Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi

Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
Elementary School
   PK - Gr. 5

Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5



                                                                                                                        ACADEMIA COTOPAXI Mission Statement
                 Letter from Elementary Division Principal                                          August 2018         We are an English language based international learning community that values diversity,
                                                                                                                        embraces a culture of collaboration, innovation, and excellence, and inspires empathetic and
                                                                                                                        ethical student leaders.
                 Dear Parents,

                 Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. I am honored to lead the Elementary Division, and to watch         Academia Cotopaxi Core Values
                 your children grow in an environment where their childhood is respected and their minds are            •   Personal
                 inspired.                                                                                                  Internal motivation drives lifelong learning
                 Together, we will accompany each of our children as they experience their personal story of                Creativity is an integral part of excellence
                 growth and happiness. We believe that all children can learn, and each learning journey will               Fulfillment is realized by cultivating rigor and balance
                 result in the construction of new and enduring understandings, skill development, social-
                 emotional growth, and higher levels of student empowerment.                                                Challenging yourself and adapting to change is necessary for personal growth
                                                                                                                        •   Community
                 Students are at the center of our work. The evidence of their learning guides our teaching practice.
                                                                                                                            Integrity and commitment build trust
                 Their interests are recognized and students are encouraged to pursue personal passions.
                 Teachers and other community members create strong relationships that set the foundation for               All people have intrinsic value and potential
                 the continuous growth of our students. Classrooms, cafeterias, playgrounds, greeting areas,
                                                                                                                        •   Global
                 gardens, hallways… all of these will be lived as opportunities to positively interact with children,
                 making them feel safe and empowered.                                                                       We are responsible for being informed global citizens who understand and affect positive
                 As parents, you are the most important people in your children’s lives, and we are excited to
                 work in partnership with you to give our students the absolute best. Children’s experiences
                 outside of school are the most valuable and applying their learning to real life is powerful. In our   Division Contact Numbers and School Hours
                 division, we value home learning and while we have moved away from traditional homework,               Office is open daily                                              from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
                 we have put systems in place for students to engage in authentic learning experiences when not
                 in school. We want to give students the gift of childhood so they can read, develop through play,      Elementary School Office                                                    382-3270 ext. 2006
                 daily enjoy the outdoors, and pursue personal passions while positively interacting with parents,
                 siblings and other family members.
                                                                                                                        Academia Cotopaxi Website                                       
                 This handbook is written to support this partnership. You will find information on school services,    Madeleine Maceda Heide, Director                            
                 opportunities, student privileges and overall organization of our division. We also include our
                                                                                                                        Paola de Pereira, Principal                                 
                 rules and agreements. These help us to provide consistency within a safe environment. Please
                 familiarize yourselves with the different elements of this document (organized in alphabetical         Robin Wheeler, Associate Principal                         
                 order by topic), and do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, counselor, office staff or
                                                                                                                        Verónica Rodríguez, Assistant Principal                  
                 administrators if you have any questions.
                                                                                                                        Tanya E. de Durán-Ballén, School Psychologist & Counselor    
                 We value children’s uniqueness, set high expectations and strive to inspire beautiful leaders.
                                                                                                                        Samuel Craytor, Counselor                                   
                 With you, this will be a fantastic year for all of our students!
                                                                                                                        Nardy Reinoso, Divisional Secretary                        
                                                                                                                        Damiana de Proaño, Extracurricular Activities              
                 With warm regards,                                                                                     Jeaneth de Pazmiño, Transportation                         

                 Paola de Pereira                                                                                       To reach any member of our staff, please contact our office secretaries for email addresses.
                 Elementary Principal                                                                                   Para solicitar información en español, comunicarse con Nardy Reinoso en la oficina de la Escuela
                                                                                      Primaria o

     2                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3
                 (593-2) 382-3270 ext. 2000
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

                 Handbook Contents
                                                                                                                         4. Support for broad participation of all
  Handbook                                                         Activities                                               students

   2018-19                                                         The school sponsors many activities during the
                                                                                                                         5. Opportunities for success in appropriate
                                                                   school year. Major events are listed in the online
                                                                                                                            competition. Competition is not part
                                                                   school calendar. You will receive updates of
                 5    Activities                                                                                            of the Elementary School program and
                                                                   events, as well as, invitations to others through
                 5    After School Activities                                                                               begins with older students
                                                                   your child’s teacher or the division staff. We hope
                 5    After School Time                            that all parents will participate in the activities
                 5    Assessment Practices
                                                                   to the greatest extent possible. Parents and          After School Time
                                                                   community involvement serve to enhance the
                 6    Attendance                                                                                         Students may remain on campus after school
                                                                   student’s educational experience and help to
                                                                                                                         for a variety of reasons including participation
                 7    Birthday Party Policy                        foster a better sense of communication and
                                                                                                                         in sports programs or extracurricular
                 8    Bullyng and Harassment                                                                             activities. All students who remain on
                                                                                                                         campus must be either formally enrolled in
                 8    Cafeteria and Healthy Eating
                                                                   After School Activities                               extracurricular activities or sports programs.
                 9    Curricular Overview                                                                                There is no supervision offered for students in
                                                                   Academia Cotopaxi offers Extracurricular
                 9    Discipline and Students Responsibilities                                                           Kindergarten-Grade 5 who stay after regular
                                                                   Activities (Extracurriculars) in three sessions
                                                                                                                         hours and who are not in a registered activity.
                 10   Dress Code                                   for Grades 1-5 on Monday through Thursday
                                                                   from 3:10 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the school
                 12   Emergency and Closing Procedures
                                                                   year. Extracurricular offerings include: sports,
                                                                                                                         Assessment Practices
                 12   English Language Learners (ELL)              art, music, drama, language and life/learning         Assessment is a major area of focus for
                 12   Field Trips and School Trips                 skills programs. All activities are taught by         Academia Cotopaxi and we are learning from
                                                                   an experienced instructor from our faculty            current educational research.
                 12   Grading Scales
                                                                   or from a company that is specialized in the          The traditional approach to assessment
                 13   Grouping for Instruction                     activity offered. We provide opportunities            uses conventional methods of testing how
                 13   Guidance and Counseling Program              for students to reinforce classroom learning          well students can recall knowledge that
                                                                   as well as pursue other interests related to          was taught, usually producing a written
                 13   Gum and Toys
                                                                   the arts, culture, language and sports. AC’s          document such as a quiz, test, exam or term
                 14   Home Learning and Homework Guidelines        Extracurricular program supports our mission          paper, designed and graded by the teacher
                 15   Spanish Home Learning                        and our “learning community” philosophy.              or educational institution. Often in this
                 15   Learning Support                             Kinder Extracurriculars are offered for the last      traditional approach, the grade received was
                                                                   two sessions of our program to ensure that            final and there was no follow-up afterwards
                 18   International Baccalaureate Organization                                                           – this is often called summative assessment.
                                                                   kindergarten students are adapted to their
                 19   Leaving School Grounds                       new routine before taking on extracurricular          The same assessment can be used in either a
                                                                   activities.                                           summative way (telling the teacher how good
                 19   Library
                                                                                                                         the student is in math) or in a formative way
                 20   Medical Office                               An after school enrichment activity is offered        (telling the teacher what to do next). What we
                                                                   for PK students from October to May, from             now know from current educational research is
                 20   Parent/School Communication
                                                                   12:00 to 3:00 p.m. This program is run by the         that formative assessment radically improves
                 22   Process for Resolving Concerns               IMAGINE bilingual pre-school of Academia              student achievement. Using assessment in a
                 22   Parent Representatives                       Cotopaxi.                                             formative manner has a powerful impact on
                 23   Reporting on Student Progress                The sports program is an integral part of the         learning! The research is telling us that the
                                                                   total learning experience offered to Academia         process, in which evidence about student
                 24   Searches of Students and Property
                                                                   Cotopaxi students. The aim of the program is          achievement is used by teachers or learners
                 24   School Hours                                 to develop self-confidence, teamwork, and             to make better decisions about the next
                 24   Student-Led Conferences- Goal Conference     sportsmanship through skill development               steps in instruction is a powerful process that
                                                                   and participation in appropriate competition.         positively impacts learning. That is why we
                 24   Student Personal Electronic Devices Policy                                                         are increasing our efforts to embed formative
                                                                   The program is characterized by:
                 25   Tardiness                                                                                          assessment into all our classes.
                                                                   1. Commitment to the school’s core values
                 25   Transportation                                                                                     Formative Assessment happens throughout
                                                                   2. Development of basic physical and athletic         the learning process using a variety of
                 26   Tutoring Support Guidelines
                                                                      skill                                              informal and formal strategies to check for
                 27   Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP)
                                                                   3. Encouragement of students to participate           understanding. These assessments provide

     4                                                                                                                                                                             5
                 29   Signature Form                                  in a variety of sports                             ongoing information about what learners
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

  Handbook       already know and where there are gaps or            follow the guidelines below when your child                                                                                                    
                 misconceptions in their learning. Based on          is absent.
                 results of these assessments, teachers can
                 then design the most appropriate next steps
                 in instruction. Feedback from teachers, peers,
                 or self enables students to know what and           Academia Cotopaxi recognizes two types of
                 how to practice and improve.                        absences: excused and unexcused.
                 Students demonstrate their learning using a
                                                                     Excused Absences
                 variety of teacher-designed assessments such
                 as anecdotal records, teacher observations,         Are those due to unforeseen situations/
                 authentic      tasks,    checklists,    charts,     emergencies (an illness, death of a family
                 conferences, contracts, games, diagnostic           member, accident, or other family emergency)
                 inventories, portfolios, simulations, journals,     or excused “out of school” events. Please
                 projects, question and answer, tests, and           follow the guidelines below to communicate
                 quizzes. These are all useful and appropriate       with us about these absences and support
                 ways to assess conceptual understanding,            your child’s learning during these events:
                 competencies or skills, or character                1.   Absences due to emergencies
                 development. Teachers use checklists or
                 rubrics to evaluate student performance or               Expectation of parents:
                 understanding, providing samples in advance              • The parent will notify the school as soon
                 so that students understand what is expected.              as possible                                    Division secretary for completion and           birthday with their classmates at school,
                 Standardized assessments are also used,                                                                   signature.                                      should contact their child’s teacher with at
                                                                          • The parent will contact their child’s
                 such as the Measures of Academic Progress                                                                                                                 least a week’s notice to make arrangements.
                                                                            teacher for material that the student
                 (MAP). All results from assessments inform
                                                                            can work on during absence
                                                                                                                        Unexcused Absences                                 Only short celebrations will be accommodated
                 teachers’ instruction and support students in                                                                                                             during the day to preserve our learning time.
                                                                                                                        Are those that are planned in advance such as
                 the understanding of their personal learning             Expectation of teacher:                                                                          Contact your child’s teacher for details.
                                                                                                                        leisure travel and extended holidays.
                 growth. Standardized assessment results are                                                                                                               Birthday parties will not be hosted at school.
                                                                          • Teachers    will   gather   make-up
                 shared with parents, teachers and students.                                                            We urge parents to respect your children’s
                                                                            assignments as appropriate and grant                                                           For birthday parties outside of the school,
                                                                                                                        time at school.   It is unfair to expect your
                 In cases where the school psychologist                     additional time for the student to                                                             teachers will distribute birthday invitations at
                                                                                                                        child to do a lot of make-up work that
                 or counselor suggests the need for                         complete the work as needed                                                                    the end of the day, only if one of the following
                                                                                                                        other children have done during your
                 psychological or cognitive testing, the school                                                                                                            guidelines is met:
                                                                          • Teachers will work with student upon        child’s absence.    In the same light, it
                 will solicit the approval of the parents prior
                                                                            returning to school to help student get     is unreasonable to expect your child’s             1. Invitations are sent to all students in the
                 to testing and/or will refer parents to outside
                                                                            caught up with class work                   teacher(s) to spend additional time to                classroom or all students in the grade
                 specialists. Results of such testing will be
                                                                                                                        prepare additional work for students who
                 discussed with parents, teachers,and special             Expectation of student:                                                                          2. Invitations are sent to all the boys or all
                                                                                                                        have had unexcused absences.
                 services personnel. The tests themselves will                                                                                                                the girls in the class
                                                                          • Student will complete work provided by
                 remain in the child’s cumulative folder or in a                                                        Maximum number of unexcused
                                                                            the teacher and turn in upon return                                                            Individual invitations to students in other
                 confidential file depending on the nature of
                 the test.                                           2. Absences due to out of school                   absences                                           classrooms are to be distributed outside of
                                                                                                                                                                           school. Please do not insist that we distribute
                                                                        events                                          During the school year, a student cannot           invitations to students outside of their
                 Attendance                                             These are absences due to either                be absent for more than 10% of total class         homeroom.
                                                                        school sponsored events (i.e. athletic          time. According to the Ecuadorian Ministry
                 Students at Academia Cotopaxi will be                  competitions/academic        events)    or      of Education and enforced by Academia              Parents who host parties, which take place
                 expected to attend school, and class, regularly.       community events (i.e. non-school               Cotopaxi, if a student exceeds the maximum         immediately following school, are asked to
                 Regular attendance is very important for your          related athletic or artistic competitions,      number of unexcused absences, the student          use the following procedure:
                 child as learning is going on every day and is         community service)                              will not pass the grade level.                     1. The parent hosting the party will pick up
                 sequenced to future learning. Please schedule
                                                                          If a student is absent from school due to                                                           students attending the party. Students
                 your vacations and trips according to the
                                                                          an excused community event:
                                                                                                                        Credit and Attendance                                 will not be allowed to ride the regular
                 holidays as listed in the School Calendar.
                                                                                                                        Credit for attendance is only given if the            dismissal bus or late bus in a group
                 The school recognizes that there will be times           Grades 1-5: Parents must notify the
                                                                                                                        student has been at school for at least 4 hours.   2. The parents will line up the students at
                 when students will be absent either because              Division Principal and Homeroom Teacher
                                                                          in writing at least three days in advance                                                           dismissal. Students attending the party
                 of unforeseen events or because they are
                 involved in outside athletics or other activities        of the scheduled event. If the absence is     Birthday Party Policy                                 who are not in the homeroom will be
                                                                          for two or more days, parents must also                                                             asked to meet the parent outside of the

     6                                                                                                                                                                                                                               7
                 which the school strongly supports. Please                                                             Parents wishing to celebrate their child’s
                                                                          submit an excused absence form to the                                                               auditorium. (Grades 1-5)
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

  Handbook       3. The parents of the children who are invited    leadership and friendship behaviors to assure       daily lunch fees. The school offers annual             resources and is customized for each   
                    to the party are required to complete the      that every member of the community receives         advance payments at a reduced daily amount             school’s unique learning situation
                    Online Transportation Change Form and          the respect reflected in our Core Values.           for Kindergarten-Grade 5. While students in
                                                                                                                                                                          •   Student profiles that list the behaviors
                    provide the name of the authorized person                                                          Grades 6-8 can bring money to school and
                                                                   Verbal, non-verbal or physical harassment                                                                  that the program intends to develop in
                    for pick-up for the party, which is reviewed                                                       credit their own accounts, we ask that for
                                                                   on the basis of race, national origin, religion,                                                           all children of all cultures and supports
                    by the Transportation Coordinator and                                                              Kindergarten-Grade 5 parents take care of
                                                                   gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability                                                            children becoming global citizens:
                    Security Guards. ONLY STUDENTS WHO                                                                 these credits. Cafeteria credits to student
                                                                   in any form will not be tolerated. Bullying                                                                inquirers, thinkers, communicators, risk
                    HAVE COMPLETED TRANSPORTATION                                                                      accounts should be made in advance through
                                                                   behavior is also a form of harassment and it                                                               takers, to be knowledgeable, principled,
                    CHANGE FROM WILL RELEASED TO THE                                                                   the school cashier in the main administrative
                                                                   will not be tolerated.                                                                                     caring, open-minded, balanced and
                    AUTHORIZED PARENT FOR PICK-UP. You                                                                 building. Students may also bring their lunch
                    will exit with students through the front      Once a report of bullying or harassment is          from home. Lunch fees are communicated to
                    gate. Please plan on having enough             received, immediate action is taken. There is       parents at the beginning of the school year.       •   Valid and varied assessment provides
                    supervision for the number of students         an investigation that includes taking accounts      Prices may be adjusted during the year.                feedback on the learning process,
                    you are taking                                 from all involved parties. Measures are taken                                                              encourages both student and teacher self-
                                                                                                                       Please note that all students in Kindergarten-
                                                                   to protect the possible victim.                                                                            assessment and reflection. These include
                 If you are hosting a party, which is NOT                                                              Grade 5 are allowed to have more than one
                                                                                                                                                                              rubrics, anecdotal records, checklists,
                 occurring immediately after school, but is        Once the offence is confirmed, appropriate          serving of soup, vegetables, starch and meat/
                                                                                                                                                                              benchmarks, continuums and portfolios
                 occurring on a school day at a later time,        consequences are determined for both the            fish at no additional cost. If you have any
                                                                                                                                                                              of work
                 the school will assume that you will make         aggressor and, when appropriate, for the            questions regarding the cafeteria service,
                 other arrangements for students to attend         bystanders. In all cases, parents are informed      please contact          The Language Arts, Social Studies and Science
                 the party.                                        and it is in partnership with the family that the                                                      curricular expectations are taught within
                                                                                                                       Kids Cafe- Snacks are prepared at school for
                                                                   behaviors are addressed.                                                                               the structure of the PYP which are aligned
                                                                                                                       all students in grades PK and K. Students learn
                                                                                                                                                                          to common core. Cotopaxi has adopted
                                                                   Consequences for bullying or harassment             to eat a variety of foods and share their meal
                 Bullying and Harassment                           will vary depending on the severity of the          time with their classmates and teachers. The
                                                                                                                                                                          the AERO Standards for our Literacy, Social
                                                                                                                                                                          Studies, Math and Science curriculum.
                 Bullying is repeated, unwanted, abusive           behavior and the individual student’s previous      fee for these snacks is established annually
                 behavior targeted at a specific victim or         disciplinary record. Such consequences              and is payable in the cashier’s office.            Students also receive a strong foundation in
                 victims that involves a real or perceived         may include lunch and/or after school                                                                  the arts, physical education, music, technology
                 power imbalance. Harassment is abusive            detention, behavioral essays, temporary                                                                and Spanish language and culture. Specialist
                 discriminatory behavior targeted at a specific    suspension, conditional enrollment and, in          Curricular Overview                                teachers in these areas provide our students
                 victim or victims.                                egregious cases, possible recommendation                                                               with a well-rounded education which meets
                                                                                                                       The Primary Years Program (PYP) is under the
                                                                   for expulsion from school. All consequences                                                            individual needs and interests.
                 Academia Cotopaxi believes that its Mission                                                           umbrella of the International Baccalaureate
                                                                   are designed with the intention of protecting
                 and Core Values communicate the central                                                               Organization. The program focuses on
                                                                   the school community and changing the
                 charge from the Board of Trustees and the
                                                                   aggressor’s undesired behavior.
                                                                                                                       the development of the whole child and is          Discipline and Student
                 community it represents to deliver the kind                                                           designed to meet the intellectual, social,
                 of School we want for our children. Those         Reports of bullying or suspicion of bullying        physical, emotional, aesthetic and cultural
                 documents clearly state that the School is to     or harassment are dealt with seriously and          needs of the children in our PK-Grade              An important part of learning is making
                 maintain a safe, secure, caring environment       immediately.    Parents are informed and            5 Program. At the heart of the PYP is a            mistakes, learning from these and restoring
                 and that, when that is accomplished, students     appropriate actions are taken by the division       commitment to structured inquiry based on          as needed.     We believe that these are
                 at Academia Cotopaxi will be young people         principals.                                         the integration of knowledge, connecting           opportunities to help students grow. The
                 of high integrity from diverse backgrounds,                                                           many subject areas and the promotion of            objective in any consequence a child might
                                                                   See Discipline for additional information.
                 working together in a friendly, respectful,                                                           lifelong learning. Other main components in        receive is to change the behavior. The
                 positive environment.                                                                                 the PYP are:                                       consequences are designed to support
                 In light of these foundational statements/
                                                                   Cafeteria & Healthy Eating                          •   Six organizing themes (four in PK) of global
                                                                                                                                                                          our high expectations for students and to
                                                                                                                                                                          reinforce our core values together with the
                 expectations, Academia Cotopaxi will not          Students in Kindergarten–Grade 5 have been              significance to help teachers and children
                                                                                                                                                                          IBO PYP learner profile and attitudes.
                 tolerate fighting, bullying or harassment         assigned a specific lunch period. Student               explore knowledge in the broadest sense
                 behaviors in our school community, including      lunches are served in one cafeteria for                 of the word                                    Young children are learning to interact
                 those which may occur outside of school           Kindergarten-Grade 5 and a different cafeteria                                                         appropriately with others, to make good
                                                                                                                       •   Teachers and students use key questions
                 but which impact the victim’s ability to          for Grades 5-12. Cafeteria menus are planned                                                           choices and to take responsibility for their
                                                                                                                           that are concept-based to structure the
                 function normally while at school or at           to carefully include a balanced and nutritious                                                         actions. Classroom teachers usually handle
                                                                                                                           units of inquiry
                 school-sponsored activities. In meeting this      meal for students. We encourage parents                                                                incidents, but if serious or repeated the
                 expectation, the school will work to build        who send food from home to plan meals to            •   Students acquire and apply attitudes of a      child’s Principal or Associate Principal will be
                 an environment in which members not only          avoid unhealthy choices.                                learner while developing an understanding      involved in an effort to support the change in
                 avoid engaging in such negative behaviors,                                                                of these important concepts                    behavior.
                                                                   For Kindergarten-Grade 5, parents can credit
                 but in which members of the community who
                                                                   their children’s accounts to pay for their          •   Curriculum is also developed using local       1. The first visit: The Principal will discuss the
     8           see such behaviors will actively engage in
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

  Handbook           incident with the student and support the          •   Inappropriate physical contact                from those stipulated in the Dress Code is        Jeans, cargo pants, cargo shorts, and other  
                     students’ process regarding better choices.        •   Stealing                                      prohibited.                                       non-athletic clothing may not be worn for
                     Consequences will take into consideration                                                                                                              PE. Personal belongings such as cell phones,
                     the severity of the incident, the child’s age,     •   Threats of violence                                                                             Ipods, Ipads, jewelry, watches and other types
                     and the need for restoration. These may            •   Tobacco use or possession                                                                       of fashion accessories may not be worn.
                     include but are not limited to writing a letter,   •   Vandalism                                                                                       Students in PK-Grade 5 are not required to
                     missing a recess, student calling parents,
                                                                                                                          Polo t-shirts/Sweaters/Hoodies/                   change into PE clothes, so they should come
                     detention or any other consequences at             •   Violation of the school’s Responsible User    Vests                                             to school wearing the appropriate clothing.
                     the Principal’s discretion                             Policy (RUP)
                                                                                                                          All students must wear polo t-shirts with the
                                                                        When appropriate, the principal may refer to      Academia Cotopaxi logo on the left side. AC
                 2. The second visit: The Principal will include
                                                                        the HS handbook for disciplinary actions.
                                                                                                                                                                            General Dress Code
                    the teacher and the student and parent                                                                Cougars “dry-fit” t-shirts are also acceptable.
                                                                                                                          If students chose to wear sweaters, vests,
                    contact will be made. Consequences will             Suspension:
                    be determined depending on the situation            Academia Cotopaxi uses two types of               hoodies or jackets, these also must have the      •   Clothing will be clean and in good
                                                                        suspension: in-school and out of school.          Academia Cotopaxi logo on them.                       condition, without holes or frayed edges
                 3. A third visit: The Principal will request a
                    conference with the teacher, parents, and           Principal’s authority to suspend students under                                                     •   Undergarments are not to show
                                                                        either type is limited to five (5) days. Should   Bottoms
                    the student                                                                                                                                             •   Shirts must be tucked in or overlap with
                                                                        an incident require prolonged investigation,      Most pants and skirts, including jeans, are
                 * In cases of a serious violation, a student                                                                                                                   pants or skirts at all times, whether the
                                                                        the Principal may recommend to the Director       permitted. They must be in good condition,
                   may be removed from his/her peers, the                                                                                                                       student is standing or sitting down
                                                                        the need for a longer suspension.                 without holes and not torn or frayed. “Short-
                   parents are notified and a decision will be                                                            shorts”, mini-skirts, pajama bottoms, and the     •   Clothing may not be excessively baggy,
                   made on whether a suspension from class/             A student suspended out of school will not
                                                                                                                          like are not appropriate for school.                  short or tight
                   school is necessary                                  be readmitted to school until a conference
                                                                        is held between the Principal, the teacher(s),                                                      •   Language or pictures on clothing
                 The following guidelines on Suspension                                                                   Concert Attire
                                                                        the student, and the student’s parents or                                                               condoning or explicitly or implicitly
                 and/or Expulsion are included as a                     guardians. If the suspension is more than five    All students who are performing, unless               advertising alcohol, drugs, racism, sex,
                 reference, yet they primarily apply for                days, the Director will lead the conference. A    otherwise informed, will be expected to wear          tobacco or foul language are not permitted
                 older students.                                        suspended student may not participate in any      a white button-down shirt or blouse and black
                                                                                                                          pants or skirts and dress shoes (not sneakers)    •   Clothing which is disruptive to the
                                                                        school sponsored activity, event or function
                 Student Suspension and/or                                                                                for band or orchestra concerts.                       educational process is prohibited. In cases
                                                                        on or off campus.
                                                                                                                                                                                of disagreement, the principal’s decision
                 Expulsion                                              Suspended students or their parents of            School Trips                                          will be final
                 In more serious cases parents and teachers             PK-Grade 5 are responsible for contacting         When traveling on school trips and/               •   Clothing which may be offensive in any
                 will be notified in writing of the detention,          teachers and completing work missed during        or representing the school, students are              way, provocative, revealing, offensive,
                 suspension or expulsion and a written report           their suspension.                                 expected to wear only Academia Cotopaxi               vulgar or obscene is prohibited. In case of
                 will be placed in the student’s file.                  Expulsion:                                        clothing. The other general dress code                any disagreement, the principal’s decision
                 See Bullying and Harassment for additional                                                               expectations- also apply.                             will be final
                                                                        When we consider a case for expulsion we
                 information.                                           follow the Ecuadorian Ministry of Education       Given specific authorization from the             •   Hats may only be worn outdoors, not
                                                                        guidelines that states that “very serious and/    Principals, to be included in the Field Trip          indoors (e.g. classrooms, auditorium,
                 Suspensions and Expulsions                             or chronic offenses may lead to expulsion.        Permission Form, students may be asked to             library, etc)
                 Behavior that deviates from Academia                   This action shall only be taken after due         dress more informally/formally than usual,
                                                                        consideration and consultation.”                  depending on the event.                           •   For safety reasons, open-toed or strapless
                 Cotopaxi’s policy and core values may lead                                                                                                                     shoes are not allowed (flip flops, sandals, etc)
                 to suspension and in certain cases expulsion.                                                            Students who do not meet expectations will
                 Offenses include, but are not limited to the                                                             not be permitted to go on the trip.               •   Sun Protection: All students are
                                                                        Dress Code                                                                                              encouraged to wear sunscreen and hats/
                                                                        All students must wear garments according         Physical Education                                    caps for protection while outdoors.
                 •   Alcohol use or possession                                                                                                                                  Children in PK-Grade 5 may be required to
                                                                        to the dress code beginning the first day of      Students should wear clothing appropriate
                 •   Assault and battery                                school and must meet all the requirements as      for sports and other physical activities. The         bring their own sunscreen. Students from
                 •   Bullying                                           stated in this document. Dress code includes      following is should be worn for PE:                   PK-Grade 5 will be asked to play in the
                                                                        the following: short sleeved polo type shirts,                                                          shaded area if they don’t have a hat/cap
                 •   Cheating                                                                                             •   Navy blue AC Cougar dri-fit T-shirt or
                                                                        “AC Cougars” dry-fit t-shirt short and long                                                         •   Students in PK and K will be required to
                 •   Disrespect                                                                                               school polo
                                                                        sleeve, fleece hoodies, polar vests and PE                                                              bring boots to wear when there is mild
                 •   Drug use or possession                             shorts. The only colors established for the       •   Athletic shorts or pants                          rain. All students will observe “in-door”
                 •   Fighting                                           different garments are NAVY BLUE, WHITE,                                                                recess when rain is persistent
                                                                                                                          •   Athletic shoes with non-marking soles
                                                                        and PINK. Embroidering the school logo on

    10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    11
                 •   Profanity                                          garments with designs and colors different
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

                                                                    of trips during the school day are generally
  Handbook       Emergency & Closing                                covered by tuition. Family trips may require a

   2018-19       Procedures                                         parent contribution. The following guidelines
                 When it becomes necessary to close school          will be followed for field trips:
                 due to emergencies in Quito, we use an             •   Parents should be notified in writing a
                 emergency text messaging system (SMS)                  week or more in advance of field trips
                 which all parents will receive on their
                 registered mobile phone number. We will            •   Students not attending field trips are
                 also use emails to notify the community, with          expected to attend all classes and
                 a phone chain as a backup. Information is              complete work as assigned. If an entire
                 also posted on the school website. It is very          grade level class attends the field-trip
                 important that we have up-to-date contact              then the school will assign the student
                 information for all parents. To update your            to a staff member for supervision
                 information, contact the Admissions Office at      •   All school expectations apply during
                                   field trips. Students violating school
                                                                        policies on the field trip may be sent
                 English Language Learners                              home if feasible, and they will receive
                                                                        disciplinary consequences for their
                 (ELL)                                                  behavior
                 The aim of the English Language Learners           •   Attending field trips is a privilege, not
                 Department (ELL) is to provide English                 a right. Students are representatives of        Area of                                        small groups to work on issues that may be
                 Learners with the support they need to                 the AC community at all times and are           Assessment                                     interfering with academic performance or
                 develop English language proficiency in order          expected to act accordingly. Teachers                                                          personal development. Information shared
                 to reach their full potential in their academic,                                                       Above Expectations                   4         with the counselor is considered confidential
                                                                        who organize the trip, along with the
                 social, and emotional lives.                           principal, may establish additional             Meeting Expectations                 3         and will not be shared with others, except
                 The ELL Department offers support in the               criteria and guidelines for student                                                            in the case of possible serious harm to self
                                                                                                                        Approaching Expectations             2
                 Elementary School in a variety of ways:                expectations as appropriate to the                                                             or others. The counselor meets with each
                                                                        trip. The school undertakes a major             Below Expectations                   1         homeroom group of students approximately
                 •   ELL specialists collaborate with teachers                                                                                                         every other week.
                                                                        responsibility by taking students on field      Not Applicable                    N/A
                     to differentiate instruction in content
                                                                        trips and we must be assured that the                                                          The counselor works with the teachers
                     area classes. The specialist may be found
                                                                        students will behave properly                                                                  and special services staff to facilitate and
                     co-planning units, co-teaching lessons,                                                          Grouping for Instruction                         coordinate      appropriate       interventions
                     working one-on-one with students               •   Some field trips may require additional
                     or small groups, and consulting the                adults and teachers will let parents          The school believes that all possible efforts    for students having difficulties.        When
                     teacher on differentiation of lessons and          know. Other field trips will not be able      need to be made by the school and the            appropriate, the counselor will refer students
                     assessments                                        to accomodate more than a certain             parents to insure that students are properly     or families to psychological or medical
                                                                        number of adults                              placed. When academic or developmental           specialists within the community. Parents
                 •   ELL specialists will create an ELL Learner                                                       questions arise, the school will alert parents   are encouraged to contact the counselor with
                     Profile to outline WIDA scores, suggestions                                                      of these problems and assist the parents to
                                                                    Overnight School Trips                                                                             any concern or problem affecting their child.
                     for modifications/ accommodations, and                                                           develop an action plan for their child. The      Appointments can be made through the
                     goals for students to work towards             Grades 4 and 5 students participate in an         school administration reserves the right to      school office or directly with the counselor.
                 At AC, all teachers view themselves as             overnight experiential learning trip, Discover    make the final decision regarding placement.
                 language teachers, but ELL specialists provide     Ecuador, in the middle of the school year. This
                 the additional support to both teachers            experience is dedicated to class collaboration                                                     Gum and Toys
                 and students to improve English language           activities. It is a mandatory trip and provides   Guidance and Counseling                          Distracting items such as toys, trading cards,
                 proficiency.                                       opportunities not possible on a family trip.
                                                                    Discover Ecuador is financed outside the          Program                                          etc. are not permitted in school. Personal
                                                                    standard school fees. Parent and students         Two dedicated Elementary School Counselors       items of value are discouraged at school;
                 Field Trips and School Trips                       receive detailed trip information at the          are available to parents and students to         their loss causes unnecessary concern
                                                                    beginning of the school year.                     assist with any type of personal, social or      to students and the school will not be
                 The purpose of all of our field trips is to
                                                                                                                      academic difficulty. Students may request        responsible for these.
                 provide opportunities to extend student
                 learning in other environments. All field trips    Grading Scales                                    an appointment with the counselor on their       Gum chewing for students is not permitted
                 have a connection with our units of study or                                                         own or teachers or parents may refer them.       anywhere on campus at any time. Exceptions
                 a community building purpose. The costs            Students in the PYP years (PK-Grade 5) use        Students may be scheduled for regular            are made when there is a medical or learning
                                                                    number Grades 1-4 denoting the following:         counseling sessions either individually or in    need to chew.
    12                                                                                                                                                                                                                         13
Student/Parent Handbook 2018-19 - PK - Gr. 5 Elementary School - Academia Cotopaxi
  PK - Gr. 5

                                                                   that each student is unique and time spent        motivation, engagement, ownership, and            Delivery
  Handbook       Home Learning &                                   completing assignments will vary from             authentic learning are conditions which

   2018-19       Homework Guidelines                               student to student.                               should be present in order for students           At Academia Cotopaxi, we are committed to
                                                                                                                     to learn productively and deeply. Passion         serving students with a wide range of learning
                 Home learning is an opportunity for               Pre-K: Parents are expected to read to their                                                        differences through a collaborative approach
                 students to extend their learning to other                                                          Project engagement aside, other benefits
                                                                   children every night in English or their native                                                     that includes the child, parents and
                 environments. Beginning in 2016-2017, we                                                            will include more quality family time and/or
                                                                   language. Students may have a home-link                                                             professionals. Students receiving learning
                 have adopted a home learning approach that                                                          time to pursue interests outside of school;
                                                                   activity to complete once a week assigned at                                                        support have Accommodation Plans or
                 includes daily reading, developing personal                                                         such as sports, artistic ventures, community
                                                                   teacher discretion.                                                                                 Individualized Learning Plans (ILP) which
                 passions, and the practicing and enhancing of                                                       volunteering, etc.
                                                                   Kindergarten: Parents are expected to read                                                          are developed with the child’s learning
                 skills through real life experiences. We invite                                                     This video, titled “Creative Homework” speaks     needs in mind and updated every year. Our
                                                                   to their children every night for 10-15 min. in
                 parents to support their children’s home time                                                       for itself:                 goal is to help students to understand their
                                                                   English and/or in their native language and
                 by providing an environment that will lead                                                                                                            learning profile, to develop strategies to
                                                                   students are expected to read to their parents    Additionally,    and     maybe    surprisingly,
                 to positive and abundant family interactions                                                                                                          support their learning, and to advocate for
                                                                   as they acquire reading skills later in the       ongoing research continues to show us that
                 and play time in the afternoons.                                                                                                                      themselves.
                                                                   school year.                                      homework in the elementary grades may not
                 Responsibilities of Teachers:                                                                       be as beneficial to student achievement as        Within the context of a private American
                                                                   Grade 1: up to 15 minutes daily
                 1. Clarify home learning with the students                                                          we once thought, and in some cases, possibly      International School, student success
                                                                   Grade 2: up to 20 minutes daily                   detrimental to a child’s attitude toward          is achieved in partnership with parents,
                 2. Communicate home learning expectations                                                           learning. If you’d like to read up on some of
                    through their blogs or communication           Grade 3: 20 minutes                                                                                 teachers and students within the framework
                                                                                                                     the research, please check out the following      of Academia Cotopaxi’s Mission Statement.
                    folders                                        Grade 4: 25 minutes                               links.
                 3. Provide feedback on completed work             Grade 5: 30 minutes (The second semester of       •         Commitment
                 4. Often differentiate or modify home             Grade 5 will follow the MS homework policy            homework/                                     As stated in the school’s strategic plan, a
                    learning expectations according to a           for preparation and transition purposes)                                                            long-term commitment exists to becoming
                    student’s individual learning needs                                                                                                                an inclusive school and serving a managed
                 Responsibilities of Parents:                      Inspiration Projects                                                                                number of students representing the full
                                                                                                                     •                         range of learning differences and language
                 1. Provide an environment conducive to            Using a design approach, students learn to
                    consistent home learning routines              carry out personal projects on themes that are    •
                                                                   of their interest. These personal inspiration
                 2. Oversee the home learning routine, but                                                                                                             Balance
                                                                   projects happen at home and are showcased
                    allow for students to be independent
                                                                   at school during specific dates. Designing and
                                                                                                                     Spanish Home Learning                             We believe in maintaining an manageable
                 3. Check teacher’s communication in blogs         carrying out inspiration projects is expected     Native Speakers are expected to read in           balance between students from our general
                    or other means                                 to beging second semester of Grade 2 and          Spanish at home on a regular basis.               education population, and those with
                                                                   these run through Grade 5. Students find a                                                          learning differences. Inclusion parameters
                 4. Communicate with your student’s teacher                                                          Students are encouraged to review what
                                                                   personal passion project that they’re excited                                                       are set at 10-12% mild learning needs, 2-3%
                    if your child’s reading time consistently                                                        they have learned in class to practice their
                                                                   to pursue and showcase it to their classmates                                                       moderate learning needs, and 1% intensive
                    falls short of or exceeds the recommended                                                        Spanish in oral, writing, and reading. Grades
                                                                   on at least one occasion per quarter. Students                                                      learning needs.
                    time given below                                                                                 2-5 are assigned weekly reading which varies
                                                                   may choose to showcase a number of
                 Responsibilities of Students:                     different passions throughout the year if they    according to their level.                         Identification
                 1. Refer to communication folders or blogs        wish, and classroom teachers have structures                                                        Formal and informal interventions and
                                                                   in place to facilitate these presentations. The
                 2. Ask for clarification if home learning
                                                                   philosophy is to turn the traditional, teacher    Learning Support                                  assessments are used to identify learning
                    expectations are not clear                                                                                                                         needs in students with whom classroom
                                                                   driven homework model over to the students,       Academia Cotopaxi is an inclusive school.         teachers and / or parents have specific
                 3. Put forth their best effort when engaging      in order for them to take ownership of their      We believe that inclusion is a universal          concerns.
                    in home learning                               personal learning and dig deep into what          human right that enriches the lives of all
                                                                   motivates them to learn. Of course, we will       students and builds a caring and empathetic       Nondiscriminatory Evaluation
                 4. Complete their home learning on time
                                                                   watch each student carefully and at any time      community. Academia Cotopaxi offers an
                                                                   that we feel that they need specific practice     inclusive international education designed        Once the team recommends a formal
                 Expected Home Learning Times                      or support with their in-school learning, we      to give every student an opportunity to           evaluation, parents will be asked to
                 The suggested time frame for assigned             will assign the appropriate homework to           achieve their potential. We are committed         carry out a complete psycho-educational
                 daily reading at each grade level includes        enhance their achievement. Here’s the “why”       to providing our students with equitable          evaluation administered by external
                 reading to your child, independent reading,       (or rationale) behind this approach to home       learning opportunities within a collaborative     qualified evaluator(s). Academia Cotopaxi
                 Spanish and core teacher assignments or           learning:                                         and supportive learning environment that          will recommend qualified evaluators,
                 home connections. Please keep in mind                                                                                                                 yet parents may seek other qualified
    14                                                                                                                                                                                                                        15
                                                                   21st century learning is showing us that          results in appreciation of all its members.
                                                                                                                                                                       evaluators. Typically, this implies a psycho-
  PK - Gr. 5

  Handbook       educational evaluation that should be             Least Restrictive Environment                     Inquirers They develop their natural curiosity.   Reflective    They     give     thoughtful
                 administered considering the student’s                                                              They acquire the skills necessary to conduct      consideration to their own learning and
                 dominant language. No single assessment
                                                                   (LRE)                                             inquiry and research and show independence        experience. They are able to assess and
                 will be used. Comprehensive re-evaluations        Student     needs    are   carefully  taken       in learning. They actively enjoy learning         understand their strengths and limitations
                 are completed every three years.                  into consideration so that appropriate            and this love of learning will be sustained       in order to support their learning and
                                                                   educational services are provided within the      throughout their lives.                           personal development.
                 Confidentiality                                   least restrictive environment. At Academia
                                                                                                                     Knowledgeable They explore concepts,              Our mission, core values and the elements of
                                                                   Cotopaxi, students are supported within
                 Information about a student’s psycho-                                                               ideas and issues that have local and global       the PYP, guide our actions in the Elementary
                                                                   the general education setting as much as
                 educational evaluation and the Learning                                                             significance. In so doing, they acquire in-       School.    The following elements in this
                 Support program are kept strictly confidential.                                                     depth knowledge and develop understanding         handbook, refer to processes and practices
                 Only the parents and appropriate school                                                             across a broad and balanced range of              that parents will benefit from understanding.
                 personnel and teachers working with the
                                                                   Professional Teaching Staff                       disciplines.                                      We will refer to these practices frequently
                 student have access, as needed to support         Qualified professional staff are hired to                                                           and recommend that you become familiar
                                                                                                                     Thinkers They exercise initiative in applying
                 the student, to this information.                 support our students with learning differences,                                                     with these.
                                                                                                                     thinking skills critically and creatively to
                                                                   as well as to work with collaboratively with
                                                                                                                     recognize and approach complex problems,
                 Parental Rights and                               classroom teachers to provide high quality
                                                                                                                     and make reasoned, ethical decisions.             Leaving School Grounds
                 Responsibilities                                  differentiated instruction for all students.
                                                                                                                     Communicators They understand and                 At no time may any student leave school
                 Parents have the right, and the responsibility,   International Baccalaureate                       express ideas and information confidently         grounds during the school day without a
                 to participate in their child’s educational                                                         and creatively in more than one language and      parent or guardian picking them up at the
                 program. They must give permission before         Organization                                      in a variety of modes of communication. They      school. Please try to schedule appointments
                 their child is evaluated using cognitive          Academia Cotopaxi has been authorized by          work effectively and willingly in collaboration   outside of the school day. Taking children out
                 tests, placed in or exited from the Learning      the International Baccalaureate Organization      with others.                                      of the school early is disruptive to student
                 Support Program, or given modified                to offer the Diploma program since 1983 and                                                         learning and the school highly discourages
                 grades. They have the right to help plan                                                            Principled They act with integrity and            this practice.
                                                                   the Primary Years Programme since 2005. As
                 and responsibility to support their child’s                                                         honesty, with a strong sense of fairness,
                                                                   such, Cotopaxi embraces the IBO Mission.                                                            If your child must leave campus during
                 Individualized Learning Program (ILP), and                                                          justice and respect for the dignity of the
                                                                                                                     individual, groups and communities. They          the school day, bring a written permission
                 must sign the ILP to indicate agreement and       IBO Mission Statement                                                                               from home so that the teacher is aware and
                 allow implementation. Parents have the                                                              take responsibility for their own actions and
                 right to regular reports about their child’s      The International Baccalaureate aims to           the consequences that accompany them.             can dismiss the student at the appropriate
                 progress. Parents have the responsibility         develop inquiring, knowledgeable and                                                                time. Before leaving campus with your
                                                                   caring young people who help to create a          Open-minded        They    understand      and    child, you must get a dismissal slip from the
                 to comply with any external support                                                                 appreciate their own cultures and personal
                 recommendations articulated in the ILP.           better and more peaceful world through                                                              Elementary School office to present at the
                                                                   intercultural understanding and respect.          histories, and are open to the perspectives,      main gate. If your child normally takes the
                                                                   To this end the organization works with           values and traditions of other individuals and    school bus, and will not do so on a given day,
                 Multidisciplinary Team Process                                                                      communities. They are accustomed to seeking
                                                                   schools, governments and international                                                              complete the online Transportation Change
                 Student Study Teams are comprised                 organizations to develop challenging              and evaluating a range of points of view, and     Form. Please do this no later than 10 a.m. for
                 of all support specialists, teachers and          programmes of international education and         are willing to grow from the experience.          PK and 1:00 p.m. for K-Grade 5 on the day the
                 administrators who are involved in The            rigorous assessment. These programmes                                                               change is to take place. Telephone requests
                                                                                                                     Caring They show empathy, compassion
                 Team makes decisions affecting the                encourage students across the world to                                                              to the transportation office are not accepted
                                                                                                                     and respect towards the needs and
                 child’s educational program. Parents may          become active, compassionate and lifelong                                                           and will not be honored.
                                                                                                                     feelings of others. They have a personal
                 be involved. ALL discussions are strictly         learners who understand that other people,        commitment to service, and act to make
                 confidential. Outside specialists are involved    with their differences, can also be right.
                 as needed.
                                                                                                                     a positive difference to the lives of others      Library
                                                                   The IB Learner Profile in close liaison with      and to the environment.
                                                                                                                                                                       The School Library offers a variety of resources
                 Individualized Learning Plan                      the school’s core values serves as a guide for    Risk-takers They approach unfamiliar              for information and recreational reading:
                                                                   personnel and students throughout the Lower       situations and uncertainty with courage and       books, magazines and online databases. The
                 (ILP) & Accommodation Plans                       School.                                           forethought, and have the independence            Library staff is available for recommendations
                 ILP’s and Accommodation Plans are written by                                                        of spirit to explore new roles, ideas and         and research assistance.
                 learning support specialists who take student,    IB Learner Profile                                strategies. They are brave and articulate in
                 teacher and parent input into consideration.                                                        defending their beliefs.                          Materials may be borrowed from the library
                                                                   The aim of all IB programmes is to develop                                                          for a period of two weeks, and longer if
                 All students receiving special education          internationally     minded people     who,
                 services have a yearly formal review of their                                                       Balanced They understand the importance of        necessary. Students are responsible for the
                                                                   recognizing their common humanity and             intellectual, physical and emotional balance      materials they borrow, and students who lose
                 ILP or Accommodation Plan.                        shared guardianship of the planet help to         to achieve personal well-being for themselves     or damage materials are expected to pay for
                                                                   create a better and more peaceful world. IB       and others.                                       the replacement cost of those items. Parents
    18                                                             learners strive to be:
  PK - Gr. 5

  Handbook       can also use the library and check-out books.     •   Student/Parent Handbooks available in                                                                                                       
                                                                       print and on our website
   2018-19       The Library is a common learning area, and all
                 users must respect each other’s work space        •   Regularly scheduled reports of students’
                 by maintaining a quiet tone of voice. Food is         progress
                 not permitted. The Library is open Monday
                                                                   •   Timely notice of all school events,
                 through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for
                                                                       including individual meetings
                 classes or independent study.
                                                                   •   Availability of school personnel to meet
                                                                       with parents
                 Medical Office
                                                                   •   Periodically scheduled open discussion
                 The medical office is open during school
                                                                       times with school director, principals, and
                 hours. If for some reason the office is closed,
                                                                       parent representatives
                 students should report to the office. A student
                 who needs to go to the medical office must        •   Disclosure of all emergency procedures
                 check first with his/her classroom teacher.
                 Parents will be notified in the event that a      What Commitment Do We Ask of
                 student needs to return home due to illness.      You?
                 It is essential that parents provide the school   There are many levels of commitment that
                 with the student’s medical records as per our     parents demonstrate. We have created the list
                 enrollment requirements. Students who do          below to emphasize what most children need
                 not have medical records on file may not be                                                              in touch with teachers and seeking                 productions, special awards ceremonies,
                                                                   in terms of parental support to be successful          information as needed                              assemblies, and competitions
                 allowed to continue to attend classes as per      in our school and find their experience here to
                 school policy.                                    be a meaningful and enjoyable one. Please          •   Ensure that your child has opportunities at    •   Read report cards and progress reports
                                                                   review the list below and make sure that you           home to continue learning and connecting           with your child and discuss your child’s
                 Parent/School                                     are supporting your child in these ways:               with authentic experiences                         progress periodically supporting a process
                                                                                                                                                                             of reflection and growth
                 Communication                                     A. Stay informed                                   •   Inform the Admissions Office of any
                                                                   • Read weekly newsletters and all email                changes in your contact information,           D. At Home
                 Communication is the key to a successful                                                                 including cell phones and email addresses,
                                                                      sent to you by your child’s teacher and the                                                        • Discuss the school’s core values and what
                 school year. We encourage a collaborative                                                                which are frequently used by the school
                                                                      school                                                                                                these mean to your family
                 working relationship between all members of                                                              for emergency communication
                 our community.                                    •   Carefully read and refer to the Parent/                                                           •   Establish a learning environment at home
                                                                       Student handbooks                              •   Inform division offices of any changes in
                                                                                                                          your or your child’s status including but      •   Model the behaviors you desire your child
                 What is Our Commitment to You?                    •   Utilize school website information and                                                                to exhibit
                                                                                                                          not limited to health issues, travel, etc.
                 Academia Cotopaxi is committed to                     resources (                                                                   •   Engage in close communication with your
                 providing the best possible education for                                                            •   Communicate with teachers when
                                                                   •   Refer to the website online school                 mitigating circumstances arise and                 child
                 all of our students. We are committed to
                                                                       calendar for updated activity information          arrange holidays, medical visits and other     •   Discuss and extend the curriculum areas
                 honestly and consistently communicating
                 with you regarding your children’s education      •   Read and adhere to agreement regarding             appointments out of the regular school             covered in class whenever possible at
                 and overall development based on the                  fees and payments                                  day                                                home
                 observance of the school’s core values. In                                                           •   Follow-up with school recommendations          •   Ensure a healthy diet          and     foster
                 order to communicate effectively, venues for      B. Collaboration
                                                                                                                          for ELL, Special Services, private emotional       appropriate eating habits
                 school / home communication are available         • The first person to contact about your               or    tutoring     support,     neurological
                 and include but are not limited to:                  child’s experience is your child’s teacher.         evaluations, and physical or speech exams      •   Ensure a good night’s rest and breakfast
                                                                      If you need further support after talking to        and/or other forms of individual therapy       •   Show high but reasonable expectations
                 •   Regularly       scheduled       written
                                                                      your child’s teacher, you should feel free to                                                          for achievement
                     communication      via   the    weekly                                                           •   Support the PTSA by participating as a
                                                                      contact your child’s counselor or principal
                     newsletter, Elementary School News.                                                                  volunteer                                      •   Ensure child’s regular attendance at
                                                                      and then the director in that order
                 •   Up to date website (                                                                                                                school and punctuality
                                                                   •   Attend regular     and    special    parent    C. Celebrate
                 •   Online calendar of school activities              conferences                                    • Attend Back-to-School night and other            •   Provide daily opportunities for play
                 •   Online publication     of   the   school’s    •   Attend the school’s General Assembly for          extracurricular functions in which your         •   Encourage participation in school activities
                     curriculum                                        parent members                                    children have an opportunity to share               and school spirit
                                                                                                                         their accomplishments with you such
                 •   Annual Board Reports                          •   Monitor your child’s progress by visiting                                                         •   Read to and with your child regularly (see
   20                                                                                                                                                                                                                              21
                                                                                                                         as sporting events, concerts, drama
                                                                       your child’s electronic portfolio, being                                                              Home Learning Section)
You can also read