Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare

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Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Alfred Health
Strategic Plan
Advancing excellence
in healthcare
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Our strategic plan is ambitious.
Focussed on advancing excellence
in healthcare for the benefit of
all Victorians it will be achieved
through a close collaboration with
staff, partners and government.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Message from the Board Chair and the Chief Executive                           4

Our purpose and beliefs                                                         6

Transforming our service – Our Flagship Projects                                8

   Redeveloping The Alfred                                                     10

   Caring Beyond the Walls                                                     12

   AlfredHealth Wellbeing                                                      14

Advancing excellence in care – Our Strategic Goals                             16

   Goal 1: Provide high-quality patient-centred care                           18

   Goal 2: Lead innovative specialist care nationally and internationally      19

    oal 3: Improve the mental and physical health and wellbeing of our
   G                                                                           20
   diverse community

    oal 4: Provide a healthy, respectful and safe workplace, and a skilled,
   G                                                                           21
   adaptive and compassionate workforce

   Goal 5: Lead excellent, innovative and collaborative health research        22

    oal 6: Provide a modern healthcare environment through
   G                                                                           23
   innovations in system design and technology

   Goal 7: Manage our resources and environment sustainably                    24

Measuring our performance                                                      26

Challenges and opportunities to enhance our impact                             28

Bringing our ambitions to life – Our valued partnerships                       30

Alfred Health’s role and services                                              32

Our community                                                                  34

Developing our plan                                                            36

Glossary                                                                       38
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare

                     in healthcare

                     Message from the Board Chair and Chief Executive

                     We are delighted to present Alfred       Of particular significance are our
                     Health’s 2021-23 Strategic Plan.         three Flagship Projects; the main
                                                              drivers for transformational change.
                     It is ambitious. Focussed on
                     advancing excellence in healthcare       1. Redeveloping The Alfred
                     for the benefit of all Victorians, our      focusses on the most significant
                     plan will be achieved through close         capital investment project that the
                     collaboration with staff, partners and      health service has seen at The
Michael Gorton AM    government.                                 Alfred. Developing a facility that
Board Chair                                                      provides world-class critical care,
                     Alfred Health continues to gain             will support our 15 state-wide
                     recognition for our achievements.           services and future-proof
                     This reflects our staff and their           healthcare for the Victorian
                     dedication to outstanding                   community.
                     performance while leading the way
                     in advancing innovative care. They       2. Caring Beyond the Walls
                     are to be congratulated and thanked         is about providing excellent and
                     for their enduring commitment to            integrated care in more personal
                     ensuring the safety and wellbeing of        and connected environments
Prof Andrew Way AM   our patients and community, even in         including people’s homes and
Chief Executive      the most challenging times.                 communities. To do so requires
                                                                 smart technology providing
                     Without a doubt, COVID-19 has               real-time data and information, a
                     been a major influence. This is a           talented workforce able to provide
                     three-year, rather than a five-year         the best care in various settings,
                     plan, reflecting the need to respond        and partnerships with primary
                     and adapt to a health landscape that        care and community health
                     continues to evolve through and after       providers.
                     the pandemic.
                                                              3. Alfred Health Wellbeing
                     Another key influence has been the          supports our staff to feel safe and
                     involvement of consumers, staff and         supported so they can thrive in
                     partners in developing this plan,           their roles and be the drivers of
                     bringing stronger ideas of shared           excellence in care. An important
                     decision-making, personalised               element to this project is the
                     medicine and co-design.                     recovery of our staff post the
                                                                 pandemic, managing their
                     This plan articulates a clear and
                                                                 experiences of change and fatigue.
                     measurable framework for advancing
                     healthcare excellence with clearly
                     specified goals and outcomes.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Statement of intent

The plan also recognises that in 2021
we will start a year of celebration,
                                         Our ambitious plan
honouring the critical role The Alfred
has played over the past 150 years in    focusses on the
                                         advancement of
the life of Melbourne and the broader
Victorian community, always with
a commitment of caring for people

                                         excellence in health
with the most complex needs.

The Victorian and Federal
Governments play vital roles in
helping us deliver excellence in
care today and tomorrow. We
thank them for their continued
                                         care to benefit all

Our plan is supported by the
Minister for Health, our Board,
Executive and staff; as well as
Victoria’s Department of Health.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare

Our story

Across our diverse
organisation, we value
 and respect life from
 beginning to end.
We provide treatment, care and compassion
to the people of Melbourne and Victoria. Our
research and education programs advance the
science of medicine and health and contribute
to innovations in treatment and care. Through
partnerships, we build our knowledge and
share it with the world.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                    7

   Our purpose

   To improve the lives of
   our patients and their
   families, our communities
   and humanity.
   Our beliefs

   Patients are the reason               How we do things is as
   we are here – they are the            important as what we do.
   focus of what we do.

   Respect, support and                  Excellence is the measure
   compassion go hand in                 we work to everyday.
   hand with knowledge, skills           Through research and
   and wisdom. Safety and                education, we set new
   care of patients and staff            standards for tomorrow.
   are fundamental.

   We work together.                     We share ideas and
   We all play vital roles               demonstrate behaviours
   in a team that achieves               that inspire others to follow.
   extraordinary results.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare

Our flagship projects
to transform our service

                           The St Kilda Wing and new
                           Inpatient Tower will be the most
                           significant hospital infrastructure
                           development in Victoria’s history.
         The Alfred

                           The ‘Caring Beyond the Walls’
                           flagship encompasses evolving
                           models that deliver innovative
                           and integrated care beyond our
         Caring Beyond     hospital walls.

         the Walls

                           The Alfred Health Wellbeing
                           flagship project builds and
                           strengthens our workplace
                           culture so staff feel safe and
         Alfred Health     supported, are able to thrive in
                           their roles and enjoy working
         Wellbeing         with their colleagues at Alfred
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23   9

Designed to maximise our
capabilities as a leading health
service, our flagship projects
are transformational. They
pursue excellence, commit
investment in innovative models
of care and world-class facilities,
while supporting the wellbeing
of our staff.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan 2021-23 - Advancing excellence in healthcare
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                                   11

The Alfred

The St Kilda Wing and new                   This proposed redevelopment will
Inpatient Tower will be the most            support The Alfred’s role as a major     “The proposed St Kilda Wing
significant hospital infrastructure         trauma, burns and transplant centre       and Inpatient Tower
development in Victoria’s history.          for Victoria, with an expanded
                                            state-of-the-art operating suite and
                                                                                      developments will provide
The St Kilda Wing will provide a            pathology facilities, enabling Alfred     the essential facilities for The
world-class facility that is fit for        Health to continue to drive innovative    Alfred to continue its role as
purpose for critical and essential          and cutting-edge practices to             the care provider for the most
services - intensive care, emergency        improve the lives of all Victorians.
surgery and mental health. This                                                       complex patients in Victoria,
redevelopment will enable The               The Inpatient Tower will enable us to     including major trauma,
Alfred to continue to serve the             improve our patients and staff            transplants and psychiatric
people of Victoria as an exemplary,         experience by upgrading the safety        intensive care.”
world-leading public hospital.              and conditions of wards and
                                            workspaces with new and expanded
Not only will the St Kilda Wing             inpatient facilities, purpose built to
provide a safe and integrated,              contemporary care standards.
therapeutic mental health service
that will respond to clients and
families in a time of crisis , it will
establish new and expanded
intensive care facilities to care for the
most unwell patients with the most
complex conditions in Victoria.

Caring Beyond
the Walls

The ‘Caring Beyond the Walls’
flagship project encompasses our        “Providing care in homes will
evolving models of care to deliver       improve the lives for all
innovative and integrated care
beyond our hospital walls.
                                         Victorians, through the strength
                                         in our collaborations with
We will broaden our model of care        primary care, community
across acute, sub-acute and              services, and social care services
ambulatory streams to provide care
in more personalised and connected       resulting in more personalised
environments, including the patient’s    and connected care.”

Extending our care delivery beyond
traditional hospital facilities will
                                        Building on our success in delivering
leverage the learnings and
                                        an electronic medical record, this
experience we have gained through
                                        transformation will maximise our
the COVID-19 global pandemic,
                                        capabilities in implementing a
embracing the acceleration of
                                        system-wide clinical information
technology and digital health.
                                        system that enables real-time data
                                        capture, enabling more personalised
                                        and connected patient experience;
                                        improving lives for all Victorians.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23        13

   Excellence in action

   Registered nurse Marisa Hyde is part
   of the team delivering high quality care
   in a home environment to patients such
   as Richard Sheppard.

     Alfred Health

     Our people are the foundation in        Our foundation is a healthy
     delivering Alfred Health’s beliefs.     environment that supports our
                                             valued staff through initiatives in
     We recognise that our staff underpin    mental, physical and emotional
     our success as leaders in health. as    wellbeing. We are strengthening our
     well as our broader mission to          positive, productive and collaborative
     improve the lives of our patients,      workplace culture to maximise the
     community and humanity. We will         full potential of individuals, teams,
     build and strengthen our workplace      leaders and organisation. This will be
     culture so staff feel safe and          achieved by focusing on developing
     supported, able to thrive in their      trusted leaders, informed and
     roles and enjoy working with their      capable staff, trusted systems and
     colleagues at Alfred Health.            enabling staff to feel heard, valued
                                             and empowered.
     We will create a shared
     organisational vision and
     commitment to positive health and
     wellbeing where everyone in the
     workplace feels safe from harm,         “Through committed leadership
     comfortable to speak openly, and         we will cultivate a positive,
     empowered to reach their full
     potential. Important in this work is     productive and collaborative
     including all staff and treating them    workplace culture to maximise
     with dignity and respect. A key          the full potential of our staff,
     emphasis will be supporting our          teams and organisation.”
     staff’s recovery and proactively
     managing the impacts of change,
     fatigue and isolation as a
     consequence of the COVID-19
     global pandemic.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                                                   15

Our people are the heart of
Alfred Health, and they deserve
a workplace that supports,
recognises and protects them.

Find out all the ways
we're helping our people

                                                                                 People with heart
                                                                                    The work you do requires heart — the respect, compassion, and dedication
                                                                                      that comes with supporting a community when they’re most in need.

                                                                                                Find out all the ways we're helping our people at

Building a positive and productive
workplace culture for our people

                      Excellence in action                     Health with Heart is an initiative                 Ensuring our people feel safe and are
                                                               aimed at building a positive and                   recognised for their hard work will be
                      Health with                              productive workplace culture for
                                                               Alfred Health staff.
                                                                                                                  continue to be the a key priority in
                                                                                                                  this project.
                      heart                                    Backed by resources and initiatives
                                                               to support staff safety and wellbeing,
                                                               Health with Heart’s mission is to
                                                               make Alfred Health a better place
                                                               to work.

     Strategic goals
     and objectives

     To advance excellence in the provision
     of high-quality care, Alfred Health has
     established seven strategic goals.
     Our goals have the potential to make     As a leading healthcare provider,
     a positive difference to our patients,   Alfred Health’s successes will
     communities and staff, and will drive    contribute to system-wide
     our agenda for transformed service       improvements, extending beyond
     delivery.                                our immediate catchment
                                              population, to improve the lives
     Initiatives linked to our strategic      of all Victorians.
     objectives will evolve and strengthen
     our capacity and capability.

     Strategic Goal 1                         Strategic Goal 5


     Strategic Goal 2                         Strategic Goal 6

                                              AND TECHNOLOGY

     Strategic Goal 3                         Strategic Goal 7


     Strategic Goal 4

AND 49

Excellence in action

Clinical Nurse Consultant Daniela
Karanfilovska played an essential
role in our Infection Prevention
team during the pandemic.

Strategic Goal 1


Objectives                               Outcomes of our success                Excellence in action
1. Champion equitable and timely         › Improved patient experience year
   access to safe, inclusive,
   culturally sensitive and
                                           on year                              Abdullah is among many
                                         › Avoidable harm is prevented
   compassionate care.
                                         › Patients and carers are engaged in
                                                                                patients who are now offered
2. Improve patient experience by           managing their health - Increased    care and treatment from the
   enhancing shared decision-              utilisation of Patient Portal
   making and communication              › Successfully established new and
                                                                                comfort of their home.
   between care teams, patients            expanded Home Acute and
   and families.                           Community program
3. Increase the health literacy of our
   patients to support
   empowerment in managing their
   own health.

4. Partner with our consumers for
   the evaluation of care, enhancing
   co-design and collaboration for
   improved patient health

5. Reduce variation in clinical care,
   to ensure consistent and
   contemporary best-practice
   models are in place.

6. Advance the integration of
   services and improve
   connectivity between the patient,
   Alfred Health and other service

7. Demonstrate excellence in the
   National Safety and Quality
   Health Service Standards,
   maintaining full Accreditation
   across all sites.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                     19

Strategic Goal 2


Objectives                               Outcomes of our success                    Excellence in action
1. Leverage the strength of our          › Effective collaborative partnerships
   collaborative partnerships to
   extend our reach, improving
                                           that build capacity and capability in
                                           clinical services, education, training
                                                                                    Our dedicated
   access to our specialist services       and research                             cardiology team are
   across Victoria.                      › Growth in our Alfred Programs
                                           (Cancer, Brain, Heart & Lung,
                                                                                    among the leading
2. Continue to develop our services
   to deliver leading specialist care      Medical Specialties)                     specialist services
   for the most vulnerable, at-risk      › Growth in Alfred Mental and
   and critically ill populations in       Addiction Health, expanded in            offered at The Alfred.
   Victoria.                               line with Mental Health Royal
3. Lead the implementation of
   advancing technologies in early       › New service reforms aligned
   detection, diagnosis and                with state wide health system–
   monitoring to support clinical          Specialist Clinics/Outpatients
   decision-making and improve             reconfiguration
   health outcomes.

4. Optimise our enterprise-wide
   clinical information system
   (Electronic Medical Record) to
   establish leading performance
   benchmarked against national
   and international providers.

5. Invest and transform our mental
   and addiction health services, to
   lead innovative service delivery in

6. Sustain and embed effective
   service configuration that arose
   due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Strategic Goal 3


Objectives                                                                       Excellence in action
1. Provide culturally safe initiatives   6. Improve mental health and
   that improve access for our First
   Nations peoples.
                                            reduce the risk of suicide.          The health and wellbeing of
2. Provide equitable access to
                                         7. Reduce harm from family
                                            violence through a connected
                                                                                 patients from all backgrounds
   culturally appropriate healthcare        and coordinated service response     – including paediatric lung
   for our diverse and vulnerable           for families and children.
   community.                                                                    transplant patient Thuong
                                         8. Build capability in the health
3. Address the secondary effects of         workforce and improve                Mai – are the priority for the
   the coronavirus pandemic and             processes to meet people with
   support the mental and physical          disabilities healthcare needs.       health service.
   recovery of our community.
                                         Outcomes of our success
4. Plan for the expanded Alfred          › Improved health outcomes for
   Health community of Fishermans          people in our community
   Bend to provide access to
   primary, community and day            › Improved health outcomes for
   hospital services.                      at-risk populations
                                         › Improved access to mental health,
5. Implement Primary Care and              and alcohol and other drug services
   Population Health Strategy              through our South-Eastern
   2018-2023 with our community            Melbourne Regional Plan
   stakeholders to promote
   preventative health and address
   population health priorities:

     › Reducing harm from tobacco
     › Healthy living
     › Reducing harm from alcohol
     › Improving mental health
     › Vaccinations and prevention
       of blood-borne viruses
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                   21

Strategic Goal 4


Objectives                               Outcomes of our success                  Excellence in action
1. Enhance our positive workplace        › Alfred Health is an employer of
   through a culture of respect,
   enquiry and shared decision-
                                           choice with leading recruitment
                                           and retention rates
                                                                                  Registered nurses
   making.                               › Alfred Health staff are engaged and    Gabby and Gemma
2. Build a compassionate and               thriving to reach their potential as
                                           demonstrated in improved People
                                                                                  are part of the team
   inclusive workforce that reflects
   the diversity of our community.         Matter Survey Results / improved
                                           consumer experience
                                                                                  working the newly
3. Provide a workplace where the         › Our people are safe from harm          developed and fit
   safety, resilience, and wellbeing
   of our workforce is a priority.       › Our teams are responsive to            for purpose trauma
                                           change and adaptive to new
4. Deliver a contemporary                  workforce models                       ward on 5 West
   workforce strategy to attract,
   develop and retain emerging and                                                The Alfred.
   accomplished healthcare leaders
   and professionals.

5. Redesign and transform our ways
   of working to best support our
   teams in response to changing
   environments and healthcare
   delivery models.

6. Strengthen our positive,
   productive and collaborative
   workplace to maximise the full
   potential of our leaders, teams
   and organisation.

7. Deliver programs and training to
   support our people as members
   of high-performing healthcare

Strategic Goal 5


Objectives                              Outcomes of our success                     Excellence in action
1. Build on demonstrated                › Alfred Health’s research capability
   excellence in the translation of
   research into best-practice, as a
                                          is recognised nationally and
                                          internationally: increased grant
                                                                                    A/Prof Victoria Mar is the
   nationally and internationally         funding and clinical trials               Director of the Victorian
   recognised Academic Health
   Science Centre.
                                        › Alfred Health’s consumers inform
                                          our research and innovation
                                                                                    Melanoma Service at
2. Collaborate with our academic          activities                                The Alfred and a force in
   and research partners within the     › Alfred Health continues to develop
   Alfred Research Alliance to:           emerging research and academic            melanoma research.
                                          leaders: increased number of
     › mentor beginner researchers        beginner researchers
     › advance healthcare knowledge     › Increased clinical trials participation
       and expertise                      through regional partnerships
     › extend our shared knowledge      › The Betty and John Laidlaw AO
       base                               Innovation and Education Hub is
3. Extend our research activities to      sought after for innovation and
   increase access to clinical trials     transformation training and
   and clinical excellence for all        education

4. Develop partnerships to enhance
   data sharing and drive innovation
   and improvements in care.

5. Promote Alfred Health’s research
   outcomes to elevate our
   reputation in research excellence
   and broaden our impact.

6. Provide modern, interactive
   education and working spaces,
   focussing on collaboration and
   technology to promote skill
   development, innovation and
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                23

Strategic Goal 6


Objectives                                Outcomes of our success              Excellence in action
1. Provide integrated and digitally       › Reduction in cyber penetration.
   enabled systems to connect
   patients, providers and services
                                          › Increased alternative funding to   The microbiology
                                            support Innovation and capital
   effectively.                             projects.                          team, including
2. Enhance cyber security to ensure       › Build/redevelop and commission     Joshua Birnie, played
   data privacy for operational             new facilities
   resilience and business                 • Planning funded and underway
                                                                               a leading role during
   continuity.                               for new St Kilda Wing and
                                             Inpatient Tower
                                                                               the COVID-19
3. Redevelop aged infrastructure
   through the strength of our             • Construction of new Victorian     pandemic.
   relationships with Government,            Melanoma Centre
   commercial and philanthropic            • Redeveloped Sandringham
   partners.                                 Outpatients/ambulatory care
4. Provide flexible and digitised            facilities
   workplace environments for              • Improved and safer ward
   improved care delivery that               accommodation through Main
   ensures operational efficiency            Ward Block upgrade
   and productivity.

5. Innovate in new models of
   design, space and construction

    › Redevelop our critical care and
      trauma precinct
    › Redevelop our mental health
    › Build the centre of excellence in
      Melanoma care, translating
      research into practice
6. Improve delivery of our Caulfield
   specialised care services, in
   modern and contemporary

7. Redevelop ambulatory care
   facilities at Sandringham to
   improve patient and staff

Strategic Goal 7


Objectives                              Outcomes of our success                Excellence in action
1. Reduce greenhouse gas                › Reduction in gas emissions
   emissions to contribute to
   Victorian Government’s policy
                                        › Implementing or Environmental        Jason and Nick joined
                                          Sustainability Strategy
   - Net Zero Carbon by 2050.
                                        › Increased funding from alternative
                                                                               Sandringham Hospital’s War
2. Increase environmental                 sources                              on Waste, which included
   citizenship to empower our staff
   to create an environmentally
                                        › Meet performance in activity and
                                          financial targets
                                                                               co-locating bins for easy
   sustainable workplace.
                                                                               segregation of waste at the
3. Implement effective tools and
   systems to improve financial and                                            point of disposal. They took
   asset management.
                                                                               a key role in educating staff
4. Drive improved clinical and
   corporate decision-making                                                   about responsible waste
   through enhancements in data
   systems and warehousing.
                                                                               disposal practices.
5. Implement cost improvement
   strategies to improve

6. Identify and actively pursue new
   funding and revenue sources to
   enable the organisational growth
   and sustainability.

7. Implement shared service
   delivery models across South
   East Melbourne health services
   to ensure system sustainability.

8. Enhance our critical resilience in
   light of global pandemic learnings
   to ensure business continuity.
Our strategic goals have the
potential to make positive
differences to our patients,
communities and staff, and
will drive our agenda for
transformed service delivery.

Measuring our

Accreditation                           › High Quality and safe care –
Maintain our accreditation status by      Positive patient experience, Zero
the Australian Council on Healthcare      harm and best practice.
Standards against the National Safety   › Strong governance, leadership and
and Quality Health Service Standards      workplace culture - Safe and
(NHQHS Standards) and deliver             engaged workforce, Board and
excellence in care that our patients      leadership capability and effective
and community expect.                     risk management

Victorian health services               › Timely access to care: reduced
Performance Management                    waiting, equitable access and
Framework                                 optimal recovery
Exceeding the expected performance      › Effective financial management:
level to deliver safe, high quality,      appropriate use of resources, cash
accessible and sustainable                availability and appropriate settings
healthcare for our patients and           and equipment.
community. Our objective is to
achieve or exceed benchmark
performance against all the
indicators and targets:

We will continue to drive our excellence
in care through internal and external
performance measures to deliver on
our purpose.
Excellence in action

Emergency Department nurse
Maddison Gardner

     Excellence in action

     Screening Clinic Nurse
     Sarah Boland
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                                29

Challenges and opportunities
to enhance our impact

Global pandemic                          Population growth and health             Aged infrastructure
The challenges faced in the wake of      care demand                              Alfred Health continues to
the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the       Alfred Health will continue to           experience growing stresses on our
deferment of care and psychosocial       experience a demand for our services     outdated and constrained hospital
and economic factors, are not unique     as a result of a growing population      facilities. The pandemic has
to Alfred Health, and will require       with Melbourne being the fastest         reinforced the challenge of providing
system-wide reform to address            growing city in Australia. We will see   safe patient care in wards and
recovery for the benefit of patients,    an increase in the number of people      providing safe workspaces for our
our community and Victoria. Some         requiring our care, as well as an        staff in environments that are no
of the challenges ahead include:         increase in their care complexity,       longer fit-for-purpose. Our aged
                                         given the tertiary and quaternary role   infrastructure poses challenges in
› Establishing the new operating         we have in the Victorian health care     our ability to redesign the space in
  environment                            system.                                  our existing facilities in response to
› Evolving models of care that                                                    changing models of care,
  provide safe and quality care          Our catchment will expand with           environmental sustainability targets
  beyond the walls of hospital           the Victorian Government’s Plan          and operational efficiency.
  facilities                             Melbourne, which will develop an
                                         expanded community within the            We will continue to work with the
› Understanding and addressing the       urban renewal Fishermans Bend            Victorian Government to provide
  consequences of the pandemic on        precinct. Our challenges include:        new and modernised infrastructure
  the health of our community as the                                              to allow greater efficiencies and
  environment continues to evolve        › Increasing service demand from         deliver the additional capacity
› Instituting health system                growing and ageing population          needed for our growing community.
  responsiveness to current and          › Increasing prevalence of chronic
  future pandemics for enhanced            disease, mental health and cancers
  sustainability and resilience            particularly as a result of global
                                                                                  Alfred Health is a high-
› Recovery of our staff from the pace      pandemic
                                                                                  performing health service,
  of change, fatigue, stress and         › Inequalities in health outcomes
  isolation as a result of working and     particularly population groups at
                                                                                  operating within one of the most
  social restrictions.                     risk such as Aboriginal and Torres     effective and efficient health
As we continue to adapt to new             Strait Islander people and those       systems in the world. However,
norms, Alfred Health will continue to      struggling with mental health          learnings through the global
deliver excellence in care by                                                     pandemic have emphasised the
responding to challenges through         › Changing patient expectations of       need to adapt and reform the
innovations in care delivery,              care will drive demand
enhancing the way we connect, and                                                 healthcare system in response
                                         › Changing health care utilisation       to new care requirements.
through the continued development
                                           patterns as shift from disease
of our valued partnerships. We will
                                           treatment to health management
drive an agenda for transformation
through three flagship projects and      We will continue to develop
will partner with patients,              partnerships with other health and
consumers, other health services and     social care services and leverage
the Victorian Department of Health       advancements in technology to
to reform the health care system and     deliver better co-ordinated care in
transform how we deliver our services.   alternative environments.

Bringing ambitions to life
through valued partnerships

                                                          Alfred Health recognises the             Our extensive partnership network
                    We recognise our role in the          strength in partnering with              includes:
                    broader healthcare system in          consumers, government, colleagues
                                                          and other health care providers to       › Alfred Research Alliance (Monash
                    building capacity and capability                                                 University, Baker Heart and
                                                          bring our ambitions to life.
                    to enable Victorians to receive                                                  Diabetes Institute, Burnet Institute,
                    the right care, in the right place,   Over the next three years, a key           Deakin University, La Trobe
                    at the right time, achieved           focus will be to strengthen our            University, Nucleus Network and
                                                          clinical partnerships to improve           360biolabs)
                    through effective collaboration.      access to specialist care for regional   › Ambulance Victoria
                                                          Victorians. We will enhance our
                                                          partnerships to support research and     › Boon Wurrung Foundation
                                                          education in regional areas,             › Cities of Stonnington, Glen Eira,
                                                          extending our expertise to the             Port Phillip, Kingston, Bayside and
                                                          broader Victorian healthcare system.       Melbourne
                                                          Our agenda involves partnering with:     › Monash University
                                                                                                   › Monash Partners
                                                          › Patients and their families and
                                                            carers, to support empowerment in      › Monash Partners Comprehensive
                                                            their own health care management         Cancer Consortium
                                                          › Our staff, to support their health     › Metropolitan health services,
                                                            and wellbeing                            particularly Monash Health and
                                                                                                     Peninsula Health
                                                          › Consumers and community, to
                                                            co-design services and models of       › Regional health services,
                                                            care to ensure we meet the needs         particularly Latrobe Regional
                                                            of our community                         Hospital and Bass Coast Health
Members of our Alfred Cancer team attended Bass           › Government, to transform the           › South Eastern Melbourne Primary
Coast’s AGM to explain our support of cancer care           health service considering the           Health Network and Southern
in their community.                                         learnings and experience from the        Melbourne Primary Care
                                                            COVID-19 pandemic                        Partnership
                                                          › Health care and social service         › Southern Melbourne Integrated
                                                            partners, to develop more                Cancer Service
                                                            personalised and connected             › Star Health and Connect Health
                                                            out-of-hospital care                     community health services
                                                          › Health system partners, to deliver     › The Royal Women’s Hospital
                                                            best practice, innovation and
                                                            value-based health care                › VicHealth, Transport Accident
                                                                                                     Commission, Thorne Harbour
                                                          › Academic and research institutes,        Health, Health Issues Centre,
                                                            to advance medical science and           HammondCare, Positive Women
                                                            translate into novel and cutting         Victoria, Volunteering Victoria and
                                                            edge clinical care                       Ethnic Communities Council of
                                                                                                   › Victorian Department of Health
                                                                                                     and Human Services
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                                     31

Pictured (from L to R) Australian Government representative and Member for Gippsland, The Hon. Darren Chester MP, Alfred Health’s Director of
Research Professor Stephen Jane, Director of TrialHub Anne Woollett, and Latrobe Regional Hospital’s Chief Executive Officer Peter Craighead.

                     Partnerships in action                    Latrobe Regional Hospital is one of       In 2019, the federal government
                                                               the first hospitals to partner with       awarded Alfred Health $24.6

                     Alfred Health                             Alfred Health’s TrialHub, a federally-
                                                               funded initiative to provide better
                                                                                                         million to oversee and lead the new
                                                                                                         initiative to improve access to cancer

                     TrialHub                                  access to clinical trials for regional
                                                               and remote patients by establishing
                                                                                                         clinical trials in regional and remote
                                                                                                         parts of Victoria.
                                                               local clinical trial units.
                                                                                                         Latrobe Regional Hospital, Bendigo
                                                               Prostate, melanoma and rare cancer        Health and Peninsula Health
                                                               clinical trials will be available for     (Rosebud Hospital), are among the
                                                               patients in Gippsland thanks to the       services partnering with Alfred
                                                               partnership.                              Health, with further regional
                                                                                                         hospitals in the pipeline.
                                                               TrialHub, based within Alfred
                                                               Health’s clinical trial units, works      This investment is through the
                                                               alongside partner hospitals to            Federal Government’s Community
                                                               identify gaps and opportunities to        Health and Hospitals Program.
                                                               then work together in establishing
                                                               their own clinical trial centre.

     Alfred Health’s
     role and services

     Alfred Health is one of Australia’s       required to be at the ready to receive    Sandringham Hospital is community-
     leading healthcare services. We have      high numbers of ill or injured patients   focused, providing hospital
     a dual role: caring for more than         as the result of a major health           healthcare needs for the local area
     700,000 locals who live in inner-         emergency (including natural              through emergency, paediatrics,
     southern Melbourne, and providing         disasters such as bushfires).             general medicine, general surgery,
     health services for Victorians                                                      orthopaedics and outpatient
     experiencing the most acute and           While working to discover                 services.
     complex conditions through our 15         breakthroughs in clinical care
     state-wide services.                      through translational research, we        The hospital works closely with the
                                               also train the next generation of         Royal Women’s Hospital and local
     Our three hospital campuses – The         healthcare professionals through our      community healthcare providers.
     Alfred, Caulfield Hospital and            education and learning programs.
     Sandringham Hospital – as well as         The Alfred is home to the Alfred          Alongside the hospital’s Emergency
     Melbourne Sexual Health Centre and        Research Alliance (A+) and our            Department, the Sandringham
     numerous community-based clinics,         research partners: Monash, Deakin         Ambulatory Care Centre (SACC)
     provide lifesaving treatments,            and La Trobe Universities, and Baker      plays a vital role treating non-urgent
     specialist and rehabilitation services    Heart and Diabetes and Burnet             patients, allowing our ED staff to care
     through to accessible local               Institutes.                               for higher-acuity patients.
     healthcare. We care for a wide range
     of people, from children to the           Caulfield Hospital specialises in
     elderly.                                  community services, rehabilitation,
                                               geriatric medicine and aged mental        We provide the most
     The Alfred, a major tertiary and          health.
     quaternary referral hospital, is best
                                                                                         comprehensive range of adult
     known as one of Australia’s busiest       The hospital delivers many services       specialist medical and surgical
     emergency and trauma centres and          through its outpatient and                services in Victoria. We offer
     has the only 24-hour, all-weather         community-based programs. It plays        almost every form of medical
     helipad in Victoria. The Alfred’s         a state-wide role in providing
                                               rehabilitation services, which            treatment across our multiple
     Intensive Care Unit is one of the
     largest and most advanced in the          includes the Acquired Brain Injury        sites and three hospital
     country, caring for the highest           Rehabilitation Centre and the             campuses.
     proportion of high risk patients of any   Transitional Living Service which
     hospital in Australia. It is home to      works to further independence
     many state-wide services, including       before discharge and Caulfield
     the Heart and Lung Transplant             Prosthetics Centre.
     Service, Victorian Melanoma Service
     and Major Trauma Service. We              Providing care for people in their
     provide comprehensive care for the        homes continues to be a key part of
     most complex patients.                    the site’s work. The Best@Home
                                               program offers a diverse range of
     The Alfred is one of two designated       services outside of an inpatient
     Major Trauma Centres in the state         environment and brings our optimum
     and treats more than half of all          care to the patient, meaning hospital
     Victorian major trauma cases. This        stays are shortened, or avoided all
     means that The Alfred is always           together.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                                                  33

Clinical services include:                › Ophthalmology                        Our state-wide services provide
› Aged care - (geriatric evaluation      › Orthopaedics                         care to those residing around
   and management, acute)                                                        Victoria and Australia:
                                          › Palliative care
› Allied health                                                                  › Bariatric Service
                                          › Pathology - (anatomical, clinical
› Cancer care - (bone marrow                                                     › Clinical Haematology Service and
                                            biochemistry, laboratory
  transplantation, radiotherapy,                                                   Haemophilia Service
                                            haematology, microbiology)
  oncology, haematology, cancer                                                  › Cystic Fibrosis Service
                                          › Pharmacy
                                                                                 › Heart and Lung Transplant Service
                                          › Psychiatry - (adult, child,
› Cardiothoracic services - (heart
                                            adolescent, youth, aged)             › Hyperbaric Medicine Service
  and lung transplantation,
  cardiology, cardiac surgery, cardiac    › Radiology and nuclear medicine       › Major Trauma Service
  rehabilitation, respiratory medicine,   › Rehabilitation - (Acquired Brain     › Malignant Haematology and Stem
  thoracic surgery, adult cystic            Injury Rehabilitation Centre,          Cell
  fibrosis)                                 amputee, cardiac, spinal,            › National Paediatric Lung Transplant
› Emergency medicine - (intensive           neurological, orthopaedic, burns)      Service
  care burns and adult major trauma)      › Renal services - (nephrology,        › Psychiatric Intensive Care Service
› Ear, nose and throat - (head and          haemodialysis, renal
  neck surgery)                             transplantation)                     › Sexual Health Service
› Gastrointestinal -                      › Specialist medicine (asthma,         › Specialist Rehabilitation Service
  (gastroenterology, gastrointestinal       allergy and clinical immunology,     › Victorian Adult Burns Service
  surgery)                                  dermatology, endocrinology/
                                            diabetes, hyperbaric, infectious     › Victorian HIV/AIDS Service
› General medicine
                                            diseases, rheumatology)              › Victorian Melanoma Service
› General surgery
                                          › Specialist surgery - (dental,        › Victorian Neuropathology
› Neurosciences - (neurology,               faciomaxillary, plastic, vascular)     Laboratory Service
  neurosurgery, stroke services)
                                          › Urology

Our community

                                    Alfred Health provides tertiary,          Our local community demographic
                                    statewide and specialised health          characteristics include:
                                    services to the local government
                                    areas of Bayside, Glen Eira,              › Population that includes the very
                                    Melbourne, Port Phillip, Kingston           rich and the very poor.
                                    and Stonnington.                          › Low population of Aboriginal and
                                                                                Torres Strait Islander people.
                                    These areas make up our local
                                    catchment, covering more than             › Large migrant community with
                                    700,000 Victorians. This population         cultural diversity higher than
                                    is rapidly growing; some of our local       average
                                    areas, such as Melbourne and Port         › High level of socioeconomic
                                    Phillip, are growing at a faster pace       advantage with pockets of low
                                    than the Victorian average. As part         income/poverty
                                    of our three-year plan, Alfred Health
                                    is looking ahead to ensure that our       Residents of inner south-east:
                                    services will meet the needs of our
                                                                              › Enjoy better self-reported health
                                    expanded population.
                                                                                status with lower smoking and
                                    As a result of population increase,         chronic diseases rates than average
                                    the Victorian Government’s urban          › Rates of obesity remain below the
                                    renewal plans for Fishermans Bend in        Victorian average hover higher than
                                    the City of Port Phillip and City of        average in those who self-reported
                                    Melbourne will result in the                overweight.
Serving all Victorians              consideration for expanded health
                                                                              › Mental health conditions involving
                                    and social care services required for
Our tertiary services have a                                                    drug and alcohol use in Port Phillip,
                                    the community in anticipation of
                                                                                and risk of alcohol-related harm,
statewide catchment with            changing demographics. Our local
                                                                                which is higher than the Victorian
high levels of provision to rural   community will continue to have a
                                                                                average across the entire Alfred
                                    significant variation to the Victorian
Victoria in interventional                                                      Health catchment.
                                    population, with a higher proportion
cardiology, cardiothoracic          of people aged 25-39 years and            Local community health priorities
surgery, and burns. The majority    lower proportion of people between        include:
of patients who access our          0-19 years.
                                                                              › Reduce the harm from tobacco
services tend to be the most        Over the coming years, we will plan       › Promote healthy living
unwell with the most complex        for the projected change in our
                                                                              › Reduce the harm from alcohol
conditions. Given the nature of     community’s healthcare requirements,
their conditions and the care       and will consider new clinical services   › Improving mental health
                                    and partnerships to meet these
required, many of these patients    needs, such as maternity and
                                                                              › Increased vaccinations and
have a life-long relationship                                                   prevention of blood-borne viruses
                                    newborn care.
with Alfred Health.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                      35

   Excellence in action

   The 24 hour Sandy Hospital
   Charity Ride is among the
   key fundraising events on
   our calendar.

                                         Aboriginal elder Carolyn Briggs has an important
                                         role at Alfred Health, educating our staff and
                                         leadership about our local country and the
                                         traditions of the first peoples of these lands.

our plan

                                              The Strategic Plan 2021-23                 At each developmental phase, key
The Alfred Heath Strategic Plan show-         development phases were founded            ideas derived from consultation were
cases the essential contributions delivered   on our transformational agenda and         incorporated and refined to reflect
                                              direction-setting objectives, identified   essential inputs provided by our
through a comprehensive stakeholder           through assessment of the external         stakeholders.
consultation process, together with           and internal environment. Under
thorough external and internal                investigation were healthcare system       It is important to note that, whilst our
environmental analyses.                       trends, challenges, evolving service       previous Strategic Plans have
                                              requirements, and population               focussed on the coming five years,
                                              planning analysis, and provided a          due to the rapidly changing landscape
                                              clear understanding of current and         of the pandemic environment, the
                                              future healthcare needs.                   current plan focuses on the upcoming
                                                                                         three years; the advantage of which is
                                              As development progressed, our             a more targeted roadmap to system
                                              objectives matured to incorporate the      adaptation, redesign, and recovery.
                                              contributions from consumers,
                                              members of our organisation, our
                                              community, and from our service
                                              partners alike. Strong engagement
                                              from stakeholder groups is not only
                                              essential in the delivery of the plan,
                                              but is crucial to understanding the
                                              needs and expectations of the
                                              population that Alfred Health serves.
Alfred Health Strategic Plan | 2021-23                                                    37

     and Community
                                             and Community
                                                                 Alfred Health
                                                                Consumers and
        Strategic                             Key external                                 Alfred Health
        Executive                           stakeholders and                               Strategic Plan
         Group                              service partners                                  2021-23
                                                                 Alfred Health
      and Program                             Alfred Health
      Leadership:                           Senior Leadership
    COVID-19 Impacts


› Acute care                                                   › Inclusive practice
  The care of patients admitted to Victoria’s public             Ensuring that all individuals are included in the services
  hospitals as inpatients with an acute medical condition.       provided, promoting diversity and equality with respect
  The patient receives active but short-term treatment for       and dignity.
  a severe injury or episode of illness, an urgent medical     › Integrated care
  condition, or during recovery from surgery.                    The delivery of coordinated, comprehensive, efficient
› Ambulatory care                                                and effective care, characterised by a high degree of
  Any health care received out-of-hospital, including            collaboration and communication between health care
  diagnostic tests, treatments or rehabilitation.                professionals and services.
› Best-practice                                                › Model of Care
  Models of best-practice use the best available evidence        A model of care broadly defines the way health services
  to implement effective and efficient health care               are delivered i.e. it is the system for when, where and
  interventions to provide optimal and high quality care.        how the care is delivered.
› Critical resilience                                          › Patient Portal
  The ability of a system to rapidly and effectively protect     The Alfred Health Patient Portal enables our patients to
  its critical functions from any disruption caused by           easily access their Alfred Health medical information
  adverse events and conditions. One example of this is          online.
  defence from cyber-attacks.                                  › Sub-acute care
› Data warehousing                                               Health care for people who are not severely ill but need
  The process for collecting and managing data from              support to regain their ability to carry out activities of
  varied sources to provide meaningful business insights.        daily life after an episode of illness.
› Environmental citizenship                                    › Value-based healthcare
  Behaviours and actions that are in the interest of             Maximising value for patients to achieve the best
  pro-sustainability and environmental conservation.             outcomes that matter to them, relative to the total cost
› Health literacy                                                of delivering those outcomes.
  The ability to understand and use healthcare
  information in order to make appropriate health

Our purpose

To improve the lives of
our patients and their
families, our communities
and humanity.

Alfred Health
55 Commercial Road        T +61 3 9076 2000
Melbourne Victoria 3004   F +61 3 9076 2222    ABN 27 318 956 319
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