STUDENT & PARENT HANDBOOK - 2021 Summer Ballet Intensive The Rock School for Dance Education

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The Rock School for Dance Education

   2021 Summer Ballet Intensive
Welcome to The Rock School for Dance Education!
We are glad you will join us for the 2021 Summer Ballet Intensive. Please read this
handbook carefully in preparation for the intensive.

The Rock School maintains tolerance, patience, understanding, and mutual respect amongst
students, faculty, and staff. The code of conduct, guidelines, and policies presented in this
handbook are written to accomplish these goals. Therefore, we ask that all students and
parents sign a consent form verifying they have read and understand the policies set forth
within this handbook.

The Rock School is dedicated to providing excellence in pre-professional training. Our
summer intensive students maintain a rigorous weekly schedule throughout each session,
thus, dedication to ballet is vital to a successful and fulfilling Summer Ballet Intensive
experience. Our objective is to provide a safe and supportive environment where our
students may work toward their artistic goals.

Returning students should note that some of the policies in this handbook have changed
from past summers in an effort to keep our students healthy and safe.

Please be aware that changes to this document may be made throughout the 2021 Summer
Ballet Intensive. We will keep all Rock School families informed of these changes. We know
that you share our commitment to the arts and the growth of each student at The Rock
School, and we are looking forward to a wonderful summer!

Warm Regards,

Bojan and Stephanie Spassoff


Table of Contents
   § School Contact Information                       Page 6
   § The Rock School’s Mission                        Page 6
   § Statement of Community and Code of Conduct       Page 6-7
   § Parent Conduct                                   Page 7
   § Reporting Incidents                              Page 7
   § Disciplinary Action                              Page 8
   § Suspension and Expulsion                         Page 8-9

The Rock School’s Policies and Expectations
   § Building Security Procedures and Protocols       Page 9
   § Fire Safety                                      Page 9
   § Emergency Procedures                             Page 10
   § Staff Only Areas of the Building                 Page 10
   § Café Behavior and Expectations                   Page 10
   § Van and Bus Behavior                             Page 10
   § Personal Property                                Page 10
   § Lockers                                          Page 10-11
   § Lost and Found                                   Page 11
   § Use of Cellphones and Other Electronic Devices   Page 11
   § Vehicle Use                                      Page 12
   § Behavioral Misconduct                            Page 12
   § Violence                                         Page 12
   § Vandalism/Destruction of Property                Page 12
   § Gambling                                         Page 12
   § Pets                                             Page 12
   § Public Displays of Affection                     Page 12
   § Sleeping                                         Page 13
   § Weapons                                          Page 13
   § Fireworks and Incendiary Devices                 Page 13
   § Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy               Page 13
   § Smoking Policy                                   Page 13-14

Medical Release and Care
  § Medical Release Forms                            Page 14
  § Medical Form Statement of Privacy                Page 14
  § Health Insurance                                 Page 14-15
  § Medication Policy                                Page 15
  § Medical Attention for Sick or Injured Students   Page 15

Class Policies
   § Level Placement and Advancement                 Page 15
   § Class Attendance and Tardiness                  Page 15-16
   § Instructor-Student Contact                      Page 16
   § Parent Observation Weeks                        Page 16
   § Dress Guidelines                                Page 17-18
   § Student Use of Rock School Costumes             Page 18
   § Student Name Tags                               Page 18
   § 6-Week Session Performers                       Page 18-19

Summer Residence
  § Program Overview                                 Page 19-20
  § Residence Requirements                           Page 20
  § Marine Club Residence                            Page 20
  § Residence at Hyatt Centric                       Page 20
  § Mail                                             Page 20-21
  § Roommates                                        Page 21
  § Guests                                           Page 21
  § Solicitation                                     Page 21
  § Meals                                            Page 21
  § Residence Meetings                               Page 22
  § Student Lounge and Common Areas                  Page 22
  § Cleaning of Residence Space – Marine Club        Page 22
  § Cleaning of Residence Space – Hyatt Centric      Page 22
  § Laundry                                          Page 23
  § Maintenance                                      Page 23
  § Furniture Removal                                Page 22-23
  § Appliance Policy                                 Page 23
  § Windows                                          Page 23
  § Curfew                                           Page 23-24

§   Leaving the Residence                           Page 24
   §   Crossing Broad Street                           Page 24
   §   Keys and Locks                                  Page 25
   §   Emergency Medical Procedures                    Page 25
   §   Non-Emergency Medical Procedures                Page 25
   §   Medical Appointments                            Page 25-26

Scholarships, Tuition, and Other Payment Information
   § Scholarship Information                           Page 26
   § Tuition Payment Agreement                         Page 26
   § Reserving Your Spot                               Page 27
   § Payment Terms                                     Page 27
   § Credit Card Convenience Fee                       Page 27
   § Autopay                                           Page 28
   § Late Payments                                     Page 28
   § Withdrawal from The Rock School                   Page 28

Privacy Policies
   § Collection of Your Personal Information           Page 29
   § Use of Your Personal Information                  Page 29-30
   § Control Your Personal Information                 Page 30
   § Security of Your Personal Information             Page 30
   § Changes to This Statement                         Page 30


The Rock School Student and Parent Summer Ballet Intensive Handbook contains dance,
residency, and school community information and policies. After reading the policies and
procedures listed, all students and parents are required to sign the Handbook Agreement to
acknowledge their understanding and compliance. The Rock School for Dance Education
reserves the right to terminate, amend, or modify its policies at any time, for any reason,
with or without prior notice. The Rock School will attempt to provide reasonable notice of
any changes or additions to these policies. Any questions or comments about the contents of
this handbook should be directed to The Rock School Main Office and The Rock School
Summer Residence Director.

School Contact Information

Main Telephone Number                             (215) 551-7010
Fax Number                                        (215) 551-8538
Front Office                                      Extension: 1100
Residence Staff                                   (267) 788-3385
General Inquiry                                   Email:
Absence Submissions                               Email:
The Rock School Boutique                          Email:
The Rock School’s Website               

The Rock School’s Mission
The Rock School’s mission is to train the whole dancer. We allow our students to reach the
highest standard of technique and artistry. Our approach centers on providing nurturing and
supportive training to passionate students who want to elevate the art of dance.

Statement of Community and Code of Conduct

The Rock School community is based around respect and cooperation. Students, parents,
staff, faculty, trustees, and alumni are expected to abide by The School’s community
standards for behavior as articulated in this handbook. When all individuals are respectful of
other people and their property, they will rarely come into conflict.

The Rock School community guides our students to build skills for life in an environment
where honesty, integrity, and respect are taken seriously. All students are asked to abide by
the following guidelines in all of their endeavors at The Rock School:
    § All students will resolve conflicts peacefully.
    § All students will be honest and respectful to all members of The Rock School
    § All students will demonstrate stewardship of The Rock School. This includes all
        school property, areas, and buildings around The Rock School, the Residence, and
        the personal property of others.
    § All students will abide by the principles of this code and the policies outlined in The
        Rock School Student and Parent Handbook.

Students are expected to have the utmost respect toward fellow students, visitors, faculty,
and staff members. All members of the community should speak courteously to each other
at all times. Abusive, profane, and disrespectful language is not acceptable at any time.
Disruptive or distracting behavior in the hallways, studios, Café, or other shared spaces is
strictly prohibited. The Rock School reserves the right to take disciplinary action or require
the expulsion of a student who does not comply with the rules of conduct or who disregards
major school regulations, for violations of the law, or for lack of parental cooperation.

Parent Conduct
   § Parents are expected to be polite to all students, faculty, staff, and other parents of
      The Rock School. Any rude or aggressive behavior from parents will not be tolerated.
      Use of offensive language or harassment toward any member of The Rock School
      community will result in the dismissal of their child/children without refund. Parents
      are prohibited from contacting or discipling a student other than their own. Any
      questionable behavior must be directly reported to a Rock School staff member

Reporting Incidents
   § Students and staff are mutually responsible for reporting any incidents that occur in
      and around The Rock School. Once aware of an incident, individuals must inform an
      appropriate Rock School staff member. An incident report will be completed, which
      will be forwarded to The School Directors, parents, and any other parties deemed

Disciplinary Action
The Rock School expects our students to act in a manner that exemplifies courtesy,
responsibility, concern for others, and respect for property. The Rock School reserves the
right to discipline students for any infraction of these rules. Such disciplinary action may
result in fines, community service, detention, suspension, or expulsion from The Rock
School. The level of disciplinary action is at the sole discretion of The School Directors. For
students living in Rock School Residence, the Summer Residence Directors will notify
parents in writing of any disciplinary problems. Serious offenses may result in immediate
expulsion. Generally, The Rock School staff will respond to infractions in the following
    § First Offense: Verbal and/or written warning.
    § Second Offense: Detention and/or suspension. Parents and The School Directors will
        be notified. The student (and parents) may be asked to meet with The School
        Directors to discuss the situation.
    § Third Offense: Additional detention, suspension, or expulsion.

The Rock School is not required to provide prior warnings to students and reserve the right
to advance to more severe actions, including immediate expulsion.

Suspension and Expulsion
The School Directors reserve the right to suspend or expel a student at any time whose
attitude, class attendance, work habits, overall conduct, or physical fitness is unsatisfactory.
Any student whose actions tarnish the reputation of The Rock School, jeopardize safety,
order, or discipline, or whose behavior serves as a negative influence, may be subject to
suspension or expulsion. These policies stand regardless of where or when these events
occur, including on social media.

Any student who engages in an activity with potential to or which does in fact jeopardize the
safety, security, and health of him/herself or others may be suspended or expelled. The Rock
School reserves the right to dismiss any student who has a medical condition that places
him/her or his/her classmates at risk. The student(s) involved in such an infraction will be
asked to meet with The School Directors, and their transportation costs will be the sole
responsibility of their parent or guardian.

If the suspended or expelled student lives in Rock School Residence, he/she will report
directly to the Summer Residence Directors, who will carry out all proper procedures for
departure. The dismissed student(s) must return home within 48 hours of expulsion or

dismissal, and his/her parent or guardian is responsible for all transportation costs. The
dismissed student is not permitted to return to The Rock School.

The departure procedures for a suspended/expelled student are as follows:
   1. The student is responsible for packing his/her personal property. The Summer
      Residence Directors will supervise this process.
   2. If the dismissed student will be leaving with a parent/guardian, the student will wait
      in his/her dorm room until the parent/guardian arrives.
   3. If the dismissed student is travelling without accompaniment, the parent/guardian is
      responsible for securing and paying for all means of transportation. The Rock School
      is only responsible for ensuring the dismissed student is picked up by a shuttle, taxi,
      or Uber. Parents/guardians release all of The School’s liability of the student once
      he/she has been placed in said transportation.

In the event of an expulsion or dismissal by The School Directors, all tuition and fees paid to
The Rock School on behalf of a discharged student are forfeited.

The Rock School’s Policies and Expectations

Building Security Procedures and Protocols
All students (both residents and commuters) are expected to sign in and out at The School’s
front desk when they enter and exit the building. Students must submit to a temperature
check and state their name to the security guard on duty, who will then sign them in and
out. Students under 18 year of age may NOT leave the premises unaccompanied, unless they
have a permission note from their parent/guardian. Commuting students must wait in the
lobby until their parent/guardian has arrived outside the building. Parents will only be
permitted in the building in the case of an emergency, or if they have a scheduled
appointment with a Rock School staff member.

Fire Safety
In case of a fire alarm, students are required to evacuate the building immediately following
the posted fire evacuation instructions. Theft or improper use of a fire alarm is prohibited.
Tampering with fire equipment, including the fire extinguisher, exit signs, smoke detectors,
fire alarms, and fire doors is a violation of Pennsylvania Law and The Rock School’s
regulations. Any student who pulls the fire alarm when there is no fire or emergency will be
fined $200 and immediately dismissed from The School.

Emergency and Procedures
In the case of a medical emergency, Rock School staff will immediately call 911 and then
notify the parent/guardian of the sick/injured student. Medical release forms completed by
the parent/guardian will be given to medical personnel, unless circumstances make it
impossible to provide such forms. Drug and/or alcohol consumption will be treated as a
medical emergency.

Staff Only Areas of the Building
Some areas of the building are to be used by Rock School staff only. Students are not
permitted to be in any of The School’s offices without permission. Students are also not
permitted on any roof areas. Any student discovered in a staff only area of the building may
be subject to suspension or expulsion from The Rock School.

Café Behavior and Expectations
The Rock School’s expectations for behavior extend to the Café. All students must clean
their tables, throw away their garbage, and observe polite manners when using the Café. The
Café will not be open to any students outside of designated meal times. Parents are not
permitted to enter the Café at any time.

Van and Bus Behavior
The Rock School’s expectations for behavior extend to van and bus use during school-related
events. All students will be required to wear a mask and be socially distant from each other
when traveling in a van or bus.

Personal Property
The Rock School and The Rock School Residence are not responsible for loss/damage of
personal property.

Lockers in the dressing rooms will be available. A signed locker agreement, which may be
requested at the main office, is required to obtain a locker. Lockers are free, but there will be
a $10 replacement charge if a lock is lost, damaged, or stolen. The Rock School will assign all
lockers and locks on a first-come first-served basis. Locks not provided by The Rock School
are prohibited and will be removed. Residents will have access to the third-floor locker
room, and commuters will have access to the first-floor locker room.

The Rock School reserves the right to open and search lockers at any time if there is a
concern regarding students’ safety, knowledge of weapons, contraband (i.e. alcohol, drugs,
or drug paraphernalia), or if stolen materials are stored in the locker. Lockers will also be
opened if the locker room is found to be unhealthy or unsanitary. Lockers must be emptied
by the end of the summer intensive and items left will be discarded.

Lost and Found
Lost and found items are held in designated places throughout The Rock School. Found
items of value such as keys, glasses, or electronics will be kept in the Main Office. Lost and
found items will be kept until the end of the summer intensive. If not claimed, items will be
donated to local charity organizations. All students should label personable belongings with
their names in permanent ink.

Valuables and large sums of money should not be brought to The Rock School. The Rock
School assumes no responsibility for loss or theft of any personal property that is left
unattended on any Rock School premises or property.

Use of Cellphones and Other Electronic Devices
Students are prohibited from using ALL electronic devices while in the studios during class
time. These devices include but are not limited to; cellphones, laptops, tablets, music devices,
gaming systems, or video/digital cameras. The Rock School faculty reserve the right
confiscate any devices during classes, which will be returned at the completion of the class.

Having and using a cell phone is a privilege which can be revoked by The School Directors
at any time. Students are permitted to carry cellphones throughout the day, but they must be
silenced during any dance classes, unless otherwise noted by a teacher. Phone calls are not
permitted during any dance classes.

Students are not permitted to leave class to use the phone. In the case of an emergency, calls
can be made via the Main Office (ext. 1100). The Rock School staff will retrieve and
communicate any messages to students.

If a student is using their cell phone improperly, they will receive a verbal warning for their
first offense. Subsequent infractions will result in the completion of an Incident Report.
Students who commit more than two infractions may have their cellphone privileges

Vehicle Use
Residents are not permitted to have any motorized vehicles on campus nor near the vicinity
of The Rock School. Commuters are not permitted to drive any Residents in their motor
vehicles at any time unless permission is given by said resident’s parent/guardian and The
Rock School staff. No Rock School staff member is permitted to drive a student in their
personal car.

Behavioral Misconduct
Students are not to threaten, harm, or place in danger any other person. Lewd, indecent, and
disorderly conduct is prohibited. Students are not to intimidate, harass, threaten, or haze any
other students of member of Rock School staff. This includes all physical, psychological, and
written behavior, in person and online. Students are expected to uphold the same standards
in their social media interactions as they do in person.

Violent behavior will not be tolerated. Students who commit acts of a violent nature,
including but not limited to fighting, physical and verbal threats, and vandalism, are subject
to disciplinary action and to and including immediate dismissal from The Rock School.

Vandalism/Destruction of Property
Willful, malicious, or deliberate destruction of public or private property is strictly
prohibited. Students will be held responsible for any damages, including the cost of
repairing or replacing damaged item(s) and cost of labor (if applicable), and will be subject
to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from The Rock School.

Gambling at The Rock School is strictly prohibited. Any student(s) found gambling will be
subject to dismissal from The School.

Pets are not permitted in The Rock School or in Rock School Residence.

Public Displays of Affection
Students must refrain from any inappropriate and intimate behaviors at The Rock School
during any school or event-related activities. Inappropriate displays of affection will not be
tolerated. The Rock School considers kissing, fondling, or intimate contact of any kind to be
inappropriate sexual contact and disciplinary action will be taken immediately.

Sleeping in any public areas of The Rock School is not permitted. If a student feels too
exhausted to dance, the student should report to the Main Office and, in the case of resident
students, the Summer Residence Directors. Students should not miss any classes to sleep.
Doing so constitutes as a class cut and may result in disciplinary action.

Weapons of any kind are strictly prohibited. If a student is found to have any weapons on
Rock School premises, the student is subject to discipline and/or immediate dismissal from
The Rock School.

Fireworks and Incendiary Devices
Fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited. If fireworks are being stored or found on any
Rock School premises, the student is subject to disciplinary action and/or dismissal from The
Rock School. Other incendiary devices, including but not limited to candles and incense, are
strictly prohibited.

Alcohol and Substance Abuse Policy
The consumption and/or possession of alcoholic beverages by students and guests is strictly
prohibited, regardless of age. Violation of this policy may lead to immediate dismissal from
The Rock School and/or Rock School Residence, as well as being reported to the proper
authorities. If a student of legal age distributes alcohol to a minor, this will also lead to
immediate dismissal from The Rock School. The Rock School reserves the right to require
any student to participate in counseling and/or drug/alcohol rehabilitation as a condition of
said student’s return to The Rock School community.

The Rock School forbids the sale, possession, consumption, and storage of illegal drugs
and/or controlled substances (as defined under applicable federal and state law). Any
evidence of the above description will result in immediate dismissal from The Rock School,
as well as being turned over to the proper authorities. Any type of drug paraphernalia is also
prohibited and will be confiscated and turned over to the proper authorities. Immediate
dismissal from The Rock School will follow.

Smoking Policy
The Rock School is a non-smoking facility. In accordance with The City of Philadelphia’s
code, smoking is banned in all workplaces, to ensure a healthy environment for all

individuals. The law also prohibits smoking within twenty feet The Rock School’s building

The Rock School does not condone the use of tobacco products in any way. Student use of
tobacco products (regardless of age) is strictly prohibited on any Rock School premises,
event, or property. If a student is seen smoking at any time, it may be considered a violation
of The Rock School’s policy regarding actions that tarnish The School’s reputation. Students
of legal age may not use tobacco products within three blocks of The Rock School and its
Residence. Violation of these policies may lead to the dismissal from The Rock School.

Medical Release and Care

Medical Release Forms
All students are required to submit Medical Release Forms. The Residence staff may not be
able to assist with medical appointments without these forms. Forms will be given to any
and all medical personnel. The parent(s)/guardian(s) of minor students will be contacted
prior to seeking medical attention, except in the case of an emergency. No student is
permitted to begin classes without filling out the Medical Release Forms and submitting
them to The Rock School.

Medical Form Statement of Privacy
The Rock School takes great care in protecting the medical information of all students.
Student medical forms are securely stored at The Rock School and are only made available to
authorized staff members on a need to know basis. Medical forms are given to all medical
personnel in the case of an emergency per The Rock School’s Release of Claims and Medical
Authorization form. Residence students’ medical information will be shared with medical
personnel as deemed appropriate within the scope of The Rock School’s Care Waiver.

All medical forms for the 2021 Summer Ballet Intensive will be shredded and destroyed at
the end of the session. The Rock School will not retain any obsolete student medical
information or files.

Health Insurance
It is mandatory for all residents to have valid health insurance for the greater Philadelphia
area. Students must have a photocopy of both sides of their insurance card on file at The
Rock School. Parents and students should consult their insurance policy before arrival to
determine whether or not their carrier extends coverage to the greater Philadelphia area.

Students should arrive with the name of a network provider, their address, and phone

If the student’s insurance does not provide coverage in the greater Philadelphia area or if a
student is from a different country, he/she must obtain an appropriate health insurance
policy prior to arrival. The Rock School will not assume costs associated with invalid
insurance or medical procedures/equipment not covered by the student’s health insurance

Medication Policy
As stated in the medical form, students may have access to over-the-counter medicine via The
Rock School staff in the Main Office. Residents will maintain their own prescription
medication. The Rock School staff, including the Residence staff, will not remind students
to take their medication, nor will The School assume responsibility for any student’s failure
to pick up prescription medications.

Students are strictly forbidden from sharing, giving away, or selling their medications.
Doing so constitutes a major infraction.

Medical Attention for Sick or Injured Students
In the event of an emergency, Rock School staff will immediately take the student to the
emergency room or urgent care.

Class Policies

Level Placement and Advancement
Students are placed in a level by the School Directors prior to the start of the intensive. The
Rock School faculty is not permitted to provide any information regarding a student’s
progress to any students, parents, or guardians. Parents and guardians are strictly prohibited
from requesting a level change for their child. Final level changes are at the discretion of The
School Directors. If the School Directors determine that a student should be assigned to a
different level, a Rock School staff member will notify the parent(s)/guardian(s) of that

Class Attendance and Tardiness
Students are expected to arrive to The Rock School with sufficient time to properly prepare
for classes each day. In the interest of injury prevention, The Rock School reserves the right

to bar any student who arrives late from participating in the class. Consistent lateness
constitutes ground for dismissal from The Rock School.

Students are required to attend all classes and rehearsals to which they are assigned. Students
with minor injuries or illness are required to observe all classes in the studios. A student will
be excused from classes and rehearsals only in the case of serious illness, injury, or an

Any student absence must promptly be reported to The Rock School at with the subject line ATTENDANCE. Additionally, a
parent/guardian must be cc’d on the email.

The Rock School reserves the right to dismiss any student with unexcused absences or on
leave for five or more days. Scholarship students are not exempt from the rules governing

Instructor-Student Contact
The Rock School strives to offer teaching that is individual and “hands-on”. Under normal
circumstances, it is appropriate for a member of our faculty to manually and physically
position a student to improve technique. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty will
not be permitted to offer any hands-on instruction to our students. Although this protocol
stands until the pandemic is over, The Rock School never condones nor tolerates any
touching of students by instructors that is harmful, professionally reckless, or that violates
generally accepted tenets of propriety.

Parent Observation Weeks
The Rock School will not be holding any Parent Observation Weeks until further notice.
This is for the safety of the students by ensuring minimal traffic flow within the building. If
The School is able to offer Parent Observation Weeks at any point in time during the
intensive, parents/guardians will be notified, and policies within this handbook will be

Dress Guidelines

        Levels 2-6                                      Male Students (all levels)
    §   Solid leotard (any style or color)          §   Any solid colored t-shirts
    §   Pale pink tights                            §   Black tights
    §   Pink ballet slippers and pointe shoes       §   White socks
    §   Any colored leotard may be worn on          §   Black ballet shoes
                Levels 4-6
    §   Skirts may be worn during pointe
        and variations classes, at the
        instructor’s discretion

Students are not permitted to wear plastic pants, bike shorts, overshirts, sweat clothes, or
other extraneous or concealing garments during ballet classes. Students with minor injuries
may wear close-fitting leg warmers (pink for females, black for males) at the barre only.
Students are required to wear a mask covering their noses and mouths at all times with the
exception of designated “mask breaks” and mealtimes. The Rock School reserves the right to
dismiss any student for disregarding the dress code.

In situations where students are not attending classes, they are required to dress in a manner
that reflects The Rock School’s vision and mission, demonstrates respect to the community,
and promotes focused teaching and learning. Therefore, clothing must completely cover the
chest, stomach, back, and bottom at all times. Footwear must be worn at all times. Clothing
must not:
     § Contain writing or images that include direct or indirect references to violence,
         profanity, sexual issues, alcohol, or drugs
     § Include military dress, camouflage, or military logos
     § Reveal undergarments
     § Include halter-tops, tube-tops, off the shoulder shirts, spaghetti straps, or pajamas

Students are not permitted to dye their hair unusual colors.

Students who do not follow these guidelines or who do not follow reasonable standards of
decency in their choice of school attire may be asked to change clothes, dismissed from class,
or sent home. Repeated or intentional violations will result in further discipline. The Rock
School reserves the right to interpret the dress code as needed.

Student Use of Rock School Costumes
The Costume Shop, which is located on the third floor of The Rock School, will not be open
to the public until further notice.

At times, students may use The Rock School’s costumes. If costumes are used at any point in
time during the summer intensive, students will have scheduled fittings which they are
required to attend. Students are not permitted to take any of The Rock School’s costumes
out of the building.

Students are expected to take excellent care of their costumes and keep them on the
appropriate hangers at all times. Students should never eat or drink anything besides water
while wearing their costumes and should keep hands clean of dirt and makeup while
handling them. Damages should be brought to The Rock School’s attention immediately.
The Rock School reserves the right to charge families for repairs or replacement of costumes
that are mistreated, damaged, or lost.

Student Name Tags
The Rock School provides each student with a durable nametag to be worn over the chest or
stomach during every class. These nametags facilitate individual corrections by the faculty
and guest teachers, and allow personal instruction. Students must wear nametags to all
classes. Replacement nametags are available for $1. Only Rock School-issued nametags are

Six-Week Session Performers
Students who attend for six weeks will participate in the end of summer performance and
are required to bring specific items to wear during the performance.

          At least 1 pair pink ballet slippers in good condition (2 pairs for 6-week students)
          At least 1 pair pink pointe shoes in good condition (2 pairs for 6-week students)

1 solid bright colored camisole leotard
       1 solid black camisole leotard
       5 or more favorite leotards
       2 pairs black footless tights
       5 or more pairs pink full-footed tights
       1 solid white camisole leotard
       1 solid nude camisole leotard
       1 solid white dance skirt
       1 solid black dance skirt
       Makeup and hair supplies for performance

       2 pairs black ballet slippers in good condition
       1 solid bright colored fitted dance shirt
       1 solid black fitted dance shirt
       5 or more favorite dance shirts
       1 pair black jazz pants
       1 pair black full-footed tights
       5 or more pairs favorite dance tights
       5 or more dance belts
       1 solid white fitted dance shirt
       1 pair white full-footed tights
       5 pairs black socks
       5 pairs white socks
       Makeup and hair supplies for performance

Summer Residence

Program Overview
Rock Residence provides convenient, safe, supervised accommodation for dancers in levels 2
through 6. The Summer Residence Directors, along with chaperones and resident assistants,

ensure that students have an enjoyable experience and communicates necessary information
to parents and other Rock School staff.

Living in a residential environment requires all students to respect the right of others, the
community, and the premises. Therefore, resident students must follow the policies below.
Failure to comply will be grounds for discipline, up to and including immediate dismissal
from The Rock School.

Residence Requirements
   § Rock School residents are responsible for the facilities and equipment rented or
      loaned to them
   § Residents are expected to show courtesy and respect to their peers and Rock staff
   § Residents will follow all guidelines listed above under Rock School Policy and

Marine Club Residence
All six- and three-week 2021 Summer residents will live across the street from The School in
Marine Club Apartments. The Rock School occupies one floor, where each student is
provided with a single bed, small dresser, standing lamp, desk, and chair. Linens are
available for an extra fee. The Marine Club has 24-hour front desk security and security
cameras through the building.

Residence at Hyatt Centric
Four-week 2021 Summer residents will live in the Hyatt Centric Philadelphia and be
shuttled to and from The School. Hyatt rooms come fully furnished with furniture and
linens. 24-hour security is on site.

All mail to residents should be addressed as follows:
The Rock School
Attn: Student Name
1101 S Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Students may leave outgoing, postage-paid mail at The Rock School’s front desk. Students
should bring their own stamps if they intend to send mail.

Students will inquire at The School’s front office to pick up mail.

All summer Residence students will have at least one roommate. The total number of
roommates will vary depending upon room assignment. Residents are placed in rooms by
Residence staff based on a variety of factors including age, level placement, and session. All
students will learn the identity of their roommate(s) upon arrival. No roommate
information will be provided to students prior to check-in.

Students who wish to request a roommate may submit the Roommate Request Form. Both
parties must be registered for the same session and submit the form for the request to be
considered. Residence staff will make every effort to accommodate roommate requests but
cannot guarantee roommate placement

Residence students may not initiate room changes and any roommate concerns must be
addressed with the Summer Residence Directors.

Students are not permitted to brings guests into Residence.

Solicitation is not permitted in Rock Residence. Rock School students may not sell any
goods or services to any other students. Violations should be reported to the Summer
Residence Directors.

Residence students are expected to attend all meals unless excused by a chaperone.

Students with dietary requirements must disclose this in advance to ensure the Café is able to

Marine Club residents will eat all meals in The Rock School’s Café. Hyatt Centric residents
will eat in The Rock School’s Café for all meals Monday-Friday as well as Saturday breakfast
and lunch, and will eat at Hyatt Centric for Saturday dinner and Sunday brunch and dinner.

Residence Meetings
Attendance at Residence meetings is mandatory. The Summer Residence Directors will give
students sufficient notice of meeting times.

Student Lounge and Common Areas
Students must be respectful and considerate of others in shared spaces. Sports, running, and
yelling are all prohibited. All trash should be picked up and disposed of.

The student lounge has a television. Movies and television shown in the lounge must be
rated G, PG, or PG-13. Video games played in the lounge must be approved by the Summer
Residence Directors or chaperones and must adhere to the same rating requirement as

Students are responsible for any personal items left in the lounge. The Rock School is not
responsible for lost belongings.

Co-ed socializing among students is permitted in common areas only. Resident students of
the opposite gender are not permitted to enter each other’s rooms under any circumstances.
Sexual contact is strictly prohibited. The Rock School considers kissing, fondling, or intimate
contact of any kind to be sexual contact and disciplinary action will be taken immediately.

Cleaning of Residence Space – Marine Club
Students are responsible for cleaning and maintaining their own living space. Residence
students and staff share responsibility for keeping clean common areas. Cleaning items such
as brooms and vacuums are available for all residents to use throughout the summer.

The Summer Residence Directors and chaperones reserve the right to make unannounced
room inspections at any time. Rooms and furniture must be left in the same condition as
they were upon arrival. Should students leave a room dirty when vacating, they will be billed
a cleaning fee.

Cleaning of Residence Space – Hyatt Centric
Hyatt housekeeping staff will clean rooms and change sheets weekly. There will be a
hospitality station where students may help themselves to clean towels and toiletries.

Marine Club residents have access to laundry facilities on The School’s floor. The Summer
Residence Directors and RAs will be able to demonstrate how to use the machines, if

Hyatt residents will be taken to a laundromat to access laundry facilities. Alternatively,
parents may utilize a laundry service at their own expense.

Any emergency situation must be promptly reported to the Summer Residence Directors or
a chaperone. Failure to report broken or damaged items may result in the assessment of a
fine billed to the student’s account.

Furniture Removal
No furniture shall be removed from Rock Residence under any circumstances. Students are
responsible for maintaining the provided furniture. Any furniture concerns should be
addressed with the Summer Residence Directors or a chaperone. Students may be financially
responsible for damaged furniture (with the exception of normal wear and tear). The cost of
missing furniture will be billed to a student’s account.

Appliance Policy
Hot plates, space heaters, and toaster ovens are prohibited in student rooms. Students may
have entertainment equipment which draws less than 15 watts per channel. Other
permissible appliances are: clock, fan, heating pad, hair dryer, hair setter or curling iron with
automatic on/off feature, and electrical grooming tools. All appliances must be U/L
approved and the cords must be in good working order. The Summer Residence Directors
must approve surge protectors and extension cords.

Students may not sit on windowsills, throw items at or from windows, or tamper with
window restrictions. Engaging in loud window-to-window or window-to-ground
conversation is not allowed. Violation of this policy is grounds for disciplinary action.

There is a curfew for all resident students, determined based on the student’s age. Curfew
times will be strictly enforced. Violations of curfew may result in expulsion from The Rock

School. The Summer Residence Directors and School Directors reserve the right to change
curfew hours.

Curfews are typically extended by one hour on Saturdays. Extended curfews may be granted
on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Summer Residence Directors. Curfew
extensions are a privilege which may be revoked if abused.

Leaving the Residence
Unless going to class or participating in a Rock School-organized outing, residents must sign
out with their chaperone whenever they leave the dorm, and sign in upon return. Violations
of this policy will result in disciplinary action.

In order for a resident student to leave with anyone other than Rock School staff or
approved group departures (e.g., to Target across Washington Avenue from Rock
Residence), the student’s parent/guardian must complete and sign a Permission to Leave
Residence Form. This form must be completed for each occasion a student wishes to leave
Residence. Please email Permission to Leave Residence Forms to at least three days prior to the effective date. Failure to do so
may result in the student being prohibited to leave Residence.

For the 2021 Summer Intensive, students are not permitted to leave Rock Residence
overnight. They may be checked out for daytime excursions only.

If a student fails to adhere to the rules in this handbook, sign-out privileges may be revoked
at the discretion of the Summer Residence Directors and/or the School Directors. The Rock
School is not liable for any harm which might befall students, nor for their conduct, while
they are exercising sign-out privileges.

Crossing Broad Street
Marine Club Residence students must cross Broad Street to reach The Rock School. Students
are expected to be in groups of at least two at all times. If a student is found crossing the
street alone and/or entering The School or Residence alone, they will immediately lose
privileges as determined by the Summer Residence Directors.

Students who are of legal age, eighteen or older, may cross the street by themselves.

Students of all ages are not permitted to cross the street with headphones in and/or while
talking on their phone.

Keys and Locks
Resident students must keep their rooms locked at all times. Keys are non-transferrable and
may not be duplicated. Residence students are responsible for securing their room and their
personal belongings. Locks may not be changed, nor may additional locks be installed. A
$100 fee will be assessed for any keys not returned at the end of the intensive. Students who
lose keys must immediately report the loss to the Summer Residence Directors or a
chaperone, and will be responsible for the replacement cost.

Emergency Medical Procedures
Residence students who become seriously ill or injured must notify a chaperone
immediately. In the case of a medical emergency, the Summer Residence Directors or Rock
School staff will immediately contact 911 and notify the parent(s) or guardians(s) of a minor
student. Medical Release Forms completed by the parent or guardian will be given to the
treating medical personnel, unless circumstances make it impossible to provide such forms.
Drug and/or alcohol consumption will be treated as a medical emergency.

Non-Emergency Medical Procedures
Cases of illness or injury not considered to be emergencies must be reported to the Summer
Residence Directors or a chaperone. In these instances, injuries are treated as follows:
    § There will be a standard 24-hour waiting period before calling a doctor. During that
       time the student should rest, ice, compress, and elevate the injury, as well as contact
       their parent/guardian.
    § After the 24-hour wait, if the student or staff still feels seeking medical treatment is
       necessary, The Rock School will contact the parent/guardian to notify them and
       request permission to contact a doctor.
    § Students and parents/guardians are responsible for all expenses incurred during
       medical visits, including but not limited to office visit fees, lab fees, test fees, and
       transportation costs (if applicable).

Medical Appointments
Although resident students may make their own appointments, they are strongly encouraged
to request the Summer Residence Directors schedule appointments. The Summer Residence
Directors are familiar with both students’ schedules, to arrange appointment times with the
least impact on a student’s day, and with medical professionals who know The School and

the needs of our students. Parents/guardians are required to pay for all medical

Residence staff will provide transportation to and from a student’s appointment whenever

Scholarships, Tuition, and Other Payment Information

Scholarship Information
All scholarships are given at the discretion and the direction of The School Directors. The
Rock School awards two types of summer scholarships:
     § Merit- The Rock School offers a limited number of full and partial Merit Dance
        Scholarships, primarily to students in the upper levels. These scholarships are based
        on talent and ability and are awarded only by The School Directors.
     § City Dance- The Rock School’s City Dance program enables The Rock School to
        identify and train talented students who meet financial eligibility requirements.
        Upon acceptance to the program, students receive a full or partial tuition scholarship
        that is evaluated annually.

All Rock School students who receive a scholarship award, full or partial, are subject to a
Scholarship Fee for the school year. The Scholarship Fee helps subsidize administrative
expenses necessary to support The Rock School’s extensive scholarship programs.
Scholarship recipients are not eligible for other discounts in combination with his/her
scholarship(s). Scholarships cover tuition only. Additional fees for performances or
competitions are not included in the tuition scholarship award.

Scholarship Terms
   § Scholarship recipients must attend all regularly scheduled dance classes to which
       he/she is assigned and will report all upcoming absences promptly to The Rock
       School’s Main Office at
   § Students are not allowed to train at any other schools unless granted permission by
       The School Directors. Any outside training would be for modern or jazz only.
   § Students must adhere to the student dress code established by The Rock School.
   § Scholarship recipients are to be polite, respectful, and supportive of fellow students,
       staff, and faculty.
   § Scholarship recipients and their families are not permitted to discuss scholarship
       information with other students and parents.

Tuition Payment Agreement
The Tuition Payment Agreement is effective for all of The Rock School’s programs (i.e.
dance, Residence). All tuition paid to The Rock School is non-refundable and non-

Dance tuition includes class instruction and select rehearsals.

Residence costs include a place in The Rock School dormitory and meals in the Café. The
dormitory facility is part of a local condominium complex and includes a study hall,
bathroom, kitchen, and student lounge. The Rock School Residence staff monitors the
dormitory facility.

Reserving Your Spot
Students must submit a new registration for each session they attend. The Rock School’s
dance and Residence programs are filled on a first-come, first-served basis, with priority
extended to re-enrolling students in good standing. Programs have limited capacity and it is
important to complete the registration process by the due date to reserve a space. A place
cannot be reserved for a student unless the registration has been completed and payment has
been received. Please visit our website to review the required registration steps. Installment
payment due dates can be found on The Rock School website.

Payment Terms
Dance tuition and housing costs may be paid in installments or in full. Payment due dates
can be found on The School’s website. If payment is past due, the student may not be
permitted to attend class.

Credit Card Convenience Fee
A 2.75% fee on each transaction will be added to all credit card payments to offset the
processing fee The Rock School must pay to the credit card processor. We will continue to
accept other payment methods, including cash, paper checks, or electronic check payments
(ACH), which carry no additional charge. Individuals must make an appointment with the
Main Office to drop off any forms of payment.

All families have the option to have a credit card or bank account charged automatically for
tuition and housing installments. To have the payment automatically processed, families
must choose the autopay option when registering online or via the registration packet.
Autopay only applies to tuition and housing installments. Additional fees, such as those for
performance and competitions, will not be processed automatically. Accounts on autopay
will be processed on the installment due date. Families are responsible for updating payment

Late Payments
A late fee of a $25 minimum will be assessed for payments over five business days past due.
Students who have overdue payments will not be permitted to attend class.

Withdrawal from the Summer Intensive
A student withdrawing from The Rock School’s dance program prior to the start of the
program must provide The School written notice of the withdrawal. Tuition, housing, and
other payments already made to The Rock School are non-refundable and families may be
responsible for remaining installments.

Student with pre-existing injuries, chronic illnesses, or who are physically incapable of
participating fully in the rigorous program of training at The Rock School should not enroll.
Any student who begins the summer intensive but is found to have a pre-existing injury or
illness requiring him/her to go home will not receive a refund of tuition and Residence

If a student has to withdraw due to an unforeseen injury or illness, The Rock School may
consider deferring money paid toward tuition and housing to next year’s intensive. In
addition to written notification of the withdrawal, The Rock School must receive
documentation from the student’s physician confirming the injury or illness. Payment for
administrative fees (e.g. registration and scholarship fees) cannot be deferred.

Approval to defer payment is granted on a case-by-case basis. Payments may only be deferred
to the next summer. The student must audition and be accepted for the following summer’s
intensive to apply the deferred payment. Acceptance for the next summer is not guaranteed.

Privacy Policies

The Rock School is committed to protecting your privacy. This policy governs the usage of
information provided by you on The Rock School’s designated webpages; it does not apply
to the offline collection of data or The Rock School’s website in its entirety. The Statement
of Privacy is found on all of The Rock School’s webpages.

Personal information provided by you to The Rock School will be collected, used, and
disclosed as described in the Statement of Privacy.

Collection of Your Personal Information
The Rock School collects personal information, such as your email address, parent contact
information, student data, and payment information. Information collected by The Rock
School is used solely for the purpose of billing and completing student registration based on
your online purchase.

The Rock School is not responsible for the privacy statements or other content on webpages
outside of The Rock School’s webpages.

Use of Your Personal Information
The Rock School and its operational service partners collect and use your personal
information to process billing based on class registration requests. This includes issuing
billing statements and invoices, to complete the billing process based on the payment plan
selected. The Rock School will also use personal information to inform you of school-
affiliated events and notices.

The Rock School may contact you via surveys to conduct research about your opinion of
current programs or potential new programs that may be offered.

The Rock School does not sell or lease its customer lists to third parties. The Rock School
may access and/or disclose your personal information if required to do so by law or in the
good faith belief that such action is necessary to A) conform to the edicts of the law or
comply with legal process served on The Rock School’s webpages; B) protect and defend the
rights or property of The Rock School including its Tuition, Admission, and Registration
webpages; or C) act under exigent circumstances to protect the personal safety of users of
The Rock School or the public.

Personal information collected on The Rock School’s website may be stored and processed
in the United States or any other country in which The Rock School or its affiliates,
subsidiaries, or agents maintain facilities, and by using the site, you consent to any such
transfer of information outside of your country.

Control Your Personal Information
To stop the delivery of future email notices from The Rock School, you may respond directly
to any email you receive with a request to remove you from the mailing list.

Security of Your Personal Information
The Rock School is committed to protecting the security of your personal information. The
Rock School uses a variety of security technologies and procedures to help protect your
personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. When transmitting
highly confidential information (such as a credit card number) over the internet, The Rock
School uses a secure payment gateway, so your information is protected. The Rock School is
a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) organization.

Changes to This Statement
The Rock School will occasionally update the Statement of Privacy to reflect The School and
customer feedback. If there are material changes to the Statement or in how The Rock
School will use your personal information, The Rock School will prominently post such
changes prior to implementing the change. The Rock School encourages you to periodically
review this statement to be informed of how The Rock School is protecting your

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