2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health

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2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
2018 - 2019 Catalog

     Manchester, NH
           Revision Date: 1/2018
2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
Manchester, New Hampshire

                                    Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
                                            670 North Commercial Street
                                                      Suite 403
                                               Manchester, NH, 03101
                                                Tel: (603) 622-8400
                                                Fax: (603) 622-8218

                                                 Programs Offered
                                                     Practical Nursing

                                                Hours of Operation
    Monday - Thursday                      Friday                           Saturday                              Sunday
    8:00 am - 9:30 pm                9:00 am - 5:00 pm                 9:00 am - 1:00 pm                       As scheduled

                                         Accreditation & Approvals
                                                  This campus is accredited by:
                              Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools*
                                           750 First Street, N.E. Suite 980
                                           Washington, D.C. 20002-4241
                                               Tel: (202) 336-6780
                                                                         Practical Nursing Programs is approved by:
                  This campus is approved by:
      New Hampshire Department of Education                                      New Hampshire Board of Nursing
          Division of Higher Education - Higher                                         121 South Fruit Street
          Education Commission                                                          Concord, NH 03301
          Office of Career School Licensing                                       Tel - Nursing: (603) 271-2323
                 101 Pleasant Street                                         Tel - Nursing Assistant: (603) 271-6282
               Concord, NH 03301                                                       Fax: (603) 271-6605
                 Tel: (603) 271-6443                                                   www.nh.gov/nursing
                 Fax: (603) 271-1953

2     *ACICS is no longer an accreditor
      recognized by the United States Dept. of
2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
Table of Contents

Welcome                                       4
Mission & Philosophy Statement                5
School Information                            6
Admissions Information                        10
Financial Aid Information                     15
Refund Policy                                 18
Academic Information                          20
Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress   25
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act     28
Attendance                                    29
Student Conduct                               31
Student Policies                              36
Student Services                              40
Grievance Policy & Procedures                 44
Programs of Study                             46
      Practical Nursing                       47
Course Descriptions                           50
      Practical Nursing                       51
Tuition & Fees                                54
2018 Academic Calendar                        55
Faculty & Staff                               57
Central Services Directory                    58

2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
    The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is an           History

    accredited private vocational school with a long
                                                                          he Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
    history of providing career education in the fields of
                                                                          was founded in1997, by Health Career
    nursing and allied health. We specialize in
                                                                          Training Associates, LLC, as a small
    comprehensive programs that prepare our students for
                                                                          post- secondary proprietary school with a
    interesting and challenging positions in their chosen fields
                                                                   Nursing Assistant Program. The primary focus of the
    of study. The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
                                                                   Health Career Training Associates School was a
    programs are constantly reassessed so that we may
                                                                   competency-based vocational program for nursing
    continue to be responsive to the needs of the
                                                                   students. The Practical Nursing program was developed
    communities we serve. Studies done by the U.S.
                                                                   in 2002 and received approval by the New Hampshire
    Department of Labor indicate that the demand for
                                                                   Board of Nursing in February of 2003. In July of 2007,
    trained workers in these areas will continue to grow in
                                                                   they gained accreditation through NLNAC (National
    the future.
                                                                   League for Nursing Accreditation Commission), now
                                                                   called ACEN (Accreditation Commission for Education in
    Today, a high school education is considered only the
                                                                   Nursing). At that time, they changed the name of their
    bare minimum for employment. If you want more
                                                                   school from HCTA to NESPN (New England School of
    than an average job, a higher-than-average salary, and
                                                                   Practical Nursing) to clearly identify its purpose in the
    the potential to move up the ladder of success, you
                                                                   title within the organization. In December of 2009, The
    need the advanced education and skills that will
                                                                   New England School of Practical Nursing was
    make you an above average employee.
                                                                   purchased by Premier Education Group (PEG). The
                                                                   name of the school was changed to The Salter School
    There was a time when a college degree was the                 of Nursing and Allied Health and remained at the 60
    only key to this success; today, the situation is              Rogers Street location until February 2012. In February
    different. It is not necessary to spend several years          2012, Premier Education Group relocated the campus
    in college in order to be a part of one of the fastest         to 670 N. Commercial Street, Manchester, New
    growing career fields.                                         Hampshire within the historic Jefferson Mill Building.
                                                                   The change in location allowed the students additional
    Our success is a result of the successful graduates            classroom space, well-equipped labs and a pleasant
    who have benefited from our programs; the history of           neighborhood surrounding other schools of higher
    their achievements forms the foundation on which               learning.
    today’s student set their goals. The administration,
    faculty and staff, look forward to assisting you in
    attaining your goals. We hope you enjoy your
    educational experience while at The Salter School of           Main and other Branch Campuses
    Nursing and Allied Health.                                     Salter College              Salter School
                                                                   (Main Campus)               (Branch Campus)
    Sincerely,                                                     184 West Boylston St.,      4 Florence St.
                                                                   West Boylston, MA 01583     Malden, MA 02148
                                                                   Tel:774-261-1500            Tel: 781-324-5454

                                                                   American College for Health Careers
                                                                   (Branch Campus)
    Dr. Nicholas V. Hastain                                        5959 Lake Ellenor Dr.
    President & CEO                                                Orlando, Florida 32809
                                                                   Tel: 407-738-4488

2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
Mission & Philosophy Statement

       he Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health                  The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
       is dedicated to the provision and promotion of                 fosters a career advancement program, beginning with
       quality, career-oriented educational opportunities             basic academic skills and an opportunity for those
for Nurses through classroom participations, hands- on                with existing family and/or work responsibilities to
laboratory experience, and applicable on-the-job                      acquire a health career education in a non-traditional
training in clinical opportunities.                                   scheduling format, offered on various schedules.

It is our belief:

•   That the courses offered be designed to provide each
    participant with the knowledge and skills that will
    foster successful employment in the health care field.
•   That the schedule of courses be designed to offer
    each participant the opportunity to choose a career
•   That an equal opportunity for education and
    employment be afforded to each participant without
    discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national
    and ethnic origin, gender, age, sexual orientation, disability,
    veteran status, or marital status.

2018 2019 Catalog - Manchester, NH - Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
School Information
    Statement of Legal Control &                              The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health’s
                                                              Practical Nursing program is programmatically
    Governance                                                accredited by the Accreditation Commission for
    The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is owned   Education in Nursing (ACEN) and is approved by the
    by Premier Education Group, L.P. a registered limited     New Hampshire Board of Nursing.
    partnership in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Dr.
                                                              Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing
    Nicholas V. Hastain is the President & CEO and
    Beatrice W. Bast, W. Roderick Gagne, The Elizabeth                    3343 Peachtree Road N.E.
    Brennan Family Trust #2 FBO of Elizabeth L. Gagne,                             Suite 850
    The Elizabeth Brennan Family Trust #2 FBO of Philip                      Atlanta, GA 30326
    Gagne, and Premier Education Group, GP Inc. are                          Tel: (404) 975-5000
    limited partners.                                                         F: (404) 975-5020

    Licensing & Accreditation                                 The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health’s
                                                              Licensed Nursing Assistant program is approved by
    The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is         the New Hampshire Board of Nursing.
    accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent
    Colleges and Schools to award Certificates. The                    New Hampshire Board of Nursing
    Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and                          121 South Fruit Street
    Schools (ACICS) is recognized by the Council for                          Concord, NH 03301
    Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA).                                Tel - Nursing: (603) 271-2323
                                                                     Tel - Nursing Assistant: (603) 271-6282
             Accrediting Council for Independent                               Fax: (603) 271-6605
                    Colleges and Schools                                       www.nh.gov/nursing
               750 First Street NE, Suite 980
               Washington, DC 20002-4223                      Campus Description
                     Tel: (202) 336.6780
                                                              The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is
                    Fax: (202) 842.2593
                                                              located on the 4th floor of the historic Jefferson Mill
                                                              building located on N. Commercial Street in the heart
                                                              of downtown Manchester, New Hampshire. The
    The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is
                                                              building is a prominent historical brick mill that has
    licensed by the State of New Hampshire
                                                              been renovated to showcase the hardwood floors,
    Department of Education, Division of Higher
                                                              wooden beams and history of the mill in its heyday.
    Education, Higher Education Commission, Career
                                                              The facility consists of approximately 25,000 square
    School Licensing. License #SAMA-124
                                                              feet and houses 13 classrooms, two computer labs, an
               N.H. Department of Education                   EKG lab, a Maternal/Child Health lab, phlebotomy lab,
               Division of Higher Education -                 two private patient rooms, and three open nursing
               Higher Education Commission                    labs/ classrooms. Our campus also has a library with
              Office of Career School Licensing               computers for student use, a student lounge, ample
                     101 Pleasant Street                      bathroom facilities for all students, and several
                    Concord, N.H. 03301                       administrative offices. All rooms are heated/air
                     Tel: (603) 271-6443                      conditioned. All classrooms and labs have ample tables
                     Fax: (603) 271-1953                      and chairs as well as whiteboards and other audio-
                    www.education.nh.gov                      visual equipment.

Program Delivery                                                   In the event of inclement weather, delays or cancellations
                                                                   will be announced through the channels/websites listed
All programs and courses offered by The Salter
                                                                   below. The decision to cancel school will be made by
School of Nursing & Allied Health are offered on
                                                                   7:30 am for day classes and by 4:30 pm for evening
campus and taught residentially, except for clinical
hours, which are taught at appropriate clinical sites.
                                                                   Television: Channel 9 (WMUR)
Campus Hours                                                       Internet: www.wmur.com & www.wzid.com
Campus Hours of Operations                                         Radio: WZID (95.7FM)
Monday - Thursday:        8:00 am - 9:30 pm                        Campus Security
Friday:                   9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Saturday:                 9:00 am - 1:00 pm                        In compliance with the Student Right to Know
Sunday:                   As scheduled                             Security Act, Public Law 101-542, as amended by the
                                                                   Higher Education Technical Amendments of 1991,
Class Schedules
                                                                   Public Law 102-26, The Salter School of Nursing and
Day Classes: Monday - Thursday, 8:30 am - 2:30 pm*                 Allied Health provides campus crime statistics and
Evening Classes: Monday - Thursday, 5:30 pm - 9:30 pm*             procedures for reporting and deterring criminal
Make-Up Hour Schedule                                              activity. Students may secure the crime data by going
By appointment                                                     to www.ope.ed.gov/security. Click on Open the
                                                                   Campus Security Statistics website, go to the state
Monday-Thursdays:         2:30 pm to 5:00 pm                       section and pick the school’s state, click on search at
Fridays:                  9:00 am to 5:00 pm                       the bottom of the screen, and select the school.
Saturdays:                9:00 am to 1:00 pm                       Students unable to access this information are advised
                                                                   to see their Campus Director to obtain a printed
School Holidays & Closings                                         copy. The following websites may be used to identify
Classes canceled for holiday observance on a Monday                those persons registered as sex offenders in New
are usually made up on Friday of the same week. The                Hampshire http://www.nh.gov/safety/
school reserves the right to utilize an extended day
until 5:30 pm, occasional Fridays, or even Saturdays as
make-up for snow days or other circumstances that
may require the school to cancel classes. Evening
classes regularly meet Monday through Thursday.
Evening classes canceled for holidays, weather, or other
reasons are generally rescheduled for Friday evenings.
For a complete listing of the school’s annual holidays,
please refer to page 55.

* The number of days that a student will attend per week differs according to the program. Clinical experience hours may be
scheduled at any time, day or evening, weekday or weekend, depending upon the needs of the clinical sites. Students are expected to
be present at least 15 minutes prior to start time. The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health reserves the right to alter the
class schedule of hours and days of attendance as needed. When a schedule is altered, all in-school students will be expected to
adhere to the new schedule.

The Campus Director is designated as the School’s
    Orientation                                                    Title IX Coordinator to coordinate compliance with
    A mandatory orientation session for new students               this policy. Please contact your Campus Director to
    is held prior to the start of the programs. Students           raise concerns or file a complaint. All grievances or
                                                                   complaints will be responded to within ten (10)
    will receive advance notification of the date and time         business days and will be handled directly and
    of orientation. It is each student’s responsibility to         equitably. Students who do not feel comfortable
    become familiar with the policies and guidelines of            sending a complaint to their Campus Director, or who
    the school, which are contained in this catalog, official      feel their complaint has not been adequately addressed
    memos, and addendums.                                          by the Campus Director should forward their
                                                                   concerns to Jessica Mastrogiovanni, Executive Vice
    Statement of Non-Discrimination/                               President/Chief Legal Officer at the corporate offices
    Affirmative Action/Equal                                       of Premier Education Group:
                                                                                545 Long Wharf Dr. 5th Floor
    Opportunity                                                                   New Haven, CT 086511
                                                                                      Tel: (203)672-2300
    In keeping with its long-standing traditions and                                 Fax: (203)672-2323
    policies, the Salter School of Nursing and Allied
    Health considers students, employees, and applicants        Please note that submitting a false report or providing
                                                                false or misleading information in bad faith or with a view
    for admission or employment, and those seeking
                                                                to personal gain in connection with an incident is
    access to programs on the basis of individual merit.        prohibited and subject to disciplinary sanction. This does
    The School does not discriminate on the basis of            not apply to reports made or information provided in
    race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender      good faith, even if the facts alleged in the report are
    identity, national or ethnic origin, age, status as an      determined not to be accurate. The School is committed
    individual with a disability, protected veteran status,     to protecting the privacy of people involved in a report
    genetic information, or other protected classes as          under this policy. With any report or complaint, the
    required by law (including Title IX of the Education        School will make reasonable efforts to protect the privacy
    Amendments of 1972).                                        interests of persons involved in a manner consistent with
                                                                the need for a careful assessment of the allegation and
    The school’s policy is consistent with federal, state,      reasonable steps available to eliminate the reported
                                                                conduct, prevent its recurrence, and address its effects.
    and local regulations governing non-discrimination
                                                                The School prohibits retaliation against any person who
    and harassment including, but not limited to Title IX       exercises any rights or responsibilities under this policy.
    of the Education Amendments of 1972 (as amended).           Any act of retaliation may be a separate violation of this
    Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, and           policy and is subject to disciplinary action.
    its implementing regulations, which prohibit
    discrimination on the basis of sex in education
    programs or activities operated by recipients of            Academic Accommodations
    Federal financial assistance. Sexual harassment of          Premier Education Group does not discriminate on
    students, which includes acts of sexual violence, is a      the basis of disability in its programs and activities in
    form of sex discrimination prohibited by Title IX.          compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation
    The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health seeks        Act, as amended and the implementing regulations
    to maintain a safe learning and working environment.
                                                                (Section 504). Programs and activities subject to the
    To that end, the school prohibits Sexual Misconduct,
                                                                nondiscrimination provisions of Section 504 include
    which includes Sexual or Gender-Based Harassment,
                                                                admissions and recruitment, treatment of students,
    Sexual Assault, and Sexual Exploitation. Conduct
                                                                academic adjustments (academic requirements,
    with is also prohibited is Relationship Violence,
                                                                course examinations, and auxiliary aids), financial and
    Stalking, and Retaliation against an individual for
    making a good faith report of conduct prohibited            employment assistance to students, and nonacademic
    under Title IX. These prohibited forms of conduct           services.
    are unlawful, undermine the character and purpose
    of the school, and will not be tolerated.

The person responsible for coordinating our efforts to       This catalog is an official publication of The Salter
comply with Section 504 is the Director of Education,        School of Nursing and Allied Health. The school
Campus Director or designee. He/she is also the              reserves the right to make changes or revisions
person responsible for (1) explaining to applicants and      to this catalog at any time by means of official
students how to obtain information about the process         addendums; make changes in courses, methods,
to secure academic adjustments, (2) receiving requests       faculty, staff, provisions, or requirements
for   academic     adjustments, and (3) any special          described within this publication as may be
accommodations required to assist in completing the          deemed necessary in the best interests of the
admissions and enrollment process.                           school and its students, and cancel any of its
Auxiliary aids and services are available on request to      courses or programs due to insufficient
individuals with documented disabilities. Salter School of   enrollment.
Nursing and Allied Health does not make preadmission
inquiries regarding disabilities. The only instance when
the institution my impose screening criteria is when
admission presents a clear safety risk to self or others
and these criteria are based on actual risk assessment,
not stereotypes or assumptions.

Facilities for the Handicapped
The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
facilities are accessible to the handicapped. The Salter
School of Nursing and Allied Health follow ADA
guidelines in providing reasonable accommodations for
all such applicants.

Consumer Information - The
Student Right to Know
Students can request to see the following consumer
information from the school, which is available in either
the Admissions, Financial Aid, or Campus Director’s
office: evidence of accreditation and state licensing,
the cost of attending, as well as the institution’s refund
policy (including examples of refund calculations) in the
event of withdrawal or termination, what financial
assistance is available to students and how recipients are
selected, how financial need is determined, including how
the costs for education are calculated, information
about loans, including the interest rate, the amount that
must be repaid, when repayment will begin, and the
conditions for deferment if necessary, how Satisfactory
Academic Progress is determined by the institution and
the consequences for failing to meet those standards,
information about campus security, and student
completion and placement rates. Student Consumer
Information is also available at: www.schooliya.com
Admissions Information
     Admissions Requirements                                        •   Meet with the Financial Aid Office within three
                                                                        calendar days of signing the Enrollment Agreement
     The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health has                 and produce all required documents for full financial
     an “open enrollment” policy and accepts applications               packaging prior to starting school
     on an ongoing basis. To ensure that only qualified             •   Achieve a passing score on the Wonderlic Scholastic
     students are accepted into our training programs,                  Level Exam (SLE), which identifies an individual's
     all applicants must meet the following Criteria for                capacity for learning, as well as the ability to apply
     Admission. All required documentation must be                      knowledge.
     submitted to the Admissions Department before the                  Minimum Score Requirements:
     admission process is complete.                                     Practical Nursing           18

     All applicants must:
     •   Meet the minimum age requirement of 18, prior to           Important Notice: Students may also be required, in
         the start of classes                                       accordance with clinical site requirements, to provide
     •   Possess a high school diploma or GED. Official high        an updated health exam, random drug screening, flu
         school or GED/HiSET transcripts are required for all       shot, proof of health insurance, personal liability
         Practical Nursing applicants. For foreign diplomas,        insurance, and immunization or titer at any time during
         translation and assessment of equivalency to a U.S.        the course of the program. All expenses associated
         high school diploma will need to be submitted. The         with these requirements are the student’s sole
         Admissions Department can refer you to authorized          responsibility.
         validation service providers.
     •   Complete an entrance interview and take a tour of
         the school
     •   Complete an Enrollment Agreement with a $25.00
         application fee
     •   Submit a State of New Hampshire and national
         criminal background check (CORI - Criminal
         Offender Record Information/SORI- Sex Offender
         Registry Information), prior to class start date. The
         Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health will fund the
         cost of the National criminal background check, it is
         the applicant’s responsibility to submit and pay for the
         New Hampshire state background check (Please be
         advised that if you have been convicted of any criminal
         or misdemeanor offenses, you might not be admitted
         to the program. Once admitted to the program,
         students subsequently convicted of crimes while
         attending The Salter School of Nursing and Allied
         Health may be dismissed from the program. It is the
         student’s responsibility to report changes in his/her
         criminal record to the Campus Director)
     •   Pose for photos for ID badge

•   A health/physical examination completed and signed
                                                                   by a qualified healthcare provider within the past 12
Additional Admissions                                              months from the start of the program
Requirements for Practical                                     •   Titers, showing immunity for the following: Measles/
                                                                   Mumps/Rubella (MMR), Varicella (chickenpox),
Nursing Applicants                                                 Hepatitis B (optional) or a signed Hepatitis B risk
                                                                   waiver and/or signed declination. Proof of Diphtheria,
Practical Nursing Applicants must also pass the TEAS               Tetanus, acellular Pertussis (DTaP) vaccination
(Test of Essential Academic Skills) with a composite
                                                               •   A 2-step PPD
score of 54.5% or above prior to entering the
program; nursing applicants must complete all 4                •   Proof of Health Insurance Coverage
sections (Reading, English & Language Usage, Math              •   Proof of Personal Liability Coverage
and Science) of the ATI TEAS.                                  •   Annual flu vaccine
•   Applicants are permitted to take the ATI TEAS exam         •   Provide proof of BCLS Healthcare Provider CPR
    up to three times within a six-month period; no                Certification (American Heart Association or
    sooner than two weeks between attempts. The six-               American Red Cross)
    month waiting period is based on the date of the third     If seeking a review of transfer credits, submit official
    unsuccessful testing attempt. All four sections must be    transcripts from institutions of higher learning
    taken each time the ATI TEAS is taken
                                                               previously attended. These should be received two
•   If applicants have taken the ATI TEAS, through ATI         weeks prior to the first day of class of the first term in
    within the past 12 months and obtained a composite         order to be considered for transfer credit
    score of 54.5% or higher, they may request these
    results be submitted directly from ATI to The Salter
                                                               Important Notice: Students will be required, in
    School of Nursing and Allied Health for review and
    acceptance                                                 accordance with clinical site requirements, to
                                                               provide a 10-panel drug screening with expanded
•   Students are encouraged to go to the ATI website for
                                                               opiates and an updated New Hampshire state
    practice questions prior to taking the ATI TEAS. A
    study guide and online practice test are available to
                                                               background check; The Salter School of Nursing and
    prepare for the ATI TEAS                                   Allied Health will assume these costs. Students may
                                                               also be required, in accordance with clinical site
•   The ATI TEAS test fee is $60 payable by cash, certified
                                                               requirements, to provide proof of an updated health
    check, money order, or credit/debit card. The exam
    fee is non-refundable                                      exam, an up-to-date flu shot, and/ or additional titers
                                                               at any time during the course of the program
•   Applicants who miss the scheduled exam date and do
                                                               dependent on clinical site requirements; these costs
    not call will be required to pay the full fee in advance
    to reschedule a new test date
                                                               are the responsibility of the student. If a student’s
                                                               drug test is returned as positive, the student will not
All Practical Nursing program applicants must                  be permitted to attend clinical training due to
provide the following prior to their start date. The           clinical site requirements. Withdrawal from the
Campus Director is the only designated person who              program may be necessary and re-entry into clinical
can make an exception to these policies. Exceptions            courses will be dependent upon the student
are generally made only for those applicants who               producing a negative 10-panel drug screening at their
have enrolled within 2 weeks of the start date.                own expense.

                                                               Acceptance into Practical Nursing
                                                               A student is considered to be qualified for acceptance
                                                               into the next available nursing cohort when her/his
                                                               application file is complete. Acceptance of a qualified
                                                               student is determined on a first qualified, first
                                                               admitted basis.

Acceptance                                                  D. Skill Assessment Test. Premier students returning one
                                                                    year or more will be required to take a skills
     Upon completion of the required documents for                  assessment test, even if the student only needs to
     admission, the applicants are notified in writing of           complete an externship. All skill assessment tests will
     their acceptance.                                              be documented and graded. If the student fails the
                                                                    test, the student will audit or re-take the course.
     Transferring Credits                                           a. Practical Nursing - Hands on skill assessment
                                                                    b. All other programs will have a written skill
     The school makes no representation or guarantee                    assessment
     regarding transfer of credits earned at the school to
                                                                    c. All skills assessments must be documented and
     other institutions. Acceptance of transfer credit is
     always at the discretion of the receiving institution.
     Students planning to attend another institution             E. Course was completed no more than 5 years prior to
                                                                    date of request. Courses older than this may or may
     should check the policy of that institution regarding
                                                                    not be accepted for transfer, and an appeal justifying
     transfer credits. In the event a student is considering
                                                                    the recognition of these courses must be submitted.
     transferring to a new institution the school will
     provide guidance and assistance. This may include a
     review of charges and financial aid refunds, as well as     Transfer of Credit From an Institution Other
     providing transcripts, applicable syllabi and catalogs.     Than a Premier School

     Transfer of Credit within Premier Education                 Like other higher education institutions, Premier may
     Group Campuses                                              accept credits from other schools or colleges as long
                                                                 as the institution is recognized by the US
     Premier      Education      Group       (“Premier”)         Department of Education. The Prospective students
     students may be granted transfer credits towards            may be granted transfer credit up to 25% of the total
     their total program hours/credits where the                 program credits from an outside institution.
     transfer credit is from one of Premier school to
     another Premier school (e.g., transferring from             A. The Education Department at the school will review
                                                                    transcripts to determine what hours/credits, if any, will
     Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health to Salter
                                                                    be granted. This determination must be made before
     College).                                                      the student starts. Note that transfer hours/credits
                                                                    will not be included in the calculation of eligibility for
     A. The Education Department at the school will review          Federal Title IV financial aid.
        transcripts to determine what hours/credits, if any,
        can be transferred. Students that returns or transfers   B. The student must submit:
        into a new program or new program version may be            a. Official Transcript (signed with the school seal)
        granted transfer credit towards the total program
                                                                    b. A catalog of the institution, which describes the
        hours/credits from one Premier school to another.               courses for which transfer hours/credits is sought.
     B. Transfer credits will count as hours/credits attempted      c. The school reserves the right to require
        and completed for Satisfactory Academic Progress                additional documentation necessary to support
        (SAP) calculation and in the Cumulative Grade Point             the transfer of credit request.
        Average (CGPA). This means a passing grade and non
        passing grade will be part of the SAP and CGPA
     C. Premier Courses that are being transferred from one
        enrollment at the school to a new enrollment due
        to program changes, schedule changes, and reentry /
        reenroll activity will show on the transcript with the
        original grade earned, including “F” and “W”’s and
        will also calculate for GPA and SAP using the original
        grade. This includes same school codes.

C. Hours/credits will be considered for transfer hours/      Notes for Credit Transfers
   credits toward graduation if the following criteria are   (Both from a Premier school or from an Institution
   met prior to starting school:                             recognized by the USDOE)
   a. Official transcript and catalog with course
       descriptions are reviewed                             A. Students will be charged on a pro rata credit for
                                                                tuition based on number of hours remaining in the
   b. Course is adjudged equivalent in content, hours           program.
       and credits
                                                             B. Any courses for which a student requests transfer
   c. A Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 (C) or better          credit must have been completed within the past 5
       was achieved (C+ or better for Practical Nursing         years.
                                                             C. Students may appeal the transfer credit decision by
   d. Course was completed no more than 5 years                 writing to Premier’s Education Specialist at:
       prior to date of request
D. All courses transferred from another institution will
                                                                        Premier Education Group
   be marked with a “T”
                                                                       545 Long Wharf Drive, 5th Fl
                                                                          New Haven, CT 06511

Articulation Agreements
     The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health hold              Nashua Community College
     articulation agreements with Manchester Community                The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health
     College (MCC) and Nashua Community College                       students who are currently licensed LPNs and have
     (NCC). Each agreement is stated as follows:                      met all NCC admission requirements must also:
     Manchester Community College                                     •      Successfully complete The Salter School of Nursing
     The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health                          LPN program with a cumulative grade point average of
     graduates who are currently NH licensed LPNs and                        at least 2.5 (80%)
     have met all MCC admission requirements must also:               •      Successfully complete the ATI Fundamentals of
                                                                             Nursing standardized exam and score a minimum of
     •      Successfully complete The Salter School of Nursing               Level 2
            and Allied Health LPN program with a cumulative
            grade point average of at least 2.0 (75%)                 •      Successfully complete the TEAS V (Test of Essential
                                                                             Academic Skills V) with a minimum score over the
     •      Successfully complete the ATI LPN STEP test with                 fiftieth percentile in each of the four subcategories on
            a required individual score of 66.7% or better (until            the test.
            January 2015)
                                                                      •      Successfully complete a lab practicum in order to
     •      Successfully complete the ATI Fundamental Exam
            earning a Proficiency Level 2 (commencing January 2015)          receive advanced placement

     Admissions of advanced placement or transfer                     Admissions of advanced placement or transfer
     students is contingent upon space availability. The              students is contingent upon space availability. The
     following courses will be accepted towards MCC                   following courses will be accepted in transfer towards
     requirements:                                                    NCC degree requirements:

         The Salter      MCC course Minimum          Timeframe            The Salter      NCC course Minimum          Timeframe
         School of                  Grade                                 School of                  Grade
         Nursing                                                          Nursing
         and Allied                                                       and Allied
         Health                                                           Health
         course                                                           course
         Anatomy &       SCIN201         B- or       Within 5 years       Anatomy &       SCIN201         B- or       Within 5 years
         Physiology I    Anatomy &       better                           Physiology I    Anatomy &       better
                         Physiology I                                                     Physiology I
         Anatomy &       SCIN202         B- or       Within 5 years       Anatomy &       SCIN202         B- or       Within 5 years
         Physiology II   Anatomy &       better                           Physiology II   Anatomy &       better
                         Physiology II                                                    Physiology II
         English         ENGN101         C or better Unlimited            English         ENGN101         C or better Unlimited
         Composition     College                                          Composition     College
                         Composition I                                                    Composition I
         Psychology      PSYN101         C or better Unlimited            Psychology      PSYN101         C or better Unlimited
                         Intro to                                                         Intro to
                         Psychology                                                       Psychology
         Human           PSYN201         C or better Unlimited            Human           PSYN201         C or better Unlimited
         Growth and      Human                                            Growth and      Human
         Development     Growth and                                       Development     Growth and
                         Development                                                      Development
         Completion      College         CGPA        Dec. 2008
         of LPN          Success         ≥ 3.0

     * The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health courses taken
     prior to these dates will not transfer into MCC

Financial Aid Information

The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health’s            Eligibility for Financial Aid
Practical Nursing program is approved by the U.S.
Department of Education for Federal Title IV                To be eligible for financial aid from federal or state
Funding. Federal Title IV Financial Aid is available to     sources, students must meet the following criteria:
those who qualify. All students are encouraged to           •   Be accepted into a certificate program
complete the Free Application for Federal Student           •   Be a United States citizen, permanent resident of the
Aid (FAFSA) to determine their eligibility for Title IV         United States or other eligible non-citizen
Federal Student Aid. Student must reapply each year.
                                                            •   Maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students should meet with a representative from the
Financial Aid office for assistance in applying for Title   •   Not be in default on any federal loan programs
IV Student Financial Aid and to discuss all options         •   Not owe a refund on a federal grant
available to them to help fund their tuition. Payment       •   Have a social security number
plan arrangements can be made for balances not              •   Male students must be registered with Selective Service
covered by Title IV Financial Aid. All payments are
                                                            •   Be able to demonstrate financial need
expected in accordance with the agreed upon
payment schedule.
                                                            The school participates in many types of financial aid
                                                            programs. Two basic types of financial aid are offered:
Student Financial Aid Information
                                                            Grants, which require no repayment
The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is           Loans, which a student must repay after graduation
authorized to participate in the following Federal
Student Aid (Title IV HEA) programs:
•   Federal Pell Grant                                      Grants & Loans
•   Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)
                                                            Federal Pell Grant: Funds are available to eligible
•   William D. Ford Direct Loan Program (Subsidized and
                                                            students attending approved schools. This need-based
    Unsubsidized Direct Loans)
                                                            federal grant varies in amount per academic year and
•   Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS)
                                                            is determined on completion of FAFSA. Amounts vary
•   Federal Work Study Program (FWS)                        based on need and availability of funds.

                                                            Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant
                                                            (FSEOG): The SEOG grant is reserved for
                                                            qualifying students with exceptional financial need.
                                                            Eligibility is determined by the Financial Aid Office
                                                            and is based on the availability of funds.

                                                            Direct Subsidized Loans: Loans for students
                                                            with demonstrated financial need, as determined by
                                                            federal regulations. No interest is charged while a
                                                            student is in school at least half-time or during the
                                                            grace period.

Direct Unsubsidized Loans: Are not based on                  Student Payment Plans
     financial need; interest is charged during all periods,
     even during the time a student is in school and              Payments may be made in the form of a personal
     during grace and deferment periods.                          check, a certified check, a money order, debit card or
                                                                  a bank check. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover may also
     Federal PLUS Loans: Are unsubsidized loans for the           be used to pay tuition. Books and materials will not be
     parents of dependent students. PLUS loans help pay for       issued until all current fees are paid. Students who have
     education expenses up to the cost of attendance minus        entered into a payment plan are expected to pay
     all other financial assistance. Interest is charged during   according to the prearranged payment plan agreed
     all periods.                                                 upon at the time of enrollment. If students are unable
                                                                  to meet their financial obligations, provisions for late
                                                                  payment may be set up at the discretion of the
     Notice of Student Financial Aid                              Financial Aid Director and/or Campus Director. If
     Penalties for Drug Law Violations                            provisions are not met, it may be necessary to dismiss
     Students who have been convicted for the possession          a student for negligence to pay. All outstanding student
     or sale of illegal drugs for an offense that occurred or     account balances must be paid in full prior to
     occurs while they are receiving federal students aid         graduation or upon withdrawal. Upon satisfactory
     (such as grants, loans or work-study), may lose their        completion of a program and discharge of all financial
     eligibility for aid.                                         obligations, students will be awarded a Certificate
                                                                  of Completion. In the case where a student has
                                                                  arranged a payment plan that extends beyond their
     Method of Financial Aid                                      graduation date and where a certificate of completion
     Disbursement                                                 or official transcript are needed in order to apply for
     Disbursements of Pell Grants and student loans are           certification or licensure, The Salter School of Nursing
     made in no less than two separate disbursements,             and Allied Health will release the documentation
     provided that the student has completed all necessary        directly to the certification or licensing body, in
     paperwork to be eligible for the programs and is             partnership with the student. Delinquent accounts that
     maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress at the            prove not to be collectible may be submitted to a
     scheduled disbursements points.                              collection agency for processing.

     Entrance & Exit Counseling                                   Service Charge
                                                                  In the event that a personal check rendered for
     All student loan recipients are required by the U.S.
     Department of Education to receive entrance and exit         payment of obligations is returned by the bank for
                                                                  insufficient funds or for any other reason, a $25 non-
     counseling to ensure they are aware of their rights and
                                                                  sufficient funds fee will be charged to the student.
     responsibilities under the specific loan program which
     applies to them. Topics include the lender’s name and
     address, amount of the loan(s) borrowed, terms of            Books & Supplies
     repayment, interest which            will be charged,        Students will be charged for books and supplies
     prerequisites for requesting deferment of repayment,         received unless, in case of cancellation, they are
     requirements to keep the lender informed, and                promptly returned in proper condition for resale.
     consequences of defaulting on repayment of a student         Failure to stay current with your payment obligations
     loan. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for            puts you at risk for adverse consequences which
     scheduling and conducting entrance and exit                  could include holding back of textbooks.
     counseling with borrowers at the appropriate times.
     Students are expected to complete their entrance and
     exit counseling sessions with the Financial Aid Office.

Other Financial Options                                        GI Bill® Educational Benefits
Tuition Payment Plans: A tuition deposit of 25%                The Department of Higher Education, under Title
is required by the first day of class. Two plans are           38 United States Code, has approved the Practical
available for paying the balance of tuition; full payment      Nursing program at The Salter School of Nursing and
of tuition on or before the date classes start or              Allied Health for education benefits. To determine
payment of tuition balance in monthly installments.            eligibility for VA benefits contact the Veterans Affairs
Payments may be made in the form of a personal                 Office to obtain the necessary application (VA Form
check, a certified check, a money order, a bank check,         22-1999 or VA Form 22-5490). Once the application is
or a credit card. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover are           complete, the application must be submitted to The
accepted.                                                      Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health’s certifying
                                                               official. The certifying official needs to certify the
Third Party Payers: Organizations may sponsor                  student’s enrollment at the school to the VA using VA
students by authorizing the payment of tuition and             Form 22-1999. The application and the certification of
fees. Students must submit to the Financial Aid Office,        enrollment will be submitted by the certifying official to
a letter of authorization or a purchase order/award            the Regional Processing Office for payment. It is the
letter from the sponsoring organization. Invoices will         applicant’s responsibility to contact the school’s
be forwarded to the appropriate organization.                  certifying official to initiate the payment of benefits.
Payments from the organization will be due and                 It is also the applicant’s responsibility to notify the
payable within 30 days of invoice date.                        certifying official of change in program, withdraw from a
                                                               course or school, non-attendance, or other matters
Vocational Rehabilitation: Students with a physical            affecting academic status. The student may obtain an
disability may obtain grants-in-aid providing assistance for   application by calling 888-442-4551 or by logging on to
meeting school-related costs through the NH Vocational         the national web site at www.gibill.va.gov.
Rehabilitation Commission.                                     GI Bill®

Veterans Administration Funds: Veterans and
dependents of veterans should check with state approving
agencies to determine eligibility.

       Questions about VA Benefits, contact the GI
                Hotline: (888) 422-4551
     New Hampshire State Approving Agency:
          Division of Higher Education Higher
          Education Commission
            Veterans Education Services
                101 Pleasant Street
               Concord, NH 03301
   Contact: James Margeson IV at (603) 271-8508

Refund Policy                                                   In the event of withdrawal by the student after
                                                                     expiration of the 72 hour cancellation privilege or
                                                                     dismissal by the school, the school shall retain the
                                                                     application and registration fees, the non-refundable
     Return of Title IV Funds                                        cost of the textbooks required by the classes
                                                                     attended and issued to and used by the student, and a
     The return of Title IV funds as prescribed in                   prorated portion of tuition and laboratory fees/other,
     Section 484B of the Higher Education Amendments                 based upon the last day of attendance and the number
     determines the amount of Title IV aid a student                 of program hours the student was scheduled for
     has earned at the time a student withdraws.                     through the last day of attendance. The pro-ration is
     The amount of the Title IV aid a student has not                calculated as follows, from the last date of attendance:
     earned is then returned to the Title IV programs. It is                A.  If the departure from the program occurs during
     a proportional calculation based on the date of                            the first week of class or 7 calendar days, tuition
     withdrawal through sixty percent (60%) of the                              charges withheld will not exceed 10 percent of
     payment period. The formula in brief is as follows:                        the stated tuition to a maximum of $500.00.
                                                                            B. After the first week of class and through 50
     1. The school will determine the withdrawal date and                       percent of the period of financial obligation,
        the percentage of the payment period attended                           charges retained will not exceed a pro-rata
     2. The school will determine the amount of Title IV aid                    portion of tuition for the training period
        for which the student was eligible                                      completed, plus 10 percent of the unearned
                                                                                tuition for the period of training not completed,
     3. The school will compare the amount of aid earned to                     up to a maximum of
        the amount disbursed. If the amount disbursed                           $1,000.00.
        exceeds the amount earned, this amount of Title IV                  C. After 50 percent of the period of financial
        aid must be returned.                                                   obligation is completed, the school may retain the
        Example: Number of hours scheduled as of last date                      full tuition. We will return refunds within 30 days
        of attendance / Number of hours in the payment                          of date of determination of withdrawal or
        period = % of Title IV Financial Aid Earned*                            cancellation. The date of determination used for
     Any unearned aid will be returned by The Salter School                     withdrawal or cancellation will be:
     of Allied Health to the U.S. Department of Education                        1.    Withdrawal
     according to applicable regulations. Upon satisfaction of the                   a. Date the school received notification
     Return to Title IV calculation with return of all unearned                          from a student of their intent to
     aid, the student may owe a balance to the school.                                   withdraw, or
     The Corporate Business Office will notify the student and                       b. The last date of attendance, if student is
     set up a payment plan to cover any balance owed.                                    dismissed or expelled by school, or
                                                                                     c. 14 days following last day of attendance in
                                                                                         the event the student has not
     * If greater than 60%, the student has earned 100% of the                           communicated their intent to withdraw
     aid for that payment period.                                                        and has failed to attend classes for 14
                                                                                         consecutive calendar days.
                                                                                2. Cancellation - In the case of a cancellation
     Cancellation & Refund Policies                                            of enrollment due to a failure to attend or
                                                                               class delay or cancellation request, the date of
     The school will provide a full refund of all monies paid                  notification or originally scheduled start date is
     if the student cancels the enrollment agreement within                    used, whichever is sooner.
     72 hours (until midnight of the third day excluding             The tuition charges will be attributed on the basis of
     Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays) of signing it.          periods of financial obligation, as stated above, which
                                                                     is equivalent to 450 hours of training or the balance of
     If the student pays any fees in advance of the first class      training hours remaining in the program if less than
     session, and if the 72-hour cancellation privilege period       450 hours. In no case will the period of obligation for
     has passed, and if the student decides not to attend the        students extend more than 12 months, and in most
     program by not showing for classes, or if the                   cases the period of financial obligation (450 training
     enrollment is rejected by the school, the school will           hours) will be between 15 and 40 weeks in length.
     refund all monies paid less the application fee.
                                                                     For a student who is dismissed or who withdraws
     If it becomes necessary for the class to be canceled or         from the program, refund of tuition due to the
     delayed prior to the start of classes, the student will         student for the period of financial obligation will be
     have the option of accepting the delay and joining the          calculated by doing a detailed comparison between
     next scheduled class start or requesting a full refund          the Institutional and State refunds policies, if
     of all monies paid, including non-refundable                    applicable. A refund will be issued according to
     application fee.                                                whichever is more lenient to the student.
                                                                     *For a student who is dismissed or who withdraws from the program, refund of
                                                                     tuition due to the student for the period of training and financial obligation will
                                                                     be calculated by doing a detailed comparison between the Institutional and State
18                                                                   refund policies. A refund will be issued according to whichever is more lenient
                                                                     to the student.
The school reserves the right to modify and/or change the   Order of Refunds
catalog, curriculum content, materials, textbooks,
instructional personnel, time starting and ending, and
                                                            Any required refund will be refunded first to the
classrooms if the changes are in an effort to improve the
learning environment or keep up to date with procedures,
                                                            Title IV programs in the following order:
especially as the field of employment changes. No changes   1.   William D. Ford Direct Unsubsidized Stafford Program
in costs will be made to this Enrollment Agreement          2.   William D. Ford Direct Subsidized Stafford Program
without written approval by both parties
                                                            3.   William D. Ford Direct PLUS Program
                                                            4.   Federal Pell Program

New Hampshire Disclosure                                    5.   Federal SEOG Program
Hedc 307.02 Full Refund. A school shall provide a           6. Any other Title IV Program
student with a full refund, of all monies paid within 30
days if:                                                    After satisfying this requirement, if a portion of the
(a) The school procured the student's enrollment as         refund remains, the school is required to allocate the
the result of any false representations in the written      remaining funds in the following order:
materials used by the school or in oral
                                                            1. Required refunds of other federal, state, private or
representations made by or on behalf of the school;
                                                                 institutional student financial assistance programs
(b) The student withdraws from the program or               2. The student
course on or before the first day of instruction, a full
refund, less an administrative fee, not to exceed
Other Refunds. Under Hedc 307.03
(a) A school shall provide a student with a partial
refund of monies paid within 30 days if:
(1) A student who withdraws or is dismissed before
50% of the instruction period shall receive a pro-rata
refund, less an administrative fee, not to exceed
(2) A student who withdraws or is dismissed after
more than 50% of the instruction period shall receive
no refund.
(b) All efforts shall be made to refund prepaid
amounts for books, supplies and other charges unless
the student has consumed or used those items and
they can no longer be used or sold to new students,
or returned by the school to the supplier.

Notice of Withdrawal. A school shall require that
notice of withdrawal be in writing, but shall not
require a specific manner of delivery.

Federal Program Refund. The refund policy for
students receiving benefits from federal programs shall
be in accordance with federal policy, rules and

Academic Information

     Maintenance of Academic Records                           Withdrawal
     Student files are maintained by each respective           In the event of a student’s withdrawal or dismissal
     department on campus while the student is in              prior to completion of the program, the tuition
     attendance. After leaving the school, the various parts   charge will be computed as set forth in the
     of a students file are combined into one file which is    Cancellation & Refund Policy, referred to in this
     maintained by the Education Department for a period       catalog and fully explained on the back of the student
     of five years from the date the student leaves school.    enrollment agreement. A student will be expected to
     After this point, the official academic transcript is     submit notification of his/her intent to withdraw and
     maintained indefinitely.                                  will be expected to complete an exit interview with
                                                               the Education Department and Financial Aid
     Measurement of Instruction                                Department. If a student is actively enrolled in     a
     The unit of measurement of instruction is clock hours.    course of study at the time of withdrawal, a “W”
     A clock hour is defined as 60 consecutive minutes of      (Withdrawal) will be entered for the final grade of
     which a minimum of 50 minutes is dedication to            that course.
     instruction. An academic year is defined as 900 clock
     hours.                                                    Re-Enrollment
                                                               Any student who has withdrawn from school, or has
     Course Numbering                                          been dismissed, may request re-enrollment. The
     The course numbering system uses an alpha numeric         request is to be addressed to the director of the
     or letter identifier. The alpha portion of the number     program and/or the Campus Director or his/her
     or letter identifies the subject area while the numeric   designee. The student must satisfactorily demonstrate
     portion determines the course difficulty level.           that any problem that caused withdrawal or dismissal
                                                               during the previous enrollment has been corrected.
                                                               The re-enrollment process will require that the
     Leave of Absence                                          student meet directly with the Retention Committee,
     The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health does       which includes the Campus Director, department or
                                                               program leader, and Financial Aid Departments. Re-
     not offer a leave of absence. Students who are unable
                                                               enrollment approval will be at the discretion of the
     to progress normally towards the completion of
     their program of study must be withdrawn, but are         Retention Committee and the student will be notified
                                                               of their final determination. Should a student be
     able to return based on the guidelines established in
                                                               accepted for re-enrollment, they will immediately
     this catalog.
                                                               enter a 30-day probationary period and be required
                                                               to demonstrate acceptable academic progress.
     Student/Faculty Ratio
     In general, the average faculty to student ratio at The
     Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health is 1:40 for
     Lecture and 1:8 for Labs and Clinical.

     The classrooms are designed to support this ratio.
     Class groups larger than 38 will be split into more
     than one classroom.

Students Returning within 180                             Program Start & End Dates
Days from the Last Date of                                The Practical Nursing program has class starts
Attendance                                                approximately three times per calendar year. The
                                                          learning begins immediately. Please refer to the
A student who returns to school within 180 days           Academic Calendar for start and end dates.
from their last date of attendance (LDA) and enters
into the same program at the same school will not         Clinical Assignments
be charged any additional fees. Also, they will not be
responsible for any tuition increase that may have        Some courses of study at The Salter School of
occurred. The returning student will be required to       Nursing and Allied Health require completion of a
meet with Financial Aid prior to re-entering school to    clinical assignment. During clinical the student will
determine his or her financial aid eligibility.           apply his or her knowledge and skills in an actual
                                                          work setting while under the supervision of qualified
                                                          personnel. Successful completion of the clinical is
Students Returning after 180 Days                         a requirement for graduation. Please note that clinical
from the Last Date of Attendance                          hours are arranged according to the needs of the
If a student returns to school after 180 days from        clinical sites. Students are responsible for
their last date of attendance (LDA) and/or transfers      adjusting their schedules to the availability of
to a different program or campus, then the student        clinical hour including weekends.
will be considered to be starting a new payment
period for purposes of calculating their program
costs and financial aid. The institution treats the
                                                          Competence with Confidence
hours remaining in the program as if they are a           At The Salter School of Nursing and Allied Health,
students’ entire program. Also, the student will have     success is based on competence. Courses are
their academic hours evaluated to determine the           designed with built-in benchmarks that determine
amount of hours that are transferable upon                progress and monitor performance. Students are
reenrolling. The student will be responsible for a new    tested for their understanding of the subject before
enrollment fee, lab fee, book and supplies fee, and any   advancing to the next. Knowledge and skills are
increase in tuition.                                      presented in appropriate time blocks that builds level-
                                                          by-level, so that students achieve competence and
                                                          confidence as each one is developed. Through our
Change of Program                                         unique system, students will succeed with confidence,
In order for a student to change from one program to      knowing that they are truly competent in the areas
another they must be making Satisfactory Academic         they have mastered.
Progress. The student must seek the approval of the
director of the program and/or the Campus Director
or his/her designee who will make the determination
based on the student’s academic standing. The
student’s transcript will be evaluated for the possible
transfer of credits.

Testing                                                      (Example: In a 45 hour course, the student is able to
                                                                  make up 4.5 total hours (10%) and must attend a
     Faculty will test student knowledge at announced             minimum of 38.25 hours (85% of course clock hours).
     and unannounced times during the course. The                 Therefore, if a student missed 11.25 hours of the course,
     grading policy for quizzes is written in the course          but made up 4.5 hours missed, they would achieve the
     syllabus. All exams are completed at the regularly           minimum 85% attendance requirement for the course.
     scheduled time. A student may take any quiz, test, or        However, if the student missed 11.25 hours that were all
     exam one time only. It is the responsibility of the          lab hours which are required to be attended at 100%, it
     student to be prepared for all testing.                      would not be possible to pass the course because only 4.5
                                                                  hours of the total hours missed could be made up.)
     Note: Accommodations can be made for individual
     student testing differences according to 504 of the          The student must receive a relevant make-up
     Rehabilitation Act. Any student seeking an                   assignment from the course instructor. Make-up work
     accommodation must make this request to the                  must be completed as assigned by the instructor and
     instructor before the start of the course and the            must normally be completed within one week of the
     request must be formally approved.                           original due date. Holiday make up will be scheduled
                                                                  for holidays, please refer to the Holiday Calendar on
     In the event of an unexpected situation that is beyond       page 55. Exceptions to the make up work policy are
     the student’s control (serious illness, accident, death in   extremely rare and must be evaluated and approved by
     the immediate family, etc.) the student must notify the      the Campus Director on a case-by-case basis.
                                                                  1. Without exception, the student must notify the school
                                                                     on the day of absence
     Make-Up Work                                                 2. Upon returning to school, the student must see their
     Students are allowed to make up work, such as:                  instructor(s) to get permission to make up time. The
     quizzes, tests, writing assignments, skill assignments,         absence hours will be discussed and documentation
                                                                     (court papers, doctor notes, etc.) must be presented
     and other work missed during didactic classes, labs,
     and clinical. To be eligible for make-up hours, a            3. The instructor(s) complete the Make-Up Form
     student must inform the school of his/her absence               including the assignment, outlining text material and
     prior to the start of the first class scheduled for             research papers. If the student is going to take a test,
                                                                     the instructor(s) will mark their name on the test and
     the day/evening school session. The make-up work
                                                                     supply directions if necessary, and leave the test with
     must be relevant to the course work missed during               the make-up proctor
     the student’s absence and must be completed at the
                                                                  4. Upon completion of the hour(s) of make up, the
     school or at the clinical site in the case where clinical
                                                                     make-up proctor will validate the Make-Up Work
     work was missed. Make up time is dependent upon                 Documentation Form
     faculty and clinical site availability and may not
     automatically be available. The student must make up         5. The proctor will then forward the completed Make-
                                                                     Up Work Documentation Form to the Registrar for
     the time whenever convenient for the faculty and/or
                                                                     processing of attendance hours
     the clinical site. Students may only make up 10% of
     the clock hours for any course. 100% of lab and              6. The instructor(s) will be provided with the assignments
                                                                     for formal grading and evaluation
     clinical hours must be completed in order for the
     student to successfully complete the lab/clinical
     courses with a passing grade. Student must obtain
     85% attendance in the course or the student will be
     withdrawn from the course.

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