University Managed Accommodation Residents' Handbook 2019/2020 - St Mary's University

University Managed Accommodation
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Welcome to St Mary’s University
On behalf of Student Services, we would like to welcome you to St Mary’s
University managed halls of residence. We hope you will enjoy the experience of
living in St Mary’s accommodation. Joining a university community is an exciting
experience, and we aim to provide a safe and comfortable environment for you
to live and study in. This handbook has been put together to give you useful
information that will help you settle in and get the most out of your time living in
halls of residence.

Please take the time to read through this handbook and the terms and conditions
of your Accommodation Licence (found at the back) before you arrive.

Accommodation Service                                                          3
Arrival                                                                        4
Your accommodation                                                             5
Fire safety                                                                    7
Services and facilities                                                        8
Refectory – meal plan                                                         12
Living at St Mary’s                                                           14
Local area                                                                    16
General information relating to the residential regulations                   17
Your questions answered                                                       19
Useful contact list                                                           21
Campus accommodation licence agreement                                        22

Accommodation                                Your SLC works closely alongside your
                                             Resident Mentors, Student Services and the
Service                                      Students’ Union, and are a point of contact
                                             for students with any issues concerning their
                                             accommodation, or who require advice or
The Accommodation Service                    assistance on personal matters. If you would
                                             like to contact the Student Life Team for
provides dedicated support                   support, or want to find out about events,
for students in university                   then please get in touch on the contact
accommodation and also helps                 details below:
students with the transition into  
private accommodation.                       020 8240 4048

The Accommodation Service is part of         The Accommodation Service also includes
Student Services located on the second       a team of Resident Mentors and student
floor of J building.                         Senior Residents, who provide residential
                                             support for students living in university
Opening hours:                               managed accommodation.
Monday-Friday 9am-5pm
Wednesday 10am-5pm                           Resident Mentors
                                             Resident Mentors are members of staff
Accommodation Service                        who reside in the halls of residence. Their              role is to support and assist residential
simmspace/services-students/                 students living in their halls. For example,
accommodation                                should you fall ill and need assistance the
E:               Resident Mentor should be called. If the
T: 020 8240 4034/4385                        Resident Mentor is unable to assist you with
                                             a personal matter, they will advise you on
Going to university and, in many cases,      the appropriate support services. Resident
moving away from home for the first time     Mentors also ensure that students do not
is an exciting and sometimes daunting        cause a nuisance or damage, and have
experience. We aim to help you make that     responsibility for ensuring that resident
transition as smooth as possible while you   students abide by the terms and conditions
are settling into halls.                     of the Accommodation Licence.

Student Life Coordinators
Your Student Life Coordinator (SLC) is a
members of Student Services. Your SLC
is on hand to help create a supportive,
inclusive and vibrant student residential
community. They are available to guide,
support and assist you throughout your
St Mary’s journey.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Student Senior Residents
Student senior residents are usually second     Arrival
or third year students who have lived in
university managed accommodation during         For most students the moving
their first year, and their role is to assist   in date will be Sunday 8th
and support you during the time you live in
university accommodation.                       September 2019. You will receive
                                                a designated arrival slot and
                                                parking permit.
All members of the Accommodation
Service Team are committed to providing         Keys
you with the highest level of support and       For some halls you will be given two keys, the
service. With your cooperation, we are          outside door key and your room key. Most
confident that you will enjoy your time in      halls use proximity card access for the main
university accommodation.                       door. Bring a key ring with you for your keys
                                                and make sure it’s easily recognisable (but not
                                                with name or room location in case of lost/
                                                stolen keys). If you lose your keys you will
                                                be charged for replacements and in some
                                                circumstances replacement locks. Please look
                                                after your keys at all times.

                                                Once you have registered and collected your
                                                keys, you will need to complete an online
                                                inventory. It is important that you check
                                                every item and note anything that is missing
                                                or damaged. This will be compared to the
                                                condition of the room when you leave. You will
                                                be charged for any missing items or damage
                                                from your £200 deposit at the end of your
                                                licence. You will be sent a link to the inventory
                                                when you arrive, and you will have seven days
                                                to complete it.

                                                Resident Mentor/hall meeting
                                                Generally, each hall or group of residences
                                                has a Resident Mentor. You will meet them
                                                in the hall when you arrive (they will give
                                                you your keys). All residents are required to
                                                attend a compulsory hall meeting held by their
                                                Resident Mentor during the first week of term.
                                                This is a good opportunity to meet other

You will also be told about any conditions or
regulations which apply to your particular hall
                                                  Your accommodation
and any questions will be answered. You will
be required to attend regular hall meetings as    Your bedroom is your space
advertised within your hall.                      where you can relax, study and
Health and safety
All residents are asked to attend a fire          Your room
                                                  You will be notified of your room number
briefing during the first few days in
                                                  in your offer which forms part of your
residence. Information will also be provided      Accommodation Licence.
on health and safety issues and personal
safety.                                           Your Accommodation Licence
                                                  Please ensure you read your licence fully. This
                                                  is a legally binding contract which outlines
                                                  your responsibilities to the University and
                                                  other students within your hall of residence.
                                                  The licence period is shown in your allocation
                                                  letter; for most students this will be 37 weeks.
                                                  In some cases, depending on the course of
                                                  study and term dates, this may need to be
                                                  extended. Please check your term dates and
                                                  notify the Accommodation Service as soon
                                                  as possible if you require an extended licence
                                                  period and where possible we will assist you.
                                                  Additional payment will need to be made for
                                                  any extra days in halls.

                                                  Please note that the Christmas closure
                                                  period is from Sunday 15th December
                                                  2019-Friday 3rd January. Residents are
                                                  required to vacate by 12 noon on Sunday
                                                  15th December and will not be permitted to
                                                  return before 12 noon on Friday 3rd January.

                                                  With the exception of 16 Strawberry Hill
                                                  and Benedict XVI House, all catered halls of
                                                  residence are closed during the Christmas
                                                  closure period. Students are able to leave
                                                  their belongings in their room, however, the
                                                  University takes no responsibility for any
                                                  personal belongings.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Furnishings                                        What to bring with you:
The residences are fully furnished, however,       • Linen – duvet cover, pillowcases, sheets
you will need to bring some personal items           and towels
with you. Set out in this section are details of   • Kitchen equipment – crockery (plate,
what is provided and what you will need to           bowl, cup/mug), cutlery (knife/fork/spoon),
bring.                                               microwavable dish, washing up cloth and
                                                     tea towel
All bedrooms contain:
Desk and chair                                     • Limited consumables, i.e. tea/coffee, sugar
Single bed and mattress                              and cereals
Wardrobe                                           • A duvet, pillows and bed linen (please note
Drawers/bedside table                                that these are provided for international
Waste bin                                            students).

Some rooms contain:                                You may also want to bring some of your
Shelving                                           own personal items with you such as a TV or
A washbasin                                        photos, to make you feel more at home, but
En-suite                                           please be aware that the University takes no
Notice board                                       responsibility for your possessions.

                                                   TVs and electrical equipment
Communal facilities                                Please note that a television licence will be
There are communal kitchenettes available in       required if you are watching TV live online or
halls. These provide snack making facilities       if you are watching on Catch Up too, as it
i.e. microwave, kettle, toasters and fridges.      is with a television set. Approved electrical
The kitchens also have irons and ironing           equipment is subject to ‘PAT’ testing by our
boards. Students must not bring any cooking        university electricians. For more information
equipment into the halls of residence,             on approved equipment, please contact the
however, small (mini) fridges are permitted.       Accommodation Service.
There are shared bath/shower/toilet facilities
                                                   Please refer to the website for further
in non en-suite halls of residence.
Storage space
                                                   Personal possessions insurance
Space in your bedroom and in shared areas,
                                                   Cover is provided by the University and the
such as fridges, may be limited so don’t bring
                                                   cost is included in the rent. Additional cover
too much with you. Supplies are available
                                                   may be purchased as an option. If you need
locally and you can always bring more from
                                                   to make a claim, please visit www.endsleigh.
home at a later date if needed.
                                          or call 0844 472 2507.

Fire safety
                                                  Fire safety is an essential part of
                                                  communal living.
                                                  It is important that you familiarise yourself with
                                                  the fire notices in your halls and that you are
St Mary’s University is a member of               aware of your escape routes.
Universities UK Code of Practice for
University Managed Accommodation                  In the event of a fire
(the Student Accommodation Code). More            If you discover a fire, activate the alarm
information about the code can be found           immediately by breaking the glass in red call
at                             points located throughout the residences. You
                                                  should then exit the building and make your
                                                  way to your assembly point.
Complaints                                        When the fire alarm sounds you must leave
We are committed to delivering a high             the building immediately, following the fire
standard of service to our residents and are      exit signs, and make your way to the nearest
confident that any issues you may experience      assembly point. Once at the assembly point,
will be relatively minor.                         students should await further instruction
                                                  from the St Mary’s Security Team and/or the
Everyday issues should be raised informally       London Fire Service, which should arrive
with the person directly involved. Contact        within five minutes. Students do not have to
details for university departments are included   call anyone as all alarm activations alert the
later in this handbook. You should also make      Security Office.
your Resident Mentor aware as they will be
able to support you in resolving the matter.
                                                  Fire alarms are tested weekly to ensure
Where a problem has not been resolved by
informal means or you feel is too serious, then   that they are working correctly. On these
a formal procedure is available which can be      occasions you do not have to evacuate
found on SIMMSpace (student intranet). The        the building unless the alarm sounds
University’s Students’ Union and Conduct          continuously.
Team can support you through the complaints

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

• Never wedge fire doors open                     Services and facilities
• Do not leave cooking unattended
• Smoking is not permitted in any campus          Living in university managed
  buildings                                       accommodation is very
• Do not leave material items (for example,       convenient, with a full range of
  clothes and towels) next to hot electrical
  items, such as straighteners or lamps
                                                  services and facilities available
• When using aerosols, ensure they are
                                                  to you on your doorstep.
  not pointing at the detector
• Keep the bathroom door shut in order            A cleaning service is provided in halls of
  to prevent steam entering your room or          residence. En suite bathrooms are cleaned
  corridor when showering                         every three weeks, however the cleaning
Candles/naked flames                              of non-ensuite bedrooms is the students’
Due to the potential fire risk and risk of        responsibility.
damage to property the burning of candles
or any naked flames is strictly prohibited.       Daily cleaning is provided for accessible
                                                  communal areas, including shared
Tampering with fire safety equipment              bathrooms. Students are expected to
Anyone who is identified as recklessly            maintain rooms to a tidy manner and keep the
or maliciously tampering with fire safety         floors clear of any obstructions; this includes
equipment will be fined a minimum of £100.        all washing up, wiping surfaces and mopping
All such cases will be dealt with in accordance   spills.
with the University Disciplinary Procedure and
any relevant legal procedures.                    If you have any queries or comments
                                                  regarding housekeeping you should contact
The following are examples of tampering with      the facilities helpdesk.
fire safety equipment:
                                                  St Mary’s is committed to recycling wherever
• Obstructing fire exits                          possible; waste bins are provided in each
                                                  resident’s room which should be emptied
• Wedging open fire doors                         regularly. Please note these bins are for
• Sounding the alarm when there is no fire        recyclable waste as directed only. Food or
• Interfering with the fire extinguishers or      other waste that does not meet the recycling
  blankets                                        criteria should go in the kitchen and pantry
• Covering fire detectors                         bins.

If food waste or other contaminants are             We have different response times based on
placed in recycling bins, your bin will not be      the nature of reported maintenance requests
emptied. A guide to what you can recycle            as outlined below (examples are provided
can be viewed on the sustainability pages           to demonstrate categories but are not an
on SIMMSpace.                                       exhaustive list):

If any items in your room or the communal            Category
                                                                                    response time
areas are broken or faulty it is your
responsibility to ensure that this is reported.      Critical                       Within 2 hours
This should be done by contacting the                Repairs required               (including
facilities helpdesk.                                 to enable continual            weekends and
                                                     occupation, e.g. total         Bank Holidays)
Facilities helpdesk
                                                     loss of power, major
                                                     leak or flood.
T: 020 8240 4036
The helpdesk is open Monday-Friday                   Emergency                      Within 24
8am-5pm                                              Repairs to defects that        hours (including
                                                     prevent the effective use      weekends and
When reporting a fault, please ensure you            of the premises, e.g. no       Bank Holidays)
include your name, RegNum, room number               hot water.
and hall of residence in addition to the             Urgent                         Within 5 days
full details of the problem. If you require          Repairs to defects which       (not including
assistance with reporting a repair you should        materially affect the          weekends and
contact your Resident Mentor.                        comfort of the users,          Bank Holidays)
                                                     e.g. broken toilet seat,
                                                     faulty internal light.
Emergency maintenance
If there is a fault such as a flood or loss of       Day-to-day                     Within 10 days
power that occurs out of the above opening           Common reactive                (not including
hours, you should contact security on                repairs, e.g. faulty blinds,   weekends and
                                                     repair furniture.              Bank Holidays)
020 8240 4335.

In reporting a repair you are consenting to         St Mary’s security
St Mary’s staff or contractors entering your        We have on-campus security in operation 24
room or hall to assess and/or carry out the         hours a day, seven days a week, to ensure a
repair. Remember that you have the right to         safe and secure living, working and studying
ask for proof of identification. If you wish, you   environment.
can ask for notice to be given of when the
repair will be attended to, but this can extend
the timescale of the repair.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

The Security Team patrols the campus,               However, room security is your responsibility
monitors CCTV, responds to emergencies,             and you do need to be careful. Simple
and can offer advice on how to prevent              precautions which won’t cost you much in
crime. If you see or hear anything suspicious       time or money can help to keep you and your
happening on or off campus please contact           belongings safe.
the Security Office to report it. This is located
adjacent to the main reception and can be           • When you leave your room in halls, always
contacted directly, either in person or by the        lock the door and shut your window, even
telephone number below.                               if you are only popping out of your room for
                                                      a short time.
Security Office                                     • Never let anybody into your block by
E:                             allowing them to follow you in, unless you
T: 020 8240 4335                                      know them or have checked their ID card.
                                                    • Think about the risks before inviting
                                                      someone that you have just met into your
In case of an emergency call security                 room.
on 020 8240 4060.
                                                    Accommodation keys
                                                    If your accommodation keys are lost or stolen,
Personal safety                                     please report to the Security Office. Please
Whilst St Mary’s campus and surrounding             note that charges do apply for replacement
areas are relatively safe, it is important that     keys.
you are always aware of your own personal
safety, especially when you are in a new
environment with new people. By taking some         Anti-drug policy
simple, basic precautions you can easily            Any connection or suspected connection
reduce the risks and take control of your own       with the possession, use, buying or selling of
safety.                                             drugs will result in the immediate termination
                                                    of residence. The University will not condone
• Ensure that someone knows where you               any illegal practices, and any matters
  are and when you will return.                     concerning these are reported to the police.
                                                    The University also prohibits the use of legal
• Where possible avoid travelling alone,            highs.
  especially late at night and keep to well-lit
  areas.                                            Any students found to be in breach of the
• Don’t be tempted to use unlicensed taxis;         terms and conditions of the Accommodation
  pre-book with a reputable company.                Licence or of the University Regulations,
                                                    or found to be involved in any criminal
Room security                                       activity, will be subject to disciplinary action
We are committed to providing students with         which may result in the termination of your
a safe and secure living environment in our         accommodation licence, suspension or
accommodation and thankfully the risk of you        possible exclusion from studying at
suffering from any crime in halls is very low.      St Mary’s University.

Health services                                   Student Services
The Health Centre, a branch of The York           The Student Services Team is available to
Medical Practice, offers a medical service        assist, guide and support students with any
on campus weekday mornings during term            minor hassles or major headaches that may
time. Appointments can be made at The             crop up along the way. We have a range of
York Medical practice at other times. You can     advisory and professional services available.
expect to receive the full range of services
from our Health Centre. Please visit the          The Student Services Centre is located on the
website for further information: www.stmarys.     second floor of J Building and is accessible       by lift. Services available are:
                                                  Student life:
Resident students are required to register        • Accommodation and residential life
with either the university Health Centre or a     • Student funding
local doctor of their choice. One advantage       • Pastoral support/advice and guidance
of registering with the Health Centre is the
avoidance of long queues in local surgeries       Wellbeing:
and in having familiar staff in attendance if     • Counselling
there are any medical problems.                   • Disability and dyslexia
                                                  • Mental health
Health Centre                                     • Wellbeing/pastoral support
T: 020 8240 4100                                  Student services
Students’ Union                                   T: 020 8240 8238
The Students’ Union is the main
representative organisation on campus for
students. The SU provides advocacy and
advice for students and represents the views
of students to the University, local community
and nationally.

There are a number of regular events that the
SU organises including weekly entertainment
and major events such as Welcome Fortnight,
RAG Week and the Summer Ball. There are
also a variety of clubs and societies available
to join. The President Team is always pleased
to welcome students and is happy to answer
any questions you may have.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Refectory – meal plan
All catered accommodation includes 14 meals per week during term time only, which are taken
as seven evening meals, five breakfasts and brunch at the weekend. There is no catering
available during the following dates (inclusive):

Christmas closure period: Sunday 15th December 2019-Friday 3rd January 2020
Easter closure period: Thursday 9th April-Monday 13th April 2020

There is also a reduced service during the Christmas and Easter breaks.

The University reserves the right to substitute the evening meal for a meal to be taken at
lunchtime or with a packed meal (e.g. bank holidays, University Feast Day, Summer Ball,
Christmas and Easter breaks, etc).

A guide to your meal points Items listed are provided as a guide only

Breakfast        Monday-Friday 8-10am                            3 points (your entitlement)
Cereal with milk                                                 1 point
Croissant or Danish pastry                                       1 point
Yoghurt                                                          1 point
Toast (2 pieces) with butter portions                            1 point
Bacon (2 rashers)                                                1 point
Sausages (2 pieces)                                              1 point
Orange juice                                                     1 point
Tea or coffee                                                    1 point

Brunch       Saturday-Sunday 10.30am-12.30pm                      7 points (your entitlement)
Cereal with milk                                                 1 point
Croissant or Danish pastry                                       1 point
Yoghurt                                                          1 point
Toast (2 pieces) with butter portions                            1 point
Egg                                                              1 point
Baked beans                                                      1 point
Hash browns/curly fries                                          1 point
Bacon (2 rashers)                                                1 point
Sausages (2 pieces)                                              1 point
Orange juice                                                     1 point
Tea or coffee                                                    1 point

Monday-Friday 4.30-7.30pm
Saturday-Sunday 4.30-6.30pm                                         7 points (your entitlement)

Soup                                                                1 point
Bread roll with butter portion                                      1 point
Main course                                                         3-5 points
Meat or veg pie                                                     3 points
Sausage roll                                                        2 points
Jacket potato with filling                                          3 points
Potato accompaniment                                                1 point
Vegetable accompaniment                                             1 point
Salad accompaniment                                                 1 point
Salad bowl (medium)                                                 2 points
Hot or cold sweet                                                   2 points
Fruit                                                               1 point
Dispense drink (small)                                              1 point

Some guidelines:
Each student is entitled to only one main course per meal.
Meal points not used at breakfast can be carried forward to dinner (weekdays only).
There are no refunds for meals not taken.
The dining room is a self-clear area.
ID cards are not transferable and cannot be used by other students for meals.
Meal points over your entitlement will incur a charge.
No ID card, no meal.
Students can also use the Catering Cashless App (SIMMPay) to manage their catering account.

Please note that there is a code of conduct when using the Refectory. Details are given on notice
boards displayed in the area.

The Catering Service will cater for a variety of dietary requirements. If you have special dietary
needs, you should contact a member of the Catering Management Team as soon as possible to
discuss these. You should also contact the Wellbeing team to register with their service, should
you need any assistance with putting any reasonable adjustments in place.

Catering Service
T: 020 8240 4069

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Living at St Mary’s                              Post collection
                                                 Each student in university managed
                                                 accommodation will be able to collect their
Living at St Mary’s can be a                     post from the campus post room located in
                                                 E40 ground floor of the main building.
great way to meet new people
and make friends for life.                       Any signed for parcels and letters will also
                                                 be held in the post room. You will be sent
There is a real sense of community that          an email with a parcel number, notifying you
develops between students in university          that a delivery has been received. Items
accommodation; there are also many facilities    can be collected Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.
close by such as the sports facilities, the      You will need to quote your parcel number
Health Centre and places to meet up with         and present your ID card; failure to provide
friends.                                         this information could prevent you from
                                                 receiving your item.
St Mary’s residential community                  All mail and parcels must have your full
There are lots of people living around you and   name, regnum and address (including
everything you do will affect them so please     your room number and hall name). If this
be considerate to your fellow residents.         information is not present on your item,
                                                 it will be refused and returned to sender.
You should avoid:                                All letters, packages and parcels will be
                                                 returned to sender after one month of the
• Playing loud music or making unnecessary       student receiving a notification email. The
   noise (especially after 11pm)                 address for any correspondence to be sent
• Leaving dirty dishes                           to you is:
• Behaviour that could be classed as bullying    Name // Regnum
   or harassment                                 Room number // Hall
Please note: Visitors are not permitted in the   St Mary’s University
halls of residence after midnight.               Waldegrave Road
                                                 Strawberry Hill
                                                 Twickenham TW1 4SX
If you are experiencing problems in your
halls, you should in the first instance try      Students staying in 16 Strawberry Hill
                                                 Road and Benedict House will have their
to talk it over with your fellow residents.
                                                 mail delivered directly to their house at the
If the problem persists contact your             following addresses:
Resident Mentor or the Student Life
Coordinator for an informal conversation;        Name // Room number
they can advise you regarding the best way       16 Strawberry Hill Road
to deal with                                     Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4PT
the issues.
                                                 Name // Room number
                                                 Benedict XVI House, 7 Waldegrave Gardens
                                                 Strawberry Hill, Twickenham TW1 4PQ

Parking                                            Sport St Mary’s
There are a limited number of spaces for           Whether you want to improve or maintain
registered users at our Teddington Lock            your fitness or are thinking of taking up a
and Naylor Library car parks (charges and          new sport, Sport St Mary’s offers many
restrictions apply); but are not able to bring     opportunities to get involved. The St Mary’s
their own cars onto main campus at any             ‘sports village’ is situated on campus and
point, with the exception of when they are         includes a floodlit running track, a fitness
moving in and out of halls. The University         and conditioning suite and a state-of-the-art
provides extensive bike storage and is well        performance hall that caters for a range of
connected to local towns and central London        activities including five-a-side football, netball,
by train and bus.                                  basketball and badminton.

To ensure parking restrictions are followed        SIMMSactive is a recreational sports
correctly, unauthorised vehicles parked within     programme which provides all students with
the University car parks will be issued with       weekly drop-in sessions that are relaxed,
a penalty charge notice (PCN). The Security        social and student led, including open
Team undertakes regular patrols and PCNs           gym sessions, football, netball, volleyball,
issued will require payment.                       basketball, self-defence, rounders, touch
                                                   rugby and much more. The programme aims
Blue-badge holders are exempt from parking         to get more students active and offers a
restrictions on campus. Please contact the         diverse selection of sporting activities which
Security Team to discuss further                   are affordable, easily accessible and open to
                                                   all abilities.
Open 24 hours a day.                               General enquiries
There is a launderette on campus which             E:
is provided by the SU on behalf of Circuit         T: 020 8240 4334
Laundry. If you experience any problems with
these facilities, please contact the SU.

Students’ Union                                    University smoking policy
E:                              Students are asked to note that smoking
T: 020 8240 4312                                   is not permitted in halls under any
                                                   circumstances and, in addition, all University
Dolce Vita café                                    buildings have been designated ‘smoke-free’
As well as the Refectory, there is an on-site      as required by law.
café available for a variety of drinks and

Campus bar
The campus bar is situated on the ground
floor of the J Building and has a fully licensed
bar with screens for viewing sporting events.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Local area
Shops                                            Leisure facilities
It is only a five-minute walk to the shops and   Other than the extensive sport facilities
Post Office in Strawberry Hill. There are a      provided at St Mary’s, there are a number
few other local shops on Waldegrave Road.        of local gyms in the area and a public
Shops in Twickenham or Teddington are just a     swimming pool in Teddington.
15-minute walk away. There are newsagents,
supermarkets and chemists in all main            Bars and restaurants
shopping areas.                                  There are many local bars, restaurants,
                                                 cafés and fast food outlets within walking
Other local shopping areas such as               distance.
Richmond, Kingston, Kew Retail Park and
central London are only a short journey away     Respect for local residents
by public transport.                             Students are expected to behave in
                                                 a respectful manner, not only whilst
Transport                                        on campus, but also when leaving or
Strawberry Hill station to London Waterloo is    returning to the campus (especially late
about a 30-minute train journey, and passes      at night).
through Kingston and many other convenient
locations. Buses to Teddington, Twickenham,
Richmond and Kew Retail Park pass the

Student Oyster cards are available from the
Transport for London website.

General information                               Right of entry
                                                  The University reserves the right to enter
relating to the                                   all areas of campus accommodation for
                                                  the purpose of carrying out repairs and
residential regulations                           maintenance or for safety and fire checks.
                                                  Inspections to check the general condition of
                                                  rooms may also take place. Prior notice will
There are approximately 700 student               generally be given unless in an emergency
residents living in close proximity to one        or in response to a maintenance request or
another. To ensure the residences run as          incident.
smoothly as possible, every resident enters
into a legally binding contract (the Licence      Visitors
Agreement). In addition to this residents are     If you invite friends around, please be
expected to comply with university policies       aware that you will be expected to take
and regulations.                                  full responsibility for their actions. For your
                                                  own safety and wellbeing of others, you
                                                  are advised not to bring guests into your
Unacceptable behaviour which contravenes          residences unless they are known to you.
the values and regulations of the University
is likely to result in action under the Student
Disciplinary Procedure.                           No guests are allowed in university
                                                  accommodation between midnight and 8am.
Serious or persistent breaches of the
                                                  Early termination procedure
contractual obligations outlined in the
                                                  You are legally bound by your
Accommodation Licence and in the
                                                  Accommodation Licence to pay rent for the
Universities Disciplinary Procedure
                                                  full duration of your contract, even if you
could result in the University terminating
                                                  vacate your room before the end of your
your Accommodation Licence. In these
                                                  licence period. Release from your contract will
circumstances, if we are unable to re-let your
                                                  only be possible if you have withdrawn from
room, you will remain responsible for the full
                                                  the University or found a suitable replacement
licence fee.
                                                  to take over your contract. Please note
                                                  that this is subject to agreement from the
Vandalism and damage                              Accommodation Service and early termination
If you are found to be responsible for any        charges apply.
damage – accidental or deliberate – which
exceeds reasonable wear and tear, you will be
                                                  Moving rooms
liable to pay for the costs and labour involved
                                                  We do not usually allow room moves during
in making good the damage. We will also
                                                  the first four weeks of the licence period.
recover any costs of emergency call-outs
resulting from carelessness. Residents will be
                                                  After this time you can register for a room
charged collectively for repair of such damage
                                                  move by contacting the Accommodation
where the person responsible cannot be
                                                  Service. Where we agree to offer a room
                                                  move, you will incur a £50 admin charge.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Payment of rent                                     At the end of your licence
Rent is paid in three equal instalments:            Instructions will be provided leading up to the
                                                    end of the licence period for vacating your
Intalment one is paid on 20th September             room. When you leave your accommodation,
2019 and covers the period from 8th                 you will need to ensure that your room and
September to 26th November 2019.                    communal areas have been left as you found
                                                    them and that you complete an inventory in
Instalment two is paid on 6th January 2020          order to protect your deposit. Your deposit
and covers the period from 27th November            will then be returned within 28 days of the end
2019 to 4th March 2020.                             of the licence, less any deductions.

Instalment three is paid on 20th April 2020         Please ensure that you remove all your
and covers the period from 5th March to             belongings when you leave halls, as you
23rd May 2020.                                      may be charged for the storage, removal or
                                                    disposal of any items left behind.
Late payments without prior agreement
are subject to penalty charges. If you are
experiencing any problems with making your
payments, please contact the Fees Office.

Fees Office
T: 020 8240 4035

If you are in financial difficulty or need advice
regarding student funding, please contact the
Funding Service in Student Services.

Funding Service
T: 020 8240 2389

Your questions                                    6. Can I go in/out of the halls whenever
                                                  I want to?
answered                                          Certainly, however, when you live in halls
                                                  you are living in a community and there has
                                                  to be co-operation, especially about noise.
1. What will I be doing during the first          Students are asked to enter/leave halls quietly
few days?                                         and not to have music too loud. The hall
You will have a full registration programme       should be quiet between 11pm and 8am.
and details of the timetable will be provided.
This is all essential to the administration of    We ask that students are considerate to our
university courses and services.                  neighbours when leaving and returning to
                                                  campus, particularly late at night.
The Students’ Union has a full programme of
welcome events for you to get involved with.      7. Could I be asked to leave residence?
Check out for more            Most certainly; for a serious or continuous
information.                                      breach of the terms and conditions of the
                                                  Licence Agreement. You should read these
2. Can I go home at weekends?                     carefully. If in doubt about any of them,
Yes, but no refund can be given for meals not     please ask. Any connection or suspected
taken or time away from halls.                    connections with the possession, use, buying
                                                  or selling of drugs will result in the immediate
3. Can I have a friend to stay overnight?         termination of residence. The University will
Unfortunately, there can be no provision for      not condone any illegal practices and any
overnight visitors in the University. We can      matters concerning these will be reported to
assist with details of local B&Bs/hotels.         the police.

4. Should I insure my things?                     8. What happens if I decide to leave
The University insures students’ possessions      St Mary’s?
in their rooms. Additional top-up cover is        Any student leaving St Mary’s must notify the
available at an extra cost.                       Registry Department to complete the formal
                                                  withdrawal process.
5. Can I bring my bicycle with me?
Yes, we provide bicycle racks. If you do bring    You are also responsible for advising the
a bicycle it is not a good idea to bring a very   Accommodation Service in Student Services
expensive one. You must make certain that         and the Fees Office who will calculate any
it is covered by your insurance policy, as        accommodation charges/refunds due if you
the University is not responsible for loss or     are withdrawing from St Mary’s. This would
damage to bicycles.                               incur an early termination charge equivalent to
                                                  28 days at the daily accommodation fee rate.

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

9. Are any new students homesick?
Frequently, and there is no need to be ashamed
of this. Many students are living away from
home for the first time and inevitably there is
some reaction to this. Don’t be afraid to talk
to someone, for example, the Student Life
Coordinators, your student senior resident/
resident mentor or Student Services. You can
also speak to the Students’ Union about joining
a club or society, which are great places to
make new friends.

10. Will I have to pay council tax?
Full time students are exempt from paying
council tax. Should you require a letter of
exception please contact the Registry Service.

Useful contact list
Accommodation Service                      Fees Office
E:             E:
T: 020 8240 4034                           T: 020 8240 4035
Student Life Team                          Funding Service
E:               E:
T: 020 8240 4048                           T: 020 8240 2389
Catering and Conference Service            Glide WiFi Support Team
E:                  E:
T: 020 8240 4069                           T: 0333 123 0115
                                           Twitter: @GlideStuHelp
Conduct and Complaints Team
                                           Library and Learning Technology
Wellbeing Service
                                           Customer Service
Student Services Centre
J building, 2nd floor
                                           T: 020 8240 4097
T: 020 8240 4353
E:                 Registry Service
Endsleigh Insurance
                                           T: 020 8240 1112
To view your policy and extend cover:            Security Office
T: 0800 032 7081                           E:
To make a claim:                           T: 020 8240 4335            Emergency number: 020 8240 4060
T: 0844 472 2507
                                           Student Services
Facilities Helpdesk                        E:
E:                    T: 020 8240 8238
T: 020 8240 4036
                                           Students’ Union
The helpdesk is open Monday-Friday
                                           T: 020 8240 2377
Out of hours emergency maintenance
please contact Security Services
T: 020 8240 4335 or your resident mentor

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

Campus accommodation                                     (vii)    Instalment Plan: Accommodation Fees may
                                                                  be paid over three instalments on the dates

licence agreement                                                 specified in the Residents Handbook and in
                                                                  the Payment Schedule.
                                                         (viii)   Licence Period: The period starting and
Terms and conditions                                              ending on the dates specified in the Offer
                                                                  Letter (unless the agreements ends earlier
You must read these terms and conditions carefully                in accordance with the terms of this
before applying for or accepting our offer of                     agreement). Unless otherwise stated and
accommodation. The terms and conditions below                     in accordance with clause 2, the Licence
form the basis of your student accommodation                      Period excludes the Christmas closure
contract with St Mary’s University (the “University”).            period.
                                                         (ix)     Room Offer: following an application for
These terms and conditions apply to all Halls                     University accommodation, successful
accommodation and are designed to set out the                     applicant will receive an email notifying
conditions of use for everyone. Acceptance of these               them that they have been allocated a room,
terms and conditions and/or the Room Offer creates                details of the Room Offer can be viewed
a legally binding Licence to occupy a bedroom within              and accepted via the Portal.
the University, effective on the date the University
receives your online acceptance of the Room Offer.       Part 2: Main Terms to the Licence
Part 1: Definitions
                                                         1.       Introduction
(i)      Accommodation Fee: the fee for the Licence
         Period as specified by the University in the    The Student acknowledges that:
         Room Offer.                                     1.1.     The sole purpose of this Licence is to
(ii)     Administration Charge: the amount of £50                 provide the prospective Student with
         charged in accordance with the Terms and                 residential accommodation (“the Premises”)
         Conditions of the Licence Agreement to                   and to enable them to undertake a course
         cover late payments of the Accommodation                 of study at the University.
         Fee; moving Premises; and for withdrawal        1.2.     The Student should ensure that s/he has
         from halls where a replacement licensee is               read, understood and has agreed to all
         found.                                                   the Terms and Conditions (the ‘T & C’s’)
(iii)    Application Payment of £250: comprises                   contained within this document before
         a £200 Deposit Payment and £50 non-                      making a commitment by accepting the
         refundable Booking Fee (see clause 3.1                   Room Offer. Please note for the purposes
         below).                                                  of the Licence Agreement the relevant
                                                                  terms are contained within, these T & Cs,
(iv)     Booking Fee: the amount of £50 payable                   the Application Terms and Conditions,
         by the Student when applying for Premises                the Summary of Key Charges, the
         in the University Accommodation which                    Accommodation Regulations and the
         becomes non-refundable if an offer of                    Residents’ Handbook.
         accommodation is made.
                                                         1.3.     This Licence does not, and is not intended
(v)      Deposit Payment: the terms relating to the               to create a tenancy of the Premises.
         Deposit Payment as set out in clause 3.1 (i)             The Student occupies the Premises as
         of the Licence Agreement.                                a licensee and does not have exclusive
(vi)     Early Termination Charge: means a sum                    possession of the Premises.
         equal to the proportion of 28 days payment
         of the Accommodation Fee.

1.4.   This Licence is between the Student and                Christmas closure period, students are
       the University. Provided the Student is over           not required to remove their belongings
       the age of 18, the University will not discuss         during this time and are not charged
       matters relating to the Licence with the               fees for the closure dates. The Christmas
       Student’s parent or guardian without the               closure period is stated in the Residents’
       Student’s prior written consent, irrespective          Handbook
       of whether it is a parent or guardian who        2.3   Athletes residing in 5 Waldegrave Park
       pays the Licence Fees.                                 (referred by EPACC) will be offered an
1.5.   The University usually enters into contracts           unfurnished room for a 52 Licence Period.
       with students who are 18 years or over                 Pursuant to clause 15.5 residents cannot
       and therefore such Students have legal                 withdraw from the Licence unless an
       capacity to enter into contracts in their own          eligible replacement is found. The resident
       right. However, where a Student is under               is responsible for ensuring any furnishings
       18 years of age, the University requires               meet fire safety regulations which may be
       consent and that the parent/guardian                   inspected annually.
       acts as the guarantor for the purposes of        2.4   Study Abroad students (referred by the
       the guarantee agreement. A guarantee                   International Office) will be offered a
       agreement must be completed by the                     Licence Period for one semester.
       parent/guardian of Students who will be
                                                        2.5   If alternative Licence Periods are required,
       under the age of 18 on commencement of
                                                              it is the Student’s responsibility to
       their course at the University.
                                                              make these requirements known to the
1.6.   This Licence is governed by English law,               Accommodation Service, who may, where
       which international Students may find quite            appropriate and/or possible, alter the
       different to the law which applies in their            Licence Period accordingly.
       own country. If you do not understand
       any of the Licence Terms and Conditions,         3.    Application Payment
       please seek clarification via e-mail from
                                                        3.1   Students are required to pay an Application or
                                                              Payment of £250 at the time of applying for
       take independent legal advice before
                                                              a place in halls of residence. This payment
                                                              comprises of:
2.     Duration                                               (i) a £200 Deposit Payment; and
2.1    The University grants you a Licence to                 (ii) a Booking Fee of £50, this fee is non-
       Occupy the Premises for the period                          refundable if an offer of accommodation
       specified in the Room Offer unless                          is made.
       terminated earlier in accordance with the
       provisions of clause 15 set out in this          3.2   All Students who have accepted their
       Licence Agreement.                                     Room Offer but are not accepted on to a
                                                              course of study at the University before the
2.2    Students moving into accommodation at
                                                              occupancy period begins, must notify the
       the beginning of the academic year will
                                                              Accommodation Service by 1st September
       most likely be offered a 37 week Licence
                                                              in order to receive a refund of the £200
       Period. The Licence Period stated in the
                                                              Deposit Payment. For cancellations
       Room Offer is inclusive of the Christmas
                                                              received after this date, or for students who
       closure period. With the exception of
                                                              do not arrive, the £200 will be retained as a
       residents of 16 Strawberry Hill Road and
                                                              partial rent payment.
       Benedict House, Students are not allowed
       to remain in accommodation during the

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

3.3     Subject to any other provision in this Licence     3.6   The University has the right to determine
        and any deductions made in (a)-(g) below, the            the cost of damage to its property or loss
        University will repay the Deposit Payment to             arising from any breach of the T & Cs
        the Student within 28 days of the expiration             herein. The University has the right to fairly
        of the Licence and after the Student has                 and reasonably apportion the damage or
        completed the online check-out.                          loss arising from any breach to an individual
3.4     Deductions will be made to cover;                        Student or to a group of Students. See
                                                                 Schedule 1 for guide to costs.
       (a) The cost to the University for remedying
           any breach of the Student’s obligations in      3.7   Your liability in respect of any such damage
           this Licence including any administration             or loss will not necessarily be limited to the
           charges, damage to, or removal of, any of             amount of the deposit. In circumstances
           the University’s property.                            in which it is found that you are liable for
                                                                 damage exceeding your deposit amount
       (b) Common examples of Deposit Payment                    you shall remain liable for any additional
           deductions include: damage relating                   sums due. In addition, the University has
           to soiled carpet; marked or damaged                   the right to levy disciplinary fines (e.g.
           walls; clearing of rubbish and damage to              for tampering with fire safety equipment)
           electrical equipment. This is not intended            against residents in in accordance with the
           to be an exhaustive list.                             University’s Disciplinary process.
       (c) An equal share of damage caused to              3.8   You are responsible for damage caused by
           communal areas will also be charged to                any guest you invite or persons you permit
           residents with access to such areas (see              entry to the University premises.
           also (g) below).                                3.9   The Deposit Payment will be returned to
                                                                 the same payment method as originally
       (d) Loss or late return of keys to the Premises
                                                                 made from, where this is not possible,
           or any other key issued by the University.
                                                                 payment will be made to the account
       (e) Any non-payment of Accommodation                      details provided by the Student by way
           Fees.                                                 of BACs transfer. The Fees Office will
                                                                 advise overseas Students with alternative
       (f) Any other debt payable by the Student to
                                                                 method(s) of refund.
           the University due under this Licence.
       (g) The University’s proper costs incurred in       4.    Accommodation Fees
           taking reasonable steps to enforce the          4.1   You are required to pay the
           Student’s obligations in this Licence.                Accommodation Fees (“the Fees”) for the
                                                                 Licence Period specified in clause 2 and
       (h) The Student is responsible for the furniture,
                                                                 the Payment Schedule. The Fees constitute
           fixtures and fittings inside the Premises.
                                                                 payment for your accommodation and
           Any loss or damage which occurs during
                                                                 including (but not limited to) lighting, water,
           the Licence Period will be presumed to
                                                                 reasonable heating, internet, contents
           have been caused by the Student (or his/
                                                                 insurance and the Meal Plan as set out in
           her visitor(s)) unless the Student can show
                                                                 clause12 below.
                                                           4.2   Unless otherwise agreed by the University
3.5     The University is entitled to charge the                 in writing, the full Accommodation Fees
        Student for the proper and reasonable costs              are payable whether or not you occupy
        of remedying any damage or replacing any                 the Premises for the period specified in the
        missing item and deduct such charges from                Room Offer.
        the Deposit in accordance with clause 3.5.

4.3   The University is not required to contact        5.5    The Student is required to complete a
      Students to remind them of due payment                  Direct Debit mandate or for overseas
      dates, it is the responsibility of the Student          Students, PaytoStudy may be used.
      to keep a copy of Licence and Contract           5.6    Payment will be taken on/or soon after the
      Schedule and ensure that the Fees are                   dates specified in the Payment Schedule.
      received on or by the specified dates.
                                                       5.7    For the avoidance of doubt the instalments
4.4   The Student Senior Residents’ (“SSR”)                   do not reflect the number of nights in the
      Accommodation Fee is inclusive of a                     Premises per term. Each Fee instalment
      £900.00 discount fee subject to :                       includes rent for a set number of days.
      (i) Upholding their roles and responsibilities          Payment of an instalment does not
          a SSR as outlined during the                        therefore constitute full payment of the
          Universities recruitment and training;              Fees.
4.5   Failure to adhere to the SSR roles and           5.8    There is limited flexibility on the date for the
      responsibilities following feedback from the            first instalment payment unless the Student
      Resident Mentor will result in the discount             can provide evidence to the Fees Office of
      specified in clause 4.4 to be removed. The              their Student loan being delayed.
      Accommodation Team will pro-rata your            5.9    The Student may request changes to
      Accommodation Fee from the date you                     the Instalment Plan, however, any such
      cease to be a SSR.                                      changes requires approval from the Fees
                                                              Office. The Student is required to e-mail
5.    The Instalment Plan                                     the Fees Office (
5.1   The Instalment Plan spreads the total                   and submit their proposed Instalment Plan
      cost of the Fees to be paid over three                  change in writing.
      instalments on the dates set out in the          5.10   Changes to the Instalment Plan cannot
      Payment Schedule and the Room Offer.                    be accepted within 7 working days of an
5.2   Study Abroad Students studying for one                  instalment date.
      semester only shall be required to pay the
      full Fee payment in one instalment prior to      6.     Payment Methods
      arrival.                                         6.1    For UK based Students, with the exception
5.3   For Students moving into the Premises                   of the Application Fee, all other payments
      at the beginning of the academic year,                  should be collected via BACS Direct Debit.
      the University permits the total cost of the            Payments via a Credit / Debit card will only
      Fees to be divided into three instalments               be accepted in exceptional circumstances.
      payable in September, January and April of       6.2    If at any time the Student Bank details
      the academic year in question and on the                change, then it is the responsibility of the
      dates set out in the Payment Schedule and               Student to notify the Fees Office of this
      as set out in the Residents’ Handbook.                  change. Changes to the Bank details
5.4   If the Student is offered a room during                 cannot be accepted within 7 working days
      the academic year, the Student’s initial                of an instalment date.
      instalment will be calculated on a pro           6.3    If in the event a Direct Debit request for
      rata basis, from the date the Licence                   payment fails and payment is not made,
      commenced. Subsequent instalments                       it is expected that payment will be re-
      will become payable in accordance with                  requested within 7 days, should this fail it
      the payment dates set out in Residents’                 will incur late payment penalty charges.
      Handbook and as per the Payment

St Mary’s University
Residents’ Handbook 2019/2020

6.4     Overseas Students may make the payment             Part 3: The Terms and Conditions
        via the Pay2Study option. This will either
        be for the amount for the entire Licence           8.     Moving in
        Period, or where is it allowable within the        8.1    Residents are required to occupy the
        offer then the first instalment only. The                 Premises by no later than 5:00pm on the
        overseas Student has the option to make                   start date in the Room Offer. If you are
        subsequent payments via a Direct Debit                    arriving later then you must inform the
        or via Pay2Study in line with the dates                   Accommodation Team in advance. If you
        specified in the Payment Schedule.                        do not contact the Service team then your
6.5     The University does not accept payment for                room may be withdrawn and you will lose
        Accommodation Fees by cheque or cash.                     your Booking Fee as set out in clause 3.1 (i)
                                                                  and Deposit as set out in clause 3.1(ii).
7.      Student’s Right to Cancel                          8.2    Students are required to complete an
7.1.    Under The Consumer Contracts                              inventory within 48 hours of moving in and
        (Information, Cancellation and Additional                 either returning it to accommodation@
        Charges) Regulations 2013 (“the                 ; Failure to complete an
        Regulations”), the University is required,                inventory will be deemed as acceptance
        before the Student is legally bound by a                  that all items are present and in good
        distance contract, to provide the Student                 condition.
        with the information set out in (i)-(iii) below.   8.3    If the Premises are designated as shared
       (i) St Mary’s University is the supplier of                Premises then the Student is not liable for
           the Premises and the address of the                    payment of the other Student’s Licence
           Premises is given in the Room Offer and                fees for the Premises. If the other occupant
           Residents’ Handbook.                                   leaves a shared room, the University
                                                                  reserves the right to transfer the remaining
       (ii) The services which the University will                Student to a different Premise or to
            supply for the Licence Period, the price              introduce a replacement Student to share
            and the arrangements for payment                      the Premises with the Student.
            are as set out in the Room Offer; The
                                                           8.4    If the Premises is not ready for occupation
            Residents’ Handbook and the Terms
                                                                  at the commencement of the Licence
            and Conditions of this Licence.
                                                                  Period then the University will endeavor
       (iii) Please note that some contracts have                 to provide a suitable alternative
             a 14 day cooling off period which                    accommodation until such time until your
             allows you to cancel a contract without              room is ready for occupation.
             penalty. However, pursuant to s.2             8.5    The Premises are deemed to be
             (a) and s.6 (1) (d) of the Regulations               satisfactory and acceptable once the
             there is no cooling-off period for this              Student has accepted the keys and/or
             contract. A legally binding contract will            slept in the Premises pursuant to clause
             be formed once you accept the online                 8.2.
             Room Offer and by completing the
             Direct Debit instructions, or have set up     9.     Room Changes
             an alternative payment method, in line
                                                           9.1    In certain circumstances the Student may
             with clause 6. Notwithstanding that this
                                                                  be allowed to change rooms with the prior
             contract has no cooling-off period, the
                                                                  approval of the Accommodation Service. If
             University reserves the right to consider
                                                                  consent is given, an administration charge
             a request to cancel on a case-by-case
                                                                  of £50 will apply to cover administration
                                                                  and the cost of preparing the room for
                                                                  re-occupation. In some cases, an eligible

replacement Licensee may also be required      10.3.4   To keep clean and in good condition the
         before a room change is accepted.                       Premises and the furnishings, fixtures and
9.2      If the change of room fees are higher than              fittings
         the fees payable from your original room,      10.3.5   To maintain a reasonable standard of
         you will be required to pay the University              cleanliness in your room and in the
         the difference in the total remaining                   communal areas.
         amount. The price difference (if any) will     10.3.6   Not to make any alterations to or damage
         be reflected in your statement and your                 the Accommodation
         Instalment Plan amounts and the remaining
                                                        10.3.7   Not to cause nor permit to be caused any
         Licence Period will be amended.
                                                                 damage to the Premises or their contents,
9.3      Room moves will not be permitted during                 including:
         the first or last 4 weeks of the Licence
                                                                 (a) not to deface or make any additions
                                                                     or alterations to the Premises nor
9.4      If you are permitted to move rooms, all the                 make any permanent alteration to the
         T & Cs of this agreement are transferable to                decoration of the Premises.
         your new room.
                                                        10.3.8   Not to display nor permit to be displayed
9.5      Unauthorised room changes may lead to
                                                                 any posters, pictures, etc. except on the
         action being taken by the University to end
                                                                 notice board provided.
         your Licence.
                                                        10.3.9   Without the University’s consent, not to
10.      Use of Accommodation and your                           remove from the Premises any furnishings,
         Responsibilities                                        fittings, equipment or other articles
10.1     The Premises are part of a communal                     belonging to the University nor to introduce
         residential environment and the Student                 any additional heating, washing or cooking
         acknowledges that the University will regard            appliances.
         all forms of anti-social behaviour by the      10.3.10 To make available all electrical appliances
         Student or their visitors as unacceptable.             for PAT testing when requested by the
         Such matters will be dealt with in                     University management.
         accordance with the St Mary’s Disciplinary     10.3.11 Not to interfere with any electrical fitting
         Procedure.                                             nor overload electrical sockets and to
10.2     The Premises are let on the basis that you             ensure that all items of electrical equipment
         are a full time registered Student at the              belonging to you or loaned to you, together
         University and that the Premises will only             with all plugs fitted to such equipment are
         be occupied by you.                                    safe, compatible with the electrical sockets
10.3     You agree:                                             in the accommodation, and comply
                                                                with all current relevant British Standard
10.3.1   Not to sub-let nor allow any person to                 Specifications.
         stay on the Premises overnight unless
         agreement has been made with the Hall          10.3.12 To remove from the Premises any item of
         Resident Mentor or Accommodation                       electrical equipment which the University
         Service because of exceptional                         determines to be unsafe and that the
         circumstances e.g. student illness.                    University has the right to confiscate any
                                                                inappropriate equipment, for example
10.3.2   To attend all compulsory hall meetings as              equipment that has failed PAT testing,
         advised by your Hall Resident Mentor or                cooking equipment, speakers etc.
         the Accommodation Service.
                                                        10.3.13 Not to bring any furniture or soft furnishings
10.3.3   Not to allow baths, sinks or storage                   into the Accommodation which does not
         systems to overflow.                                   comply with fire safety legislation.

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