                                                                     and develop new partnerships. Community
                                                                     participation legislation provides a valuable
      • Criminal Justice Services Division                           opportunity to strengthen partnership networks,
                                                                     engage seldom heard voices within communities
                                                                     and pay recognition to organisations who
      • Operational Support                                          provide continued and invaluable support to
                                                                     Police Scotland.

      • Corporate Support Services                                   More information can be found at the following link:

                                                                      2   http://www.gov.scot/Topics/Justice/
36                                                                                                                                                                                37

                                    OFFICIAL                                                                           OFFICIAL
OFFICIAL                                                                                                         OFFICIAL

Supporting our priorities                                                                                                                                                               Supporting our priorities

Specialist Crime Division (SCD)                                                                                    Contact, Command and Control Division (C3)
SCD supports local policing and keeps people safe                  3. Digital safety, prevention and resilience:   Improve public contact,                                     Police Scotland Service Centre
through the provision of access to national specialist                We will proactively communicate key cyber
investigative and intelligence functions. SCD’s main                  resilience messages from the Scottish        engagement and service                                      Following delivery of the ICCS, we will seek to
areas of focus are:                                                   Government, the National Cyber Security                                                                  procure and implement a replacement single,
                                                                                                                   C3 provides frontline advice, support and
                                                                      Centre (NCSC) and other key partners                                                                     national ICT service centre solution. Work will
     • Major Crime (including all homicide                                                                         assistance to Scotland’s public and police alike.
                                                                      to improve cyber safety, prevention                                                                      continue to develop a public engagement and
       investigations)                                                                                             It is divided into two distinct work areas: service
                                                                      and resilience; and support victims of                                                                   access strategy as part of the Policing 2026
                                                                                                                   centres handling all 101/999 calls and control
                                                                      cybercrime                                                                                               change portfolio. This will ensure we drive forward
     • Public Protection                                                                                           rooms - our highly skilled people provide 24-
                                                                                                                                                                               improvements in the service which C3 delivers
                                                                                                                   hour support to resolve enquiries, prioritise and
                                                                                                                                                                               at first point of contact, resolving enquiries in the
     • Local Crime                                                 4. Digital Forensic Services: We will           task incidents and supply frontline officers with
                                                                                                                                                                               most appropriate manner.
                                                                      invest to improve the quality of digital     operationally critical information.
     • Organised Crime and Counter Terrorism                          forensic services
                                                                                                                   C3 continues to focus on delivering a high quality          Contact Assessment Model
     • Intelligence Support                                                                                        service and improving efficiency through the C3
                                                             We will deliver the following related commitments:    Integration and Remodelling programme (C3IR). As            Implementation of a new Contact Assessment
     • Safer Communities                                                                                           part of our drive for continuous improvement, C3            Model (CAM) in C3 will enable us to better
                                                               • Formulate a Cybercrime Threat Assessment
                                                                                                                   will deliver the following activities.                      recognise and respond appropriately to the needs
                                                                                                                                                                               of individuals and communities. It will inform the
Enhance cyber capabilities                                     • Establish a Cybercrime Safety, Prevention and
                                                                                                                                                                               appropriate deployment of response officers based
                                                                 Resilience Unit                                   Developing our people                                       on assessment of risk and vulnerability – working
In addition to the commitments described under
each of our policing priorities, and as part of the            • Enhance our cyber incident reporting                                                                          with partners to provide the appropriate response
                                                                                                                   The delivery of high quality induction and initial
Policing 2026 strategy, a programme of work to                   mechanisms                                                                                                    based on need and provide an improved service and
                                                                                                                   training of new recruits remains key to the success
review and develop our cybercrime capability has                                                                                                                               contact experience.
                                                                                                                   of the Division. This is supported by a focus on
commenced. This aims to ensure that our future                 • Establish a Police Scotland Cyber Resilience      the continuous professional development of our
infrastructure will enable us to deliver an excellent            Board                                             people to ensure a culture of ongoing learning              National Database Enquiry Unit
service to all of Scotland’s communities, irrespective                                                             and continuous improvement. We will focus on
of the ever increasing advances in the digital,              Brexit                                                delivering essential, effective and relevant training       As part of the C3IR programme, we will begin the
technological and cyber arenas. Four key themes                                                                    for our staff.                                              phased implementation of the National Database
will form the foundation for how the programme               The UK leaving the European Union will have an                                                                    Enquiry Unit (NDEU). Based across Glasgow and
will develop;                                                impact on Police Scotland, our partners and the       Our learning culture is further underpinned by our          Inverness, the NDEU will deliver database checks to
                                                             communities we serve. SCD has formed a dedicated      ‘notable incident’ process - a mechanism by which           support frontline officers on a 24/7 basis.
      1.   Digital knowledge and skills: Our                 team to explore the impact of Brexit on policing      C3 staff highlight incidents that are identified as
           investigative capability will be enhanced         in Scotland. We will work closely with partners in    learning opportunities. We will continue to build on
           by upskilling our workforce to ensure that        government and policing across the UK and Europe      this to drive further improvements.
           we are appropriately equipped to tackle           to identify and address this impact.
           any crime with a digital, technological or
           cyber facet                                                                                             Integrated communications
                                                                                                                   Procurement of a single, national Integrated
      2. Digital investigative, intelligence and                                                                   Communications Control System (ICCS) will
         analytical capacity and capability: We will                                                               progress to prepare Police Scotland for the
         enhance our intelligence and analytical                                                                   introduction of the new Emergency Services
         capability and realise opportunities to                                                                   Mobile Communications system that will replace
         exploit the criminal digital footprint                                                                    our current radio communication system ‘Airwave’.
                                                                                                                   This new more efficient system will improve police
                                                                                                                   communication technology and deliver efficiencies.

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