Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School

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Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Prospectus 2020
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
“East 15’s extraordinary legacy and its reputation for rigorous
and inspired teaching ensures students consistently display
an unusual degree of courage, vision and versatility that
is very exciting to watch.”

Colin Firth OBE
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School

4    Director’s welcome
6    About this prospectus
7    About East 15
8    Actor Skills at East 15
9    Prizes and Awards at East 15
10   Loughton Campus
12   Southend Campus
14   Support Services
15   Accommodation
16   Staff at East 15
21   Undergraduate study at East 15
     22     BA Acting
     24     BA Acting (International)
     26     BA Acting and Community Theatre
     28	BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre
     30     BA Acting and Stage Combat
     32     BA Physical Theatre
     34     BA World Performance
     36     BA Stage and Production Management
     38     BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film)
     40	Certificate of Higher Education in Theatre Arts
     42     Applying to East 15 as an undergraduate
     44     Undergraduate auditions
46   Postgraduate study at East 15
     48     MA Acting
        MA/MFA Acting (International)
        MA/MFA Theatre Directing
     54     Applying to East 15 as a postgraduate
     56     Postgraduate auditions
58   Money matters
62   University of Essex
63   Further information
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Welcome to the East 15 prospectus
      Director’s welcome
      Prospectus 2020

                           As you will read in the pages                    We have two first class campuses in             I look forward to meeting many of you
                           that follow, East 15 offers an                Loughton, on the edge of London, and            at auditions and interviews, and working
                           extraordinary, dynamic and                    in picturesque Southend-on-Sea. This            with those of you that join East 15 for your
                           unique portfolio of courses that              combination of resources and locations          study and training.
East 15

                           span many areas of training for               enables us to offer a broad and diverse
                           actors, directors, technical theatre          range of courses at BA and MA/MFA
                           specialists and students of theatre           level, and make use of innovative and

                           practice. In addition to the carefully        excellently equipped learning facilities,
                           selected UK students, we also teach           such as the state-of-the-art Clifftown                                              Leon Rubin
                           and train students from over                  Theatre ( and
                           26 countries worldwide                        suites of studios and technical facilities at
                           (                            both campuses. We have an outstanding
                               Here at East 15 we draw upon our          student satisfaction rating in the UK of
                           traditions of over 50 years, while            97% total satisfaction in national student
                           combining this with a keen sense of the       surveys.
                           changing world of stage and screen today.        As part of the University of Essex, one
                           Our training is by professionals and for      of the UK’s leading academic institutions
                           professionals, allowing our graduates         (, we pride ourselves
                           to work successfully across the globe.        on placing excellence at the top of our
                           Our international, outstanding teaching       agenda in all our work. East 15 Acting
                           faculty is made up of professionals from      School has been named as the top drama
                           all areas of live and recorded performance.   school in the U.K. in the Times and Sunday
                                                                         Times Good University guide
                                                                                                                         Director Leon Rubin with recent graduates
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
About this prospectus
      About this prospectus

                                                                                                                             2-5 December 2014. This Review found
                                                                                                                             that the University meets all expectations
                                                                                                                             required of higher education providers,
                                                                                                                             and commended the University's focus
                                                                                                                             on improving the student learning
                                                                                                                                A copy of the full report is available
                                                                                                                             on the QAA website at:

                                                                                                                             Further information
                                                                                                                             East 15 Acting School is part
                                                                                                                             of the University of Essex

                                                                                                                             At Loughton
                                                                                                                             East 15 Acting School
                                                                                                                             Hatfields Campus
                                                                                                                             Rectory Lane
                                                                                                                             Loughton IG10 3RY
                                                                                                                             Telephone: +44 (0)20 8508 5983

                                                                                                                             At Southend
      Prospectus 2020

                                                                                                                             East 15 Acting School
                                                                                                                             Southend Campus
                                                                                                                             Elmer Approach
                                                                                                                             Southend-on-Sea SS1 1LW
                                                                                                                             Telephone:    +44 (0)1702 328200
East 15

                                                                                                                             Fax:          +44 (0)1702 328201

                              This prospectus has been prepared in           industrial action. For the most up-to-date
                                                                                                                             Art Director/Editor: Kevin Wyatt-Lown
                              Spring 2019 for courses available from         information, please contact East 15 directly.
                              September 2020.                                   The full Procedures, Rules and               Designer: Stephen Foster Design
                                 Although great care is taken in compiling   Regulations for the University of Essex
                              this prospectus, it is for the general         are set out in the Charter, Statutes            Photographers: Gemma Mount,
                              guidance of prospective students only.         and Ordinances and in the University            Andrew H. Williams, Kevin Wyatt-Lown,
                              East 15 Acting School cannot guarantee         Regulations, Policy and Procedures.             Robin Little
                              the provision of all courses and services      Copies are available on request from
                              advertised in the event of circumstances       the University. In accepting the offer of
                              beyond its control and therefore reserves      a place at the University, you consent to
                              the right to make changes or cancel any        incorporation of this notice as a term of
                              course without notice, should this become      contract between you and the University.                       ACTING SCHOOL
                              necessary. The School cannot be held
                              responsible for failure/delay in performing    Quality assurance
                              obligations caused by things beyond its        The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) last
                              reasonable control, such as fire, flood or     undertook a Review of the University from
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
About East 15

                                                                                                             About East 15
                          For over 50 years, East 15 has        Jacques Lecoq, Peter Brook and other
                          produced actors, directors,           important contemporary trainers.
                          theatre practitioners
                                                                   In 2000, East 15 merged with the
                          and technicians for the
                            international stage, TV, film       University of Essex, a leading UK
                              and radio.                        research-intensive university, opening
                                   East 15, based in            an exciting new chapter in the history
                                 Loughton on the edge of        of both institutions and offering more
                                 East London and founded
                                                                opportunities to students.
                                  by Margaret Bury, grew
                                   from the work of Joan           Since 2007, under the directorship
                                    Littlewood’s famed          of Leon Rubin, more than 13 million
                                    Theatre Workshop,           pounds have been spent on new buildings
                                     which broke new            and facilities for East 15 in Loughton and
                                      ground, re-interpreting
                                                                Southend-on-Sea, including the Clifftown
                                      the classics for
                                       a modern age,            Theatre and Studios, once a Victorian
                                       commissioning new        gothic church in Southend which now
                                       plays from socially      enjoys a new lease of life, converted into
                                       committed writers,       studios, workshops and a state-of-the-
                                       and creating an
                                                                art theatre and performance space. In
                                       ensemble capable of
                                      inventing new work.       that period several new programmes
                                         It evolved into an     have also been developed to take the
                                    outstanding ensemble        school into a new era of international
                                  that combined inspired,       and culturally diverse stage and screen
                               improvisational brilliance
                                                                performance territories.
                       with method, technique, research,
                text analysis and the intense expression           East 15 is one of a leading group
                of truthful emotion. Much of the                of UK conservatoires. It is now one of
                original approach was based upon the            the largest specialist theatre schools in
                theories of Stanislavsky and over the           the UK, with a distinguished international
                years new training methods at East 15
                                                                teaching staff and an undergraduate
                have now embraced approaches from
                diverse practitioners, such as Michael          and extensive postgraduate population
                Chekhov, Rudolf Laban, Jerzy Grotowski,         of over 770 students.
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Actor skills at East 15
      Actor skills at East 15

                                East 15’s training emphasises a balance       Voice                                          Music
                                between personal discovery, intuition         The voice teachers at East 15 aim to equip     Students with the ability to play musical
                                and technical skills. The aim is to give      students with the skills required to release   instruments can develop those talents
                                students the basic awareness and              their full vocal potential beyond the          and there are numerous possibilities to
                                confidence that will allow them to            limits of “habit” voice. Students combine      play in ensembles for private and public
                                continue to learn and perfect their           emotional truth with theatrical energy         performances at East 15. Although
                                craft in the years to come.                   using techniques derived from leading          instrumental playing is not part of the
                                Movement                                      physical and vocal practitioners like Laban,   assessment, actors who develop such
                                                                              Chekhov, Berry and Linklater.                  skills certainly enhance their employability.
                                The main focus of the movement
                                programme at East 15 is to encourage          Singing                                        Media
                                confident, focussed, flexible, imaginative,   Actors must have a good feel for music,        East 15 students are introduced to the
                                physically expressive and truthful actors.    even if they cannot sing a note. Students      techniques and disciplines of working
                                The course is based on dynamic alignment      at East 15 will learn to understand the        with recorded, digital and online media.
                                (which may include Alexander, Authentic       rudiments of music and be able to
                                Movement, Bartenieff, Body Centring           approach a song with confidence and            Preparation for the industry
                                Experiential Anatomy and Pilates),            feeling. Students with musical theatre         Guest lectures and workshops, given by
                                characterisation techniques (including        potential will be encouraged further           industry specialists, help prepare East 15
                                Laban, Grotowski, Lecoq and Chekhov-          although the overall emphasis is on            students for the complexity of working
                                based work), dance (including jazz and        acting through song.                           in theatre, film, TV and related areas.
      Prospectus 2020

                                ballet) and stage combat.
East 15
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Prizes and Awards at East 15

                                                                                                                                                 Prizes and Awards for East 15
                                                                      Edmunds (2017, £4,500),             The Jacob’s Ladder Bursary
                                                                      Gabriella Leon (2016,            was established in 2016 and makes
                                                                      £4.500) and Kathleen             multiple awards totalling £25,000
                                                                      Hood (2015, £4.500).             each year. In 2016 there were eight,
                                                                                                       and 2017 fifteen, awards made. In
                                                                      The Laurence                     2018 some twenty students benefited
                                                                      Olivier Bursary                  from the Bursary.
                                                                                                          The £500 Tim Welling Award
                                                                         This is worth up to £7,500
                                                                                                       commemorates a past student of the
                                                                         for a student entering the
                                                                                                       school and is awarded to a BA Acting
                                                                         third year of BA Acting and
                                                                                                       student. It was first awarded in 2014
                                                                         is presented by the Society
                                                                                                       to Ellie Moon. Subsequent winners
                                                                         of London Theatres. East
                                                                                                       have been Katie Neil (2015), Hadley
                                                                         15 students have regularly
                                                                                                       Brown (2016) Jacob Reid (2017)
                                                                         won this outstanding prize.
                                                                                                       and Molly Longworth (2018).
                                                                         In 2017 two awards were
                                                                                                          Also commemorating a past
                                                                         made: Precious Mustapha
                                                                                                       student, and again worth £500,
                                                                         was awarded £7,500 while
                                                                                                       the Thomas Bennett Comedy
BA Acting and Community Theatre student Jennifer Woodward,               Jesse Jones received
                                                                                                       Award is awarded to a BA Acting
receives the 2017 Lillian Bayliss Award from David Suchet CBE.           £4,000. Other winners
                                                                                                       and Contemporary Theatre student.
                                                                         have included; Paisley        Harris Allen won this in 2018.
As one of the UK’s leading acting schools,             Fay Jackson (2016) Rebecca Saffir (2015)
East 15 has a number of students and                   and Lottie Finklaire (2014) while in 2012       Edinburgh Festival and beyond
graduates who have won awards and                      Nayatia Hinds and Nathalie Wain were each
                                                                                                       Supporting career progression is an
competitive scholarships over the last                 awarded £2000.
                                                                                                       important part of the East 15 ethos.
few years.                                                                                             There is an on-going annual programme
                                                   Lilian Baylis Award
                                                                                                       of awarding New Production Awards,
Carleton Hobbs Award                               This is worth £1,500 and has been                   made to new companies created by
                                                   consistently won by students from East              both existing and past students.
This Bursary provides winning students a
                                                   15, including Rory Howes (2018) Jennifer               As well as supporting productions at
contract for six months work with the BBC          Woodward (2017) Ben Ayers (2016)
Radio Drama Department. A long list of                                                                 the Edinburgh Fringe, these companies
                                                   Isabella Javor (2015) Livia Heim (2014)             have also taken plays to the Brighton,
East 15 students has enjoyed recognition           and Lucy Townsend (2013).
through this competition.                                                                              Camden and New York Fringe Festivals.
   Past winners and commended                                                                          In 2018 some £48,000 was awarded to
                                                   East 15 Awards                                      new companies.
nominees have included BA Acting
                                                   There are several awards made which                    In addition, the University of
graduates Patricia Allison (2017) Joseph
                                                   are unique to East 15.                              Essex hosts a no-cost crowdfunding
Ayre (2016) and Andrea Valls (2015).
                                                      The Elizabeth Mills Award was                    programme which is open to all
However, for the first time, 2018 saw
                                                   established in 2015 and is worth                    current and past students and, in many
East 15 secure recognition in every single
                                                   £2,500. First awarded to BA Acting’s                cases, also offers match funding for
category of the competition with this year’s
                                                   Patricia Allison, the 2016 recipient                projects. Last year it supported some
overall bursary prize going to Alexandra
                                                   was BA Acting and Contemporary                      22 productions to the tune of over
Constantinidi.                                                                                         £23,250.
                                                   Theatre’s Cara Baldwin. In 2017 it was
                                                   won by BA Acting and Contemporary
The John Gielgud Bursary                           Theatre student Louise Barron and                   Postgraduate Scholarships
This is worth between £2,500 and £5,000.           BA Acting & Community Theatre's                     There are a number of Bursaries
Winning students from East 15 have                 Holly Matthams received the award                   and Scholarships available to
included Lily Sinko (2018, £5,000) )Samuel         in 2018.                                            Postgraduate Students.
Prospectus 2020 - East 15 Acting School
Loughton Campus
      Loughton Campus

                        East 15 has three sites in Loughton:              Just a short walk from Hatfields
                        Hatfields, Roding House and Unit Four.         is Roding House, a £1.3 million
                        Each is just a five-minute walk from the       facility containing rehearsal spaces,
                        nearest London Underground station,            the Littlewood Studio and East 15’s
                        Debden, on the eastern branch of the           costume department.
                        Central Line and only thirty minutes              Unit Four is a £1.5 million facility
                        by tube from Central London, West              which is home to the Stage and
                        End theatres and all other major tube          Production Management department
                                                                                                                    Student resources
                        and mainline stations and termini              and it is situated next to Roding House.
                        including Eurostar. Additionally, East 15                                                   Loughton Campus
                        often presents students’ own work at           Hatfields
                        theatres and studios in London.                There are 28 rehearsal studios at            Computing facilities
                            The campus offers a perfect balance        Hatfields, including a dance studio,         and the library
                        between access to the rich, cultural           radio recording room, Mac editing lab        As part of a multi-million pound
                        diversity of London while also providing       and screening room.                          investment in the further
                        an environment in which to study in an             In the Summer of 2017 work began         development of resources on the
                        attractive and peaceful setting. Loughton      on a major set of new buildings and          Loughton Campus, 2017 saw the
                        is situated on the edge of Epping Forest,      facilities that will make this the best      opening of a new IT suite and
                        a 6,000 acre ancient woodland which            equipped single campus drama school          extended Campus library. In addition,
                        is ideal for leisure pursuits including        in the UK.                                   there are also computer facilities at
                        walking, running, cycling and horse riding.                                                 Roding House and at Unit Four, all
                        The residential area around Loughton           The Corbett Theatre
                                                                                                                    providing internet access, printing and
      Prospectus 2020

                        offers a rich variety of shops, restaurants,   Hatfields is also home to the Corbett        photocopying. There is also wireless
                        pubs and cafés and has a Leisure Centre        Theatre, named in honour of Harry H          connectivity throughout the site.
                        providing gym and pool facilities.             Corbett, a key Theatre Workshop member          Students can also use the library
                            The hub of Hatfields is a beautiful        and early benefactor of East 15. The         resources at the Southend Campus
                        Georgian dower house, set in six acres         building is a medieval tithe barn that was   and the University of Essex’s
                        of lawns with orchards, flowerbeds and a       dismantled and transported to Hatfields      Colchester Campus library, which has
East 15

                        small lake, providing an idyllic atmosphere    in the 1960s. These unusual origins          holdings of over one million books
                        for study, relaxation and performance.         create a unique performance space with       and microfilms, as well as some
                        The site also offers a range of rehearsal      a unique environment for students to         7,300 current periodicals. Books are
                        spaces, a Dance Studio and the school’s        perform in. Combined with full technical

                                                                                                                    delivered to Loughton via a daily
                        own, fully equipped theatre. The Corbett       facilities, tiered seating for 125 people
                        Theatre was built inside a medieval tithe      and fitted dressing rooms, the theatre       Roding House
                        barn and is used extensively for student       provides an excellent resource for public    Roding House contains ten rehearsal
                        productions.                                   productions. Lectures, rehearsals and        rooms, a green room/café, a sound
                                                                       technical classes also take place here,      recording studio and a video editing
                                                                       while the adjacent Theatre Foyer Bar and     suite. East 15’s extensive costume
                                                                       Café provides a social meeting point for     department is also based here.
                                                                       students and staff.
                                                                                                                    Unit Four
                                                                                                                    Unit Four is situated next to Roding
                                                                                                                    House and is home to East 15’s
                                                                                                                    Stage and Production Management
                                                                                                                    department. The Unit contains a large
                                                                                                                    workshop, paint shop, prop shop, prop
                                                                                                                    storage facilities and teaching spaces.
      Southend Campus

                        The Southend Campus is sited in the
                        heart of Southend-on-Sea and is
                        served by excellent transport links.
                        Southend Central railway station,
                        with journey times to central London
                        taking less than one hour, is adjacent
                        to the Gateway Building and Southend
                        Airport, offering budget flights to
                        many European and UK destinations,
                        including Edinburgh, is just three
                        miles away.
                            Southend is the largest town in
                        Essex and a vibrant seaside resort
                        with a cosmopolitan atmosphere. In
                        recent years it has been transformed
                        by a redevelopment and enhancement
                        scheme. It has seven miles of award-
                        winning beaches and the longest
                        pleasure pier in the world.
                            Other social amenities and facilities
                        in the town include three theatres,         Student resources                            The Students’ Union
                        museums, numerous art galleries and                                                      The Students’ Union facility at the
      Prospectus 2020

                        libraries. There are over 650 acres of      The Gateway Building
                                                                                                                 Southend Campus provides a dedicated
                        parks and gardens, a fun park and a         The Gateway Building houses a                space for students to meet, have a
                        watersports centre, a bowling alley,        purpose-built suite specifically for East    coffee, relax and watch films or sport.
                        leisure centres, pubs, clubs, cafés’        15 students. This includes fully-equipped,   It runs a wide variety of entertainment
                        and restaurants.                            state-of-the art rehearsal studios with      throughout the term, such as
                                                                    panoramic views across Southend-on-          international nights and open mic nights.
East 15

                                                                    Sea, plus seminar rooms, computer
                                                                    labs and media production resources          Clifftown Studios and Theatre
                                                                    including an Apple Mac edit suite.           Following the purchase of this

                                                                                                                 magnificent Victorian former church
                                                                    The Forum
                                                                                                                 in the heart of Southend’s conservation
                                                                    Opened in September 2013, The Forum          area, it has been converted into a
                                                                    Southend-on-Sea offers a brand new           variety of unique spaces for rehearsals,
                                                                    resource to enhance your student             technical and practical work and
                                                                    experience. East 15 students have round      performances. The church nave, with
                                                                    the clock, secure access to the Learning     its original organ and stained glass
                                                                    Hub, which provides innovative IT and        windows now provides an inspirational
                                                                    study spaces. The Forum also houses an       and atmospheric environment, re-
                                                                    integrated public and academic library,      designed to accommodate the needs
                                                                    carrying books and other materials to        of a 21st century performance space.
                                                                    support East 15’s course at Southend.
                                                                    In addition, students have access to the
                                                                    East 15 Loughton Campus library and
                                                                    the University’s Colchester Campus
                                                                    library, if required.
Support Services
      Support Services

                                      We offer a range of support services         Student administration
                                      designed to help you to achieve your         At the Loughton Campus, we are able
                                      full potential and to get the most out of    to provide students with official letters
                                      your studies. These form a coordinated       and documentation, such as bank
                                      network of support, and are an               letters, confirmation of enrolment and
                                      important part of the overall student        council tax exemption forms, as well as
                                      experience. Support Services aim to          authenticating documents by providing
                                      be accessible to you and responsive          a University stamp for specific forms.
                                      to your individual needs.                    General, non-academic advice can also
                                         We offer confidential advice and          be given about other services provided
                                      information on many issues, including        by the University of Essex and the
                                      finance and funding, entitlement to          Students’ Union.
                                      benefits and immigration issues.                At the Southend Campus, all of the
                                         There are Student Support Advisors        above services are available from the
                                      available at the Loughton and Southend       Student Administration Team located
                                      Campuses who can offer initial advice        on the second floor of The Forum.
                                      and information. You may be referred
                                      to other services for specialist advice.     Pastoral system
                                      Helpful information is also available on
                                                                                   Conservatoire training can be
                                      the website at
                                                                                   demanding and, in response to this,
                                      and the Students Union Advice Centre
                                                                                   the School has developed a network
                                      website at either
                                                                                   of support to help with any academic
      Prospectus 2020

                                      loughton or
                                                                                   and personal pressures. A personal
                                                                                   tutor is appointed to each student and
                                                                                   they are a channel for any enquiries or
                                      Dyslexia and other
                                                                                   anxieties that the student may have.
                                      learning difficulties
                                      We have a strong tradition of                Graduate support
East 15

                                      encouraging and supporting students          East 15 and the University are
                                      with dyslexia and other specific             committed to helping graduates enter
                                      learning difficulties. Provision includes:   their chosen career with confidence.

                                      screening and/or referral for a diagnostic   This support is given in the second
                                      assessment and advice on the Disabled        and final year of undergraduate
                                      Students’ Allowance.                         courses and throughout the year for
                                                                                   postgraduate students. It includes
                                      Disability                                   career guidance, planning of audition
                                      We aim to create an accessible and           pieces and advice from working
                                      enabling environment. We would               professionals.
                                      encourage you, before you arrive, to
                                      contact the relevant disability service
                                      to discuss access to the University
                                      and to your course. These discussions
                                      are confidential. Students may qualify
                                      to apply for the Disabled Students’
                                      Allowance and can contact us for advice.

           Loughton Campus                           local, private accommodation. All the
           Those who wish to live close to the       properties they work with in the area
           Loughton Campus can choose from a         are accredited by Epping Forest District
           wide range of shared student properties   Council. There are rooms in shared
           offering both Joint and Individual        houses, living with a resident landlord
           Tenancies. There is also the option       or letting an entire house. Click on
           to live with Resident Landlords who       the “view our listings” area at www.
           can provide a more flexible tenancy. and select
              The Students’ Union provides a         Loughton area to see what’s available.
           property finding service, SU Lets,
           at our Loughton campus. They              Southend Campus
           specialise in helping students secure     Our state-of-the-art student residences
                                                     in University Square offer 561 modern
                                                     en-suite rooms arranged in flats, within
                                                     seven houses around a central enclosed
                                                     courtyard. You apply for accommodation
                                                     directly to the University which aims to
                                                     guarantee accommodation to all first-year
Staff at East 15
      Staff at East 15

                         Professor Leon Rubin                          Dr Chris Main                                  Matthew Lloyd
                         Director                                      Associate Director (Southend)                  Associate Director (Loughton) and
                         Leon Rubin is a fellow of the Royal Society   Chris Main holds an MA in Theatre              Head of MA/MFA Theatre Directing
                         of Arts and the Royal Asiatic Society .       Practice and a PhD in Elizabethan/             After graduating from Oxford, Matthew
                         He has an Honorary Professorship of the       Jacobean Theatre from Exeter University.       went on to study at Harvard and Columbia
                         GITIS University, Moscow and Honoury             He is a Certified Teacher of stage          Universities. Whilst Artistic Director at the
                         Degree from UNATC, Budapest. He is a          combat with the BASSC, a fight examiner        Royal Exchange Theatre, Manchester his
                         former Associate at the Abbey Theatre,        for Stage Combat Germany and holds a           productions included the award-winning
                         Dublin, who began his career as Assistant     black belt in Aikido. Chris has worked for     An Experiment with an Air-Pump, and
      Prospectus 2020

                         Director at the Royal Shakespeare             many theatre companies including: the          Waiting for Godot with Richard Wilson.
                         Company and has been Artistic Director        Orange Tree, Stephen Joseph Theatre,           As Associate Director at Hampstead
                         of three major UK theatre companies           Royal & Derngate, Crucible Theatre,            Theatre his work included the multi-
                         including Bristol Old Vic. He is author of    Graeae, The Northcott, and the BBC.            award-winning The Fastest Clock in the
                         The Nicholas Nickleby Story (the making       He has directed several shows for East 15      Universe by Philip Ridley, Slavs! by Tony
                         of the RSC production) and Performance        – including a Martin Lynch premier and         Kushner and the Olivier Award winning
East 15

                         in Bali, published by Routledge. He has       has also directed numerous productions         The Lucky Ones by Charlotte Eilenberg.
                         directed productions throughout the           for the Royal Armouries at the Tower of           Freelance credits include the Olivier-
                         world, including Canada, China, Thailand,     London. He was the fight arranger for the      nominated Duet for One with Juliet
                         Japan, Greece, USA, Ireland, Chile and        feature film The Roundabout and Assistant      Stevenson and productions at the

                         Hong Kong, as well as throughout the UK.      Fight Arranger on the feature, Faintheart.     Almeida, Royal Court, the Bush, most of
                         He has also trained and lectured actors       In what feels like a past life, he performed   Britain's leading regional theatres, plus
                         and directors in Russia, Spain, Korea,        in Conquest, a series for the History          Off-Broadway and Parco Theatre, Tokyo.
                         France, Holland and the Philippines. In       Channel.
                         the last few years, he directed a series of
                         Shakespeare productions for the Stratford
                         Festival Theatre, Canada, and a major
                         Japanese theatre company, Bungaku-Za.
                         He is director of a major show in Thailand,
                         which has been performed in a 3,000 seat
                         theatre for the past 16 years. He has also
                         directed in the West End and in New York.

Andrea Brooks                                 Ensemble, Kent Opera and Welsh National          Having worked with some of the most
Head of MA Acting                             Opera. Previously Head Of Music at ALRA       exciting International companies, including
                                              he has also taught at LAMDA and City Lit.     De La Guarda, and taught at some of the
Andrea Brooks was Artistic Director
                                                                                            top drama schools in the UK, Simon
of Zygo Arts, an award-winning theatre        Steffany George
                                                                                            emigrated to Sydney in 2003, where he
and arts company working in the UK and        Head of Movement (Southend)
                                                                                            was Course Director of the Full Time
internationally, most recently in Georgia.    Steffany George has been working with         Acting Course at Actors Centre Australia.
She trained at the Drama Centre and           actors for over seventeen years; first as     In addition to over 50 shows and projects
has worked as a freelance director and        a movement director and choreographer,        he has directed and created for drama
business trainer and mentor. She is an        and most notably, teaching movement           schools, he has also worked professionally
Associate Artist at BAC, London.              for actors, coaching, and directing plays     as both a Director and Movement Director
                                              at The Stella Adler Studio of Acting in       for TV and theatre projects. As an actor he
Dr. Margaret Coldiron                         New York City. Steffany has received a        has worked at many theatres across the UK
Deputy Head of BA World Performance           commission from The Nagouchi Museum           including The Young Vic, Victoria Palace in
Margaret Coldiron is a specialist in Asian    with Topaz Arts for her own work Gone         the West End, Nottingham Playhouse, the
performance and masks. She is a member        Bye. She performed as a contemporary          West Yorkshire Playhouse, Theatre Royal,
of the Directors Guild of Great Britain and   dancer in numerous productions in             Plymouth and The Gate, Notting Hill. Simon
a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society and     both New York and Germany.                    trained at the Guildford School of Acting.
is widely published. After taking a degree
                                              Christina Gutekunst
in English and Comparative Literature she                                                   Dr Adrian James
trained as an actress at the Drama Centre.    Head of Voice
                                                                                            Course co-ordinator for Certificate
She holds an MA in Text and Performance       Christina Gutekunst has been teaching
                                              and coaching for nearly 20 years in           in HE (Southend)
Studies from King's College and RADA
and a PhD in Drama from Royal Holloway.       Germany and the UK. She trained in acting     Adrian James initially trained as an actor
    She has studied Topeng masked dance       and voice at schools in Stuttgart, Bremen     and for 12 years worked in theatre across
drama and mask carving in Bali and has        and Berlin in Germany and also in London,     England and Europe.
worked with Japanese Noh masters              and gained an MA Distinction in voice            He has taught at many of the leading
Matsui Akira (Kita school), Umewaka           studies at the Central School of Speech       British acting conservatoires, having
Naohiko (Kanze school) and Michishige         and Drama. She taught voice in various        learned his craft at East 15, working
Udaka (Kongoh school). Since 1997 she         drama schools and has been Head of            for nine years during the 1980s with
has been Associate Director of Thiasos,       Voice at East 15 since 2003.                  Margaret Bury, the founder of the school.
a theatre company specialising in                 Christina has coached for both theatre       He was the Associate Director of the
intercultural productions of ancient          such as Night Breath by Brian Oliver and      School of Acting and the Course Leader
Greek plays.                                  Sleeping Dogs by Philip Osment; and TV        of the M.A. in Acting at Arts Educational
    She has also undertaken extensive         productions such as Ant and Dec and The       for eighteen years and has taught regularly
fieldwork on masked performance in India,     Bill. She has worked as a voice over artist   at The Actors Centre and lectured at the
Sri Lanka and Thailand.                       as well as directed voice overs at Les        Dramatiska Institutet in Stockholm.
                                              Frogs and for Foreign Versions.
Stephen Douse                                     She was a founder member of Beyond        Gordon Kemp
Head of Music (Southend)                      Words Theatre Company and Re: Actors          Head of BA Acting and Stage Combat
Stephen Douse studied at the Royal            Theatre Group.                                Gordon holds an MA (Hons) in Political
Academy of Music and has been a                   Her book, Voice into Acting, is           Science from the University of Dundee
professional musician for 30 years. His       published by Bloomsbury Methuen Drama.        and a Postgraduate Diploma in Classical
work has embraced cabaret, jazz, music                                                      Acting from the London Academy of
theatre, opera and world music and he
                                              Simon Hunt                                    Performing Arts. He is a certified teacher
has made many TV and radio recordings.        Head of BA Physical Theatre                   of stage combat with both the British
He has worked throughout America,             Simon Hunt is an actor, theatre director      Academy of Stage and Screen Combat
Europe and Japan, and with companies          and acting teacher who has worked in          (BASSC) and the British Academy of
including Academy of Ancient Music and        the Performing Arts Industry for the last     Dramatic Combat (BADC) serving a 5 year
D’Oyly Carte Opera Company, Hilliard          20 years.                                     apprenticeship at Shakespeare’s Globe
Staff at East 15
      Staff at East 15

                         Theatre as part of his training. As a Fight   Dr. Tara McAllister-Viel                       Zois Pigadas
                         Director & Performer he has worked with       Head of Voice (Southend campus)                Head of Contextual Studies and Course
                         a range of venues and theatre companies
                                                                       Tara McAllister-Viel worked for some           coordinator for BA Acting (International)
                         including Riverside Studios, The Royal
                                                                       20 years as an actress, voice director         Zois Pigadas is from Athens, Greece and
                         Ballet, The Royal Opera, Shakespeare’s
                                                                       and voice-over artist.                         has studied Theatre at an undergraduate
                         Globe and Theatre Royal, Bath. He has
                                                                          Before joining East 15, she taught at       level at York University in Toronto, Canada,
                         also worked as an action performer,
                                                                       Central School of Speech and Drama and         followed by Post-Graduate Studies at
                         most recently on the TV series Vikings.
                                                                       has been Visiting Professor for Voice at       Goldsmiths College, University of London.
                         Professor Rosemary Klich                      The Korean National University of Arts,        He has been teaching actors and theatre
                         Professor of Research                         School of Drama in Seoul.                      students for more than 15 years at, among
                                                                          Voice workshop credits include:             other insitutions, E15 Acting School,
                         Rosemary specialises in multimedia,           Punchdrunk (UK), Centre for Performance        Goldsmiths College, University of Kent and
                         immersive, and participatory theatre. Prior   Research (Wales) National Drama School         Rose Bruford College. He specialises in
                         to joining East 15 in 2017, she was Head of   of Castilla and Leon (Spain), and              workshopping and devising Forum Theatre
                         Drama and Theatre at the University of        University of Halle Institut für               and has developed a methodology of
                         Kent where she taught since 2007. Her         Sprechwissenschaft und Phonetik                Active Analysis based on the teachings
                         current research investigates media,          (Germany).                                     of Jurij Alschitz.
                         sound, and spectatorship, and her                She studied a traditional Korean vocal
                         teaching expertise is in the theory and       art form called p'ansori, has published        Alex Purser
                         making of contemporary performance            several articles regarding her intercultural   Head of Stage and Production
                         practice. Her co-authored book                approach to training actors’ voices and has    Management
                         Multimedia Performance was published          presented her work at international            Alex Purser holds a BA (Hons) in Drama
                         with Palgrave in 2012 and she has since       conferences and symposiums.                    with English and an MFA in Theatre
                         published in journals such as
                                                                       Gerry McAlpine                                 Directing.
      Prospectus 2020

                         Contemporary Theatre Review,
                                                                       Head of First Year Studies and Course              He has spent the past 14 years working
                         Performance Research, International
                                                                       co-ordinator for Certificate in HE             in industry as Project, Production and/
                         Journal of Performing Arts and Digital
                                                                       (Loughton)                                     or Stage Manager in a variety of contexts
                         Media and Body Space Technology. She
                                                                                                                      including musical theatre, opera, ballet,
                         has also undertaken various practice-as-      Gerry McAlpine is an East 15 graduate
                                                                                                                      tours and events.
                         research projects working in collaboration    from the early 1970s. She worked with
                                                                                                                          Alex has worked both in the UK and
East 15

                         with performers, videographers, sound         Margaret Bury, who founded E 15, during
                                                                                                                      internationally, working on projects in
                         designers and photographers.                  the years before she retired, and is proud
                                                                                                                      China, France, Italy, Spain, Holland and
                            Rosemary holds a PhD from the              to be able to pass on her East 15 training.
                                                                                                                      Germany. His industry experience is
                         University of New South Wales in Sydney,      She worked as an actress in Canada and

                                                                                                                      varied and wide ranging from local theatre
                         Australia and has presented keynote talks     England before returning to teach at
                                                                                                                      productions, through large West End
                         at conferences and symposia in Poland,        East 15.
                                                                                                                      musicals to events at the Royal Palaces
                         Korea, Belgium and the UK.
                                                                                                                      and even a Disney Theme Park ride!
                         Ainslie Masterton
                         Head of BA Acting
                         and Community Theatre
                         Ainslie Masterton worked as an actor,
                         director and voice coach in Australia,
                         before focusing on community theatre
                         and film projects based around Sydney
                         and outback aboriginal communities.
                         Since 1998 she has been involved in actor
                         training at Bretton Hall and East 15.

Uri Roodner                                   connection. His credits as a movement          Neil Somerville
Head of BA Acting and                         director include LOVE (National Theatre,       Head of Music
                                              London), Britanicus (Wilton’s Music Hall,
Contemporary Theatre                                                                         Neil Somerville has been a Musical Director
                                              London), Doing the Idiots (National Theatre
Uri has an extensive career as a performer,                                                  and Vocal Coach for 15 years and has
                                              Studio, London), Black Battles with Dogs
director and mentor working in theatre,                                                      worked across the UK, Scandinavia and
                                              (Southwark Playhouse, London), Disco
film and TV.                                                                                 North America. He toured the UK with
                                              Dementia (Banannefabric, Luxembourg)
    He has appeared in major British                                                         The Wind In The Willows, conducted the
                                              and Romeo and Juliet (Teatro Mercadante,
theatres including The Royal Court,                                                          Scottish Premiere of Ragtime and has
National Theatre Studio and The Arts                                                         been Musical Director for award-winning
Theatre West End, and collaborated            Dr. Ramiro Silveira                            productions of Sweeney Todd, West Side
with leading companies including The          Head of BA World Performance                   Story, Oklahoma! and The 25th Annual
RSC, Gecko and The Clod Ensemble.                                                            Putnam County Spelling Bee. Many of
                                              Ramiro Silveira is a director, lecturer,       his singing students currently work in
He appeared in films by major directors       actor trainer and researcher.
such as Michael Winterbottom, Jose                                                           the West End, on cruise ships and on UK
                                                  He holds a PhD in Theatre Pedagogy -       tours. Neil regularly accompanies cabarets,
Pedilha and The Brothers Quay. He             Theatre Artist Training from University of
appeared in TV, on radio and in TV                                                           master classes and concerts with some of
                                              São Paulo (Brazil) and an MFA in Theatre       the best performers in the industry. He has
commercials in more than 15 countries,        Directing from University of Middlesex.
and worked as a documentary film maker                                                       been a visiting Portfolio Coach at London
                                              He also trained with Eugenio Barba,            School of Musical Theatre, Lecturer in
for The BBC, Channel 4 and The Discovery      Philippe Gaulier and Genadi Bogdanov.
Channel USA. His award winning Theatre                                                       Singing at Colchester Institute and Head
                                                  He is known for his innovative             of Music at Ridley Studios.
Company ‘Tottering Bipeds’ toured to          theatre rehearsal process called Theatre
many venues in Britain including The Lyric    Playground, a study of presence and            Philip Weaver
Hammersmith, Sadler’s Wells, Sheffield        relation based on rhythm, movement and         Head of BA Acting
Crucible, Edinburgh Traverse and Plymouth     multicultural references in order to inspire
Theatre Royal. The company toured abroad                                                     Philip Weaver trained at The Royal
                                              creative live theatre. Since 2001 he has
and their work was filmed for a dedicated                                                    Scottish Academy of Music and Drama and
                                              been using his technique to direct plays
BBC2 documentary.                                                                            Goldsmiths’ College, University of London.
                                              and run acting and directing workshops
    Uri’s eclectic training includes The                                                        Philip has worked as an actor and
                                              all over the world.
Drama Studio London, École Philippe                                                          director for theatres including BAC,
                                                  He works with a wide range of global
Gaulier Paris, Monika Pagneux, Pierre                                                        Birmingham Rep, Colchester Mercury,
                                              performance styles, many drawn from
Byland, Desmond Jones School and                                                             Glasgow Citizens, The Kings Head Islington,
                                              African and Brazilian Drums, Music and
the National Film School. He has taught                                                      The Lyric Hammersmith, Nottingham
actors in London, New York, Shanghai,                                                        Playhouse, The Oval House, RSC Summer
Amsterdam, Madrid and Tel-Aviv.               Robin Sneller                                  Studio, Salisbury Playhouse, The Scottish
                                                                                             Chamber Orchestra, Theatr Clwyd, Wolsey
                                              Head of MA/MFA Acting (International)
Marcin Rudy                                                                                  Ipswich and The Young Vic, as well as BBC
                                              Robin Sneller trained at East 15. He has       Radio Four. He has also worked in Holland,
Head of Movement
                                              tutored and directed at Arts Educational,      Belgium, Slovakia and Scandinavia.
Marcin is a movement director, actor and      East 15, the Royal Scottish Academy of            He is co-founder and Associate Director
lecturer in movement. Between 2000 and        Music and Drama, where he directed             of Spinning Wheel Theatre Company.
2012 he collaborated with a multi-award       Richard III, touring to the International
winning physical theatre company Song of      Shakespearean Festival in Poland, and
the Goat Theatre (Poland) as a performer/     at the Royal Welsh College of Music and
deviser. He has performed in 22 countries     Drama. As an actor he has worked in the
on 5 continents, at venues including the      West End with Sir Peter Hall in Mind Millie
Barbican, Sydney Opera House, Taipei          for Me by Feydeau, at the National Theatre,
National Theatre and La MaMa New York.        with Stephen Daldry at the Gate Theatre
After leaving the company he focussed on      and the Crucible, as well as many seasons
creating training for actors with special     at the Glasgow Citizen's Theatre and
emphasis on the physical/emotional            Edinburgh Royal Lyceum theatres.
Undergraduate study at East 15

                                                                                                                    Undergraduate study at East 15
                                                                                                                    Prospectus 2020
                                                                                                                East 15
East 15 currently offers the following courses for undergraduate students:

Loughton Campus                                              Southend Campus

• BA Acting                                                  • BA Acting and Community Theatre
• BA Acting (International)                                  • BA Acting and Stage Combat
• BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre                         • BA Physical Theatre
• BA Stage and Production Management                         • BA World Performance
•	Certificate of Higher Education                           •	Certificate of Higher Education
   in Theatre Arts                                              in Theatre Arts
                                                             • BA Creative Producing (Theatre and Short Film)
BA Acting
      BA Acting

                        Loughton Campus
                        UCAS code: W411

                        About BA Acting                                 of character. Technical
                                                                        skills, such as movement,
                        BA Acting offers a step-by-step
                                                                        voice and singing are
                        process that begins in the first year
                                                                        integrated into the work and
                        by introducing students to the basic
                                                                        students start to build their
                        methods and theories of acting
                                                                        characters independently.
                        technique in small groups, then
                                                                        They are also introduced to
                        culminates in a final professional
                                                                        screen and radio work which
                        preparation year in which students
                                                                        then runs throughout the
                        perform full-scale productions to
                                                                        second year.
                        public audiences.
                                                                           They are asked to adapt
                        Applicant information                           to the differing demands
                                                                        of project and director,
                        BA Acting provides a thorough
                                                                        encouraging them to take
                        preparation for a career in acting and aims
                                                                        responsibility for their own
                        to develop each individual student’s talent,    creative work. Students
                        extending existing skills in voice and          experience a wide variety
                        movement for professional life.                 of challenging roles from                     and self-employment, self-marketing
                                                                        nineteenth century naturalism, to             and promotion. Additionally, students
                        First Year                                                                                    undertake a showcase performance
                                                                        exploring the textual and psychological
      Prospectus 2020

                        The first year curriculum covers acting,        complexities of Shakespeare. Additionally,    which is presented in a major West
                        voice, singing, movement and contextual         through the Brecht cabaret and                End theatre for an invited audience of
                        studies. Students explore their own             Commedia dell’Arte projects, students         influential agents, casting directors, film,
                        creativity through work focussed on             learn to devise, breaking the fourth wall.    voice over, TV and theatre directors.
                        co-operation, responsiveness to others
                        and the ensemble, fostered by group-            Third Year                                    After East 15
East 15

                        shared experiences. Acting on this course       The third year requires students to           Graduates of BA Acting regularly appear
                        begins with objective self-assessment,          meet the demands they will face in            in stage, film, TV and radio productions
                        development of observational skills             professional performance industries.          throughout the world. Recent graduates
                        and imagination: recreating through

                                                                        They deliver a wide variety of plays to       have gone on to work with major
                        observation, research and improvisation.        extend their performance repertoire           companies such as the Royal National
                        First-year work ranges from individual          and work with industry professionals in       Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company,
                        character study through to larger               recorded media. Plays and performance         Shakespeare’s Globe, Manchester Royal
                        community based projects and the                projects are chosen to meet the needs         Exchange, BBC, ITV and in the West End.
                        emotional upheaval of British realism. The      of the individual group as far as possible.   Students are consistently successful in
                        first year culminates in a large scale Living   All productions demand research,              the BBC Radio Drama Carleton Hobbs
                        History Project, in which students study,       advanced skills and commitment.               competition, resulting in a professional
                        understand and live the lives of others         Theatre productions place a particular        contract. They have also been consistent
                        through periods of conflict.                    emphasis on ensemble work and actor           winners of both The John Gielgud and
                                                                        contribution. Through specialised             The Laurence Olivier Bursaries. For the
                        Second Year                                     professional development workshops            past eight years BA Acting students have
                        The second year offers a journey of             students are introduced                       represented East 15 at the Globe Theatre’s
                        maturation. The focus of study moves            to the administrative aspects of their        Sam Wanamaker Festival.
                        from improvisation to text and from the         future profession: including audition            They are known, and often cast,
                        examination of self to the exploration          technique, CV and letter writing, tax         for their courage, originality and drive!

Daniel Ezra                             Coming to East 15 was one of the best           and upon leaving, I felt confident that
                                        decisions I ever made. Growing up,              I had an immense amount of experience
Before graduating,                      I could never keep still, was always            to draw upon to help me navigate this
Daniel had                              full of energy and excitement and               daunting industry.
already been                            East 15 provided the perfect outlet.                I am incredibly proud to be an East 15
cast in two BBC                             It is a thriving institute, everyone here   graduate. We are known for our boldness,
TV productions.                         has something positive to offer and East
                                                                                        our fierce determination and commitment
His agent at                            15 allows everyone, no matter who they
Curtis Brown                                                                            to our work, anybody entering East 15
                                        are, to express themselves and contribute
reported; “His                                                                          should expect to have that commitment
                                        to their art.
tapes are some                                                                          tested on a constant basis. It is not easy,
                                            Throughout my time on the BA Acting
of the best I have ever seen and he’s   course, I was pushed far beyond my              but should you prevail the rewards are
already making a buzz in America! He    comfort zones and asked to explore areas        incredible. My career has begun like a
is one of the most committed and        of myself I hadn’t been conscious of. I fell    dream since leaving East 15 and I will be
professional drama graduates I’ve       in love with Shakespeare, tested myself         forever grateful to every student and staff
ever worked with and I really think     in a variety of forms from Commedia Dell        member for aiding me on my journey.
he’s going to have a mighty career.”    Arte to stage combat and historical dance
BA Acting (International)
      BA Acting (International)

                                  Loughton Campus
                                  UCAS code: W83A

                                                                                                                                    Technical skills, such as movement,
                                                                                                                                 voice and singing are integrated into
                                                                                                                                 the work and students start to build
                                                                                                                                 their characters independently. They are
                                                                                                                                 asked to adapt to the differing demands
                                                                                                                                 of project and director, encouraging
                                                                                                                                 them to take responsibility for their
                                                                                                                                 own creative work. Students explore
                                                                                                                                 the textual and psychological complexities
                                                                                                                                 of Shakespeare and Elizabethan Verse
                                                                                                                                 Drama. Additionally, students are
                                                                                                                                 introduced to the challenge of adapting
                                                                                                                                 their skills for film, television and radio

                                                                                                                                 Third Year
                                                                                                                                 The third year requires students to
                                                                                                                                 meet the demands they will face in
                                  About BA Acting (International)                First Year                                      professional performance industries.
      Prospectus 2020

                                  Built on the methodologies that have           The first year curriculum covers acting,        They extend their performance
                                  helped establish East 15 as one of the         voice, singing, movement and contextual         repertoire and work with industry
                                  most internationally respected drama           studies. Students explore their own             professionals in recorded media. Plays
                                  training establishments in Europe, BA          creativity through work focussed on co-         and performance projects are chosen
                                  Acting (International) is influenced by        operation, responsiveness to others and         to meet the needs of the individual
                                  the Acting course that has always been         the ensemble, fostered by group-shared          group as far as possible. All productions
East 15

                                  at the core of the school's programmes.        experiences.                                    demand research, advanced skills and
                                      It offers a step-by-step process that         Acting on this course begins with
                                                                                                                                 commitment. Theatre productions place
                                  begins by introducing students to the basic    objective self-assessment, development
                                                                                                                                 a particular emphasis on ensemble work
                                                                                 of observational skills and imagination,

                                  methods and theories of acting technique                                                       and actor contribution.
                                                                                 re-creating through observation, research
                                  in small groups and culminates in a final                                                         Through specialised professional
                                                                                 and improvisation. First-year work includes
                                  professional preparation year in which                                                         development workshops students are
                                                                                 Verbatim Theatre and Contemporary
                                  students perform full-scale productions                                                        introduced to the administrative aspects
                                                                                 Scene Study with the study of British Plays
                                  and graduate with a professionally                                                             of their future profession: including
                                                                                 from 1956 to 1978
                                  produced showreel.                                The first year culminates in a large scale   audition technique, CV and letter writing,
                                                                                 Living History Project, in which students       tax and self-employment, self-marketing
                                  Applicant information                                                                          and promotion.
                                                                                 study, understand and live the lives of
                                  BA Acting (International) not only             others through periods of conflict.                Additionally, students will undertake
                                  provides a thorough preparation for a                                                          to complete their own, professionally
                                  career in acting while aiming to develop       Second Year                                     produced, showreel
                                  each individual student’s talent, but also     The second year offers a journey of
                                  offers the added benefit to international      maturation. The focus of study moves
                                                                                                                                 After East 15
                                  students of gaining invaluable insights into   from improvisation to text and from the         Graduates of East 15 regularly appear
                                  British culture and its influences on the      examination of self to the exploration of       in stage, film, TV and radio productions
                                  global stage.                                  character.                                      throughout the world.

Miguel Angelo
This course
benefits from a
clash of cultures,
a clash of stories
and a clash of
   Working in an
environment with
great talented people has pushed me as
a creative being and person, in striving
to be better. The struggles they had to
go through, has motivated me. Their
skills as artists, unique to their native
countries has inspired me in my own
work. First two years of skills and acting
teaching, alongside incredible tutors and
teachers, has prepared me to face one
of our final projects: The IF festival. This
event allows you to explore your skills
not only as an actor but also a writer
and director. Being able to be part of
that, with such an amazing group of
people and artists, has been a rewarding
experience that reflects the quality of
the course and my amazing classmates.
For that I’m grateful.
BA Acting and Community Theatre
      BA Acting and Community Theatre

                                        Southend Campus
                                        UCAS code: W496

                                        About BA Acting and
                                        Community Theatre
                                        This course is for students who believe
                                        theatre is for all and wish to train for
                                        a career in theatre practice focused in
                                        the community.
                                           BA Acting and Community Theatre
                                        graduates will be professional performers
                                        who also have additional skills as
                                        workshop leaders and project managers,
                                        with the musical, technical, video and
                                        web-based experience needed for
                                        community theatre practice today.

                                        Applicant Information
                                        BA Acting and Community Theatre is a
                                        dynamic and active course for people
                                        who want to influence their world
                                        through theatre. In an intensely practical,
      Prospectus 2020

                                        professionally-oriented course, a broad
                                        range of acting, performance and
                                        workshop facilitation skills are developed
                                        through projects with people in the
                                        local community and in partnership with       singing skills is offered across the three       justice system, develop a political theatre
                                        leading external organisations. This is       years.                                           project, a site-specific performance
East 15

                                        a professional route into the world of                                                         and create their own community play.
                                        participatory theatre in which actors can     Second Year                                      Students further develop their skills in
                                        create theatre for, with, and about the       Second year students work in conjunction         the production, marketing and evaluation
                                        communities in which they will live.          with practicing professionals to create          of projects. Students work extensively

                                                                                      theatre based on the stories of local            with communities and professionals
                                        First Year                                    people, make new work with young                 throughout their training, making for
                                        The first year curriculum embraces acting     people, make and edit videos, learn              a seamless transition to a professional
                                        technique, voice, singing, movement and       clowning, puppetry and circus skills             career. At the end of the year, students
                                        contextual studies. Students explore their    and develop workshop facilitation                showcase their graduation projects
                                        creativity through work that explores self    skills. Students also manage our annual          to theatre companies and industry
                                        and responsiveness to others.                 Southend Street Theatre Festival.                professionals.
                                           Acting on this course begins with          During this year students are also
                                        objective self-assessment, development        placed with a professional company               After East 15
                                        of observational skills and imagination,      as an intern to develop an understanding         Since the course was established
                                        recreating through observation, research      of the community theatre industry and            in 2005, graduates have worked as
                                        and improvisation. First year work begins     to forge professional links.                     actors, project leaders and facilitators in
                                        with individual character study, develops                                                      communities all over the world. Several
                                        through study and adaptation and              Third Year                                       companies formed by graduates are now
                                        culminates in the Living History project.     In this year, students help facilitate theatre   well established, respected and funded in
                                           Development of voice, movement and         projects in health, social services and the      an increasingly competitive industry.

Ashton Owen                          Theatre companies including, Quantum        Omnibus Theatre won an Off West End
                                     Theatre, Divergent, Stratford Circus,       Award. Being a part of this show wouldn’t
The BA Acting                        Omnibus Theatre, Little Angel Theatre,      have been possible if I wasn’t given the
and Community                        Theatre-Rites and ITV. This course          opportunity to learn the skill of puppetry.
Theatre course                       introduced me to skills I never knew        I couldn’t have been happier with my three
encourages you                       I had, one of which includes puppetry.      years at East 15. The tutors will support
to use theatre as                    I have now worked with two established      you during your training and beyond!
a tool to enrich                     puppetry theatre companies, Little Angel    I highly recommend this course if you
people’s lives.                      Theatre and Theatre Rites. Our show         want to become a well-rounded artist.
    Since graduating                 Zeraffa Giraffa which was a co-production
I have worked with a number of TV/   between Little Angel Theatre and
BA Acting and
      BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre

                                           Contemporary Theatre
                                           Loughton Campus
                                           UCAS code: W441

                                                                                        Applicant information                           plays, devised shows, physical comedy
                                                                                        The BA Acting and Contemporary Theatre          and short films. Preparation for post-
                                                                                        course strives to respond to emerging           training career is given such as guidance
                                                                                        industry demands with an immediate and          in forming companies as well as casting
                                                                                        dynamic methodology. It offers eclectic         exercises.
                                                                                        teaching inspired by Lecoq, Grotowski, Boal         Opportunities are given to stage
                                                                                        and their followers. The training is tailored   students’ work in the public arena
                                                                                        around multi-talented performers wishing        including a showcase event for agents,
                                                                                        to experiment, explore and participate fully    producers and casting directors.
                                                                                        in the creative process.                        After East 15
                                                                                            A unique policy of specialisation allows
                                                                                        some students to expand in such roles           Alumni of the BA Acting and Contemporary
                                                                                        as actor/musician, actor/writer, actor/         Theatre course are participating in the
                                                                                        choreographer and so on.                        industry not only as actors in theatre, film
                                                                                                                                        and TV, but also by staging their own work
                                                                                        First Year                                      to audiences worldwide. Recent graduates
                                                                                        During the first year students share their      have gone on to work with major
                                                                                        work with peers on the parallel BA Acting       companies such as The National Theatre,
                                                                                        courses, following the traditional East 15      Complicite, Cirque Du Soleil, The Globe,
                                           About BA Acting and
                                                                                        training and focus on the development of        Frantic Assembly, BBC and ITV.
      Prospectus 2020

                                           Contemporary Theatre                                                                            A highlight of the graduate year is
                                                                                        methodical characterisation based on the
                                           This course is renowned not only as an       work of Stanislavski.                           the staging of the acclaimed Debut
                                           innovative and highly influential training      Attention is given to knowledge of self      Festival, dedicated to staging new work
                                           program but also as a creative hub that      and the development of a neutral starting       written, directed, devised and performed
                                           produces original, bold theatrical work.     point as part of rehearsal process and          by students. Many past works have
                                           Alumni are known in the industry as          preparation. Classes are given regularly in     transferred to professional production and
East 15

                                           versatile actors who can join a creative     voice, singing, movement and research.          some major awards received by graduates
                                           process as innovative partners.              These will continue throughout the course.      including: ‘Spotlight Best Actor’, ‘Scotsman
                                              The BA Acting and Contemporary                                                            Fringe First’, ‘Eddies Comedy Award’, ‘Sky
                                           Theatre course offers a unique and           Second Year                                     Arts’, ‘Olivier Bursary’, ‘Soho Theatre Young

                                           highly challenging pathway dedicated         During the second year the focus                Writer of the Year’, ‘BFI Best Short Film’,
                                           to training multi-talented actors who        shifts to familiarisation with form and         ‘BBC Films Screenplay First’ and ‘Cape
                                           have the competencies necessary to           style. Students experiment with visual          Town Best Play’ and ‘Total Theatre Award
                                           create vital new work and to realise         impression, contemporary text, Commedia         for innovation’.
                                           their own artistic inclinations. This        Dell’Arte, the theatrical clown, script            Most recently, alumni and theatre
                                           approach is underpinned by a philosophy      writing, music and parody.                      companies formed on this course have
                                           that sees the actor as an independent,           They explore the relationship between       been staging original work in major venues
                                           creative and entrepreneurial ‘artist’.       film and theatre as well as theatre as a tool   including: The Royal National Theatre,
                                           While developing their skills as actors,     for social change, and the year ends with a     The Royal Shakespeare Company, BAC,
                                           students experiment with European            site-specific production of a classical text.   Birmingham Rep, Manchester Royal
                                           physical theatre, devising, creative                                                         Exchange, National Theatre of Wales,
                                           writing, composition and cross-media art.    Third Year                                      Soho Theatre and West Yorkshire
                                           The training relates in methodology to       The final year focuses primarily on staging     Playhouse. Work created in this course has
                                           contemporary international companies         new work. Led by visiting practitioners         also been staged Australia, Belgium, Cyprus
                                           such as Complicite, the Schaubühne and       from the industry, students develop ideas       Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Mexico, Poland,
                                           the Wooster Group.                           and produce their own work including new        South Africa and the USA.
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