2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts

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2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Information for
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
2 / Parent Information 2021
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Welcome to John Curtin College of the Arts.              Creativity allows
                                                         us to work with our
This booklet will share with you information about       individual passions
college operations and is intended to help you have a    to be engaged and
better understanding of how our college works.           motivated in all
Our priorities of wellbeing, excellence and creativity   parts of college
are at the centre of our decision making and care for    life.
children.                                                On behalf of the
We promote a safe and inclusive environment              school community,
and support physical and mental wellness. Our            I would like to welcome all our families to the
students’ learning occurs within a caring, supportive    college. We wish your family every success on your
environment and our college strives to provide a         journey at John Curtin College of the Arts.
holistic education for all, with a focus on students     Mitchell Mackay
pursuing personal excellence.                            Principal
We celebrate achievement for all and work with every
student to help them realise their personal potential.
Our commitment is to not only build capacity in
students’ academic pursuits but also to celebrate
their achievements in all facets of their education.
Our commitment to developing curiosity,
imagination and innovation in every student is at the
forefront of our learning and teaching.

Our Vision
		 Developing learners with integrity who care, lead and
		positively contribute to the community.

Our Values
		                 Inspiring the Mind
		                 Curiosity, Imagination and Innovation
		                 N urturing the Person
		                 Respect, care and compassion
		                 Learning for Life
		                 Resilience, Perseverance and Reflection
		                 Connecting with Community
		                 Social, Cultural and Environmental Responsibility

                                                                                              Parent Information 2021 / 3
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Key Dates
            Term Dates, Public Holidays and Student Free Days
            Term 1            Monday 1 February      Students return
                              Monday 1 March         Labour Day Public Holiday
                              Friday 5 March         School Development/Pupil Free Day
                              Monday 26 March        Parent Night/Pupil Free Day
                              Thursday 1 April       End of Term 1
                              Friday 2 April         Good Friday
            Term 2            Monday 19 April        Start of Term 2
                              Monday 26 April        ANZAC Day Public Holiday
                              Monday 7 June          Western Australia Day
                              Tuesday 29 June        Parent Night/Pupil Free Day
                              Friday 2 July          End of Term 2
            Term 3            Tuesday 20 July        Start of Term 3
                              Friday 24 September    End of Term 3
            Term 4            Monday 11 October      Start of Term 4
                              Friday 5 Novemberr     School Development/Pupil Free Day
                              Thursday 16 December   End of Term 4


4 / Parent Information 2021
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Inspiring the mind

                     5 / Parent Information 2021
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Health and Wellbeing
6 / Parent Information 2021
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
Student Support
We value connecting with each other to promote a strong sense
of belonging, social responsibility, individual wellbeing and the
pursuit of lifelong learning goals.

Student Services                                    Lynne Ivicevic - Coordinator
Our Student Services team supports students to      Emma James
achieve the best possible educational outcomes
                                                    Ellen Morrissey - EALD
and career pathways in a safe and caring learning
environment.                                        Health and Wellbeing Centre
We work in partnership with students, teachers,     Alyce Cullen - Nurse
parents and the wider community in areas            Kellie Muletta - Nurse
                                                    Marg Shooter - Psychologist
•    transition to high school
                                                    Kylie Mathieson - Psychologist
•    attendance
                                                    Other support services
•    academic monitoring and support
                                                    Jane Nielsen - Careers Coordinator
•    learning support
                                                    Donna Lynch - Course Advisor
•    subject selection and career guidance
                                                    Jeremy Wheaton - Chaplain, Photographer,
•    pastoral care                                  Lunchtime Sport Coordinator, Peer Support
•    social, emotional, mental and physical         Coordinator
•    behaviour management                           Triage System
•    peer relationships                             Our Student Services operates with a Triage
                                                    System. When your child visits Student Services
•    bullying prevention                            during the school day they will be triaged. This
•    student council                                means we will assess the urgency of the situation
                                                    and arrange meetings with the right person at a
•    house system
                                                    suitable time. This may not be immediate and will
•    assemblies                                     occur on a needs basis.
•    social events.                                 All children coming to Student Services will
                                                    be provided with an opportunity to voice their
Student Services Team                               concerns to the Triage Officer. Your child will fill in
Heads of Student Services                           a form that outlines their concerns to help our staff
                                                    assess the urgency of the situation. Appointment
Melissa Prince - Years 7 - 9                        times for students will be kept to 15 minutes, with
Gavin Bradshaw - Years 10 - 12                      additional follow up as needed.
Coordinators                                        If your child has any health concerns during class
                                                    time, they will need to present to Student Services,
Kirsty Brando and Claire Krawzow - Years 7 and 8
                                                    for assessment, with a class pass-out slip. The
Rob Watt - Years 9 and 10                           college uses a ‘traffic light’ system, which the
Daniel Njegich - Years 11 and 12                    students follow to assess their health concerns.

                                                                                            Parent Information 2021 / 7
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
N urturing the Person
            Health and Wellbeing                                   Ongoing medical conditions
            Centre                                                 If students have any of the following potentially
                                                                   serious conditions specific Department of
            Your child’s safety and health is important to us      Education forms are required to be filled in so that
            and by going to Student Services first we will         Health Care Action Plans are in place ready for
            ensure that your child’s problem is handled in the     implementation on the first day of the school year.
            best way possible.                                     •   Allergies and Anaphylaxis
            School facilities allow for the provision of basic     •   Ashma
            first aid only. They are not designed to allow sick
                                                                   •   Diabetes
            or injured students to remain at school. Parents/
            guardians will be notified when students are           •   Seizures
            unable to continue their class participation and       •   Other allergies
            are responsible for transport home or to hospital
            for care. Ambulance costs are the responsibility of    This action plan needs to be updated yearly to
            parents/guardians.                                     ensure the current management is correct.

            We also strongly recommend that you have private       If your child suffers from other conditions which
            ambulance cover because the risk is always             are debilitating, affect their learning or are a
            present and an ambulance will be called should         chronic medical condition, please let Student
            it be required. The school is not mandated to          Services know the details as good communication
            transport students to hospital so ambulance cover      can address emergencies and prevent problems
            is vital should an ambulance be required.              before they become more severe. Examples
                                                                   of these conditions include heart problems,
                                                                   endocrine disease, auto-immune diseases,
            Community Health Nurse                                 learning disabilities and mental health conditions
            Our college nurses are employed by the Department      such as anxiety and depression. Our aim is to help
            of Health and are based at John Curtin Tuesdays to     students manage these at the college as much as
            Fridays. The Health and Wellbeing Centre (A21) is      we are able.
            open at recess and lunchtime for non-urgent health
            issues and advice. Appointments are required for       Administration of medicine
            non-urgent consultations. Students can also see
            the nurse for health related issues before and after   Students may bring to college one dose of a minor
            school by appointment.                                 analgesic for their own use. They must carry
                                                                   written permission from their parent/guardian and
                                                                   produce this when required.
                                                                   The College Nurse does not administer
            Our School Psychologists support students who          medications of any type to students as per
            are at educational risk. Working in partnership        Department of Health and Department of
            with the Student Services team, parents,               Education guidelines, with the exception of
            teachers and external services our psychologists       reliever medication in an asthmatic emergency
            provide support in a range of areas to meet the        and EpiPens.
            psychological, social, emotional and academic
            needs of all students. Appointments are made           Medications prescribed by a family doctor for
            through Student Services.                              a student should be accompanied by written
                                                                   permission from a parent or guardian.

 8 / Parent Information 2021
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
N urturing the Person

                                                     Students who are experiencing ongoing mental
Learning Support                                     health disorders will need re-confirmation of
                                                     diagnosis and ongoing therapy yearly, as many of
PROPEL (Providing Real                               these issues will be resolved over time.
Opportunities + Participation,
                                                     What do students do in Propel?
Empowerment, Learning)
                                                     We see students from Years 7 to 12, often in
We have a very successful learning support           multi-age groups and team teach. Our focus is on
program that provides services for students who      academic achievement incorporated with pastoral
have a learning difference.                          care. Some students complete private study which
Sometimes these differences make it hard for         reduces the burden of after school work or is a safe
students to show what they know, or just mean        place when staying in class is impossible. Others
they need to put in double the effort of their       will work with one of our teachers who will reteach
classmates to achieve the same results.              concepts, explicitly detail expectations and
                                                     requirements for tasks, teach strategies (also for
The program’s breadth of service from Years 7
                                                     organisation) and provide resources.
to 12 targets the population of students with
learning difficulties and gifted students who are    We do not carry out remediation, but teach at
underachieving, making it unique in Western          the point of need when possibly the child is most
Australia.                                           receptive to understanding and learning what they
                                                     do not know. Propel does not replace a subject or
What is the selection criteria for                   become their whole curriculum.
entry into Propel?                                   EALD (English as an Additional
Students are selected based on the
documentation supplied to the college, which
                                                     Language or Dialect)
adopts the guidelines of the SCSA for evidence and   The PROPEL program also extends to students
accommodations.                                      from English as an Additional Language/ Dialect
                                                     backgrounds. This includes students where English
•   Documented learning disability by a
                                                     is not always spoken at home even though they
                                                     were born in Australia and students who identify
•   Documented diagnosis or assessment               as having Indigenous heritage.
    fitting Department of Education’s Disability
                                                     Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (EALD)
    Resourcing Branch categories;
                                                     students are provided with a variety of
•   Documented attentional disorder under the        opportunities to develop their language
    care of a paediatrician or psychiatrist;         acquisition and social/cultural skills in order to
•   Documented mental health disorder by a           become effective learners.
    psychologist or psychiatrist with ongoing
    therapy (letter should contain F code);
•   English as an additional language or dialect
    (EAL/D) including students of Aboriginal


                                                                       Compassion           Parent Information 2021 / 9
2021 Information for parents - John Curtin College of the Arts
10 / Parent Information 2021
Attendance and punctuality
The college has an Attendance Policy in place to
promote excellent rates of attendance, minimise         Permission to leave school
truancy and maintain communication links with
parents and guardians.                                  during the day
                                                        All students are expected to sign out of the college
Reporting absentees                                     before leaving at any time.
Parents need to contact the college before              A note must accompany the student and has to be
10.00am if your child will be absent.                   sighted by the class teacher for early release and
If your child is going to be absent for more than       then presented at Student Services.
a day or two please contact Student Services. A         Students are given an official pass out slip. With
doctor’s certificate is required to cover extended      parental permission via a note, sms, phone call or
absences due to illness or injury.                      email, they can organise the pass out slip before
                                                        school, at recess or lunchtime and then show that
 Absentee     9433 7261                                 to their teacher to gain permission to leave class.
                                                        Not signing out in this manner will result in an
 SMS          0418 902 973                              unexplained absence.
 Email        Johncurtin.cota.attendance@
                                                        Procedures for extended
Late to school                                          leave
All students are expected to arrive punctually to       Medical Reason
class. Lateness to class by students is considered      When a student faces a lengthy absence for a
a behaviour management issue and procedures             medical reason parents must contact Student
for improving punctuality are implemented by the        Services. Depending on the time frame Student
classroom teacher.                                      Services will inform teachers and may initiate a
All students who are late to college are required to    request for work.
tag in at Student Services on their arrival.            In the case of an extended absence longer than
This includes students who arrive after recess,         two weeks (medical certificate required) then
after an appointment, etc. Lates are recorded on        Student Services can establish a link with School
the attendance records and a note or phone call         of Special Educational Needs (SSEN). SSEN
from a parent or guardian is expected for all late      provide an in-home tutoring service for students
arrivals.                                               and the tutor liaises with Student Services for
                                                        classwork and assessment tasks to complete.
Lates are recorded on the attendance records and
a note or phone call from a parent or guardian for      Other Reasons
all late arrivals is expected.
                                                        If contemplating an extended absence that is not
An explanation from a parent or guardian will           a medical reason, parents must consider that this
be requested if students arrive without an              will affect their child’s progress and achievement
explanation. Ongoing unexplained lateness will          and that exemptions from assessment tasks
result in detention.                                    including exams may not be able to be granted.
Sick at school                                          This is of particular significance to students in
                                                        Years 11 and 12.
It is important that if your child is injured or sick
                                                        Examples of approved leave would include
that they tell a teacher or another adult who will
                                                        students representing WA or Australia, or travel
be able to help them. Students are sent to Student
                                                        due to a bereavement in a family. In these cases
Services where the Triage Officer will assess the
                                                        the college will work with the student and staff
problem and decide what action to take. Students
                                                        to provide classwork to complete and that the
can also call in to the Health Centre before and
                                                        student is not disadvantaged in their assessment
after school and at recess and lunch.
Students are not to call for a parent/guardian
to collect them from their personal devices, the
college will organise this. When you collect your
child they must sign out at Student Services.

                                                                                              Parent Information 2021 / 11
Positive Learning Environment

 12 / Parent Information 2021
Positive Behaviour Support
Our college provides a values rich culture that celebrates and
supports personal integrity, positive behaviour and academic
Establishing a positive classroom environment        Cybersafety
is by the far the most important and, potentially,
                                                     John Curtin takes a holistic approach to
the most rewarding aspect of behaviour
                                                     cybersafety. It is addressed across the college
management. A positive and genuine working
                                                     through our core values and inclusion in
relationship between a teacher and student
                                                     curriculum across a range of learning areas.
maximises cooperation and increases a student’s
                                                     Cybersafety is also a key focus of assemblies and
responsiveness to the teacher’s strategies to
                                                     the student council THINK program.
resolve difficulties when they occur.
                                                     All John Curtin students are required to accept the
Our Positive Student Behaviour Policy is in line
                                                     Acceptable Usage Agreement each time they log
with the Department of Education’s Behaviour
Management in Schools Policy, and represents a
whole school approach to the achievement of a        We rely on students, parents and community
safe, supportive and respectful environment in       members to let us know when a student’s safety
which students and staff can strive for excellence   and wellbeing is at risk and, within the limits of our
in their educational pursuits.                       influence and resources, we work with parents and
                                                     other agencies to resolve any issues and concerns
The plan highlights and promotes student
                                                     that are raised. All concerns should be referred to
behaviour to enhance and maintain a positive
                                                     Student Services.
teaching and learning environment. Our approach
to behavioural management encompasses a              We expect parents to monitor and negotiate limits
variety of strategies and interventions to ensure    to their children’s online use. To assist parents
the very best academic, social and behaviorual       and families in navigating this unfamiliar terrain,
outcomes for all students.                           Friendly Schools has compiled some tips and tricks
                                                     to help you tackle cyberbullying, inappropriate
See the Positive Student Behavioural Policy for
                                                     internet usage and other digital dilemmas.
further information.
                                                     They also provide information on setting up family
Code of Agreement                                    agreements regarding guidelines for technology
                                                     use and advise that the most important factors to
All students sign a Code of Agreement on             consider are:
entering the college. The Code of Agreement is a
commitment between your child and the college        the amount of time that can be spent online;
on how they will conduct themselves while            when and how mobile phones can be used;
studying at John Curtin College of the Arts.
                                                     which websites are permissible and which are not;

Countering bullying                                  what information is allowed to be downloaded,
                                                     uploaded or shared; and
Members of our college treat others with respect,
care and compassion. The Countering Bulling          consequences for unsafe or unacceptable use of
Policy uses a proactive, whole college approach to   technology.
develop positive peer relationships.                 By being proactive in establishing and recording
We do not engage in behaviours that cause            guidelines for technology use in consultation
distress to others. We aim to build a safe, caring   with your whole family, the risks of harm from
environment where all people are treated with        technology can be greatly reduced.
respect.                                             Visit friendlyschools.com.au For further
                                                     guidance visit the Office of the Children’s eSafety
                                                     Commissioner https://www.esafety.gov.au

                                                                                           Parent Information 2021 / 13
Learning for Life
                                                                  •    has contravened the Student Vehicle Use and
           Good Standing                                               Parking Conditions Policy;
           All students receive Good Standing at the start of     •    truants repeatedly;
           each year and it is important that it is valued and
                                                                  •    is involved in any other serious breach of
                                                                       college rules;
           Students who lose their Good Standing cannot
                                                                  will be suspended from Good Standing for a
           participate in extracurricular activities such
                                                                  minimum of four weeks as determined by the
           as camps, excursions, work experience, social
                                                                  Principal or a Deputy Principal.
           functions, or performances that are not an
           essential part of the education program.               Any suspension will incur a six week loss of Good
                                                                  Standing and the loss of one extra activity during
           Students who have relinquished the right to be of
                                                                  this period. A ‘loss of activity’ will be negotiated.
           Good Standing should work towards regaining the
           status.                                                If during a period of loss of Good Standing a
                                                                  performance will be seriously affected, ie the work
           Removal of Good Standing status                        of the ensemble cast, then the Deputy Principal -
                                                                  Arts and Innovation will negotiate an alternative
           Student attendance - all years                         loss of activity.
           Students whose attendance falls below 90% in a         Students who are continually breaching the
           term without a satisfactory explanation may lose       college rules will be reviewed by the College
           their Good Standing for four weeks.                    Executive. Each student in this category will be
           Student dress                                          reviewed so that strategies can be implemented,
                                                                  which will assist students in returning to Good
           If there are four breaches of the dress code, Good
                                                                  Standing status.
           Standing will be suspended for a period of four
           weeks.                                                 Students who have lost their Good Standing
                                                                  status for behaviours other than suspension or
           Transgressions during this period will result in the
                                                                  serious offences can negotiate to win it back by
           penalty period being extended for a further month
                                                                  participating in community service activities.
           from the end of the week in which the offence
           occurred. After three breaches, a warning is issued    Negotiation is to be processed via the Heads of
           and students are placed on probation for up to         Student Services and Deputies. The loss of Good
           four weeks.                                            Standing will always be recorded against the
                                                                  student, as will winning it back by the participation
           College Policy and Ethics
                                                                  in community service.
           Any student who:
           •    is suspended (six week loss of good standing)
           •    is withdrawn from all classes;
           •    is involved in bullying or fighting;
           •    is found to be in possession of or has used       Rewards and Recognition
                illegal drugs;

14 / Parent Information 2021
Commendation earn a Certificate of Merit and
System (RARS)                                          three Certificates of Merit earn a Certificate of
Our Rewards and Recognition System (RARS) is           Excellence.
a policy that rewards and recognises positive
participation in college life including achievement,   Letters of Concern
progress and good conduct. All students are given
the opportunity to improve and this development        Letters of Concern are one of several ways teachers
should be rewarded.                                    communicate concerns with parents with a view to
                                                       support positive change and improvement.
The rewards system is scaffolded and can
include Swan Awards and Pins for excellence,
Letters of Commendation, Certificates of Merit
and Excellence, House points for academic,
community, cultural and sporting achievements,
and RARS stamps in study planners.

RARS stamps/tokens
Student planners will be stamped by teaching staff
to acknowledge students’ positive efforts. For
every five stamps students earn a blue token from
their contact teacher and can enter the weekly
prize draw by placing the tokens in the RARS bin in
Student Services.

Swan Awards
Swan Awards recognise student achievement
across all learning areas. Based on grades earned
each semester, students may be awarded either a
Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Swan Award at the                  Resilience
end of semester awards assembly. Students who
maintain Gold or Diamond Swan Awards over two
semesters in any one year earn a college pin.

Letters of Commendation
Teachers, Student Services or College Executive
staff can issue a Letter of Commendation
to recognise excellence in academic, social,
cultural and community contexts, and these
are cumulative across all years. Five Letters of

                                                                                             Parent Information 2021 / 15
16 / Parent Information 2021
Approach to Mobile Devices
Our “Off and Away all Day” approach to mobile devices is in line
with the Department of Education’s policy.

A mobile device includes but is not limited to
mobile phones, iPads, laptops and smart watches.         Distraction Process
                                                         The appropriate use of mobile devices is
Whilst schools are primarily concerned with              monitored by teachers both in the classroom and
the education of young people, they are also a           throughout the college grounds. In the event of
place for social interaction and communication.          inappropriate use of mobile devices, the following
Social connection around campus is vital; the            distraction process will be implemented:
preferred method of communication is face to face
conversations.                                           1.   A distraction notification given and
                                                              confiscation of device. The red distraction
To reinforce appropriate use of mobile devices a              envelope is handed to a deputy principal. The
few simple rules apply:                                       device is to be collected by the student after
1.   Mobile phones should be “off and away all                the final siren of the day.
     day” from the first bell of the day to the last.    2.   Inappropriate use of device will be recorded in
     This includes recess and lunch.                          college behaviour system.
2.   During the school day mobile devices should         3.   Further inappropriate use will result in
     be turned to silent with no alarms or sound              detention, parent contact and/or Loss of Good
     notifications, including vibration settings              Standing.
     turned off.
                                                         4.   In extreme or repeated situations of misuse,
3.   Students may use mobile devices under the                devices will need to be checked in to a Deputy
     instruction of teachers or at the discretion of a        Principal at the beginning of the day for a
     staff member.                                            period determined by the college and may be
4.   Students are not to use headphones unless                released by parent pick up only.
     directed by a teacher for educational purpose.
5.   Absolutely no mobile devices to be used or          Appropriate use of social
     present in assessment conditions.
6.   Accessing social media is not permitted.
                                                         We believe in our college community behaving
7.   Photography and filming of classmates and           online as they would to a person face to face:
     teachers is not permitted unless instructed by      respectful and courteous, being guided by our
     teacher for educational purposes.                   college values.
                                                         It is important that our students maintain safe and
Contacting your child during                             responsible use of information and communication
the school day                                           technologies. This includes appropriate use
                                                         of digital platforms, privacy and information
Phone calls are not to be made or received at            protection, respectful communication and how to
any time throughout the college day. In the              deal with online issues.
understandable circumstance of important
                                                         Suggested screen times (excluding video
messages from parents, we encourage text or
                                                         conferencing) are based on the recommendations
voice messages that can be retrieved at the end of
                                                         from the Australian Parents Council and the
the college day. Parents can be assured that in an
                                                         Australian Government who recommend that 5-17
emergency situation, students can be contacted
                                                         year olds non-school screen time should be less
through Student Services.
                                                         than two hours per day.

                                                                                              Parent Information 2021 / 17
Technology in the classroom
           Our students will capitalise on the opportunities of the future as
           empowered creators and users of technology.

           Our students are encouraged to:                         Apple Classroom will allow teachers to provide a
           •    Be inspired to apply creative thinking and         controlled and guided student learning experience
                design processes to generate and test new          in class.
                ideas and co-create solutions.
           •    Become discerning users of technology and           Years 7 - 9     Apple iPad 8th       Apple iPad
                choose the right tools at the right time.                           Generation Wi-Fi     capable
                                                                                    only with 128GB of   of running
           •    Navigate the digital environment                                    storage              iPadOS-14
                responsibly, safely and ethically, to maximise
                opportunities in learning, work and life.                           STM Keyboard Case (Mandatory
           •    Personalise their learning, and use technology                      Apple Pencil      for Year 7)
                to generate new ideas and new ways to learn.
                                                                                    Apple Care
           •    Be empowered to use technology to create,
                use and communicate complex ideas clearly           Years 10 -12    Apple iPad 8th
                and effectively for a range of purposes and                         Generation Wi-Fi
                audiences.                                                          only with 128GB of
           •    Take an active and strategic role in using
                technology to achieve learning outcomes.                            OR
           •    Be critical consumers of information to
                enrich their learning and broaden their                             Macbook
                understanding.                                     NOTE: For Year 7 students, devices that cannot run
           •    Model positive and responsible use of              iPadOS-14 will not be connected to the network or
                technology, focusing on wellbeing, cyber           be supported.
                safety, global citizenship, cultural competence    For Years 8 to 12 who have a different device we
                and ethical practices.                             will do our best to accommodate connection to the
           •    Be well prepared to take the next step beyond      network but cannot guarantee this.
                school into further education, training or         Refer to the BYOD Policy for detailed information
                work.                                              on IT at the college.

           BYOD Program
           We are working towards driving a culture of
           technological innovation and collaboration that
           delivers improved outcomes for every student.
           In 2021 John Curtin College of the Arts will be
           running a mandated device program for students
           in Year 7. Other years will continue to run using the
           recommended device model.
           The college will only support Apple iPads for Year
           7 students as it will allow us to provide a targeted                    		Innovation
           learning approach using technology.

18 / Parent Information 2021
Inspiring the mind
                     Parent Information 2021 / 19
           Our approach to uniform is to create a sense of connectedness
           and community.

                                                                 Shop on Thursdays from 8am to 11am.
           Uniform Policy
                                                                 Otherwise, uniforms can be purchased throughout
           Wearing college uniform is compulsory, the            the year from Uniform Concepts Willetton Super
           wearing of which is monitored. The approved           Store
           Department of Education sanctions will apply to
           students who do not meet the college uniform          Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:      9am - 5pm
           requirements. This includes the ‘Loss of Good         Thursday: 9am - 6pm
           Standing’ for a specified period.
                                                                 Saturday: 9am - 1pm
           Our Uniform Policy is very simple. All garments
           worn must be the current John Curtin College of
           the Arts branded uniform items purchased from
                                                                 Uniform Pass
           our Uniform Shop. There is a wide selection of        Student Services can issue a short term Uniform
           garments and styles you can choose from.              Pass in extraordinary circumstances. A valid
                                                                 explanation is required from a parent or guardian
           Some Gifted and Talented programs have specified      relating to hardship, a medical issue, or damage.
           dress requirements and it is essential that these
           requirements are purchased in time for the start of   Care of personal property
           the college year.
                                                                 Clothing, bags, books and other items should be
                                                                 clearly marked with your child’s name. The college
           Backpack                                              does not take responsibility for any valuable items
           Please make sure your child has a correctly fitting   lost or stolen so valuables such as skateboards,
           backpack, not more than 10-15% of their body          large sums of money and jewellery must be left at
           weight. Students do not need to bring all their       home.
           books every day and can make use of the lockers at    Bags often need to be left outside the Learning
           school to store items.                                Centre, in theatre foyers or on the oval during PE.
                                                                 In this case valuables should be removed. Money
           Hats and sun safety                                   and other personal property are the responsibility
           It’s up to the student how they protect your skin     of the student. Students are advised to keep
           and whether they wear a hat when exposed to the       purses and wallets on them at all times and to
           sun for prolonged periods of time. Teachers do not    never carry valuables in the external pockets of
           enforce the use of hats in high school. However,      their bag where they can be easily accessed by
           high factor 30 sunscreen is available for student     others or fall out.
           use in the Health Centre as well as in the Physical
           Education office.                                     Lost property
                                                                 Lost property is handed in at Student Services
           Uniform Shop                                          where it can be claimed by the owner. Lost
           To ensure students have adequate uniform items,       property is kept for a period of three months after
           parents/carers are expected to place orders at        which time non-uniform items will be donated to
           the end of the previous year. Winter items should     charity and uniform items sold to raise funds for
           be ordered at the same time to ensure students        the Chaplaincy.
           have requirements in sufficient time for the colder
           Uniforms are available from the college Uniform

20 / Parent Information 2021
Skirts            The college requires skirts and shorts to be fitted and worn at reasonable lengths.
                  Very short skirts and shorts are not permitted. Uniform garments must not be
                  altered or adjusted in a way that makes them unsuitable for college uniform. The
                  college requires that all skirts and shorts be fitted by Uniform Concepts staff prior
                  to purchase. Uniform Concepts staff have the authority to refuse the sale of these
                  items based on inappropriate fit. Disputes regarding the appropriate length of
                  these garments will be dealt with by the college administration.
Shirts            A uniform shirt must be worn at all times. It is not acceptable to wear a jumper or
                  jacket without a shirt underneath.

GAT, Specialist   Some Gifted and Talented subjects, the Specialist Football Program and Physical
Football, PE      Education has uniform that can only be worn for practical classes, training,
                  rehearsals, performances and games. Regular college uniform must be worn at all
                  other times.

Footwear          We do not prescribe a particular brand of shoe, but the following guidelines apply:
                  •   Footwear must fully enclose the foot.
                  •   NO boots, platform shoes, high heels, pumps or sandals of any style are to be
                  •   Footwear should be plain, (not patterned or floral) and be predominately
                      BLACK, NAVY or WHITE in colour.
Stockings         Plain navy, black or flesh coloured stockings.
                  No patterned stockings, stockings with holes or footless leggings.

Socks             Plain white or navy ankle height socks.
                  No long socks.

Scarves           Scarves must be college scarves (available from the Uniform Shop).

Jewellery         The wearing of jewellery must not compromise the safety of the student or to
                  others. Jewellery must be kept to a minimum. This includes hooped earrings,
                  large bracelets and piercings.

                                                                                             Parent Information 2021 / 21
Communicating with you

22 / Parent Information 2021
Communication Pathways
We believe in having strong parent relationships        If you would like to meet with one of our Student
and see parents as partners in a child’s schooling.     Services team members you can either:
This leads to improved student outcomes and             Email the Year Coordinator directly and include the
enhanced positive wellbeing.                            following information in your message

Parent enquiries                                        •   Your concern or query – this sometimes may
                                                            need to be directed to others
Should you need to discuss any issues, concerns or
                                                        •   Your availability for a meeting
need further information about your child, see the
table below on where to direct your queries.            Call our Student Services reception on 9433 7260
                                                        to request a meeting. Please give the receptionist
 Classwork                 Classroom teacher            the following details:
 Health and wellbeing      Student Services             •   Your child’s name
                           reception/                   •   Your child’s year group and program if
                           Coordinators                     applicable
 Attendance                Student Services             •   Who you would like to talk to/meet with
                           reception                    •   Your availability for a meeting/phone call.
 Special Program           Director of program          We endeavour to respond to all emails within 48
 Course/subjects           Head of Department           hours. If your enquiry is urgent please call Student
                                                        Services on 9433 7260.
 Finance                   Business Operations
                                                        We are only able to meet with parents via
 Admissions                Enrolments Officer           appointments due to the high demand for our
                                                        services. This allows us to be best equipped with
 Information               IT Department                the information to work with you and your child.

Contacting classroom                                    Contacting your child during
teachers                                                the school day
                                                        Students are not able to access their mobile
Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher        phones during the school day. Parents who need
if you wish to discuss your child’s progress or         to contact their child must call Student Services on
have any concerns. You may do this by emailing          9433 7260 and their child will be found from within
the teacher, by phoning the school to make an           the school.
appointment, or through Connect.
All teachers check their emails regularly and
reply to parent enquiries as quickly as possible.
Teachers’ email contact details are on our website.

Contacting Student Services
To aid us in your child’s health and wellbeing we
value communication with Student Services, either
by phone or email, particularly if there is a serious
or significant concern.
Communication is firstly to our Student Services
Coordinators. For parents, all meetings with
Student Services are by appointment only.

                                                                                              Parent Information 2021 / 23
Connecting with our community is one of our key values and
           there are a number of ways the college communicates with you
           to keep you informed and up-to-date.

           Calendar                                                 Parent Evenings
           Our college calendar can be accessed on our              Each year we provide an opportunity for parents or
           website at jc.wa.edu.au We advise you to check in        guardians to meet with teachers to discuss student
           regularly as dates and times are subject to change.      progress. The interview days are usually student
                                                                    free days and commence at midday and continue
           Connect                                                  into the evening. The dates for these days are
                                                                    listed on the college calendar.
           Connect is our internal communications system for
           classroom teachers to communicate with students
           and parents and for you to receive whole school          Reports
           information.                                             The college delivers student reports electronically.
           Connect gives you easy access to communicate             A message is sent out on Connect to advise parents
           with teachers, securely access assesssments              that the reports are accessible through Connect.
           and feedback, and engage with quality digital            Parents can download electronic copies to be kept
           learning resources. Class notices, course outlines,      in family documents.
           resources, and class activities are also available for   You must login to the Connect Portal to view
           each class. It also enables you to check your child’s    full reports. You cannot access reports from the
           marks online.                                            Connect App.
           John Curtin Central school space provides you
           with information about what is happening around          Social media
           the college through weekly and daily notices.            We encourage all parents to follow us on
           Policies, procedures and information about the           Instagram, Twitter and Facebook where we
           college is stored in the library on the dashboard.       promote the shows at the college, share good news
                                                                    stories, and let you know what happens on a daily
           Compass                                                  basis at school.
           Our staff currently use the all-in-one school
           management system called Compass for                     Student planner
           attendance and student wellbeing. Compass                Your child’s student planner is used as a means
           provides a school management solution that               of communication between parent and teachers.
           connects every facet of our college, enables more        Concerns about academic progress and/or student
           communication, and centralises and streamlines           behaviour may be flagged via the planner. PROPEL
           school operations. We will be offering parent            attendance is also noted.
           access in 2021.
                                                                    All children receive homework and/or assignments
           Contact class                                            during the week and it is vital that parents/
                                                                    guardians check that students are recording the
           Students meet in their Contact Class on Fridays          homework in their student planner and then
           during Period 3. This time is when students              spending time to complete it. Due dates for
           receive notes on overdues from the library,              homework, assignments and in class assessments
           communication about events and important                 should be noted.
           information for their parents, and go through
           the Weekly Notices and what is coming up on the          Website
           calendar the following week.
                                                                    Our website is where you will find links to book
           Curtin Calls                                             tickets to events, the calendar and information
           Curtin Calls is our monthly digital newsletter
           distributed to all families. We encourage you to         Weekly Notices
           come forward with story ideas. Please let teachers/
           administration know of any student success               This is an important communication tool for our
           stories for promotion in the newsletter and for          school community. Weekly Notices are published
           external media or email johncurtin.col@education.        in the Connect School Place - John Curtin Central
           wa.edu.au                                                on Fridays. Students access them in their Contact

24 / Parent Information 2021
Parents as Partners

Connecting with Community
                      Parent Information 2021 / 25
As a parent, how can I be
           involved at the college?
           The college welcomes your involvement in our school
           community. Parent participation is encouraged to assist the
           college in providing excellence in education and volunteering
           your time and services will give you a unique insight into student
           life at the college.

           College Board                                         Parent Production
           The College Board’s role is to provide policy
           leadership and support and strong governance for
           John Curtin College of the Arts.                      With more that 50 productions a year it is vital
                                                                 that we ask our parents for their support and
           Members of the Board participate in the
                                                                 commitment to help productions run smoothly
           development and review of college priorities
           (through the Business Plan development) and           The stage is very much a learning environment for
           general policy directions. As a College Board for     our students and every performance enhances and
           an Independent Public School, the Board has a         extends their education. The better the support,
           financial oversight responsibility, the development   the better the experience.
           of financial arrangements necessary to fund           The success of each performance is dependent on
           college objectives and priorities. The Board plays    the support of those around each of our students
           a role in the evaluation of the performance of the    and we greatly rely on our parent community to
           college in achieving its objectives.                  aide in the smooth running of each performance.
           In addition, the Board promotes the college in the    As such we ask parents to assist in box office and
           community. The College Board also participates        with laundering of costumes.
           in formulating college values, codes of conduct       An electronic calendar is created at the beginning
           and the dress code for students. In 2011 when the     of each year and information calling for help is
           college became an Independent Public School,          posted on Connect or in the college newsletter.
           the role of our College Board changed to board
           governance through increased participation and        We ask that parents commit to at least one box
           decision making.                                      office or laundry duty during the year which
                                                                 would enable the college to cover all productions,
           Members of the Board are from a diverse range of      reducing the strain on our theatre and teaching
           backgrounds and each member brings a unique           staff. Once you sign up for an event further
           perspective to the council and this reflects the      information is emailed out regarding specific
           views of the general population.Parents are           duties. You need no experience and will be backed
           encouraged to join when a position becomes            up by one of our professional Front of House
           available                                             Managers.
           The Board meets on the first Wednesday of most        Please keep an eye out for requests for help and
           months at 4.30pm in the Principal’s office.           the link to sign up.

26 / Parent Information 2021
The P&C Association (Inc) is a voice for parents,
providing valuable feedback to the college while       Donate to our Building
giving members an insight into college life.
Membership is open to parents, citizens and            Fund
carers of students and all parents and community       We invite parents of students and members of
members are welcome to attend meetings.                the community to donate to the tax deductible
Attending meetings helps you keep in touch with        building fund to support improvements and
the needs of students, parents and staff.              additions to our existing buildings.

There are two types of P&C meetings.                   Your donation will make a significant difference
                                                       to the learning environment of students and
•   General meetings involve short presentations       will contribute to construction, maintenance,
    on subjects of interest to parents such as         renovation and extension of school buildings.
•   Business meetings involve committee                Name Your Seat
    discussions of the various P&C activities.
                                                       Name Your Seat is a unique opportunity for
Bring along your ideas and concerns on college         supporters of John Curtin College of the Arts to
priorities The formal business of both types of        have a naming plaque placed on a seat in the
meeting will be completed by 8pm. Meetings are         state-of-the-art Curtin Theatre.
followed by an opportunity to mingle with other
                                                       More importantly you will make a significant
P&C members and the Principal over a cup of tea.
                                                       contribution to John Curtin College of the Arts,
Parents have representatives on the Finance            where your donation will go towards maintaining
Committee, Canteen Committee and College               the professional standards of lighting and sound
Board. If you are interested in joining please email   in the Curtin Theatre and investing in cutting edge
pandc@jc.wa.edu.au                                     theatre technology.

Chaplaincy fundraisers                                 For a one off donation of $250 you will receive a
                                                       named plaque commemorating the support you
Parents can assist at functions and event parking;     have given. You can also nominate a person/s or
the college charges Fremantle Arts Centre patrons      business of your choice.
for parking on school premises during events at        A direct debit option is available. Visit the website
the centre with all proceeds going towards our         to download an application form.
To assist with this contact Narelle Wheaton on
0414 777 204.

Come to performances/
Attending a variety of different events gives good
insight into the general life of the college and our
It is a great occasion to meet other parents,
teachers and executive staff while supporting our
Bookings to all shows are through trybooking.com

                        Social, Cultural and Environmental

                                                                                             Parent Information 2021 / 27
General Information
                                                                 Books and personal items are available from
           Assemblies                                            CAMPION WA via an online ordering system. Visit
           Full college assemblies are held in the hall          www.campion.com.au
           approximately once a term as marked on the
                                                                 Booklists can be downloaded from the college
           college calendar. Year assemblies are held more
                                                                 webpage under Communities, Publications.
           frequently, as arranged by Student Services.
                                                                 Please be aware that shopping with Campion WA,
           Assessments                                           our preferred supplier, ensures you receive the
           At the start of each course your child is provided    correct items and editions.
           with a printed copy of an assessment outline that     Secondhand textbook trading
           includes the weighting for each assessment task,      The college is conscious of the need to provide
           a general description of each assessment task         an efficient process for families to be able to buy
           and the approximate timing of each assessment         and sell their second-hand textbooks and other
           task (ie the week in which each assessment task is    student resources. We use the services of the
           planned or the due dates for significant stages of    Sustainable School Shop Find out more about this
           each extended task).                                  at www.sustainableschoolshop.com.au
           It is the student’s responsibility to complete all    Calculators
           course requirements by the due date, maintain a
           folio of evidence for each course studied and to      Students are required to have a powerful
           make it available whenever required, maintain a       calculator from Year 7 onwards. This calculator is
           good record of attendance, conduct and progress       a valuable learning tool and students are expected
           (a student who is absent for five periods/days or     to have their calculator with them at all times in
           more per term is deemed to be at risk) and initiate   every maths class. Students should not leave
           contact with teachers concerning absence from         their calculators in their bags. They should carry
           class, missed assessments, extension requests         their calculator on their person at all times. We
           and any other assessment issues.                      recommend that you engrave it clearly and on
                                                                 the front to ‘deface’ it and make it unattractive
           Bell Times                                            to thieves. Calculators engraved on the face
                                                                 are rarely stolen or lost. You can have this done
           These are published in the Student Planner,
                                                                 professionally or by Jeremy, our Chaplain. Please
           Orientation Day Handbook and website. Below are
                                                                 email our Mathematics Department to arrange.
           the start and finish times.
           Mon/Tue/Wed start 8.30am – 3.10pm                     Canteen
           Thurs 8.45am – 2.30pm                                 Our canteen provides students with an affordable
           Fri 8.35am – 2.30pm                                   variety of meals including breakfast. Order lunch
                                                                 online through www.QuickCliq.com.au
           Books and personal items list                         You can order up to two weeks ahead and as late
           You will receive your child’s course confirmation     as 9am on the day. Menus are published online.
           and book and personal items list during Term 4.       The canteen is open before school for breakfast
                                                                 and at recess and lunchtime.

28 / Parent Information 2021
Change of Address                                      Exams
Parents must inform the college as soon as             Written examinations are held for all Year 11
possible about changes of address or personal          and 12 WACE courses during Semester 1 and at
particulars. All changes must be done in writing to    the end of Semester 2. In those courses with a
administration. We will also accept an email.          practical/performance/oral WACE examination,
Please email johncurtin.col@education.wa.edu.          a practical/performance/oral exam will also be
au or call the school on 9433 7200. The form can       held.
be accessed through the library in John Curtin         Students must attend examinations at the
Central class in Connect.                              scheduled times and follow examination rules.
                                                       Please note: The examination rules are published
Contributions and charges                              with each semester examination timetable.
College accounts are due for payment in Term 1. If     If a student is absent from an examination a
not paid in full, a payment plan must be in place by   medical certificate must be forwarded to the
the end of Term 1. The college will actively pursue    relevant deputy principal. The class teacher
the collection of charges and this is strongly         in consultation with the HOLA will calculate a
supported by the College Board.                        moderated score.
The Secondary Assistance Scheme (SAS) is               Year 10 exams are held each semester. The Year
to assist low-income families with secondary           10 examinations are considered very important.
schooling costs for students in Years 7 to 12.         The exams have been introduced to the college
Contact Administration to apply.                       academic calendar for the following reasons:

Please consult our Contributions and Charges           •   to provide students with experience in sitting
booklet on the website for further details.                formal examinations in preparation for Year
                                                           11 and 12;
Course outlines                                        •   to collect assessment data for their current
Students are given their course outlines for each          subjects; and
subject at the beginning of Term 1.                    •   to confirm suitability for their selected
Course outlines include the content, the                   courses of study in Year 11.
sequence in which the content will be taught, the
approximate time for each section of the course
and assessment dates.
Course outlines will also be provided through

                                                                                           Parent Information 2021 / 29
General Information
           House System                                           Parent account information
           Our House System gives students an identity            At the start of Term 1, parents will receive an email
           and sense of pride in a supportive, secure             invite to sign up for a Department of Education
           environment. Houses compete for points in a            username and password. This will allow parents
           number of academic, community and sporting             to access Connect. It is important to note that
           activities.                                            parents will only receive an invite if they have
           The House system is an integral and vibrant part       registered a valid email and postal address. We
           of the school’s culture designed to reflect and        encourage you to download the Connect App to
           enhance the values of the college.                     your phone so you receive notifications from the
           The House System provides for positive
           competition and a closer rapport between               All students are provided with an education email
           students and teachers. It also aims to help new        account. The email address will be firstname.
           staff and students adapt to the culture of the         secondname@student.education.wa.edu.au
           college.                                               Sometimes there will be a few students with the
                                                                  same name and in this case a number will be
                                                                  placed behind the second name.
           IT Department
                                                                  Further information about IT in the college can be
           Our IT department is located in the Learning
                                                                  found in the IT Information Booklet on the website.
           Centre and provides support for accessing the
           college network and internet, for converting           Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud
           files, and for recovering files. They also provide     Two of the main software vendors have
           assistance with printing, software packages and        agreements with the college that offer significant
           activations.                                           financial savings for students wishing to install
           Support                                                their applications on a BYOD or home computer.
           Students and parents can go to support.jc.wa.edu.      Through licensing agreements between the
           au for IT related support. There are user guides       Department of Education and Microsoft students
           and a ticketing system. Due to limited resources       are allowed to install copies of Microsoft Office 365
           we can only provide support for items relating to IT   and use its web based products for free on up to 15
           use at John Curtin.                                    devices.
           How to guides include:                                 Microsoft Office 365 can be installed on up to 15
           •    Connecting to the college wireless
                                                                  •        5 Computers (Windows/Mac)
           •    Adding digital textbooks to your iPad
                                                                  •        5 Tablets (Android/Apple)
           •    Installing Software
                                                                  •        5 phones (Windows/Android/Apple)
           •    Troubleshooting Tips

30 / Parent Information 2021
Through licensing agreements between the college
and Adobe students are allowed to install one copy
of the entire Adobe Creative Cloud Suite for $25     College policies and procedures can be accessed
per year. This represents a 95% saving over a non-   on Connect.
educational licence.                                 All Department of Education policies are available
Students can install the full range of Adobe         through www.det.wa.gov.au
applications on one computer. They will need to      Please make yourself familiar with the policies at
bring the computer into school to get the software   the college. These include:
                                                     •   Academic Balance Policy and Procedures
Learning Centre                                      •   Arts Policy and Procedures
Our Learning Centre is sourced with thousands of     •   Approach to Mobile Devices
books as well as providing students with internet
access, computer software, magazines and             •   Assessment Policy
newspapers.                                          •   Attendance Policy
The Learning Centre is also the place to organise    •   BMIS Policy
Smartrider Cards. You no longer need a library       •   Bullying Prevention Plan
card for borrowing. Students can have up to 10
resources on loan at any one time. It is open from   •   Computer Network and Online Policy
8am every day, including lunchtimes. It is closed    •   Excursion Policy
at recess.
                                                     All college policies are continually modified and
Lockers                                              subject to change.

A limited number of lockers are available to         Scholarships
students. A hire charge per annum is required to
                                                     Our College Board provides scholarships that are
secure a locker. $10 - laptop locker, $20 - medium
                                                     open to all Years 8 to 12 students at the college,
locker $30 - large locker. Students are encouraged
                                                     The scholarship is credited towards the student’s
to share large or medium lockers.
                                                     school related expenditure (contributions and
Students must have a padlock and present it on       charges) for the current or following years. The
application. It is advised that students DO NOT      amount for each scholarship will vary depending
use a combination lock as these can be easily        on the number of scholarships endorsed by the
altered.                                             Board.
The college does not take responsibility for any     The scholarships are selected by the Principal,
items stored in the lockers.                         Deputy Principal - Arts and Innovation, and Board
                                                     Chair, and then endorsed by the Board.

                                                                                          Parent Information 2021 / 31
General Information
           The Seb Nye Scholarship is a prestigious award         •   A participant in the ‘Coastcare’ Dune
           that is presented to one student in each year              rehabilitation project
           group within the Specialist Football Program and       Our ‘Roots and Shoots’ environmental club is a
           based on performance throughout the previous           group of dedicated students and staff actively
           12 months.                                             participate in these programs. The club also
           Sebastian John Nye was a young man who spent           provides our students with the opportunity to
           four and a half years in the Soccer Excellence         develop a range of college based initiatives.
           Program at John Curtin College of the Arts
           from 2006 to 2010. Seb died in a car accident          Timetable
           in December 2010. His parents have very                Your child will be given their timetable on the first
           kindly donated money to the college to be used         day of school. A map of the college will be on the
           specifically for the purpose of the scholarship.       back of this timetable.
           School reports                                         Transport
           School reports are available from Connect              Bikes
           where parents and students can download, save
           and print reports from home at the end of each         Bike racks are located opposite the canteen near
           semester.                                              D Block and also adjacent to the Learning Centre/
                                                                  staff carpark.
           Sustainability                                         The college cannot accept responsibility if bikes
           Our overall goal is to improve the appearance          are stolen or damaged when parked on college
           and function of the infrastructure, reduce the         premises. It is recommended that a good quality
           environmental footprint and rehabilitate the           lock is used to secure bikes.
           bush, wherever possible students are an integral       Drop off and pick up
           part of these activities.
                                                                  We highly recommend you do not drop your
           National environmental organisations and               child off in the staff car park unless your child
           programs:                                              is carrying a large musical instrument or has
           •    An accredited Wastewise and Waterwise             mobility issues.
                school                                            We suggest finding a place close to the police
           •    A member of the Australian Sustainable            traffic wardens on East St near Marmion St and/or
                Schools Initiative (AuSSI WA)                     Ord St near Ellen St, and/or on Vale St.
           •    A member of the Low Carbon Schools Pilot          Parents cannot use the car park off East St as it is
                Program                                           a delivery zone entry only.
           •    A participant in the Millennium Kids Program
           •    A participant in the ‘City Kids to the Country’
                State Natural Resource Management

32 / Parent Information 2021
You can also read