Trinity High School Handbook - 2019-2020 Trinity High School 7574 West Division Street River Forest, Illinois 60305

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Trinity High School Handbook - 2019-2020 Trinity High School 7574 West Division Street River Forest, Illinois 60305
Trinity High School
        Trinity High School
    7574 West Division Street
    River Forest, Illinois 60305
       Phone 708-771-8383
        Fax 708-488-2014
Trinity . . . The Premier Dominican College Preparatory School for Young Women.
Trinity . . . a Sinsinawa Dominican sponsored school.
Trinity . . . Trail Blazers in Women’s Education
♦ Trinity High School, in the Sinsinawa Dominican tradition, challenges young women to seek faith,
    knowledge and truth.
♦ The school community guides young women in developing skills for lifelong learning, an ethic of
    care and the desire for excellence.
♦ Each student is recognized as unique. In a nurturing, Catholic, college preparatory environment,
    she is encouraged to become self-directed toward responsible participation in the global community
    in order to impact society, Church and family in the twenty-first century.

                                  VISION FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING
                      Trinity High School empowers young women to be leaders
                              who embody knowledge, faith and strength.

                     ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY                   AND     STAFF

Sr. Judith Schaefer, O.P., PhD                                                       Interim President
Mrs. Susan Bedell                                                     Vice President of Student Life
Ms. Terri Hanrahan                                                     Vice President of Academics
Mrs. Shena Keith                                         Vice President of Institutional Advancement
Mrs. Jill Watts                                                      CFO/Vice President of Finance
Mrs. Carey                                                                           Dean of Students

Ms. Katie Alvord-Wendling                                                      Admissions Enrollment
Mr. Tony Bartuch                                                                         Maintenance
Mrs. Rachel Behren                                                         Student Services Director*
Ms. Amanda Bielat                                               Activities/Campus Ministry/Theology
Ms. Kasia Blachut                                                                    World Language
Mrs. Terese Black                                                                              English*
Ms. Erica Boyles                                                                        Social Science
Mrs. Kerry Brown                                                                         Mathematics
Mrs. Julia Buckley                                                                              English
Mrs. Diane Casaccio                                                                 Finance Assistant
Ms. Rosaria Cicchetti                                                              Physical Education
Mrs. Pam Costello                                                          Fine and Performing Arts*
Ms. Rose Crnkovich                                                                IB Director / English
Dr. Cynthia Daniels                                                           IA Project Management
Mrs. Andrea Day                                                                               Science*
Mrs. JoMari Kish                                                     School Administrative Assistant
Mr. Nick Demonte                                                                         Maintenance
Ms. Bridget Dempsey                                                                    Social Science
Ms. Kaileen Dinnon                                                                             Science

Mrs. Beth Dunne                                              Registrar/Scholarship Coordinator
Ms. JoAnne Ferlito                                                        IA Data Management
Ms. Julie Fox                                                               Resource Specialist
Ms. Nikki Fuentes                                                     Fine and Performing Arts
Mr. Tim Foley                                                                            Science
Ms. Katy Gant                                                                     Social Studies
Mrs. Katie Granholm                                                          College Counselor
Mrs. Marigayle Harrington                                                    Alumnae Relations
Ms. Pat Henderson                                                     Fine and Performing Arts
Mrs. Victoria Herling                                                      Guidance Counselor
Ms. Melanie Hillegass                                                         World Language*
Mrs. Katie Iammartino                                                             Mathematics*
Dr. Roz Iasillo                                                                          Science
Ms. Tamariz Irlanda                                                            World Language
Mrs. Samanda Johnson                                                       Guidance Counselor
Ms. Bridget Kancler                                                   Fine and Performing Arts
Ms. Joan Kane                                                                          Business
Ms. Nicole Kawell                                                                      Recruiter
Mr. Zaya Khananu                                                           Technology Director
Mrs. Julie Klein                                                                Social Science*
Ms. Bridget Lally                                                              World Language
Mrs. Mary Beth Lavezzorio                                                Director of Admissions
Dr. Tao Luo                                                                    World Language
Ms. Kara McBride                                 Mission Integration/Campus Ministry/Theology
Ms. Lori McGreal                                                                        Librarian
Mrs. Rachel Meiner                                                              Athletic Director
Mrs. Margaret Metzger                                                     MAC Director/English
Ms. Detris Mitchell                                        Executive Assistant to the President
Ms. Cassidy Osborne                                                                    Theology
Mrs. Mary Panik                                                                        Theology
Mrs. Molly Puttin                                                             School Scheduler
Ms. Nikki Renfroe                                                     Fine and Performing Arts
Ms. Audra Shatat                                                          IA Data Management
Mr. Ralph Scorpio                                 Bookstore/Health & Fitness Center Manager
Mrs. Christy Smith                                                    Fine and Performing Arts
Ms. Olivia Solbrig                                                                        English
Mrs. Hana Steil                                                       Assistant Athletic Director
Mrs. Sara Stellfox                                                                       Science
Ms. Susan Tindall                                                      Technology Coordinator
Ms. Meghan Webber                                                                         English
Mrs. Patti Williams                                  Director of Communication and Marketing
Mrs. Christina Zabrodsky                                                           Mathematics

                            •​ Designates Department Chairperson

WHOM       TO   CONTACT         AT   TRINITY

Absence                                                                        Main Office
Academic Progress in a Class                                           Individual Teachers
Administration/Development                                 Sr. Judith Schaefer, O. P., PhD
Admissions/ Recruitment                                         Ms. Mary Beth Lavezzorio
Alumnae                                                         Mrs. Marigayle Harrington
Athletics                                                              Mrs. Rachel Meiner
College/Senior Counseling                                              Ms. Katie Granholm
Community Relations                                        Sr. Judith Schaefer, O. P., PhD
Curriculum/Faculty/Policies                                            Ms. Terri Hanrahan
Disciplinary Matters                                                    Mrs. Maggie Carey
Financial Matters                                                            Mrs. Jill Watts
General School-Related Questions                                      Ms. Terri Hanrahan
International Baccalaureate Program                                  Ms. Rose Crnkovich
Library Services                                                       Ms. Lori McGreal
Marketing & Public Relations                                          Mrs. Patti Williams
Music Production                                                     Ms. Bridget Kancler
Registrar, Transcripts, Health Records                                  Mrs. Beth Dunne
Retreats, Liturgies                                Ms. Kara McBride & Ms. Amanda Bielat
Student Activities                                                    Mrs. Susan Bedell
Student Schedules/Changes                                   Student Services Department
Theater Production                                                    Ms. Pat Henderson
Tuition                                                             Mrs. Diane Casaccio
Withdrawal/Transfer                                                   Mrs. Maggie Carey

                                      (On days school is in session)

Main Office:                      Monday- Friday          7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Library:                          Monday-Thursday         7:30 am - 5:00 pm, Friday 7:30 am- 3:30 pm
MAC:                              Monday- Friday          3A/3B and tutoring available upon request
Health & Fitness Center:          Monday-Thursday         3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Tuesday 7:00 am - 9:00 am
                                                          Friday 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

At the start of the school day, students may enter at the main entrance doors beginning at 7:00 am.
Students will be directed to the Cafeteria until 7:30 am.

At dismissal time, students will be directed to the Library as they wait for their rides. After 5:00 pm, any
remaining students who are still waiting for a ride will be directed to the front of the Sister Michelle
Germanson Athletic Facility to be picked up at the Circle Drive.

                  IMPORTANT DATES                 TO   NOTE 2019 – 2020
           August, 2019
           15 Thursday                        Class of 2023 Orientation 3:00 Dismissal
           15 Thursday                        Transfer Orientation 10:00 – 12:30
           16 Friday                          Freshman Day of Service – 12:30 Dismissal
           20 Tuesday                         First Day of School Early Dismissal
           September, 2019
           2 Monday                           Labor Day – NO CLASSES
           19 Thursday                        Parent Teacher Conferences Early Dismissal
           20 Friday                          Professional Development Day Early Dismissal
           27 Friday                          Walk-a-thon Early Dismissal
           October, 2019
           23 & 24 Wed. & Thurs.              End of 1​st​ Block / EXAMS Early Dismissal
           25 Friday                          Grading Day – NO CLASSES
           November, 2019
           11 Monday                          Veteran’s Day – NO CLASSES
           27 Wednesday                       Thanksgiving Break Begins; No Classes
           December, 2019
           2 Monday                           Classes Resume
           7 Saturday                         Entrance Exam Class of 2023
           20 Friday                          Christmas break begins Early Dismissal

January, 2020
6 Monday                Professional Development Day – NO CLASSES
7 Tuesday               Classes Resume
15 & 16 Wed. & Thurs.   End of 2​nd​ Block / EXAMS Early Dismissal
17 Friday               Grading Day – NO CLASSES
20 Monday               Martin Luther King Day – NO CLASSES
27 Monday               Catholic Peace & Justice Week Begins
February, 2020
17 Monday               President’s Day – NO CLASSES
27 Thursday             Parent Teacher Conferences Early Dismissal
28 Friday               Professional Development Day – NO CLASSES
March, 2020
18 & 19 Wed. & Thurs    End of 3​rd​ Block / EXAMS Early Dismissal
20 Friday               Grading Day – NO CLASSES
22 – 27                 Spring Break – NO CLASSES
30 Monday               Classes Resume
April, 2020
9 – 12                  Easter Break - NO CLASSES
13 Monday               Classes Resume
May, 2020
18 - 19 Mon. & Tues.    SENIOR EXAMS
21 Thursday             Honors Convocation
22 Friday               Baccalaureate & Commencement 2:00 Dismissal
25 Monday               Memorial Day – NO CLASSES
June, 2020
2 & 3 Tues. & Wed.      End of 4​th​ Block / EXAMS Early Dismissal
4 Thursday              Summer Begins for Students
4 Thursday              Grading Day
5 Friday                Professional Development/Faculty Sign Out

               2019 - 2020 TIME SCHEDULE
                          Regular Daily Schedule
Period 1:                                             8:00 - 9:27
Homeroom:                                             9:31 - 9:39
Period 2:                                             9:43 - 11:08
3A Lunch/Activity:                                    11:13 - 11:38
3B Lunch/Activity:                                    11:42 - 12:07
Period 4:                                             12:12 - 1:37
Period 5:                                             1:41 - 3:07

                           Assembly Schedule
Period 1:                                             8:00 - 9:10
Period 2:                                             9:14 - 10:29
3A Lunch/Activity:                                    10:33 - 10:58
3B Lunch/Activity:                                    11:02 - 11:27
Period 4: 11:31 - 12:41                               11:31 - 12:41
Period 5: 12:45 - 1:55                                12:45 - 1:55
Assembly:                                             1:59 - 3:07

                              Liturgy Schedule
Period 1:                                             8:00 - 9:10
Period 2:                                             9:14 - 10:24
Liturgy:                                              10:30 - 11:40
3A Lunch/Activity:                                    11:45 - 12:10
3B Lunch/Activity:                                    12:14 - 12:39
Period 4:                                             12:43 - 1:53
Period 5:                                             1:57 - 3:07

                                Late Start Schedule
Period 1:                                             9:30 - 10:35
Period 2:                                             10:39 - 11:49
3A Lunch/Activity:                                    11:53 - 12:18
3B Lunch/Activity:                                    12:22 - 12:47
Period 4:                                             12:51 - 1:56
Period 5:                                             2:00 - 3:07

                                        2019 - 2020
Trinity High School empowers young women to be leaders who embody knowledge, faith and strength.
The following student directives flow from the four goals of Trinity High School whose purposes are to
promote religious, intellectual, personal and social development of the student. Hence, they are
intended to be helpful procedures contributing to the positive Christian atmosphere of Trinity High
School as a faith and educational community.
                                     CODE      OF   CONDUCT
1. Assemblies
   All school gatherings provide the opportunity for the Trinity community to learn, to celebrate or to
   enjoy enrichment. It is required that all students be present at all school assemblies and that their
   behavior be reflective of mature, Christian young women. Students are to sit in their assigned seats
   in the auditorium or gym.
2. Attendance
   Trinity places a priority on student attendance and expects the cooperation of parents/guardians in
   ensuring that students are on time and in regular attendance.
                                            Excused Absences
                                 (May not exceed three (3) per block)
   An absence is excused when a student misses school for the following reasons:
           • Personal illness
           • Funeral or serious illness in the family
           • Family emergency
           • Documented court appearance

    A student may not exceed three (3) excused absences per block. If a student misses more than one
    hour of one period or is absent for two periods, it will be counted as a half day (.5) absence. If a
    student misses three periods or more, it will count as a full day (1) absence. Half day (.5) absences
    will be added to count towards allowed 3 (three) excused absences per block.
    Any student who exceeds three (3) absences per block will meet with her counselor and the Dean
    and will be placed on Excessive Absences Attendance Probation as described below, and parents
    will be notified.
    Students must be in attendance for at least two full class periods in order to participate in school
    events including dances, theatre performances, athletic and co-curricular events.
    Parents/guardians are provided with electronic access to Trinity calendars, and are strongly
    discouraged from planning vacations on school days. This is particularly true of exam days and
    days before and after Christmas, Spring and Easter breaks. It is the student’s responsibility to
    speak to each teacher regarding makeup work. Each day of vacation counts as a day of absence
    and is subject to the absence policy. Both the Main Office and teachers must be notified by a parent
    in writing prior to the absence.
    Absences for bereavement will be handled by the Dean of Students. Exceptions, approved by the
    Vice President of Academics and the Dean, will be made for extended illnesses and extenuating

                           Procedures for Parents/Guardians & Students
    If something necessitates an absence, we ask that parents/guardians observe the following:

•   Call the Office (708) 771-8383 or email ​ before 9:00 a.m.
           explaining the reason for the absence. You may leave a voicemail explaining absence.
       •   Students are responsible to contact individual teachers regarding missed work.
       •   Early dismissals are strongly discouraged. However, if a student must have an early
           dismissal, parent/guardian must call (708-771-8383), email (,
           or present a signed note to the Main Office at the beginning of the school day, citing the
           reason for the early dismissal request.

                                 Unexcused Absences/Truancy
An unexcused absence is considered truancy, which is defined as an absence from school or
cutting class or assembly without sufficient reason and parent/guardian permission. Since truancy is
viewed as a willful withdrawal from Trinity High School, the following procedures will be followed:
       • After the 1st unexcused absence, parents/guardians will be contacted, and the student
            will meet with the Dean before being allowed to return to class.
       • Continued unexcused absences will warrant a parent meeting with the counselor and
            Dean and may result in expulsion.

If a student is tardy to school, she must sign in at the Main Office and receive a pass to class. The
first tardy in each block does not incur a detention. After the first incident, students will be required
to serve Tuesday morning detentions for each tardy incurred. Tuesday morning detentions are
served in room 104 from 8:15 to 9:15 am. Failure to attend a Tuesday detention will result in an
additional detention. A student who is tardy to school more than three (3) times in a single block
will meet with her counselor and the Dean and will be placed on Attendance Probation as described
below, and parents will be notified.

                                    Attendance Probation
EXCESSIVE ABSENCES ATTENDANCE PROBATION: Any student who exceeds three (3)
absences per block will meet with her counselor and the Dean and will be placed on Excessive
Absences Attendance Probation (EAAP), which consists of the following consequences:
           ● When a student is absent for the fourth time in a block, she will be issued four
                detentions that must be served within five weeks (served on Tuesday mornings in
                room 104 from 8:15-9:15 am). Students will be given dates and the deadline for
                the four detentions.
           ● Each absence accrued during EAAP will result in an additional four detentions to
                be served in five weeks.
           ● EAAP ends at the end of a block. Should a student still have outstanding
                detentions at the end of the block, EAAP will end when all detentions have been
           ● Should a student fail to serve four detentions in five weeks, she will be placed on
                Behavioral Probation, which includes a loss of privileges (clubs, theater, athletics,
                dances, field trips, etc.), for the remainder of the year.

EXCESSIVE TARDIES ATTENDANCE PROBATION: Students who are tardy to school more than
three (3) times in a single block will meet with her counselor and the Dean and will be placed on
Excessive Tardies Attendance Probation (ETAP), which consists of the following consequences: :
             ● A student will continue to incur detentions for each tardy while on ETAP (served
                  on Tuesday mornings in room 104 from 8:15-9:15 am).
             ● Should a student on ETAP fail to serve an issued detention, the student will

receive an additional detention.
                 ●    ETAP ends at the end of a block. Should a student still have outstanding
                      detentions at the end of the block, ETAP will end when all detentions have been
                 ●    Should any student be tardy to school more than five times in a block (after the
                      one allowed tardy per block), the student will be placed on Behavioral Probation,
                      which includes a loss of privileges (clubs, theater, athletics, dances, field trips,
                      etc.), for the remainder of the year.

                                 Attending School-Sponsored Activities
    Students may not exceed 2 (two) absences per block for any school-sponsored activities such
    as field trips. Retreats & athletics do not count towards 2 (two) school-sponsored allowed absences
    per block.

    Seniors are allowed 2 (two) college visit days per year. Juniors are allowed 1 (one) college visit day
    per year. These college visit days may not be taken during the month of May. To be counted as a
    college visit day, students must complete and submit forms PRIOR to the visit. Forms can be found
    in the Student Services office. College visits will prevent participation in after school events.

3. Behavior
   Since Trinity students are expected to show respectful consideration and concern for all in the
   school community, the code of conduct is intended to provide for the students, their
   parents/guardians, and the faculty an understanding of the behavior expected of students and the
   procedures used in maintaining that standard of conduct. In light of this, any misconduct on the part
   of the student, such as: disrespect or discourtesy towards school personnel, visitors or other
   students; immature and inappropriate conduct; threats, verbal, written or gestures, including on
   social media; vulgarity; forgery; classroom disruptions; leaving the school campus; littering the
   school building and grounds; inappropriate behavior in the MAC or Library, computer labs,
   cafeteria, washrooms, or corridors; tampering with or destruction of hallway displays or locker
   decorations; and any other behavior warranting disciplinary action will not be tolerated. Students
   traveling to and from school, attending/participating in events or activities identified with Trinity are
   expected to abide by Trinity’s code of respectful behavior and values. School Officials are not
   expected to police off-campus, non-school activities unless the violation is brought to public
   attention and is sufficiently severe to bring discredit to Trinity High School.
4. Book Bags
   A book bag is defined as any bag, carried by a student, containing a book (or books) and/or
   notebook(s). This includes large purses and backpack purses. Students are allowed to carry a
   purse no larger than 8” x 11” during the school day. Book bags are to be left in the locker prior to
   the student’s first class of the day. Book bags carried during the school day will be confiscated by a
   teacher or supervisor and must be picked up in the Dean’s office.
5. Bullying/Fighting
   Bullying is repeated intimidation to cause psychological, emotional or physical harm. Bullying can
   be physical (i.e. pinching), verbal (i.e. teasing), social (i.e. spreading rumors) or cyber (i.e. social
   media). It can be blatant or subtle behavior. Trinity High School’s Anti-Bullying Policy is accessible
   on the school website. Fighting, both physical and verbal, and bullying are a threat to everyone’s
   right to a safe environment. It is not allowed and will result in immediate suspension from school. All
   students having any involvement in any type of bullying (including on social media) or any type of
   physical altercation will be sent home until a meeting can be arranged with the Dean and Vice
   President of Academics. Any student harassing, threatening, or brandishing any object as a
   weapon will face disciplinary action. Fighting will result in conflict management counseling and may

result in dismissal from Trinity High School . Any possession of a firearm in or on school property
       will be reported immediately to the police and result in immediate expulsion.
6.     Cafeteria
       Our cafeteria offers breakfast and lunch daily.
       No student is permitted to order food delivered to school at any time. Parents/guardians wishing to
       do so must make previous arrangements with the main office.
       Students wishing to eat breakfast at Trinity, either purchased or brought in, must do so in the
       Students are expected to be courteous, thoughtful and orderly in the cafeteria. Each student is
       responsible for cleaning up after herself.
       Students may only carry a spill proof, unbreakable, reusable bottle for water during the school day.
7.     Care of School Property
       Since the environment of the school is reflective of the values of the people who inhabit it, it is
       expected that students take responsibility for maintaining the beauty and orderliness of the school.
       A student is responsible for any damage she has caused to school or personal property. Vandalism
       including writing in or on lockers and bathrooms will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary
8​.    Cellular Telephones/Watches
       While we understand the safety need for cellular devices, we do not allow their use for calls or text
       messages in the school building during the school day as they can be disruptive to the learning
       environment. In case of emergency, parents/guardians should contact the main office directly and a
       message will be relayed to your daughter. Students who are ill or need to contact a
       parent/guardian for an emergency must call from the main office.
       All cell phones must be turned off or silent during the school day. Cell phones must be put away
       during classes unless special permission is given by the teacher. Violations will result in
       confiscation. A student must retrieve confiscated phone from the Dean and repeated offenses will
       result in detentions. If a device is visible or audible during a test or quiz the incident will be treated
       as an incident of academic dishonesty.
9​.    Computer Labs/Tech Lounge
       The computer labs are available to students and faculty, both for classes scheduled to use the labs
       and to individuals when a class is not in progress. Students must follow all rules and guidelines
       developed by the Director of Technology or the supervising teacher. The labs and tech lounge are
       open during 3A/3B. Other times may be arranged by appointment through the Director of
       Technology. Students may not be in the computer labs while they are in a scheduled class without
       a note from that teacher nor can they be in a lab without a teacher present. No food or beverage is
       allowed in the computer labs or tech lounge.
10​.    ​Corporal Punishment
       Corporal punishment by any employee of Trinity High School is against policy. Any employee
       engaging in corporal punishment may be dismissed from his/her contract.
11.    Class Truancy
       Attendance in every class is required. Any student who does not attend a class or classes without
       permission from either a school official or her parents/guardians is considered truant from that class
       and will face unexcused absences/truancy disciplinary measures that are outlined under
       “Attendance” section.
12.    Crisis Plan (Evacuation, Tornado, Hard & Soft Lock Down)
       Students are trained each year on how to act when there is a crisis in the school. Emergency drills
       occur several times per year, in some cases in conjunction with local law enforcement and/or fire
       department. Procedures are posted in classrooms and/or directives are given by school personnel.

In case of emergency, students are expected to follow directions and move quickly and silently.
13. Dances
    Trinity has adopted the following policies in order to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment at
    student dances:
      ● Students must be in attendance at least half a day, (8:00 a.m. until 3A, or 3B until dismissal)
             in order to participate in school events including dances.
      ● All students attending the dance must be in the dance no later than 1/2 hour after the dance
             begins and must stay until 1/2 hour before the dance ends.
      ● All guests of Trinity High School students must be in high school and must present a valid,
             high school ID.
      ● Dancing determined to be inappropriate will not be tolerated. Students who engage in such
             dancing will be asked to leave the dance.
      ● Any Trinity student who is asked to leave the dance will make a phone call to her
             parents/guardians to inform them that she is leaving.
      ● Students who leave the dance for the night and those who are not admitted may not loiter on
             Trinity’s property or around the school.
      ● Students attending Junior Ring Dance or Senior Prom must have all obligations met before
             tickets can be purchased. This includes tuition, class fees, athletic fees, fundraising
             obligations and all detentions being served.
14. Detention
    Detentions can be issued to students by any faculty or staff member for violation to policies in the
    Student Handbook and infractions of school directives. Detention is held every Tuesday morning
    from 8:15 – 9:15 a.m. in room 104. Students are expected to serve their detention on the first
    available date after the detention is issued. Students are to report to detention in full uniform and
    may not bring book bags or coats. Students must sign in and present school ID. Failure to serve
    detention on the first possible Tuesday after it is issued will result in an additional detention to be
    served. Students with outstanding detentions will not be allowed to participate in co-curricular
    events including sports, dances, Kairos and school sponsored field trips. All detentions must be
    resolved before Block Exams are given and grades are released. Failure to serve detentions will
    result in a student/parent conference with the Vice President of Academics and Dean.
15. Dress Code
    Trinity students are expected to be neat, clean and well-groomed. Trinity’s uniform consists of a
    uniform skirt/uniform pants and a white long or short-sleeved Trinity polo or quarter-zip pullover shirt
    bought through Schoolbelles. An optional matching uniform sweater is also available which must be
    worn over polo. Students must carry student ID with them at all times. In case of emergency,
    uniform items may be rented from the office.
    Uniform Skirts - Class specific uniform skirts, purchased from Schoolbelles, must be hemmed to a
    length no shorter than 4 inches above the knee, front and back.
    Pants - ​If pants are worn, they must be from Schoolbelles. Students may wear navy, khaki, or
    black slacks. No shorts.
    Shoes - Due to safety concerns, backless shoes or shoes with soles/heels that exceed one inch
    may not be worn at any time. Students must wear enclosed black, brown, or dark blue dress shoes.
    The following are not permitted: Athletic or athletic looking shoes, boots, moccasins, slippers,
    flip-flops, sandals, canvas, multicolor, and backless shoes.
    Socks - Solid color black, navy blue, gray, or white knee or crew socks, solid navy blue or black
    tights must be worn at all times. No leggings.
    Shorts - Shorts worn under the uniform may not be visible. Students will be asked to remove visible

Shirts - All students may only wear the Trinity High School white long or short-sleeved Trinity polo
    shirt or the Trinity quarter-zip pullover. Plain white shirts or blouses are considered out of uniform.
    Students are permitted to wear a solid white short sleeve tee-shirt under their uniform polo and/or
    quarter-zip pullovers, provided the tee-shirt does not hang out from under the banded bottom.
    Tee-shirts should be tucked into the skirt.
    Accessories/Hair - Students are allowed to wear decorative pins and ribbons on their uniforms.
    Headscarves, hats, and caps are only allowed on out of uniform days (unless worn for religious
    purposes). Hair colors must be limited to those colors which are genetically possible. Any student
    with unacceptable hair color will be required to remedy the issue before returning to school.
    Tattoos and Piercings - Tattoos must not be visible; they must be covered by clothing. Ear
    piercings are allowed; facial piercings are not allowed. Band-aids or other coverings may not be
    used to cover piercings. Any student coming to school with visible body piercings other than ear
    piercings will be asked to remove the jewelry and the jewelry will be confiscated.
    Dress Up Days - On special occasions students may be allowed to dress up for school. On these
    days students are to dress appropriately and are not allowed to wear low cut, strapless or tank tops.
    Skirts should be a modest length and no bare midriffs will be allowed. Any student deemed dressed
    inappropriately will be rented a uniform skirt and shirt for the day and will not be allowed to
    participate in future dress up days. Gym shoes, sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.
    Out of Uniform Days - Occasionally students are allowed to come to school out of uniform as
    incentives for fundraising and other spirit occasions. Students are allowed to wear Trinity wear on
    those days and should be dressed appropriately. Bare midriffs and low cut revealing tops, strapless
    and tanks are never allowed in school. Open toed shoes, sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.
   Extreme Heat Days ​– When the temperature is expected to exceed 86 degrees fahrenheit, students
    will be allowed to wear shorts of modest length, a Trinity t-shirt and athletic shoes. Parents will be
    notified in advance of an extreme heat day by the administration via an all school phone call the
    night before/Students will be informed via their Trinity High School issued gmail accounts.
    Students who come to school in other than what is described above will be required to rent a school
    uniform for the day. Tank tops, strapless tops and short shorts are never allowed in school.
    Sandals and flip-flops are not allowed.
16. Drugs and Alcohol
    The selling or distribution of illegal drugs is grounds for immediate expulsion. Any student in
    possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the school day or at
    school-sponsored activities on or off campus, will be suspended and subject to the provisions of the
    Substance Abuse Policy of the school student handbook. The Administration reserves the right to
    require drug testing at any time if deemed necessary.
17. Elevator
    Elevator use is limited to faculty and physically disabled students. Students who need to use the
    elevator because of an injury must obtain a temporary pass from the Main Office. The elevator may
    not be used during a fire drill.
18. Fund-Raising
    Each year, two fund-raising activities ( the walk-a-thon in the fall and the raffle in winter) are held for
    the benefit of Trinity High School. Student participation in these events is mandatory and monies
    raised help to balance the actual cost of educating each student. Students may not receive final
    grades unless all monies and materials are returned to the Institutional Advancement Office.
19. Gum
    Gum chewing is not allowed anywhere in the school building.
20. Halls
    Students may not be in the halls during classes without signing out of class and receiving a hall
    pass from the teacher. Students are responsible for returning the hall pass to the teacher. Students
    are expected to be respectful at all times while in the hallways. Sitting on the floor while gathering in

front of lockers is not permitted.
21.    Illness
       A student who is ill should report to the main office. In the case of fever or vomiting, the office will
       make arrangements for the student to be picked up from school.
22.    Injury
       Students who are injured will be assessed and cared for; parents/guardians will be contacted.
       Following an injury, an injury report will be completed.
23.    Leaving the Building
       A student may leave the building during school hours only if she has permission from the main
       office and has signed out. Either a note from parents/guardians or, in the case of an emergency, a
       phone contact with parents/guardians is required and the parent/guardian must come in to the Main
       office and sign the student out.
24​.    ​Library
       The Library is open Mondays through Thursdays 7:30 am- 5:00 pm and Fridays 7:30 am- 3:30 pm.
       Students may also use the Library resources during 3A/3B and are expected to follow the rules and
       regulations set by the Librarian.
25.    Lockers
       Each student is assigned a locker. All lockers are to be kept in order with the door closed and
       locked. Leaving the locker open or sharing the combination negates the security of the locker.
       Trinity High School does not assume responsibility for the recovery or replacement of lost, stolen or
       damaged property. A student who steals from another member of the Trinity community will face
       disciplinary action which may result in legal action and suspension or expulsion. Students must
       keep assigned lockers, and only locks purchased at the Trinity bookstore may be used. Under
       special circumstances, school authorities reserve the right to inspect a student’s locker.
26.    Mazzuchelli Academic Center: The MAC is an academic support for students during the school
       day. Some students are required to meet in the MAC while others are welcome with appointments.
       Students using this resource are expected to adhere to the rules as outlined by the MAC staff.
27.    Money
       Students may not collect money or sell items on school property without permission from the Vice
       President of Student Life. Trinity does not permit fundraising to support individual students or
       outside organizations for trips, sports, enrichment or service projects.
28.    Parking Lot/Cars
       We ask that both parents/guardians and students please be considerate of neighbors and
       cooperate with our parking requirements. Parents/guardians are asked to follow the drop-off pattern
       illustrated on the following page. Students being picked up at the end of the school day are to be
       picked up on Jackson Avenue or Berkshire Street. No student is to be picked up on either side of
       Division or Lathrop streets. Cars parked along or stopping for drop off/pick up on Lathrop will be
       ticketed by the police. No parking is permitted on the either side of Jackson south of the field.
       Parking on Berkshire is allowed only on the south side. Parking in front of homes is not permitted at
       any time.
       Students must register their license plates at the Main Office and pay a $65 parking fee in order to
       receive a Trinity parking space with a corresponding sticker. In the July mailing, students receive a
       Parking Space Request Form. Parking spaces are given on a first come/first served basis. One
       spot per carpool will be arranged. Stickers must be displayed at all times. Failure to do so, or
       parking in a non-designated area may result in disciplinary action.

Drop off Pattern

           Please drop students off while you are still in line and do not wait until each car is at
           the sidewalk. All students must enter the school using the Main Entrance doors on
           Parking lot guidelines and the drop-off/pick-up pattern may change during the course
           of the year. Any changes will be sent home to parents/guardians as soon as possible.

29. Residency
Students in attendance at Trinity High School must be unmarried and reside with parent(s) or a legal
guardian(s). Trinity has the right and responsibility to know where and with whom a student resides. If
residence or phone number changes during the school year, it is the responsibility of the student and
the parent/guardian to notify the main office immediately.
30. School-Sponsored Trips
Students participating in school-sponsored trips are subject to all of Trinity’s rules of conduct and the
rules pertaining to the specific trip. Absences for school-sponsored trips and/or events are subject to
approval by the Dean prior to participation. Tuition must be paid up-to-date before deposits will be
accepted for any extended trips.
31. Shadow Days/Visitors
Shadow Days are an opportunity for 7th or 8th grade girls to visit Trinity. All arrangements are made in
advance through the Recruiter. Approval for Shadow Days for transfer students must go through the
Recruiter. Other visitors or younger children are not permitted during the school day.
32. Signs, Posters and Printed Materials
Signs and posters must be approved by the Vice President of Student Life and posted only on the cork
strips throughout the school. Printed material from students or from organizations outside of Trinity must
be approved by the Vice President of Student Life. .

33. Smoking/Vaping
Smoking is prohibited on Trinity property and within a one block radius of the school, both within and
outside of vehicles. This no smoking rule will be considered violated when a student is in possession of
or is in the vicinity of a lit or unlit cigarette or e-cigarette/vaping device, is in a lavatory with smoke
coming from it or if there is a suspicion of a violation of this rule. Students in violation of smoking/vaping
policy are subject to confiscation of means of smoking/vaping, a phone call to parents/guardians, and a
meeting with the Dean. Repeated offenses may result in probation or suspension.
34. Student ID
Students are issued an ID which they must carry with them during the school day and which must be
shown to faculty/staff members upon request. The ID also serves as a student’s library card, cafeteria
debit card, and for Chromebook check-out. Failure to show a student ID upon request will warrant
disciplinary action. Replacement cost of ID is $5 and lanyard $3.
35. Theft
Theft is not tolerated and may result in legal action and suspension or expulsion.
36. Visitors
All visitors to Trinity must report immediately to the main office and sign in. If a student from another
high school wishes to visit Trinity, permission must be obtained from the Dean at least two days prior to
the event.
                                    Disciplinary Action
If a student does not follow the directives in the Student Handbook, her actions are subject to
disciplinary review which may result in probation, removal from a class, suspension, or expulsion from
Trinity High School.
                                           Behavioral Probation
Terms of probation include the loss of privileges at Trinity including but not limited to:
            • Participation on school athletic teams or co-curricular activities
            • Running for or holding any student office
            • Membership in honor societies
            • Participation in any school event
            • Appearing in school plays or performances
Counseling may be mandated when deemed appropriate. Additional items may be included in Probation
and will be determined individually. The duration of the probation is at the discretion of the Vice
President of Academics and Dean.
Suspension may be assigned in school or out of school at the discretion of the Vice President of
Academics and Dean. While suspended, students are required to complete missed work.

                                  Expulsion from Trinity High School
Students who cause irreparable harm to others in the Trinity community will be dismissed from Trinity
To help our students develop an attitude of accountability and responsibility for their actions, we believe
that disciplinary guidelines are necessary. Though no two students or situations are alike, we strive for
consistency as we work with students on matters of discipline.

Substance Abuse Policy
Trinity High School is concerned with the development of the whole person. It is our intent to strengthen
and encourage responsible decision making and to recognize that the individual is responsible for
making choices. Since substance abuse has serious consequences for the individual and society,
prompt and appropriate action is necessary. Consequently, Trinity will adhere to the following policy and
     I.    The selling or distribution of illegal drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal.
    II.    Any student in possession of, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the school
           day or at school-sponsored activities, on or off campus, will be suspended. Reinstatement is
           dependent upon fulfillment of stated requirements.
     I.    Selling or distribution
                 A. Substances will be identified by the Dean (local police will be consulted when
                       necessary). The charges will be verified by the Dean in consultation with the Vice
                       President of Academics.
                 B. The parents/guardians will be notified of expulsion by the Vice President of
                 C. A report will be filed with the local authority.
                 D. Students are entitled to due process.
    II.    Possession or being under the influence
                 A. After verification by school authorities, the student will be suspended and the
                       parents/guardians will be notified of a conference to be held following the required
                       drug/alcohol testing.
                 B. In the event of a positive drug/alcohol test, the parent(s) will have 3 days to seek
                       a psychological evaluation at a school-approved agency. Trinity High School will
                       seek the agency’s recommendation as to whether:
                             1. The student’s use of drugs/alcohol is insignificant and she can return
                                   to school.
                             2. The student may return to school only if she enrolls in a drug/alcohol
                                   education program that is sanctioned by the school.
                             3. The student has a serious problem with drugs/alcohol requiring an
                                   in-patient evaluation.
                 C. After-care sessions, where deemed necessary, are a requirement for continued
                       attendance at Trinity.
                 D. A second offense may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

                                    Academic Policies
1. Academic Integrity Policy
The Administration, Departments and the entire faculty at Trinity view academic dishonesty with
extreme gravity; plagiarism and cheating will not be tolerated.

At Trinity High School, students learn about proper citations and avoiding plagiarism in their First Year
Experience course and in their English courses. Individual teachers reestablish guidelines,
expectations (including citation preference), and policies, informed by department policies for each

Plagiarism​ is the presentation of another’s ideas or words as if they were your own. You should be
aware that you have committed plagiarism when you: use phrases, paraphrases, quotes, or ideas not
your own without proper citation; submit work completed by someone else even if you paid for it or have
permission; directly copy an assignment from another student, either with or without his or her

Trinity High School prides itself on maintaining its intellectual integrity as an academic community.
While teachers and administrators will make every effort to explain appropriate procedures, the ultimate
responsibility and choice is the student’s. If a student is in doubt about the correct steps to take in
creating original work and avoiding plagiarism, it is essential that the student seek guidance from a

Cheating​ may include but is not limited to sharing homework, communicating verbally or nonverbally
with others during a test, communicating the contents of a test to others, using unauthorized materials
for a test, cell phone use during a test or quiz, copying off another’s paper.

In the event of plagiarism/cheating, the following scaffolded consequences apply:

Grade 9:
• In the event of citation errors, student will be directed to seek additional help from teacher or in the
   Library or MAC during the workshopping process
• In the event of egregious plagiarism/cheating, assignment will be resubmitted and graded based on
   teacher/department’s “late grade” procedure/graded with penalty
• Vice President of Academics, Dean, counselor and parents notified
• Record will be kept in plagiarism database to monitor student offenses

Grade 10:
• In the event of citation errors, student will be directed to seek additional help from teacher or in the
   Library or MAC during the workshopping process
• In the event of egregious plagiarism/cheating, student will receive a zero or redo assignment for half
   credit (student choice)
• Vice President of Academics, Dean, counselor and parents notified and a meeting will be held with the
• Record will be kept in plagiarism database to monitor student offenses

Grades 11-12:
• In the event of citation errors, student will be directed to seek additional help from teacher or in the
   Library or MAC during the workshopping process
• In the event of egregious plagiarism/cheating, student receives a zero for the assignment with no
   opportunity to redo
• Vice President of Academics, Dean, counselor and parents notified and a meeting will be held with
   the student
• Record will be kept in plagiarism database to monitor student offenses. Student may face suspension
   or expulsion, according to number offenses. Final decision to be decided by administration.

2. Academic Probation
If a student earns one (1) or more failure(s) at any block, she is placed on academic probation for the
following block/session. During this probationary period, she may be assigned to report to the
Mazzuchelli Academic Center or meet with the subject area teacher for additional support. She will also
meet regularly with her counselor who monitors her progress throughout the block. If a student on
probation fails two (2) or more classes at the end of a block, she may be required to transfer to another
school that can better meet her academic needs and abilities. Any student who fails the same course
more than once may not be allowed to continue at Trinity High School.
3. Curriculum Guide
The Curriculum Guide is published each winter as students prepare to register for courses. It contains

registration information, a brief description of every course, as well as services provided by the Student
Services Department.
4. Exam Schedule
Exams are given on special-schedule days. All students are expected to be present on Exam Days. If a
student misses an exam for any reason, it is the student’s responsibility to make up the exam
immediately upon the return to school. Exams will not be given early to accommodate a personal
5. Failure and Incomplete Grades
Any student who fails a course must make up that credit in summer school before returning the
following school year. The make-up course replaces the credit, never the original grade. Students are
not allowed, as a general rule, to take those subjects during the school year to make up for past
failures. Required course subject failures must be made up by the same required course subject failed.
Failure in an elective course may be made up by another elective course rather than the course failed.
Students not having met financial obligations will receive Incompletes for block courses until those
obligations are met. Any student missing Block Exams due to absence must make arrangements with
the Main Office to complete exams immediately upon her return to school.
6. Field Trips
Field trips enhance and expand the learning that occurs in the classroom. However, field trips are
privileges afforded to students, not absolute rights. Students can be denied participation if they fail to
meet academic or behavioral requirements or if they have had excessive absences from school. If a
student has been absent just before a field trip, she may not be permitted to miss another day of school
for the event.
7. Grading Scale
Trinity teachers use the following scale to determine grades:
             A+         99-100
             A          95-98
             A-         93-94
             B+         91-92
             B          87-90
             B-         85-86
             C+         83-84
             C          79-82
             C-         77-78
             D+         75-76
             D          72-74
             D-         70-71
             F          0-69
College Preparatory courses are figured on a 4.0 scale. Honors and International Baccalaureate
courses are figured on a 5.0 scale.
8. Graduation Participation
In order for a senior to participate in Graduation and the Baccalaureate Mass, she must have earned
the required number of credits for her graduating class and be in good behavioral standing.
All credits taken outside of Trinity must be completed by May 1st; additionally, all tuition, fees and

fines must be paid in full and all detentions must be served in order to ensure participation.

9. Student Services
Counselors are available to work with Trinity students in the areas of academic counseling, personal
counseling, referrals for counseling outside of Trinity, conflict management, career education and
college counseling.
                       Class of 2023:        A-F          Maura Clark
                                             G-M          Samanda Johnson
                                             N-Z          Victoria Herling

                      Class of 2022:         A-G        Maura Clark
                                             H-P        Samanda Johnson
                                             Q-Z        Victoria Herling

                      Class of 2021:         A-H        Maura Clark
                                             I-O        Samanda Johnson
                                             P-Z        Victoria Herling

                      Class of 2020:         A-H        Maura Clark
                                             J-P        Samanda Johnson
                                             R-Z        Victoria Herling

                      Director of Student Services                  Rachel Behren
                      College Counselor                             Katie Granholm
                      Registrar/Scholarship Coordinator             Beth Dunne

10. Homework
Homework is an essential ingredient for success in Trinity’s academic program.. Parents/guardians are
asked to be involved by providing the time and quiet place for students to complete homework that is
If a student never appears to have homework, parents/guardians are urged to contact their daughter’s
teachers and/or counselor. In addition to regular homework, many subjects and departments require
projects and papers that are completed primarily outside of the classroom setting either by individual
students or students working in teams. This is a means of encouraging independent work, personal and
team learning, research skills and long-term planning.

11. Honor Code
As a member of the Trinity High School community, I pledge to conduct myself at all times honorably
and in a way that shows pride in myself, my family, my school and my community. As a person of
    honor I will show:
                         ● respect for academic honesty
                         ● respect for others
                         ● respect for property
                         ● respect for myself
12. Honor Roll
Trinity’s honor roll is determined each block on the following basis:

●     1st Honors3.75 or better GPA
     ●     2nd Honors           3.30 – 3.74 GPA

13. National Honor Society
Juniors and seniors who have earned a GPA of 3.75 and have exhibited service, scholarship,
and exemplary character are invited to apply for membership in the National Honor Society.
are reviewed by a panel of teachers appointed by the Vice President of Academics. The panel selects
students on the basis of their applications and the rules set by the National Honor Society. Membership
acceptance is final and is not subject to review by the Vice President of Academics or any other person.
14. Parent – Teacher Conferences
Parent-Teacher Conferences are offered by appointment each semester. The dates and times are
published in the school calendar. Appointments are arranged by the school.. We strongly encourage
students to attend conferences with parents/guardians since; ultimately, it is the student herself who
must make decisions for success in school.
15. Period Three
Period Three is designed to provide every student with a flexible study period each day. Students
are assigned to a lunch period during either 3A or 3B. During the time opposite a student’s lunch, she is
expected report to a study area, small gym, open classroom, library, computer lab, tech
lounge,club/organization meeting or the Student Services department. Students may receive tutoring
from a teacher or peer tutor or may attend a scheduled meeting for a club of which she is a member.
Students who abuse any of the privileges of this period may be assigned to a permanent study hall for
both 3A and 3B.
16. Progress Reports / Parent Portal
Information regarding a student’s progress in class, grades, assignments and program are posted on
the Parent Portal, a web-based communication program which also facilitates e-mail to and from
parents/guardians, teachers and students. Progress reports are mailed to those without online access
approximately halfway through each block upon request
17. Retreats
As an important part of our mission as a Catholic school, every student is given the opportunity to
explore and deepen her faith during every school year. Retreats, which give students the time to get
away from the pressures of school, home, and work, provide the setting and a program to help each
student learn more about herself, others, and God. Campus Ministry provides mandatory and optional
retreats to further this mission.
       ● Class retreats are designed in a developmental approach, so that each year, as students
            mature, the retreat program helps them move more deeply toward spiritual awareness and
            growth. Class retreats are peer-lead by the Leadership And Ministry Program Team
            (LAMP). All students are expected to participate in their assigned class retreats. See
            handbook calendar for particular dates. Important information is provided in homerooms prior
            to retreat.
       ● Kairos is an optional, 3 day and 2 night retreat for juniors and seniors. Kairos, or “God’s
            Time”, is a faculty/staff and peer-lead retreat that focuses on the power of God’s love in our

everyday lives. Students are encouraged to participate in this national retreat program that is
           experienced in Catholic high schools, parishes, and colleges across the country. Participants
           often remark that Kairos is the most transformative retreat they have ever experienced.

A fee is charged for class and Kairos retreats to pay for the facility rental, meals, rooms, materials, etc.
Payment plans and scholarships are available.
18. School Calendar
The school calendar is available online to every student at the beginning of the school
year. It contains dates and times of events that involve students, parents/guardians, and the school in
general. Any changes to this calendar will be announced and altered on the calendar posted on the
Trinity website.
19. School Cancellation
In the event of inclement weather or other emergency situations which might cause the cancellation of
school, information will be posted on the website- please do not call the school. Any such situations will
be communicated through our Notify system, social media pages, website and are also reported to the
local radio/television stations but are not necessarily recorded on our school answering machine.
20. Service
Community Service is considered part of our commitment as Christians to live out our faith by reaching
out to the world around us. Students are encouraged to serve in their school, parish, or neighborhood
communities. Trinity students participate in service through co-curricular clubs and organizations, CAS
of the International Baccalaureate Program, and opportunities available through Campus Ministry. All
students are welcome to take part in service opportunities hosted by the Faculty and Staff Service
Committee, and we encourage students to search for opportunities on their own. Campus Ministry holds
a list of possible sites for service and communicates upcoming opportunities via Service Board (found
outside of Campus Ministry Office) and emails. The Campus Ministers are always willing to meet with
students to find opportunities that match their interests.
Class of 2021 - 2023 are required to complete 10 hours of voluntary community service from one
school year to the next. See Blazers in Action Service Manual on Campus Ministry’s webpage for all
specific information. Important Note: the required service hours may be completed between June 1st,
2019-March 18, 2020. All service hours need to be submitted electronically via x2VOL Service Tracking
Platform within one month of completing service, and no later than April 18, 2019. The Campus
Ministers will approve hours based on requirements designated in the manual.
21. Students Taking Classes Outside of Trinity
If a student is taking an outside course through a Trinity-approved institution, the deadline for
completion is May 1st. Graduation requirements may not be taken outside of Trinity. The only exception
is if the course is failed and must be made up in order to meet graduation requirements.
22. Trinity Textbook Loan Program
Some courses will include a Trinity-issued book. A lost book is the responsibility of the student and full
replacement cost of the book must be paid.
23. Tuition, Fees, Fundraising
Tuition, fees and fundraising responsibilities must be current in order for a student to receive credit for a
class and move on to the next Block. When payments are completed, grades will be calculated and
transcripts of credit updated. A fee will be added to the account for any checks returned for insufficient
funds. Tuition, fees or fundraising money refunds will not be issued if a student withdraws from Trinity
High School after the Block begins. Seniors must have all obligations met before they can attend
Senior Prom and Graduation.

Students who need to retake a course at Trinity may be required to pay a fee of $425 per 1/2 credit.
A student receiving financial assistance must maintain a 2.0 grade point average throughout that school
year. Academic Progress will be reviewed at the end of each session by the Vice President of

                          INTERNET / NETWORK AND E-MAIL
                              ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY

Trinity High School provides students access to the educational tools they need now and will need in
college and beyond. Responsible use of computer networks and the Internet are a part of those tools.
Trinity High School has rules for acceptable conduct and an honor code. These both also apply to
student usage of the internet for school work and social interaction with other students. Actions which
would be unacceptable in the classroom, will also be unacceptable online or through
telecommunications. Digital violations of the school honor code or acceptable conduct standards will
result in the same penalties as if they occurred in the classroom on a school day.

As part of the acceptable use policy all students promise to:
     ● Only use the THS-Student WiFi-Network and Computer Labs to access the internet when at
     ● Refrain from playing games, streaming music or videos when using the THS-Student Wifi
     ● Respect and protect the privacy of others.
     ● Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources
     ● Communicate only in ways that are kind and respectful.

“Unacceptable” use is defined as activities using Trinity hardware, software, or networks at any time that
do not conform to the purpose, goals, and mission of Trinity High School. Unacceptable use of the
Internet includes but is not limited to:
      ● Sending or posting discriminatory, harassing, or threatening messages or images that may
            cause harm to any member of the Trinity community or greater global community.
      ● Forwarding or ‘Liking’ material that is likely to cause offense or hurt to a third party.
      ● Sending or posting messages or material that could damage the school’s reputation.
      ● Creating a fake profile to impersonate any other member of the school community.
      ● Participating in the viewing or exchange of inappropriate images or obscene material.

While all cases involving the inappropriate use of social media will be dealt with on an individual basis,
Trinity High School considers the above to be serious breaches of our Code of Honor. Disciplinary
consequences up to and including expulsion may be exercised in certain cases.

Supervision and Monitoring: Users have no expectation of privacy in their use of Trinity networks.
School and network administrators and their authorized employees monitor the use of information
technology resources to help ensure that uses are secure and in conformity with this policy.
Administrators reserve the right to examine, use, and disclose any data found on the school's
information networks in order to further the health, safety, discipline, or security of any student or other
person, or to protect property. They may also use this information in disciplinary actions, and will furnish
evidence of crime to law enforcement.

     ★     Please complete the Internet/Computer Network Contract at the end of this handbook.

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