SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search
SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

                  THE SEARCH FOR A PRESIDENT                3

                  THE CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK (CUNY)    3

                  ABOUT GUTTMAN COMMUNITY COLLEGE           4

                  POINTS OF PRIDE                           5

                  COMMITMENTS, ACHIEVEMENTS                 6


                  FACULTY AND STAFF                         9

                  STUDENTS                                 10

                  ALUMNI                                   11


                  FINANCES                                 12

                  GOVERNANCE AND ADMINISTRATION            12

                  THE PRESIDENT                            13

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SEARCH PROFILE: President                                       2
SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez, The Board            passion for teaching, learning, and student success;
     of Trustees of The City University of New York            a demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity,
     (CUNY), and the Presidential Search Committee             and inclusion; and the ability to lead this renowned
     invite nominations and applications for the position      community college in the transition from its founding to
     of President at Stella and Charles Guttman                its next phase. For details about the opportunity and the
     Community College, CUNY. The College seeks an             process for applications and nominations, please see
     experienced, visionary, innovative leader who has a       pages 13-15 of this profile.


     Guttman Community College is the newest community         William E. Macaulay Honors College at CUNY,
     college within The City University of New York, the       CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY Graduate School of
     nation’s leading urban public university. Founded in      Journalism, CUNY School of Labor and Urban Studies,
     1847, CUNY counts 13 Nobel Prize and 23 MacArthur         CUNY School of Law, CUNY School of Professional
     (“Genius”) grant winners among its alumni. CUNY           Studies, and CUNY Graduate School of Public Health
     students, alumni, and faculty contribute to the           and Health Policy. The University serves more than
     advancement of the sciences, business, the arts,          272,000 degree-seeking students. CUNY offers online
     and many other fields. The University comprises 25        baccalaureate and master’s degrees through the School
     institutions: 11 senior colleges, 7 community colleges,   of Professional Studies.

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     CUNY’s first new community college since 1971,                 VISION STATEMENT
     Stella and Charles Guttman Community College has               Founded in the CUNY tradition of access to
     a remarkable story to tell. After four years of planning       excellence, Stella and Charles Guttman Community
     beginning in 2008, the College opened its doors to             College will support student achievement in a dynamic,
     students on August 20, 2012. Created to deliver a              inclusive, and intellectually engaging environment. We
     community college education with a focus on student            will be recognized for the contributions of our students,
     achievement and timely completion, Guttman’s                   faculty, staff, and graduates to our communities and to
     innovative model has delivered success. Its high               a thriving, sustainable New York City.
     graduation rates have won the College considerable
     recognition and accolades.
                                                                    Stella and Charles Guttman Community College seeks
     MISSION STATEMENT                                              to create a culture that values
     The following Mission Statement was developed
     collaboratively by all employees of the College:               • Creativity, innovation, nimbleness, and teamwork.
     “Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is               • Diversity in all its complexities, inclusion in practice,
     an urban public institution that offers associate degree         and equity in outcomes.
     programs in an environment that nurtures student success.      • Openness to multiple perspectives.
     Based on extensive research, Guttman Community
     College integrates excellence in teaching, proactive and       • High expectations for all members of its community.
     responsive student supports, and external partnerships.        • The multiple roles and varied contributions of every
     Our primary objective is to increase the number of               member.
     students, especially those not effectively served in higher
                                                                    • A collective commitment to student success.
     education, who persist in their programs of study and attain
     a degree in a timely manner. We offer a clearly defined        • External partnerships and community engagement.
     educational pathway, including an integrated first-year        • Teaching and learning in and out of the classroom.
     curriculum that is inquiry-based and majors that prepare
     students for careers and baccalaureate study. Guttman          • Assessment that informs learning and professional
     programs are academically rigorous, multidisciplinary, and       development and improves institutional practice.
     experientially based.                                          • The potential of all of its members to be agents of
     Community is at the center of Guttman Community
     College’s mission, and students are at the center of the
     College. Guttman fosters an environment of cooperation
     and collaboration, where students, faculty, and staff
     respect and appreciate each other’s perspectives,
     commonalities, differences, and contributions. Students
     address compelling urban issues and move into the wider
     community through experiential learning and internships.
     Graduates will have the intellectual tools and confidence to
     be engaged citizens and responsible leaders.

     College is a time and a place and an idea—an opportunity
     to cultivate the knowledge and experience required
     to meet intellectual, creative, and professional goals.
     Guttman Community College supports students in
     developing the capacity to interpret and evaluate ideas
     they encounter both in and out of the classroom and
     to make informed judgments. Students will learn to
     express their ideas effectively and know that their voices
     are valued. They will graduate with a greater sense of
     responsibility for their academic success and personal
     growth, prepared to pursue additional studies, a career
     and lifelong learning.”

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search
     • Guttman has been known for innovation and                    • Ranked #1 community college in New York State by
       attracts researchers, faculty, and staff because of its        Best (2018)
       approaches to student learning, including culturally
                                                                    • Ranked by as a top community college
       responsive pedagogy, First-Year Experience, and
       distinctive courses, such as Ethnographies of Work.            in New York State (2016)

     • The Guttman community celebrates its identity as           • Guttman has produced three Kaplan Scholars and an
       a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and a Minority-         America Needs You Fellow.
       Serving Institution (MSI) that is committed to providing   • The College is committed to robust faculty and staff
       a culturally engaging campus environment for                 professional development. The Guttman Professional
       students. The GCC mission is to create a community           Development (PD) framework, based on the assets
       in which all students, staff, and faculty can thrive.        as an institution, works in tandem with the College’s
     • Faculty and staff demonstrate their commitment to            student-centered model and enacts a theory of
       diversity, equity, and inclusion through the use of          change.
       multicultural pedagogies and a dedicated effort to         • According to CUNY data for 2014-2019, Guttman
       support learners of all abilities.                           consistently ranks highest among CUNY community
     • Relationships are an important part of life at Guttman,      colleges for the average number of pieces of
       where the motto “one student at a time” guides               scholarship/creative activity produced annually by
       learning and student success.                                each faculty member.

     • Guttman has achieved notable recognitions:
       • Selected as a candidate for the prestigious Aspen
         Prize for Community College Excellence (2019)
       • Ranked by as the #1 community college
         in the U.S. and in New York State (2019)

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     AN INNOVATIVE AND UNIQUE                                   • A modified quarter system (the “12/6” calendar) to
     ACADEMIC MODEL                                               improve retention and speed credit accumulation; and
     The design of Guttman Community College focuses            • Integration of advising and peer-supported learning
     on supporting students as they pursue their associate        into the entire academic experience.
     degree. These are the defining features of the College’s
     academic model:
                                                                A DISTINCT, APPRECIATIVE
     • Interactive and required individual and group            APPROACH TO ADVISEMENT
       admissions meetings to help students understand the      The College’s high-touch advising model applies
       College’s unique features prior to enrollment;           strengths-based, proactive, and appreciative
                                                                approaches, motivational interviewing techniques, focus
     • A mandatory Summer Bridge program for every              on self-efficacy, and holistic student support. Ultimately,
       incoming student, with the entire entering class         students are responsible for their success, but their
       starting in the fall only;                               advisors help them build and use their strengths, tools,
     • Required full-time attendance in the first year, with    skills, and strategies to stay on track.
       students, organized into cohorts, following a block
       schedule together for the entire first year;             Advising professionals at Guttman use a three-
                                                                tiered advising framework rooted in the Appreciative
     • Integrated first-year courses that merge                 Advising model, which serves as a support throughout
       developmental and disciplinary coursework and focus      a student’s entire educational journey at the College.
       on building college-level reading, writing, and math     During the First Year Experience (FYE), advisors use
       skills;                                                  a Proactive Advising approach and gradually shift to
     • Statistics as the backbone of the mathematical           a Coaching model as students enter their programs
       curriculum;                                              of study. The Peer Mentoring Program is an integral
                                                                component of the academic and co-curricular student
     • A commitment to experiential learning within New
                                                                experience at Guttman Community College. Peer
       York City;
                                                                Mentors help ease the transition from high school to
     • Fully integrated use of technology, including            college and then coach students through their continued
       computers in every classroom, an extensive electronic    educational career at Guttman.
       library collection, and digital pedagogy, including
     • Internships and/or capstone experiences for every

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     In the first-year, students have a Student Success              performed at the course level, where trends can
     Advocate (SSA), who helps them smoothly transition              be observed and responses can be crafted quickly.
     to college life. During Summer Bridge and throughout            CUNY’s Office of Institutional Research also
     the first year, students meet with their SSAs weekly in         provides data. Faculty and advising staff also track
     group advising sessions called Learning about Being a           each student’s engagement on the Starfish EARLY
     Successful Student (or LaBSS). One SSA is assigned              ALERT™ system.
     to each first-year house, which means the advisor to
     student ratio is approximately 1:75, extending to as
     high as 1:90 under certain circumstances. SSAs are full       A COMMITMENT TO EQUITY,
     members of the FYE Instructional Teams.                       DIVERSITY, AND INCLUSION
                                                                   The Guttman community’s commitment to equity,
     After the first year, continuing students are assigned        diversity, and inclusion is wide and deep. Faculty, staff,
     to a Career Strategist dedicated to their major, who          and students are engaged in both an Equity, Diversity,
     guides them as they progress toward completing their          and Inclusion Task Force and an HSI Taskforce. In a
     degree and transition into a baccalaureate program            truly evolving community like Guttman, such work is
     and/or career. Each Career Strategist works with 150          an on-going process that encourages individuals to
     – 175 students, assisting each with individual advising,      bring their full, authentic selves to the academic space,
     scholarships, professional skills training, and transfer      thereby enriching the educational environment. Thus,
     planning. They collaborate with the campus-based              faculty and staff view student success through an Equity
     Center for Career Preparation & Partnerships as well as       Lens and regularly examine their own practices and
     CUNY Leads, which is a university-wide effort “linking        results. The current interrogation of the model is driven
     employment, academics, and disability services” to            by two major equity challenges:
     support students’ career planning.
                                                                   • The one-year retention rate, particularly for male
     A COMMITMENT TO ASSESSMENT                                      students of color; and
     CULTURE: CONTINUING ATTENTION                                 • Vertical transfer success for graduates who
     TO STUDENT SUCCESS                                              matriculate to senior colleges.
     Guttman has maintained the dynamic, fast-paced
     energy of a start-up; and, as any good start-up model         A COMMITMENT TO ROBUST
     grows, the faculty and staff capitalize on opportunities to
                                                                   FACULTY AND STAFF
     enhance and adjust the model. Through thoughtful data
     analysis, reflection, and dedication to finding solutions,    PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT
     committees interrogate and modify the model. Guttman          The College is dedicated to having a robust professional
     remains a nimble institution because the College              development program for faculty, administrative staff,
     community understands that student success is an              and leadership that is culturally responsive and sensitive
     equity issue, requiring all to be open and flexible. The      to students’ needs. The College encourages and
     faculty and staff also know that student achievement          compensates participation in these kinds of important
     and institutional effectiveness are based on these            workshops and trainings:
                                                                   • Culturally responsive pedagogy;
     • Reliance on Data-Informed Decisions. The College is         • Culturally responsive leadership;
       committed to making decisions based on proven data.
                                                                   • Safe Zone training;
       The College’s Center for College Effectiveness is a
       valued and important working partner, as is CUNY’s          • Addressing the needs of neuro-diverse and other
       Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.              student populations; and
     • Wide-scale Use of Academic Technology to Map                • Support for scholarship of teaching and learning.
       Student Progress. Faculty and staff regularly use
       data dashboards on the Tableau for Students tool
       to identify disparities, which allows analysis to be

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     A DISTINCTIVE SUMMER                                         UNIQUE PRE-COLLEGE PROGRAMS
     BRIDGE PROGRAM                                               TO ENSURE ACADEMIC SUCCESS
     Guttman’s Summer Bridge program is designed to               The Pre-College Programs at Guttman offer students a
     prepare students for the transition to college. Whether      variety of options to enhance their college readiness.
     they have just finished high school or earned their
     GED or are entering college after some time away from        • Guttman Language Academy Summer Seminars
     academics, the program helps them hit the ground               (GLASS). This program is a new college-transition
     running in the fall. To ensure that all new students           reading, writing, and critical thinking program for ESL
     are prepared to do well, successfully completing the           and multilingual students.
     Summer Bridge program is an enrollment requirement.
                                                                  • Math Start. Guttman features the CUNY Math Start
     Summer Bridge introduces Guttman’s high academic
                                                                    program as an important pillar in future students’
     expectations and the strategies and study skills that will
                                                                    successful transition to college.
     help students meet them. It is a time of self-discovery
     and commitment to excellence as students prepare to          • College Now. This CUNY program at Guttman gives
     fulfill their potential in the years ahead.                    qualified New York City public high school students the
                                                                    opportunity to enroll in a credit course, Ethnographies
                                                                    of Work, and to participate in academic enrichment
                                                                    workshops to strengthen the foundation for their
                                                                    academic success.

                                                                  THE FIRST-YEAR EXPERIENCE
                                                                  (FYE) AT GUTTMAN
                                                                  Guttman’s FYE program is the springboard for students’
                                                                  future success in higher education and the professions,
                                                                  leveraging the social, emotional, and cognitive dimensions
                                                                  of learning to promote the development of the whole
                                                                  student. Embracing cutting-edge best practices and
                                                                  a robust, integrative curriculum, the FYE program
                                                                  establishes an inclusive, rigorous model for Guttman
                                                                  students to become confident owners and authors of their
                                                                  educational, professional, and life paths. Students examine
                                                                  current world issues in their courses and use New York
                                                                  City as a living text and laboratory, thus connecting
                                                                  information and concepts across multiple disciplines,
                                                                  contexts, and perspectives. This immersive approach
                                                                  equips Guttman scholars with the foundation of knowledge
                                                                  and skills essential to their intellectual, social, civic, and
                                                                  professional endeavors in and beyond the classroom.

                                                                  PROGRAMS OF STUDY
                                                                  There are five programs of study at Guttman:

                                                                  • A.A., Business Administration
                                                                  • A.A., Human Services
                                                                  • A.A.S., Information Technology
                                                                  • A.A., Liberal Arts and Sciences: STEM track and
                                                                    Humanities and Social Sciences track
                                                                  • A.A., Urban Studies

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     Stella and Charles Guttman Community College is                   2021. Before 2013, Guttman was known as The New
     fully accredited and approved by the Middle States                Community College at CUNY. All academic programs
     Commission on Higher Education, with the next                     of the College are registered by the New York State
     accreditation site visit being planned for Spring                 Education Department.


     Faculty and staff join Guttman Community College                  to ensure greater stability in the Provost’s Office, as there
     because they believe in its mission and are dedicated to          have been several leadership changes in recent years.
     students and their success. Many of those employed at
     Guttman have been part of the institution from its founding,      Faculty and staff are eager to see where Guttman’s
     and they take pride in what it has accomplished. Through          model might change to serve students even better. In its
     the stay-home orders of the pandemic, faculty and staff           conception more than a decade ago, Guttman’s academic
     moved quickly and ably to online delivery of instruction          model was based on best practices at other institutions,
     and student services, keeping their focus on what students        primarily residential, predominantly White liberal arts
     most needed for the transition and beyond.                        colleges. Although there are many aspects of that model
                                                                       that work well, they look forward to asking hard questions
     Guttman faculty (54 full-time, 28 part-time) know their           about how to best serve Guttman’s population—improving
     students well and ensure that their courses and mentoring         student outcomes and strengthening the College’s role as
     prepare students not only for their academic careers at           an HSI. They seek strong governance and collaboration
     Guttman and beyond but also for their careers and for             with senior leaders in continuing to be innovative and
     their roles as citizens. Staff in the Student Engagement          to adjust this model where needed. Faculty are also
     division know that the work they do is an important part          committed scholars in their disciplines and innovative
     of student development, persistence, and achievement.             teachers in the classroom and online; they look forward to
     Each area emphasizes culturally responsive pedagogy               having a new President understand their roles and support
     and leadership, based on respect for students and their           their continued efforts in pedagogical advancements,
     identities, and they are particularly proud of the College’s      scholarly research, and grants.
     role as a Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) and Minority-
     Serving Institution (MSI). Faculty and staff would like to
     see greater diversity among their ranks and the College
     leadership, reflecting the student population’s racial, social,
     and linguistic diversity. They also look to the next President

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SEARCH PROFILE: President - Academic Search

     GCC is truly a student-centered institution. Guttman          Other characteristics: ~66% Pell eligible; 41% first
     students are eager, ambitious, loyal, and curious. All        generation in college; 14% ESL
     first-year students attend on a full-time basis, and most   • Alumni total: 1,200 (through 2020 graduates)
     continuing students do as well. The two- and three-year
     graduation rates of Guttman students are the highest
     among CUNY community colleges.                              STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION
                                                                 AND STUDENT CLUBS AND
     • With two-year graduation rates between 23%-31%,           ORGANIZATIONS
       Guttman far exceeds the 4% national average of large
       city public two-year colleges.                            Guttman has strong and growing student programming
                                                                 and clubs. Leadership is provided through the Student
     • Guttman's three-year graduation rate of 40% or higher     Government Association, which disburses student activity
       has been better than the national average since the       fees, coordinates extra-curricular activities, and charters
       first graduating class in 2014.                           student clubs and other student organizations. Some
     • GCC is clearly the beginning of students’ academic        distinctive organizations are Phi Theta Kappa Honor
       careers, as 86% of Guttman graduates go on to             Society (PTK), the United Men of Color program (UMOC),
       baccalaureate programs, with most transferring to         and the Women of Gratitude, Resilience, Integrity, and
       CUNY senior colleges.                                     Talent (GRIT) mentorship program.

     2019 – 2020 STUDENT DEMOGRAPHICS                            PEER MENTORING PROGRAM
                                                                 The Peer Mentoring Program is an integral component
     • Age: ~70% age 19 or younger; ~25% age 20-21
                                                                 of the academic and co-curricular student experience
     • Ethnicity: 55% Hispanic; 32% Black; 7% White; 6%          at Guttman Community College. All Peer Mentors help
       Asian                                                     ease the transition from high school to college and coach
     • Home borough: 34% The Bronx; 22% Brooklyn; 21%            students through their continued education at Guttman.
       Manhattan; 17% Queens                                     Peer Mentors are found across campus, from the
                                                                 Admissions Office to the Information Commons.
     • Gender: 55% female, 45% male
     • Documented need for accommodations: 26% of all

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                      10

     As of the end of the 2019-20 academic year, Guttman         whose charge is to create more effective articulation
     has approximately 1,200 alumni. About 80% of Guttman        agreements between degree programs, forge cross-
     graduates transfer to CUNY senior colleges. The top         institutional advising relationships, and build sustainable
     six transfer destinations are Hunter College, Lehman        transfer bridge programs. Additionally, Guttman has
     College, John Jay College, Baruch College, Brooklyn         been an active participant in several university-wide
     College, and City College. Guttman is a key participant     transfer research studies, funded by the Mellon
     in the Bronx Transfer Affinity Group (BTAG), a collective   Foundation.


     Guttman Community College is currently located in the       Guttman Community College has not yet received any
     Bryant Park area of midtown Manhattan. Around the           significant capital funding. In CUNY’s five-year capital
     corner from the main branch of the New York Public          budget plan, 2021-2025, Guttman’s building initiative
     Library and occupying one building on the south side        is represented at $175M. Under this initiative, the
     of Bryant Park, Guttman sits in the middle of the city’s    College will move to a permanent site to be determined.
     busiest neighborhood. Extremely close to the Times          Financing strategies are being explored, including a
     Square and Bryant Park subway stations, Port Authority      public-private partnership, to construct an approximately
     Bus Terminal, Penn Station, and Grand Central Station,      350,000-SF facility to accommodate the classrooms,
     the campus has easy access to many NYC subway,              labs, and student/faculty and support spaces required
     bus, and railroad lines.                                    by the College.

     Bryant Park is a non-residential area. Students come
     to Guttman from around the city—primarily from The
     Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Staten
     Island, with a small percentage commuting from New
     Jersey and Westchester County. As a result, Guttman
     enjoys a geographic diversity unique among CUNY
     community colleges.

     The College currently occupies one building at 50
     West 40th St., a rented space which is not adequate.
     All offices, first-year classes, the Library/Information
     Commons, and all student services are located at this
     address. Faculty offices, in open areas with partitions,
     do not allow for the quiet and privacy needed for
     mentoring students. Classes for continuing students
     have met offsite in CUNY’s School for Professional
     Studies, and beginning in fall 2020, at CUNY’s nearby
     School of Labor and Urban Studies. To accommodate
     the learning needs of the current student population and
     to allow for growth, CUNY System leadership and city
     and state officials are committed to finding a permanent
     home for the College as soon as possible, with a goal
     of identifying Guttman’s new home before the start of
     the 2021-22 Academic Year. The next President will
     be instrumental in establishing the campus in the new

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                      11

     Guttman Community College’s 2019-2020 revenues                  private donations support a range of student-focused
     were $36.7 million, primarily from city and state funding,      initiatives.
     grants and contracts, endowment income, and student
     tuition and fees. Tuition is $2,400 per semester for full-      The Guttman Student Success Fund, housed in the
     time students who are residents of the City of New York.        CUNY-wide Investment fund, holds the corpus and
     Non-resident tuition is $320/credit.                            earnings of the $15M endowment fund given to CUNY in
                                                                     2013 in the agreement between CUNY and the Guttman
     The Stella and Charles Guttman Community College                Foundation. Recent annual spending of endowment
     Foundation, Inc., founded in 2015, is a private 501(c)(3)       interest has been approximately $500,000, dedicated to a
     entity, and its holdings include both unrestricted and          variety of student success initiatives and equity work.
     restricted funds, generated by grants and fundraising.
     The College has received more than $5M in private               Guttman’s percentage of tax-levy budget spent on
     grants from the beginning of its planning in 2008 to the        student services, instruction, and departmental research
     present. Most current fundraising dollars from grants and       increased to 54.18% over the last five years.


     Guttman Community College was founded to create a               through the creation of discipline-based practice areas.
     culture conducive to student success, and this is reflected     The College Council is the governing body of the
     in its organizational structure and practices, from the         College and, subject to the authority of the Bylaws of
     academic and student affairs units to the administrative        the CUNY Board of Trustees, is responsible for the
     departments. In 2017, after operating five years with its       establishment of College academic policy and goals
     opening interim governance plan, the College engaged in         pertaining to its operations and CUNY-mandated
     a highly participatory process to write a new Governance        activities. The College Academic Senate was created to
     Plan. This Plan, approved by the CUNY Board of Trustees         serve as the voice of faculty and members of the Office
     on October 23, 2017, provides for a College Council and         of Student Engagement. Subject to the guidelines of
     seven standing committees, all of which meet regularly          the CUNY Board of Trustees and their own bylaws, the
     each semester to discuss and approve motions and                Senate provides a forum for discussion, review, and
     proposals for the full Council. The governance plan also        recommendation of procedures, policies, and practices
     provides for a faculty-led Academic Senate.                     related to academic matters. Senate recommendations
                                                                     are referred to the Council or Standing Committee, as
     The preamble to this Governance Plan states, “The Stella        appropriate, for review and action.
     and Charles Guttman Community College, founded in
     2011, is committed to implementing innovative practices in      Guttman’s administrative structure was created to
     community college education to best prepare its students        maintain optimal focus on decisions that enhance student
     with guided pathways to senior college and the world            success and to avoid the separation of academic and
     beyond. The curriculum is built on a first-year experience      student support services. The College is comprised of
     (FYE), interdisciplinary programs of study, and methods of      three divisions: the Office of the President; the Office
     student engagement designed to ensure student success.          of Academic Affairs (OAA), which includes the Office
     Shared governance is a Guttman community commitment             of Student Engagement (OSE); and the Office of
     that encourages interdisciplinary and interdepartmental         Administration and Finance. Under the current structure,
     collaboration while honoring the strengths, interests,          the Dean of Student Engagement and Student Success
     and responsibilities of our faculty, staff, administration,     reports to the Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs
     and students.” The Governance Plan provides a clearly           and is part of the Academic Affairs Leadership team. The
     articulated and transparent governance structure that           OAA and OSE and their respective leaders work very
     outlines the roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities      closely to ensure seamless collaboration between the two
     for each constituency’s decision-making, including the          areas. The President’s senior executive team, known as
     governing body, administration, faculty, staff, and students.   the Senior Staff, is comprised of the President, Provost
                                                                     and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Vice President
     The Plan also operationalizes Guttman’s non-                    for Finance and Administration, Dean of Student
     departmental, interdisciplinary organizational model            Engagement and Student Success, Chief of Staff, and
     with respect to reappointment, promotion, and tenure            Executive Counsel.

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                        12

     The President serves as the College’s chief academic         encompasses ensuring the quality of faculty and
     and administrative officer, reporting to CUNY Chancellor     staff, student services, and outcomes; preparing the
     Félix V. Matos Rodríguez and working within the policies     College budget and allocating funds; preparing and
     set by the CUNY Board of Trustees. The President’s           implementing the College Strategic Plan; and increasing
     primary responsibility is to provide leadership to the       resources of the College through fundraising and
     College community to both conserve and enhance the           partnerships.
     high-quality educational programs. That responsibility


     With the Summer 2020 retirement of Founding                  the innovative qualities embraced by the College
     President Scott Evenbeck, Guttman is at an inflection        community even as it prepares to serve new students
     point of moving from a start-up to a more mature             and strengthen its role as a Hispanic-Service Institution.
     institution, with needs for new organizational structures,   The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly
     financial models, and space. Guttman’s small size has        in New York City, and the recent racial violence have
     been a strength, so in scaling up, the next President        affected the Guttman community in profound ways.
     will need to find ways to preserve the intimate aspects      The College seeks an empathetic President who can
     of learning that have been evident in the College’s          lead healing and social justice commitments through
     values, culture, and curriculum. Guttman Community           education and secure career pathways. This is a
     College was founded using an experimental model              remarkable opportunity for an experienced leader to
     based on high-impact practices in higher education.          shape a strong, innovative institution and guide the
     The next President will need to lead the discussions         College, in its next stage, to a more sustainable future.
     about examining and modifying this model, keeping

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                      13

     The next President of Guttman Community College is             support for its founding and for student program support.
     expected to address several challenges facing the College      However, there is a clear need for a President who will
     in the next few years:                                         develop strong relationships with individual and corporate
                                                                    donors whose financial support will be essential in the
     Leading the College from its founding stage to the next        years ahead. A good storyteller—a personable advocate
     level. As the College plans to move from rented space          for the mission of Guttman and CUNY—is needed to
     to a permanent home, there is other work to be done to         cultivate new revenue sources and leverage intermediary
     ensure that Guttman is transitioning to its next phase. This   partnerships.
     will require looking closely at data about current results
     to determine what has worked and what has not—and              Strengthening the student-centered pedagogy central to
     making adjustments consistent with Guttman’s identity,         Guttman’s innovative approaches to learning. This has
     reputation for innovation, and vision for the future. The      been a key to Guttman’s success, so having a President
     Middle States review in 2021 will be helpful in identifying    who understands and can further support this approach
     possible areas of focus, but the next President will surely    to pedagogy is essential. There is a need to strengthen
     have a deep impact on the shaping of the College in its        further the bridges to four-year programs. In addition, the
     next phase.                                                    need for academic experiences that link students to career
                                                                    options and work opportunities will also be reinforced by
     Expanding philanthropy and cultivating new revenue             a President who intentionally connects the College to the
     sources and partnerships. Guttman has had grant                business and professional communities in New York.


     Guttman Community College seeks a talented,                      successful pathways to education, career training, and
     passionate leader to become its second President. An             lifelong learning.
     earned doctorate or professional equivalent appropriate        • A person who understands and respects both the
     to leading Guttman Community College is preferred.               scholarly work of faculty and their practices in the
     The next president of Guttman Community College                  classroom and online.
     will be                                                        • An individual with experience in a union environment
                                                                      and with deep knowledge of and commitment to shared
     • A proven leader, of the highest integrity, with                governance, respectful consultation, and transparency
       experience in community college leadership and                 within a collective bargaining environment.
       effective management in urban settings.                      • A person who, embracing the Guttman mission and its
     • An individual with deep understanding of and                   role within a public system, collaborates with CUNY
       commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, who can        leadership, leveraging the System to the advantage of
       model ways to work actively toward social justice in a         both Guttman and CUNY.
       troubling time.                                              • A skilled communicator who listens and engages
     • An effective fundraiser who advances the culture of            effectively with multiple and diverse constituencies,
       philanthropy at Guttman Community College and                  who uses many forms of data to make thoughtful
       can actively diversify the college budget by attracting        decisions and to communicate them in meaningful
       external funding and strongly advocating for support           ways.
       from city, state, and federal governments.                   • A person who understands well the uses of technology
     • A person with the skill, determination, and courage to         in higher education, particularly after the impact of the
       lead change and crisis management at a critical point          pandemic on learning and collaboration.
       in the College’s history.                                    • A caring internal leader and the external face of
     • A leader who understands and embraces the mission              Guttman, telling its powerful story to those in CUNY,
       of a Hispanic-Serving Institution.                             New York City, and beyond who can support the
                                                                      College’s mission and programs.
     • A respected student-centered advocate who respects
       and is inspired by teaching, connects with students
       in authentic ways, and is committed to creating

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                         14

     Applicants should send these PDF documents to the            Academic Search is assisting the Guttman
     email addresses below: (1) a letter expressing their         Presidential Search Committee. All inquiries,
     interest in the position and addressing how they meet        nominations, and applications will be held in the
     the listed qualifications and characteristics and how        strictest confidence. Applications and nominations
     they will address the institution’s leadership challenges,   should be sent electronically to Guttman Community
     as described in this search profile; (2) their curriculum    College Presidential Search at GuttmanPresident@
     vitae; and (3) a list of names, titles, and contact AND executivesearch@cuny.
     information for eight references (two individuals who        edu. To learn more about this opportunity, nominators,
     report/reported to the applicant, two individuals to whom    nominees, and applicants may contact executive search
     the applicant reports/reported, two faculty members,         consultants Dr. Ginny Horvath at ginny.horvath@
     and two community/business leaders). References will or Mr. John Garland at john.
     not be contacted without applicants’ prior permission.
     Nominators are encouraged to send a letter of
     nomination and, if possible, the nominee’s curriculum        To learn more about this dynamic and renowned
     vitae, to the email addresses below.                         institution, please visit the Guttman Community College
     The position is available on July 1, 2021. Salary and
     benefits are competitive. The Search Committee               CUNY encourages people with disabilities, minorities,
     will begin to review applications in September 2020;         veterans, and women to apply. At CUNY, Italian
     submission of applications is encouraged by September        Americans are also included among protected groups.
     10, 2020, for full consideration.                            Applicants and employees will not be discriminated
                                                                  against on the basis of any legally protected category
                                                                  including sexual orientation or gender identity. EEO/AA/
                                                                  Vet/Disability Employer.

SEARCH PROFILE: President                                                                                                    15
                      Academic Search is assisting Guttman Community College in this work.
                      For more than four decades, Academic Search has offered executive
                      search services exclusively to institutions of higher education.
                      Academic Search was founded on the principle of strengthening
                      higher education leadership through professional search services.
                      We are the only search firm in the nation with a formal relationship to
                      a premier leadership development program. As the subsidiary of the
                      American Academic Leadership Institute (AALI), Academic Search
                      provides substantial financial support to a number of leadership
                      identification, development, and support programs across all sectors
                      of public and private higher education. For more information, visit

                                                               Committed to identifying and
                                                             DEVELOPING LEADERSHIP by
                                                                 providing the highest level
                                                                 of search to our clients and
                                                                    assisting in ENRICHING
                                                                               THE PIPELINE
                                                                          of potential leaders
                                                                                     in higher
                                                                                   education. • 202.332.4049
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