OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact

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OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years
with vision to double its size and impact
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
In 2019, Shoes and Clothes for Kids will mark its 50th year of positively
                             impacting the lives of greater Cleveland’s neediest children. When our
                             founder, Morrie Sayre, learned that many children in Cleveland lacked
                             adequate footwear, he worked with the local YMCA to collect and distribute
                             shoes. He and his friends sometimes kept supplies of shoes in the trunks
                             of their cars so they could hand them out to kids on the playgrounds. Soon
                             Mr. Sayre engaged his inner circle and began raising money to purchase
                             new shoes. The organization continued to evolve and expand as the
                             community’s needs grew.

                             Today, Shoes and Clothes for Kids is improving school attendance and
                             equalizing the classroom learning opportunity for greater Cleveland’s
                             neediest children by providing them brand new school uniforms,
                             clothes, school supplies, and shoe gift cards.

                             As we celebrate being “50 years new,” we are inspired by our founder’s
                             commitment to positively impact more students as the challenges for them
                             and their families continue to grow and change. Our plans are big and
                             bold, but we know we can achieve them with your support.

Our VisiOn                                                                Our WOrk
At Shoes and Clothes for Kids (SC4K), we envision a community
                                                                          Shoes and Clothes for Kids works to remove barriers to education
where all our children have the resources they need to learn,
                                                                          and school attendance created by a lack of clothing and school
grow, and become successful. Each young student, regardless of
                                                                          supplies, and to equalize the learning environment for the
his or her family’s economic situation, would have what he or
                                                                          students we serve. We do this through three core programs and a
she needs to thrive in school: new uniforms, a new pair of shoes,
                                                                          planned pilot program:
appropriate winter clothing and all the essential school supplies.
Equipped with these resources, students become engaged
                                                                          Distributing through a network of qualified neighborhood
learners – and ultimately engaged citizens. When a child stays in
                                                                          partners: SC4K distributes brand new items to children in need at
school, it helps us all.
                                                                          no cost to them, including quality clothing basics, such as socks,
                                                                          underwear, t-shirts, pants, and school uniforms. SC4K leverages
                                                                          its connections and buying power to purchase new clothing at
A CritiCAl need                                                           closeout prices, along with shoe gift cards, which recipients can
For some parents, replacing their child’s outgrown shoes or ripped
                                                                          then use to select the size and style of shoes that best fit their
pants is a minor inconvenience. But for thousands of Cleveland
                                                                          needs. These items are distributed through a network of 28 vetted
families living in poverty, lack of proper clothing causes great
                                                                          neighborhood partners located strategically throughout Greater
anxiety—and can even create a barrier between their kids and
school. Through SC4K’s collaboration with Cleveland Municipal
School District (CMSD), we have proven that by ensuring children
                                                                          Providing school supplies directly to teachers in Greater
have the basics items they need, we can improve attendance by
                                                                          Cleveland classrooms: SC4K provides school supplies to under-
up to 24%. While other barriers still remain, providing kids with
                                                                          resourced classrooms at no cost to participating teachers. Teachers
school-appropriate clothing, shoes, and supplies creates a positive
                                                                          can “shop” once per semester for school supplies with an average
and lasting impact.

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OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
“    By mid-semester, I know which of my students isn’t getting much support at
     home. I know which ones want to be in school and want to learn, but can’t
     because of a family situation. It’s helpful to have an organization to turn to

     that can help meet their basic needs.
                                                  – A Cleveland school teacher

retail value of more than $1,000. Available items include basic            An inVitAtiOn FOr suPPOrt
supplies, craft items, books, and even furniture. Supplies are also        To celebrate 50 years of serving Cleveland’s families in need, SC4K
included in SC4K distributions that go directly to students. The           is committed to doubling our impact and raising an additional
program is open to any certified classroom teacher working at a            $1 million during our 50th anniversary year. Raising an extra
public, parochial, or nonprofit charter school in Cuyahoga County          $1 million is our largest fundraising goal ever, but we believe it is
where 60% or more of students are eligible for the National School         attainable because the community cares, teachers care, and you
Lunch Program. Educators have expressed appreciation for this              care. We invite you to join us in honoring the founding work of
service, which saves them from paying out of their own pockets             Morrie Sayre, who saw a need and took action. With support from
when school budgets or students’ families fall short.                      philanthropic friends like you, that small step was nurtured into
                                                                           an organization that now serves thousands of children each year
One grateful teacher remarked, “Without the Resource Center, my            but could do so much more. Can you help us?
students would not have the tools they need to learn. Many of our
students are homeless, poverty-stricken, and in foster care. This is       The SC4K 50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund is our gift
the best resource our district has.”                                       back the community—an opportunity to express our gratitude for
                                                                           the many years of support and a commitment to deliver more
Distributing to Cleveland’s neediest students through direct               services to many more families in the coming years. Our current
referrals: The cost of required uniforms is a financial obstacle for       budget for expanded programming allows us to serve nearly 7,000
many CMSD families. Working with CMSD and the Cleveland                    students per year. With the $1 million raised, SC4K will provide
Browns Foundation/Browns Give Back, SC4K helped launch the                 an additional $200,000 per year from 2020 to 2025 which has
Special Teams Package program in 2017. The Special Teams Package           been designated by our Board of Directors to be used solely for
consists of school uniforms, socks, underwear, shoe gift cards and         program needs.
school supplies. The program has served 6,000 kids in the past few
years. Data from CMSD shows our programs are helping improve               These new funds will allow us to double our annual impact to
school attendance up to 24% in certain categories of students.             serve 14,000 children each year with a complete service package,
                                                                           giving them the best chance possible to succeed in school and
                                                                           enjoy a healthy future. That means:
the sC4k 50th AnniVersAry PrOgrAm
grOWth Fund                                                                • 7,000 more kids will receive a new pair of shoes to wear to school.
Thousands of children risk their futures by staying home from              • 7,000 more kids will receive a week’s worth of school-appropriate
school because they simply do not have the necessary clothing,               clothing.
shoes, and supplies they need to attend. Education is available to         • 7,000 more kids will receive new school supplies throughout
them, but they must show up to benefit from it.                              the year, so they can be actively engaged in learning.
                                                                           • 7,000 more kids can receive new coats, gloves, and hats during
With your support, SC4K can help eliminate this barrier for                  Cleveland’s cold winter months.
thousands of students and families with the greatest need, and             • Most importantly, 7,000 additional kids will have a better
create more success stories like these:                                      chance to graduate from grade-to-grade each year, eventually
                                                                             graduating high school with a real chance to break the cycle of
“I see the faces light up when students and parents get the                  poverty so many of them face.
clothing, shoes and supplies. The kids know they can go to school
the next day. And the parents tell me now they don’t have to
decide between spending money on clothing or rent, or food.”
                                                                             Please help us set more kids up for success
   -- A SC4K distribution partner                                            in school and life by supporting the SC4K
                                                                             50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund.
“Too often, our kids’ living situation changes two or three times in
a school year. They can’t always bring their clothing and school
supplies with them when change happens. Your program gives
                                                                              FOr mOre inFOrmAtiOn And tO mAke A dOnAtiOn,
those kids, sometimes homeless, a chance to get to school where                 PleAse Visit WWW.sC4k.Org, Or CAll us At
they can be warm, safe, and fed. We need you.”                                 216/881-7463. On behAlF OF All the Children,
   – A local school official                                                  PArents, And teAChers We serVe…thAnk yOu.

                                       Shoes and Clothes for Kids      3      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
Cleveland Browns
                     make special visit
         s part of Browns Give
         Back’s commitment to
         education, Browns players
highlighted the team’s partnership
with the Cleveland Metropolitan
School District’s “Get 2 School. You
Can Make It!” attendance campaign
during a visit to Paul L. Dunbar
School on April 17.
   The third-grade class at Dunbar was
selected to spend the afternoon with
the Browns due to their commitment
to and marked improvement in
attendance – a key factor in students’
educational success.
   During the event, the group
discussed the significance of attendance
for long-term educational performance,
as well as took a pledge to remain
dedicated to strong attendance.
   Additionally, Browns players
surprised select students, identified
by CMSD, with Special Teams
Packages. The Special Teams
Package program, in partnership with
Browns Give Back and Shoes and
Clothes for Kids, provides CMSD
students in economic hardship with
necessary clothing items as part of
the “Get 2 School. You Can Make
It!” campaign.                                                                                     PHOTOGRAPHS BY NATE MIGUL

                                           Shoes and Clothes for Kids   4   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
MAY 2019

6      Dressing for success: Adequate clothing, supplies
                                                                                                                  Mackley              Uhl

       linked to better attendance                                                                             Dear Friends,
                                                                                                                     or the last 50 years, Shoes and
                                                                                                                     Clothes for Kids has been part of
8      SC4K impact reflected in CMSD attendance rates
                                                                                                                     the community effort to support
                                                                                                               and help those Cleveland area kids most
9      A game changer: Cleveland Browns Foundation                                                             in need. We’ve done that by regularly
       involvement gives boost to SC4K                                                                         updating and changing our programs
                                                                                                               to be more impactful, listening to our
                                                                                                               neighborhood partner organizations on how
11     Q & A with Cleveland Metropolitan School District CEO                                                   we can do better and by providing tangible,
       Eric Gordon                                                                                             measureable results to the community.
                                                                                                                  Founded in 1969 by Cleveland
                                                                                                               businessman Morrie Sayre, we are now
12 SC4K programs eliminate barriers to education                                                               an organization whose mission is focused
   by meeting critical needs                                                                                   on making a positive impact on school
                                                                                                               attendance by ensuring local kids in poverty
                                                                                                               have access to new school uniforms and
14 Three-year pilot program targets K-3 population                                                             casual clothing, shoes and school supplies.
                                                                                                               School attendance is a key predictor of
                                                                                                               academic success, when students miss
15 Distribution partners serve as connection to students
                                                                                                               more than 10 days of school they will fall
                                                                                                               behind their peers. Our programs have
16 SC4K 50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund:                                                                  proven that we can improve attendance up
                                                                                                               to 25% for students who are at risk of being
   Doubling the size, doubling the impact
                                                                                                               chronically absent from school. More than
                                                                                                               $4 million worth of items that support school
17     What’s in a package provided by Shoes and Clothes for Kids?                                             attendance are distributed annually to more
                                                                                                               than 10,000 students and 5,000 teachers in
                                                                                                               Cuyahoga County. We are having an impact.
19 Humble shoe drive grows into legacy of giving                                                                  Thanks to the support of our board
   to Cleveland school children                                                                                directors, donors (large and small),
                                                                                                               neighborhood partners, school
                                                                                                               administrators and teachers, volunteers
20 Shoes and Clothes for Kids turns 50                                                                         and amazing staff, we are one of the
                                                                                                               organizations at the forefront of helping
22 Corporate partners long have provided support for SC4K                                                      Cleveland area kids get to school, graduate
                                                                                                               and create a life that frees them from
                                                                                                               the cycle of poverty and contributes to
23 SC4K board of directors                                                                                     the economic growth of our community.
                                                                                                               The short-term attendance gains are
                                                                                                               encouraging; the long-term impact will be
23 Lending a helping hand: ‘A chance to step out of your                                                       rewarding for all.
   life a little bit’                                                                                             We urge your reading of this special
                                                                                                               SC4K 50th Anniversary piece to learn more
                                                                                                               about what we do, the impact we have and
                                                                                                               how you can help us help more kids. For
                                                                                                               more information, visit sc4k.org.
     Managing editor, custom and special projects:      Graphic designer:       Cover art:                     We are grateful for your support,
     Amy Ann Stoessel, astoessel@crain.com              Lisa Griffis            Elaine Manusakis
                                                                                                               Lamont Mackley, chair
     For more information about custom publishing opportunities, please contact Amy Ann Stoessel.
                                                                                                               Terence J. Uhl, executive director

                                                Shoes and Clothes for Kids       5      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
Shoes and Clothes for Kids aims to remove barriers to education and school attendance by providing new uniforms, a new pair of shoes,
appropriate winter clothing and essential school supplies.

                DRESSING FOR
     SUCCESS    Adequate clothing, supplies
                linked to better attendance
By VINCE GUERRIERI                     “When they’re not in school,
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland         they’re not learning.”                     MAKING AN IMPACT
                                          And, even for those students who

       tudies have shown that an       do attend school, not having the           The uniform program has resulted in an increase in
       adequately clothed and          right shoes, clothes and supplies          attendance at CMSD over a 90-day period of 3% to roughly
       supplied student will have      can have a negative impact, accord-        25% for those receiving clothes and shoes depending on
better attendance.                     ing to Emily Campbell, associate           the building. Even 10 days of missed school – roughly one
   But better grades? That’s tougher   director of the Center for Commu-          day a month – can have an adverse effect.
to determine. Marcia Zashin, the       nity Solutions.                            Studies show students who miss 10 days for any reason are:
director of Project ACT, which            For example, without the right
provides support for homeless stu-     shoes, students can’t participate in
                                                                                  ●   9% less likely to pass their third-grade reading guarantee
dents in the Cleveland Metropolitan    physical education classes or even         ●   Score 12 points lower on standard reading test
School District, said attendance is    recess – both of which have been
the first step toward progress.
                                                                                  ●   Score 15 points lower on standard math test
                                       shown to be beneficial to students’
   “When a student is in school,       growth and development.                    ● Are   34% less likely to graduate on time
they are learning,” she said.                       continued on next page

                                            Shoes and Clothes for Kids        6   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
continued FROM PREVIOUS PAGE                                                                                                     and have some of the same chal-
   The vision of the Cleveland-                                                                                                  lenges -- one of the big ones is at-
based nonprofit Shoes and Clothes                                                                            Shoes and           tendance,” said Tom Gill, president
for Kids is that all children have the                                                                       Clothes for         of Urban Community School. “We
resources they need to learn, grow                                                                           Kids has            believe strongly in the data that
and become successful.                                                                                       been serving        correlates uniforms to attendance.
   SC4K – which this year is celebrat-                                                                                           If they don’t have clean clothes
                                                                                                             students for 50
ing its 50th year of service – aims                                                                                              and feel good about themselves,
to remove barriers to education and                                                                                              especially in middle school, they
                                                                                                             PHOTO BY
school attendance by providing new                                                                           JIM BARON           may not want to come to school.
uniforms, a new pair of shoes, appro-                                                                        PHOTOGRAPHY         From a confidence and self-esteem
priate winter clothing and essential                                                                                             standpoint, if we can get uniforms
                                           meet,” she said. “They can use the
school supplies.
                                           money they’d spend on clothes and                A HELPING HAND                       to kids and families, there is a cor-
   The belief – which is increasingly                                                                                            relation to strong attendance.”
                                           shoes on other necessities.”
supported by data – is that students                                                        With the help of Shoes                  Gill said there also is data that if
                                              The Center for Community Solu-
who have all of these resources                                                             and Clothes for Kids, the            a child misses more than 10 days
                                           tions estimates that for every dollar
become engaged learners, and ulti-                                                          Cleveland Metropolitan               of school, academic performance
                                           spent in an effort to reduce child
mately engaged citizens.                                                                    School District has                  can suffer. Looking at attendance,
                                           poverty, it results in $7 in savings for
   “If you are not dressed right or                                                         provided uniforms for 2,148          he said, uniforms became a very
                                           the U.S. economy – but those are sav-
comfortable, you won’t be focused on                                                        students this school year.           clear piece to the puzzle. That’s
                                           ings that might not be seen until after
getting your education,” said Lamont                                                                                             when Urban Community School
                                           the child reaches adulthood.                     A breakdown of why they
Mackley, chairman of the board of                                                                                                turned to SC4K. Networking with
                                              “It can have a waterfall effect,”             needed the uniforms:
SC4K. “Of all of the organizations                                                                                               established programs like SC4K,
                                           Campbell said. “Anything that helps
I’ve been involved with, this one is                                                        ● 4 “catastrophic requests”          Gill said, helps his school have
                                           kids in a disadvantaged situation
about the dignity of the student, help-                                                                                          more of an impact.
                                           helps lift them out of poverty, but              ● 27 result from a change
ing the student cross barriers that stop                                                                                            Urban Community School annual
                                           those are the kind of results you’d see            in guardianship
them from being focused on getting a       down the line.”                                                                       fund coordinator Colleen DeJohn
good education on a daily basis.”                                                           ● 963 as a result                    Pallett said it’s difficult to quantify
                                           Making a difference                                of financial hardship              the level of dignity these programs
‘Waterfall effect’                                                                          ● 14 due to house fires              bring to a child. She related the story
                                              Shoes and Clothes for Kids,
   The city of Cleveland and the           through its full scope of programs,                                                   of a teacher who inquired about
                                                                                            ● 1,114 homeless students
Cleveland Metropolitan School              distributes uniforms, clothes and                                                     providing one of her students with
District are at or near the top of         school supplies to students in the               ● The remainder: Other               a new winter coat. Because of the
some lists where being No. 1 isn’t a       Cleveland Metropolitan School Dis-                                                    school’s partnership with SC4K, this
good thing.                                trict and other disadvantaged schools,            Urban Community School, a           student received a new coat almost
   The poverty rate in the school          which are defined as those where the           school that educates primarily low-    immediately.
district is, for all intents and pur-      average socioeconomic background               income children from Cleveland’s          “He looked elated; he has a nice,
poses, 100%, and it’s estimated that       of its students is below the national          near West Side, became a new SC4K      warm, brand new coat and no one
nearly 3,000 of the district’s 39,000      average.                                       partner last fall. The school serves   was aware of the interaction,” she
students are homeless.                        About half of the roughly 500               580 students – 75% who live at or      said. “You have these small, but
   “Cleveland has the highest              schools in Cuyahoga County are                 below the federal poverty level.       really wonderful moments you can
percentage of children in poverty          termed as disadvantaged.                          “We serve an urban population       really help these people.”
of any big city – nearly 50%, and
even more in some neighborhoods,”
Campbell said.
   And, while the child poverty rate
of 48.7% in Cleveland represents a
10-year low, and poverty overall is on
the decline in Cleveland, “the issue of
adequate clothes and shoes faces a lot
of people,” Campbell said.
   So the economic impact of a
group like Shoes and Clothes for
Kids can be immediate, Campbell
said. It’s estimated that parents
spend $1,000 on shoes and clothes
for a child during a school year, and
with donations of a school outfit and                                                                                                                 SUBMITTED PHOTO
shoes, the burden can be eased –           Tom Gill, president of Urban Community School, reads with students at the school on Cleveland’s near West
even slightly – on parents.                Side. The school, which became a new SC4K partner last fall, serves 580 students – 75% who live at or below
   “It helps families make ends            the federal poverty level.

                                                 Shoes and Clothes for Kids           7      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
SC4K impact reflected in CMSD attendance rates

By VINCE GUERRIERI                                                                                                                 To that end, he said an analysis of
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland                    We have analyzed our attendance data                                          the results of programs like Shoes and
                                                  and what we’ve noticed is once a family                                       Clothes for Kids should be qualita-

A                                                                                                                   “
          ttendance is important. As           received the package, attendance increases                                       tive, not quantitative.
          many as 10 days absent a                                                                                                 “You’re not going to be able to
          year -- roughly one a month
                                                   dramatically, and that attendance is                                         say, ‘I gave 10 backpacks and it
-- can have adverse effects, and dra-                    maintained for 90 days.                                                resulted in this many points on their
matically reduce a student’s chances         LORRI HOBSON, director of attendance for Cleveland schools                         test scores,’” Nozoe said. “But look
at advancement to the next grade.                                                                                               at the faces of kids when they get
   In the Cleveland Metropolitan         tendance increases dramatically, and         the city doesn’t have anywhere near       new shoes. Look at their body lan-
School District, the distribution of     that attendance is maintained for 90         enough shelters to accommodate its        guage. It doesn’t require a random
shoes and clothes has translated         days,” Hobson said.                          homeless population.                      control 20-year study. You can see it
to increases in attendance ranging          Marcia Zashin, the director of               Ronn Nozoe, interim director           makes a difference.”
from 3% to roughly 25%, depend-          Project ACT, a program that provides         of ASCD, a national, nonpartisan             With that in mind, while Shoes
ing on the school building.              support for homeless Cleveland               education advocacy organization,          and Clothes for Kids might be
   Teachers and school administra-       school students, said one of the             stressed that external barriers –         limited in its scope, every bit makes
tors regularly keep an eye out for       reasons the attendance impact trails         such as lack of access to medical         a difference.
students who might be in need of new     off after 90 days is because that’s          care, transportation, food, and              “It’s a wonderful model of what
uniforms, according to Lorri Hobson,     typically the length of a stay in a          school clothes and supplies –             a school-community partnership
director of attendance for Cleveland     homeless shelter, and when a family          can negatively impact children,           should look like and could look like,”
schools, and attendance is tracked for   moves, they are typically limited in         particularly those from poor              he said. “Having clear goals to help
the month prior to the distribution of   what they can take.                          backgrounds.                              move the needle is smart, and it really
shoes and clothes, and then for the         “Things get lost in a move, and              “It doesn’t take a lot of time for a   helps people figure out where they
following 30 to 90 days.                 a lot of our people are constantly           child to fall behind,” said Nozoe, who    can plug in.
   “We have analyzed our attendance      moving,” said Zashin, who notes that         served as a school administrator in          “The idiom that it takes a whole
data and what we’ve noticed is once      nearly 3,000 of the 36,000 children in       Hawaii and as an assistant secretary      village is true,” he said. “It takes
a family received the package, at-       Cleveland schools are homeless, and          of education.                             everyone pitching in for kids.”

                           To celebrate 50 years of serving Cleveland’s families in need, SC4K iS Committed to doubling
                           our impaCt and raiSing an additional $1 million during our 50th anniverSary year. Raising an
                           extra $1 million is our largest fundraising goal ever, but we believe it is attainable because the
                           community cares, teachers care, and you care.

                           We invite you to join us in honoring the founding work of Morrie Sayre, who saw a need and
                           took action. With support from philanthropic friends like you, that small step was nurtured into
                           an organization that now serves thousands of children each year but could do so much more.

                           The SC4K 50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund is our gift back the community—an
                           opportunity to express our gratitude for the many years of support and a commitment to deliver
                           more services to many more families in the coming years.

                           This expanded programming allows us to serve nearly 7,000 students per year from 2020 to
                           2025. By removing clothing as a barrier to attendance, we will get more students to school and
                           more students in the classroom everyday will improve student success. Please join us in helping
                           Cleveland kids succeed.

                           ***For more information on how to help SC4K have a bigger impact on Cleveland kids, please
                           contact Terry Uhl at tuhl@sc4k.org.

                                               Shoes and Clothes for Kids         8       CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
Thanks to its partnership with the Cleveland Browns Foundation, when the Cleveland schools identify and refer a K-8 students to SC4K, students
are given a Special Teams Package.

                  Cleveland Browns Foundation
                involvement gives boost to SC4K
By VINCE GUERRIERI                     McCormack, that it focused on
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland         uniforms.
                                          “We realized we had the

    t took the Cleveland Browns to     opportunity to take a fresh look and
    get Shoes and Clothes for Kids     refocus our mission,” said Uhl, who
    on the path it is on currently.    succeeded McCormack as executive
   The organization started in 1969,   director. “We knew we needed a new
with a group of people who would       focus. It was a bit serendipitous. If
chip in money to donate shoes to       the Browns foundation didn’t come
needy children. By the late 1990s,     along, I’m not sure we could have
when Terry Uhl joined the board,       gotten here on our own. It was kind
it had branched into giving out        of right time, right place.”
clothes as well, and the group            The Browns and it owners, Jim-
became a 501(c)(3) charitable          my and Dee Haslam, were making
organization. In 2009, the Cleve-      a commitment to philanthropy ben-
land Metropolitan School District      efiting Cleveland schools, including
instituted a uniform policy, but it    player visits, new artificial turf for
wasn’t until 2015, when SC4K was       high school stadiums – and greater           The Special Teams Package includes three uniforms, a casual outfit,
in a transitional period follow-       access to school uniforms.                   three to six pairs of socks, three to six pairs of underwear, a bag of
ing the passing of director Valerie                 continued on next page          school supplies and gift card for shoes.

                                             Shoes and Clothes for Kids         9      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
OUTFITTING FUTURE the - Shoes and Clothes for Kids marks 50 years with vision to double its size and impact
The partnership with the Browns
                                                                                    PHOTOGRAPHS BY John H. Reid III   includes player visits, new artificial
The Browns and its owners, Jimmy and Dee Haslam, have made a commitment to philanthropy benefiting                    turf for high school stadiums and
Cleveland schools.                                                                                                    greater access to school uniforms.

   “School CEO Eric Gordon met           whAT IT COSTS TO DRESS FOR SCHOOL
our staff, and said one of the top
barriers to attendance and achieve-      BOYS APPAREL                           GIRLS APPAREL
ment was access to uniforms,” said
Renee Harvey, vice president of the      One pair of pants: $27.75              One jumper: $37.95
Cleveland Browns Foundation. “We
                                         One belt: $16.95                       One pair of pants: $21.95
felt that was something we could
help address.                            One long-sleeve shirt: $18.75          One polo shirt: $16.50
   “The stars aligned. Shoes and
Clothes for Kids was starting their      One short-sleeve shirt: $16.50         One belt: $16.95
five-year plan, and we were ready
to make our own commitment.              One sweater: $32.95                    One sweater: $32.95
Everyone focused on what was
best for the child. It really was        One pair of shoes: $45                 One pair of shoes: $50
that simple.”
                                                                                One clear backpack: $21.95
   Today, thanks to its partnership
with the Cleveland Browns
Foundation, when the Cleveland
schools identify and refer K-8
students to SC4K, they are given a
Special Teams Package – a bag that
includes three uniforms, a casual
outfit, three to six pairs of socks,
                                                                                                                      The first Special Teams Packages
three to six pairs of underwear, a                                                                                    were distributed in 2017.
bag of school supplies and a gift
card for shoes.                                                                                                       beyond Cleveland schools.
                                         SOURCE: SCHOOLBELLES
   “We probably spent about a full                                                                                       “We see it as a pilot program,”
five or six months to create a pro-                                                                                   Harvey said, noting that variables
gram,” Uhl said. “Our first semester   real impact, and now we’re in our    beyond Cleveland schools, like            such as the number of deliveries
was January 2017. Kids with the        third year of doing it.”             it has with new fields. Last fall,        and access to laundry facilities also
worst attendance were improving           Harvey said that given the        the Browns dedicated a new ar-            are being measured. “This is step
their attendance up to 25%. We         progress to date, the foundation     tificial surface at George Daniel         one. Shoes and Clothes for Kids has
realized it was an immediate and       is even thinking about expanding     Field in Lorain – its first field         a tremendous vision.”

                                            Shoes and Clothes for Kids     10    CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
From the CEO of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

         ric Gordon has served as CEO of                                              Q. The organization also                  community and corporate support.
         the Cleveland Metropolitan School                                            makes available to teachers
                                                                                                                                Q. How have student needs
         District since June 2011, after serving                                      access to supplies for their
                                                                                                                                changed through the years?
                                                                                      classroom. How critical is
         as the district’s chief academic officer                                     this function of Shoes and                A. The change is largely by degree.
for four years. He is responsible for the leader-                                     Clothes for Kids?                         Children today face more severe
ship and daily management of Cleveland’s                                                                                        pressure and trauma than ever
                                                                                      A. Kids in poverty have a long list
39,000-student school district.                       Gordon                                                                    before. We see this clearly in Cleve-
                                                                                      of needs. Their families are often        land, which has perhaps the nation’s
   Gordon – believing that lack of proper uniforms is one                             unable to afford school supplies,         highest rate of child poverty. As a
of the biggest hurdles to students coming to school -- has                            and our dedicated teachers often          result, schools that may have once
worked closely with the Cleveland Browns Foundation and                               end up filling the gap. Viewed            stood as silos now need what we
Shoes and Clothes for Kids to connect students with the                               through that lens, this access            call community wraparound ser-
                                                                                      becomes yet another source of valu-       vices, including those provided by
items they need.
                                                                                      able support for children.                Shoes and Clothes for Kids.
Q. From your perspective,                and morale. Data shows gains in
talk about the overall and               attendance by students who have              Q. How important has com-                 Q. As SC4K hits 50 years,
individual impact that Shoes             received Special Teams Packages,             munity and corporate sup-                 what is your hope for the
and Clothes for Kids has had             consisting of uniforms and other             port been to the success of               future of the organization?
on the students of Cleveland.            items that Shoes and Clothes for             the organization?                         A. The need for the help that Shoes
A. For children who are living in        Kids provides with the generous              A. Shoes and Clothes for Kids has         and Clothes for Kids provides may
poverty, in households that have         support of the Cleveland Browns              been serving children and their           change in scale, but it will always be
trouble affording uniforms, let alone    Foundation. Through this assistance          families for a half-century, and it has   with us. Whatever the level of need,
appliances to keep them clean and        and other means, we have reduced             grown and evolved to meet ever-ex-        my hope is that CMSD, our families
dry, the lack of clean and appropri-     the number of students missing more          panding needs. Nonprofit organiza-        and the community will be able to
ate school clothes can be a barrier to   than 10 days of school a year by             tions, CMSD included, cannot thrive       count on strong support from SC4K
attendance. It also hurts self-esteem    nearly 22% over the last three years.        for that length of time without strong    for another 50 years and beyond.

                                                                                                                          thank you!
                                                                            Thanks to our partners at the
                                                                 Cleveland Metropolitan School District
                                                               and the Cleveland Browns for helping us
                                                             create the Special Teams Package program.
                                                               Nearly 6,000 students have received new
                                                                         school clothing, shoe cards, and
                                                                          school supplies during the past
                                                                  three years. In some categories, school
                                                         attendance improved 24% in the next 30 days.

                                                                                                 Let’s keep up the good work!

                                                            #Get2Schoolcle #BrownSGiveBack #Give10

                                              Shoes and Clothes for Kids         11       CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
SC4K programs eliminate barriers
to education by meeting critical needs
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland

               hen children have
               clean clothes, shoes
               that fit and a backpack
full of school supplies, they have
a better chance at being successful
in school, which sets them up for
success in life.
   That has been the mantra of Shoes
and Clothes for Kids for the last 50
years as it works to serve Cleve-
land’s neediest children in grades
K-8 through a network of distribu-
tion partners located throughout
Greater Cleveland. The organiza-
tion’s programs aim to place clothes,
shoes and supplies directly into the
hands of children in need.
   Throughout its existence, the or-
                                                                                                                             PHOTO BY JIM BARON PHOTOGRAPHY
ganization has transitioned to adjust    Cleveland Kids in Need is located at a 15,000-square-foot facility in Cleveland, where eligible teachers can
to the needs of the population it is     shop for school supplies free of charge, once a semester. Teachers who are interested should go to
serving, adding to and adjusting its     www.sc4k.org/teachers.
programs and distribution.
   For example, after the Cleveland      Legacy program                         seeking assistance.                     as other social service agencies in
Metropolitan School District made                                                  In addition to clothing, SC4K        Cleveland. Those packages include
                                            The Legacy program is the basic     provides each partner with $15          two uniforms, casual clothes, socks,
the transition to require school
                                         core program upon which SC4K           gift cards for shoes to distribute,     underwear, supplies and a gift card
uniforms of students, some families
                                         was founded. The organization          allowing children to pick out the       for shoes.
faced additional struggles. Today,
                                         began 50 years ago providing           size and style of shoe that best fits
SC4K programs make available to
students new uniforms, a move that
                                         shoes to children in need. The         their needs.                            Browns Special Teams
has made all the difference, accord-
                                         board determined in the late 1990s        SC4K’s Lloyd said that this          Package program
                                         that children who needed shoes         year partners also will have the           A few years ago, SC4K realized
ing to those working closely with
                                         probably needed clothing as well.      opportunity to receive uniform          it needed to get away from bulk
the district’s families and children.
   “Prior to three years ago, we had        In the beginning, the clothing      packages twice a year. The              clothing that was not necessarily
one program, and that one program        that was provided to students was      packages will include two uniforms,     school appropriate. Around the
was having an impact,” said SC4K         leftover clearance items from major    three outfits, socks, underwear,        time CMSD moved to school
programs director Monica Lloyd.          department stores. The clothes were    supplies and a gift card for shoes.     uniforms, the Cleveland Browns
“Looking at how we’ve changed            not necessarily school appropriate,    Students who attend non-uniform         Foundation approached SC4K
over the years, we’re able to have       but it was bought in bulk and          schools will receive a package of       about supporting attendance
actual numbers to show the impact.       distributed through neighborhood       school-appropriate clothes.             efforts. CMSD CEO Eric Gordon
   “Our distribution partners tell       partners who best knew the city’s         The Legacy program also offers       said uniforms were a big issue
us their families really needed uni-     families and children.                 miscellaneous distributions of “all     impacting attendance.
forms and complete outfits. They            Today, there are 28 partners,       the random donations we receive            On a weekly basis, the Cleveland
needed to walk away with a shirt,        including local social service         throughout the year that don’t meet     schools identify and refer K-8
pants, underwear, socks and shoes.       agencies, a neighborhood center        the uniform or school-appropriate       students to SC4K. Referred students
Hearing the feedback from our            and churches. Distributions            guidelines,” Lloyd said.                are given a bag that includes three
partners let us know we’re moving        take place five times per year            Additionally, the Back to School     uniforms, a casual outfit, three
in the right direction.”                 with neighborhood community            program, sponsored by the Christ        to six pairs of socks, three to six
   To that end, SC4K today serves        partners publicizing events to the     Child Society of Cleveland,             pairs of underwear, a bag of school
the community through a variety of       communities they serve. These          provides uniform packages to            supplies and a gift card for shoes.
programs:                                partners pre-qualify families          SC4K’s Legacy partners, as well                      continued on next page

                                              Shoes and Clothes for Kids       12   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
continued FROM PREVIOUS PAGE           national program that provides free
   “We fill those orders every week.
We deliver them to the school so
                                       school supplies to students in need.
                                       In January 2017, SC4K took over the
                                                                                   SC4K IMPACT | Teacher
the principal or teacher can call      national program’s mission for the
the parent, guardian or caregiver
in and hand them a bag of clothing
and school supplies,” said SC4K
                                       Greater Cleveland area, becoming
                                       Cleveland Kids in Need.
                                          Each year, the program receives
                                                                                                                     “to It’s so empowering for kids
                                                                                                                         have brand-new materials.
                                                                                                                       Shoes and Clothes for Kids
executive director Terry Uhl.          from major national and local                                               affords teachers to come in two
   The program began in January        companies – including Elmer’s,
                                                                                                                   times a year and freely get those
2017 with a $100,000 grant from        Dixon Ticonderoga, OfficeMax and
                                                                                                                         things for our students. ...
the Cleveland Browns Foundation.       3M – more than $1 million worth
By the end of this school year – the   donated supplies for distribution.                                                 The community and the
third year of the program – the        The program also accepts monetary                                             people that give, please know
organization will have served 6,000    donations to buy other core supplies                                           that everyone is grateful and
students. Uhl said the best news is    – such as earbuds and dry erase                                               that is your investment in our
that the program is showing that the   markers – that teachers need but are                                          best resource – and that’s our
students missing the most school       not normally provided. The supplies                                                         babies.
– five or more days in the 30 days     are stored at a 15,000-square-foot                                                    Deborah S. Evans,
prior to receiving a bag of clothes    facility in Cleveland, where eligible                                           teacher, Cleveland Metropolitan
and supplies – improved attendance     teachers can shop for school supplies
                                                                                                                                School District
up to 25% in the following 30 days.    free of charge, once a semester.
   “They are coming to school for         “At the resource center, we allow
a whole other week the following       teachers from approved schools to         twice a year for free. Each shopping       to 4,500 this school year.
month,” Uhl said. “It gives schools    shop for school supplies for their        trip has a value of about $750.”              “While the end customer is the stu-
a chance to get them back in the       students and their classrooms,” said         Since taking over the local affiliate   dents, it gets to the students through
system.”                               Lloyd, adding that eligibility is based   program, Cleveland Kids in Need            the teachers,” Uhl said. “There are
                                       on 60% or more of students at a school    has increased the number of teachers       about 500 schools in Cuyahoga
Cleveland Kids in Need                 participating in the free or reduced      participating in the free school sup-      County – about half qualify for the
  The Kids in Need Foundation is a     federal lunch program. “Teachers shop     ply program from a couple thousand         teachers to shop for free."

                                                                                 Upcoming Sc4K EvEntS
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                                                                                                           9 am on June 17th
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                                                                   “night at thE ShorEby” Fall gala
                                                                                                 6 pm on September 17th
                                                                                                           Shoreby Club
       For morE inFormation, viSit www.Sc4K.org or Email inFo@Sc4K.org

                                             Shoes and Clothes for Kids      13      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
Three-year pilot program                                                                                             #SC4K
targets K-3 population                                                                                                10,695
                                                                                                                         The total number
By KIMBERLY BONVISSUTO                                                                                                 of children served by
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland
                                                                                                                     SC4K’s clothing programs

       hoes and Clothes for Kids

       this fall will pilot a three-
       year program targeting
K-3 classrooms, combining all
its core services and providing
                                                                                                                     The average rate by which
them to the entirety of a specific
student population.                                                                                                   attendance increased for
   “We’re working with senior                                                                                        recipients of the Cleveland
leadership to pick five schools                                                                                      Browns-sponsored Special
that need to improve their third-                                                                                    Teams Package within the
grade reading passage, and for                                                                                              first 30 days
three years we will provide every
K-3 classroom the school uniform
package, school supplies for each
student and classroom supplies
for every teacher,” said SC4K
executive director Terry Uhl.
“We’re hoping over three years
                                                                                 PHOTOGRAPH BY Elaine Manusakis
to see an extended impact on at-       Shoes and Clothes for Kids this fall will pilot a three-year program
tendance and improvement in the        targeting K-3 classrooms, combining all its core services and
third-grade reading scores.”           providing them to the entirety of a specific student population.
   Known as the Classroom
Guarantee program, the pilot’s         makes its livelihood tied together     announced in January for
main sponsor is French Toast, a        at the corporate level the idea of     Cleveland. The goals of the Say
national school uniform supplier       being charitable and doing some-       Yes Cleveland program are to in-
that has partnered with SC4K for       thing important for education.         crease education levels of Cleve-
several years.                         The company will provide more          land residents, boost and retain
   Uhl projects the program will       than 4,000 school uniforms and         population in the city of Cleve-
                                                                                                                         PHOTOGRAPH BY John H. Reid III
impact 1,000 students by using         school-appropriate outfits annual-     land, improve college access for
teachers as “first responders.”
   Richard Sutton, CEO of
LT Apparel Group, the New
                                       ly through the pilot program. He
                                       added that if the pilot is success-
                                       ful, there could be the potential to
                                                                              middle- and low-income families,
                                                                              and spur economic growth and
                                                                              expansion in the region.
York-based parent company of           expand it to other cities.                 And, one of the milestones in         The number of CMSD
French Toast, said sponsoring the         The impetus for the pilot pro-      the Say Yes program is passing           students who received
Classroom Guarantee program is         gram was SC4K’s takeover of the        the third-grade reading test.            the Cleveland Browns-
the next step in strengthening its     local affiliate of the national Kids       “Even for an organization that      sponsored Special Teams
partnership with SC4K.                 in Need Foundation program.            is 50 years old, we continue to                 Package
   “Shoes and Clothes for Kids         Local funders of the new pilot         change and find efficient and
is really focused on what’s im-        program include the Dominion           effective ways to help kids,” Uhl
portant and getting the maximum
benefit to kids,” Sutton said. “Our
goal is to see if we provide more
                                       Energy Charitable Foundation,
                                       Eaton Charitable Fund and the
                                       Fowler Family Foundation.
                                                                              said. “The whole idea is to keep
                                                                              them in school, graduate with a
                                                                              high school degree, have a more
uniforms to kids in these schools,        “It’s a way for us to serve more    productive life, break the cycle of    The number of community
is attendance going to improve         kids,” Uhl said. “We’ll be able        poverty and fill local jobs. It’s an     volunteers who helped
dramatically, and are test scores      to see the impact of not just one      immediate impact for a kid with        sell 50/50 raffle tickets at
going to improve? We’re giving         year, but continuously, to see if      little or nothing. We never lose        Cleveland Browns home
back in a way that will correlate      that has a different result.”          sight of that.”                        games, raising thousands
to good results.”                         He added that the Classroom             The pilot is scheduled to begin        of dollars for SC4K
   Sutton said giving back in          Guarantee fits into the national       in fall 2019 and run through           *All numbers from 2018
the industry where the company         Say Yes to Education program           2022.

                                              Shoes and Clothes for Kids      14     CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
Distribution partners serve                                                                                             SC4K’s

as connection to students
                                                                                                                        ●   Bethany Baptist Church
                                                                                                                        ●   Boys & Girls Club -
                                                                                                                            Broadway Club
                                                                                                                        ●   Boys & Girls Club - King
                                                                                                                            Kennedy Club
                                                                                                                        ●   Boys & Girls Club - Walton
                                                                                                                            School Club
                                                                                                                        ●   Catholic Charities Head
                                                                                                                            Start - Garden Valley
                                                                                                                        ●   Catholic Charities Head
                                                                                                                            Start - Riverside
                                                                                                                        ●   Catholic Charities Head
                                                                                                                            Start - St. Ignatius
                                                                                                                        ●   Cleveland Chesed Center
                                                                                                                        ●   East Cleveland
                                                                                                                            Neighborhood Center
                                                                                                                        ●   East End Neighborhood
                                                                                                                        ●   Famicos Foundation
                                                                                                                        ●   Friendly Inn Settlement
                                                                                                                        ●   La Sagrada Familia
                                                                                                                        ● Lexington Bell Community
                                                                                                                        ●   May Dugan
                                                                                                                        ●   Merrick House
                                                                                                                        ●   Mt. Sinai Baptist Church
                                                                                                                        ●   Murtis Taylor - East
                                                                                                                        ●   Murtis Taylor - Garfield
                                                                                           PHOTO BY ELAINE MANUSAKIS
The King Kennedy Club of the Boys & Girls Club of Cleveland earned SC4K Partner of the Year. Distributions take         ●   Murtis Taylor - Mount
place five times per year with neighborhood community partners publicizing events to the communities they serve.            Pleasant

By KIMBERLY BONVISSUTO                 Boys & Girls Club to being a direc-      provide for our kids.”                  ●   Murtis Taylor -
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland         tor, and he’s seen what SC4K does           Starr said when children look            Warrensville Heights
                                       for children.                            good, they feel good.                       New Sardis Primitive

       oys & Girls Clubs of Cleve-        “The mission they started off            “It’s critical that kids get new         Baptist Church
       land has been a SC4K part-      with is the same mission today,”         uniforms during the year so they
       ner for more than 20 years,     said Starr, adding that the relation-    have the ability to continue to go to   ●   St. Martin de Porres
serving children ages 6 to 18. The     ship he’s built with SC4K means          school,” said Ron Soeder, president     ● The Centers - Cleveland
King Kennedy Club location, led        families have access to resources        and CEO of the Boys & Girls Clubs           Heights
by director Richard Starr, recently    when they need them. He said that        of Cleveland.
earned the SC4K Partner of the         last year 32 families lost every-           Soeder said that SC4K is evolv-
                                                                                                                        ●   University Settlement
Year award.                            thing to a major apartment fire, but     ing its distribution method intel-      ●   Urban Community School
   The King Kennedy Club has 250       they had new clothes and shoes           ligently with its direct method of      ● West Side Catholic Center
members enrolled, with about 50        delivered to them after a quick call     support through Cleveland schools.
families participating in each of      to SC4K. “That type of relationship      “From my perspective, it’s really       ● William E. Sanders Family
its SC4K distribution events. Starr    and those resources and oppor-           important, and I fully applaud and          Life Center
said he’s gone from being a kid at a   tunities are amazing to be able to       embrace them,” Soeder said.

                                            Shoes and Clothes for Kids         15   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
SC4K 50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund:
Doubling the size, doubling the impact
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland           SC4K 50th Anniversary Program Growth Fund

   That’s the message behind
                                         To celebrate 50 years of serving Cleveland’s families in need, SC4K is committed to
                                         doubling its impact and raising an additional $1 million during its 50th anniversary year, its
                                         largest fundraising goal ever.
Shoes and Clothes for Kids’
                                                                                                                         ● For more information
(SC4K) 50th Anniversary                                             To donate
Program Growth Fund. The                                                                                                   on how to help SC4K
                                         MAIL:                               ONLINE:                                       have a bigger impact
organization is working to raise         Shoes and Clothes for Kids          www.sc4k.org
an additional $1 million to double                                                                                         on Cleveland kids,
                                         3500 Lorain Avenue #301             PHONE:                                        please contact Terry
its impact in the community.             Cleveland OH 44115
   The vision of the organization is                                         Call 216-881-7463, ext. 3                     Uhl at tuhl@sc4k.org.
that all children have the resources
they need to learn, grow and become    right back into the community with    the organization’s impact to 14,000      Cleveland schools, SC4K is helping
successful. SC4K removes barriers      kids – clothing, school uniforms      children through its programs.           to improve school attendance.
to education and school attendance     and supplies,” says SC4K executive       SC4K has more community                  By doubling its impact, Uhl says
by providing new uniforms, a new       director Terry Uhl. “We want to       partners, more volunteers and more       SC4K has the opportunity to give stu-
pair of shoes, appropriate winter      purchase more things that kids need   distribution partners than ever.         dents a better chance to successfully
clothing and essential school          and get it into their hands.”         Combine that with a strong working       complete each grade and eventu-
supplies. The belief – which is           The organization’s budget          relationship with the Cleveland          ally graduate, providing them a real
increasingly supported by data – is    allows it to serve about 7,000        Metropolitan School District and         chance to break the cycle of poverty.
that students who have all of these    children annually. Raising            the organization hopes to reach             The organization has a target
resources become engaged learners,     $1 million will provide an            every student who lacks what is          date of Dec. 31 to secure enough
and ultimately engaged citizens.       additional $200,000 annually          necessary to be a success story.         pledges to meet its $1 million
   “That money will be reinvested      between 2020 and 2025 to double          Through that collaboration with the   fundraising goal.

       $1.061 million                                                                        $3 million
                    Community support in 2018                                     The value of school supplies distributed in 2018 through
              for Shoes and Clothes for Kids programs                                  the Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center

                           2,000                                                                        4,300
     The number of Cuyahoga County students who last year                             The number of Cuyahoga County school teachers
  received back-to-school uniforms and school supplies through                            in 13 school districts served through the
    the partnership with the Christ Child Society of Cleveland                            Cleveland Kids in Need Resource Center

                                                                                    The number of hours community volunteers donated
                                                                                    to SC4K – the equivalent of four full-time employees
  *All numbers from 2018

                                            Shoes and Clothes for Kids   16     CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
What’s in a package provided
by Shoes and Clothes for Kids?
legacy package
●   2 uniforms

●   3 school-appropriate casual outfits

●   Socks

●   Underwear

●   School supplies

●   Gift card for shoes

●   3 uniforms

●   1 casual outfit

●   Socks

●   Underwear

●   School supplies

●   Gift card for shoes

●   2 uniforms

●   1 casual outfit

●   Socks
                                                        SCHOOL SUPPLIES VARY, BUT CAN INCLUDE:
●   Underwear

●   School supplies                                     ●   Colored Pencils        ●   Markers             ●   Pens

●   Gift card for shoes                                 ●   Crayons                ●   Notebooks           ●   Pocket Folders
●   (Non-uniform schools receive                        ●   Erasers                ●   Pencils             ●   Rulers
    3 casual outfits rather than 2
    uniforms and 1 casual outfit)                       ●   Glue Sticks            ●   Pencil Sharpeners   ●   Scissors

                                          Shoes and Clothes for Kids      17   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
SC4K IMPACT | Recipients and others

“ofWith me being a single mom
    five kids, it does wonders.                                                                  “  Sometimes I get
                                                                                               dresses, coats; I love my
     I want my kids to go to                                                                   coat that I have. I like the
 school feeling ready; they’ve                                                                 notebooks because I like
got everything in front of them,                                                                   to draw in them.
   they’re dressed nice, their                                                                     … it makes me feel
 clothes are clean, new shoes.                                                                 good because it feels like
 … When I pick them up from                                                                                        “
                                                                                                 I’m just like one of the
  school, they’re smiling … it                                                                        other girls.
brings their self-esteem up and                                                                     Arion, recipient
         I really love that.
            Lisa, recipient

                             “  SC4K has helped thousands of kids every year get to school dressed
                         for educational success. SC4K eliminates many of the obstacles students face
                          to get to school. Many people don't realize the problems of inner city youth.
                             If they don't have shoes, they don't go to school. The same is true if they
                         don't have the required uniforms or a winter coat. SC4K helps eliminate these
                                                    obstacles to attendance.
                              Alan Silverman, founder of Uniforms for Kids, which merged with SC4K in 2017

                                                                       Volunteers needed!
                                  Volunteers play an essential role in the operation of sC4k.

                                         Without them, we’d be unable to provide new shoes,
                                                 school clothing, school supplies and more to
                                     thousands of kids throughout the Greater Cleveland area.

                                                              Opportunities are available year-round
                                                   for individuals and groups to help us sort, count,
                                                         organize, stock shelves, fill orders and more.

                                                Or, do you want to host a special collection drive?

                                                                      For more information, visit
                                             www.sc4k.org/volunteer or email volunteer@sc4k.org

                                                               thanks for helping CleVeland kids!

                                  Shoes and Clothes for Kids   18   CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
Humble shoe drive grows into a legacy
of giving to Cleveland school children
By JUDY STRINGER                                                                                                                chairman at the time, said the school
Crain Content Studio-Cleveland                                                                                                  district invited him and Uhl to attend
                                                                                                                                a meeting with the Cleveland Browns

      t’s not that Don Sayre doesn’t                                                                                            Foundation and Uniforms for Kids, a
      agree his father, Morrie, was                                                                                             small charity operated by East Cleve-
      a big-hearted man. The elder                                                                                              land businessman Alan Silverman.
Sayre, who passed in 2010 at the age                                                                                               The Cleveland Browns
of 95, was the founder and driving                                                                                              Foundation ­– under the direct urging
force behind Shoes and Clothes for                                                                                              of Dee Haslam, according to Uhl
Kids, which has evolved over the
                                                                                                                                – had targeted school attendance
last 50 years into one of Cleveland’s
                                                                                                                                as a focus for giving. CMSD CEO
most recognized causes.
                                                                                                                                Eric Gordon wanted to discuss how
    It’s just that generosity was only
                                                                                                                                the local nonprofits along with the
part of it.
                                                                                                                                foundation might be able to help
    “Dad was one of those rare people
                                                                                                                                remove school uniforms as a barrier
that when he saw something that
                                                                                                                                to regular attendance.
was not right, he would take action,”
                                                                                                                                   “Gordon basically said lack of
Sayre said.
                                                                                                                                proper uniforms were one of the
    What Morrie saw in the late                                                                            SUBMITTED PHOTO      biggest items that inhibit way too
’60s – as a regular jogger and board      Shoes and Clothes for Kids first began operating in the 1970s out of an               many kids from coming to school,”
member at the old Central YMCA            office at the Central YMCA on Prospect Avenue.                                        Uhl said.
– were children and teenagers                                                                                                      The program hatched over the
walking around with tattered shoes,       and hats, to distribute to area children,   A new playbook
                                          as well as shoes. When Don returned                                                   next several months and subsequent
even during the harsh Cleveland                                                                                                 meetings resulted in the merger of
                                          to Northeast Ohio in 1986 to join               Janus Small and Valerie
winters. In 1969, Don said, his fa-                                                                                             Uniforms for Kids and Shoes and
                                          his father, after serving as executive      McCormack, a former Hawken
ther got on a few radio stations and                                                                                            Clothes for Kids, Jemison said, and
                                          director for a school outside of the        School educator, succeeded Don as
appealed for used children’s shoes                                                                                              completely retooling the latter’s
                                          area, he became the nonprofit’s first       executive directors. The nonprofit
and boots. A furniture manufacturer                                                                                             framework.
                                          executive director.                         experienced a number of changes over
and prominent community member,                                                                                                    Rather than making bulk clear-
                                             With Don’s help, Shoes for Kids          the next 15 years, including amending
he raised money from a handful of                                                                                               ance-rack purchases and conducting
                                          diversified its board, moved to             its name to include “Clothes” and
business associates, had the donated                                                                                            regular distributions of non-specific
                                          newly donated office and ware-              distributing Payless ShoeSource gift
footwear refurbished and handed it                                                                                              sizes and types of clothing, Shoes
                                          house space on the first floor of           cards that allowed children to pick out
out from the trunk of his car.                                                                                                  and Clothes for Kids was reborn
                                          the Cleveland Municipal School              their own new shoes.
    Before long, however, Morrie set                                                                                            as an organization that receives
                                          District’s Woodland Avenue data                 Following McCormack’s passing
his sights on supplying new shoes to                                                                                            referrals about specific students in
                                          center and added socks and under-           in 2016, Terry Uhl, who had been on
children in need, rather than hand-                                                                                             need and provides those children
                                          wear to the items it provided to in-        the organization’s board for 20 years,
me-downs. He used his business                                                                                                  with what are known as Special
                                          ner city students. He also oversaw          stepped in as executive director. Uhl
contacts to raise seed funding and                                                                                              Teams Packages, a week’s worth of
                                          the organization’s expansion into           said the leadership transition came
fill seats on a nonprofit board, and                                                                                            school-appropriate clothing.
                                          other area school districts.                just as Shoes and Clothes for Kids
in 1970, Morrie officially launched                                                                                                With support from the Cleveland
                                             “Basically, what we did was a            was analyzing how to improve its
Shoes for Kids.                                                                                                                 Browns, Shoes and Clothes for
    “We were still working mainly         couple of times a year, mostly in the       value proposition.
                                                                                                                                Kids has already supplied nearly
out of the back seat of his car and the   fall at the beginning of school, we             “We were doing a good job of
                                                                                                                                7,000 high-value Special Teams
trunk,” said Allan Krulak, a retired      would distribute the shoes and clothes      getting clothing and shoes out to the
                                                                                                                                Packages to students and early data
Forest City Enterprises executive         to schools based on their request for       community through neighborhood
                                                                                                                                suggests the program is helping
who joined the cause in the ’70s.         shoes,” Don explained. “School of-          partners, and we knew it went to          improve school attendance, in some
“But, we were buying shoes now            ficials would come to our warehouse,        families who needed help, but could       cases by roughly 25 percent.
and giving them away at the YMCA          take the items back and set them up         not identify really any measureable          “The big hearted business people
downtown and some other places            in a gym, and the kids would come in        tangible impact that we were having       who started this, like Morrie and his
they were needed.”                        and get their stuff.”                       other than we were doing good based       friends, deserve all the credit in the
    Krulak said soon the YMCA gave           In addition to regular distributions,    on anecdotal information,” he said.       world,” Uhl said, “and we are just
Shoes for Kids an office in the Pros-     Don said Shoes for Kids responded               A call from CMSD marked the           so proud to carry on their legacy as
pect Avenue building. Morrie began        to referrals from schools and social        beginning of SC4K’s most recent           we really take Shoes and Clothes
buying winter essentials, like mittens    service agencies year-round.                transition. Tracy Jemison, who was        for Kids to the next level.”

                                                Shoes and Clothes for Kids        19      CRAIN CONTENT STUDIO
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