2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme

2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Training Programme

2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
The Mission of Macra na Feirme is to              Skillnet develops and runs subsidised
“contribute to the sustainable development        courses and training programmes with the
of rural communities in Ireland by supporting     aim of making farm and agri businesses
the social, economic, cultural, personal          more profitable and sustainable.The Network
development and well-being of young people        ensures that as many farmers as possible
who have a rural connection, including young      have access to opportunities for further
farmers, by representing their interests in the   training and development. We primarily fund
                                                  those under 40 i.e. young farmers or those
development and implementation of relevant
                                                  outside of this age bracket working in the
policies, programs and services at national,
                                                  wider agricultural industry. Programmes
regional and local levels and by advocating       are optimised to suit the needs of members,
on their behalf”.                                 member companies, and employed learners,
                                                  through both formal and informal learning
In support of this mission, Macra na Feirme       that spans further education and higher
established its Skillnet programme in 2015.       education provision.
Macra Agricultural Skillnet is co-funded by
Skillnet Ireland and member companies.
Skillnet Ireland is funded from the National
Training Fund through the Department of
Education and Skills. Macra Agricultural

  Macra Agricultural Skillnet can
  deliver many courses on request,
  so do contact us to discuss your
  training needs or to book a place on
  any training programme listed in this
  brochure by visiting
  https://www.macra.ie/skillnet or email
  to skillnet@macra.ie
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Masters in Agricultural                                            and costs:
Extension                                                       Graduate Certificate
                                                          (12 months and 30 credits) €2450
– Enabling learning, behaviour changes,                     Graduate Diploma (18 months
innovation and investment at farm level.                       and 60 credits) €2220
                                                             Masters Degree (24 months

      his Masters programme is the first aimed                 and 90 credits) €3150
      at graduates beginning a career in Agri
      Sales, Advisory or Education. It will
effectively prepare an employee to build
lasting successful client relationships            will prepare young graduates for future roles in
resulting in hugely improved outcomes for          technical sales consultancy, advisory services
the employee and the business they work            and education delivery as well as providing
for.                                               opportunities for Continuous Professional
                                                   Development (CPD) for agricultural science
The Masters in Agricultural Extension and          The programme is designed as a part-time
Innovation aims to build competencies in early     Masters to be taken over a two year period
career agricultural graduates to support and       while the student is working in an organization
enable learning, behaviour change, investment      or company that supports farm level innovation.
and innovation at farm level. The programme        Initial intake will be in September 2018.

Core Skills for Advisors, Sales Representatives,
Consultants and Educators Working In the
Agricultural Industry
The Course is delivered both online and with     Cost will be approximately d950 per person.
face-to-face elements over approximately
5 months.                                        Contact the Skillnet team at skillnet@
                                                 macra.ie or at 01 4268900 for a full course
It is aimed at both graduates and those          description or to book a place.
more established in these areas of work
to develop the key skills required to build
client relationships that result in improved
performance for all stakeholders from the
farmer to the advisor and the supplier or
buyer involved.

Content will include becoming a reflective
advisor, building client relationships,
looking at group approaches and creativity /

This course is available as a standalone
accredited module and delivered as part
time and blended learning from September-
December. It will count as 30 credits towards
the Masters in Agricultural Extension, should
participants wish to develop their skills
further in future.
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
L4YP: Leadership for Young
Professionals Programme

The aim of the course is to develop an                  “Overall I really enjoyed this leadership
innovative blended programme aimed at                   course. I would recommend to fellow
enhancing the knowledge and experience of
                                                        Macra members to do. The career module
young professionals in business development
and leadership roles within agri-industry.              DiSC was really beneficial and planted
The programme will provide young                        a seed as to the importance of career
professionals with a mentor/coach with                  development and where to go in terms of
senior management experience, along with                future career. This course will also help
significant management development theory               me in my current role in terms of dealing
and practice workshops from a recognized                with my employer.”
provider. The course has been designed
                                                        “Course provided good logical solutions
to familiarize participants with issues and
challenges that are faced by new managers               to problems i.e. conflict and decision
within owner-managed and small to medium                making”
agri-business enterprises                               L4YP Participants

 Date      6th and 7th October and 8 further contact days
 Time      10.00am – 4.00pm
 Venue     UCC and various other locations
 Cost      Members €875 with fee for non members at €900

Young Beef Farmer Sustainability
                                                        “The only problem with the beef
Macra Agricultural Skillnets Young Beef Farmer          programme is that it’s not long enough’
Sustainability Programme, in partnership with           YBFSP Participant
Dawn Meats, is an exciting development for
young beef farmers. The programme is designed
to instil the confidence in our young farmers to
undertake on-farm projects that add value to
                                                       Dates         Begins 12th August with 12
their beef farming enterprise. The programme                         further contact days approx
will be launched at the Tullamore Show on
12th August with ten further contact days to be        Cost          Members €560 with fee for
                                                                     non members at €585
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Welding in Arc,                                     Date        Beginning September 2018

MIG & TIG                                           Time        6.30pm – 9.30pm one
                                                                evening per week over 8
The basic arc welding course
                                                    Venues      Cork Mountrath Cavan
is organised over 9 evenings
or 3 full days, with MIG and TIG                    Cost        Members: €300-
courses over seven evenings or                                  450 Depending on
                                                                specialisation, with an
2-3 days. Welding certification                                 extra charge of €25 for
is provided.                                                    non members

Safe Agri Skills:                               Date
                                                               Monthly and on request.
                                                               6.30pm – 10.00pm
Emergency First Aid &                           Venues         Various

Health                                          Cost           Members: €55
                                                               Non members: €80

A one day course which teaches CPR,            illness happens at home or on the farm,
initial steps when treating cardiac            knowing what initial steps to take is vital.
complaints, choking, burns and other           Participants learn through demonstration
injuries, defibrillator training and some of   and participation in appropriate scenarios
the important health issues in agriculture     and will receive a certificate, valid for two
and rural life. When an accident, injury or    years, on reaching the required skills level.
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Safe Livestock                              Professional
 Handling &                                  Hoofcare Course
                                             Looking for extra income?
A half day or evening course                 This course is for farmers who have the basic
addressing all safety, welfare,              skills and are looking to upskill and improve
behavioural and contentment                  their knowledge and for individuals who plan
issues around handling                       to start a career in Hoof Trimming, The course
livestock. Department of                     covers how to practically and safely perform
Agriculture approved.                        preventative Hoof Trimming (5 step Dutch
                                             Method), how to Identify common lameness
                                             and treatments and the different types of
             3rd July (Offaly)               crushes used
  Date       4th July (Cork)
  Time       5.30pm– 8.00pm                   Date       Monday 22nd – Thursday 25th
             Members: €40
  Cost       Non members:                     Time       Over 4 days
             €65                              Venue      Laois
                                                         Members: €1275
Other dates available on request                         Non members: €1300

Hoofcare, Lameness and Mobility
A one day course which identifies and                       3rd July
treats lameness issues and how to safely         Dates      21st August
                                                            13th November
perform preventative hoof trimming. The                     4th December
course structure includes equipment needs,                  Stradbally,
maintenance and applying shoes and blocks.       Venue      Co Laois
The course is delivered through theory and                  Members: €110
practical “Hands On” learning.                   Cost
                                                            Non members: €125
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Safe Tractor Driving
and Machinery
Farm machinery accounts for the biggest
proportion of accidents and fatalities on farms.
This one day course covers legislation governing
tractors and associated implements on and off
road, tractor controls, warning signs and their uses
and functions and setting clear roles for tractor,
loader & machine drivers at silage and other
contracting tasks

Monday 8th October                    Cost
     (Carlow)                     Members: €45
 Wednesday 10th                   Non members:
  October (Cork)        z
   12th October
                       – 8.00pm
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
DIY AI and Ultrasound
 Scanning                                                                    Date      Five days
                                                                                       21st to Friday
                                                                                       25th May
 The DIY AI is a week long              Scanning are run on the
 course which runs from                 same weeks and are of                          Five days
 Monday to Friday and                   twelve days duration.                          Monday 25th
 provides in depth and                  Participants must have AI                      to Friday 29th
 practical training involving           experience to complete a                       June
 one theory day and four                scanning course. This 12             Venue     St Patricks Hall
 days of practical artificial           day course is for farmers                      Stradbally
 insemination.                          who want to learn how to                       Co Laois
                                        do their own scanning and
                                                                             Cost      DIY AI
 The course covers                      increase their knowledge
                                                                                       Members €350
 understanding and treating             around dating and
                                                                                       Non members
 fertility issues, collecting,          assessing pregnancies                          €375
 storing and handling                   The DIY AI Course and                          Scanning
 semen, sanitation and                  the Scanning Courses are                       Members €725
 prevention of disease                  both valued at 25 credits                      Non Members
 spread.                                towards the Agri Skills                        €750
                                        Technical and Master of
 Courses in Ultrasound                  Agri Skills Awards.                  Courses provided monthly

                                                      Date          September

Cow Signals                                           Time
                                                                    10.00am – 4.30pm
                                                                    Members: €170
                                                                    Non members: €195
A one day course in Cow Signals, a worldwide
approach used to help dairy farmers to prevent       cows, reduce lameness, wounds, disease, reduce
disease and prolong the lifetime of animals.         antibiotic use and create an improved income for
The training aims to double the lifespan of your     the farmer with a better work / life balance.

 Soil Fertility Management
 for Livestock Farmers
 Teagasc soil specialists, Mark Plunkett and David           Date       Tuesday 4th September
 Wall, will deliver a one day training programme
 in Johnstown Castle, Wexford, the home of                   Time       10.00am – 4.00pm
 soil research. Managing the greatest asset for                         Johnstown Castle,
 producing grass and forage on your farm will                Venue      Wexford
 guarantee an increase in production and efficient
                                                                        Members: €120
 use of inputs. Can you afford not to brush up on            Cost
                                                                        Non members: €125
 your Soil Management Knowledge and Skills?

 Places limited to 20.
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Sales Course:
                                              Finance for
Selling to
 A one day introductory course to sales for   Financial management including cash flow and
those working in the Agricultural industry.   taxation planning. The programme will include
This short course will begin to teach the     efficiencies and lean principles and employee
skills of building successful relationships   management
and key selling techniques.

 Date       5th July                                     End of November and
                                                         delivered over three days.
 Time       9.30am – 4.30pm
                                               Time      10.00am – 4.30pm
 Venue      Portlaoise
                                               Venue     Portlaoise
            Members: €100
            Non members €125                   Cost      Members: €190
2018 Training Programme - Macra na Feirme
Date         3rd October

Lean for                                                Time         9.30am – 4.40pm
                                                        Venue        TBC
Farming:                                                Cost
                                                                     Members: €100
                                                                     Non members: €125
A One Day Course which gives an introductory
insight into the fundamental principles and tools      awareness of Lean Thinking and the principles
of Lean, and an understanding of its benefits for      that form the essential foundations of Lean
the agricultural industry. Participants will gain an   implementation projects, processes and culture.
understanding of the improvement methodology           The program helps to educate and involve all
that is driving growth in organizations of all sizes   participants in their agribusiness or farm’s efforts
and in all sectors. This instructor-led program        to improve process efficiencies and eliminate
provides participants with a basic introduction and    waste.

 Webinars on Management                                                                Cost      €15

 Macra Agricultural Skillnet is delighted to               Social Media Awareness for Clubs / Groups
 introduce a new series of one hour webinars,              and Members –Tuesday 12th June. This
 scheduled for 400pm to 5.00pm on the                      webinar covers how to address and monitor
 following dates and covering the following                social media usage, issues and problems,
 topics                                                    using media positively, your personal brand
                                                           and choosing the right medium
 Ladies in leadership – Tuesday 5th June. Your
 personal brand, qualifications and experience,            Communications: Monday 18th June.
 key achievements, positive portrayal and how              Communication challenges, choosing the
 speak positively about your attributes                    right channels, body language, telephone
                                                           usage, email etiquette and disagreeing in a
                                                           positive way.

                                                             Date          26th June
 Increase your                                               Time          6.30pm – 10.00pm

 Work Output                                                 Venue         Mitchelstown, Cork
                                                                           Members: €50
                                                                           Non members: €75

 Do you want to be more
 productive? The better you
 look after yourself the more
 productive you will be. The
 programme will challenge
 participants to look for
 solutions and highlight
 the benefits of stress
 management and support
 where we can.
Young Farmer Informal Seminar
Young Farmer Informal Seminar to be held at a Cork venue, hosted by
Muskerry Macra in association with the IFAC

Attendance at the seminar is free of charge.

Macra na Feirme                                   Date
                                                            27th October
                                                            11.00am – 4.00pm

Annual Young                                      Venue     Clonmel
                                                            Members: €25
Farmer Conference                                 Cost
                                                            Non members: €50

People Skills for                                 Date      Tuesday 20th November

Farm Managers                                     Time
                                                            10.00am - 4.00pm
                                                            Members: €55
A One Day Course in Communication and             Cost
                                                            Non members: €80
People Management for Farm Managers

for Farmers
This programme covers
budgeting, cash flow
management, tax, capital
planning and advisory services

           Sept over four
 Date      nights, one night
           per week
 Time      7.00 – 10.00pm
 Venue     Kilkenny
Grass to Cash
 A one day course held on a farm. The course
 will encompass Grass Measurement, and
 Pasturebase Ireland software, Learners will: know
 the benefits of weekly grass measurement, be
 capable of measuring grass, gain skills in using
 software to increase margins from accurate grass
 measuring, and understand the importance of
 Cash Flow Management,

            Date                       Members:
           11th July                €20 and €45 for
       (South Tipperary)           non members, with
           18th July                 lunch included
           (Athlone)        Time
                           10.30am –

Young Farmer Events                                    Date    27th November
                                                               Tullamore Court
– Offaly Young Farmer                                  Venue

event with AIB                                         Cost    Free
Supervising People on Your Dairy Farm
This course is designed to increase the                two day together followed by two individual
skills of the farm owner or manager when               days. It is designed to be as interactive and
managing and supervising employees on                  participative as possible and learners will
farm. The course looks at the role and the             be given adequate time to reflect on ideas/
responsibilities of a farmer as an employer,           concepts and to apply or put them into
and how to achieve the best results for your           practice.
farm, yourself and your employees.
                                                       Delivered by Teagasc and Heffernan
This course will cover hiring staff, staff             Consultancy and available to groups of
induction, employment law, staff supervision           farmers on request.
and retention, effective communication
with employees, rewarding employees and                            November/December
employee safety and well-being.                         Dates
                                                                   Four contact days
Learners will be expected to combine
all of these elements into a ‘People                               Daily
Management Plan’ for their farm.                                   10.00am – 4.30pm
                                                        Venue      Various locations
The course will be offered over a total
of six days, comprising of two sessions of              Cost       €300

  Plumbing for
  Farmers                                               Date       12th July
                                                        Time       6.00pm – 9.00pm
  An evening information seminar on the most
                                                        Venue      North Cork
  practical and efficient farm plumbing and water
  infrastructure solutions                              Cost       €55

 Service Workshop Management
Are you getting the best from your workshop? Is its
potential maximised? This course is particularly for
those working in tractor/machinery workshops to
ensure maximum outputs.

 Dates      21st and 22nd Nov
 Time       9.30am – 4.30pm
 Venue      Kildare
 Cost       €415
Manual Handling
                                                                          Late June
                                                                Dates     12th September
Many injuries to farmers occur because of poor manual                     17th October
handling and this half day or evening course will provide                 Kilkenny
participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to        Venues    Cork
enable them to safely move and handle inanimate loads                     Athlone
using the eight principles of Safer Moving & Handling.
Topics covered include legislation, spinal injuries, fitness,             Members: €25
ergonomics and risk assessment                                            Non members: €50

   Chainsaw Operations
   1 and 3 day accredited courses available. Courses are for occasional
   chainsaw users and detail everything around the safe use and
   maintenance of your chainsaw.

   Dates available on request and cost dependant on duration of courses
Employee Activation
– Re skill to return to work.
Dairy Operative Skills Programme                      Milking Skills

Skills training will be delivered by Teagasc          This Level 6 QQI accreditated course will give
and operatives will have a farm placement             participants the competence to perform and
to continue their training. This four week            manage dairy herd milking processes. The
programme will give a skill level to operatives       course supports the integration of key milking
and that will, on successful completion, lead         routines as regards required milk quality,
to flexible working hours and conditions for          food safety, dairy herd health and dairy cow
those that are looking for extra income.              welfare for commercial herds

These courses are free to those who qualify for employee activation programmes, subject to demand.

The “Master of Agri Skills“ Award
This award is comprised of components                on completion. Participants who complete
under the following headings- Safety,                all four sections will be awarded the Master
Business, Personal and Technical and is              of Agri Skills. The Safe Agri Skills award
aimed at qualified young farmers who want to         must be completed within two years and
further their skills and achieve a recognised        remains valid for five years, subject to the
award. Each component carries credit and             requirement to do refresher training in some
participants must earn 60 credits in each            course.
category and will be awarded a certificate
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Eligibility -Skillnet subsidised rates are available to         Cancellations Policy:           - A course will be cancelled by
non-members at an extra cost of €25 per person. For those       Macra Agricultural Skillnet if fees have not been received or
who have never been a member of Macra previously, you will      the Network deems there to be insufficient participants, up to
receive one year’s free membership, including all discounts     seven days before the start date.
and member benefits, and as a result be eligible for member’s
rates for training for the remainder of that year.              Full-time students, whose sole occupation is their education,
                                                                are ineligible. Those working on farms / in the agricultural
This is payable at €25 per non-member ticket. If you purchase   industry on a full-time / part-time / seasonal basis are
2 non-members course places, you must also purchase 2           eligible.
non-member charges.

Employees of our Associate members, patron members
and all Macra members whose affiliation is current avail of
training at members rates.

If your company or farm has a
particular training need, if you
want further information on our
programmes or to book a course,
please visit us at
https://www.macra.ie/skillnet, by
email to skillnet@macra.ie or
at 01 4268900.
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