Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University

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Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
Non-medical masks/face coverings
will be required in common areas
such as Lowenberger and Quarry View
laundry rooms, Market Hall, and when
entering Brock University buildings.
They are also required in any other
circumstances when physical
distancing cannot be achieved.
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
                                                                                                                                Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19 by making a
conscious effort to keep a physical distance between each
other. Social distancing is proven to be one of the most effective
ways to reduce the spread of illness during an outbreak.
With patience and cooperation, we can all do our part.
This means making changes in your everyday routines to
minimize close contact with others.

                   AVOID:                                           LIMIT:                                              KEEP A
 handshake-alt     • Non-essential gatherings
                   • Common greetings, such
                     as handshakes
                                                       house-user   Contact with people
                                                                    at higher risk like
                                                                    older adults and
                                                                                                        people-arrows   DISTANCE:
                                                                                                                        Of at least 2 arms lengths
                                                                                                                        (approx. 2 metres) from
                   • Crowded places such                            those in poor health                                others, as much as
                     as concerts, arenas,                                                                               possible
                     conferences and festivals

Proper hygiene can help reduce the risk of infection or
spreading infection to others.
Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least
20 seconds, especially after using the washroom and
when preparing food. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizer
if soap and water are not available.

                   WHEN COUGHING OR                                                       CLEAN HIGH-TOUCH
 head-side-cough   SNEEZING:
                   • Cough or sneeze into a tissue or the
                                                                          hand-sparkles   SURFACES FREQUENTLY
                                                                                          with regular household cleaners or diluted
                     bend of your arm, not your hand                                      bleach (1 part bleach to 9 parts water):

                   • Dispose of any tissues you have used as
                     soon as possible in a lined waste basket                             robot TOYS toilet TOILET mobile-android PHONES
                     and wash your hands afterwards
                   • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, or
                                                                                               door-closed DOOR            BEDSIDE
                                                                                                           HANDLES bed-alt TABLES

                     mouth with unwashed hands                                            laptop ELECTRONICS tv-alt TV REMOTES

Niagara Region                                                                    Student Health Services
COVID-19 Info-Line                                                                905 688 5550 x3243
                                                                                  (closed for face to face services)
905-688-8248 press 7
Toll-free: 1-888-505-6074                                                                                       
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
home Welcome
                     The Department of Residences works hard to facilitate the

                     successful “sleep, study and social life” for all residence students.
                     To do this, we balance residents’ needs to ensure that high quality
                     of life and academic success are the goals we reach by the end of
                     our students’ time here in residence.

                     We acknowledge the land on which we gather is the traditional
    mountains        territory of the Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe peoples, many
                     of whom continue to live and work here today. This territory
                     is covered by the Upper Canada Treaties and is within the land
                     protected by the Dish with One Spoon Wampum agreement.
                     Today this gathering place is home to many First Nations,
                     Metis and Inuit peoples and acknowledging reminds us that our
                     great standard of living is directly related to the resources and
                     friendship of Indigenous people.
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
                                                                                                                     Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Contents                                                                                Lingo
1................................................. COVID-19 Information                 BUSU
2	������������������������������������������������������������������������� Welcome     Brock University’s Student Union
4	������������������������������������������������������������ Important Dates          H/H/C/B
5...................................................... Tips for Move-in Day            House, Hall, Court, Block
5-6............................................... Move-in Day Schedule                 (Depicting the communities within residence)
7	��������������������������������������������������������������Where Do I Go?          Keys
8	������������������������������������������������������������������ What to Pack       Your student ID card or a physical key depending
                                                                                        on your living style
9........................................................... What Not to Pack
9.........................................................Contents Insurance
                                                                                        North Service Desk (Closest for DeCew, Vallee, Earp,
10.................................................Decorating Your Room                 Quarry View and Lofts 9)
10....................................................Typical Room Layout
11	������������������������������������������������������������ Welcome Week            Residence Community Standards (Policies in place
11	���������������������������������������������������������������Receiving Mail        within residence that students must follow)
12.............................................. Residence Service Desks                Semi-Suite Residence
13................................................... Brock Dining Services             Single bedroom sharing a bathroom with another
13	������������������������������������������������������������������������� Res Tech   Single/Double room (Lowenberger, Vallee, and Earp)
14	�����������������������������������������������������������Residence Basics          SSD
15.......................................Residence Life Student Staff                   South Service Desk (Closest for Lowenberger and Village)
15..............................Residence Community Standards                           Swipe
16	������������������������������������������������������������ IR Notifications        Your student ID card that swipes into your building/
16	������������������������������������������������������������������ Quiet Hours       room through a magnetic strip
16	�����������������������������������������������������������������Guest Sign In       Tap
17-18.......................................... Maintenance Problems                    Your student ID card that taps into your building/
                                                                                        room through proxy
19........................................ Lost Key(s) or student Card
                                                                                        Townhouse Residence
19...................................... Replacing Your Student Card
                                                                                        Non-Traditional Residence where students live in a
20-21	���������������������������������������������Smoking on Campus                    townhouse (Village & Quarry View)
21-25	���������������������������������������������������������������Fire Safety
                                                                                        Traditional Residence
26-29	�����������������������������������������������Cleaning Standards                 Single/Double rooms sharing a common bathroom
30............................................... Garbage and Recycling                 within a community (DeCew)
31.....................................................Heating and Cooling              Suite Residence
32	���������������������������������������������������������� Laundry Services          Single rooms sharing two common bathrooms,
33............................... Getting Along with Roommates                          kitchen and living room(Lofts 9)
33...................................... Damage Charges and Billing
34	����������������������������������������������������������������Winter Break               From time to time, edits and/or changes
34	������������������������������������������������������������April Move Out                 to this document are required throughout
34.............................Early Withdrawal from Residence                                the year. The most up-to-date version of
                                                                                              this document can be found online.
35	����������������������������������������������������������������������Resources
36-60......................Residence Community Standards
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

 Important Dates
    Sept. 6                      Residence move in
    Sept. 7                      Labour Day – Residences Open, University closed

    Sept. 9                      First Day of Fall/Winter classes
    Sept. 11                     Deadline for reporting discrepancies with Unit/Room Inventory and Condition
                                 Reports to NSD or SSD by 4:30p.m.

    Oct. 5 - 8                   First round of Townhouse Unit Inspections [tentative]
    Oct. 12 - 16                 Fall reading week - Residences open, University open

    Nov. 30 - Dec 3              Second round of Townhouse Unit Inspections [tentative]
    Dec. 8                       Last day of lectures for Fall Term, duration two courses

    Dec. 10 - 22                 Exam period. Residence students MUST leave residence no later than 12 noon
                                 the day following their last exam.

    Dec. 23 @ Noon               Residences close for winter break

    Dec. 23 - Jan 3              Residences closed for winter break. Winter break inspections
                                 (no secondary or formal inspection sheet).

    Jan. 3 @ Noon                Residences re-open for the winter term

    Jan. 4                       First day of winter term for Undergraduate programs

    January                      Deadline to apply to be a Don for 2021-22 - TBA

    Feb. 1 - 5                   Third round of Townhouse Unit Inspections [tentative]
    Feb. 15                      Family Day - Residences open, University closed

    Feb. 15 - 19                 Winter reading week - Residences open, no classes will be held in Undergraduate
                                 programs, University open.

    Mar. 22 - 26                 Fourth round of Townhouse Unit Inspections [tentative]

    Apr. 5                       Last day of Fall/Winter sessions for duration one and three classes

    Apr. 8 - 21                  Final Exam Period. Residence students MUST leave residence no later than 12 noon
                                 the day following their last exam.

    End of June                  If damages are found following move-out, billing will be processed through your student
                                 account and email notification will be sent to your Brock email account with charges.
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
                                                                                          Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Tips for
Move-in Day
• Check your Brock e-mail account for information           • Welcome week events (mostly virtual) will be
  and bring your move-in day parking permit (will be          occurring throughout week, follow
  e-mailed late in the week prior to move-in).                @BrockResidences for more information.
• Check-in takes place in one hour time slots (see          • Ensure that individuals coming along with you
  Move-in Schedule on page 6). In order to allow for          [max of 2] to St. Catharines that are planning to
  physical distancing, there will be no volunteers to         stay overnight, book accommodations early!
  assist with move-in.                                        There are no guests allowed in residence.
• Only one vehicle per student is permitted. If you

                                                            Move-in Day
  need to bring two, we ask that you unload one
  vehicle with the items and park the second in
  long term parking for the day upon arrival.
• There will be a limit of 2 helpers per student
  [preferably from your social circle] to assist you
  in moving in your items on move-in day.
• Please have your Government issued ID in hand.
                                                            To manage large volume of traffic and crowding in
  We will use your ID to validate the information on
                                                            unloading areas of residence, we have assigned
  your student card. Should no errors be present, you
                                                            move-in times based on locations of residence rooms.
  will receive your Brock Card. Should there be errors/
  falsification of identity, a replacement card will have   Ex: VIL 503 C move-in time 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.;
  to be made and a $35 fee will apply. Please return           VIL 504 A move-in time 1 p.m. - 2 p.m.
  back to this checkpoint within the next 2 hours to
  obtain your replacement card. If you have not yet         Please refer to the chart (on page 6) for your
  uploaded your photo through the online student            designated move-in times!
  card submission process, please do so at this time        If you will be arriving later than 4 p.m., you
  ( Please return back to this           must inform the Residence Admissions office at
  checkpoint within the next 2 hours to obtain     for us to guarantee your space in
  your card.                                                residence. All late arrivals must check-in at the
• Visit our website at to print         NSD or SSD.
  move-in day maps and instructions for easy                No early arrivals are permitted.
• Ensure all your items are securely packed
  (preferably in boxes) with your name, as well
  as your building and room number/letter                       For more information on
  (eg. John Smith VIL 1115B)                                    Move in Day, please visit:
• Please do not pack your items in garbage bags –
  they could get mistaken for actual garbage!         
• Please do not bring family pets. Pets are not                 move-in-day
  allowed to enter residence buildings.
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Move-in Day Schedule
 Residence                       Residence room/townhouse           Time
 Quarry View                     Even numbered units – B bedrooms   9 - 10 a.m.
 Quarry View                     Odd numbered units – B bedrooms    10 - 11 a.m.
 Quarry View                     Even numbered units – C bedrooms   11 a.m. - 12 NOON
 Quarry View                     Odd numbered units – C bedrooms    12 NOON - 1 p.m.
 Quarry View                     Even numbered units – A bedrooms   1 - 2 p.m.
 Quarry View                     Odd numbered units – A bedrooms    2 - 3 p.m..

 Village                         Even numbered units – C bedrooms   9 - 10 a.m.
 Village                         Odd numbered units – C bedrooms    10 - 11 a.m.
 Village                         Even numbered units – B bedrooms   11 a.m. - 12 NOON
 Village                         Odd numbered units – B bedrooms    12 NOON - 1 p.m.
 Village                         Even numbered units – A bedrooms   1 - 2 p.m.
 Village                         Odd numbered units – A bedrooms    2 - 3 p.m.
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

                                                                                                            Lot K
                                                                                                             Lot J

                                                                       Lot H
                                                                                                       en   ce Rd                                                                                                                     Lot QV
                                                                       Lot G                     Resid

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Quarry View Residence

                                                                                                                                                                   Res 8
                                                                                                                                    Vallee                                             Lot M

                                                      Lot F                                                                                                                                                             Glenridge Entrance
                                                      Lot R

                                             Lot Q

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Lot EA
                                                                                                                                                                               Lot E

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Glenridge Ave.
                                                     University Rd. West                University Rd. East
                        Lot P
                                                                                                                                        Reserved Lot A

                                                                                                                Flora Egeter Way
                                                                  Lot D
                                                                 Visitor                                                                              Zone 1
                        1                                        Parking                                                                         Long Term Parking                                                                           ck
                                                6       Lot B                                                                                                                                                                            Bro
                                  eR                                                                                                                                                                                               Isaac
               2                g                                                                                                                                                                                            Sir
                            lla          5                                                                                                   Sir Isaac Brock Way Blvd.
                         Vi                                                                                                                           Entrance
              11        3
                                                                                                                                    Isaac Brock Blvd. North

                                                                                                                                                                                               Merritville Highway
                   10                                7                          Theal                   Isaac Brock Blvd. South

                                    9            8

                                                                                                                                         Construction         Construction
             Village Residence                                         Zone 3
                                                                                             ro   Rd.
                                                                 Long Term Parking                                 n
        Lowenberger Residence                                                                                 ctio

Where Do I Go?                                                                                                                     South Side (Village)
                                                                                                                                   Enter campus through the Sir Issac Brock Way
                                                                                                                                   entrance. Vehicles will be directed toward residence
1. When you arrive on campus, look for a colour                                                                                    & unloading zones based on room assignments. After
   coded sign with your residence name on it at one                                                                                unloading, you will immediately move your vehicle to
   of the two entrances to campus.                                                                                                 Long Term Parking (Zone 3 or Zone 1).
2. Follow signs through the internal Brock roads to
   the closest unloading zone to your residence.                                                                                   Quarry View
3. While unloading, have your printed parking permit                                                                               Turn onto John Macdonnel St. from either entrance.
   visible on the dash of your car. NOTE: The driver                                                                               Unloading zones will be available surrounding the
   must remain with the vehicle at all times.                                                                                      building. After unloading, you will immediately move
4. While the driver is with the vehicle, you, your ID, and                                                                         your vehicle to Long Term Parking across the street
   Informed Consent Form will go to the designated                                                                                 (Lot EA).
   registration table to be given your keys for the year!
   You will sign that you have received the correct keys                                                                           Registration
   for your room, and you will also sign the Residence                                                                             Village - At the entrance to your court area
   Agreement. If you were under 18 when you applied                                                                                Quarry View - In your block area
   to residence, you will need a guardian’s signature for
   the Residence Agreement signing.
                                                      TIP: As long as your room is attended, you may want
5. Take your keys and head on over to your room/unit. to leave your door open so that you can meet your
6. After the car is fully unloaded, the driver has to floor or house mates! Make sure you do not leave your
   move the car to the LONG TERM PARKING LOT.         door propped unless you are present in your room, as
   There will be several signs around campus.         that is a safety and fire hazard!
Residence Townhouse 2020-2021 - Brock University
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

What to Pack
What’s in my Room?                                        • Personal toiletries (soap, toothpaste, shampoo,
    Room inventory and Condition Report                     bandaids etc.)

   Bed, mattress & zippered mattress protector            • Reusable mugs/cups, plates, bowls, and utensils
(twin size)                                               • Cleaning supplies (bedroom/bathroom/kitchen as
    Dresser & closet space or wardrobe                      needed by your style of residence)

    Desk & Chair                                          • Small fan (without a heater function)

    Small garbage can & recycling bin                     • Maximum 5 cubic feet fridge with NO separate
                                                            exterior freezer compartment AVAILABLE TO RENT
    Book Shelf                                              THROUGH
    Window coverings/blinds                               COVID19 Related recommendations:
    Wifi                                                  • Personal protective equipment (face masks, hand
What’s in my Bathroom?                                      soap/sanitizer, gloves)
    Room Inventory and Condition Report                   • Thermometer
    Small garbage can                                     • Disinfectant supplies
    Shower Curtain                                        • Personal documents (health card, photo ID, etc.)

**Upon checking in, you will find yellow carbon copies
of your unit, room, and washroom inventory and
condition report. You should review these carefully,
as the information will be used to assess damage and
missing items upon your move-out, for which you
could be financially responsible. Any discrepancies you
find must be reported to your Service Desk (preferably
by calling) before 4:30 p.m. on Fri, Sept 11th. Ensure
you check it and hand in the bottom for a chance
to win $50 in Flex Dollars

Some Ideas of What to Bring
• Personal ID items & Brock ID student card
• School supplies
• Laptop/computer and accessories (printers must
  connect via cable or bluetooth)
• Desk lamp
• CSA approved surge protected power bar
• Bed linens, pillows, and comforter
  (you can order online at
• Clothes hangers
                                                          For a complete list of approved/accepted
• Laundry bag/bin, detergent, and dryer sheets            items we suggest, please visit:
• Towels and facecloths                         
                                                                                         Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

What NOT                                                    Contents
to Pack                                                     Insurance
For your safety and comfort, please do not bring            It is important to know that you are responsible for
the following to residence:                                 insuring your own belongings. Brock University is NOT
                                                            responsible or liable (directly or indirectly) for your
• Mattresses (these are already provided)
                                                            belongings should they become damaged or if they
• Candles, incense, or wax/oil lamps (including             are stolen. Content insurance is insurance that pays
  the plug-in kind)                                         for damage to, or loss of, an individual’s possessions
• Pets (not even as visitors!)                              while they are located within that individual’s home.
• Certain appliances, see              As per the Residence Agreement, students are
  important-information/allowable-appliances                required to have contents insurance. In August
• Space heaters (including fans that have a                 students will be billed $32.40 for insurance for the
  heating function)                                         fall term. Students who have their own insurance
                                                            may opt out of this insurance plan by completing
• Beer, ciders, and any similar beverage in any
                                                            an online form indicating their policy information
  type of glass bottle (cans only!)
                                                            and the fee will be removed from their account,
• Large volume alcohol containers (Kegs, “bubbas”, Texas    otherwise students will be enrolled in the insurance
  mickeys, etc - see the RCS for details), or alcohol-      program facilitated by Marsh Insurance for Brock. A
  related paraphernalia (i.e. funnels, beer pong tables).   second charge of $32.40 will be placed on student
• Ashtrays (all residences are non-smoking)                 accounts in December for the winter term premium.
                                                            More information on the plan can be found at
• Room alteration or repair materials (paint, nails,
  window treatments, wallpaper, putty, etc.)
• The university will provide double sided sticky tabs
  to all residence students at no cost. The use of any
  other adhesive material on residence walls/property
  (i.e. scotch tape, sticky tack, duct tape, etc.) will
  result in damage charges should it damage the wall
  surface or remove paint.
• Firearms, knives, ammunition, items intended to
  resemble firearms, simulated weapons, fireworks, or
  other explosive/ flammable devices and any other
  weapon or item that is created/intended/used to
  cause harm or could be seen as intimidating.
• Anything of an illegal nature (illegal, prescription,
  and/or non-prescription drugs for recreational
  purposes and/or drug paraphernalia, underage
  cannabis possession etc.)
• Sub woofers and amps are not permitted due to
  noise restrictions.
• Items/furniture not listed on the “Allowable
  Furnishings” page, see
Note: Prohibited items will be confiscated and/
or you will be asked to have them returned home.
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Decorating                                                                            • Students are not permitted to paint or wallpaper
                                                                                        anywhere within residence.
                                                                                      • Decorative strings of lights/LED light strips are

Your Room                                                                               allowed but may only be on when the student is
                                                                                        present and in a way that does not violate any other
                                                                                        sections of the RCS. They must be hung with Brock
                                                                                        provided stickies.
The Department of Residences understands that
decorating is important in making your room and                                       • Decorations should not impede the function of the door.
unit feel like home. The Department of Residences                                     • Due to fire regulations, students are only permitted to
reserves the right to remove objectionable/                                             have a ‘door tag’ (usually provided by the Residence
inappropriate materials/writing even if in an approved                                  Life Staff) and a wipeable memo board on their
area. Below is a guideline of what is and is not                                        bedroom doors. Any other door decorating is not
allowed in residence. Please note posters and pictures                                  permitted as per the St. Catharines Fire Department.
are all acceptable as long as they do not violate the
Residence Community Standards and are put up with
the double-sided sticky pads that are provided to
students. Just remember these rules:                                                  Typical Room
• Only decorate within your bedroom.
• Posters and pictures are all acceptable as long as
  they do not violate the Residence Community
  Standards.                                   Quarry View         Residence
                                                           These layouts can be found online under
• All items must be hung with the sticky padsTypical       each
                                                provided        building page at:
  to you in your move-in envelope. If you run out, stop    buildings-and-amenities/residences
   by the Service Desk to pick up more.
• Do not alter any part of your residence by drilling
  holes, or nailing/thumb tacking any items to your
  walls or furniture.
• Decorations cannot be placed over light fixtures or
  lamps, on or over fire safety equipment (conduits
  running on wall/ceiling), near stoves or over heating,
  ventilation, and air conditioning vents.
• Two house plants are permitted per resident as
  long as they are maintained. Plants must be smaller
  than 18” in height. Only artificial Christmas trees                                      Village Residence
  are permitted in residence. Dried leaves, branches,                                      Typical single rooms
  straw, corn husks, cannabis plants etc. are also not
  permitted in residence.
• Students are not permitted to install their
  own additional fixtures (lights, ceiling fans, air
                                              Before checking out of residence these diagrams and                        • All doors and drawers should open fully, without hitting anything.
  conditioners, satellite dishes, antennas, etc)      or MUST be followed as closely as possible.
                                              bullet points                                                              • All furniture should be reasonably accessible.
                                              Failure to follow the points and diagrams may result in
  substitute Brock University’s with their own.
                                              financial consequences upon departure, regardless of how
                                              the room was arranged upon arrival or during your stay.
                                                                                                                         • The bed platform must be put back to its correct height.
                                                                                                                           There are two black lines on the foot board; place the bed
                                                                                                                           platform between these lines.

• Writing, chalking, drawing, or marking on any
                                              For moresurface
                                                       information please see the End of Term Noticed.
                                                                                                                         • Light switches and blind cords must not be blocked by furniture.
                                                                                                                         • All ports and outlets should be reasonably accessible.

  other than white boards, chalkboards, room mirrors                                                                     • Vents and grills must not be blocked/covered for proper heat/air flow.
                                                                                                                         • The telephone and cord must be able to reach the desk.

  or inside windows, and student room message boards                                                                     • The furniture must not be placed in a way that blocks access to the

  is not permitted and is considered vandalism. Any                                                                      • All furniture must be placed back in its original location.

  costs to remove these products from the inappropriate
  surfaces will be billed back to the student/unit
  occupants as outlined in the damages section.

                                                                                       Before checking out of residence these diagrams and           • All doors and drawers should open fully, without hitting anything.
                                                                                       bullet points MUST be followed as closely as possible.        • All furniture should be reasonably accessible.
                                                                                       Failure to follow the points and diagrams may result in       • The bed platform must be put back to its correct height.
                                                                                        Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Welcome Week
Brock University Students’ Union (BUSU), along
with partnering divisions on the Welcome Week
Planning Committee, work hard to organize and
plan an exciting, unique, and welcoming week for
each year that creates memories to last a lifetime!
This year events will be mostly virtual happening
throughout the week. Take full advantage of
this experience to meet other students and get
acquainted with the campus! Check out the Brock
University Welcome Week website
orientation or follow @BrockResidences to find out
more about all events and services provided during
Welcome Week.

NOTE: There are no guests permitted in residences.
Please see the RCS for more information

Receiving Mail
in Residence                                              Where do I pick up my mail?
                                                          Village mailboxes:
What is my mailing address while living                   Lowenberger main lobby
in residence?                                             Quarry View mailboxes: Receives mail & packages
How to write your address:     Village Example:           through Post Canada, and superboxes are located
Student Name                   Jane Doe                   directly in front of Quarry View.
Unit or Room # and Letter      Unit 214, Room D
Residence Building Name        Village Residence
Brock University
                                                          Where do I pick up my packages?
                               Brock University
                                                          If you receive a package on campus, the package will
1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way       1812 Sir Isaac Brock Way
                                                          be received at the SSD (excluding Quarry view). Once
St. Catharines, ON             St. Catharines, ON
                                                          it arrives, the Service Desk will email you a notification
L2S 3A1                        L2S 3A1
                                                          to pick-up your package to your Brock email. Students
                                                          MUST show student ID, have their package number,
What if I live in Quarry View?                            and sign when picking up packages.
Your mailing address is different compared to the other
residences. Please USE the following template for your    Village: South Service Desk
mailing address:                                          Quarry View: If your package is too large to fit in the
                                                          package box in the Super mailbox, you will have to go
Student Name                                              off campus to a Canada Post to pick up your package.
Unit # and Room Letter                                    Alternatively, if you address your package with your
Quarry View Residence                                     name and only the North Service Desk at 1812 Sir Isaac
51 John Macdonell Street                                  Brock Way, your package will be delivered on campus.
St. Catharines, ON                                        Once it is received by the NSD, you will receive an
L2T 4E4                                                   email notification to pick up your package.
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Service Desks
North Service Desk: x3706                               By Phone:
(Serves Quarry View residents)                          Village:
Located in the lobby of Earp Residence                  Call 905-688-5550 x4311 from your phone
South Service Desk: x4311                               Call 905-688-5550 x3706 from your phone
(Serves Village residents)                              By Email:
Located in the lobby of Lowenberger Residence           Village:
Service Desk Staff are here to help 24 hours a day/     QV:
7 days a week. The Service Desk Staff will be able to   Email
answer your questions or will point you in the right
direction. They also provide the necessary follow-up,   In Person:
including the dispatch of on-duty residence staff to    (Note: physical distancing rules will be in effect
handle concerns.                                        at the desks.)
The Service Desks are responsible for providing         Go to the SSD located in the main lobby of
administrative services which include: providing        Lowenberger Residence
keys & swipes for lockouts, calls for assistance from
Residence Life Staff, calls for emergency assistance    QV:
when needed (Ambulance, Fire, and Police),              Go to the NSD located in the lobby of Earp Residence
answering questions for residents and guests, taking
maintenance requests, signing guests in, and sorting    • The most efficient way to report maintenance
mail and packages - the Service Desks are the first       is phone
response for most concerns and questions within
our residences.                                         • Don’t wait to report maintenance issues. Report
                                                          them as soon as they occur, as most repairs are
If you have a question or concern of a sensitive          made during normal business hours (Monday-Friday
nature, please note that the Service Desks provide        8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m.).
confidential assistance and cannot give out any         • Please be aware that problems are prioritized and
student information (phone numbers, room numbers,         are usually responded to within three to five business
etc.) to ANYONE. This includes friends, parents and       days. Students will be sent a confirmation of the
other departments in the University.                      report to their email.
                                                        • Any Internet, cable, or phone problems should be
How to Report a Maintenance Report
                                                          reported directly to Information Technology Services
When maintenance is requested, you are authorizing
                                                          at x4357 or via email to
a Brock University staff member or authorized
contractor to enter your room/unit without further      • The ITS Help Desk is located within the Campus
notification being given.                                 Bookstore and the Computer Commons.
                                                        • Whenever Brock University staff enter a room or
To report a maintenance concern you should contact
                                                          unit, if they find a violation of the RCS they must
the appropriate Service Desk in one of three ways;
                                                          document it.
                                                        • Whenever Brock University staff enter a room or
                                                          unit, if they find a violation of the RCS they must
                                                          document it.
                                                                                             Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Brock Dining                                                  a MAC address for the device and submit a helpdesk ticket
                                                              so ITS can give the device network access.

                                                              Please visit for step by step
                                                              instructions on how to connect to the wireless system
                                                              with your gaming consoles and other devices.

All students living in residence are required to have         Printers
a meal plan.                                                  Only printers that have bluetooth or USB cable
                                                              connections will function in residence
For up to date information about dining at Brock
University including meal plan information, hours             Email Set Up
of operations, and frequently asked questions visit           Full & up to date information regarding student                                    e-mail can be found online at:
For food allergies or dietary information please email        office-365-student-access
Chef Nick Paulino at
                                                              Common Area Phones
                                                              Telephones are available for student use in townhouse
                                                              living rooms. The phones can be used for on campus
                                                              or local calling. If you dial “0” on the common area
                                                              phones in residence you will be connected to your
                                                              Service Desk.

                                                              Cable TV in Residence
                                                              Cable TV is provided in townhouse living rooms
                                                              (Village and Quarry View). There is no cable in
                                                              residence bedrooms. For those in Village and Quarry
                                                              View Residence who would like to bring their own TV,
                                                              please note that Brock is supporting standard CATV
                                                              frequencies. This means that when you are setting up
                                                              your TV, you will need to set the input to Cable TV. If
                                                              you have an older model TV which does not support
                                                              this, you will need a converter box, or use a VCR that is

Res Tech
                                                              capable of tuning standard CATV channels.
                                                              For the full listing of channels available visit:
Information Technology Services (ITS) provides
Internet throughout Brock campus, including                   Need help with wireless or other IT issues?
residence. To access this Internet, simply connect            Contact the Computer Commons ITS HelpDesk
to Brock Wifi or Eduroam and open up your internet            at x4375 OR submit an IT ticket at
browser. This should automatically re-direct you to a
page, which asks for your login and password, which
will be the same as your portal login. Any changes to         Just a reminder:
                                                              Abuse of any of the services provided by Information
your password will require a reconnection to the
                                                              Technology Services will not be tolerated, these include:
wi-fi system.
                                                              Harassment and/or sexual harassment via phone
All residences are completely wireless. If you need           or e-mail OR Attempting to by-pass long distance
instructions or assistance connecting your computer to        restrictions or toll fraud
the wireless system, please go to
                                                              Failure to comply will result in services being
Students are also able to connect gaming consoles and         disconnected. Re-instatement of services will be at
other peripherals to the wireless network. To do so, obtain   the student’s expense.
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Residence Basics
What is an H/H/C/B?                                         capital projects and construction in residence. They
Here at Brock we divide our residences up in a variety      work to ensure that the buildings and residence
of ways. DeCew residence is divided into “Houses”,          facilities are maintained and at a high standard of care
while Lowenberger, Vallee and Earp into “Halls”,            and cleanliness.
Village into “Courts” and Quarry View into “Blocks”.
They are commonly referred to as “HHCBs”. For fall          Residence Action Council (RAC)
2020, students are assigned only to Village courts          RAC is a volunteer student group representing the
and Quarry View blocks.                                     students in residence; responsible for social, and
                                                            charitable programming. They provide a voice for the
There are some fantastic opportunities to get               students in residence; liaising with dining services and
involved in residence life. Throughout the year there       the Department of Residences to improve facilities
are many activities and events to participate in as         and services. To get involved or should you have any
well as the opportunity to participate in educational       inquiries, talk to your RAC representative or Don.
programming. Brock also has a strong commitment   
to student services, ensuring that our students have
the highest quality experience both in and out of           Custodial and Facilities Staff
the classroom. Our residences are a community based         Brock University is pleased to employ its own Brock
on respect.                                                 trades and custodial staff team to clean public areas
                                                            and maintain the residences. The university custodial
Get Involved!                                               staff work during the daytime hours, with a reduced
Your residence and university experience will be what       workforce on evenings and weekends, and assist in
you make of it. Within residence & campus, various          maintaining a clean and pleasant living environment.
student groups, clubs & committees, and volunteer
opportunities exist to provide ways for students to get
involved as much as or as little as desired. In addition,
Brock community, the Residence Life Staff and
Residence Action Council provide events and activities
all year long. To learn more, visit:
Residence Life Management Team (RLMT)
The Residence Life Management Team are a group of
professionals who oversee the Residence Life Staff
Team. They ensure that all residence policies are
upheld and ensure the safety of all students and staff
in residence.

Residence Admissions/Administrative Team
The Residence Admissions/Administrative Team are a
group of professionals who assist in the daily functions
throughout residence. The team also deals with
residence applications, placements, room switches etc.
They assist Residence Life, Facilities, and the Service
Desk in administrative roles.

Residence Facilities Team
The Residence Facilities team oversees the Service
Desks, inspections, maintenance as well as longterm
                                                                                        Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Residence Life                                             Residence
Staff (RLS)                                                Community
The team in the Department of Residences endeavors
to enrich students’ university experience through the
provision of innovative programs and student-centered
services in a safe, supportive living environment that
embraces diversity, fosters mutual respect, promotes
accountability and encourages good citizenship.
                                                           The residence community is a unique environment
Head Residents (HRs)                                       in which we aim to balance residents’ needs as well
Each residence building has a Head Resident who            as their academic successes during the students’
monitors residence life within his/her respective          time in residence. For this purpose, Brock University’s
building. Head Residents are the leaders of the            Department of Residences has created a document
Residence Life staff team in their building. They assist   entitled Residence Community Standards (RCS) which
in some administrative decisions and in residence          defines unacceptable behavior, outlines the levels and
disciplinary matters.                                      types of infractions, and describes in detail both the
                                                           manner in which infractions are enforced and the kinds
Residence Dons                                             of sanctions applied. Residents are expected to read,
There is at least one Don for each house, hall, court,     understand and abide by the information contained
and block (HHCB). Dons assist, counsel, and refer their    in this document. You electronically agree to this
students to campus departments and community               document when submitting your residence application,
services when needed, and work closely with the Head       and also will sign an agreement upon check-in to
Residents to maintain a positive sense of community        residence. So, it is a good idea to have a look at this
within Residence. Dons are here to provide students        document prior to your arrival!
with one on one mentoring if they are having difficulty,
roommate or residence community challenges and             The goals of the Community Standards are
mental health support. You can contact your Don            as follows:
when you need help with anything from school, to           1) To provide students with clear information about
roommate issues, to finding your way around the city!      what is expected of them while living in residence.

Dons of Activities (DAs)                                   2) To provide Department of Residences and Residence
Dons of Activities are placed across the residence         Life Staff with a resource that specifically outlines
community. They have general RLS responsibilities,         the course of disciplinary action for any unacceptable
but are dedicated to running energetic social programs     behavior.
in residence.                                              3) To illustrate to students the importance of
                                                           cooperation while living in the residence community.
Residence Education Dons (REDs)
Residence Education Dons are responsible for
residence-wide awareness campaigns, events and
initiatives focused on areas of social justice and
issues prevalent to university students.                      The RCS can be found at the back
                                                              of this handbook and online at:
Residence Life Coordinators (RLCs)                  
The RLCs are the full time professional staff who
oversee the residences and the Residence Life Staff.
They support and supervise the RLS, respond to
emergency situations and assist in educating residents.
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

IR Notifications Quiet Hours
IR stands for “Incident Report”, it is written to          Sunday to Thursday
document an infraction of the Residence Community          11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m.
Standards. Our approach to discipline in residence at      Friday and Saturday
Brock is designed to address unacceptable behaviour        1:00 a.m. (Sat/Sun) to 8:00 a.m.
in a systematic, progressive manner (i.e. consequences
become more severe for repeated or more serious            Extended quiet hours are implemented during
misconduct). We also recognize that intent, impact,        December and April exam periods. Starting on the last
and extenuating circumstances may be contributing          day of classes, quiet hours are extended to 22 hours
factors in some situations. As such, some types            daily with only two hours for less quiet activities—
of behaviour may fall within more than one level.          Sunday through Friday 7-9 p.m. and Saturday 9-11
Students are assigned disciplinary points based on         p.m.. During these two hours noise should not be
each infraction. Points accumulate over the year and       excessive.
stay on your record until the end of the academic year.
                                                           If you are concerned about noise within the quiet
Level One Infractions: (1-2 points)                        hours, please call your Service Desk [ x3706 (North)
Behaviour by an individual(s) that interferes with the     or x4311 (South) ] to report a noise complaint.
rights of another individual(s) to the peaceful use and
enjoyment of his or her space in residence.

Level Two Infractions: (2-3 points)
                                                           Respect Hours are in effect 24 hours a day,
Behaviour by an individual(s) that creates a significant   7 days a week.
nuisance and/or disturbance to an individual(s)
or community.                                              The right to a quiet living/learning environment
                                                           supersedes your right to make noise.
Level Three Infractions: (3-4 points)
Behaviour by an individual(s) which: endangers
the safety and security of themselves or another
individual(s); and/or compromises personal or
university property; and/or attacks the dignity/
integrity of an individual(s); and/or breaks the laws
of the land.

Guest Sign In
COVID-19 Amendment:
Due to COVID-19 guests or visitors are not
permitted in residences at this time. The guest
policy remains in the RCS in the event that guests
will be permitted on campus in the future.
                                                                                        Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

All Residence General Problems and Solutions              Listed below are some common occurrences that you
When maintenance is requested, you are authorizing        may encounter living in residence, and steps you can
a Brock University staff member or authorized             take to solve the problem, as well as, ways to obtain
contractor to enter your room/unit without further        the information the Service Desk will need in order
notification being given.                                 to help you. CALL your Service Desk if you can speak
                                                          directly to staff in detail and avoid delays from having
                                                          to follow up for more information.

                      Don’t ever flushed a clogged toilet
                      Is water spilling over the edge? Turn off the valve at the back of the toilet with the
                      handle on or near the wall
                      Clean up any and all water on the floor to prevent costly water damage
   Toilet             Use the plunger in your washroom until the water goes down
                      Plunging doesn’t help? Leave the water off, put a sign on the toilet, let your
                      roommates know, and contact your Service Desk

                      TIP - Do not flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet OR
                      use excessive amounts of toilet paper

                      Ensure your room/unit area is clean (bugs love trash!) If you haven’t been, be sure
                      to empty garbage then vacuum and clean
   bugs/ants?         Call the Service Desk. Make sure that you tell them how many bugs, where you see
                      them, if others around you are having issues (if possible, bring a sample bug)
                      Often pest control issues take a couple of weeks to resolve

                      Remove any hair/food/debris that is sitting in the drain, keep pulling/cleaning until
                      it is all out
    Drain             Invest in a drain cover to stop hair/food/debris and regularly clear all items from the
    Clogged?          drain cover
                      Do NOT use Drano or other abrasive/harsh products as this can damage the pipes.
                      If you are still having problems, call the Service Desk

                      Is it the item that you have plugged in that is not working? Try another appliance.
                      How many appliances are plugged in?
                      Check the reset buttons on any power bars to see if the power bar has tripped
   No Power?          Check nearby outlets to see if they are working. Note if any lights are affected
                      Bathroom outlet? These are unique and have a TEST/RESET button on them.
                      Try pushing the RESET button
                      QV kitchen? Check the outlet by pushing the RESET button
                      Otherwise call your Service Desk
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Townhouse Problems and Solutions                                       Listed below are some common occurrences that you
When maintenance is requested, you are authorizing                     may encounter living in a Townhouse Unit, and steps
a Brock University staff member or authorized                          you can take to solve the problem, as well as ways to
contractor to enter your room/unit without further                     obtain the information the Service Desk will need in
notification being given.                                              order to help you:

                                   Ensure that the fridge is set to mid-range temperature.
                                   Ensure that the door is closing completely.
      Fridge/Freezer               Ensure that the fan at the back of the freezer is not blocked by too many items
      Not Cold?                    in front of it.
                                   Call the Service Desk to report the maintenance concern and have accurate
                                   information as to what is working and what is not.

                                   Check that the burner rings are plugged in fully.
      Stove Burners/
                                   Check that the timer has not been set.
      Oven not
      Working                      Call the Service Desk to report the maintenance concern and have accurate
                                   information as to what is working and what is not.

                                   How many people showered before you? (Does the tank need time to reheat?)
                                   Check at least two other water sources i.e. Kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or shower
                                   to see if water is hot.
      No Hot
      Water?                       Is there any warm water or is it just cold?

                                   Call the Service Desk to report the maintenance concern and have accurate
                                   information as to what is working and what is not.

                                   Check that your thermostat is set to heat and the fan is set to Auto.
                                   Check to see what temperature the thermostat is set to and what the actual
                                   temperature is reading.
      No Heat?
      Unit is                      Check floor vents on all levels to see if the vents are open, and if any air is
      Humid?                       coming out at all. Is the air hot or cold?
                                   Check if you have hot water.
                                   Call the Service Desk as soon as possible to report a maintenance concern.

                                   As the weather changes, the metals in the door frame may expand and contract
                                   which can affect unlocking and locking your door.
      Door is
      Difficult                    When you are turning your key, gently pull the door toward you to alleviate
      to Open?                     pressure on the latch.
                                   To prevent damage, or the door jamming, don’t slam the door. Pull it closed.
                                                                                         Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Lost Key(s) or                                             Replacing your
Student Cards                                              Student Card
Lost or found keys/student cards should be reported        Visit the Brock Card Office during business hours to
immediately to a Residence Service Desk for your           replace your lost/ stolen/damaged Brock ID Card. If
safety and the safety of those around you. Charges         your card has been lost/stolen/damaged during non-
for replacement keys and/or lock changes are billed        business hours, please proceed to your Service Desk
to your student account. Lending any residence key         to obtain a temporary card in order to access your
or swipe card to anyone is prohibited. Students are        residence room.
not permitted to copy their residence keys or cards.
Lending out your keys or attempting to duplicate them      Office Location
is considered a level 2 or 3 infraction. Please refer to   Main Level, Thistle Corridor
your copy of the RCS or online for more detail on the      TH221A (across hall from The Market entrance)
infraction system. See below for information regarding     Hours: Please check
temporary key(s)/swipes.
                                                           Lost/Stolen Cards
Keep Yourself and Your Belongings Safe!                    To replace a lost or stolen Brock Card bring a valid
All windows, bedrooms, and front doors are                 government issued Photo I.D. to the Brock Card
equipped with locks, and it is essential that you take     Office and a new card will be issued to you for a
the precaution to make sure everything is locked           $35 replacement fee. If you are living or working in
when you leave your room/unit. Also if there are any       a residence that requires swipe access you will be
locks in your room/unit/building that are not working      charged an additional $15 reprogramming fee to
properly, report them to the Service Desk immediately      your student account by the Service Desk.
as repairs take place during normal business hours
(Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.). Failing to            Damaged Cards
report a non-functioning lock, leaving a door unlocked     To replace a damaged card (either broken, or
or granting open access to one’s space will not be         demagnetized) bring the damaged or broken card to
accepted as an excuse for any damage or infraction         the Brock Card Office (even if in pieces) and have a
that occurs in a student’s space. Village front doors      replacement card issued. The applicable replacement
lock as soon as they are closed so always make sure        fee will be charged if you cannot turn in the damaged
to pull (not slam) the door closed tightly and be sure     card at the time the replacement card is being issued.
to have your keys with you as your unit mates will         If your card has been willfully damaged (holes punched
not always be there to let you in (and it is an unfair     in magnetic stripe etc.), the applicable replacement fee
expectation to think they should be!). Slamming doors      will be charged.
will cause the door to jam and become inoperable. All
other buildings require you to lock the door with your
key or swipe.

Locked Out?
Your Service Desk can help you by signing out
temporary key(s)/swipe! Progressive charges exist for
taking out temporary swipes or keys from the Service
Desks; a $5 per 24 hour fee is also applied so return as
soon as the original is found!

If you have lost your student set of keys and know that
you will not find them within seven days, a lock change
will be initiated at your expense. As noted above,
report lost key(s)/swipes right away!
                                                                 Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

                                                         LOT M

                                      Residence 8
                                    Construction site

                                    Canada Games 2021
                                     Construction site

Temporarily closed for expansion.
                                                                                      Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

Smoking on                                              Fire Safety
Campus                                                  Residents, guests, and staff are expected to exercise care
                                                        and good judgment with regard to their own personal
                                                        safety and the safety of others. Students may be in
Smoking is not permitted on campus except               violation of the RCS and/or other policies if they cause
in “Designated Smoking Areas”. The use of               an unsafe situation for other students including, but not
e-cigarettes and vaporizers are considered to           limited to, propping open exterior doors or tampering
be smoking and must be used in a “Designated            with light bulbs in hallways, stairwells or elevators.
Smoking Area”
                                                        Students are expected to ensure that their living
It is important to note that vaporizers, e-cigarettes   environment is safe and free from safety hazards.
(and other similar products) DO set off the fire        This includes:
alarm because of the by-product they produce.           • Not overloading plugs
Alarms set off intentionally or due to a device
of this nature will be fined by Brock and/or the        • Using CSA approved, surge protected power bars and
St. Catharines Fire Department.                           extension cords
                                                        • Using the approved appliances only in approved
Evidence of smoking inside [ashes, smell, residue         locations and ensuring that items such as curling
stains] will result in sanctions/charges under            irons or hair straighteners are unplugged when
the RCS.                                                  not in use.

                                                        Fire safety equipment must be respected:

Designated                                              • Discharging fire equipment, interfering with the
                                                          normal operation (e.g. covering, removing wires

Smoking Areas
                                                          or batteries), tampering with or using any fire
                                                          prevention or detection equipment for anything
                                                          other than the intended purpose is prohibited.
                                                        • Attaching, covering or hanging items from any door
Designated smoking areas are identified by green          closers, fire safety/detection equipment, or the
signs and there are 6 areas across campus:                wiring leading to it is prohibited. Students who fail
                                                          to report a non-functioning life safety device may
• The north side of Thistle Complex leading               also be subject to disciplinary action.
  out to Alphie’s Trough
                                                        Certain Items are not permitted in residence:
• Behind DeCew Dining Hall at Residence Road            • Candles, incense, or wax/oil lamps (including
• In between Vallee Residence and Earp Residence          plug-ins) are not permitted in any residence. This
  near parking lot K                                      includes lighting/burning as well as possession.
• Centred around Village Residence and                  • Any student required to light or burn candles/
  Lowenberger Residence                                   incense based on religious grounds must seek and
• Behind Gateway Suites Residence                         receive prior written permission from his or her
                                                          Residence Life Coordinator.
• On the sidewalk in between the International
  Centre and Quarry View Residence                      • Using and/or storing any combustible fuels (i.e.
                                                          propane tanks, lighter fluid, etc) (either empty or
                                                          full) indoors, or any appliance requiring combustible
                                                          fuel (including fondue sets) is not permitted in
                                                          any residence.
                                                        • See the Residence Community Standards and the
                                                          Allowable Appliances document for more details.
Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

All Residence Common Fire Hazards                                             Village Residence Fire Safety
Over the years, we have discovered some very                                  If a carbon monoxide and/or smoke detector goes
common household items that can be considered very                            off, residents are to evacuate the area in alarm
serious fire hazards:                                                         immediately (may be the individual unit, a cluster
                                                                              of units or the entire court). Unless faced with an
                                                                              immediate threat that prevents them from doing
                                         Bulbs become very hot and
                                                                              so, residents are to put on a mask that covers their
                                         will start a fire if accidentally
      Halogen Lamps                                                           mouth and nose and proceed to the designated
                                         knocked over and/or left
                                                                              meeting place for all fire alarms except the posted
                                                                              monthly fire alarm test. Do not remain in doorways
                                         Always be sure to unplug             or near the building and please remain off roadways
                                         if empty                             to ensure that fire trucks and emergency vehicles
                                         If there is a night light built in   are not blocked. Remain outside the building until
                                         and it starts flickering, unplug     given the all clear to return by Campus Security
      Scented Plug-Ins                                                        Services.
                                         it right away
                                         Plug ins that melt scented           When evacuating for a fire alarm, please ensure you
                                         wax or oil are not permitted         are following physical distancing guidelines while in
                                         in residence                         the designating meeting place.
                                         Unplug every time you are            Please note: Your unit/rooms may be entered by
                                         finished as this will ensure         Department of Residences Staff, Campus Security
      Hair Straightener/                 that the item is off                 Services and/or the Fire Department without
      Curlers/ Irons                     Never leave these items              knocking during an alarm.
                                         unattended or on fabric
                                         surfaces                             If you suspect carbon monoxide is present (detector
                                                                              activated and occupants experiencing nausea,
                                         Any appliances using                 fatigue, headaches) you need to leave the unit
                                         combustible fuel cannot be           immediately. If you can, open up the windows to
                                         stored or usd indoors                provide fresh air and leave the unit. Immediately
                                         Only permitted in Village &          contact your Service Desk from a separate location
                                         Quarry View                          who will dispatch Campus Security to attend. Wait
      Propane Tanks/                                                          for help to arrive to assess the situation before
      BBQs                               Must be stored at least 10
                                                                              re-entering the unit.
                                         meters from the building
                                         Any found in disrepair, in close     Smoke/Carbon Monoxide can cause death, so do
                                         proximity, or in unit will be        not ignore or disconnect a beeping detector, as they
                                         removed                              are present to save lives.

                         Smoking is not allowed inside
      Smoking (Including
                         any Residence Building
      & vapes)           Smoking is only allowed in                                Causing a fire alarm
                         designated areas on campus                                (intentionally or not) due to
                                         Are to be used in the                     misuse or smoking in ANY
                                         kitchen area only, never left             residence will result in a
      Appliances                         unattended while in use                   $175-$2000 tampering
                                         Should be unplugged and/or                charge, plus costs associated
                                         turned off when not in use
                                                                                   with repair/reset of system
                                         Use CSA approved power bars               and possible fines.
      Power Bars
                                         Do NOT overload them!
                                                                                          Residence Townhouse Handbook 2020-2021

What Can Set off the Detector (Other than a fire)?          Quarry View Residence Smoke/Carbon
                                                            Monoxide Detectors
• Smoking (of any kind, including vaporizers (“vaping”),
  e-cigarettes, etc.)
                                                               How do you make sure the detectors work?
• Tampering with, removing, covering, or hitting the
  detectors                                                 • Residence Facilities staff will enter your unit
• Burning food                                                each month to test the detectors

• Walking away leaving appliances unattended                • Advance notice is NOT provided
  while cooking                                             • A contractor does an annual test and check
• Using ovens, toasters, pans that have grease/food           of all detectors in residence
  spills built up – causing smoke to occur when heated         I set the detector off while cooking! Now what?
• Using personal hygiene devices or aerosol products
  near or at the devices (i.e. perfume, cologne, steam      • Do not take them down!
  from hair dryers or hair straighteners)                   • Wave a dishtowel under the detector and
                                                              open a window
What are the Consequences of Causing a Fire                 • Cooking is NOT an excuse to tamper with
Alarm? (see page 25)                                          the detectors
• You will be sanctioned under the RCS – can be a level
  1, 2, or 3 offence                                           My detector is beeping without instigation!
                                                               What do I do?
• You will receive a charge of $350 to cover the costs
  associated with the repair/reset of the system
                                                            • Listen to any beeping or verbal
• You will receive a $75 tampering charge + all costs         messages from the detector, and from which
  associated with the repair/reset                            room it is coming from
• When the University receives a fine from the              • Call your Service Desk to report beeping and
  St. Catharines Fire Department ($1650) for the              give as much detail as possible
  alarm, that fine will be forwarded to the individual(s)
  who caused the false alarm
                                                            Village and Quarry View Residence
                                                            Fire Extinguishers
             2020/2021 Village Fire                         Each unit is equipped with a fire extinguisher in the
               Alarm Test Dates                             vestibule/entranceway to the unit. The extinguisher
                                                            must be left in the mount, as emergency personnel must
                                                            be aware of the extinguisher location within the units.
                 September 16, 2020
                                                            Tampering with fire extinguishers for any purpose
                  October 21, 2020                          other than the control of a fire is prohibited and could
                 November 18, 2020                          lead to financial consequences. Tampering includes
                 December 23, 2020                          removing the metal safety pin, removing the plastic
                                                            seal holding the metal pin in place, discharging the fire
                  January 20, 2021                          extinguisher and/or lost extinguishers.
                  February 17, 2021
                                                            If an extinguisher is discharged or lost, contact the
                   March 17, 2021                           Service Desk immediately so that a replacement can be
                    April 28, 2021                          given and/or clean up can be arranged. If an extinguisher
                                                            is taken because the unit front door is left open/
                                                            unlocked, the occupants of the unit are responsible!

                                                            Regular inspections of unit/rooms will occur (see
                                                            important dates for timing) to make sure that they
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