New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...

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New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
New Parents’ Handbook 2021/22
New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
    3    Welcome
    4    Spiritual and Community Life
    5    Minerva and our Teaching and Learning
    5    Parent Workshops
    6    Structure and Organisation of the
         School Day
    7    Curriculum
    11   Communication
    13   Grades, Reports and Parents’ Evenings
    14   Pastoral Care
    15   Houses
    16   Code of Conduct, Rewards and Sanctions
         including Online Safety and Anti-Bullying
    17   Uniform
    20   Equipment
    20   Personal Belongings Including
         Mobile Phones
    21   Transport
    21   Parking
    22   Catering
    23   Security
    24   Extra-Curricular
    27   Trips and Visits
    27   Key School Events
    27   Finance and Fees
    27   Policies

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
We are delighted that Loughborough Amherst School has been
entrusted with the education of your child. This guide should
provide you with a central point of information to help you
and your child with all of the key parts of life at Loughborough
Amherst School. Joining a school and trying to understand its
systems can be a daunting exercise for even the most confident
individual. I remember with great clarity my own feelings of
trepidation when I first joined the School as Headmaster. I can say
with all confidence that you and your child will be made most
welcome and we are incredibly proud of our friendly, vibrant and
cohesive community.
We encourage and challenge every pupil to become the very best
version of themselves and aim to help parents in their task of
nurturing confident, compassionate and happy young people.
Our Mission Statement encompasses all that we are most proud
of: We are a Catholic School. We welcome everyone and we
respect everyone for who they are. We work together to become
clever, kind and brave. We are one family, and everyone is known
and loved. When we leave, we will go into the world and make it
a better place.
Dr Julian Murphy

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Spiritual and Community Life                                              Collective Worship
    As a Catholic school, we aim to help our pupils to                        In addition to collective worship in assemblies, four or five times a
    experience the spiritual dimension in life through all                    year the whole School gathers for a Mass.
    aspects of the curriculum and their daily lives.                          On a less formal level, each House’s feast day includes a pupil
                                                                              designed and led liturgy. We also have a start and end of year
    We seek to encourage all pupils to develop a habit of
                                                                              liturgy for Year 7 and exam liturgies for Years 11 and 13.
    contemplation and stillness that will help them remain centred
    and calm through life’s ups-and-downs. We help them to discover           Preparatory pupils also have their own liturgies for key feasts in
    the satisfaction felt in serving others and living as part of a           the liturgical year.
    community. Finally, we also seek to help them find spiritual joy in
                                                                              All our acts of worship are designed to be inclusive of all pupils,
    all their activities and talents, be these academic, sporting, musical,
                                                                              regardless of their faith background, and celebrate both the
    dramatic, artistic or entrepreneurial.
                                                                              diversity and the solidarity of our community.
    Tutor groups pray and reflect together and the whole School
    community regularly gather for assemblies. Our Chapel contains
    its own special area for private prayer, and all pupils are welcome       Charity
    to make use of it at any time they wish. We also have a separate
                                                                              Fundraising for charity is a key part of our Christian ethos. Each
    Reflection Room for those who do not feel comfortable praying or
                                                                              year, our Houses vote and select one chosen charity for the next
    meditating in the Chapel.
                                                                              academic year that all fundraising goes towards.
    Our aim in all this is to help nurture young people who, regardless
    of their personal beliefs, have a capacity for inner stillness, a
    sense of wonder in the face of existence, and the inner strength to
    embrace the best and face the worst that life has to offer.

    We have whole-School Assemblies at least once a week, many
    of which are led by the pupils. All pupils, whatever their faith,
    participate in Assemblies, which are usually rooted in Catholic
    and Christian ideas. In our Assemblies, we seek to address issues
    that are of relevance to the pupils in their day-to-day lives, and
    we also use the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of
    individuals or groups of pupils. There are also regular “Congers”
    Assemblies, where we come together for a sparkling and energetic
    half hour of hymn singing!

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Minerva and our Teaching and                                            Revision
Learning Philosophy                                                     We have formalised the expectation that revision should take
                                                                        place throughout the year, often with gaps between the end of a
All our colleagues at the School have been considering                  unit and the unit test. This is known as ‘spaced learning’ and helps
the things we could do to help children improve their                   maximise retention of knowledge.
learning efficiency, happiness and results.
Minerva could be used to help reduce anxiety about tests,               Homework
make constructive criticism easier to handle, improve skills for
                                                                        Where appropriate, pupils may be asked to spend half of their
extracting information from reading, and enhance the ability to
                                                                        homework time reading and then the other half writing under
work effectively. Just some of the key ways that Minerva makes
                                                                        exam conditions.
a difference and that you will notice about the Teaching and
Learning approach in our School are:
                                                                        Parent Workshops
Route Maps                                                              Close and supportive communication between School
At the start of the year, every class receives a route map for each     and home is a vital part of any pupil’s academic and
subject. This includes a calendar of learning tasks, times of key       pastoral growth.
tests and a list of the skills that they will be seeking to develop.
                                                                        We aim to ensure that all of our parents feel supported in their
                                                                        journey with us at Loughborough Amherst School. We have
Progress Reviews                                                        designed a programme of Parent Workshops but we are always
                                                                        open to suggestions for other topics that parents may wish to
We report on every pupil’s progress in every subject five times per     learn more about.
year through a Progress Review Card. For each subject, pupils are
given SMART targets to help them to understand how to focus
their efforts for maximum gain. In addition, form tutor reports
are bi-annual, and enable us to share a full picture of every pupil’s
journey through the School.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Structure and Organisation of the
                                                                          The Senior School Day
    School Day                                                                   08:40     Form time begins

    Start of Year                                                         09:10 - 09:40    Period 1
                                                                          09:40 - 10:10    Period 2
    All new pupils should arrive at School by 08:30 on Monday
    6 September (3 September for new pupil induction), where they          10:15 - 10:45   Period 3
    will be welcomed and directed to their Form Room.
                                                                           10:45 - 11:05   Short break
                                                                           11:05 - 11:35   Period 4
    The School Day
                                                                           11:35 - 12:10   Period 5
    Each School day begins with Senior School pupils arriving at their
    Form Room by 08:40. Pupils may arrive at School from 08:00             12:10 - 12:40   Period 6
    when the Refectory is open and serving breakfast.                      12:40 - 13:10   Period 7
    Unless involved in a School activity or prep (homework) in the         13:10 - 14:20   Lunch
    Justham Library we request that pupils leave the School premises
    by 16:00. Your son/daughter may register to study in the Justham       14:25 - 14:55   Period 8
    Library until 17:00 when he/she must either be collected or safely     14:55 - 15:25   Period 9
    make his/her own way home.
                                                                           15:25 - 15:55   Period 10
    Preparatory School pupils arrive at their classroom from 08:30.
    Before this, there is no supervision on site unless pupils pre-book           15:55    End of School day
    into our onsite Breakfast Club.
    Preparatory School pupils finish at 15:40. Parents are welcome to
    wait in the playground if they are waiting for older siblings to
    finish their School day. All pupils must be supervised by a parent
    whilst waiting. Any Preparatory School pupils catching a school
    bus walk to the Loughborough Schools Foundation main car park
    with Senior School pupils. Members of staff from Loughborough
    Amherst School will be on duty with other Foundation staff in the
    car park until the last bus has departed.
    Out of hours care for Preparatory pupils is provided at Fairfield
    Prep School, who are also part of the Loughborough Schools
    Foundation. This provision operates from the end of the School
    day until 18:00. Pupils are walked to Fairfield by a member of our
    staff. Pupils have the opportunity to eat tea and do some of their
    homework, as well as accessing recreation and play opportunities.
    Places for this provision need to be pre-booked. For more details
    and rates, please visit the Out of Hours Care page on Firefly.

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Curriculum                                                                  Reader Programme which allow us as Teachers and parents
                                                                            to share in our pupils/child’s reading journey. There are many
The curriculum at Amherst reflects the activities of                        reading competitions throughout the School year, Reading Clubs
the whole human being and encourages pupils to be                           for all Key Stages, and dedicated reading time both in Accelerated
                                                                            Reader lessons and in Form time. We expect our pupils to read
tolerant, wise and courageous.                                              for 30 minutes each day. Below are some hints and tips for
These activities include areas such as science, technology,                 encouraging your child to read at home:
language, number, knowledge of the World we live in, knowledge
                                                                                Create time and space in your home for reading
of our past, skills in physical performance and artistic endeavour,
social skills etc. As we are a religious school, all subjects play a part       Make reading a fun family activity — visit the theatre to see a
in supporting the development of spiritual and moral awareness,                 play or the cinema to see a film adaptation of a novel
which is central to our curriculum.
                                                                                Talk about books: Read some of the books your child is
                                                                                reading and share your experiences with him/her
Special Educational Needs                                                       Get involved with the reading journey - visit Homeconnect
The School has a rigorous process for identifying pupils                        to view your child’s reading targets, quiz results and overall
with specific learning differences and there is awareness by                    progress in Accelerated Reader. This can be accessed from
all members of staff of the necessity to make appropriate                       the Library pages of Firefly - Your child will need their AR
adjustments in class. Teaching Assistants work in some classes                  username and password to access this
to provide additional support. Identified pupils may also attend                Explore the Accelerated Reader Bookfinder Website to
on-site dyslexia tuition or arrange support sessions with the Head              search for books within your child’s ZPD Range. This range
of Academic Support. Where possible, sessions are organised so                  is determined by the Star Reading Test which all pupils in
that pupils do not miss key lessons or lessons they particularly                Years 3-9 undertake four times a year. Pupils who read within
enjoy. Occasionally, pupils may study less subjects so that they can            their range will see the most reading growth
benefit from additional support to achieve their full potential. The
School’s Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Policy                 Visit book related websites to find suggestions for new reading
is available to download from the Policies page of the website,                 choices
accessible via Firefly.                                                         Join your local library
                                                                                Listen to audiobooks on car journeys
Reading                                                                         Explore alternative reading experiences offered by audiobooks
‘Reading should not be presented to children as a chore or duty.                and e-readers and make use of Apps such as Audible, iBooks
It should be offered to them as a precious gift.’                               or Kindle
It has been said that ‘Reading is to the mind what exercise is to               Encourage your child to use the Library pages on Firefly to
the body.’ At Loughborough Amherst School we strive to develop                  find new reading challenges, book suggestions and more
lifelong learners who love to read. Studies have shown that
reading for pleasure can result in increased empathy, improved
relationships with others and improved wellbeing. Reading widely
allows our children to discover new worlds and experiences and
gain a greater understanding of the world around them. The
more a child reads, the more able he or she will be to express
themselves both in the written and the spoken word. In reading
for 20 minutes each day, your child will discover 1.8 million words
in the course of a year. In contrast, children who read for only
1 minute a day will encounter only 8000 words. We place great
value on the importance of reading for pleasure and of a school
community that has a strong reading culture at its heart. For
this reason we enroll all pupils from Years 3-9 in the Accelerated

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
PSHCCE                                                                  Homework
    Personal, social, health, citizenship and careers education can         As a school, we aim to enhance pupil learning by providing
    be defined as a planned programme of learning through which             a positive learning environment for pupils in order to allow
    children and young people acquire the knowledge, understanding          them to flourish. Homework is an integral part of the education
    and skills they need to manage their lives, now and in the future.      provided by Loughborough Amherst School and an area that
                                                                            requires the cooperation of all members of the community in
    As part of a whole School approach, PSHCCE develops the
                                                                            order to be effective. Establishing and maintaining an effective
    qualities and attributes pupils need to thrive as individuals, family
                                                                            routine is crucial to support the development of strong study
    members and members of society.
                                                                            skills. Wherever possible, therefore, please aim for set homework
    The benefits to pupils of such an approach are numerous as              times as part of your child’s daily routine and aim to monitor their
    PSHCCE prepares them to manage many of the most critical                homework regularly. Homework routines should always include a
    opportunities, challenges and responsibilities they will face           start time and an end time.
    growing up in such rapidly changing and challenging times.
                                                                            Try to remove distractions during this time. Make sure that pupils
    It also helps them to connect and apply the knowledge and
                                                                            have a quiet, well organised space to complete their work, ideally
    understanding they learn in all subjects to practical, real-life
                                                                            not in their bedrooms. Recent research has shown that pupils
    situations while helping them to feel safe and secure enough to
                                                                            think better without access to mobile phones.
    fulfil their academic potential.
                                                                            All pupils should be in the habit of regularly accessing Firefly
    PSHCCE is taught one lesson per week. Topics can vary if we feel
                                                                            to check their homework. Please regularly log into Firefly to
    something in School needs addressing or pupils have a particular
                                                                            monitor and help to manage their homework tasks and so help
    interest. There is a lot of discussion work and time is spent
                                                                            develop your child’s confidence in using the site as an essential
    building strong relationships with the Tutor and peers in the
                                                                            organisational tool.
    Tutor Set.
                                                                            Try to discuss your child’s homework with them - discuss
    Topics covered include: Revision and study skills, Relationships
                                                                            deadlines, how they are going to meet them, what is expected,
    and Sex Education, Mental Health, Healthy lifestyle – food,
                                                                            etc. as this will help you to understand the demands of the
    exercise, drugs, Managing finances, Citizenship and British Values,
                                                                            curriculum and their approach to learning. You should not
    Staying safe – bullying, online safety, safeguarding, Crime, Politics
                                                                            ordinarily help your child with any of the content of their
    – local, National and Global, Equality and diversity, Careers – GCSE
                                                                            homework; it is important for their progress that they become
    choices, A Level options and post 16 pathways.
                                                                            increasingly self-reliant and independent learners
    Topics are taught at age appropriate levels and follow educational
    guidelines, including those around Sex and Relationships
    statutory guidance and recommendations from the Catholic
    Education service.
    If you have any questions, please contact Mrs P Fender – Head
    of PSHCCE

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Encourage a balanced lifestyle. Pupils that have an opportunity to
express themselves or to keep fit by playing sport are more likely
                                                                       Homework at Holiday Times
to be able to focus on their work at home.                             We aim to ensure that all pupils maintain a healthy work-life
                                                                       balance. All pupils are expected to do some work during School
Contact the Teacher or your child’s Form Tutor if you have any
                                                                       holidays. Teachers are given the following guidance as to how
concerns. The best way to avoid problems is to open up dialogue
                                                                       much to set:
sooner rather than later.
Homework is set in Years 7 - 11 according to a timetable. As a broad   Pre-Prep
rule of thumb, pupils should expect the demand of homework
to grow through their time in School, from around one hour per         Each half-term: one week’s worth of work
evening on homework in Year 7, up to two hours’ homework per           Easter/Christmas holidays: two weeks’ worth of basics skills
evening in Year 11.                                                    homework
Sixth Formers are expected to be able to organise their own time       Summer holiday: Activity menu with request for pictures/
and to develop skills as independent learners. They should expect      information to share in class
to spend about 15 hours per week outside the classroom on their
academic studies.
All time allocation could rise at certain times of the year, for
example in the run up to examinations.                                 Each half-term: one week’s worth of work

Homework is set by Class Teachers in the Preparatory School. This      Easter/Christmas holidays: two weeks’ worth of basics skills
is set according to a timetable. Normal expectation is that pupils     homework
will undertake an average of 20 minutes per night in the Pre-Prep      Summer holiday: Activity menu with request for a diary/
(Years R, 1 and 2), rising to 45 minutes per night by Year 6.          information of an A4 sheet per week, which will be shared
                                                                       in class.
                                                                       Summer reading lists are provided by the School Librarian,
                                                                       Miss Bradshaw.

                                                                       Year 7
                                                                       Each half-term: one week’s worth of normal homework
                                                                       Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework
                                                                       Easter holiday: only revision - 1 hour per subject is the expectation
                                                                       Summer holiday: If on meeting/exceeding expectations, set targets
                                                                       from reading list or, where this is not practical, a creative project.
                                                                       If not meeting expectations, set checkable consolidation/revision
                                                                       work as appropriate

New Parents' Handbook 2021/22 - Loughborough Schools ...
Year 8                                                                   Year 11
     Each half-term: one week’s worth of normal homework                      October half-term: revision only – 4 hours revision per subject
                                                                              over the two weeks is the expectation
     Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework
                                                                              Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework
     Easter holiday: only revision – 90 minutes per subject is the
     expectation                                                              February half-term: one week’s worth of normal homework
     Summer holiday: If on meeting/exceeding expectations, set targets        Easter holiday: revision only – the expectation is 40 hours
     from reading list or, where this is not practical, a creative project.   per week
     If not meeting expectations, set checkable consolidation/revision
                                                                              Summer holiday (if returning for Sixth Form): specify
     work as appropriate
                                                                              preparatory reading for your A Level (straightforward and
                                                                              relatively undemanding)
     Year 9
     Each half-term: one week’s worth of normal homework                      Year 12
     Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework                   October and February half-term: one week’s worth of normal
     Easter holiday: only revision – 2 hours per subject is the
     expectation                                                              Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework
     Summer holiday: If on meeting/exceeding expectations, set targets        Easter holiday: only revision – 20 hours per subject over the
     from reading list or, where this is not practical, a creative project.   holiday is the expectation
     If not meeting expectations, set checkable consolidation/revision
                                                                              May half-term: only revision – 10 hours per subject is the
     work as appropriate

     Year 10                                                                  Summer holiday: If on meeting/exceeding expectations, set targets
                                                                              from reading list or, where this is not practical, a creative project.
     October and May half-terms: one week’s worth of normal                   If not meeting expectations, set checkable consolidation/revision
     homework                                                                 work as appropriate
     Christmas holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework
                                                                              Year 13
     February half-term: revision only – 2 hours per subject is the
     expectation                                                              Each half-term: one week’s worth of normal homework
     Easter holiday: two weeks’ worth of normal homework                      Christmas holiday: revision only – 10 hours per subject over the
                                                                              holiday is the expectation
     Summer holiday: If on meeting/exceeding expectations, set targets
     from reading list or, where this is not practical, a creative project.   Easter holiday: only revision – 20 hours per subject over the
     If not meeting expectations, set checkable consolidation/revision        holiday is the expectation
     work as appropriate

Communication                                                         Medical conditions or illness
                                                                      Any pupil feeling unwell during the day should inform their
Firefly Parent Portal                                                 teacher and then report to Reception. Loughborough Amherst
                                                                      School now has a School Nurse (known as Matron). Matron Kim
You can find all the information that you should ever need on the     Alderman is based in the Medical Room next to Reception, she
Firefly Parent Portal, which you can access before your child joins   will assess your child and if necessary call you to discuss, or ask
the School by visiting      you to collect your child.
                                                                      Matron can give over the counter medications (with your consent)
Here you will find a menu of pages full of useful information         such as paracetamol to the children if needed, Matron can also
for parents and guardians. Once your son/daughter has joined          deal with minor injuries.
the School in September you will be able to access the full Firefly
parent portal using your own individual parent login details.         With the exception of asthma inhalers and medications for
                                                                      severe allergy, all medications should be handed to Matron at the
                                                                      beginning of the day. If your child needs a course of antibiotics,
Attendance and Absence                                                please complete the “parent request for medication to be given”
                                                                      form, which is available from Matron or the Firefly Parent Portal.
In order to report an absence due to illness, please ring the
School’s main Reception on 01509 263901. The telephone is             If you would like to discuss your child’s medical condition with
answered between the hours of 08:00 and 17:30 however there           Matron, please call Reception and they will put you through to
is an answerphone facility outside of these hours. All absences       Matron. If your child receives a new diagnosis after starting at
must be reported no later than 09:30. For all other reasons           Loughborough Amherst School, please contact Matron to discuss..
of absence, prior permission must be obtained from the                The form for the administration of medicines is available on our
Headmaster. Requests should be submitted well in advance using        Parent Portal:
an Absence Request Form, which is available on our Parent Portal:     guardians
Leave of absence will only be granted in exceptional
circumstances and not normally for holidays or similar functions.     Academic and Pastoral Concerns
Please note that anything under 95% attendance would start to         Your first point of contact is your child’s Form Teacher, he or she
give us a cause for concern and we may contact you to discuss         will be able to respond directly to you or liaise with colleagues
how we can support your child in improving this if necessary.         as necessary. If you feel that the Form Teacher has not been able
                                                                      to fully address your concern, please contact your child’s Head of
                                                                      Year. If your concerns are still not addressed, please contact one of
                                                                      the Senior Leadership Team and if needs be please do not hesitate
                                                                      to telephone or make an appointment to see the Headmaster.
                                                                      For all the above, telephone School on 01509 263901, and ask to
                                                                      speak to the appropriate person. If that person is teaching or not
                                                                      available a message will be passed to them and they will contact
                                                                      you as soon as possible, alternatively please email them.

Home - School Communication
     Some Key Staff Members
                                                                                   We understand the value and importance of communicating
     Dr Julian Murphy                                                              with parents and carers on a regular basis. Key information will
     Headmaster		                                        always be available through Firefly and the website, but there may
                                                                                   be times that you are contacted via email or telephone as well.
     Mrs Thea Demitriou
                                                                                   You will not receive any spam from the School and your contact
     Acting Senior Deputy Head              
                                                                                   details will only be used for school matters. It is important that we
     Mr Richard West                                                               have up to date contact details for you at all times.
     Deputy Head - Academic                 
     Miss Izzy Winton
     Head of Preparatory School             
                                                                                   LSF App (Weduc)
                                                                                   We use the LSF App (also known as Weduc) to communicate
     Miss Jennie Molloy                                                            effectively with parents and guardians through email and the
     Assistant Head of Preparatory School                         App (available on all app stores). You will be sent an enrolment
     Mrs Thea Demitriou                                                            code and instructions on how to register on the LSF App when
     Head of Sixth Form                               your child joins the School.

     Mrs Polly Fender                                                              If you already have a child at a Foundation school, you can add
     Head of Years 7 and 8                               your additional child by following these steps.

     Mrs Helen Jones                                                                   1. Log out of the LSF App
     Head of Years 9, 10 and 11             
                                                                                         •   Select the menu icon in the top left (three horizontal
     Mrs Jo Kitchener                                                                        lines).
     Head of Academic Support               
                                                                                         •   Select ‘App Settings’.
     Mrs Hilary Foster
     School Counsellor                      
                                                                                         •   Select ‘Log out’.
                                                                                       2. On the login screen, select ‘I have an enrolment code’ and
     School Fees                                          enter your current enrolment code
     Information correct at time of going to print.                                      On the next page instead of creating another account select,
                                                                                         ‘I already have an account’.
                                                                                         Sign in with the same credentials used to register the
                                                                                         original child.
     Change of Contact Details
     Please notify main Reception if your contact details change so that
     we are able to speak to you quickly in the case of an emergency.
     You can also notify us of change of contact details through the
     Firefly Parent Portal.

Governors                                                              They are also used to set target grades for GCSE and A Level
                                                                       exams, to inform our analysis of our own curriculum delivery, to
The Governing Body makes decisions for all four of the Schools,        assist with setting where appropriate, and as part of occasional
plus The Nursery, which together, form the Loughborough Schools        academic discussions with individual pupils and their parents.
Foundation (Fairfield Prep School, Loughborough Amherst School,
                                                                       Results of the CEM tests will never be used in isolation. The results
Loughborough Grammar School and Loughborough High School).
                                                                       may not be a precise indication of your son/daughter’s ability for
Regular meetings are held of both the whole Governing Body and         a variety of reasons, therefore these results will form part of the
of the sub committees and the Amherst School is represented by         whole picture of our pupils.
the Head of the School.
The Amherst School Board is comprised of the following:                Parent-Teacher Evenings
    Mrs Anna Murphy, MA - CHAIR                                        There are regular Parent-Teacher meetings for you to meet your
    Sister Celine Leydon                                               child’s teachers and to have personal feedback on how they are
                                                                       progressing. Whether face-to-face or online, you will always need
    Professor John Feather, MA, PhD, FRSA                              to book appointments in advance of the evening with your child’s
    Mr Paul Snelling, BSc (Hons), MBA, C.Eng, MRAeS                    teachers, through our online booking system.

Anyone wishing to contact a member of the Governing Body               At key points, you will be invited to attend additional parents’
should telephone 01509 283701, or email:       evenings concerning GCSE choices, careers and A Level choices
                                                                       and Sixth Form. If you have any questions regarding your child’s
                                                                       progress, please contact the Form Tutor in the first instance.
Grades, Reports and Parents’ Evenings
We will communicate regularly with you throughout the
year as to your son/daughter’s progress.
On the Key Dates card, there is a reporting schedule which
includes the dates of reports, parents’ evenings and other
opportunities for you to understand how he/she is progressing.

Baseline Testing
At various stages throughout their School career, pupils sit
baseline tests administered by the Centre for Evaluation and
Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University. These baseline tests
have been used by more than twelve hundred schools in the UK
since 1991 and are the preferred method of baseline testing for all
leading independent schools.
Some tasks involve thinking about shapes and patterns
(Nonverbal Reasoning), some involve words (Verbal Reasoning)
or numbers (Quantitative Reasoning) and, finally, some questions
involve thinking about shape and space together and imagining a
shape being changed and moving (Spatial Ability).
There are a variety of statistical scores available for each section
of the tests including a standard age score (SAS). The average
standard age score (SAS) for each section of the test is 100.
CEM tests are used by the School to assess individual areas of
strength and weakness and plan interventions as appropriate.

Pastoral Care
                                                                           Form Tutor Allocations 2021/22
     All pupils are placed in Form groups and their
                                                                            Form          Room             Main
     pastoral needs are looked after by Form Tutors and
     Heads of Year. In the Preparatory School, pastoral needs                7LFL         M202             Miss Laura Fletcher
     are looked after by Class Teachers and the Head of the                  7SDV         M106             Mrs Sam Davey/Mrs Rachel Lewis
     Preparatory School.
     Miss Winton, Head of Prep, is the designated safeguarding lead          8LIN         S003             Mrs Laura Ingram
     and is responsible for overseeing any safeguarding issues that         8RBA          S005             Miss Ruby Barham
     may arise and will also be informed of any serious pastoral
     concerns. There are a number of Deputy Designated Safeguarding         9EEH          M102             Mrs Emma Hopper/Ms Jeanne Grant
     Leads who are also able to oversee any safeguarding issues. These
     deputies include the Deputy Head of the Preparatory School.              9TT         S004             Mrs Tracey Thornton
     There is also a School Counsellor that pupils and/or their parents
                                                                            10CRJ         M204             Miss Catherine Rhodes-Jones
     can make appointments to see, should they wish. Pupils above
     Year 7 have the right to see the School Counsellor without            10NVI          C133             Mrs Nuria Vicente
     parental permission if they wish. Parents of pupils in lower years
     will always be informed.                                              10PBU          C015             Mr Paul Burke

                                                                           11AMI          M101             Ms Anna Mitchell
     Tutors and Heads of Year                                               11PHI         M201             Mr Paul Hickman
     Reception         Mrs Gwen Olaleye                          RO        11NSN          M206             Mrs Neena Sonecha
     Year 1/2          Mrs Rebecca Coates & Mrs Bhavna Patel     1/2CP
                                                                            12JGR         M103             Mrs Julie Grest
     Year 3/4          Mrs Fiona Bassett                         3/4B
                                                                           12SWI          S006             Dr Sarah Wilson
     Year 5            Mrs Ruth Garner                           5G
     Year 6            Miss Jennie Molloy                        6MO       13AFA          S001             Dr Alison Faragher

     Year 6            Mrs Elizabeth McDermott                   6MC       13TDE          M207             Mrs Rachel Jones

                                                                           Information correct at time of going to print.
     Head of Middle School (Year 7 and 8)             Mrs Polly Fender
     Head of Upper School (Year 9, 10 and 11)         Mrs Jo Kitchener
     Head of Sixth Form (Year 12 and 13)              Mrs Thea Demitriou

     Information correct at time of going to print.

Prefects                                                             Houses
Our Prefect Team is appointed each Easter and have                   Every pupil belongs to a House: Rosmini (yellow), Teresa
responsibilities including supporting other pupils, doing duties     (green), Agnes (blue) and Peter (red) giving them the
and representing the School at events.
                                                                     opportunity to interact with a large cross section of the
Preparatory School pupils also have the opportunity to take on       School population.
positions of responsibility which they apply for at the beginning
of each academic year.                                               House Leaders organise activities and events throughout the
                                                                     year enabling everyone to get involved, have a real feeling of
                                                                     belonging, and be proud of their shared identity. House points are
Safeguarding                                                         earned throughout the year and culminate in the presentation of
                                                                     the coveted House Cup at the final assembly of the School year.
All children have the right to grow up safe from harm. No child      Each House has a specific House Day and there are competitions
should suffer harm, either at home or at School.                     between houses including House Music and Sports Day.
Loughborough Amherst School is determined that everyone who          Each House has a House Leader and a House Prefect.
visits or works here is aware of their responsibility to make sure
that all our young people are safe.
Please ask any of the Designated Safeguarding team at the School
if you are not clear about anything when visiting the School.

Code of Conduct, Rewards and                                         Anti-Bullying
     Sanctions including Online Safety                                    All members of our community should be free from fear of
                                                                          bullying. Everyone should feel able to speak out and report any
     and Anti-Bullying                                                    concerns about bullying in the knowledge that they will be
                                                                          listened to and that the matter will be investigated.

     Rewards and Sanctions                                                We aim to educate pupils about bullying, harassment and peer-
                                                                          on-peer abuse through a variety of means including our tutor
     At Loughborough Amherst School, we understand the importance         time and PSHCCE programme, assemblies and in conversations
     of recognising achievements and building a pupil’s sense of self-    with pupils about relationships.
     worth. There are many ways in which your son/daughter will
     be able to shine within our family. We also have a firm but fair
     approach to discipline. Documents detailing the School’s Code        Definition of Bullying
     of Conduct and Rewards and Sanctions systems are available to        Bullying is aggressive or insulting behaviour, that can be shown
     download from the Rewards and Discipline page in the Pastoral        to be repeated and deliberate, that can hurt, harm, humiliate or
     Care section of the Firefly parent portal.                           cause distress.
     It is our expectation that everyone within the School will conduct   There is a difference between bullying and friendship fall out:
     themselves with consideration, courtesy, tolerance and respect       Friends may fall out, say something that hurts another’s feelings
     in their relationships with one another, teachers and the wider      and may even be physically aggressive. However, bullying occurs
     community. Any issues relating to behaviour will be addressed        when someone deliberately targets someone weaker or different
     with recourse to the Code of Conduct.                                from them and repeatedly picks on them.
                                                                          As we take bullying so seriously, even if it is a pupil’s first offence
     Internet Safety and Conduct Online                                   perpetrators will attend a one-hour detention after school and
                                                                          parents will receive an email from the Headteacher. Sanctions
     Pupils sign a Student Responsible Use Policy for ICT (RUP)           escalate rapidly with repeat offences and a pupil will be at risk of
     concerning the acceptable use of ICT in School to reinforce the      exclusion after the second offence.
     fact that it is solely to be used for learning.
                                                                          We seek to discipline, but also support bullies, by helping
     Advice and guidance on internet safety is a significant component    them to understand the effects of their actions and in doing so
     of the PSHE programme and covers the dangers and potential           subsequently change their behaviour.
     consequences of the misuse of social media and internet activity.

Uniform                                                                For existing pupils and new pupils requiring part uniforms the
                                                                       School Shop is open during the summer 2021 holidays on the
                                                                       following dates, appointments are not required on these dates:
General Appearance
It is expected that pupils will present themselves in a neat and       Summer Holiday School Shop Opening Times
tidy manner, taking a pride in their appearance with clean
uniform and shoes in good order.                                       09:00 - 17:00     Friday 9 July

Hair is to be clean, of a natural colour and pupils may be required    09:00 - 17:00     Friday 30 July
to tie hair back for certain activities.                               09:00 - 17:00     Friday 6 August
Make-up is not allowed in the Senior School; Sixth Formers may         09:00 - 17:00     Friday 13 August
wear make-up and nail varnish in a manner appropriate to the
context of a working environment. Skirts must be no shorter than       09:00 - 17:00     Friday 20 August
just above the knee, any skirts shorter than 5cm above the knee        09:00 - 13:00     Saturday 21 August
must be replaced. Where smart or plain clothing is referenced;
logos, tee-shirts, garish colours, patterns or designs should not be   09:00 - 17:00     Wednesday 25 August
worn. A full and detailed list of the dress code is included within
                                                                       09:00 - 17:00     Thursday 26 August
the Code of Conduct available to download from the Rewards
and Discipline page in the Pastoral Care section of the Firefly        09:00 - 17:00     Friday 27 August
parent portal.
                                                                       09:00 - 17:00     Wednesday 1 September
Please be aware that we keep spare tights in Reception: any pupil
                                                                       09:00 - 17:00     Thursday 2 September
whose tights are ripped will be given a new pair of tights and £2 is
automatically added onto that term’s fees bill.                        09:00 - 17:00     Friday 3 September
                                                                       09:00 - 13:00     Saturday 4 September
School Uniform                                                         Please note: The School Shop is closed weeks commencing 12 and
Uniform may be purchased from the School Shop, located to the          19 July 2021.
right of the Fairfield driveway on the A6 Leicester Road.
All new pupils requiring a FULL uniform will be seen by prior
appointment only. If you wish to make an appointment, please
contact the School Shop Manager, Mrs Gurney, on 01509 232600           The School Shop is open for existing and new pupils requiring
                                                                       uniform at the following times.

                                                                       Term Time School Shop Opening Times
                                                                       Weekdays Monday to Friday, 13:00 – 17:00
                                                                       Weekends (term time only)
                                                                       First Saturday of each month, 10:00 – 12:00
                                                                       Half-terms Closed

                                                                       You can also purchase uniform online at Pupils
                                                                       in Year 10 and above may also visit the School Shop during their
                                                                       lunch break.

Senior School Uniform
     Items marked * are either branded or school specific and must be purchased from the School Shop

     Sixth Form                          Years 7 to 11
     Boys and Girls                      Senior Boys                        Senior Girls                      Optional
     Any navy, grey, black trouser       Navy blue suit*                    Navy blue suit – jacket and       Netball dress (girls, team players)
     or skirt suit.                                                         skirt/trousers*
                                         Navy blue jumper*                                                    Weather layer jacket*
     Smart business-style top                                               Navy blue jumper*                 (recommended for team players)
                                         Blue shirt, long sleeved
     Plain v-neck jumpers                                                   Blue and white striped blouse*    Bobble hat*
     School tie* (boys)                                                     Plain black flat smart shoes      Navy long sleeved base layer
                                         Plain black or navy outer coat
     Plain and small belt buckles        or School coat*                    Plain dark coloured socks or      Cookery basket
     Footwear must be plain              Plain black smart shoes                                              School scarf*
     black, smart and sensible:
                                         Plain dark coloured socks          Senior Girls Physical Education   Astro trainers
     there should be no trainers,
     plimsolls, flip-flops, very         Senior Boys Physical Education     Navy blue skort*                  Other Essentials
     high heels or backless shoes.                                          White sports socks
                                         Reversible Games shirt*                                              Suitable bag
     Plain dark coloured socks                                              Games shirt*
     or tights                           Red PE top*
                                                                            Red PE top*
     Plain navy or black school          Blue shorts*
     bag                                                                    Games socks*
                                         White sports socks
                                                                            Eco mid-layer*
     Physical Education                  Games socks*
                                                                            Eco training pants* or Eco
     Mid layer*                          Eco mid-layer*
     Eco trackpants* (boys)              Eco training pants*
                                                                            Sports trainers with
     Shorts* (boys)                      Sports trainers with               non-marking soles**
                                         non-marking soles**
     Eco trackpants* or                                                     Football boots
     Eco leggings* (girls)               Navy or black games kit bag
                                                                            Shin pads
     Skort* (girls)                      Dependent on Games Choice:         Navy or black games kit bag
     Games socks*                        Rugby shorts*
     Games shirt*                        Rugby or football boots
     White ankle socks                   Mouthguard
     Sports trainers**                   Shin pads

                                                                                                              **not fashion trainers, must be of a
                                                                                                              neutral colour, black, grey, navy or white.

Prep School Uniform
Items marked * are either branded or school specific and must be purchased from the School Shop

Years 3 to 6                             Physical Education               Reception to Year 2              Girls - Summer
                                         Eco mid-layer*                                                    Blazer*
Boys - All Year                                                           Boys - Winter
                                         Eco training pants*                                               Boater*
Navy blue jacket*                                                         Navy blue jacket*
                                         Navy PE top*                                                      Summer dress*
Cap*                                                                      Cap*
                                         Navy blue shorts* (boys)                                          Navy blue jumper*
Blazer*                                                                   Blazer*
                                         Skort* (girls)                                                    White ankle or knee length
Grey shorts/trousers                                                      Grey shorts/trousers             socks
                                         Reversible games shirt* (boys)
Navy blue jumper*                                                         Navy blue jumper*                Plain black smart flat shoes
                                         Games shirt* (girls)
White shirt                                                               Long sleeve white shirt
                                         Rugby shorts (boys, optional)*                                    Physical Education
Tie*                                                                      Tie*
                                         White sports socks                                                Navy blue top*
Grey socks                                                                Grey knee length socks
                                         Games socks*                                                      Navy blue shorts*
Plain black smart shoes                                                   Plain black smart shoes
                                         Mouthguard                                                        Navy blue hoodie*
Girls - Winter                           Shin pads                        Boys - Summer                    Navy blue jogging bottoms*
Navy blue jacket*                        Sports trainers**                Cap*                             White sports socks
Navy blue hat with hatband*              Football or Rugby boots (boys)   Blazer*                          Velcro fastening sports
Blazer*                                  Football boots (girls)           Grey shorts                      trainers**

Grey tunic*                                                               Navy blue jumper*                Swimming
Navy blue jumper*                                                         Short sleeve white shirt         Navy blue swimming shorts*
                                         Navy blue swimming shorts*
Blue and white striped blouse*                                            Tie*                             (boys)
Navy socks or tights                                                      Grey knee length socks           Navy blue swimming costume*
                                         Navy blue swimming costume*
                                                                          Plain black smart shoes          (girls)
Plain black smart flat shoes             (girls)
                                                                                                           Navy blue swimming bag*
                                         Navy blue swimming bag*
Girls - Summer                                                            Girls - Winter                   House swimming cap*
                                         House swimming cap*
Blazer*                                                                   Navy blue jacket*
                                                                                                           Other Essentials
Boater*                                  Other Essentials                 Navy blue hat with hatband*
                                                                                                           Back pack*
Summer dress*                            Back pack*                       Blazer*
                                                                                                           Beanie hat*
Navy blue jumper*                        Beanie hat*                      Grey tunic*
                                                                                                           Navy blue baseball cap*
White ankle or knee length               Navy blue gloves                 Navy blue jumper*
socks                                                                                                      Navy blue gloves
                                         Sports bag                       Blue and white striped blouse*
Plain black smart flat shoes                                                                               Sports bag
                                         Navy hair accessories (girls)    Navy socks or navy tights
                                                                                                           Navy hair accessories (girls)
                                         Name tapes for all uniform       Plain black smart flat shoes
                                                                                                           Name tapes for all uniform
**with non-marking soles, not fashion                                                                      Optional
trainers, must be of a neutral colour,   School scarf*
black, grey, navy or white.                                                                                School scarf*

Equipment                                                             Lost Property
     All pupils should come to School fully equipped                       Items are left with main Reception and if valuable will be locked
     including pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers.                          away. Other property left around the School is forwarded to
                                                                           main Reception where it is held until claimed or until the end of
     In the Senior School, they also are expected to have a scientific     term when it is disposed of. All property is returned where it is
     calculator for Maths and Science lessons and a pair of compasses      clearly named.
     and a protractor for all Maths lessons. For Creative Arts, they
     should have an HB pencil, 2B pencil, 2H pencil, 30 cm ruler,          During a term, the PE department collect and record all items
     colouring pencils, rubber and pencil sharpener. A basket/heavy        of property/PE kit left in the Hall and changing rooms – named
     duty bag for cooking and an apron are advisable.                      items are returned. Items are stored in the PE office and at the
                                                                           end of a term all unclaimed and unnamed items are used as loan
                                                                           kit or donated.
     Personal Belongings Including
     Mobile Phones                                                         Damage
                                                                           Damage of any kind to School or other people’s property
     Property                                                              or equipment, and injuries or accidents, must be reported
                                                                           immediately to a member of staff. Pupils are required to
     Keeping property secure is everybody’s responsibility.                contribute towards any repairs to property caused by careless
                                                                           or silly behaviour.

     Pupils should use their allocated locker. Should they need to leave
                                                                           Mobile Phones
     a bag overnight, they should ensure it is secured inside their        If mobile phones and smart watches are brought into School
     locker or a locked building.                                          they must be switched off and handed into Reception during
                                                                           School hours (between 08:30 and 16:00), or to Class Teachers in
                                                                           the Preparatory School. Phones are not allowed to be used during
     Musical Instruments                                                   after-school Prep in the Justham Library either. If mobile phones
                                                                           ring, or are used, or are found anywhere in School during these
     These may be stored in your child’s secured locker or in the Music
                                                                           times, they will be confiscated and sanctions will apply.
     department during the daytime. Instruments should never be left
     overnight in or around the main School buildings.                     Parents can telephone School to relay a message in case of an
                                                                           emergency. Any pupil wishing to ring a parent may do so from
     For Preparatory pupils, instruments should never be left in
                                                                           main Reception. Pupils must not contact parents directly during
     School overnight.
                                                                           School hours please.
                                                                           Sixth Form students may use their phones during break times
     Valuable Possessions                                                  and lunchtime within the Sixth Form Common Room. If they are
     The School does not accept any responsibility for items brought       found in use anywhere else in School, they will be confiscated
     onto School premises. Pupils are asked to be sensible about           and sanctions will apply.
     items they bring into School. If they need to be looked after for
     a significant part of the day, they can be left at main Reception,
     remembering to collect them at the end of the session.

Transport                                                             Route & Location
                                                                          A       Leicester West
School Buses                                                              B       Glenfield

Loughborough Schools Foundation are pleased to offer                      C       Leicester
families an extensive range of bus routes that cover                      D       Oadby
Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire. These                     E       Borrowash
routes are managed through our partnership with                           F       Syston
Roberts Travel Group (Passenger Travel Solutions) and
                                                                          G       Nottingham/West Bridgford
pupils from Year 3 can access the service.
                                                                          H       Cotgrave
At the time of printing, the list of routes below provides the area
from which each route originates from however for full details            I       Kinoulton
of all the stops and times please visit our interactive map on the        J       Ellistown
website at Please note that our
                                                                          K       Bingham
bus service adapts and grows with demand wherever possible and
so please do get in touch with Roberts Travel Group to discuss your       L       Hugglescote
family’s requirements.                                                    N       Wartnaby/Melton Mowbray
In order to book a bus place for your child, please visit https://        O       Repton
                                                                          P       Heatherton
A range of payment options are available.
                                                                          Q       Diseworth
Contact details for all bus related matters; Tel: 01530 816424 or         NCTB Nottingham Service Bus

                                                                      Parking is restricted around the School, but during the
                                                                      day, there are a number of local roads with spaces for
                                                                      parking of up to one hour. Please do not park in Park
                                                                      Court, (opposite the School on Park Road) as this is for
                                                                      residents only.
                                                                      When parking on neighbouring streets we ask that you do so with
                                                                      consideration for the local residents.
                                                                      During School hours, the car park is solely for the use of staff
                                                                      and visitors to the School. For the safety of all children and
                                                                      pedestrians, we request that parents do not drive on site either to
                                                                      drop off, or collect, children. We also ask that parents observe the
                                                                      marked areas in front of both the Gray Street and Garton Road
                                                                      entrances and do not park, even temporarily, in the hazard zones.
                                                                      Please note that when leaving the Gray Street car park, you must
                                                                      turn left, Gray Street is one-way.

                                                                           Refectory Hours of Opening
     Our catering facilities allow us to offer hot, healthy food
                                                                           08:00 – 08:35      Breakfast
     to all our pupils throughout the School day.
                                                                            10:45 – 11:05     Morning break
     This includes breakfast, snacks, and a very varied lunchtime menu
     which is presented on a cyclical basis, rotating every three weeks,    12:00 – 12:30     Preparatory Lunch
     and can be viewed on the Food page in the Parent and Guardians
     section of the Firefly parent portal. We also present a number         13:00 – 14:00     Senior Lunch
     of ‘theme days’ throughout the year when speciality dishes are
     served and the Refectory is decorated accordingly.
     We are a nut free site and would like to thank parents for helping
     us by not permitting their children to bring any products or food
                                                                           Dietary Requirements
     items that contain nuts into School.                                  Our team are able to cater for many dietary requirements, if you
                                                                           have not already done so, please make the School aware of any
     Pupils in the Preparatory School are encouraged to bring in a         food allergies, intolerances or religious requirements your child
     healthy snack for their mid-morning break.                            may have to help the catering team assess their needs.. Please
     Senior School pupils may use bank cards, pre-paid pocket money        contact John Orrill, our Catering Manager, on 01509 638289, he will
     cards or their access cards can be used to purchase items in the      be delighted to hear from you. We welcome your feedback so that
     Refectory at breakfast and at morning break, which saves them         we can continually improve the service to you and your child.
     from having to bring cash into School. The amount spent in this       The Catering team are always available to assist pupils with
     way is then added to your account and billed at the end of each       everyday choices, and to help with any queries they may have.
     term. We do not accept cash.                                          The Catering team are always happy to help, so please encourage
     Should you wish your child not to make purchases with their           your child to speak to one of them with any questions, concerns or
     access card, then please let us know and we can issue a card          issues as they arise as they can often resolve them immediately
     without a magnetic stripe on the back, thus preventing our till
     from accepting them.
     If having previously opted in to school lunches, you wish to
     opt out then you must provide half a term’s notice by email to
     School lunches are provided 5 days per week, it is not possible to
     elect to only pay for lunches on selected days.

Security                                                                   A reported incident/civil disturbance in the local community
                                                                           (with the potential to pose a risk to staff and pupils in the
The main entrance on Gray Street is controlled by                          School)
security cameras and intercom. Between the hours of                        A report of an ongoing incident from one of the other Schools
08:00 and 17:30, all visitors should use this entrance, and                in the Foundation
visit Reception to sign in.                                                An intruder on the School site (with the potential to pose a
Parents may access the Preparatory School via the Garton Road              risk to staff and pupils) – on witnessing a potential risk staff
gate between 08:00 – 09:00 and 15:15 – 16:10. The gate is locked           should report this directly to Reception staff via the most
during the School day and visitors or pupils who are late should           efficient and safest means possible
use the main entrance on Gray Street.                                      A warning being received regarding a risk locally, of air
At peak traffic times, the main entrance is also supervised by an          pollution (smoke plume, gas cloud etc.)
Estates Officer. The routes between the Senior, Preparatory and            A major fire in the vicinity of the School
Science departments are controlled by automatic locks requiring
visitors to be accompanied or use a temporary access card
available from main Reception.                                        Communication with Parents:
Senior School pupils at Loughborough Amherst School will be           a.   In the event of a lockdown, the nature of the incident or
issued with an access card, which will enable them to enter the            development will be communicated to parents as soon as is
buildings on campus. These are initially issued free of charge –           practicable. It is obvious that parents will be concerned and
the cost of a replacement card due to loss or damage is £5.                regular communication of accurate information will help.

For security purposes, pupils and students are expected to carry      b.   The nature of this communication can vary depending on
their access card with them at all times.                                  the nature of the incident but the following forms may be
                                                                           considered but would be dependent on advice and approval
                                                                           of the emergency services;
Lockdown Procedure                                                         Phone calls
This lockdown procedure aims to be a sensible and proportionate            Group text messaging through SchoolComms
response to any external or internal incident which has the
potential to pose a threat to the safety of staff and pupils in the        Messages displayed on School website and/or Parent Portal
School. The procedure should minimise disruption to the learning
                                                                           Messages via social media
environment whilst ensuring the safety of all pupils and staff.
Any member of staff with due cause can initiate the lockdown          Please note that parents should:
process and the Headteacher is the person with the authority               Not contact the School. Calling the School could tie up
to manage and conclude any lockdown situation or, in his/her               telephone lines that are needed for contacting emergency
absence, the Senior Deputy Head.                                           providers
This lockdown procedure may be activated in response to any                Not come to the School. They could interfere with emergency
number of situations, but some of the more typical might be:               provider’s access to the School and may even put themselves
                                                                           and others in danger. Pupils will not be released to parents
                                                                           during a lockdown
                                                                           Wait for the School/Local Authority or Police to contact them
                                                                           about when it is safe for them to come and collect their
                                                                           children, and where this will be from.
                                                                           Be aware that during the period of time that the School is
                                                                           in a full lockdown situation the switchboard and entrances
                                                                           will be un-manned, external doors locked and nobody
                                                                           allowed in or out

Fire Procedure                                                         Extra-curricular
     The evacuation system that we use in School is a combined              We believe that young people reap valuable life skills
     Warden Sweep (non-designated, but local) and Roll Call. The            and benefit from the opportunity to experience a wide
     alarm system is monitored by an external organisation for
     notification of the emergency services.
                                                                            range of extra-curricular activities.
                                                                            Through our rich and varied extra-curricular timetable, there
     Should an evacuation alarm sound (continuous ringing) the staff
                                                                            are paths each pupil can explore, enhancing their learning,
     member teaching will be responsible for class evacuation and
                                                                            broadening their horizons and future employability. Our timetable
     orderly assembly at the designated Assembly Point (Secondary –
                                                                            encompasses all pupils from Pre-Prep up to Sixth Form and each
     the lawn, by the trees; Preparatory playground) within 2 minutes
                                                                            activity will help reinforce useful life skills such as punctuality,
     of the initial sounding of the alarm.
                                                                            teamwork, problem solving and carrying responsibility.
     The Premises Officers monitor fire alarm testing, practise
                                                                            Our timetable changes termly and can be found on Firefly.
     evacuations and ensure that the firefighting equipment is
     inspected and recharged as appropriate. The fire alarms are tested
     weekly and evacuation drills are practised termly.                     Physical Education and Sport
     There is a General Fire Notice displayed in every room onsite,         Physical activity is essential for everyone’s mental, social and
     along with a plan of the shortest evacuation route.                    physical wellbeing. We offer a broad and balanced curriculum
                                                                            and extra-curricular programme. Young people should access and
     Emergency Closure                                                      participate in 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity
                                                                            every day. We encourage all pupils to access at least one activity
     If for any reason the School needs to close due to unforeseen          offered in addition to their Curriculum lessons.
     circumstances (particularly bad weather, fire, flood etc.) parents
                                                                            We enter a variety of levels of competition and compete within
     will be notified at the soonest opportunity via Weduc email and
                                                                            the local Team Charnwood and Team Leicestershire leagues,
     notifications on the School website. On the rare occasions when
                                                                            alongside selecting players for the Midlands and National
     School may need to be closed, we will endeavour to minimise
                                                                            Independent Schools Association tournaments. We also play a
     impact on the pupils’ education by ensuring that suitable work is
                                                                            number of fixtures and tournaments on Saturdays. The School’s
     set for individuals by their teaching staff via the Firefly learning
                                                                            expectations at the start of the season is that all players commit to
                                                                            their chosen sports training sessions and ensure they are available
                                                                            for all fixtures. Up to date information regarding fixtures can be
                                                                            accessed on the School’s sports website,
                                                                            To access the team sheets, you will need to use the password
                                                                            Amherst2020. The benefit of the website is that you can link your
                                                                            child’s team(s) to a phone’s calendar, which will immediately be
                                                                            updated with information. Cancellations due to weather or the
                                                                            opposition withdrawing will also be posted on this website. We
                                                                            like to encourage family members to spectate at after School and
                                                                            Saturday games. At the weekends, hot drinks can be purchased
                                                                            from the Stables yard coffee shop found on Burton walks.
                                                                            The School has a broad extra-curricular programme for physical
                                                                            activity and sport. To assist with planning other commitments, the
                                                                            timetable for sports clubs is published in the Resources section on
                                                                            the School sports website.

For Senior School pupils, the majority of PE and Games lessons
are timetabled on the main Foundation site and pupils change at
                                                                        Loughborough Schools Music
the Sports Hall. If your child has PE timetabled before morning         With over 2000 pupils sharing the magnificent, award-winning
break they are able to wear their PE kit to School and change into      building, Loughborough Schools Music department is an
uniform before returning to lessons. If they have PE Periods 4 and      extremely exciting place to be. Being part of Loughborough
5 they will be expected to change in their break time. There will       Amherst School will give you and your child full access to this
not be time to purchase food from the Refectory and will need to        vibrant musical arena.
bring a snack from home. After Games lessons in the afternoon,
the pupils are able to leave School in their Games kit and will be      Providing an outstanding musical education to all of the pupils
dismissed from the Sports Hall site. Before and after School extra-     in the Foundation means that we offer a huge range of musical
curricular clubs, all pupils will make their own way to and from        activities, all of which enable our pupils to take part and achieve
the Sports Hall.                                                        of their best. As a cross-Foundation department our facilities are
                                                                        unrivalled in both music and music technology, and we are proud
If your child is able to be in School, they are able to participate     to have ‘All-Steinway’ status, giving pupils access to the finest
in all lessons. If your child is unable to participate in PE lessons,   pianos available.
PE and Games staff require a letter detailing the injury or illness.
Dependant on the injury/illness, we will expect your child to still     Our academic music curriculum is focused on creativity and
change for the lesson and will be given adapted practices or a          understanding, and is underpinned by the huge number
coaching role.                                                          of instrumental ensembles and choirs on offer. There are
                                                                        opportunities for every pupil, from our open-access choirs and
All PE and Games kit is purchased from the School Shop. Please          ensembles to our very top, nationally-recognised groups. There
clearly name all items of kit, as this makes it easier to locate lost   are plenty of opportunities for all of our performers to showcase
items and return these to your child. In addition to the sportswear     their musical prowess on stage, both in the Music department
your child will need to purchase a gum shield and shin pads             and beyond. Instrumental tuition is incredibly strong, with a large
for Hockey. We do have standard size hockey sticks for lessons,         team of specialists supporting and encouraging those who choose
however your child may wish to bring their own sticks for clubs         to take individual lessons.
and lessons.
                                                                        If you wish to find out more please have a look at our web pages
                                                                        extra-curricular/music/ or email

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