2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute

2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute
2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute
         CEO Nicholas Hunt

         Welcome to William Angliss Institute, Australia’s largest specialist centre for
         foods, tourism, hospitality and events training.
         Established in 1940, the Institute prides itself on providing expert professional
         education and training in these fields.
         In 2018 William Angliss Institute was recognised for the quality of our
         education programs, student support services and focussed student activities.
         During the year the Institute was recognised at the Victorian International
         Education Awards receiving the prestigious honour of the Victorian Premier’s
         Award - International Education Provider of the Year. At the Victorian RACV
         Tourism Awards the Institute was awarded gold for Best Tourism Education and
         Training Provider 2018.
         Through becoming a member of the Institute’s learning community you will
         also benefit from the close links we have established with industry.
         I urge you to take advantage of the opportunities available to you through
         extracurricular activities and other experiences for students. These activities
         will help develop and extend your professional networks and support your
         career development.
         As the preferred supplier of staff to Food Services Australia, Melbourne City
         Council, Good Food & Wine Show, and Melbourne Food and Wine Festival
         among others, our students have unrivalled access to the food, tourism,
         hospitality and event industries in Victoria and New South Wales.
         As a student of William Angliss Institute, you have access to a range of
         helpful services and support, so I encourage you to immerse yourself in your
         course and in campus life and I look forward to welcoming you to our alumni
         on graduation.
         Best regards,

         Nicholas Hunt
         Chief Executive Officer

2                                                                    William Angliss Institute
2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute

                Academic Calendar			4
                Campus Map and Key Contacts		                6
                Getting Started			8
                Fees and Finances			                         10
                Know your department		                       12
                Course Information			14
                Student Services			20
                Get Involved			24
                Health, Safety and Security		                26
                On-campus Facilities			28
                Your Rights & Responsibilities		             30

                All information in this guide is accurate as at February
                2021. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure its
                accuracy, changes may have occurred since this date.

                © William Angliss Institute, 2021. All text and images
                unless otherwise stated.

                William Angliss Institute
                ABN 66 266 583 978
                RTO No. 3045
                CRICOS Provider No. 01505M
                Higher Education Provider HEP 9534
                555 La Trobe Street
                Melbourne Victoria 3000
                T +61 3 9606 2111

Student Guide                                                              3
2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute
    ACTIVITY                            DATES
    Orientation                         15- 19 February
    Semester 1 commences                22 February
    Graduation                          9 March
    Census date                         22 March
    Mid-semester break                  5 - 16 April
    Classes end                         28 May
    SWOT VAC week                       31 May - 2 June
    Exam period                         3 - 18 June
    Semester 1 results                  2 July
    Supplementary/special exam period   28 - 30 July

    Winter School commences             28 June
    Census date                         5 July
    Classes end                         23 July
    SWOT VAC                            26 - 28 July
    Exam period                         29 - 30 July
    Winter School results               6 August

    Orientation                         26 - 30 July
    Semester 2 commences                2 August
    Graduation                          10 - 12 August
    Census date                         30 August
    Mid-semester break                  13 - 24 September
    Classes end                         5 November
    SWOT VAC                            8 - 10 November
    Exam period                         11 - 26 November
    Semester 2 results                  10 December
    Supplementary/special exam period   15 - 17 December

    Summer School commences             13 December
    Census date                         24 December

4                                                           William Angliss Institute
2021 GUIDE STUDENT - William Angliss Institute
 ACTIVITY                                                      DATES
 February Orientation                                          15 - 19 February
 Semester 1 commences                                          22 February
 Graduation                                                    10 - 11 March
 End Term 1                                                    24 April
 Mid-semester break                                            26 April - 1 May
 Commence Term 2                                               3 May
 End Semester 1                                                3 July
 Mid-year break                                                5 - 24 July
 July Orientation                                              26 - 31 July
 Semester 2 commences                                          2 August
 Graduation                                                    10 - 12 August
 Mid-semester break                                            20 - 25 September
 End Term 3                                                    9 October
 Commence Term 4                                               11 October
 End of academic year / Semester 2                             11 December
 Campus Closure & Public Holidays                              23 December

A note on census dates for VET students
VET subjects have independent census dates. To check your census dates please refer to your units on
eStudent or speak to your Student Management Centre.

William Angliss Institute is closed on these dates:

 PUBLIC HOLIDAY                                                DATES
 New Year’s Day                                                1 January
 Australia Day                                                 26 January
 Labour Day                                                    8 March
 Good Friday/Easter Monday                                     2 April / 5 April
 ANZAC Day                                                     25 April
 Queen’s Birthday                                              14 June
 Friday before AFL Grand Final                                 24 September
 Melbourne Cup                                                 2 November
 Institute closed (includes Christmas and Boxing Day)          23 - 31 December 2021

Student Guide                                                                                          5
                                    Lift           Stairs           Accessible Toilet
ing                                 Prayer Room    Toilets          Ramp Access
                                    Public Phone   No Ramp Access



                                                                                                    CAMPUS MAP MELBOURNE


        William Angliss Institute
DEPARTMENT                                  LOCATION                           CONTACT
Angliss Bistro                              Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2120
Angliss Restaurant                          Building E | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2108
Bakeshop                                    Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2409
Café 555                                    Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2148
Careers & Employment                        Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137
Coffee Academy                              Building D | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2401
Conference Centre                           Building A | Level 5               (03) 9606 2512
Course Enquiries                            Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111
Disability Support                          Building C | Level 2               (03) 9606 2232
First Aid                                   Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 3704
Graduation                                  Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137
Information Centre                          Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 8595 5144
International Office                        Building B | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2169
International Student Coordinator:          Building E | Level 1 | Room E106   (03) 9606 2373
Centre for Food Trades & Culinary Arts
International Student Coordinator:          Building A | Level 4 | Room A441   (03) 9606 2527
Centre for Hospitality & Tourism
Learning Advisors                           Building C | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2574
Learning Resource Centre                    Building C | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2237
Lost Property (Reception)                   Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111
Medical Centre                              Building C | Level 2               (03) 9606 2208
National Indigenous Community Coordinator   Building C | Level 1 | Room C107   (03) 9606 2469
Reception                                   Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 2111
Scholarships                                Building C | Level 1               (03) 9606 2137
Security                                    Building A | Ground Floor          (03) 9606 3704
Short Courses                               Building C, Level 2                (03) 9606 2168
Student Activities                          Building C, Level 1                (03) 9606 2137
Wellbeing & Counselling Services            Building C, Level 2                (03) 9606 2210
Youth Learning                              Building C, Level 1                (03) 9606 2517

Student Guide                                                                                   7
It’s important for you          Now that you’re enrolled, it’s time to tick off
                                all these items:
to know key contacts,            ¨     Pay your fees or organise your student
fee information, student               loan (if eligible)
                                 ¨     Order your Student Card from the
services, and how to navigate          Information Centre

campus.                          ¨     Submit your credit transfer/recognition
                                       of prior learning documentation to your
                                       program area (if relevant)
                                 ¨     Get a copy of your timetable and know
                                       where your classrooms are
                                 ¨     Meet key academic and support services
                                       staff at Orientation
                                 ¨     Locate your Student Management Centre
                                 ¨     Find out about Student Services - where
                                       they’re located and how to make an
                                 ¨     Read the Student Code of Conduct, with
                                       an emphasis on student policies and
                                 ¨     (For international students) Understand
                                       student visa compliance, housing, health
                                       matters and personal safety
                                If you’re missing a few things, you can find
                                more information and key contacts within
                                this guide so you can get settled into life at
                                William Angliss Institute.

8                                                             William Angliss Institute
STUDENT CARD                                         myWAI Student Portal/Moodle
Once you have completed your enrolment and
made payment of your course fees, you can order      Moodle is your online learning management
your Student Card from the Information Centre        system. Your teacher/lecturer will store
(Building A, Ground Floor). Your Student Card        information about your subjects on Moodle. You
is used to access printers and photocopiers and      will need to access Moodle to obtain your Subject
enables you to borrow from the LRC. You will         Outline and information about the assessment
need your Student Card to sit exams for Higher       requirements of your subjects.
Education subjects.
                                                     You will not be able to access myWAI/Moodle if
You will need your student card for entry and exit   you have overdue fees or library sanctions.
to campus during COVID Restrictions.
                                                     For troubleshooting enquiries, please visit the
If you damage or misplace your card, you will need   Learning Resource Centre (LRC) (Building C,
to order and pay for a replacement card from the     Ground Floor) or email eLearning Support at
Information Centre.                                  esu@angliss.edu.au.

COMPUTER AND NETWORK ACCESS                          Once you’re enrolled and have logged onto
You need your Student ID number to access the        myWAI for the first time, you should be able to
Institute’s computer network, email, myWAI           connect to the wireless network:
Student Portal/Moodle and Wi-Fi.
                                                     •   select WAI-BYOD network
You will need to set up your password the first      •   your username:
time you access anything. Head to passwordreset.         myangliss\your student ID
myangliss.edu.au to set up your password,            •   type in your network password
reset your password or change your password.
It is important not to share your password with
anyone.                                              GET YOUR TIMETABLE
Email                                                VET Students
As a William Angliss Institute student, you will     Class timetables are given to all commencing
receive your own student email address. It is        students during Orientation. If you have any
expected that all students check their official      questions relating to your timetable, please
email at least once a week as this is our primary    contact your Student Management Coordinator.
method of communicating official information to
you, including changes to your course, emergency     Higher Education Students
notifications, and student interest programs.        You can access your timetable via eStudent.
You can also forward your student email to           Enrol and register for your classes to create
a personal email so you don’t miss out on            your timetable.
important communication from the Institute.
To set up your student email, visit

Student Guide                                                                                          9
FEES                                                    The census date is the deadline for submitting
                                                        your request for government loan schemes or to
All tuition and student service fees must be paid       change your enrolment or loan arrangements.
in full two weeks prior to the commencement of
classes, however materials and excursions costs         If you do not wish to continue with your studies,
may differ.                                             you need to formally withdraw by census date or
                                                        you will have to pay for the unit you are enrolled
You can view fees and make payments via the             in, or you may incur a VET Student Loan,
eStudent platform under “My Finances”, or use           or FEE-HELP debt with the Commonwealth
the BPAY information contained on your invoice,         Government.
or pay via the Information Centre either by
phone or in person between 9:30am and 4pm.              There is no provision to extend the census date
                                                        deadline for individual courses or units.
Students with outstanding fees and charges may
be blocked from facilities and resources (such as       Census dates for degree students are listed
the Institute Wi-Fi, eStudent, Moodle, etc) until       within the academic calendars in this guide and
the debt is resolved. In addition, students with        angliss.edu.au/calendar.
sancetions will not be able to graduate until all
outstanding fees are resolved.                          VET Students
                                                        Each subject has its own census date. You
                                                        can check your census dates by logging onto
REFUND OF TUITION FEES                                  eStudent.
Refunds for Certificate III or IV courses must
be lodged no later than four (4) weeks after the
course commencement date. Refunds may be
                                                        FEE ASSISTANCE
available for unit withdrawals, credit transfers,       There are some free and subsidised programs
recognition of prior learning, course withdrawal,       that you may be able to access as well as a range
course deferment or course cancellation.                of options to assist you in payment of course
Refunds for Diploma, Advanced Diploma and
Degree courses utilising VET Student Loans              You can find more information about subsidised
or FEE-HELP must be submitted prior to the              fee payments and payment assistance via
relevant census dates. Students who withdraw            angliss.edu.au/fees.
after this date, will be responsible for outstanding
                                                        Wellbeing and Counselling Services can also
loan fees.
                                                        assist with limited material aid such as uniforms
For more information please contact the                 and equipment. They can also provide advice on
Information Centre or the International Office.         how to access financial aid in the community.
                                                        Students experiencing financial hardship during
                                                        the semester are encouraged to access the
CENSUS DATE                                             Wellbeing and Counselling Services for support
This is the date on which all enrolment                 and advice.
requirements must be finalised and is your last
opportunity to withdraw from your unit or subject
of study without incurring tuition fees for that unit
or subject (Diploma and above courses only).

10                                                                                  William Angliss Institute
PAYMENT PLANS                                        SCHOLARSHIPS
All domestic students, who are enrolled into         Study what you love with a little help from the
a William Angliss Institute course, may apply        William Angliss Institute Foundation and our
prior to the start of study to place some or all     industry partners.
of their tuition fees on a payment plan. Fees
for materials, student services, and excursions      Our scholarships provide educational
cannot be included and must be paid in full by       opportunities and financial assistance to support
their published due dates. You may also be asked     you while you’re studying with us and help you
to finalise these prior to the commencement of       achieve your career ambitions.
your payment plan.                                   Scholarships (up to $5,000) are offered to local
There is a $20 Payment Plan Set-up Fee and           and international students twice a year.
either weekly or fortnightly payments will be        Scholarships are available in the following
arranged through Direct Debit.                       categories:
Standard payment plan applications can be up         •   Merit – demonstration of academic excellence
to fourteen weeks. To apply, visit the Information
                                                     •   Equity – demonstration of financial and/or
Centre and request a Payment Plan Application
                                                         educational disadvantage
                                                     For more information on eligibility and available
                                                     scholarships, visit angliss.edu.au/scholarships.

Student Guide                                                                                           11
 STUDY AREA                              LOCATION                           CONTACT
 All degree programs                     Building A | Level 3 | A352        (03) 9606 2511
 Andrew Dolphin                          Building A | Level 3 | A353        (03) 9606 2213

 STUDY AREA                              LOCATION                           CONTACT
 Non-Apprentices                         Building D | Ground Floor | DG26   (03) 9606 2614
 Apprentices                             Building E | Level 1 | E118        (03) 9606 2390
 Lana Spivey                             Building E | Level 1 | E118        (03) 9606 2581
 Marilena Richards                       Building D | Level 1 | D124        (03) 9606 2373
 Claire Benson                           Building E | Level 1 | E121        (03) 9606 2550
 Commercial Cookery                                                         claire.benson@angliss.edu.au
 Angela Tsimiklis                        Building E | Level 1 | E102        (03) 9606 2651
 Baking and Patisserie                                                      angela.tsimiklis@angliss.edu.au
 Kathy Majstorovic                       Building D | Level 1 | D114        (03) 9606 2147
 Food Processing                                                            kathy.majstorovic@angliss.edu.au

12                                                                                     William Angliss Institute
 STUDY AREA                            LOCATION                             CONTACT
 Events, Travel & Tourism, Aviation    Building B | Level 3                 (03) 9606 2127
 Angliss International Hotel School    Building A | Level 4                 (03) 9606 2287
 Hospitality                           Building A | Level 4                 (03) 9606 2287
 Youth Learning                        Building C | Level 1                 (03) 9606 2517
 Andrew Donis                          Building A | Level 4 | A420          (03) 9606 2254
 Anita Olshina                         Building A| Level 4 | A420           (03) 9606 2527
 Corinne Maxfield                      Building B | Level 3 | B310          (03) 9606 2384
 Events, Travel and Tourism                                                 corinne.maxfield@angliss.edu.au
 Carolyn Neilson                       Building A | Level 4 | A420          (03) 9606 2226
 Hospitality and Youth Learning                                             carolyn.neilson@angliss.edu.au

Building B, Ground Floor
(03) 9606 2169
                                                              CHANGE OF DETAILS
                                                              We regularly communicate important
                                                              information to you via your student email
The William Angliss Institute International                   (or your nominated email address), SMS,
Office is responsible for admission, International            and phone calls. Keep your personal details
Orientation, and welfare of all William Angliss               up to date by contacting your SMC when
international students. The International                     changes occur.
Office provides advice on matters relating to
                                                              International students must register change
the course program, student visa regulations,
                                                              of address through the International
Education Services for Overseas Students
                                                              Office within seven days of the change as a
(ESOS) requirements, payment of course fees,
                                                              mandatory condition of their Student Visa.
and further study options.

Student Guide                                                                                                 13
ATTENDANCE                                           noted as absent in the attendance records.
                                                     For some practical classes students who arrive
VET Students                                         late may have to repeat the class in their own
All students must be in attendance for the first     time. In the case of apprentices, late arrivals and
class of each unit and attend all subsequent         non attendances will be reported directly to the
classes until the assessment has been completed,     employer.
including re-assessments, unless otherwise
advised. There is an expectation that attendance
will be 100%, except in cases of illness where a
                                                     CANCELLED CLASSES
valid medical certificate must be submitted.         In the event that a class needs to be cancelled,
                                                     location changed, or time amended due
Higher Education Students                            to teacher illness or other unforeseen
Students are expected to attend all classes. An      circumstances, every attempt will be made to
excuse of unfamiliarity with subject matter          contact the students prior to the class via SMS/
or instructions will not be accepted if seeking      email to alert them of the changes. Notification
special consideration or appealing assessment        and instructions will also be posted on the door
decisions.                                           of the classroom.

International Students                               CHANGES TO YOUR ENROLMENT
The Institute has an expectation that the
attendance of all students will be 100%.             If you need to vary your enrolment after paying
Attendance will be monitored on a regular basis      fees you need to obtain one of the following forms
and the Institute will record non-attendance,        from your SMC or the Information Centre:
including absences due to illness or any other       •   Variation of Enrolment Form
circumstance, on file. This information may be
                                                     •   Cancellation/Refund Form
used in the decision to report the student to the
Department of Home Affairs for unsatisfactory        The form needs to be completed and then
course progress.                                     signed by your department’s Program Leader or
Should you require further advice on this issue,     Student Management Coordinator. If you do not
please visit the International Office (Building B,   notify your department of your unit or subject
Ground Floor) or international@angliss.edu.au.       withdrawal you may be given an ‘N’ (not yet
                                                     assessed as competent) result for that subject.
                                                     If you do not process your variation before the
LATENESS                                             census date you will be charged for the unit, even
                                                     if you do not attend.
Students who arrive excessively late, or who
continue to be late for class or assessment, may
not be permitted to attend that class and will be

14                                                                                William Angliss Institute
CHANGE OF INSTITUTION/PROVIDER                       International Students
                                                     International Students must consult with staff
International Students                               in the International Office as special conditions
Students cannot transfer to another Australian       are attached to student visas regarding Leave
education provider if they have completed            of Absence. International students are not
less than six calendar months of study in their      permitted to take leave from their studies except
principal program. If students are studying more     in exceptional circumstances and they must
than one program, the principal program is the       return to their home country for the leave period.
final program of a packaged offer.                   The maximum period of leave for international
                                                     students is six months.
If a student has completed six months of the
principal course at William Angliss Institute and
decides to change provider, they must notify the     RECOGNITION OF PRIOR LEARNING (RPL)
International Office of their intention to move to   Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) – also known
another Institution within seven days of issue of    as Skills Recognition or Credit Transfer – involves
Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) by their new         a formal recognition of the skills and knowledge
education provider.                                  that you have gained through work experience,
                                                     work-based training, life experience and previous
DEFERMENT OF STUDIES                                 study.

Students currently enrolled may apply for            VET Students
deferral on satisfactory completion of their
                                                     Applying for RPL can shorten the duration of
current semester’s work and prior to classes
                                                     your study time or may award you a full or part
commencing for the next semester.
                                                     qualification on the basis of an RPL assessment.

Leave of Absence                                     Speak to your SMC for information on how to
Leave of Absence may be for a maximum of two         apply and associated costs.
semesters and may depend on the scheduling of
the appropriate stage of the student’s course. The   Higher Education Students
Institute cannot guarantee that the student will     Students may receive academic credits towards
automatically be admitted back into the course at    course requirements for both formal and
the end of their leave period.                       informal prior learning.
The Leave of Absence Application form                You can view the RPL policy and procedure at
is available from your department or the             angliss.edu.au/policies.
Information Centre. All applications must
be submitted to the SMC for students, the
Associate Dean (HE Operations) for Higher
Education students, and the International Office
for international students.
Your Student Management Coordinator must
approve any extensions to a Leave of Absence
application. It is your responsibility to contact
your department in writing to express your
intention to resume studies at least two months
before the next semester begins.
Student Guide                                                                                           15
SPECIAL CONSIDERATION                                 pens, pencils and paper based dictionaries into
                                                      tests and exams – unless otherwise specified in
If you are experiencing personal difficulties which   the Subject Outline.
are impacting on your ability to comply with
course requirements you can apply for special         VET Students
consideration and extensions of assessment            In industry and in TAFE, competencies are the
due dates. There are many reasons to apply for        basis for measuring performance. Students are
special consideration such as medical conditions,     required to demonstrate competence in specified
mental health issues and personal hardship that       levels of performance in each unit they study.
are impacting your ability to study.                  Assessment of students may be undertaken in
Special circumstances must be proven by a             a variety of ways, such as formal or informal
certificate from a doctor or an appropriate           tests, assignments, practical demonstrations,
professional, and granted at your department’s        project work, written or oral reports, simulation,
discretion. If a class assessment is missed,          third party reports and observation within the
alternative forms of assessment may have to be        classroom or workplace.
undertaken.                                           During the first class of each subject the teacher
We recommend students get assistance with             will give an introduction to each unit that will be
special consideration from the Wellbeing and          undertaken in that subject, and assessment details
Counselling Service (WACS).                           will be given in relation to all units. At the start of
                                                      each unit, students will be informed of the formal
VET Students                                          assessment requirements and completion dates.
You should complete and submit a VET Special          For all assessment tasks, students will be given
Consideration Application form. You can get this      two opportunities to demonstrate competence.
form from your department or WACS.                    Where students are assessed for group activities
                                                      it is important they attend classes designated for
Higher Education Students                             work on group projects.
Special Consideration forms can be downloaded
from mywai.angliss.edu.au/my-he (Forms and            Higher Education Students
Documents).                                           Assessment of students may be undertaken in
                                                      a variety of ways, including examination, case
                                                      studies, reports, essays, projects and research
ASSESSMENT                                            studies. At the start of each subject, students
You will receive a Subject Outline in your first      will be informed of the formal assessment
class in each subject cluster or unit, or you’ll be   requirements of that subject.
directed to download the outline from Moodle.         Assessment regulations are specified on
The Subject Outline states the elements of            mywai.angliss.edu.au/my-he (Policies and Procedures).
competency, the forms of assessment and the
dates of assessment.                                  Events and Functions
Off-campus students will obtain workbooks with        Teachers of relevant units will provide guidelines
details of the unit and assessment in it, rather      regarding student-managed events and functions.
than Subject Outlines.                                Students must refer to these guidelines before
                                                      contacting external parties on behalf of the
The use of electronic linguistic dictionaries,        Institute as part of their assessment task
mobile phones and calculators are not permitted       (e.g. suppliers, potential sponsors, and
in assessment situations. Students can only take      collaborators) and representations of the
16                                                                                   William Angliss Institute
Institute brand. A separate result will be given to   If you are found in breach of these regulations,
each individual within the group.                     you will be removed from the examination and
                                                      may be subject to a misconduct investigation.

                                                      CHEATING, PLAGIARISM
VET Students
                                                      AND COLLUSION
Students who do not achieve competency on
their first attempt will be given a second attempt    Copying another’s work without
to achieve competency within that teaching            acknowledgement and other forms of cheating
period. Special consideration must be sought          are viewed seriously. You are expected to uphold
prior to the due date of an assessment.               academic integrity and avoid plagiarism. The
                                                      way students present ideas and information in
VET students who have not achieved competency         assessments must be totally their own.
in a unit within the teaching assessment period
must re-enrol in the following teaching period.       Plagiarism occurs when someone submits work
                                                      that was written by someone else and claims it
Students who are required to re-enrol in a unit       as their own. It is considered to be plagiarism if
which they have previously not been successful        a student uses material found in a text or online,
in completing, are required to pay an additional      without referencing the source in the body of
tuition fee. The International Office will            the text, or uses the work of another student or
determine the fee for the repeat units that           friend.
international students will be required to pay
before re-enrolment takes place.                      Collusion occurs when two people or more work
                                                      together on an assignment/assessment which is
Higher Education Students                             supposed to be done individually.
Students who lodge a timely special consideration     Where a student is found to have cheated,
request may be allowed to resubmit an                 colluded, or plagiarised during assessment, they
assessment.                                           will be listed on a database and immediately
Special Consideration forms are available             placed on probation. If a second incident of
from mywai.angliss.edu.au/my-he                       cheating or plagiarising is proven then the
(Forms and Documents).                                student concerned will face expulsion from the

EXAMINATION REGULATIONS                               All reported cases of plagiarism are investigated
                                                      in line with the Academic Integrity Policy and
Higher Education Students                             Procedure. Penalties may range from an academic
                                                      warning, termination from the course, and even
It is your responsibility to be familiar with         referral to the authorities for fraud investigation.
examination regulations. The regulations are
published to mywai.angliss.edu.au/my-he and           Details of this policy and procedure can be found
notice is provided at the examination rooms.          at angliss.edu.au/policies.

You are required to provide your Student Card as      Turnitin - Higher Education Students
identification to be permitted to sit an exam.
                                                      Turnitin is anti-plagiarism software which will
                                                      scan your submission against a range of electronic
                                                      sources, including; the internet, electronic journals,
                                                      databases, government reports and other student
Student Guide                                                                                              17
RESULTS                                              Progress is assessed by the Higher Education
                                                     Student Progress Committee and can result in
It is your responsibility to check your results      conditions of enrolment, recommendations on
online through myWAI and eStudent. You should        enrolment or termination from course of study.
check the accuracy of your results and discuss
any discrepancies with your teacher or Program       International Students
Leader/Associate Dean (HE Operations) as soon        The Institute is required to monitor international
as possible.                                         students’ course progress. You will be contacted
Any outstanding fees must be paid before results     by the Institute at any stage during a semester
are accessible. Official copies of results can be    advising you that your course progress is a matter
requested through the Information Centre.            of concern to your teachers and coordinators.
                                                     If your progress is not satisfactory for one
Appealing Results                                    semester you will be placed on probation and
You may appeal an assessment result if you feel      will require an intervention strategy. If progress
you have been disadvantaged or discriminated         remains unsatisfactory for two consecutive
against. For further details on the Appeals          semesters, the Institute will notify you in writing
process please speak to your department, the         of the intention to file a report to the Department
Wellbeing and Counselling Service, or refer to the   of Home Affairs for unsatisfactory course
grievance process detailed at                        progress. You will be given the opportunity to go
                                                     through an appeal process.
                                                     For more information, speak to the International
                                                     Office (Building B, Ground Floor).
The prerequisite for entry into the next stage/
semester of a course is the successful completion
of the preceding stage/semester subjects.            Any student with unsatisfactory progress will be
Students who have not completed all of their         notified in writing that they have been placed on
subjects may be permitted to commence the next       probation and may be required to present before
stage/semester if they have the approval from        a committee, prior to enrolment in the next
their department.                                    semester.

Unsatisfactory Progress - VET Students               The Committee will review relevant evidence
                                                     provided by the student, such as medical
Unsatisfactory progress is defined as an
                                                     certificates, letter from a counsellor or treating
incomplete result in five or more units of
                                                     clinician, report from learning support, and make
competency in a semester or repeated failure to
                                                     a decision about the student’s enrolment in the
complete an individual unit.
                                                     course for the following semester.

Unsatisfactory Progress - Higher                     A student who does not attend an interview will
Education Students                                   not be permitted to re-enrol.
Unsatisfactory progress is defined as failure        Following the interview and review of evidence,
to pass 50% of enrolled subjects in a semester       the Committee, in negotiation with the student,
and/or failure to pass a subject in consecutive      will decide upon a course of action and devise a
semesters.                                           study plan for the following semester.

18                                                                               William Angliss Institute
The progress of the student will be monitored
and reviewed mid probation.
                                                     COURSE COMPLETION
                                                     Completion of the course occurs when a student
In the event that the agreed study plan has not      has successfully completed all identified subjects
been adhered to, the student will be referred to     in the course sequence within the allocated time
the Student Progress Panel. To find out more         frames. International students should complete
about the Student Progress Panel and appeals         the course within the duration of their student
procedures, students should seek advice from         visa.
their department.
                                                     Upon demonstration of all of the competencies
                                                     required within your course, you will be issued
RE-ENROLMENT FOR                                     with the qualification for which you have enrolled
CONTINUING STUDENTS                                  (within 30 days of course completion).

Continuing students will need to re-enrol each       A Statement of Attainment is issued in
semester. If you have unpaid fees from a previous    cases where there is partial completion of a
semester you will not be permitted to re-enrol.      qualification. Achievements recognised by a
Students with unsatisfactory progress will not be    Statement of Attainment can accumulate towards
permitted to re-enrol unless approved by their       a qualification within the Australian Qualifications
department.                                          Framework.

If you are re-enrolling into a continued course of
study, you will be notified of your enrolment        GRADUATION
schedule by your department. At the completion       Graduation ceremonies take place twice a year
of re-enrolment you will have completed the          for students who complete Certificate or above
following:                                           courses. The Graduation ceremonies offer the
•   confirmed enrolled subjects                      perfect opportunity to celebrate your hard work
•   updated and verified the information on your     and achievements with fellow graduates, family,
    enrolment form                                   friends, and Institute staff.
•   had your Student Card updated                    The graduation process is automatic; your
•   received a timetable                             eligibility will be assessed by your department
                                                     once official results have been released for the
If you are unable to attend the required             final semester.
enrolment session you must arrange for a
nominated person to enrol on your behalf.            To be eligible to graduate, you must have
In order to do this, you must complete and           completed all academic requirements of the
sign a ‘Proxy Form’ which is available from          course, any placement or work experience
the Information Centre. A Proxy Form allows          requirements, and have no outstanding fees.
the nominated person to sign and pay for an          You will receive an official invitation once
enrolment on your behalf. All re-enrolments          your eligibility has been confirmed by your
must be completed online using a course tick         department department.
sheet distributed by your department prior to
                                                     You can choose to attend, defer your ceremony,
commencing the following semester.
                                                     or graduate in absentia.
                                                     For further information, visit Student Services
                                                     (Building C, Level 1) or contact

Student Guide                                                                                             19
Building C, Ground Floor                                 LRC, Building C, Ground Floor
(03) 9606 2237                                           (03) 9606 2574
lrc@angliss.edu.au                                       learningadvisors@angliss.edu.au
The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) offers                The Learning Advisors provide free learning and
traditional library services, access to computers        study advice for all students, including:
and to the Institute’s wireless network.
                                                         •   understanding assessment requirements and
A current Student Card is your passport to most              course work
of the services and facilities in the LRC:               •   writing reports, essays or other assessments
•    borrowing library resources                         •   English language
•    booking a study room or media pod                   •   research and referencing
•    photocopying and printing.                          •   time and study management
                                                         •   numeracy, finance and budgeting
The LRC has three Multi-Function Devices                 •   studying for tests
(MFD) that can be used for your printing and             •   computer skills and online learning
photocopying needs. To operate photocopiers/
printers you need to have money added to your            Learning Advisors provide a drop-in service (no
Student Card, which can be done in the LRC.              appointment required) in the LRC from Monday
Please ensure that you use all the credit on your        to Friday, 10am – 4pm.
Student Card before you finish your studies, as
there can be no refund.                                  If you feel you need more time with a Learning
                                                         Advisor, you can book an appointment online.
Overdue items will attract demerit points. Any
long-term overdue items and/or demerit points
of 1000 or over will result in computer and
network privileges being disabled (this includes
myWAI, Moodle, e-resource access on and off
campus), results withheld, and graduation may
be affected.

LRC Staffed opening hours
During semester
    Monday to Friday: 9:00am – 5:00pm
    Saturdays: 7:30am - 4:00pm
    After hours entry is located next to Building B
    lifts and provides access to computers, study
    space, and a printer. Opening times will be listed
    on library.angliss.edu.au and on myWAI. During
    these times, the LRC will be unstaffed.
The LRC is closed for public holidays and the
Institute’s end of year shut down period.

20                                                                                    William Angliss Institute
Building C, Level 1                                   Building C, Level 1
(03) 9606 2137                                        (03) 9606 2137
careers@angliss.edu.au                                studentservices@angliss.edu.au
                                                      There are free activities, events and social
Careers and Employment provides students and          gatherings on and off campus for you to enrich
recent graduates with access to job opportunities,    your student experience. Getting involved in our
career development services, and industry             programs and events is a fantastic way to meet
engagement. Services include access to:               new friends from across the Institute!
•   CareerHub – an online jobs portal                 Clubs and Societies
                                                      Joining a student club or society is an awesome
•   careers events to help you with your              way to make friends, enjoy your time on campus,
    employment search and networking skills           and explore new interests.
•   on-campus employer information and
                                                      Student Services can also help you establish
    recruitment sessions
                                                      a new club! We provide funding, support, and
•   resume writing and interview skills workshops
                                                      guidance to club leaders.
Appointments are available from Monday
to Friday, 9am - 4pm. Bookings can be made            mywai.angliss.edu.au/ss/clubs
through careers.angliss.edu.au.
                                                      Student Lounge
Disney Cultural Exchange Program                      The Student Lounge (Building C, Level 1) is a
(Work Abroad)                                         large indoor space and the social hub of campus.
Broaden your studies and immerse yourself             The Student Lounge and Balcony is the perfect
in new cultures. When you live and work               place to eat, meet and relax between classes.
internationally, you enrich your study
experience by learning about a new culture and        Student Lounge opening hours
work environment, meeting new people and              During semester
discovering a new part of the world.
                                                      Monday to Friday: 7:00am – 10:00pm
Disney representatives are on campus twice a          Saturday: 10:00am – 2:00pm
year to recruit for the Australia & New Zealand
                                                      During semester break
Cultural Exchange Program, a five to twelve-
month paid internship at Walt Disney World            Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm
Resort, near Orlando, Florida.
Living and working at the resort allows you to
connect with people from across the globe, and
develop valuable leadership, presentation, and
customer service skills - all things that Disney is
known for worldwide.
Contact us for more information or assistance to
check your eligibility.

Student Guide                                                                                            21
Building C, Level 2, Room C206                        Building C, Level 2, Room C204
(03) 9606 2210                                        (03) 9606 2232
wacs@angliss.edu.au                                   disability@angliss.edu.au
                                                      The Access and Disability Service provides support
A range of free and confidential support services
                                                      for Institute students with diagnosed disabilities,
are available to William Angliss Institute
                                                      medical conditions, and mental health conditions,
students, including:
                                                      who require reasonable adjustments in order to
•    up to ten sessions of individual counselling     participate in their course.
     per year (in person or online via Zoom)
                                                      The Disability Liaison Officer consults with the
•    referral to support services who can help with   student to establish individual needs, gather
     improving your mental health and wellbeing       relevant and appropriate medical documentation
•    information and support around applying for      and develop an Individual Access Plan containing
     special consideration and bursary applications   reasonable and necessary adjustments. Access
•    second-hand uniforms and equipment               and Disability uses an inclusive, person-centred
•    group sessions on managing mental health and     approach, to ensure that students are able to
     wellbeing                                        exercise choice and control in their own support.
•    information and referral to services who can     The Access and Disability Service is committed
     help with accommodation, legal issues, and       to maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of
     financial difficulties                           personal student information
To utilise our services, please call or email the     To make an appointment, contact the Disability
Wellbeing Officer for a confidential discussion.      Liaison Officer.

Accommodation                                         Anaphylaxis
Rental offers for shared and student                  Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction that can
accommodation can be found on a student               be caused by some foods. Students may handle
noticeboard in the Student Lounge.                    all types of food substances during their learning
Resources are available from Student Services         activities. If you have a diagnosis of Anaphylaxis
to assist with your accommodation search              you should do two things:
and provide knowledge about your rights and           •   carry your Epipen with you at all times
responsibilities as a renter.
                                                      •   ensure the Institute is aware of your condition
Wellbeing and Counselling Services can provide            through your enrolment details and provide a
information and referral to services that can help        Medical Action Plan to the Disability Liaison
with financial or legal issues.                           Officer before commencing classes

                                                      The information you provide may be used for
                                                      your safety while undertaking your course but
                                                      will remain confidential.

22                                                                                 William Angliss Institute
ABORIGINAL AND TORRES STRAIT                         Building D, Level 1, Room D117
                                                     (03) 9606 2415 / 0468 714 303
ISLANDER STUDENTS                                    judy.keenan@angliss.edu.au
Building C, Level 1, Room C107                       Apprentices may encounter a wide range of
(03) 9606 2469                                       issues and challenges as they work through
jon.belling@angliss.edu.au                           their apprenticeship. Whether these relate to
                                                     the workplace, study, or personal matters, they
The Institute is committed to encouraging the        can impact on a student’s ability to successfully
enrolment and development of Aboriginal and          complete the apprenticeship. The Institute has
Torres Strait Islander students, and can assist      a full-time on-campus Apprenticeship Support
with enrolments, re-enrolments, deferments, as       Officer who can provide confidential advice and
well as a range of other information.                support.
For more information contact the                     The Apprenticeship Support Officer Program is
National Indigenous Community Coordinator            run by the Victorian Department of Education and
(Koori Liaison Officer) on (03) 9606 2469.           Training.

Abstudy is a student assistance program for
Australian indigenous students – Aboriginal or
Torres Strait Islanders who want to stay at school
or go on to further studies. Abstudy may help
indigenous students who are undertaking full-
time or part-time studies, distance education or
correspondence courses.
For more information on Abstudy contact
Centrelink on 1800 132 317 or contact the
National Community Initiatives Coordinator.

Student Guide                                                                                            23
Student Representatives are here to support         Keep in touch so you don’t miss out on important
the interests and voice of all students.            announcements, major campus events, and more
They represent the student voice at senior          opportunities to get involved:
Institute meetings, raising student concerns
and providing feedback about course,                     @williamanglissinstitute
administrative processes, and student life.
Get in contact with your representative at               /williamanglissinstitute
If you’re interested in applying to be a Student
Representative, check mywai.angliss.edu.au/ss/
student-representatives for when applications
open. These roles are volunteer positions provide
you with the experience to develop skills in
leadership, communication, and problem-solving.

For students, by students. Angliss Vollies are
students who work with the Student Services
team to contribute toward a fun and inclusive
community, both on and off campus. Lead events,
meet new students (and friends), gain training
in leadership and communication, build your
practical experience while studying, and nab
a Certificate of Appreciation at the end of the
This is an unpaid volunteer opportunity.
Email studentservices@angliss.edu.au to find out
how you can apply and for more info.

24                                                                             William Angliss Institute

 7:45AM - 9:30AM
MEDICAL CENTRE                                        ACCIDENTS/INJURY
Building C, Level 2                                   Any accident resulting in personal injury that
(03) 9606 2208                                        occurs on Institute premises must be recorded in
reception@waimedicalcentre.com.au                     the Injury Register. If a student has an accident
                                                      on campus they should report it immediately
The Medical Centre offers a bulk billing, fully       to an Institute staff member who will fill out an
confidential service to all students. International   Injury, Accident and Hazard Form. The form
students with a valid Overseas Student Health         must be provided to the Human Resources
Cover (OSHC) card can also see the doctor at          department by a staff member within 24 hours of
no additional cost. A Medicare or OSHC card           the incident.
is required for an appointment. A full range
                                                      Apprentices and students attending classes
of medical services are offered at the Medical
                                                      as directed by their employers are covered by
Centre, including pregnancy testing and advice,
                                                      their employer’s WorkCover insurance while
pap smears and contraception, pathology testing,
                                                      at the Institute. Details of student’s place of
health checks, dietary advice, referrals and
                                                      employment should be given to treating doctors
travel medicine.
                                                      and hospitals. An employer must be notified
                                                      as soon as possible after an accident that has
Opening hours
                                                      required medical attention.
Monday to Friday: 8:00am – 6:00pm
                                                      If you have sustained an injury that impacts on
                                                      your ability to engage with your course please
FIRST AID                                             contact the Disability Liaison Officer (pg 22).
If first aid is required, contact Reception
(Building A, Ground Floor) by pressing 9 on any
Institute telephone handset or (03) 9606 2111, or
contact Security on (03) 9606 3704.                   All buildings at the city campus of the Institute
                                                      are under constant security surveillance.
The location of first aid kits are marked on the
                                                      Students should be aware that whilst on Institute
Emergency Evacuation Maps posted throughout
                                                      premises, video surveillance cameras are in use.
the Institute. The Institute also maintains
                                                      However, it is in the interest of all students to
defibrillator equipment for use in the event of a
                                                      protect their personal property at all times.
cardiac arrest.
                                                      Lost property can be reported using an Incident
The Institute First Aid Room is located in            Report Form available from Reception.
Building C, Level 1 within the Student Lounge.
                                                      Trained security officers patrol the campus
                                                      during opening hours for the safety of the
the Student Services office or Security if access
                                                      community and William Angliss Institute
is required.
                                                      property. Any incidents or suspicious activity
                                                      should be reported to Security immediately on
                                                      (03) 9606 3704.
                                                      In a life threatening emergency, always call
                                                      000 first.

26                                                                                William Angliss Institute
In the event of an emergency evacuation, the         You must look after your personal belongings as
Institute has TWO alarms.                            the Institute does not accept responsibility for
                                                     the loss of personal belongings. Security Officers
                                                     are present on site and patrols are conducted
beep, beep) - prepare to evacuate and be on alert
                                                     throughout the day and night. All incidents of
for an evacuation announcement.
                                                     theft, forced entry, fire, malicious damage and the
EVACUATION ALARM (whoop, whoop, whoop)               like must be reported using an Incident Report
– you must evacuate (get out of the building) and    form.
make your way to the assembly area. You will be
                                                     You will be held responsible for, and will be
directed by the Fire Wardens wearing the yellow
                                                     required to make good, any damage you may have
fluoro vest to where the assembly area is located.
                                                     caused to apparatus and equipment or to the
The Institute’s Assembly Area is Flagstaff           structure and fittings of the Institute buildings
Gardens. Do not use lifts when evacuating. Do        due to negligence.
not re-enter the building until instructed to do
                                                     Any damage caused to property, including
so. Information about emergency evacuation is
                                                     emergency service equipment, by a student will
available on Evacuation Diagrams and Standard
                                                     be reported to police for appropriate action.
Fire Orders which are posted in prominent
locations throughout the Institute.                  Please report any visible damages to property to a
                                                     staff member for follow up by Property Services.
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans
(PEEP)                                               Lost Property
The Institute is required to prepare individual
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEP)           Any personal property found on campus
for each student who may have difficulty using       can be handed into Lost Property at Reception
the stairs or requires assistance to evacuate        (Building A, Ground Floor) and items will be
the building during an emergency evacuation.         disposed of at the end of each semester.
The PEEP is designed to ensure that the person
requiring assistance is aware of the Institute’s
procedures for managing their safe egress during
an evacuation.
The PEEP is developed for the individual in
consultation with the Disability Liaison Officer.

Student Guide                                                                                         27
FOOD                                                 CLUB CHEF
The following food outlets are available on          Textbooks, uniforms, merchandise, and
campus:                                              equipment can be purchased from our on campus
                                                     Club Chef (Building A, Ground Floor).
Angliss Bistro*
 Building D, Ground Floor                            Contact Club Chef on (03) 9642 3621.
Angliss Restaurant*
 Building E, Ground Floor
                                                     WHERE TO SECURE YOUR BIKE
The Bakeshop
 Building D, Ground Floor                            Bicycle racks are located in the courtyard area
                                                     near La Trobe Street and outside Building E in
Café 555
                                                     Little Lonsdale Street. Bikes should be securely
 Building A, Ground Floor
                                                     locked. Bike parking outside of marked spaces is
*The Bistro and Restaurant are staffed by            not permitted.
students, and are learning environments. As such
open times may vary, and are subject to class
scheduling.                                          CAR PARKING
                                                     The Institute does not have any on-site parking
                                                     facilities for students and it is recommended that
BREASTFEEDING                                        students use public transport.
A private space is available in the Student Lounge
                                                     There is limited metered parking available on
(Building C, Level 1) for breastfeeding mothers.
                                                     La Trobe Street, Little Lonsdale Street, and
Visit Student Services for access.
                                                     Spencer Street (carefully check parking
                                                     restrictions and rates).
Child care services are not available on campus.     LOCKERS
Wellbeing and Counselling Services (Building C,
                                                     Lockers are provided for students to store their
Level 2) can provide resources on other services
                                                     uniforms and equipment. There are a limited
and locations.
                                                     number of lockers available and are provided on a
                                                     first come, first served basis. Lockers are cleared
CHANGE ROOMS                                         by Security staff at the end of each year with prior
                                                     notice. Items found in lockers will be moved to Lost
Change rooms are located in Building D, Ground       Property (pg 27).
Floor and Building E, Level 1.
                                                     Students are required to provide their own lock.
You are not permitted to change in toilets or        Combination locks are highly recommended as they
in corridors as it is unhygienic and culturally      are more secure.
                                                     The Institute will not accept responsibility for
                                                     belongings lost or stolen from your locker. It is
RETREAT SPACES                                       highly recommended you do not leave valuable
                                                     items in your lockers.
Male and female retreat spaces are provided in
Building D, Ground Floor as a space for quiet
contemplation or prayer.
28                                                                                 William Angliss Institute
SMOKING ON CAMPUS                                     Smokers are restricted to the following areas:

The Institute’s buildings, entrances and traffic      •   La Trobe Street Courtyard
ways must remain free of tobacco smoke and            •   Little Lonsdale Street garden area, rear of
vapour from e-cigarettes; smoke free zones                Building E
apply within 5 metres of all building entrances
to the Institute. For the safety of all employees,    GREEN WAI
students and visitors, smoking or use of
e-cigarettes in any enclosed areas of the Institute   The Institute is committed to reducing its carbon
is strictly forbidden.                                footprint, improving sustainable practices and
                                                      promoting a healthy environment for our staff
‘No smoking signs’ are displayed throughout           and students. Visit mywai.angliss.edu.au/ss/
the Institute and appropriate bins and ashtrays       green-wai for more information.
are supplied for smokers in suitable outdoor

Student Guide                                                                                           29
20% off for
current students
Discount is applied to the
total food bill when dining at
the Angliss Restaurant or
the Angliss Bistro (subject
to availability).
Bookings are essential:
e goodfood@angliss.edu.au
t 03 9606 2108

This discount is not valid for Great Chefs
program or other special events.
While studying at William Angliss Institute, you have an obligation to adhere to the expectations as
outlined in the Student Code of Conduct and Institute policies. Students are expected to read and
understand all these policies, which are in place to protect you as a student.
The Student Code of Conduct is available on myWAI and policies can be found on angliss.edu.au/policies.

                                                           interfering with someone’s personal property
STUDENT CODE OF CONDUCT                                •

                                                           or work equipment
During your time at the Institute, you are             •   deliberately excluding or isolating someone
expected to meet the Standards of Behaviour            •   psychological harassment
outlined in the Student Code of Conduct. Failure       •   assigning meaningless tasks unrelated to the job
to do so will result in disciplinary procedures.       •   giving people impossible assignments e.g.
For serious breaches this may involve permanent            setting up someone to fail
expulsion from the Institute and, in cases of          •   deliberately withholding information that is
suspected criminal activity, may involve referral          vital for effective performance
of the matter to the relevant law enforcement
                                                       Some conduct is considered a criminal matter
authority. Illegal activities on campus, including
                                                       and will be referred to the police. These include
dealing in drugs or carrying weapons, are strictly
                                                       physical assault, stalking, threats to harm
forbidden and will be referred to Institute
                                                       someone and damage to property. In Victoria,
Security and the police as appropriate.
                                                       certain forms of serious bullying including
Where alleged misconduct threatens either              conduct that is intended or could reasonably be
staff or student wellbeing, or the integrity           expected to cause the victim physical or mental
of the Institute’s network, students may be            harm (including self harm) is also considered a
suspended by the relevant Program Leader or            criminal matter.
Associate Dean (HE Operations) for a period
                                                       If you are being bullied or have witnessed
of not more than 15 days during which time an
                                                       bullying, seek assistance from any staff member.
investigation into the breach must commence.
In an instance where an international student          More information is listed on
is allegedly involved in the act of misconduct         angliss.edu.au/policies (Student Misconduct).
the International Office must be notified
immediately, if the student is to be suspended,
and reported to the Department of Home Affairs.        EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
                                                       All students have a right to equal opportunity
BULLYING                                               in their education. The Institute is committed
                                                       to providing a learning environment free from
Bullying and harassment of students and staff is       discrimination on the basis of age, marital or
not tolerated at William Angliss Institute.            relationship status, race, sexual orientation,
                                                       disability, pregnancy, parenthood, religious or
Bullying is repeated, unreasonable behaviour
                                                       political beliefs, gender identity and intersex
directed towards another person who creates a
risk to their mental or physical health and safety.
It can include but is not limited to:                  The Institute has policies and procedures
                                                       for dealing with discrimination and sexual
•   verbal abuse
                                                       harassment, and will ensure that any complaints
•   online harassment
                                                       are dealt with promptly and effectively.
•   spreading rumours or innuendo about someone
Student Guide                                                                                              31
You can also read