UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...

UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
UQ Skills                                     RTO Number 1511
STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021       skills-training.uq.edu.au

                        UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
Table of contents

1. Welcome to UQ Skills                                                              1
2. Director’s welcome                                                                1
3. Why study with UQ Skills?                                                         2
4. Application and enrolment                                                         6
5. Fees, charges and funding                                                         8
6. Assessment                                                                       11
7. Student support services                                                         14
8. Student rights and responsibilities                                              16
9. Complaints, appeals, grievances, refunds and privacy                            20
10. Graduation                                                                     22
11. RTO obligations                                                                22

                                                          UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
1.	Welcome to UQ Skills
Thank you for choosing UQ Skills as your training provider. At UQ Skills we are committed to providing the highest quality
training and services to our students. To help guide you through your learning experience, this handbook will provide you with
information about your training program or course, policies and processes, roles and responsibilities and our student support

For information on your specific program, please visit our website or refer to your Program Handbook. You can also contact
UQ Skills directly or visit our office in Morrison Hall on the UQ Gatton campus to speak with one of our training coordinators or
administration staff.

2.	Director’s welcome
Welcome to UQ Skills at The University of Queensland
As a centre within the Faculty of Science, we thank you for choosing UQ Skills to undertake your studies here at the historic
and beautiful Gatton campus, which has been delivering programs consistently since 1897.

UQ Skills is The University of Queensland’s only vocational education provider and is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO
#1511). As such, our accreditation process, awards and programs are delivered differently to the traditional academic charter of
the Faculty of Science and The University of Queensland. Our focus is more on the technical and applied vocational programs
across the plant, animal and business disciplines within the rural sectors, delivered up to our full-time Diploma in Agribusiness
Management and the Diploma of Agriculture (AQF5).

Our mission is to ensure all eligible students have a quality educational experience through their program engagement, leading
to lifelong learning.

Since UQ Skills (formerly UQ-GVEC) was established in 2008, more than 10,000 students have entered our doors from all
backgrounds and reached levels of achievement that have enhanced their professional career pathways and goals.

We welcome you to join us and let us, as a part of The University of Queensland, help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Best regards,

Dane Ivicevic
Director, UQ Skills

                                                                                             UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 1
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
3.	Why study with UQ Skills?
UQ Skills at The University of Queensland Gatton is a               Campus facilities utilised by UQ Skills students:
nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation
(RTO #1511) registered with the VET Regulator, that delivers           • dairy, pig, and poultry units
applied rural educational programs and courses to more                 • beef cattle teaching facility
than 1400 students in any one year.
                                                                       • equine unit
As part of The University of Queensland’s Faculty of Science,
                                                                       • tractor and quad bike training facility
UQ Skills delivers innovative programs from Certificate II to
Advanced Diploma level.                                                • cropping and plant nursery

Our programs are delivered by industry specialist facilitators,        • post-harvest facilities
including academics and vocational training staff with a               • research laboratories
wealth of real-world experience.
                                                                       • greenhouses.
UQ Skills is constantly reviewing and updating programs in
consultation with the enterprises and industries that employ        Horticultural fields and an extensive range of plant and farm
our students. Our program offerings are flexible and adapt          machinery are also part of the UQ Gatton campus.
to meet changing demand.
                                                                    UQ Skills values
World-class facilities                                              The values underpinning our objectives include:
The spacious 1068 hectare UQ Gatton campus was                         • Practice a culture of quality and collaboration in our
established in 1897. It includes state-of-the-art facilities such        pursuit for excellence
as the multi-million dollar School of Veterinary Science and
the Queensland Animal Science Precinct. UQ Skills is housed            • Promote creativity and independent thinking to drive
in the historic Morrison Hall, built in 1936.                            teaching innovation

2 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
• Lead transparency and accountability in our training,       obtained. If transfer is not possible, UQ Skills will provide a
     assessment, decisions, and activities                       refund of any unused portion of the fee. See here for more
                                                                 information on informing and protecting the learner.
   • Upload and promote mutual respect and diversity
     through our people, ideas, and culture
   • Support our people and student community in their           Statutory cooling off period
     pursuit for educational success                             The Standards for Registered Training Organisations require
   • Drive a collaborative commitment to compliance and          a person to be informed of their right to a statutory cooling
     continuous improvement.                                     off period. A statutory cooling off period is defined within
                                                                 the Australian Consumer Law which was introduced in
                                                                 2011. A statutory cooling off period (which is 10 days) is
UQ Skills goals                                                  a period of time provided to a consumer to allow them
The goals of UQ Skills in pursuing its mission and enhancing     to withdraw from a consumer agreement, where that
its reputation for excellence are to:                            agreement was established through unsolicited marketing
                                                                 or sales tactics. These include tactics such as door-to-door
   • To offer a range of high-quality short courses and          sales and telemarketing. A statutory cooling off period
     accredited learning pathways in flexible modes,             allows a consumer to withdraw from a sales agreement
     designed to meet student, industry, and broad               within 10 days of having received a sale contract without
     community needs.                                            penalty. All students are recommended to refer to the
                                                                 Australian Consumer Law, Sales Practices Guide for further
   • To forge beneficial relations within UQ and with            details about a statutory cooling off period and our general
     industry, government, and professional groups to            obligations for consumer protection during the enrolment
     ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach to             process.
   • To ensure the organisational and management                 It must be noted that UQ Skills does not engage in
     structure and staff profile contributes positively to       unsolicited marketing or sales tactics and therefore a
     fulfilling the mission and goals of UQ.                     statutory cooling off period is not likely to be applicable to
                                                                 our learners who have enrolled into a course or program.
   • To improve and strengthen business capability as an
     educational provider to continue offering sustainable
     and industry relevant training and education.               UQ Skills programs
   • To strengthen the digitisation of training education        In Australia only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)
     and delivery innovation to reach and equip regional,        can issue nationally recognised vocational education
     remote and interstate students with industry leading        qualifications. As an RTO, UQ Skills complies with the
     skills.                                                     standards set by the Australian Skills Quality Authority
                                                                 (ASQA), which is the national regulatory body for Australia’s
   • To extend vocational skills training and education          vocational education and training (VET) sector. UQ Skills is
     to degree students in order to add complementary            registered to deliver nationally recognised qualifications to
     employability skills to succeed as an industry leader.      an Advanced Diploma (AQF6) level.

Quality of training and assessment                               We offer courses and programs for a range of students,
                                                                 from those at school, school leavers and undergraduates,
UQ Skills is responsible for the quality of the training and     to people working in industry. We offer both accredited
assessment and for the issuance of all AQF Qualifications.       and non-accredited courses and programs, with accredited
In the case of programs and courses offered through any          training leading to a formal qualifications such as a
third party arrangement, UQ Skills is the principal RTO and      Certificate, Diploma or Advanced Diploma. Courses and
is responsible for reviewing and monitoring the quality of       program are delivered by appropriately qualified and
the training and assessment in conjunction with the third        experienced trainers through a variety of methods including:
party (see more on third party arrangements later in this
handbook).                                                          • face-to-face theory and practical lessons
                                                                    • online theory and assessment
Guarantee of service                                                • workplace visits and training
UQ Skills is committed to achieving all outlined training           • a combination of the above.
and assessment for students and meeting all RTO

In the unlikely event that UQ Skills is unable to commence
or complete a program or course, it will, if possible, arrange
for the training and assessment to be completed through
another RTO.

Prior to the transfer to another RTO, affected students will
be formally notified of the arrangements, and an agreement
to those arrangements, including any refund of fees, will be

                                                                                          UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 3
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
Programs summary
The following programs are offered for delivery by UQ Skills as per their scope of registration.

  Level                                       Title

  Diploma level                                  • AHC51419 Diploma in Agribusiness Management/AHC50116 Diploma
                                                   of Agriculture – offered as a vocational 14 month full-time qualification
                                                   giving students high-level skills for work in rural enterprises.

  Certificate IV level                           • ACM40217 Certificate IV in Captive Animals.
                                                 • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing – Solely trained and
                                                   assessed by UQ Skills and offered to UQ Faculty of Science students to
                                                   enhance the value of their Bachelor of Veterinary Technology degree.
                                                 • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing – Trained and assessed
                                                   through third party arrangement with Veterinary Nurse Solutions PTY Ltd
                                                   (VNS) under the brand Australian College of Veterinary Nursing (ACVN)
                                                   and offered to all eligible applicants.
                                                 • ACM40117 Certificate IV in Animal Control & Regulation.
                                                 • ACM40818 Certificate IV in Farriery.

  Certificate III level                          • AHC32816 Certificate III in Rural Operations - Offered upon completion of
                                                   schooling and in selected Queensland prisons.
                                                 • AHC30116 - Certificate III in Agriculture – offered to trainees.

  Certificate II level                           • AHC20116 Certificate II in Agriculture – high school delivery.
                                                 • AHC21216 Certificate II in Rural Operations - Offered to Year 11 and 12
                                                   high school students as part of the Queensland Government’s VETiS
                                                   programs, and in selected Queensland prisons.
                                                 • ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies – Offered as a prerequisite
                                                   pathway for UQ Faculty of Science students studying the Certificate IV in
                                                   Veterinary Technology.

  Short courses                                  • Farm Ready training – comprised of AHCWHS201 Participate in Work
                                                   Health and Safety Processes, AHCMOM216 Operate Side by Side Utility
                                                   Vehicles and AHCMOM217 Operate Quad Bikes. Designed to teach practical
                                                   skills needed for a range of hands-on roles in rural and farm industries.
                                                 • AHCSS00030 Farm Business Management - Skill Set for people who plan
                                                   and manage a farm business.
                                                 • TAESS00014 Enterprise Trainer-Presenting - Skill Set for people who
                                                   do or wish to train others in the workplace with nationally recognised
                                                   (accredited) units of competency.

  Non-accredited                                 • Large Animal Handling Workshop.
                                                 • Industry-specific training courses, e.g. Stock Feed Manufacturing Council
                                                   of Australia (Stockfeeds Project).

  Other                                          • Various other programs may be offered on demand.
                                                   Refer to training.gov.au to view the programs on our scope.

4 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
Third party arrangements                                          relating to a third parties providing services on behalf of UQ
                                                                  Skills will be managed according to the UQ Skills Complaints
Where UQ Skills utilises third party arrangements in              and Grievances procedure outlined later in this handbook.
the provision of services under the UQ Skills scope of            All complaints or appeals relating to a third party provider
registration, UQ Skills will inform students in writing that      engaged by UQ Skills will be investigated, actioned and
whilst they are enrolled with UQ Skills, a third party provider   responded to by UQ Skills.
is partly or wholly delivering their training. Students will be
given the information to contact both UQ Skills and the third     UQ Skills will conduct systematic monitoring of any third
party where relevant. UQ Skills will provide information to       party arrangements to ensure the quality and compliance of
students that UQ Skills is ultimately responsible for ensuring    services delivered on UQ Skills behalf. This will include, but is
the quality of training and assessment and for the issuing of     not limited to:
certification. UQ Skills will inform students of any changes
to third party arrangements that are relevant to their course        • validation of assessment tools
of study.                                                            • validation of assessment judgements
UQ Skills have written agreements (third party arrangements)         • review of training and assessment strategy
with any third party provider that it engages to deliver
                                                                     • review of staff mapping documents
services under the UQ Skills scope of registration, including,
but not limited to, training and/or assessment and the               • annual review of the third party arrangement contract
recruitment of prospective students. These written
                                                                     • compliance checking of student documentation
agreements will specify the responsibilities and obligations
of each of the parties in detail. At all times UQ Skills is          • monitoring of marketing.
the principle RTO and remains responsible for ensuring
                                                                  Our current third party arrangements in place include:
the quality training and assessment of the organisation,
regardless of any third party arrangements in which training         • ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies
and/or assessment is delivered on UQ Skills behalf.
                                                                     • ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies
UQ Skills will ensure that any third party providing training
services is aware of and will comply with all obligations            • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
under any funding contracts. UQ Skills will require that the         • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing
third party provider will cooperate with the Australian Skills         (Via RPL Fast track).
Quality Authority (ASQA) in the provision of information
and the conduct of monitoring activities.                         The above qualifications are delivered and assessed, under
                                                                  a third party arrangement by Veterinary Nurse Solutions
UQ Skills will retain the following records:                      PTY Ltd (VNS) under the brand of the Australian College of
                                                                  Veterinary Nursing (ACVN) with UQ Skills as the principal
   • evidence of current written agreements (third party          RTO. VNS also recruits students to these programs and
     arrangement) with any third party providers                  offers support services in addition to the services offered by
                                                                  UQ Skills as the principal RTO.
   • evidence of the systematic monitoring of services
     provided through a third party arrangement                   UQ Skills also offers AHC21216 Certificate II in Rural
   • evidence of the qualifications of any trainers and or        Operations in several high schools through VETiS funding
     assessors engaged through a third party arrangement          and third party arrangements are in place for some of these.

   • evidence of payments made by UQ Skills to third party        These programs are on the UQ Skills scope of registration, as
     providers.                                                   documented through a written third party agreement.
UQ Skills will remain responsible for enrolment, issuing
all certifications, records of results and statements of
attainment for all training products on its scope of
registration, regardless of whether some or all of the training
and assessment services are provided through a third party

UQ Skills will only enter into third party arrangements with
providers who employ trainers and/or assessors holding
qualifications, relevant vocational competence and current
industry skills required by the current Standards and the
current funding contract in place. If UQ Skills enters into a
third party provider arrangement with an individual who is
not a trainer or assessor, the individual will work under the
direct supervision of a qualified trainer/teacher and will not
be responsible for assessment outcomes.

UQ Skills will provide information to students on how
they can lodge a complaint or appeal against a third party
provider engaged by UQ Skills. Any complaints or appeals

                                                                                           UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 5
UQ Skills STUDENT HANDBOOK 2021 - skills-training.uq.edu.au - University ...
4. Application and enrolment
UQ Skills’ application process is designed to ensure the               Once your application form is accepted, UQ Skills
following principles are guided by relevant equal opportunity          administration staff will email you a confirmation of enrolment.
                                                                       UQ Skills student number
   • The student recruitment and admission process is bias-
     free and non-discriminatory.                                      Upon confirmation of your enrolment, you will be issued
                                                                       with a unique UQ Skills student number that is included on
   • If an individual does not meet entry requirements, all            certain UQ Skills correspondence and forms, and to identify
     attempts are made to assist them to identify alternative          you in data submissions to government bodies and regulatory
     courses of action.                                                organisations.
   • Curriculum is inclusive of a range of participant needs.
                                                                       Unique Student Identifier (USI)
   • The assessment process is fair, valid, reliable and consistent.
                                                                       All students who undertake nationally recognised VET
   • Support is provided to those with special needs.                  programs will require a Unique Student Identifier (USI). The
   • Grievances are addressed in a fair and equitable manner.          USI is available online and at no cost, and will stay with the
                                                                       student for life.
   • Adaptive technology is developed and used where
     possible.                                                         A USI is a reference number made up of numbers and letters
                                                                       that gives students access to their USI account. This reference
UQ Skills is committed to ensuring that all student selection          number links an individual’s USI account to the National
processes are consistent with Australian Core Skills Framework         Vocational Education and Training (VET) Data Collection,
(ACSF) competency levels, training package requirements and            allowing an individual to see all of their training results from
where relevant workplace requirements.                                 all providers, including all training units and qualifications
UQ Skills will enrol those students who have:                          completed after the USI came into effect on 1 January 2015.

   • Made a formal application                                         The USI applies to all students enrolled in nationally
                                                                       accredited vocational education and training, regardless of
   • Satisfactorily completed the enrolment process and                the program being taken.
   • Paid required fees and charges.                                   Learning Unique Identifier (LUI)
UQ Skills is responsible for the quality of the training and
assessment and for the issuance of the AQF awards. In the              In Queensland only, all Year 11 and 12 students have a
case of programs offered in partnership with a third party             learning account set up by the Queensland Curriculum and
provider, Veterinary Nurse Solutions Services or high schools          Assessment Authority, which includes a Learning Unique
operating under a third party arrangement, this is the                 Identifier (LUI). A student learning account is the place where
responsibility of UQ Skills.                                           senior high school enrolments and results are recorded, as
                                                                       well as place and dates of study.
If you have any program-specific enquiries, please contact
UQ Skills administration staff at Room 110, Morrison Hall              Note that you cannot use another student number such as
Building 8123, UQ Gatton or alternatively contact us on                an LUI in place of the USI. The USI is a national number and is
5460 1353 or uqskills@uq.edu.au.                                       not linked with individual state student numbers.

                                                                       Students under 18
Where to start                                                         Students aged under 18 must have permission from their
Contact UQ Skills administration staff on 5460 1353 or                 parents or guardians to enrol. Parents or guardians will be
uqskills@uq.edu.au to ask for an ‘Expression of Interest’              required to sign the application/enrolment form.
form to be mailed or emailed, and submit this completed
form as the first step towards your application. This form will        If you are aged under 18 and applying for a VET Student Loan
require a range of information, details and signatures that            (VSL), you must have your parent or guardian co-sign your
will be entered and documented at UQ Skills.                           application (unless you are certified as independent, in which
                                                                       case evidence must be provided of independence).
Some of the information you will be asked to provide with
your application form will include certified copies of any
educational and personal credentials, for example, proof of            Variation to your enrolment
your identity and residency. A certified copy is a photocopy           If you wish to add, withdraw from or change the units that
of an original document,                                               you are enrolled in you can:
signed by a Justice of the Peace, or a Commissioner for                   • contact our administration team on (07) 5460 1353 or
Declarations, or the issuing authority, and stating that the                via email uqskills@uq.edu.au or
photocopy is a true and exact copy of the original.
                                                                          • submit the Variation to student enrolment form

6 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
It is suggested that you check with your trainer before           Outcomes of applications for RPL will be kept in your file
submitting your request to ensure that it does not jeopardise     and the assessment records adjusted to reflect a RPL result.
your outcome for training.
                                                                  Qualifications issued by another RTO
Note that students enrolled in VSL programs who remain
enrolled in a unit on the census date for their fee period will   UQ Skills supports the national policy of the recognition
incur tuition fees, regardless of whether or not they complete    of qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by
the unit.                                                         other RTOs, regardless of the location, provided the RTO is
                                                                  registered to offer units of competency that exist within the
                                                                  qualification being offered by UQ Skills and which may also
Recognition of prior learning (RPL)                               exist in other training packages.
UQ Skills will recognise prior learning (RPL) in accordance       (See also ‘Credit transfer’ in this handbook.)
with the VET Quality Framework.

RPL involves an assessment of the skills and knowledge
you may have acquired through formal, non-formal and
informal learning to determine how much you already meet
the requirements of a training package or VET-accredited
program. If the specified outcomes of the individual units
of competency are met, then you will achieve credit for that
unit or units in which you are enrolled.

Your particular situation will need to be discussed with
the trainer, who will provide additional information in
relation to the process, collating evidence and completing
the necessary forms which include an RPL Candidate
Information Booklet. Prices for RPL can be found in the fees
section of this handbook.

The process can incorporate the following approaches to
determine competency:

   • Formal learning refers to learning that takes place
     through a structured program of instruction and is
     linked to the attainment of an AQF qualification or
     statement of attainment (for example, a certificate,
     diploma or university degree)
   • Non-formal learning refers to learning that takes
     place through a structured program of instruction,
     but does not lead to the attainment of an AQF
     qualification or statement of attainment (for example,
     in-house professional development programs
     conducted by a business)
   • Informal learning refers to learning that results
     through experience of work- related, social, family,
     hobby or leisure activities or voluntary work (for
     example, interpersonal skills developed at work as a
Students seeking RPL may be asked to supply the following

   • documents, references and relevant examples
   • proof of ownership of any examples of work
   • certified copies (not originals) of qualifications.
     (A certified copy is a photocopy of an original document,
     which has been signed by a Justice of the Peace,
     Commissioner for Declarations or the issuing authority
     stating that the photocopy is a true and exact copy of the
If you are unable to supply documentary evidence to
support your RPL application you may be required to sit for
a ‘skill test’ to determine competency.

                                                                                           UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 7
5.	Fees, charges and funding
Information about fees and charges can be obtained by             applying for such exemptions will be included in the program-
contacting UQ Skills and on program brochures via our             specific material supplied before the program starts.
website. This includes information such as:
   • which program you will study
                                                                  Some students may be eligible for subsidies funded by the
   • program duration                                             Queensland Government Department of Employment, Small
   • study load and mode (e.g. full time, part time, face-to-     Business and Training.
     face, online)
                                                                  Certain students may be eligible for a concession fee.
   • any credits that may be applied through direct credit        Students of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin,
     transfer, recognition of prior learning and/or recognition   and/or holders of a concession card such as a Health
     of current competency                                        Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veteran Affairs
                                                                  Pensioner Concession Card, may be eligible for courses
   • your eligibility for subsidies or concessions.
                                                                  undertaken through government funding. If you do not have
Costs and tuition fees will be disclosed on the application       a concession card, contact Human Services (Centrelink) to
form that is sent to you and/or your parent or guardian.          determine your eligibility.
Please contact UQ Skills if you have any questions related to
program fees.                                                     GST charges
Please note: Material fees are included in tuition fees in        GST does not apply to accredited programs. If a program is
all programs delivered and assessed by UQ Skills with             comprised of accredited and non-accredited units then GST
the exception of those through our third party provider           will be charged on the non-accredited portion.
(Veterinary Nurse Solutions PTY Ltd (VNS) under the brand
of the Australian College of Veterinary Nursing (ACVN). The       Certificate 3 guarantee funding
programs that attract material fees include:
                                                                  The Certificate 3 Guarantee supports eligible individuals to
   • ACM20117 Certificate II in Animal Studies                    complete their first post-school Certificate III qualification.
                                                                  This initiative is funded by the Queensland Government.
   • ACM30117 Certificate III in Animal Studies
   • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing                Students eligible for this subsidy will be required to
                                                                  contribute to the cost of the course through a co-
   • ACM40418 Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing (via RPL       contribution fee.
     Fast track)
                                                                  To be eligible for the Certificate 3 Guarantee students must:
Please refer to UQ Skills website for more information about
these programs through third party arrangements.                     • be 15 years or over, and no longer at school (with the
                                                                       exception of VET in Schools students)
Program classification                                               • be a Queensland resident
Programs offered by UQ Skills can be classified as either fee-       • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian
for-service or government funded programs.                             permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants),
                                                                       or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and
Fee-for-service programs are not government funded,                    work permits on the pathway to permanent residency
so students undertaking such programs will be liable to a
charge in exchange for the preparation and delivery of their         • not hold, and not be enrolled in a Certificate III
training. Fees and charges may also apply to government-               in higher-level qualification (does not include
funded programs offered by UQ Skills. These fees and                   qualifications completed in secondary school and
charges are determined in accordance with the Department               foundations skills training)
of Employment, Small Business and Training regulations
                                                                  Please visit the Department of Training Website and the
pertaining to state-funded training programs or VET
                                                                  Certificate 3 Guarantee Student Fact Sheet for further
Student Loan Commonwealth guidelines. These charges
and fees are applied consistently, but total cost depends on
program specifics.
                                                                  Higher Level Skills funding
Exemptions from fees and charges                                  The Higher Level Skills program assist individuals to gain
                                                                  the higher-level skills require for employment or career
While no exemptions from fees and charges apply to fee-
                                                                  advancement in a priority industry, or to transition to
for-service programs, partial or full exemption of fees and
                                                                  university studies.
charges may apply to funded programs and vary depending
on the source of the funding and student circumstances.           To be eligible for the Higher Level Skills Subsidy students
The nature and extent of any exemptions and the method of         must:

8 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
• be a Queensland Resident
   • be aged 15 years or over, and no longer at school
   • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or Australian
     permanent resident (including humanitarian entrants),
     or a temporary resident with the necessary visa and
     work permits on the pathway to permanent residency
   • not hold, or be enrolled in, a Certificate IV level or
     higher qualification (not including qualifications
     completed at school and foundations skills training)
Please see the Higher Level Skills Student Fact Sheet for
further information.

VET student loans (VSL)
Students applying for a VET Student Loan for eligible
programs need to clearly understand the requirements and
obligations entered into between all parties. VET Student
Loan information is available at the Study Assist website and
from UQ Skills.

VET Student Loan students must supply a valid Tax File
Number (TFN) with their enrolment form. Students who
do not have a TFN number must apply for one through
the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). Failure to supply UQ
Skills with a TFN or a Certificate of Application for a TFN
on or before the census date will result in cancellation of

Credit transfer
UQ Skills accepts and provides credit to learners for units of
competency and/or modules (unless licensing or regulatory
requirements prevent this) where these are evidenced by:

   • AQF certification documentation issued by any other
     RTO or AQF-authorised issuing organisation; or
   • authenticated VET transcripts issued by the Registrar.
A student may submit the above statements listing the units
of competencies they have previously completed, which
can be verified by their assessor. These units must relate
to the program being offered by UQ Skills. We can apply
these credit transfers to the unit being studied which may
reduce the fee for the relevant program. On verification,
these documents will be kept in the participant’s file, and
credit transfer for specified competencies recorded in the
participant’s training record.

Credit transfer of units is provided free of charge with the
appropriate and verified evidence.

Summary reports will be maintained outlining recognition
awarded in specific programs for audit purposes.

Students must submit an ‘Application for credit transfer’
form together with a certified copy of the Statement of
Attainment on which credit is sought. No fees apply to
credit transfers. Please note that UQ Skills is not obliged
to issue a qualification or statement of attainment that is
achieved wholly through recognition of units completed at
another RTO or RTOs. See here for more information.

                                                                 UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 9
It is suggested that you check with your trainer before
                                                                submitting your request to ensure that it does not
                                                                jeopardise your outcome for training.

                                                                Students enrolled in VSL programs who remain enrolled in a
                                                                unit on the census date for their fee period will incur tuition
                                                                fees, regardless of whether or not they complete the unit.

                                                                Students need to understand their possible fee liability
                                                                before making any changes to their enrolment. For more
                                                                information call +61 7 5460 1353, or email UQ Skills.

                                                                Unit (course) and program extensions
                                                                Whilst UQ Skills is not obligated to extend the period of
                                                                enrolment if you have not completed your program in
                                                                time, we do provide paid extension options on request and
                                                                always work closely with students to achieve a suitable
                                                                arrangement and pathway forward. Below represents the
                                                                standard course and program extension fees available,

                                                                   • Students are able to request a 1 month extension to
                                                                     their unit (course) end-date at a cost of $80 per unit.
Recognition of Prior Learning fees
                                                                   • Students are able to request a program extension
UQ Skills charges a flat rate for programs of study
                                                                     (whole qualification or program) for 1 month at $80 or
depending on their AQF level. See prices here. Should a
                                                                     3 months at $180.
student be eligible for credit transfer (with verification of
documents), a $0 fee will be applied to the relevant unit and   Please contact UQ Skills Administration for the necessary
the corresponding unit cost will be deducted off the RPL        paperwork and understand all course and program
qualification price.                                            extensions are an application process with repeat requests
                                                                being approved on a case by case basis, subject to student
If a student requires a trainer/assessor to travel outside      progress.
a 50 km radius, an additional cost may apply but will be
considered and quoted on a case by case basis.
                                                                Competency not achieved/
Payment methods                                                 fail grades for unit (course)
Payment can be made by valid credit card, Mastercard or         All students are provided with three attempts to demonstrate
Visa card. Online payments can be completed on the UQ           satisfactory performance in all assessment items and thus
payment portal. Contact UQ Skills for more details. UQ Skills   competence in the unit of competency(s). Should a final
will provide you with specific payment information as per       grade of Not Yet Competent be resulted, a student will pay
the requirements of your program. Other payment options         for the tuition fees for that failed subject/unit in order to be
include BPay, EFT, cheque or in person at the UQ Gatton         re-trained and re-assessed. All students are entitled to apply
Post Office.                                                    for special consideration and appeal a decision as per our
                                                                appeals procedures. The cost of the programs unit or subject
                                                                is determined by the total program cost, divided by the
Changes to enrolment                                            number of units, which will provide a unit level cost. Therefore,
Changes to enrolment are made via the UQ Skills Variation       the cost to re-enrol into the units will be determined by the
to student enrolment form. Enrolment changes include:           number of units to be repeated.

   • withdrawal from a unit or program (please contact your     Note that UQ Skills is not obligated to provide the
     program coordinator to discuss the next step)              opportunity to repeat units or subjects, rather provide many
                                                                opportunities to demonstrate competency. As such UQ Skills
   • change a unit within the program                           offers the option to be re-trained and re-reassessed for a
   • cancel enrolment                                           given unit(s) and any third repeat requests will be subject to a
                                                                special consideration application for approval.
   • change from one program to another.
If you wish to add, withdraw from or change the units that      Census dates
you are enrolled in you can:
                                                                [Census dates are currently applicable only to students
   • contact our administration team on (07) 5460 1353 or       enrolled in Diploma programs.]
     via email UQ Skills
                                                                The census date is the last date you can withdraw from a
   • submit the Variation to student enrolment form             unit without being charged for it. If you have any concerns
     available on our website.                                  about your ability to continue in a unit, it is essential that

10 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
you speak to your program coordinator before the census              Note: Under the National VET Regulator Act 2011, Standards
date. It is vital that you understand that your ‘fee liability’ is   2015, we are entitled to withhold issuing you with a
your liability for all fees and charges, and is finalised based      qualification or statement of attainment until such times as
on your enrolment date.                                              all fees have been paid in full. This includes any outstanding
                                                                     balances owing on payment plans. We shall exercise our
Cancellation or withdrawal from a program or unit after a            rights under this section.
census date will not reduce your financial liability; in other
words you will still have to pay the fees for that unit.
                                                                     Learner fee protection
However, if a withdrawal from a program or unit after a
census date was due to exceptional ‘special circumstances’,          If UQ Skills is unable to provide services for which the
a student can apply for re-credit or remission of financial          learner has prepaid, the learner will:
                                                                        • be placed into an equivalent course such that:
Census dates are listed in the Schedule of Fees for the                    -   the new location is suitable to the learner; and
Diploma programs on our website.
                                                                           - 	the learner receives the full services for which they
                                                                               have prepaid at no additional cost to the learner;
Additional fees and charges                                                    or
An administration fee may apply under certain conditions                • be paid a refund of any prepaid fees for services yet to
regarding refund applications. Please see refund section                  be delivered above the threshold prepaid fee amount.
later in this handbook for more details.
                                                                     For further information refer to;
Fees for reprinting credentials                                      www.asqa.gov.au/students/provider-closures

Students will receive, free of charge, one copy of credentials
consistent with their study outcomes at the conclusion of
their studies. Students wishing to receive additional copies
will incur a reprinting charge of $60 per qualification.
                                                                     6. Assessment
Requests for reprinted credentials must be supplied in
writing. Proof of identity may be requested.                         UQ Skills has proven experience and skill in providing
                                                                     or facilitating assessments that meet the endorsed
It is not a UQ Skill’s policy to issue a Statement of                components of relevant training package(s) and/or
Attainment whilst you are still undertaking study in a               accredited units.
program. An unofficial transcript can be provided which will
show the unit/s completed. If however, this does not meet            We are committed to ensuring valid and reliable assessment
your needs and you require a Statement of Attainment to be           of achievements against industry competency standards. All
issued, there may be a charge of up to $60 for your request          our assessments remain consistent with ASQA’s assessment
to be processed.                                                     principles. Our procedure can be found here.

If fees are not paid                                                 Assessment principles
Fees and charges are predetermined and communicated in               UQ Skills ensures that all assessment conducted within the
writing before enrolment.                                            organisation is reliable, flexible, fair and valid:

Students who fail to pay fees and charges by the due date               • Reliable: All assessment methods and procedures
may have their enrolment cancelled. They will, however,                   will ensure that competency standards/modules
have the opportunity to discuss financial hardship and                    are applied consistently and that there is always
possible recalculation of their payment. Requests for this                consistency in the interpretation of evidence.
and for payment extensions should be submitted in writing               • Flexible: Assessment will be offered in the workplace
to UQ Skills.                                                             (on-the-job), in the training environment (off-the-job),
                                                                          in a combination of both or via recognition of prior
Where students fail to meet subsequent payments, UQ                       learning of current competence. UQ Skills will ensure
Skills reserves the right to cease training and cancel the                that all assessment methods and practices allow
enrolment. In this instance students will not achieve the                 for diversity with regard to how, where and when
full qualification and will only receive a Statement of                   competence has been/will be acquired.
Attainment/Transcript for those units completed (and paid
for) to date.                                                           • Fair: Assessment methods and procedures will not,
                                                                          under any circumstance, disadvantage any student.

No refund                                                               • Valid: Assessment activities will always meet the
                                                                          requirements as specified in the subject/unit.
There is no refund of fees for any poor and/or non-attendance,            Sufficient evidence will always be collected, and will
poor behaviour or other circumstance preventing you from                  be relevant to the standard/module being assessed.
completing your course.

                                                                                             UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 11
Evidence and assessment rules                                      Extensions to assessment due dates
UQ Skills ensure that all evidence provided by clients, as proof   Students wishing to apply for an extension to an assessment
of their competency, meets the ‘rules of evidence’                 deadline must do so in writing before the assessment due
                                                                   date. Supporting evidence such as doctor’s certificate or
   • Valid – The assessor is assured that the student has the      other documentary evidence of the reasons for an extension
     skills, knowledge and attributes as described in the unit     should accompany the application. Applications can be
     of competency and assessment requirements.                    submitted to the relevant trainer or Program Lead and may
   • Sufficient – The assessor is assured that the quality,        incur a fee when the date exceeds the end date of the unit.
     quantity and relevance of the assessment evidence             Refer to Unit and Program extension fees under the fee policy.
     enables a judgement to be made of the students
     competency.                                                   Assessment outcomes
   • Authentic – The assessor is assured that the evidence
     presented is the student’s own work.                          Within UQ Skills a number of result codes are used to record
                                                                   assessment outcomes. Individual assessment outcomes that
   • Current – The assessor is assured that the assessment         are used include:
     evidence demonstrates current competency. This
     requires the evidence to be from the present or the very         • S		           Satisfactory
     recent past.
                                                                      • NS		          Not Satisfactory

How assessment is conducted                                        Overall final unit of competency outcome codes include:

When conducting assessment, UQ Skills ensures it has staff            • C		           Competency achieved/pass
with appropriate qualifications and adheres to the ASQA               • CNA           Competency not achieved/fail
Standards. UQ Skills ensures that the staff conducting
assessment use appropriate methods to record, store and               • W		           Withdrawn
access service outcomes.                                              • CT		          Credit transfer

Assessment activities undertaken by UQ Skills adhere to clear      Students who receive a grade of ‘Not Satisfactory’ during
guidelines:                                                        training and assessment will have the option to repeat
                                                                   training and re-attempt assessments a number of times as
   • Assessment procedures are clearly explained to                deemed suitable by their trainer – generally twice.
     students. Throughout all training, students are directed
     to their assessment requirements and submission dates.        If the student receives a ‘Competency not achieved/fail’
                                                                   outcome, the student may have the option to re-enrol, and
   • Opportunities for recognition (recognition of prior           the new applicable program fee will apply.
     learning/recognition of current competence and credit
     transfer) are discussed.
   • The assessment requirements of the subject/unit(s)            Assessment resubmissions, marking
     are outlined, and any particular arrangements for the
     workplace/training environment are arranged.
                                                                   and due dates
   • All evidence-gathering methods remain reliable, flexible,     UQ Skills has a series of steps in place to ensure timely
     fair and valid.                                               feedback is provided to submitted assessments, provide
                                                                   opportunities for resubmission and provide structure to
   • As assessments are undertaken, UQ Skills records
                                                                   the due dates of all assessment items and their possible
     individual student assessment results.
                                                                   resubmission dates, these are outlined below.
   • Post-assessment guidance is available to students.
   • A fair and impartial appeals process is available.            a. Assessment due dates, marking and feedback to students
   • Evaluation of assessment processes and procedures is              a. Assessment due dates are set in Blackboard by
     gathered through staff meetings and student feedback.                 Program Leads and clearly identified within the
Evidence gathering methods commonly include, but are not                   Training and Assessment Plans (TAP). This first
limited to:                                                                attempt date must be no shorter than 1 week before
                                                                           the end of the block/study period.
   • demonstration
   • questioning                                                       b. T
                                                                           he assessment needs to be marked and feedback
                                                                          needs to be given to students within 2 weeks.
   • workplace performance
   • role-play                                                         c. If a student receives “NYS” for an assessment, they
   • simulation                                                            will be given a 2nd attempt to submit the corrections
                                                                           within 7 days* to allow the required study to
   • oral presentation
                                                                           demonstrate competence.
   • graphic presentation
   • projects/assignments                                              d. If a student receives “NYS” for an assessment again,
                                                                           they will be given a 3rd attempt to submit the
   • audio/visual/creation/development/presentation
                                                                           corrections within 7 days*.
   • written tests
   • skills portfolio.

12 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
e. If a student receives “NYS” for an assessment again,        * Within 7 days or as practically possible to book the
        they will fail the unit and be resulted “CNA” and be           required resources/environment whilst allowing sufficient
        required to pay the schedules tuition fees to repeat the       time for re-training and practice
        study period/subject/unit(s).
                                                                    If a piece of assessment is missed or not submitted on time
    f. The result of the unit is to be finalised through the UAS   and NO medical certificate is provided, students are provided
        process.                                                    only one opportunity to resubmit/undertake the assessment.

b. In case a student fails to submit an assessment by the first    If the assessment is subsequently deemed ‘not yet
    due date the trainer needs to mark “NYS” and will have a        satisfactory’ on the second and third attempt, the student will
    second opportunity to resubmit within 7 days*.                  be deemed to have received a ‘Competency not achieved/fail’
                                                                    outcome and be required to repeat the unit of competency.
c. A student may request an extension on assessment
    submission in writing. It is up to the Training Managers to     Where extenuating circumstances prevent a student from
    approve the extension and the maximum time of extension         submitting/completing their assessment, consideration of
    is 1 week from the due date (maximum allowed unless             the circumstances and further actions in certain, limited
    approved through a special consideration process).              circumstances may occur.

d. A
    ll students can complete a special consideration case
   and assessment appeal as per UQ Skills policies and

                                                                                            UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 13
7. Student support services
UQ Skills is committed to providing equity and to                Gatton campus library
eliminating discrimination against students in vocational
education and training. People with language, literacy,          The J.K. Murray Library is located on the central walkway.
numeracy and technology issues, a disability and/or people       The Library has 24-hour study spaces, computers and an
from a non-English speaking background are encouraged to         extensive collection as well as recreational reading materials.
pursue their vocational education and training goals through
                                                                 Access the UQ Library website for more information and
enrolment at UQ Skills.
                                                                 library opening hours.
All students of UQ Skills are treated as individuals, and
offered advice and support services to achieve their goals.      Access and equity
If you are experiencing difficulties for personal or study
related reasons, you should first direct your concerns to        UQ Skills recruits students at all times in an ethical and
your trainer, where appropriate, or to the UQ Skills director.   responsible manner and consistent with the requirements of
Where study-related issues are involved, the trainer will        the curriculum or National Training Package.
assess the situation and provide you with support and
guidance. Where the matter is beyond the scope of UQ             We recruit those students who meet the requirements of the
Skills, the centre director will recommend a fully qualified     program entry under our accreditation arrangements other
and professional counselling service through UQ Student          than in special circumstances, which are decided on the
Services (phone (07) 5460 1046 for more information).            merit of the application.

Students attending training on campus can also access the        All UQ standards, policies and procedures are appropriately
UQ Gatton Health Service, phone (07) 5460 1396.                  addressed in all aspects of a program’s implementation.
                                                                 Emphasis is given to:

Student Services                                                    • developing resources and strategies which are
Student Services has an office on campus at UQ Gatton, at
                                                                    • using language that is both appropriate to the abilities
Morrison Hall or email at ssgatton@uq.edu.au. The service
                                                                      of the participants and the outcomes of the unit
provides assistance in the following areas:
                                                                    • ensuring equitable access to facilities and resources
   • disability services                                            • using modified procedures, provisions and/or
   • learning advisors                                                equipment to ensure equity and compliance with
   • counselling                                                      necessary workplace health and safety requirements.
   • making new friends and settling into university
                                                                 Language, literacy and numeracy
   • faith and spirituality
                                                                 UQ Skills recognises that all vocational training includes
   • international student support
                                                                 language, literacy and numeracy tasks.
   • accommodation (for Diploma students only).
                                                                 Upon enrolment, UQ Skills will arrange for all students
Accommodation                                                    to undertake an assessment of their current skill level in
                                                                 maths and English. This will be done using the Basic Key
Accommodation is available on campus for Diploma
                                                                 Skills Builder (BKSB) which is an online tool. We gather this
students. The Halls of Residence at UQ Gatton (Halls) is the
                                                                 information so we can give you the best possible support
oldest and largest residential operation associated with The
                                                                 during your studies.
University of Queensland, being established in 1897 and
comprising 436 rooms.                                            All UQ Skills trainers and assessors provide:
Halls strives to offer residents a safe, supportive and             • materials, resources and assessment tools and tasks
engaging environment to live in while completing their                that do not require students to have language, literacy
studies. Entry to Halls is competitive, so make contact as            and numeracy skills of more complexity than those
early as possible.                                                    used in the workplace for the competencies being
For information including fees please contact:
                                                                    • clear models of the language/literacy/numeracy task
Halls of Residence UQ Gatton                                        • opportunities for repeated and supported practice
+61 7 5460 1215
                                                                    • opportunities for independent practice.
halls.gatton.uq.edu.au                                           UQ Skills provides language, literacy and numeracy support
                                                                 if any students require additional practice and training.
Student Services also provides information and a database
of available rental accommodation in the townships
                                                                 Reasonable adjustment
surrounding the campus.
                                                                 Students will be provided with reasonable adjustments

14 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
wherever possible and where reasonable adjustments will          The UQ Ally Network
not cause unjustifiable hardship to UQ Skills.
                                                                 The UQ Ally Network is an award-winning program that
An adjustment is reasonable if it meets the needs of the         provides a visible network of well-informed staff who
student with a disability or special circumstances without       create a safe, welcoming and inclusive space for LGBTIAQ+
impacting on other students or staff at UQ Skills. To            students at UQ and in the broader community. To find a UQ
determine if an adjustment is reasonable, the following must     Ally, or to find out more about the program, look for staff
be considered:                                                   with the rainbow badge, rainbow posters around all UQ
                                                                 campuses or visit the UQ Ally Network website.
   • the student’s disability and/or any barriers or
     challenges that affect that student                         Inclusive language
   • the views of the student (or the student’s advocate)        The UQ Guide to Inclusive Language provides information on
     about the potential adjustments required                    how to apply inclusive language in the study environment.
   • whether the adjustment will impact on the academic          Students can access the guide on the inclusive language
     standards or requirements of the training package           website. For more on learning support click here.
   • what advantages or disadvantages the adjustments
     may create for the people affected by it
                                                                 Student facilities
   • the costs and benefits of making the adjustment.
                                                                 The Gatton campus is a vibrant student centre offering
For more information on reasonable adjustment see here.
                                                                 programs in agriculture, animal studies, veterinary science
                                                                 and the environment, one hour’s drive west of Brisbane in
Disability support
                                                                 the Lockyer Valley. The campus offers a range of facilities to
Any student with a disability who may require alternative        UQ Skills students, including a bookshop, post office, ATM,
arrangements can seek advice at the start of enrolment           chaplaincy, licensed club and many support services, as
from a disability advisor at Student Support Services. For       detailed above.
example, special arrangements with assessment can be
made for students with disabilities. Refer to the University     The UQ Sport Gatton Fitness and Aquatic Centre contains
policy on Student Disability.                                    a gym and pool, as well as tennis, basketball, netball and
                                                                 squash facilities.
Discrimination and harassment
                                                                 Gatton Community Garden is a campus initiative comprising
If you have a grievance or enquiry relating to discrimination,   garden beds in which students and staff can grow their own
harassment or bullying, you can contact a discrimination         herbs and vegetables, and have a soil pit, outdoor seating
and harassment contact officer (DHCO), who can provide           and covered deck.
information about UQ policies and procedures and support
services available to students. More information can be          Fresh food and coffee is available from the Walkway Café
found on the DHCO website.                                       and the Coffee Cart, and meals are served during University
                                                                 semesters in the Dining Hall.

                                                                                         UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021 - 15
8. Student rights and responsibilities
The Student Charter                                                • be responsible for your personal progress. Students
                                                                     are expected to consult with their trainer on a regular
All UQ Skills students are subject to the UQ Student                 basis to derive the greatest benefit and appropriate
Charter, which sets out the expectations you can hold for            individual guidance
your education and outlines what is expected of you while
studying. All students and staff are entitled to work and          • abide by the UQ parking restrictions
study in an equitable environment, free of discrimination          • switch mobile phones off during classes
and harassment.
                                                                   • comply with all UQ Skills’ rules, policies and
According to the UQ Student Charter, the University is               procedures, as contained in this Student Handbook,
committed to:                                                        listed on our website, and explained to you at
   • establishing and sustaining a community that
     supports independent scholarly learning, critical             • adhere to the UQ Student charter uq.edu.au/
     judgement, academic integrity and ethical standards             myadvisor/forms/admin/student-charter.pdf
     in all students                                               • not join a class or reattempt assessment in a unit/
   • the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of learning and        subject for which you have been deemed ‘Not
     research                                                        Yet Competent’, until a new enrolment form and
                                                                     applicable fees have been paid
   • involving students as active participants in their
     educational experience                                        • obtain a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before
                                                                     completion of any assessments.
   • enhancing the student experience.
As a student you have a right to:
                                                                Duty of care
   • work and study in an environment free from                 Under Workplace Health and Safety legislation, students
     harassment, discrimination or threatening behaviour        have a duty of care to maintain a safe environment for both
   • be treated fairly and with respect by other students       themselves and others.
     and staff
                                                                   • If you are involved in an accident which results in
   • have your personal records kept confidential unless             injury or damage to equipment or facilities, you are
     permission is granted to pass on information                    required to notify your trainer immediately.
   • the provision of information about your proposed              • Appropriate attire, including personal protective
     program                                                         clothing (PPE) for training must be worn.
   • have a say and be listened to by other students and
                                                                   • Appropriate footwear must be worn.
University policy and procedures apply to many aspects of
student life. As a UQ student, you must comply with both        Health and safety
University-wide and program-specific regulations. It is the     There is always the potential for accidents and injury when
student’s responsibility to:                                    attending training, so both students and staff must take
                                                                precautions to avoid them.
   • attend orientation and induction
   • attend every class and advise UQ Skills when               The most serious procedure to be aware of is in relation to
     absences are required                                      emergency evacuation in the event of fire or other hazards.
                                                                Your trainer will advise you of the evacuation procedures in
   • pay fees and charges by the due dates                      case of an emergency, and the University has a Workplace
   • complete all assessment tasks by the due date              Health and Safety policy for your protection.

   • check email regularly as this is the preferred method      All safety precautions are undertaken by UQ Skills. Should a
     of correspondence with students                            safety incident occur, you will be provided with an Incident
                                                                Report to document the incident and its outcomes.
   • advise UQ Skills when your contact details change
   • advise the trainer in advance if you need to be absent     First aid kits
     from training, where possible                              First aid kits are available in all UQ Skills training facilities.
   • maintain your duty of care to others and yourself          Please contact your trainer if you need to access a first aid kit.

   • participate in work health and safety (WHS) and risk       UQ Gatton Health Clinic
     assessment activities
                                                                The UQ Gatton Health Clinic is a medical clinic for University

16 - UQ Skills Student Handbook 2021
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