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                                              Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 1

       If there is additional information that you require, which is not
included in this booklet or at www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk, please contact
     the school directly on 01732 451334 or at jsoffice@whall.school

          Statement of Ethos and Aims                        3
          Our School Rules                                   4
          Staff and Board of Governors                       5
          Junior School Structure                            7
          Senior School Places Offered & Accepted 2020       9
          Co-curricular Activities                           10
          Junior School Admissions Procedures                11
          Fees                                               13
          Travel                                             14
          List of School Policies                            15
          General Information & Practicalities               17
          Complaints & Concerns Procedure                    19
          Term Dates 2021-2022                              22
          Directions                                        23
          Key Contacts                                       24
          Notes                                             25

                    Statement of Ethos
                         and Aims
        “    Walthamstow Hall educates girls with academic potential to lead
                    confident, challenging and fulfilling lives.
Walthamstow Hall was founded in 1838 to provide               WA LT H A M S TOW H A L L’ S C O R E VA L U E S
a home and school for the daughters of Christian
                                                              • Respect
missionaries. The School is now a day School with a
Christian non-denominational ethos and a tradition            • Integrity
which respects all faiths.                                    • Aspiration
Today, we aim to provide the highest quality education        • Community
for our pupils from age 3 - 18, with a common vision in
                                                              • Individuality
both Junior and Senior sections of the school.
The two school sites offer excellent facilities appropriate
to Early Years, Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior girls at two        WA LT H A M S TOW H A L L
well-equipped locations in Sevenoaks within easy reach        IS A SCHOOL WHERE:
of each other.                                                • All individuals are respected and their individuality valued
                                                              • Pupils are encouraged to achieve and expectations
                                                                are high
                                                              • Intellectual, creative and sporting effort and achievement
                                                                is recognised and a love of learning is fostered
                                                              • Independent thinking, resilience and initiative are
                                                                encouraged in a stimulating and supportive environment
                                                              • Consideration for others and self-discipline are
                                                                promoted and good behaviour is the norm
                                                              • Pupils learn both to lead and to serve and develop a
                                                                sense of responsibility both within the school and in the
                                                                wider community
                                                              • Rewards and sanctions are applied consistently and fairly
                                                              • Pupils, staff, governors and parents work in partnership
                                                              We aim to provide a broad education, rich in opportunity,
                                                              in a Christian setting that will foster confidence and prepare
                                                              girls for challenging and fulfilling lives in the 21st Century.

                                                                                Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 3

                           Our School Rules
                        Always treat other people in the way         Always inform the teacher if you
                         that you would like to be treated.         need to be late or to miss a lesson.

                         Always look after your property and         Always use good table manners.
                         make sure you have what is needed
                                   for each lesson.
                                                                       Always think before you act.

                            Always respect other people’s
                                                                    Always try to behave in such a way
                          property and treat it carefully and
                                                                    that your parents and teachers will
                                                                             be proud of you.

                         Always respect school property and
                                                                       Never bully or tease others.
                                  treat it with care.

                                                                          Never use bad language.
                         Always be polite and helpful to staff
                                    and visitors.
                                                                   Never do or say anything which you
                                                                          might later regret.
                          Always stand when a visitor or the
                           Head of the Junior School enters
                            your classroom (unless you are          Never behave in a way which may
                                advised not to do so).               put yourself or other people in

                          Always be punctual to lessons and
                                     activities.                           Always do your best.

4 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

                              Staff &
                        Board of Governors
                                                        BOARD OF GOVERNORS
CHAIRMAN: Mrs J ADAMS, BA (Joint Hons), CPE                                          Dr Clare Kevis, BSc, MSc, D Clin Psychol, AFBPsS
Mrs C Crosley, BSc                                                                   G Lacey Esq, MA, PGCE, NPQH
Sir Jeremy Elwes, CBE, ACIS, FRSA (Governor Emeritus)                                J Lewis Esq, BSc, FCA
A Evans Esq, BSc Econ, FCSI                                                          Mrs S Lewis-Davies, BA
J Froud Esq, LLB (Hons), LPC                                                         I Philip Esq, FCA (Governor Emeritus)
P Gloyne Esq, MA                                                                     Mrs B Rattray
S Heather Esq, BA, PGCE                                                              Mrs D Wallace
P Hewlett Esq, MA (Governor Emeritus)                                                BURSAR AND CLERK TO THE GOVERNORS:
Dr N Jepps, MA, PhD, FRSC (Vice Chairman)                                            P A Horner Esq, MBA, CMgr, FCMI
Mrs J Joynes, BA, PGCE, NPQH

                                                           Miss S Ferro, MA (Oxon), MA (Lond)

                                                                JUNIOR SCHOOL
ASSISTANT HEAD                                          Mrs S Downs, BSc Hons (Lincolnshire                  Miss F Ody, BSc Hons (Loughborough),
KEY STAGE 2:                                            & Humberside), PGCE (Canterbury)                     PGCE (UCL) (Assessment & Data Leader)
                                                        (Pupil Welfare Leader)
Mrs C Conway, BA Hons,                                                                                       Mrs G Palmer, BA Hons,
MA (Johannesburg), PGCE                                 Mrs K Fassnidge, BA Hons (Cardiff),                  Early Years Studies (Canterbury)
(Canterbury Christ Church)                              TEFL, QTS                                            (Holiday Club Leader/Wraparound Care)

HEAD OF KEY STAGE 1:                                    Mrs A Fear (Classroom Assistant,                     Dr C Parr, MBChB, PGCE (Leeds)
                                                        Breakfast Club Supervisor)                           (Maternity Cover)
H Andrews Esq, BA Hons, AKC
(King’s College)                                        Mrs M Fewster, BSc Hons, PGCE (Bath)                 Miss T Perry, BA (London), NNEB Diploma
                                                                                                             (Classroom Assistant)
                                                        Mrs M Heather, BSc Hons
SENIOR TEACHER:                                         (Southampton), QTS                                   Ms A Richards, BEd Hons (Cantab)
Mrs P Potter, BEd (Southampton),                                                                             (After School Supervisor) (Maternity Cover)
Dip M Ed (Roehampton Institute)                         C Hughes Esq, BSc Hons Cert Ed
                                                        (Loughborough), NPQH (Maths)                         Mrs S Robertson, BA Hons (Reading),
Mrs H Archer BA Hons with QTS                                                                                PGCE (Canterbury) (Modern Foreign Languages)
(Surrey) (Acting Early Years Leader, maternity cover)   Mrs L Ireland, BA/QTS (Roehampton),
                                                        Dip.RSA (Head of Learning Support)                   Mrs F Taylor, Dip European Languages,
Mrs N Armitage, BA Hons                                                                                      NAMCW (Classroom Assistant)
(Nottingham) GTP (Deputy Designated                     Miss N Mead, BA Hons, PGCE (London)
Safeguarding Lead)                                      (Classroom Assistant)                                Mrs A Tindall, BSc Hons (Exeter),
                                                                                                             PGCE (Kingston) (Early Years Leader,
Mrs H Ashton, BSc Hons (Liverpool),                     Miss S Mehaffey, MA, PGCE                            maternity leave)
PGCE (Canterbury)                                       (Edinburgh), (English)
                                                                                                             Mrs E Vickers, BSc Hons, PGCE (Brunel)
Mrs E Bradshaw, BA Hons (Surrey),                       J Moor Esq, BA Hons with QTS                         (Head of PE)
QTS (East London) (Art, Design & Technology)            (Northampton)
                                                                                                             D Wallace Esq, BMus Hons, MMUS, LRSM
Mrs A Carr, BEd Hons Primary                            Mrs V Newman, BA Hons (Oxon),                        (Head of Instrumental Music and Performances)
(Cheltenham)                                            PGCE (Wales), BSc Hons (Open), Dip SpLD
                                                        (Learning Support)                                   Mrs S Wells, CACHE Level 4
Mrs L Carter, BSc Hons (Durham)                                                                              (Before/After School Club Supervisor)
                                                        Mrs D Nicholls, HND (Westminster),
Mrs C Clarke, CACHE Level 3,                            Dip CIPD, CACHE Level 3, PGCE (Canterbury)
NVQ3 (Classroom Assistant)                              (Reading Leader, Classroom Assistant)
Ms N Cosby, Early Childhood Studies                     Mrs C Nicklin, BA Hons (Sussex), Cert Ed
Level 4 (Greenwich)                                     (Kent) (Reading Leader, Classroom Assistant)

                                                                                                         Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 5

                                                                      VI SITING STAFF
   R Connell Esq, BA Hons (Canterbury),                     Miss V Longhurst, BMus                                Mrs G Townsend, Diploma in Music, LTCL,
   PGCE, ATCL (Guitar)                                      (Trinity College of Music) (Harp)                     ALCM, (Newcastle), PG Diploma in Orchestral
                                                                                                                  Studies (London) (Singing, Piano)
   Miss A Goodwin, BA Hons (Bristol),                       Miss A Murray, ATCL, LTCL
   PG Dip (TCM), MA (RAM) (Cello)                           (Trinity College of Music) (Recorder)                 D Wallace Esq, BMus Hons, MMUS,
                                                                                                                  LRSM (Violin)
   Miss J Hamlet, (Ballet, Dance)                           Ms S Oakley, BA Hons (Surrey)
                                                            (Trinity Drama)                                       Miss E Wiggins, BMus Hons, LRAM (Brass)
   Miss L Jeffery, BMus (Trinity College of
   Music), PG Dip (Royal Academy of Music) (Flute)          Mrs J Rhind, GRSM Hons, LTCL,
                                                            LRAM (Clarinet)

                         MEDICAL CENTRE                                                                    S PORTS COACHES
         Mrs L Mottram, Undergraduate Diploma in Nursing Studies                                             Mrs A Borrell (Gymnastics)
                              (City University, London)
                                                                                                    Mrs G Cameron, Foundation Degree (Netball)
          Mrs E Leisinger, Diploma in Nursing (Brighton University)
                                                                                                Mrs J Dymond MSc (Sheffield), BA (Scotland) (Swimming)
                    Mrs C Baker, MBACP (School Counsellor)
                                                                                                             S Hadlow Esq (Taekwon-Do)
                                                                                                           Ms A Longhurst (Taekwon-Do)
                     TECHNICAL SU PPORT                                                                       P McDonagh Esq (Tennis)
                       AND AS SI STANTS                                                                        Mrs N Norris (Netball)
                                                                                                           Miss H Olver (Sports/Badminton)
                     P Cole Esq (Network & Data Manager)
                                                                                                                S Seffens Esq (Tennis)
                          A Hayter Esq (ICT Technician)
                                                                                           R Smith Esq, ASA Level 2 Coaching, NPLQ (Head Swimming Coach)
                                                                                                               Miss C Wimble (Tennis)

                                                     ADMINI STR ATIVE /SU PPORT STAFF
   Mrs J Alcock, BSc (Greenwich) (Estates Manager)                                      A Jayatilaka Esq, BA Hons, MBA, FCCA (Finance Manager)
   Mrs N Brown, ( Junior School Office Manager)                                         Mrs A Knight, (Admissions Registrar)
   Mrs J Butler, BA Hons (Sheffield) (Marketing and Admissions Assistant)               Miss C Laurie, (Payroll Administrator)
   Mrs O Cornes, BA Hons (Bristol) (Marketing Assistant)                                Ms K Lippiatt, (PA to the Headmistress, Miss Ferro)
   Mrs C Crofts, BA Hons (Birmingham), PGCE (Greenwich)                                 Ms S Pelling, BA Hons (Keele) (Head of Marketing)
   ( Junior School Administrative Assistant)
                                                                                        Miss O Rayner, (Admin Assistant, Bursar’s Office)
   Mrs C Hudson, BA Hons (Durham), ACA
   ( Junior School Co-Curricular and Clubs Administrator)                               Mrs H Yates, (Purchase Ledger Clerk)
   Mrs F Kirkpatrick, (Catering Manager)

6 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

         Junior School Structure
                                                                Starting School
Pre-Preparatory classes, from
                                                                Girls can join Early Years from the term immediately
Early Years through to Year 2, and                              before their third birthday. We believe that at this first
Preparatory classes from Year 3                                 step into education, parents know best how much time
                                                                their daughter is ready to spend in a school setting. We
through to Year 6, combine to form                              offer ten half day ‘sessions’ for girls in Early Years 1 and
                                                                ask parents to choose, increase and change the number of
Walthamstow Hall Junior School.                                 sessions that their daughter attends each term, depending
                                                                on her needs. This flexible approach enables each girl to
F E AT U R E DAY S                                              enter school life at a pace which suits her and her family’s
                                                                needs. Girls in Early Years 2 attend school full-time.
Feature Days take place each term to enable girls from
Early Years to Year 6 to work together and foster a spirit
of curiosity, collaboration and creativity.                     YEARS 1 AND 2
                                                                Girls move into Year 1 the September after their fifth
PRE-PREP                                                        birthday and into Year 2 the September after they
                                                                are six years old. In Years 1 and 2, girls continue to
The Pre-Preparatory Department includes Early Years
                                                                follow a carefully planned, broad programme ensuring
(Nursery and Reception-aged girls) and Years 1 and 2.
                                                                progression. A wide range of workshops, visits and
                                                                extra-curricular activities will be offered to enrich their
E A R LY Y E A R S                                              education and provide many opportunities to explore
                                                                their interests and discover their talents. Girls also
The core Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum is
                                                                participate in our Pre-Prep Wellbeing initiative, which
delivered through an exciting Creative Curriculum
                                                                includes Mindfulness, Yoga and Forest School sessions.
approach, where teaching and learning is enquiry-based,
                                                                New girls may join these year groups if there are spaces
led by a key question each Half Term. Personal and social
confidence, communication and language and physical
development are key areas of learning for every girl in         The National Curriculum for Key Stage 1 provides the
our care. These are nurtured and developed as topics are        foundation on which our broad curriculum is built – but
explored through play and adult-led activities, both inside     we don’t stop there; our curriculum goes beyond the
and outside.                                                    national curriculum recommendations and the standards
                                                                achieved are often in advance of national expectations.
As girls progress with us, their Literacy and Numeracy
                                                                We believe in the curriculum being comprehensive,
skills are developed through an appropriate mix of
                                                                interesting and fun.
formal teaching and child-initiated activities within each
topic. Girls also enjoy specialist teaching in PE, Ballet,      Core Literacy and Numeracy skills are developed
Music and French. This carefully-planned programme is           through daily lessons with much 1:1 attention.
tailored to the different ages and stages of development
                                                                There are weekly lessons in Religious Studies, Science,
of Early Years pupils. It is delivered by qualified teachers
                                                                Computing, History, Geography and Art/Design
and Classroom Assistants in an environment where
                                                                Technology. Specialist teachers lead lessons in P.E.,
learning is lively, fun and full of stimulating variety. Firm
                                                                Swimming, Ballet, Art, Music and French.
foundations and enthusiasm for learning are built in our
Early Years class.                                              In Year 1 the girls have daily reading, with Mathematics
                                                                and spellings homework at the weekend.
Our Early Years class includes Nursery and Reception
age children. Within the class, the different age groups        In Year 2 the girls are given daily reading homework and
are referred to as Early Years 1 and Early Years 2. Girls       twice weekly Mathematics and English homework and
in Early Years 1 are rising three or four years old, girls      weekly spellings.
in Early Years 2 are rising five years old. The different
groups access key areas of the curriculum appropriate to
their age and stage of development.

                                                                                  Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 7

   PREP: YEARS 3 – 6                                              • Music – 1 lesson
   The Preparatory Department includes girls in Years             • Art and Design Technology – 2 lessons
   3 – 6. Girls progress to this part of the School in the        • Games – 3 lessons
   September following their seventh birthday. At this
   stage, girls are prepared for entry into the senior school     • Swimming – 2 lessons
   which is right for them.                                       • PE – 1 lesson
   From Year 3, the girls follow a more structured timetable.     • Study Skills (in Year 6) – 1 lesson
   The Art Room, ICT Suite, Music Centre and Science
   Laboratory are fully equipped with everything pupils need      • Touch Typing – 1 lesson
   to facilitate a fast pace to their learning. All girls enjoy   • Time is also allocated daily to Quiet Reading and
   swimming every week at the 25 metre, 6-lane Senior               Form Time.
   School pool, playing Netball, Rounders and Cricket and
   practising Cross country and Athletics.                        In Year 3, girls are expected to spend 20 minutes
                                                                  an evening on their homework as well as reading.
   In Year 6, Study Skills lessons are introduced to the          By Year 6, the girls will have two pieces of homework
   timetable. In these sessions girls explore how they            on most evenings, each taking about 30 minutes.
   learn best as individuals and establish strategies and
   techniques to assist independent study, reasoning skills,
   revision and examination techniques. This helps them
   prepare for their senior school education as well as
   for entrance examinations. The girls also develop
   self-confidence through taking part in productions,
   concerts and gymnastics displays each year and leading
   school assemblies.
   Whilst the national curriculum for Key Stage 2 provides
   the foundation for the Prep curriculum, we go far
   beyond national curriculum recommendations and
   achieve standards which exceed national expectations.
   Our World Studies lessons encourage pupils to develop
   cross-curricular links and understanding between
   History and Geography. In Years 5 and 6, girls are
   introduced to our online platform which allows them to
   select and drive their own independent learning journey
   from a timeline of 3000 years.
   The Prep school day is divided into 9 lessons and each
   Form follows a weekly timetable which includes the
   following subject allocation:
   • English – 8 lessons
   • Mathematics – 8 lessons
   • Science – 4 lessons
   • Modern Foreign Languages – 2 lessons
   • World Studies - 5 lessons
   • Leaps & Bounds - 1 lesson
   • ICT – 2 lessons
   • Religious Studies – 1 lesson

8 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

Senior School Places Offered
    and Accepted 2020
Pupils benefit from the individual attention of          Individual support and advice is given to parents to help
well-qualified teachers and well-paced, tailored         them make the right choices for their daughters.
preparation for senior school entrance exams             It is not uncommon for girls to apply to a number of
including the Walthamstow Hall Senior School exam.       senior schools before accepting the offer which is
                                                         right for them.

      S enior S chool            Place s O f fered       S cholar ships O f fered         Place s Accepted
                                                                                         2 - Tonbridge Grammar
     Grammar Schools                     6                           -
                                                                                             4 - Weald of Kent

    Kent College, Pembury                2                  1 Sports Scholarship                    2
      Sevenoaks School                   1                           -                              1

      Walthamstow Hall
                                         30                2 Academic Exhibitions                  21
       Senior School

                                                                          Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 9

            Co-Curricular Activities
   Art, Performance, Music and Sport all play a very         opportunities for girls to make new friends and promotes
   important role at Walthamstow Hall Junior School and      the development of team work and leadership skills.
   are led by specialist teachers; Mrs Bradshaw for Art
                                                             Some clubs take place at lunch time and others after
   and Design Technology, Head of Instrumental Music &
                                                             school. We recommend that at the start of Pre-Prep
   Performances Mr Wallace; and Head of PE Mrs Vickers.
                                                             pupils do not undertake more than one after school club
   An extensive co-curricular programme enables Junior       to start with.
   School pupils to explore a diverse range of academic,
                                                             Some co-curricular activities, which are taught by
   sporting, musical or artistic interests. Pupils are
                                                             external expert coaches, are offered as ‘paid for’ extras;
   encouraged to try new activities alongside their
                                                             Dance, Gymnastics, Taekwon-Do, Tennis, Trinity
   existing interests.
                                                             Drama and Yoga. For these activities parents need to
   Co-curricular activities provide great scope for          give a half term’s notice of cancellation in writing to the
   accomplishment and a sense of achievement which feed      Headmistress, Miss Ferro.
   the growth of self-confidence. The programme provides

   Clubs available to Year 1 and Year 2 include:             Clubs available to Year 3 – Year 6 include:

   SCHOOL CLUB                                               SCHOOL CLUB
   • Choir: Years 1 & 2, open to all                         • Art and Craft                • Recorder Consort:
   • Swimming ‘Riverbank’                                                                     Year 3 - 6, by invitation
                                                             • Badminton
   • Table Tennis                                                                           • Running
                                                             • Book Club
                                                                                            • Science
                                                             • Bridge Club
   PAID FOR EXTRAS                                                                          • Spanish Club
                                                             • Chess
   • Gymnastics                                                                             • String Group:
                                                             • Choir: Years 3 & 4             Years 3 – 6, by invitation
   • Dance Fusion                                              open to all
   • Taekwon-Do: Early Years – Year 2                                                       • Swimming - Riverbank
                                                             • Choir: Years 5 & 6
   • Tennis                                                    open to all                  • Swimming - Squad
   • Yoga                                                    • Gymnastics - Elite           • Table Tennis
                                                             • Minimus Latin                • Wind Group:
                                                                                              Years 3 - 6, by invitation
                                                             • Netball Club

                                                             PAID FOR EXTRAS
                                                             • Ballet                       • Tennis
                                                             • Gymnastics                   • Trinity Drama
                                                                                              Year 4 - Year 6 pupils
                                                             • Taekwon-Do
                                                                                            • Yoga
                                                             • Tap Dancing

10 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

            Junior School
         Admissions Procedures
The first point of entry to Walthamstow Hall Junior           A D M I S S I O N S P RO C E D U R E
School is at the Early Years stage but it is not uncommon
                                                              Once an application form and registration fee have
for girls to join the school in other year groups, right up
                                                              been submitted, prospective pupils are invited to attend
to Year 5.
                                                              ‘Taster sessions’ in the year group they will join.

Y E A R G RO U P A N D C L A S S S I Z E S                    Pre-Prep taster sessions are informal and activity based.
                                                              In Years 1 and 2, prospective pupils are assessed using
At Walthamstow Hall, the traditional Nursery and              age-appropriate activities.
Reception classes are combined into one ‘Early Years’
class. The core Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum       In Prep, from Year 3 upwards, the taster session can
is delivered through an exciting Creative Curriculum          include more formal elements including assessment
approach (see page 7). From Year 1 upwards, the               papers. This is particularly important for those girls
School can accommodate two parallel classes per year          joining the school in Year 5 or 6 who wish to go on to sit
group, if needed. 20 is usually the maximum class size        entrance papers for the Senior School in Year 6.
and typically class sizes are smaller than that, especially   In addition to the taster session a Head’s report is
in Pre-Prep. Having two parallel classes in each year         requested from the girl’s current school.
group enables optimum-sized classes for learning in the
classroom alongside a wider social circle in the year
                                                              ADMISSIONS CRITERIA
group as a whole.
                                                              Places are offered to girls who demonstrate their
B E F O R E M A K I N G A N A P P L I C AT I O N              academic potential and the likelihood that they will
                                                              benefit from the ethos of the School, and the broad and
Before applying to Walthamstow Hall, parents are invited      challenging education provided by the School. Selection
to read the School’s prospectus, this Information Booklet     is made by the Headmistress, assisted by appropriate
and the School’s Admissions policy (All school policies       senior staff as she wishes.
are available at www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk).
                                                              The selection will be based on:
VISITING THE SCHOOL                                           • a Head’s report from the pupil’s current schools,
We invite prospective parents to visit the School before        including assessment data e.g. base-line test score
they make an application. Appointments can be booked          • the results of the ‘taster’ session
by contacting the Registrar, Mrs Alex Knight,
                                                              • the parents’ expressed preference in choice of schools.
                                                                In the instance of oversubscription, Walthamstow Hall
                                                                may take into account whether it is the first choice of
M A K I N G A N A P P L I C AT I O N                            school. Decisions are posted to parents within one
Parents who wish to apply for a place must complete             week of their daughter attending her taster session.
the ‘Application for Admission’ form which can be found       Where year groups are full, a waiting list is established.
in the prospectus pack. The completed form must be
returned to the Registrar together with a registration fee
of £100.

                                                                               Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 11

   SELECTION IN AN                                                AC C E P T I N G A P L AC E – T H E D E P O S I T
   OV E R S U B S C R I B E D Y E A R
                                                                  The deposit paid when accepting a place is half a term’s
   Where all things are equal the following criteria              fees or the cost of one session for a term in the case
   will be used:                                                  of Early Years pupils. (Fees for 2018/2019 are detailed on
                                                                  page 13).
   a) a daughter of a missionary
                                                                  The majority of the deposit will be offset against a girl’s
   b) a sibling whose sister is in the school at the date of
                                                                  first terms fees.
      the application
                                                                  £500 of the deposit will be retained by the School to be
   c) in the event of a ‘tie-breaker’ proving necessary,
                                                                  offset against any outstanding charges at the end of the
      the school will, as a last resort, take into account the
                                                                  girl’s time at Walthamstow Hall. Once outstanding extras
      proximity of home to school.
                                                                  have been paid the remainder will be returned to parents
                                                                  when their daughter leaves the school.
   AC C E P T I N G A P L AC E –
   TERMS AND CONDITIONS                                           For more information see the Financial Terms and
                                                                  Conditions on page 14 and the Parent Contract on
   www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk/                                    page 17.
                                                                  Once the Contract has been signed parents are
   The Parents’ agreement with the School to pay fees,            committed to paying a full term’s fees even if a girl does
   extras and fees in lieu of notice (“Fees”) is set out in the   not take up the accepted place.
   School’s Terms and Conditions.
   To signify acceptance of the offer of a place, parents are     ADMISSIONS APPEALS
   required to sign the Acceptance Form sent with their
                                                                  The Headmistress’s decision is final, but if a parent has
   offer letter and pay a deposit of half a term’s fees or in
                                                                  a concern or complaint about the admission process it
   the case of Early Years parents the costs of one session
                                                                  should be discussed first with the Headmistress, and
   for a term. In signing the Acceptance Form parents are
                                                                  if there is no satisfactory outcome, a complaint can be
   confirming that they have read and accept the Terms and
                                                                  made to the Governing Body. The complaint should
   Conditions which it contains, including those relating to
                                                                  be put in writing to the Clerk to the Governing Body.
   the admission and withdrawal of a pupil.
                                                                  A committee of the Governing Body will consider the
   The Terms and Conditions may not be modified in                complaint and make a ruling.
   any way without the written agreement of the School.
   The Terms and Conditions may be amended from                   ADMISSIONS REGISTER
   time to time and their provisions, subject to any such
   amendments, will apply for the whole of a period during        An Admissions register is pulled and stored on the first
   which a girl continues to attend the school, irrespective      day of every month.
   of age. Admission to or retention in the School of a
   pupil is conditional on acceptance of them, and on             For additional information please refer to the school’s
   the recognition that the Headmistress has complete             Admissions Policy at www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk
   discretion in the imposition of sanctions.
   All communication should be addressed to her.

12 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

Fees: Academic Year 2020-2021
                        Walthamstow Hall’s fees for 2020-2021 academic year remain the same as
                         those for the Autumn and Spring terms of 2019-2020 academic year.

  1. F E E S                                                                                                     £
                           Early Years 1 - Nursery age girls per session #                                     325.00
  Junior School            Early Years 2 - Reception age girls to Year 2 *†^ Termly Fees                      4,045.00
                           Year 3 to Year 6 *^ Termly Fees                                                    5,100.00
  Registration Fee         Junior School                                                                       100.00
 Tuition fees are discounted for second daughters (5%) and third and subsequent daughters (10%)

  2 . E X TR A S U B J ECT S (10 LE S SO N S PE R TE RM)                                                          £
  Music (Individual)                                                                                           228.00
  Music Theory (Group of 7–10 girls)                                                                            47.00
  Trinity Drama (Pairs, per person,Year 6 upwards)                                                             155.00
  Trinity Drama (Group,Year 5 only)                                                                             98.00
  Dancing (Ballet) (Group,Year 3 - Year 6)                                                                      65.00
  Dancing (Modern) (Group,Years 1 & 2)                                                                          65.00
  Gymnastics (Years 1 to 6)                                                                                     82.00
  Gymnastics (Potential Squad)                                                                                  96.00
  Gymnastics (Elite Squad)                                                                                     144.00
  Tennis (Years 1 to 6)                                                                                         55.00
  Tennis (Squad)                                                                                                65.00
  Learning Support and English as a Foreign Language Coaching: (Individual)                                    206.00

  3. A D DITIO N A L E X TR A S                                                                                  £
  Breakfast Club                                                                                          5.15 per session
  After School Club                                                                                       9.80 per session
                                                                                                     150.00 Return, paid termly
                                                                                                     13.00 Return, paid weekly
  Minibus New Beacon to Walthamstow Hall
                                                                                                      1.50 Single trips charged
                                                                                                             per journey

  4 . HO LI DAY C LU B                                                                                           £
  Full Day (07:15 - 18:00)                                                                                       32
  Morning Session - Half Day (07:15 - 13:00)                                                                     20
  Afternoon Session - Half Day (13:00 - 18:00)                                                                   20
  Cancellation or changes in excess of 10 working days’ notice (i.e. two weeks) – no charge payable
  Cancellation or changes between 10 and 6 days’ notice (i.e. one week) – 50% charge payable
  Cancellation or changes less than 5 working days’ notice – full charge will be payable

 C A N C E L L AT I O N O F PA I D F E E E X T R A S                                       # An Early Years session for Nursery
                                                                                             aged girls is half a day (where a
 Half a term’s notice, in writing to Headmistress Miss Ferro, is required to                 morning and afternoon session are
 cancel Junior School paid for ‘Extra Subjects’ apart from Music & Trinity Drama             taken on a given day, lunch is
 lessons and the Gymnastics Squads where a full term’s notice is required.                   provided without additional
                                                                                             charge, otherwise the additional
 FEE REVIEW                                                                                  charge for daily lunch is £42 per term)
                                                                                           * includes a charge for school lunch
 Fees are reviewed by the Governing Body on an annual basis.
                                                                                           † includes the charge for Ballet
 Governors reserve the right to change other charges without notice.
                                                                                           ^ includes Recorder Group as a
 www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/                                      curriculum subject
                                                                                    Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 13


   In 2018, the Junior School introduced a new minibus           AFTERNOON
   route between Walthamstow Hall Junior School and
                                                                 The afternoon run departs from Walthamstow Hall
   The New Beacon in order to reduce traffic and to assist
                                                                 Junior School at 16:00 arrives at The New Beacon by
   busy parents.
                                                                 16:15. There is no facility at New Beacon to look after
   The route enables parents to drop both their sons and         Walthamstow Hall Junior School pupils so parents must
   daughters off at one school, either The New Beacon or         pick up promptly at 16:15.
   Walthamstow Hall Juniors. The School minibus does the
   rest of the school run. The journeys work in reverse at
   home time, giving parents just one school pick up.
                                                                 Termly Return                                   £150.00
   MORNING                                                       Weekly Return                                    £13.00
   The New Beacon minibus collects boys from                     Single trips, per journey                         £1.50
   Walthamstow Hall Junior School front gate at 07:45.
   The Walthamstow Hall minibus collects girls from              BOOKINGS
   New Beacon’s Pre-Prep Playground, opposite the
                                                                 Parents who wish to use The New Beacon morning
   swimming pool at 08:05. The bus is available to board
                                                                 service from Walthamstow Hall should contact
   from 07:50.
                                                                 The New Beacon School Office.
   School staff will not be available to watch children whilst
                                                                 Parents who wish to use the Walthamstow Hall minibus
   they wait for either bus and so parents must stay with
                                                                 should contact the Junior School Office.
   their children and put them onto the buses. There are
   also no additional staff on the buses and so children
   using the service must be self-sufficient in boarding,
   disembarking and happy to travel without an
   additional adult.

14 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

             List of School Policies
Walthamstow Hall has school policies relating to the following areas, all of which can be freely viewed and downloaded
from the school website www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk All polices are also available on request from the school.
All school policies are reviewed at least once a year and all have regard to the guidance issued by the Secretary of State.

                            P O L I C I E S A N D P RO C E D U R E S R E L AT E D TO
                                         S A F E G UA R D I N G C H I L D R E N
• Able Gifted and Talented Policy                              • Staff Recruitment Policy - Recruitment of
• Admissions and Attendance Policy
                                                               • Sun Protection Policy for Early Years
• Anti-Bullying Policy (including Cyber-bullying)
                                                               • Taking, Storing and Using Images of Children Policy
• Behaviour and Sanctions Policy
                                                               • Whistleblowing Policy
• Catering Policy
                                                               • Walthamstow Hall Junior School Educational Visits
• Code of Conduct for Staff
                                                                 for EYFS Children
• Curriculum Policy
                                                               • Walthamstow Hall Junior School Educational Visits
• Discipline and Exclusion Policy                                for Year 1 – 6
• Drugs and Drug Testing Policy                                • Walthamstow Hall Junior School Missing Child Policy
                                                                 including EYFS
• Equality Policy
                                                               • Walthamstow Hall Junior School Supervision of
• E-Safety Policy for Staff and Students
                                                                 Pupils including EYFS
• Food Hygiene Policy
                                                               • Whistleblowing Policy
• Health Questionnaire for Pupils
• Induction of New Staff, Governors and Volunteers
  in Child Protection
• Medical Questionnaire Policy for Staff & Pupils
• Pastoral Care, including PSHEE
• Pupils on Confidentiality Policy
• Records, Retention and Storage Policy
• Recruitment of Proprietors, Governors, Trustees
  and Volunteers Policy
• Safeguarding Child Protection Policy
  - School Child Protection Policy Addendum
  - Return to School Child Protection Policy Addendum
• School Visits Policy
• Sex and Relationships Education Policy
• SMSC Policy
• Staff Recruitment Policy and Procedures

                                                                                Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 15

                         OT H E R P O L I C I E S A N D P RO C E D U R E S AVA I L A B L E AT
                                 W W W.WA LT H A M S TOW- H A L L .C O. U K
   • Alcohol and Tobacco Policy                             • Governor Induction and Training Policy
   • Archive Policy                                         • Guidelines on Teaching Political Issues
   • Assessment Policy                                      • Health and Safety Policy
   • Bring Your Own Device to School Policy                 • Health and Safety Statement
   • Careers Policy                                         • Information for Parents of EYFS and Early
                                                              Years Children
   • Collective Worship Policy (Prayers)
                                                            • Learning and Teaching Policy
   • Complaints and Concerns Procedure
                                                            • Pupil Sanctions Record
   • Data Protection Policy for Employees
                                                            • Risk Assessment Policy (including Fire
   • Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices
                                                              Risk Assessments)
   • Data Protection Privacy Notice Staff
                                                            • School Statement on Smoking
   • Disability and Accessibility Policy
                                                            • Security Access Control Workplace Safety
   • Driving Policy                                           and Lone Working Policy
   • Fee Payment Policy                                     • Special Educational Needs and Disability
                                                              (SEND) Policy
   • Finance Policy
                                                            • Stress Management Policy
   • First Aid Policy for Parents
   • First Aid Policy Staff Guidance

16 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

                General Information
E Q UA L I T Y, I N C L U D I N G                               H E A LT H C A R E
                                                                Walthamstow Hall has qualified nurses based at the
Walthamstow Hall has a Christian ethos but welcomes             Senior School site during the school day. They can
applications from parents of all faiths or none. Every          quickly reach the Junior School and attend to everyday
effort will be made to allow pupils to demonstrate their        accidents, assist pupils who are taken unwell during the
faith, as far as is consonant with the ethos and rules of       school day, help pupils manage ongoing conditions (e.g.
the school.                                                     asthma, diabetes, allergies) are a source of support when
                                                                pupils have medical questions and respond to medical
Pupils and parents whose first language is not English may
                                                                emergencies on site. Whilst fully qualified they are not
also apply for admission and appropriate assistance will
                                                                a replacement for the care of a family GP. The school
be given.
                                                                nurses are supported by members of staff trained in first
The School aims to assist pupils to acquire an                  aid and paediatric first aid at the Junior School.
appreciation and respect for their own and other
                                                                The School also has a school counsellor who is available
cultures in a way that promotes tolerance and harmony
                                                                to meet with pupils and who plays a key role in the
between different cultural traditions.
                                                                provision of elements of the school’s PSHEE (Personal,
The School will not discriminate against any pupil on the       Social, Health and Economic Education) programme.
grounds of race, religious belief or sexual orientation in
                                                                If a girl requires emergency treatment every effort will
accordance with the Equality Act 2010.
                                                                be made to obtain the prior consent of the parent.
                                                                Should this be impossible the Headmistress, acting
PUPILS WITH DISABILITIES                                        in loco parentis, will give consent to such treatment
The school aims to provide appropriate access to                (including anaesthetic or operations) as may be
the curriculum and to the School’s facilities as                recommended by a doctor.
far as reasonably practicable. The School has                   Throughout the time that a girl remains at the school, the
a Disability and Accessibility Policy which can be found at     School Nurses shall have the right to give to her parents
www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk. Parents are invited to              or the Headmistress and the Head of the Junior School
discuss their child’s particular needs with the Headmistress.   any confidential information about the girl if they consider
                                                                it to be in the girl’s best interest or necessary for the
P U P I L VO I C E                                              protection of other members of the school community.
Pupil’s views on matters which affect them are welcomed.        The Headmistress and the Head of the Junior School
There is an elected School Council where pupils can             must be informed in writing of cases of infectious illness
formally discuss school issues for example, snacks and          or contact with an infectious illness.
lunches and propose innovations with the Head of the
Junior School and other members of senior staff.                When a student is absent from school for illness a note
                                                                of explanation, from the girl’s parent should be sent to
The E-Safety Council and Charities supported by the             the Head of the Junior School.
Houses are also areas where pupils are heavily involved.
                                                                NUT FREE
                                                                Walthamstow Hall Junior School operates a strict nut
                                                                and sesame seed free policy. Every effort is made to meet
                                                                the medical and special dietary needs of individuals.

                                                                                Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 17

   AT T E N DA N C E                                             L AT E N E S S
   • The Junior School is open, with a senior member of          It is expected that pupils will make every effort to arrive
     staff on site, from 8.00am – 6.00pm.                        at school in good time for registration and assembly.
   • The school day for Early Years, Year 1 and Year 2           Pupils who arrive at school after 8:45am must report to
     begins at 8.30am and ends at 3.15pm.                        the School Office where they will be asked to sign in and
   • The school day for Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 begins at            will be marked as late in the register.
     8.30am and ends at 3.50pm.
                                                                 All instances of pupils arriving late to school will be
   • Girls are supervised from 8.00am. Pre-Prep girls who        recorded and parents informed.
     arrive before 8.20am should go to the Tennis/Netball
     courts. Prep girls who arrive before 8.20am should          Parents may also be asked to explain habitual lateness/
     go to the playground. There will be supervision in          absence, and to co-operate with the school in ensuring
     both areas. These arrangements will be reviewed in 		       better attendance.
     Spring 2021.
                                                                 Parents must contact the School Office by 9.00am if their
                                                                 daughter is going to be absent, 01732 453815 or
   W R A PA RO U N D C A R E                                     jsoffice@whall.school. A message can be left on the
   Situated in Bradbourne Park Road, just a short walk           answer phone before 8.00am. An email explaining the
   from Sevenoaks station, the school is perfectly placed for    absence must be brought into school when the pupil
   parents commuting to London.                                  returns.
   Wraparound Care is available for pupils from Early Years      As far as is possible appointments should be made outside
   to Year 6. Breakfast Club runs from 7.15am and After          of school hours. If this cannot be done, requests for
   School Club runs until 6.00pm every day, Monday - Friday.
                                                                 absence in advance should be addressed to Miss Ferro by
                                                                 email. Should your daughter need be collected early from
   H O L I DAY C L U B                                           school before the end of the school day, she must go to
   In October 2020 Walthamstow Hall Junior                       the School Office and sign out and an appropriate note
   School extended its wraparound care provision                 will be made in the register.
   by launching a new Holiday Club, available to pupils
   from the very youngest in Early Years right up to Year 6.     If a pupil is absent for an unknown reason, parents will
                                                                 be telephoned.
   The Holiday Club runs through all School holidays,
   with a week off over the Christmas and Easter                 If a pupil is taken unwell during the school day, she can
   breaks and with the exclusion of Staff Inset Days.            only be sent home if collected by a parent.
   The Club offers breakfast from 7:15 – 8:00. A mid             Pupils absence can be given prior authorisation by Miss
   morning snack is provided, together with a cooked lunch.      Ferro if parents email explaining the reason. Consent for
   The afternoon session also has snacks and a tea.              absence can only be granted in cases of urgent necessity
   Pupils enjoy a range of exciting activities and spend time    as when lessons are missed the individual is disadvantaged.
   with their peers in a relaxed environment. The Holiday        An ‘ unauthorised absence’ can be ‘authorised’ after the
   Club has been designed to provide flexibility for parents     event if an acceptable written reason is given (e.g. illness).
   who can select which days their daughters attend to suit
   their working schedules.                                      The School reserves the right to ask parents to explain
   See Fees page on page 13 for Holiday Club fees and            pupils’ absence if no reason is given.
   cancellation charges.
   Walthamstow Hall is very much a community
   where teachers, pupils and parents work in
   partnership.  Offering streamlined wraparound care in
   term time and the School holidays is an essential way
   of easing the pressure for parents who are juggling
   the demands of family life with their careers.
   The Holiday Club has much more of a holiday feel to
   it than normal term time whilst utilising the strengths
   of the pastoral care and extensive co-curricular
   programme at Walthamstow Hall.
   Parents can book Holiday Club sessions by emailing

18 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

        Complaints & Concerns

INTRODUCTION                                                 TIME FR AME FOR DE ALING WITH
                                                             CONCERN S OR COMPL AINTS
Walthamstow Hall strives to offer the highest standards
of teaching and pastoral care to its pupils. However, if     All complaints will be handled seriously and sensitively.
parents do have a complaint, they can expect it to be        They will be acknowledged within five working days if
treated by the School with care and in accordance with       received during term time and as soon as practicable
this procedure. The Procedure is available on the school’s   during holiday periods. It is in everyone’s interest
website; a printed copy is available from the School         to resolve a complaint as speedily as possible: the
office during the School day. In accordance with Part        School’s target is to complete the first two stages of
7, paragraph 33 of The Education (Independent School         the procedure within 28 days if the complaint is lodged
Standards) Regulations 2014 , Walthamstow Hall will          during term-time and as soon as practicable during
make available to parents of pupils and prospective pupils   holiday periods.
and provide, on request, to the Chief Inspector, the
                                                             Stage 3, the Appeal Panel Hearing, will be completed
Secretary of State or the ISI for the purposes of section
                                                             within a further 28 days, if the appeal is lodged during
157 (1)(g) of the Education Act 2002 (as amended),
                                                             term-time and as soon as practicable during holiday
paragraph 109 of the Education Act 2008 (as amended),
details of the complaints procedure and the number of
complaints registered under the formal procedure during
the preceding School year.                                   RECORDING CONCERNS
                                                             OR COMPL AINTS
W H AT C O N S T I T U T E S A                               Following resolution of a complaint, the School will keep
CONCERN OR COMPL AINT?                                       a written record of all complaints and whether they are
                                                             resolved at the preliminary stage or proceed to a panel
A concern or complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction
                                                             hearing. At the School’s discretion, additional records
with a real or perceived problem. It may be made about
                                                             may be kept which may contain the following information:
the School as a whole, about a specific department or
about an individual member of staff. A complaint is likely   • Date when the issue was raised
to arise if a parent believes that the School has done
                                                             • Name of parent
something wrong, or failed to do so something that it
should have done or acted unfairly.                          • Name of pupil
Parents can be assured that all concerns                     • Description of the issue
and complaints will be treated seriously and                 • Records of all the investigations (if appropriate)
confidentially. Parents can be assured that their child
will not be penalised for a concern or complaint that        • Witness statements (if appropriate)
they or their daughter raises in good faith.                 • Name of member (s) of staff handling the issue at
                                                               each stage
                                                             • Copies of all correspondence on the issue (including
                                                               emails and records of phone conversations)
                                                             • We shall record any action taken by the School,
                                                               regardless of whether or not the complaint is upheld,
                                                               in the complaints register.

                                                                             Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 19

   Correspondence, statements and records relating to              • If the complaint is against the Headmistress, the
   individual complaints will be kept confidential except            Chairman of the Governing Body will call for a full
   to the extent required by sub-paragraph (k) of Part 7,            report from the Headmistress and for all the relevant
   paragraph 33 of The Education (Independent School                 documents. The Chair may also call for a briefing from
   Standards) Regulations 2014, by the Secretary of State            members of staff, and will in most cases, speak to or
   or where disclosure is required by the ISI under Section          meet with the parents to discuss the matter further.
   157 (1)(g) of the Education Act 2002 (as amended), or             Once the Chair is satisfied that, so far as is practicable,
   paragraph 109 of the Education Act 2008 (as amended)              all of the relevant facts have been established, the
   or under other legal authority.                                   parents will be informed of the decision in writing. The
                                                                     Chairman of the Governing Body will give reasons for
   STAGE 1 - INFORMAL RESOLUTION                                     their decision.

   • It is hoped that most concerns or complaints will be 		       • If parents are still not satisfied with the decision, they
     resolved quickly and informally.                                should proceed to Stage 3 of this procedure.

   • If parents have a concern or complaint they should
                                                                   STAGE 3 - PANEL HE ARING
     normally contact their daughter’s Form Tutor, Head
     of Key Stage or one of the Deputy Heads depending 		          • If parents seek to invoke Stage 3 (following a failure
     on the nature of the concern. In many cases, the 		             to reach an earlier resolution) they will be referred
     matter will be resolved straightaway by this means              to The Chairman of the Governing Body or Vice
     to the parents’ satisfaction. If the Tutor or Head of 		        Chairman of the Governing Body as appropriate who
     Key Stage cannot resolve the matter alone it may be             has been appointed by the Governors to call hearings
     necessary for him/her to consult a Head of                      of the Complaints Panel.
     Department, a Deputy Head or the Headmistress.
                                                                   • The matter will then be referred to the Complaints
   • The member of staff contacted will make a written               Panel for consideration. The Panel will consist of three
     record of all concerns and complaints and the date 		           persons not directly involved in the matters detailed in
     on which they were received. Should the matter not              the complaint and one of whom shall be independent
     be resolved satisfactorily within 14 days then parents          of the management and running of the School and
     will be advised to proceed with their complaint in 		           shall be selected by the Chairman of Governors.
     accordance with stage 2 of this procedure.                      The Convenor, on behalf of the Panel, will then
                                                                     acknowledge the complaint and schedule a hearing to
   • A complaint against the Headmistress should be made
                                                                     take place as soon as practicable and normally within
     directly to the Chairman of the Governing Body.
                                                                     14 working days.

   STAGE 2 - FORMAL RESOLUTION                                     • If the Panel deems it necessary, it may require that
                                                                     further particulars of the complaint or any related
   • If the complaint cannot be resolved on an informal              matter be supplied in advance of the hearing. Copies of
     basis, then the parents should put their complaint              such particulars shall be supplied to all parties normally
     in writing to the Headmistress. The Headmistress                not later than 7 working days prior to the hearing.
     will decide, after considering the complaint, the
     appropriate course of action to take.                         • The parents may attend the hearing and be
                                                                     accompanied to the hearing by one other person if
   • In most cases, the Headmistress will meet/speak to the          they wish. This may be a relative, teacher or friend.
     parents concerned, normally within 7 days of receiving          Legal representation will not normally be appropriate.
     the complaint, to discuss the matter. If possible, a
     resolution will be reached at this stage.                     • If possible, the Panel will resolve the parents’ complaint
                                                                     without the need for further investigation. Where
   • It may be necessary for the Headmistress to carry out           further investigation is required, the Panel will decide
     further investigations.                                         how it should be carried out.
   • The Headmistress will keep written records of                 • After due consideration of all facts they consider
     all meetings and interviews held in relation to the             relevant, the Panel will make findings and may make
     complaint.                                                      recommendations.
   • Once the Headmistress is satisfied that, so far as            • The Panel will write to the parents informing them
     is practicable, all of the relevant facts have been             of its decision and the reasons for it, normally
     established, a decision will be made and parents will be        within 7 days of the hearing. The decision of the
     informed of this decision in writing. The Headmistress          Panel will be final. A copy of the Panel’s findings and
     will also give reasons for her decision.                        recommendations (if any) will be sent by electronic
                                                                     mail or otherwise given to the parents, and, where
                                                                     relevant, the person complained about as well
                                                                     as the Chairman of the Governing Body and the
20 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

                                                           Mrs Jayne Adams, Chair of the Governing Body
the Statutory Framework for the EYFS, 2017: ‘All
                                                           c/o Walthamstow Hall, Holly Bush Lane,
providers must investigate written complaints relating
                                                           Sevenoaks, TN13 3UL
to their fulfilment of the EYFS requirements and notify
complainants of the outcome of the investigation within    The Independent Schools Inspectorate
28 days of having received the complaint. The record of    CAP House
complaints must be made available to Ofsted on request.’   9 – 11 Long Lane
The record of any such complaints will be kept for at      London, EC1A 9HA
least three years. Parents may also complain directly      info@isi.net
to ISI on 020 7600 0100 or Ofsted on 0300 123 4666
if they wish.
                                                           0207 7768849
                                                           Ofsted: 0300 123 4666
                                                           Walthamstow Hall Junior School received
                                                           one complaint in the academic year 2019 - 2020.

                                                                          Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 21

                Term Dates 2021-2022
   S PRING TERM 2021                               AUTU MN TERM 2021                 SU MMER TERM 2022
   Tuesday 5 January 2021:                         Wednesday 1 & Thursday 2          Tuesday 19 April &
   Staff INSET Day                                 September:                        Wednesday 20 April:
                                                   Staff INSET Days                  Staff INSET
   Wednesday 6 January:
   Term begins                                     Thursday 2 September:             Thursday 21 April:
                                                   New Student Induction Day         Term Begins
   Monday 15 – Friday 19 February:
   Half Term                                       Friday 3 September:               Monday 2 May:
                                                   Term Begins                       Bank Holiday
   Thursday 25 March (12 noon):
   Term ends                                       Monday 18 – Friday 29 October:    Monday 30 May - Friday 3 June*:
                                                   Half Term                         Half Term
   SU MMER TERM 2021                               Thursday 9 December (12 Noon):    Thursday 7 July (12 noon):
                                                   Term Ends                         Term Ends
   Monday 19 April 2021:
   Staff INSET Day                                                                   * May/June 2022 Half Term includes
                                                   S PRING TERM 2022                 two Bank Holidays (Thursday 2
   Tuesday 20 April: Term begins
                                                   Tuesday 4 January:                June and Friday 3 June) to celebrate
   Monday 3 May: Bank Holiday                                                        the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
                                                   Staff INSET Day
   Monday 31 May – Friday 4 June:
                                                   Wednesday 5 January:
   Half Term
                                                   Term begins
   Thursday 24 June:
                                                   Monday 14 – Friday 18 February:
   New Staff Induction Day
                                                   Half Term
   Saturday 26 June: Senior
                                                   Thursday 24 March (12 Noon):
   Prize-Giving Provisional
                                                   Term Ends
   Compulsory for Years 10 – 13)
   Thursday 8 July (12 noon):
   Term Ends

22 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021


By Car                                                        From A25 heading East
From M25 - Exit at Junction 5 carefully following signs       As for M25 directions.
for A21 and Sevenoaks (not usual exit layout). Do
not join A21 but leave by slip road to join A25 for           From A25 heading West
Sevenoaks. After approximately 1 mile turn left at mini-
                                                              Pass through Seal. Cross first set of traffic lights, then
roundabout, then immediately right at second mini-
                                                              after a further ½ mile turn left at traffic lights onto
roundabout remaining on the A25 to Maidstone. After
                                                              A225 towards Sevenoaks. Then as for ex M25 at St
approximately 1 mile, turn right at traffic lights onto the
                                                              John’s Hill.
A225, St John’s Hill, towards Sevenoaks town centre.
After approximately ¾ mile, turn right onto Bradbourne
                                                              From A225 heading South
Road. Take the next turning left into Bradbourne Park
Road. The Junior School is on your left after 300 metres.     Pass through Otford then over the motorway, then
                                                              straight on at miniroundabout at retail area. After
From A21                                                      approximately ½ mile continue straight on at traffic
                                                              lights. Then as for ex M25 at St John’s Hill.
Exit at the junction South of Sevenoaks. Take the third
exit off the roundabout to Sevenoaks (A225). Remain on
                                                              On foot from Sevenoaks Railway Station
A225 through town centre, forking right on approach,
cross the traffic lights, pass cricket ground on right,       Leave by the main station exit, cross the road (London
then take the turning left after Holly Bush Lane onto         Road) and turn left. Take the first right into Mount
Bradbourne Road. Take the next turning left onto              Harry Road and cross the road again. Follow the
Bradbourne Park Road. The Junior School entrance is on        road as it branches left into Bradbourne Park Road.
your left after 300 metres.                                   Walthamstow Hall Junior School is located on the right,
                                                              some 200 metres later, after Woodside Road.

                                                                               Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 23

                                      Key Contacts
   All staff may be contacted via their email. Your daughter’s Form Teacher is the first point of contact.
   Mr Andrews, Mrs Conway and Miss Ferro are also always happy to help and advise regarding your daughter.

   Junior School Address                                      Senior School Address
   Bradbourne Park Road                                       Holly Bush Lane
   Sevenoaks                                                  Sevenoaks
   Kent TN13 3LD                                              Kent TN13 3UL

   Junior School Office                                       Senior School Office
   General Enquiries                                          01732 451334
   01732 453815                                               whoffice@whall.school
   Headmistress                                               Mrs Alex Knight
   Miss Stephanie Ferro                                       01732 451334/468703
   01732 451334                                               registrar@whall.school
   Head of Key Stage 1                                        Mr Andy Horner
   Mr Harry Andrews                                           01732 454227
   handrews@whall.school                                      bursar@walthamstow-hall.co.uk

   Assistant Head – Key Stage 2                               Chairman of Governors
   Mrs Chrissie Conway                                        Mrs Jayne Adams
                                                              Please address correspondence for Mrs Adams to
   Senior Teacher                                             Walthamstow Hall, Holly Bush Lane, Sevenoaks,
   Mrs Phyl Potter                                            Kent TN13 3UL or to chairofgovernors@whall.school

   Holiday Club Bookings
   Holiday Club Contact Number                                We hope that you will find this booklet and
   07395 7892101                                              information helpful. We would be pleased to
                                                              receive feedback and suggestions via our website
   SAFEGUARDING CONTACTS                                      or at marketing@whall.school
   Any Safeguarding concerns should be directed to one of     This Further Information Booklet and the
   the following:                                             School prospectus are not contractual documents.
   Miss Stephanie Ferro, Headmistress and Walthamstow         We reserve the right to develop the curriculum,
   Hall’s Designated Safeguarding Lead                        facilities or organisation in accordance with
   headmistress@whall.school                                  changing circumstances. If you attach specific
                                                              importance to particular points in the prospectus
   Out of hours Safeguarding concerns please call
   07948 508990
                                                              please check with us that it holds good. Your
                                                              contract will be based on the Terms and Conditions.
   Mrs Nicky Armitage is Walthamstow Hall’s Deputy
   Designated Safeguarding Lead narmitage@whall.school        www.walthamstow-hall.co.uk/
   Mr Carl Hughes, Deputy Head and Walthamstow Hall’s
   Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

24 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021


                Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 25


26 | Junior School Further Information 2020-2021

                Junior School Further Information 2020-2021 | 27
To arrange a visit, please contact the Registrar:
           01732 468703 registrar@whall.school
Walthamstow Hall Junior School, Bradbourne Park Road, Sevenoaks, Kent TN13 3LD


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