James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019


James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019
James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

I can still remember the first colourful travel agency catalogues that I browsed eagerly, looking at luxurious hotels with great pools, and pictures of beautiful beaches and azure seas. I can even recall the price tables, which brought me to the realisation that the hotel I liked so much on page 63 was probably out of reach of our family budget. What I don‘t recall are any editorials. So, please skip to the following pages. Although you won‘t find pictures of white sand beaches in this catalogue, you will find the best courses for your company and your colleagues.

And in the end, the beautiful thing that studying languages and travelling have in common is that they both provide us with opportunities to discover new possibilities and have new experiences. We are happy we can help you with that.

Martin Borl Sales Director With us you can speak to the world

James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019


James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019


James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019


James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

2 PRAGUE Na Florenci 2116/15 110 00 Prague 1 BRNO Jakubské náměstí 127/5 602 00 Brno OSTRAVA 28. října 3346/91 702 00 Ostrava We cover Central Europe 510 CLIENTS 13 800 STUDENTS 140 CITIES 980 TEACHERS 475 000 HOURS PERYEAR 29 LANGUAGES MLADÁ BOLESLAV Václavkova 1115 293 01 Mladá Boleslav BRATISLAVA Laurinská 18 811 01 Bratislava WARSAW ul.

Wilcza 31 lok. 5 00-544 Warsaw

James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019


James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

4 With us you can speak to the world Nationwide coverage Thanks to our own team of trainers throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, we guarantee high quality and uniform methods and administration. Consulting services We share our experience with you and recommend a functional model for language learning. Teacher stability We take pride in the low turnover rate among our teachers, the result of the quality care we provide our team and our teacher incentive programme. Pro-customer approach Our clients appreciate our flexibility and our proactive and individual approach.

Demanding We demand the very best from ourselves, our teachers and even our students, a shared approach that leads to success. Outsourcing Once you provide us with initial information detailing your specific needs, we work with you to define the required service. We will take care of the rest.

Online records We use the unique c.Port information system for transparent and accurate administrative work. Methodology The unique Coach&Practise method focuses on the systematic repetition of material and the correction of mistakes, all while respecting the needs of students.

James Cook Languages - PRODUCT CATALOGUE 2018/2019

5 Careful selection of teachers The selection process consists of two personal interviews, the second of which is a sample lesson with an analysis of methodology and subsequent feedback. Teacher hierarchy system The mentor (Senior Teacher) sits in on the teachers’ classes and they have methodology and organisational meetings and evaluation sessions to discuss feedback from students.

Thorough initial training Upon joining, all of our teachers undergo a compulsory set of eight training sessions to become familiarised with our Coach&Practise methodology. Detailed methodology Corporate language training is a specific field, especially with respect to the frequency of training, motivation and the self-study options of participants. This is reflected in our Coach&Practise methodology.

OUR TEACHERS We keep developing the skills of our instructors. Every year we organize about 200 workshops for them where they can gain further education in the field of foreign language teaching methods. Martina Lichtenbergová HR Director We make the best even better ” “

6 Anna comes from Poland, where she graduated from the Institute of Apllied Linguistics at the University of Warsaw. She has been teaching English in companies since 2001 and has been a part of the James Cook Languages team since 2007, working as an English and Polish teacher first and later as a Senior Teacher and Recruiter.

She currently leads the team of Senior Teachers and helps teachers to develop their skills through training and methodology support. Ania Willińska Teaching Team Leader and trainer Klára is from Brno where she graduated from secondary school with a focus on English. She successfully passed the FCE and CAE exams and since 2012 has been active in corporate education. She joined JCL in early 2014 as a teacher; since 2016, she’s been the Regional Coordinator for South Moravia. You can meet her at our Brno branch where she’s in charge of the recruitment and development of our teachers. Klára Večeřová Regional Coordinator and English language teacher David Grepl Key Teacher and teacher of intensive and specialised courses Jen Hill Senior Teacher and teacher of intensive and specialised courses David returned to the Czech Republic in early 2016 after a long perior abroad.

After completing the CELTA course, he joined the James Cook Languages teacher team and started teaching regular in-company courses. Since he successfully finished the Talent Management programme, he’s also been involved in the teaching of open and in-house courses. Jen comes from Calgary, Canada; she moved to Prague in 2015. She studied landscape architecture and spent more than eight years working for the government of Alberta, securing funding for university students in the fields of synthetic biology and nanotechnology. She joined ourteamshortlyaftersuccessfullyfinishingteacher training.

She is now a Senior Teacher who leads regular corporate and intensive courses and helps coordinate informal meetings of our teachers. Tom is from Gloucester, UK and he moved to the Czech Republic in June 2014 a year after graduating from the University of Sheffield to begin training as an EFL teacher. He quickly joined James Cook after completing his training and began to teach regular in-company courses. Since completing the Talent Management programme he has started teaching workshops and intensive / open courses as well. Šimon is an experienced language teacher and a soft skills trainer.

He has been working in the field since 2003, for James Cook Languages since 2007. He got his bachelor degree in Psychology from UNYP (Empire State College), and his masters in Diplomacy and International Relations from the Anglo-American University. He created and leads several courses including CzEnglish and English Grammar Refresh. Šimon Steffal Trainer, mentor and teacher of specialised courses Tom Jowett Key Teacher and teacher of intensive and specialised courses

7 OUR METHODOLOGY I ​​ have been working for James Cook Languages since 2006 and I can say that it was a good choice, I have always been very happy with my relationship with the company. I was especially impressed with the facilities for teachers from the very beginning - I felt like Alice in Wonderland in the Resource Centre. I always left the workshops charged with new ideas. But at the same time, I greatly appreciate the positive and professional approach of the entire team, which has always given me support whenever I have needed help. And not only that - I have also had many opportunities for personal development, whether it involved testing new students, teaching intensive courses, helping with the preparation of teaching materials or participation in other projects.

Now as a Senior Teacher, I hope that I can continue the tradition and provide similar positive support for other teachers. Anna Wagnerová Senior Teacher Quick language progress WHO IS THIS METHODOLOGY FOR? It enables us to teach languages effectively to busy professionals, who can only devote a limited amount of time out of their busy schedule. It is suitable for students who do not have much time for self-study, preparation and homework.

WHAT DOES THIS METHODOLOGY OFFER? It ensures that each lesson focuses on the communication needs of the student and their specific language needs. It especially teaches students to have the confidence to use the language and speak in a realistic context. Coach&Practise is constantly being perfected thanks to continued cooperation with our students. OUR OUTSTANDING TEACHERS Using the Coach&Practise method very effectively improves the language level of each student. Our teachers are led by experienced Senior Teachers who support their further development through feedback and mentoring. We organise up to 80 different workshops for teachers every year, which builds on their skills and helps us to continuously perfect our methodology.

“ ”

8 HOW DOES IT WORK? Prepare Firstly, we set up the teaching approach according to the student’s needs based on information from a language audit. This tells us if we need to concentrate on business language, conversation, confidence when speaking on the phone, or any other type of communication the student requires for their job. We select the teacher according to the student. Coach The Coach&Practise method guides the student towards effectively learning the language by using visualisation, self-correction and finding the best way to communicate their ideas.

Practise Language is a reflex and we learn it best by using it.

Our students actively speak for 80% of the time during lessons and always do so in the target language. The lessons are logically linked together, plenty of practice helps students remember new language and motivates them to actively use it in their professional and everyday lives.


10 EDUCATION CONCEPT High quality language services at fair prices REGULAR IN-COMPANY CLASSES LANGUAGE AUDIT language test and personal interview with every student PARAMETERS OF LESSONS according to the needs of HR, student and manager BEGINNING OF LESSONS personal meeting with teacher, syllabus preparation, textbook choice TEACHER CHOICE out of 980 teachers, according to course goal, level and other preferences The first step is to identify your goals and expectations. These are then used as the basis for a language training plan.

f f We have focused on corporate training for twenty years f f We share our experience f f We consult our education system with our customers f f We recommend the most effective system of education based on individual needs Based on the goals of the company, we establish: f f training rules f f course parameters f f the method for monitoring effectiveness and satisfaction f f the form of administrative support We respect the specifications of HR and management of your company and analyse the needs of each student on an individual basis:

11 We evaluate the progress of our students with our unique method: SCOPE (System of Complex and Objective Progress Evaluation) f f Language progress = key to motivation f f We regularly test and report the progress of our students f f Knowledge is evaluated using the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages f f On-line monitoring of evaluation results in c.Port EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING Entry level Studying according to the competence model Target level ENTRY TESTING PROGRESS TESTING SEMESTER TESTING ƒ ƒ revision test ƒ ƒ oral assessment ƒ ƒ recommendation for further studies FURTHER STUDIES

12 We monitor our students’ satisfaction with the course, control the quality of training, and work on the development of our teachers. We report the results to you and provide feedback to teachers during their evaluation meetings. f f Verification of satisfaction after three lessons by phone or email f f Electronic satisfaction surveys twice a year f f More than 650 classroom methodology inspections per year f f Personal lesson analysis, feedback and work with the development plan for the teacher CONTROL OF QUALITY AND SATISFACTION EFFECTIVE LESSONS FLEXIBILITY FLAWLESS ADMINISTRATION PRECISE ORGANISATION PLEASANT COMMUNICATION QUALITY

13 We use the comprehensive information system c.Port (Client Professional Organising and Reporting Tool). We developed the system directly for the needs of corporate language training to ensure that it is clear, simple, intuitive and contains all the necessary outputs. f f Online access to all language training information f f Courses, students, teachers, timesheets, an overview of teaching and attendance f f Calculating costs for individual students of cost centres f f Results of student satisfaction survey f f Evaluation and long-term monitoring of student progress f f Electronic submission of invoices and billing history f f Group email communication with course participants f f Access for HR, managers and students THOROUGH AND FLAWLESS ADMINISTRATION

14 REFERENCE Adastra is very ambitious in terms of its requirements regarding language education, so it isn‘t always easy for our suppliers. James Cook Languages has been meeting our specific demands with patience and professionalism for over eleven years. We view and appreciate JCL as a partner who cares about teacher quality and the development of support systems for effective assessment of class work and billing of services. JCL’s support in additional activities is also of essential importance – the workshop “Language Progress – Trends and Innovation,” led by Šimon Steffal, is a great example.

Petra Jetlebová Adastra I can only recommend the language school James Cook Languages. We use their services for our employees’ language education, and the quality is on a very professional level. A big “thank you” goes to our language coordinator, who is always at our disposal and is always trying to meet our needs. I especially appreciate JCL’s proactive approach, offering learning support materials such as the T-Room or Language Corners – both of these things serve us well and our employees greatly appreciate them. If you are thinking of individual or company education, this is the best choice for you.

Lucie Paterová Lipa Learning Language education is a popular and widely-used benefit at Kapsch. Our employees can choose individual lessons, specialized courses or language stays. To our employees’ great satisfaction, JCL has been helping us with professional and good-quality education for over eight years. On behalf of our HR department, I have to appreciate the reliable cooperation, sufficient information, and flexibility when trying to accommodate our students’ needs and requirements.

Lucie Matějíčná Kapsch LanguagetrainingofouremployeesistakencareofperfectlybyJCL.Thecompanyishighl yprofessional, quick and approaches each student individually. It also provides considerable administrative support and cooperation when setting up the terms of our partnership. A human approach combined with utmost professionalism is an ideal combination. Markéta Lebedová innogy


16 ONE-DAY SPECIALISED COURSES Lucie Rysková Product Specialist Specialized language intensively Specialisation You are a specialist, business person or manager, you use the foreign language as a working tool and your job calls for specialised terminology and competences.

International environment Youwanttobeabletocommunicateprofessionally and with confidence with your clients and colleagues in an international environment. Intensity You need to gain skills quickly and immediately apply them in practice. Extension You have regular classes, but need to improve a specialised or specific area of language. Refresher You use the foreign language regularly, but sometimes feel you need to revise or expand your knowledge.

Sharing You want to use the opportunity to meet with professionals from other companies and share your expertise. Combination Training of professional and language skills. Teaching only in the foreign language The courses are conducted mainly by native speakers = a faster and more accurate interpretation of ideas, attitudes, and views in the foreign language. Interactivity of lessons A lot of time for your own presentation and for sufficiently practising new material. Variety and fun A wide range of activities (role play, panel discussions, case studies, reading, listening, video demonstrations, exercises focusing on vocabulary development…).

WHY CHOOSE ONE-DAY SPECIALISED OPEN COURSES FORM OF TEACHING The courses take place on our premises and therefore outside the student’s working environment. This means they can fully focus on the subject matter and don’t get interrupted by work.

“ ”

17 PRICE 1 – 5 registered 3 250 Kč 6 – 15 registered 2 275 Kč 16 and more registered 1 300 Kč All prices are per person, do not include VAT, and are valid when one client registers the set number of students for any course. Register and get more info at www.jcl.cz. ORGANISATION OF COURSES f f At the premises of James Cook Languages in Prague / Brno: Florentinum, Na Florenci 15, Praha 1 Dům Jakub, Jakubské náměstí 127/5, Brno f f All the courses are run by qualified and experienced native speakers and Czech teachers.

f f The teachers not only have experience in teaching foreign languages, but also have expertise in the discipline they teach.

f f You will receive excellent materials that you can make further use of directly in your work environment. f f Courses are from 9am till 4pm. f f Courses are in a small groups of 3 - 8 students.