YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University


                                        BUSINESS DEGREES          OTHER BUSINESS COURSES CONTACT MASSEY
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                                             MASSEY BUSINESS           QUALIFICATIONS             MORE INFORMATION
                                                                  35   DIPLOMA IN BUSINESS
                                        04   BACHELOR OF               STUDIES
                                                                  35   CERTIFICATE IN
                                        17   CONJOINT DEGREES          BUSINESS STUDIES
Please note: The information            18   BACHELOR OF
contained in this publication is             ACCOUNTANCY
indicative of the offerings available
in 2018 and subsequent years.           20   BACHELOR OF
This information may be subject              AGRICOMMERCE
to change. While all reasonable         28   BACHELOR OF
efforts will be made to ensure listed        APPLIED ECONOMICS
programmes are offered and regula-
tions are up to date, the University    30   BACHELOR OF RETAIL
reserves the right to change the             AND BUSINESS
content or method of presentation,           MANAGEMENT
or to withdraw any qualification or     32   BACHELOR OF SPORT
part thereof, or impose limitations          MANAGEMENT
on enrolments. For the most up to
date information please go to           34   COMMUNICATION                             QUALIFICATIONS
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

                                                               TO THE MASSEY
                                                               BUSINESS SCHOOL
                                                               build resilience and adaptability in our graduates
                                                               – to ensure they are equipped for a rapidly
                                                               changing world.
                                                               Massey Business School is ranked in the top two
                                                               per cent of business schools globally and holds
                                                               the prestigious AACSB* accreditation, along
                                                               with a range of subject-specific accreditations.
                                                               Several of our programmes are ranked in the
                                                               top 200 globally by QS* and we have some of
                                                               the finest academics here to guide you through
                                                               research-led teaching. This means you are
                                                               learning the latest trends from experts in their
                                                               With three campuses across the North Island          nnEZEKIEL RAUI
                                                               and a 50-year history of quality distance              Northlander Ezekiel Raui (Te Rarawa) has
                                                               learning, we are committed to ‘anywhere,               set himself some ambitious goals, including
                                                               anytime’ learning. Students often note our             being Prime Minister one day but, for now, he’s
                                                               flexible approach, small class sizes and caring        focused on his Bachelor of Business degree at
          NAU MAI HAERE MAI KI TE KURA                         environment as being key to their success.             Massey University.
          WHAI PAKIHI                                          Whether you dream of being a CEO,                      “I chose to do a Bachelor of Business degree
          How do you give yourself the best advantage in       entrepreneur, economist, human resources               because I like to know how the world ticks,
          a competitive world? By getting started with us.     manager, marketing manager, property                   why the economy goes up and down, why
          Massey’s Business School is committed to             developer, or even if all you know is that you         people think what they think. A lot of people
          empowering all our students and enabling them        want to excel in the business world, we can            don’t consider that – when they think business
          to start their career with the skills and attitude   help. Massey Business School will get your             they think financials, accounting – but to me
          to thrive in the global marketplace.                 career started from a strong foundation and            it is a subject that teaches us how to solve real-
          Rather than just study business we believe our       ensure you have the skills to succeed, no matter       world problems.”
          students should practice business. That is why       where your future takes you.                           Ezekiel says the wrench of moving away
          we partner closely with many of New Zealand’s        He kai kei aku ringa! Koia hei mihi atu ki a tātou     from whānau almost stopped him coming
          leading companies. A range of internships and        kei te tātou te tikanga kia tīkina atu e tātou te      to university, but Massey’s support staff and
          opportunities to interact with actual businesses     pito mata hei oranga mō tātou.                         lecturers made him feel at home. “The staff
          are built into our programmes. Our trading           I have food in my hands! This is a word of             here really made it easy for me to settle in
          room, the first for a New Zealand university,        encouragement to remind ourselves that we              and do what I love to do.” He says he enjoys
          allows students to trade in real dollars on the      have the power to utilise our basic skill set to       the small class sizes and the ability to build a
          NZX. Other practice facilities enable hands-on       reach our fullest potential.                           relationship with lecturers.
          experience in entrepreneurship and business                                                                 As for those weighing up going to university,
          analytics.                                           Professor Ted Zorn, Pro Vice-Chancellor                Ezekiel has some simple advice. “Don’t stress
          Today’s students need skills that can take them      and Dean, Massey Business School                       if you don’t have your life planned out – the
          to the top of the business world anywhere, so                                                               beauty of university is that you find your way.
          we focus on relevant and future-focused learning     * AACSB International (Association to Advance          You find what you love, you find what you
          that is global in its application. For example,      Collegiate Schools of Business).                       don’t particularly like and from that I guess you
          our recently refreshed Bachelor of Business has      ** QS (Quacquarelli Symonds)                           create the path to go forward.”
          been redesigned to focus on critical thinking and
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University
                                              CREATING A NEW TYPE OF GRADUATE: AN INNOVATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVER,
                                                 PRACTICALLY PREPARED TO LEAD IN A NEW WORLD OF BUSINESS

                   ONE                                               TWO                                          THREE                                    FOUR

                            ENABLES YOU                                              CONNECTS                                    IS RELEVANT                         IS ACCESSIBLE
                            TO INNOVATE                                              YOU TO                                      TO THE BIG                          THROUGHOUT
                            AND LEAD                                                 ENTERPRISE                                  ISSUES                              YOUR CAREER

                                                              INNOVATIVE & REAL-WORLD LEARNING
                  NZ’S ONLY
                                                                                               GO INNOVATE! IS THE                   INTERNSHIPS                  NEW VENTURE
                          UNIVERSITY                            INVESTMENT                     MASSEY INNOVATION                     WITH GLOBAL                  PROJECTS TO
                          TRADING                                                              COMPETITION                           BRANDS                       DEVELOP AN
                                                                FUND MANAGED
                          ROOM                                                                 WHERE STUDENTS                        IN NZ                        IDEA INTO A
                                                                BY STUDENTS                    GET TO LAUNCH A                                                    BUSINESS
                                                                                               REAL BUSINESS

                                                                                                           TOP RANKED STAFF = EXPERT LECTURERS

                         ACCOUNTING                                                                            PROFESSOR HARALD VAN HEERDE #1 IN AUSTRALASIA – MARKETING
                                                                                                               PROFESSOR BEN MARSHALL FINANCE AND ECONOMICS
                         COMMUNICATION                                                                         PROFESSOR JANE PARKER MANAGEMENT
                         AGRICOMMERCE                                                                          PROFESSOR JILL HOOKS ACCOUNTING
                                                                                                               DR ANDREW GILBEY AVIATION

            TOP BUSINESS LEADERS ARE                                                                       WE’VE ALWAYS LED THE WAY
            MASSEY GRADS
                                                                                                                                       1ST MASTERS IN JOURNALISM
                          LINDA JENKINSON
                          Serial entrepreneur who built 3 multi-million dollar companies and the was                                   1ST AND LONGEST RUNNING MBA
                          the 1st New Zealand woman to take a business public on the NASDAQ.
                                                                                                                                       1ST RETAIL DEGREE
                          ROBIN STALKER
                          Chief Financial Officer of multi-billion dollar company: Adidas.
                                                                                                                                       1ST AND ONLY BACHELOR OF ACCOUNTANCY

                                                                                                                                        1ST AND ONLY AVIATION DEGREE
                          MELANIE KIRK
                          Senior Vice President of Freemantle Media Los Angeles, the company which
                          manages huge-rating shows like X factor and American Idol.

                          CAROLINE SQUIRE                                                                                     TO BUSINESS AND COMMUNITY GROUPS
                                                                                                            WE’RE CONNECTED

                          Director of Marketing at LEGO, past: Sony, Playstation and
                          The Lotteries Commision.                                                                            1ST RETAIL DEGREE co-created with industry
                                                                                                                              We provide executive education to NEW ZEALAND’S
                                                                                                                              LARGEST COMPANY
                          MIKE BENNETTS
                          CEO Z Energy New Zealand.                                                                           ACCREDITED by industry
                                                                                                                              SIR STEPHEN TINDALL CHAIR sponsored by the Warehouse
                                                                                                                              MASSEY UNIVERSITY AND WESTPAC’S FIN-ED CENTRE
                          ROSS BUCKLEY                                                                                        is engaging with community groups to advance financial
                          CEO of KPMG
                                                                                                                              literacy education.
                                                                                                                              MPOWER is the Massey People, Organisation, Work and
                          PAUL BROCK                                                                                          Employment Research group focused on the management of
                          CEO of Kiwibank                                                                                     people in the workplace and organisations.

YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

                                 KEY FACTS
                   AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                 AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ

                                             BACHELOR OF BUSINESS
                    EQUIVALENT TO 3 YEARS
                        OF FULL-TIME STUDY
                        DISTANCE LEARNING    BBus
                                             A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                     >> An ethical and culturally sensitive professional
                                             >> Want to gain skills all employers are looking      >> A specialist in at least one area of business
                                                for, as well as detailed knowledge in business        expertise; and well-versed in the business
                                                subjects you are interested in                        fundamentals
                                             >> Want to learn how to change business for the
                                                better, or start up your own                       SCHOLARSHIPS
                                             >> Can think things through analytically              There are a large number of scholarships
                                             >> Enjoy meeting new people, and are a good           available to first year and current Massey
                                                communicator                                       University business students including hardship
                                                                                                   and sports-related scholarships.
                                             SOUGHT-AFTER BY EMPLOYERS                             Our Future Leaders Scholarship is a prestigious
                                             Within six months of graduation, approximately        scholarship to recognise emerging leaders
                                             85% of Massey’s Bachelor of Business graduates        enrolling in full-time business and agricommerce
                                             are employed in the business area of their choice     programmes at Massey University.
                                             in New Zealand or internationally. When you           Visit for more information.
                                             study the Bachelor of Business Studies you will
                                             gain the leadership, communication, teamwork          INTERNATIONALLY ACCREDITED
                                             and creative skills that employers are looking for.   Massey’s business school is highly-regarded
                                                                                                   internationally, with accreditation from AACSB
                                             WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                      International (Association to Advance Collegiate
                                             Massey University’s Bachelor of Business is           Schools of Business). Massey University’s
                                             about you getting the most from your studies in       accountancy and finance programme ranks in the
                                             business, so you can go on to a great career.         top 100 universities in the world and its business
                                                                                                   and management studies in the top 200 (by
                                             LEARN THE SKILLS EMPLOYERS                            QS (Quacquarelli Symonds) rankings) and was
                                             ARE LOOKING FOR                                       ranked number 1 in finance in New Zealand.
                                             The Bachelor of Business will give you many
                                             skills you can use in many different types of         ENTRY REQUIREMENTS
                                             businesses, in New Zealand and around the             To enrol in the BBus degree you must have
                                             world. You will be:                                   an entrance to university qualification, either
                                             >> Someone that has a sound base in the               through Bursaries and Scholarship Examinations,
                                                business fundamentals of accounting,               NCEA, New Zealand University Entrance,
                                                economics, finance, management, marketing,         Admission with Equivalent Status, Discretionary
                                                law and communication                              Entrance or Special Admission.
                                             >> An independent learner                             English and Maths are desirable school subjects.
                                             >> An innovative thinker                              A school background in Accounting and
                                             >> An effective communicator                          Economics is useful but not essential.
                                             >> Able to lead or work within a team                 Exemptions on the basis of high NCEA Level 3
                                             >> Someone who can find and use the latest            marks are available in Statistics, Accounting and
                                                knowledge to grow a business                       Economics.
                                             >> Effective in multi-cultural and international      Students who have achieved 24 credits at
                                                business environments                              NCEA Level 3 with an Average of Merit and
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University
                                                                                                                                                              STUDY A

have a high overall achievement, or have a scholarship in the relevant         >> International market developer, or dealer in exporting, licensing, and
subject(s), may be eligible to be exempt from taking the following core           importing
courses: 115.112 Accounting for Business, 115.113 Economics of Business.       >> Market researcher, marketing manager, or advertising and
Students who think they are in this category, can apply for an exemption          communication specialist
by contacting Student Advice and Information. Please note that students        >> Professional sports administrator, sports marketer, or events manager
will need to take another course in place of any exemptions granted and        >> Property manager, property developer, or valuer.
even if they are eligible, we would not advise applying for more than two
exemptions.                                                                    TYPICAL PATTERN FOR A BBus DEGREE
                                                                                Year 1                                        Year 2            Year 3
Completing the minimum 360 credits needed for the BBus degree will              115.111 Strategic Workplace                    115.211          300-level
normally take you three years of full-time study. Students who intend to        Communication 15 credits                       15 credits       15 credits
study part-time will manage their study over a longer time frame but not        115.112 Accounting for Business                115.212          300-level
exceeding eight years.                                                          15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
You need to choose a major when you begin your BBus studies. However
do not be concerned about this, as you may change your major if you             115.113 Economics of Business                  200-level        300-level
identify a new direction or interest during the first year. Some students       15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
know what they will major in when they begin BBus studies, while others
                                                                                115.114 Finance Fundamentals                   200-level        300-level
prefer to keep their options open. If you are not sure you should include
                                                                                15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
the eight core courses in Year One, This will ensure you have more choice
later on.                                                                       115.115 Management in Context                  200-level        Elective
The BBus core courses are;                                                      15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
115.111 Strategic Workplace Communication
115.112 Accounting for Business                                                 115.116 Introduction to Marketing              200-level        Elective
115.113 Economics of Business                                                   15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
115.114 Finance Fundamentals                                                    Elective 100 or 200 level                      Elective         Elective
115.115 Management in Context                                                   15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
115.116 Introduction to Marketing
115.211 Business Law                                                            Elective 100 or 200 level                      Elective         Elective
115.212 Fundamentals of Leadership and Teamwork                                 15 credits                                     15 credits       15 credits
The BBus is a flexible programme, which allows students to decide which        120 credits                                    120 credits       120 credits
of the available courses to study each semester, depending on their needs
and objectives.                                                                 Compulsory      Major            Elective

INTERNATIONAL OR ENGLISH-AS-SECOND-LANGUAGE STUDENT ADVICE                     >> Most courses are 15 credits each
The language used in the study of business can be technical. If English        >> Core courses: 120 credits in total
is your second language, 192.101 and 192.102 will be useful to help you        >> Major courses: 120 credits in total
understand and use English at the necessary level, which will support the      >> Elective courses - 120 credits with no more than 90 credits at 100-level
successful completion of your Bachelor of Business.                               and at least 15 credits at 300* level. Elective courses may be taken from
192.101 is Academic English for ESOL Students. It includes advice, practice       the Schedules to any undergraduate degree or diploma in the Massey
and assessment of reading, writing, speaking and listening at University          Business School including the BBus, or from any undergraduate degree
for students from non-English-speaking backgrounds. 192.102 is Academic           or diploma within the University.
Writing for ESOL Students. It includes advice, practice and assessment
in essay and report writing for students from non-English-speaking             PATHWAY TO POSTGRADUATE STUDY
These courses both include research based written assessments of more           ENROL IN...
than 1000 words.                                                                                ä
                                                                                Bachelor of Business [3 years]              Postgraduate Diploma in
CAREERS                                                                                                               â
                                                                                                                            Business [1 year]
More than any other business degree, the Bachelor of Business equips you
with flexible and highly portable skills that employers welcome. Your skills                    ä                     è                     ä
will be useful across industries, in small businesses settings and within       Master of Management                        Master of Business Studies
multi-national organisations.                                                   [1.5 years]                                 [1-2 years]
Depending on the major specialisation that you choose for your Bachelor of                                                                  ä
Business you can join the world of business in many different roles, such
as:                                                                                                                         Doctor of Philosophy
>> Management accountant or financial accountant                                                                            [3 years]
>> Business, systems or information analyst
>> Public relations, communications manager, or media consultant
>> Economist, economic statistician, business/policy/risk analyst, economic
   forecaster, financial advisor or consultant
>> Small business manager, new venture initiator, or project manager
>> Financial analyst, investment banking analyst, sharebroker, or financial
>> Human resource or recruitment manager, or facilitator in employment
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

                                                     KEY FACTS
                                       AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                      AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                             AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                               IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING                          A major of the BBus

                                                                                       The accountancy major prepares you primarily for careers in business.
                                                                                       However, you may also find opportunities in education, the corporate
                                                                                       or public sector, or as a consultant providing business or tax advisory
                                                                                       services. An accountancy major can also lead to a career within general
          A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                            Because the major is flexible and gives you the opportunity to concentrate
          >> Are able to consider the bigger picture in problem solving situations     on a particular area of accountancy, career options are numerous
          >> Enjoy business and mathematics subjects at school                         depending on the combination of courses you choose to take. Many of our
          >> Can communicate complex ideas in simple ways                              graduates start their careers in an accounting function but later move into
                                                                                       other areas, taking with them financial and non-financial performance
          BE READY FOR ANY BUSINESS CHALLENGE                                          evaluation skills important for senior executives.
          This degree will help you become an accountancy specialist with the broad    BBus graduates with an accountancy major can seek admission to the New
          business knowledge and skills that employers seek.                           Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants or CPA Australia by completing
                                                                                       a number of courses not specifically required in the BBus degree. The
          WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                             right course selection also provides graduates with maximum exemptions
          The Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) will allow you to become an           for ACCA, and seven exemptions for CIMA. If you would like more
          accountant with an integrated business perspective and gain the skills and   information on professional body membership, please contact the School
          confidence to measure the big decisions affecting modern organisations       of Accountancy Administrator. You should seek advice early in your degree
          and societies. These are skills that today’s employers seek, both in New     programme, because a number of the required courses should be included
          Zealand and internationally.                                                 in your BBus degree as electives.

          BECOME AN EXCELLENT COMMUNICATOR                                             nnCARL GRAY Bachelor of Business Studies (Accountancy) Graduated in
          You will develop your ability to identify and communicate information          2016. Auditor – KPMG.
          important to organisations. The programme will help you make financial         The flexible study options include being able to view lectures online and
          and non-financial judgements from available resources and will develop         participate in virtual classrooms which allowed me to study the Bachelor
          your interpersonal, computer and business communication skills.                of Business when I wanted and in a way that worked for me. The
                                                                                         lecturers were all fantastic; their knowledge and real world experience
          A PROFESSIONAL ACCOUNTANCY CAREER?                                             helped to bring the topics alive and provide relevance to what we were
          If you are certain you would like to follow a professional accounting          learning. I loved my time at Massey and my study led to the start of my
          career, you should consider the Bachelor of Accountancy programme as an        career as an Auditor at KPMG, where I am applying all that I learnt.
          alternative to the BBus (Accountancy). See page 18.
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University
                                                                                                                                              STUDY A

                                          KEY FACTS
                            AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                           AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                    IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING                     A major of the BBus

                                                                       SOUGHT-AFTER BY EMPLOYERS
                                                                       Massey’s economics programme has been acknowledged by
                                                                       industry for its quality and content. Our graduates are sought-after
                                                                       by major public and private sector employers and many are now
                                                                       placed in prestigious organisations within New Zealand and around
                                                                       the world. The Bachelor of Business will give you the leadership,
                                                                       communication and critical thinking skills that will make you a
                                                                       sought-after employee.

                                                                       A FOCUS ON ECONOMICS
                                                                       If you know you would like to focus on economics, consider
                                                                       Massey’s Bachelor of Applied Economics which has a more
                                                                       detailed economics study programme, see page 28. The
                                                                       economics major in the BBus gives you a broad and well-rounded
                                                                       education in business. You’ll get a strong grounding in economics,
                                                                       but in a programme that is less rigorous and specialised than the
                                                                       Bachelor of Applied Economics.

                                                                       The skills and knowledge of trained economists are highly sought
A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                      after by the public and private sector, large and small firms, large
>> Would like to figure out how to make the world a better place       international agencies, schools and universities, economic policy
>> Enjoy working with numbers                                          makers, and social organisations. The following list are examples of
>> Think analytically and logically                                    some of the options open to you:
                                                                       >> Agricultural economist
BECOME A BUSINESS LEADER OF THE FUTURE                                 >> Business analyst
Economics has a huge impact on the way the world works - find out      >> Economic consultant
how to make the best of what we have and how we can improve it.        >> Energy research officer
                                                                       >> Environmental economist
WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                       >> Financial policy adviser
Like most of life’s important questions, economics focuses on          >> Health economist
complex interrelationships. It’s about how a change in one area will   >> International economist
have repercussions elsewhere. An economics degree from Massey          >> Institution development coordinator
will provide you with ways of thinking about the world, how to make    >> Microeconomics analyst
the best of what we have and how to improve on it.                     >> Trainee dealer
                                                                       Treasury, the Reserve Bank and the World Bank all recruit
FLEXIBILITY                                                            economics graduates. However, on graduating in economics you
Massey’s Bachelor of Business (Economics) gives you lots of            are not restricted to a career as an ‘economist’. Your economics
flexibility in the subjects that you study. You will gain a strong     degree can be the gateway to employment in many other areas, like
grounding in economic theory as well as a broad understanding          management, planning, politics, education, finance and banking,
of the core elements of business such as accountancy, finance,         and journalism and the media. You can design your economics
marketing and management.                                              major to meet your interests and career objectives.
YOUR 2018 GUIDE TO BUSINESS - Massey University

                                                  KEY FACTS
                                    AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                   AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                           AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                     AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                               ENTREPRENEURSHIP
                                             STUDYING IN NZ
                                                                                        AND INNOVATION*
                  NAME CHANGE SUBJECT TO CUAP APPROVAL                                  A major of the BBus

          A GOOD FIT IF YOU
          >> Are interested in developing your ability to think creatively and
          >> Would like to start your own business
          >> Work within an existing organisation and want to help business growth

          WHAT IS IT LIKE?
          Whether you have your own great ideas or would like to help organisations
          grow, the Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) will
          help you learn what you need to know to become an entrepreneur, or help
          others think more creatively and innovatively.
          New Zealand needs entrepreneurs who can take innovative ideas to the

          In the BBus (Entrepreneurship and Innovation) you will develop the
          expertise you need to take a realistic approach to recognising and
          developing opportunities, turning good ideas into reality.
                                                                                        nnKATIE HAMMOND Bachelor of Business Studies
          LEADING NEW ZEALAND – AND THE WORLD                                             (Management) (Enterprise Development) Graduated in 2006
          The Massey Business School is one of the country’s leading and largest          Founder and Owner - KTea
          business schools - it is ranked among the top two per cent of business          I always wanted my company to be Fairtrade and I had been studying
          schools globally and is AACSB accredited.                                       social entrepreneurship at university, and I really wanted to do something
          Massey University’s business and management programme has been                  that was good and sustainable. I’ve got a really good grounding in
          ranked in the top 250 universities in the world by QS (Quacquarelli             business and that theoretical learning you get from university. I don’t think
          Symonds). Our lecturers are active researchers, bringing the most relevant      I’d be where I am today without that degree.
          developments in business theory and practice to your study.                     While studying business at Massey, Katie did an assignment examining
                                                                                          the New Zealand market for fair trade loose-leaf tea. It became quickly
          CAREERS                                                                         clear that there was a glaring gap, which she filled with a product she
          If you want to create a new venture, grow your enterprise, or assist others     calls KTea.
          in developing theirs, then the Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship and       In 2013 she won the New Zealand Fairtrade Product Awards Small
          Innovation) is the programme for you. Our past students include people          Company award.
          working in the careers listed below.                                            Starting off small, Miss Hammond began selling at the City Market and
          >> Small business managers and owner-operators                                  Underground Craft Market in Wellington in 2010, and was ordering tea
          >> Entrepreneurs and new venture initiators                                     in three-kilogram boxes from a third-party supplier in Australia. Now she
          >> Project managers and corporate development managers                          imports 100-kilogram boxes of fair trade black and green teas direct from
          >> Educators and trainers                                                       the first certified organic tea garden in the world in Sri Lanka, with South
          >> Industry and central government policy advisors                              Island herbs mixed in to make her unique flavour combinations.
          >> Innovators and intrapreneurs in larger corporations                          Stockists include five Wellington cafés, two supermarkets and specialist
          >> Consultants, advisors, and development agency professionals                  fine-foods retailers Moore Wilson’s, Commonsense Organics and Urban
          >> Industry and Central Government policy advisors                              Harvest.
                                                                                                                                                            STUDY A

                                           KEY FACTS
                             AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                            AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                     IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING                            A major of the BBus

                                                                                                        >> Investment Banking Analyst - originates and
                                                                                                           structures securities issues and provides
                                                                                                           advice on mergers, acquisitions and
                                                                                                           divestments, other business issues
                                                    A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                   >> Share Broker - acts as an agent for buyers and
                                                    >> Have an analytical mind and enjoy working           sellers of securities and provides advice to
                                                       with numbers                                        customers on financial matters
                                                    >> Are interested in money and how
                                                       financial institutions work                      FINANCIAL POLICY
                                                    >> Keep a calm head in stressful situations         >> Analyst, Public Company - provides economic
                                                                                                           costing support of operational and strategic
                                                    WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                       decisions, micro-economic analysis of firms
                                                    A finance major from Massey University lets            and market and prepares forecasts and
                                                    you structure a personal study programme               simulations
                                                    incorporating a wide range of disciplines to help   >> Analyst, Reserve Bank - develops policies
                                                    develop your numeracy, logic and analytical            relating to the prudential supervision of
                                                    skills.                                                banks and monitors, analyses and reports on
                                                                                                           financial information relating to registered
nnGEN COOPER BBS (Hons) Finance                     AFFECT WHERE MONEY GOES                                banks. Also conducts research
  Graduated: May 2010                               Finance is all about the systems, institutions      >> Analyst, Treasury - provides economic analysis
  Manager in corporate finance, Deloitte            and instruments involved in the transfer of            for development of social policy and analysis
  I loved studying at Massey! High quality          funds between individuals, businesses and              of cash flow for Government decision-making
  teaching. Challenging study programme.            governments. This includes vital, short-run            (investments) as well as provision of budget
  Supportive study environment. Fantastic           decisions such as cash management and                  forecasts for policy implementation
  facilities. Palmerston North is also a great      credit policy, which affect the survival of an
  student city.                                     organisation, as well as long-term decisions        MANAGERIAL FINANCE
  One of the reasons I originally chose Massey      such as investment in plant and equipment,          >> Capital Budgeting Analyst - evaluates and
  was because it offered a study programme          fund-raising, and mergers and takeovers.               recommends the selection of strategic assets
  that enabled me to complete tertiary studies in                                                       >> Financial Analyst - prepares and analyses
  both business and science, and Massey had a       CAREERS                                                the firm’s financial plans and budgets and
  strong reputation for excellence in both those    With your major in finance a wide range of             assesses the firm’s risk-return
  areas.                                            employment opportunities will be open to you.       >> Cash Manager - maintains, controls and
  Now, I work on projects across a range of         You may find employment in corporations, retail        economises the daily cash balances of a firm
  industries and sectors in three key areas         and wholesale banking, insurance companies,         >> Credit Manager - evaluates credit applications
  of corporate finance: business valuation,         finance companies, or brokerage houses.                and is responsible for accounts receivable
  financial modelling and advisory. Advisory
  work encompasses a broad range of                 SECURITIES                                          BANKING RETAIL
  work – from developing an organisation’s or       >> Securities Analyst - studies shares and          >> Bank Manager - supervises customer services
  industry strategy through to business case           other securities, economic activity, specific       loans, mortgages, deposits and investment
  development. I really do enjoy the variety and       industries and provides advice to securities        accounts and supervises branch activities
  challenging nature of my work.                       firms and their customers, fund managers,        >> Loans Officer - evaluates credit of personal
                                                       and insurance companies                             and business loan applicants.

                                                     KEY FACTS                           HUMAN RESOURCE
                                       AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                      AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ                              MANAGEMENT AND
                             AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                               IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                    NAME CHANGE SUBJECT TO CUAP APPROVAL                                 A major of the BBus

          A GOOD FIT IF YOU
          >> Have good written and oral communication skills
          >> Thrive on the challenge of learning new things
          >> Would like a career helping others utilise their skills and abilities
          >> Are interested in how organisations work

          The BBus (Human Resource Management and Employment Relations) will
          give you the theoretical and practical skills you need to have a successful
          career in human resource management.

          WHAT IS IT LIKE?
          When you study the Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management
          and Employment Relations) you’ll look at how employees are recruited and
          selected and how work is designed and measured so that an organisation
          can create value from its employees.
          Human resource management is the process of managing the relationship
          between people and the organisations they work in. It is a specialist
          function that supports organisations, and their employees, at both strategic
          and operational levels. An understanding of HRM is also of benefit to
          anyone with responsibilities for managing people.
          WHAT DOES AN HR PROFESSIONAL DO?                                               A major in human resource management enables you to pursue a wide
          Human resource management is about managing people effectively within          variety of career opportunities. New graduates might take up a generalist
          businesses, corporations and other organisations. You will work to place       human resources position in a private company, or in the public sector. Past
          people in positions where their skills and abilities can be most effectively   graduates have become consultants, policy analysts for government and
          used to help the organisation meet its business goals. At the same time        entered management trainee programmes.
          you will help create work environments which are healthy and rewarding         There is increasing emphasis on human resource management by top
          for employees. Not only so they contribute to the organisation, but so         management in New Zealand organisations. More organisations now have
          they can satisfy their own personal and career needs. This is vital for any    a human resource manager as a key member of the senior management
          organisation wanting to retain a sustained competitive edge.                   team.
                                                                                         In a strategic sense, the people in the organisation are what gives that
          THE SKILLS EMPLOYERS SEEK                                                      organisation a competitive edge. Consequently there is growing demand
          The study of human resource management at Massey gives you a good              for those who have the skills to understand and manage the human side of
          grounding in the theory of this area, but also a practical insight into the    organisations.
          reality of the business world. Your courses have a significant practical
          component, with assignments, case studies and other projects involving
          working with or examining local as well as overseas businesses.
          We’ll also assist you to develop networks which will help you in gaining a
          position when you graduate.
                                                                                                                                                                  STUDY A

                                               KEY FACTS
                                 AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ                             INTERNATIONAL
                                          STUDYING IN NZ                          A major of the BBus

                                                                                  BECOME A GLOBAL PLAYER
                                                                                  Gain the knowledge, skills, and abilities critical to contemporary
                                                                                  businesses confronted by changes brought about by globalisation.

                                                                                  WHAT IS IT LIKE?
                                                                                  The global economy has a major impact on our daily lives. The products we
                                                                                  use, the financial transactions we undertake and our jobs are all subject to
                                                                                  international business decisions. Understanding these impacts allows us
                                                                                  to work more effectively in society and in business.

                                                                                  A COMPREHENSIVE QUALIFICATION
                                                                                  Massey’s international business programme has a comprehensive range
                                                                                  of courses. You’ll learn about cross-cultural management, international
                                                                                  business strategy, the political economy of international business, regional
                                                                                  economic integration and contemporary issues relevant to international
                                                                                  business. The programme centres around the Asia-Pacific business
                                                                                  environment and its impact on Australasian business organisations.
                                                                                  You’ll also look at the bigger picture - focusing on the impact of the global
                                                                                  environment on the functional areas of international business, no matter
                                                                                  where you are situated.

nnFLAVIO HANGARTER Bachelor of Business Studies                                   THE REAL WORLD
  (International Business and Finance). Graduated in 2012                         You’ll examine international business through a number of case
  Startup Analyst - ecentre                                                       studies and real-life examples to give you a realistic expectation and
  My background is in sales and marketing and I have worked in                    understanding of the business world.
  various industries ranging from consumer products to hospitality and
  telecommunications. As I wanted a career change I decided to pursue             CAREERS
  my passion for international business and the financial markets, which          As an international business graduate you will provide valuable skills
  led me to Massey University.                                                    to all firms and government agencies involved in international business
  I especially liked the flexibility of papers. The extracurricular groups that   operations.
  Massey has to offer made campus life more fun and allowed me to make            Today, almost every large organisation has international operations in
  new friends quickly. Completing my Bachelor of Business Studies in              some form, and it’s an area of increasing importance. An understanding of
  International Business and Finance at Massey has enabled me to pursue           this will enhance career opportunities and allow you to interact effectively
  my new-found areas of interest in international business development            with other managers from different cultures, or those using different
  and business strategy.                                                          business practices.
  With the connections I made at Massey during my studies, I managed              Small businesses are also increasingly engaging in international business:
  to obtain an internship and later a full-time role at the ecentre business      exporting, licensing, and negotiating strategic alliances with overseas
  incubator where I am responsible for creating and fostering an                  partners. Studying international business equips you with the keys to best
  environment of business growth aimed at entrepreneurs with a business           international practice.
  idea, and new start-up companies. I do this by planning and managing
  workshops for entrepreneurial development and business execution and
  facilitating mentoring, coaching, training, and associated events.

                                                    KEY FACTS
                                      AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                     AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                            AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                              IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING                     A major of the BBus

          A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                      CAREERS
          >> Are a strong leader                                                 Your management major will prepare you for a career growing
          >> Think clearly and analytically                                      businesses, implementing new ideas and developing your skills and
          >> Enjoy working with diverse people                                   those of others to effect positive change in the world around you.
          >> Know how to bring out the best in those around you                  Some examples of companies that have employed recent graduates
          >> Take initiative to achieve the things that are important            of the programme:
                                                                                 >> Air New Zealand
          LEAD THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE                                        >> ASB Bank Ltd
          Become a manager that empowers others and makes a real                 >> BP Oil (NZ) Ltd
          difference to the future of our nation.                                >> Ezibuy Ltd
                                                                                 >> Fuji Xerox (NZ) Ltd
          WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                       >> Glaxo Wellcome (NZ) Ltd
          Part of being a manager is being able to be a nimble, quick thinker,   >> Housing NZ Ltd
          able to analyse situations effectively, consider priorities and make   >> KMart New Zealand
          great decisions, often under pressure.                                 >> Massey University
          These are the sort of skills you will learn in Massey University’s     >> New Zealand Defence Forces
          Bachelor of Business (Management).                                     >> New Zealand Tourism Board
                                                                                 >> Toyota (NZ) Ltd
          LEARN FROM LEADING BUSINESS EXPERTS                                    >> Tui Foods Ltd
          The Massey Business School is one of the country’s leading and
          largest business schools - it is ranked among the top five per cent    nnPHOEBE LANG Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing and
          of business schools globally and is AACSB accredited.                    Management)
          Massey University’s business and management programme                    Marketing Coordinator - KiwiRail Scenic Journeys
          has been ranked in the top 200 universities in the world by QS           We have a small marketing team, so my role is all encompassing! I’m
          (Quacquarelli Symonds). Our lecturers are actively researching,          responsible for supporting our marketing manager and ensuring we
          bringing the most relevant developments in business theory and           meet deadlines, have strong briefs, produce quality work, have efficient
          practice to your study.                                                  planning in place and ensure all core marketing functions are addressed
                                                                                   on a day to day basis. I work closely with colleagues throughout the
          RELEVANT TO POTENTIAL EMPLOYERS                                          business, as well as coordinate work and relationships with suppliers.
          You will emerge from your studies with management skills that are        My degree enabled me to gain my foot in the door to the industry, and
          relevant to potential employers. Employers want people who can           the opportunities provided by Massey allowed me gain valuable skills
          think critically, communicate well and deal well with other people       and workplace experience to support this. The combination of academic
          through both written and face-to-face communication.                     achievement and work experience (particularly through the Internship
          The Bachelor of Business will give you the leadership,                   program) gave me an advantage over other grads in a competitive job
          communication and critical thinking skills that will make you a          market.
          sought-after employee.
          The Bachelor of Business will give you many skills you can use in
          many different types of businesses, in New Zealand and around the
          world. You will be someone that has a sound base in the business
          fundamentals of accounting, economics, finance, management,
          marketing, law and communication.
                                                                                                                                                     STUDY A

                                             KEY FACTS
                               AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                              AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ
                                        STUDYING IN NZ                   A major of the BBus

A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                        You could find work in business or non-profit organisations in a
>> Like to be busy and have lots of energy                               huge range of industries.
>> Can keep your cool in a pressure situation                            Careers include:
>> Are self-motivated - a confident, determined                          >> Marketing executive/assistant or consultant and brand or
   and enthusiastic person                                                  product management. These roles tend to be extremely varied
>> Enjoy being creative and thinking outside the square                     and could involve planning/directing and controlling research
>> Enjoy communicating with people and working in a team                    and development, perhaps working in the packaging and
                                                                            manufacturing industries. You could also get involved in sales,
WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                            distribution, promotion and even market research and forecasting
Marketing is a key function for all businesses. It is the difference     >> Market analyst - in this role you will research the market,
between having great products and services, and selling those               providing important strategic information to others
products and services to the people that need them. By giving you        >> Market research - in a market research role you will use your
sound knowledge of marketing principles, how to apply them, and             knowledge of consumer behaviour, statistics and psychology to
how to evaluate them, Massey’s Bachelor of Business (Marketing)             design research projects, prepare questionnaires and sample,
will teach the ins and outs of consumer demand to lead the way in           analyse data and prepare reports and presentations
marketing the world’s future innovations.                                >> Sales/sales management
                                                                         >> Retail industry
JOIN THE LEADERS IN MARKETING EDUCATION                                  >> New product planning
Our marketing major is taught by world-class lecturers, such as          >> Non-profit services
professor Harald Van Heerde, who is ranked #1 in Australasia             >> Or you could specialise in areas like direct marketing,
and #11 in the world - as good as professors from Harvard, Yale,            web or social media marketing
Stanford and Columbia Universities.
                                                                         nnMITCHELL HOULBROOKE Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing),
TURN GREAT IDEAS INTO PROFITS                                              Bachelor of Arts (Sociology).
By equipping you with sound knowledge of marketing principles,             Marketing Assistant - New Zealand Marketing Association
how to apply them and how to evaluate them, Massey’s Bachelor              What sold me on Massey was when I found out about their conjoint
of Business (Marketing) will teach you how to take great ideas and         Business/Arts programme. It gave me the perfect opportunity to pursue
turn them into profits for your employers.                                 what I loved in business (Marketing), and all the other fascinating
Your marketing major will cover all the essential components of            subjects I was beginning to show interest in, covered by Massey’s
marketing, including consumer behaviour, marketing management,             arts programme. I loved the relaxed atmosphere here at Massey, and
strategy, research and analysis.                                           feeling of community provided by all the staff and students. The School
                                                                           of Communication, Journalism and Marketing ran many of my favourite
CAREERS                                                                    courses, and their lecturers stunned me with their enthusiasm.
Whatever you do with your future, marketing is certain to enhance
your career prospects. What’s more, if you want to set up your own
business one day, it will be your marketing training that will make it
happen - it’s a key element in all business activity.
This marketing major prepares you for not just marketing jobs, but
also for senior positions in most areas of business, academia, and
the public sector. Massey marketing graduates have an excellent
reputation and are keenly sought after by employers. Almost every
sector needs people who have marketing skills.

                                                     KEY FACTS
                                       AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                      AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ                        ORGANISATIONAL
                              AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                        AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                       TECHNOLOGY
                                                STUDYING IN NZ
                       NAME CHANGE SUBJECT TO CUAP APPROVAL                        A major of the BBus

          The Bachelor of Business (Organisational Technology                      Today fast, appropriate, and reliable systems for storing and
          Management) will give you an in-depth understanding of how               accessing information have become essential for businesses
          to manage people and organisations in a rapidly-changing and             around the world.
          technology-oriented workplace.
          A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                        There is a global shortage of people skilled in organisational
          >> Are passionate about new technology and are keen to                   technology and its development and salaries are amongst the
             understand it                                                         highest of all graduates. The skills you learn at Massey and the
          >> Can think critically                                                  qualification you’ll receive will be in demand both in New Zealand
                                                                                   and around the world.
          FIND THE INFORMATION BUSINESSES ARE LOOKING FOR                          You will work with programmers, systems analysts and vendors to
          Let Massey teach you how to find the information that people and         create and operate information systems for businesses, government
          business need to succeed and grow.                                       agencies and non-profit organisations. Roles include:
                                                                                   >> Application consultant
          WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                         >> Business analyst
          When you study a Bachelor of Business (Organisational Technology         >> Computer marketing manager
          Management) at Massey University, you will learn how information         >> Market research analyst
          systems are disrupting traditional business practices and how to         >> Network administrator
          work in this ever-changing environment to assist organisation’s          >> Knowledge manager
          goals.                                                                   >> IT project manager

          BECOME A NEW TECHNOLOGY MANAGEMENT EXPERT                                nnKIM TILYARD Graduated in 2016
          New tools and technology are constantly changing the environment           Information Services Graduate, Watercare Services, Auckland
          in which businesses operate. For instance the cloud’s rapid                Massey’s flexibility with electives is great. I was going to study ecology
          adoption as a business tool. Or the importance placed on the huge          and zoology but halfway through the first semester decided it wasn’t for
          quantity of data that is collected and how to analyse this (big data).     me so switched to business. I was able to count my science papers as
          The way organisations use technology and data is integral to their         electives for the Bachelor of Business Studies.
          success. This is increasingly recognised by businesses – with chief        I chose Massey as it is close to my hometown of Waipukurau plus it has
          technology officers increasingly taking a seat on senior leadership        a really good science department. In retrospect, I’m so glad I went to
          teams.                                                                     Palmerston North as the rent is much cheaper than in larger cities.
          The Bachelor of Business (Organisational Technology Management)            In my third year I formed good relationships with my IS lecturers, who
          will make you a sought-after technology management expert. You             were really helpful and you could ask them anything.
          will have the problem-solving skills to help manage organisations          Information systems appeals as I like processes and completing tasks
          understand and use new technology.                                         step by step then moving onto the next one.
                                                                                     I worked at Massey Kids’ Club on campus, providing after-school and
          WIDE RANGE OF KNOWLEDGE                                                    holiday care to five to 12-year-olds. I was second-in-charge and the role
          As well as your learning around technology management, you                 developed my communication and management skills. Plus, it was great I
          will be able to take advantage of Massey’s expertise in all areas          didn’t have to travel to get there.
          of business, like small business and innovation, human resource            I’m on a two-year information services graduate programme at
          management, communications and marketing. That means you will              Watercare Services, which provides water and wastewater services to
          graduate with a broad knowledge of general business practice and           the Auckland region. This year I rotate among the six sections of the IT/IS
          will be prepared for management roles across business.                     department and next year I’ll be trained for a specific role.
                                                                                                                                                                STUDY A

                                          KEY FACTS
                            AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
             AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS                               PROPERTY
                                     STUDYING IN NZ                             A major of the BBus

A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                               Property Economics Knowledge of Property Economics is required to
>> Are interested in real estate and property                                   discuss how uses of property resources are economically determined and
>> Enjoy meeting new people, and are a good communicator                        developed within shared urban space – in different international, national,
>> Would like to specialise in property, but want to keep your career           regional, urban, local and site scales. Property economists are able to
   options open                                                                 critically discuss and reflect on economic theory and practice in property,
                                                                                whilst using the lens of economics to analyse property given the current
WHAT IS IT LIKE?                                                                (and potential future) trends.
Massey University's Bachelor of Business (Property) will give you an
introduction to a wide range of professional skills relevant to the industry,   ACCREDITATIONS
including property development, management, valuation, finance,                 The Bachelor of Business (Property) is accredited by the Royal Institution of
investment and economics.                                                       Chartered Surveyors, the Property Institute of New Zealand (PINZ), and the
You will learn the communication skills you’ll need to operate within the       New Zealand Valuers Registration Board.
industry and to work effectively with clients.
WHAT ARE THE SPECIALISATIONS?                                                   There is a huge range of careers in the property business, in which you can
Property Development This involves planning the purchase, development,          choose to specialise, or become a generalist. Examples include:
and sale of new or existing properties. This can include residential            >> Private practice firms involved in property and development consultancy,
subdivisions, construction of office buildings, establishment of industrial        project management and co-ordination, and property management
parks, and refurbishment of existing buildings.                                 >> Valuation firms
Property Management This is a generalist profession which offers you            >> Commercial and industrial enterprises which use, occupy, or own all
career options and opportunities in a variety of occupations. Property             types of property
Management involves the day-to-day management of commercial                     >> Development and construction companies
property, including office buildings, retail outlets, industrial properties,    >> Real Estate firms – domestic and international
and apartments. It includes management of the building and the facilities       You can also apply for jobs in related areas for example insurance
within the building.                                                            or finance companies, government organisations, local and regional
Property Valuation Valuations are required as the basis for a wide variety      authorities or shopping centres.
of real estate decisions, including those concerned with the buying and         Depending on ultimate choice of careers, Property Institute of New
selling of property, advancing money on the security of a property, rental      Zealand and the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand are the professional
assessments, subdivision of property interests, compensation for public         organisations that you are most likely to join as a graduate of this
acquisitions, the assessment of local authority rates, and other forms of       programme. Each body is closely involved with the development of
taxation. You can meet the requirements for accreditation by the Valuers        Massey's courses. Both institutes actively encourage students to get
Registration Board by including specific courses as electives.                  involved in the affairs of the local branch and, upon graduation, to become
Property Finance and Investment Property investment and finance in both         members of one or more of these organisations.
analysis and evaluation can help guide property financing decisions.
Key areas in property finance and investment engage with interest rates         REGISTRATION AS A VALUER
and the nature of lending risks. More technical time-value-of-money             The Valuers Registration Board accepts Massey's Bachelor of Business
calculations relating to property investment are integral to discounted         Studies (Property) as a qualification.
cash flow analyses of property investments. As well as performing and
evaluating the effective cost of mortgage financing and refinancing,
including leverage implications, as well as the wider financing available to
all property stakeholders.

                                                     KEY FACTS
                                       AVAILABLE AT AUCKLAND
                                      AVAILABLE AT MANAWATŪ                            STRATEGIC
                             AVAILABLE VIA DISTANCE LEARNING
                               IN NZ OR VIA DISTANCE LEARNING                          A major of the BBus

          A GOOD FIT IF YOU                                                            >> Media buying, planning, and advising
          >> Have a creative streak                                                    >> News media
          >> Are interested in analysing why things happen                             >> Speech writing
          >> Are well-organised and a people person                                    >> Publishing and editing
          >> Want to use your communication skills in a business, not for profit, or   >> Liaison and advisory work
             government department                                                     Or you could use your communication skills to increase your effectiveness
                                                                                       in a role in another area of business.
          WHAT IS IT LIKE?
          The Bachelor of Business with a major in strategic communication builds      nnGEORGINA CLEAVE Bachelor of Business Studies (Marketing
          your skills in areas including writing in the workplace, professional          Communications). Graduated in 2011.
          presentations, communication technology, interpersonal communication,          I was living in Wanaka when I was deciding on which university to enrol
          organisational communication, cross-cultural communication, and public         in and what course to take. Massey offered a great extramural service
          relations.                                                                     that others did not come close to matching and they also offered the type
          You will develop your skills especially through learning by doing,             of courses that would help me reach my goals.
          such as roleplaying, writing portfolios, interviewing, presentations,          While the numeric-based business courses (such as accounting,
          video conferencing and creating web pages, communication plans for             statistics, macroeconomics, and finance) were not my favourites, I
          organisations and short videos.                                                believe they gave me a valuable grounding in this area. The marketing
                                                                                         and communications courses on offer were generally interesting and
          LEARN FROM THE BEST                                                            contained relevant theory combined with useful real-world learning. The
          Many Massey teaching staff have substantial private-sector or consulting       courses run by the School of CJM were the ones I enjoyed the most.
          experience, as well as close and continuing links with the business            I have experienced both extramural and internal offerings at the
          world. Our lecturers are actively researching, bringing the most relevant      Auckland campus and believe that the majority of courses are well
          developments in business theory and practice to your study. You’ll learn       structured with the right ratio of theory to practical content. Being on
          about cutting-edge practice in the industry, from those in the know.           campus at Albany has been a fantastic experience that enabled me to
                                                                                         learn more by bouncing ideas off fellow students and having the lecturers
          CAREERS                                                                        available to answer questions and offer feedback. The facilities and
          The breadth of learning at Massey means that you will have many                services on campus are excellent.
          different options for career paths in business, government or in community     Gaining a BBS, majoring in Marketing Communications has opened up
          organisations. Your skills and understanding of strategic communication        doors that would have remained shut had I not embarked on degree
          will be useful in any role in business.                                        level education in this field and this has ultimately led me to securing the
          A growing number of organisations recognise the importance of                  marketing job that I had my eyes on all along.
          employing professional communicators. No matter what career you enter,         Marketing is a crucial component for every business and the specialist
          employers are looking for people like you, who can communicate well.           areas you can branch out into are growing by the day. Massey's School
          Communication skills make a vital difference in your application and job       of Communication, Journalism and Marketing offers a variety of courses
          interview, and they also facilitate career advancement and opportunities.      that will enable you to gain a worthwhile knowledge base and also
          Your career options are wide open - from trainee positions in large            extend your skills in your chosen specialist field. Make sure you take
          government and business organisations to positions of responsibility in        advantages of the resources available to you, ask questions and make
          small businesses.                                                              the most of your university experience, so that you can be on the right
          Some of the varied fields communication graduates work in include:             path to achieve your career goals.
          >> Public Relations
          >> Communications advisory
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