Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...

Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Mental health
                       and wellbeing
                       Online courses 2020-21

                                  Our courses are open to all adults who live, work or study in Leeds

integrity | simplicity | caring                                Learning for wellbeing
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | Online health and wellbeing courses   3

               Leeds Recovery College online proved that
                feeling supported and connected is what
               really matters - wherever that takes place.        Our current courses are online
                                                                  and home learning only
                                                                  (but it’s just for a little while)
                                Recovery College Co-facilitator   We’re looking forward to launching our new prospectus and
                                                                  re-introducing physical face-to-face courses in 2021, but in the
                                                                  meantime we’ve adapted some of our favourite courses, which
                                                                  you can take part in, at home.

                                                                  We believe that good mental health is           Attending a course to improve your
                                                                  important to everyone and that we can all       knowledge and better support someone
                                                                  play a part in improving our own mental         else, we welcome carers, family, friends and
                                                                  health and contributing to that of others.      health care professionals too.
                                                                  We offer free educational courses that          Typically, our courses are free to attend
                                                                  focus on keeping us mentally and physically     and we keep it simple (you won’t hear any
                                                                  well. They are all co-designed and co-          jargon from us) but they are packed full of
                                                                  facilitated by people who have experienced      useful information and handy tips, which
                                                                  their own mental health challenges,             we hope will make a difference to you in
                                                                  working alongside health professionals          your life, work or study.
                                                                  and education providers to share their          You can view our full range of physical
                                                                  knowledge and know-how.                         courses on our website and when it is safe
                                                                  Our courses are open to all adults who live,    to do so, we’ll be introducing new face-to-
                                                                  work or study in Leeds and will help you to     face course dates.
                                                                  learn more about mental health, work out        In the meantime, our online and distance
                                                                  what keeps both yourself and others well        learning course timetable is available from
                                                                  and find ways to enjoy life more.     , by calling
                                                                  Attending the recovery college for yourself,    0113 885 5127 or emailing
                                                                  if you would like to learn more about your
                                                                  health and mental wellbeing - there may
                                                                  be a course for you. It doesn’t matter if you
                                                                  have a diagnosis or not.

  Simon (left) and Halima (right)
  Co-facilitators, Introduction to
         Recovery College
      Bev and Dan (centre)
Leeds Recovery College Supporters
Photograph taken before social distancing
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | Online health and wellbeing courses   5

Contents                                                                   How to enrol
How to enrol                                                           5   You are not referred to the Recovery College and you do not
Your online learning experience                                        7   need a referral to join a workshop; you can enrol yourself onto
Introductory sessions                                                  8   any of the courses that are of interest to you.
These short sessions offer an introduction to online learning
and introduce some of our longer course themes

                                                                           1                                            3
                                                                               Have a look at the workshop and                   You will receive confirmation of your
•   Introduction to Leeds Recovery College                             8       course descriptions in this prospectus            booking before the course starts.
•   Getting involved online: Introduction to online sessions           8       and decide which you would like to                This will include an email link to your
•   Creative mind mapping: Organising my thoughts and learning         9       attend.                                           course’s online digital classroom,
•   Introduction to WRAP: Wellness Recovery Action Planning® (WRAP)    9       We do not offer every course each                 which has introductory videos, pre-
                                                                               term, so you will need to check dates             course materials and useful links
Improving awareness workshops                                         11       in the course timetable, available                which you can view before the course
Workshops that aim to widen our personal knowledge of health                   from                     starts.
•   Let’s talk about: Mental health, stress and ‘the new normal’      11       Courses in this prospectus are online             We also ask you to read our student
•   Let’s talk about: Managing my mood                                11       and distance learning only. Our                   charter and agree to our code of
•   Let’s talk about: Coping with panic                               12       website has the full course listings              conduct (which describes what you
                                                                               and will be updated with new dates                can expect from us, and what we
•   Let’s talk about: Medication and mental health                    12
                                                                               when physical face-to-face courses                expect from you) before attending a
•   Let’s talk about: Sexual orientation and mental health            13                                                         session.
•   Let’s talk about: Making a difference, research and you           13       are re-introduced.

                                                                           2                                             4
                                                                               To book on a course, you will                     If you are new to Leeds Recovery
Increasing understanding courses                                      14                                                         College, you will be invited to
Longer courses to think about your personal wellbeing and                      be asked to complete a course
                                                                               enrolment form which is available                 take a look at our Introduction to
what keeps you well                                                                                                              Recovery College digital classroom,
                                                                               on our website, or by call us
•   Change, uncertainty and personal resilience                       14       on 0113 855 5127 or emailing                      where you can view pre-recorded
•   Managing anxiety                                                  14               example sessions, watch facilitators
•   Wellness Recovery Action Planning® (WRAP)                         15                                                         and students sharing experiences of
                                                                               We have one form for all students                 online learning and download our
•   Mindfulness                                                       15       and ask people attending a course                 new ‘Introduction to Recovery’ learn
                                                                               as part of their professional                     at home packs.
Doing more of what makes you feel good                                16       development, to confirm this with
Workshops and longer courses which focus on building confidence                their manager prior to completing
and trying something new                                                       this form.
• Creativity, recovery and you                                        16
  - Creative bookmaking
  - Paper patchwork
  - Foil embossing
  - Creative collage
• Mehndi design class                                                 16
• Words that move me: Bibliotherapy and words for wellbeing           17
• Using your lived experience and getting involved                    17

Our thoughts on recovery                                              18
Student charter                                                       22
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | Online health and wellbeing courses   7

Your online learning experience
Our online courses come with one (or both) of two things:

• An online digital classroom
• A ‘live’ session group video call

Our courses are delivered using an online         Video calls can be off-putting and we want
digital classroom and some of them also           to make sure you know what to expect,
include a ‘live’ session group video call. The    so we’ve asked our course facilitators to
digital classroom is a closed online space        pre-record introductory videos, so that you
which gives access to a selection of course       know who’ll be hosting the ‘live’ session.
resources including; pre-recorded videos,         Course resources that are used in the live
workshop handouts and activities which            session will be available in the digital
you can work through at your own pace.            classroom and print copies are available on
Most of our online courses also have a ‘live’     request.
session in addition to the digital classroom.     For our longer courses we’ll also be sending
Just as if you were to attend one of our          you session recap emails – so you don’t
physical, face-to-face courses, you’d have        need to worry about taking notes.
a date and session start time – our online        Our online course resources and ‘live’
courses have the same, and you will join an       sessions can be accessed via a smartphone,
online video workshop hosted by our course        tablet or computer. You will need to have
facilitators and attended by other students       a Google account and access to the video
booked onto the course.                           conferencing platform ‘Zoom.’ For further
Before one of our online courses starts           details please request our ‘how-to guide’
(generally the week before), you will be          when enrolling on your course. We can
sent a link to the course’s digital classroom     also give you details of organisations that
and if the course includes a ‘live’ session,      support digital accessibility.
you’ll also receive details of how to take
part in the group video call.
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | Introductory workshops   9

Introductory workshops                                                                      Creative mind mapping:                      Introduction to WRAP
                                                                                            Organising my thoughts                      (Wellness Recovery Action
These short sessions offer an introduction to online learning and                           and learning                                Planning®)
introduce some of our longer course themes.
                                                                                            When things are up in the air and your      In this digital classroom, you can access
                                                                                            thoughts are disordered, the idea of        pre-recorded videos and resources which
                                                                                            getting everything down on paper in one     introduces our longer course, Wellness
                                                                                            neat list, can be overwhelming.             Recovery Action Planning® (part 1).
 Introduction to Leeds                          Getting involved online:
                                                                                            Mind maps can help to ‘map’ out our         The aim is to give you the time and space
 Recovery College                               Introduction to online                      thoughts, creating connections that         to reflect on: what you are like when you
                                                sessions                                    inspire other ideas. They can help us to    are well, the things that improve your
 It can be daunting doing something new,                                                    think things through, such as steps to a    health and wellbeing and how you may
 but stepping out of our comfort zone is        You’ve downloaded the app… you can          goal, our emotions, making deciscions and   better manage difficult days.
 all part of the process.                       start the video… but it’s new and doesn’t   even organising day-to-day tasks.
                                                feel that comfortable.                                                                  WRAP is used world-wide by people who
 This introductory class is a great place to                                                This two-part workshop introduces           are dealing with all kinds of health and
 start if you are thinking about enrolling      In recent months there has been a           mind maps as a creative and fun way to      life challenges, and helps you notice
 on one of our courses. It will explain         massive shift in how we participate in      organise your thoughts in order to come     when things don’t seem to be quite right
 more about the college, how our courses        and have access to everyday things, from    up with solutions.                          in your life. It supports you to get back to
 support mental wellbeing and recovery,         digital appointments and family quizzes                                                 feeling your best.
 and what to expect when you attend an          to attending a meeting online. This new     In this ‘live’ online session, we will:
 online workshop for the first time.            way of working can be unnerving, as                                                     This digital classroom includes:
                                                we’re often so familiar with doing things   • Introduce mind maps as a creative way
 This workshop has a mixture of pre-            physically face-to-face.                      to organise your thoughts and ideas       • Video’s and pre-recorded Recovery
 recorded videos and resources to allow                                                                                                   College facilitator conversations about
                                                In this workshop we’ll be focusing on how   • Consider how mind maps may help your
 you to choose the ones that are of interest                                                                                              WRAP and provide an overview of the
                                                to feel more at ease and comfortable with     decision making
 to you.                                                                                                                                  WRAP part 1 online course
                                                interacting online, from thinking about     • Create your own personal mind map
                                                how to best prepare for an online call to                                               • Personal stories of WRAP facilitators
 This digital classroom includes:
                                                some straightforward tips to help ensure                                                  and students sharing, ‘what is good
 • Pre-recorded videos of facilitators          you’re not physically and emotionally       1 ‘live’ online sessions and online class     mental health and how WRAP supports
   sharing personal experiences of              drained after an online session.            resources                                     it’
   recovery and supporting Leeds
                                                                                            Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session          • Activities and resources to explore
   Recovery College                             In this ‘live’ online session, we will:
                                                                                            Cost: Free                                    your own thoughts on wellness and
 • ‘Learn at home’ packs which encourage        • Practise using Zoom and see how                                                         recovery
   you to explore your thoughts on good           Recovery College courses are run
   mental wellbeing and recovery                • Share your experience and give you a
                                                                                                                                        Online digital class (no ‘live’ online group
 • Links and further resources to help you        chance to ask questions in small groups
                                                                                                                                        session. Individual learning resources
   consider what is important to you and        • Give you tips and advice on                                                           only)
   for your wellbeing                             troubleshooting for mobiles, tablets or
                                                  desktops                                                                              Approx. completion: 1 - 3 hours
                                                                                                                                        Cost: Free
 Online digital class (no ‘live’ online group
 session. Individual learning resources only)   1 ‘live’ online session and online class
 Approx. completion: 30 mins - 3 hours          resources
 Cost: Free                                     Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
                                                Cost: Free
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | improving awareness   11

                             Improving awareness
                             Workshops that aim to widen our personal knowledge of health
                             and wellbeing.

                              Let’s talk about:                              Let’s talk about:
                              Mental health, stress and                      Managing my mood
                              the ‘new normal’
                                                                             There’s so much going on right now,
                              We’ve all got mental health and we can         we’re all experiencing emotions that can
                              all experience difficulties with it. Stress,   knock us off balance.
                              anxiety, depression and other mental           Our mood naturally fluctuates and is
                              health conditions don’t discriminate           suggestive of particular feelings or a
                              against; gender, age, ethnicity, wealth or     state of mind, ‘I’m not in the mood,’ ‘I
                              your personality type.                         can’t face that right now’. Our mood
                              In recent months it’s likely we’ve all         is affected by any number of different
                              experienced some form of stress, worry or      factors including; feeling under stress or
                              anxiety and there will be periods of time      pressure, our personal circumstances, the
                              for all of us where our mental health          people around us and how we feel about
                              isn’t good. It can be difficult, but talking   ourselves.
                              about mental health and understanding
                              it more helps people to reach out and          In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:
                              reduces its stigma.                            • Recognise changes in our mood and
                                                                               think about what influences it
                              In this 2 session ‘live’ online workshop,
                              we will:                                       • Explore the helpful and unhelpful
                                                                               things that affect how we feel
                              • Introduce the mental health
                                continuum and ‘everyone has mental           • Discuss ways to better manage our
                                health’                                        mood
                              • Explore the signs of stress, anxiety and     The course’s digital classroom includes
                                depression, how they affect us and           information and resources on stress and
                                what can help                                mood management.
                              • Discuss ways to support our own and
                                other people’s mental wellbeing              1 ‘live’ online session and online class
                              2 ‘live’ online sessions and online class      Approx. 2 hour ‘live’ session
                              resources                                      Cost: Free
                              Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
Co-facilitator, Addiction,
  recovery and stigma         Cost: Free
Mental health and wellbeing - Online courses 2020-21 - Learning for wellbeing - Leeds and York Partnership ...
Leeds Recovery College | Improving awareness   13

Let’s talk about:                          Let’s talk about:                          Let’s talk about:                            Let’s talk about:
Coping with panic                          Medication and mental                      Sexual orientation and                       Making a difference,
                                           health                                     health                                       research and you
We can all experience those moments
when we feel unease, that sense of fear    Using medication can be a short-term       Sometimes those of us who are lesbian,       How we prevent, diagnose and treat
or panic.                                  strategy or a long-term life decision.     gay, bisexual or who feel we don’t fit       illness is directed by research and it’s
The way in which we deal with these        How medication works, what types           into traditional categories of sexuality,    important to have the evidence to show
feelings will be different for us all,     of medication are available, and           experience difficult challenges during our   what helps people to get well and stay
but there are some straightforward         the potential side effects may all be      lifetimes.                                   well.
techniques that can really help.           questions that you don’t always feel       It doesn’t automatically mean we will        Research describes many different
                                           comfortable to ask.                        have mental health issues, but evidence      elements of investigation from collecting
In this workshop we’ll explore how to
calm a racing mind and ways to help        Whether you’re taking medication,          does indicate that people who identify       and testing data to talking with people
reduce those overwhelming feelings.        planning to take medication, thinking      within any of these groups do have           about their experiences, which then helps
                                           about stopping or simply would like to     increased common mental health               to build up an evidence base of what
In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:   find out more about how medication         problems such as; depression, anxiety,       works.
                                           works, this course will provide further    self-harm, suicidal thoughts and are more    Research is an ongoing process to help
• Explore what panic means to us and       insight into this. Understanding more      likely to use alcohol and substances to
  times when we feel it                                                                                                            develop new approaches and make
                                           about medicine and knowing some of         cope.                                        things better. Sharing your experience
• Consider what is helpful and unhelpful   the terminology can help support more                                                   can help improve treatment and develop
  when we feel in panic                    informed choices.                          In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:     health care.
• Share strategies to better manage and    We will also look at how other non-        • Discuss the terms and definitions used
  reduce the feeling of panic              mental health medication can affect          within the LGBT+ community                 In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:
                                           mental health medicines and what to        • Explore research on the impact of          • Discuss what research is and some of
The course’s digital classroom includes    consider if you want to stop taking, or
information and resources on anxiety,                                                   sexual orientation on emotional and          the myths surrounding it
                                           change to a different medicine.              physical health and wellbeing
panic and grounding techniques.                                                                                                    • Explore the benefits of supporting
                                           In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:   • Consider how we can help improve             research
1 ‘live’ online session and online class                                                health and social inequalities             • Understand examples of where
                                           • Look at how medication works in our
resources                                    bodies                                                                                  research is currently being done and
Approx. 2 hour ‘live’ session                                                         1 ‘live’ online session and online class       how you can get involved
                                           • Discuss how anti-depressants,
                                             mood stabilisers, and anti-psychotic     resources
Cost: Free
                                             medication work                          Approx. 2 hour ‘live’ session                1 ‘live’ online session and online class
                                           • Explore strategies for managing the      Cost: Free                                   resources
                                             side effects of medication                                                            Approx. 2 hour ‘live’ session
                                           • Consider what questions to ask and                                                    Cost: Free
                                             where to go for more advice

                                           1 ‘live’ online session and online class
                                           Approx. 2 hour ‘live’ session
                                           Cost: Free
Leeds Recovery College | Increasing understanding   15

Increasing understanding                                                                   Wellness Recovery Action                       Mindfulness
                                                                                           Planning® (WRAP) part 1
Longer courses to think about your personal wellbeing and what                                                                            Mindfulness means to pay attention to
keeps you well.                                                                            The Wellness Recovery Action Plan® or          whatever we are doing, thinking and
                                                                                           WRAP is used world-wide by people who          feeling, both emotionally and physically.
                                                                                           are dealing with all kinds of health and       The intention is not to change anything,
                                                                                           life challenges.                               but to recognise our experience and
                                                                                                                                          relate to it. This includes learning to
 Change, uncertainty                          Managing anxiety                             You will draw on your own experiences          let go of our need to have things a
 and personal resilience                                                                   to identify what strategies work for you,      certain way, and to have compassion for
                                                                                           and throughout the course, WRAP will           ourselves.
                                              We all experience some level of anxiety
                                                                                           help you to organise these strategies and
 With so much uncertainty in the world        and this is a normal reaction.                                                              Mindfulness can help you feel more able
                                                                                           tools into a simple system.
 and personally around us, at some            Things like returning to work after                                                         to cope with life’s challenges and it can
 point everyone will have felt worried,                                                    WRAP is designed to:                           be useful if you’re looking to bring more
                                              time away, walking into a busy
 apprehensive and stressed.                                                                • Help you stay as well as you can             meaning to your life or relationships. It
                                              shop, attending a dentist or doctor’s
 What’s ‘normal’ isn’t that normal            appointment, can cause feelings of           • Support you to develop a list of             can enable you to recognise things which
 anymore. Change can really knock our         unease or fear and lead to us feeling          activities for everyday wellbeing            happen, that then trigger unhelpful
 resilience levels and leave us feeling       anxious - all this, is very normal.          • Help you to identify personal triggers       feelings - so you’re better prepared to
 unnerved, stressed and overwhelmed.                                                         and early warning signs                      deal with them.
 All this uncertainty can lead us to feel     But for some of us these feelings can
 worried, anxious and that things are out     become overpowering and have a               • Create action plans to manage difficult
                                                                                             feelings and experiences                     In this ‘live’ online session, we will:
 of our control.                              significant impact on daily life. In this
                                              course, we will explore our personal                                                        • Share techniques to help you to
 In this course we’ll explore the impact of   thoughts on anxiety, what it is and what     In these ‘live’ online sessions, we will:        recognise what you are experiencing
 change and uncertainty on our mental         it means for us. We will look at the times                                                    and how to relate to it differently
 health and look at ways to support our                                                    • Share the history of WRAP, its key
                                              when we are feeling anxious, and talk          values and ethics                            • Discuss being in ‘automatic pilot’
 personal resilience.
                                              about the practical steps and techniques                                                      and how that can be unhelpful
                                              that we can take, to help us feel more in    • Identify the things you do, have done,
 In this ‘live’ online workshop, we will:                                                                                                   when we feel stressed, low in mood,
                                              more control.                                  or could do to help you stay well
                                                                                                                                            overburdened or not in control
 • Discuss change, what it is and how this                                                 • Develop a list of personal tools and
   can lead to feelings of uncertainty and    In this ‘live’ online session, we will:                                                     • Look at practical ways to respond to
                                                                                             strategies to support living well and in
   impact on our mental health                                                                                                              unhelpful thoughts and how to directly
                                              • Explore our personal understanding           managing difficult days
 • Explore how our threat response                                                                                                          relate to your experiences in the ‘here
                                                of anxiety and what it means for us        WRAP also includes making plans for              and now’
   ‘fight, flight, freeze’ is adaptive and
                                              • Identify times, events and situations      when things are breaking down or you
   how it could now be on red alert                                                                                                       • Give you the chance to try out
                                                where our anxiety is high                  are in crisis. This will not be delivered as
 • Share different approaches to dealing                                                                                                    different mindfulness practices,
                                                                                           part of this online course. We will discuss
   with difficult feelings and ways to        • Discuss ways to help manage feelings                                                        including breathing, body scan, sitting
                                                                                           these elements and our plan for WRAP,
   support them, as well as building            of anxiety and gain more control                                                            meditation and mindful movement
                                                                                           (part 2) which will be physically delivered,
   personal resiliance in the face of                                                      face-to-face, when we are able to.
   change and uncertainty
                                              4 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online                                                  8 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online
                                              class resources                                                                             class resources
                                                                                           8 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online
 8 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online   Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session           class resources                                Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
 class resources
                                              Cost: Free                                   Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session             Cost: Free
 Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
                                                                                           Cost: Free
 Cost: Free
Leeds Recovery College | Doing more of what makes you feel good   17

Doing more of what makes                                                                    Words that move me:                                Using your lived experience
you feel good                                                                               Bibliotherapy and words
                                                                                            for wellbeing
                                                                                                                                               and getting involved

                                                                                                                                               Using your personal understanding of
                                                                                            Poems that pick you up and song lyrics             mental health challenges, accessing
Workshops and longer courses which focus on building                                        for sad times… wherever you are in                 services or supporting someone else as a
confidence, trying something new.                                                           your life and whatever you are feeling –           carer - is really valuable experience.
                                                                                            words can be a great source of comfort.            Your knowledge can really help to
                                                                                            Words can be soothing, create a sense              encourage improvements. It can give
                                                                                            of calm and can cheer people up and                hope to others and helps us all find new
 Creativity, recovery                         Mehndi design class                           help them unwind. During this course               approaches and ways of working. That
                                                                                            we’ll look at a wide range of writing              could be by;
 and you
                                                                                            from fictional tales to poetry and song            • Joining a service user or care network
                                              Mehndi is an art form which dates back        lyrics, which support and encourage our
 Creativity and experimenting with            to ancient India, traditionally a form of                                                        • Giving your views
                                                                                            wellbeing (and you don’t need to be
 different art forms can play a hugely        body art in which decorative designs are      good at reading or a book worm to do               • Join a working group with NHS staff
 positive role in supporting our mental       applied to the hands and feet.                it). From personal affirmations to short           • Co-facilitating with the Leeds Recovery
 health, life and wellbeing as a whole.       In this course, which is for all abilities,   stories, we’ll explore how the words of              College
 Anyone can be creative, and sometimes        you will learn how to design, draw and        others can inspire hope and recovery.
                                                                                                                                               • Volunteering with Leeds and York
 it’s just about having a go and getting      apply traditional Mendhi patterns on                                                               Partnership NHS Foundation Trust
 started. Join us for one of our individual   to paper or your hands, canvasses and         In these ‘live’ online sessions, we will:
 workshops, or enrol for them all as a        other household items such as candles                                                            In this two session workshop you’ll find
                                                                                            • Share the written and spoken                     out more about why your experience is so
 4-session course.                            and plates. We’ll use a range of different      language that we have enjoyed with
                                              materials and techniques including                                                               valuable and how you can get involved
 Workshop themes:                                                                             others                                           with Leeds and York Partnership NHS
                                              traditional henna, glitter and acrylic
 • Creative bookmaking                        paints.                                       • Consider the ways the written                    Foundation Trust.
 • Paper patchwork                                                                            word can enrich and reinforce our
                                                                                              connections with others                          In these ‘live’ online sessions, we will:
 • Foil embossing                             In these ‘live’ online sessions, we will:
 • Creative collage                                                                         • Explore how a few lines of text can say          • Talk about the Leeds and York
                                              • Talk about the history of Mehndi
                                                                                              what we may struggle to express                    Partnership mental health and learning
 In these ‘live’ online sessions, we will:                                                                                                       disability services and the ways you can
                                              • Develop our own designs at home and                                                              get involved
 • Explore what role creativity can play        apply them to a range of surfaces           6 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online
                                                                                                                                               • Discuss how sharing your lived
   in promoting recovery                                                                    class resources                                      experience supports how services
 • Take part in a creative activity to        6 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online    Approx. 1 hour per ‘live’ session                    develop and how that benefits people
   understand the process and benefits        class resources                                                                                    that use them
                                                                                            Cost: Free
   to wellbeing                                                                                                                                • Learn about opportunities where you
                                              Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
 • Find out what online creative                                                                                                                 can get involved with the Trust and
   opportunities are available locally        Cost: Free                                                                                         we’ll answer any questions that you
                                                                                                                                                 may have

 1 ‘live’ workshop or 4 ‘live’ sessions
                                                                                                                                               2 ‘live’ weekly online sessions and online
 Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session                                                                                                            class resources
 Cost: Free                                                                                                                                    Approx. 2 hours per ‘live’ session
                                                                                                                                               Cost: Free
Leeds Recovery College | Our thoughts on recovery   19

Our thoughts on recovery
Recovery is personal and unique to us.

At this moment in time, few things feel         The good thing is that people can, and
fully under our control and we’re living        do, recover – and for a lot of us, it’s
with a lot more uncertainty in the world        about recovering a sense of self, purpose,
and personally around us. What was              and control in life despite facing these
normal, isn’t that normal anymore.              challenges.
Mental health affects everyone. For some,       Our courses reflect our values of hope,
this may be a relatively short period of        education, personal responsibility, self-
time – for others this may involve diagnosis,   advocacy, and support and provide you with
medication and long term treatment.             the space to learn about what keeps you
Recovery is about having a good life, with      well and finding ways to live better.
or without symptoms, focusing on what
we can do, rather than what we cannot. It
often doesn’t mean we return to where we
were, but learn ways to better manage our

  Having been involved with Recovery College as a student,
      and later as a facilitator, I believe passionately in the
    ethos of shared learning through lived experience and
    testimony. The format is not teacher-driven but people
      working together to move forward to improve their
  mental health in a supportive and trusting environment.
   I feel this is where the power of the college comes from
           and what makes the learning so effective.

                        Leeds Recovery College Co-facilitator
Leeds Recovery College | Sharing experience   21

                                    Sharing experience
                                    What makes us different is that people with experience of
                                    mental health and recovery work with us to design and deliver
                                    the courses we run.
                                    We’re proud to be working with local people and organisations
                                    • Arts and Minds                • Leeds City Council
                                    • Battle Scars                  • Leeds Involving People
                                    • Carers Leeds                  • Leeds Mind
                                    • Community Links               • MindWell
                                    • Forum Central                 • Rainbow Alliance
                                    • Leeds and York Partnership    • Touchstone
                                      NHS Foundation Trust          • Words for Wellbeing
                                    • Leeds City College

Manager, Leeds Recovery College
        Robert and Tony
Leeds Recovery College Supporters
Leeds Recovery College | Student charter   23

Student charter
When you first enrol on a course with us, we will ask you to
agree to our student charter and code of conduct.

Our student charter explains what you can    We also ask you to:
expect from enrolling with the Recovery      • Be polite and respect the rights, life
College and when attending a course for        choices, beliefs and opinions of others
the first time. It also explains what we
expect of you as a student.                  • Avoid the use of language, terminology
                                               or behave in any way that may offend
Our code of conduct provides a set of          others or be considered threatening or
guidelines to help ensure that students,       disruptive
facilitators, volunteers and staff work
together to make the Recovery College        • To have responsibility for your own
a supportive, welcoming and inclusive          learning journey and ensuring your own
learning environment.                          health and care needs are met

When attending a course, students do         • To not use alcohol, un-prescribed
not have to disclose information about         medication or illegal substances whilst
their personal or professional life, their     attending the Recovery College or
life history or mental health challenges.      attend a session where your behaviour is
We ask that anything shared is treated in      affected by these
confidence and that you do not discuss
information about another student outside
of the session.

Our course timetable is available at:
Tel: 0113 855 5127 for course enquiries and

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