2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS

2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
                                                                  The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) is
                                                                  a federal law that protects the privacy of student education records.
                                                                  The law applies to all schools that receive funds under an applicable
                                                                  program of the U.S. Department of Education. FERPA deals specifically
                                                                  with the education records of students, affording them certain rights
                                                                  with respect to those records.

                                                                  For more details and to learn about the FERPA Consent to Release visit

Welcome to the Mountain Lion Family
                                                                  Store important numbers in your phone
Our goal is to fuel your success. As a premier institution        UCCS Public Safety | 719-255-3111 (or 911 for emergencies)
with exceptional faculty and staff who are committed to
the success of students, we are eager to partner with you         Stay informed
in providing an academically rigorous and life-enriching          Students and their families can stay informed of on-campus
experience.                                                       emergencies by visiting alerts.uccs.edu.
UCCS is a vibrant university community offering an                Sign up to receive emergency text messages
institutional experience rooted in a history of success.          Students may sign up to receive emergency text messages from
Forward thinking faculty and innovative programs propel           UCCS Police at alerts.uccs.edu. Students can also add a parent/
students into undergraduate research opportunities,               family member/spouse/friend to receive emergency notifications by
internships, and careers in their chosen fields. We place         going to rave.uccs.edu.
special emphasis on integrated and community-based
learning experiences that further the personal potential of       Learn what to do in a campus emergency
students.                                                         Review information on the UCCS Public Safety website regarding
                                                                  what to do in a campus emergency.
We place you above all. Whether inside or outside the             uccs.edu/pusafety/what-to-do-in-a-campus-emergency
classroom, student support is critical to our mission. To
complement your academic pursuit, numerous academic               Report crimes and safety concerns
support centers, campus engagement opportunities, and             To report a crime, or if you are in danger, contact UCCS Public
innovative leadership programs are available to advance           Safety at 719-255-3111 (or 911 in the case of an emergency).
your spirit of discovery. We are confident that we will achieve
success together.                                                 To report a student in crisis or to seek help navigating campus and
                                                                  community support services, contact the Office of the Dean of
I join our faculty and staff in welcoming you to UCCS and         Students (uccs.edu/dos) at 719-255-3091.
look forward to your many successes.
                                                                  To report incidents of sexual misconduct, harassment, or
Respectfully,                                                     discrimination, submit a report online to the Office of Institutional
                                                                  Equity (uccs.edu/equity), or call 719-255-4324.
Venkat Reddy, Ph. D.
Chancellor                                                        Students: To talk confidentially without reporting, contact the
                                                                  Wellness Center (uccs.edu/wellness) at 719-255-4444.
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS

   1                    2               3                 4                 5                 6                 7






Complete your    Apply for       Connect with      Complete          Reserve a         Prepare for       Pay your bill
financial aid    on-campus       your “getting     action items      parking permit    classes
                 housing         started” team
        page 3          page 4            page 5            page 6            page 6            page 7             page 8
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Apply for financial aid

                •   Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) every
                    year at fafsa.gov. UCCS school code - 004509.

                •   Review your Student Aid Report. Once you complete your FAFSA, you
                    will be emailed a Student Aid Report (SAR) to review for accuracy. If you
                    need to make corrections, our Office of Financial Aid can assist you or
                    you can visit fafsa.gov to correct it.

                •   Complete your paperwork. Come in or send in your requested
                    documents to complete your financial aid file.

                •   Receive your award letter. You’ll get an award letter from Financial Aid
                    detailing your eligibility.

                Enroll in classes

                •   Students must be enrolled in classes to receive financial aid.


                •   Students are initially awarded as a full-time student and some awards may
                    be reduced if the student is not enrolled full time (at least 12 credit hours).

                •   For federal loans, a student must be enrolled at least half-time, which is at
                    least six credits.
Complete your   •   Waitlisted classes are not considered as “enrolled” classes.
financial aid
                •   Verification of enrollment will happen each semester ten days before the
                    start of classes and again at census date.

                View, accept, reduce, and/or decline awards

                •   Log in to myUCCS portal and click on the Financial Aid tab to view,
                    accept, reduce, and/or decline awards.

                •   Complete and sign any applicable promissory note(s) for any loan(s) you
                    are accepting.

                •   First-time Federal Direct Loan borrowers and Federal GradPLUS
                    borrowers must complete loan entrance counseling at studentloans.gov.

                Receive financial aid disbursement

                Disbursement is the actual payment of financial monies toward the bill.
                Disbursement of financial aid monies to UCCS occurs no earlier than ten days
                prior to the first day of the semester.
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Move-in checklist

                                                                                       Review the Resident Handbook at
                                                                                        Purchase renters insurance.
                                                                                        Register for a parking permit online at
                                                                                         uccs.edu/pts/parking (included in the cost
On-campus housing at UCCS                                                                of housing).
                                                                                        Submit proof of required immunizations via
Living on campus is mandatory for all first-year students - some exceptions              the Wellness Center Portal at
apply. For details visit uccs.edu/residence.
                                                                                        Sign up to receive emergency text alerts at
Apply today! Complete a housing application as soon as possible at                       alerts.uccs.edu.
uccs.edu/residence. All room types are first-come, first-serve. The                     Connect with your roommate(s) to decide on what
application will note your preferred room type, themed floor, and roommate               shared items each will bring (microwave, TV, mini
requests.                                                                                fridge, etc.)
                                                                                        Create a packing list; residence hall rooms
What’s included: Parking, laundry, Wi-Fi, cable, and utilities.                          are functional, but small. Plan accordingly.

Placement information: Room assignments are completed based on                     Things to consider bringing:

application date. Students are notified monthly during the summer via email             Bedding (XL twin sheets - 2 sets, blanket,
of their roommate(s) and room placements. Disability Services reviews

                                                                                         comforter, pillows, pillow cases, mattress pad,
requests for housing and residential accommodations. uccs.edu/disability                 foam topper)
                                                                                        Laundry supplies (detergent, dryer balls,
Meal plans: Meal plans are included in the housing fee for students living in            stain stick, laundry bag, clothes hangers,
Summit Village and the Village at Alpine Valley. For commuter students and               iron, etc.)
students living in the Alpine Village Apartments, meals plans are not required,         Clothing (don’t forget a warm coat, gloves,
but can be purchased. Clyde’s Cash offers bonus dollars and can be used                  and hat)                                                 Apply for
at any UCCS dining facility. For more information regarding dining services,            Bathroom supplies (toilet paper, shower                  on-campus
visit uccs.edu/diningservices.                                                           shoes, towels, toiletries, shower caddy, etc.)           housing
                                                                                        Decorations (wall art, rugs, poster putty, etc.)
Move-in times: Move-in for students living in first-year housing and/or
enrolled in GPS 1010 or GPS 1020 will be on Tuesday, August 20, 2019.                   School supplies (pens, notebooks,
Specific move-in times and details will vary depending on what village                   highlighters, planner, etc.)
you were assigned. Please check your UCCS email for specific move-in                    Electronics/appliances (cell phone, surge
information which will be released the first week of August.                             protector, computer, TV and coaxial cable,
                                                                                         mini fridge, microwave, ethernet cable, etc.)
Mailing addresses:                                                                      First aid kit and medications
                                                                                        Kitchen supplies (microwave safe bowls/plates/
   Summit Village residents                                                              cups, storage containers and bags, can opener,
   Students living in Aspen, Breckenridge, Copper, Eldora, Keystone, Monarch,            silverware, dish soap, dish cloth, dish towel, paper
   Steamboat, Telluride, or Vail                                                         towels, travel mug, pot holders, water bottle, etc.)
       Student Full Name, Box # (if known)                                              Food (oatmeal, granola bars, peanut butter, jelly,
       1010 Austin Bluffs Parkway                                                        popcorn, tea, soup, Ramen noodles, etc.)
       Colorado Springs, CO 80918                                                       Other: fan, cleaning supplies (disinfecting
                                                                                         wipes, etc.), games, playing cards, sunscreen,
   Village at Alpine Valley/Alpine Village residents                                     umbrella, lamp, flashlight, tool kit, sewing kit, etc.
   Students living in Antero, Crestone, Cucharas, La Plata, San Juan, or Shavano
       Student Full Name, Box # (if known)                                              *For a list of policies regarding things you are not
                                                                                       allowed to bring, review the Resident Handbook at
       4645 Stanton Road                                                                uccs.edu/residence/current-resident/policies.
       Colorado Springs, CO 80918                                                                                                                             4
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Academic Advising

                Academic advisors are here to serve as a guide through a student’s college career.
                Advisors will discuss education, career, and life goals and connect students with
                campus resources. Advisors will develop an academic plan to help students stay on
                track with their degree progress.

                Students with any questions regarding their course schedules, degree plans, major
                exploration, or simply navigating college can schedule an appointment with their
                academic advisor. Students may schedule an appointment with their academic advisor
                via Starfish (uccs.edu/starfish) or by calling 719-255-3260.

                Disability Services

                Disability Services (uccs.edu/disability) provides reasonable accommodations and
                support to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.

                Students requesting accommodations can contact Disability Services at

                719-255-3354 to discuss possible accommodations.

                First Year Experience

Connect with    First Year Experience (uccs.edu/fye) supports students by helping them gain
your “getting   confidence around their ability to succeed academically at the university level. FYE
                meets with students to assess their current academic situation and then create a plan
started” team   which includes coaching students in improving academic performance and skills, along
                with helping them to establish a sense of belonging at UCCS.

                Students wishing to discuss the transition to UCCS, prepare for getting started at
                UCCS, explore campus academic spaces, set up a study schedule, or meet with a
                peer academic coach, may schedule an appointment via Starfish (uccs.edu/starfish)
                or by calling 719-255-3570.

                Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center

                The Wellness Center (uccs.edu/recwellness) provides convenient and affordable
                access to quality physical and mental health care for students. All actively enrolled
                students are welcome at the Wellness Center and medical insurance is not needed for
                an appointment. Students may schedule an appointment with the Wellness Center by
                calling 719-255-4444.

                Campus Recreation strives to provide students diverse and inclusive recreational and
                educational opportunities to promote and enhance their well-being.

2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Log in to your myUCCS portal (uccs.edu/portal) to
               view your action items.                                                 Commuter students:
                                                                                       A limited number of permits are sold for fall
               There are two types of action items: holds and to-do                    and spring (no limits during the summer) on a

               items.                                                                  first-come, first-served basis. Students must

                                                                                       purchase a permit in advance online. For types

                                                                                       of permits sold (including permits for free lots),
                           To-Do items are items that you still                        permit prices, and availability visit uccs.edu/pts.
                           need to complete or items that have
                           been assigned to you with an updated                        On-campus residents:
                           status. Any incomplete to-do items may                      Students residing on-campus must register for
Complete                   result in a hold.                          Reserve a        a resident parking permit online prior to the first
action items                                                                           day of classes. Students bringing a vehicle later
                                                                      parking permit   in the semester may register their license plates
                           Holds are items that may impact your                        online at that time. Parking permits are included
                           ability to register for classes in the                      in housing fees.
                           future and require immediate attention.

2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Confirm and print your schedule for the semester

              •   Log in to your myUCCS portal (uccs.edu/portal).
              •   Go to Records and Registration and click on Access Student Self Services.
              •   Click on the Register for Classes (add/drop) calendar icon.
                  You can choose to open and print either your Class Schedule or Weekly Schedule.

              Purchase your textbooks
              •   Log in to your myUCCS portal (uccs.edu/portal).
              •   Click on View books for your enrolled courses.
                  This will take you to the UCCS Bookstore’s website which will have all of your required text-
                  books listed. You can either purchase or rent your textbooks online to pick up later, or print the
                  lists of required textbooks and purchase in-person at the UCCS Bookstore.

              Purchase school supplies

              In general, school supplies needed are dependent on the student’s individual preferences. If a
              class requires supplies specific to the course, it will be listed on your required textbook list. How-
              ever, here is a suggested supply list to get you started:

                   Pens/Pencils                      Notebooks/Paper                          Highlighters
                   Notecards                         Backpack                                 Planner

                   Binders

              Log in to Canvas and look for course syllabi

              Canvas is a tool many professors use to post class information including course syllabi,
Prepare for   assignments, quizzes, and more. A week before classes begin log in to your UCCS Canvas
classes       account (canvas.uccs.edu) and check to see if your professors have uploaded syllabi or
              assignment information for your classes. If so, be sure to look over the syllabus to make sure that
              you have the books and/or supplies that you need.

              Check your UCCS email account
              It’s important to check your UCCS email daily as this is the primary means of communication for
              the university. Your UCCS email is where you will receive emails from your professors, find out
              about important events on campus, and keep up with important deadlines.

              To check your UCCS email go to uccs.edu, click on the tools dropdown, and select Microsoft
              365 email. You will log in with your UCCS email address and password. If you cannot remember
              your email or your password, please contact the Office of Information Technology Help Desk
              (uccs.edu/oit) at 719-255-3536.

              Get your student ID card, if you haven’t already done so

              If you did not have the opportunity during Orientation, be sure to stop by the University Center
              Information Desk to pick up your student ID card. Your student ID card gives you access to your
              residence hall (if living on campus), access to the Gallogly Recreation and Wellness Center, and
              access to various events - among other things.
2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
Pay your bill
                                 Tuition & fees available:
                                                               Everything students need to know about their bill can be found in their myUCCS
                                                               portal (uccs.edu/portal). Once logged in, the student can access a bill
                                 ________________________      estimate, view their balance, pay their bill, authorize others to view and pay their
                                                               bill, authorize direct deposit, authorize COF (Colorado Opportunity Fund), enroll in
                                                               a payment plan and view 1098-T tax forms.
                                 Financial aid disbursed:
         STAY ON TRACK!

                                                               Parents, family, and friends, do not have access to their student’s myUCCS
                                 ________________________      portal.

                                                               Only the student, and anyone that the student sets up as an authorized payer,
                                                               may view and pay the bill.
                                                               Students may add an authorized payer through their myUCCS portal. Authorized
                                 First eBill statement sent:   payers may view/pay bills through QuikPay (uccs.edu/bursar).
                                                               UCCS is a paperless billing campus.
                                                               Students receive an email to their UCCS email account when eBills are posted.

                                                               Payment plans are available.

                                 Bill due date/census date:    Payment plans are available, but students must sign up for a payment plan prior

                                 ________________________      to census date (the tuition due date). There is a $40 service fee to enroll in a
                                                               payment plan.

                                                                                                                                                      Pay your bill

2019-2020 Guide and Calendar - UCCS
                                                                                 “I have found my success at UCCS by exploring my own
                                                                                 strengths and interests to find my career path. I wouldn’t
A summer overlook of the El Pomar Plaza and the clock tower.                     have without the help and support from advisors, friends, and
                                                                                 professors.”                       Brittany Updike | Senior | Business


Check UCCS.edu email daily                    Download UCCSconnect app              Submit immunization records to                       Explore leadership opportunities
UCCS email is the official means              The UCCSconnect mobile app is         uccs.medicatconnect.com                              Consider checking out UCCSlead,
of communication for UCCS.                    your one-stop shop that includes      The State of Colorado requires                       a student leadership development
To access your uccs.edu email                 your orientation schedule,            that students provide proof of                       program at UCCS with the goal
account go to uccs.edu, click on              access to campus clubs and            immunity to Measles, Mumps, and                      of developing engaged and
the tools dropdown, and select                organizations, campus resources,      Rubella when attending classes at                    ethical world-changing leaders.
Office 365 Email.                             bill estimator, and much more.        UCCS. Additionally, all incoming                     UCCSlead is open to all students
                                                                                    students living in housing must                      and incorporates transformational
                                                                                    provide proof of receiving the                       leadership experiences that
                                                                                    Meningococcal ACWY vaccination                       culminate with a co-curricular
                                                                                    within the past five years or sign a                 transcript. sll.uccs.edu
                                                                                    waiver prior to move in.                                                           9
Sunday                Monday                  Tuesday        Wednesday             Thursday                       Friday                  Saturday

         2                               3              4                5                           6                         7                        8

              Deadline for non-resident
              students to submit a
              petition for in-state tuition
              classification to the
              Registrar’s office
              for summer 2019

         9                               10             11           12                              13                        14                       15

                                                                             Last day to enroll or        Immunization records due
                                                                             waitlist in a summer         to UCCS Health Services.
                                                                             course without               Upload to UCCS Wellness
              First day of                                                   instructor permission        Center portal at
              summer classes                                                 (full term classes)          uccs.medicatconnect.com

         16                              17             18           19                              20                        21                       22
              Final summer payment
              due in full or enroll in
              Two Pay payment plan

              Summer census date
              (last day to drop individual
              full term summer classes
              for a full refund)                                             Pay plan auto deduction

         23                              24             25           26                              27                       28                       29


                                                                                                              Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                          “I found success at UCCS by making meaningful connections
                                                                          with my peers and professors, as well as reaching out of my
 A sunset view outside of Main Hall.                                      comfort zones for learning opportunities.”
                                                                                                   Eduardo Diaz de Ramon | Senior | Marketing


 Reserve your parking permit           Review your myUCCS Portal             View your class schedule in                        Explore on campus employment
 All students planning to park on      to-do items                           your myUCCS portal                                 opportunities
 campus can reserve a parking          The to-do items list will note        Double check to make sure your                     On-campus jobs begin posting
 permit online beginning August 6,     any important university related      schedule is what you want it to                    on the Student Employment
 2019. uccs.edu/pts                    paperwork that still needs to be      be. You can swap, drop, or add                     Assistance Network (SEAN) in
                                       submitted, including items that       classes before your first day of                   mid-July. Create an account,
                                       may impact admissions and             school. If you have questions                      upload a resume, and begin
                                       financial aid. uccs.edu/portal        about your class schedule, meet                    applying. Working on campus is
                                                                             with your academic advisor.                        a great way to build your UCCS
                                                                             Schedule an appointment via                        network. uccs.edu/seans
                                                                             Starfish. uccs.edu/starfish
Sunday               Monday                Tuesday            Wednesday                    Thursday               Friday                   Saturday
                                      1              2                          3                         4                    5                           6

                                                                                     University closed/
                                                                                     No classes

         7                            8              9                         10                         11                  12                          13

                                                          Last day to drop full
                                                          semester length summer
                                                          classes (main campus) in
                                                          myUCCS portal

         14                          15              16                        17                         18                  19                          20

              Fall jobs begin posting to
              SEAN: uccs.edu/seans                                                                                                   Pay plan auto deduction

         21                          22              23                        24                         25                  26                          27

         28                          29              30                        31

                                                                                                               Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                        “Success at UCCS has been built off of relationships I’ve made
                                                                        with other students and staff. Every connection has allowed me to
UCCS Class of 2022.                                                     build a support network that has helped me achieve my goals.”
                                                                                                          Hannah Luke | Junior | Engineering


Finalize your financial aid         Prepare for move-in                    Remember GPS starts Aug. 22                       Get involved on campus
August is an important time to      If you are living on campus, it’s      The Gateway Program Seminar                       Getting involved on campus is
ensure that your financial aid      time to get ready for move-in.         course for all first-year students                one way to make UCCS feel like
matters are finalized. Be sure to   Connect with your roommate(s),         begins on August 22nd and 23rd                    home. Enjoy Clyde’s Kickoff and
accept, reduce, and/or decline      pack your belongings, and double       from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. This                     Disorientation Week events as
your awards in your myUCCS          check your move-in time/check-in       course introduces students to                     a way to meet other first-year
portal as disbursement begins on    location. uccs.edu/residence           UCCS and helps build academic,                    students or get connected by
August 16, 2019. uccs.edu/finaid                                           self-efficacy, and interpersonal                  joining a club or two. The annual
                                                                           skills to accomplish personal and                 Club Fair is a great place to start
                                                                           professional goals. uccs.edu/gps                  exploring. uccs.edu/studentlife
Sunday                        Monday                          Tuesday                     Wednesday                         Thursday                          Friday                       Saturday
                                                                                                                                                       1                               2                              3

                                                                                                                             Deadline for non-resident
                                                                                                                             students to submit a
                                                                                                                             petition for in-state tuition
                                                                                                                             classification to the
                                                                                                                             Registrar’s office              Summer
                                                                                                                             for fall 2019                   semester ends

                         4                                5                              6                              7                              8                               9                              10

                              Summer grades posted             Fall 2019 parking permits
                              (by midnight) to                 go on sale. Purchase
                              myUCCS portal                    online. uccs.edu/pts

                        11                              12                               13                             14                             15                              16                             17

                                                                                                                                                             Fall 2019 financial aid
                                                                                                                                                             disbursement begins

                        18                                19                             20                             21                             22                              23                             24
                                                               Pay plan auto deduction                                                                       Gateway Program Seminar
                                                                                                                                                             (GPS) Start Up Days
                                                               First-year housing move-in.                                                                   9:00 am to 5:00 pm
                                                               Students will be notified                                                                     *Mandatory for all students
                                                               by UCCS email of specific                                                                     enrolled in GPS 1010/1020
                                                               move-in details/time.                                         Gateway Program Seminar                                        Clyde’s Kickoff:
                                                                                              Clyde’s Kickoff:               (GPS) Start Up Days             Clyde’s Kickoff:               Movie Madness, Class of
                                                               Clyde’s Kickoff:               Commuter Student Social,       9:00 am to 5:00 pm              Premiere Night &               2023 Talent Show, &
                              Last day to enroll in the        Ice Cream Social               Mtn. Lion Rally, & Playfair    *Mandatory for all students     Crave Rave Bingo               College Fest
                              Four Pay payment plan            (see UCCSconnect)              (see UCCSconnect)              enrolled in GPS 1010/1020       (see UCCSconnect)              (see UCCSconnect)

                        25                              26                               27                             28                             29                              30   InterFraternity Council   31
                              First day of fall classes                                                                                                                                     (IFC) recruitment

                              InterFraternity Council                                                                                                                                       Student Labor Day
                              (IFC) recruitment                InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council                                        Excursion
                              Aug. 26 - Sept. 13               (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment                                              (see UCCSConnect)
Fri. 8/23- Sun. 8/25
Housing move-in               Disorientation Week:             Disorientation Week:           Disorientation Week:           Disorientation Week:                                           Disorientation Week:
for non-first-year students   Concert on the Lawn              Meet the Greeks                Dodgeball Tournament           Date Doctor: David Coleman InterFraternity Council             Campus Excursion
9:00 am to 9:00 pm            (see UCCSconnect)                (see UCCSconnect)              (see UCCSconnect)              (see UCCSconnect)          (IFC) recruitment                   (see UCCSconnect)
                                                                                                                                                                 Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                                     “What helps me succeed at UCCS is the encouragement and the
                                                                                     advice from my professors.”
Signs of autumn in front of the UCCS clock tower.                                                            Ethan Mascarenhas | Senior | Anthropology


 Develop your academic skills                  Visit the Kraemer Family Library         Visit the Excel Centers                         Enjoy a campus tradition
 The Office of First Year Experience           The Kraemer Family Library is the        Stay ahead of your studies and                  Homecoming is a time for
 provides free and ongoing                     place to go for help with research;      visit an Excel Center or two (or                students and alumni to come
 academic skill development for all            librarians can answer questions in       more) and receive free tutoring or              together to celebrate our storied
 UCCS students. Learn to study                 person, on the phone, or by email/       help with a written assignment or               history. Homecoming features
 smarter, not harder by attending              chat/text. The library also has 26       presentation. uccs.edu/excel                    events including a dance, a casino
 one or more workshops that meet               group study rooms and over 200                                                           night and a bonfire among many
 your academic interests and/or                computer workstations for student                                                        other activities.
 needs. uccs.edu/fye                           use. uccs.edu/library                                                                    uccs.edu/studentlife

Sunday                         Monday                         Tuesday                     Wednesday                        Thursday                          Friday                       Saturday
                          1                              2                              3                              4                              5                              6                               7

Last day to add full                                                                                                        Student Organization and
semester length courses        University closed/             University open/                                              Involvement Fair
without instructor approval    No classes                     No classes                                                    (see UCCSConnect)

InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council         InterFraternity Council
(IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment               (IFC) recruitment

                          8                              9                              10                             11   Fall census date        12                               13                              14
                                                                                                                            (last day to drop individual
                                                                                                                            full term fall classes
                                                                                             Immunization records due       for a refund)
                                                                                             to UCCS Health Services.
                                                                                             Upload to UCCS Wellness        Final fall payment
                                                                                             Center portal at               due in full or enroll in
                                                                                             uccs.medicatconnect.com        Three Pay payment plan
                                                                                                                                                           Panhellenic Council
InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        InterFraternity Council        (PHC) recruitment              Panhellenic Council
(IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              (IFC) recruitment              Sept. 13 - 16                  (PHC) recruitment

                          15                             16                             17                             18                             19                             20                              21

Panhellenic Council            Panhellenic Council
(PHC) recruitment              (PHC) recruitment                                                                                                           Pay plan auto deduction

                          22                             23                             24                             25                             26                             27                              28

                                                                                             Homecoming:                    Homecoming:                    Homecoming:                    Homecoming:
                                                                                             Chalk the Walk                 Kickoff                        Tailgate & Bonfire             Formal & Casino Night
                                                                                             (see UCCSConnect)              (see UCCSConnect)              (see UCCSConnect)              (see UCCSConnect)

                          29                             30

                                                                                                                                                               Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                                 “My success at UCCS stems from the connection I have made
                                                                                 with my advisor. Without her, I wouldn’t have realized my true
Nightfall at the Ent Center for the Arts.                                        passions.”
                                                                                                              Maia Vaughan | Senior | Communication


Complete your FAFSA for the                 Make an appointment with your           Discover Your Future                              Attend Family Weekend
2020-2021 academic year                     academic advisor                        A student’s career journey                        Family Weekend is the perfect
The Free Application for Federal            Spring registration for first-          starts as soon as they arrive to                  opportunity for students to
Student Aid (FAFSA) must be                 year students begins in early           campus. The Career Center is                      showcase to their families what
completed every year. The FAFSA             November. Students should plan          here to prepare and launch your                   they are experiencing at UCCS.
for the 2020-2021 academic year             on meeting with their advisor           career. Schedule an appointment                   Family Weekend offers a variety
opens on October 1st. fafsa.gov             prior to registering for classes.       through Starfish to explore career                of family-friendly activities and
                                            Students may schedule an                options, build a resume, network                  opportunities to connect with the
                                            appointment with their advisor via      and connect with professional                     campus community.
                                            Starfish. uccs.edu/starfish             opportunities and more.                           uccs.edu/parents
                                                                                    uccs.edu/career                                                                  17
Sunday                   Monday                      Tuesday                Wednesday           Thursday               Friday                   Saturday
                                                                           1                   2                  3                        4                         5

                                                     2020-2021 FAFSA                                                   Family Weekend
                                                     available online at                                               Oct. 4 - 6
                                                     fafsa.gov                                                         uccs.edu/parents          Family Weekend

                      6                          7                         8                   9                  10                      11                         12

Family Weekend

                     13                         14                         15               16                    17                      18                         19

                     20                         21                         22               23                    24                      25                         26

Pay plan auto deduction

                     27                         28                         29               30                    31
                          Spring 2020 registration
                          begins. Check myUCCS
                          portal for specific
                          registration date/time.

                          Oct. 28 - 31
                          (see UCCSconnect)          HalloWeek                  HalloWeek          HalloWeek
                                                                                                                           Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                       “I found success by taking responsibility for my learning and
                                                                       getting plugged into a campus ministry.”
Honoring our veterans.                                                                                  Jake Miratsky | Senior | Chemistry


 Plan your holiday travels          Attend a Mountain Lion                Learn and practice your                            Start preparing for finals
 accordingly                        Athletics game                        leadership skills                                  Finals week can be a stressful
 Thanksgiving Break is Wednesday,   UCCS has 16 athletic teams            Sign up to participate in the UCCS                 time for students. It is
 November 27 through Sunday,        that compete within the Rocky         Student Leadership Conference.                     recommended that you set up
 December 1. Students will have     Mountain Athletic Conference of       The conference is free and open                    and stick to a study schedule so
 classes on Monday, November 25     NCAA Division II. All home games      to all student leaders of all levels.              that you can stay ahead of your
 and Tuesday, November 26 per       are free for UCCS students with       Download the UCCSconnect app                       academics while also being able
 their academic course schedule.    a valid student ID, and parking       for more details.                                  to take care of yourself. The Office
                                    is free in campus lots near the                                                          of First Year Experience can help
                                    venues when the games are in                                                             you create a plan. uccs.edu/fye
                                    action. gomountainlions.com
Sunday              Monday                  Tuesday             Wednesday                      Thursday                     Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                                                                          1                            2

                                                                                                                    Last day to drop full
                                                                                                                    semester length fall       National Academic
                                                                                                                    classes (main campus) in   Quiz Tournament
                                                                                                                    myUCCS portal              (see UCCSconnect)

         3                        4                    5                          6                            7                          8                            9

                                                                                                                                               Leadership Conference
                                                                                                                                               (see UCCSconnect)

         10                       11                   12                         13                           14                        15                         16

         17                       18                   19                         20                           21                        22                         23

                                                            Pay plan auto deduction
              Commuter Week
              Nov. 18 - 22
              (see UCCSconnect)        Commuter Week        Commuter Week                 Commuter Week             Commuter Week

         24                       25                   26                         27                           28                        29                         30

                                                            Thanksgiving Break/
                                                            No classes Nov. 27 - Dec. 1
                                                            (Offices open Nov. 27)        Thanksgiving Break        Thanksgiving Break         Thanksgiving Break
                                                                                                                        Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                                   “Outstanding professors, the Excel Centers, and the Office of
A winter perspective from the UCCS engineering building.                           Veteran and Military Student Affairs have all contributed to my
                                                                                   success at UCCS - a fantastic support team!”
                                                                                                       Krista Joyce | Graduate Student | TESOL Program


Rock your finals                               Return your book rentals and            Plan to check out of the                          Purchase your spring 2020
UCCS has a variety of resources                sell back your textbooks                residence halls for winter break                  parking permit
to help you do your best during                If you rented textbooks from the        Students living on campus in a                    Spring 2020 parking permits
finals. Visit the Recreation and               UCCS Bookstore, do not forget to        first-year designated housing                     will go on sale in December. All
Wellness Center for self-care, go              return them. The UCCS Bookstore         area need to vacate their room                    students can register for their
to an Excel Center to study and                also offers a textbook buyback          for winter break. Students will not               parking permit online and can log
get additonal content assistance,              program, based on wholesale             have access to their rooms over                   in to the parking portal to update
stop by professor office hours to              demand, with payouts of 25% to          winter break and they must check                  their current parking information.
get clarification on assignments,              50% of the original retail price.       out with their resident assistant                 uccs.edu/pts
or meet with First Year Experience             uccsbookstore.com                       prior to leaving for break.
to create a study plan.                                                                uccs.edu/residence
Sunday                     Monday                  Tuesday                   Wednesday                  Thursday                   Friday                   Saturday
2020-2021 UCCS        1                       2                          3                         4                        5                        6                              7
Scholarship Application
available online

Spring jobs begin
posting to SEAN

Thanksgiving Break

                      8                       9                          10                        11                       12                       13                            14

                     15                       16                         17                        18                       19                       20                            21
                                                                                                                                                           Fall textbook rentals from
                                                                                                                                                           UCCS Bookstore due

                                                                                                                                                           Students living in first-year
                                                                                                                                                           housing need to check out
                                                                                                                                                           with RA no later than noon
                          Finals Week                                                                                            Summer/Fall
                          Dec. 16 - 19             Finals Week                 Finals Week              Finals Week              Commencement              Fall semester ends

                     22                       23                         24                        25                       26                       27                            28
                                                   Fall grades posted
                                                   (by midnight) to
                                                   myUCCS portal

                                                   Spring parking permits go
                                                   on sale. Purchase online

                          University closed        University closed           University closed        University closed        University closed

                     29                       30                        31

                                                   University closed
                                                                                                                                     Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                             “I have personally found success at UCCS by using the Excel
                                                                             Centers and help from my professors.”
A snowcapped Pikes Peak landscape.                                                                     Hayley Scott | Junior | Health Care Science


Check back into the                    Practice self-care                       Apply for scholarships                              Participate in Winter Welcome
residence halls                        The Gallogly Recreation and              The UCCS Scholarship application                    Week activities
Students living on campus may          Wellness Center offers a variety of      opened December 1. The deadline                     Student Life welcomes students
check back into the residence          opportunities for you to practice        for submitting your application                     back to campus with a host of
halls beginning at 9:00 am on          self-care. From a 97,085 square          is March 1. For application tips                    events during Winter Welcome
Sunday, January 19. Students           foot fitness center to intramural        and to apply, visit the UCCS                        Week. Enjoy a variety of activities,
check back in at their village front   sports, counseling, health services      Scholarships website.                               games, free food, hot cocoa, and
desks. uccs.edu/residence              office visits, nutrition services,       uccs.edu/scholarships                               more. uccs.edu/studentlife
                                       and more - there is something for
                                       everyone. uccs.edu/wellness
Sunday                          Monday                       Tuesday                     Wednesday                    Thursday                         Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                                                  1                              2                           3                          4

                                                                                                                       Deadline for non-resident
                                                                                                                       students to submit a
                                                                                                                       petition for in-state tuition
                                                                                                                       classification to the
                                                                                                                       Registrar’s office
                                                                                            University closed          for spring 2020

                            5                          6                             7                            8                              9                           10                         11

                        12                             13                           14                            15                            16                           17                         18

                                Spring 2020 financial aid
                                disbursement date

                        19                             20                           21                            22                            23                           24                         25

Students living in first-year
housing may check
back into housing               Four Pay payment              First day of spring classes
beginning at 9:00 am            plan auto deduction
                                                              Winter Welcome Week
Last day to enroll in the       University closed;            Jan. 21 - 25
Four Pay payment plan           UCCS Bookstore open           (see UCCSconnect)             Winter Welcome Week        Winter Welcome Week             Winter Welcome Week        Winter Welcome Week

                        26                            27                            28                            29                           30                            31

                                Last day to add full
                                semester length courses
                                without instructor approval
                                                                                                                                                          Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.

                                                                               “Success isn’t about what you do, rather it’s about how and why
                                                                               you do it; treat every day as a gift and follow your passion. Then
Fueling the UCCS experience beyond the boundaries - UCCS Downtown.             real success will follow.”
                                                                                            Nathanael Santonastaso | Junior | Mechanical Engineering


Take advantage of an academic              Submit your Free Application for        Sign up for housing for the                        Utilize the Excel Centers
skill refresher                            Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)             2020-2021 academic year                            Stay ahead of your studies and
The Office of First Year Experience        Students wishing to be considered       While it may seem early, now is                    visit an Excel Center or two (or
offers a variety of interactive            for financial aid need to submit        the time to start thinking about                   more) and receive free tutoring or
workshops to help you develop              the FAFSA every year. The FAFSA         where you will live next academic                  help with a written assignment or
or fine-tune your academic skills.         must be processed by March 1            year. If you are planning to live                  presentation. uccs.edu/excel
Workshops are free. Sign up via            (for the 2020-2021 academic year)       on campus, look for information
Starfish. uccs.edu/fye                     to be considered for a priority         regarding on-campus housing.
                                           packaging plan. UCCS’ school            Renewals begin in late February or
                                           code is 004509. uccs.edu/finaid         early March.
                                                                                   uccs.edu/residence                                                                 25
Sunday        Monday        Tuesday            Wednesday                       Thursday                  Friday                   Saturday

         2             3              4                            5                            6                     7                         8
                                           Spring census date
                                           (last day to drop individual
                                           full term spring classes
                                           for a refund)                  Immunization records due
                                                                          to UCCS Health Services.
                                           Final spring payment           Upload to UCCS Wellness
                                           due in full or enroll in       Center portal at https://
                                           Three Pay payment plan         uccs.medicatconnect.com

         9             10             11                           12                          13                    14                         15

         16            17             18                           19                          20                    21                         22

                                                                          Pay plan auto deduction

         23            24             25                          26                           27                    28                        29

                                                                                                      Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                            “I have found success at UCCS through being involved with many
                                                                            campus organizations and building long-lasting friendships with
Heller Center for Arts & Humanities.                                        people in my classes and at work.”
                                                                                                   Jessica Benesch | Senior | Exercise Science


Meet with your                         Take advantage of Spring Break         Make plans for the summer                         Attend an event at the Ent
academic advisor                       Spring Break is Monday, March          How can you utilize summer                        Center for the Arts
Registration for summer and fall       23 through Sunday, March 29            experiences to build your resume?                 The Ent Center for the Arts is
courses will begin in April. Prepare   and serves as a perfect time to        Consider a summer job, an                         home to UCCS Presents (the
ahead of time by scheduling an         practice self-care. Rejuvenate         internship, a travel experience,                  Artist Series, Theatreworks, and
appointment with your academic         your spirits by planning a road        take additional classes, or                       the Galleries of Contemporary
advisor via Starfish to ensure         trip, camping, exploring colorful      volunteer. Meet with a career                     Art), and to the Music Program
you are taking classes toward          Colorado with your friends, or         counselor at the UCCS Career                      and Theatre and Dance Program.
your degree plan, and that you         relaxing at home with your family.     Center to discuss ways to develop                 Take time to enjoy the arts during
are ready to register as soon as                                              skills and experiences for future                 your time at UCCS.
your registration date/time opens.                                            employment. uccs.edu/career                       uccs.edu/entcenter
Sunday                        Monday                        Tuesday           Wednesday             Thursday               Friday                  Saturday
                       1                                2                    3                   4                    5                         6                       7

UCCS Scholarship
Application deadline

FAFSA priority filing date

                        8                               9                    10                  11                   12                        13                     14

                        15                             16                    17                  18                   19                        20                     21

                                                                                                                           Pay plan auto deduction

                        22                             23                    24                  25                   26                        27                     28

                             Spring Break
                             Mar. 23 - 29
                             *No classes unless enrolled in
                             a Spring Break course            Spring Break        Spring Break        Spring Break         Spring Break              Spring Break

                       29                              30                    31

                             Summer 2020 registration
                             begins. Check myUCCS
                             portal for specific
Spring Break                 registration date/time.
                                                                                                                              Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                                         “I found success at UCCS by getting involved. I was able to find
                                                                                         great friends/people that encourage me to put myself out there.
                                                                                         I got involved in Orientation and became more outgoing through
A breathtaking end to a hike along the Tava trail.                                       the nursing program.”                 Sarah Scott | Senior | Nursing


Register for summer and/or                           Attend the annual UCCS                 Start preparing for finals                         Participate in ROAR Daze
fall courses                                         Significant Speaker event              April showers bring May flowers                    Say goodbye to winter and hello
Get the courses you need at the                      Become inspired at this annual         and finals week. Begin to prepare                  to summer by joining Student Life
times you want by registering as                     event by the words of individuals      by creating a schedule of due                      for a week of fun events including
soon as your registration date/                      who have found ways to make            dates and making a study plan.                     a drive-in movie, drag show,
time becomes available. To find                      a positive impact in our world.        Self-care is also critical - eat                   memorable games, unexpected
out when you can register, visit                     Previous speakers have included        healthy, exercise, and get plenty                  excursions, and much more.
your myUCCS portal.                                  Gabby Douglas, Dr. Bennet              of rest. Don’t forget the Office of                uccs.edu/studentlife
uccs.edu/portal                                      Omalu, LaVar Burton, and Neil          First Year Experience is here to
                                                     deGrasse Tyson among others.           help you prepare.
                                                     uccs.edu/studentlife                   uccs.edu/fye
Sunday              Monday                    Tuesday           Wednesday           Thursday                Friday                  Saturday
                                                                            1                  2                          3                       4

                                                                                                    Last day to drop full
                                                                                                    semester length spring
                                                                                                    classes (main campus) in
                                                                                                    myUCCS portal

         5                          6                   7                   8                  9                         10                       11

              ROAR Daze
              Apr. 6 - 11
              (see UCCSconnect)          ROAR Daze           ROAR Daze          ROAR Daze           ROAR Daze                  ROAR Daze

         12                        13                   14               15                    16                        17                       18

              Fall 2020 registration
              begins. Check myUCCS
              portal for specific
              registration date/time.

         19                         20                  21               22                    23                        24                       25

              Pay plan auto deduction

         26                        27                   28               29                    30

                                                                                                        Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.
                                                                              “I found success at UCCS by getting involved with clubs and
                                                                              organizations that I am passionate about.”
Commencement - where the end of one journey is the beginning of another.                  Hanna Lovin | Sophomore | Psychology & Criminal Justice


 Prepare to move out of the                  Celebrate the accomplishments       Reflect on this past                              Explore on-campus jobs
 residence halls                             of our Mountain Lion graduates      academic year                                     Summer jobs will begin posting
 Students living on campus                   Spring Commencement is              This is a great time to reflect                   to the Student Employment
 can prepare for moving out by               Friday, May 15. Join the UCCS       on the past semester or year at                   Assistance Network (SEAN)
 packing, cleaning, and completing           Community as we celebrate           UCCS. What did you like most                      on May 1 and fall jobs will
 their checkout paperwork with               our graduating students at the      about your experience? What                       begin posting toward the end
 their resident assistant. Students          Broadmoor World Arena.              goals do you have for next year?                  of July. Spend time exploring
 must check out of the residence             uccs.edu/commencement               What are you hoping to gain from                  opportunities to work on campus
 halls no later than noon on                                                     your college experience?                          and prepare to apply.
 Saturday, May 16.                                                               uccs.edu/fye                                      uccs.edu/seans
Sunday              Monday                     Tuesday                Wednesday            Thursday              Friday                   Saturday
                                                                                                                              1                             2

         3                           4                        5                   6                   7                       8                             9

         10                          11                       12                 13                   14                      15                           16

                                                                                                                                    Housing students must
                                                                                                                                    move out of residence
                                                                                                                                    halls by noon.
              Finals Week
              May 11 - 14                 Finals Week              Finals Week        Finals Week          Spring Commencement      Spring semester ends

         17                          18                       19                 20                   21                      22                           23

              Spring textbook rentals
              from UCCS Bookstore due

              Spring grades posted        Summer parking permits
              (by midnight) to            go on sale. Purchase
              myUCCS portal               online: uccs.edu/pts

         24                          25                      26                  27                   28                     29                            30

              University closed/
              No classes
                                                                                                              Calendar dates/deadlines are subject to change.

Resources for Student Success
Academic Advising                             Financial Aid                                Recreation and Wellness Center
719-255-3260 | uccs.edu/advising              719-255-3460 | uccs.edu/finaid               uccs.edu/recwellness
                                                                                              Campus Recreation | 719-255-7515
Bookstore                                     First Year Experience                           Health & Mental Health Services | 719-255-4444
719-255-3247 | uccsbookstore.com              719-255-3570 | uccs.edu/fye
                                                                                           Residence Life and Housing
Career Center                                 Gateway Program Seminar                      uccs.edu/residence
719-255-3340 | uccs.edu/career                719-255-4099 | uccs.edu/gps                     Alpine Village | 719-255-4042
                                                                                              Summit Village | 719-255-6288
Copy Center                                   International Affairs: Education Abroad
719-255-3213 | uccs.edu/copycenter            719-255-5018 | uccs.edu/educationabroad      Scholarships
                                                                                           719-255-3390 | uccs.edu/scholarships
Dean of Students Office                       Institutional Equity Office
Student Response Team                         719-255-4324 | uccs.edu/equity               Student Employment
719-255-3091 | uccs.edu/dos                                                                719-255-3454 | uccs.edu/stuemp
                                              Kraemer Family Library
Dining Services                               719-255-3295 | uccs.edu/library              Student Financial Services (Bursar)
719-255-3965 | uccs.edu/diningservices                                                     719-255-3391 | uccs.edu/bursar
                                              LGBT+ Resource Center
Disability Services                           719-255-3447 | uccs.edu/lgbtresourcecenter   Student Life
719-255-3354 | uccs.edu/disability                                                         719-255-3470 | uccs.edu/studentlife
                                              MOSAIC (Multicultural Office)
Excel Communication Center                    719-255-3319 | uccs.edu/mosaic               Sustainability
719-255-4770 | uccs.edu/communicationcenter                                                719-255-3089 | uccs.edu/sustain
                                              Office of Information Technology
Excel Languages Center                        719-255-3536 | uccs.edu/oit                  Testing Center
719-255-3690 | uccs.edu/languagescenter
                                                                                           719-255-3354 | uccs.edu/testingcenter
Excel Mathematics Center                      719-255-3098 | uccs.edu/orientation
719-255-3687 | uccs.edu/mathcenter                                                         UCCS Department Phone Directory
Excel Science Center                          Records, Registration, Transcripts
719-255-3689 | uccs.edu/sciencecenter         719-255-3361 | uccs.edu/registrar            UCCS Public Safety
                                                                                           719-255-3111 | uccs.edu/pusafety
Excel Writing Center                          Parent and Family Programs
719-255-4336 | uccs.edu/writingcenter         719-255-7551 | uccs.edu/parents              University Center Information Desk
                                                                                           719-255-3450 | uccs.edu/uc
Family Development Center                     Parking and Transportation Services
719-255-3483 | uccs.edu/fdc                   719-255-3528 | uccs.edu/pts                  Veteran and Military Student Affairs
                                                                                           719-255-3253 | uccs.edu/military

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