Pupils at Waitaki soon realise that there are many sports and activities in which
they are able to participate. It is our intention to ensure that as many boys as
possible take an active part in these co-curricular activities. This will enable
them to reap the benefit of the coaching offered by the large number of staff
and community members who commit themselves to sport in our school. We
have a great variety of organised sports on offer at Waitaki so there really is
something for everyone.

Printed on the next page are a list of sports offered here at Waitaki and the
name of the teacher in charge (TIC) of that sport. The TIC is the person that
can answer questions and enquiries regarding their particular sport and
is the students main point of contact for that sport.

When joining a sport, our students should consider that being a member of a
school team brings responsibility. Students are required to:
• Attend meetings promptly
• Attend practices on time
• Wear the correct playing uniform with pride
• Have a responsible, positive and sportsman-like attitude
• Be aware that once you have entered into a sport you are committed to that
team for the entire season.

Above all else all pupils are encouraged to get involved in one or more of these
sporting activities and remember that the enjoyment gained from playing the
sport is the most important thing.

If you have any further enquiries regarding any of the sports on offer or other
options that you may be interested in please see me in the Sports Office. The
sports office is located adjacent to the school Library and opposite the
Auditorium entrance.

As well as encouraging students to participate in sport my role is also to
organise all interschool exchanges and the interhouse (SCRANO) sport
competitions held here at the school.

If you have any questions, ideas or concerns please contact me on:
Ph: 03 4370529 Ext: 843 Email:

You can also keep up to date on Facebook - please 'like'
Waitaki Boys' High School Sport.

Thank you
Paula Symes

WBHS Sport                WBHS Contact           Contact Email
Athletics                 Mr C Pine    

Badminton                 Mrs L Crane  

Basketball—Social         Mrs P Symes  

Basketball—Serious        Mr I Cathcart

Bowls                     Mrs L Crane  

Chess                     Ms E Prosser 

Cricket                   Mr D Paterson

Croquet                   Ms E Prosser 

Debating                  Mr M Plunket 

Football                  Mr J Mansell 

Golf                      Mr R van Booma

Hockey                    Mr R Boswell 

Mountainbiking            Mr R Suter   

Multisport                Mr G Familton

Rock Climbing             Mr S Henehan 

Rowing                    Miss E Matthews

Rugby                     Mr N Ryburn  

Smallbore Shooting        Ms E Prosser 

Squash                    Mr H Jones   

Swimming                  Mr C Pine    

Tennis                    Mr T Blackbeard

Touch                     Mrs J van Booma

Trapshooting              Mr R Boswell 

Volleyball                Mr R Boswell 

Other sports available:   Mrs P Symes  

Ki O Rahi                 Surfing (Mr Henehan)   Fencing (sword fighting)

Tabletennis               Sailing                Pool / Snooker (Mr Pine)

Waterskiing               Cross Country          3 v 3 Basketball (Mr Cathcart)

Futsal                    Cycling

   WBHS Senior 1st TEAMS wear                       All other students representing
          No. 1 uniform                                    WBHS teams wear
              Blazer                                           White Shirt
           White Shirt                                          WBHS Tie
            WBHS Tie                                      Grey School Trousers
    Long Grey School Trousers                       Blazer or School Jac-Pac Jacket
        Grey or black socks                                Grey or black socks
        Black School Shoes                                 Black School Shoes

                        STUDENT COMMITMENT
 Once a commitment has been made to either a team or an activity it is expected that
 students fulfill their responsibilities for the whole season or year. If a situation arises
where you are unable to attend a practise, meeting or game you must communicate this
                              to your coach before the event.

                         RED & BLACK AWARDS
  All of the activities listed in this booklet have criteria set for the awarding of School Red
 and Black Awards. Red and Black awards are only available to students competing at a
     senior level. Junior students will only be awarded a Red or Black award if they are
competing at a senior level or in other very exceptional circumstances. In all cases there is
a minimum criteria and it is up to the coach, the teacher in charge of the sport and the Red
 & Black awards committee as to whether or not a student is worthy of receiving either of
                                            these awards.

I N T E R S C H O O L D AT E S F O R 2 0 2 0
Summer Interschools               Date:                  Venue:               Approx Cost:

Otago Boys’ High School           18th February          Dunedin                    $30
Timaru Boys’ High School          3rd March              Oamaru                     $10
Kings High School                 15th & 16th March      Oamaru                     $10
Timaru Boys’ Juniors Only         11th November          Oamaru                     $10
Winter Interschools               Date:                  Venue:               Approx Cost:
King’s High School                6th May                Dunedin                    $25
Southland Boys’ High              9th & 10th June        Invercargill              $100
St Kevins College (1st XV)        3rd July               Oamaru                     $0
Otago Boys’ High School           22nd July              Oamaru                     $10
Timaru Boys’ High School          26th August            Timaru                     $25

Season From           Term 1 & 4
Trials Start          WBHS Athletics Sports Day—26th & 27th Feb
Practice Days         After School & Lunchtimes – training for Aoraki & SI’s
Competition           18th March—Aoraki’s, 4th/5th April—SISS.
Home Venue            Milner Park, WBHS

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                             Tournaments
 P.E T-Shirt & Black Shorts - WBHS Sports  Team for Aoraki Champs  Aoraki Champs – in
  Day                                        selected from WBHS            Timaru 18th March
 WBHS Athletics Singlet & Black Shorts.     Athletic Sports results.    S.I. Champs – 4th/5th
                                             Then first 2 in each event/ April
                                             age group at Aoraki’s       N.Z. Champs in December
                                             qualify for SI’s.

Expenses For
 Travel for Championships:      Expected Costs                  Payment Due
                                  Aoraki – $30-00                Prior to departure for all events.

                                  S.I. – costs TBC

Contact person: Mr C Pine / Mr A Lane

Season From           All year
Trials Start          For interschool teams in term 1 (week 6)
Practice Days         Social = Thur lunchtimes in WBHS gym
Competition           Interschools & Aoraki Champs
Home Venue            WBHS Gym & Oamaru Squash & Badminton

Personal Equipment Required                 Teams Available          Tournaments
 Racquet                                    Senior                  Interschools

 Shorts                                     Junior                  Aoraki Sec Schools—11th

 Shoes                                                                August in Timaru

 Shirts—WBHS badminton shirts will be                                NZSS tournament (senior

  supplied for Interschools and Aoraki’s.                              team only) - Winter
                                                                       tournament week

Expenses For
 Aoraki’s & Interschools only    Expected Costs              Payment Due
                                   Interschool Fees           Prior to departure

                                   Aoraki’s approx. $35.00
              Oamaru Badminton Club Nights
                Mon/Wed/Fri 6pm—8pm

Contact person: Mrs L Crane

Season From            Terms 2 & 3
Trials Start           Term 1 (tbc)
Practice Days          Lunchtimes and after school (depending on team you are in)
Competition            N.O. Bball Assn Comp. ’A’ Teams (Jnr & Snr) for Interschools. Aoraki
                       Champs. SISS Basketball Champs. Otago Competition.
Home Venue             WBHS/Recreation Centre/Edgar Centre

Personal Equipment Required                 Teams Available                  Tournaments
 Court Shoes                                1st V                           1st V – Interschools,

 Black Shorts                               Junior ‘A’ Team                SISS Champs - Nat Qual,

 Singlets Provided                          Senior teams (social)          Otago SS League, 3 v 3

 1st V Team and Junior ‘A’ team Interschool  Year 10 teams (social)         Junior A – Interschools,

  team— singlet & shorts provided            Year 9 teams (social)            Aoraki Champs (24th June) &
                                                                               SI tournament, 3 v 3
                                             Basketball Academy

Expenses For                       Expected Costs                     Payment Due
 Sub for Season:                   Local Juniors/Seniors – $70-00  Week 9 Term 1 – for subs.

 Aoraki’s:                         Aoraki’s—$30-00                   Prior to departure

 Junior A / 1st V                  Junior A/1st V—Otago $150  Start of season

                                    SISS Zone 4 $400 (approx.)
Contact person: Mrs P Symes (social) & Mr I Cathcart (serious) &

Waitaki Boys’ Basketball Academy
Students that are selected in our top Junior and Senior teams at
WBHS will be invited to apply to be part of the Waitaki Boys’
Basketball Academy.

To be considered a student must:
   Be selected in the Junior or Senior top V Training Squad
   Attend all team training sessions
   Be committed to attending 1-2 strength and conditioning
    sessions with our specialist trainer.
   Have aspirations to play Basketball at a higher level
   Committed to being your best in the classroom
   80 % or higher attendance at school
   Give back to the sport – refereeing/coaching or helping out at
    community events.
   Participate in Academy Fundraising events
Benefits of being in the Academy:
   Specialist coaching sessions 2-3 times a week
   Academic mentoring
   Access to specialised Strength and Conditioning sessions
    (Note – cost is $60 per term)
   Goal setting – assessment of areas to work on for the season
   Position training sessions
   Access to our shooting machine outside of school hours.
   Training singlet, drink bottle and t shirt.

Cost: $50
If you would like to apply to be part of the Academy then you will
need to email the Academy Head Coach Ian Cathcart on who will send you a link to apply.

Season From       Term 1
Trials Start      Week 1 Term 1
Practice Days     Monday 4pm—5pm
Competition       Aoraki Champs, Zone Qualifying for Nationals
Home Venue        Meadowbank Bowling Club

Personal Equipment Required: Teams Available                 Tournaments
Flat sole shoes               Singles and Pairs             Aoraki Champs - 13th March

                                    (depending upon numbers) SISS

Expenses For                  Expected Costs           Payment Due
Local Competition             $10                      Start of season

Aoraki Champs                 $30-00                   Prior to departure

SISS                          to be advised            Prior to departure

Contact person: Mrs L Crane

Includes        Cards & boardgames too
Season          Term 2 & 3
Practice Days   Monday lunchtime
Competition     Interschools
Home Venue      Library

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available              Tournaments
                                    Senior               Interschools

                                    Junior               Occasional External

Expenses For              Expected Costs          Payment Due
Interschools              As listed page 2        Prior to departure

Contact person: Ms E Prosser

Season From            Term 4 until the end of Term 1
Practices Start        4th Feb (term 1) & in October
Competition            NZCT Year 9 comp, Saturday games, Interschools
                       Gillette Cup, The Willows, McCullum Cup, Supersmash
Practise               1st & 2nd XI—Tues & Thurs, 3rd XI/Juniors—Wed

  Uniform Needed:              1st XI              2nd XI                     Juniors
           Black cricket pants,       Black pants. A 2nd XI Black pants. A playing
 1st X1 Playing top (provided), WBHS playing top & cap are top & cap are provided.
        Cricket Vest, 1 X1 Cap.          provided. WBHS         WBHS Cricket Vest
      Practice uniform: White tops    Cricket Vest (optional).       (optional).
   Gear bags: Essential items only,
      Players expected to provide
                                        Gear Bag: Essential     Gear  Bag: Essential
     their own kit including helmet.. items only. All playing items only. All playing
                                         equipment provided.          equipment provided.
   * All first XI team members are
 required to bring a plate to all home

Expenses For                   Expected subs:               Payment Due
 Sub for Season                1st XI = $120               Term 4 or Term 1 for year 9
                                2nd XI = $100
 Interschool trips
                                                             Large part of the 1st XI & 2nd XI sub
                                Juniors = $100             goes towards new balls as a new ball is
 Gillette / Willow expenses                                required for every game

 McCullum Cup

Contact person: Mr D Paterson

Season From            Terms 1 & 4
Trials Start           No trial
Practice Days          Monday
Competition            Inter-club, South Cant, Aoraki & National Tournaments.
Home Venue             Milner Park, WBHS & Awamoa Croquet Club

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                         Tournaments
 Soft-soled flat shoes. All croquet       Teams of 2 or 4          SC Golf Croquet
  equipment is supplied at no charge to                              Aoraki Golf Croquet – 1st
  the player.                                                         April
                                                                     National School Age

Expenses For                      Expected Costs              Payment Due
 Sub for Season:                  $20-00                     Start of season

 Tournaments:                     Tourny Costs Vary

 Lawn Hire

Contact person: Ms E Prosser

Season From           Term 2 – Term 3
Trials Start          End Term 1
Practice Days         Once a week in term 2 & 3. Extra days just before interschools.

Competition           Interschools & after school debating club.
Home Venue            B1

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                      Tournaments
 P.C. at home is useful.              Senior (yr11-13)          4 x Interschools

 Cue cards                            Junior (yr9-10)          SCRANO debating in term 3 or

Expenses For                  Expected Costs               Payment Due
                               Interschool Fee             Prior to departure

Contact person: Mr M Plunket

Season From         April – September
Trials Start        March
Practice Days       TBC
Competition         1st XI. U16. U14

Home Venue          Milner & Don Fields

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                        Tournaments
 Red Socks                             1st X1—OSS comp         1st X1 may attend SISS
 Boots                                 Junior XI– interschool  Senior Team - 4
                                         only                     interschools
 Shin pads                                                      Junior Teams – 3
                                        U16 or U17 Grade teams* interschools

                                        U14 Grade teams*
                                       (*depends on numbers—
                                       South Canterbury comp)
Expenses For                 Expected Costs                 Payment Due
                              1st $550—Including tournie
 Sub for Season:             U16 & U14 $65

                                                             An information letter will be
 Tourny:
                                                              available at sign up

Contact person: Mr J Mansell

Season From          Year Round Sport
Trials Start         Team selected from ladder – from handicap index
Practice Days        Lunchtimes to be advised – WBHS
Competition          Club competitions, interschools & schoolboy champs.
Home Venue           Boys chosen local club

Boys encouraged to join local Teams Available              Tournaments
club & NO Junior Golf (prog.  WBHS Team for                Interschools
runs March – November &
includes coaching, tournies &   interschools and            Aoraki Champs Otago
etiquette. Coaching is
available at lunchtimes with    tournaments.                  Champs
Mr van Booma @ $10 per year                                 Otago Champs

Expenses For
 Sub for Season:            Clubs                  Payment
                              NO Golf Club          Varies with every club
 Tournament Week and
                                                    * By joining any club—this allows
                              Waitoa Golf Club
  Interschool Fees                                  juniors to play any course in North
                              Lower Waitaki        Otago for free.
 Lunchtime Golf
Contact person: Mr R van Booma
Ph: 0210308420

Season From          March – end of Term 3
Trials Start         March/April
Practice Days        TBC
Competition          1st X1 & 2nd X1 in local comp.
Home Venue           The Turf, Centennial Park

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                  Tournaments
 stick                               1st X1                 1st X1 – interschools & Sec

 mouth guard                         2nd X1                   Schools Tourny

 shin pads                                                   2nd X1 – interschools

 turf shoes

 shorts

 shirt (supplied)

Expenses For                 Expected Costs            Payment Due
 Sub for Season:             1st X1 – approx. $160    Subs – can be made in 3

 Travel for regular games—  2nd X1 – approx. $160      installments or lump sum.

  1st X1.

Contact person: Mr R Boswell

Season From            Throughout year
                       Ride fortnighlty
Practice Days          TBC
Competition            Various competitions—Aoraki, Otago, SISS, NZSS
Home Venue             Oamaru

Personal Equipment Required
 Mountainbike

 Helmet

 Riding Clothing

 Cycle suits are available to borrow for
 Costs depend on location of rides

     Aoraki Champs = 12th

Contact person: Mr R Suter

 Start               Term 1
Competitions         Otago SS Duathlon, Otago Southland SS Triathlon
                     SI Secondary School Triathlon / Duathlon
Venue                Oamaru (SISS), Wanaka (OSS) and Mosgiel (OSS duathlon)

Personal Equipment Required Team Available:                     Competition:
                                  WBHS Teams or                     Otago SS
 Provide own equipment                                              Duathlon (tbc)
                                  enter as an
                                  individual                        Otago Southland
 School singlets & cycling suits
                                                                     SS Triathlon
  available to use
                                                                    SISS Triathlon /

Travel Costs
Entry Fees

Contact person: Mr G Familton (
Oamaru Multisport run local weekly events. More information on these can be found at:
Season From          Week 2 Term 1 until end of the year.
Tuition              Tuition is given for a number of different instruments.
Instruments          Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Woodwind, Brass & Bagpipes

Competition          All groups will perform at various locations
Home Venue           WBHS Music room for most groups

 Practice Times                        Groups Available          Competitions

 WGHS Music Rm Tue 3.40-5.00pm         Youth Orchestra           Big Sing

 WBHS Music room - Thurs lunchtime     Concert Band              Rockquest

 Monday Lunchtime                      Small Choir               Aoraki Chamber Music

 WGHS Music Room Wed 3:40pm            Combined Waitaki Choir    Talent Quest

 Term 2 only:                          Chamber Group

 Term 3:                               Big Choir

Expenses For
There is no charge for
music lessons with the
exception of piano.

Contact person: Mr S Hinds

Season From             Term 1 & 4
Trials Start            September
Practice Days           Coach to advise
Competition             Weekend Club & Secondary School Champs & Regattas
Home Venue              Oamaru Harbour

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                       Tournaments
 Training Clothing                          Single Scull         Club Regattas

 Boats (provided by Oamaru Rowing           Pairs                Regional Club Regattas
  Club)                                      Fours/Quads          SISS Regatta
 Club Fleece Top & Hat $60                  Eights               Maadi Cup
 Rowsuit (can be hired)

 Parent support strongly essential

Expenses For                    Expected Costs               Payment Due
 Sub for Season:                                             Subs split per term.
                                 Rowing Club Sub $645-

 Travel for regattas            Costs for attending Champs &

 Board and lodging                   Regattas additional

Contact person: Miss E Matthews

Season From          End of term 1, Term 2 & Term 3
Trials Start         Term 1
Practice Days        After school 2 nights per week as advised by coach.
Competition          Otago Secondary Schools/South Canterbury Comps
Home Venue           Milner Park & Don Field

Equipment Required                    Teams Available   Tournaments
 Rugby Jersey (Supplied)              1st XV           Colts – SI Tournament

 Plain black Rugby Shorts             Under 16         1st XV– 4 interschools

 WBHS Rugby Socks                     Under 15         Others – 1/2 interschools.

 Boots                                Under 14

 Mouthguard

Expenses For                  Expected Subs         Payment Due
 Sub for Season*              1st XV $300*             Half the sub should be paid

 Interschool fees             Other teams $250*         by May 2020 and the other
                                                          half by July 2020. Thank

Contact person: Mr N Ryburn

Season From          Early March—Sept
Trials Start         TBC
Practice Days        Wednesday nights 7pm—9pm
Competition          Postal shoots and interschools
Home Venue           Ribble St Range

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                    Tournaments
 Rifle & ammunition supplied             WBHS Team            Interschools

 Can supply own target rifle and                               Postal Shoots for regional
  ammunition                                                   & NZSS Shoots
 Comfortable clothing

Expenses For                    Expected Costs            Payment Due
 Ammunition                    $85 (an annual fee for    First night = $117 which
                                Equipment usage)          includes first 4 nights of
 Targets                                                 shooting.
                                Plus $8 per night shoot
 Gear Maintenance
 Rifle
 Shooting Jackets

Contact person: Ms E Prosser

Season From          Middle of term 2
Trials Start         TBC
Practice Days        Mondays 4:45pm—5:30pm
Competition          Interschools, Aoraki Champs, SISS Champs
Home Venue           Oamaru Squash & Badminton Club

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                        Tournaments
 Squash Racquet                          School Teams            Aoraki’s—4th June

 Sport Shoes (non marking & clean)

Expenses For                    Expected Costs                 Payment Due
       Local                    $2 per session (lights) or   Every Monday

      Aoraki’s                 $60 for club membership
                                 Aoraki Champs costs to be Prior to departure

Contact person: Mr H Jones

Season From       Term 1
Trials Start      March
Practice Days     Boys usually belong to a swimming club.
Competition       Aoraki Champs / Otago Champs
Home Venue        Waitaki Aquatic Centre

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                       Tournaments
 Togs                                 1 team for Aoraki          Aoraki—25th March

 Goggles                               Champs. Boys to qualify  WBHS—7th Feb @ WBHS
                                        for each event.            Otago Champs

Expenses For                  Expected Costs                Payment Due
 Aoraki Champs                Aoraki – $30                 Prior to departure

 Otago Champs—entry fees  TBC

Contact person: Mr C Pine

Season From           Term 1 & 4
Trials Start          TBC
Practice Days         To be advised by Teacher In Charge
Competition           TBC
Home Venue            WBHS Courts

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                            Tournaments
 Raquet                                      Interschool Team—6 or 4  Aoraki Seniors 13th Feb

 Black Shorts                                 players                  Aoraki Juniors (tbc)

 Tennis Shirt supplied for interschools                                Interschools
(Students are also encouraged to play
tennis for local clubs—contact details are

Expenses For                     Expected Costs
 Aoraki Champs                   Approx $35.00 for Aoraki’s

                                  Interschool costs

Contact person: Mr T Blackbeard
Coach: Mr D Paterson
Season From          Term 1 & Term 4
Trials Start         Start of Term 1 (Interschool teams/Aoraki seniors)
Comp Days            Tuesday afternoon
Competition          NO Touch Comp—Centennial Park
Home Venue           WBHS Back field

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                          Tournaments
 Black Shorts                            WBHS Team/s—students  Interschool
                                           organise their own          Aoraki Senior Touch—8th
 Touch Shoes or Sneakers                  Tuesday comp teams         March
                                          Every team requires an  Aoraki Junior Touch—
 Playing Uniform: students must wear      adult or senior student as term 4 (tbc)
                                           a manager                   Tuesday touch starts early
  school PE uniform (BLACK school shorts
  & house coloured school top)

Expenses For                    Expected Costs
Local Competition                $15 seniors & $20 juniors forPayment
                                                               local    Due
                                local comp season (Tuesday     Before end of week 4.
                                 Interschool fees             Please note that Students
                                                              are also paid to ref in the
                                                              local competition.

Contact person: Mrs J van Booma

Season From          Term 2 & Term 3
Trials Start         End of Term 1
Practice Days        Wednesdays 3.45-5.00pm
Competition          Otago/Southlands, NZ & SI Champs, Interschools
Home Venue           WBHS Trap

Personal Equipment Required Teams Available                   Tournaments
 Gun (preferably)                    2 - 3 Teams—picked on        Interschools

 Earmuffs/plugs                       ability                      Provincials—

 Shooting glasses                                                   Intercollegiate
                                                                    South Islands
                                                                    NZSS
                                                                    Aoraki

Expenses For                Expected Costs              Costs
                                                        Shooting Costs 25c/target
 Sub for Season             $200 per term
                                                        $11/box ammo
                             Tournament Costs to be
                                                           NZCTA affiliation & trap fee
                            Advised (approx. $40 entry fee = $60
                            + ammunition)

Contact person: Mr R Boswell


WHEN: Every Wednesday night in the WBHS Gym, 6 - 8pm.
COST: $8 per session.
GEAR: Please wear clean gym shoes & tracksuit pants. Don't
forget to take a full bottle of water with you too.
CLUB: This is not a school run activity. It is run by Iain Clark and
the Oamaru Swords Club. However, there are opportunities to
represent WBHS in some events—more information will be
available for those involved.


WHERE: North Otago Yacht & Power Boat Club - Waterfront
Road, Oamaru Harbour
WHEN: Every Thursday Night from now @ 4:45pm – 7:30pm
(weather dependent).
WHO: Kevin Murdoch Ph: 027 504 4328 & Graeme Thorn
COST: $35.00
GEAR: No special equipment needed but recommend bringing a
wetsuit - life jackets can be provided if needed but suggest bring
their own if they have one. The club have purchased some new
boats which are prefect for all levels of sailing (beginners to
advanced). Everyone welcome.

(Please note that this not a school run activity – it is run by the NOYPBC.
  However, there is an opportunity to represent the school at the SISS
   regatta. More information will be available closer to the time re this).

WHEN: Every Thursday during term time, 5pm—6:30pm.
WHERE: at the Waitaki Recreation Centre, Orwell St.
COST: $8 per session or $60 for an annual membership.
GEAR: All safety gear and instruction provided.
PLUS: outdoor trips will be organised throughout the year.

The school bank account details are:
Account: 06-0941-0106392-00
Bank: ANZ

When making a payment for sport please make sure your son’s
name is in the particulars and what the payment is for (eg: football
subs, OBHS interschool etc).

Another good option is to set up an automatic payment where the
payments can be allocated as the charges come up.
If you need support to set this up please contact the school office.

Optional clothing for purchase

                                                   The hoodies
                                                   are $80. Your
                                                    first or last
                                                   name can be
                                                   added on the
                                                     back. Zip

    Polo Shirts:
 The polo shirts are
  $50. Your initials
     would be
 embroidered on the

 The first order for 2020 will be sent off on the 14th of February. If
you would like to order either of these items please make payment
 to the school office and send the details of your order (hoodie or
        polo, name to go on back or initials for polo, size) to


The WBHS Sports Council have a pool of funds available
to assist boys to achieve their goals with their sport.
Grants can be applied for by individuals or as an
individual who is a part of a team. For example, grants
could be awarded for travel when representing New
Zealand, selection for development camps or tournament
entry fees etc. Applications will only be considered if you
or your team are competing at a provincial level or
Application requests can be up to $500 in value.
In 2020 there will be four rounds, closing on 1st March,
1st June, 1st September & 1st December.
Conditions of the grant: the recipient if successful will be
required to write a thank you letter to the Council. His
eligibility for future support will be determined by the
provision of this letter.
The WBHS Sports Council has complete discretion as to
whether to award funding and if so, to what level.

Please contact for a link
to the application form.

Thank you

7th Feb - WBHS Swimming Sports @ WBHS
13th Feb - Aoraki Tennis @ Timaru
13th Feb - Challenge Wanaka Schools Event @ Wanaka
17th Feb - Super Smash Cricket 20/20 (Round 1) @ WBHS
16th Feb - NZSS Triathlon @ Wanaka
18th Feb - OBHS Interschool @ Dunedin
26th/27th Feb - WBHS Athletics Sports @ WBHS
1st Mar - 1st XI Willows Cricket trip @ Chch
1st Mar - SISS Triathlon/Duathlon @ Oamaru
3rd Mar - TBHS Interschool @ WBHS
8th Mar - Aoraki Touch Champs @ Fairlie
13th Mar - Aoraki Bowls @ tbc
13th/14th/15th Mar - SISS Rowing @ Twizel
14th Mar - SISS Adventure Race @ Cromwell
15th Mar - Aoraki Futsal @ Timaru
15th/16th Mar - Kings Interschool @ Oamaru
18th Mar - Aoraki Athletics @ Timaru
25th Mar - Aoraki Swimming @ Timaru
26th Mar - Aoraki Volleyball @ Timaru
27th/28th/29th Mar - SISS Mountainbiking @ Methven
28th/29th - SISS Touch @ Christchurch
30th/31st Mar - Summer Tournament Week
30th/31st Mar - SISS Sunburst Regatta @ Dunedin
1st/2nd/3rd Apr - Summer Tournament Week
1st/2nd/3rd Apr - SISS Sunburst Regatta @ Dunedin
1st Apr - Aoraki Croquet @ Timaru
2nd Apr - Aoraki 3 v 3 Basketball @ Oamaru
4th/5th Apr - SISS Athletics @ Christchurch



If you have any questions or concerns
                    please contact:

                        Mrs Symes
                   Sports Coordinator
Sports Office (straight across from Auditorium entrance)

               Ph: 03 4370529 ext: 843

           “Waitaki Boys’ High School Sport”

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