Hanmer Springs School Charter and Strategic Goals 2019 2021

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Hanmer Springs School Charter and Strategic Goals 2019 2021
Hanmer Springs School
Charter and Strategic Goals
       2019 - 2021
Hanmer Springs School Charter and Strategic Goals 2019 2021
Hanmer Springs School Charter and Strategic Goals 2019 2021
Hanmer Springs School Charter and Strategic Goals 2019 2021
School Profile

Hanmer Springs School ​is a full primary school in North Canterbury catering for school Years 1 to 8. Our school roll is 90
(February 2019). The school is Decile 9. ​Hanmer Springs School children come from the Hanmer Springs village and
surrounding basin. There is one bus route. The resident population in Hanmer Springs is approximately 900 and this changes
rapidly in weekends and holidays. The school celebrated its Centenary in 1996. Current total staffing entitlement is

Hanmer Springs is a tourist resort that has a pleasant physical environment with a feeling of peace and tranquility in an alpine
atmosphere. The Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools is the hub of the tourist trade, many sporting and adventure activities are
available – tramping, jet boating, bungy jumping, rafting and mountain biking being popular.

The school enjoys a good relationship with the Thermal Pools which actively supports school activities by allowing free access
to their pools for sporting and cultural events held in Hanmer Springs as well as maintaining the on site school pool. ​Local
businesses and service organisations also work closely with Hanmer Springs School supporting our integrated curriculum

Hanmer Springs School is part of the Hurunui Zone, a collection of 9 schools in the Hurunui district. These schools work together to
run zone sports events. Links with other local schools are also used to share professional development opportunities and develop
new initiatives. Hanmer Springs School is part of a Learning Community Cluster and will transfer to the Community of Learning.

The school is set in attractive rural grounds, with a large grassed area bordered by trees; a modern adventure playground and
sealed areas including a tennis court. The outdoor pool operates over the summer months.

Teachers and children teach and learn collaboratively within flexible learning spaces. Two modern learning environment spaces
have recently been opened. A new space was built which accommodates up to 60 children with 2 teachers and support staff and
another space was refurbished which accommodates the New Entrant - Y2 children, 2 teachers and support staff. A library/learning
hub is planned for development in the near future along with modernisation and improvements of remaining school classrooms.

The school roll has been experiencing a period of roll fluctuation.

The school is a focus of the local, rural community and good use is made of the local environment and community to extend
students' learning experiences.

                                                   Recognising Cultural Diversity

Hanmer Springs School, in a way that is appropriate to its community, will develop procedures and practices that reflect New
Zealand's cultural diversity, The Treaty of Waitangi and the unique place of Te Reo and Tikanga Māori.

In recognising the unique position of Māori culture, Hanmer Springs School will take all reasonable steps to implement the
principles of Ka Hikitia and Tātaiako through Tikanga and Te Reo.

Hanmer Springs School is committed to acknowledging and celebrating the diverse backgrounds and cultures of families and
providing learning experiences in Te Reo and Tikanga and recognising the cultural history of Hanmer Springs.

This is being achieved by:

     1.   Involvement in Te Ao Māori Cultural Responsiveness as a cluster of schools across the Hurunui District.

     2.   Extending Te Reo and Tikanga Māori programmes in classrooms.

     3.   Developing the Kapa Haka group.

     4.   Establishing practices to which embed respect of others through 'The Hanmer Way' and school values.

     5.   Ensuring the school curriculum reflects our unique environment and community.

     6.   Incorporating Te Reo and Tikanga into formal events.
7.   Using outside support to develop Māori learning experiences such as the Māori technology outreach programme
          and Kahurangi Māori dance group.

     8.   Having bilingual signs at school.

     9.   Holding regular Cultural Celebrations

     10. Monitoring, analysing and reporting achievement data of Māori students in key target areas.

     11. Consulting with Māori parents and caregivers through learning conferences, learning journeys and group meetings to
         discuss Māori achievement, plans and programmes.

Māori Responsiveness Plan

If whānau request a higher level of Tikanga and/or Te Reo than is presently evident in our school's work towards achieving the
principles of Ka Hikitia, the staff and family will discuss and explore the following options:

     1.   Further explain the existing programmes and progress.

     2.   Further extend existing programmes and opportunities as appropriate.

     3.   Explore other schools who may offer programmes closer to expectations.
STRATEGIC PLAN 2018 - 2020

                              NAG ONE: FOSTERING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT

Strategic Direction                 2019                               2020                              2021

                              Continue to find new ways         Continue to find new ways        Review new initiatives and
                              to increase parental              to increase parental             implement any changes
Improve Learning and
                              involvement to support and        involvement to support           where deemed appropriate.
Achievement: Investigate
                              engage in student learning.       student learning.
ways the school can be a
conduit for community
learning and strengthen its
                              Adopt a three year plan for       Implement the second year’s      Commence the third year of
partnership with parents in
                              acquiring greater parent          planned collation of Parent      the plan. Review key findings
their children’s learning.
                              voice on how we can further       Voice. Review key findings       from 2020 and implement
(Strategic Goal 1A)
                              enhance our learning              from 2019 and implement          changes.
                              programme.                        changes.

                               Partnering with parents:         Partnering with parent:          Review school partnership
                               Continue to explore the          Further explore the principle    findings and commence
                               principal of cultural            of cultural diversity and        planning for the next three
                               diversity and partnering         partnering with parents.         year review.
                               with parents.                    Implement suggestions from

                               Link cultural diversity to the   Link cultural diversity to the   Link cultural diversity to the
                               curriculum. Ensure students      curriculum. Ensure students      curriculum. Ensure students
                               experience learning contexts     experience learning contexts     experience learning contexts
                               from multiple cultures.          from multiple cultures.          from multiple cultures.

                              Utilise Maori Education           Review the Maori Education       Create a wish list for 2020
                              resources to develop skills in    resources used for the           and beyond and determine
                              teaching Te Reo and               teaching of Te Reo and           the necessary budget
                              Tikanga                           Tikanga. Implement new           needed.
                              to assist all staff achieving     initiatives.
Improve learning and          competencies in Tataiako.
Achievement: Celebrate                                          Review the initiatives           Review how to merge the
Cultural Diversity.            Develop greater student          implemented to develop           student leadership within our
(Strategic Goal 1B)            leadership within the area of    student leadership within the    community.
                               Te Reo and Tikanga Maori.        area of Te Reo and Tikanga
                                                                Maori and implement
                                                                necessary actions.
Strategic Direction                  2019                                2020                               2021

Improve Learning and            Develop the student              Continue to explore, research     Look to create greater
Achievement: Continue to        leadership roles within the      and consult on opportunities      leadership opportunities at the
develop school leadership       school which includes Year 8     for new leadership initiatives.   Year 4 and 6 level.
opportunities.                  leaders being responsible for    Implement new initiatives and
(Strategic Goal 1C)             a team of students as well as    review leadership
                                developing a concise job         opportunities.
                                description for each position.
                                                                 Implement a simplistic
                                                                 appraisal process for all
                                                                 school leaders which includes
                                                                 goal setting.

                                Develop opportunities where      Leaders develop an annual         Review the use of school
                                the leaders are involved in      plan of fundraising for school,   leaders and their involvement
                                fundraising for the school and   local communities and             with assisting the community
                                local community.                 designated charities.             of Hanmer Springs School.
                                                                                                   Establish next steps.

Teaching and learning           Implement teaching and           Implement teaching and            Implement teaching and
demonstrates Transparent        learning programmes to meet      learning programmes to meet       learning programmes to meet
Differentiation in the school   the needs of specific children   the needs of specific children    the needs of specific children
programme.                      through student achievement      through student achievement       through student achievement
(Strategic Goal 1D)             targets.                         targets.                          targets.

                                Track and monitor student        Track and monitor student         Review the method of
                                progress and achievement.        progress and achievement.         tracking and monitoring
                                                                                                   student achievement and
                                                                                                   initiate and recommended
                                Continue to implement the        Review the Gifted and
                                school ‘Talented’ policy,        Talented programme within         To review the
                                procedures and teaching          the school and implement any      recommendations
                                practices.                       recommendations. Explore          implemented in 2020.
                                                                 the opportunity of using our
                                                                 community more to further
                                                                 enhance our talented

                                Ensure that children             Further develop the use of        Reassess the use of
                                understand what they are         rubrics in children’s language    Formative Assessment in the
                                learning and know the key        in curriculum subjects other      classroom programme.
                                criteria for success.            than Mathematics and

Improve Learning and            To utilise the school            To embed Play Based               To review Play Based
Achievement: Teaching           environment more effectively     Learning throughout the           Learning and implement any
Priorities.                     with Play Based Learning.        school.                           recommendations.
(Strategic Goal 2A and 2B)
                                Become involved in the           Become involved in the            Become involved in the
                                priority project of Inquiry      priority project of Spiral        priority project of Inquiry
                                within our C.O.L. (Community     Inquiry within our COL.           within our C.O.L.
                                of Learning)
                                                                 Review and modify the Best        Review and modify the Best
                                Use A.L.L.(Accelerated           Practice for teaching writing     Practice for teaching Literacy
                                Literacy Learning) to develop    to include spelling and           for the teaching of
                                a Best Practice document on      reading.                          Mathematics.
                                the teaching of writing.

                                Consolidate and continue to      Act on any recommendations        Review the use of
                                develop school wide              from 2019.                        PB4L(Positive Behaviour for
                                behaviour management                                               Learning) within the school
practices and make more                                            behaviour management
                               transparent around the                                             programme.

                               Utilise the library space as       Develop the school library so   Review the new library and
                               best as possible in                it may be used for a diverse    look for ways to further
                               preparation of moving it in        range of learning.              enhance its use within the
                               2020.                                                              community.

Develop the teaching of        Create a Best Practice             Trial the new Programme of      Review the Science
science within the school      document on the school’s           Work and make amendments        Programme of Work and
curriculum.                    Programme of Work in               as deemed appropriate.          make amendments where
                               Science.                                                           appropriate.

                               To develop the skill of explicit   To continue to mentor in the
                               teaching of the key science        explicit teaching of Science.

                               To maximise the use of the         Review the use of the school    Review sustainability within
                               school and local environment       and local environment and       the school programme.
                               within the school programme.       link to the theme of


Strategic Direction                  2019                                2020                             2021

To evolve strategic planning   Annual Strategic Planning          Annual Strategic Planning       Annual Strategic Planning
that makes explicit links      Evaluation including the           Evaluation including the        Evaluation including the
between policies and           Cycle of Review for policies       Cycle of Review for policies    Cycle of Review for policies
procedures, annual plan,       and procedures.                    and procedures.                 and procedures.
action plans, curriculum
delivery documents and the     Review and update the              Use Best Practice document      Use Best Practice document
annual budget.                 school Programme of Work           to review Health and P.E        to review Mathematics and
                               in Science to reflect              Curriculum and Literacy         Digital Technology
                               current practices and              Programme.                      Curriculum.

                               Review the profile of a            Review School Vision.           Review Charter and Strategic
                               Hanmer Springs Student                                             Review process and layout
                               Leaver Profile.                                                    and composition of
To continue to make quality      Develop a comprehensive         Review assessment timetable       Be guided by latest research
decisions about learning         and effective collation and     and modify where deemed           on how best to maximise the
programmes based upon            analysis of school wide data    appropriate.                      collation of school wide data.
sound evaluation of              to drive the school’s annual
information on the               plan.
achievement of the
students.                        Develop greater student voice   Review suggestions                Consolidate new initiatives.
                                 within the running of the       implemented in 2019 and
                                 school.                         adopt where deemed
                                                                 necessary. Tie in with
                                                                 teaching staff appraisal.

                                                                 Investigate the most effective    Review the new management
                                                                 Learning Management               system and implement any
                                                                 Programme to make an              changes which are deemed
                                                                 effective link between the        appropriate.
                                                                 students’ work and their
                                                                 parents or caregivers.

To evaluate and develop          Create Hanmer Springs           To review the new Hanmer          To review the data and make
strategies for reporting         Levels in Literacy and          Springs School Level of           adjustments where deemed
student achievement to           Mathematics.                    Expectation.                      necessary.
parents in line with changes
to requirements as a result of   Review our current Reporting    Implement key changes in the      Review and adapt the
National Standards repeal.       to Parents on student           Reporting to Parents from         schedule of Reporting to
                                 achievement.                    2019.                             Parents.

                                             ​NAG THREE: PERSONAL

Strategic Direction                   2019                               2020                              2021

To implement a                   Complete a staff needs          Complete a staff needs            Complete a staff needs
professional development         analysis to investigate areas   analysis to investigate areas     analysis to investigate areas
plan that will equip the staff   and priorities for further      and priorities for further        and priorities for further
with the skills and              professional development        professional development          professional development
knowledge to deliver quality     by using an analysis of         and through analysis of           and through analysis of
learning and teaching,           student data, student           student data and student          student data and student
reflecting the priorities in     voice, personal reflections     voice.                            voice.
the curriculum review cycle.     and appraisal.

To provide a supportive          Continue a robust and           Review the appraisal system       Implement any changes
environment that values          meaningful appraisal            for teachers to ensure it is in   which came about from the
and inspires staff to reach      system to ensure                line with the strategic goals.    2020 review.
their professional               professional dialogue, peer
obligations and personal         support and problem             Add student voice to support      Use current research to
goals.                           solving is encouraged - as      staff appraisal.                  enhance the appraisal
                                 per Appraisal Review and                                          process.
                                 Recommendation from             Review Middle Leadership
                                 Appraisers.                     initiatives and refine where
                                                                 deemed appropriate.

Strategic Direction                  2019                              2020                             2021

Develop the buildings of the   Continue to ensure current       Continue to ensure current       Continue to ensure current
school to enhance student      teaching spaces are open,        teaching spaces are open,        teaching spaces are open,
learning: Improving            flexible and adaptable to        flexible and adaptable to        flexible and adaptable to
Teaching and Learning          enhance modern teaching          enhance modern teaching          enhance modern teaching
Spaces.                        and learning practice.           and learning practice.           and learning practice.
 (Strategic Goal 2A)
                               Upgrade / replace the current    Revamp the Boiler Room to
                               Kereru classroom Room with       maximise its use within the
                               a new MLE modular.               learning programme.

                               To review the acoustics in
                               Korimako to ensure we have
                               the best learning environment
                               for both classes.

                               Maximise the use of the          Move the library to the most     Maximise the use of the
                               library within the current       appropriate and effective area   library with the school
                               location restrictions.           of the school to further         community.
                                                                maximise its use.

Develop the grounds of the     Complete all necessary           Follow 5 Year Plan.              Create a new 10 Year
school to enhance student      drainage around the school to    Review 2019’s 5 Year Plan        property plan.
learning:                      ensure that all waste water is   and revise 2020’s plan
(Strategic Goal 2A and 2B)     managed effectively.

Improve the playground and     Commence the plan for            Get further community voice
outdoor facilities.            enhancing the school             on the next steps for our
(Strategic Goal 2B)            playground and field area.       playground.

                               Begin the process of             Build the new multi purpose
                               developing a multi purpose       sports area.
                               sports area created on the
                               existing tennis court.

Strategic Direction                   2019                               2020                             2021

To ensure we maintain a safe     Undertake the                    Undertake the                   Undertake the
physical and emotional           comprehensive termly H and       comprehensive biannual H        comprehensive bi annual H
environment that inspires        S review of all areas of the     and S review of all areas of    and S review of all areas of
everyone to reach his or her     school.                          the school.                     the school.
                                 Utilise the data from hazard     Utilise the data from hazard    Utilise the data from hazard
                                 register and accident book to    register and accident book to   register and accident book to
                                 adopt successful measures to     adopt successful measures to    adopt successful measures to
                                 reduce the incidences of         reduce the incidences of        reduce the incidences of
                                 hazards and accidents.           hazards and accidents.          hazards and accidents.

                                 Ensure teachers                  Review changes in practice
                                 understand the procedures        and implement any other
                                 and processes for                changes deemed appropriate.
                                 accessing assistance for
                                 students with special
                                 learning needs.

                                 Ensure all relevant staff are
                                 trained in physical restraint
                                 and de-escalation techniques
                                 according to the M.O.E.

                                 Review the E.O.T.C. Rams
                                 forms to create a more user
                                 friendly process.

Develop or review, as            Review and ensure                Review to the Policy and        Review to the Policy and
appropriate, Health and          Emergency Response               Procedures Review Cycle         Procedures Review Cycle
Safety legislation, policy and   Policies and Procedures are
procedures.                      in place and current.
                                 Including: Fire, Earthquake,
                                 lock down, sun safety and
                                 school policy reviews.

Maintained and monitored IT      Review Cyber Safety              Review current infrastructure   Consolidate changes.
systems.                         infrastructure and               and implement any
                                 procedures.                      suggested recommendations.

                                 Continue to teach protocols of
                                 cyber citizenship.

                              NAG ONE: FOSTERING STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT

ANNUAL PLAN           WHAT                  WHEN                WHO                  RESOURCES/   EXPECTED
2019                                                                                 BUDGET       OUTCOMES

Improve Learning      Have morning          End of each term.   Peter Kay            $100         Opportunity for
and Achievement:      tea meetings at                                                             parents to share
Investigate ways      the end of each                                                             how their child has
the school can be     term for the                                                                settled in. Review
a conduit for         parents of                                                                  and act where
community             children who                                                                deemed
learning and          have enrolled in                                                            appropriate from
strengthen its        that term.                                                                  any
partnership with                                                                                  recommendations.
parents in their
children’s learning   Get all children to   Beginning of Term   Peter Kay, Kerry     N/A          Have clear
                      complete a            2                   Florance                          information on
                      Bullying survey.                                                            children’s
                      Discuss results                                                             perceptions of
                      with staff and                                                              bullying in Hanmer
                      implement,                                                                  Springs School.
                      where deemed                                                                Be able to set
                      appropriate,                                                                targets for the end
                      measures to                                                                 of the year.
                      address any

                      Have a staff          Term One: Week      All staff            N/A          Implement any
                      meeting to            Ten                                                   recommended
                      discuss how to                                                              initiatives.
                      increase the level
                      of student voice
                      within the school.

                      Staff to be           Term 2 onwards      All staff            N/A          Student voice is
                      cognisant on                                                                widely used within
                      maximising                                                                  the school as a
                      student voice to                                                            form of reflection
                      enhance their                                                               and guidance for
                      students’                                                                   the school staff.

Improve Learning      Organise a hui        Term Two            Peter Kay, Annie     $150         To get some clear
and Achievement:      to discuss Maori                          Rodgers                           guidance on
Celebrate Cultural    achievement                                                                 measures the
Diversity.            and learn more                                                              school could take
                      about how to                                                                to further enhance
                      maximise the                                                                the learning of our
                      learning for our                                                            Maori students.
                      Maori students.

                      Whole school          Term TBC            All Teaching staff   $250         For all children to
                      visit to Kaikoura                                                           have a greater
                      Marae.                                                                      understanding of
                                                                                                  marae protocols.

                      Review Tikanga        Term 2              School staff         N/A          Make further steps
                      Maori and Te                                                                towards
Reo Maori within                                                                  demonstrating
                      our school                                                                        Best Practice in
                      curriculum.                                                                       this area.
                      Teachers to          Terms 1 - 4         All staff         $200                   Diverse range of
                      provide practical                                                                 opportunities
                      opportunities for                                                                 made available for
                      all students to be                                                                students.
                      proud and share
                      their languages
                      and cultures
                      through cultural
                      groups, special
                      events and
                      school festivals
                      which celebrate

                      Year 8 student       Term One            Annie Rodgers     N/A                    Greater student
                      appointed to                                                                      input into Te Reo
                      Head of Maori-                                                                    and Tikanga Maori
                      job description                                                                   at H.S. Sch.
                      created. This
                      leader will have a
                      team of students
                      to promote this
                      component of the

Improve Learning      Undertake PLD        Terms 2 - 4         Maree O Boyle -   Most of this will be   Teachers become
and Achievement:      to develop the                           U.C. Canterbury   paid for by our        more confident in
Provision of          teaching of                              and H.S.Sch       PLD application.       the teaching of
resources to          science within                           teaching staff.   $500                   practical science.
empower greater       the school
learning              curriculum.
opportunities.                             Term 4              Maree O’Boyle -                          New Science
                      Create a Best                            U..C Canterbury                          curriculum
                      Practice                                 and H.S.Sch                              document created.
                      document for                             teaching staff.
                      undertaking any                                                                   Able to celebrate
                      curriculum                                                                        with the
                      review.                                                                           community on the
                                                                                                        teaching of
                                                                                                        Science at H.S

Improve Learning      Identify key         Term One            All staff         $350 for badges.       There will be
and Achievement:      leadership                                                                        specific leadership
Continue to develop   positions for                                                                     responsibilities for
school leadership     students in Year                                                                  students with
opportunities.        6 - 8.                                                                            leadership
                      Create a job
                      description for                                                                   Each leader will
                      each position.                                                                    have a team that
                                                                                                        they are
                      Have each                                                                         responsible for
                      leader in charge                                                                  and they have a
                      of a team of                                                                      clear direction of
                      student helpers.                                                                  their role.

                      Ensure all           Term1, 2, 3 and 4   Senior Team                              Attend Leadership
                      leaders receive                                                                   Camp, Leaders’
Sufficient                                                         Day and G.R.I.P
                      support                                                            Conference.
                      and PD.

                      Recommence        Term 1 - 4   Principal           $100            That a
                      the Student                                                        representative
                      Council.                                                           from each class be
                                                                                         able to ensure
                                                                                         student voice is
                                                                                         heard and where

Improve Learning      Use A.L.L. to     Term 1 - 4   Full teaching and   $5000 Funding   That we make a
and Achievement:      enhance                        support staff.      from MOE.       15% positive shift
Develop the           achievement and                                                    in our end of year
teaching of writing   engagement in                                                      writing data.
within the school.    Writing .

                      Work with Adie
                      Bonisch from
                      University of
                      Canterbury to
                      identify Best
                      Practice in the
                      teaching of
Improve Learning       Attend T.O.Day        Term 1        Teaching staff   N/A    Utilise the
and Achievement:       with C.O.L.                                                 learnings from
Teaching Priorities.                                                               Anne Hone to
                                                                                   include in

A: Working with        Maximise the use      Terms 1 - 4   Michelle Saric   $200   Develop middle
C.O.L.                 of our Within                                               leadership within
                       School Leader.                                              the school.
                                                                                   Utilise the benefits
                       Further develop                                             of being a member
                       the skill of                                                of a C.O.L.
                       writing within the                                          Further enhance
                       C.O.L.                                                      the teaching of

B: Enhancing           Utilise the           Term 2        Kerry Florance   $100   To further extend
Learning through       resources in the                                            the programme
Child Play.            upgraded                                                    utilising the school
                       playground to                                               grounds and
                       further enhance                                             surrounding
                       the programme.                                              environment more

C: PB4L                Developing            Term 11       Kerry Florance   N/A    To utilise the
Programme for          awareness of                                                resources of PB4L
enhancing school       PB4L with                                                   more within the
wide behaviour         students and                                                school.
management             staff to reinforce
                       its practice.

                       Utilise circle time   Term 2        Kerry Florance   N/A    Reduction of
                       and Health PB4l                                             inappropriate
                       lessons to further                                          behaviour within
                       develop                                                     the school,
                       children’s                                                  particularly any
                       behaviour                                                   targeted children.

ANNUAL PLAN           WHAT                   WHEN           WHO                 RESOURCES/     EXPECTED
2019                                                                            BUDGET         OUTCOMES

To evolve             Complete the           Term 1 - 4     B.O.T. Chair and    $1500 School   All policies
strategic             Annual Strategic                      Principal           Docs           requiring reviewing
planning that         Planning                                                                 are completed and
makes explicit        Evaluation                                                               approved by the
links between         including the                                                            B.O.T. and then
policies and          Cycle of Review                                                          shared with the
procedures,           for policies and                                                         community.
annual plan,          procedures.
action plans,
documents and         Review the             Term 2         B.O.T.              N/A            After community
the annual            Hanmer Springs                                                           consultation an
budget                School Leaver                                                            updated leaver
                      Profile.                                                                 profile will be
                                                                                               created and

To continue to        To review the          Term One       Michelle Saric/     N/A            All stakeholders
make quality          changes in data                       Principal                          will have a clear
decisions about       collation in 2018                                                        understanding on
learning              and adapt for                                                            what data is
programmes            2019.                                                                    collected, why and
based upon                                                                                     how to interpret
sound evaluation                                                                               their own child’s
of information on                                                                              progress.
the achievement                                                                                That this
of the students.                                                                               information will be
                                                                                               effectively given to

                      Staff review the       Term 3         Michelle Saric      N/A            Key findings
                      Reporting to                                                             completed
                      Parents schedule                                                         allowing for a full
                      and discuss what                                                         review to occur in
                      changes, if any                                                          2020.
                      could be
                      implemented in

Teaching and          Have teachers          Term One and   All staff and       N/A            Students, parents,
Learning              complete an ‘At        Three          Special Education                  teachers and
demonstrates          Risk’ and                             Needs                              Principal have
Transparent           ‘Talented Register’                   Coordinator.                       clear
differentiation in    with clear direction                  S.E.N.C.O.                         understanding on
the school            on how their                                                             how catering for
programme.            classroom                                                                different levels
                      programme will                                                           within the
                      cater for their                                                          classroom
                      needs.                                                                   programme.

                      Give parents clear
                      feedback on
                      where their child
                      lies in relation to
                      the H.S. School
ANNUAL PLAN           WHAT                  WHEN               WHO                RESOURCES/        EXPECTED
2019                                                                              BUDGET            OUTCOMES

To refine the         To develop an         Term Two           S.E.N.C.O.         N/A               All support staff
procedural            effective appraisal                                                           will set three goals
frameworks            process for all                                                               at the beginning of
which promote         support staff                                                                 the year and will
high levels of                                                                                      undertake an
quality in staff                                                                                    appraisal process
performance.                                                                                        to assist in their

                      Develop job           Term Two           Michelle Saric     N/A               All staff will have a
                      descriptions on all                                                           full understanding
                      staff                                                                         on what is
                      responsibilities so                                                           expected for each
                      there is a clear                                                              each
                      understanding on                                                              responsibility.
                      what the

                                          NAG FOUR: FINANCE and PROPERTY

ANNUAL PLAN           WHAT                  WHEN               WHO                RESOURCES/        EXPECTED
2019                                                                              BUDGET            OUTCOMES

Develop the           Improve the           Term Two           B.O.T.--Property   From 5.YA. Plan   Full drainage
grounds and           drainage around                                                               established to
buildings of the      the school in areas                                                           allow for the
school to ensure      identified in the 5                                                           rebuild of Kereru
fully compliant.      YA. Plan.                                                                     and the building of
                                                                                                    a new multi
                                                                                                    purpose site.

Develop the           Utilise old boiler    Term Three         B.O.T.-Property    From 5YA. Plan    Able to utilise this
school buildings to   room space for        (Dependent on                                           dead space more
enhance student       storage or teacher    M.O.E. approval)                                        effectively.
learning.             aide room.

                      Explore the           Term Two           B.O.T. Property    Community Grant   Look to gain
                      possibility of                                                                sufficient
                      building a new                                                                knowledge to
                      multi purpose                                                                 apply for grants to
                      surface where                                                                 help support this
                      current tennis                                                                building initiative.
                      court is located.

                      Develop school        Term One           Michelle Saric     Donations         Have an effective
                      garden. Build a                                                               school garden
                      tunnel house.                                                                 which supports
                                                                                                    taking care of our
Establish a set of    Term One            Principal/ BOT     $400              Nets set up so
                      two cricket nets                                                               children can
                      located on the                                                                 practise.

                      Complete the plan     Term Two            Michelle Saric     Awaiting quote.   Phase one of the
                      to enhance the                                                                 new playground
                      school grounds.                                                                upgrade would
                                                                                                     have been

                      Korimako              Term One            Rob Nelson- BOT    $4000             To manage the
                      Acoustics review.                                                              teaching space of
                      Assess level of                                                                the Years 5 and 6
                      acoustics with                                                                 and 7 and 8
                      professional                                                                   classrooms to
                      advice. Consult                                                                maximise their use
                      with staff, parents                                                            by reducing any
                      and students.                                                                  sound distraction.

                                         NAG FIVE: HEALTH AND SAFETY

ANNUAL PLAN           WHAT                  WHEN                WHO                RESOURCES/        EXPECTED
2019                                                                               BUDGET            OUTCOMES

To ensure we          Induct Board          When required       B.O.T. Chair       $400              All new Board
maintain a safe       Member on their                                                                members are
physical and          role within Health                                                             effectively
emotional             and Safety.                                                                    inducted into their
environment that                                                                                     role.
inspires everyone
to reach his or her

                      Building WOF          June                Property B.O.T./   $1000             Ensure
                                                                Principal.                           compliance

                      Monthly ARGEST        Monthly             Property B.O.T./
                      checks completed                          Principal.
                      and logged online.

                      Quarterly rental      Quarterly           Property B.O.T./
                      Property                                  Principal.

                      Electrical check      Annually            Property B.O.T./

                      Painting cycle        Follow 5 year       Property B.O.T./   $7000             Scheduled
                                            Cyclical            Principal.                           programme
                                            maintenance plan.                                        completed.
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