2018 Private Business Tax Retreat - 31 May-1 June 2018 The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast - The Tax Institute

2018 Private Business Tax Retreat - 31 May-1 June 2018 The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast - The Tax Institute
2018 Private Business
          Tax Retreat
                      31 May–1 June 2018
     The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast

                            13 CPD hours
2018 Private Business Tax Retreat - 31 May-1 June 2018 The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast - The Tax Institute
                                 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
                  Defensive Planning - Being Proactive but also Prepared to Defend

      On behalf of the organising committee, I am pleased to extend to you an invitation to again join us at the Palazzo Versace Hotel
      on the Gold Coast for the 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat.
      Now in its eighth year, the 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat program has been designed to deliver the most up-to-date thinking on
      many of the private client advisers’ most common tools in trade and to bring to light emerging trends which may impact upon them.
      Covering trusts, Div 7A, Part IVA, Small Business Restructure Roll-over in practice, corporate and commercial, and ATO
      perspectives, the purpose of the retreat is to not only deliver new thinking around daily adviser issues, but also to provide practical
      take-outs for common client circumstances, issues and objectives. While we have not seen substantive legislative change
      across areas that impact private business (aside from superannuation), there is a clear change of thinking around policies that
      generations of private client advisers have more or less taken for granted. Although these changes are, for the most part, still
      evolving, they nevertheless must be taken into account when advising clients, particularly as decisions taken today in the context
      of existing laws may have long-term consequences in a new legislative environment.
      Again taking place over two days at the ever-popular Palazzo Versace on the Gold Coast, the 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
      is an opportunity to immerse yourself in private business taxation issues through technical plenary sessions and interaction with
      field leaders and your peers.

      Why you should attend
      The Private Business Tax Retreat continues to be a unique and significant event on The Tax Institute’s calendar and has a strong
      following amongst an increasing number of Tax Institute members. It is designed for practitioners with an interest in private
      business taxation issues but, more importantly, with a focus on how these issues impact the advice that they provide. The
      detailed insights and practical take-aways from this event will empower attendees to confidently advise in a changing landscape.

      Thank you
      Thank you for all of the feedback we received regarding last year’s event. This ongoing feedback from regular supporters of this
      event is most welcome and helps us plan for future events as we continue to strive to make this retreat one that provides an
      essential forum covering areas of great relevance for attendees.
      Thank you also to the organising committee for their time, energy and support in ensuring that the 2018 Private Business
      Tax Retreat maintains the high standards of similar events over the years in Queensland.
      I look forward to meeting you on the Gold Coast for what will be a truly exceptional retreat-style event in the wonderful surrounds
      of the Palazzo Versace.

      John Ioannou, CTA
      Chair, 2018 Retreat Organising Committee

      The Tax Institute gratefully acknowledges the generous assistance of members of the 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
      Organising Committee:
      John Ioannou, CTA, (Chair, 2018 Retreat Organising                    Steven Lutz, CTA, Lutz & Associates
      Committee)                                                            John Middleton, CTA, Clayton Utz
      Tara Cuddihy, CTA, PwC                                                Dominic Moon, ATI, McCullough Robertson
      Andrew Jones, CTA, Crowe Horwath                                      Andrew White, ATI, Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills

                  Early bird offer! Register on or before Thursday 12 April to save.

2   THE TAX INSTITUTE 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
2018 Private Business Tax Retreat - 31 May-1 June 2018 The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast - The Tax Institute
Technical program
                                                          Event summary

Day 1 – Thursday, 31 May 2018
Time              Session                                                                                              Presenter

8.15am            Registration – pre-function foyer

8.45–9.00am       Official opening by retreat chair                                                                    John Ioannou, CTA
                                                                                                                       Chair, 2018 Retreat
                                                                                                                       Organising Committee

9.00–9.15am       President’s welcome                                                                                  Tracey Rens, CTA
                                                                                                                       President – The Tax

9.15–10.00am      Keynote address: How did the advisors go?                                                            Raynuha Sinnathamby
                  The role and actual efficacy of advisors or ‘consultants’ is an important and sometimes vexed one.   Managing Director,
                                                                                                                       Springfield City Group
                  The question; ‘how did the advisors go?’, actually commands some lengthy qualitative and
                  quantitative analysis in almost every instance.
                  Engaging an advisor without careful consideration of whether the advisor has the skills,
                  experience, understanding of the task, and of the business of the company, as well as
                  capacity to complete, can set both advisor and business up for trouble. Clarity around the
                  parameters is also important to avoid extended engagements or unbudgeted costs.
                  The very nature of the dynamic skills base needed to complete the Greater Springfield city-
                  building project, necessitates the use of advisors and this provides a good case study for the
                  topic at hand.

10.00–10.15am     Morning tea – pre-function foyer

10.15–11.15am     Plenary 1: Structuring trusts for foreign stakeholders – It affects everyone                         Melinda Peters, CTA
                  Recent changes in attitudes, policy and legislation mean that an off-the-shelf deed                  McCullough Robertson
                  will certainly never satisfy a client’s objectives, and potentially expose them to
                  adverse consequences. This session will cover:
                  ƒƒ Who should be a beneficiary when drafting a trust
                  ƒƒ Different “foreigners” for different statutory purposes
                  ƒƒ Rights of a discretionary object.

11.15am–12.15pm   Plenary 2: Part IVA for SMEs                                                                         Chris Aboud, CTA
                  Establishing that Part IVA does not apply to a proposed transaction can be challenging, and          Greenwoods & Herbert
                  different views are often possible. Given this, it is preferable to ensure that the proposed         Smith Freehills
                  transaction does not raise any Part IVA “flags” and that other higher Part IVA risks are not         Cameron Blackwood,
                  present. This session covers the following matters:                                                  CTA
                  ƒƒ The Part IVA “flags”                                                                              Greenwoods & Herbert
                  ƒƒ Circumstances that might be thought to be higher risk for Part IVA, but are not                   Smith Freehills
                  ƒƒ Circumstances that might be thought to be lower risk for Part IVA, but are not
                  ƒƒ The various mechanisms for obtaining comfort on Part IVA

12.15–1.00pm      Lunch – Ill Barocco Restaurant

1.00–2.00pm       Plenary 3: SME demergers and capital returns – Is the small business restructure roll-               John Middleton, CTA
                  over the answer?                                                                                     Clayton Utz
                  The ATO interpretation of the demerger rules has effectively put them beyond the reach of
                  the vast majority of SME companies. This raises the questions; do the new small business
                  rules provide an alternative means of achieving a similar outcome? or of undertaking other           Christine Palmer
                  share capital dealings in a more flexible manner than provided for by Div 16K? This session          Clayton Utz
                  will examine:
                  ƒƒ Demerger relief – three concessions in one
                  ƒƒ When can SMEs satisfy the ATO tests?
                  ƒƒ Can the SBRR allow an effective tax-free demerger?
                  ƒƒ Do the safe harbours apply?
                  ƒƒ Buybacks and other capital transactions.

                                                                                       2018 Private Business Tax Retreat THE TAX INSTITUTE      3
2018 Private Business Tax Retreat - 31 May-1 June 2018 The Palazzo Versace Hotel, Gold Coast - The Tax Institute
Technical program
                                                              Event summary

     Time              Session                                                                                                   Presenter

     2.00–3.00pm       Plenary 4: What is happening to Div 7A from 1 July 2018?                                                  Mark Molesworth, CTA
                       Division 7A has had a makeover and is ready to take effect from 1 July 2018 with a new                    BDO
                       look. Having played a key part in the tax framework in which private companies operate,
                       this Division has been notorious for being complex, inflexible and costly to comply with. This
                       session looks at the new changes to Div 7A, specifically:
                       ƒƒ Outline of the new “simple” Div 7A – has it really been simplified?
                       ƒƒ Are the objectives of Div 7A still being achieved?
                       ƒƒ What was included and not included from the Board of Taxation recommendations?
                       ƒƒ Are our problems with unpaid present entitlements now a distant memory?

     3.00–3.15pm       Afternoon tea – pre-function foyer

     3.15–4.15pm       Plenary 5: Financing start-ups                                                                            Ben Wood
                       Internationally, stories of crowdfunded start-up successes are increasingly common, and are               McCullough Robertson
                       likely to be increasingly common in the Australian context following recent amendments to                 Anna Guenther
                       the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth). This session will equip attendees with the knowledge to                  Co-founder of PledgeMe
                       understand and advise in this landscape, by covering:
                       ƒƒ An introduction to crowdfunding in all its forms, including how investors and companies
                       ƒƒ Reflections on the new legislation and early lessons learnt
                       ƒƒ Comparisons of equity crowdfunding with other early-stage venture capital options
                       ƒƒ Practical considerations, including maintaining control after equity raising.
                       Anna Guenther, co-founder of PledgeMe, New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform, will
                       be providing a different perspective, including what a crowd funding platform looks for in
                       a campaign and company, and some practical tips on how to ensure a successful crowd
                       funding campaign.

     4.15–5.15pm       Plenary 6: Cash-back opportunities for private businesses                                                 Greg Pratt
                       This session will focus on the “cash-back” opportunities existing under state and federal                 Deloitte
                       government commitments to innovation, but more importantly, how to position your client to
                       take full advantage of these initiatives. It will explore:
                       ƒƒ R&D tax incentives
                       ƒƒ Export market development grants
                       ƒƒ Fuel tax credits
                       ƒƒ The Advance Queensland program and the National Innovation and Science Agenda.

     5.15–6.15pm       Free time

     6.15–7.15pm       Pre-dinner drinks

     7.15–11.00pm      Retreat dinner

    Day 2 – Friday, 1 June 2018
     Time               Session                                                                                                Presenter

     7.00am             Breakfast – Ill Barocco Restaurant

     9.00–10.00am       Plenary 7: Ongoing use of trusts after the next election                                               Professor Robert
                        The public debate over “tax avoidance” has recently incorporated the use of trusts.                    Deutsch, CTA
                        This session highlights the facts behind the various stances taken and what they may mean for          The Tax Institute
                        practitioners and their clients. It will address:
                        ƒƒ Details of the ALP’s policy
                        ƒƒ Official position of both the current government and Treasury
                        ƒƒ A fresh look at the non-tax attributes of trusts (estate planning, asset protection, flexibility)
                        ƒƒ Bonus: The ATO’s current interest in stapled structures and implications for smaller investors.

4   THE TAX INSTITUTE 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
Technical program
                                                      Event summary

Time            Session                                                                                         Presenter

10.00–10.15am   Morning tea – pre-function foyer

10.15-11.15am   Plenary 8: Superannuation and Estate Planning – The New Frontier                                Scott Hay-Bartlem,
                Having survived the introduction of “fair and sustainable” superannuation, with the             CTA
                Treasurer’s tagline “Superannuation is not an estate planning tool”, the focus is now on        Cooper Grace Ward
                how we manage self-managed superannuation funds and death benefits. This session                Lawyers
                will address the changes for superannuation death benefits under the new regime, with a
                particular focus on:
                ƒƒ How do reversionary pensions and death benefits work now with the new transfer
                   balance cap?
                ƒƒ Recent court case decisions on binding death benefit nominations and the
                   responsibility of advisers.

11.15-12.15pm   Plenary 9: What is attracting the commissioner’s attention for private business                 Martin Jacobs
                This session will focus on current technical issues impacting private business that are         ATO
                attracting the Commissioner’s attention, including issues related to:
                ƒƒ CGT Concessions
                ƒƒ Div 7A
                ƒƒ Trusts
                It will also cover the options available for taxpayers in resolving complex issues.

12.15-1.15pm    Lunch – Ill Barocco Restaurant

1.15-2.15pm     Plenary 10: Intergenerational wealth transfer                                                   Jodie Mills, CTA
                Determining the “who” when planning for succession is only the first hurdle. The “how”          Small Myers Hughes
                requires careful planning to ensure that the various underlying tax issues have been
                considered. This session will use practical examples to explore:
                ƒƒ Identifying the right assets
                ƒƒ Questions of control and ownership
                ƒƒ FTEs, IEEs
                ƒƒ Value shifting
                ƒƒ Stamp duty issues.

2.15-2.30pm     Afternoon tea – pre-function foyer

2.30-4.00pm     Plenary 11: Joint Avoidance Panel                                                               Facilitator
                Following on from Plenaries 2 & 9, we have assembled a panel of anti-avoidance experts,         Steve Lutz, CTA
                including members of the General Anti-Avoidance Review Panel, to discuss and debate             Lutz & Associates
                the current state of play and future direction of anti-avoidance in Australia. In particular,
                the panel will address:                                                                         Panel Members

                ƒƒ The major changes to Part IVA five years on, including removing “tax purposes” from          Cameron Blackwood,
                   a permissible counter-factual scenario                                                       CTA
                                                                                                                Greenwoods & Herbert
                ƒƒ Is Part IVA now too restrictive?
                                                                                                                Smith Freehills
                ƒƒ Most advisers can spot flagrant breaches off Part IVA. What arrangements are being
                   seen that sail closer to the line?                                                           Martin Jacobs
                ƒƒ Should there be any further changes to Part IVA to improve certainty for taxpayers?          ATO
                                                                                                                Fiona Knight, CTA
                                                                                                                Professor Robert
                                                                                                                Deutsch, CTA
                                                                                                                The Tax Institute

4.00-4.15pm     Retreat close                                                                                   John Ioannou, CTA
                                                                                                                Chair, 2018 Retreat
                                                                                                                Organising Committee

                                                                                    2018 Private Business Tax Retreat THE TAX INSTITUTE   5
Presenter profiles
                                                  An overview of our experts

    Chris Aboud, CTA, is a Senior Associate at Greenwoods &             John Ioannou, CTA, was admitted as a Solicitor in 2002 and is
    Herbert Smith Freehills and has extensive experience advising       a partner at McCullough Robertson. He has experience in the
    clients on a broad range of income tax matters, including           areas of taxation, trusts and estate and succession planning.
    taxation of trusts particularly as it relates to the MIT and AMIT   John has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws and a Masters
    regimes; capital gains tax; and international tax matters. Chris’   of Law. He is currently Queensland’s representative on the
    practice focusses on clients within the property construction and   Institute’s National Professional Development Committee and a
    development and property funds management industries. He            member of Queensland’s State Council.
    is also a key member of the firm’s Private Wealth group, which
                                                                        Martin Jacobs is an Assistant Commissioner at the ATO. He
    advises many of the country’s most successful private groups
                                                                        specialises in the Private Groups and High Wealth Individuals
    and emerging entrepreneurial businesses.
                                                                        business line, leading a tax advice and services area as well as
    Cameron Blackwood, ATI, brings more than a decade of                providing leadership on significant case matters. Martin worked
    transactional tax expertise to his role as Director in Greenwoods   in the Commonwealth Treasury from 2002 to 2013, undertaking
    & Herbert Smith Freehills’ Sydney office. He specialises in         a range of policy advice and legislative development roles
    advising clients on the tax complexities of mergers, acquisitions   involving individuals, business, not for profits and international
    and restructures, including cross-border issues and all             matters. Martin has qualifications in Economics, Accounting
    aspects of employee share schemes, and regularly works in           and Taxation Law.
    close collaboration with Herbert Smith Freehills. After joining
                                                                        Fiona Knight, CTA, is an Assistant Commissioner at the ATO.
    Greenwoods & Herbert Smith Freehills as a graduate in 2004,
                                                                        She has over 20 years experience in taxation law and currently
    Cameron built his corporate experience advising companies
                                                                        works in the Tax Counsel Network providing advice on the most
    on a wide range of advisory and compliance matters, including
                                                                        complex tax technical issues with a focus on anti-avoidance
    a secondment to BHP Billiton. His industry knowledge is
                                                                        provisions. She is a member of the ATO’s General Anti-Avoidance
    broad and includes the mining, real estate and financial
                                                                        Rules (GAAR) Panel. Previously, Fiona has worked in the Large
    services sectors. Cameron is also a key member of the firm’s
                                                                        Business & International and Litigation areas of the ATO. Fiona
    Private Wealth group, which advises many of the country’s
                                                                        holds a Bachelor of Laws (Hons), a Bachelor of Commerce, an
    most successful private groups and emerging entrepreneurial
                                                                        Executive Masters of Public Administration from the University
    businesses. Cameron is a member of The Tax Institute’s Large
                                                                        of Melbourne and a Masters of Taxation from UNSW. She is
    Business and International Committee and the NSW Technical
                                                                        admitted to practise as a Barrister and Solicitor in Victoria.
    Committee. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Hons) and
    Bachelor of Laws (Hons) from the University of Technology           Steven Lutz, CTA, is Managing Director of Lutz & Associates,
    Sydney, and a Master of Taxation from the University of Sydney.     a Chartered Accountancy firm located on the Gold Coast,
    Cameron is admitted as a solicitor in New South Wales.              providing taxation, accounting and business services. Steve is
    Professor Robert Deutsch, CTA, is Senior Tax Counsel at             also a member of The Tax Institute’s Professional Development
    The Tax Institute and is also currently a Deputy President of       Committee and State Council.
    the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). For over 20 years        John Middleton, CTA, is a Special Counsel at Clayton Utz
    he was a Professor in Taxation Law with the University of New       Brisbane and specialises in revenue and commercial law. He has
    South Wales. He specialises in taxation matters, with a special     provided legal advice in respect of the structuring, restructuring,
    emphasis on international tax and has experience as a solicitor     purchase and sale of businesses and entities of all types. He has
    with a major national law firm, as an independent barrister, and    particular experience in CGT planning for the sale of businesses,
    as a director with a major accounting firm. Professor Deutsch has   and also practises in stamp duty, GST and general tax. He is
    deep expertise in both tax practice and tax education, developed    listed in Doyle’s and Best Lawyers in respect of tax matters.
    over many years at the highest levels. This gives him a unique
    perspective that enables him to represent The Tax Institute with    Jodie Mills, CTA, is a Principal of Small Myers Hughes Lawyers
    authority and integrity.                                            and is an Accredited Specialist in Taxation Law with the Law
                                                                        Institute of Victoria and Queensland Law Society. Jodie is
    Anna Guenther is the co-founder and Chief Bubble Blower of          passionate about providing results-driven, commercial advice and
    PledgeMe, New Zealand’s first crowdfunding platform. Since          solutions for her clients’ taxation and business needs. Her core
    launching 6 years ago, over 1,200 creative, community and           practice areas focus on providing advice on taxation matters,
    entrepreneurial campaigns have raised over $23 million through      including stamp duty, GST and capital gains tax and advising on
    PledgeMe. Currently, the platform offers equity, lending, and       corporate structures and transactions.
    project-based crowdfunding. Their most recent claim to fame was
    a Dunedin based chocolate company raising over $2million in 32      Mark Molesworth, CTA, is a tax partner at BDO and a member
    hours when Cadbury decided to move their production offshore.       of The Tax Institute’s Large Business & International Technical
    Anna has also worked for the New Zealand Government, MIT            Subcommittee and the Queensland State Technical Committee.
    and Harvard, and completed her Masters in Entrepreneurship          He is also a member of the expert advisory panel to the Board
    with a focus on crowdfunding. She moved to Australia as part of     of Taxation and The Tax Institute’s representative on the ATO’s
    the HotDesQ programme, which coincided with changes in the          Private Groups Stewardship Group. Mark has many years of
    legislation coming into effect allowing equity crowdfunding.        experience in advising taxpayers with respect to all areas of

6   THE TAX INSTITUTE 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
Presenter profiles
                                                 An overview of our experts

taxation, including CGT, FBT and income tax. He also provides             serves on the Property Council Queensland Division Council and
taxation advice to other smaller accounting and legal practices in        Management Council. Raynuha also serves on the Premier’s
respect of their clients.                                                 Business Advisory Council (2013-2017), has served on the
                                                                          Queensland Government Multicultural Round Table (2012-2014)
Christine Palmer was admitted in 2010 as a solicitor, and has             and has recently been appointed onto the Leadership Council on
practised in the corporate tax team of top-tier accountancy               Cultural Diversity.
practices in Brisbane. After working in Boston in international tax,
she returned to Australia in 2017 to work in the Clayton Utz tax team     Ben Wood of McCullough Robertson has a broad range of
in Sydney. Specialising in corporate tax, she has a particular interest   experience in assisting clients with issues relating to corporations
in income tax consolidation, structuring and international tax.           and securities law, with a particular focus on public and private
                                                                          capital raising, mergers and acquisitions, restructures and capital
Melinda Peters, CTA, is a specialist tax and duty lawyer, focusing        governance. This includes working with companies across the
on corporate and resources taxation at McCullough Robertson.              capital raising life cycle from start-up to listing, as an active
Melinda currently acts for multinational corporations with                supporter of the start-up community. This has naturally included
Australian resource interests, a number of ASX-listed companies,          a keen interest and focus on developments in crowdfunding
widely held investment funds and a number of growing Australian           (including equity-based crowdfunding). Ben is originally from the
companies that are expanding offshore. In addition to providing           UK and is also admitted as a lawyer in England and Wales.
transaction structuring advice and tax opinions, Melinda has
implemented and advises on employee incentive arrangements for
both listed and private groups. She also regularly acts for clients in
taxation objections and disputes with the ATO.

Greg Pratt is a Brisbane-based Partner who leads Deloitte’s
Global Investment and Innovation Incentives practice in Australia.
Greg has many years of experience assisting companies access
R&D tax incentives and grants, and his previous experience
includes leading R&D and grants practices in South Australia and
New Zealand. Greg assists clients with all aspects of R&D tax
compliance and consulting, including preparing R&D tax incentive
claims, advising on optimal R&D structuring, implementing
improved R&D substantiation systems and assisting with advance
and overseas findings. Greg works across a range of industries
and has significant experience advising companies in the
manufacturing, software, agricultural, life sciences, energy and
technology industries.

Tracey Rens, CTA, is a Corporate & International Tax Partner
at Deloitte. She has 18 years of cross-border M&A, international
structuring and advisory experience. Tracey provides advice
on all major areas of Australian tax including capital gains tax
issues relating to acquisitions, divestments and restructures,
loss management and integrity issues, repatriation matters, tax
consolidation and IFRS.

Raynuha Sinnathamby is Springfield City Group’s Managing
Director. A solicitor by trade, Raynuha holds Bachelor of Arts
and Bachelor of Law degrees and also a Masters in Business
Administration. After practising in property law, Raynuha joined
Springfield Land Corporation in 1998 as Director Corporate. In
February 2013, Raynuha was appointed Managing Director of
the Springfield City Group. Over the years, Raynuha has been
closely involved in the building of the Greater Springfield City,
now the fourth fastest growing statistical local area in the country.
Greater Springfield is an award winning project encompassing
six suburbs and home to approximately 30,000 people. As part
of her contribution to the property industry, Raynuha served as
Vice President (2012), President of the Queensland Division of the
Property Council of Australia (2013, 2014) and on the Board of the
National Board of the Property Council of Australia. She currently

                                                                                     2018 Private Business Tax Retreat THE TAX INSTITUTE         7
Further information
                                                            What, when and how to

    Registration options                                                         Retreat dinner
    Online: taxinstitute.com.au/PBTR                                             The retreat dinner will be held on Thursday 31 May. The cost of
    Fax:    07 3225 5222                                                         this dinner is included in the registration fee and additional tickets
    Mail:   The Tax Institute, PO Box 7071                                       can be purchased for $165 per person. This includes pre-dinner
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    Delegate registration inclusions                                             additional tickets.
    ƒƒ Participation in the full technical program
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    ƒƒ Lunch and refreshment breaks during the retreat on both Thursday          Purchase four full registrations and receive a fifth full registration
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       course meal and beverages.
    Please note: The registration fee does not include accommodation, hotel      All attendees must be from the same firm and all registration
    incidentals, or transfers.                                                   forms must be submitted together.

    Early bird registration                                                      Delegate list
    All registrations received and paid on or before Thursday 12 April,          To assist with networking, a delegate list will be included
    2018 will be entitled to an early bird discount.                             electronically on the event app. Please contact the Queensland
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    The Tax Institute CPD event app
    Program information, materials (technical papers and slides),                Confirmation of registration
    evaluation forms and more will be available via The Tax Institute’s          Confirmation of your registration will be emailed to you upon
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    on their phone or tablet prior to the event. Materials will be made
    available for download approximately five days before the event.             CPD accreditation
    At this time, an email will be sent to delegates with access details.        Attendance at the retreat counts for 13 hours of Professional
                                                                                 Development Accreditation with The Tax Institute.
    Dress code
    Business casual attire is suitable for the daytime sessions and for          Alteration and cancellation policy
    the Thursday night dinner.                                                   The Tax Institute reserves the right to alter, amend or cancel
                                                                                 all or any of the arrangements contained in the program. It is a
    Location                                                                     condition of acceptance of registration that an administration fee
    Venue – The Palazzo Versace Hotel                                            of 20% of the registration fee will be charged for cancellation.
    94 Seaworld Drive, Main Beach QLD 4217                                       No refund will be given for cancellations received within five
    The Palazzo Versace Hotel is located at Main Beach on                        working days of the retreat. A replacement may be nominated. If
    Queensland’s Gold Coast, which is located one hour’s drive south             the replacement is not a member, the non-member registration
    of Brisbane or a 40-minute drive north of Gold Coast Airport. At             fee will apply. CPD hours will be allocated to the designated
    the sophisticated end of the Gold Coast, Main Beach presents                 attendee.
    an opulent shopping centre, a fabulous marina and the aquatic
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    Book your trip today by visiting https://conferencentl.eventsair.
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    Coast airports. While Gold Coast is the closest airport to the
                                                                                 Tel: 07 3225 5200
    hotel, not all airlines service this airport.
                                                                                 Email: qld@taxinstitute.com.au
    There is complimentary parking at The Palazzo Versace Hotel
    for all delegates.

8   THE TAX INSTITUTE 2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
2018 Private Business Tax Retreat
                                                            Registration form
2018 Private Business Tax Retreat                                                                                                                                             4180501 | BM

A tax invoice and confirmation letter will be sent on receipt of your registration. Please photocopy for additional delegates and retain original copy for your
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                                                                                                                                          I hereby apply for membership of The Tax
    Non-member                                     $2,020                                             $2,120                              Institute and declare that I am a person of
                                                                                                                                          good fame, integrity and character and agree
Group registration                                                                                                                        to be bound by the Constitution of The Tax
Purchase four full conference registrations and receive the fifth registration free.†                                                     Institute. Further information available at
Email eventregistrations@taxinstitute.com.au with your attendee names.                                                                    taxinstitute.com.au
Please note: A Tax Institute member will be the fifth qualifying free ticket.                                                             Signature:
    All attendees must be from the same firm and all must register at the same time.

         I acknowledge that I will receive electronic access to the available papers and presentations
          through The Tax Institute CPD app.                                                                                              Date of signature:

                                                                                                                                           DD/MM/Y Y Y Y
Dietary requirements:

Promotional code:

    2       Delegate contact details

Member no.:                                                         If your member details are up-to-date, you can skip this section.

Title:                  Mr           Mrs          Miss         Ms          Other (please specify)                                                  Date of birth:
                                                                                                                                                                    DD/MM/Y Y Y Y

First name:                                                                                           Last name:

Position:                                                                                             Company:


Suburb:                                                                                               State:                                  Postcode:

Telephone:                                                                                            Fax:

Mobile:                                                                                               Email:

        Please tick this box if you do not wish your name to be included on the delegate list provided to all attendees for networking purposes.
3       Retreat dinner
                   The retreat dinner is INCLUDED in the registration fee for delegates.                                Additional tickets^
                   Thursday 31 May: Palazzo Versace Hotel                                                                     Yes, I require additional tickets for the retreat dinner at $165 per person
                           Yes, I WILL be attending the retreat dinner OR
                                                                                                                        No.                tickets at $165 each:     $
                           No, I WILL NOT be attending the retreat dinner

                   Please supply names of additional attendees and any dietary requirements as a separate attachment.

                       4       Payment summary

                   Registration fee                                                      $                                 Replacements
                                                                                                                           Please note: Registrations for the event are not interchangeable but replacements
                   Additional retreat dinner tickets                                     $                                 are acceptable. Please notify us at least two days prior if you intend on sending
                                                                                                                           a replacement. CPD hours will be allocated to the designated attendee. If the
                                                                                                                           replacement is not a member, the non-member registration fee will apply.
                   Total payable                                                         $
                   Please note: The Tax Institute cannot accept responsibility for delegates’ late flight arrivals.        The Tax Institute must receive cancellations in writing five working days prior
                   Transfer costs are non-refundable and non-transferable.                                                 to the conference. No refund will be given for cancellations received within five
                                                                                                                           working days of the event. A replacement may be nominated. Further details on
                                                                                                                           The Tax Institute’s cancellation policy can be found at taxinstitute.com.au.

                       5       Payment method
                           Cheque payable to The Tax Institute (in Australian dollars)

                           Credit card    $                                            Card type:           AMEX         Visa         MasterCard           Diners                Expiry date:
                                                                                                                                                                                                   M M/ Y Y

                   Name on card:

                   Card no.:                                                                                          signature:

                   Membership and education program promotion                                                            Marketing and business alliance partner exclusions
                      I am interested in becoming a member of The Tax Institute.                                  I no longer wish to provide my contact details to The Tax Institute’s contracted
                       Please send me further details.                                                              business partners.
                       I am interested in learning more about The Tax Institute’s education program.               I no longer wish to receive marketing correspondence from The Tax Institute.
                        Please contact me.
                   We take your privacy seriously, and our policy can be viewed at taxinstitute.com.au/go/footer/privacy.

                       Collection notice
                   The Tax Institute (TTI) complies with its obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) with respect to how it handles personal information. TTI collects, uses,
                   holds and discloses your personal information (including sensitive information, such as health information) for a range of purposes, such as administrative
                   purposes relating to membership of TTI and TTI’s courses (including assessment of eligibility and providing courses), compliance with Government and statutory
                   requirements, provision of information relating to TTI’s services and member benefits and to conduct market research. If you do not provide the personal
                   information requested by TTI, it may not be able to provide its services to you, such as assessment of your course enrolment application. TTI does not disclose
                   criminal record information to third parties. TTI usually discloses your personal information to entities such as your sponsoring employer (with respect to your
                   course records and results), The Tax Practitioners Board, TTI’s business partners for marketing purposes, IT companies and other companies who provide
                   administrative and other services to TTI and government bodies, such as the Tertiary Education and Quality Standards Agency. TTI may disclose personal
                   information to overseas recipients in countries such as the United States of America and India. For further information on how TTI collects, uses, holds and
                   discloses personal information, please see its privacy policy at www.taxinstitute.com.au. The Privacy Policy also contains information on how to request access
                   to or correction of your personal information and how to make a complaint about a breach of privacy. By submitting your application to TTI, you confirm that you
                   have read TTIs Privacy Policy and you consent to your personal information being collected, used and held by TTI and disclosed to third parties as set out in this
                   notice and in accordance with TTI’s Privacy Policy. If you do not want your personal information to be used by TTI or disclosed to third parties, for the purpose of
                   direct marketing, please contact us in writing at membership@taxinstitute.com.au.

                       TO REGISTER

                               nline taxinstitute.com.au/PBTR
                              O                                                                                               Email eventregistrations@taxinstitute.com.au
                              Mail PO Box 7071, Riverside Centre, Brisbane, QLD, 4001                                         Fax 07 3225 5222
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