2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU

2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
                         SEKOLO SA KGWEBO

                                                                     APRIL 2018

                                               2018 - A year of
                                               exciting change

Founder: Gift of the Givers addressed NWU Business School
Competitive intelligence guru talks strategy
Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism - a must have for your book collection
2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU

                                        Table of Contents
            •      Founder: Gift of the Givers addressed NWU Business School

            •      Competitive intelligence guru talks strategy

            •      Business School -back to business
            •      Alumnus of the Postgraduate Diploma part of the Aardklop
                   operational team

            •      Research on the forefront

            •      News in brief

            •      PG Dip - Take a journey that will change your life

            •      Cood Capitalism, Bad Capitalism - the Role of Business in South
                   Africa, a must have for your book collection!

            •      ASPEN-Pharmacare has provided them with a new window of
                   opportunity, and a vision of a better, brighter tomorrow

            •      Business School ploughs back in several ways
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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
Founder: Gift of the Givers
addressed NWU Business
Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, the humanitarian who was born in Potchefstroom,
addressed the NWU School of Business & Governance during the opening
of the MBA academic year. Dr Sooliman is the founder of Gift of the Givers,
the largest disaster relief organisation of African origin on the African
continent. Gift of the Givers delivered R2.3 billion to 43 countries, SA
included, in a 25-year history.

According to Sooliman, the SA public as a whole are very socially
responsible and have a great spirit of Ubuntu. It is the one area in which
South Africans do not see race, colour or religion. They respond to the
needs of one another in times of crises.

“The corporate world has been lagging behind, but there seems to be
significant changes now. Previously, aid was given merely to tick the register
and to satisfy the conscience, but in recent years, there has been a more
serious and sincere approach to meaningful giving, which has a positive
outcome and changes lives.

MBA students will go into the corporate world during or after completion of
their studies. While excelling in their own business, they must not forget
their fellow humans. As they have the opportunity and power, they must
create opportunities for others less fortunate.

                                 Dr Imtiaz Sooliman, founder of Gift of the Givers

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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
In dealing with people in difficulty,
excluding the dead, they should have
a compassionate approach in lifting the
person up and setting them on the road

This event will also be a first in the history
of the School, where the new director,
Prof Fulu Netswera will be addressing
the MBAs. Topical matters such as water
shortages, crime and emigration were
addressed. “Tomorrow’s leaders have to
be more patriotic with regard to our country
and its people and should rather find
solutions to problems that South Africa is
facing. After the completion of your MBA
studies at the NWU School of Business
and Governance, everyone here today
will possess the necessary skills and
knowledge to be able to offer solutions
in order to be able to make a difference,”
says Prof Netswera.

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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
Competitive intelligence guru talks strategy
                                                                                      Prof Calof emphasised the need to gather information in an ethical manner.
                                                                                      According to Prof Calof, 80 to 90% of information needed to gain a strategic
                                                                                      advantage is available in the public domain and may be obtained legally and

                                                                                      More about the expert
                                                                                      Prof Calof’s research and consulting focus on helping governments and companies
                                                                                      make better decisions through competitive intelligence, foresight and business
                                                                                      analytics. He is a prolific author with more than 150 publications to his credit, as
                                                                                      well as several books on competitive intelligence.

                                                                                      He recently released the results of a global study looking at lessons learned from
                                                                                      the largest corporate failures in Canadian corporate history. The study results have
                                                                                      led to new tools and skills for boards of directors, measurements for organisational
                                                                                      resilience and understanding of the origin of customer doubt as well as how it can
                                                                                      be measured and managed.

                                                                                      He has received several international honours, including Frost and Sullivan’s
                       Click to watch the interview in YouTube                        Lifetime Achievement Award in competitive intelligence; the Fellow Award from
                                                                                      the Society of Competitive Intelligence Professionals; an honorary professorship
Students, who recently attended the North-West University Business School’s MBA       at Yunnan Normal University in China; and an appointment to the international
summer school at the campus in Potchefstroom, were treated to a presentation on       advisory board for the Russian Foresight Committee of HSE– to name but a few.
competitive intelligence by world-renowned expert, Prof Jonathan Calof.

Prof Calof is a full professor of Strategy and International Business at the Telfer
School of Management at the University of Ottawa in Canada. The NWU has a
longstanding relationship with Prof Calof of more than 20 years, during which he
was also appointed as an extraordinary professor.

In his presentation, he referred to the importance of gaining intelligence about
                                                                                        Prof Jonathan Calof gave a
market and consumer trends, as well as the competition to stay ahead of the pack
                                                                                        presentation on competitive
on a strategic level.
                                                                                      intelligence during the recent
                                                                                         MBA summer school. Here
He also shared some of the finer tricks of the trade that he has developed over his
                                                                                        he is (left), with Prof Ronnie
many years of consulting internationally in the private and public sector.
                                                                                       Lotriet, programme manager
                                                                                                  of the MBA course.

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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
back to
The Business School had a very insightful
strategic planning session on 16 and 17 January
2018 in Potchefstroom, where colleagues of all
three campuses attended.

2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
Alumnus of the
Postgraduate Diploma
part of the Aardklop
operational team

Delmari van Zyl, an alumnus of the Postgraduate Diploma at the
Business School, was part of the operational team of the Aardklop
festival in Potchefstroom, which had won the award for the most
popular national festival during the Fiëstas

On Thursday evening, 8 February, Aardklop was honoured at
the Montecasino Teatro in Johannesburg with a kykNET Fiëstas
award as South Africa’s most popular arts festival.

The Business School’s excellent facilities in K14 were also
applied during the Festival for the Netwerk24 Sake en Sauvignon
and Rede-kabel discussion series, which was a great success.

Alexa Strachan, Aardklop’s festival manager, during her
acceptance speech, said: “This is not bad for a festival whose
doors closed two years ago. In such a short period, the Festival
was built from nothing to the most popular festival in the country!”

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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
Research on the

                                    Issues on financial literacy and saving mobility under the magnifying

                                    Prof Ravinder Rena attended the 11th ISDSI International Conference of
                                    the Indian Institute of Management – Tiruchirappalli, Tamilnadu, in India,
                                    where he presented a paper on financial literacy and saving mobility among
                                    South African households. This conference was organised by the Indian
                                    Subcontinent Decision Science Institute and took place in December 2017.
                                    He chaired two technical sessions on the economics and finance areas of
                                    this conference.

                                    Exciting issues addressed on ‘Patterns of irregular expenditure at a
                                    local municipality in the North West Province’

                                    Prof Rena also presented a research paper on the patterns of irregular
                                    expenditure in Tswaing Local Municipality of the North West Province at
                                    the Global Development Finance Conference in Cape Town in October
                                    last year. This paper was presented at the Global Finance Conference in
                                    Somerset West, South-Africa.

                                    He chaired a technical session during this conference.

2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
NEWS in brief
MBA opening ceremony impresses!
Prof Fulu impresses audience with his striking
first speech as director.                                                                            New name
Dr Imtiaz Sooliman’s moving message about                                                           for Business
social responsibility strengthens the focus that the
School places on community projects and we are
looking forward to ploughing back in this manner
in 2018!                                                                                       The suggested change of the School’s
                                                                                               name, from the School of Business
                                                                                               and Governance to NWU Business
                                                                                               School was approved in April this

                                                       PhD Workshop
                                                       PhD Pre-Selection Workshop took place
                                                       15-18 March in Potchefstroom.

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2018 A year of exciting change ahead - Commerce | NWU
PG Dip knows no boundaries when it comes to growth!
                                                      Again, the Business School is building on the    source for the MBA).
                                                      figures of previous years, and this programme
                                                      remains very popular among full-time as well     The graduation ceremony for the PG Dip
                                                      as part-time students (which serves as feeding   graduates took place on 6 March.

Program in Business Management
reaches 70 mark for first intake for
This popular programme is still growing and the
online marketing strategy is definitely showing the
desired results. May we continue to build on the
good start of 2018.

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Business School supports people fighting cancer
The Business School supports the Cansa Relay for Life initiative and had
several visits from our alumni, local business partners as well as faculty
members. The Business School participates in cancer-related initiatives for
the support of staff/alumni/students fighting cancer, in memory of those who
have passed away, as well as the survivors out there!

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African Women in
                                                                    Leadership symposium
                                                                      in planning phase!

                                 Business as usual
                                 Training in Advanced Management,
                                 5 to 9 March 2018.

                                                                               Don’t miss out!
                                                                      The first African Women in Leadership
                                                                    Symposium will take place in May this year.

                                                                      This project is in collaboration with the
         In the boardroom                                              Chamber of Industry & Commerce.
 The advisory board meeting took place on
26 February at Aspen Pharmacare, Sandton
                                                                          Therefore, please look out for
                                                                          advertisements and more info!

Research, research, research!
PhD Colloquium at the research office,
         Mafikeng Campus

PG Dip - Take a journey                                                                                      the Saturday classes also played a huge role to
                                                                                                             keep us awake – especially when we were sitting
                                                                                                             in class and we knew there was a big rugby

that will change your life                                                                                   match on television!

                                                                                                             My recommendation to anybody, regardless your
                                                                                                             age, your career or level within the organisation
                                                                                                             – there is always room to grow. Widen your
When life throws you opportunities… Grab them        I think my biggest eye-opener was to realise
                                                                                                             horizons, open your mind, fill your head with
and squeeze the living daylights out of them!        only after I enrolled that it is a full honours-level
                                                                                                             knowledge and empower yourself.
Never let a moment pass you by to take a ride
                                                                                                             Make the School of Business and Governance
that makes you shout: Whoo-hoo!                      I enrolled as a part-time student who attended
                                                                                                             your partner in learning so that you can climb the
                                                     classes on Saturdays – come rain or shine. And
                                                                                                             ladder in your organisation and grow into the best
Life threw me a wonderful opportunity to study at    therefore, I knew – if I have to give up a weekend,
                                                                                                             version of yourself. Push your boundaries and get
the North-West University School of Business and     I can at least give my best!
                                                                                                             out of your comfort zone.
Governance in 2017.
                                                                                                             Whoo-hoo – WHAT A RIDE!!
                                                     My success is mainly because of the excellent
I casually enrolled for the PGDip course hoping to   group I was a member of. Still, after we
learn a bit more…                                    graduated, we still share in each other’s joys,
                                                     career highlights and challenges. I have these
Today, I stand corrected.                            incredible people who are all experts in their
Yes, I learned a lot. But the journey was            fields from whom I could tap my energy and
unbelievable. Rubbing shoulders with top-            learn. We suffered together, laughed a lot and
accolade economic specialists, political analysts,   felt like quitting a few times – but we kept each
top experts in the fields of law, management,        other upright. We had a few wines together, lots
marketing and research, was only one of the          of coffee and occasionally nicotine. But most
many perks. I had an opportunity to have the best    of all, we have put our fields of expertise, our
of the best teaching me about a world, far wider     knowledge and passion together and the result
than I could have ever imagined. Personally,         was mind-blowing.
I have grown, not only in knowledge, but also
confidence and skills, and I feel more empowered     Nearly our whole group graduated with
                                                                                                             Front: Yvette van der Merwe en Nicolize van der Walt.
than ever.                                           distinction. A blessing and a huge honour. With            Afwesig: Martin Potgieter and Jacques Lessing.
                                                     the grace of God, excellent lecturers, exceptional          Back: Vernon Peens, Roelien Roodt, Estelle
It was definitely not cupcakes and unicorns. It      fellow students and families who gave us wings to         Maartens, Jan Hofmeyr and Anro Barnard (group
was hard work, perseverance and dedication.          soar, we have made it. The coffee and muffins at                               leader).

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Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism – the Role of
Business in South Africa, a must have for your book
collection!                              South Africa has entered a new era. Will                 Africa to where it is today. South Africa has the
                                         President Ramaphosa and his administration,              opportunity to learn from its history, both good
                                         together with social partners such as business           and bad, and to embrace ‒ as Ramaphosa
                                         and labour, be able to turn the economy around           promises ‒ a ‘new dawn’. New thinking and a
                                         and at last satisfy the aspirations of millions of       large dose of pragmatism are needed to build
                                         people who for decades have been promised                a more productive and united country, with
                                         better lives? Will South Africa be able to hold          entrepreneurship and transformational leadership
                                         its head high again in Africa and the world and          among the keys to results-driven economic
                                         see its long-cherished vision of socio-economic          policy-making and business planning.
                                         transformation becoming a reality instead of
                                         dissolving into another disappointing mirage?            Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism is the work of
                                         And what role should business and organised              prominent economist, Prof Raymond Parsons
                                         business play in all of this? Although it is the         from the NWU Business School. Given his
                                         main driver of the economy, business has for             extensive experience in organised business
                                         years been a passenger in economic policy-               in South Africa, and his keen grasp of South
                                         making. Organised business, in turn, has found           Africa’s political economy, Professor Parsons is
                                         it increasingly difficult to be an effective voice for   uniquely qualified to write a book of this nature.
                                         the constituencies it is mandated to serve. What         In a powerful narrative, he arrives at some
                                         should business now be doing to adapt to, and            unexpected yet insightful conclusions about the
                                         above all influence, the changing political and          South African economy and the role of business
                                         economic landscape in the country?                       that, while perhaps not resonating with everyone,
                                                                                                  will demonstrate how challenging it is to govern
                                         Good Capitalism, Bad Capitalism – the                    and do business in South Africa. All those who
    This book by Prof Raymond            Role of Business in South Africa offers new              are concerned about the economic well-being of
  Parsons offers new perspectives        perspectives on many of the decisions and                South Africa will find Professor Parsons’ latest
   on many of the decisions and          events that have shaped the country’s recent             book both absorbing and thought-provoking.
    events that have shaped the          economic history, including what institutions
 country’s recent economic history       and individuals have (and have not) done to              This exciting book will be available on
                                         eradicate the legacy of apartheid and bring South        bookshelves in May this year!

ASPEN-Pharmacare has provided
them with a new window of
opportunity, and a vision of a
better, brighter tomorrow.

“I am honoured to be one of the recipients of          Sydney J Harris once said: “The whole            with a new window of opportunity, and a vision of
the MBA ASPEN bursary. Thank you for your              purpose of education is to turn mirrors into     a better, brighter tomorrow.
generous support. It is my honour to be the            windows.” Education opens the pathway to new
recipient of the award this year!                                                                       “After graduating from the North-West University
                                                               Bursary holders show                     in 2013, I embarked on a new journey of starting
As one of this year’s recipients, I am grateful for                                                     my professional career. With a positive approach
the opportunities this award will provide me. I rely           their gratitude towards                  and dedication, I was able to overcome many
on financial aid to help finance my education.                Aspen-Pharmacare, who                     challenges and obstacles during the years.
Receiving this bursary will help reduce my                    made their MBA studies                    In 2017, my ambition led me to apply for the
financial burdens and provide assistance for me                                                         MBA programme at the North-West University.
                                                              at the Business School a
as I continue pursuing my education.                                                                    I was delighted when I learned that I had
                                                                        reality!                        been accepted to be a part of this remarkable
Studying an MBA has always been my dream.                                                               programme; I feel honoured and privileged to say
My educational pursuits would not be possible          opportunities, new ideas and new leaders. But    the least.
without generous support from bursary sponsors         too often our circumstances and the challenges
such as your organisation.”                            we face prevent us from seeing the bigger        After being accepted to the MBA Programme
-Bongane Moabi-                                        picture. ASPEN-Pharmacare has provided me        at the North-West University, the reality of the

                        INHOUDSOPGAWE / TABLE OF CONTENTS
financial implications soon led to anxiety. But I      will forever be grateful because had it not been
have learned that Grace is all around us if we         for Aspen, I would not have been able to pursue    “I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to
only have the eyes to see it. ASPEN-Pharmacare         my studies.                                        you for making the Aspen bursary possible. I was
provided me with a bursary that will contribute                                                           thrilled to learn of my selection for this honour
towards my MBA studies, and for that I am              Many people who work for, municipalities do        and I am deeply appreciative of your support.
eternally grateful.”                                   not further their studies as we do not receive     I am currently doing my studies at the North-
-Leoné Smith-                                          any bursaries and, for this reason, we never       West University. Thank you again for your
                                                       grow; however, because I have always been          generosity and support. I promise you I will work
“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude          passionate about studying and growing as an        very hard and eventually give something back to
to you for making the Aspen bursary possible.          individual, I decided I should carry on with my    others.”
I was thrilled to learn of my selection and I am       studies.”                                          -Solomon Molefi Lepholletsa-
deeply appreciative of the opportunity. Through        -Ntswaki Sethege-
your help, I will be able to achieve my academic
excellence and goals.

Thank you for the generosity and support. I hope
this support does not end with me, but continues
with other students who want to further their
studies but have limited means to do so. “
-Nolusindiso Baby Sonjani-

“I personally believe that the bursary came at
the right time and is a good opportunity for me
in financing my MBA, because an MBA will
equip me with the necessary skills needed for
all South African municipalities as well as private
companies should I consider moving. It is in line
with my career and with the work that I do on a
daily basis. The MBA will explain most of the work
I do on a daily basis, and it will highlight all the
information that I need and learn things that I was
not aware of.
As a working mom, it is not always easy to be
able to afford your studies and to take care of
your family at the same time, and Aspen made
my dream come true of studying my MBA, and I

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Business School
ploughs back in
several ways

Once again the Business School ploughs back on the
terrain of social responsibility. This time, 46 participants from
the Department of Education received free training in the
programme, Non-financial Managers Finance. A total of 300
contract participants received training in this sought-after
course in Tzaneen and Polokwane, which stretched across
11 days per course for four separate groups.

The facilitators during these training sessions were Prof Anet
Smit, Prof Ines Nel, Prof Cobus Pretorius, Mr William van
der Merwe, Mr Martin Botha, Mrs Zandri Dickason and Miss
Sune Ferreira.

The enthusiasm and positivity of the participants to enrich
themselves were one of the positive experiences that stood
out for the facilitators. There is a great need for this type of
training in finances.

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