Services for Students Handbook 2020/2021 - St Mary's University Twickenham London | I

Services for Students Handbook 2020/2021 - St Mary's University Twickenham London | I
for Students

   St Mary’s University Twickenham London | I
Services for Students Handbook 2020/2021 - St Mary's University Twickenham London | I
Services for Students

Welcome                                                                       1
Introduction to Student Services                                              2
Student Funding Service                                                       3
Student Fees, Accommodation and Tuition                                       4
Accommodation Service                                                         4
Student Life                                                                  5
Student Wellbeing                                                             5
Mental Health Advice                                                          7
Registry Services                                                             7
Admissions                                                                    8
International Department                                                      9
Employability Service                                                         9
Catering and Bar Services                                                   11
Chaplaincy at St Mary’s                                                     12
Library Services                                                            13
Reprographics                                                               13
Personal Tutors                                                             14
St Mary’s University Faculties and Institutes                               15
Security                                                                    17
Health and Safety                                                           18
The Students’ Union                                                         19

This handbook has been put together by Student Services. This information
is correct at the time of printing (August 2020) and intended for all St Mary’s
students, however, some exceptions may apply, eg, part-time students/
international students. Please check with individual services for further advice.
Changes to services/opening times may be made due to Covid-19.

St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Welcome to St Mary’s University!

Our aim at St Mary’s is to enable you to reach your full potential. Your
university years are a vital and enriching part of your life journey. These years
are critical, as you find your way in life and discern the various choices that life
involves. At St Mary’s, we want to ensure that you are prepared for a successful
career, combined with a strong social commitment which will see you play a
full part in a community based on our core values of inclusiveness, generosity
of spirit, respect and excellence. That commitment starts here on our campus,
where staff will support and encourage you as you discover what you want to
do and develop the knowledge and skills to do it. Your formation at St Mary’s
will be wide-ranging and holistic, embracing the whole person: intellectual,
cultural, social, spiritual, emotional and physical.

As you move through your chosen degree programme, we will be helping
you in a whole range of ways to ensure that your experience is affirming and
enriching. We aim to help you to resolve any problems that might arise as swiftly
as possible. Our Student Services department is a one-stop centre designed
to help you navigate the University more easily and to meet any challenges that
may arise; and challenges will arise, so don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for
advice and assistance.

This handbook gives you information on the services we provide. In each of
the areas, we work closely with the Students’ Union, which we encourage
you to support and engage with. The Students’ Union offers its own range
of services to you and, between us, we provide a comprehensive network of
support and encouragement to all our students.

Please take the time to read this handbook. It will help you to navigate
the University by telling you where to go and who to speak to when you
need help with a problem or advice with an issue. Our staff are open and
approachable, and focused on providing you with help and guidance.

I welcome you to St Mary’s and wish you well in the coming academic year.

Anthony McClaran

                                               St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 1
Introduction to
Student Services
Student Life and Support                        These relationships also extend to
and Student Wellbeing                           external professional services, for example,
                                                local police, community health services,
Student Services Centre                         including mental health, social services,
J Building, 2nd Floor                           etc.
020 8240 2359                   The Student Services Centre is an inclusive
                                                and confidential service. Our confidentiality
The wellbeing of our students is at the         policy is available upon request or can be
heart of the mission, ethos and values          found on our website.
of St Mary’s. The Student Services
team offers a warm and friendly welcome         Student Services comprises:
and is available to assist, guide and
support students with any minor hassles         Student Life and Support:
or major headaches that may crop up             Accommodation Service
along the way. Our doors are open               Student Funding Service
to all students, and, with a team of            Pastoral Support
experienced professionals, we assist
with specific needs and also offer general      Student Wellbeing:
advice and guidance and pastoral care.          Counselling
                                                Disability and Dyslexia
Student Services is generally the ‘first port   Specialist Mental Health Advice
of call’ for students and families needing      Wellbeing and Pastoral Support
advice or assistance in an emergency. The
Student Services Centre is lift accessible,     The team looks forward to welcoming
located on the top floor of the J Building.     students to our Student Services Centre.
Student Services maintains a close
relationship with other staff members also
offering pastoral care and support, such
as the Resident Mentors, Chaplaincy,
Security and the Students’ Union.

2 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Student Funding
Student Services Centre                        The Fund cannot help every application
J Building, 2nd Floor, room J207               received and priority is given to the
020 8240 2389                                  following groups of students:            • Students with children (especially lone
The Student Funding Service offers advice        parents)
and guidance on all aspects of student         • Mature students who have existing
funding, including:                              financial commitments, including priority
• Budgeting
                                               • Disabled students (especially where the
• Student loans and grants                       DSA is unable to meet particular costs)
• Postgraduate funding                         • Care leavers
• Scholarships and bursaries                   • Estranged students
• Student finance support                      • Students from Foyers or who are
• Support to care experience, care               experiencing homelessness
  leavers and estranged students               • Final-year students.
• Financial hardship
                                               Students can make an application through
The Service is responsible for administering   the Student Funding Service for an award,
the following:                                 the amount of which depends on the
                                               student’s financial circumstances.
St Mary’s University
Student Hardship Fund                          Scholarships at St Mary’s
                                               (UK and EU students)
This can help students who are in severe
financial hardship and who:                    Scholarships Office Registry
                                               J Building
• are current students at the University;
                                               020 8240 4031
• have applied for the maximum statutory
  funding loan and/or grant to which they      The Scholarship Officer can advise on
  are entitled.                                all aspects of the St Mary’s Scholarship
                                               Scheme. Further information on the
The Fund can also be used to provide           Scholarships offered by St Mary’s can be
short term loans at the beginning of the       found at
academic year to students who are in
severe financial difficulties due to their
student loans/grant payments being

                                               St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 3
Student Fees,
Support available to all care
experienced, care leavers and
                                               and Tuition
estranged students                             Fees Office, Student Centre
                                               J Building, 1st Floor
Student Services Centre                        020 8240 4035
J Building, 2nd Floor                
020 8240 2389            • Assist with queries regarding payments
                                                 of accommodation and tuition fees
St Mary’s recognises that vulnerable adults,   • Fee payments are accepted by bank
care experienced and estranged students          transfer, credit/debit cards.
face a number of challenges on the path to
university, and we are strongly committed
to supporting them to get the most out of      Accommodation
their course and university experience.
If you have told us that you are a
care experienced care leaver or                Student Services Centre
estranged student, a member of the             J Building, 2nd Floor
Student Services team will contact you and     020 8240 4034
make sure that you have all the information
and advice you need and will remain
as your main point of contact for non-         The Accommodation Service aims to meet
academic matters throughout your studies.      students’ requirements through the
Student Services will also liaise with your    allocation of University accommodation,
Care Leaving Team.                             by facilitating access to the private
                                               sector and providing support to students
Estranged students                             regarding residential matters. The
                                               service provided includes:
If you are irrevocably estranged from
your parents/guardians, then we                University accommodation
would urge you to contact the Student
Funding Service to discuss any extra           • The allocation of rooms in
help that the University might be able to        university accommodation (university
offer you. Unfortunately, we don’t have          and privately managed)
any way of knowing if you are estranged        • Homestay accommodation for
unless you come in and see us, so please         study abroad students
do come in for a confidential chat with        • Provision of specific accommodation
the Student Funding Team, who would              types for students with particular
be happy to see if there’s any extra help        requirements (medical conditions, care
available for you.                               leavers)

4 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Student Wellbeing
Private rented accommodation                    Disability and Dyslexia
• A housing fair and a series of house          Student Services Centre
  hunting presentations                         J Building, 2nd Floor
• where             020 8240 4353
  students can search for available rooms
  and properties or use the message
  board to talk to other students               The University aims to provide an inclusive
• Details of local letting agents and short     teaching and learning environment for all
  stay options for students seeking             students, including individuals with specific
  accommodation in the area                     learning difficulties (such as dyslexia and
                                                dyspraxia), mental health conditions,
• Assistance and support for students           medical conditions and impairments. If you
  experiencing difficulty in privately rented   think you have a condition that may affect
  accommodation                                 your study, please do contact us for an
                                                appointment, or complete a referral form
Student Life                                    online through SIMMSpace.

                                                We encourage applicants and students
Student Services Centre                         to disclose their disability or additional
J Building, 2nd Floor                           needs at the earliest opportunity, so that
020 8240 4048                                   reasonable adjustments can be discussed                       and appropriate arrangements agreed.
Support and guidance for for all students,      Our services include:
whether living in University accommodation      • Confidential advice and guidance on
or living elsewhere, including help with          course-related adjustments
emotional issues, academic worries,
flatmate disagreements, or when                 • Arrangements for exams and for
students just need someone to talk to             teaching and learning
about any aspect of student life that           • Dyslexia screenings and diagnostic
may be troubling you.                             assessments
                                                • Help with applications for Disabled
• Enhancing the residential experience by         Students’ Allowance (DSA) to fund
  facilitating opportunities to get involved      specialist support
  with events and activities.                   • Needs assessments for DSA
• University managed accommodation              • Accommodation adjustments (in Halls)
  also has Senior Residents and Resident
  Mentors who live in the halls to provide      • Assistive technology suite and site-
  additional support and to ensure that           licences
  the terms and conditions of the licence       • Assistive technology training
  agreement are adhered to.

                                                St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 5
DSA provides additional support              Talking to a counsellor can help you to see
such as study skills tuition for students    things from a new perspective, manage
with a specific learning difficulty,         feelings and change repetitive and unhelpful
specialist mentoring for students with       patterns of behaviour. No matter what
a mental health condition or autism          is causing you distress, the counselling
spectrum condition, and assistive            service provides a confidential space to
software and computer equipment.             reflect on and understand why you’re
We have a team of specialist staff who       feeling the way you do, empowering
are eligible to provide DSA-funded           you to find solutions and enhance your
study skills, mentoring and assistive        enjoyment of life.
technology training.
                                             Our fully qualified Counsellors are
Students who have applied for                able to help with a range of issues;
DSA are required to have a study             eg, relationships/friendships/
needs assessment as part of their            family issues, bereavement, anxiety,
application, and we are able to offer        stress, depression, identity (sexual/
this assessment on campus at the             gender), sleeplessness, loneliness,
Student Services Centre. Please contact      substance misuse, self-harm/suicidal
us so we can help you arrange your           thoughts, abuse (sexual/domestic/
DSA Needs Assessment appointment.            emotional), or issues around eating. No
We are able to provide these                 problem is too small.
sessions remotely online if necessary.
                                             • To access counselling, complete the
We have a partnership with                     online form on SIMMSpace: University
AccessAble who have carried out an             Services for Students > Student
extensive survey of St Mary’s University       Wellbeing > Counselling
to create a series of access guides,         • Make an appointment
showing students and visitors their
options for navigating buildings and
routes around the campus according           After an initial assessment you will be
to various access requirements.              offered up to six counselling sessions
Accessibility information and route plans    or referred to a service that is more
can be found on our website.                 appropriate. Counselling sessions are
                                             weekly and last 50 minutes.

Counselling                                  Appointments are available on weekdays,
Student Services Centre                      between 9am and 5pm, except during
J Building, 2nd Floor                        Christmas and Bank holidays, with a
020 8240 4187                                reduced service over summer and Easter.
                                             Our services Include:
If life feels overwhelming and you are       • One-to-one counselling
not sure where to turn, the St Mary’s        • Telephone or Video counselling
Counselling team is here to support you.
                                             • Wellbeing sessions

6 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Mental Health advice                          Registry Services
Student Services Centre                       Student Centre,
J Building, 2nd Floor                         J Building,1st Floor
020 8240 4203                                 020 8240 1112             

The University’s mental health advisor        Registry Services is responsible for a wide
provides practical support and advice for     range of student administration services
students who have a possible or actual        and support, as well as Registration,
mental health diagnosis, or who experience    Graduation, Student Records, Exams,
emotional or psychological distress or        Ceremonies and Policy and Regulations.
personal difficulties during their studies.   They are located on the first floor of the J
Support includes: Supporting a student’s
mental health to create a plan to address     Here is a brief outline of some of the
any needs and empower students to             services we provide:
manage their mental health and any
crises that they are experiencing. The        Registration
Mental Health Advisor works closely with
Services across the University as well as     We will send you registration information
externally (such as GPs and mental health     ahead of the new academic year and
professionals).                               ensure all relevant information is available
                                              on the website and on SIMMSpace.
Local Health Services                         Advice and guidance
For a list of local health services such
                                              We are here to advise you on issues of
as General Practices, Hospitals, A&E
                                              academic progress and to ensure you have
departments, please visit the Student
                                              correctly registered for modules. We can
Services SIMMSpace page.
                                              help you with:
                                              •   Academic appeals
                                              •   University Extenuating Circumstances
                                              •   Changing your address/personal details
                                              •   Programme changes
                                              •   Module Changes
                                              •   Withdrawal from study
                                              •   Leave of absence
                                              •   Scholarship and Bursary queries
                                              •   UKVI Compliance and Immigration

                                              St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 7
How can we help?                               Extenuating circumstances
We also provide:                               Please contact us for information about
• Letters to confirm student status for        submitting a claim for extenuating
  external organisations, e.g., banks, HP      circumstances and refer to ‘Extenuating
  council offices, student verification, etc   Circumstances – Student Guidance’ on
• Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS)           SIMMSpace.
  application service                          020 8240 4112
• Transcripts and Certificates       

Tier 4 students                                Graduation
The UKVI Compliance and Immigration            Each year Registry organises our
team provide dedicated specific guidance       graduation ceremonies. Details of the dates
and support to all students with a visa        and venues are published on the St Mary’s
status.                                        website. All students who are expected to
                                               complete their programme will receive an
If you have any questions relating to          invitation to register for the ceremony.
immigration and/or visa compliance
(including visa extensions and renewals),      020 8240 4112
please do not hesitate to contact the team.
You can arrange an in-person appointment
or you can drop in between 1.30-3.30pm
on Tuesdays or Thursdays.                      Admissions
020 8240 4337/8264                     Ground Floor, 60 Waldegrave Road
                                               (op posite Naylor Library)
Exams                                          020 8240 2394
We will help with queries on module
registration, assessments and exams            The Admissions team deals with
throughout the year. We ensure exam            enquiries from potential students and
timetables and results are made available      processes applications for undergraduate,
for you on SIMMSpace. The Exams Office         postgraduate and PGCE programmes at
also handles all extenuating circumstances     St Mary’s. If you are thinking of continuing
claims.                                        your education at St Mary’s by studying
020 8240 8153                                  a postgraduate or PGCE programme,                            then please do get in touch and we can
                                               guide you through the process. St Mary’s
                                               students can receive a 20% discount on
                                               the fees for many of our postgraduate

8 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
International                                   Employability
Department                                      Service
Ground Floor, 60 Waldegrave Road                J3, next door to Dolce Vita coffee shop
(opposite Naylor Library)                       020 8240 4055
020 8240 4192                                                Accredited Workplace Learning
The International Department works to
support students from outside the UK and        We offer a range of unique and innovative
to expand international opportunities for all   20-credit modules in a variety of
St Mary’s students, regardless of origin.       programmes, many of which incorporate a
                                                period of work experience. We also offer a
Please contact us with queries about:           number of entrepreneurship and business
• Studying abroad for a semester or a           start-up modules designed for those who
   summer as part of your St Mary’s degree      want to set up and run their own business
                                                in the future.
• Participating in an Erasmus+ study or
   work opportunity in Europe                   Further information can be found at:
• Free English language support sessions
   available to all students                    about.aspx
• Volunteering to be a Global Peer Mentor
   (St Mary’s students who act as buddies       Placement opportunities
   for new international students)
                                                We run placement workshops to help
• Signposting to other sources of support       you identify the right workplace learning
   for international students at St Mary’s      module for you and to help you find the
• Scholarships for new international            most appropriate type of placement.
                                                There are a range of different work
                                                placement opportunities available,
International scholarships                      depending on your interests and the
Non-EU students                                 experience you want to gain.

International Department                        Careers support
Ground Floor, 60 Waldegrave Road
(opposite Naylor Library)                       Our team of experienced careers
020 8240 4192                                   consultants are here to provide                     professional careers support to students.
                                                We offer confidential, impartial advice
The International Department oversees a         and guidance, as well as help with
number of scholarships available to new         finding relevant work, volunteering and
international students. Further information
                                                further study opportunities. The careers
on the International scholarships offered by
St Mary’s can be found at:                      consultants are from the Careers Group,            University of London’s network of university
scholarships.aspx                               careers and employability services.

                                                St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 9
We can offer you support, wherever you        • We offer bookable guidance sessions,
are in your career journey, from “I have no     in-depth career discussions and practice
idea what I want to do after university”,       interviews, as well drop-in advice
to “I’m ready to apply for the job/further      appointments. These can be carried out
study course that I want” and everything in     in person, via email, telephone or Skype.
We are here to provide students with
                                              We have information on over a thousand
information, advice and guidance about
                                              vacancies on our online careers resource,
anything careers-related, including:
                                              Jobs on CareerConnect. These include
                                              summer internships, part-time work,
• Exploring or choosing jobs/careers
                                              volunteering opportunities and graduate
• Career planning(vacancies, CV, cover        jobs. You can also visit the Careers Service
  letters and application forms)
                                              to find out how to make the most of work
• Finding and applying for jobs               opportunities aimed at St Mary’s students.
• Getting experience (internships,
  placements, part-time work, volunteering,   Further information can be found at:
  holiday work, gap year options, etc)
• Preparing for and performing well at
  interviews                                  Volunteering
• Getting graduate level work
                                              Employability Services
• Starting your own business or     
  becoming self-employed
• Further study or Teacher Training           Volunteering is a great way to add value
• Support and practical tips if you are       to your degree by learning new skills,
  confused or feeling behind                  building confidence and getting involved
                                              in community projects. We have lots of
• Networking (in person and online)           opportunities, local and regional, to help you
• Problems at Uni or at work                  make a difference in people’s lives.
• We run a number of careers events
  on campus                                   More information can be found on the
                                              ‘Volunteering’ link under the ‘University
• We have lots of careers resources and
                                              Services for Students’ menu on
  information, both online and as takeaway
  reference materials
• We work closely with academics to
  deliver bespoke careers and employability
  content both in and alongside the
  curriculum throughout your course.

10 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Catering and
Bar services
                                                It is open to students and staff and serves
Our in-house catering service looks after       hot and cold drinks. Sandwiches, soft
the food, beverage and hospitality needs        drinks and hot snacks are also available.
at St Mary’s. In addition to running four       This is a cashless café.
outlets, we deliver refreshments across         Opening times*
campus and also cater for weddings and          Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
                                                The Bar
                                                The Bar is located on the ground floor of
The Refectory is the largest food outlet and    the J building. The Bar is a great meeting
dining area at the University and is situated   place to chill out with friends over a drink.
in the heart of the campus. The space           There is a new range of hot and cold
is generally buzzing with large groups of       snacks, including pizzas and wraps. Enjoy
students and is open seven days a week.         live sporting action on BT Sport and don’t
Freshly cooked meals are served daily,          miss events organised by the Students’
and there is a wide range of sandwiches,        Union and the Bar team.
snacks, drinks and also a few basic
stationery and grocery items.                   Opening times*
Opening times*                                  Monday-Friday
Monday-Friday                                   5-10pm (late closing on event nights)
Breakfast   8-10am
Lunch       11.45am-2.30pm                      Vending machines
Dinner      4.30-7.30pm
                                                Coffee, soft drink and snack vending
Saturday and Sunday                             machines are located on and off campus
Brunch      10.30am-12.30pm                     in the following locations: i-Learn Café,
Dinner      4.30-6.30pm                         Shannon Corridor, J Block, Sports Halls
                                                and Naylor Library.
Dolce Vita
In addition to your favourite latté             Cashless catering rewards
or frappuccino, there is a range of             – SimmPay
sandwiches, salads and hot food such as         All catering and bar outlets accept only
toasties and paninis.                           cashless payments by SimmPay, Debit/
Opening times*                                  Credit card or Contactless devices.
Monday-Friday         8am-6.30pm                Download the SimmPay APP and enjoy
Saturday- Sunday      8am-4pm                   exclusive offers and rewards. Speak to a
                                                member of the catering team for details.
Naylor Library Café
This café is located off campus in the          *Opening times may be subject to change
Naylor Library at 99 Waldegrave Road.           due to events or customer demand.

                                                St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 11
Chaplaincy at St Mary’s
Welcome to St Mary’s University on behalf      It’s good to talk
of the Chaplaincy. Starting university is an
exciting prospect. Your time in university     One of the great pleasures of university life
brings many joys and raises many               is the possibility of making life-long friends,
questions about every aspect of your life.     engaging in serious conversations and
The Chaplaincy aims to help you in this        reflecting on your own aspirations for the
path of self-understanding, whether you        future and mission to the wider world. The
come from a particular faith, tradition, or    Chaplaincy provides a convivial setting for
not, so that when you leave you may offer a    just such an enterprise
unique contribution to the wider world.

The Chaplaincy Centre is located on the        Contact details
side of the Piazza opposite the University     Chaplain: Canon Peter Newby
Chapel. The Centre is open during              020 8240 4006
weekdays, and members of the University
are always welcome to come for tea and
coffee, bring their friends and meet other     Chaplaincy Assistant: Grazia Hazell
students.                                      020 8240 2327
Prayer and worship
The Chaplaincy provides weekday Mass at
1.05pm and Sunday Mass at 11am. During
the weekdays the Main Church and Crypt
Chapel are always open for private prayer
and personal quiet time.

The multi-faith prayer room is located near
the Drama Studio and Main Reception and
is always open for private and reflection.
Friday prayers, led by students, are said
there each week during term.

Get involved
The Chaplaincy in co-operation with the
Student Faith societies provides a regular
programme of events, the details of which
are found on the Chaplaincy website and in
the term cards.

12 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Library Services
Library, Main Campus                           St Mary’s uses a virtual learning
020 8240 4097                                  environment – ‘Moodle’ – which facilitates                          on-campus and distance learning and the
                                               sharing of experiences between students,
Library Services provides a range of           as well as access to programme content,
resources to support students in their         self-assessment tools and other learning
studies. Most services are based in the two    support facilities.
libraries – the Main Library on campus and
the Naylor Library at 99 Waldegrave Road.      The Library has around 120,000 printed
                                               and 150,000 electronic books. It subscribes
Opening times for the Main Library             to around 56,000 full text electronic journals
and Naylor Library                             via databases such as Academic Search
                                               Premier, Emerald, Science Direct and
Semester time:                                 JSTOR, plus specialist law resources such
Main Library                                   as WestLaw. These can be accessed online
Monday-Friday        8.15am-12am               from anywhere with internet access.
                     (staffed until 7pm)
Saturday             11am-12am
                     (staffed until 5pm)       Reprographics
Sunday               12pm-12am
                     (staffed until 6pm)       N32 (opposite M Block)
Naylor Library                                 020 8240 4000 x 1058
Monday-Friday        8.15am-9pm      
Saturday             11am-5pm
Sunday               12pm-6pm                  Opening times
Vacation time:                                 Semester time:
Monday-Friday        9am-5pm                   Monday-Friday      8.45am-4.30pm

Access to IT facilities is available outside   We offer a comprehensive, competitive
these hours.                                   binding service for essays, dissertations
                                               and projects, assisting with layouts and
Different types of study spaces support        presentation.
different modes of learning – flexible study
areas for group or individual work, quiet      We can photocopy documents in colour
areas and silent study spaces are all          and black & white, up to A3 size from a
available, plus over 160 PCs, 72 loanable      hard copy or digital files. We have a variety
laptops (for use on campus) and WiFi           of paper colours and weights, as well as
across campus.                                 stapling, saddle stitching (booklet making,
                                               and laminating up to A3 size.
All students have access to the internet,
Office applications and more, and email        In addition, we can advise on poster
provided by Microsoft.                         printing and laminating in A2, A1 and A0
                                               through external printers with a discount for
                                               St Mary’s students.

                                               St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 13
Personal tutors
When you start university, you will be           Professional and career development
allocated a Personal Tutor: a member of          • To assist you with reflection upon
academic staff from your programme who             professional/career development
is devoted to helping support your personal
and academic wellbeing during your time          • To provide references for you when
at St Mary’s. If you are a joint honours           applying for jobs or further study (on
student, you will be allocated two Personal        request)
Tutors, one from each subject area. Your
Personal Tutor is in place as your first point   How often you will meet
of contact if you have any questions or any
personal or academic concerns. You will          In year 1 (level 3 or level 4) of your studies,
meet them several times during your time         you will have two pre-arranged meetings
here for scheduled ‘check-ins’, but can also     with your Personal Tutor(s) on a one-to-
request additional Meetings if required –        one basis. You will also be offered more
your Personal Tutor Is here to support you.      opportunities to chat, meet one-to-one or
                                                 in a group setting with your Personal Tutor
Personal tutors’ principal responsibilities      throughout the year.
include the following:
                                                 In year 2 (level 5), year 3 (level 6 and during
Student support and guidance                     level 7) of your studies, you will meet with
• To listen, get to know you, and to             your Personal Tutor at the beginning of
   discuss any personal concerns that            the year on a one-to-one basis, and again
   you may have and to advise you on the         halfway through the year, either one-to-
   appropriate support services available to     one or in a group format. You will also be
   you within St Mary’s (signposting)            offered more opportunities to chat, meet
                                                 one-to-one or in a group setting with your
                                                 Personal Tutor throughout the year. This is
Academic development                             the minimum number of meetings you will
• To oversee and support your academic           have with your tutor, but you can also book
  progress throughout your time at St            additional appointments if you would like
  Mary’s                                         additional support or assistance.
• To advise on study skills (e.g. time
  management, exam preparation) if               The tutorials with your Personal Tutor at
  necessary                                      the beginning of Semester 1 and 2 are
• To advise you about choosing optional          compulsory, so please ensure that you
  modules and the possible impact of             attend the sessions when invited.
  these choices on your degree award
  and/or career path                             If you wish to change your Personal Tutor
                                                 at any point throughout your studies, you
• To provide you with an opportunity to
                                                 can contact the Programme Lead for your
  reflect upon your overall performance
  in your programme of study and readily
  recognise your own strengths and
  achievements, as well as areas for

14 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
St Mary’s University
Faculties and Institutes
Institute of Business, Law                 Postgraduate (MA)
and Society                                •   Bioethics and Medical Law
Director: Bruce Rigal                      •   Catholic Social Teaching
                                           •   Christian Spirituality
•   Business and Management                •   Creative Writing
•   Communications and Film                •   Public History
•   Criminology and Sociology              •   Theology
•   Law School
•   Media                                  Associate Director for Student
•   Politics                               Experience: Ann Kennedy
                                           Institutes Business Manager
Institute of Education                     Julia Priechenfried
Director: Anna Lise Gordon
Head of Department – Primary Education     Faculty of Sport, Health and
Sarah Brooks                               Applied Science (SHAS)
• Primary (undergraduate, work-based       The Faculty of Sport Health and Applied
and PGCE routes)                           Science offers a range of research-
                                           informed undergraduate, postgraduate and
Head of Department –Secondary,             foundation programmes.
Postgraduate and Educational
Development: Jane Chambers                 Dean: Prof Symeon Dagkas
• Secondary, Postgraduate and              Associate Dean for Student Experience:
  Educational Development (including all   Dr Janet Clegg
  masters programmes and Education         Associate Dean for Research & Enterprise:
  Studies undergraduate degree)            Dr Jamie North
Head of Department – ITT Partnerships:     Faculty Business Manager: Sheela Patel
Ed Boyle
• Partnerships                             Department of Health and Science
                                           Head of Department: Gill Horgan
Institute of Theology                      Undergraduate degrees/BSc
and Liberal Arts                           • Applied Physics
                                           • Health and Exercise Science
Director: Jacob Philips                    • Nutrition
•   Foundation (FdA)                       • Physiotherapy
•   Healthcare Theology, Ethics and Care   • Sport Rehabilitation
•   Pastoral Ministry Undergraduate (BA)   • Sport and Exercise Nutrition
•   Theology, Religion, and Ethics
•   Creative Writing
•   History
•   English
•   Liberal Arts
                                           St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 15
Postgraduate degrees/MSc                          Department of Sport
• Chronic Disease Management                      and Exercise Science
• Applied Sports Nutrition
• Physiotherapy (Pre-Registration)                Head of Department: Dr Leanne Griffiths
• Nutrition and Genetic                           Undergraduate degrees
• Sport Rehabilitation (Pre-Registration)         • Sport and Exercise Science
• Human Nutrition                                 • Strength and Conditioning Science
                                                  • Sport Psychology
Department of Psychology and
Pedagogic Science                                 Postgraduate degrees
                                                  • Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology
Head of Department: Dr Abbe Brady                 • Applied Sport Psychology
Undergraduate degrees                             • Strength and Conditioning (Distance
• Sports Coaching Science                           Learning)
• Physical Education, Sport and Youth             • Strength and Conditioning (onsite)
  Development                                     • Sport and Exercise Biomechanics
• Psychology
• Chelsea FC Foundation Coaching
                                                  Department of Sport St Mary’s
  and                                             Head of Department: Andrew Reid-Smith
• Development Top-Up Level 6
                                                  Sport St Mary’s manages the sports
• Performance Analysis & Talent
                                                  facilities that the students taking PE and
  Identification (2 year) (awaiting validation)
                                                  sport degree programmes will often use.
• Foundation degrees
• Sports Coaching                                 The Department also provides student
• Chelsea FC Foundation Coaching                  memberships for the F&C suite and fitness
  and                                             classes and works with the Students’
                                                  Union providing sport development
• Development Levels 4 and 5                      support for student sport; this includes:
                                                  • Recreational sport and competitive
Postgraduate degrees                                sports clubs
• Performance Football Coaching                   • Coaching,volunteering opportunities
  (Distance Learning)
                                                  • Sports scholarships and coaching
• Psychology of Mental Health                       bursaries

16 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Security Control Room                          Post and parcels
(near main entrance)
                                               The post room is located at the end of E
020 8240 4335
                                               corridor. The post room is located at the
                                               end of the E corridor. If you are a resident
In an Emergency: 020 8240 4060
                                               student you can have your post and parcels
                                               delivered here making sure your name,
The Security team operates a 24/7 service
                                               room number and regnum are clearly
from the Security Control Room, located
adjacent to the main reception area. The
role of the Security team here is to provide
a safe environment for Students to study,      Amazon Lockers
live and work. This duty of care applies to    We also have an Amazon locker (named
all those who use the University facilities    Sikes) that you can have your Amazon
throughout the year.                           orders delivered to. The locker is located at
                                               the end of E corridor.
Lost property
In the case of lost property, the Security
team can be contacted 24 hours a day.

Limited student parking may be available
at Teddington Lock, 60 Waldegrave and
the Naylor Library once registered through
Security (charges and restrictions apply)
There is no parking except for staff permit
holders and blue badge holders on the
main campus. Parking enforcement is in
daily operation and students will receive
a parking ticket if their car is parked on
campus or in a bay that has not been pre-
booked and paid for.

                                               St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 17
Health and Safety
B10, Health and Safety Office,                   • Co-ordinating with local safety
Main Building                                      representatives to undertake general
020 8240 4206                                      health and safety inspections every two                       years
Fire Safety Officer: Joe Fortune                 • Providing health and safety training via
                                                   e-Learning using Praxis 42
The Health and Safety team ensures all           • Evidencing/demonstrating health and
campus buildings and events meet the               safety training given with appropriate
Health and Safety regulations. The Health          records
and Safety Office offers general advice,
                                                 • Following up with individuals regarding
guidance and support to all University
                                                   personal risk assessments, such as
students, staff and visitors, and is available
                                                   DSE and manual handling
to give advice that is both independent and
impartial.                                       • Facilitating first aid training and keeping
                                                   up to date records
Health and Safety includes:                      • Consulting with union representatives,
• Being the focal point of contact with            safety groups and committees
  external agencies, ie, Health and              • Consulting with outsource contractors/
  Safety Executive, local authorities and          project teams on relevant projects
  environmental agencies                           during and through the tender to
• Reviewing of health and safety policies          commission stages.
  and guidance notes
• Recording of accidents/incidents and           Please note that this list is not exhaustive.
  production of termly statistics for the
  Health and Safety Sub-Committee
• Advising and assisting departments with
  risk assessments
• Checking and monitoring that
  assessments are adequate and sufficient
• Arranging paramedic services for all
  significant events

18 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
The Students’ Union
K Building by the Student Square                 they’re there to ensure that all students
                                                 have a fair chance at getting the brilliant
St Mary’s Students’ Union is run by              education that St Mary’s has to offer – they
students for students. You automatically         do this by lobbying the University to make
become a member of SMSU when you                 positive changes, attending all relevant
enroll at St Mary’s. We’re led by the annually   meetings and through representing
elected Students’ Union Officer team who         students who are unhappy with grades
you elect every year in the SMSU Elections.      they’ve received.
One of our key functions at SMSU is
representation.                                  The Students’ Union also adds value to
                                                 your student experience by providing
The Officer team is a member of several          weekly and annual social events. These
University committees and has many               cater to all students, regardless of whether
opportunities to give feedback and               you’re a ‘typical’ student or not – there’s no
represent your views to different members        such thing as a typical student, anyway!
of staff, senior management and University
committees. It’s their job to ensure that your   We provide a hub for a full and lively social
voice is heard.                                  life which can be enjoyed by everyone.
                                                 This helps to create a student community
The Sport President is responsible for all       where friendships are made and important
of our 25 sports clubs. These clubs all          networks are formed, allowing you all to
represent St Mary’s within BUCS (British         support each other through university and
Universities and College Sport), which they      beyond. We have our own website, which
do briliiantly.                                  includes information about all services and
                                                 activities and there is an online box office
For a small university, we are widely            for events.
renowned for being successful in UK
university sport. There’s a huge variety         The Students’ Union has an online shop
ranging from Ultimate Frisbee to Athletics       which sells St Mary’s branded clothing.
to GAA with loads more in between. The
Student Life President is responsible for        We also also provide advice and guidance
coordinating all of our academic, social         for students facing academic or welfare
and cultural societies. These provide            related issues. If there is anything you wish
the opportunity for alternative means of         to raise or discuss, or if you would like to
socialising, widening cultural horizons or       get involved in any aspect of the Students’
give you a space where you can meet              Union, please contact us at any time. We
people to discuss and share similar              are located on the ground floor of K Block.
interests. Whether it’s the Anime, Afro-
Carribbean or Business Society you want          There are some things that are outside our
to join, we’ve got you covered.                  remit, including counselling and pastoral
                                                 care, but we work closely with Student
The Education President is there to help all     Services and the Chaplaincy so we can still
students to excel at St Mary’s academically.     put you in touch with the relevant support
It’s their to ensure that the student voice is   services that you need if we can’t help
heard and listened to on all subjects and        you out.

                                                 St Mary’s University Twickenham London | 19
Your Union – Your Choice                        Finance Team
At St Mary’s Students’ Union we want            Finance and Business Development
everyone to get involved. Even though the       Manager: James Turnball
Students’ Union Officer Team and our full-      020 8240 4215
time staff are responsible for the day-to-
day running of the Students’ Union, your
ideas are the ones that really make the         Finance Assistant: Noor Sharif
difference. After all, we’re here to give you   020 8240 2378
the best possible experience during your
time at St Mary’s. We’re a friendly bunch,
so come and say hello!                          Marketing and Activities
                                                Marketing and Communications
                                                Manager: Joe Garvey
Students’ Union                                 020 8240 4312
contact details                       

Officer Team                                    Marketing and Communications
                                                Assistant: Ellie Harris
Education President:
Niamh Moore                                     020 8240 2377
020 8240 4315                         
                                                Events andFundraising Coordinator:
Sport President:                                Daisy Renouf
Maisie Ward                                     020 8240 4347
020 8240 4132                         
                                                Sports and Societies Co-ordinator:
Student Life President:                         Liam Burnett
Charlie Canning                                 020 8240 1046
020 8240 4000 (ext 1041)              

Senior Management
SU Chief Executive Officer:
Catherine Redding
020 8240 4131

20 | St Mary’s University Twickenham London
Waldegrave Road
Strawberry Hill
Twickenham TW1 4SX
020 8240 4000
 Key                                                                                                                                                                     Accommodation Halls
    Parking                             Café and restaurants             A    Waldegrave Suite                            K    K Block Lecture Rooms and SMSU            S, T, U             Clive
                                                                         B    B and D Corridor Rooms                      L    L Block Lecture Rooms
    Disabled car parking areas          Fire Assembly point                                                                                                              Za, X, W, V         De Marillac, Graham, Wiseman, Doyle
                                                                         C    C Corridor Rooms                            M    M Block Lecture Rooms
                                                                         D    Drama Studios and Postroom                  N    N Block Lecture Rooms                     Y                   Cronin
    Male and female toilets             Taxi drop-off
                                                                         E    E and F Corridor Rooms                      Ni   Refectory
                                                                                                                                                                         Z                   Cashin
    Male, female and disabled toilets   Bus stop (33)                    F    Main Reception, Security and Offices        O    Commuter Lounge
                                                                         G    Old House Lecture Rooms                     Q    Chaplaincy                                5, 9, 13, 15, 17,
                                                                                                                                                                                             Waldegrave Park houses
    Baby changing facilities            ATM (automated teller machine)                                                                                                   19, 21, 33, 35
                                                                         H    Chapel                                      R    Sports Centre, Clinic and R Block Rooms
                                                                         Hi   Library                                     Ri   Sports Hall                               G                   Old House
    Electric car charging point         Strawberry Hill House
                                                                              Student Services (includes Accommodation,   S    Shannon Conference Suite
                                                                         J                                                                                               16                  16 Strawberry Hill Road
                                                                              Registry, Fees, the Bar and Lounge)         T    Theatre
                                                                                                                          Zi   Tennis Centre                             7                   Benedict House
                                                                         Ji   Dolce Vita
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