PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...

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PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...


  2020 – 2021

PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
Dear Parents/Carers

Welcome to our Parents/Carers’ Handbook. We hope it will assist you in understanding more
about our policies and procedures.

We are a school very much at the heart of our community, with many outstanding teachers and
support staff who are absolutely dedicated to helping your child succeed.

Our school motto is very simple in that we put, “STUDENTS FIRST”. We keep the student at
the centre of all we do, ensuring that no child is left behind - target level attainment and beyond
is our goal. We want all our students to be 'world beaters' and we tell them that often. They
must aspire to greatness and understand that there is a 'big world' out there in which they must

Although we pride ourselves on our exam results, we also believe in the power of sport, music
and the arts. Our school productions, concerts and sporting clubs are all inspirational. We want
all students to take part in our after school provision called Period 6. This is from 2.55-3.55pm
each day and covers over 70 different activities.

We are an open school and we want you to keep in touch. We certainly look forward to seeing
you at our parents' evenings and the many events that we stage throughout the year. With your
support, I am confident that we will ensure that your child is academically and socially successful
and has a fabulous time at WCSA.

Please note we expect all our students (Year 7-11) to have a pencil case with equipment and to
be smartly dressed every day.

I am so proud to be Principal at WCSA and am confident that our wonderful staff team will keep
your child safe and stimulated in our care.

Best wishes,

Jacqui Scott
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...

Some young people have exceptional ability and it is important that this is recognised by
teachers. The term ‘exceptionally able’ is normally used to refer to learners in the top 2% of
the whole population. Able students are identified on entry to the school as those having a very
high KS2 points score. The school makes use of a number of strategies which support and
challenge able students in their learning:

● Setting arrangements allow for the most able to be placed in high ability sets where they can
  work alongside other gifted children.

● Three sciences: a group of the most able scientists in Years 10 and 11 are encouraged to
  follow GCSE courses in the separate sciences.

● Additional opportunities: more able students are encouraged to become involved in additional
  opportunities such as competitions, publishing, productions, residentials and sport at county
  level and national level.


Regular attendance at school is essential for good progress. It is also a legal requirement that
your child attends school. It is expected that each and every student attends school 100% of
the time. The only acceptable reasons for unplanned absence are student illness or family
bereavement. If your child has an absence for one of these reasons then it must be reported to
the school by telephoning the Absence Hotline before 09.00 am on 01934 529531 or by e-
mailing each day of absence explaining the reason. This
enables the school to keep records up to date and helps alleviate the fear of missing children. If
you are worried about the attendance of your child please do contact the absence line and ask
for some support.

For absence other than illness, we do not give permission for students to take leave during term
time except under very exceptional circumstances. Any lesson missed is a valuable educational
experience lost, which cannot be replicated. The demands of the new curriculum and reformed
GCSEs are rigorous and we need all allocated time to deliver the content and fully prepare
students. Research demonstrates that absence undoubtedly hinders progress. We would
therefore ask that you think carefully before you remove your child from school.

On occasion, we do recognise that there may be extraordinary circumstances which would qualify
for leave. If you have a request that you believe would comply with this criteria, a form can be
obtained from our website at, completed and returned to the
Attendance Manager (Tracey Dyer) who will authorise or not authorise this absence. Our full
Attendance Policy is available to view on the website at

Further information about the importance of attendance can be found on our website, under key

Additional information for 2020 during the Pandemic: We will be considered and supportive
during this difficult time. We understand parental concerns around the wellbeing of their children,
and will do everything we can to allay such concerns. Our ultimate aim is to ensure that, through
excellent attendance, every child will access the education necessary to achieve their potential
in an ever-changing world.
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
ACADEMY COUNCIL (equivalent to governors)

The Academy Council, along with the Executive Principal and Accounting Officer, have
responsibility for the overall direction of the school. The Academy Council includes community,
staff and parent members.

The full Academy Council meets four times a year and has two separate committees who meet
after each Learning Cycle. The Acting Chair of the Academy Council is Mr Ben Knocks, who can
be contacted via the school. From time to time, there are elections for parent members as
vacancies arise.


Chair of Academy Council
Ben Knocks (acting/vacancy)

Vice Chair of Academy Council
Ben Knocks (substantive role)

Staff Academy Council Members
Jacqui Scott
Mark Tong (teaching)
Vacancy (support)

Co-opted Academy Council Members
Lisa de-Laune
Sean Townsend
Megan Brookes

Parent Academy Council Members
Louise Haydock
Ian Ingram
David Chilman

Clerk to the Academy Council
Lauren Holder


The school address is: Worle Community School Academy, Redwing Drive, Worle, Weston-super-
Mare, North Somerset. BS22 8XX
Telephone: 01934 510777


What we believe in and want to achieve at WCSA:

Students First – Cherishing Staff

   1. We have a happy school community where students come first and all staff are valued
      and cherished

   2. We have developed the whole child as a successful learner, a confident individual and a
      responsible citizen

   3. We have raised standards for all learners by sustaining and enhancing performance –
      especially in the core areas of English, mathematics and science

   4. We have met the needs of all learners with appropriate challenges for all through a broad
      and balanced curriculum that is increasingly personalised in the upper school
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
5. We will continue to fulfil our moral purpose by engaging and collaborating to help improve
      the life chances of all young people, locally, nationally and globally


Students are not permitted to bring alcohol, energy drinks or carbonated drinks onto the
premises or consume them at any time during the school day, which includes trips, visits and
sport fixtures. Students who do so will have the drinks confiscated and be sanctioned


If you have a query or would like to see a member of staff, please do not hesitate to contact us.
To make an appointment please telephone the school in advance to arrange a mutually
convenient appointment. Staff may not, due to their commitments, be able to see you without
an appointment.


Each year group has an assembly once a fortnight. Assemblies provide an opportunity for
students to meet together with staff for ideas about moral and social issues and to celebrate
success. On other mornings, students take part in a reading programme facilitated by their tutor
or take part in PSHE during the afternoon tutor time.


Student assessments take place throughout the year to monitor progress in relation to the
National Curriculum and GCSE courses. Assessment may be in the form of end of unit tests,
examinations or controlled tests, which generally take place towards the end of a learning cycle.
Students are actively involved in the assessment process and are encouraged to reflect on their
own performance and to establish future targets.



The school holds an annual Awards Evening at the Grand Pier in October or November to
celebrate the achievements of students. Awards are presented by a guest speaker.


WCSA has high expectations of the behaviour of students at all times, on the way to and from
school, in the classroom, during social time as well as on school trips. Students must take
responsibility for their behaviour. In the same way that positive actions provides benefits and
rewards, inappropriate behaviour will be treated accordingly. We have a clear Behaviour Policy,
which can be found at No one has the right to disrupt learning as
all students have the right to learn. We encourage all our parents to sign up to our ClassCharts
App. It will help you to engage with school life and celebrate the achievement of your child. This
also helps students to reflect on their behaviour. For more details see the section entitled

The school believes that good discipline is essential to the well-being and education of
children. Students are expected to behave with common sense and consideration for others at
all times. We will not tolerate poor behaviour to/from school; our reputation in the community
is important. Where students misbehave, a range of sanctions may be used, including loss of
social time, detentions, and withdrawal from classes. In serious cases, a student may be
excluded from school. Teachers will keep parents informed of significant disciplinary issues. A
log of behaviour incidents for each child will be maintained on the school system and is available
for you to have a copy of your child’s on request. Quite simply we expect students to be in the
right place at the right time doing the right thing.


Students who travel to school by bicycle or scooter (not electric) may leave them in the bicycle
shed. We are very conscious of the high cost of modern cycles and recommend the use of secure
locks as an extra to the locked shed. All cycles left at school are at the students’ own risk.
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
Students may not ride their bicycles on the school site and should enter and exit through the
main gates on the provided cycle path. As a “Healthy School”, we encourage cycling to school.
We strongly recommend that cycle helmets are worn. A student whose use of a bicycle is deemed
unsafe will not be permitted to cycle to school.


Students should ensure that they take good care of books. Exercise books are issued free to all
students, but a charge is made for lost books. Text books and books on loan from the Learning
Resource Centre (Library) are issued to students on the understanding that they are returned in
good condition.

If a member of staff is not satisfied with the condition, or if the book is lost, then parents will be
sent a bill for the book's replacement. Money to replace lost or damaged textbooks is not
available from the school funds; therefore it is essential that students take good care of them.

BULLYING (peer-on-peer abuse)

The school is determined to vigorously challenge all forms of peer-on-peer abuse. We will not
tolerate any form of verbal, physical or psychological bullying. No student has the right to make
other people feel insecure in the school. We have a firm Anti-Bullying Policy which can be found

The school guarantees that:

● All staff will do their best to prevent peer-on-peer abuse and will share responsibility for action
  if bullying does occur

● All incidents will be investigated in a firm and fair manner

● Parents and outside agencies may be involved in any course of action

● Through the curriculum, we will encourage students to talk openly about peer-on-peer abuse;
  to recognise its many forms, to realise its consequences, to encourage incidents to be
  reported and to discuss ways of handling bullies.


The maths team recommend students purchase the Casio FX83 GTX, which is available on
ParentPay for £9. Once ordered, the calculator can be collected the following day from the Admin
Office (upstairs in the Jill Dando Centre). The calculator is also available in shops and online for
approximately £12.


Students whose behaviour is deemed to be unsatisfactory for the classroom will be subject of a
call out. They will be collected from the class and “parked” in Room1 for the rest of the day and
up to the same time of the following day, when they will be released. Three warnings are given
before a call out is made.


The school campus is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. CCTV has proved to be a very effective
deterrent in reducing incidents of vandalism and other forms of anti-social behaviour.


WCSA provides independent information, advice, guidance and support to all of our students.
We work within school and further education establishments and training providers. We support
students with all aspects of their transition through to their Post-16 choices and progression.

This involves helping students to overcome any barriers to their learning, achievement and
progression, as well as providing information, advice and guidance around the opportunities
available and the decisions that need to be made around future choices in education, training
and employment. The Head of Careers is Leeza Cuthbertson who can be contacted at:
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
It is our intention that every student is able to develop the necessary skills and possess the
confidence to make their way in further study and for their working life when they leave WCSA. Many
schools do not invest in a dedicated Careers Advisor, however the careers service at WCSA is second
to none. We provide a range of activities and events for students in all year groups to participate in.

Student 1-2-1s
The careers team meet all Year 11 students to discuss their progression beyond school, to provide
additional support and guidance where necessary. The door is always open to any student who would
like to discuss their career aspirations.

Previous students and guest speakers
Previous students and people in industry visit the school on a regular basis to attend themed
assemblies, offer smaller sector specific talks, contribute to workshops and support our students in
any way they can to pass on their own advice and experience.

Keeping families in the loop
A monthly careers bulletin is posted on the school Facebook page and emailed to all parents/carers
summarising pending careers activities. The careers team attend every parents evening and
contribute to year group specific curriculum evenings to inform parents of the careers activities in
the year ahead. An offer of careers advice is also available to parents.

                                        Offsite activities
                                        Taking steps beyond school can often be a daunting one for
                                        many students. To help facilitate this, visits to employers are
                                        arranged for younger year groups and taster days at local
                                        colleges and universities are offered to our upper school
                                        students. We also host and coordinate a range of careers
                                        evenings both on and offsite for our students to attend. Our
                                        mini aspirations events, world of work conventions and open
                                        evenings are extremely popular.

All students leave school with a CV,
interview skills and work experience. This is
offered to ALL students during Year
10. WCSA is one of the only schools in the
country to run a Year 7 Interview Challenge
where students create their first CV and
begin to plan their future career.

                                                Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
                                                The school has great links with local STEM employers
                                                who visit students on a regular basis to talk about the
                                                range of career options and set challenges for
                                                students to participate in. Annual visits from STEM
                                                employers are also arranged as well as visits to
                                                interactive STEM fairs and conventions such as The
                                                Big Bang at The Winter Gardens.
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
Additional activities & support
Entrepreneurial    students    can   enter   a
“Dragon’s Den” style competition against
other schools and any students who contribute
in a positive way in school, at home or in the
community can be recognised with a hero
award. We also work closely with The National
Citizen Service to offer our existing Year 11
Students a summer of charity work,
expeditions and team building.

To ensure information, advice and guidance and support is readily available for students, Careers,
based in the LRC, is open every break and lunchtime. Great links with local clubs and organisations
have also been forged to ensure that students can take part in activities to further boost their
confidence and life skills. Additional links have also been made with local colleges concerning SEND
students to facilitate smooth transitions into further education.

Ongoing support for previous students
We encourage previous students to keep in contact with us so we can follow their career journey.
Previous students are welcome to return to school to meet current students and to get further career
advice if their course and career options may not have worked out.

Colleges, Apprenticeships & Sixth Forms
We work with all local colleges and sixth forms in an unbiased and impartial way to promote their
offers of diplomas, ‘A’ levels and Apprenticeships to our students.

Our PLT Cambridge and Oxford University talks have been very successful and other local universities
frequently visit the school. We will run a university taster day for year 8 students this year and have
strong links with Lincoln College Oxford for Year 10 visits.

Our pledge to students:-

When you complete Year 7, you will have …
 Met your Careers Advisor and visited the careers office
 Created your first CV and attended your Mock Interview Challenge with the careers team
 Attended an assembly to learn about College, Apprenticeships and University
 Attended an assembly to meet some employers and previous students
 Had the opportunity to visit a college for an Open Evening
 Had the opportunity to visit a careers convention

When you complete Year 8, you will have …
 Met your Careers Advisor and visited the careers office
 Attended an assembly to learn about College, Apprenticeships and University
 Attended an assembly to meet some employers and previous students
 Had the opportunity to visit a college for an Open Evening
 Maybe visited a local University for the day
 Had the opportunity to visit a careers convention

When you complete Year 9, you will have …
 Met your Careers Advisor and visited the careers office
 Attended an assembly to learn about College, Apprenticeships and University
 Attended an assembly to meet some employers and previous students
 Attended your Options Interview with the careers team
 Had the opportunity to visit a college for an Open Evening
 Maybe visited a local University for the day
 Had the opportunity to visit a careers convention
 Had the opportunity to take part in a college enrichment project

When you complete Year 10, you will have …
 Attended an assembly to learn about College, Apprenticeships and University
 Attended an assembly to meet some employers and previous students
 Completed a week of Work Experience
PARENTS/CARERS A-Z HANDBOOK 2020 - 2021 STUDENTS FIRST @WorleSchool - Worle ...
   Finished your CV and attended an interview with a local employer on Mock Interview Day
   Attended a College Taster day
   Filled your Record of Achievement with your certificates
   Had the opportunity to attend at least 2 College or 6 th Form Open Evenings
   Had the opportunity to visit a careers convention
   Maybe taken part in a college enrichment project
   Had the opportunity to visit a University

When you complete Year 11, you will have …
 Attended an assembly to learn about College, Apprenticeships and University
 Attended an assembly to meet some employers and previous students
 Had the opportunity to attend a College Taster Day
 Had the opportunity to visit at least two 6th Forms, if you are interested in ‘A’ Levels
 Visited the careers office for a progression meeting and handed in applications for your
  next step beyond school
 Attended application interviews at Colleges and/or 6 th Forms with places offered
 A general plan of your career pathway
 Had the opportunity to attend at least 2 College or 6 th Form Open Evenings
 Had the opportunity to visit a careers convention


The school reserves the right to make a charge for the following activities: the board and lodging
element of residential activities in school hours; activities outside school hours; individual
instrumental tuition; ingredients and materials where students wish to take home the finished
product; the cost of re-sitting an examination including modules.

The school reserves the right to levy a charge where a student loses a book or piece of
equipment, misuses and damages school resources and willfully or recklessly damages the fabric
of the building e.g. a broken window. In cases of financial hardship it may be possible to provide
some assistance.


Each year the school supports one selected charity. Students are encouraged to take part in

            The School Charity for 2020-2021 is The MPS Society

The MPS Society provides support to families affected by rare genetic conditions. They raise
money and awareness of these conditions through fundraising, information, research and

More information about the charity can be found on their website at:


We, at WCSA, in order to unite in a shared vision of valuing democracy, a high quality education
for all, safeguarding emotional and physical wellbeing, promoting the very best in effort and
resilience and in supporting the highest academic achievement and progress establish this

We all have the shared responsibility to uphold the following rights:

1. The right to a positive learning environment free from disruption.

2. The right to the opportunity to achieve and progress both within and outside of the

3. The right to be looked after based on individual need.
4. The right to expect that all students can be put first, in line with the school ethos
   “Students First”.

5. The right to be treated with respect.

6. The right to express who you are, as long as it does not offend others.

7. The right to freedom from bullying, fear, physical harm or theft.

8. The right to feel safe and protected.

9. The right to strong Mental Health provision.

10. The right to enjoy a school with positive reputation.

CLASSCHARTS POINTS (Praise points/Positives/Negatives)

Students’ behaviour (positive and negative) is recorded during the lesson on the Praise Board.
The teacher will then transfer this information on to the student record on Classcharts. You can
download the app and then contact the school for an access code which is unique to your child.
Email The app gives you sight of the points that your child has
been awarded each lesson/day. Heads of Year use the ClassCharts reports to monitor the
behaviour of the students in their year groups. Students with the highest level of praise points
and attendance in their year groups are rewarded. Students can use their ClassCharts points to
“buy” rewards in the ClassCharts store.

                                                     Sign up to our Parent
                                                     App – it’s free!
                                                     It will help you to engage
                                                     with school life and
                                                     celebrate the achievement of
                                                     your child.
                                                     Also helps students to
                                                     reflect on their behaviour
                                                     and receive notifications.

   And here’s how:
   Request a login code (available from your child’s Head of Year)
   Login – as a “Parent” providing your email address and a password. You
   can do this online, by going to the App Store or on Google Play.
   Please speak to your child’s Head of Year if you have any queries or
   problems with this.

Climate Justice Revolution (CJR) is WCSA’s environmental group. We work with staff, students
and parents to create a greener, cleaner Worle. CJR runs the school’s green council, which is an
opportunity for students to get involved in issues at Worle as well as The Priory Learning Trust’s
Green Gazette, a bi-weekly newsletter on all things environment.

Over the next year, we hope to inspire students to make change at WCSA as well as making
huge changes for the better generally. We want to shape the next great change makers and
show all students their potential. CJR meets every Thursday in S11. You can find out more about
us on our website:

The CJR group leader is student Jack Clark, and the group is supported by science teacher, Mrs


If you have any worries, concerns or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact us. Like any
organisation, we do not always get things right, but we are keen to hear about ways in which
we can improve the quality of our service. Our Principal, Miss Scott, is always happy to respond
to parents or carers who have a complaint. Please contact her PA, Tracy Humphris, in the first
instance on 01934 510777 or email: In the event that you
remain unhappy with the response then your complaint may be escalated to the Academy
Council. Please see our website for our Complaints Policy for more information at worle-


Curriculum ICT provision is made through a network running Windows 10 and Apple OSX on the
desktop.Internet provision is made through the South West Grid for Learning (SWGfL). WCSA
utilises Google G-Suite which provides students and staff with access to email, google classroom
and a personal space to save work as well as allowing students to collaborate together.

There are over 800 devices within school - a mixture of desktop computers, iPads, laptops and
Chromebooks located in various faculties. Home access to work is provided via Google G-Suite
and also a student remote desktop facility.


In line with the National Curriculum all students follow a curriculum which is broadly based,
balanced and relevant. Students in the Lower School study the following subjects: English,
mathematics, science, design and technology, information technology, French or Spanish,
geography, history, religious studies, physical education, art, drama and music.

In the Upper School students still follow a broad and balanced curriculum in line with the National
Curriculum. All students continue to study English language, English literature, mathematics,
science, physical education and religious studies. In addition students will choose to specialise
by studying subjects selected from the following: - Business studies, computer
science, information      technology, triple      science,   iMedia     studies,    food   studies,
graphics, resistant Materials, textiles, French, Spanish, history, geography, music GCSE, music
practitioners, fine art, digital art, citizenship, drama, sports studies and child development.

               8.35           Students arrive on site and go to tutor bases

               8.40           AM Registration
               9.00           Period 1
               9.55           Period 2
               10.50          Morning Break
               11.15          Period 3
               12.10          Lunch A        )
               12.40          Lunch B        ) Period 4
               13.10          Lunch C        )
               13.40          Period 5

               14.35          PM Registration
               14.55          End of School Day – but Period 6 starts after school

The school works a one week timetable. Lessons are the same time slot each week.


We run three after school detentions, from 3 pm to 4 pm. These occur on Monday, for three
lates to school or three lates to lessons in a week, on Wednesday, for failure to complete two
homeworks or more in a week, and on Friday, for persistent behaviour concerns.

Parents and carers will be notified by telephone, email or letter if their child is required to attend
an after school detention. We ask for support in ensuring that children attend this important
sanction. Students who refuse to attend an after school detention may be internally excluded
the following day.


Please ensure your child comes to school with a water bottle each day. Students are encouraged
to drink water throughout the day, including in lessons. They may fill up their water bottle before
school, at break and lunch time. Students are not permitted to bring energy drinks or fizzy
drinks, so please do not provide them as they may be confiscated.


Any student found to be in possession of drugs or illicit substances could face immediate,
permanent exclusion.


The scheme is open to all students in Year 9 and gives an opportunity to progress to the Bronze
Certificate. The award is divided into four areas of experience: service, skill, physical recreation
and expedition. The scheme is well established and is popular with students. The scheme
provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate personal achievement and contribute in a
positive way to the community. Duke of Edinburgh Awards are widely recognised by employers.
For more information contact:


In the unlikely event of a sudden closure, because of weather or other emergency situations,
BBC Radio Bristol, GWR and Star FM will broadcast the information. Please also look at our
website, Twitter feed and Facebook page.

The school is committed to equal opportunities for all students. This is reflected in access to
courses and the content of the curriculum. Learning takes into account the different needs of
students and prepares them for life in an ethnically and culturally diverse society.


It is the policy of the school that as many students as possible should be given the opportunity
to sit public examinations, provided they have reached the required standard. Students are
entered for examinations at GCSE (or an equivalent level) during Year 11, depending on the
qualification. If any student fails to sit an exam they have been entered for, a charge will be
made (unless medical evidence can be provided). The school has an extensive range of applied
learning qualifications on offer.

For more information about exams please see the website:


WCSA is at the heart of the community in WSM. We want our students to be model citizens and
role models for others in the community. The significant improvement in the reputation of WCSA
in the community has been hard won and we intend to build on this during 2020-21.

Worle residents may well be future employers of some of our students. Reputation of the school
is therefore vital – if a school has a poor reputation, in part informed by the way its students
behave in the community, it has a direct impact on the employment opportunities of students in
the future. We work in very close partnership with the local police for the benefit of our students
and the community. Behaviour in the local shops on the precinct is monitored closely.

Students are expected to wear their uniform correctly from the moment they step out of their
front door until they return home. They are representing WCSA and therefore need to be in
perfect uniform for the reasons outlined above.

EXTRA CURRICULAR (Period 6: 2.55pm – 3.55pm)

Staff and students work together to provide a wide range of clubs and activities that take place
throughout the year. Art, Music and Drama departments provide a large programme of musical,
dramatic and artistic events and the PE Department runs a comprehensive list of sports fixtures
and clubs. We encourage all students to take part in at least one of the activities on offer. Full
details of all extra-curricular activities are published separately at the start of Term 1, Term 3
and Term 5.

There are also many opportunities for Year 10 and 11 students to receive extra help with their
studies leading up to their GCSEs and there is a Homework Club in our LRC after school every


In the unlikely event of a fire, the alarm system will sound: this is a continuous ringing siren.
Students are required to leave the building by the shortest possible route and in an orderly
manner. Students line up in tutor groups in designated areas in alphabetical order.


For all year groups, there are fixtures in a range of sports: football, rugby, netball, cricket,
hockey, basketball, athletics and rounders. These are usually played after school either at home
or away at other schools in North Somerset. However, for rugby, football, hockey and netball
WCSA enter into national cup competitions and these fixtures can be further afield once teams
have progressed through the rounds. All team sheets are pinned to the fixture board in the PE
corridor and publicised on the PE Twitter page.

Students may be entitled to free school meals if their parents or carers receive any of these

   ●   Income Support
   ●   Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
   ●   Income-related Employment and Support Allowance
   ●   Support under Part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
   ●   The guaranteed element of Pension Credit
   ●   Child Tax Credit (provided you’re not also entitled to Working Tax Credit and have an
       annual gross income of no more than £16,190)
   ●   Working Tax Credit run-on - paid for 4 weeks after you stop qualifying for Working Tax
   ●   Universal Credit - if you apply on or after 1 April 2018 your household income must be
       less than £7,400 a year (after tax and not including any benefits you get)
   ●   Due to the roll out of Universal Credit, all pupils that are currently eligible for free
       school meals will continue to be eligible for free school meals until the end of the school
       stage they are in on 31 March 2022.

You can now apply online. If you are eligible, you will be able to download an eligibility letter.
If you are applying during the school holidays, the school will receive a notification. If you
apply during term time you’ll need to show the school the letter in order to get your free
school meals. Keep a copy of the letter in case the school asks to see it again. More
information can be found at


All students at WCSA are provided with a Gmail account linked to the WCSA Google network.
This email address allows students to access their school Google account where they can
complete work using Google Apps, either in school or at home.


This is a Google portal where students may be set work by their class teacher for lesson activities
or home learning. Students are able to access this at home on any internet-enabled device and
complete work using free Google Apps (eg Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides).


The school believes that homework is important for the educational progress of all students. A
variety of homework tasks will be set for each subject each week in a homework booklet. In
order that the full potential of each student can be realised, students in Year 7 to Year 11 are
expected to complete homework every evening. For Year 7-9, alongside the homework booklet
will be a knowledge organiser which will support completion. Homework will be set each week.
Teachers will check completion the following week.

As parents, you can support your child by ensuring that homework is completed conscientiously
and in the best possible conditions. Homework is monitored by your child's teachers who will
look at their homework booklets each week. The teachers will also be pleased to respond to any
comments that you might make with reference to home learning, in the booklet. Where a child
has a genuine difficulty in completing their homework or in meeting a deadline, they should
make sure that they speak to their subject teacher before it is due to be handed in. Where a
student persistently fails to complete homework without good reason, we will invite parents in
to discuss possible support.


The year is divided into four “Learning Cycles” which last for 9 weeks. Students are assessed at
some point during the cycle.

The LRC (Learning Resource Centre) is in a central position in the school. We have a large main
library, with a reading area, computer suite and space for independent studying.

Students can visit the LRC throughout the day from 8.00am until 4.00pm Monday to Thursday
and 8.00am to 3.30pm on Fridays. We have a wide range of resources including books (over
8000 titles), magazines, ipads, computers, internet access and we also provide access to
photocopying, stationery supplies, homework club and printing.

WCSA values reading and aims to encourage all our students to read for pleasure. This will not
only give them personal enrichment and essential future life skills but it will also improve their
learning. Students are automatically members of the LRC and may borrow two books at a time,
for three weeks. All students using the LRC during lesson time must have a permission slip from
their teacher.

Our librarian is available during the day to offer advice and assistance to students and we are
always pleased to receive requests for new books and resources.

LEARNING SUPPORT (The Sir Richard Branson Centre)

There are a range of tests that can be used with students to assess their needs and support is
allocated if appropriate. Students identified as requiring additional support will be placed on the
school's SEND Register and may have access to the following, depending on their level of need:

      In class support from an LSA who will work with the class teacher to ensure that the
       student is making expected progress
      Withdrawal to the SRB to develop basic skills with specialist TAs
      Individual programmes and/or modified timetables tailored to the student’s specific needs
      Maths and English intervention with a dedicated TA, either during tutor time or as an
       option choice in Upper School.

We operate an open door policy across the entire Sir Richard Branson Centre and all students
are welcome. The SENDCo is Miss Fitzgerald.


Students are not permitted to leave the school site without written permission from parents,
and any student needing to leave the premises must then obtain a permission slip from Student
Services where they will sign out and then leave the school via our Main Reception. When a
student returns to school they must report to Student Services; this is necessary to update the
registers and to confirm that they are on site.


Please ensure that you keep the school informed of any change to your contact details. It is vital
that we have two contacts listed for each child in the event of an emergency (this is a legal
requirement). These contacts can be parents, carers, other family members or close family
friends. Copies of some of the letters that are sent out can be found on the website at worle-


Lockers are available for students (provided by an outside agency). For more information, please
see our website link:


In the event of a student losing an item of property he/she should report to Student Services.
The best advice for a student who has lost something is to go back over his/her timetable,
checking each room in turn. We request that all uniform is labelled. Please encourage your child
to leave all valuable items at home. Thank you for your help with this.

School meals are served on a restaurant system provided by Pabulum Ltd; alternatively,
students may bring a packed lunch. Food is paid for using an electronic “finger print” system.
Teaching and support staff are on hand to supervise students throughout the lunch break.

Students may be entitled to free school meals if their parents or carers receive certain benefits.
See the section entitled “Free School Meals”.


We have a large team of first aiders in/around school and Advanced First Aid Responders.
Students are allowed to leave lessons if the teacher decides they need urgent medical attention,
and students may be sent back to lessons if urgent care is not required.

We do ask the students not to use their mobile phones to contact parents during the school day
if they feel unwell, as our staff will call parents (where appropriate) after they present themselves
to Student Services asking for medical aid or support.

If a student has a long-term medical condition or needs, we encourage parents/carers to contact
our Student Services Coordinator, Emma Harvey, to discuss these. An appropriate plan will be
put in place to support the student whilst they are in school.

If a student requires a medical card to enable them to leave the lesson for medical reasons, a
GP or medical professional letter should be provided to the school. This is to ensure we are fully
aware of the reason and we can issue the correct card to support the child in school.

We do not allow students to carry medication in school, unless in agreement with Emma Harvey.
Parents will need to give consent for medication to be administered by Student Services. Please
complete the consent to administer medication form available from Reception and Student
Services if required; please include dispensing times.

If you have any medical concerns, please email:

In cases where hospital treatment is required, a student will be taken by ambulance to Weston-
super-Mare General Hospital. It is essential that we have a contact number where we can
contact parents in case of medical problems. Please ensure that you have submitted a contact
number to the school and notify us of any changes.

Physical education, chemistry and practical subjects can sometimes present difficulties, so
students with a medical problem should inform their teacher should they anticipate any
difficulties or feel unwell. In cases where students are unable to participate in Physical Education,
a medical note or letter from parents should support this. Students are however expected to
change into PE kit and so must always bring their kit to lessons.


Here at WCSA, we take each student’s mental health seriously. We offer the following:

      A dedicated tutor period supporting good mental health
      A non-teaching Head of Year team available to provide guidance and sign-post resources
      A peer listening programme where older students are available to “listen” to younger
      A fully qualified counselling service, available through self-referral.


Mobile telephones should not be used during the school day, including during lessons, break or
lunch times. Students found to be using their phone during the school day will have the phone
confiscated. Phones will be available for collection from Student Services at the end of the school
day. Phones should be switched off and kept at the bottom of bags.

The school does not accept responsibility for the loss or damage of mobile phones. Any student
found bullying others by texts, photograph or video will be treated in accordance with the
school’s Behaviour Policy; in addition they may no longer be allowed to bring their mobile phone
into school at all as part of an Acceptable Behaviour Contract.

All money for trips and other activities are paid for using the on-line ParentPay facility, which
can be accessed through the website. Parents can also request a bar coded letter for individual
trips so that cash can be paid at a local Pay Point shop if they do not have on-line facilities.


The school publishes a newsletter three times a year which is available from the website at The newsletter gives details of the activities and
achievements of the school and information about forthcoming events.


“No Labels” is WCSA’s LGBT+ support group. We aim to provide a safe, fun space for LGBT+
students to take part in games, activities and, if needed, find someone to talk to about something
that is worrying them. No Labels is run by two members of staff and one student leader, who
have been trained on WCSA’s Peer Listener programme.

No Labels aims to educate students about the LGBT+ community and create a more accepting
school for all. The world outside of WCSA is diverse and it is crucial we educate our students to
be knowledgeable and accepting of all groups including the LGBT+ community. We meet every
Friday in L09 and you can find more about the group and different resources on our website:


Students are not permitted to leave the school site during the school day. At lunchtime students
are only allowed designated outdoor eating areas, the back field (in good weather) or in the
restaurant areas. Teaching blocks where lessons are being taught are considered to be out of
bounds. Students found out of bounds will be considered to be truanting and sanctioned


We use a cashless system called ParentPay which allows you to make secure online payments
by credit/debit card or to pay cash at local stores through the PayPoint Network. ParentPay can
be used for all parental payments e.g. educational visits, dinner money and concert tickets etc.

Please contact the Assistant Operations Manager,
Amy Paterson, on 01934 529542 if you have any
difficulties using ParentPay, are unable to make a
card payment or have any other questions.

How to Use ParentPay:

Activating your account - for the first time

Go to and click on the Login tab in the top right corner.
1.   Type in the username and password (this will be sent to you prior to your child starting
     in September). Be careful when typing in upper and lower case letters and also be sure
     not to confuse the letter l (for lemon) with the number one (1) or the letter O (for Orange)
     with the number zero (0).
2.   Follow the on-screen instructions to successfully activate your account.
3.   Read the ParentPay terms and conditions and click in the box next to accept terms and
     conditions at the bottom of the page and click Continue.
4.   You will see an overview of your activation on-screen and will receive an email confirming
     your account settings. Click Continue.
5.   Your account is now activated and you are ready to start making payments.
6.   In order to ensure you can receive password reset emails, payment receipts and
     any email alerts, please ensure you verify your email address.

Making a Payment

1.   Click on the My Payment Items tab
2.   Put a tick in the box to the left of each item you wish to pay for
3.   If required, type the amount and / or quantity you wish to pay for in the Amount column
4.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Continue
5.   Check the details on the summary page are correct and click Continue
6.   Enter your card details in the appropriate fields.
7.   Click Make Payment.


Each year there is at least one Parents' Evening when subject staff are available to talk about
your child's progress. Details about how to book appointments will be sent out to you prior to
the evening. However, arrangements can be made at any other times to meet your child’s Tutor,
Head of Year or other teachers. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns
about your child's education. You will find email links to most teaching members of staff via the
website at If there are problems with your son/daughter at home
we would also like to know as soon as possible. We are always pleased to see parents by

PARKING (removal from the classroom)

All students have the right to disruption-free learning. Those who persistently disrupt the
learning of others are removed from the classroom for a set period of time.


Peer Listeners are students in Years 10 and 11 who are available to talk to students about
anything. This could be something they’re worried about or something they just want to share.
All peer listeners have received effective training from school counsellors on how to help
students, and they have been fully briefed on the school’s Safeguarding Policy.

From Year 10, students may join the programme and take part in the course. This will allow
them to help other students and gain useful skills that they can apply in later life.

From left to right: Jazmin, Olivia, Ellie, Jay, Jack, Daisy, Alex, Finley and Mrs Griffin


All students should have their own pencil case containing, pens, pencils, ruler, rubbers,
protractor and calculator. They will also need a bag to carry their books and PE kit. Students
should also be carrying their knowledge organizer and homework folder in their school bag.

The WCSA PE department prides itself on the fixtures that they provide their students. These
fixtures are always healthy competition, giving students opportunities to represent the school in
such a positive manner. These fixture can take the form of inter group (within school against
another school group), against local schools and both regional and national competition. They
are the culmination of all the hours spent training with students at extra curricular clubs. For all
year groups, there are fixtures in a range of sports: football, rugby, netball, cricket, hockey,
basketball, athletics and rounders. All team sheets are pinned to the fixture board in the PE
corridor and publicised on the PE Twitter page.

If your son/daughter has an illness or injury and he/she is well enough to be in school then
he/she is assumed to be well enough to participate in any PE lesson he/she has on that day.

The student should bring a note to his/her PE teacher explaining the poor health and must bring
in all his/her PE kit. There may be limitations to what your son/daughter can achieve in that
lesson and what role they may adopt but it is down to the professional skills of his/her PE teacher
to give them differentiated tasks to guarantee a form of participation and maintain his/her
progress. There are many facets to modern physical education and there are endless activities
your son/daughter can perform with various ailments.

Please see the website for up-to-date PE uniform:


Each term we recognise the need to ‘Praise Our Stars’. That is, we are able to identify students
who are meeting and beating set targets and doing very well on other school measures. These
students deserve our praise and will receive a gold, silver or bronze certificate in the post.


It is important that students arrive at the school punctually since this is a realistic preparation
for employment and adult life. Students arriving after registration must sign in at Student
Services. Those who arrive late without good reason will be required to make up the lost time.
The morning session starts with registration at 8.40am. Students need to be on site five minutes
before registration. A student who is late 3 times in a week without an acceptable reason is
issued with an after school detention.


Any form of discrimination is taken very seriously. Students are encouraged to adopt tolerant
and sensitive attitudes to each other including those from different cultures, ethnic backgrounds
or faith. Racist behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in disciplinary action. The police
will normally be involved.


Religious Studies is taught to all students from Year 7 to Year 11. Students study all world
religions as well as a variety of philosophical and ethical issues.

REPORTS – you will get three each year

The progress of all students is carefully monitored through our system “Praising Stars” and, as
parents, you will receive three reports during the school year. Progress Reports give details of
performance in all subjects against target and information about behaviour and attendance. The
report will also identify any areas for improvement.

You will be informed of successes but, if things are not going smoothly, we will contact you and
invite you to visit school to discuss the problem.


The school celebrates the achievements of students in a number of ways:
   ● Students who produce a good piece of work or who contribute particularly to our school
       are issued with an entry on the ClassCharts system (a positive achievement point)
●   “Praise postcards” are sent home to recognise students who have a high number of
       positive achievements
   ●   Attendance certificates are also produced and sent home to students who have achieved
       100% attendance for the year
   ●   Each week, a small number of students are selected as the “Student of the Week”. This
       would be either for having achieved the highest number of achievement points that week,
       or to acknowledge an outstanding act of kindness or effort.


Students have the opportunity to ‘spend’ their points in the rewards store with rewards such as
restaurant tokens, USB drives, and best-selling books available. These are available to collect
at student services once a week subject to availability. Parent and Student log ins will be sent
home in September.


Students travelling to school either on foot or by public transport at some point in their journey
cross roads or railway lines. Please ensure your child is aware of their personal safety and that
they are clearly visible especially on the dark winter evenings. It is a good idea to wear reflective
arm bands or fit a reflective strip to a school bag or garment. Please remind students that the
use of mobile phones whilst crossing the road or railway line is dangerous and prohibited.
Headphones should be removed so that approaching vehicles can be heard.

Additional information for crossing a railway line: Only cross the tracks at a designated crossing.
Designated crossings are marked by a sign, lights or a gate. Look both ways before crossing the
line; trains can come from either direction. If lights are flashing or the gate is down at a railroad
crossing, wait for the train to pass completely, the gates to lift and the lights to stop flashing
before crossing. It is never okay to rush across and try to beat the train. Trains may be closer
and faster than you think. After a train passes the crossing completely, wait for the gate to come
back up and the lights to stop flashing. Then look both ways again before crossing to be sure a
second train is not coming, because a second train may be hidden behind the first one. Once a
train starts to brake, it can take a mile for the train to stop, so when you see a train, it’s already
too late for it to stop for you. Don't be tempted to walk along the railroad track. It might be a
shortcut, but it is dangerous and not worth the risk. It is also against the law to walk on the
track and the land around it because it is private property owned by Network Rail.


WCSA is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people
and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment. Please see our website for more


WCSA has a thriving performing arts culture in which students of all year groups can get involved
in drama and music. There is a whole school production, where students audition and adopt
different theatre roles and responsibilities, working as a true ensemble. Students can get
involved in directing, choreography, stage management, costumes, set, lighting, sound design
and other production roles. Throughout the academic year there are many opportunities for
students to further their passion for theatre, develop their skills or just enjoy; these include a
drama club, workshops, theatre trips and viewings.


Any Year 11 student who wishes to bring a moped onto site needs to seek permission from their
Head of Year in the first instance. Any permission granted will be subject to production of a valid
Driving Licence (provisional motorcycle licence limited to 50cc), Certificate of Basic Training
(CBT) and Certificate of Insurance. We will of course accept no liability for loss or damage.


Sex and Relationships Education aims to help students develop a sense of responsibility and
respect for themselves and others to enable them to make the transition to adulthood. It
encompasses not only facts about human reproductive processes and behaviour but also broader
emotional and ethical dimensions of sexual attitude. Students learn the importance of forming
positive and secure relationships that promote well-being.
Sex and Relationships Education is taught as part of the school's PSHE programme with elements
included in science and religious education. The programme reflects the age and maturity of
the students.


WCSA has a ‘No Smoking Policy’ for all users of the school. Smoking is not permitted by students
within the school or in the vicinity of the school. Smoking is also forbidden on all trips and out
of school activities. Any student who is found to have been smoking, or to be in possession of
cigarettes, or in the company of smokers on the school site or in the vicinity of the school will
be disciplined. This also includes the use and possession of vapours, lighters and electronic


The PE Faculty provides hockey sticks and tennis racquets. Students are very welcome to bring
their own to lessons. To avoid any confusion, all items of clothing and equipment should be
named. Students must make every effort to take responsibility for their equipment. The school
does not take responsibility for loss or damage to kit or sports equipment.


Student Services are a team of friendly faces who are able to help you with all your student
needs. We are located downstairs in the Jill Dando Centre which is the two-storey building in the
centre of the school. We are able to assist with all student queries including:

·   Uniform Issues
·   First Aid/Medication
·   Attendance
·   Lost Property
·   Confiscations

Medical/First Aid

We have a large team of first aiders in/around school and Advanced First Aid Responders.
Students are allowed to leave lessons if the teacher decides they need urgent medical attention,
and students may be sent back to lessons if urgent care is not required.

We do ask the students not to use their mobile phones to contact parents during the school day
if they feel unwell, as our staff will call parents (where appropriate) after they present themselves
to Student Services asking for medical aid or support.

If a student has a long-term medical condition or needs, we encourage parents/carers to contact
our Student Services Coordinator, Emma Harvey, to discuss these. An appropriate plan will be
put in place to support the student whilst they are in school.

If a student requires a medical card to enable them to leave the lesson for medical reasons, a
GP or medical professional letter should be provided to the school. This is to ensure we are fully
aware of the reason and we can issue the correct card to support the child in school.

We do not allow students to carry medication in school, unless in agreement with Emma Harvey.
Parents will need to give consent for medication to be administered by Student Services. Please
complete the consent to administer medication form available from Reception and Student
Services if required; please include dispensing times.

If you have any medical concerns, please email:


Students are supervised throughout the day from 8.30am – 2.55pm. A team of staff is on duty
around the school before and after school, at break and lunchtime.


English, maths, science and PE are mainly taught in ability grouping but other subjects are taught
in mixed ability groups.
You can also read