Bassano School Student Handbook 2019-2020 - Respectful, Responsible, Involved

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Bassano School Student Handbook 2019-2020 - Respectful, Responsible, Involved


Respectful, Responsible, Involved
Bassano School Student Handbook 2019-2020 - Respectful, Responsible, Involved

               Box 60
               240 6th Avenue
               Bassano, Alta.
               T0J 0B0

               Telephone: (403) 641-3577
               Fax: (403) 641-4158
               Web Page:

               Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

               Principal: ! Mr. Scott Koller
               Vice-Principal: Ms. Brita Goldie
Section 1

Introduction                               Values - We value:

                                           ENGAGED THINKERS WHO:
Grasslands School Division                 • Know how to learn: to gain knowledge, understanding or skills
                                             through experience, study, and interaction with others

                                           • Think critically: conceptualize, apply, analyze, synthesize and evaluate
                                             to construct knowledge

                                           • Identify and solve complex problems

                                           • Apply multiple literacies: reading, writing, mathematics, technology, languages,
                                             media and personal finance

                                           ETHICAL CITIZENS WHO:

                                           • Demonstrate global and cultural understanding, considering the economy
                                             and sustainable development

                                           • Demonstrate good communication skills and the ability to work cooperatively
Vision -      A community of learners        with others.

dedicated to student success               • Manage information: access, interpret, evaluate and use information effectively,
                                             efficiently, and ethically.

Mission - To provide educational           ENTREPRENEURIAL LEARNERS WHO:
opportunities that develops the            • Identify and apply career and life skills through personal growth and well-being.

competencies of our students to enable     • Innovate: create, generate, and apply new ideas or concepts

them to be engaged thinkers and ethical    • Create opportunities through play, imagination, reflection, negotiation,
                                             and competition
citizens with an entrepreneurial spirit.
Section 2

Letters from the                                                      don’t be afraid to say hi in the halls or visit me in the office.
                                                                      Once again, I hope that everyone has a great year and I look
                                                                      forward to sharing in your triumphs and supporting you in
School Admin                                                          defeats.

Respectful, Responsible, Involved
                                                                      Mr. Scott Koller, Principal"
Dear Students, Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Bassano School. The staff and I appreciate the
opportunity to share your child’s education experience with you.      Hi!
My Name is Scott Koller, I would like to thank all of the staff and
                                                                      It is with so much excitement that I write this introduction. I am
students for welcoming me into this community, and I can’t wait
                                                                      thrilled to join the Bassano School family and work with such a
to meet you and your family.        I am looking forward to a
                                                                      great team. I am coming to Bassano after working in Northern
wonderful year of inquiry and learning.
                                                                      Alberta for the last eight years and am happy to move back
                                                                      south and be closer to my family and see the prairie sky every
I know that change is always a little scary, but with change also
comes an opportunity for renewal and rejuvenation. Hopefully,         All my experience has been in K-12 schools and I can’t wait to
we are all ready to start a new school year filled with some          continue this because there is a magic when you can have role
exciting new challenges and outstanding opportunities. Please         models from all grades in the same building. I look forward to"

seeing the junior and senior high students demonstrate
kindness and leadership for the elementary students and the
elementary students grow and learn from that. My favourite day
is always graduation when every K-11 students can look at the
graduating class and know that their hard work leads to such an
important moment.

I am an avid reader and am looking forward to learning about
each student’s favourite books and sharing my love of books. I
truly believe that everyone loves to read, they just might not
have found the right book yet.

I know that having a new Vice-Principal can create both anxiety
and excitement but I want you to know that my door is always
open and I will work hard to get to know each and every person
in the school community.

I am bursting with excitement about the upcoming school year
and look forward to meeting each and every one of you!


Ms. Brita Goldie, Vice Principal

Section 3

Staff List                                       Grade 5/6: Mrs. Jennifer Follis

                                                 Grade 6: Mrs. Della Armstrong

                                                 Elementary Music Ed:

                                                 Elementary Arts Ed:

Office Staff! !      !        !
Principal: Mr. Scott Koller                      Student Support Services

Vice-Principal:"Ms. Brita Goldie                 Mrs. Anna Petley-Jones

Administrative Assistant: Mrs. Christine Lewis

Librarian: Mrs. Laurie Lunseth                   Caretakers:

                                                 Mrs. Sandra Oostlander

Elementary Teaching Staff                        Mrs. Angelina Salinas

Kindergarten: Mrs. Jennifer Ballance             Mrs. Beverly Depeno

Grade 1: Mrs. Jennifer Schmidt

Grade 2: Mrs. Cindy Harris                       Junior/Senior Teaching Staff"
Grade 3: Mrs. Tammy Miller                       Math 8 and 9, Jr Science, PLS: Mr. Daryl Singular

Grade 4: Ms. Jeneen Armstrong                    Jr ELA and Math 7: Mrs. Shawna Singular

HS English: Mrs. Anna Petley-Jones                          Siksika Liaison
HS Math, PLS: Mr. Steven Muir                               Ms. Chasity Daniels

HS Biology, Chemistry, Health, Leadership, Science 10,

Social 9-12, Leadership, French: Mrs. Jennifer Hodgson      High School Completion Facilitator:
Computer Technology, Info Pro, Photography: Mrs. Janice     Mrs. Allison Arsenault

Videography and Audio Engineering:
                                                            Teacher Assistants
Junior/Senior Physical Education: Mr. Nathan Hodgson
                                                            Mrs. Debbie Woods
CTS Trailer:
                                                            Mrs. Irene Henry
Junior High Art, Animation: Mrs. Jennifer Follis
                                                            Mrs. Carrie Lassiter
Senior High Art: Mrs. Tammy Miller
                                                            Mrs. Laura Luft
Jr/Sr Program and Career Counseling: Mrs. Janice Schaffer
                                                            Mrs. Amanda Barron
Work Experience: Mr. Nathan Hodgson

K-12 Personal Counseling:

Ms. Veronica Van Horne
                                                            !    !    !
Section 4

Calendar                                           December      2
                                                                     Prof. learning day - No School
                                                                     Sports Photos
                                                                 23-31    Christmas Break

                                                   January 1-3 Christmas Break
                                                           6   Classes resume for students
                                                           31 Semester 2 begins

Important Dates
                                                   February 3   District Inservice Day - No School
August   26 Staff Return                                    6-7 Grad Pictures
         30 Holiday                                         17 Family Day
                                                            18-21 Family Week - No School
Sept     2   Labour Day Holiday
         3   Classes start                         March    9    Interschool PLC - No School
         23 School-based PD - No School
         The week of 30th - Missoula
                                                   April    10-17  Easter Break
October 8     School Pictures                               20 Classes resume for students
        11    Lieu Day - No School
        14    Thanksgiving Day                     May      15   School-based PLC - No School
                                                            18   Victoria Day
November 4    District Inservice Day - No School
         5    Picture Retakes/ Class Pictures      June     26   Last day of school
        11    Remembrance Day
        12    Lieu Day - No School

Section 5


                                                                    Brooks radio website, provides up-to-the-minute road, weather
                                                                    and school reports


See Calendar of Events for updates on upcoming events such
as awards nights, exam dates, report cards, etc

for bus route information and school status reports pertaining to
weather, etc

Brooks radio website, provides up-to-the-minute road, weather,
and school reports

ection 6

Class Times                                              Supervision
                                                                          Junior High

                                                                           8:15 AM       8:25 AM

                                                          Transition       8:25 AM       8:30 AM

                                                        Instructional 1    8:30 AM       9:08 AM
                                                            Break          9:08 AM        9:11 AM
            Supervision       8:15 AM      8:25 AM
                                                        Instructional 2    9:11 AM       9:49 AM
             Transition       8:25 AM      8:30 AM
                                                            Break          9:49 AM       9:54 AM
           Instructional 1    8:30 AM       9:11 AM
                                                        Instructional 3    9:54 AM       10:32 AM
           Instructional 2    9:11 AM      9:49 AM
                                                            Break          10:32 AM      10:35 AM
              Recess          9:49 AM      10:04 AM
                                                        Instructional 4    10:35 AM      11:13 AM
       Readers Workshop       10:04 AM     10:35 AM
                                                            Break          11:13 AM      11:18 AM
           Instructional 4    10:35 AM     11:18 AM
                                                        Instructional 5    11:18 AM      11:56 AM
           Instructional 5    11:18 AM     11:56 AM
                                                            Lunch          11:56 AM     12:45:00 PM
               Lunch          11:56 AM    12:11:00 PM
                                                        Instructional 6    12:45 PM      1:23 PM
           Lunch Reccess      12:11 PM    12:45:00 PM
                                                            Break          1:23 PM       1:28 PM
           Instructional 6    12:45 PM     1:26 PM
                                                             RRI           1:28 PM       1:53 PM
                RRI           1:26 PM      1:41 PM
                                                            Break          1:53 PM       1:56 PM
              Recess          1:41 PM      1:56 PM
                                                        Instructional 7    1:56 PM       2:34 PM
           Instructional 7    1:56 PM      2:37 PM
                                                            Break          2:34 PM       2:37 PM
           Instructional 8    2:37 PM      3:15 PM
                                                        Instructional 8    2:37 PM       3:15 PM

Senior High

  Supervision       8:15 AM       8:25 AM

   Transition       8:25 AM       8:30 AM

Instructional 1a    8:30 AM       9:08 AM

     Break          9:08 AM        9:11 AM

Instructional 1b    9:11 AM       9:49 AM

     Break          9:49 AM       9:54 AM

Instructional 2a    9:54 AM       10:32 AM

     Break          10:32 AM      10:35 AM

Instructional 2b    10:35 AM      11:13 AM

     Break          11:13 AM      11:18 AM

Instructional 3a    11:18 AM      11:56 AM

    Lunch           11:56 AM     12:45:00 PM

Instructional 3b    12:45 PM      1:23 PM

     Break          1:23 PM       1:28 PM

      RRI           1:28 PM       1:53 PM

     Break          1:53 PM       1:56 PM

Instructional 4a    1:56 PM       2:34 PM

     Break          2:34 PM       2:37 PM

Instructional 4b    2:37 PM       3:15 PM

3 Year Plan

              Goal 1: An excellent start to
              Goal 2: Success for every
              Goal 3: Quality teaching
              and school leadership
              Goal 4: Engaged and
              effective governance
Section 1

3 Year Plan                                      EXPECTATIONS FOR STUDENTS

Summary                                          There are four levels of expectations set for children and youth
                                                 in schools in Alberta Schools. Expectations are set at the
                                                 provincial level in law, the Division level in Board of Education
                                                 policy, the school level by the administration in consultation with
                                                 the staff, and the classroom level set by the teacher.
Goals                                            Expectations at all levels carry the weight of law.

Goal 1: An excellent start to learning
                                                 Level One: Provincial (School Act: Sections 12 and 45)
Goal 2: Success for every student
                                                 Students – Section 12
Goal 3: Quality teaching and school leadership
                                                 A student shall conduct himself or herself so as to reasonably
Goal 4: Engaged and effective governance
                                                 comply with the following code of conduct:

                                                 a)"   be diligent in pursuing the student’s studies;

                                                 b)"   attend school regularly and punctually;

                                                 c)" cooperate fully with everyone authorized by the board to
                                                 provide education programs and other services;

                                                 d)"   comply with the rules of the school;

e)" account to the student’s teachers for the student’s             Level Three – School
                                                                    In Bassano School, it is expected that all students will
f)"   respect the rights of others.                                 demonstrate

Responsibility to Students – Section 45(8)                          1)" Respect for and consideration of the rights, property and
                                                                    feelings of others.
(8) A board shall ensure that each student enrolled in a school
    operated by the board is provided with a safe and caring        Examples:
    environment that fosters and maintains respectful and
    responsible behaviours.                                         • the right to safety of others must be respected

                                                                    • movements in hallways must be purposeful and orderly

Level Two: Division Grasslands Regional #6, Policy 9.8.1            • requests of persons in authority must be responded to in a
                                                                      polite and positive manner

Bassano School aims to maintain a safe, caring, and inclusive       • interactions with other people must demonstrate sensitivity
                                                                      and caring
learning environment that effectively accommodates and
inspires all students. The purpose of discipline is to develop a    • students will be held responsible for the repair or replacement
student’s self control in the learning environment and to             of school property that has been intentionally damaged or
maintain school conditions which contribute to effective              stolen. The Bassano School Student Council will assume the
learning. As such, disciplinary measures will not include verbal,     associated costs if those responsible are not identified.
emotional, or physical abuse.
                                                                    1)"   Behaviours that convey a positive and healthy life style.
Students who attend school regularly have a greater
opportunity to benefit from the school program.       Regular       Examples:
attendance is, therefore, a requirement for all courses at all
                                                                    • to abstain from involvement with alcohol/drugs during the
grade levels.
                                                                      school day and at all school functions, including all
extracurricular activities, field trips, and school-sanctioned   • Repeated negative behaviours

• to wear attire that is appropriate for a k-12 school (clothing
                                                                   Level Four – Classroom
  cannot promote alcohol/drug use, display sexist connotation,
  or be provocative in nature)                                     Teachers establish and enforce expectations for student
                                                                   performance and behaviour in each of their classes. Since
• cell phones may only be used for instructional purposes at
                                                                   teachers are individuals, students can expect that expectations
  the discretion of the individual teacher during school hours
                                                                   will vary slightly from class to class. Students must conform to
• bandannas or other associated gang symbols are not allowed       individual teachers’ expectations toward matters such as
  at school                                                        punctuality, food in class, and the interpretation of assignment
                                                                   deadlines. Expectations set by classroom teachers have the
• to use appropriate language (not offensive to others)            support of administrators and the Board of Education.
• to use appropriate physical conduct (not offensive or
  dangerous to others)

• to be respectful, responsible and involved

Although most behaviour issues will be dealt with in
collaboration with students and parents, the following offences
will receive out of school suspensions and possible involvement
with our Disciplinary Committee:

• Use, possession or sale of alcohol or drugs

• Involvement in violent activity

• Uttering of threats


             Everything we do revolves
             around - Being respectful -
             Being responsible - Being
Section 1

Student Attendance                                                 (2)" Excused for an acceptable reason, by

                                                                   "    (a)" a parent for

                                                                       • illness

                                                                       • medical/dental appointment
Coming to School
                                                                       • court appointment

                                                                       • family holiday beyond five days with prior consultation
Attendance at school is a key variable for student success.
                                                                         with the principal
Bassano School recognizes that regular student attendance
provides the best opportunity for meaningful learning.                 • compassion

There are three distinct components to student attendance that     "    (b)" teachers for
are addressed by the staff at Bassano. They are absenteeism,
lateness, and skipping. Expectations around each component             • suspension from school/class
are set below. It is each student's responsibility to adhere to        • work experience
these expectations.
                                                                       • extra-curricular activity
There are conditions deemed acceptable for absence. All other
reasons are deemed unacceptable. When students are absent              • field trip
from school, the reason for the absence is categorized in one of
                                                                   (3)" Excused for an unacceptable reason, meaning the parent
four ways, namely:
                                                                   contacted the school, but the reason was not one listed in (2)
(1)" Unexcused, meaning no contact with the school was             above.
made by a parent;
(4)" In addition, students who miss excessive amounts of           Student Safety
school (extreme medical conditions are exempt) will likely be
                                                                   Bassano School is committed to providing a safe learning
withdrawn from classes. Parents will be contacted and the
                                                                   environment for all students. Supervision begins at 8:15 AM
individual situation of each student will be considered before
                                                                   and ends at 3:25 PM, including all breaks, recesses and lunch
they are withdrawn. Depending on individual factors, students
                                                                   hour. Please note these times to avoid having your children on
may also be referred to the Grasslands Disciplinary Committee.
                                                                   school grounds while unsupervised.

Leaving the School during the Day

Students who need to leave the school between 8:30 AM and
3:15 PM must get sign-out permission at the office. Students
must contact a parent by phone to confirm the need to leave
the school. If a student leaves during the school day without
having properly signed out, the absence will be considered
skipping and parents will be notified.


Teachers and administrators will monitor student punctuality
using appropriate measures to solve any problems.
Consequences for habitual tardiness, lates and/or skips may
include loss of noon hours to complete missing assignments,
parent contact, withdrawal from specific classes. Punctuality is
a critical component of success and we value our role in
preparing students for success beyond high school.
Section 2

School Program                                                      Junior High (Grades 7-9)

                                                                    Courses of Study

                                                                    The following courses of study are offered in teacher-led
                                                                    courses, unless specified otherwise:

                                                                    Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, Math, Personal Living
                                                                    Skills, Physical Education, Art, Grade 7, 8 and 9 Career and
Academic Focus                                                      Technology Studies and Computer Literacy. Students benefit
                                                                    from additional reading classes each week, as reading
                                                                    comprehension and fluency are critical components of student
Elementary (Grades K-6)
                                                                    success across all curricula. Accelerated Reading and
                                                                    Precision Reading programs are also applied for junior high
Program Highlights

Bassano School’s elementary classrooms utilize specialized
reading and writing programs which have proven very                 Student Groupings
successful at improving literacy skills for our students. Our
Grade 2-9 Language Arts program has been enhanced by                There are many benefits to placing students in homerooms.
initiatives such as Accelerated Reading and Precision Reading.      While students benefit directly from improved communications
The implementation of these programs has helped generate            and organization offered through our homeroom structure, they
considerable improvements to the literacy skills of our students,   are further benefited through improved opportunities for
while instilling a love of reading in Bassano School’s students.    student-centred teacher collaboration. Homeroom teachers
Our Math for Success program, in conjunction with the use of        plan and meet regularly to coordinate instruction strategies and
math manipulatives, integrates all five math strands in a           improve consistency of policy implementation.
practical, hands-on, problem solving approach.

Student Support Services                                                                              Req.
                                                                         Courses           Credits                                            Diploma
                                                                                                      Min.       Required Course
Bassano School offers extensive student support services from
K-12. Our Student Support Services Team is comprised of a
                                                                                                                                              Yes, for
Student Support Service Coordinator, Principal, Vice Principal,   English
                                                                                   5 cr. each        15        5 cr. must be in English 30
                                                                                                                                              English 30-1
                                                                                   course                      -1 or 30-2
                                                                                                                                              and 30-2
Career Counsellor, High School Completion Officer, Siksika
                                                                                                                                              Yes, for
Liaison worker, Mental Health Therapist and School Counsellor.    Social
                                                                                   5 cr. each        15        5 cr. must be in Social 30-1
                                                                                   course                      or 30-2
These team members collaborate with teachers and                                                                                              30-2

educational assistants, along with external agencies, to                                                       5 cr. must be in 20-1, 20-2,
                                                                                                                                              Yes, for 30-1
                                                                                   5 cr. each        10                                       and 30-2.
                                                                  Math                                         or 20-3 Math
implement learning supports on an individual basis. If                             course                                                     No diploma
                                                                                                                                              for 30-3.
adaptations or special programming are needed, Individualized
                                                                                                                                              Yes, for
Program Plans and/or Behaviour Plans will be developed                                                         Science 20 or 24 or Bio 20
                                                                                                               or Chem 20 or Physics 20       Biology 30,
                                                                                   5 cr. each        10
                                                                  Science                                      (or Science 10 and any         Chemistry
collaboratively with students, parents, teachers, and the                          course
                                                                                                               other 5 cr. Science course)    30 and
                                                                                                                                              Physics 30
Student Support Service Team.
                                                                                                     3         CALM 20 is a required
                                                                  CALM 20          3 cr.                                                      No

Secondary Level (Grades 10-12)                                                     3, 4 or 5 cr.
                                                                  Physical                           3         Physical EducaKon 10 is a
                                                                                   each                                                       No
                                                                  EducaKon                                     required course
* A minimum of 100 credits must be obtained. The majority of
students graduate with far more than the required 100 credits.
                                                                                                               10 cr. from CTS or Fine
3 credit courses are 1 period per day for 1 semester; 5 credit                     1 cr. per         10
                                                                                                               Arts or Second Languages
                                                                  CTS courses                                  or PE 20 and/or 30 or two      No
courses are 1 period per day for both semesters or 2 periods                                                   35 level courses from any
                                                                                                               trade in the RAP program
per day for 1 semester.
                                                                  30 level                                     Any 30 level courses or        Depending
                                                                  courses (in                                  3000 series in CTS or          on which
                                                                  addiKon                                      two 35 level courses           30 level
                                                                  to English       5 cr. each                  from any trade in the          course is
                                                                  30-1, 30-2       course                      RAP program or 35              being
                                                                  and Social       usually                     level Work Experience          counted
                                                                  30-1 and                                     or any combinaKon of           towards
                                                                  30-2.)                                       these.                         these
                                                                                                                                              credits         19
Course Challenge (8.9.7)                                            our annual results. In this way, Bassano School will continue to
                                                                    ensure that all students receive the best educational
High school students may challenge any course that they are
                                                                    opportunities possible.
eligible to take – contact our Career Counselor, Mrs. Schaffer,
for details and resources.

                                                                    Alternate Course Offerings

Analysis of Achievement and Diploma Exams (8.10.4)                  Students who have previously experienced serious difficulty in
                                                                    a compulsory subject area may enroll in adapted educational
Bassano School actively utilizes its own achievement data to
                                                                    courses (for example, Science 14 instead of Science 10).
inform practices. Results for provincial exams in grades 6, 9,
                                                                    These adapted courses may not provide direct admission to
and 12 are compiled and distributed to all schools by Alberta
                                                                    many post-secondary programs. Students require the
Education every year. Each year, Bassano School teachers and
                                                                    permission of the Career Counsellor, parents, and the Principal
administrators analyze our results, which include:
                                                                    to be enrolled in these courses.
1. School comparisons with provincial averages (acceptable
                                                                    For more information about courses of study, graduation
   standards and standards of excellence)
                                                                    requirements, and post-secondary requirements, contact our
2. Multi-year trend data for all subject areas in grades 3, 6, 9,   Career Counsellor, Mrs. Schaffer.
   and 12 (SLAs, PATs, and Diplomas)

3. Specific learner outcome performance for all subjects in
                                                                    Distance Education
   grades 3, 6, 9, and 12
                                                                    All persons with questions pertaining to distance learning
The information provided by this analysis serves to inform
                                                                    courses are encouraged to contact our Career Counselor, Mrs.
individual teaching practices and future directions for
                                                                    Schaffer, or our Principal, Mr. Hill.
programming, professional development, and student support
services. Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) are
harnessed to implement the necessary changes supported by
Special Project Credit Policy

Students involved in comprehensive learning programs outside
of school may qualify for high school credits. Some examples
include: Royal Conservatory of Music, Girl Guides, and 4-H
Clubs. For more information contact our Career Counselor, Mrs.
Schaffer, our Work Experience Coordinator, Mr. Hodgson, or
the Principal, Mr. Hill.

Individual Student Timetable Changes

Requests for timetable changes must be made with our Career
Educational Counsellor, Mrs. Schaffer, within the first 8 school
days of each semester. Changes may involve consultation with
parents, and must be approved by the Principal before the
timetable change takes effect.

Section 3

Assessment                                                        5. The school will have a systematic and tiered model of
                                                                     intervention (literacy/math support blocks, school referral
                                                                     process and program planning team: action steps clearly
                                                                     d e fi n e d ) .

                                                                  Report Card Descriptors

Improved Student Achievement                                      Teachers use multiple sources of evidence, collected in a
                                                                  variety of ways, to look at most recent work and trends in
                                                                  student learning over time to make a professional judgment of a
To positively impact student learning through use of effective    students’ grade.
assessment practices. Strategies to achieve the goal:

1. Develop a common understanding and school wide use of
                                                                  Understanding the Report Card
   the 1-4 rubric using Alberta Education Achievement Levels -
   Primary -12. Teachers will collect and find samples to use     The purpose of a report card is to provide a student’s parent(s)
   with students to show what level 4 quality achievement looks   or guardian(s) with a summary of how well a student
   like, aid in self-assessment and descriptive feedback          understands what is being taught, and their level of academic
                                                                  achievement and social development. Report cards should be
2. Teachers will involve students in the assessment process.
                                                                  used in addition to other forms of communication between the
3. Teachers will develop and use both formative and summative     home and school such as, parent-teacher meetings,
   assessment to improve student achievement and guide            newsletters, websites, ongoing assessment through students
   teacher practice.                                              feedback/communication, e-mails...

4. The school will develop a communication plan to inform         Report cards for grades 7 – 12 have three parts:
   parents of effective assessment practices.

I.     Attendance/Lates - Reports the number of days the                              School Evalua
We continue to work with students and provide samples using          • Know what good quality work looks like and are able to
this rubric to refine it, so students know what quality work looks     collect and refer to samples that show ideas and a range of
like, and so teachers develop clear expectations/criteria and          quality work.
continue to involve students in the process of self/peer –
assessing. The outcome is that students are then able to             • Are able to describe evidence of learning.
recognize quality work and give both themselves and others           • Assist with the development of rubrics by co - constructing
feedback.                                                              criteria and defining quality.
Our 1-4 scale at Bassano School is based on the quality of           • Use scoring guides to evaluate real work samples, give
work and level of understanding the student demonstrates.              descriptive feedback, and/or revise the work.
Mastery (4pt) demonstrates that the student is able to
communicate their understanding to new and novel situations –        • Have time to learn, practice and apply their skills and
showing application and analysis for example.                          knowledge. Receive specific, descriptive feedback as they
All grades will use the Bassano School wide evaluation rubric
for formative assessment; the calculation of a percentage grade      • Collect information regarding their learning from self, peers
for grades 10-12 will be determined using the summary of               and others. Self-assess and set goals.
rubric scores.
                                                                     • Revisit and revise the criteria as they learn more.

                                                                     • Collect evidence of their learning.   Know when and how to
Student Involvement                                                    ask for help.

Teachers will work towards developing and maintaining learning       • Communicate and present their evidence of learning to
environments that promote student involvement.        In such          others, and receive feedback.
learning environments, the students:

• Understand and are able to express the expected learning
Homework Policy                                                    There may be an occasion when a student is not able to
                                                                   complete homework on a given night. If this situation arises,
Bassano School believes that homework assignments are a
                                                                   parents can write a note to the teacher explaining the
constructive tool in the teaching/learning process when they are
                                                                   circumstances. The work still has to be done but arrangements
geared to the age, health, abilities and needs of students.
                                                                   can be made for the student to complete the work after school
Purposeful assignments not only enhance student achievement
                                                                   or hand in the homework or assignment on the next school day.
but also develop self-discipline and good working habits. As an
                                                                   Students should also take advantage of the RTI Block or after-
extension of the classroom, homework assignments must: be
                                                                   school or noon support that teachers provide on a regular
planned and organized, have a clear purpose, clearly state
deadlines and be returned to the student in a timely manner,
along with descriptive feedback that students can use to
improve their learning.
                                                                   Homework Time Guidelines:
When homework is assigned, the teacher should make clear to
                                                                   Grades 7-12: " (daily maximum total time in all subjects, based
the student the purpose of the assignment, the basis for
                                                                   on 4 nights/wk.)
evaluating the work, and the guidelines or rules.
                                                                   Grade 7-9: "   60 minutes/day (4 hrs. /wk.)
It is important for students to complete their assignments on
time so that teachers can provide timely feedback. Timely          Grade 10-12: " 90 minutes/day (6 hrs. /wk.)
assessment information helps teachers and students to make
decisions and plan next steps for instruction and learning.

Assignments require due dates. When timelines and due dates
are specified, teachers must make provisions for students who
legitimately miss the dates. In such cases, the teacher and
student should consult together in order to set an absolute
deadline and negotiate a plan for successful completion.

Section 4

Student Fees                                                       • Jr Basketball 60.00
                                                                   • Int Basketball 100.00
                                                                   • Sr Basketball 200.00
                                                                   • Golf – Athletes pay for green fees
                                                                   • Cross-Country – School supported
                                                                   • Track & Field – School supported
What’s the cost?
                                                                   • Badminton – fees based on tournament entry fees.

Course fees are required for specific courses to ensure their
sustainability. The fees are determined by the actual costs        Special Events
incurred to the school and are comprised primarily by
                                                                   • Ski Trip 95.00
consumables for the specific course.
                                                                   • Heritage Park - Gr 6 10.00
Sports Teams
                                                                   • Heritage Park - Gr 4 10.00
Something new we have implemented for the upcoming year is
                                                                   • Royal Tyrell Museum - Gr K-3 8.00
that an athlete must have all fees paid up in order to continue
playing in the sport they are signed up in. We will not be         • Swimming Lessons Gr 1- 6 40.00
permitting athletes to carry over their fees from one sport team   • Graduation Fees 120.00
to another and over the year.

• Jr Volleyball 50.00
                                                                   Visual Art: Grades 10-12
• Int Volleyball 100.00
                                                                   High School Art classes require fees of $20.00 per student.
• Sr Volleyball 160.00                                             These fees allow Bassano School to offer an industry-leading
Art program, providing learning opportunities and special        Bassano School offers industry-leading photography and TV/
projects that enhance the educational program for our high       Video Production courses. Consumable costs for special
school students.                                                 printing and recording will be $15.00 per course. Students keep
                                                                 CD’s, DVD’s, and pictures that they create within these
Career and Technology Studies: Food Studies
                                                                 Student Council
Food Studies fees of $30.00 per student are required from
                                                                 • Grades K-6 - To facilitate meaningful student-initiated
grades 9 to 12. These fees purchase food supplies and to
                                                                   activities including special events, guest speakers, and
replace small kitchen tools and utensils. Some projects may
                                                                   Student Council leadership opportunities, there is a $15.00
require additional funding.
                                                                   Student council fee for our younger students.

                                                                 • Grades 7-12 - In order to facilitate meaningful student
Career and Technology Studies: Trailer                             initiated activities and provide leadership opportunities for
                                                                   those who choose to join the Student Council there is a
Industrial Arts fees of $30.00 are required from any students      $25.00 student council fee. These fees cover special days
enrolled in the CTS Trailer from grades 10 to 12. Students may     organized by the student council and subsidize many
choose to complete projects that require additional fees. The      extracurricular activities for our students.
products of those special projects become the property of the
students and can be taken home (for example, a furniture
                                                                 Athletic Fees (Optional)

                                                                 Students who join extra-curricular teams will pay a fee as
Career and Technology Studies: Digital Photography and           determined by the individual program. Each team has varying
TV/Video Production                                              expenses. This fee is only a small portion of each team’s actual
                                                                 expense. The remainder of these expenses is covered by

school-generated funds including the canteen and vending

Yearbook (Optional)

Bassano School has a yearbook committee and publishes a
hardcover yearbook. Sales begin in September at $45 per
book. Get your order in early!

Locks and Lockers

The initial charge for a new school lock is $7.00. Any locks lost
or damaged will be replaced with another school lock for an
additional $7.00.     A limited number of used locks will be
available for $5.00. The use of locks not issued by Bassano
School is not allowed. Students are strongly encouraged to
keep their combinations private. If a student is concerned that
someone else knows their combination, they are encouraged to
trade their lock in at the office free of charge. Bassano School
is not responsible for items damaged or stolen from lockers.
School lockers are the property of Grasslands. As such, school
administrators reserve the right to open lockers provided to
students at any time, for any reason.

Section 5


The Steps we Take:


Any accidents occurring in the school or school grounds should
be immediately reported to the office where first aid treatment
will be arranged and emergency services provided if needed.
In the case of a serious accident, efforts will be made to contact
the parents and a physician.


If students become ill during the school day, they are to contact
the office and arrangements will be made to go home or to rest
in a private room. Office staff must be informed of students’
illness to ensure that students have contacted parents prior to
leaving the school.

Section 6

Support Services                                                       Buses

                                                                       Rural buses going to our rural schools may be cancelled due to
                                                                       deteriorating road conditions or if the temperature reaches -37
                                                                       C. The Principal of the school in consultation with the bus
                                                                       drivers will determine if all/any of the buses routes going to their
                                                                       school will be cancelled. The Principal of the school will contact
                                                                       the local radio station Q-105.7FM or The Fox 101.1 FM by 6:30
Things to Take Note:                                                   am to put an announcement on the local radio station. The bus
                                                                       drivers will contact all of the students on their route or put a
                                                                       phone fan out into operation. Please listen to one of these local
Inclement Weather
                                                                       stations for any school bus cancellation announcements. If bus
As long as emergency systems are fully functional, Bassano             routes are cancelled for this reason, they will not operate all
School will be open every school day, regardless of weather.           day.
Bassano residents are encouraged to dress appropriately for
the weather and use personal discretion as to the safety of
school-aged children walking to school. Active instruction will be     School Closures
at the individual discretion of each teacher.
                                                                       Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for the weather
Grasslands’ buses will not run if the ambient air temperature          and apply personal discretion as to the safety of school-aged
reaches -37 degrees Celsius. Bus routes can also be cancelled          children walking to school. During inclement weather, active
for reasons including poor visibility, slippery road conditions, etc   instruction will be at the individual discretion of each teacher.
at the discretion of the bus driver. Please check the websites
                                                                       By law, schools are expected to be open every school day,
and radio stations listed above for updates. Information is
                                                                       regardless of weather. However, there are potential conditions
typically updated approximately every half-hour during
                                                                       by which the Principal would consider the need to close the
mornings of inclement weather.
a)"   Extended Power outage/utilities failure

b)"   Other emergent issues

In the rare event of a school closure, the Principal will make
staff attendance decisions on an individual basis, making
considerations for safety, transportation, etc. The principal will
notify the transportation supervisor and local radio stations as
early as possible (preferably by 7:30am)

The Principal will ensure that a plan is implemented to open the
main entrance to the school by 8:00 am to accommodate those
who arrive at school.

School closure will normally preclude students participating in
school or school-sponsored events that day or evening.

Section 7

Emergency Plan                                                             During drills, students will be told to wear their outside

                                                                         6. Wait outside until the bell rings to signal re-entry or contact is
                                                                            made with the Bassano Arena.

Fire Safety
                                                                         Fire alarms and fire-fighting equipment exist in the school to
                                                                         prevent possible injury or death in the event of fire. Because
Drills                                                                   lives depend on properly functioning alarms and equipment, it is
                                                                         essential that they are not tampered with in any way. Fire
In the event of a fire alarm:
                                                                         marshals and inspectors take alarms and equipment very
1. Leave everything as is - books, pencils, etc.                         seriously, as does Bassano School. Students are cautioned
                                                                         that tampering with alarms or fire fighting equipment in the
2. Close all windows if possible
                                                                         school will carry serious consequences, including school fines
3. Leave the room in single file to proper exit, as indicated by         and/or possible suspension and recommendation for expulsion.
   the signage in each room

4. Teachers will ensure proper status cards are used and the
   door is closed

5. Line up in two's at least 100 feet from the building for roll call.
   In the case of cold or winter weather, teachers are to move
   with their class to the hockey rink in an orderly fashion.

Section 8

Health & Safety                                                      the school administration who may refer the case to the RCMP.
                                                                     Parents are reminded that you should drop off and pick up your
                                                                     children on 6th Avenue and have them use the crosswalk,
                                                                     which reduces the possibility of accidents, as we often have
                                                                     many students playing near this area before and after school.

Student Responsibilities                                             Loss & Damage

                                                                     You should report all damage to school property to the office as
                                                                     soon as possible. Students responsible for damage to or loss
Tobacco Use
                                                                     of school property should expect to pay for repair or
Grasslands policy 6.14 does not allow smoking, the use of            replacement (e.g. books, equipment, furnishings, property). DO
smokeless tobacco, chewing tobacco, or the use of e-cigarettes       NOT LEAVE MONEY OR VALUABLES IN THE CHANGE
on our school grounds. Staff, students, and guests are not           ROOMS!! Bassano School is not responsible for the theft or
allowed to use these products anywhere on the school grounds.        damage of personal items.


Parking is provided for students in the area adjacent to the
gymnasium on the east side of the building. All parking around
the south island is staff parking.      Staff and students are
responsible for operating their vehicle in a safe and lawful
manner. The safety of school children is the primary concern.
All incidents of questionable driving practice will be referred to

Section 9

Student Services                                                    Use of Technology

                                                                    Grasslands Public Schools has established an Internet
                                                                    Acceptable Use Policy and an email policy. Information for
                                                                    parents is sent home at the beginning of the school year.

                                                                    Lost and Found
What to do:
                                                                    All "found" articles should be turned into the general office. If
                                                                    you have lost an article it may be claimed at the office, or on a
School Canteen                                                      display table near the canteen.
We have a full service food facility. Healthy meals are available
before school, at the morning break, and the lunch hour.

                                                                    Office phones are reserved for school business. Telephone
Library/Resource Centre                                             messages for students can be left with our office administrators
                                                                    and will be relayed sometime during the school day. Students
The resource centre is open from 8:00am to 3:30pm to assist
                                                                    requiring the use of an office phone are expected to ask politely
students with learning and to provide a quiet study area.
                                                                    and demonstrate patience during busy times.

Section 10

Extra-Curricular                                                  During noon hours, athletic activities are often offered in the
                                                                  gym. A variety of activities make up our intramural or free gym
                                                                  activities.   The emphasis on these activities is one of
                                                                  cooperation, participation and fun.

                                                                  Singing Clubs
School Involvement                                                Bassano School students have access to grades 1-3, grades
                                                                  4-6 and grades 7-12 singing clubs as well as the senior high
                                                                  choral class that meets during the school day.

Students have the opportunity to play for competitive teams, or
when possible, play on teams that are established to              Student Leadership
emphasize participation and skill development.
                                                                  Students attending Bassano School have the option of joining
Bassano students can choose from the following sports:            several organizations that help to develop their leadership
                                                                  qualities. Students are encouraged to join:

                                                                  •"   Student Representative Councils
"    Basketball"    "    Cross Country""     Badminton"
"    Golf" "  "     "    Curling" "     "    Volleyball""         •"   Yearbook Committee
"    Track and Field"    Weightlifting" "    Skipping Club"
"    Team Handball                                                •"   Graduation Committee

                                                                  •"   Multicultural Connections Club

                                                                  •"   Teen Mentorship

•"   Philanthropy Group - district

•"   Skipping Club

Student Ambassadors

Students involved in extra-curricular programs are expected to
adhere to Bassano School’s policies and expectations at all
times, in all locations. As ambassadors of Bassano School, our
students must positively reflect our expectations toward being
respectful, responsible and involved.

Section 11

Awards                                                            framed certificate and individual student names are engraved
                                                                  on a school plaque.

                                                                  Top Academic Student

                                                                  The student who has the highest average per grade receives
                                                                  an individualized plaque.
Honouring Achievement

Bassano School values excellence in education, including          Bronco Awards 3-12
academics, athletics, and aesthetics. We actively celebrate
                                                                  These awards are given to students who consistently display
those students who display qualities identified as respectful,
                                                                  strong work ethic, positive attitude and good attendance but
responsible and responsive. Throughout the year, we host a
                                                                  may not qualify for our honour roll. These students can be
number of awards assemblies to acknowledge student
                                                                  described as respectful, responsible and involved.
achievement and accomplishments.

                                                                  Peggy Cowan Citizenship Award
Honour Roll
                                                                  These awards recognize two students, one K-3 student and
Honour roll for grades 3-12 are calculated slightly differently
                                                                  one 4-6 student, who demonstrate excellent citizenship. These
depending on grade, however they all include the four core
                                                                  student names are put on a school plaque and an individual
subjects of Math, ELA, Science and Social Studies. In Junior
                                                                  plaque is given to the recipients of the awards.
and Senior High School, there are three levels of honour roll:
Honours 3pt, Distinction 3.5pt, and Great Distinction 4pt.
Students who qualify for the year-end honour roll receive a
Elementary/Junior/Senior Student of the Year

These students have qualified for honour roll, demonstrated
responsible citizenship and are actively involved in extra-
curricular programs. These students receive a plaque.

Athletic Awards

Each sport provides individual awards such as most improved,
sportsmanship and most valuable. Students receive medals for
these awards. Bassano School also recognizes male and
female Junior/Senior Athletes of the Year.


Bassano School is thankful for the support our students receive
from our community. Last year, our graduating class members
earned a combined total of more than $50,000 in scholarships
and awards! A scholarship information booklet can be found on
our website in the School Documents section, or can be
accessed through Mrs. Janice Schaffer, our Career Counsellor.
All of our students are encouraged to apply for local, provincial
and national scholarships.

Section 12


Between School & Home

Communications between parents/guardians and school staff
are paramount to the success of your children/our students.
Bassano School is committed to establishing and maintaining
effective partnerships with our school families. We encourage
you to contact us regarding your child’s progress, to share your
suggestions, or to explain a decision made at the school that
seems questionable to you. In the event of a classroom-based
question, concern or complaint, parents are expected to contact
the teacher directly. In the event that a parent is not satisfied
with the resolve of that conversation, the parent is encouraged
to meet with school administration. Appointments are booked
by calling the school office. The closer we work together, the
better we can be at supporting our students/your children in
reaching their full potential.

Section 13


We need your help!

There are multiple and varied opportunities for adults to
volunteer in the Bassano School! Bassano School uses
volunteers for the Breakfast program, in the canteen, to help
with student reading, practice math concepts and sight words,
work with the chess club, teach Zumba dancing, etc. Volunteers
who work with students must have a current Criminal record
check (with the vulnerable sector check as well). Volunteer
drivers must provide a drivers’ abstract. Please contact the
school if you would like to volunteer!

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