Irene-Wakonda Elementary Handbook 2018-2019 - Irene-Wakonda School District #13-3

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Irene-Wakonda Elementary Handbook 2018-2019 - Irene-Wakonda School District #13-3



     Irene-Wakonda School District #13-3

Student’s Name:____________________________________________________
Mission Statement ....................................... 1                  Internet/Network Use .................................10
Philosophy ................................................... 1             Library ........................................................11
Absences ..................................................... 2             Lost and Found ..........................................12
Academic Courses Taught .......................... 2                         Make-Up Work ...........................................12
Accidents ..................................................... 2            Medications ................................................12
Activities ....................................................... 2         Music ..........................................................12
Administration of Medications...................... 3                        Nondiscrimination Policy ............................12
Appointments ............................................... 3               Parties ........................................................12
Art ................................................................ 3       PBIS ...........................................................13
Attendance Policy ........................................ 3                 Peanut-Free Policy ....................................13
Birth Certificates .......................................... 4              Physical Education.....................................13
Birthday Treats and Invitations .................... 4                       Playground Conduct ..................................13
Bullying/Harassment Policy ......................... 4                       Preschool/Junior
Busing .......................................................... 4          Kindergarten/Kindergarten .........................14
Change of Address or Phone ...................... 5                          Promotion Policy ........................................14
Communicable Disease ............................... 5                       Relations with Law Enforcement ...............14
Computers ................................................... 5              Relations with Social Service Agencies /
Curriculum/Textbook Selection .................... 6                         Investigating Child Abuse .........................15
Damage to School Property ........................ 6                         Report Card/Conferences ..........................15
Dangerous Weapons in School ................... 6                            School Day.................................................15
Discipline Plan ............................................. 6              School Lunch Program ..............................16
Dress Policy ................................................. 8             School Lunch Room Etiquette ...................16
Eagle Fridays ............................................... 8              Severe Weather Notice ..............................16
Emergencies ................................................ 8               Special Education ......................................16
Emergency School Closing ......................... 9                         Student Accident Insurance .......................16
Extra Help .................................................... 9            Student Expectations Policy ......................16
Federal Program Complaint Policy .............. 9                            Tardiness ...................................................17
Field Trips .................................................... 9           Telephone Calls .........................................17
Fire Drill Instructions .................................... 9               Textbooks ..................................................17
Grading System ......................................... 10                  Title I ..........................................................17
Guidance ................................................... 10              Tornado Drill Instruction .............................20
Homework ................................................. .10               Truancy ......................................................20
Incomplete Work ........................................ 10                  Unauthorized Items ....................................20
Insurance ................................................... 10             Visitation Policy ..........................................20

Elementary Handbook
                           Irene-Wakonda School District #13-3

The Irene-Wakonda Elementary School                       Every child has self-worth and can learn.
District is proud to be a part of your child’s
education. The entire staff anticipates a very            Education is a life-long process which
productive school year.                                    engages parents, community, students,
                                                           and staff.
We welcome the opportunity to provide a
sound educational program for your child.                 A safe, positive, and respectful learning
Cooperation between home and school is the                 environment is necessary for students to
key to this success. This handbook has been                grow and develop beyond their present
designed to make parents and students                      level.
aware      of   policies   and   procedures
implemented and practiced at the Irene-                   Student centered instruction should be
Wakonda Elementary School.                                 challenging and applicable with a variety
                                                           of methods being used to meet the
This handbook should be considered a guide,                uniqueness of each individual.
and not as a rulebook that covers every
possible situation.  Your cooperation in                  That an inviting and optimistic school
reading the handbook and discussing these                  climate plays an integral role in the
policies with your child will be most                      everyday success of all students.
                                                       IRENE-WAKONDA SCHOOL
As a member of our school family, we                   PHILOSOPHY
hope you take the opportunity to become                The Irene/Wakonda School District 13-3 is an
actively involved in the education of your             integral part of the community and should
child. It is the mission of our school district,       reflect the continuing commitment of the
in partnership with family and community to            community to provide an excellent education;
provide a foundation of education that                 to help students acquire the knowledge,
provides each student the opportunity to               attitudes, and skills necessary to become
develop to the maximum of his/her potential.           healthy, happy and productive adults; to
                                                       become enthusiastic, life-long learners who
Questions and concerns naturally arise                 are able to manage change; and to help
throughout the school year. We hope that you           students to uphold and improve the
will visit the school and consult with your            democratic process and have a positive
child’s teacher or other personnel whenever            impact on their communities, their country,
they can be of assistance to you. Usually a            and the world.
better understanding makes for better
cooperation.                                           In keeping with this philosophy, the following
                                                       objectives are offered:
We are looking forward to a great school               1. To develop sound educational programs
year!                                                     which provide patterns for the various
                                                          interest, abilities, talents, and needs of
MISSION STATEMENT                                         students.
In the Irene/Wakonda School District, we as            2. To coordinate elementary, junior high
educators, parents, students, and                         and high school programs in order to
community are committed to providing                      facilitate   an       organized    learning
educational opportunities in a supporting                 progression of students.
environment, so that all students may strive
                                                       3. To provide guidance and assistance to
to achieve their fullest potential in society.
                                                          students in developing positive attitudes
We Believe………………..                                        and respect toward themselves/others
                                                          and their surroundings.

4. To present opportunities for students to           the office ahead of the day of absence. This
   develop communication skills in reading,           is for the safety of your child, as well as
   writing, speaking, and listening.                  helping us keep the records up to date. We
5. To     stress    the  importance    and            need to know why and when the absentee
   interrelationship of mental and physical           occurs.
                                                      ACADEMIC COURSES TAUGHT
6. To familiarize students with their natural         Math        Phonics
   environment, their involvement in it, and          Science     Reading
   their responsibilities to it.                      Handwriting Art
7. To present opportunities for students to           Writing     Social Studies
   develop a competency in mathematics so             Music       Language
   as to meet the needs of everyday                   PE          Spelling
   management and/or some form of                     Computers
   continued education.
8. To acquaint students with the economic,            The school is responsible for the supervision
   social,    political, historical,  and             on the school grounds DURING RECESS
   geographic concepts of communities,                AND NOON (not before or after school
   states, and nations.                               hours).
9. To create an appreciation of, stress the           If a child is hurt (outside of minor scrapes and
   importance of, and provide opportunities           bruises), the parents/guardians will be
   for continuing education.                          notified. Therefore, it is necessary that you
10. To provide opportunities for exploration          let your child’s teacher know where you can
    and specialization in the fine and                be reached in the event of a serious injury or
    practical arts.                                   whom we can contact in your absence. That
                                                      person should know where you want your
11. To help each student become aware of              child to be treated, and be able to be
    and    take    advantage  of  career              available should the child need to have
    opportunities.                                    someone present. Forms are sent out before
12. To create an appreciation for the dignity         the start of the school year in the school
    and importance of work, and to provide            packets.
    opportunities for the development of
    skills and the competency necessary for           ACTIVITIES
    entry into and advancement in the world           Students are encouraged to attend and
    of work.                                          support      school      sponsored    activities.
                                                      Participation in and attendance at these
13. To promote computer literacy, introduce           events are an important part of the student’s
    elementary programming skills and                 education. Student conduct at a school
    proficiency of application, and to                activity is no different from conduct during the
    integrate computer skills into various            regular school day. All rules and regulations
    subject areas.                                    apply whether the activity is away or at home.
14. To provide opportunities for social,              The children are expected to behave as good
    recreational, and cultural enrichment in          ambassadors to their family name.
    curricular and extracurricular activities.
15. To provide updated materials and                  During school activities held in the
    curriculum with technology being                  gymnasium, students are to remain in their
    incorporated into both learning and               seats while the activity is in progress. This
    teaching.                                         rule is very important and will be enforced.
                                                      Breaks and intermissions are times when it is
ABSENCES                                              safe and proper to leave the seating area.
If your child will be absent, please notify the       Preschool and elementary children must be
office by note or telephone before 9:00 AM.           in the company of their parent, guardian, or
If you know ahead of time that your child will        junior-senior high school person for
be absent, please notify the teacher or call          supervision. Lack of control by the student in
                                                      charge will result in both being sent home. If

preschool/elementary age children are                   ATTENDANCE POLICY
allowed to play outside they are considered             It is to be acknowledged that some students
the parents responsibility.                             will miss a number of days each year, which
                                                        will correlate directly with the number of
ADMINISTRATION OF MEDICATION                            activities in which the student participates.
The following school personnel are                      Certain other absences will be excused by
authorized by the school nurse to assist                the principal upon receipt of a written, signed
students with the self administration of over-          explanation from the parent/guardian. These
the-counter or prescription medication,                 will include absences due to the following:
provided the student’s parent or guardian
provides the school with a written statement                     1. Personal     illness    of  such
that the child is capable of self-administration                    seriousness      as    to   make
and provided the container is adequately                            attendance at school unsafe,
labeled with the child’s name, the name of the                      impractical or harmful either to
drug, and directions for taking the drug.                           the student or others.
Authorized school personnel include: the                         2. Bereavement or serious illness
Superintendent,         Business       Manager,                     in the student’s immediate
Elementary Principal and School Secretary.                          family.
Assistance with self-administration of                           3. Weather so inclement as to
medications        includes     the     following                   endanger the health or safety of
provisions:                                                         the student.
         1.        reminding student that it is                  4. Observation of major religious
                   time    to     take    his/her                   holidays.
                   medication;                                   5. Other exceptional reasons
         2.        removing           medication                    prearranged by the
                   container from storage;                          parent/guardian and approved
         3.        opening the medication                           by the principal.
                   container, as needed;
         4.        helping the child remove             In case of chronic or irregular absences
                   medication       from      the       reportedly due to illness, the principal may
                   container; and                       request a physician’s statement certifying
         5.        returning the medication             the validity of such absence. All absences
                   container to storage.                will become a consideration of the
School policy is based on SDCL 13-33A-1                 classroom teacher’s final evaluation of the
and Section 20:48:04:01:03 of the Board of              student’s academic performance, and
Nursing Rules and Regulations which defines             he/she will grade the student accordingly.
assistance with self-administration of                  This is a general statement of policy, and
medications.                                            school officials are empowered to use
                                                        discretion in its enforcement and application.
Please make routine doctor, dental, and                 If a child is absent eight (8) times, a letter
optometric appointments during the summer               will be sent home from the building principal
months or after school. This will insure your           or his/her designee reminding parents of the
child’s uninterrupted attendance.                       attendance policy and their responsibility. If
                                                        the child is absent or tardy for unexcused
ART                                                     reasons 12 times, a second letter will be
All pupils have art projects of one kind or             sent. Additional letters will be sent home for
another. The materials (except for crayons,             every four (4) additional absences. After a
water paints, colored pencils, and pencils)             child is absent 20 times the parents will
are furnished by the school district. Teachers          receive a letter and a truancy notice will be
may NOT collect extra money from their                  filled with the districts truancy officer, at this
pupils for art projects, but may ask for some           time the Department of Social Services may
surplus materials from home.                            also be notified.

BIRTH CERTIFICATES                                           student which is based on any
Copies of certified birth certificates are                   actual or perceived trait or
required by law for all students under South                 characteristic of the student and
Dakota codified law 13-27-3.1 through 13-                    which creates an objectively hostile
27-3.3. Hospital birth certificates will not                 environment that meets one or more
work. If you are unable to find yours and                    of the following conditions:
your child was born in South Dakota, you
can obtain a copy at any county court house                  1. Places the student in
or by ordering one online.                                      reasonable fear of harm to the
                                                                student or the student’s
BIRTHDAY TREATS AND INVITATIONS                                 property;
While treats are not encouraged, there are
occasions such as birthdays, when children                   2. Has a substantially detrimental
bring classroom treats. Parents are advised                     effect on the student’s physical
to use discretion in the choice of the treat.                   or mental health;

 It is requested that birthday invitations for               3. Has the effect of substantially
private parties not be sent to school to be                     interfering with the student’s
passed out unless the whole class or all                        academic performance;
members of his/her sex are invited. When all
the classroom students are not included, ill                 4. Has the effect of substantially
feelings are created.                                           interfering with student’s ability
                                                                to participate in or benefit from
Please check ingredients of any treats to                       the services, activities, or
ensure they are not in violation of Peanut-                     privileges provided by a school.
Free policy.
                                                     This policy is in effect while students are on
BULLYING/HARASSMENT POLICY                           property within the jurisdiction of the District;
The Irene-Wakonda School District is                 while students are in school-owned or
committed to maintaining a positive and safe         school-operated vehicles; while students are
school climate that is conducive to student          attending or engaged in school-sponsored
learning which promotes respect and self-            activities; and while students are away from
worth. The Irene-Wakonda School District             school grounds if the misconduct directly
will not tolerate bullying/harassing behavior        affects the good order, efficient
by students, staff, or third parties that            management, and welfare of the school or
disrupts this climate as persistent bullying         school district.
can severely inhibit a student’s ability to
learn and may have lasting negative effects          BUSING
on a student’s future.                               The driver is in full charge of the students
                                                     and the bus. The safety of the bus and its
       This policy applies to all students,         passengers demands complete cooperation
        staff, administration, and third             from the students. It shall be the duty of the
        parties of the District.                     bus driver to report to the superintendent the
                                                     names of any students who persist in
       The District prohibits                       violating the rules and regulation.          The
        bullying/harassment and any other            following rules apply at all times including bus
        victimization of students based on           trips to attend school functions:
        any actual or perceived traits or                1. Students shall obey all instructions
        characteristics of the student                        from the school bus driver.
        including: race, color, creed, sex,              2. Students must occupy the seat
        national origin, religion, age,                       assigned to them, if seats are
        disability, or sexual orientation.                    assigned.
                                                         3. The Student Expectations Policy of
       Bullying/Harassment consists of                       Irene-Wakonda School is to be
        repeated physical, verbal, written, or                observed while riding the bus.
        electronic conduct directed toward a

4. Students must be on time at the                  telephone number occurs during the school
       designated bus stop; the bus cannot             year, the change needs to be reported to the
       wait beyond its regular time schedule           school office.
       for the riders.
   5. Students must not stand in the traffic           COMMUNICABLE DISEASE
       lanes while waiting for the bus.                Students      who      are    afflicted    with
   6. Students have a responsibility to                communicable, contagious and/or infectious
       assist the driver in keeping the interior       disease may be excluded from school
       of the bus clean and orderly; they              attendance.     The board of education
       must not throw paper or rubbish on              recognizes the need and right of all children
       the floor or out the window of the bus.         to receive free and appropriate education.
   7. Students will not open or close                  The     board     further    recognizes      its
       windows without the permission of the           responsibility  to     provide     a    healthy
       bus driver.                                     environment for all students and school
   8. Students must not move about inside              employees. A complete copy of the school’s
       the bus or try to get on or off while the       communicable disease policy is available for
       bus is in motion.                               review by students and parents in the
   9. Students must not at any time, even              superintendent’s office.
       when the bus is not moving put
       hands, arms, or heads out the                   COMMUNICABLE DISEASE GUIDLINE
       window.                                         Infectious Mononucleosis (Glandular Fever):
   10. Students will immediately report to the         Incubation is 2-6 weeks. The student may
       driver any damage that has occurred             attend school with a physician’s permission.
       to the bus.                                     The student may need adjusted school days
   11. Students must follow the instructions           and activities.
       of the driver while entering or leaving         Pediculosis (Lice, Crabs): If live lice are found
       the bus, and when they must cross               on a student, the student will be sent home
       the road or highway, they must await            immediately and may return after treatment.
       the signal from the driver to cross             If nits are found, but no live lice, the student
       promptly. The crossing should be                may finish the day and then may return after
       made approximately 10 feet in front of          treatment. After repeated infestations (3
       the bus in full view of the driver.             separate incidents) of the same student, the
   12. Students desiring to leave the bus at           student will be excluded from school and
       other than the designated bus stop              school activities until all nits are removed.
       must present the driver with written            Before admittance back into school, the
       permission to do so from parent or              student will need to be accompanied by a
       guardian.                                       parent and cleared of nits and lice. (Student
   13. Students who ride the bus for an                will be cleared, and allowed back into school
       “away” activity must return on the              by school official.)
       same bus unless the chaperon                    Pink Eye (Conjunctivitis): Duration is 5-12
       receives advance permission from                days, contagious until 24 hours after initial
       parent or guardian.                             treatment with antibiotics. The student may
   14. No pop or candy should be eaten on              attend school after the eye is clear, under
       the bus without the bus driver’s                treatment or with a physician’s written
       permission.                                     permission.
   15. No profanity on the bus at any time.            Streptococcal Infections (Scarlet Fever,
   16. Transportation will not be provided to          Scarletina, Strep Throat): Incubation and
       birthday party groups.                          infectious period is 1-3 days. The student
   A student who violates one or more of               may attend school 24 hours after initial
these rules can be denied bus transportation           treatment with oral antibiotics, and no
according to the students discipline policy.           presence of fever.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE                             COMPUTERS
If for any reason a change of address or               Irene-Wakonda Elementary School has a
                                                       computer lab available for use by the

elementary students. Each class has an                 Board policy forbids the bringing of
assigned computer class time each week.                dangerous and/or illegal weapons to school
                                                       or school sponsored activities. Dangerous
CURRICULUM AND TEXTBOOK                                weapons taken from pupils shall be reported
SELECTION                                              to the pupil’s parents.       Confiscation of
Curriculum review and development is an on-            weapons may be reported to the police.
going activity. The principal and the teachers         Appropriate disciplinary and/or legal action
involved in the teaching of each individual            shall be pursued by the building principal.
curriculum area will meet and review the               A dangerous and/or deadly weapon is
entire K-6 curriculum one or more times per            defined as any firearm, knife, or device,
year. In this way all teachers will be aware of        instrument, material or substance, whether
all levels of instruction in their area. The           animate or inanimate, which is calculated or
teachers, administrators and school board              designed to inflict death or serious bodily
will make sure our curriculum meets or                 harm.
surpasses the minimums as prescribed by                No firearms are permitted on any school
the State Department of Education. The                 premises, school vehicle or any vehicle used
adopted state standards will be used as a              for school purposes, in any school building or
guide for the teaching of each individual              other building or premises used for school
class. Curriculum for the elementary schools           functions. An exception would be weapons
is generally established by the state although         under the control of law enforcement
we can make some minor adjustments. The                personnel, starting guns while in use at
school will consider replacing each textbook           athletic events, firearms or air guns at fire
or series at the end of each five-year period          ranges, gun shows, and supervised school
but will use any and all relevant criteria to          training sessions for the use of firearms.
determine when the textbooks will actually be
replaced.                                              LEGAL REF.: SDCL 13-32 22-1-2
In the selection of textbooks, we will follow          Adoption Date: July 12, 1993
this policy:
         1. All teachers shall be involved.            DISCIPLINE PLAN
         2. The teachers, who are the                  When implementing Student Expectations,
             selection committee along with            logical and realistic consequences are an
             the principal, shall discuss the          important aspect of the process. Students
             material needed to be covered.            who experience these consequences learn
         3. To be careful to watch for any             that they have positive control over their lives.
             sexual, religious and ethnic bias         They have a choice, can make decisions and
             or     definite     discriminatory        solve problems.        The purpose of the
             material that may appear in any           discipline plan is to provide immediate and
             of the material being considered.         consistent consequences for irresponsible
             Any material that, in our                 behavior. At each step of the plan, the
             judgment, appears to contain              parents will be notified and a copy of the
             anything of this nature will not be       referral will be filled out and given to the
             considered for class.                     parents at the conference held during Steps
                                                       3 and 4, if necessary.
  If school property, such as desks, books or          Minor offenses include, but are not limited to:
walls are damaged by a child, the family of                Using inappropriate volume
the child must pay the approximate cost of                 Not following classroom/school rules
repair or replacement.                                         (in classroom, hallway, bathrooms,
                                                               playground, lunch room, on the bus)
DANGEROUS WEAPONS IN SCHOOL                                Excessive talking
Schools should be an example of what is                    Running in the hallway
taught regarding the observance and respect                Pushing, shoving
for law.    Schools also must be highly
conscious of the health and welfare of                 Minor offenses are handled on the spot by all
students, staff, and the public.                       school staff. Staff will tell the student what
                                                       they did wrong, have the student repeat it to

the staff member, and reteach the behavior            entered into the DDN system. The teacher
to ensure understanding.                              will notify the parents by telephone or e-mail
                                                      that the student is at Step 1. (Some major
Other possible consequences for the                   offenses may be viewed as serious enough
teachers to use can include any of the                to start the student at Step 2.)
      Time out from an activity                      Step 2 – Second Major Offense within 30
      Missed recess                                  School Days of First Offense:
      Note or email sent home to parent              Consequences will be determined at the
      Phone call to parent                           discretion of the teacher and principal. The
      Teacher referral to the principal              principal will discuss the situation with the
      Apology given by student at fault              student and develop a 30 day written
      Meeting with a parent and the                  contract, which will include behavior goals for
         teacher                                      that student. The contract will be attached to
                                                      the referral slip and kept on file. The principal
Major Offenses include, but are not limited to:       will notify the parent by telephone that the
                                                      student is at Step 2 of the Discipline Plan.
    Hitting/Kicking
    Throwing objects
                                                      Step 3 – Third Major Offense within 30
    Defiance of authority                            School Days of Contract:
    Disrespectful or offensive language              The student will be sent to the principal’s
    Destruction of property                          office. Consequences will be determined at
    Continual disruptive behavior                    the discretion of the teacher and principal.
                                                      The principal will discuss the previous
Major Offenses will be handled by the                 contract agreement and the reasons why the
teacher with consultation with the principal.         goals were not met.
Teachers and the principal will consider all          A conference will be set up immediately with
circumstances before implementation of                the principal, teacher, counselor, parent, and
consequences.         Consequences will be            student. This team will review the previous
determined at the discretion of the teachers          contract and add specific ideas for
and principal. During all offenses, staff will        improvement of behavior. Contract will be
tell the student what they did wrong, have the        extended for 30 school days. The new
student repeat it to the staff member, reteach        contract will be attached to the referral sheets
the behavior to ensure understanding, and             and kept on file.
document the incident and notify a parent.
                                                      Step 4 – Fourth Major Offense within 30
Other possible consequences for the                   School Days of New Contract:
teachers and principal to use include any of          The student will be sent to the principal’s
the following:                                        office. Consequences will be determined at
     Call to parents                                 the discretion of the teacher and principal.
     Detention                                       The principal will discuss the current contract
     Loss of field trip                              agreement and which goals were not met.
     Referral to counselor                           The principal will notify the parents of the
     Student, Parent, Teacher, and                   consequence by telephone or e-mail.
         Principal Conference                         A second conference will be set up
     In School Suspension (ISS)                      immediately with the principal, teacher,
     Out of School Suspension (OSS)                  counselor, parents, and student. At this time,
     Contact Law Enforcement                         further interventions will be discussed.
                                                      Alternative interventions may be required if
Step 1 – First Major Offense: The teacher will        student has not shown improved behavior
discuss the inappropriate behavior with the           after Step 4 of the Discipline Plan. Should a
student. Consequences will be determined              student not have another major offense
at the discretion of the teacher and principal.       during the 30 school days period, then he/she
The teacher will fill out a referral form. Both       is removed from the behavior plan and would
the teacher and student will sign it. The             start at Step 1 again.
referral form will be sent to the office and

Definition of In School Suspension: The                  4. Students will not be allowed to wear
removal of a child from his/her class group for             any articles of clothing which convey
a period of time (not exceeding three days)                 any message of profanity or offensive
under the direct supervision of the                         meaning. No clothing with drugs or
elementary principal, or designee, during                   alcohol advertisements.
which time the student is required to be in              5. No “outside” jacket or coat should be
school. The student will do his/her class work              worn in the classroom. Courtesy
and will be accompanied by either the                       dictates that caps are not to be worn
elementary principal or school staff members                in a public building.
to the lavatories and meals.

Definition of Out of School Suspension:               EAGLE FRIDAYS
The removal of a child from the school setting        Eagle Fridays are designed for students who
for a period of time (not exceeding three             seeking additional help with their studies or
days) under the supervision of the parent or          who need assistance due to absenteeism.
guardian.    The student will do his/her              Eagle Fridays are tutorial sessions which will
assignments and will be expected to return            run from 8:00 – 11:00 on those Fridays as
with the work finished.                               dictated by the District’s master calendar.
Absence does not take away the internal               Students and parents should schedule
suspension.                                           appropriate amounts of time commensurate
                                                      to the need they have. Students will not be
DRESS POLICY                                          allowed to be in the building prior to or
Good grooming is more than just for                   following their tutorial session.
appearance sake.        One’s self image is
enhanced when a student is neatly and                 The District feels that Eagle Fridays are a
appropriately dressed. For this reason the            valuable way for students to reach their full
school takes a personal interest in student           academic potential and welcomes any
appearance and feels that this is an important        students to seek the additional help available
part of the educational process.          The         through the tutoring sessions.
following list of standards of dress should be
adhered to:                                           If a student would like to utilize Eagle Fridays
                                                      they or their parents should make prior
   1. Clothing should be neat and clean.              arrangements with the classroom teacher.
      Students     should     be     dressed
      appropriately for current weather               EMERGENCIES
      conditions. They should have warm               Emergency information forms are provided
      boots, gloves or mittens and a warm             to the students at the beginning of the school
      jacket or snowsuit for winter. Please           term. We ask that you complete these as
      label your child’s boots, caps, mittens         thoroughly and as quickly as possible and
      and jackets.                                    see that they are returned to the teacher. Any
   2. Hair should be neat and clean. No               student who becomes ill or injured on the
      exhibition hair color unless a special          school grounds will be given immediate first
      occasion such as homecoming, etc.               aid while an effort is made to contact parents
   3. Footwear is required of all students at         or the student’s emergency number. If
      all times. Children must wear boots             neither      can       be     reached,      the
      during rainy weather or if there is             Superintendent/Principal will determine the
      snow on the ground. It is important to          best course of care of the student. Students
      the health of the child as well as a            will not be released from school until
      great aid in keeping the building               assurance is made that they will be cared for.
      clean. Students must have an extra              If, for any reason, a change of address or
      pair of tennis shoes for use in the             telephone number occurs during the school
      gym only. These shoes will be left at           year, the change should be reported to the
      school and used only when the                   school as soon as possible.
      student is in the gym. The shoes
      need not be new but clean and never
      worn outside.

EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING                                 for further review. The parent or guardian or
In the event of severe inclement weather or              unaccompanied youth shall be provided with
mechanical breakdown, school may be                      a written explanation of the district’s decision
closed or starting time delayed. School                  including the rights of the parents, guardian,
closing, delayed starting time or early                  or youth to appeal the decision.
dismissal will be announced over radio                   •        Unresolved complaints may be
stations, WNAX and KYNT, and two TV                      forwarded by the stakeholder to the South
stations, KELO and KSFY.                                 Dakota Department of Education for review.
                                                         (Consult SD Department of Education
                                                         Complaint Procedure)
Teachers are always glad to give extra help.
A student who needs extra help with his/her
work can be given that help in the same way              FIELD TRIPS
as incomplete work.                                      Teachers may want to take a field trip during
                                                         the school year.         These trips will be
FEDERAL          PROGRAMS         COMPLAINT              scheduled in advance of the date planned.
POLICY                                                   Parents will receive a written notification of
A parent, student, or district stakeholder who           the field trip. The notice will indicate the
has a complaint regarding the use of federal             nature of the field trip, present a planned
NCLB funds and is unable to solve the issue,             itinerary and have a consent form for the
may address the complaint in writing to the              parent or guardian to sign. Only those
district’s superintendent.                               students who have returned the signed
Disputes       addressing     the    enrollment,         consent forms will be allowed to go on the
transportation       (including     inter-district       field trip. This includes activities attended for
disputes), and other barriers to the education           music performances as well.
of children and youth experiencing                       These trips are generally scheduled for
homelessness are also addressed under this               pleasant weather. The teachers will ask
procedure.         Parents, guardians, and               parents/guardians to accompany when it is
unaccompanied youth may initiate the                     necessary
dispute resolution process directly at the
school they choose, as well as at the district           FIRE DRILL INSTRUCTIONS
or district’s homeless liaison’s office. The                1. Keep calm and follow exit directions
parent or guardian or unaccompanied youth                      posted in each classroom.
shall be provided with a written explanation of             2. When in hallways or in washroom,
the school’s decision including the rights of                  use nearest exit.
the parent, guardian, or youth to appeal the                3. Walk single file, quickly and quietly.
decision. Students should be provided with                     Do Not Run.
all services for which they are eligible while              4. Stay on correct side of hallway.
disputes are resolved.                                      5. First one out holds the door for all
•         The superintendent will investigate,                 people.
within one week, the circumstances of the                   6. Wait for all clear signal before re-
complaint and render a decision, within two                    entering the building.
weeks, after receipt of the complaint.                      7. Return directly, quickly and quietly to
•         The superintendent will notify the                   classrooms. Do Not Run.
complainant of the decision in writing.
•         The complainant will be allowed one
week to react to the decision before it
becomes final.
•         The complainant will either accept or
disagree with the decision and will provide
such acknowledgment in writing, addressed
to the district superintendent.
•         If the issue is not resolved with the
superintendent, the complaint will be
forwarded to the district’s Board of Education

                                                       Grade 3 may be given a small amount of
   Percentage       2               3-6                homework each night, some to be done with
   100             E                A+                 the help of the parents.
   99-96           S+                A
   94-95           S+               A-                 Grades 4-6 may be given increasingly more
   93-92           S                B+                 independent responsibility with assignments
   91-89           S                 B                 for the purpose of developing good study
   88-86           S                B-                 skills and covering the subjects required to be
   85-84           S                C+                 taught at those grade levels.
   83-80           S                 C
   79-77           S                C-                 Grades K-6: Students who do not complete
   76-75           N                D+                 homework on time may lose all noon recess
   74-72           N                 D                 periods until such time as the work is
   71-70           N                D-                 complete, or may be required to stay after
   69              U                 F                 school until all work is completed the same
                                                       as any incomplete work.
Kindergarten and First Grade will be graded
using a numbered marking code (1-4) based              INCOMPLETE WORK
on the standards used in the classroom. 4              A student who has not finished his or her
(Exceeds Grade Level Standards), 3 (Meets              work on time can be kept after school or from
Grade Level Standards), 2 (Partially Meets             recess at the discretion of the teacher. After
Grade Level Standards), and 1 (Does Not                two missing assignments, the parents will be
Meet Grade Level Standards).                           notified by a note, telephone call, or e-mail.
                                                       The student will be given one night to
GUIDANCE                                               complete      all    assignments    that   are
Irene-Wakonda School has a guidance                    incomplete. The work must be turned in by
counselor. The counselor will be working one           8:15 am the next school day or the student
day per week in the elementary school with             will be kept after school to complete the work.
special classes and times.       Short term
individualized counseling sessions may be              INSURANCE
arranged by the staff for some students. If            Student accident insurance (which protects
you feel this special program would be of              the students on the way to, from, and during
service to you or your child, contact the              school hours, or around the clock) is
guidance counselor or elementary principal.            available to all students. This is a service to
                                                       the students and is available at actual costs.
HOMEWORK                                               Application forms are sent out in the fall, or
In general, most of the homework is the work           can be obtained in the school office.
the pupil was unable to get done in school.
Studying for tests is another part of                  INTERNET/NETWORK USE
homework. At times explanation of new                  Introduction
material will take longer than normal, which           We are pleased to offer students of the Irene-
will result in less time for getting work done         Wakonda Public Schools access to the
during work periods. The discretion of the             district  computer     network    resources,
teacher and the grade level will dictate how           electronic mail and the Internet.
much homework is assigned.
All elementary teachers will give time in class        General Network Use
to complete most work assignments, with the            The network is provided for students to
understanding that all students work at                conduct research, complete assignments,
different rates. Class work not completed in           and communicate with others. Access to
school will need to be taken home.                     network services is given to students who
                                                       agree to act in a considerate and responsible
Students in grades 1 and 2 may bring home              manner. Students are responsible for good
a story to be read or spelling words to be             behavior on school computer networks just
practiced and math worksheets for                      as they are in a classroom or a school
reinforcement of the skill taught that day.            hallway. Access is a privilege - not a right.

As such, general school rules for behavior               Signing the parent signature sheet will also
and communications apply and users must                  grant the student use of the district’s
comply with district standards and honor the             networked resources including the Internet
agreements they have signed. Beyond the                  and email. The activities listed below are not
clarification of such standards, the district is         permitted:
not responsible for restricting, monitoring or
controlling the communications of individuals                   Sending or displaying offensive
utilizing the network.                                           messages or pictures
                                                                Using obscene language
Network storage areas may be treated like                       Giving personal information, such as
school lockers.         Network and school                       complete name, phone number,
administrators may review files and                              address or identifiable photo, without
communications (email) to maintain system                        permission from teacher and parent
integrity and insure that users are using the                    or guardian
system responsibly. Users should not expect                     Harassing, insulting or attacking
that files stored on district servers will always                others
be private.                                                     Damaging or modifying computers,
                                                                 computer systems or computer
Internet/World Wide Web/E-mail Access                            networks
Access to the Internet and e-mail will enable                   Violating copyright laws
students to use thousands of libraries and                      Using others' passwords
databases.       Within reason, freedom of
                                                                Trespassing in others’ folders, work
speech and access to information will be
                                                                 or files
honored. Families should be warned that
                                                                Intentionally     wasting      limited
some material accessible via the Internet
might contain items that are illegal,
defamatory,       inaccurate   or   potentially                 Employing      the     network      for
offensive to some people. While our intent is                    commercial purposes, financial gain,
to make Internet access available to further                     or fraud.
educational goals and objectives, students                      Downloading software to any
may find ways to access other materials as                       computer without prior consent of the
well. Filtering software is in use, but no                       Technology Coordinator.
filtering system is capable of blocking 100%                    Use of any software or hardware to
of the inappropriate material available on the                   gain access to information outside a
Internet. We believe that the benefits to                        users set of privileges (“hacking”
students from access to the Internet, in the                     software, network sniffers etc.)
form      of   information   resources and
opportunities for collaboration, exceed any              Violations may result in a loss of access as
disadvantages. Ultimately, parents and                   well as other disciplinary or legal action.
guardians of minors are responsible for                  (Board policy and procedures on student
setting and conveying the standards that their           rights and responsibilities are outlined in the
children should follow when using media and              student handbook.) By signing the included
information sources. To that end, the Irene-             signature sheet you are agreeing to
Wakonda Public Schools support and                       Internet/Network Use Policy.
respect each family's right to decide whether
or not to apply for access (see over).                   LIBRARY
                                                         Each class has an assigned period one day
Parents/guardians, your daughter’s or son’s              a week. The librarian often has special
work may be considered for publication on                books, programs, and/or projects she
the World Wide Web, specifically on his/her              presents at this time. Each classroom also
school’s web site. Such publishing requires              has a smaller selection of books to be used
parent/guardian permission. By signing the               between library visits for children wanting
parent signature sheet included in this                  extra books.
handbook you are giving permission for such

LOST AND FOUND                                         In keeping with these statements, the
A lost and found area is maintained near the           following will be objectives of this school
secretary’s office. Many items can be found            district:
there at any given time. A nametag in coats,               1. To        promote      the      rights   and
jackets, shoes, etc., really helps your child                    responsibilities of all individuals as set
get home with his/her property. Feel free to                     forth in the state and federal
check this box anytime your child has lost                       constitutions, pertinent legislation and
anything.                                                        applicable judicial interpretations.
                                                           2. To encourage positive experiences in
MAKE-UP WORK                                                     human values for children and adults
When a child is absent, the child will fall                      who have differing personal and
behind in his or her work. A child will have                     family characteristics or who come
as many days as he/she was absent to                             from various socioeconomic racial
make up the missed work.                                         and ethnic groups.
                                                           3. To carefully consider, in tall decisions
MEDICATIONS                                                      made which affect the schools, the
No medication will be allowed in the school                      potential     benefits      or    adverse
without a written note from the parent in                        consequences that those decisions
which the following is given:                                    might have on the human relations
   1. The name of the medication                                 aspects of all segments of society.
   2. The dose to be taken                                 4. To initiate a process of reviewing all
   3. The time it is to be administered                          policies and practices of this school
   The medication should be taken to the                         district in order to achieve to the
   office.                                                       greatest     extent       possible     the
Aspirin will not be supplied and                                 objectives of this policy.
administered by the office: it will be treated             5. To work toward a more integrated
as any medication, as described above.                           society and to enlist the support of
Prescriptions should be provided in the                          individuals as well as that of groups
pharmacy bottle, which also shows the                            and agencies, both private and
prescription number, date of prescription, the                   governmental, in such an effort.
prescribing physician and the student’s
name.                                                      The Board’s policy on nondiscrimination
                                                       will extend to students, staff, the general
MUSIC                                                  public and individuals with whom students,
The number of music programs given by the              staff, the general public and individuals with
elementary pupils in a school year is usually          whom it does business.
one each semester, but is up to the music
teacher. Our elementary pupils are expected            PARTIES
to be there for their performance. Illness or          During the year three parties are scheduled –
family emergencies are the acceptable                  Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day.
excuses for missing a performance.                     Parties are usually held on the day, or on the
                                                       nearest day. Parents are sometimes asked
NONDISCRIMINATION                                      to help with the lunch. In the lower grades,
The Board is committed to a policy of                  parents are occasionally asked to come to
nondiscrimination in relation to race, sex,            the school to help with the party, too.
religion, national background, handicap and
other human differences. Respect for the
dignity and worth of each individual will be
paramount in the establishment of all policies
by the Board and in the administration of
those policies. The Constitutions of our
nation and state, pertinent legislation enacted
at those two levels of government, as well as
court interpretations regarding citizens’
rights, undergird this statement.

PBIS        (POSITIVE         BEHAVIORAL               procedures to ensure the enforcement and
INTERVENTIONS AND SUPPORTS)                            implementation of this peanut free policy.
Irene-Wakonda Elementary School practices
Positive Behavioral Interventions and                  PHYSICAL EDUCATION
Supports (PBIS). We strive to see positive             Physical education is required by the state.
behavior in all of our students. Our student           Tennis shoes to be used only for gym class
expectations that we teach at all levels are:          are needed by grades k-6. The shoes need
                                                       only to be clean not new and not worn
    1) Be Safe                                         outside.
    2) Be Responsible
    3) Be Respectful                                   A child may be excused from two consecutive
                                                       P.E. classes with a written note from the
Best practice in school-wide behavior                  parents or guardians. Long term excuses
management        emphasize     school-wide            (three P.E. classes or more) must be at the
systems of support that include proactive              written advice of a physician.
strategies for defining, teaching, and
supporting appropriate student behaviors to            PLAYGROUND CONDUCT
create positive school environments.                       Students are expected to treat all
                                                            school properties with respect.
PEANUT-FREE POLICY                                         No student shall be in the classroom
The Irene-Wakonda School board                              during recess without supervision.
recognizes that peanut allergies represent a               Students are not to reenter the
health and safety hazard, which can have                    building during recess without
serious consequences for those who have                     permission.
such an allergy and the safety of the District.            Safety precautions shall be taken
In order to protect those students, staff,                  with the use of playground
employees, visitor and guests of the District               equipment. Conduct such as going
from an environment that may be harmful to                  down the slide standing, standing on
them because of such an allergy, and                        the teeter totter, walking up the
because of possible harm to personal well-                  slides, jumping out of swings is
being, the Board hereby prohibits the use,                  potentially dangerous and thus
serving, or selling peanuts, peanut butter or               prohibited
any product containing peanuts or peanut oil               Students are prohibited from the
by students, staff members, employees,                      throwing of objects such as
visitors, or guests in the Irene-Wakonda                    snowballs, rocks, and sticks.
elementary building and grounds or by any                  Tackle football and wrestling are
concessions at any of the districts buildings               prohibited. Twisting and more than
or facilities and in all school owned or                    one student per swing will not be
contracted building at all times.                           allowed.
                                                           General misconduct such as tripping,
For purposes of this policy, “Peanuts” will                 hitting, pushing, fighting, sliding on
mean all nuts and peanuts including                         ice and sliding on snow banks is
products that use or contain nuts and                       prohibited.
peanuts, or use peanut oils.
                                                           Students may not return to the
                                                            building for drinks, ropes, playground
This peanut prohibition will be in effect 24
                                                            toys, etc.
hours a day, seven days a week, and will
                                                           No guns, knives or other weapons
apply to anyone present in the Elementary
                                                            pretend or real are allowed at school.
Building or on the Elementary Grounds or at
any activity on any school building in the                 No student will be allowed to leave
District or on school owned grounds ( this                  the playground during recess without
includes the football complex).                             prior approval.
                                                           A student must have permission to
The Board hereby directs the superintendent                 retrieve    a    ball    outside    the
to formulate any other necessary rules and                  playground.

   At the end of recess students are                RELATIONS WITH LAW ENFORCEMENT
        required to return all playground                AUTHORITIES
        balls, jump ropes, and other district
        owned playground materials to the                School Resource Officers
        equipment box.                                   The School Resource Officer program is a
       Students are to line up quickly and              cooperative effort of the District and the
        quietly when the bell rings.                     police department. School resource officers
                                                         will be involved in:
KINDERGARTEN/KINDERGARTEN                                         Education and crime prevention
Kindergarten will be in session every school                       programs
day all year long. A preschool program for                        Crime reports and investigations
children 3-4 yrs. of age and who are not                           within the school community
enrolled in a kindergarten program will be                        Campus security
offered in two half day sessions for 3 year                       Traffic enforcement before, during and
olds and two full day sessions for 4 year olds.                    after school in the surrounding school
Junior Kindergarten may also be available                          area
two full days a week if there is a need for a                     Coordination of safety efforts
junior     kindergarten     class.        Junior                   between schools and the police
Kindergarten students must be five years of                        department
age by September 1.            In addition, the
Southeast Area Cooperative provides                      Student Interactions with Law
services during the preschool times for                  Enforcement Officers
students who qualify. If your child is to be
involved in any special classes you will be              Law enforcement officers are permitted to
contacted.                                               interview students in the schools without a
Kindergarten roundup is held in spring. At               warrant under the following conditions.
this time each student is tested for fine motor
skills, gross motor skills, hearing, speech,             1. Law enforcement officers are to contact
vision, and general health. These services                   the principals to make arrangements
are also available at this time to any 0 to 5-               before interviewing a student.
year-old student in our district desiring them.
It is the results of these tests that determine          2. The law enforcement officer or the
which children will benefit from pre-                        principal shall notify the parents ahead
kindergarten programs and Title I help.                      of time that the interview is to take place
                                                             and shall invite them to be present. An
PROMOTION POLICY                                             exception will be made for law
All persons (regardless of age) function at                  enforcement officers investigating a
three levels:                                                child abuse case. South Dakota
                                                             Codified Law 26-8a-9 provides that law
Independent Level: I can do this myself.                     enforcement officers may interview a
Instructional Level: I am able to do this.                   student without parent notification or
Frustration Level: I am unable to do this; I am              permission when investigating a child
frustrated by it and I hate it.                              abuse case.

Our promotion policy is based upon this                  3. The principal or designee may be present
concept of functional levels. At what level a                during the interview if requested to be
child will function depends a great deal on the              present by the student or the parents.
child’s maturity or readiness for a given task.
It is futile to promote a child to the next level        4. The principal or designee will call the
of instruction if the child is having problems               student to the office or other area where
with the present level. The teacher will                     the interview is to take place.
schedule a conference with the parents if
retention is being considered.                           5. If a student seeks out a school resource
                                                             officer to explain a situation that the

student wishes to make known to the
    liaison officer, no permission of the                   5. Parental contact regarding the
    principal or guardian is needed. These                     interview is the responsibility of the
    conversations will be shared by the                        Department of Social Services.
    school resource officer with the building
    principal who will determine whether                Child Abuse Investigation with Staff
    further action or notification of the parent        Members
    or guardian is necessary.
                                                        If the allegation involves an employee of the
6. Emergency cases in which the health,                 School District, school personnel may be
    safety, or welfare of a student or                  present during the interview of the employee.
    property is at stake may require
    immediate action by the school resource             REPORT CARDS AND CONFERENCES
    officer and not allow for prior permission          The school year is divided into four reporting
    of the building principal. It is the                periods and parents will receive report cards
    obligation of the officer to notify the             each period. Mid-term progress reports may
    principal as soon as possible in such               also sent out each quarter. Parent-Teacher
    cases.                                              conferences are held each year. Special
                                                        conferences may be arranged by calling the
                                                        school or by sending a note to the teacher.
RELATIONS WITH SOCIAL SERVICE                           Parents are expected to attend conferences
AGENCIES / INVESTIGATING CHILD                          for the purpose of exchanging and sharing
ABUSE                                                   ideas about their child’s progress in school
                                                        and personal development.         Conference
Child Abuse Investigation with Children                 times will be scheduled.         Parents are
                                                        encouraged to contact their child’s teacher at
Department of Social Services or law                    any time during the school year.
enforcement officers are permitted to
interview students at school without parent             SCHOOL DAY
notification in order to investigate suspected          The school day starts at 8:15 and is
child abuse or neglect under the following              dismissed at 3:47.
conditions. (SDCL 26-8A-9)

    1. Department of Social Services or                 Arrival
       law enforcement officers shall                   Students are not to come to school before
       contact the principal or designee                8:00 a.m. unless eating school breakfast
       and request that an interview time               which is served at 7:50 a.m. until 8:15 a.m. If
       and place be established.                        it is necessary for them to come earlier for
                                                        some specific reason, please contact the
    2. Upon arrival at the school, each                 classroom teacher and/or elementary
       Department of Social Services                    principal. As students arrive they will line up
       social worker or law enforcement                 in the hallway until teacher directed to enter
       officer shall report to the school               the classrooms.
       office and display proper
       identification.                                  Dismissal
                                                        Students are to go home when dismissed
    3. The principal or designee shall call             from school. This will assist the teacher on
       the student to the place where the               duty to be sure that no student misses the
       interview is to occur.                           bus.

    4. The Department of Social Services                Early dismissal notices will be sent home
       social worker or law enforcement                 stating the time at which school will be
       officer shall conduct the interview.             dismissed.
       School personnel are not to be
       present or participate in any manner
       in the interview.

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