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                               22-25 OCTOBER 2017






WELC OME PARTY                    I NT ER NAT I O N A L K E Y N O T E                DOMESTIC KEYNOTE

H APPY HOUR                 UR C CHAL L ENGE                            LA N YA RD            G E N E RAT E A U S TR A L I A

3   2017 Parks and Leisure Australia National Conference Programme 22-25 October

D AY O N E / M O N D AY 2 3 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7
7.30am            Registration - TR ADE EX HIB ITION AR EA
8.20am            Official Open, CR Donna Gates, Deputy Lord Mayor City of Gold Coast
8.40am            KEYNOTE SESSION 1                 ROYAL B EN OWA BA LLRO O M
                  The lasting legacies of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) - Mark Peters, CEO, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation
9.00am            The Future of Parks and Public Space - Mitchell J Silver, New York Parks Commissioner                                                           Proudly sponsored by Christie Parksafe
9.45am            On the Couch with Susan Alberti AC - Susan Alberti AC and Brett Phillips

11.00 - 11.30am                  MANAGING                                         PLANNING                                COMMUNICATING                                       BALANCING
                              MONARCH ROOM                                 KARRIE WEBB ROOM                              JACARANDA ROOM                                    MARQUIS ROOM
                               Sustainable Sport                                Planning Spaces                              New Technology                         Social, Economic and Env. Benefits
                  More Sport, More Often for More People in        Community Facilities to Meet the Fast and    The New Parks Quality Assurance Process                   It’s Hard Being Green
                             Centennial Parklands                        Changing Participant Growth                     at the City of Melbourne               Rachel Thorpe, Consultant - AECOM; Hugh
                  Jarrod Bean, Manager, Sports and Rec.- Botanic   Ken Gannon, Facilities and Project Manager   Melanie Kinsey, Asset Improvement Officer -   Gardner- Sports Turf WA; Warren Stephens - LGA
                      Gardens and Centennial Parklands Trust                     - AFL House                                 City of Melbourne                                    Belmont

11.30 - 12.00pm                Sustainable Sport                                Planning Spaces                              New Technology                         Social, Economic and Env. Benefits
                   Victoria’s Stadiums ‘Open for Business’ A               How active are Australians?            Using GIS Technology to Improve Park        Value of Parks Project - determining the socio-
                     Regional and Metropolitan Response                     Key findings from AusPlay                  Planning for Older People:                        economic value of parks
                     Andrew Butterfield, Assistant Director        Gary Rauber, Research Consultant, AusPlay       The Better Parks for People Project           Dennis Devine, Principal Project Officer
                  State Facilities & Major Projects - Sport and          - Australian Sports Commission           Rosemary Black, Associate Professor;                Department of National Parks
                                  Recreation VIC                                                                     Rachel Whitsed, Spatial Scientist;                 Sport and Recreation QLD
                               Sustainable Sport                                Planning Spaces                   Alexandra Knight, Researcher - Charles               Sally Driml, Lecturer-Uni QLD
12.00 - 12.30pm
                                                                                                                             Sturt University                  Rolf Buckly, International Chair in Ecotourism
                   In this New Era of Women’s Sport, Netball          Designing Recreational Facilities for                                                                 Research, Griffith Uni
                              Must Push the Limits                             Increased Usage
                   Catherine Clark, Australian Comm. Games              Jarrod Hill, Director - SportEng
                              Assoc & Netball QLD
*WS = Wo rksh op

12.30 - 1.30pm                                                                             LUNCH AND NETWORKING IN EXPO
12.30pm                                                                        PLA ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - MONARCH ROOM

1.30 - 2.00pm                   MANAGING                                        PLANNING                                   COMMUNICATING                                        BALANCING
                            MONARCH ROOM                                 KARRIE WEBB ROOM                                 JACARANDA ROOM                                     MARQUIS ROOM
                              Parks and Assets                             Health and Wellbeing                                 Consultation                               People and Performance
                  Analysis of the feasibility of using crowd-    Healthy Melville - Bringing Health to Life         Community Infrastructure Planning -
                   sourced smartphone GPS tracking data            Janet Armarego, Health Promotions                      a Partnership Approach
                     Michael Langdon, Senior Advisor -                 Coordinator - City of Melville            Troy Scoble, Manager Recreation and Youth
                  Department of Transport and Main Roads,                                                               Development - City of Melton
                                                                                                                                                                        Performance Based Culture *WS
                                                                                                                                                                      Paul Jane, CEO - Cycling Victoria;
2.00 - 2.30pm                 Parks and Assets                             Health and Wellbeing                                 Consultation                           Martine Harkin - Leading Teams

                  Performance Monitoring and Auditing of        Planning for Social Inclusion in Playspaces:          Parks and Leisure in a Smart City
                             Sports Grounds                        The Case Study of Livvi’s Place, Port         Ian Hatton, Digital City Program Manager -
                                                                                Macquarie                                    City of Gold Coast
                               Grant Greenway
                  Senior Turf Consultant - Director ETP Turf        Rosemary Black Ollerton, Associate
                                                                    Professor - Charles Sturt University
2.30 - 3.00pm                                                                               AFTERNOON TEA BREAK IN EXPO

3.00 - 3.30pm                   MANAGING                                        PLANNING                                   COMMUNICATING                                        BALANCING
                            MONARCH ROOM                                 KARRIE WEBB ROOM                                 JACARANDA ROOM                                     MARQUIS ROOM

                            Funding and Budgets                              The Environment                                  New Technology                        Economic and Environmental Impacts
                   The shift from sponsorships to strategic      Sports Turf : Soil and Top Layer Conditioning          ‘What is a Smart Park? *WS             The Gentrification of Public and Private Realm: A
                                 partnerships                   Nathan Straume, Training, Compliance and          Merrick Spain, Smart Cities Lead - Telstra               Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?
                      Jo Allwood, Manager of Corporate          Regional Manager - TC Advantage Pty Ltd             Mark Band, CEO, Parks and Leisure            Liam Cridland, Senior Landscape Architect -
                 Partnerships - Botanic Gardens & Centennial                                                                      Australia                    MODE, Leo Mewing, Brisbane Planning Manager
                                  Parklands                                                                                                                                        - CARDNO
                                                                                                                        Andrew Smith, PLA Advisory
3.30 - 4.00pm               Funding and Budgets                              The Environment                                                                        Economic and Environmental Impacts
                    The Surfing Australia Story – Sport          Cutting the Junk: The Role of Health and                                                       Kaitiakitanga: Traditional and modern aspects of
                  Commercialisation through Partnerships        Wellbeing Providers in Promoting Healthy                                                                environmental guardianship in NZ
                              Andrew Stark                                           Food                                                                        Andrew Leslie, CEO-New Zealand Recreation
                          CEO-Surfing Australia                  Ariana Kurzeme, Advocacy Manager; Charlotte                                                                       Association
                                                                Hurst, Recreation Development Manager - YMCA
4.15pm           The Ultimate Resort Challenge - (URC) Meet in the main Expo (please wear comfortable attire and shoes)                                                 Proudly sponsored by Husqvarna
6.00pm           Drinks Hour Main Expo - URC Race Winners Announced                                                                                                    Proudly sponsored by SPORTENG
DAY TWO / T U E S D AY 2 4 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7
                  D AY T W O / T U E S D AY 2 4 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7
                  8.00am             Behind the Scenes – Creating Perfect Greens at RACV Royal Pines Lincoln Coombes, Superintendent, RACV Resort (meet at tennis courts)
                  8.00am             Registration
                  9.00am             KEYNOTE SESSION 2                   R OYA L BE NOWA B ALLRO O M
                                     THE FUTURE- Beyond the Horizon Bernard Salt, Futurist, Journalist, MD - The Demographics Group                                                  Proudly sponsored by Belgravia Leisure
                  9.45am             Finding Common Ground for Success AP Diaz, Executive Officer - Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks, USA

                          2 4 OC TOBE R
                              TU E SDAY
                  10.30 - 11.00am                                                                               MORNING TEA BREAK IN EXPO

                  11.00 - 12.00pm                      MANAGING                                     PLANNING                               COMMUNICATING                                          BALANCING
                                                   MONARCH ROOM                              KARRIE WEBB ROOM                             JACARANDA ROOM                                      MARQUIS ROOM
                                                     Sustainable Sport                            Planning Spaces                               Consultation                                  Health and Wellbeing
                                      GC2018 Venues - Legacy, Challenges and         Green Power - Why Parks are Essential *WS    How to Improve your Personal Brand (an        Public-private partnerships in physical activity *MC
                                                 Learnings *MC                            Mitchell J Silver, New York Parks                   Introduction) *WS                 Samantha Hughes, Senior Active and Healthy
                                           Scott Krueger, Venue Design and                    Commissioner, NY, USA              Bernard Salt, Futurist, Journalist, Managing   Officer, City of Gold Coast; Fe Taylor, Managing
                                      Infrastructure Coordinator GC2018 - City of                                                   Director - The Demographics Group                 Director - Complete Transformation
                                                      Gold Coast
                  12.00pm                                                                                    LUNCH AND NETWORKING IN EXPO
                  12.30pm            GENERATE AUSTRALIA LUNCH BOX HANG MONARCH ROOM Jenn Halliday, Generate NZ; Eve Craker, Generate Aust                                        Proudly sponsored by Otium Planning Group

                  1.30 - 2.00pm                        MANAGING                                     PLANNING                               COMMUNICATING                                          BALANCING
                                                   MONARCH ROOM                              KARRIE WEBB ROOM                             JACARANDA ROOM                                      MARQUIS ROOM

                                                     Sustainable Sport                            Planning Spaces                            Sustainable Sport                              People and Performance
                                     Work, Rest and Play - Delivering Spaces to        Case Study - Lions Park Gladstone: The     Can You Really Make Money from Sport?          Common Goals - Different People: Exploring
                                                       Enjoy                                  Power of Collaboration                    Kay Kendall, Sport Manager,             how the affects of our upbringings shape our
                                            Chris Dalton, Grounds Maintenance         Tobias Volbert, Landscape Architect/Open                                                  approaches towards work, relationships and
                                                                                                                                              Squash- GC2018
                                           Manager, AFL QLD; Malcolm Caddies,         Space Planner - Playscape Creations and                                                                  learning. *WS
                                            Grounds Manager, Suncorp Stadium;              Jonathon Weinert, JW Concepts                                                           AP Diaz, EO - Los Angeles Department of
                                          Shane Biddle, Senior Supervisor Grounds,                                                                                                       Recreation and Parks, USA
                                                     University of QLD

          *MC = Masterclas s
          *WS = Works hop
2.00 - 2.30pm                MANAGING                                     PLANNING                                COMMUNICATING                                         BALANCING
                          MONARCH ROOM                             KARRIE WEBB ROOM                              JACARANDA ROOM                                      MARQUIS ROOM
                            Sustainable Sport                          Planning Spaces                              Sustainable Sport                              People and Performance
                 Agronomic Programs for High Use Sports     Dogs In Public Spaces With A Focus On            AusPlay and Local Government -           Generate Network – A New Zealand Case Study
                                 Fields                     Fenced Dog Parks – What You May Not                Making the Most of Data *WS            Jenn Halliday, Parks Sport and Recreation Planner
                  Daniel Docherty, Area Sales Manager -            Know But Need To Know                Gary Rauber, Research Consultant, AusPlay     - Opus International Consultants; Eve Craker Sport
                      Syngenta Turf and Landscape             Lesley Humphreys, Open Space and                - Australian Sports Commission             and Recreation Planner - Logan City Council
                                                              Recreation Planner - IMH Consulting            Martin Lambert, President - PLA
                            Parks and Assets                           Planning Spaces                     Anand Pillay, Member - PLA Advisory
2.30 - 3.00pm
                                                             3. A Woman’s Place is in Public Space
                                                               Julie Nicholls, Senior Consultant -
                                                                     Otium Planning Group
3.00 - 3.30pm                                                                        AFTERNOON TEA BREAK IN EXPO

3.30 - 4.00pm                MANAGING                                     PLANNING                                COMMUNICATING                                         BALANCING

                            Parks and Assets                         Health and Wellbeing                         Innovative Marketing                        Commercialisation & Public Needs
                 Minimising Labour Interventions Through     Active Logan Strategy - A Strategy to      Engaging New and Emerging Multicultural           PARC – A Commercial Success Ensuring
                             Technology *WS                        Activate our Community                           Communities                          Everyone has the Opportunity to be Active
                 Paul Jackson, Business Manager Turf and   Eve Craker, Sport and Recreation Planner -       Patrick Skene, Executive Director -        Mike King, Director, Otium Planning; Tim Gledhill,
                          Landscape - Syngenta                         Logan City Council                          Red Elephant Group                              CEO, Peninsula Leisure
4.00pm          KEYNOTE SESSION           MONAR CH ROOM
                Selfless Leadership Richie Gibson, Teamwork, Culture and Performance

4.45pm          CONFERENCE CLOSE
6.30pm -
Late            AWA R D S O F E XC E L L E N C E G A L A D I N N E R
                Hosted by Kerry O Keefe, former Test cricketer and commentator                                                              Proudly sponsored by GreenLife Group and Toro Australia
25 OC T OB E R
20 1 7


                          T E CHNICA L T O UR S
                          Proudly sponsored by City of Gold Coast

                          Departing from the main entrance

                          From 10am

                          TOUR 1		        Join the Adventure on the Commonwealth Games
                          			             Mountain Bike Trail (Nerang National Park)

                          TOUR 2		        Pedal the Broadwater Parklands on a Guided Tour

                          TOUR 3		        Experience the Gold Coast Indoor Sports Centre,
                          			             Stadium at Carrara and KDV SPORT

                          TOUR 4		        Connect at the Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens

                          TOUR 5		        Walk on the Wildside at Coombabah Lakelands
                          			             Conservation Area

                          TOUR 6		        Explore the Gold Coast Recreation Centre and
                          			             Tallebudgera Leisure Centre

8                                           2017 Parks and Leisure Australia National Conference Programme 22-25 October

MONDAY 23RD                                     she is the Chairman of the Susan Alberti       • The commercial realities of multi-use,
8.40am                                          Medical Research Foundation and the              multi-sport, multi-venues and their
ROYAL BENOWA BALLROOM                           Co-founder and Managing Director of the          opportunities
                                                DANSU Group.                                   • How high performance, elite training and
Presenting Author                                                                                broad community use can co-exist for the
Mark Peters                                     Susan is a passionate Western Bulldogs           benefit of all.
CEO, Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth               supporter, she joined the board in 2004.
Games Corporation                               In 2012, Susan became Vice President of        MONDAY 23RD
                                                the Club. She held the role for 12 years,      11.00am
The lasting legacies of the Gold Coast          retiring on a high after the premiership       KARRIE WEBB ROOM
2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018)                win in 2016. Susan’s passion for AFL
The importance of leaving a legacy to the       extended to the newly formed Women’s           Stream: Planning Spaces
city and State – the principle of not just      AFL league, and her involvement helped         Presenting Author
organising a major international event, but     to clear a path for women to be involved       Ken Gannon
having a strong ethos towards ensuring          in the game. She is currently the national     Facilities and Project Manager, AFL House
long term gains.                                ambassador for the women’s league. .
                                                Radio broadcaster and sports journalist        Community Facilities To Meet Fast And
MONDAY 23RD                                     Brett Phillips will sit down with Ms Alberti   Changing Participant Growth
9.00am                                          to discuss her illustrious career.             AFL game at a community level is
ROYAL BENOWA BALLROOM                                                                          experiencing unprecedented grow
                                                MONDAY 23RD                                    especially with women registering to play
Presenting Author                               11.00 - 12.00am                                the game all over Australia. The challenge
Mitchell J Silver                               MONARCH ROOM                                   is how we can have suitable facilities in the
New York Parks Commissioner                                                                    right locations to cater to the demand.
                                                Stream: Sustainable Sport
The Future of Parks and Public Space            Presenting Author                              Use of new IT systems for participant
Parks and public spaces are vital to the        Jarrod Bean                                    mapping and facility management to
livability of cities. As places urbanise and    Manager, Sport and Recreation, Botanic         enable all AFL regional personal to
demographics shift, parks and public            Gardens and Centennial Parklands Trust         share knowledge with the facility owner
spaces are gaining greater importance as                                                       especially local government is one answer.
places for physical health, mental health       More Sport, More Often For More
and social interaction. New York City has       People In Centennial Parklands                 AFL continues to work in the facility arena
embarked on a new strategy to address           As housing density increases, public parks     with support from its Facility Development
the future of parks by redefining the role of   and recreation facilities are becoming         Reserve to which local clubs via their
public space in the 21st century through        all the more important, doubling as a          state body can access. Conversion of old
equity, planning and place making. By           backyard for many people. These spaces         facilities to the necessary unisex standards
using a new design approach, art, culture,      play a crucial role in the physical, social    presents a major challenge especially in
special events and concessions, New York        and mental wellbeing of the community.         the inner suburban areas of major cities
City is transforming it’s park system that is                                                  themselves facing population growth.
now open for business.                          Centennial Parklands, Australia’s largest
                                                                                               Learning Outcomes
                                                community sports venue, prides itself on
Proudly sponsored by Christie Parksafe          being at the forefront of growing sport &      • Better use of IT
                                                recreation trends within the community.        • How to best share relevant information
MONDAY 23RD                                     We have seen the demand for our sport          • How to gain consistent and reliable data
9.45am                                          & recreation facilities and venues grow
ROYAL BENOWA BALLROOM                           each year,and as such we are continually       MONDAY 23RD
                                                looking for innovative and original ways to    11.00am
Presenting Author                               meet such high community demands.              JACARANDA ROOM
Susan Alberti AC
Chair, Susan Alberti Medical Research           While an increase in sports participation      Stream: New Technology
Foundation                                      is positive, the result we face is even        Presenting Author
                                                greater pressures for sustained and            Melanie Kinsey
On the couch with Susan Alberti hosted          regular usage of our sports facilities as      Asset Improvement Officer,
by Brett Phillips, Presenter 1116 SEN           well as a deliberate balance between high      City of Melbourne
For years, Susan (Sue) Alberti has had          performance and community use.
three main dreams. Three dreams she has         Learning Outcomes                              The New Parks Quality Assurance
been instrumental in assisting. Two are                                                        Process at the City of Melbourne
                                                • The importance of a sustainable use
now reality; to see her beloved Bulldogs                                                       The Parks and Waterways department
                                                  strategy for optimum output and return.
win a premiership and for women to play                                                        at the City of Melbourne manages an
AFL. Only one remains —to find a cure for                                                      operating budget of $20+million to
type 1 diabetes. Among multiple roles,                                                         maintain roughly 571ha of open space
                                                                                               in an area of 38km2. The population of

the city is estimated at 138,000 but the       Liveability’. The GSA seeks to advocate to        infrastructure provision
average weekday daily population is over       key decision makers and stakeholders for
900,000 putting tremendous pressure on         policy reform which will deliver healthy and     MONDAY 23RD
every available piece of green space and       resilient communities.                           11.30am
the people involved in its maintenance.        Learning Outcomes                                KARRIE WEBB ROOM

                                               Explore the value of green spaces from           Stream: Planning Spaces
The Parks and Waterways department
                                               a multiple botton line prespective, how          Presenting Author
utilises a performance based contract
                                               to create an industry alliance to respond        Gary Rauber
system to pay both its tree care and open
                                               with one voice to the ‘issue’ effecting all      Research Consultant, Ausplay – Australian
space service providers. Their performance
                                               of our industry and get an audience with         Sports Commission
is monitored through a rigorous and time
                                               every Minister within the State Government
proven quality assurance (QA) process in                                                        How Active Are Australians? Key
                                               armed with a non bias discussion and
the form of a monthly audit. The City of                                                        Findings From Ausplay
                                               position paper.
Melbourne has dragged this QA process                                                           The Australian Sports Commission’s (ASC)
into the 21st century with a new mobile                                                         AusPlay participation survey is the single
                                               MONDAY 23RD
application. It has transformed the parks                                                       source data currency for the sport sector.
auditing procedure, producing more                                                              At the 2016 Parks & Leisure Australia
                                               MONARCH ROOM
accurate results faster; with improved and                                                      National Conference the ASC shared
more user-friendly reports for contractors.                                                     the background, objectives and plan for
                                               Stream: Sustainable Sport
Learning Outcomes                              Presenting Author                                AusPlay. This year the ASC is returning
Participants will gain an insight into the     Andrew Butterfield                               to present key findings from the first 21
parks auditing process which can be            Assistant Director State Facilities & Major      months of data collection.
applied not only to parks but to other areas   Projects – Sport and Recreation Victoria         Learning Outcomes
such as built assets. They may be able         Victoria’s Stadiums “Open for Business”          • Find out how Australians are participating
to adapt the process used at the City of       A Regional and Metropolitan Response               in sport and physical activity
Melbourne to suit their situation.             Victoria has a network of internationally        • Understand how participation rates differ
                                               recognised world’s best sporting venues.           at national, state and regional levels
MONDAY 23RD                                    This presentation will provide a strategic
11.00am                                        insight into the Victorian Government’s          • Be educated on how to interpret and use
MARQUIS ROOM                                   approach to its sporting facilities planning,      AusPlay results
                                               development and management, why it               • Understand the limitations of national
Stream: Social, Economic and                   invests in these facilities and the role it        survey tools
Environmental Benefits                         plays in delivering a sustainable sports
Presenting Authors                             system.
Rachel Thorpe                                                                                   MONDAY 23RD
Consultant - AECOM                                                                              11.30am
                                               As Victoria’s population continues to
                                                                                                JACARANDA ROOM
Hugh Gardner                                   grow with Melbourne projected to be
Sport Turf WA                                  Australia’s most populous city by 2030,
                                                                                                Stream: New Technology
Warren Stephens                                this presentation will give an insight as to
                                                                                                Presenting Authors
LGA Belmont                                    the Victorian Government’s investment
                                                                                                Rosemary Black
                                               strategies. It will provide detail on a
                                                                                                Associate Professor
It’s Hard Being Green                          number of Victoria’s recent investments
                                               and why Victoria is adopting both a              Rachel Whitsed
This workshop will provide a
                                               regional and metropolitan response as            Lecturer Spatial Sciences
resilience perspective, with reference
to environmental, social, economic             a fundamental platform to deliver on it’s        Alexandra Knight
considerations to safeguard our future.        strategic objectives.                            Interdisciplinary Researcher – Charles Sturt
Explore how the Green Space Alliance                                                            University
(GSA), a group of Western Australian           Andrew will provide detail on both               Using GIS Technology To Improve Park
amenity horticulture industry bodies           Simonds Stadium Stage 4 ($89 mil) and            Planning For Older People: The Better
and aligned organisations, are working         the Melbourne Park Redevelopment                 Parks For People Project
together to promote the benefits of green      ($972 mil) as two demonstration projects
                                                                                                Population ageing is an important social
space in all its forms, including parks        coupled with the important overarching
                                                                                                and policy issue for the provision of social
and recreational reserves, civic spaces,       management structures of the sporting
                                                                                                and recreational services particularly for
residential gardens and the urban forest       trusts to deliver Government’s objectives.
                                                                                                local government. Research shows that
more broadly.                                  Learning Outcomes                                access to well planned parks as safe sites
                                               • The role of stadiums and state facilities      for leisure, engagement with nature and
The GSA believe Perth has reached a              in supporting a sustainable sports             community activities will improve older
critical point in time where action must be      system across regional and metropolitan        peoples’ health and wellbeing.
taken to protect existing and future green       communities
space in all its forms and have recently
                                               • The benefits that can be derived from          The Better Parks for People project, a
launched a discussion paper and position
                                                 state facilities
statement entitled ‘Improving Urban
                                               • Victoria’s perspective on strategic sporting

collaboration between Charles Sturt            will identify visitor demand functions and     MONDAY 23RD
University and Albury City Council is          model visitor preferences for various park     12.00pm
using the views of older people to inform      management options. Costs and benefits         KARRIE WEBB ROOM
the development of an innovative spatial       of management options will be modelled.
modelling tool to assist local governments                                                    Stream: Planning Spaces
to better plan and locate age-friendly                                                        Presenting Author
                                               The project will estimate the economic
features to support the use of parks by                                                       Jarrod Hill,
                                               value of improved individual physical
older citizens. The GIS tool combines data                                                    Director, SportEng
                                               and mental health attributable to the
on parks, amenities, demographics, travel
                                               recreational use of parks, and quantify the
networks and indicators of attractiveness                                                     Designing Recreational Facilities For
                                               social health benefits that parks provide. A
to older people to develop scenarios for                                                      Increased Usage
                                               large scale community survey will provide
current and future parks. The GIS tool                                                        With continued population growth and
                                               data which can be analysed to partition
will be presented and its application                                                         urban densification, never before have
                                               aggregate economic measures between
demonstrated.                                                                                 open recreational spaces been put
                                               the factors which contribute to improved
Learning Outcomes                                                                             under as much stress as they currently
                                               health and wellbeing.
                                                                                              are. Councils and schools are having to
• Learn how the GIS tool was developed         Learning Outcomes                              share recreational facilities to account
• Understand how the GIS tool works            • Valuing methodologies which can be           for land shortage, while private facilities
• Understand how the GIS tool can be             adopted in other park management             are becoming scarce due to increased
  applied in park planning and developing        jurisdictions.                               operational costs to maintain facilities to
  scenario                                     • The application of market and non-           cater for the increase usage.
                                                 market economic methodologies to
                                                 decision making using Cost Benefit           Addressing the issue of high usage levels
                                                 Analysis.                                    during the planning and design phases can
                                                                                              ensure the proposed facility will be given
MARQUIS ROOM                                   • World leading methodology for
                                                                                              the best chance to be maintained at a high
                                                 assessing the relationship between
                                                                                              standard which is safe for the intended
Stream: Social, Economic and                     the use of parks and human health and
Environmental Benefits                           associated economic benefits and values.
Presenting Authors                                                                            Learning Outcomes
Dennis Devine                                                                                 • Selecting the appropriate playing surface
                                               MONDAY 23RD
Principal Project Officer – Department of                                                       to not only cater for intended level of use
National Parks, Sport and Recreation QLD                                                        but also the existing ground conditions
                                               MONARCH ROOM
Sally Driml                                                                                   • What surface type for what level of
Lecturer and Researcher in Tourism –           Stream: Sustainable Sport                        competition and usage
University of QLD                              Presenting Author                              • Multi-use and flexibility
Rolf Buckly                                    Catherine Clark                                • Community hubs = shared infrastructure
International Chair in Ecotourism Research –   CEO, Netball Queensland and Australian
Griffith University                            Commonwealth Games Association
                                                                                              MONDAY 23RD
Value Of Parks Project - Determining           In this New Era of Women’s Sport,              1.30pm
The Socio-Economic Value Of Parks              Netball Must Push the Limits                   MONARCH ROOM
                                               In this new era of women’s sport, Netball
The Value of Parks is a multifaceted
                                               must push the limits, lift expectations and    Stream: Parks and Assets
research project to investigate the
                                               take the sport into unchartered territory.     Presenting Author
economic, health and social wellbeing
                                               There has been unprecedented growth in         Michael Langdon
benefits achieved from recreation in
                                               the profile of and investment in women’s       Senior Advisor, Department of Transport and
Queensland national parks and state
                                               sport. From the previously unchallenged        Main Roads, QLD
forests. The project involves partnerships
                                               position of Australia’s Number 1 Female
between the Queensland Department of
                                               Sport, Netball must now respond to the         Analysis Of The Feasibility Of Using
National Parks, Sport and Racing, the
                                               growing number of sports investing serious     Crowd-Sourced Smartphone GPS
University of Queensland and Griffith
                                               money into gaining market share.               Tracking Data To Inform Decision
                                                                                              Making *Workshop
                                               Netball Queensland has the vision              This workshop looks at cycling
Market valuations will estimate tourist        of becoming a “world-class sports              infrastructure and the impact on travel
expenditure attributable to park visitation    organisation respected for transforming        behaviour change using a combination
and its contribution to gross state product    lives through netball”. As an organisation     of data sources including smartphone
and employment. Non-market valuations          embracing significant change, this             bicycle GPS tracking data (Strava data).
                                               presentation is an insight into a changing     The presentation will include a summary
                                               sports landscape from participation to fan     of analysis key findings, and the strengths
                                               generation, from community grassroots to       and weaknesses of bicycle GPS tracking
                                               sport entertainment products.

data. It will also include a comparative      that makes health fun and participative.        MONDAY 23RD
analysis of the bicycle GPS tracking          That is where Healthy Melville comes in by      1.30pm
data against bicycle traffic count data,      Bringing Health to Life!                        MARQUIS ROOM
bicycle intercept surveys, National Cycling   Learning Outcomes
Participation Survey data, Household                                                          Stream: People and Performance
                                              • Identify an approach taken to deliver a
Travel Survey data, and Census Journey                                                        Presenting Authors
                                                sustainable free outdoor activity program
to Work data. This workshop will also                                                         Paul Jane
showcase several case studies of GPS          • Consider the application of the business      CEO - Cycling Victoria
tracking of behaviour change in response        partnerships model for other not for profit   Martine Harkin
to the opening of new infrastructure            programs                                      Partner/Facilitator – Leading Teams
delivered by the department of Transport      • Discuss the challenges faced by the
& Main Roads. This workshop will include        program model
                                                                                              Performance Based Culture *Workshop
an interactive discussion on typical
cyclists behaviour changes at different                                                       Culture is all the rage at the moment with
                                              MONDAY 23RD                                     every consultant, coach and manager
infrastructure and a Q&A session on
                                              1.30pm                                          talking up the value of creating and
evaluation tools, techniques and available
                                              JACARANDA ROOM                                  sustaining a great culture. But what
                                                                                              does this mean and how do you create
Learning Outcomes                             Stream: Consultation                            something that drives performance? Paul
• To inform the audience of recent research   Presenting Author                               Jane will discuss how a performance
   findings.                                  Troy Scoble                                     culture was built with the support of
• To inform the audience of available         Manager Recreation and Youth                    Leading Teams that drove success and
  cycling participation data sources.         Development, City of Melton                     accountability.
• To showcase state of the art evaluation
                                                                                              What was the framework for success and
   tools and techniques.
                                              Community Infrastructure Planning - A           what did the team Continue With, Stop
• To showcase practical applications of
                                              Partnership Approach                            and what did they Improve?
   crowd-sourced smartphone GPS
                                              The pressure to provide sustainable
   tracking data.
                                              community infrastructure continues to
                                                                                              Paul Jane along with Martine Harkin
                                              be one of the highest priorities for Local
MONDAY 23RD                                                                                   from Leading Teams will share first hand
                                              Government. Best practice strategic
1.30pm                                                                                        experience on how to create this type of
                                              planning, business case development,
KARRIE WEBB ROOM                                                                              culture, what are the tools and what are
                                              funding model and advocacy strategies
                                                                                              the tangible results. .
                                              are all required before commencing
Stream: Health and Wellbeing
                                              construction. Then along comes
Presenting Author
                                              quality project management, ongoing             Sometimes the culture evolves and
Janet Armarego
                                              maintenance and renewal plans, activation       sometimes you need a catastrophic
Health Promotions Coordinator, City of
                                              strategies and benefits review to ensure        incident to ignite the flame.
                                              we are providing what the community
                                              needs.                                          MONDAY 23RD
Healthy Melville - Bringing Health to Life
Eat more fruit and veg, exercise more,        The City of Melton is one of the fastest        2.00pm
watch your sugar, salt, alcohol, saturated    growing municipalities in Australia. The        MONARCH ROOM
fat, processed meat intake. Read the          City identified that a partnership approach
Health Stars and traffic light rating (off    and a unique project management                 Stream: Parks and Assets
road) and when eating in restaurants          framework for capital works delivery was        Presenting Author
remember to look for Scores on Doors          required to meet the growing needs of the       Grant Greenway
rating to make sure the place is clean        community. This presentation will highlight     Senior Turf Consultant, Director - ETP Turf
and without disease carrying vermin.          various case studies outlining a range of
When dining, check out how large your         partnerships with government bodies,            Performance Monitoring and Auditing of
dinner plate is, that way you won’t overeat   private enterprise and local communities        Sports Grounds
because your portion size is too big. Oh      that have supported successful delivery of      With increased community and
and try to walk there because exercise is     these projects.                                 stakeholder use of nearly all sports
important and do you really need to take      Learning Outcomes                               grounds and the requirement for high
your car (think of the environment)?                                                          performance turf surfaces, many local
                                              • Development and application of a
                                                                                              government authorities undertake varying
                                                purpose built project management
                                                                                              monitoring and audit tasks to ensure that
Don’t get me wrong, preventative                framework (lifecycle will be provided)
                                                                                              the asset and site is coping.
health is critically important and I’m an     • Outside the square partnership models
absolute advocate, but also recognise the
numerous often conflicting messages that
sometimes bamboozle us. What we need
is a simplistic health promotion program

Nearly all metropolitan, rural and regional    the local community. This study found that      MONDAY 23RD
cities have a high profile sports ground       Livvi’s Place is achieving its goal of social   3.00pm
that not only provides use for high grade      inclusion, however areas for improvement        MONARCH ROOM
sports activities, it is also always closely   were identified.
interlinked with the local community as a      Learning Outcomes                               Stream: Funding and Budgets
feature asset and statement of that areas                                                      Presenting Author
                                               • Learn about the key design principles for
sporting abilities. Using contemporary                                                         Jo Allwood
asset audit examples and performance            social                                         Manager of Corporate Partnerships -
and condition reporting techniques and         • Learn about the park users’ views of          Botanic Gardens and Centennial Parklands
templates, the presentation will reference      Livvi’s Playspace
monitoring and audits of grounds                                                               The Shift From Sponsorships to
                                               • Learn lessons from Livvi’s Playspace that
from numerous metropolitan and rural                                                           Strategic Partnerships
authorities.                                    apply in your workplace
                                                                                               Cheque book sponsorship with a focus on
Learning Outcomes                                                                              ‘logo’ placement is dying. Corporates are
• Sound monitoring and audit management        MONDAY 23RD                                     looking for partners with aligned values
  practices are needed to optimise the         2.00pm                                          and objectives, and opportunities to
  quality and usage capacity of sporting       JACARANDA ROOM                                  share audiences and collaborate on new
  surfaces.                                                                                    ventures.
                                               Stream: Consultation
• Contemporary strategies will be provided
                                               Presenting Author
  including auditing techniques and surface                                                    Today’s consumers have a conscience.
                                               Ian Hatton
  performance monitoring options                                                               They are willing to compromise on quality,
                                               Digital City Program Manager - City of Gold
• An overview of current analytical                                                            pay more, or reduce how much they buy
  tools that can assist in managing the                                                        if it will have a positive impact on social or
  maintainance of sports ground surfaces.                                                      environmental issues. Corporates need to
                                               Parks and Leisure in a Smart City
                                                                                               leverage CSR to protect their reputation
                                               What if your local tennis court knew            and gain a competitive advantage.
MONDAY 23RD                                    that you played on Tuesdays, and could
2.00pm                                         reward you for your loyalty. What if the
KARRIE WEBB ROOM                               childrens’ play area knew that it was           Jo Allwood will discuss these and other
                                               used more on Tuesdays than Fridays?             trends that are changing the direction of
Stream: Health and Well Being                  What if a barbecue could tell you that it       corporate sponsorship, the funding and
Presenting Author                              had been used too many times without            the broader business opportunities this
Rosemary Black Ollerton,                       being cleaned? What if you could predict        presents for public parks and gardens, and
Associate Professor – Charles Sturt            people’s use of different parks and             share examples from Sydney’s Botanic
University                                     equipment, based on location, weather,          Gardens & Centennial Parklands corporate
                                               time of year?                                   partnership strategy. With the Botanic
Planning For Social Inclusion In                                                               Gardens reaching a 20-year partnership
Playspaces: The Case Study Of Livvi’s                                                          milestone with HSBC, Jo will also discuss
                                               The City of Gold Coast’s Digital City           the fundamentals of a successful, long-
Place, Port Macquarie
                                               Program and Community Services                  term partnership.
Livvi’s Place was planned and designed         Directorate are establishing the systems
as an inclusive, all abilities playspace by                                                    Learning Outcomes
                                               and processes to do these things. The
Touched by Olivia and Port Macquarie           presentation will set out the vision for        Presentation will provide an understanding
Hastings Council. This study sought to         future capture and use of parks data to         of:
assess whether or not Livvi’s Place is         enhance the quality of users’ experiences.      • Current trends
meeting its goal of social inclusion. Online   It will also provide an insight into the        • What corporate partners want, and the
and face to face questionnaire surveys of      lessons learned over the past 18 months of        parks and gardens ‘offer’
parks users were conducted. Australia’s        designing and delivering smart systems.
early childhood learning framework -                                                           • The full value of a corporate partnership
                                               Learning Outcomes
Belonging, Being and Becoming was used                                                         • The fundamentals of a successful
to analyse the data.                           • Delegates will gain insight into the            partnership
                                                 City’s experience in defining the business
                                                 objectives for smart systems, as well
Livvi’s Place promotes a sense of social         as examples of how it is utilising smart
inclusion as users expressed feelings            systems and the Internet of Things (IoT)
of safety, welcome and of belonging              to support these objectives.
at the playspace. The playspace also
encourages its users to be themselves,
live in the moment and enjoy their
experiences there. The friendships
formed, conversations started and playful
interactions experienced at Livvi’s Place
demonstrate how it facilitates people
connecting and becoming members of

MONDAY 23RD                                   resource is the collection and collation of   developers, councils and communities
3.00pm                                        existing park technology. This workshop       alike.
KARRIE WEBB ROOM                              will work with PLA members to brainstorm      Learning Outcomes
                                              and identify a useful framework, existing
                                                                                            • Improved knowledge, through local
Stream: The Environment                       technology and possible future technology.
                                                                                              case studies, on % of private and public
Presenting Author                             Telstra will set the scene with some case
                                                                                              communal open space
Nathan Straume                                studies followed by a workshop run by
Training, Compliance and Regional Manager     PLA Advisory.                                 • A toolbox of skills to manage planning
– TC Advantage Pty Ltd                                                                        and design outcomes
                                              Learning Outcomes
                                                                                            • Application approaches for building new
                                              At the end of the workshop, PLA and
Sports Turf: Soil and Top Layer                                                               world cities that promote interaction and
                                              participants will have identified:
Conditioning                                                                                  vibrancy
The advantages and disadvantages of           • Technology which most contributes to
                                                                                            • Tips for attracting positive development
sand in sportfield construction and how we      sustainable park management
                                                                                              and community responses
can improve the soil physical properties      • Technology which most contributes to
with soil conditioners                          the park user experience
                                                                                            MONDAY 23RD
Learning Outcomes                             • Technology which adds additional layers
• Obtain knowledge about why we use             of management effectiveness, user
                                                                                            MONARCH ROOM
  certain soils in sportsfeids                  satisfaction and pleasure
• Gain an understanding of soil types                                                       Stream: Funding and Budgets
• Understand water holding capacity           MONDAY 23RD                                   Presenting Author
                                              3.00pm                                        Andrew Stark
• Learn about soil conditioning
                                              MARQUIS ROOM                                  CEO – Surfing Australia
                                                                                            The Surfing Australia Story – Sport
MONDAY 23RD                                   Stream: Economic and Environmental            Commercialisation through Partnerships
3.00pm                                        Impacts                                       Surfing Australia has achieved significant
JACARANDA ROOM                                Presenting Authors                            growth in recent years through creating
                                              Liam Cridland                                 national sporting programs that attract
Stream: New Technology                        Senior Landscape Architect – MODE             main stream partners as their primary
Presenting Authors                            Leo Mewing                                    funding source. They have grown the
Merrick Spain                                 Brisbane Planning Manager – CARDNO            organisation and the sport through a
Smart Cities Lead - Telstra                                                                 content and digital driven partnership
                                              The Gentrification of Public and Private
Mark Band                                     Realm: A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?            strategy that is delivering outstanding
CEO – Parks and Leisure Australia             As Brisbane comes off the back of the         results to the sport and to their major
Andrew Smith                                  multi-storey residential boom, we find        iconic partner brands. These major iconic
PLA Advisory                                  numerous new high-rise apartment              partners are delivered authentic beach to
                                              complexes have appeared amongst our           broadcast solutions that provide strong
What is a Smart Park? * Workshop              innermost suburban neighbourhoods.            engagement to target audiences and help
This will be a wide ranging discussion        Many boast the inclusion of lavish outdoor    deliver the sport to millions of participants
around technology in parks. PLA               communal spaces, podium landscapes            Australia wide. CEO Andrew Stark will
wishes to develop a resource to guide         and rooftop gardens. However, with            present the insights and outline the keys to
park managers in their selection, and         the provision of this private open space      success of this strategy.
incorporation, of technology into the park    it is possible that utilisation of public     Learning Outcomes
as part of the user experience as well as     realm decreases, as much of our open          • Understand the importance of purpose
addressing ongoing maintenance.               space needs can now be met within the           led partnerships
                                              development lot.
                                                                                            • How the right partners attract others
Modern technology increasingly underpins      With the apparent privatisation of open
a significant portion of park management                                                    • How to ensure the partners leverage
                                              space, are we beginning to abandon the
and has an increasing role in the way users                                                   effectively
                                              essence of ‘community’ gathering? What
interact with parks and recreation spaces     are the drivers of this change, and what is   • Insights into the importance of content
e.g. irrigation technology, WIFI in parks,    important in achieving a suitable balance       and digital led partnerships
web based interaction with playgrounds        between private investment and a vibrant      • The mistakes made and lessons learned
and use of QR codes.                          public realm? This presentation explores        in the current day partnership space
                                              opportunities for planning and design         • The importance of integrated
PLA would like to establish and populate      professionals to respond to changing            partnerships and ROI
a framework of park technology which          circumstances and encourages greater
is able to enhance end user outcomes          connection between public and private
and support sustainable management            open spaces to improve economic,
outcomes. The first step in building this     social and environmental outcomes for

MONDAY 23RD                                    MONDAY 23RD
3.30pm                                         3.30pm
KARRIE WEBB ROOM                               MARQUIS ROOM

Stream: The Environment                        Stream: Economic and Environmental
Presenting Authors                             Impacts
Ariana Kurzeme                                 Presenting Author
Advocay Manager – YMCA                         Andrew Leslie
Charlotte Hurst                                Chief Executive – New Zealand Recreation
Recreation Development Manager - YMCA          Association
Cutting The Junk: The Role Of Health           Kaitiakitanga: Traditional and Modern
and Wellbeing Providers In Promoting           Aspects of Environmental Guardianship
Healthy Food                                   in NZ
YMCA Victoria is leading the industry          Kaitiakitanga means guardianship,
in its commitment to creating real and         protection or preservation. It is a way of
sustainable change in the health of the        managing the environment, based on the
communities through introducing its first      traditional Māori world-view. However in
Healthy Food and Beverage Policy in 2014.      NZ today our environment is under threat
A key element is the removal of all sugary     from the pursuit of economic prosperity.
drinks (including sports drinks) from sale     Our freshwater is straining under the
in YMCA managed recreation centres by          pressure of farming; our national parks
2017.                                          creaking under the boom in tourism. The
                                               practice of Kaitiakitanga allows Māori and
Partnering with Deakin University to           non-Māori alike to reflect on the notion
evaluate the health and operational impact     of kinship with nature, and how this idea
of the policy, the Y is sharing lessons        might be useful in an environmentally
learnt, barriers and easy wins with the aim    threatened world. It’s a concept that is
to encourage others to adopt a similar         more important now than ever and our
approach, making the availability of healthy   industry has a major role to play to bring
choices the ‘new normal’.                      us back into balance with our natural
Ari Kurzeme will provide inspirational and     Learning Outcomes
practical guidance to other organisations      • Understanding of traditional practices of
to adopt healthy choices and model               environmental protection in NZ
healthy eating in a range of settings,         • Impacts of an unbalanced relationship
particularly those frequented by children.       between the economy and environment
                                               • The role of recreation in restoring the
Learning Outcomes                                mana (status/prestige) of our natural
• What role do we play in influencing food       world
  preferences and eating behaviours of
• The journey to zero sugary drinks:
  lessons learnt, health outcomes and the
  business case behind healthy choices
• How to be part of the movement to make
  healthy the new normal, including small
  changes for big impact

TUESDAY 24TH                                    TUESDAY 24TH                                     Coast Sports Precinct (incorporating the
8.00am                                          9.45am                                           Gold Coast Sports and Leisure Centre),
MEETING POINT: RACV TENNIS COURTS               ROYAL BENOWA BALLROOM                            Coomera Indoor Sports Centre, Gold
                                                                                                 Coast Hockey Centre, Gold Coast Cycle
Presenting Author                               Stream: Keynote                                  Centre and Broadbeach Bowls Club.
Lincoln Coombes                                 Presenting Author
                                                                                                 Learning Outcomes
Superintendent - RACV Resort                    Anthony-Paul (AP) Diaz
Behind The Scenes – Creating Perfect            Executive Officer and Chief of Staff - City of   • Planning
Greens At RACV Royal Pines *Site Tour           Los Angeles Department of Recreation and         • Consultation / Stakeholder Management
Tour RACV Royal Pines ‘Red Shed’ with                                                            • Communication
Golf Course Superintendent Lincoln              Finding Common Ground for Success
                                                                                                 • Sustainability
Coombes for a behind the scenes look at         Strategies for running effective
the equipment used to keep the course           organizations in a world of generational
in peak playing condition. Hosting a PGA        differences and competing technologies.          TUESDAY 24TH
tournament each December, Lincoln and           How can we as Park Professionals explore         11.00am
his team of greenkeepers are charged            the affects our upbringings have in shaping      KARRIE WEBB ROOM
with keeping this 27 hole resort course in      our approaches to work, relationships and
championship condition 365 days of the          learning so that we foster intergenerational     Stream: Planning Spaces
year.                                           collaboration, common purpose and                Presenting Author
                                                develop leadership.                              Mitchell J Silver
Learning Outcomes
                                                                                                 Commissioner – New York Parks, USA
• Insight in to the turf management             Learning Outcomes
                                                                                                 Green Power – Why Parks are Essential
  practices and techniques used to keep         Thematic Areas: Leadership management;           *Workshop
  the course in peak condition                  Transformational Leadership; Goals and           Parks are the places that can offer fun,
• Overview of mowing regimes for high end       Expectations for community, consensus            health and happiness. As our cities grow,
  golf turf                                     and positive outcome.                            the role of green space becomes more
• Working with stakeholders to achieve a                                                         important. Green spaces make our cities
  championship course                           TUESDAY 24TH                                     more liveable by offering a place for
                                                11.00am                                          physical as well as mental well-being.
Proudly sponsored by Toro Australia             MONARCH ROOM                                     Research has proven how trees and green
                                                                                                 spaces offer a healing power to the mind,
TUESDAY 24TH                                    Stream: Sustainable Sport                        body and soul. Learn how New York City
9.00am                                          Presenting Author                                is using green space to reimagine how we
ROYAL BENOWA BALLROOM                           Scott Krueger                                    live in dense urban environments as well
                                                Venue Design and Infrastructure Coordinator      as how volunteers and conservancies are
Stream: Keynote                                 GC2018 – City of Gold Coast                      making parks the most visited destinations
Presenting Author                               City of Gold Coast GC2018 Venues                 in the city.
Bernard Salt                                    - Legacy, Challenges and Learnings
                                                                                                 Spaces are limited to 35 participants
Futurist, Journalist, Managing Director - The   *Masterclass
Demographics Group                              The Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth
                                                                                                 TUESDAY 24TH
THE FUTURE – Beyond The Horizon                 Games (GC2018) will be the third largest
The great promise of automation is that         multi-sport event ever hosted in Australia
                                                                                                 JACARANDA ROOM
it will free humanity from the drudgery of      and the first Commonwealth Games to be
work. This will deliver more leisure time,      hosted in a regional Australian city. The
                                                                                                 Stream: Consultation
is the thinking. But maybe there’s another      City will host the majority of the GC2018
                                                                                                 Presenting Author
future beyond the horizon? Maybe                competition within a mix of new or
                                                                                                 Bernard Salt
automation will deliver greater levels of       upgraded venues.
                                                                                                 Futurist, Journalist, Managing Director -
work engagement such that leisure time                                                           The Demographics Group
will be even more precious? In such a           This presentation will overview the
                                                venue development challenges and key             How To Improve Your Personal Brand
world, leisure becomes commoditised.
                                                learnings as the City transforms ahead           (An Introduction) *Workshop
In this session Bernard Salt argues that
                                                of GC2018 with participants exploring            In October last year Social Commentator
leisure and parks and gardens become
                                                the City’s passion for the best legacy           Bernard Salt set off a global media storm
important commodities that must be
                                                outcome possible for both residents and          that hasn’t subsided. His comments about
managed and properly funded in the
                                                visitors alike. Scott will take participants     smashed avocado have changed popular
                                                through the original GC2018 City managed         culture. How do you build your brand
Proudly sponsored by Belgravia Leisure          venue bid concepts and the process               to leverage impact? Bernard has some
                                                that delivered the permanent venues              insights that can help you better brand
                                                approximately 12 months out from the             yourself in today’s social media hungry
                                                event. Venues discussed will include             world.
                                                the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, Gold
                                                                                                 Proudly sponsored by Belgravia Leisure

TUESDAY 24TH                                    TUESDAY 24TH                                Join this panel discussion to gain insights
11.00am                                         12.30pm                                     into how some of Queensland’s major
MARQUIS ROOM                                    MARQUIS ROOM                                sporting stadiums, university and local
                                                                                            sporting grounds keep their playing
Stream: Health and Well Being                   Presenting Authors                          surfaces and open spaces in optimal
Presenting Authors                              Jenn Halliday                               condition. Delve beneath the surface to
Samantha Hughes                                 Parks, Sport and Recreation Planner –       hear about the challenges they face and
Senior Active and Healthy Officer – City of     Opus International Consultants              how they overcome them to deliver the
Gold Coast and Vice President of the Active     Eve Craker                                  playing surfaces, training facilities and
& Healthy Alliance Gold Coast Inc;              Sport and Recreation Planner – Logan City   open spaces their customers expect.
Fe Taylor                                       Council                                     Come prepared with your questions
Managing Director - Complete                                                                and leave with the inside knowledge on
                                                Generate Network – Lunchbox Hang
Transformation                                                                              sporting surfaces open for business.
                                                This lunchbox hang provides an
Public–Private Partnerships In Physical         opportunity for professionals to meet,      Learning Outcomes
Activity *Masterclass                           greet and network.                          • Better turf management through the use
A committed partnership approach                                                              of centralised computer irrigation systems
                                                Learning Outcomes
to tackling inactivity and obesity that
combines government, public and private         • What the Generate Network is              • Environmental and community
resources to create lasting behaviour           • How the Generate Network is being           consideration in maintaining sports/golf
change locally. If done properly not              implemented in Australia                    grounds
only does the health of your community          • Where to find more information on the
                                                                                            • Investing in infrastructure and technology
improve but the ability to expand local           Generate Network
                                                                                              to allow more efficient use of labour and
markets, increase efficiency and provide        In addition, participants will be able to     resources
platforms for marketing, activation, and        network with likeminded people within the
programs results.                               industry.                                   TUESDAY 24TH
While Government has to play a key role in      Learning Outcomes
                                                                                            KARRIE WEBB ROOM
articulating the benefits of being physically   From this session, participants will
active and enabling a dialogue across           understand:                                 Stream: Planning Spaces
Government departments that allows for          • What the Generate Network is              Presenting Authors
a coherent response nationally, delivery                                                    Tobias Volbert
                                                • How the Generate Network operates (i.e.
has to be local and therefore the benefits                                                  Landscape Architect/Open Space Planner –
                                                  what does it do)
of being active (or consequences of being                                                   Playscape Creations
inactive) have to be owned and understood       • Benefits of the Generate Network
                                                                                            Jonathon Weinhert
locally. A committed approach to tackling       • How the Generate Network is being
                                                                                            JW Concepts
inactivity locally has been demonstrated on       implemented in Australia
the Gold Coast for the last 10 years. The                                                   Case Study - Lions Park Gladstone: The
                                                • Where to find more information on the
Active & Healthy Alliance Gold Coast was                                                    Power Of Collaboration
                                                  Generate Network
formed in 2004 and incorporated in 2014                                                     Overview:
and demonstrates sustainable partnership        Proudly sponsored by Otium Planning         1.Background of the Lions Park Gladstone
benefits locally for all partners.              Group                                         project and the collaboration
Learning Outcomes                                                                           2.Background information on disability
• How to collectively use resources;                                                          with statistics and trend data
  both financial and human to ensure            TUESDAY 24TH                                3.Discussion on inclusive design beyond
  sustainability of initiatives                 1.30pm                                        accessibility
• How to develop integrated initiatives and     MONARCH ROOM
                                                                                            4.Elements of inclusive playspace design
  communication tools
                                                Stream: Sustainable Sport                     used at Lions Park
• Benefits of private and community
                                                Presenting Authors                          5.Summary of key success elements /
  partnership model
                                                Chris Dalton                                  suggestions for future park
                                                Grounds Mainenance Manager – AFL QLD          developments
                                                Malcolm Caddies
                                                                                            Current health research clearly states that
                                                Grounds Manager - Suncorp Stadium
                                                                                            Council’s and private land developers need
                                                Shane Biddle                                to better commit in providing community
                                                Senior Supervisor Grounds – University of   facilities and public spaces that encourage
                                                QLD                                         younger demographics and people with
                                                Work, Rest and Play - Delivering            special needs to be active and included in
                                                Spaces to Enjoy                             tackling the growing concerns about rising

rates of physical inactivity and mental        Learning Outcomes                             TUESDAY 24TH
health issues.                                                                               2.00pm
                                               • Multi-sport, multi-use facilities and how
                                                                                             MONARCH ROOM
Lions Park Case study shows how sensory          they are successful.
focused design enables conscious               • Success stories and key learnings           Stream: Sustainable Sport
adaptation of the built and natural
                                                                                             Presenting Author
environment to improve each person’s           TUESDAY 24TH                                  Daniel Docherty
ability to access and positively engage        1.30pm                                        Area Sales Manager - Syngenta Turf and
within the space through enhanced              MARQUIS ROOM                                  Landscape
sensory and motor development
opportunities.                                                                               Agronomic Programs For High Use
                                               Stream: People and Performance
                                                                                             Sports Fields
Learning Outcomes                              Presenting Author
                                               Anthony-Paul (AP) Diaz                        Agronomic programs are critical to the
• Define the growing demand for inclusive      Executive Officer and Chief of Staff – Los    success of high usage sports fields. While
  recreational spaces                          Angeles Department of Recreation and          every season is different, preparation
                                               Parks, USA                                    is always an essential part of effective
• Differentiate between meeting
                                                                                             turf grass management. Increasing
  requirements and creating an inclusive,      Common Goals - Different People:
                                                                                             participation numbers coupled with a finite
  multifunctional, multigenerational and       Exploring How The Affects Of Our
                                                                                             number of sports facilities means we must
  sensory orientated design                    Upbringings Shape Our Approaches
                                                                                             get more out of less. This can be achieved
                                               Towards Work, Environment,
• Understand why Sensory Play is                                                             through an agronomic program approach
                                               Relationships And Learning. *Workshop
  important for everybody                                                                    that incorporates key agronomic factors
                                               The workshop is aimed at discussing           to deliver safe facilities that have quality
• Knowhow play stimulates ALL senses           how vast numbers of unique, individuals       playing surfaces.
• Ideas of how to achieve real outcomes        are called together to achieve a common
  for a better healthier parkland              mission or core value; to reveal and
                                                                                             We must consider turf type selection,
                                               understand the generational differences
                                                                                             growing medium, nutrient input, irrigation,
TUESDAY 24TH                                   and how technology shape, form and
                                                                                             pestweed and diseases, mowing,
1.30pm                                         create individuals and our different
                                                                                             topdressing and aeration. These processes
JACARANDA ROOM                                 approaches to solving problems.
                                                                                             are dynamic and a program is required to
                                                                                             tie all the agronomic activity togetherto
Stream: Sustainable Sport                      Research Questions: Studies reveal that
                                                                                             ensure we meet deliverable outcomes
Presenting Author                              people raised in different generations have
                                                                                             for the community. The presentation will
Kay Kendall                                    different and unique reference points to
                                                                                             deliver the audience with an understanding
Sport Manager, Squash -Gold Coast 2018         defining personal well being; productivity;
                                                                                             of what Agronomics are and how they can
Commonwealth Games Corporation                 happiness and success.
                                                                                             be utilised to enhance fields for increased
Can You Really Make Money From                                                               usage.
                                               Significance: Today’s workplace is
                                               intergenerational. People must work           Learning Outcomes
In the past, many sports were dependant
                                               together and lead others that are older,
on business owners to build and maintain                                                     • Understanding of agronomic
                                               younger, different and unique from
sporting facilities, and Squash is no                                                        management
                                               themselves. New entrants to the workforce
stranger to this scenario. In its heyday,                                                    • Components to consider in an agronomic
                                               are taught to think and respond differently
every suburb had a squash centre, owned                                                        program
                                               than those in the middle or end of their
and operated by a business reaping the
                                               careers. Without being able to articulate     • Understanding on how to program an
reward of a busy and thriving industry. As
                                               and identify these differences people,          agronomic management plan with base
land values started to climb, as buildings
                                               relationships and organizations fail.           line specification
started to age, as more sports became
available, less funding for each sport and                                                   • Potential benefits of agronomic programs
member numbers started to drop, centres                                                        including quality, safety and financially
started to close.

So, where to from here?
Sustainable, progressive and inclusive
solutions are required. For sport and
leisure to survive in the next 30 years, we
must break down the barriers of “my sport
is better than those other sports”, “if only
my sport was played in schools” and focus
on solutions that are for the betterment of
the community as a whole.
You can also read