Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Welcome 2020/2021
International Student Handbook

Real skills.

                          Real experience.

                                                  Real outcomes.

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Thank you for enrolling into a course at The Gordon. Included is useful information as you
    commence your study journey.

    Orientation week                                                Student ID card
    It is compulsory for international students to attend the       Once you have paid your enrolment fees you obtain a
    International Orientation to help you get familiar with study   Student ID card from Customer Service. This card is used
    and life at the Gordon.                                         for identification purposes whilst you are on campus, to
                                                                    access the printers and photocopiers, and to borrow books
    International Orientation program takes place in January
                                                                    from The Gordon library. You should keep this card with
    and July each year, before your course starts.
                                                                    you at all times.
    International Orientation includes activities that help new
    international students settle into The Gordon life:
    information about facilities, student support, enrolment,       Booklists
    your campus location, ID card, meeting fellow students and
                                                                    Your booklist should be provided to you by your course
    your program managers as well as information that will
                                                                    area. Booklist items can be purchased from the on-campus
    help make the most of your time here at The Gordon.
                                                                    Gordon bookshops located at the Geelong City Campus
    You will receive an email with details of when and where        and East Geelong Campus (the Bookshop’s details are
    your orientations will take place.                              provided later in this booklet.)

    Online orientation                                              Timetables
    There is an online orientation video to familiarise yourself    Timetables can be accessed via the Student Portal , under
    with The Gordon student code of conduct, your                   the ‘Course Stuff’ icon.
    responsibilities as well as services offered to you at
                                                                    Click the ‘Course Stuff’ icon to access the timetable finder.
    The Gordon. Jump onto the student portal to watch.
                                                                    You then search your course and your group from the list.
                                                                    You’ll be able to see which classroom you’re in.

    eCentral/student account
    eCentral provides you with the ability to access your own       Gordon Online
    ‘portal’ of information.
                                                                    Gordon Online is The Gordon’s online learning
    You can:
                                                                    management system where you’ll access course materials
    •   Update your personal details
                                                                    and assessment details. Your teacher will give you further
    •   Make enquiries                                              information once you commence class.
    •   Apply for courses
        View application status and correspondence
        Manage your enrolments
                                                                    Stay connected
    •   View your financial transactions                            We love being connected at The Gordon.

    •   Pay your fees                                                       Facebook – like us to stay up to date with special
    •   View your results and see details regarding                         offers, events and Gordon news.
        completion and graduation
    •   View information on Support Services                                Instagram – follow us @the_gordon to check out
                                                                            other students’ work. Use #thegordon to share
    •   Access your online course materials.
                                                                            your projects – we like to regram!

    Access to eCentral
                                                                            YouTube – follow us at thegordongeelong
    You can access eCentral from a link on the Student Portal
                                                                            for our latest videos.
    or via The Gordon website, and you’ll need to use your
    student account log in details (Student ID and Password).
                                                                            Pinterest – follow us to be inspired by
                                                                            students’ floristry, make-up, fashion and
                                                                            vintage Gordon photos.

                                                                            Twitter – follow us @GordonTAFE to stay up to
                                                                            date on what’s happening in Geelong, Gordon
                                                                            news and good reads.

                                                                            LinkedIn – add The Gordon to your profile
                                                                            to stay connected.

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Student Internet usage policy                                     Bring your own device
    You are encouraged to make use of The Gordon ’s                   Students who bring their own devices will be able to access
    computer network and public Internet for educational              any web-based resource such as the Student Portal, Gordon
    purposes. The Gordon has a policy in place to ensure these        Online, web-based email and general internet access after
    resources are used sensibly, responsibly and within legal         authenticating with a current Gordon user account.
    and ethical guidelines. When agreeing to The Gordon’s
                                                                      For students who wish to purchase or use their own laptop
    Terms and Conditions during enrolment you are agreeing
                                                                      device to assist with their studies at The Gordon, this
    to abide by the usage policy.
                                                                      information provides a guide.
    Guidelines are displayed in the libraries and other access
    areas throughout The Gordon.                                      Free Office 365
    Unacceptable use includes:                                        You can download Office 365 via the student portal.
    •   Sending, receiving or viewing obscene, offensive              To help prepare our students for work in the professional
        or defamatory material                                        world, we provide Office to every one of our students for
    •      Using the Internet or email for gambling                   FREE. This means you’ll always have the latest version of
           or illegal activities                                      Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and more, for as long
                                                                      as you’re a Gordon student.
    •      Wasting time on non-educational pursuits
    •      Intentionally interfering with normal operation            You can install on up to five compatible PCs and Macs,
           of the network                                             plus five tablets. Gain valuable skills on the world’s most
                                                                      popular document software. For more information visit the
    •      Other inappropriate uses that may be identified
                                                                      student portal https://www.thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/
           by the network administrator.
    Use of the Internet is subject to monitoring for security and/
    or network management reasons. Breaches of the student
    Internet usage policy may result in disciplinary action, as
    outlined under The Gordon Student Conduct Policy.

    Wi-Fi access
    The Gordon provides free wireless access via the normal
    logon protocol. This wireless access is intended to be
    available across all campuses. It is not possible for
    students to connect to The Gordon’s Information Systems
    via a cable connection. For everything you need to know

        ‘General use’ laptop                                     ‘High performance’ laptop
        Recommended for almost all areas                         Recommended for use in the following teaching areas:
                                                                 • Graphic Design
                                                                 • Information Technology
                                                                 • Advanced Design and Building
        PC: Intel i5 or similar processor                        PC or Mac: Intel i5 or better processor
        Mac: Intel i5 or Intel Dual Core M processor
        4GB RAM (minimum)                                        8GB RAM (minimum)
        250GB (or more) Hard disk drive                          250GB (or more) SSD drive
        Wireless network adaptor                                 Wireless network adaptor
        Integrated graphics                                      Dedicated graphics

        Integrated webcam                                        Integrated webcam
        PC: Windows 7 or later                                   PC: Windows 7 or later
        Mac: OS X 10.6 or later                                  Mac: OS X 10.7 or later

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Student Services                                           Student A-Z guide
    and Support                                                Absences
    Studying at The Gordon opens up a world of opportunity.    It is a student’s responsibility to participate in training and
    With our trusted, skills-based courses, we recognise the   assessment and/or attend classes as scheduled and to
    journey is as important as the destination. That’s why     report any absences in a timely manner. Consequences of
    we’ve invested in a range of innovative facilities and     non-attendance may be withdrawal with the liability for
    services, to ensure your Gordon experience exceeds your    payment of fees remaining should withdrawal be outside
    expectations and you can achieve your educational goals.   the period that allows fees to be refunded or credited.

    More information about our services can be found on the    In most cases medical certificates will be needed for
    student portal or The Gordon website.                      extensions to assessment dates.

                                                               All accidents, incidents and near misses on The Gordon’s
                                                               premises must be reported to a member of staff. The staff
                                                               member will assist you in filling in an Injury and Illness form.

                                                               For further information contact:

                                                               Quality Assurance & Risk Management OHS Manager
                                                               Phone: (03) 5225 0904
                                                               Email: QualityAssurance@gordontafe.edu.au

                                                               The Gordon offers an affordable, on-campus student
                                                               residence for students living away from home. Located at
                                                               the East Geelong Campus (and ten minutes drive from the
                                                               Geelong City Campus ), The Gordon Student Residence is a
                                                               small community renowned for its friendly and welcoming
                                                               environment, offering a comfortable and fun place to live
                                                               and study.

                                                               The residence comprises three separate wings,
                                                               accommodating 50 furnished bedrooms. All rooms are
                                                               spacious and include a queen-sized bed. Fully-equipped
                                                               kitchen and bathroom areas are shared between four
                                                               residents, and living areas are centrally located, with
                                                               couches, TV and DVD facilities. The residence also offers
                                                               many support services, activities and opportunities to meet
                                                               new friends and build independent living skills.

                                                               For more Information:
                                                               Phone: (03) 5246 6132
                                                               Email: StudentResidence@gordontafe.edu.au

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Advanced standing                                              Bookshops
    You may be entitled to recognition of prior learning or        The bookshop provides textbooks, chef and hairdressing
    experience or perhaps you have already completed some          equipment and uniforms, a great range of stationery items,
    units from your course. Contact your teacher to discuss        plus everyday items from newspapers and postage stamps
    your advanced standing (also called RPL - Recognition of       to greeting cards and nail polishes. If we don’t stock it we
    Prior Learning).                                               can usually order it in for you! Bookshops are located at:

                                                                   Geelong City Campus - Student Hub - enter via H Building
    Alcohol and other drugs                                        corner of Latrobe Terrace and Gordon Avenue
    As a member of The Gordon community, students are              East Geelong Campus - Boundary Road, H Building
    required to behave sensibly and appropriately.
                                                                   Phone: (03) 5225 0542
    Being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs while at   Email: bookshop@gordontafe.edu.au
    The Gordon or while participating in or attending any
                                                                   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students – please
    Gordon organised (including off campus) activity may lead
                                                                   contact us for more information about the services
    to action under the Student Misconduct Management
                                                                   available to you and to discuss your individual needs.
    Procedure. This may involve suspension.
    For further information, including the disciplinary action
    procedure please refer to the Student Misconduct
    Management Procedure.                                          Barbeques
                                                                   There are electric barbeques located in the courtyard at the
    Animals                                                        Geelong City and in the G Building courtyard at the East
    Public health regulations do not allow any animals on the      Geelong Campus. There are also a number of portable gas
    grounds of The Gordon except for:                              fueled Barbeques at each campus.
    •   Registered guide dogs used by people who have              The Gordon’s barbeques are not to be used by
        low vision or who are legally blind, and                   unsupervised students and are only to be operated by
    •   Companion dogs assisting people with disabilities          staff who have completed the training and are competent
        or mental health needs                                     in safe food handling.
    •   Animals approved for animal studies in designated
        study areas.                                               Bicycles
    If an unaccompanied animal is found on campus please           The Gordon promotes safe bicycle riding practices and
    contact Gordon Security.                                       for health benefits encourages students to ride their bikes
                                                                   when possible. Students must walk, not ride their bikes
    Geelong Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999
                                                                   whilst on campus property, and not on any grassed areas.
    or from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
                                                                   Bicycle Racks are available for student use:
    East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300
    or from your mobile phone 0409 010 858                         Geelong City Campus - located outside Building C and G
    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
    - contact the campus for more information                      East Geelong Campus - located outside Buildings A, E, H,
                                                                   G and M
    If you have an allergy or phobia of animals you should
    advise your teacher.                                           Colac - located at the public library

                                                                   Werribee and Hoppers Crossing - contact the campus for
    ATM                                                            more information
    The Gordon does not have an ATM on any campus, but
                                                                   Students must ensure they lock their bikes whilst on
    most banks and ATMs can be accessed either in the central
                                                                   The Gordon grounds as The Gordon is not responsible
    business district of Geelong and Werribee or major
                                                                   for stolen or damaged bikes.
    shopping centres.

    Attendance                                                     Cafeterias
                                                                   Cafeterias are located at the Geelong City and East
    Students are expected to attend all classes until
                                                                   Geelong campuses and are open morning and evening
    competency has been assessed and should notify their
                                                                   cater to your needs. Hot and cold breakfasts,
    teachers if unable to attend due to illness or other
                                                                   lunch and snacks are sold at student prices.

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Car Parking – where to park?                                  Child safe standards
    Geelong City Campus - no student parking available. There     The Gordon is committed to youth and child safety.
    is limited all-day metered parking available on Fenwick and   Our commitment includes zero tolerance for child abuse,
    Little Malop Streets however council restrictions apply.      regardless of whether the abuse occurs at The Gordon, on
    Information on Central Geelong parking can be found at:       a Work Placement or in your home life. All allegations and
    https://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/parking/article/          concerns are taken seriously and support is provided to our
    item/8cb86481f530eba.aspx                                     students by our Aboriginal, Counselling and Disability
    East Geelong Campus - free student parking available.         Support Services.
    Please refer to the campus map for more information.
    Colac - free student parking available. Please refer to the
                                                                  Clothing shall be of an appropriate standard as required for
    campus map for more information.
                                                                  your course, i.e. protective clothing. Bare feet, thongs or
    Werribee and Hoppers Crossing - contact the campus            strapless shoes are not permitted. Shorts, and/or singlets
    for more information.                                         are not permitted in engineering trade areas, building and
                                                                  construction trade areas, and cookery classes.
                                                                  If you are unsure of clothing requirements for your course,
    Changing your details                                         please ask your teacher for clarification. Check out the new
                                                                  range of Student Uniforms and Gordon clothing. See the
    Email and SMS are our primary forms of communication.
                                                                  range and make an order via the Student Portal www.
    So you don’t miss important information ensure your
    contact details are kept up to date. Log into your
    eCentral account and update.

    If we can’t contact you in relation to absences the           Code of Conduct
    consequence may be withdrawal from the course.
                                                                  The Gordon is committed to the provision of high quality
    You may still be liable for payment of fees. Keep your
                                                                  and rewarding education and training for all students in an
    details up to date!
                                                                  environment which actively encourages and supports
    This is also the way the State and Federal Government will    learning for all students. To foster these goals The Gordon
    contact you, particularly in relation to any VET Student      has established this code of conduct to communicate
    Loan information that may be relevant to you.                 students’ responsibilities. The Gordon believes that by
                                                                  establishing and communicating these standards we will
                                                                  provide a supportive and equitable learning environment
                                                                  for all students.

                                                                  Please refer to the following link for full details

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Counselling (careers)                                               Disability support services
    The Careers team provides free and confidential vocational          Disability support provides free confidential advice, in class
    counselling appointments to prospective and current                 note takers, tutors, advocacy, orientation & specialised
    students. The computer program Career Voyage is                     equipment free of charge. If you have a chronic illness,
    available to help match your skills and interests with a            medical condition, hearing/vision, intellectual, learning or
    suitable career. As a current student you are able to obtain        physical disability, mental health condition, epilepsy or
    assistance with job applications, resumes, interview skills         diabetes you may be eligible for our support. The Disability
    and employment information. The Careers team is located             team is located:
                                                                        Geelong City Campus - H1.20
    Geelong City Campus – H1.21 (Tuesday to Thurs)
                                                                        Phone: 5225 0835
    East Geelong Campus – A1.17 (Mondays and Fridays)
                                                                        Email: disabilitysupport@gordontafe.edu.au
    Phone: (03) 5225 0687
                                                                        East Geelong Campus - A1.17
    Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au
                                                                        Phone: (03) 5225 0768
    Werribee Princes Campus – WP18 Phone: (03) 5225 0489
                                                                        Email: disabilitysupport@gordontafe.edu.au

    Counselling (personal)                                              Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                                        – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
    A free and personal counselling service is available to you
    as an enrolled student. Personal counsellors can provide
    support with a variety of issues                                    Emergencies
    •    personal issues affecting your time as a student               For emergency assistance whilst on campus, if a staff
    •    mediation services are offered for students and staff          member cannot be contacted, phone Security:
         requiring dispute resolution                                   Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999
    •    financial advice, particularly in relation to course costs.    or from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
    The Counselling team is located:                                    East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300
    Geelong City Campus - H1.22                                         or from your mobile phone 0409 010 858
    East Geelong Campus - A1.17
                                                                        Colac – more information available on campus
    Phone: (03) 5225 0963
    Email: counsel@gordontafe.edu.au                                    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                                        – more information available on campus.
    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
    – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.               The Gordon’s emergency procedures state that in the event
                                                                        of an emergency contact Gordon Security. However, in the
    For after hours crisis service phone Lifeline on 131 114 (24hrs).   case of an extreme emergency phone the emergency
                                                                        services for ambulance, fire and police.
    Credit transfer                                                     Emergency Services (ambulance, fire and police)
    Successful completion of units or modules completed at a            phone 000
    training organisation that is Nationally recognised may
    entitle you to credit in an equivalent TAFE unit or module.         Note: If calling from an institute phone you must dial 0
    Students must provide evidence that the unit/module was             for an outside line first.
    successfully completed. An Application for Credit Transfer
    form is available from Customer Service or program areas.           Evacuation procedure
    There is no charge for credit transfer. For further                 In case of an evacuation you should:
    information please contact Customer Service.                        •   assist anyone in immediate danger (if safe to do so)
                                                                        •   raise the alarm including phoning Gordon Security
    Davidson restaurant                                                 •   leave by the nearest, safest exit (do not use a lift)
    The Davidson Restaurant is a classical style restaurant
                                                                        •   assemble in the evacuation area – do not leave the
    and is used to train students in the skills of fine dining.
                                                                            area (evacuation maps are located in every building)
    It operates from the historic, original main building of
    The Gordon built in 1887. The restaurant is generally open          •   report injuries or information to a staff member or
    to students, staff and the general public for dinner from               relevant authority dealing with the emergency,
    Monday to Friday during the school term and can take                    including the location of a person with mobility issues.
    bookings for arrival from 6.00pm to 7.00pm, closing at              •   do not re-enter the building until advised by the
    9.30pm. When visiting the Davidson Restaurant you are                   relevant authority.
    giving your fellow students the opportunity to demonstrate          DO NOT USE LIFTS DURING ANY EVACUATION
    their practical skills in a real-life environment.                  EMERGENCY OR DRILL.
    The restaurant can be booked for groups and functions.
    Entrance is from Fenwick Street, Geelong, near the corner
    of Little Malop Street. Call Restaurant Reservations
    (03) 5225 0741 to make a booking.

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Employment assistance                                          Gordon Print
    Need help finding out about where the jobs are and how to      Gordon Print, at the Geelong City Campus, caters to all
    produce a winning application?                                 your printing, photocopying and publishing needs
                                                                   providing high speed digital printing, pre-press services,
    For further information or to make an appointment contact:
                                                                   scanning, laminating, colour photocopying, overhead
    Careers and Counselling                                        transparencies and more.
                                                                   Enter from Little Malop Street, off Latrobe Terrace.
    Phone: (03) 5225 0687
                                                                   Gordon Print is open from 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.
    Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au
                                                                   Phone: (03) 5225 0826
    Fees and Charges                                               Email: printing@gordontafe.edu.au

    Fees and charges information is available from the
    Customer Service Centres. If you are an international          Pathways with Deakin
    student holding an Australian student visa, please contact     The Gordon and Deakin University now offer seamless
    our International office to discuss enrolment and fee          pathways with Credit for Prior Learning and Guaranteed
    requirements.                                                  Entry to a range of Deakin degrees. Subject to satisfactory
                                                                   progression through the specified diploma of advanced
    For further details visit https://www.thegordon.edu.au/
                                                                   diploma, this provides certainty about entry into Deakin if
                                                                   this is a priority for you.
    First aid and injuries                                         More details can be found at:
    In accordance with the Code of Practice First Aid in the       deakin.edu.au/the-gordon
    Workplace, first aiders are trained and located across all
    areas of The Gordon:
    •    if you or another student is injured please contact a     The Gordon library provides access to a collection of
         staff member who will arrange for first aid assistance.   books, journals, DVDs, equipment, newspapers, magazines
    •   always complete an Injury and Illness Form OHS FO 3.1      and online databases including online journal articles and
        as soon as possible                                        streamed videos.

    •   make sure any witnesses also give their name and           Visit the library home page at
        contact number.                                            thegordon.libguides.com/library to access subject guides
    •   you are strongly advised to have ambulance                 providing relevant course resources. The library also offers:
        insurance to cover costs associated with transport         •   Library orientation tours
        to hospital if required.
                                                                   •   Basic computer software assistance
    •   for emergency assistance contact Gordon Security.
                                                                   •   Assistance with research (catalogue and database
        The Security Officer or first aider will determine if an
        ambulance is required.
                                                                   •   Referencing assistance with the Institute’s preferred
    Emergency Contacts:
                                                                       Deakin Harvard Style
    Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or                   •   Spaces to eat, study and relax
    from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
                                                                   •   Computers with relevant software for your course
    East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or                   •   Printing and photocopying
    from your mobile phone 0409 010 858
                                                                   •   WIFI
    Colac – more information available on campus                   •   Equipment available for loan includes laptops,
    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students                      cameras, tripods and video cameras
    – more information available on campus.                        Geelong City Campus - H Building enter via corner Latrobe
                                                                   Terrace and Gordon Avenue
    Emergency Services (ambulance, fire and police) Ph. 000
                                                                   Student Use computers are available in the Student Hub in
    Note: If calling from an institute phone you must dial 0
                                                                   G Building, Level 1, next to the cafeteria. Quiet student
    for an outside line first.
                                                                   study space is available on G Building, Level 3. Visit the
                                                                   Library for more information.

                                                                   Phone: (03) 5225 0812
                                                                   Email: library@gordontafe.edu.au

                                                                   East Geelong Campus - H Building

                                                                   Phone: (03) 5225 0609
                                                                   Email: eastlibrary@gordontafe.edu.au

                                                                   Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
                                                                   – please contact us for more information about the services
                                                                   available to you and to discuss your individual needs.

                                                                   Library Hours
                                                                   Monday – Thursday, 8.30am - 5.00pm
                                                                   Friday, 8.30am - 4.00pm.

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Welcome 2020/2021 Real skills. Real experience - The Gordon
Lockers                                                        Public transport
     There are several locker options available to students.        Geelong Bus Network:
     Lockers may be available within specific department areas,
     so please check with teaching staff in your area for use and   For detailed Public Transport Victoria information
     availability of department lockers.                            call 1800 800 007 or visit https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/

     Other lockers are available in the Student Hub near            Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
     Customer Service, G Building (Geelong City Campus              – please contact us to discuss your individual needs.
     only), and in A Building near the café at the                  Myki is a reusable smart card, and is the current ticketing
     East Geelong Campus.                                           system used in areas of public transport across Victoria.
     Students are required to provide their own locks or use        Myki cards are available from the Geelong (Moorabool
     electronic locks (where provided). All lockers must be         Street) and Corio Village Post Offices and at any 7/11 store.
     emptied and locks removed at the end of each term. Failure     Further information on Myki can be found on the myki website.
     to do so will result in locks being cut off and items inside
     lockers removed.                                               Trains

     Please note: The Gordon does not take any responsibility       The Geelong train station is located in Gordon Avenue,
     for theft or damage to items stored inside lockers             across the road from The Gordon Geelong City Campus.
                                                                    Trains run on a regular basis to various destinations
     Newspapers                                                     including Melbourne.

     Daily newspapers are available in the libraries for            For V/Line information go to www.vline.com.au
     students to read.
                                                                    For timetable information, reservations & sales,
                                                                    contact Public Transport Victoria -
     Noticeboards                                                   1800 800 007 (6am-midnight daily)
     Students wishing to display material on any notice board
     must first present the material to Marketing for approval      Resume assistance
     (unauthorised material will be removed).
                                                                    Assistance in preparing a resume is available to students
                                                                    and graduates. Contact Counselling and Careers to make
     Photocopiers and printing                                      an appointment.
     Photocopiers are available in the Library at the Geelong
                                                                    Careers and Counselling
     City and East Geelong Campuses.
                                                                    Phone: (03) 5225 0687
     Computer printing costs are deducted from your online
                                                                    Email: careerscounselling@gordontafe.edu.au
     student printing account.
                                                                    Geelong City Campus - H1.22
     When you first log on to the network you will have a $10.00
     printing credit. Additional value can be added to your         East Geelong Campus - A1.17
     online account by purchasing credit at Customer Service or
                                                                    Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students – please
     our bookshops.
                                                                    contact us to discuss your individual needs.
     Both black and white and colour printing are available.
                                                                    Road safety
     Prayer/quiet room                                              To ensure you get to and from class safely just
     Non-denominational prayer/quiet rooms are available for        a few reminders:
     use by all students and staff at The Gordon.                   - Cross at the lights, wait for the ‘WALK’ symbol.
                                                                    - If there are no lights, cross in an area where you can be
     Please contact the Customer Service Office for details.
                                                                    - Look before crossing the roads or in carparks.
     Public telephone locations                                     - Don’t text whilst crossing the roads or in carparks.
     Geelong City Campus                                            - Always act predictably around traffic.

     G Building Level 1 – near the Student Hub

     A Building Level 1 – near lift

     East Geelong Campus

     A Building – Cafeteria

10   thegordon.edu.au
Security                                                      The Institute encourages smokers to reduce or quit
                                                                   smoking and will support this process through health
     Students are encouraged to label all belongings and to        campaigns and cessation support.
     keep them secure at all times. This includes not leaving
     valuables and belongings unattended, including in locked
     classrooms. Security Officers patrol campuses of The
                                                                   Student ambassadors
     Gordon during opening hours. Any suspicious behaviour         Each year the Gordon offers a fantastic opportunity for
     should be reported to a Security Officer or a staff member    highly motivated and passionate students based at
     immediately.                                                  Geelong City and East, and Werribee Campuses to join our
                                                                   Marketing team as Student Ambassadors.
     Students should also note the following:
     •   always lock and secure your car or bicycle.               Reporting to the School Liaison, these casual roles involve
                                                                   talking to prospective Gordon students at recruitment
     •   never leave your valuables in classrooms during
                                                                   events, expos, school tours and presentations.
         breaks, outside toilet cubicles or on cafeteria tables
         unattended.                                               This important role provides a key influence for prospective
     •   report any theft to a staff member or customer            students, providing information from a student’s
         service. Theft can also be reported to police.            perspective.

     •   student’s valuables are not covered by insurance or       The position would suit students with a great attitude, a
         The Gordon, and are the student’s own responsibility.     customer service focus and a passion for their course at
     Gordon Security Contact Details:                              The Gordon. You should be confident, have initiative,
                                                                   attention to detail and be highly organised.
     Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or
     from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999                         There are a number of dates throughout the year where
                                                                   ambassadors are required to attend and help out the
     East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or                  marketing team. Transport to and from events will be
     from your mobile phone 0409 010 858                           provided if necessary. Student Ambassadors are paid at a
     Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students                 rate of $25/hour up to $125 for a full day event. Payment is
     – please report instances to police.                          made in VISA vouchers for you to use as you like.

                                                                   Interested? Contact Marketing for more information
     Short courses                                                 marketing@gordontafe.edu.au or phone 5225 0631
     We’ve got short courses for work, life and play! From dog
     grooming to body art, Microsoft Office to MYOB, Espresso      Student misconduct procedure
     Coffee to Relaxation Massage.                                 This procedure provides guidance on the standards of
     To view the full list of offerings and to book online visit   behaviour expected of students and describes the process
     thegordon.edu.au/shortcourses                                 involved in the management and resolution of alleged
                                                                   student misconduct.
     Skateboards and skates                                        To view the Student Misconduct Procedure please visit
     Skateboards, inline skates and roller skates are not to be    thegordon.edu.au/quick-links/gordon-students/
     ridden in or around any campus of The Gordon                  documents-forms

     Smoking                                                       The document can also be found under Documents and
                                                                   Forms on the Student Portal home page.
     The Gordon is a smoking and tobacco-free environment.
     Smoking and the use of tobacco products is prohibited on
     all campuses, property, land and vehicles under the control
     of The Gordon. This policy has been implemented to create
     a healthy and safe environment for all Gordon staff,
     students and associates.

11   thegordon.edu.au
Learning Support                                                 USI (Unique Student Identifier)
     Studiosity is a 24/7 online study support is available for all   If you are undertaking nationally recognised training
     students. Access Studiosity via Gordon Online where you          delivered by a registered training organisation you will
     can chat to a tutor or submit assignments for writing            need to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI). This
     feedback.                                                        includes studying at TAFE or with a private training
     On-campus Learning Support drop in sessions are also             organisation, completing an apprenticeship or skill set,
     available, for more information visit the Student Portal         certificate or diploma course.
     https://www.thegordon.edu.au/future-students/student-            A USI gives you access to your online USI account which is
     services/learning-support for more information about             made up of ten numbers and letters. It will look something
     On-campus Learning Support drop in sessions.                     like this: 3AW88YH9U5. A USI account will contain all your
     To contact Learning Support:                                     nationally recognised training records and results from 1
     Email: learningsupport@gordontafe.edu.au                         January 2015 onwards. Your results from 2015 will be
                                                                      available in your USI account in 2016.

     Surveillance                                                     Your USI will be collected from you at the time of
     Please be aware that certain areas of The Gordon are             application. If we miss getting it from you then we will
     under 24 hour video surveillance (see section ‘Security’         collect it at enrolment.
     for related information).                                        Visit the USI website at usi.gov.au to see your account or
     Gordon Security Contact Details:                                 contact our Customer Service Centres for more
     Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or from your
     mobile phone (03) 5225 0999
                                                                      Do you have any questions?
     East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or from your           Don’t hesitate to speak to your teacher, Customer Service
     mobile phone 0409 010 858                                        or International Office staff who will help to answer any
     Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students – please           queries that you have about your time at The Gordon.
     report instances to police.
                                                                      Tell us what you think
     Theft                                                            We love to hear what you think. Do you have an idea
     Theft should be reported to a Security Officer.                  about what we can do better? Visit the Student Portal
                                                                      and follow the tabs.
     Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or
     from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999

     East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or
     from your mobile phone 0409 010 858

     Werribee, Hoppers Crossing and Colac students
     – please report instances to police.

     The incident will be followed up by a Security Officer.

12   thegordon.edu.au
13   thegordon.edu.au
The International Office                                          Student rights and
     Gordon International works closely with teachers and
     support services assisting students to achieve your
     academic potential.                                               Australia provides the world’s most rigorous protection for
                                                                       international students through the Education Services for
     Gordon International offers a range of services to
                                                                       Overseas Students (ESOS) Act, ensuring you receive a
     international students to ensure that your stay in Australia is
                                                                       quality education and protection as a consumer.
     both educationally rewarding and an enjoyable experience:
                                                                       The ESOS Act protects your rights as a student, outlines
     • Orientation program
                                                                       your responsibilities as an overseas student, and
     • Introduction to key staff members and support services          importantly, sets the standards Australian education
                                                                       providers must meet when offering education services to
     • Accommodation and airport pickup arrangements
                                                                       overseas students.
     • General advice regarding visa

     • International student obligations and visa conditions           Understanding your visa conditions
                                                                       As an overseas student on a student visa you are required to
     • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
                                                                       meet the following conditions:
     • Any welfare issues where you may need some support
                                                                       • Maintain satisfactory academic progress
       eferrals to other Gordon support services relevant
                                                                       • Maintain 80% attendance at all times
      to your issue
                                                                       • Pay your fees on time
     Make the International Office your FIRST point of contact
     if you are unsure where to get help.                              • Meet the written terms and conditions of The Gordon

     International Office Staff:                                       • Must not work more than 40 hours per fortnight during
                                                                          teaching periods
       s Jana Perera, Director of Commercial Business
      (International & Domestic)                                       • Notify The Gordon each time you change your address or
                                                                          mobile number within 7 days of change
       s Xuan Liu, International Admissions and
      Recruitment Officer                                              • Maintain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the
                                                                          period of your visa
       s Lana Guo, International Admissions and
      Recruitment Officer                                              • If dependent children accompany you to Australia, the
                                                                          school-age children must be enrolled in school
       s Lavender Kwan, International Client Liaison
                                                                       To see your specific conditions, work and study
     International Office contact details:
                                                                       entitlements, check your visa grant letter or Visa Entitlement
     • A: Room T1.05, T Building, Level 1, Geelong City Campus         Verification Online (VEVO): https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.
     • T: (03) 5225 0920
     • E: international@gordontafe.edu.au
                                                                       Payment of fees
                                                                       As a student visa holder, it is required that students remain
                                                                       financially able to pay their fees.

                                                                       International student fees are stated in your offer letter and
                                                                       Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) before commencing at
                                                                       The Gordon. Fee reminder letters are issued to you before
                                                                       the commencement of each semester. You must pay your
                                                                       course fees in full by the due date. If you do not receive the
                                                                       letter, please contact International Office.

                                                                       Course progress
                                                                       You must achieve satisfactory academic progress.
                                                                       Satisfactory course progress is defined as successfully
                                                                       completing or demonstrating competency in at least 50% of
                                                                       the units attempted in any study period (semester). The
                                                                       Gordon monitors the course progress of international
                                                                       students and has an intervention strategy to help students
                                                                       who are ‘at risk’ of not successfully completing their course.

14   thegordon.edu.au
Attendance                                                        Change of personal details
     You must attend all timetabled classes, practical activities      You must notify The Gordon of your residential address
     and excursions. Irregular or poor attendance will put your        within 7 days of arriving in Australia. Any change in your
     course progress ‘at risk’. The student will be required to give   residential address or contact details must be reported
     reasons for absence and take action to rectify this.              within 7 days of the change. This can be done by completing
                                                                       and submitting the Student Change of Details Form to
     ELICOS students are required to maintain 80% attendance.
                                                                       Customer Service or updating your personal details at your
     You are expected to be on time and attend all classes. If you
                                                                       Gordon student account.
     miss a class for medical reasons, it is important to see a
     Doctor and get a medical certificate.
                                                                       Course completion
     Changing courses                                                  International students must complete their course within the
                                                                       time specified in your CoE. If you are not “on track” to
     If you want to change courses within The Gordon, you must
                                                                       complete within the duration of your course, The Gordon
     meet the entry requirements and pay any additional tuition
                                                                       will only extend the study duration for a course through the
     fees that apply to the new course. You’ll need to complete
                                                                       issuing of a new CoE in limited circumstances.
     and submit the International Student Request/Notification
     Form to International Office. For more information, please
     contact International Office.                                     School-age children
                                                                       It is compulsory for school-age children to be attending
     Change of provider                                                schools in Australia. If you have school-aged dependants
                                                                       who will accompany you to Australia, you must enrol them
     According to the ESOS Act and the National Code, students
                                                                       in school and you should be responsible for your children’s
     are restricted from transferring between registered
                                                                       school fees and other expenses.
     providers prior to the student completing six months of the
     principal course of study. International students wishing to      Check Victorian government schools or Independent
     change providers prior to completing 6 months of their            Schools Victoria for more information.
     principal course need to apply for a release. You’ll need to
     complete and submit the International Student Request/            Complaints and appeals
     Notification Form to International Office.
                                                                       If you have a problem with The Gordon and feel you have
     All applications will be assessed in accordance with The          been treated unfairly or wrongly, you can complain and ask
     Gordon’s Transfers, Suspension or Cancellation of                 for an internal and external review of the matter. You can
     Enrolment Policy (for international students). Release is         make a complaint about your course, your assessment or a
     granted under limited circumstances outlined in the relevant      decision made by The Gordon that has affected you and
     policies.                                                         which you believe is unfair and wrong.

                                                                       The Gordon’s Quality Manager coordinates all written
     Deferral, suspension or cancellation                              complaints and appeals. A written complaint can be emailed
     of enrolment                                                      to qualityassurance@gordontafe.edu.au or by mail to
     Deferrals, suspensions and cancellation of enrolment can          Private Bag 1, Geelong Mail Centre, Victoria, 3221, Australia.
     only occur in very specific circumstances. Please speak to        The Quality Manager will contact you to confirm receiving
     International Office for the relevant policy and procedure.       your issue and let you know who will be investigating it.

15   thegordon.edu.au
Living in Australia                                            Phone and internet
                                                                    You will need an Australian SIM Card when you arrive. There
                                                                    are many companies that offer different options, like the
     About Geelong                                                  pre-paid SIM card with combos that will give you internet
     Geelong is the second-largest city in Victoria after           and unlimited national calls and text messages for different
     Melbourne, and is an hour away from Melbourne by car or        prices, depending on how many GB of Data you want to use
     train.                                                         monthly, or a contract if you don’t want to top up every 28
     Geelong has some of Australia’s greatest surf beaches,         days. You can find telephone companies in Westfield and
     world-class education programs and facilities, as well as      Waurn Ponds shopping centres and other locations.
     heritage buildings, parks, gardens, beaches, restaurants and
     plenty of shopping.                                            Banking
     It is also a gateway to the scenic and world-famous Great      To open an account you must satisfy government
     Ocean Road with its beautiful beaches and parklands.           requirements for identification. A total of 100 points is
                                                                    required. Your student identification card is 40 points and
     For more information, please visit https://www.thegordon.      your passport is 60 points. You need to bring both of these
     edu.au/international/future-international/living-geelong-      forms of identification with you when you open the account.
     werribee                                                       You can use your Confirmation of Enrolment from The
                                                                    Gordon as identification before you get your student card.
     Climate                                                        You also need an address so information can be sent to you.
     Geelong weather has something for everyone and would be        Remember to ask about any special “Student Account” they
     described as a temperate climate, with cool wet winters and    may be offering. Student accounts normally have the
     warm dry summers.                                              benefit of “no bank fee charge”.

     In winter the mean day temperature is 10 °C in winter but be   Most students open an account that has access to an
     prepared for cold mornings over the winter months with         Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) via a debit card. Most
     6°C and short days. It never gets to freezing.                 supermarkets and shopping places have facilities to
                                                                    purchase goods with your debit card, known as Electronic
     In the summer the days are longer with the mean day            Funds Transfer Point of Sale (EFTPOS). Phone and internet
     temperature 21 °C in January, though you can expect a          banking are widely used in Australia and you can utilise
     number of days when temperatures go over 40 °C. You can        these facilities to check your account balance and make
     keep yourself updated about the UV all year-round by           payment for tuition fees and rent.
     visiting Sunsmart UV widget.
                                                                    Some major banks across Australia are:

     Living Costs                                                   • ANZ anz.com.au
     Geelong has a lower cost of living compared to other cities    • Commonwealth Bank commbank.com.au
     like Melbourne or Sydney. There are a wide range of stores
     where you can buy food. Cooking at home is the best option     • National Australia Bank nab.com.au
     for tight budgets. However, you might like to eat out          • Westpac westpac.com.au
     sometimes and Geelong has a place for every pocket and
     taste. The Australian Government’s MoneySmart website
     (https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/) provides information
     and guidance on managing your finances.

     Groceries and restaurants
     In Geelong there are a wide range of stores where you can
     buy food. There are many local shops that offer specials on
     fruits and vegetables weekly and places where you can buy
     more exclusive products.

16   thegordon.edu.au
Australian culture                                                 Transportation
     Australians are known for their relaxed lifestyle, particular
     slang, and informality. Make sure you take the time to
                                                                        Airport pick-up
     understand our proud Indigenous history.
                                                                        The Gordon offers a free airport pick-up service for new
     Some important points about Australian culture:                    commencing international students enrolling in course(s) for
                                                                        20 weeks or more, arriving in Melbourne (Tullamarine)
       en and women are equal in Australian society, as are
                                                                        Airport or Avalon airport and travelling to Geelong area.
      people from all levels of wealth, authority and occupation.
                                                                        If your studies are less than 20 weeks, there is a cost for
     • Australians enjoy watching and playing sport.
                                                                        airport pick-up service of AUD$175.
     • In Victoria, Australian Rules football is very popular during
                                                                        To book airport pick-up service or enquire, please contact
        the winter. You might like to choose a team to support.
                                                                        International Office.
       unctuality is important. If you are going to be late or
                                                                        Public transport
      cannot make the appointment, it is polite to telephone and
      let the person know.                                              Geelong has an extensive public transport network
                                                                        comprised of buses and trains. To use public transport you
       eople stand in queues when waiting at the bank or to get
                                                                        will need to buy a Myki card and choose the amount of
      on a train or bus or to buy tickets.
                                                                        credit to put on it.
     • It is considered bad manners to spit, sniff and litter in
                                                                        Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website is a ‘one-stop-shop’
                                                                        for information regarding bus & train services and Myki card:
       espect other people’s privacy – don’t go into other             https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/. Here you can plan your journey
      people’s rooms or offices without getting permission.             and find out about bus and train fares and timetables for the
                                                                        Greater Geelong region.
       urn off your mobile phone if you are in an appointment
      with someone or in class.                                         Geelong’s train service is operated by V/Line, with regular
                                                                        services between Geelong and Melbourne.

                                                                        Cycling is a fun and affordable way to travel, and you get
                                                                        some exercise on the way. Geelong has bike lanes in the city,
                                                                        but you need to be aware of the road rules for bicycles.

                                                                        – No riding on footpaths

                                                                        – You must wear an approved safety helmet (except for
                                                                           medical and/or religious reasons)

                                                                        – Bicycles must have a bell or horn, an efficient brake and,
                                                                           when riding at night, a white headlight, red tail-light and
                                                                           red rear-reflector.

                                                                        See the VicRoads website for information on rules and
                                                                        safety: https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/safety-and-road-

                                                                        If you prefer independence, then driving and exploring
                                                                        Australia’s attractions by road is for you. If you have a valid
                                                                        driver’s licence in your country, you could be eligible to
                                                                        apply for an international driver’s licence when you arrive.
                                                                        As of the 29th of October 2019, all international students
                                                                        driving on an international licence will have six months to
                                                                        get a Victorian licence.

                                                                        Everything you need to know about roads, rules and
                                                                        licensing in Australia is available at the VicRoads website:

17   thegordon.edu.au
Work and Taxation                                                 Accommodation
     There are several reasons you might want to work part time
     or casually while studying in Geelong such as assisting with      The Gordon student residence
     living expenses and gaining work experience.                      The Gordon Student Residence is a friendly and welcoming
                                                                       place to live and a great way to make new Australian and
     While on a student visa, you can work up to 40 hours per          International friends. It is located at the East Geelong
     fortnight (14 days) during the semester and unlimited hours       Campus, which is only a 10 minute bus ride from the
     during semester breaks.                                           Geelong City Campus. On-campus accommodation rent is
     The Gordon Careers team provides free and confidential            $140 per week and includes your own private room, utility
     vocational counselling appointments to all students (go to        bills and Wi-Fi internet. Refer to Page 5 for more details.
     Page 8 for details).
     Employment rights                                                 A homestay involves staying with a family in their home with
     International students have the same rights and protections       meals, internet and utilities covered by the family. While
     under the law as resident workers. You are entitled to the        homestays are a popular option for a true Australian
     same pay and minimum conditions of employment as                  experience, some students can find living with a family
     resident workers.                                                 frustrating at times, as you might not have as much
     There are other rules about work in Australia such as the
     times you can work and how often you have a break. To             Homestay rent for a private room is AUD$315 per week plus
     find information about the minimum pay rates and                  one-off placement fee at AUD$220.
     entitlements for your job, visit Fair Work Ombudsman
     https://www.fairwork.gov.au/.                                     Private rental
                                                                       If you prefer more privacy or come with your family, you can
     Tax file number                                                   rent a room or a house/unit. You can also lease a house with
     Before working in Australia, it is crucial to obtain a Tax File   fellow students and share the expenses. Private rent ranges
     Number (TFN). Your TFN will ensure that you get taxed at          from AUD$120 - $150 per week for a single room in a share
     the correct rate for the amount of work you are doing.            house. A private apartment, unit or house would cost
     Australia has a tax-free threshold of $18,200, meaning you        AUD$250 or more per week.
     will pay no tax if you earn less than this amount in one year.    Booking short-term accommodation before you arrive will
     If you have any tax taken from your earnings, you will need       provide you the opportunity to inspect rental properties in
     to complete a tax return at the end of the financial year.        Geelong before committing to a lease.
     It is free to apply for a TFN on the Australian Taxation Office   For information or advice about your rights and
     (ATO) website – Apply for free on the ATO website using           responsibilities when renting contact the Tenants Union of
     their online form.                                                Victoria or visit the Renting page on the Consumer Affairs
                                                                       Victoria website https://www.consumer.vic.gov.au/.

                                                                       Resources for housing advertisements

                                                                       • www.domain.com.au

                                                                       • www.realestate.com.au/rent

                                                                       • www.flatmatefinders.com.au

                                                                       • The RentRight App – a free resource with information and
                                                                          tools to help renters in Victoria.

18   thegordon.edu.au
Success in your studies                                           Health and wellbeing
     Teaching methods in Australia                                     Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)
     You may find that studying in Australia is different in the       It is a condition of your student visa that you have Overseas
     following ways:                                                   Student Health Cover (OSHC) for the length of your student
                                                                       visa. OSHC will help you pay for medical and hospital care
       ou may call your teacher by their first name – usually they
                                                                       that you might need and will contribute to the cost of most
      will prefer this to a more formal title.
                                                                       prescription medicines as well as medically necessary
       ou will be invited and encouraged to be involved in class      ambulance transport.
                                                                       OSHC arranged through The Gordon will be with BUPA
       eachers would like you to make comments based on your          Overseas Student Health Cover https://www.bupa.com.au/
      own experience. It is also important that you listen             health-insurance/oshc.
      carefully when other students make comments and the
                                                                       You can choose an alternate provider if you wish to organise
      teacher responds. Even if you are not directly involved, you
                                                                       OSHC by yourself. For a list of approved providers see
      can learn from the discussion going on around you.
       ou will also be expected to undertake independent              overseas/overseas_student_health_cover.htm.
      studies for your assignments. This means that you will
      develop independent learning skills – the ability to use the     Emergency treatment
      library, internet and other sources of information. If you are
                                                                       For emergency medical treatment, it is best to go directly to
      having trouble in these areas you must talk to your teacher
                                                                       the Emergency Department of a public hospital or call for
      as soon as possible.
                                                                       emergency ambulance transport by dialing 000.
       lagiarism – taking someone else’s work and presenting it
                                                                       Ensure you take your OSHC card with you to the hospital
      as your own – and copying from other students is banned.
                                                                       (carry the card in your wallet or purse), however you may
                                                                       still be required to pay for your treatment up front.
     Successful tips for studying
                                                                       Remember to ask the doctor for a medical certificate if you
     • Get involved in Orientation
                                                                       intend to apply for request for sick leave from the classes
     • Don’t be afraid to ask for help                                 because of a medical condition.

       now your teachers, the name of your program
      coordinator and the teacher in charge of international           Accessing medical services
      students                                                         In Australia, doctors are also called GPs (General
                                                                       Practitioners). A doctor works in a medical centre, surgery,
     • Establish a weekly study routine and follow it
                                                                       clinic or practice. You must make an appointment to see a
     • Study when you are fresh and awake                              doctor.

     • Learn how to take notes                                         When you visit a doctor, take your OSHC card with you.
                                                                       Unless the doctor ‘bulk bills’, you will have to pay upfront for
     • Find a balance between work and study
                                                                       the visit. Remember to keep the receipt and take it to your
     • Don’t just re-write from the book                               OSHC provider to claim your refund.

       ake regular breaks – 10 minutes every hour is a good time      If your OSHC is with BUPA, visit https://www.bupa.com.au/
      frame.                                                           health-insurance/oshc for more information.

     • Use different techniques to help you understand and learn.
                                                                       Mental health
     • Exercise
                                                                       Living in a new culture can be challenging. If you feel lonely
     • Eat well and drink plenty of water                              or stressed, talk to friends, staff, or a campus counsellor. For
                                                                       more serious issues, a doctor can refer you to professionals
     Studying in another country can be exciting and
                                                                       who can help. For mental health emergencies, please call
     challenging, however some new students may experience
                                                                       the 24-hour Lifeline 131 114.
     culture shock. It may take a while to adjust to life in
     Australia. However, there are many support networks
     available to assist, including teachers, international staff at
     The Gordon.

19   thegordon.edu.au
Wellbeing                                                           Safety
     We encourage students to have a healthy lifestyle – not only
     in terms of physical health, but also mentally, socially,           Australia is a clean and relatively safe country, but as in all
     emotionally, and spiritually.                                       countries you must take responsibility for your own safety.

     Good health tips:                                                    So, do not:                    But do:
     • Do not skip meals and eat a well-balanced diet                     • Get into cars               • Travel with somebody if
     • Drink plenty of water                                                 with strangers.                you are going to be out
                                                                                                            late at night.
     • Quit smoking                                                       • Leave your bags or
                                                                             backpacks unattended.       • Keep your passport,
     • If you’re feeling stressed from your studies, take a short                                          wallet and other important
        break, talk to a friend, phone or Skype family at home, or        • Give your phone number
                                                                                                            documents in a safe place.
        do some exercise                                                     or address to strangers.
                                                                                                         • Photocopy all your
       im for a minimum of seven or eight hours sleep most               • Become involved in
                                                                                                            important documents and
      nights                                                                 arguments – walk away.
                                                                                                            cards. This will make it
       oin a club or group to meet new friends, or keep up                                                 easier to cancel and
      hobbies you may have had at home                                                                      replace and that are lost
                                                                                                            or stolen. You can also
     • If you feel anxious or flat, unhappy or sad or have difficulty                                      email those copies to
        sleeping for several weeks, make an appointment with The                                            yourself.
        Gordon’s free counselling service (see page 8)

     • Most importantly – develop new skills for enjoying life           Emergency on campus
                                                                         Students must follow all directions given by staff to ensure
                                                                         their own and other individual’s safety at The Gordon.
                                                                         Students have an obligation to ensure that their activities do
                                                                         not place anyone at risk.

                                                                         For emergency assistance whilst on campus, if a staff
                                                                         member cannot be contacted, phone security:

                                                                         • Geelong City Campus - internal phone 4999 or
                                                                            from your mobile phone (03) 5225 0999

                                                                         • East Geelong Campus – internal phone 2300 or
                                                                            from your mobile phone 0409 010 858

                                                                         • Werribee students – more information available
                                                                            on campus

                                                                         In the case of an extreme emergency phone the emergency
                                                                         services for ambulance, fire and police: 000.

20   thegordon.edu.au
You can also read