Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services

Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm
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   aboriginal student handbook
                                           Aboriginal Access & Student Services
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
table of contents
    Welcome to Okanagan College....................................... 3
    		 President’s Welcome......................................................... 3
         	Director of Student Services.......................................... 4
         	Aboriginal Access & Services Coordinator................ 4

    Why Okanagan College?.................................................... 5

    Four Great Regions, Four Great Choices..................... 6
         	Central Okanagan Region............................................... 6
         	South Okanagan/Similkameen Region...................... 6
         	Shuswap/Revelstoke Region......................................... 7
         	North Okanagan Region................................................. 7

    Departments at a Glance.................................................... 8

    Aboriginal Access and Student Services.................... 9
         Coordinator........................................................................... 9
         Mentors................................................................................... 9
         Peer Mentors.......................................................................10
         Aboriginal Student Centres...........................................10
         Financial Aid & Awards for Aboriginals.....................10

    Okanagan College Student Services..........................11
         Academic Advising...........................................................11
         Athletics & Recreation.....................................................11
         Campus Health & Wellness............................................12
         Counselling Services........................................................12
         Disability Services.............................................................12
         Financial Aid & Awards....................................................13
         Cooperative Education, Graduate & Student
         Learning Centres...............................................................14
         Okanagan College Library.............................................14

    Local Bands & Community Support............................15

    Applying to Okanagan College.....................................16
         Aboriginal Applicants......................................................16
         Aboriginal Admissions....................................................16
         Academic Admission Requirements..........................15
         How to Apply......................................................................16
         When to Apply....................................................................17

    Important Information......................................................18
         Financing Your Education..............................................18
         Health & Dental Coverage ............................................18
         Student Housing...............................................................19
    	     Useful Websites..................................................................20

2                                                 www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
president’s welcome
Welcome to                                                  As a part of our commitment to enhancing the
Okanagan College!                                           participation of the ever-increasing number of our
We acknowledge and                                          Aboriginal learners, we also provide Aboriginal
express gratitude                                           student support services at each of our campuses. The
towards the people                                          Aboriginal support service staff is an integral part of the
of the Okanagan and                                         student services department. We encourage you to seek
Shuswap Nations within                                      out the Aboriginal support service employee at your
whose traditional                                           local campus.
territories we operate.
                                                            We hope the result of our commitment is that your
Our commitment to                                           experience here is rewarding. Most of all, we hope that
Aboriginal learners                                         when you graduate, you feel that Okanagan College has
and to serving the                                          met or exceeded all of your personal and educational
Aboriginal community                                        expectations.
figures prominently
in our College’s key                                        Thank you for choosing Okanagan College.
directions. Aboriginal
learners are an integral                                    Jim Hamilton
and important part                                          President, Okanagan College
of our Okanagan
College community. We believe that respect for, and
partnerships with, the First Nation communities in our
region are critical to our success as we pursue our goal
of educating, training and supporting our students to
excel in the workplace, to succeed in further education
and to become lifelong learners.

We will strive to enhance your educational experience
while you study here, and we will take every
opportunity to listen and learn from you to make the
College a more inclusive and welcoming environment.

Okanagan College offers a variety of programming for
every stage of your life and educational experience.
Our advantages are many: small class sizes, regional
campuses, accessible admission requirements,
affordable tuition, a generous financial aid program, and
our student success centers.

                                    Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                             3
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
services & coordination
    Director of Student Services                            Aboriginal Access & Services
    It is with great pleasure that
    I welcome you to Okanagan                               way’
    College located within the
                                                            We have made, and will
    traditional territories of the
                                                            continue to make, a
    Okanagan and Shuswap
                                                            meaningful commitment to
    Nations for which we are very
                                                            enhancing the participation
    grateful. As you will soon find
                                                            of Aboriginal learners as
    out, Okanagan College is an
                                                            Okanagan College continues
    institution with lofty goals.
                                            Russ Winslade   to grow. One of our key                    James Coble
    We strive to meet the needs
                                                            directions is:  Partnering with
    of all students with an explicit
                                                            aboriginal communities to increase Aboriginal success
    commitment to ensuring the success of our Aboriginal
                                                            and participation. This is clearly indicative of the
    learners. We provide support services that cater to
                                                            importance Okanagan College places on our Aboriginal
    the needs of all our students. We offer many forms of
                                                            learners and the Aboriginal communities that we serve.
    support including:
        •   Aboriginal student services                     Although there have been numerous changes in
        •   educational advising                            our institution’s designation and mandate over
        •   counselling                                     the past 20 years, a concerted effort from current
        •   disability services                             senior administration has resulted in an increase in
        •   financial aid and award services                programs and services for Aboriginal learners and
        •   learning and success centres                    the establishment and maintenance of meaningful
        •   student, grad and co-op employment services     partnerships with the Aboriginal communities we serve.
        •   alumni services
                                                            In addition, as Okanagan College is a multi-campus
        •   campus health services
                                                            institution serving the Okanagan and Shuswap regions,
    Everyone needs a helping hand once in a while.          there is a need to ensure that equitable services,
    I encourage you to seek the support you need.           programs and standards are provided for each campus.
    All services are voluntary, free and in most cases      This suggests the need to ensure that Aboriginal
    confidential. Our job is to help you meet your          support services are themselves provided equitably
    educational/career goals.                               across campuses. The staff of Aboriginal Access and
                                                            Student Services are here to provide you with a
    On behalf of the Student Services Department we are     welcoming and comfortable environment.
    pleased that you have chosen to attend Okanagan
    College and look forward to working with you.           I look forward to meeting you while you are here.

4                             www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
why okanagan college?
Perhaps the question should be:                              More than
Why not Okanagan College?                                    books:
                                                             When you need
Learning and Teaching First:                                 a break from
There are few places to go where the class sizes             your studies,
are small, which greatly increases opportunities for         why not get
personalized attention, and that’s what you’ll find here.    involved with
We are a learning organization first and foremost.           the intramural
                                                             program, visit
Award-Winning Instruction:                                   one of our
Our instructors and professors have the knowledge and        weight rooms
experience to ensure that you leave here with the skills     or join one
you need to excel in the workplace and to facilitate         of the intercollegiate athletic teams. Barbecues and
lifelong learning. Our quality of instruction is reflected   student led events are common throughout the year for
in the numerous awards received by our students and          you to meet other students and relax. You’ll meet new
faculty alike.                                               friends from around the world and there are numerous
                                                             opportunities to explore different cultures that will
Results:                                                     make your college experience one you’ll remember
If you’re like most students, you want a job when you’re     forever.
done. Okanagan College has above average graduate
employment rates that are reflective of our teaching         Get Connected:
and program quality.                                         If connectivity is your thing we have leading edge
                                                             equipment for all students. Use one of the many
Student Support:                                             computers in the labs, library, Welcome Centre, or
To ensure that you have the funds you need to finish         Aboriginal Student Centre. If you have your own laptop,
your program of choice, we have affordable tuition rates     we offer wireless access to the internet throughout each
and a generous student financial aid program. There          campus building. If you’re really in need of a computer,
are plenty of other resources here to help you achieve       check out the library and inquire about borrowing a
your goals. Book an appointment with a course advisor,       laptop for a day, week, a month or even the semester.
counsellor, disability coordinator, campus health nurse,
or drop by the Aboriginal Student Centre and Learning        Come and see for yourself what Okanagan College can
Centre to see how we can enhance your experiences            do for you. You’ll learn very quickly that we are a college
while you’re here. We pride ourselves on the level of        of choices…the sky’s the limit!
support that we provide.

                                     Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                             5
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
four great regions, four great choices
    We offer programming in four distinct regions with four                          South Okanagan Similkameen Region - Penticton:
    major centres of operation: Kelowna, Penticton, Salmon
    Arm and Vernon.                                                                  Penticton is an Okanagan Nation word that means
                                                                                     “a place to live forever”.  Ideally located in the South
    Central Okanagan Region - Kelowna:                                               Okanagan, Penticton is a city known for its beautiful
                                                                                     surroundings and breath-taking lakes. Penticton has it
    Kelowna is a small city that offers great weather, scenic                        all, whether you like skiing, snowboarding, golfing, going
    mountains, pristine lakes, abundant gardens, orchards                            to the beach or checking out historic downtown, it is an
    and vineyards, sandy beaches, and superb amenities.                              ideal spot for any new or continuing student. You can
    The Kelowna campus is the only campus that has a                                 enroll in first and second year university transfer arts
    student residence. It is a perfect place to stay if you                          and science courses, business administration programs,
    live out of the region. Inquire early as the rooms fill                          adult upgrading, literacy programs, practical nursing,
    up fast. The Kelowna campus is the largest of all the                            some trades programs and a number of continuing
    campuses and is undergoing major renovations to                                  studies certificate programs including the viticulture
    improve student life by providing more classrooms, a                             program, wine sales and wine tasting courses.
    larger library and increased space for students to relax.
    Kelowna offers miles of beautiful parkland, and several
    sandy beaches which provide wonderful opportunities
    for students including boating, swimming, water-skiing,
    windsurfing, and fishing. During the winter months                                                             Oliver Centre
    students can explore our snow-capped mountains                                                                 Box 1799
    and pine filled forests which are a haven for skiers and                                                       9315-350 Avenue
    snowboarders alike. The KLO campus and Penno Road                                                              Oliver, BC  V0H 1T0
    centre have a little bit of everything, and are ideal for                                                      250.498.6264
    any student looking for a fantastic place to
    study and further their education.                                                                             Penticton Campus
                                                                                                                   583 Duncan Avenue West
                                                                                                                   Penticton, BC  V2A 8E1
    KLO Campus                                                                                                     250.492.4305
    1000 KLO Road
    Kelowna, BC V1Y 4X8                                                                                            Penticton Downtown
    250.762.5445                                                                                                   Campus
                                                                                         LAKE COUNTRY              247 Martin Street
    Kelowna Trades Centre                                                                                          Penticton, BC V2A 5K2
    188 Penno Road                                                                                                 250.492.4305
    Kelowna, BC V1X 6S2
    250.762.5445                                                                                                   Summerland Centre
                                                                                                CAMPUSES & OTHER

                                                                                                                   Box 1224

    Downtown Centre (ABT)                 PRINCETON                                                                13211 Henry Avenue
    1405 St. Paul Street                                                                                           Summerland, BC  VOH 1Z0
    Kelowna, BC V1Y 2E4                                                                                            250.494.1300
    250.762.5445                                                                     OLIVER

6                             www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
in the southern bc interior
Shuswap Revelstoke Region - Salmon Arm:                    North Okanagan Region - Vernon:
Salmon Arm is located in the heart of British Columbia’s   Vernon is located in the beautiful North Okanagan
famous Shuswap region, named for the clear waters          region. It has a rich cultural history and is a four
of Shuswap lake. The town, which boasts a mild,            season playground. Silver Star Mountain Resort is a
yet distinct four season climate and an active and         mere 25 minutes away with skiing and snowboarding
vibrant arts community, is nestled on the south            in the winter and world famous mountain biking in
shores of Shuswap Lake. The campus is surrounded           the summer. The Vernon Campus (also known as the
by outstanding natural beauty, clean waterways and         Kalamalka Campus) is situated in one of the most
many provincial parks making it a fun place for students   breathtaking settings for any post-secondary institution.
to attend. If you’re looking for small class sizes and     It overlooks Kalamalka lake with 180 degree views of
friendly staff you’ll feel right at home on the Salmon     the valley. The campus offers a wide variety of post-
Arm campus. Come to Salmon Arm to train for a new          secondary courses that can lead into an even wider
career, work toward journeyperson status in a trades       variety of educational and employment opportunities.
area, study for a university degree, learn English as a    The choices are many: upgrading, training in the health
second language, or seek professional and personal         sector, writing and publishing, university courses in arts
development. The Salmon Arm campus is close to             and sciences, aircraft maintenance engineering; pre-
several First Nations communities, making it a great       apprenticeship programs, all levels of business related
place to go to school for all students.                    training including a Bachelor’ s Degree in Business
                                                           Administration and a variety of certificate programs in
Salmon Arm Campus                                          our diverse and vibrant continuing studies sector.
Box 189
2552 Trans Canada Hwy. NE                                  Kalamalka Campus
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4N3                                     7000 College Way
250.832.2126                                               Vernon, BC V1B 2N5
Toll Free: 1.888.831.0341                                  250.545.7291
Salmon Arm Trades Centre
5450 48th Avenue                                           Vernon Aerospace Campus
Salmon Arm Industrial Park                                 6225 Okanagan Landing Road
Salmon Arm, BC V1E 4P9                                     Vernon, BC V1H 1M5
250.832.2126                                               250.5445.7291

Revelstoke Centre                                          Vernon Trades Centre
Bag 4500                                                   102 – 3201 30th Street
1401 – 1st Street West                                     Vernon, BC V1T 9G9
Revelstoke, BC V0E 2S0                                     250.545.7291

                                   Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                            7
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
departments at a glance
    Business                                                     University Studies Arts
      • Business Administration                                    • Anthropology
      • Office Administration                                      • Communications
      • Commercial Aviation                                        • Criminal & Social Justice
                                                                   • Economics
    Engineering Technology                                         • English
      • Civil Engineering Technology                               • Geography
      • Electronic Engineering Technology                          • History
      • Mechanical Engineering Technology                          • Modern Languages
      • Network & Telecommunications                               • Philosophy
    		 Engineering Technology                                      • Political Science
      • Water Quality & Environmental                              • Psychology
    		 Engineering Technology                                      • Sociology & Women’s Studies

    Health & Social Development                                  University Studies Science
      • Certified Dental Assistant                                 • Biology
      • Early Childhood Education                                  • Chemistry
      • Home Support/Resident Care Attendant                       • Computer Science
      • Human Service Work                                         • Earth & Environmental Science
      • Practical Nursing                                          • Mathematics & Statistics
      • Therapist Assistant                                        • Physics & Astronomy

    International Education                                      Foundational Programs
       • English as a Second Language                              • Adult Academic & Career Preparation
                                                                   • Adult Special Education
    Trades & Apprenticeship                                        • English as a Second Language
       • Aerospace
       • Automotive Collision Repair                             Continuing Studies
       • Construction Trades                                       • Business
       • Culinary Arts                                             • Computers & Technology
       • Electrical Training                                       • Employment & Professional
       • Heavy Duty/Commercial Transport Mechanics                 • First Aid & Safety
       • Motor Vehicle Trades                                      • Health
       • Plumbing                                                  • Horticulture
       • RV Service Technician                                     • Languages & Communication
       • Trades Technology Teacher Education                       • Leisure Studies
        • Welding
                                                                 Distance Education
                                                                    • University Studies
                                                                    • Business Administration
                                                                    • Adult & Academic Career Preparation
                                                                    • English as a Second Language
                                                                    • Plus Several Certificate Programs

    For more information about any of these programs refer to the online version of the Okanagan College calendar at

8                            www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
access & services
Aboriginal Access & Student Services

The Aboriginal Access and Services Department
supports Aboriginal learners interested in applying to
and studying at Okanagan College. We are an integral
component of the Student Services Department. As a
part of Okanagan College’s commitment to enhancing
the participation of Aboriginal learners, the College
provides Aboriginal support services at each of the
four campuses. We strive to enhance your educational
experience by providing you with culturally relevant

The role of the coordinator is multifaceted and
generally involves coordinating the development
and implementation of culturally specific student
services including those initiatives designed to increase
access, consulting with various departments on
program development, and building relationships with
Aboriginal learners. Much of this work also involves
community consultation.

The role of the Aboriginal mentor is to assist in
providing educational support to, and act as a primary
resource for, Aboriginal students at each campus.
They assist:

Aboriginal students
  • in accessing information about College programs,
		 courses and support services,
  • in navigating the post-secondary education system,
  • in advocacy work,
  • in accessing services available from local service

Aboriginal communities
  • in the organization of events at the College for
		 prospective Aboriginal students,
  • as contacts with Aboriginal bands regarding
		 individual students and their transition
		 to the College.

                                    Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm   9
Aboriginal student handbook - Aboriginal Access & Student Services
more support
     Peer Mentors:

     Peer mentors are students hired by Okanagan College
     to provide individual help in solving school related
     problems and to refer students to other student services
     as the need arises. This provides increased exposure to
     Aboriginal role models for all students. It also provides
     an opportunity for Aboriginal learners to offset the cost
     of post-secondary education thereby increasing the
     probability of retention and completion.

     Aboriginal Student Centres:

     Okanagan College provides gathering spaces for
     Aboriginal learners. Of the four Okanagan College
     campuses, we have three designated Aboriginal
     gathering places in Penticton, Kelowna, and Vernon. The
     college is currently building another centre in Salmon
     Arm. Construction is to be completed by the end of the
     2008/09 academic year. The gathering places, adorned
     with Aboriginal art, offer students opportunities to work
     on computers, print off essays and homework, have
     coffee, store and reheat lunches, sit and relax on sofas
     and chairs, or talk with mentors and peer mentors.

     Financial Aid & Awards for Aboriginals:

     Okanagan College is committed to helping Aboriginal
     students offset the costs associated with going to
     school. The college offers three bursaries for Aboriginal

       •   Okanagan College Aboriginal Students Bursary
       •   Okanagan College – Okanagan Nation Students
       •   Okanagan College – Shuswap Nation Students

     Visit the Aboriginal Student Centre nearest you to find
     out more about all the financial aid opportunities at
     Okanagan College.

10                             www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
the college student services
The division of Student Services offers a wide range of support and developmental services that are designed to help
you succeed in your chosen field of study.

Academic Advising                                             Recreation Facilities
Academic advising services can assist you with program        The Kelowna campus recreation facilities include a
information, requirements and Okanagan College                fitness facility (offering cardio and basic weight training
course prerequisite information. To access Okanagan           equipment), outdoor basketball court and tennis courts.
College academic advising, schedule an appointment            The fitness facility is located at the east end of the
or visit our website at www.okanagan.bc.ca which              A building (adjacent to Continuing Studies). All
contains academic advising information, Okanagan              Okanagan College students with a current Okanagan
College program links, helpful links to Okanagan              College student ID card are welcome to use the South
College information and services, the Post-Secondary          Kelowna campus fitness facility at no additional cost.
Application Service, BC’s Online Transfer Guide, and
much more. You can also use resources at the Welcome          Kelowna fitness facilities information is available at
Centre, which include college and university calendars,       the Kelowna Recreation Facilities website at www.
directories, and web access. Make an appointment with         okanagan.bc.ca. You will find many special discount
an academic advisor to learn more about courses and           offers from ski hills to kayak rentals, once you show your
programs offered at Okanagan College.                         student ID.

Campus Recreation
Campus Life provides opportunities for students to
participate in intercollegiate athletics, recreation and
cultural events. Life-long wellness is promoted through
a variety of fun fitness activities appealing to a wide
range of interests.

Recreational activities at all campuses are administered
in consultation with their student associations and
campus deans. In Kelowna, Student Services offers
a wide range of activities and programs. Student
coordinators and volunteers in consultation with the
department, organize and help monitor fun-filled
activities catering to a wide range of interests. Special
events may include slo-pitch, bowling, bocce, curling,
golf and mountain biking.

Intramurals/recreational activities such as badminton,
basketball, indoor soccer, volleyball and other games/
activities may be offered. Instructional programs
may include aerobics, tai chi, circuit/weight training
orientation, yoga and martial arts. Campus recreation
also helps provide students with opportunities and
discounts for activities off campus such as Canucks and
Rockets ice hockey games, skiing, snow boarding and

                                     Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                              11
health & wellness
     Campus Health & Wellness:                                  Academic Success Counselling:
     The mission of Campus Health as a health promotion         Counsellors provide instruction on a variety of topics
     and prevention service is to promote the optimal           including study skills, time and stress management,
     health of students and the campus community.               note taking, reading, exam writing, and other aspects
     Services include student drop-in, health education,        of student success. These services are available through
     health assessment, referrals, management of illness,       class presentations, group workshops or individual
     crisis intervention, and healthy campus development.       appointments.
     Services are available at no charge for all Okanagan
     College students. Wellness Centres are located at          Programs and services are inclusive and sensitive to all
     Kalamalka campus (Vernon), Penticton campus, Salmon        dimensions of diversity.
     Arm campus, and in the Student Services Building &
     Skaha Residence (Kelowna campus) from September            Disability Services:
     to April. Students from all Okanagan College campuses      The purpose of Disability Services is to provide equal
     are welcome to phone or drop-in for prompt and             access to educational opportunities for students
     confidential health care. Campus Health assists students   with disabilities at Okanagan College. Students are
     to make informed decisions about their health and          encouraged to meet with service coordinators as early
     lifestyles, and works in partnership with students         as possible and will be asked to provide documentation
     and staff on campus to maintain a healthy campus           of their disability.
                                                                Advance Registration:
     Counselling Services:                                      Students with disabilities may be eligible for advance
     To support student success, Okanagan College offers        registration. This allows students to make early
     free confidential counselling services in the following    arrangements for the required support. Please refer
     areas:                                                     to the section on Academic Regulations for more
                                                                detailed information about this process at
     Personal Counselling:                                      www.okanagan.bc.ca/calendar
     Professional counsellors work with enrolled students
     to address a wide range of problems that interfere         Disability Services offers assistance in registration,
     with their ability to meet academic and personal           instructor liaison, physical access, student aides,
     goals. Some of the common concerns that arise are:         captioning, visual language interpreting, technical aides
     anxiety, depression, relationships, anger management,      and adaptive equipment, large print and taped books,
     self-esteem, conflict resolution and diversity issues.     learning assistance, referral to Okanagan College and
     Counsellors also assist with referrals to community        community resources, and accommodated exams (e.g.,
     resources when appropriate.                                extended time). Students are responsible for informing
                                                                their instructors and Disability Services about their
     Career Counselling:                                        test accommodation needs as soon as classes begin
     Counsellors meet with students to help them choose         in any given semester. Students should determine, in
     a career path that fits their interests, personality,      consultation with instructors, if Disability Services will
     aptitudes and personal values. Services are provided       be required to invigilate any tests or exams during the
     through supported self-directed searches, individual       semester. If this is the case, Disability Services should be
     appointments and group workshops. Depending on             informed of exam dates and times as soon as possible.
     counsellor availability, career services may also be       Disability Services requires 10 working days’ notice in
     offered to prospective students.                           advance of any tests that need to be invigilated.

12                               www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
financial aid & co-op
Okanagan College is committed to providing reasonable     •   Okanagan College Aboriginal Students Bursary
access and classroom accommodation as resources           •   Okanagan College - Okanagan Nation Students
permit. It is the student’s responsibility to request         Bursary
services and provide appropriate documentation that       •   Okanagan College – Shuswap Nation Students
verifies disability. Without documentation, Disability        Bursary
Services does not have adequate information to make       •   Okanagan College Emergency Funding
appropriate service decisions.
                                                          Donor Awards: funded by individuals, organizations,
Students are encouraged to declare their disability on    corporations, etc., through the Okanagan College
the Okanagan College application form and contact         Foundation
their local Disability Services office when they apply
for admission to Okanagan College. Services related to    Government Student Assistance Programs:
sign language interpretation, taped books and adaptive    • Adult Basic Education Assistance Program (grant)
equipment require at least three months’ advance          • B.C. Student Assistance Program (BCSAP) (student
notice of service request.                                   loans, grants etc.)
                                                          • Canada Study Grants for high-need part-time
Financial Aid & Awards:                                      students
This office provides information and assistance to        • Part-time Canada Student Loan
students on sources of student aid (loans and grants)     • Irving K. Barber Scholarship Program
and awards, applying for government and institutional     • Nurses Education Bursary
funds, appealing government student aid decisions,        • BC Health Care Scholarship Fund
planning and budgeting for training, and educational
costs.                                                    Co-operative Education, Graduate
The cost of attending Okanagan College should be          & Student Employment:
considered by all students. Students who are uncertain    This on-campus service is offered on a year round basis
of their financial situation are urged to contact the     Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Services include,
Financial Aid and Awards Office in Kelowna for            student employment at Okanagan College, co-operative
information well in advance of registration (at least     work term employment, job postings for summer
three months). Call toll free 1-800-767-5492.             employment, part-time and graduate employment,
                                                          liaison with employers, on-campus and off-campus
Awards (Scholarships and Bursaries) Administered          recruiting by employers, employment advising, labour
by Okanagan College:                                      market information, and job search advice.
Detailed award descriptions, application forms and
deadlines for the following awards are available on the
Okanagan College Financial Aid and Awards website.
Okanagan College Funded Awards:

•   Okanagan College President’s Entrance Scholarships
•   Okanagan College Tuition Entrance Scholarships
    for regional secondary school graduates, for AACP/
    ESL students proceeding to post-secondary study,
    and for mature students
•   Okanagan College Academic Achievement
•   Okanagan College Tuition Bursary

                                    Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                        13
learning centres, library & security
     Learning Centres                                             journals, electronic full-text resources and other
     What are Learning Centres? Learning Centres help             materials selected to support the programs and courses
     students in their academic studies at Okanagan College       at Okanagan College. Through the library website,
     by providing assistance beyond their regular class           users can also find articles, statistics, and government
     time. The Centres offer one-to-one and small group           documents. Interlibrary loan services provide Okanagan
     learning assistance in reading, writing, mathematics,        College students, faculty, and staff with access to
     science, critical thinking, computer skills, and learning    materials not held by the library. Online renewals,
     strategies. Our goal is to help students become effective,   requests and holds, and phone renewals are provided.
     independent learners.                                        Study space, Internet workstations, photocopiers,
                                                                  microfilm/fiche reader-printers, and equipment for
     Whom do we help? Any student enrolled at Okanagan            viewing media are provided in each campus library.
     College may use our services.  There is no fee.  What kind
     of help is provided?                                         Experienced reference staff are available to help
                                                                  students and faculty individually. Librarians provide
       •   Writing skills - all levels                            group instruction in the use of print and electronic
       •   Essay and research skills                              information sources. Instruction in research skills is
       •   Grammar                                                provided at all levels from introductory to advanced.
       •   Punctuation                                            For distance education students registered in an
       •   Reading comprehension                                  Okanagan College credit course, library service is
       •   Study skills                                           available by e-mail or phone. Material is mailed free of
       •   Math - all levels                                      charge.
       •   Calculator skills
                                                                  The Okanagan College ID card is also a library card
       •   Sciences - all levels, all subjects
                                                                  and is used to borrow library materials. It needs to be
       •   Basic computer skills
                                                                  presented at the library circulation desk to make library
       •   Video tapes & print material available for
     		    independent study
       •   Math diagnostic exams
     Where are the Learning Centres? The Learning Centres         The co-operation and involvement of students and
     are located at five campus locations:                        employees is crucial to the security and safety at
       •   Kelowna                                                every Okanagan College campus. Okanagan College
       •   Vernon                                                 encourages all college community members to be
       •   Penticton                                              fully aware of the safety issues on campus, and to take
       •   Salmon Arm                                             action to prevent and report illegal and inappropriate
       •   Revelstoke                                             activities. Personal awareness and the application of
                                                                  personal safety practices are the foundation of a safe
                                                                  campus community.
     Okanagan College Library
     The Okanagan College Library serves four separate
     campuses with one collection, and daily deliveries
     among the library campuses during academic terms.
     Access to the library collection is through the online
     catalogue. This catalogue can be accessed in the
     library or from any computer. It can also be accessed
     at home. The library collection includes approximately
     180,000 books, videos, government documents,

14                               www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
local bands & community support
College Region                               Penticton Indian Band             Ki Low Na Friendship Society
First Nation Communities                     RR#2, S-80, C-19,                 442 Leon Avenue,
                                             Penticton, BC, V2A 6J7            Kelowna, BC V1Y 6J3
Adams Lake Indian Band                       Tel: (250) 493-0048               Phone: (250) 763-4905
PO Box 588,                                  Fax: (250) 493-2882               Fax: (250) 861-5514
Chase BC, VOE 1M0                            www.pib.ca                        www.kfs.bc.ca
Phone: (250) 679-8841
Fax: (250) 679-8813                          Spallumcheen Indian Band          Métis Heritage and Cultural
                                             PO Box 460                        Council
Little Shuswap Indian Band                   Enderby, BC V0E 1V0               259 Wade Ave West
Box 1100,                                    Tel: (250) 838-6496               Penticton, BC, V2A 1T9
Chase, BC, V0E 1M0                           Fax (250) 838-2131                Phone: (250) 492-0759
Phone: (250) 679-3203                        www.spallumcheen.org
Fax: (250) 679-4422                                                            Ooknakane Friendship Centre
www.littleshuswaplake.com                    Upper Similkameen Indian Band     508 Main St.
                                             PO Box 310,                       Penticton, BC V2A 5C7
Lower Similkameen Indian Band                Keremeos, BC V0X 1N0              Phone: (250) 490-3504
PO Box 100,                                  Tel: (250) 499-2221               Fax: (250) 490-0891
Keremeos, BC V0X IN0                         Fax: (250) 499-5117               www.friendshipcentre.ca
Tel: (250) 499-5528
Fax: (250) 499-5538                          Westbank First Nation             Vernon District Métis Association
www.lsib.org                                 #301–515 Hwy. 97S,                #114-15401 Kal Rd
                                             Kelowna, BC V1Z 3J2               Vernon, BC, V1B 1Z3
Neskonlith Indian Band                       Tel: (250) 769-4999               Phone: (250) 542-9037
743 Chief Neskonlith Drive                   Fax: (250) 769-4377
Po Box 608                                   www.wfn.ca                        Salmon Arm Métis Association
Chase BC, V0E 1M0                                                              471 2nd St. SE
Phone: 250-679-3295                          College Region                    Salmon Arm, BC, V1E 4H3
Fax: 250-679-5306                            Community Support                 Phone: (250) 832-7012
                                             First Nations Friendship Center   Okanagan Training and
Okanagan Indian Band                         2902 29th AVE.                    Development Council
12420 Westside Rd.,                          Vernon B.C. V1T 1Y7               Program Manager
Vernon, BC V1T 7Z3                           PH: (250)542-1247                 Phone: (250) 769-1977
Tel: (250) 542-4328                          Fax: (250) 542-3707               Fax: (250) 769-1866
Fax: (250) 542-4990
www.okanagan.org                             Kelowna Métis Association
                                             202-2949 Pandosy St.
Osoyoos Indian Band                          Kelowna, BC, V1Y 1W1
RR#3, S-25, C-1, Oliver, BC V0H 1T0          Phone: (250) 860-0950
Tel: (250) 498-3444                          Fax: (250) 860-0976
Fax: (250) 498-6577

                                      Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                    15
applying to okanagan college
     Aboriginal Applicants                                         Qualified Aboriginal students who apply beyond the
     We encourage all Aboriginal learners to self-identify         time limit or who apply within the time limit but after
     their ancestry. Voluntarily disclosing your Aboriginal        the predetermined number of reserved seats for a
     ancestry, either on your application for admission or         given program have been filled, will be admitted in
     in person to one of our Aboriginal Access and Services        accordance with the general admission policies of the
     staff, is a means of creating a more inclusive and            College, subject to the availability of space.
     supportive environment for all our Aboriginal learners.
     Think of it as a process of coming together rather than       Academic Admission Requirements
     singling out. It gives us the ability to make students        Please refer to the online calendar for individual
     aware of the support services that we offer as well           program listings for detailed requirements. In addition
     as to ensure that Aboriginal students are adequately          to specific academic requirements all applicants must:
     represented at Okanagan College. It provides us with
     information regarding our success and progress as an            •   submit proof of having satisfied all admission
     institution serving the needs of Aboriginal Peoples.          		    requirements of the program to which admission is
                                                                   		    sought or,
     An Aboriginal is defined as an Indigenous person of             •   submit proof of enrollment in a course or program
     Métis, Inuit, and/or First Nations (status and non-status)    		    of studies which, if successfully completed by
     descent.                                                      		    June 30, will satisfy all admission requirements for a
                                                                   		    program starting in September, or
     Aboriginal Admissions                                           •   for programs with a start date other than
     The College is committed to enhancing the                     		    September, submit proof of enrollment in a course
     participation rate of Aboriginal peoples in post-             		    or program of studies which, if successfully
     secondary education to a level which is representative        		    completed by the date specified by the Admissions
     of the Aboriginal population of the region served by          		    Office, will satisfy all admission requirements to the
     the College. It will strive to increase and maintain its      		    program.
     Aboriginal student population to a level reflective of this
     ratio. The College, in collaboration with faculties and       How to Apply
     departments, will annually set aside a predetermined          Use the on-line application form at www.okanagan.
     number of places specifically for Aboriginal students,        bc.ca. If you are unable to submit an application online,
     the number being commensurate with student interest,          Okanagan College will accept paper applications with
     available teaching and learning support resources.            the $30 non-refundable application fee. While on-
     While the number may vary from program to program,            line submission of your application greatly expedites
     it will not normally exceed six percent of the intake         the processing of the application, how you submit
     capacity for any given program in a particular year.          your application is not a factor in determining your
     Pursuant to College policy, qualified Aboriginal
     applicants will have access to the predetermined              In-person Applications
     number of reserved places specific to each program            You may visit any of the campuses or regional centres
     during the period from November, (first allowable             of Okanagan College to submit your application.
     application submission date) to March 15 (or the              Assistance is available to help you use the on-line
     last day applications are being accepted) each                application process.
     year for programs commencing the immediate
     following September and up to eight weeks before
     commencement of classes for multiple intake programs.
     Any remaining, unused reserved space will revert to the
     general application pool.

16                             www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
getting responses
Number of Applications Permitted                              Response Time
You may apply to one or more programs in any                  Okanagan College will strive to respond to your
given semester or program term. Each application              application within ten (10) business days. However,
must be submitted on a separate application form.             during busy times of the year please allow for up to
The application fee must be submitted with the first          twenty (20) business days for a response.
application. It is not required for the second application.
If you are admitted to more than one program, you will        Distance Education
be required to accept only one offer of admission.            Distance Education courses begin in September,
                                                              November, January, March and May. Distance
Campus of Study                                               Education students who plan to attend on-campus in a
Okanagan College is a multi-campus institution, and           subsequent semester, must re-apply for admission.
many programs are offered at more than one campus.
However, not all programs are offered at all campuses.        Transcripts
Each program application will allow you to indicate           As an applicant, you are required to ensure that official
your first and second choice of attendance with respect       sealed transcripts are submitted for all institutions
to the campuses offering the program. As programs             attended other than Okanagan College. These
fill, you may be offered admission to a program at a          transcripts must have been issued within the past six
campus where there is space even though you have not          months. Current or past Okanagan University College
identified that campus as a choice on the application         students are not required to submit Okanagan College
form.                                                         transcripts. Applicants submitting out-of-province
                                                              post-secondary transcripts will be required to submit
When to Apply                                                 a $30 transcript evaluation fee.
Different programs have specific dates or deadlines by
which applications must be received. As an applicant,
you are responsible for making yourself aware of
application dates and deadlines, and for ensuring that
your application is received by Okanagan College on
time. Please be aware that for programs with selective
academic admission you must submit your application
by the date indicated to ensure that you are considered
for the first round of admission offers. For applications
received after that date, offers of admission will
only be issued when space is available. Application
submission and deadline dates are published on the
Okanagan College website at www.okanagan.bc.ca, in
the Okanagan College Calendar, and are available as
an insert in the application. Some certificate programs
have multiple start dates throughout the year.
Secondary School Student Applicants (Regular
Applicants) currently enrolled in secondary school are
urged to apply as early as possible.

                                     Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                            17
important info
     Financing Your Education                                       Student Loans
     If you are of Aboriginal descent, there are several            Students who are uncertain of their financial situation
     avenues that you can explore to help offset the costs          are urged to contact the Financial Aid & Awards office
     associated with going to school.                               at the Kelowna campus for information well in advance
                                                                    of registration (at least three months in advance). They
     Band Sponsorship                                               can provide information and assistance on applying
     First Nation bands may be able to sponsor their band           for government based funding via StudentAid BC.
     members to attend school. It depends on a number of            StudentAid BC helps eligible students with the cost of
     factors, and eligibility is determined by band policy.         their post-secondary education through loans, grants,
     Contact the person responsible for education at your           bursaries, scholarships and special programs. It also has
     local band office to see if they can help you.                 programs for borrowers who need help repaying their
     Métis Nation Members
     Métis Nation citizens may be eligible for sponsorship          Student Employment Program
     from the Métis Nation. Like band sponsorship, there are        Okanagan College offers its students the opportunity
     several factors that influence whether or not you are          to work on campus part-time through the Student
     eligible for funding. Contact your local Métis Associaton      Employment Program administered by the Student,
     for further details regarding potential funding.               Graduate and Co-op Employment Centre. Please visit
                                                                    their website for eligibility requirements and a current
     Aboriginal Human Resource Development Strategy                 listing of student employment opportunities:
     The Aboriginal Human Resources Development Strategy            www.okanagan.bc.ca/administration/students/coop.html
     (AHRDS) may be an option to assist you in finding a job
     or upgrade your skills. The AHRDS may be your most             Cooperative Education Program
     direct access to training, upgrading your skills, or finding   Classroom instruction by itself cannot always provide
     a job. All Aboriginal people, regardless of status or          students with the knowledge they need to ensure
     location, may access its programs and services. To find        a successful career. Additional knowledge must be
     out more about the AHRDS, please contact your local            acquired through experience and hands-on
     friendship centre, Métis association or band office.           involvement in the working environment where
                                                                    students can apply the knowledge gained in the
     Aboriginal Awards                                              classroom to real-life situations. Co-op addresses this
     In addition to the awards that Okanagan College offers         educational need by providing alternate periods of
     to Aboriginal learners, there are literally hundreds of        academic study and paid work terms. Please visit the
     external awards in the form of bursaries or scholarships       Student, Grad and Co-op Employment Centre website
     that are available to Aboriginal students. For more            for more information on the Co-op Program:
     information about accessing information on these               www.okanagan.bc.ca/administration/students/coop.html
     awards, contact the nearest Okanagan College
     Aboriginal Access and Services employee at your local
     campus or visit the Aboriginal Access and Services
     webpage at www.okanagan.bc.ca/aboriginal

18                              www.okanagan.bc.ca • 250.762.5445 • 1.877.755.2266
more info
Health & Dental Coverage                                      Student Housing
Several health-care services are not covered by the
provincial Medical Services Plan (MSP). If you happen         KLO Campus Residence
to require a service that isn’t covered by MSP or by an       For students attending the Kelowna campus, the Skaha
equivalent health care plan, you may have to pay for a        Residences may be the place for you. They offer a variety
service that you had not anticipated or budgeted for.         of accommodations at affordable prices. All rooms are
To help pay for various health services the Okanagan          furnished with a bed, desk, chair, lamp, closet and Shaw
College Students’ Union (OCSU) has a plan that a              high-speed Internet access. Inquire and apply early
majority of students are automatically enrolled in            because space is limited.
upon becoming an Okanagan College student. The                For more information you can call 250.862.5423
costs associated with the coverage this plan affords are      or email: housing_klo@okanagan.bc.ca.
charged automatically as a part of the ancilliary fees that
you pay to become an Okanagan College student. Only           Off-Campus Housing
those students in Adult Basic Education, Co-op students,      For those of you who would prefer to live off campus
and students in programs that are shorter than 12             or may be attending the Penticton, Vernon or Salmon
weeks in length are not covered. For more information         Arm campuses you may want to check out the following
on the OCSU plan, refer to the OCSU website at www.           resources for available accommodation. Via these links
ocsu.ca. There is a deadline to opt-out of the health and     you can access hundreds of rental listings throughout
dental coverage offered by the OCSU. For this deadline        the Okanagan College region.
and other important dates to be aware of please refer to
the following website: www.okanagan.bc.ca/calendar/             •   BC’s Affordable Housing Listings
important-dates.html                                          		    at www.bchousing.org
                                                                •   Homes 4 Students
Aboriginal students who are sponsored by their                		    at www.homes4students.ca
bands may opt out of the OCSU plan. Often times,                •   Kelowna Daily Courier Classifieds
these students are covered by the Non-Insured Health            •   Vernon Morning Star Classifieds
Benefits (NIHB) Program of Health Canada’s First Nations        •   Penticton Herald Classifieds
and Inuit Health Branch (FNIHB). Students who are               •   Salmon Arm Observer Classifieds
covered by the NIHB program are those who meet the              •   Kelowna Capital News Classifieds
following criteria:                                             •   Okanagan Métis and Aboriginal Housing Society
     • identified as a resident of Canada and one of the      		    call 250.763.7747
     • a registered Indian according to the Indian Act        Occasionally, rental availability notices are posted on
     • an Innu member of one of the two Innu                  bulletin boards throughout each campus, including
 		 communities in Labrador (Davis Inlet and 		               notice boards found in Aboriginal Student Centres.
     • an Inuk recognized by one of the Inuit Land Claim      Tuition
		 organizations                                              Tuition fees depend on the number of courses taken,
As such, many bands prefer not to pay the OCSU                the program and other factors. For more information
coverage because the Aboriginal students they                 on the estimated cost of a program, please refer to the
sponsor may already be covered by the NIHB program.           following link: http://www.okanagan.bc.ca/tuition
Please get in touch with your band and/or education           The estimates are approximate, based on a full-time
coordinator to determine if you should opt out of             program of study and subject to change.
the OCSU health plan. Once you have decided to opt
out, contact your regional student union office or an
Aboriginal Access and Services employee to obtain the
appropriate opting out forms.

                                     Kelowna • Penticton • Vernon • Salmon Arm                                            19
useful websites

    About Okanagan College:

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    Okanagan College Departments:

    Okanagan College Student Services:

    Okanagan College Online Calendar:

    Okanagan College Library:

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    En’owkin Centre:

    Indian and Northern Affairs Canada:

    Ministry of Advanced Education – Aboriginal Education:

    Ministry of Health – Aboriginal Health

    Okanagan Nation Alliance:

    Shuswap Nation Tribal Council:
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