Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021

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Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Assumption Jr/Sr High School
                     EDUCATION PLAN

Three-Year Education Plan 2018 - 2021
Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Executive Summary.............................................................................................................................................................................. 3
Lakeland Catholic School District – Environmental Scan ....................................................................................................................... 5
Community Profile ............................................................................................................................................................................... 6
School Context ..................................................................................................................................................................................... 8
School Vision....................................................................................................................................................................................... 8
School Mission ..................................................................................................................................................................................... 9
School Values and Beliefs................................................................................................................................................................... 11
Strategic Priorities and Desired Outcomes ......................................................................................................................................... 12
Accountability Pillar Overall (Alberta Education) ................................................................................................................................ 70

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
This year’s plan marks the preparation of Lakeland Catholic School District’s Three-Year Education Plan 2018-2021, which all Alberta
school districts are required to prepare for Alberta update annually. The plan is based on a reflection of past accomplishments and
areas that require additional attention. The Board and administration solicit a wide range of views through surveys of student families,
consultations, dedicated planning workshops, and a review of past plans and initiatives. The latest Provincial guidance and priorities
are reflected in Lakeland Catholic’s Three-Year Education Plan.

              Part One
              Part One is the high-level strategic plan. The plan outlines the District’s primary purpose, its operating context, and the vision,
              mission, and values of the District. These are framed as contextual setting pieces, aspirational goals, and enduring beliefs that
              underpin everything the District undertakes. The desired outcomes and key results are specific and measurable and are
              supported by strategies to accomplish these ends. Performance measures – prepared at the district-level and Alberta Education,
              provide direct, measurable evidence of progress against key results, and ultimately, desired outcomes.

               Part Two
               Part Two focuses on the specific actions and initiatives that support the strategies identified. Action planning is done
               at both the district and individual school level. Guidance has been provided to the district and schools about what
               supporting activities could be effective. These action plans are a tactical roadmap to implementing the strategic plan
               and each school, as well as the district, has developed one based on the overall strategic plan.

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Parent Involvement
•   Each school Principal presented their Three-Year Plan to their School Council. Parents were provided with the opportunity for
    input and feedback.
•   In addition, each Principal presented information related to their Accountability Pillar Measures and their Provincial Achievement
    Test or Provincial Diploma Results.

Timelines and Communication
•   Prior to consulting with District administration, the school Principals held meetings to receive input from their staff and School Councils.
•   The completed Plan is made public after it is presented to the School Board. It will also be posted on the District website at
•   Upon completion of the Three-Year Education Plan document, school Principals will share the completed Three-Year Education Plan with staff
    and School Councils in order to define how the Three-Year Education Plan will be implemented at the individual schools.
•   The District senior administration team meets bi-annually with school Principal teams to review progress and monitor implementation of
    strategies from the Three-Year Education Plan.
•   The following Class Size Reports for the jurisdiction for all subjects and for core subjects are posted on the District website under A direct link to the reports are provided as follows:

            o   All Subjects -
            o   Core Subjects Only -

•   The Class Size averages for all Jurisdictions in Alberta are posted on the Alberta Education website at:

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
The Lakeland Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 150 is located about 250 kilometers northeast of Edmonton. The four major communities
in the jurisdiction are Bonnyville, Cold Lake, and Lac La Biche, as well as the Village of Waskatenau. Within these communities, the District operates
eight schools with seven of the eight schools offering dual - track programs (English and French Immersion). We also have an institutional school,
Dr. Margaret Savage Centre School, in Cold Lake.
The Lakeland region of northeastern Alberta has a rich multi-cultural identity, a reflection of its diverse settlement history. The earliest inhabitants
were Indigenous who were later joined (in the early 1900’s) by French-Canadian pioneers from Quebec, followed by a significant wave of Polish
and Ukrainian immigration in the late 1920’s. The area also has a rich Metis heritage. In the early 1950’s, the Federal Government developed an
Air Force Base (4 Wing Cold Lake) and town-site and since then, the base staffing and rotational protocol ensures a healthy influx of new residents
from across Canada.
The regional economy is differentiated by locale but generally, oil and gas production is the keystone of the regional economy. Bonnyville,
Waskatenau and Lac La Biche derive the largest share of benefits from the agricultural and oil sectors while 4 Wing Cold Lake plays a leading role
in the economic health of the City of Cold Lake. These different economic realities result in shifting migration patterns into the region and, in
recent years, there have been an influx of temporary workers, new Canadians, and individuals and families who reside primarily outside the region
but work and contribute to local economies within the region. These residents have different levels of connectivity to the social fabric of local
communities and this requires careful consideration when planning educational strategies that ensure that every student is successful. The number
of students served has grown each year, both as a function of regional population growth and interest in a faith -based educational option for
students and families. The changing demographics of the area present both challenges and opportunities for education planning.

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Cold Lake
Located approximately 280 kilometres northeast of Edmonton, the City of Cold Lake has the retail centre of Northeastern Alberta. It is home to
approximately 15,000 people and Canada’s largest air force base.
Lakeland Catholic Schools offers primary and secondary education alongside Northern Lights School Division and several private schools (Lakeland
Christian Academy, School of Hope, Trinity Christian School). Athabasca University, Lakeland College and Portage College, as well as the Canadian
Forces Community College Network & University Services, provide post-secondary education in the area.
                                                                      Lakeland Catholic School District operates three schools in Cold Lake, all of which are
                                                                      dual track English and French Immersion.
                                                                      •       Holy Cross Elementary School (Pre-school to Grade 6)
                                                                      •       École St. Dominic Elementary School (Kindergarten to Grade 6)
                                                                      •       Assumption Junior/Senior High School (Grades 7 to 12)

                                                            According to 2016 census data1, the population in the City of Cold Lake grew between
                                                            2011-2016 (8.1%) with 19.35% of the population between age 5-19. Cold Lake is a young
                                                            community with a median age of 31.2, which is lower than Alberta by 5 years and Canada
                                                            by 10 years, and the lowest of the regions that Lakeland Catholic serves. Only 17.62% of
families in private households have children. English is spoken most often at home by over 90% of the residents. Interestingly 1.47% of respondents
indicated that Tagalog was spoken most often at home.
Median total incomes for couples with children and lone-parent families were similar to the rest of Alberta, while the prevalence of low-income
children and youth is noticeably lower in Cold Lake. Approximately 90% of the residents identify as non-immigrants. Most recent immigrants
(immigrated between January 2011-May2016) to Cold Lake were born in the Philippines (65.26%). Only 9.30% of residents identify as Aboriginal.

1   Statistics Canada. 2017. Alberta and Canada. Census Profile. 2016 Census. Statistics Canada Catalogue no. 98-316-X2016001. Ottawa. Released November 29, 2017.

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Additionally, at 21.1%, Cold Lake has almost double the percentage of non-permanent residents compared to the other regions. This may not be
surprising as Cold Lake is home to Canada’s largest air force base.
The percentage of the population aged 15 years and over, in private households, with a postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree is similar to
that of Alberta and Canada (55.34%).

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021
Our primary purpose, like Christ, is to serve... our students, our parents and our community.
Within this context we:
•   Enhance our Catholic identity by developing and maintaining strong links among the parish, school, and home;
•   Develop students as critical thinkers and problem solvers, equipped with the skills to be responsible, productive, and ethical citizens focused
    on serving God and the community;
•   Provide students with a wide range of high quality educational programs and services that educate the whole child – spiritually, intellectually,
    physically, culturally, and emotionally;
•   Nurture self-esteem, success, and wellness in a safe, caring and enabling learning environment that affirms the dignity of staff and students;
•   Develop a learning climate that supports excellence, continuous improvement, and life-long learning.


Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021

Assumption Jr/Sr High School - EDUCATION PLAN 2018-2021 - Three-Year Education Plan 2018 2021

        Success for all in a faith based community.
 La réussite pour tous dans une communauté fondée sur la

Our vision at Assumption School is to:
    1. Develop the whole child:

         • Spiritually
         • Academically
         • Emotionally
         • Physically
         • Socially
        Ensuring each individual identity is maintained.

    2. Provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities within a safe and caring environment.

    3. Develop the skills, knowledge and values our students need to succeed. These attributes include, but are not limited to:
          • Being a morally active citizen
          • Self-discipline
          • Teamwork
          • Self-control
          • Resiliency
          • Respectfulness
          • Responsibility
          • Creativity


 Desired Outcome 1

 Catholic Christian identity permeates
 throughout Assumption School.

 Key Results

 Create a rich faith climate within the
 schools supported by high quality
 religious studies programs and

Performance Indicators (Accountability Pillar and District Measures)

  Desired Outcomes                           Performance Measures                                          Current     Target
  Members of the school feel welcomed        % of students satisfied that students respect one another     64%         68%
  and respected.                             % of students satisfied that there is a caring atmosphere     74%         78%
                                             in the school
  Catholic Christian value of community      % of students satisfied that the school provides              93%         96%
  service is fostered.                       opportunities to be involved in volunteer work and
                                             community service
  There are opportunities for everyone       % of teachers satisfied that the school provides              85%         90%
  to develop and enhance their faith.        opportunities to practice and develop their faith

Comment on Results
At AJSH there is a strong feeling that students and staff are supported and encouraged in their faith journeys. AJSH
encourages opportunities for students and staff to be active participants in by providing intentional experiences for the
development of Faith such as Masses, celebrations, retreats, daily and weekly prayer, Youth Liturgical Leadership and
stewardship. AJSH will continue to expand and build upon initiatives that support and enhance Catholic Christian values. One
area of concern and concentrated focus is creating a climate whereby students feel respected by one another. Significant
work will be centered around this over the next three years, so that students will report an improved climate of caring and
mutual respect.

Strategy 1 Support Student and Employee Faith Development

Create a safe and caring environment inclusive of all denominations where students and staff practice and live their faith.

Encourage and support student engagement in activities that promote and help students to develop a deeper understanding of social
justice and community service grounded in Catholic Christian identity.

All staff have ample opportunities to actively live and develop their faith and model Catholic values.

All leaders will model positive leadership behaviour consistent with our Catholic Christian values.

District Actions & Initiatives                                           School Actions & Initiatives
 •   Continue District focus in Year 2 “Mark of Excellent                    •   8A and 8B field trip to Birchbay Ranch (October 2018).
     Catholic Schools.”                                                          Students will be engaged in supportive, team-based
 •   Develop student and staff faith exploration through school,                 activities to make positive connections and community.
     district, provincial, national, and international                           This is Outcome 1 related because it will develop mutual
                                                                                 respect among students. (PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)
 •   In addition to “Sharing the Faith” in first two years, have
     Catholic personal /professional faith workshops/seminars
     for all staff to deepen their faith.                                    •   All grade levels will be involved in faith-based retreats.
 •   Participate in social justice projects.                                     Students come together during these days to pray,
 •   Develop new and support existing school faith leadership                    celebrate their uniqueness, look for ways to live as a
     role models.                                                                faith-based community and support each other. (PC)
                                                                                 (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

•   AJSH staff will dedicate time to community volunteerism
                                and give-back. (Thriftology/ Cold Lake Native Friendship
                                Center) As a staff, AJSH will continue to explore other
                                opportunities for staff and students to volunteer at these
                                locations. This will help us to reinforce community ties.
                                (PC) (HCI) (MR)

                            •   AJSH students will continue to participate in Social Justice
                                activities that benefit our local community.(PC) (HCI)

                            •   All first year and second year teachers will engage in
                                Sharing The Faith professional development. They will
                                also bring back their learning and share with
                                Administration how this learning will have a positive
                                impact on their teaching practice/faith life. (PC) (HCI)
                                (MR) (PD)

School Progress

•   Insert progress here…

Strategy 2         Support Religious Studies and Programming

Maintain a strong focus on faith permeation in school culture and in relation to Alberta learner outcomes.

District Actions & Initiatives                                         School Actions & Initiatives
•   Increase support for teachers to differentiate religion            •   As part of the personalization focus, continue with the focus
    programs.                                                              on community service and explore additional opportunities
•   Continue with the Religious Education Coordinator position             which staff would coordinate and involve students:
    to support faith permeation in school culture and religious
    programming.                                                      a)Explore a connection with the YLL at Holy Cross
•   Provide religious education resources to support the              b) Plan Spring 2019 project which maintain and beautify the church
    curriculum and faith permeation in school culture.                and school grounds
                                                                      c) Collaborate with SDE and HCE to plan a Retreat for their
                                                                      students, led by AJSH students
                                                                      (SE) (PC) (CP) (MR) (HCI)
                                                                       •   Involve students in creating and maintaining the prayer table
                                                                           spaces in the classrooms:
                                                                      a) Prayer table cloths (Home Ec & Foods and Fashion classes)
                                                                      b)Symbols for prayer tables (Art, IA and Com Tech classes)
                                                                      c) AJSH High School Art class will create a mural of the Teaching of
                                                                      the Seven Grandfathers to display in the Library
                                                                      (SE) (HCI) (WCRS)

                                                                            •   Utilize both the LCSD Faith Coach as well as our IT
                                                                                Coaches to help create lessons that integrate technology

to help support and energize the delivery of religious
                                instruction. (CP) (RRC) (ML)

                            •   Encourage the development of religious education
                                permeation coaching capacity at each school. Staff will
                                utilize all Lakeland Catholic Coaches to assist in creating
                                lessons that are rich in faith and content specific
                                curriculum. All new teaching staff will collaborate with
                                the District Faith Coach in a minimum once per semester
                                to assist in planning/teaching. (PD) (RRC) (ML) (A)

                            •   Peer Observations will be conduct with staff twice
                                throughout the year. One round of Peer Observations
                                will be focused on permeation throughout the different
                                curricular areas. These lessons will also be shared on a
                                Google Doc with staff as exemplars from which staff can
                                use to create their own. (PD) (RRC) (ML) (A)

School Progress

•   Insert progress here…

Strategy 3 Connecting School, Church and Home

Develop the critical partnerships required among the school, church and the home and the broader community to build a vibrant and
inclusive faith community.

District Actions & Initiatives                                       School Actions & Initiatives
•   Utilize a range of strategies and supports to engage             •   Ensure the French Immersion aspect of the school is
    students in Catholic Christian faith communities.                    represented in school prayer events.
•   Increase student connections with parishes.                    a)Rotating morning prayers in both English and French
•   Support collaboration with Diocese to ensure engagement        b)Liturgical celebrations will continue to be bilingual
    in Lakeland Catholic School’s faith community.                   (SE) (P)(MR) (WCRS)
•   Deliberately promote our Catholic identity, and that we are      • Provide opportunities for students to interact with priests
    publicly funded.                                                     and other religious leaders. (CP)(PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

                                                                     •   Extend invitations to Fr. Nong, Fr. Marcin Rosinski, Deacon
                                                                         Ryan Sales to be part of Q & A sessions, to be part of the
                                                                         reflections in the chapel, to be part of weekly morning
                                                                         prayer, to be visible in the school and visit with students in
                                                                         the cafeteria and/or foyer. (CP)(PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

                                                                     •   Implement church tours and teaching masses for grade 7
                                                                         and 8s students as part of their Religion class. Students
                                                                         will continue to learning about the symbols, rituals and
                                                                         parts of the Mass. (CP)(PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

•   Explore and plan to hold faith-focused FLEX sessions
                                    open to all students as opportunities to develop and
                                    discuss their faith. This could include:
                            a) Youth Faith Cafés
                            b) Bible/Book Studies
                            c) Going deeper into Scripture
                            d) Learning about Prayer- prayer groups
                            (CP)(PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)
                                • Ensure that prayer is a visible and tangible part of AJSH
                            a)Student and staff prayer will continue Tuesday mornings with
                                PLC groups leading prayer.
                            b) Extracurricular groups/teams will begin their activities and
                                games with an AJSH prayer
                            c)New Faith signage to be hung at the AJSH entrance in the
                            (CP)(PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

                                •   Explore the possibility of highlighting a, “Spiritual
                                    Student of the Month’. This will also be added to AJSH
                                    Facebook page as well as to the LCD panels throughout
                                    the school.
                            (PC) (SE) (MR) (WCRS)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Desired Outcome 2

Assumption School‘s students are

Key Results

Student learning outcomes and
focus is on competencies, which
includes critical thinking,
collaboration and communication,
across subject and discipline areas
based on a strong foundation of
literacy and numeracy.

Performance Indicators (Accountability Pillar and District Measures)

 Desired Outcomes                        Performance Measures                                                       Current      Target
 Students will develop strong            % of parents satisfied with the school’s efforts to improve                93%          96%
 literacy skills.                        literacy
                                         % of parents satisfied with the school’s reading program                   92%          95%
                                         % of teachers satisfied with the school-level resources and                92%          95%
                                         support offered to help develop and implement literacy
 Assessment practices enhance            % of teachers satisfied with the district resources and support            92%          95%
 both teaching and learning.             offered to help develop and implement assessment strategies?
 The needs of all learners are           % of parents satisfied that the needs of their child are met               93%          96%
 being met.                              % of teachers satisfied that the needs of all learners are met             76%          80%
 Technology is a tool to enhance         % of parents satisfied that learning is enhanced by the use                96%          98%
 teaching and learning.                  computers and other digital technologies
                                         % of teachers satisfied with onsite learning resource support for          92%          95%
                                         technology integration

 Comment on Results
 Results are excellent, and suggest that sharp departures from current strategies would be unadvisable. Nonetheless, there has been
 feedback that indicates AJSH needs to continue to focus on the individual learning needs of all students. Increased focus will be added
 to the successful planning for, and supporting students in all academic pathways. AJSH will continue to collaborate with District coaches
 to help increase flexible learning opportunities, as well as enhance programming and delivery of curriculum.

Strategy 1 Academic Achievement and Competencies

     All students receive an excellent academic foundation that allows students to be successful, self-sufficient members of society.

      Students are prepared to meet the vast needs of an evolving future. They are challenged to perform to their full potential
    through the
      complexities of the curriculum.

      District Actions & Initiatives                                   School Actions & Initiatives
      •   Provide access to quality French language supports for           •   Continue Field Testing of Diploma Exams and/or
          teachers and students.                                               Achievement Tests in all applicable courses.
      •   Continue interschool coaching program to support                     (TP) (RRC) (A)
          instruction and programming in the district.                     •   Applicable Teachers will apply to mark PDE exams.
•                                                                              (TP) (RRC) (A)
                                                                           •   Increase student engagement through continuing to
      •   Develop and implement a systemic action plan to support              provide students with daily opportunities to read through
          learning and achievement in literacy.                                D.E.A.R. AJSH will collaborate with District Literacy Coach
                                                                               to develop a plan to maximize this time across grade
      Numeracy                                                                 levels. (SE) (RRC) (PD)

      •   Develop and implement a systemic action plan to support          •   AJSH will continue to collaborate with District Literacy
          learning and achievement in numeracy.                                Coach and within PLCs to develop strategies for working
                                                                               with students to make intentional choices in their reading

•   Develop and implement a systemic action plan to support                      material that match their individual skills and interests.
    learning and achievement in mathematics.                                     Be intentional about helping students select reading
                                                                                 material which will hold their interest and engage them
Assessment                                                                       in sustained reading. (SE) (RRC) (PD)

•   The District will support Assessment for Learning practices to          •    Re-introduce ‘AJSH Hot Reads’. All staff will display their
    enhance student achievement.                                                 current ‘Hot Read’ and share these with students.
•   Continue to provide support for implementation of district                   Displays will also be set up in the Office, Library and
    report card.                                                                 Common Area for Administration, Educational Assistants,
•   Renew Alberta Assessment Consortium membership and                           Support Staff and Custodial Staff to share their reads. (SE)
    utilize resources across the district.                                       (PC) (RRC)

                                                                            •    AJSH staff Humanities PLCs will focus on and will share
                                                                                 specific literacy strategies with other departments to help
                                                                                 support literacy across areas.:

                                                                     a)Reading and reading comprehension development (Jr & Sr High).
                                                                     b)Creating lifelong readers (Jr/Sr high)
                                                                     c) Notice & Note (Close Reading)
                                                                     d) Empowering Writers (Narrative & Expository)
                                                                     (SE) (RRC) (ML)
                                                                        •       Plan author visit to help support and encourage reading
                                                                                and writing through the Young Alberta Book Society,
                                                                                TaleBlazers program. (SE) (PC) (RRC)

                                                                        •       Use manipulative materials and innovative technologies to
                                                                                increase understanding, and engagement. (SE) (ML)(A)

•   Continue to seek out professional development and
    supports for specialized HS mathematics and science
    teachers. (PD) (RRC) (ML)

•   AJSH teachers will continue to utilize and collaborate with
    the District Numeracy Coach to assist in planning/teaching
    and assessment practices. (PD)(RRC) (ML)

•   AJSH Math teachers will participate in Webinars and PD
    that support them in the new written response questions
    on the Math PAT/ PDE assessments. (PD)(RRC) (ML)

•   Collect evidence of learning through the use of products,
    observations and conversations with students and staff.
    Mentor teachers, Administration will share examples of
    Triangulation with AJSH new teachers during monthly new
    teacher meetings (TP) (ML) (P) (A) (RRC) (PD)

•   AJSH will help support the focus on AFL strategies to create
    transparent, specific, student assessment. This will include
    finding relevant PD, dedicating time at staff meetings and
    PLCs to support teacher understanding, planning for, and
    implementation of AFL in all classrooms. Administration
    and Leadership Team will decide on a specific area of focus
    for AFL for AJSH. This focus will be shared as mini-PD
    during staff meetings and will be a focus for walkthrough
    visits by administration. (TP) (ML) (P) (A) (RRC) (PD)

•   Utilize PLCs to create, and reflect on AFL implementation in
    the classroom. Continue to incorporate established AFL
    practices in the classroom. Teachers will be invited to
    share AFL practices with new teachers at monthly new
    teacher meetings. (TP) (ML) (P) (A) (RRC) (PD)
•   Continue to use performance assessments and project
    based learning. (RRC) (ML) (FLE)(A)

•   Establish peer mentorship through Peer Observations at
    AJSH. Peer Observations to take place in both First and
    Second Semesters. Focuses could be: Permeation
    Assessment For/ of Learning strategies, Instructional
    Intelligence, Questioning, Wait-Time, UDL etc.
    (PD) (ML)
•   Administration, new and veteran teachers to participate in
    Barrie Bennett professional development, October 2018.
    (PD) (ML)
•   Establish the use of Video as a source of feedback for
    teachers to help support them in their practice and deepen
    their self-reflective practices through observing themselves
    in a caring and supportive environment. (PD) (ML)

•   AJSH will continue the cohort for new (and veteran)
    teachers with District support. (PD) (ML)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy 2 Preparation for Employment and Life-long Learning

Support students to develop the skills/competencies that will be used in the worlds they will inhabit. Build well-rounded, resilient citizens
of the world.

District Actions & Initiatives                                           School Actions & Initiatives
 •   Provide increased counselling/mental health supports.               •   AJSH will develop a Code of Conduct which will include the
 •   Increase support/funding for Fine Arts and specialty                    following stakeholder groups: Students, Staff, PAC/Council,
     teachers.                                                               Board Members. This Code of Conduct will examine existing
 •   Support flexible learning environments. (e.g. High School               procedures surrounding: Dress Code, Cell Phone/Technology
     Redesign Project).                                                      use, Bullying, Attendance etc. (Spring 2019) (SE) (CP) (PC)
 •   Standardize digital portfolio to My Blueprint program across            (HCI) (MR) (WCRS)
     the District.
 •   Maintain and/or increase community partnerships to
                                                                         •   Invite Dwayne Peace in to present to all Jr and Sr High
     encourage students’ career exploration.
                                                                             Students. Host breakout sessions for High School students
 •   Seek out and increase opportunities for Dual Credit, Career
     and Technology Studies and Foundations, work experience,                and conduct a parent information evening to raise parent
     Registered Apprenticeships Program partnerships, and other              awareness and provide support. (SE) (CP) (PC) (HCI) (MR)
     funding and innovative programming options.                             (WCRS)

                                                                         •   Develop and implement short, ongoing (weekly) sessions to
                                                                             help students gain understanding and skills to deal with
                                                                             pressures such as drugs, anxiety, cyber-bullying, and so on.
                                                                             (SE) (CP) (PC) (HCI) (MR) (WCRS)

•       FOW will work with teachers to develop the weekly 15
        minutes lessons. Lessons will be tailored to the different
        grade levels. Teachers will facilitate the lessons according to
        the identified plan. (SE) (PC) (PL) (FLE) (RRC)

•       FOW, Grade 7 teachers and Administration will develop and
        implement a plan which resembles a welcome wagon
        approach to ensure a safe and comfortable transition for new
        students in grades 8 – 12. (SE) (PC) (PL) (FLE) (RRC) (WCRS)

•       Continue with Grade 6 (HCE/SDE) transition visits each spring.
        Utilize the student leadership group to serve as the
        facilitators. (SE) (PC) (PL) (FLE) (RRC) (WCRS)

•       Create an overview of critical information to be shared with
        new students and a plan for how the information can/should
        be shared. (SE) (PC) (PL) (FLE) (RRC) (WCRS)

•       Continue to collaborate with Amanda Wildman to utilize
        community/industry/post-secondary resources to extend
        learning beyond classroom in form of fieldtrips, guest
        speakers, virtual learning experiences, and demonstrations.
        Invite community members to participate in classes to
        provide students with a real-life account to
        professions/experiences that relate to the subject areas.
        (SE) (CP) (PC) (FLE) (ML) (HCI) (RRC)

    •     Career counselor will schedule and meet with each grade
          12 student to ensure they know their options and check to

ensure that they are on target to meet their goals. (SE) (ST)
                                (TP)(PC) (P) (MR) (RRC)
                            •   Career Counsellor will meet with grade 10 and 11 students
                                to assist them in determining career goals and selecting
                                their course accordingly.
                            •   The career counsellor will meet with each grade 9 students
                                and their family to schedule their HS courses and talk about
                                their options for the future.
                                (SE) (ST) (TP)(PC) (P) (MR) (RRC)
                            •   Continue to increase cultural awareness in Jr/High School
                                Art by partnering with the Janvier Art Gallery
                                (SE)(PC) (MR) (HCI)
                            •   Continue to offer DELF certification for French Immersion
                                Students (SE) (ST) (TP)(ML) (RRC) (A)
                            •   Offer certificate to students who complete French
                                Immersion program from K-12. (SE) (ST) (TP)(ML) (RRC) (A)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy 3 Educational Technology

Ensure that the digital technology and pedagogy synergize for optimal student success.

District Actions & Initiatives                                        School Actions & Initiatives
  •   Use the Learning and Technology Policy Framework to             •   Ensure a strong focus on digital respect and increased
      establish structures, cultivate innovation and build capacity       understanding of ethical citizenship in digital technology for
      within the system to leverage technology in support of              students through projects, daily reinforcement, guest
      student-centered learning and system efficiencies.                  speakers, positive affirmations and staff unity.
  •   Provide opportunities for district-wide resource                    (SE) (PC) (MR) (HCI) (WCRS)
      development and sharing to ensure optimal student access            Invite District Technology Coaches to Parent Teacher
      to curriculum.                                                      interviews to give mini-tutorials to parents on the
  •   Provide variety of well-chosen technologies to ensure               technologies students are utilizing, as well as help support
      optimal access to curriculum including online assessments.          them with access from home (Fall/Spring).
  •   Support integration of digital technology through use of            (SE) (PC) (MR) (HCI) (WCRS)
      interschool coaching team.
  •   Support integration of technology through pedagogical               Continue to partner with Amanda Wildman to develop
      approaches such as Universal Design for Learning, Project-          innovative programming such as robotics, gamification and
      based Learning, Inquiry-based learning.                             coding to meet changing face of technology and industry
  •   Develop district digital and on-line citizenship and                demands. (SE) (CP) (PC) (FLE) (ML) (HCI) (RRC)
      behavioural guidelines.
  •   Expand/promote digital related programs                         •   Expand on the use of FLEX opportunities for students to
                                                                          introduce them and allow them to experiment with different
                                                                          technologies. (SE) (PC) (ML) (PL) (FLE) (MR) (RRC)

•   Continue to work with Colleen Yoshida to increase the use of
                                the My Blueprint program for all students. Explore the use of
                                a digital portfolio with this tool. (SE) (PC) (ML) (PL) (FLE) (MR)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Desired Outcome 3
Achievement gap between Indigenous
students and all other students is
eliminated at Assumption School.

  Key Results
  The District works collaboratively with
  Indigenous communities and supports
  the education system in eliminating the
  gap between Indigenous (First Nations,
  Métis and Inuit) students and all other

Performance Indicators (Accountability Pillar and District Measures)

 Desired Outcomes                           Performance Measures                                         Current        Target
 The School is providing a rich             % of parents satisfied that the school provides              89%            92%
 learning experience to all leaners,        opportunities to celebrate First Nations, Metis, and
 including Indigenous learners.             Inuit cultures and promote pride
                                            % of teachers satisfied with the district resources and      77%            80%
                                            support offered to help in the
                                            delivery of First Nations, Metis, and Inuit programs
                                            and services
                                            % of teachers satisfied with the school-level resources      56%            65%
                                            and support offered for instructional support for First
                                            Nations, Metis, and Inuit students

Comment on Results
 Continued supports and will be put in place to support teacher education and increase school-level resources for First Nations,
 Metis and Inuit students. Parent results are positive, and strategies should continue to be geared towards inclusive and safe
 and caring schools and engagement with local communities. The focus going forward will be on creating space and opportunity
 for indigenous students to take on leadership roles and share their experiences in a supportive environment.

Strategy #1 Customized Learning and Teaching Support for Indigenous Success

Continue to provide support and develop resources for students and staff that encourage adaptive teaching and learning
strategies for Indigenous students.

District Actions & Initiatives                                      School Actions & Initiatives
•   Provide professional learning for all staff about Indigenous          •   Dedicate time at each staff meeting for the AJSH FNMI
    perspective, experience, treaties, and history and legacy of              staff lead present 1 Pebbles lesson/strategy to teachers.
    residential schools.                                           (ML) (PD) (WCRS)
•   Continue to support Truth and Reconciliation initiatives.
•   Continue to support the Indigenous Education Committee.               •   Designate a grade level to attend a trip to Blue Quills.
•   Continue the Indigenous Education coordinator position to      (SE) (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC) (WCRS)
    support curriculum and permeation of indigenous perspective.
•   Increase support and resources for teaching and learning          •    Plan a residential school experience (Professional
    strategies to increase Indigenous academic achievement.                Development) for all staff focusing on Intergenerational
                                                                           Trauma, the impact that this has on learners, as well as the
                                                                           implications this has for teachers and schools. (ML) (PD)
                                                                          • Continue to seek out and purchase cultural sensitive
                                                                             materials and books to include in classroom libraries.

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy #2         Indigenous Community Engagement

Continue outreach and engagement with Indigenous communities, encouraging sharing and knowledge exchange between
communities and schools.

District Actions & Initiatives                                       School Actions & Initiatives
•   Support increased First Nations, Métis and Inuit cultural        •   Dedicate time at each staff meeting for the AJSH FNMI staff
    presence across the District.                                        lead present 1 Pebbles lesson/strategy to teachers. (ML) (PD)
•   Support increased opportunities for all students to experience       (WCRS)
    Indigenous culture.                                              •   Establish a committee to ensure the various Indigenous
•   Collaborate and solidify relationships with our First Nations,       events/celebrations are recognized, promoted and supported
    Métis and Inuit community partners.                                  within the school. Committee would be responsible for
•   Develop stronger working relationships with the Crown.               knowing and promoting the various days/events and also
                                                                         preparing ways for students and staff to actively celebrate.
                                                                           (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)

•   Continue to build the AJSH relationship with the Cold Lake
                                Friendship Centre by:
                              a) Continue to have ‘Big Cooks’ to donate meals to this center
                              b) Explore having staff volunteer at Indigenous Peoples Day
                              c) Look for further opportunities for ÉNDHS students and staff
                                  to volunteer and support the Friendship Centre
                                  (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)
                            •   Explore how to utilize Melissa Scanie to help support our
                                FNMI students who present as at-risk. This could possibly
                                look like: liaison at P/T Interviews, assisting with students
                                who struggle with attendance, build bridges with families on
                                living on the reserve/settlement.
                                (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy #3 Support for Citizenship, Employment and Lifelong Learning

Develop and support initiatives that build capacity for Indigenous students beyond traditional academic supports.

District Actions & Initiatives                                      School Actions & Initiatives
•   Promote leadership opportunities for Indigenous students        •   Continue to build the AJSH relationship with the Cold Lake
    across the District.                                                Friendship Centre by:
•   Provide strategic transition services, programming and         a)Continue to have ‘Big Cooks’ to donate meals to this center
    supports for our Indigenous students and families across the   b)Explore having staff volunteer at Indigenous Peoples Day
                                                                   c)Look for further opportunities for ÉNDHS students and staff
•   Continue to provide opportunities for Indigenous students to
                                                                   to volunteer and support the Friendship Centre
    experience and celebrate success (e.g. Awards, graduation).
                                                                        (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)

                                                                    •   Engage culturally appropriate guest performance for AJSH.
                                                                        Follow up with education to enhance the appreciation and
                                                                        understanding of rich FNMI traditions.
                                                                        (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)
                                                                    •   Use Treaty kits and resources designed by Alberta Learning
                                                                        and other Provinces where applicable. Have IEC lead assist
                                                                        teachers with the implementation of these.
                                                                   (ML) (PD) (WCRS)

•   AJSH to staff participate in the online PD through Coursera,
                                 “Indigenous Canada” from the University of Alberta.
                                 Encourage more staff to complete this training.
                            (ML) (PD) (WCRS)

                             •   Invite an elder to AJSH graduation to give a speech to FNMI
                                 students and possibly award some type of culturally
                                 appropriate gift(s). (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)
                             •   Art project for display in library on the Seven Sacred Teachings
                                 to be completed by the end of term one 2018. Art teacher will
                                 arrange for FNMI displays in hallways and posters to be
                                 rotated at appropriate times.
                                 (PC) (CP)(HCI) (MR) (WCRS)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Desired Outcome 4

Assumption School’s system is
inclusive and diverse.

 Key Results
 Our district enables students
 to pursue personal
 excellence and social
 development during their
 education journeys.
 Inclusive environments are
 established when education
 partners anticipate and
 value diversity, understand
 learners’ strengths and
 needs, and reduce barriers,
 and when capacity is built
 and responsibility is shared
 among education

Performance Indicators (Accountability Pillar and District Measures))

Desired Outcomes                                        Performance Measures                                      Current Target
A variety of learning strategies and supports are in    % of students satisfied that teachers provide the         92%     95%
place to ensure quality learning and success for all.   help and support needed to learn
                                                        % of students satisfied that they are challenged to do    91%       95%
                                                        their best in school
                                                        % of students satisfied that that teachers use many       88%       93%
                                                        different ways to help them learn
                                                        % of teachers satisfied with the school-level             62%       70%
                                                        resources and support offered to help at-risk
                                                        students succeed
There are opportunities to develop the skill sets       % of parents satisfied that their child is learning the   91%       95%
needed for success beyond secondary school.             skills and
                                                        attitudes he/she will need to be successful when
                                                        he/she leaves school

Comment on Results
The results are excellent, and therefore strategies will remain in place to encourage caring for one another, learning respect for
others, fair treatment for all. Strategies will also continue to support teachers and staff to ensure on-going professional
development, appropriate supports, and the sharing of district-wide specialist knowledge and expertise. Special focus will be
applied to student and staff mental health and wellness.

Strategy #1 An Excellent Start to Learning

Lakeland students have foundational competencies necessary for educational success.

District Actions & Initiatives                                     School Actions & Initiatives
•   Continue to provide developmentally appropriate programs       •   Utilize the flex times to offer a series of basic foundation
    with strong numeracy and literacy foundations within a play-       tools for academic success such as study skills, organization
    based inquiry model.                                               skills, time management skills, and so on, as a means of
•   Support early intervention needs.
                                                                       targeting mastery learning. (TP) (SE) (ML) (A) (P) (RRC)
•   Review current and develop new recruitment strategies to
                                                                       a) Prepare sessions, determine the instructor, mandate
    increase enrolment at Preschool and Kindergarten levels
                                                                            sessions for specific students and allow choice for
    across the District.
                                                                            others, determine method of monitoring progress,
                                                                            repeat sessions for those needing further instruction.
                                                                   •   Continue to extend current use of FLEX sessions to offer a
                                                                       balance of the above skills, remediation as well as extension
                                                                       of curriculum and supports for all learners.
                                                                       (TP) (SE) (ML) (A) (P) (RRC)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy #2        Inclusive Education

 Ensure schools and instruction accommodate a variety of learning styles and needs, and ensure the right supports are in place
 to promote
 the success of every student.

District Actions & Initiatives                                  School Actions & Initiatives
•   Continue partnership with Regional Collaborative Service
    Delivery                                                       •     Academic Counsellor, ELL District Coach/Liaison and AJSH
•   Support early intervention and provide strategic                     Administration will adopt and follow the new entrance
    transitions for at-risk students and provide necessary               procedures for Lakeland Catholic. All new ELL students
    specialized services.                                                will be supported by going through the District mandated
•   Create District resources that provide information for               process prior to placement and supports.
    parents of at-risk students.                                       (TP) (SE) (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC) (WCRS)
•   Continue to identify funding to adequately support an
    inclusive education model.                                     •     AJSH will explore the possibility of having substantial time
•   Prioritize Assistive technology to support individual                allotted in the timetable for ELL support with a designated
    learner needs.                                                       teacher. Working with both the Push-in and Pull-out
•   Clarify the role of Classroom Support Teachers to support            methods, the ELL teacher will offer support and
    areas of highest need as per the Inclusive Education                 instruction for these learners in all curriculums. (TP) (SE)
    Framework.                                                           (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC) (WCRS)
•   Provide professional learning opportunities and
    collaboration opportunities for staff to address needs of
    inclusive learners.

•   Support specialized training and build capacity for staff of       •   Two teachers will continue to work with the District ESL
    students with complex learning needs.                                  Coach in the SIOP Cohort.
•   Continue development of English Second Language                        (TP) (SE) (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC) (WCRS)
    District programming and provide resources and
    strategies for English Language Learner inclusive                  •   Teachers, with the assistance of CST and District ESL Coach,
                                                                           and ELL lead teacher will continue to assess all ELL students
                                                                           using Benchmark testing to determine their fluency and
•   Prioritize professional learning opportunities for staff               comprehension in English. One teacher will be selected to
    serving English Language Learners.                                     meet with ELL teacher/ District ESL Coach for each round
•   Provide strategic transition services, programming and                 and will discuss the team results and make that average
    supports for our English Second Language                               score decision. Teachers will then try the strategies
    students/families across the District.                                 suggested by the ELL teacher and CST and report back to the
•   Continue English Second Language coach position to lead                ELL team for feedback. (TP) (SE) (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC) (WCRS)
    district program implementation in English as a Second
    Language at all levels.                                            •   Two staff members will attend the Inclusive Education
                                                                           Conference in the fall of 2018 and share learning with staff.

                                                                       •   AJSH CSTs, Teachers and Administration will continue to
                                                                           work with District Coaches to ensure students with severe
                                                                           inclusive education needs receive appropriate literacy and
                                                                           numeracy intervention. (TP) (SE) (ST)(CP)(P) (A) (RRC)

School Progress
•    Insert progress here…

Strategy #3 Safe and Caring Schools

Provide Supportive strategies that ensure every student is getting the most from their school experience.

District Actions & Initiatives                                          School Actions & Initiatives
•   Prioritize moral intelligence programs or initiatives that foster   •   Invite guest speaker Dwayne Peace to: give whole-school
    inclusion and ensure that students feel respected, safe and are         presentations, and work with small groups to promote
    treated fairly.                                                         positive peer relationships, and present to parents.
•   Encourage competencies development across curriculum.                   (SE) (PC) (HCI)(WCRS) (MR)
•   Support digital citizenship program.
•   Encourage play-based learning that foster competencies and          •   AJSH will develop a Code of Conduct which will include the
    social intelligence.                                                    following stakeholder groups: Students, Staff, PAC/Council,
                                                                            Board Members. This Code of Conduct will examine existing
                                                                            procedures       surrounding:    Dress       Code,     Cell
                                                                            Phone/Technology use, Bullying, Attendance etc. (Spring
                                                                            2019) (SE) (PC) (HCI)(WCRS) (MR)

                                                                        •   AJSH Leadership team will create a survey for all
                                                                            students/parents who are transferring out of AJSH. This
                                                                            survey will seek to find in student point of view the
                                                                            reasoning behind changing schools.
                                                                            (SE) (PC) (HCI)(WCRS) (MR)

Administration will host a Student Engagement Session to
                                  gain insight from the Student Leadership body on what they
                                  perceive to be AJSH strength and weaknesses and
                                  brainstorm next steps. (SE) (PC) (HCI)(WCRS) (MR)

                              •   Implement a Crusader of the Month program to recognize
                                  those students who are demonstrating the Crusader Code
                                  and being good role models for others.
                            a) Determine the criteria, the nomination process, the nomination
                            dates, the location for display in the school.
                            b)Consider nominating a Junior Crusader (grade 7-9) and a Senior
                            Crusader (grade 10-12) each month.
                                  (SE) (PC) (HCI)(WCRS) (MR)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Desired Outcome 5
Assumption School has excellent
teachers, and school leaders.

Key Results
The District sustains high standards for
educators by ensuring that teacher
preparation and professional growth
focus on the competencies needed to
help students learn, and that effective
learning and teaching are achieved
through collaborative leadership.

Performance Indicators (Accountability Pillar and District Measures)
Desired Outcomes                            Performance Measures                                                 Current Target
Teachers are continually learning and       % of teachers satisfied with the opportunities for collaborative     75%     80%
enhancing their skills.                     planning through PLC's
                                            % of teachers satisfied with their opportunities for professional    92%       100%
                                            % of teachers satisfied that the professional development            73%       80%
                                            activities offered meet their needs
                                            % of teachers satisfied that the professional development            83%       90%
                                            activities offered are of high quality

Comment on Results
The results indicate that AJSH does an excellent job in providing high quality professional development for staff and a continued
focus will be on ensuring that professional learning be aligned with need. School based strategies will continue to focus on
leadership development, and improved collaboration and engagement, as well as working to strength and improve Professional
Learning Communities. With the development of our Leadership Team, a continued focus will be to explore and reflect on AJSH
High School Redesign plan and adjust according to student and school need.

Strategy #1 Leadership Capacity

Building leadership capacity and responsibility will be developed at all levels of the organization.

District Actions & Initiatives                                     School Actions & Initiatives
•   Create a culture of collaboration and continuous                  •   As part of the focus on educator roles and professional
    improvement by promoting best practices which are                     development: (ML) (MR) (PD) (WCRS)
    aligned with district priorities of literacy, numeracy,
    assessment, and instructional intelligence.                     a) Develop a schedule to allow members of Collaborative
•   Continue to utilize interschool coaches to lead and                Teams to engage in peer observation and build on their
    promote district priorities.                                       skills.
•   Begin developing District-wide leadership initiatives.          b) Each Collaborative Team will be provided with release time
•   Provide targeted professional learning for literacy,               according to a pre-determined schedule and team members
    numeracy, assessment and related competencies to                   will determine their observation partner and effectively
                                                                       utilize the additional collaboration time.
    support student learning and achievement.
•   Develop and implement Assessment for Learning
                                                                      •   Establish a Leadership team at AJSH comprised of
    practices to build capacity around teaching practice.
                                                                          administration and teacher representatives. This team
                                                                          will meet monthly to discuss pertinent issues for AJSH
                                                                          staff and students. This team will advise administration
                                                                          on procedures and processes. (ML) (MR) (PD) (WCRS)

•   Implement a mentorship program for teachers new to the
     school to ensure they have opportunities to discuss
     critical areas for success and receive timely information to
     support them in their work. Along with monthly meetings
     with administration, this could look like: (ML) (MR) (PD)

a) Veteran teachers assist in determining the topics and
   information necessary to properly assist new teachers.
b) Veteran teachers assist in developing the guiding
   documents which would outline the topics/information so
   those taking on a mentor role will know the expectations
   and have an outline to follow.

 •   AJSH Administration and Leadership team to continue to
     research Advisory and Flex models and how this can be
     improved upon at AJSH. (PD) (RRC)

 •   AJHS Administration and teacher representatives to
     attend High School Redesign Conferences during the
     2018-2019 school year. (PD) (RRC)

 •   Administration will continue to support (PD, resources,
     time) and focus on building capacity and the
     implementation of Assessment for Learning practices in
     all classes. (ML) (PD) (A)

School Progress
c) Insert progress here…

Strategy #2 Collaboration and Continuous Improvement

The District will attract, develop and retain an adequate complement of employees with the expertise, skills and attitudes
required to continuously improve the quality of instruction.

District Actions & Initiatives                                      School Actions & Initiatives
d) Provide support for implementation of new curriculum.
e) Promote and ensure excellent teaching practices consistent        •   Continue to refine the use of PLC time to ensure mastery
   with the Teaching Quality Standards.                                  learning is the focus. There was a review of the PLC model
f) Develop District strategies to collaborate and share resources
                                                                         in the 2017-2018 year and individual Collaborative Teams
   via technology.
                                                                         made some adjustments to be more in line with the
g) Develop a training plan to ensure staff know how to use
                                                                         intended focus. (PD) (ML)
   and maximize the various collaborative technologies
                                                                     •   Continue and expand on the use of Barrie Bennett
h) Refine interschool Coaching program to support
                                                                         instructional strategies for ALL teachers. Administration
   instruction and programming collaboration in the District.
                                                                         and teachers will participate in Barrie Bennett PD in the
                                                                         2018-2019 school year. (PD) (ML)

                                                                     •   Continue to develop common assessments for the
                                                                         essential outcomes, analyze the results, and develop
                                                                         intervention strategies for those students not
                                                                         demonstrating the outcomes. (TP) (ST) (ML) (P) (A) (RRC)

•   Establish peer mentorship through Peer Observations at
                                AJSH. Peer Observations to take place in both First and
                                Second Semesters. Focuses could be: Permeation
                                Assessment For/ of Learning strategies, Instructional
                                Intelligence, Questioning, Wait-Time, UDL etc.
                                (PD) (ML)

                            •   To support mastery learning, continue to enhance the
                                work being done in the area of English Language Learners.
                                Utilize the district ELL coach for PD to develop common
                                understanding and strategies to support all students
                                struggling with the acquisition of English Language skills
                                necessary for academic success.
                                (ST) (SE) (PC) (P) (FLE)(ML) (RRC) (WCRS)

                            •   Seek out district support and professional development to
                                develop and provide K & E/ Life Skills programming
                                (ST) (SE) (PC) (P) (FLE)(ML) (RRC) (WCRS)

School Progress
•   Insert progress here…

Strategy #3 Specialized and Enhanced Teaching Resources

The District will employ a variety of strategies to develop and share specialist resources.

District Actions & Initiatives                                    School Actions & Initiatives
•    Continue to provide technology that will optimize               •   Provide Professional Development for students assistants
     teaching and learning.                                              to expand knowledge of technology and how to best
•    Seek ways to share specialist resources district-wide.              support students using technology. (ML)(RRC)(PD)
•    The District will provide enhanced support for French
     Immersion teaching and learning.                                •   Administration will continue to meet with the Director of
                                                                         Technology consistently throughout the year to ensure
                                                                         that the needs of teachers and students are met.
                                                                     •   Teachers will continue to utilize the Help-Desk to ensure
                                                                         that issues are known and addressed in a timely manner.

School Progress
i)   Insert progress here…

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