DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents

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DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents

DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
                   CHAIR, Sharon Warden
                   2613 Willis Drive
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-338-6416 (home)

                   VICE-CHAIR, Virginia Houston
                   602 W. Main Street
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-338-0068 (home)

                   MEMBER, George Archuleta
                   1613 Pot O’ Gold Trail
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-333-7392 (home)

                   MEMBER, Walter B. Jolly
                   407 Inlet Drive
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-339-0585 (cell)

                   MEMBER, Pamela Pureza
                   2061 Rivershore Road
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-338-8565 (home)

                   VICE-CHAIR, Dr. Denauvo Robinson
                   604 Small Drive
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-207-1981 (cell)

                   MEMBER, Dr. Sheila H. Williams
                   203 Golf Club Drive
                   Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                   252-335-5229 (home)
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools
                                         Strategic Plan 2016-2021
                                 “Preparing Globally Competitive Citizens”

In collaboration with caring, loving, thoughtful parents, other citizens, professionals and elected officials who have demonstrated through their
collective, unified voices their valuable insights and suggestions for the economic future of our county by speaking at community meetings,
the Strategic Planning Task Force has prepared this plan to build an exciting and vibrant future for the students enrolled in the Elizabeth City-
Pasquotank Public Schools.

                                                   STRATEGIC PLAN 2016-2021
VISION ~ In a changing world, ECPPS will prepare all                  MISSION ~ To ensure and provide an innovative, responsive, and safe
learners to be productive, competitive, and successful                environment that prepares and engages all learners.

GOAL:                                                                 STRATEGIES:

Every student in ECPPS will graduate from high school                    Expand job shadowing, internships, mentorships and career fair opportunities
prepared for work, further education and citizenship.                     for all careers.

OBJECTIVE:                                                               Explore rezoning to reclassify grade spans (K-3, 4-6, 7-8) to help close the
By June 2021, 100% of ECPPS students will graduate from high              achievement gap and provide age-appropriate, learner focused education.
school prepared for citizenship and further education, work, or          Solicit the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank community, faith based community, Coast
military services as determined by school district reports required       Guard community and college community to assist with all learners in reaching
by law.                                                                   their full potential.
                                                                         Increase dual enrollment services and establish an early college high school.
                                                                         Aggressively market school system success as well as individual school

GOAL:                                                                 STRATEGIES:

Every student in ECPPS will have a personalized                          Provide differentiated support to all educators including training, coaching and
education.                                                                monitoring to ensure personalized education for all learners.

OBJECTIVE:                                                               Define and communicate to all stakeholders the meaning and expectations of a
By 2021, personalized education will result in 100% of ECPPS              personalized education.
students fulfilling expectations as demonstrated by district, state      Utilize the multi-tiered system of support framework for Pre-K - 12th Grade
and national assessments throughout the K-12 experience.                  student success (MTSS).
                                                                         Incorporate personalized education into the culture of the district.
                                                                         Reestablish a parent center that will provide communication and support for all

                                                                                                                    Dis tr ic t H a n d b o o k
   2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Stra tegic Pla n
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools
                                         Strategic Plan 2016-2021
                                 “Preparing Globally Competitive Citizens”
 GOAL:                                                              STRATEGIES:

 In ECPPS, every student, every day will have excellent                 Evaluate current entry program for new teachers and develop a rubric for
 educators.                                                              district hiring process.

 OBJECTIVE:                                                             Implement a process to address teacher expectations, retention,
 By 2021, there will be an increase in ECPPS teachers pursuing           empowerment, accountability, community support, and hiring.
 further education, graduate degrees, or National Board                 Broaden communication opportunities/strategies for community support for
 Certification as determined by the NC Public School Report Card.        educators - marketing plan (use all forms including social media, radio,
                                                                         newspaper, etc.).
                                                                        Create an incentive program and customized PD opportunities for educators
                                                                         that motivate them to exceed expectations.

 GOAL:                                                              STRATEGIES:

 ECPPS will have up-to-date financial, business, and                Financial:
 technology systems to serve its students, parents, and                 Develop operational review/project needs assessment to determine funding
 educators.                                                              and resources.

 OBJECTIVE:                                                             Secure grant writing expertise for funding.
 By 2021, ECPPS will develop and implement a district                  Create budget planning timelines for allocation of resources and ability to meet
 educational/instructional technology plan incorporating the            goals and strategies.
 financial, business and technology needs by measuring:             Business:
 Student performance/satisfaction
                                                                        Utilize technology to improve processes and relationships.
 Staff performance/satisfaction
 Business efficiencies                                                  Develop and sustain business and government agencies
 Community satisfaction                                                  partnerships/incorporate marketing.
                                                                     Expand communication between school and community, parents and students.
                                                                        Complete student needs assessment (school and home).
                                                                        Provide training/professional development for staff, students and parents

 GOAL:                                                              STRATEGIES:

 Every student in ECPPS will be healthy, safe, and                  Healthy: Improve the overall health/wellness of all stakeholders.
 responsible.                                                           Provide breakfast for all students.

 OBJECTIVE:                                                            Expansion of the following programs: guidance, nursing, mental health,
 By 2021, 100% of ECPPS students will demonstrate healthy, safe         emotional health/self-esteem, physical/exercise.
 and responsible behaviors as measured by data (discipline          Safe: All stakeholders are responsible for ECPPS safety.
 attendance, student survey, wellness/mental health).                   Memorandum of understanding (MOU) for School Resource Officers.
                                                                        Camera access for law enforcement.
                                                                        Staff development/ongoing professional development.
                                                                        Community mentors.
                                                                     Facilities.
                                                                    Responsible: Promote and develop positive citizenship behavior.
                                                                        Implement PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Strategies).
                                                                        Mentorships in community.
                                                                        Clear expectations for all stakeholders (parents, students, staff, community).
                                Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools
                           1200 Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, NC 27909
                                 252.335.2981 ~ www.ecpps.k12.nc.us
D i str i c t H a n d b o o k
                                                                                                     2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 S t rate g i c Pl a n
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
TABLE OF [ C o n t e n t s ]
 SECTION 1: [ Ever y studen t i n ECPPS w ill graduate from high scho ol
 p rep a red f o r work , f ur th er educati on, and cit ize nship ]
 Accreditation / Attendance/Absences / District/School Report Cards, 2-3
 High School: Graduation Requirements, 3
 High School: Preparing for Career and College Readiness / Kindergarten: Registration Information, 4
 Middle School: Course Requirements / Pre-Kindergarten: Information, 4-5

 SECTION 2: [ Every student in ECPPS will have a personalized education ]
 Access of Pupil Records / AIG Program, 5
 Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) / Band / Career & College Promise Program, 6
 Career & Technical Education / Credit by Demonstrated Mastery (CDM) / Curriculum, 7
 Cyber Campus & Distance Learning Opportunities / Exceptional Children’s Services, 8
 H.L. Trigg Community School / Parent-Teacher Conferences / Report Cards, 9
 Testing Information, 10

 SECTION 3: [ In ECPPS, every student, every day will have excellent educators ]
 Excellent Educators, 11

 SECTION 4: [ E C PPS wi l l h ave up -to - date financial, busine ss, and te chnol o gy
 s y s tem s to s e r ve studen ts, paren ts, and e ducator s ]
 Board of Education Meeting Schedule / Booster Clubs, 11
 Central Services Contacts / Channel 8/ECPPS TV, 12
 Education Foundation / Facility Access / Parent Phone Notification System, 13
 Parent/Student Portal - Power School, Publicity & News Media Disclaimer, 13
 School Delays or Closings / Student Fees / Volunteers & Business Partnerships / Website, 14-15

 SECTION 5: [ Ever y studen t i n ECPPS w ill b e he althy, sa fe, and re sp onsibl e ]
 AED Information / After School Care and Summer Camp Program / AHERA Notification, 15
 Athletics: Concussion Awareness / Athletics: Eligibility, 16
 Athletics: Sickle Cell Traits and Sports, 17
 Bullying, Discrimination and Harassment / Bus Transportation Information 17-18
 Character Education / Children With Diabetes, 18
 Counseling Services / Critical Incident Response, 18
 Crossing Guards / Dress Code / Driver’s Education / Dropout Prevention/Driver’s License, 19
 FERPA / Health & Wellness, 20-21
 Healthy Youth Act / Homelessness, 21
 Immunizations, 22
 Junior and Senior Information Release to College & Military Recruiters / Kindergarten Swim Lessons, 22
 Local Student Wellness Policy / Safety Prep of Foods, 23
 Multi-tiered System / NC Safe Surrender Law / Pesticide Information / Protection of Pupil Rights, 23-24
 Safety Drills / School Nurses & First Responders / School Nutrition Program, 25-26
 School Psychologists / Section 504, 26
 Social Workers / Student Medications / Student Searches / Technology: Responsible Use Information, 26-27
 Use of Seclusion & Restraint / Visitors / Voluntary Insurance, 27-28
 Parent Appeal Process, 29
 Student Discipline Information 30-37

                                                                       Elizabeth City-Pasquotank P u b l i c S c h o o l s
 Preparing Globally Competitive Citizens
                                                                              19 / 20                  HANDBOOK
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
Section 1          ( Ever y studen t i n E C PPS w ill              9. visitation with the student’s parent or legal guardian, at the
                                                                       discretion of the superintendent or designee, if the parent or
g rad ua te f ro m h i gh sc h o ol prepared for                       legal guardian (a) is an active duty member of the uniformed
work , f u r t h er educati on , & c i ti zen sh i p )                 services as defined by policy 4050, Children of Military Families,
                                                                       and (b) has been called to duty for, is on leave from, or has
                                                                       immediately returned from deployment to a combat zone or
A C C R E D I TAT I O N                                                combat support posting.
                                                                      Excessive absences for any of the reasons listed above may be
  The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School District is             subject to further review by the principal or designee.
  accredited by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission, the
  national commission that confers the Southern Association           In the case of excused absences, short-term out-of-school
  of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and                suspensions, and absences under G.S. 130A-440 (for failure
  School Improvement accreditation seal. This means that              to submit a school health assessment form within 30 days of
  the district and all of its schools are accredited, and that        entering school) the student will be permitted to make up
  the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School District is             his or her work. (See also policies 4110, Immunization and
  recognized across the nation as a quality school system.            Health Requirements for School Admission, and 4351, Short-
                                                                      Term Suspension.) The teacher will determine when work is to
                                                                      be made up. The student is responsible for finding out what
  AT T E N D A N C E / A B S E N C E S                                assignments are due and completing them within the specified
                                                                      time period.
  The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education (the
  “board”) believes that attendance in school and participation     C. SCHOOL-RELATED ACTIVITIES
  in class are integral parts of academic achievement and the         All classroom activities are important and difficult, if not
  teaching-learning process. Through regular attendance,              impossible, to replace if missed. Principals shall ensure that
  students develop patterns of behavior essential to                  classes missed by students due to school-related activities are
  professional and personal success in life. Regular attendance       kept to an absolute minimum. The following school-related
  by every student is mandatory. The State of North Carolina          activities will not be counted as absences from either class or
  requires that every child in the State between the ages of 7        school:
  (or younger if enrolled) and 16 attend school. Parents and
  legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that students        1. field trips sponsored by the school;
  attend and remain at school daily.                                2. job shadows and other work-based learning opportunities, as
                                                                      described in G.S. 115C-47(34a);
A. ATTENDANCE RECORDS                                               3. school-initiated and -scheduled activities;
  School officials shall keep accurate records of attendance,       4. athletic events that require early dismissal from school;
  including accurate attendance records in each class.              5. Career and Technical Education student organization activities
  Attendance records will be used to enforce the Compulsory           approved in advance by the principal;
  Attendance Law of North Carolina.                                 6. independent study projects approved in advance by the
                                                                      principal; and
                                                                    7. in-school suspensions
  When a student must miss school, a written excuse signed
  by a parent or guardian must be presented to the student’s          Assignments missed for these reasons are eligible for makeup by
  teacher on the day the student returns after an absence.            the student. The teacher will determine when work is to be made
  Absences due to extended illnesses may also require a               up. The student is responsible for finding out what assignments
  statement from a physician. An absence may be excused               are due and completing them within the specified time period.
  for any of the following reasons:                                 D. EXCESSIVE ABSENCES (K-12)
1. personal illness or injury that makes the student physically       Class attendance and participation are critical elements of the
   unable to attend school;                                           educational process and may be taken into account in assessing
2. isolation ordered by the State Board of Health;                    academic achievement. Students are expected to be at school
3. death in the immediate family;                                     on time and to be present at the scheduled starting time for
                                                                      each class. Students who are excessively tardy to school or class
4. medical or dental appointment;                                     may be suspended for up to two days for such offenses.
5. participation under subpoena as a witness in a court               The principal shall notify parents and take all other steps
   proceeding;                                                        required by G.S. 115C-378 for excessive absences. Students may
6. a minimum of two days each academic year for observance            be suspended for up to two days for truancy.
   of an event required or suggested by the religion of the           If a student is absent from school for five or more days in a
   student or the student’s parent(s);                                semester, the principal or a committee established by the
7. participation in a valid educational opportunity, such as          principal shall consider whether further interventions are
   travel or service as a legislative or Governor’s page, with        appropriate. Such interventions may include counseling, social
   prior approval from the principal;                                 work services, dropout prevention services, referral to social
                                                                      services or juvenile justice, instructional modifications, and/or
8. pregnancy and related conditions or parenting, when                an extended learning program for students needing to make up
   medically necessary; or                                            instructional time. The extended learning program may include
                                                                      opportunities for students to make up instructional time before
                                                                      school, after school, on weekends, or during teacher workdays.
      D i s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
                                                     2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Accre d i t at i on • At te nd ance s/A b se n ce s PAGE 2
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
AT T E N D A N C E / A B S E N C E S                              DISTRICT/SCHOOL REPORT CARDS
 continued                                                           Information from the North Carolina Department of Public
  If a student is absent from school for ten or more days in
  a semester, the student will receive (1) a grade of F for the      Report Cards are provided for all public, charter, and alternative
  semester if the student is failing the course or grade or (2)      schools. District information is also included. Just as student
  a grade of FA (failure due to absences) for the semester           report cards provide parents with information on their child’s
  if the student is otherwise passing the course or grade.           performance, the NC School Report Cards offer a snapshot of
  A failing grade (i.e., F or FA) due to a student’s excessive       some of the important information about individual schools. The
  absences may be appealed by the student, parent or                 School and District Report Cards are divided into five areas: the
  guardian, or teacher. The appeal must be submitted in
                                                                     School/District Profile; School Performance; School Indicators;
  writing to the principal or a committee established by the
  principal and must explain (1) the reasons for the absences,       School Environment; and Personnel. The release date for the NC
  including official documentation, as appropriate, and (2)          School Report Cards varies; however, ECPPS releases information
  why those reasons should justify full or partial credit or         on these report cards as directed by NCDPI.
  an opportunity to make up the work and/or instructional
  time. Appeals which do not satisfy the aforementioned            HIGH SCHOOL: GRADUATION
  requirements are not required to be reviewed or otherwise        REQUIREMENTS (in effect)
  considered by the principal or committee.
  The principal or a committee established by the principal          In order to graduate, a student must pass all required
  shall review and consider the appeal submitted by the              courses in his/her course of study. End-of-Course exams
  student, parent or guardian, or teacher, including whether         mandated by the State of North Carolina count 25% of the
  the student’s grades should be reduced because of the              final course grade. The other 75% of the course grade comes
  absences. In addition, the principal or committee shall            from classroom work, projects and tests.
  review other measures of academic achievement, the
  circumstances of the absences, the number of absences,           HIGH SCHOOL GRADING SCALE:
  and the extent to which the student completed missed
  work. A committee may recommend to the principal and             GRADE POINT AVERAGE CALCULATIONS
  the principal may make any of the following determinations:
                                                                     In October 2014, the State Board approved a standard
 1. the student will not be promoted to the next level of study      10-point grading scale that began with the 2015-16 school
   and/or will not receive credit for the semester;                  year for all high school students. This scale does not include
                                                                     “pluses” or “minuses.” Grades from prior years will not be
 2. the student will not receive a passing grade for the             altered retroactively. Local school districts are required to
   semester (i.e., F or FA);
                                                                     follow the new scale at the high school level (grades 9-12).
 3. the student’s grade will be reduced;                             Under the new scale, grades and grade point average
 4. the student will receive the grade otherwise earned; or          calculations will be applied as follows:
                                                                     • A: 90-100 = 4.0         • B: 80-89 = 3.0
 5. the student will be given additional time to complete the
   missed work before a determination of the appropriate             • C: 70-79 = 2.0          • D: 60-69 = 1.0
   grade is made, provided that the principal or designee
                                                                     • F: < 60 = 0.0
   will ensure that the standards for receiving credit for the
   course or grade are comparable to those required of other         Quality Points: In addition to the grade scale change,
   students in the course or grade.                                  new standards for quality points also took effect in the
  Students with excused absences due to documented                   2015-16 school year. The new quality points standard will
  chronic health problems are exempt from this policy. In            provide an additional .5 quality point to Honors courses
  addition, for students experiencing homelessness (see              and a 1.0 additional quality point to Advanced Placement
  board policy 4125, Homeless Students), school officials            (AP)/International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, community
  must consider issues related to the student’s homelessness,        colleges courses, or four-year university or college courses
  such as a change of caregivers or nighttime residence,             taken in high school. This eliminates discrepancies between
  before taking disciplinary action or imposing other barriers
                                                                     AP/IB and community college or college/university courses
  to school attendance based on excessive absences or
  tardies.                                                           and quality points and provides the same additional quality
                                                                     point to all college-level coursework. For example, a student
  Excessive absences may impact eligibility for participation        who earns an A in an AP course would receive a weighted
  in interscholastic athletics. See policy 3620, Extracurricular     5.0 grade for that particular course. A student who earns an
  Activities and Student Organizations. ECPPS Board of
                                                                     A in an Honors course would receive a weighted 4.5 grade.
  Education policies are located on the website at
  www.ecpps.k12.nc.us. Policies are listed under Board of
  Education and under “Quick Links”.

                                                                   El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl ic S c h o o l s
PAGE 3   2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 A ttendance/Absences • D istric t Rep or t Cards • Graduation Requirements
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
HIG H SCHOOL:P R E PA R I N G FO R                                      information, parents may call the elementary school their
C A REER & C OLLE G E R E A D I N E S S                                 child will be attending. If parents are uncertain which
                                                                        elementary school their child will attend, they may call
  On entering high school, the life stakes surrounding                  the ECPPS Transportation Office at 252-335-5684 or visit
  student decision-making reaches a new level. While                    our website at www.ecpps.k12.nc.us for attendance zone
  there is some limited time available for a young adult to             information.
  consider possible future options, making good choices
  (with a Career Development Plan as their foundation) to
  reach that objective becomes critical. Many times young
  people don’t realize that wasted opportunities during
  their freshman year can make it extremely difficult to
  accomplish desired career goals on the junior and senior
  levels. Missed chances to take courses during grades nine
  and ten sometimes come back to haunt students. In some
  cases, students find they are not eligible to take certain
  course offerings. In other cases, students simply don’t
  have the capability to complete courses successfully. Not
  being able to follow a career dream could have a serious
  effect on how a young person sees the future. Too many
  students just drift along without really thinking about               MIDDLE SCHOOL
  the future. They get to their junior or senior year and start
  thinking, “Let’s get started,” only to find out it’s too late. It’s
                                                                        COURSE REQUIREMENTS
  also important to realize that everything starts to count as          The courses listed in the chart are the minimum required
  a freshman.                                                           courses for students enrolled at Elizabeth City Middle and
  In North Carolina students must complete the requirements             River Road Middle schools.
  for a “Course of Study” as well as meet local standards to
  earn a diploma. Students entering the ninth grade in 2012-
  13 or later must follow the Future-Ready Course of Study.
                                                                        SIXTH GRADE
  The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School district                  REQUIRED COURSES:         ENRICHMENT COURSES:
  requires 28 credits for graduation.                                   English/Language Arts     Art*
  Rising high school freshmen and their parents should                  Healthful Living/P.E.     Band
  consult their high school course catalog which is printed             Social Studies            Computer Skills*
  annually or contact the Student Services Office for more
  detailed information about high school curriculum, course             Mathematics
  offerings, special programs and opportunities.                        Science
                                                                                                          * Semester in length
KINDERGARTEN                                                            SEVENTH GRADE
                                                                        REQUIRED COURSES:         ENRICHMENT COURSES:
• Child MUST be five years old on or before August 31, 2019             English/Language Arts     Band
• Original birth certificate MUST be presented at registration          Healthful Living/P.E.     Art*
• MUST have an up-to-date immunization (shot) record                    Social Studies            Computer Skills
• Present child’s original Social Security card (if available)          Mathematics
• MUST have current proof of residence (original electric               Science
  bill, phone bill, etc. Only original bills will be accepted; no                                         * Semester in length
  According to state law, a complete immunization record                EIGHTH GRADE
  AND a completed kindergarten health assessment are
  required on the child’s first day of school attendance.               REQUIRED COURSES:         ENRICHMENT COURSES:
  The health assessment has to be current within one year               English/Language Arts     Band
  of the first day of school for students. We cannot accept             Healthful Living/P.E.     Art*
  Kindergarten Assessments that are incomplete. Please
                                                                        Social Studies            Computer Skills*
  advise your health provider that a vision and hearing
  screening is REQUIRED. For more kindergarten registration             Mathematics
                                                                        Science                           * Semester in length

        D i s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
         2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 High School Prep for College • Kindergarten Registration • Middle School Requirements PAGE 4
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
PRE-KINDERGARTEN                                                          The principal will schedule the review as early as possible
PROGRAM                                                                   after the date of the request (but in no case will the review
                                                                          take place any later than 45 days). The review will take
 The Elizabeth City – Pasquotank Public School System                     place in the principal’s office or at another designated
 offers a pre-kindergarten program for selected children                  place. A school official competent in interpreting student
 who are four years old on or before August 31st of the                   records will be present at the review. Copies of the records
 current year. This program is supported through federal                  may be requested after the review at a cost of $.05 per
 Title I funds and state funds through the NC Pre-K program.              page. Parents interested in making any modification to
 Our classrooms are licensed through the North Carolina                   a student’s cumulative record folder should follow the
 Division of Child Development and Early Education and                    procedure as outlined in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank
 maintain a 5-Star Rated License, the highest star-rated                  Public Schools Policy Manual. For more information about
 license. All Pre-K classes are located at Sheep-Harney                   FERPA or pupil record access, call 252.335.2981.
 Elementary School.
 Family involvement is an integral component of our Pre-K               AIG PROGRAM
 program. Communication between the home and school
 strengthens the family’s knowledge and understanding                     The Academically/Intellectually Gifted (AIG) Program is
 of their child’s development; thus, allowing parents and                 based on the concept that outstanding academic abilities
 teachers to work together to plan appropriate learning                   can be found in all types of students, regardless of cultural
 experiences. Within our program, there are many                          group or economic status. The primary focus of the program
 opportunities for families to participate in their child’s               is to recognize those students and provide appropriate
 learning experiences. During the year, there will be parent              services. We are committed to meeting the diverse needs
 orientation and conferences, take-home and in-class                      through providing an array of service options and the
 projects, home visits, home/school communication, PTA                    funding necessary to implement them. Special services
 meetings/events, and various other parent involvement                    are often required to meet the unique needs of gifted
 opportunities.                                                           children. A team of professionals with input from the child’s
 The primary objective of the Pre-K program is to offer                   parent(s) plan the student’s educational program based
 early intervention skills to students for the purpose of                 on the assessment information obtained through the
 creating successful lifelong learning opportunities.                     evaluation process. All procedural safeguards are followed
 The instructional program is designed to provide                         to ensure evaluation procedures are nondiscriminatory.
 developmentally appropriate learning experiences within                  Anyone, including the student, parent(s), guardian,
 each of the objectives for developmental learning –                      teacher or community professional may refer a student for
 cognitive, social/emotional, language, physical, literacy,               nomination and possible evaluation. Screening referrals
 mathematics, science and technology, social studies, art,                will be accepted during October, January, and April of each
 and English language acquisition.                                        school year. Eligibility for services as a gifted student is
                                                                          based on evaluation in each of the following areas:
                                                                        • Academic Achievement
                                                                        • Interest/Motivation
                                                                        • Academic Performance
                                                                        • Cognition/Intelligence
                                                                          For more information on the AIG program and services, call
                                                                          the Board of Education office at 252-335-2981 or visit our
                                                                          department on the ECPPS website.

Section 2 ( Ever y studen t i n E C PPS w ill
h ave a p er s o n a li zed educati on )

 Parents/guardians or eligible students who wish to
 inspect and review the cumulative record folder should
 submit a request in writing or by phone to the principal
 of the student’s school, in accordance with Elizabeth City-
 Pasquotank Public Schools Policy.

                                                                           El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl ic S c h o o l s
PAGE 5   2019 - 2020 Pr e - K P r o g r a m • A c c e s s t o P u p i l R e c o r d s • A I G P r o g r a m
DISTRICT - ECPPS - 2020 District Handbook for Students & Parents
AV I D E L E M E N TA R Y                                                       to a comparable band instrument. The switch will
                                                                                be made at the discretion of the band director
 By teaching and reinforcing academic behaviors and
                                                                                based on the result of the audition.)
 higher-level thinking at a young age, AVID Elementary
 teachers create a ripple effect in later grades. Elementary                 h. For further inquiry, please contact the band director
 students develop the academic habits they will need to be                      at each individual school.
 successful in middle school, high school, and college, in
 an age-appropriate and challenging way. Children learn                  2. MIDDLE SCHOOL BAND
 about organization, study skills, communication, and self-                  a. At the middle school level, the beginning of 6th
 advocacy. AVID Elementary students take structured notes                       grade year is the only time students may join the
 and answer and ask high-level questions that go beyond                         school band. All band classes are “carry-on” classes,
 routine answers.                                                               with successful completion of the previous year
 The strong college-going culture on an AVID Elementary                         being a requirement of participation the following
 campus encourages students to think about their college                        year.
 and career plans. Schools cover their walls with college                    b. No prior musical knowledge is expected at the
 pennants and banners, and educators speak about their
                                                                                beginning of the 6th grade year.
 college experiences. College and careers are no longer
 foreign concepts, and teachers provide the academic                         c. Since there are a limited number of spaces in the
 foundation students need to be on a path for college and                       6th grade band, students will be taken on a first
 career success.                                                                come, first served basis.
                                                                             d. Due to state requirements and scheduling conflicts,
AV I D S E C O N D A R Y                                                        students who take band may not be able to take
 The power of AVID Secondary is the ability to impact                           other elective/enrichment classes such as art or
 students in the AVID Elective class and all students                           computer skills.
 throughout the campus. AVID Secondary can have                          3. HIGH SCHOOL BAND
 an effect on the entire school by providing classroom
 activities, teaching practices, and academic behaviors                      a. All freshmen band students are required to take
 that can be incorporated into any classroom to improve                         band both semesters.
 engagement and success for all students. Teachers can
                                                                             b. After freshman year, if band must be dropped
 take what they’ve learned at AVID training back to any
 classroom to help all students, not just those in AVID, to                     during one semester due to scheduling conflicts
 become more college and career ready.                                          this needs to be worked out in advance with the
                                                                                band director.
B A N D AT E C P P S                                                         c. Students enrolled in marching band class must
                                                                                attend band camp the summer before.
1. GENERAL INFORMATION                                                       d. Jazz band may be offered as a credit-bearing class
  a. ECPPS has traditional school bands in grades 6-12.                         scheduled before or after school. New members
     Band classes are scheduled during the school                               must audition for jazz band. All members must
     days, with required performances and after school                          provide their own transportation.
  b. We teach traditional concert and parade band                        CAREER AND COLLEGE
     instruments, with an emphasis on reading music.                     PROMISE PROGRAM
  c. Parents/Guardians must provide a working                            (College courses for high school students)
     instrument, as well as other required materials,
     supplies, and/or payment of fees for band.                            The Career and College Promise program is designed
  d. Students who play percussion, tuba, or other                          to allow eligible North Carolina high school juniors and
     school-owned instruments must pay a rental fee to                     seniors the opportunity to take college level courses
     the school band.                                                      through their local community college while the student
                                                                           is still enrolled in high school. These courses are tuition
  e. Any student not passing band class at semester
                                                                           free and allow students to earn college credits and satisfy
     end will be removed.
                                                                           high school graduation requirements at the same time.
  f. Students who transfer into ECPPS from other                           Interested students or parents of interested students
     school districts after the beginning of 6th grade                     should contact the guidance office at their child’s high
     must audition for the band director before joining                    school for details.
     the school band.
                                                                           Other details on the program are located at:
  g. Band directors may determine eligibility of students
     switching band instruments based on training and
     potential auditions. (Students that have training on                  and
     other classical instruments may be able to switch                     https://www.albemarle.edu/apply-register/degree-seeking-
     D i s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
            2019 - 2020 B a n d a t E C P P S • C a r e e r & C o l l e g e P r o m i s e • C a r e e r & T e c h E d u c a t i o n   PAGE 6
CAREER &                                                            This process was established to personalize learning
T E C H N I C A L E D U C AT I O N                                  for students and to respond to the needs of students,
                                                                    families, the Academic and Intellectually Gifted (AIG)
                                      Business leaders agree        community, school personnel, and leadership. CDM is
                                      that the public schools       available for any NC Public School student.
                                      must play a major role        Before initiating this process, students and parents must
                                      in preparing students         meet with the School Counselor. During the summer
                                      for the changing work         months, Central Office faculty will perform this duty.
                                      of the 21st century.
                                                                    CDM is open across all content areas, including CTE,
                                      Therefore, the mission
                                                                    for standard level HS courses in grades 9-12 (and HS
                                      of Career & Technical
                                                                    courses offered for 6-8 grade Middle School students).
Education is to help empower students for effective
                                                                    Only courses offered within ECPPS are eligible for
participation in an international economy as world-class
                                                                    CDM. Excluded courses include: CPR, Healthful Living
workers and citizens. Through Career & Technical Education,
                                                                    and PE, English Language Learner (ELL), Advanced
the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School System is
                                                                    Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), Honors,
providing a systematic, comprehensive, community-wide
                                                                    Occupational Course of Study (OCS), and Occupational
effort to give all young people the opportunity to:                 Preparation I-IV courses. In addition, Career Technical
• prepare for further vocational and technical education            Education (CTE) work-based learning courses – co-op,
  and lifelong learning,                                            internship, apprenticeship; CTE courses that have
                                                                    a clinical setting as a requirement – Pro Start, Early
• receive industry-recognized credentials                           Childhood Education I and II, Nursing Fundamentals, and
  (for secondary students),                                         CTE Advanced Studies courses are exempt from CDM.
• prepare for initial and continued employment,
• make educational and career decisions,                            UPCOMING DPI CDM TESTING WINDOWS
• apply/reinforce related learning from other disciplines,      •   July 18, 2019 - July 31, 2019
                                                                •   September 17, 2019 - September 30, 2019
• develop decision-making, communication, problem-
                                                                •   February 17, 2020 - February 28, 2020
  solving, leadership, and citizenship skills, and
                                                                •   July 20, 2020 - July 31, 2020
• prepare to make informed consumer decisions and
                                                                    Note that testing windows for non-state assessments are
  apply practical life skills
                                                                    determined locally and can be administered at any time.
  The middle school and alternative school programs
  include courses in Business Education and activities in       CREDIT RECOVERY
  Career Development. The high school programs include
  courses in Agricultural Education, Business Education,            Credit recovery provides an additional learning
  Career Development, Family & Consumer Sciences                    opportunity for students who have previously been
  Education, Health Science Education, Marketing                    unsuccessful in mastering content or skills required to
  Education, Technology Engineering & Design Education,             receive course credit. The term “credit recovery” refers
  and Trade & Industrial Education, as well as activities           to a block of instruction that is less than the entirety
  in Career and Technical Student Organizations such                of the Standard Course of Study for that course. Credit
  as DECA, FCCLA, FBLA, and FFA. In addition, high                  recovery delivers a subset of the Standard Course of
  school students may earn dual credit by taking certain            Study or blueprint of the original course in order to
  courses at College of The Albemarle. Finally, students            specifically address deficiencies in a student’s mastery of
  may participate in real-world work experience through             the course and target specific components of a course
  the Apprenticeship Program. Appropriate provisions are            necessary for completion. The “credit” offered through
  made for students with special needs to be successful in          the Credit Recovery Program is credit toward graduation
  the program. Career and Technical Education benefits              requirements only. Only students who fail a high school
  everyone: students, employers, parents, school systems,           course may participate in the Credit Recovery Program.
  and communities. For more details concerning the                  A student’s participation in a credit recovery course is
  Career & Technical Education programs at the middle               based on the eligibility of the student and the school
  or high schools, contact the Office of Career & Technical         principal’s approval. Credit recovery courses will be
  Education at 252-335-2981.                                        graded as pass or fail. A student participating in the
                                                                    Credit Recovery Program must demonstrate proficiency
CREDIT BY DEMONSTRATED MASTERY (CDM)                                in each component or module included in the credit
                                                                    recovery course in order to receive course credit.
  CDM is the process by which a student may earn credit
  for a high school (HS) course by demonstrating deep
  understanding of the content, without course enrollment
  or seat time.                                        El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl ic S c h o o l s
PAGE 7   2019 - 2020 Career & Tech Education • Credit By Demonstrated Mastery • Curriculum
ECPPS offers distance learning opportunities at each of
our traditional high school campuses. In partnership with
the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics,
both PCHS and NHS are equipped with teleconferencing
distance learning labs. These labs are equipped with
multimedia computers, video conferencing rooms and
a television studio.
Many videoconference course offerings come from
the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Distance Learning department. The Cyber Campus also
coordinates other forms of distance learning for the
district. Students are also able to take online courses
                                                            Students eligible for special education services,
at all of our high school campuses via NC Virtual Public
                                                            including any related service, receive specially designed
Schools and Edgenuity. Course examples include:
                                                            instruction as described in an Individualized Education
German, Medieval Studies, Psychology, Sociology,
                                                            Program (IEP) to meet their unique educational needs
and Computer Programming. For more information
                                                            for academic success. This special education service is
regarding the Cyber Campus or distance learning, call
                                                            implemented by a special education teacher.
                                                            Special education services are initiated through a referral
EXCEPTIONAL                                                 process, in which, either a parent, teacher, or involved
                                                            individual with in-depth knowledge of a child’s skills,
                                                            submits a written statement describing the specific
The services provided by the Exceptional Children’s         concern that appears to be impeding the child’s academic
Program are aligned with state and federal guidelines       success. The written concern is submitted to the child’s
as outlined under the Individuals with Disabilities Act     principal, teacher, or other school professional. Once the
(IDEA) to meet the diverse needs of children with           written concern is received, a Student Assistance Team
disabilities. These services are available to any student   meeting is convened and the child’s parent is invited to
meeting the eligibility criteria under one or more of the   participate as a contributing member of this team. This
following categories:                                       team meeting allows the parent and other members
                                                            of the team to discuss the specific concern, develop
• Autism;                                                   practical interventions to bridge the child’s academic
• Deaf-Blindness;                                           success, and delineate whether a referral is needed for
                                                            comprehensive assessments. Anyone needing additional
• Deafness;                                                 information regarding special education services and
• Developmental Delay;                                      procedures may contact the Exceptional Children’s
                                                            Director by calling 252-335-2981.
• Serious Emotional Disability;
• Hearing Impairment;
• Intellectual Disability;
• Multiple Disabilities;
• Orthopedic Impairment;
• Other Health Impairment;
• Specific Learning Impairment;
• Speech or Language Impairment;
• Traumatic Brain Injury; and
• Visual Impairment including blindness.

       D i s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
                                   2019 - 2020 Cyber Campus • Exceptional Children Ser vices                       PAGE 8
                                                                    partnership to help the child. Parents may ask for
    The philosophy of the Trigg Community School is to meet         a conference when they want to share information
    the needs of those children who have had a problem              about their child, when they are concerned about their
    adjusting to the regular school program by providing            child’s academic progress, or when there are family or
    them with a nurturing, intense and enriched academic            other concerns that may affect the child’s progress.
    curriculum. H.L. Trigg’s structured school environment          Before going to the conference, parents should make a
    is intended to stimulate the student’s intellectual,            list of things to ask, share, or discuss with the teacher.
    physical, emotional, social, and moral development.             These can include such things as the child’s hobbies,
    This environment is meant to develop a competent                study habits, and/or any sensitive issues. During the
    individual ready for success in today’s society and to          conference, parents may take notes regarding the
    insure that “no child is left behind.” Educational and          discussion. After the conference, parents should talk
    developmental opportunities are provided through a              with the child about the results and make follow-up
    variety of programs, strategies, and activities.                contacts with the teacher. To find out if the school
    These include:                                                  district has scheduled a special day for parent-teacher
•   Individual and group counseling                                 conferences or to schedule a conference for yourself,
•   Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS)                           contact your child’s school.
•   Character Education
•   Tutoring                                                      REPORT CARDS
•   Computer Assisted Instruction
                                                                    All schools in the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank School
•   Field Trips
                                                                    System have computerized report cards. Parents
•   Community Service
                                                                    receive student information regarding academic
•   Reading Program
                                                                    progress, grade level standing, and responsibility. The
    The Trigg program promotes strong ties and relationships
                                                                    use of technology allows teachers to not only generate
    with parents and/or guardians of its students. Regularly
                                                                    a report card but also a grade book, lesson plans and
    scheduled and special conferences with the school’s
                                                                    numerous reports, including student progress reports
    administration and staff form an essential part of a
                                                                    at any time, with just a few keystrokes. Principals,
    student’s instructional plan.
                                                                    guidance counselors, and teachers can immediately
                                                                    provide academic information to parents regarding
                                                                    their child as they conference. Report cards are
                                                                    released four times a year, or every nine weeks.

    A parent-teacher conference is an opportunity for
    a child’s parent(s) and teacher (and sometimes the
    student) to discuss how the child can achieve the best
    possible education. The two-way communication goes
    beyond the report card to bring out more facts and
    to create better understanding of the child’s progress.
    The parent(s) and the teacher, together, form the ideal

                                                                    El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl ic S c h o o l s
PAGE 9      2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 H.L. Trigg Community School • Parent/Teacher Conferences • Report Cards

 2019 - 2020 TESTING PROGRAM
 (Tentative Dates)
 Beginning of Grade 3 English/Language Arts Test
 PreACT                                                  Grade 10
 College and Career Readiness
    Alternate Assessment (CCRAA)                         Grade 10
 Read to Achieve Test (By November 1st)                   Grade 3
 ACT WorkKeys                                                           It is critical for all students to be present for scheduled
 Standard and Accommodated                               Grade 12       testing days. Once set, these days will be announced
 Administrations                   (CTE Completers - Early Graduates)   by the school. Parents are asked for cooperation in not
 JANUARY 2020                                                           scheduling appointments or other excused absences, if
 End of Course Exams                                  Grade 9-12        possible, during test days.
 NC Final Exams                                      Grades 9-12        At the end of each semester under the 4x4 block
 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2020                                                    scheduling system, the following End-Of-Course tests will
                                                                        be administered to students in grades 9-12 during the last
 ACT WorkKeys                                                           5 days of the semester:
 Standard and Accommodated                               Grade 12
 Administrations                   (CTE Completers - Early Graduates)   • NC Math I**
 ACCESS for ELLs2.0                                                     • NC Math 3
 ACT                                                     Grade 11       • English II
 College and Career Readiness                                           • Biology
 Alternate Assessment                                    Grade 11
                                                                        ** - Students in Grade 8 will be tested as well during the last ten
 NC Extend 1 Alternate Assessment                        Grade 11       days of school.
 MAY - JUNE 2020
                                                                        At the beginning of each semester, vocational pre- and
 Advanced Placement (AP) Exam                        Grades 10-12       post-assessments, administered under the CTE Instructional
 NC Final Exams                                        Grades 4-8       Management Program, are administered to eligible students
                                                                        in grades 7-12. For more info, contact the office of Career &
 End-of-Grade Tests (Reading & Math)                   Grades 3-8
                                                                        Technical Education at 252-335-2981, ext. 133.
 End-of-Grade Tests (Science)                        Grades 5 & 8
 NC Extend 1 Alternate Assessment                      Grades 3-8
 Math and English, Language Arts/Reading
 Science                                              Grades 5 & 8
 NC Extend 1 Alternate Assessment -
    Biology, English II, and Math I
 JUNE 2020
 NC Final Exams                                     Grades 9 - 12
 End of Course Exams                                Grades 9 - 12

       Di s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
                                                                        2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Te s t i n g Pro g ra m                  PAGE 10
Section 3       ( Ever y studen t, ever y da y w ill
h ave excel l en t e ducators)

 Excellent educators motivate students to learn, by
 teaching them how to learn, and doing so in a manner
 that is relevant, meaningful, and memorable. Excellent
 educators train students to be consumers of knowledge.
 Excellent educators listen, question, are responsive, and
 most importantly they remember that each student and
 class is different. Excellent educators elicit responses and
                                                                 MEETINGS                                   The full Board policy manual is available
                                                                                                            online at our web site: www.ecpps.k12.nc.us

 develop the oral communication skills of all students.          DATE                                      TIME                   MEETING TYPE
 Excellent educators care, nurture, and develop the minds
 and talents of all students. Excellent educators help           September 5, 2019                        7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
                                                                 (Originally Scheduled Aug. 26 Meeting)
 each student realize their strengths and encourage
 and challenge each student to learn through those               September 16, 2019                       6:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
 strengths. Excellent educators possess a solid command          September 23, 2019                       7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 of the content they teach and have developed a strong
                                                                 October 21, 2019                         3:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
 effective classroom management style. Excellent
 educators sincerely care about each student and set high        October 28, 2019                         7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 expectations for all students.                                  November 18, 2019                        6:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
 During 2015-2016, ECPPS adopted a mission, vision and           November 25, 2019                        7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 goals as part of the district’s strategic plan for 2016-2021.
 One of the goals states, “In ECPPS, every student, every        December 2, 2019                         3:00 p.m.          Organizational Meeting
 day will have excellent educators.” ECPPS is developing         December 16, 2019                        4:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 steps of action to ensure we are meeting this goal.
                                                                 January 21, 2020 (Tues.)                 3:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
                                                                 January 27, 2020                         7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
                                                                 February 18, 2020 (Tues.) 3:00 p.m.                         Committee Meetings
                                                                 February 24, 2020                        7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
                                                                 March 16, 2020                           6:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
                                                                 March 23, 2020                           7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
                                                                 April 20, 2020                           3:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
 Section 4      (ECPPS will have up-to- date
                                                                 April 27, 2020                           7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 financial, business, and technology systems
 to serve its students, parents, and educators)                  May 18, 2020                             6:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
                                                                 May 26, 2020 (Tues.)                     7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
 2018-2019 BOARD                                                 June 15, 2020                            3:00 p.m.          Committee Meetings
                                                                                                          7:00 p.m.          Regular Board Meeting
  The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education, in an
  effort to increase community participation in meetings,
  will hold regularly scheduled meetings at school sites and
  in the Board Room of the Administrative Offices, 1200 S.
  Halstead Boulevard, Elizabeth City, NC 27909.
                                                                 BOOSTER CLUBS
                                                                    The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School District is
  Unless otherwise noted, committee meetings are scheduled
                                                                    proud to have strong parental and community support
  for the third Monday of each month and begin at 3:00 p.m.
                                                                    for middle school and high school programs. The various
  Unless otherwise noted, Board meetings are held on the
                                                                    booster clubs provide needed support to the schools. For
  fourth Monday of each month and begin at 7:00 p.m.
                                                                    more information, call your school and ask for contact
  (September 23 will be at Weeksville Elementary School &
                                                                    information for available booster clubs.
  April 27 will be at H.L. Trigg Community School)
                                                                           El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl i c S c h o o l s
PAGE 11   2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Excellent Educators • B oard Meetings • B o oster Clubs
T H E E D U C AT I O N F O UN D AT I O N                                important recorded messages. Parents: please make sure
                                                                        your contact phone numbers are correct with your
O F E L I Z A B E T H C I T Y-                                          school office. The school district utilizes this service for
PA S Q U O T A N K P U B L I C S C H O O L S                            rapid parent/staff phone notification to provide courtesy
                                                                        phone calls in a timely manner. Still, we remind parents
                                                                        this service is a courtesy and does not replace monitoring
                                                                        broadcast media in the event technical problems arise with
                                                                        the system. You may opt out of this service by
                                                                        calling 855-502-7867.

 Since 1989, the Education Foundation has partnered with              PARENT/STUDENT PORTAL -
 the Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools by raising
 funds and sponsoring programs that supplement and
 enhance the efforts of our teachers and students. The                  PowerSchool is the student information system that is
 Foundation is managed by a volunteer Board of Directors                used to manage student data. This centralized system
 who work to connect resources in our community with                    provides school districts with comprehensive and
 the needs identified by the ECPPS district. Members                    real-time information regarding student information,
 and donors to the Foundation’s programs include many                   grades and attendance. Student and Parent Portals are
 individuals and businesses in our community. The                       components of the system and are accessible to all
 generosity of these donors allows the Foundation to                    students and parents with internet access. Information on
 support a variety of district initiatives.                             gaining access to the portal can be obtained through the
                                                                        school office.
 For more information or to offer your support, please call
  the Foundation office at 252-338-9115, email us at                  PUBLICITY & NEWS MEDIA
  contact@theeducationfoundation.net, visit:                          ACCESS DISCLAIMER
  www.theeducationfoundation.net, or like us on Facebook.
                                                                        Everyone deserves to be recognized and celebrated for
                                                                        accomplishments during the school year. It is also important
                                                                        for the school district to share its stories using its students
                                                                        and staff members as subjects. It is the mission of the
                                                                        ECPPS Office of Community Schools to do this through a
                                                                        variety of media, including broadcast, print, and the district
                                                                        website. There is also the possibility that the news media
                                                                        may request access to students during the school day for
                                                                        stories, features, etc. While the district grants reasonable
                                                                        access to the news media, it is our policy not to allow an
                                                                        interruption of the instructional day. In an effort to be
                                                                        sensitive to parents’ wishes, the Community Schools Office
                                                                        will gladly exclude any student in our district from publicity
                                                                        activities. Parents have the option to NOT allow their child
                                                                        to be photographed, videoed or publicly recognized by
                                                                        completing the ECPPS Media Release Form. This form will
                                                                        be sent home with students at the beginning of the school
                                                                        year and is also available online at www.ecpps.k12.nc.us
FA C I L I T Y A C C E S S                                              under the “Parents” page. For more information, call the
                                                                        Community Schools Office at 252-335-2981, ext. 142.
 The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education (the
 “board”) endorses the goals of the Community Schools
 Act. The board will make specified indoor and outdoor
 school facilities available for use by eligible community
 groups under agreements developed in accordance with
 policy 5030 Community Use of Facilities.

 The school district is pleased to provide parents with an
 automated phone alert system. This service connects
 parents to schools through phone communications. Schools
 and the district’s Superintendent or designee will send
                                                                       El i z ab e t h Ci t y-Pasq u ot ank Pu bl ic S c h o o l s
PAGE 13    2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Education Foundation • Facility Access • Phone Alert System • Parent/Student Portal • News Media
 Inclement weather may affect the opening or closing of
 school. Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public Schools work
 closely with Pasquotank Emergency Management to stay
 informed of severe weather. Transportation Department
 employees check road conditions each day, beginning
 at 4:00 a.m. and make a final recommendation to the
 Superintendent by 5:30 a.m. The Superintendent is also in
 contact with Pasquotank Emergency Management if there
 are concerns about road conditions. Our buses are on the
 road before 6:00 a.m., so a decision to close or delay must
 be made no later than 5:30 a.m. If fog rolls in or adverse
 weather conditions form after that time we encourage our
 drivers to use extreme caution and pull over if they feel
 conditions are unsafe. Remember that you, as a parent,
 know what is best for your child and your situation. If you
 believe that weather conditions in your area are creating       VOLUNTEERS &
 unsafe travel conditions, we ask that you make the best
 decision that you can in the interest of your child(ren).       B U S I N E S S PA R T N E R S H I P S
 During the school day, officials monitor weather conditions
 and may close schools or delay the release of students if
 warranted.                                                        Volunteers are our most important and most needed
 Closings or delays are announced using the district’s phone       resource. Community members and parents who give time
 alert system, local media (television and radio) and the          to our schools may aid teachers in the classroom, work
 district website. Please monitor local media and check            one-on-one with students, or offer their time in other
 more than one source to confirm information. Please make          ways. Sports events, school dances and trips, and school
 sure that your contact phone numbers are current and              committees all require volunteers. Anyone interested in
 correct with your school office.                                  any of the volunteer opportunities described here or in
                                                                   volunteering at any school in the district should contact the
                                                                   school’s volunteer coordinator at the appropriate school or
                                                                   the district’s volunteer coordinator at 252-335-2981, ext. 142.
                                                                   Parents have the right to request four hours of unpaid leave
 The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Board of Education (the             from their jobs every year in order to volunteer in their child’s
 “board”) will hold student fees to a minimum. No fee will         school as stated in G.S. 95-28.3. Please see ECPPS Policy 5015
 be charged for required courses or activities.                    - School Volunteers for more information.
 Each principal is required to submit a list of any fees to        Business Partnerships
 the superintendent prior to the August board meeting.
 The superintendent shall adopt procedures providing that          Business partnerships are extremely valuable to our students
 student fees, including those for graduation, the school          by offering tours, speakers, donations, job shadowing
 yearbook, or supplies for elective classes, are consistent        opportunities, and much more. The school district recognizes
 among the different levels and schools. The board must            that we are preparing our students for the world of work with
 approve all fees.                                                 parents, businesses, and schools working together. Anyone
                                                                   interested in creating a business partnership with a specific
 Any fees imposed will be waived or reduced for students           campus or with the entire district should contact the coordinator
 who demonstrate economic hardship.                                of business partnerships at 252-335-2981, ext. 142.
 As provided in policy 1310/4002, Parental Involvement,
 each principal shall publish or post the schedule of fees and   DISTRICT WEBSITE
 notify students and parents of the availability of and the
                                                                   The Elizabeth City-Pasquotank Public School District
 process for requesting a fee waiver or reduction.
                                                                   website is a valuable source of current information for
                                                                   parents, students and staff. Please visit us at:
                                                                   www.ecpps.k12.nc.us. Parents will find school menus,
                                                                   kindergarten registration information, attendance
                                                                   zones, bus routes, newsletters, and more on our site.
                                                                   Web pages for each of the thirteen schools within the
                                                                   district may be accessed through the district home page.

       Di s tr i c t H a n d b o o k
                                             2 0 1 9 - 2 0 2 0 Delays & Closings • Fees • Partnerships • Website PAGE 14
You can also read